The USDA Is Pushing Food Stamps Like a Drug Dealer at a Grade School

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    ebt_cardOne in 7 Americans receives food stamps and the government wants the number to be even higher.

    Yes, I said higher.

    The USDA is soliciting people to receive food stamps in the manner of a drug dealer on a grade school playground.  ”Psst – hey you!  I’ve got something for you…it’s free…come on, try it.  You’ll like it!”

    Even though we are drowning in debt and going under after a last gasp of air, the government of the United States is encouraging more people to go on the dole, even if doing so had never crossed their minds.

    Last year the USDA targeted Spanish speaking citizens (and non-citizens) with a radio “novela” – which was basically a soap opera outlining how the lives of the characters improved as soon as they went on SNAP.  SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) has taken the place of traditional food stamps and is simply a handy-dandy little card that is automatically reloaded and can be used like a debit card at checkout.  The characters in the novela saw many of their problems solved by accepting the assistance – the lessening of marital strife, happier children, and an affordably healthy lifestyle for an obese character after heart attack scare. (You can listen to the English version of these novelas HERE.)

    In many locations, outreach programs are taking place – people don’t even have to go down to the benefits office to sign up.  They can find out if they are eligible right in the grocery store parking lot.  The USDA is spending an additional THREE MILLION DOLLARS not on providing food, but on providing outreach to convince people to accept the benefits.  They are effectively hunting people down and talking them into accepting benefits that folks never realized they “needed”.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) even has a webpage dedicated to helping states create “SNAP Outreach Plans.”

    The argument from the USDA is that “Food Stamps Make America Stronger” by stimulating states’ economies. States are responding to the call. According to The Washington Post: “Rhode Island hosts SNAP-themed bingo games for the elderly. Alabama hands out fliers that read: ‘Be a patriot. Bring your food stamp money home.’ Three states in the Midwest throw food-stamp parties where new recipients sign up en masse.” And Florida even employs recruiters.

    The recruiter profiled in the Post’s story, Dillie Nerios, is required to get “at least 150 seniors” to enroll in “food stamps each month, a quota she usually exceeds.”

    “Help is available. You deserve it. So, yes or no?” she tells prospective food stamp recipients. “State-issued training manuals” even provides responses she can use when individuals protest. (source)

    The outrageousness of such actions is mind-boggling. Hard-working Americans are being sequestered into poverty, watching their pensions and life-savings disappear, and losing their homes and jobs at the rate of thousands per day.  Meanwhile, the government is going out and purposely increasing spending?  Going out and convincing people to accept handouts?


    The reason is simple.

    The government wants to be in control. They want to control what you eat, where you acquire the food, and how you pay for it.  And eventually, they want the ability to use that access to food as a tool for manipulation. It’ll be great while it lasts – your family might end up with an extra $200 in groceries – “Hey, honey – want lobster for dinner tonight?  Uncle Sam’s buying!”

    But when it ends, you will be left poorer than you were before with no means of feeding your family except capitulation to the machine.

    It is a gift of luscious fruit from a poisoned tree.

    You may not think this comes at a price, but it does.  And that price is your freedom. Your children’s freedom. And eventually, maybe even your lives, as you starve to death, waiting for that next handout.

    Please, take responsibility for yourselves and your family. Don’t sell your independence for a bag of “free” groceries.

    Watch this video from Fox News (I can’t believe I just said that – but it’s really eye-opening!).  It’s worth the 40 minutes to see how the the enemies of freedom intend to take over.

    (Hattip Nina O.)

    Please feel free to share any information from this site in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]


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      1. More proof that TPTB are purposely collapsing the system. This must be putting a smile on the face of Cloward and Piven.

        • Food stamps = VOTES for every future election. Like keeping a half starved animal you give them just enough to keep them coming back again and again. If the well runs dry, you have people actually going out and looking for other means of obtaining food. As long as the old gravy train is there, those will continue to get the votes they need. They are not voting for the politician such as BO, they are voting that the gravy train won’t disappear. The like a mafia boss, those people will be expected for favors beyond the voting someday, guaranteed. No one rides for free.

          • You bet, Be informed

            It’s considered food by the people,
            but bait by the government. No doubt.

            • If you didn’t think you needed it, you probably didn’t need it.

              If one has to be on assistance, so be it, but you can still gain an advantage and avoid govt control. You need to nix the junk food and stock up on bulk items and necessities, just as you would if you were paying out of your own pocket.

              Realize that SNAP won’t always be there and use it to gain some food security while you can.

              I have less of a problem with someone who just lost their job, using govt aid to prepare for a disaster by purchasing storable goods, than I do with someone who squanders it all on energy drinks and twinkies…or trading their benefits for cash, to buy cigarettes, booze and dope.

              Think of it this way — every EBTer who stores away food with their SNAP, won’t be knocking on OUR door looking for a handout later.

              Prepare any way you can, as long as you prepare.

              • @Daisy:

                You’re whining about “Food Stamps?”


                You must have forgotten about the granddaddy of all unconstitutional, socialist programs: Social Security?

                Oh wait… Social Security is not to be considered a “handout”… Is it.

                Socialism is a funny thing. I’m just laughing my ass off.

                • @ “yourmotherwaswrong”, Social Security was to have been established as an “untouchable trust fund” illegally mandated, but intended to BE THERE for WORKERS forced to contribute to “the fund”. That “untouchable, guaranteed fund has been RAIDED AND DECIMATED.

                  Social Security was represented as a “cushion” to WORKERS that may not have been able to save/invest enough to live on in THEIR GOLDEN YEARS.

                  EBT is a “handout” to MANY that have NEVER WORKED AN HONEST DAY IN THEIR PATHETIC LIFE.

                  Comparing these two programs as EQUAL, is an absolute ignorant travesty.

                  • I must go a BOMB A POLICE STATION NOW. Catch you later!

                  • Social Security was a scam from the first day it started. They gave money to people who didn’t earn it. You started getting it at 65. At the same age the average person died. They knew that life expectancy would go up. They knew that as birth rates fell there would be fewer workers and the system would implode. You see, the more affluent a society is the fewer children they have.

                    Social Security is unconstitutional. They have to right to take money from one person and give it to another.

                  • @yental

                    Social Security was a program born out of the Communist Manifesto.

                    Social Security is a redistributive scheme.

                    It’s the Socialist/Collectivist/Fascist ideal.

                    If you support Social Security, you are a Communist.


                    FYI: There is a different way.

                  • “Social Security was a program born out of the Communist Manifesto.” ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, AND NO DISAGREEMENT FROM ME. WE have been FORCED to contribute to this fund via an illegal tax. THE IRSS has had far too much power and NEEDS to be eliminated completely.

                    Here is the “rub”. I have payed into this “scam”, which was supposedly PROTECTED from the greedy fingers of “crimegrass” as some form of economic protection for OUR FUTURE. Now, I receive SS annual letter updates(I can’t yet collect) that openly admit…guess what, you will be payed less than anticipated: possibly NOT AT ALL! “WE” already payout more than is taken in.

                    There are individuals in this country that deserve, and should receive the benefits of the EBT system. No argument, no doubt. Simple “humanity”. WHERE DOES THIS MONEY ORIGINATE?

                    For all of those “using/abusing” the EBT system, having NEVER contributed one TAX DOLLAR (also illegal BS)…My job and payments into this fascist, communist, nonFederal Reserve Crime Family system…should NOW be mine…NOT YOURS!

                    I have stated for years, THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN, A CORRUPTED SEWER that cannot be “voted out” or fixed in place. BURN THE ENTIRE S.O.B. to the ground. And please, hang the long list of TRAITORS in the process.

                    I need to go pick up my rented Cessna loaded with propane bottles and ammonium nitrate. Gotta a “hot date” with an “anonymous” federal building. I am not blessed with the acrobatic, physics defying flying skills of the “9/11 pilots”, but I will “figure it out” on “THE WAY”!

                  • The comment related to “bombing a police station” was a SARCASTIC BAITING of the NSA!

                    “When will THEY ever learn”?…from the song.

                • But most people who are on food stamps are able to work and are just too damned lazy,I receive social security because after 40+ years of working I broke my back,and not able to work now.
                  I used to play harder than most people work however,now I get less than 40% of what I used to get working.I was just getting back on my feet when my accident happened having to replace a house that burned down without insurance.

                  • I feel ya, Tired. I’m in the same spot as you…trying to rebuild from a devastating loss, with nothing to work with.

                • Sorry, WRONG
                  Ive paid thousands upon thousands into SS, i sure as hell better get that back with interest!

                  • “Best of luck” to both you, me, and the REST of the suckers! THAT MONEY IS GONE. Where will it come from? Current “contributions” to this communist/socialist “pipe dream” can be accurately compared to the NATIONAL DEBT.

                    IMAGINARY! I recently read a GREAT article on the validity of REVOLUTION in this country. I will post the link after this comment. “Moderation time” may delay it. And that is okay, Mac and company are surely VERY BUSY these days!

                  • “The only problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher, Former Prime Minister of Britain

                  • I’d be happy to get back just what I paid in but it’s not going to happen.

                  • SS is broken, and my wife and I know that. We’re trying to keep our heads above water, but at least I can sleep at night knowing I didn’t accept a single dime of government handouts. My retirement plan? My kids. As I’m taking care of my folks as they age, hopefully my kids will care for me as I age. Keep it all in the family anyway..

                    Of course with the way things are going, we may be focused on survival soon anyway.

                  • Hold your breath. Another boomer who thinks just because some schmuck told him what he wanted to hear, it’ll happen. How did we come to expect the last 25 years of our life would be a paid vacation?

                • YMWW, f#$% you! You back off Daisy. even though she has her own website, she is still a highly regarded member of our community and you don’t run down the good people of my community. And you try to compare food stamps to social security? that’s like comparing apples and oranges. go back under whatever rock you crawled out from under.

                  • Yental, I read that article at took my breath away, but spot on. braveheart

                  • You people rail against socialism, and every other “ism,” but when it comes to Social Security, you show your true colors.

                    If you were intellectually honest, and most of you aren’t, you would have to admit, you’re Socialists at the core.

                    You don’t necessarily object to government schemes, only those which you find abhorrent.

                    If you object to “food stamps,” you should object to Social Security as well. You can’t pick and choose between socialist redistributive schemes… Not if you consider yourself to be an independent, free American.

                    @braveheart: Those “apples and oranges” are socialist fruits. You just prefer one over the other!

                  • YMWW,
                    Disregard that candyazz, mouthy, knucklehead who calls himself braveheart. You have every right to question anything, anyone says on this site unless the OWNER of the site (not braveheart) does not allow it. Nobody is infallible, we all make errors and you have the right to question. It’s called FREEDOM and LIBERTY, look it up!!

                  • YMWW is right. Everybody loves freebies. SS is welfare for old people. The average recepiant breaks even in less than 5 years. These are the people who scammed Medicare for powerchairs just because they were “free”.

                  • YMWW is right. Everybody loves freebies. SS is welfare for old people. The average recepiant breaks even in less than 5 years. These are the people who scammed Medicare for powerchairs just because they were “free”.

                  • I paid into SS for 40 years. The only gov assistant I ever accepted was a student loan to cover 2 semesters of college, and I paid that back in 2 years after graduation. I’m 64 and have been collecting my monthly repayment since 62. I agree the system is in big trouble. People like you, yental, can help the rest of us out by refusing any and all monies tainted by the USA government. This choice hopefully will result in your quick demise.

                • WOW! you’re a complete putz..
                  What part of mandatory contribution that every working American has to pay in to SS that you don’t get..?
                  Explaining this to idiots like is just simply not worth the time or effort.

                  No worries however – big huge unbelievable changes coming, and they’ll be especially fun for people just like you – and compliments of the scum you support.

                • Idiots like you are the reason we are in this mess. If you cannot differentiate a handout program from one where we are forced to pay into our entire working lives then you need a re-education.

                • Hey,
                  you need to get informed! the SS was a safety net and IF the gov. would have kept there filthy hands off of it and NOT stolen the core then all would be healthy for SS.
                  you should do real research before you open mouth and insert foot !!

              • When you work for 25, 35, 40, years you have paid into EBT thru taxes. And one day you lose your job, they are not hiring older people, anywhere, so dont tell me I cant get an EBT card if I need one, I worked for it! The problem is the “People” that abuse them, sell them, trade them, the hood rats that say they got 12 kids, and trade the card for money, thats the problem and the government does not care because those are minority VOTES.

            • Hey if you don’t worry about the NSA listening in on all your phone calls and emails, what do you care what else the government is doing. Take a stand on something and quit bitching. Word of the week for the NSA is pressure cooker. This blog gets 5,000 to 20,000 hits a day and we can only get 10 patriots to take a stand and use a word to get their attention. So many are so tough, that they will shoot anyone that comes to their house, but they won’t bother to use a single word that the NSA will pickup on. I live in the Wind River Mt. of Wyoming so I’m use to hearing the wind, but it doesn’t compare to the WIND I hear on this site. So put the Pressure Cooker on the NSA, Use it, or lose it.> Trekker Out

              • Rodster

                You have really uncorked the bottle of champagne
                with the revelation of Obama and his minions
                embracing and implementing the Cloward-Piven
                Strategy. That is exactly what is taking place.

                Anyone not familiar with the Strategy and is
                perplexed by what is really happening to their
                country and why, it would behoove them to bang
                up the Cloward and Piven Strategy on a search
                engine and be in for a real enlightenment.

                • Obama’s agenda: Overwhelm the system

                  “Obama is following the plan of Cloward & Piven, two professors at Columbia University. They outlined a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system with government spending and entitlement demands.

                  Add up the clues below. Taken individually they’re alarming. Taken as a whole, it is a brilliant, Machiavellian game plan to turn the United States into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority that desperately needs government for survival … and can be counted on to always vote for bigger government. Why not? They have no responsibility to pay for it.”


                  • Thank you, KY Mom
                    The bright lights really need to be
                    directed on this blatant cockroach
                    scheme against all Americans.

                    Thank you Daisy for raising awareness.

                  • KY Mom,

                    Thank you!

                  • if Obama IS “redistributing the wealth”
                    I wish he would get his lazy ass in gear
                    cause he’s doing a piss poor job of it

                    “The Wealth Distribution

                    In the United States, wealth is highly concentrated in a relatively few hands. As of 2010, the top 1% of households (the upper class) owned 35.4% of all privately held wealth, and the next 19% (the managerial, professional, and small business stratum) had 53.5%, which means that just 20% of the people owned a remarkable 89%, leaving only 11% of the wealth for the bottom 80% (wage and salary workers). In terms of financial wealth (total net worth minus the value of one’s home), the top 1% of households had an even greater share: 42.1%. Table 2 and Figure 1 present further details, drawn from the careful work of economist Edward N. Wolff at New York University (2012


                    the average food stamp benefit is $133 a month

                    he’s got a LONG way to go

                  • OutWest and YH,

                    You are welcome! 🙂

                  • KY Mom,

                    Your above article ties in perfectly with a newly posted article on Economic Collapse Blog:



                    >>”Writing in the September issue of Finance and Development, a journal of the International Monetary Fund, Prof. Kotlikoff says the IMF itself has quietly confirmed that the U.S. is in terrible fiscal trouble – far worse than the Washington-based lender of last resort has previously acknowledged. “The U.S. fiscal gap is huge,” the IMF asserted in a June report. “Closing the fiscal gap requires a permanent annual fiscal adjustment equal to about 14 per cent of U.S. GDP.”

                    This sum is equal to all current U.S. federal taxes combined. The consequences of the IMF’s fiscal fix, a doubling of federal taxes in perpetuity, would be appalling – and possibly worse than appalling.

                    Prof. Kotlikoff says: “The IMF is saying that, to close this fiscal gap [by taxation] would require an immediate and permanent doubling of our personal income taxes, our corporate taxes and all other federal taxes.

                    “America’s fiscal gap is enormous – so massive that closing it appears impossible without immediate and radical reforms to its health care, tax and Social Security systems – as well as military and other discretionary spending cuts.””<<

                    2015, the beginning of the window for a massive economic correction, is rapidly approaching according to Martin Armstrong. It appears that the big pieces are in place. We'll see which domino falls first.

              • I use bio-weapon and chemical warefare as an expression for when I let out gas. It tends to help clog up NSA with stupid messages that make more time and effort be wasted. In theory.

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                223 cases
                Ummmm what was i writing again?
                Oh yea, tag

                • Perfect, and much appreciated!

                  • 104 days and counting

                  • My own “personal countdown clock”…:)!

              • Sorry. I just got a new keyboard to replace the original which quit working, so will jump in here. I have three pressure cookers, one of which is obsolete and from my grandmother, a very law-abiding soul. I use two pressure cookers to can FOOD safely, (Another red flag, I’m sure.) and I’m going to be extremely pissed if that option is taken away. So what, right? You’re correct, by the way. We have to take a stand somewhere. Mine is not getting totally superfluous medical tests demanded by my doctor, all to be taken at the monstrous hospital with which he is affiliated. I’m right on the verge of losing my doctor because I’m “non-cooperative” but assume I’m still young enough to get away with it. His office has a new feature from hell, called “My Chart”, part of the electronic record privacy grab from Obama Care. I refuse to use it, but found out that apparently others have scanned it. I insisted he quit entering data on me, but he said he has to, that it’s “The Law”. Using the words “pressure canner” are probably among the least of my worries since I’m a much bigger problem. Please keep demanding the best from us, Mountain Trekker!

                • Ask if you can pay cash for privacy. Saves your doctor from paying oodles is people to file insurance, and there is NO REQUIREMENT of an EMR for the doctor to get paid. There are doctors in Midwest having pts pay $500 for the year. Then $50 for the annual visit. The $500 guarantees dr can see you on short notice, anytime you need them for small fee. A cholesterol test, for example is only $3 at this office. All because they stopped taking insurance, and no longer need to pay for billing staff, IT support, expensive hardware etc. google concierge medicine. A hell of a lot cheaper than insurance premiums.

                  • Darn, I forgot! pressure Cooker!

                  • Ohio has a doctor relatively close to us who practices “concierge medicine”, and it’s a long way from the Hamptons. I tried to set up a contract with him for both my husband and myself when I found out about him, but he had already reached his patient limit. Too bad as that seemed like a way out of this mess. We don’t have any chronic illnesses, just old age approaching, and we’ve decided that when it’s our time to go, we’ll go. I know that doesn’t seem likely since people panic when they become seriously ill, but we’re going to try to stick with it. The pressure we get to have multiplem unnecessary and redundant tests is intense, and our current doctor’s staff is incredibly rude, as is the staff at the hospital. All of them are minions of Obama and the State and you have to fight against the third degree with every visit. Thanks for the advice. It’s a sensible alternative and I think many people would choose it over what is now available.

                • Kudos!…this is how its done…defy em…don’t use their system…doc should listen to you not obama!

              • She likes wearin’ lipstick, she likes French cuisine
                But she won’t let me use my passion unless it’s in a limousine

                She got me under pressure cooker
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                She likes the art museum, she don’t like Pavlov’s dog
                She fun at the mind museum, she likes it in a London fog
                She don’t like other women, she likes whips and chains
                She likes cocaine and flippin’ out with great danes
                She’s about all I can handle, it’s too much for my brain

                It’s got me under pressure cooker
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                I’m gonna give her a message
                Here’s what I’m gonna say “It’s all over”
                She might get out a nightstick
                And hurt me real real bad
                By the roadside in a ditch

                It’s got me under pressure cooker
                It’s got me under pressure cooker
                It’s got me under pressure cooker
                It’s got me under pressure cooker

                ZZ Top – Got Me Under Pressure (Cooker)[sarc]

                …..hi y’all…..BA.

            • Control the food, own the people.

              • Doesn’t Daisey Luther live in the peoples republic of Canada? What gives her
                the right to comment on america … she has abandoned this nation.
                Who cares what she writes about.. another windbag from the great white North.

                • another jim—Formerly Canada
                  open mouth–insert foot……

                • And an outsider’s perspective is never worth having either?

                  • Self description?

                  • Keep posting.

                • @anotherJim….You haven’t really done your research very well…..wish she did live here…..wish she lived near me! Love your article Daisy!! take care, CC.

                  • Daisy is a “home grown American” that currently resides within the “current borders” of the USA!

                    Ignorance is bliss…also quite “telling/annoying”!

                    With EVERYTHING that is occurring, about to HAPPEN…Where “Daisy lives (USA)is ANYONE’S primary concern?

                    Barnum, of circus fame said it best, A “SUCKER” IS BORN EVERY MINUTE.

                • another jim, f#$% you! Daisy is just as American as the rest of us. wherever she lives is her own affair. She contributes excellent articles here on occasion. I don’t see you contributing anything worthwhile.

                  • Why is it that she does not defend herself anymore.

                    Now she is going pro and needs the money she seems to be riding the center line a lot.

                    And remember I HAVE been here for her entire carreer.

                  • I thought I read a few days ago that she just recently had moved to Oregon, the Mt. Hood area it might have been. I think it was in an article that she wrote.

                • another jim are you really so blind, that you think the puppet masters that control OBAMA really care about some invisible line that separates us from Canada. Yes I am an American first and foremost but one thing that I have learned, is never turn on a friend when they offer help or good advice. And they are under the same Pressure Canner we are. Trekker Out.

                  • Dang, I can’t even remember my own word of the week. Pressure Canners are good but they’re no replacement for a Pressure Cooker, but I guess it depends on what you use it for. Trekker Out.

            • I simply don’t qualify for being cared for by the government.
              Nor do I plan to.
              In fact it is one of the main reasons that I prep.

              Becoming dependent on anyone or anything is an ingredient for personal failure.
              I realize there are those that need help but the welfare state has done more to destroy America than anything else in my opinion.

              Time to refocus on what is critical for making that first year survivable.
              Stay away from the bait if you can because it will be difficult to wean yourself from it when you start taking it for granted. TPTB are dangling the poisonous fruit. It is too good to be true.


              • Excellent point…I myself wont qualify for barrys BS so I plan on a low profile…don’t want it don’t need it!

          • Wait till that gravy train runs out and those cards only buy a fraction of what they used to. That will be a bad day to be behind a checkout counter!

            • Get the card, if you can, buy N Pac food, store it. Far better Used that way. I’m a taxpayer, rather have prepers get the money, than the slum dorks waste it. It’s going down, save what you can.

              • Excellent idea!

              • It is brilliant, but also somewhat flawed as that also government to know who’s smart and needs to be removed. A two-way street so to say. Still, I have to agree it’s a better way of using the money.

            • @ rainyday –

              You should see it over at our local ‘Super-Wally-World’ on the last night of each month at around 11:00 PM. At 11:45 the carts are full and circling the check-out stands; all are waiting for that magic time of 12:01 AM
              on the very first day of a new month. That’s when the SNAP EBT Cards reload their new monthly benefit amounts.

              We have a whole lot of folks in this country who, through no fault of their own, are living very close to the edge. Long term planning for these poor people is pretty much limited to “month-to-month”.

              It’s hard to worry about next week when you have to worry about getting through tomorrow night first. Please be sure and remember those less fortunate in your prayers; extend a helping hand if you can.

              Soon boys & girls; very soon I fear. God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

          • One of my friends Daughters is the perfect example of what this country is turning into. She is in her mid thirties, an alcoholic, has two kids that her soon to be ex is taking care of and went to rehab but is now in a half way house. The state is paying for her schooling,(the bimbo wants to be a Veterinarian but must first get her GED, finding her an apartment, providing everything she will need to live comfortably as long as she is a full time student. Guess what, she will milk it for all it’s worth, she will not get a job and take her Daughters back, she will never be anything but a burden on the taxpayers. When and if she falls off the wagon, rehab again, taxpayer funded, half way house and maybe then she will aspire to become a brain surgeon after she gets her GED. There are millions just like her with more on the way.

            Will this economy collapse, you better believe it will and people like her will not take it well.

            • I should have added the fact that this is her third stint in the halfway house. She is an unfit Mother who just wants to find herself. There are some who will straighten out their lives with help but not many and certainly not someone who makes rehab and state assistance their career.

            • See, the liberal program thinks these can be saved.
              MY program is to buy a county or two in each state, fence it, let them grow what they eat(or not). Make their own clothes (or not). Repair your hut (or not).
              Brush your teeth (or not and let them rot).
              Leave all the work to them.
              Dregs of society I don’t wish to pay for.

              • pressure cooker.

                • Go ahead. Write stupid stuff like that. Maybe the Feds will show up at your house and confiscate your guns. Maybe they’ll plant some drugs and arrest you. The prosecutor will say you’re dangerous and you’ll be denied bail. You’ll get some incompetent public defender who’ll sell you down the river. But hey, you had your fun. Hope it’s worth it to you.

                • pressure cooker

                  • Pressure cooker special sauce!

              • JayJay, the “great culling” will take care of all the useless eaters in post-SHTF. braveheart

          • As I write this, I hold in my hand an EBT receipt dated 7/4/13 taken at my store showing a current EBT balance of $4057.97!

            Single male, middle aged, quit teaching after receiving an inheritance of over $2 million, lives alone in a one room apt, 3 vehicles and no dependants. USDA does not consider the $2 million an asset since it is locked up in a trust fund.

            This POS is proud of the fact he is ripping the system and actually believes he is entitled to it.

            • That is so wrong AZ ready and a real slap in the face to all taxpayers.

              • Its a real slap in the face to me for sure, and why Atlas will shrug,
                Why should i work my ass off to make a bunch of money to give 1/3 of it to the govt to give to assholes like that, this is why i am working a whole lot less and give prodece away to all kinds of folks, they cant tax me on stuff i dont sell!

            • Or he feels he is getting some of the money the government stole from him in taxes in his life and on the inheritance. Remember 35% will go to Uncle B.

            • Actually it’s highly likely that whoever left that inheritance to him paid very high taxes, so I fully support this guy getting more of it back as EBT. I think it’s the duty of every freedom loving person to use as much of these social services as possible. Break them. Strain them. Get your money back. When you are stolen from, and there’s an option to get free money, we are idiotic to not take the money. Say a kid steals something from your yard, and later on you see the kid with a lemonade stand giving free samples. Take as many samples as you can get away with.

            • And my 26 yr old niece, a single mom of a 4 yr old, (the “daddy” abandoned them before my great niece was born) was AGAIN denied food stamps by the great state of Florida!
              According to them, she makes TOO MUCH money, as a waitress at Chili’s AND was a full time student going to beauty school!!
              She finally graduated 2weeks ago….and is now looking for a full time job. The course was supposed to take 1 1/2 yrs….instead, it took her 2 yrs because she had to miss class so many times so she could work more hours…because she got NO help from any state agency!
              And what ticks me off is when you hear stories like this, or see reports where illegals are getting hundreds of dollars a month on food stamps…and sending it out of the country to THEIR relatives!
              What the heck is wrong with this country of ours??
              BTW, my niece is a beautiful blonde with big blue eyes…and that there is the problem!! She needed to change her name to Shatiqua or Maria….then she would have gotton all she needed!
              She’s going to be ok though….she’s a fighter!

              • Kudos to her. I know what she is going thru. Fifteen years ago, I was a single parent raising three children alone( divorce due to spouse’s alcoholism). I got ired of working the restaurants and convenience stores I had done for so long, so went back to school for my associates degree. I hadn’t set foot in a classroom in 25 years, and still had to work to support the children and myself.Long story short, I graduated after 3 years then went on for the Bachelors. Got it in 2005, all the while working. Tell her I said good job, and don’t give up. Oh, and two of my three children have graduated either trade school or university, and the third one is in the Navy. I was 48 when I got the Bachelors…she can do it too…prep as if your pressure cooker depends on it! 🙂

              • That’s white people’s tax money at work. only minority groups can get on those programs. While we’re expected to finance the programs with our revenue, we can’t get on those programs. braveheart

            • When the EBT card stops working, what will he do then?

            • AZ Ready, tell us you’re just joking.

              • braveheart, not joking. I have the receipt and can scan it for anyone who wishes to see it. If I had a way to attach a file here I would so you all could see it. This guy comes in 2-3 times a month to buy our deli sandwiches. Pisses everyone off in the store when he arrives. He is very arrogant with his attitude about EBT.

                We have contacted the local EBT office about him and they will do nothing about it. They say he is doing nothing wrong.

                Here’s the latest scam for “playing” the EBT game.
                Go into Walmart or any other grocery store. Buy lots of expensive meats and other items to rack up the bill. Use EBT to pay for it. Then go over to customer service and return everything. Get the returned money put on an in-store Walmart or whovever card. Then go to next door to where you can purchase Visa or Mastercard debit cards and use your instore card to move the balance to the new debit card. Instant cash!!!!!!

          • I see this in a different light than most.

            We are in the first part of the biggest financial meltdown this world has ever seen. Everyone here on this board knows it, have discussed it in depth, and know that there is no way we can continue without there being a huge price to be paid.

            The government through several programs has been propping up the stock markets on a daily basis. They have an unlimited amount of fiat currency in which to work with. It can come to know one as a surprise that you cannot pump 1.3 Trillion Dollars into the U.S. Economy before some one in the world calls bullshit and starts to refuse the dollar.

            The only reason for the dollar still being called the worlds currency is because until about three months ago the dollar was the only currency that Saudi Arabia would accept to purchase oil. That is why the price for a barrel of oil is the same here as it is in China or Russia.

            Again, until three months ago when China and New Zealand and several other countries started making agreements with non-OPEC producing companies to buy with their own currencies. They no longer have to convert their currency into dollars to purchase oil. That alone is enough to scare the hell out of every American but it has gone un-noticed by our traitorous leaders in Washington and their lap dog media.

            I only bring this up as a precursor to what has started to happen. The dollar is becoming worthless. When all the other nations figure this out we are toast. There is no gold in Ft. Knox,we have no asset’s to cover the value of our dollar.

            Our housing market is a joke. The majority of the money the Feds are printing is going to government agencies such as Fannie Mae and Freddi Mac to pay on the corrupt banisters who made home loans and is still doing so knowing they could not lose a dime in that those federal agencies had to pay them if a home loan went bad. Don’t believe it? Try getting a home loan right now with out a primary mortgage insurance, supplied by only the above name federal enities. I don’t car if you have 50% down. You are not getting a loan without PMI.

            So the long and the short of it is that the powers to be are very well aware of what is about to happen. They have learned well since “The Great Depression”. What they are doing now is nothing short of organizing the New Soup Kitchens. Yes the side effect of using this as a way to control the people is a side benefit in that TPTB know that the people are going to be pissed when it all comes un-done.

            We have talked recently about the maneuvering of military equipment and supplies around the country. Most people don’t get it yet. It’s intent is not to use this equipment in an offensive manner but rather I tell you they will be using this to protect their elite asses from the masses who are going to want revenge.


            • BTW, forgot to say Great article Daisy. It obviously got my blood stirring.


              • BigB: But You are assumeing with zero actual proof that there is no Gold in Fort Knox right? Last I heard Nobodys been allowed to Look Inside fort knox since 50 or so yrs ago. If so, then you cannot really say for certain there is zero gold there.

                Also besides Oil prices tied to us dollar etc..What about mass foriegn aid cash in the Billions to most nations on earth now. Do you really believe Those nations, and it inlcudes even North Korea and Muslim so called enemy nations gets that free cash, Leaders are so eager to stop use of so many Free Billions od us dollars each year?

                And what “IF” just as an example, suppose since we all know them banksters and All MSM-Polititions-union leadership etc etc conected into the banksters swindles, All have such massive amounts of money now, and own most every expensive thing one can buy…200ft long Yahts-Jet Planes-1/2 dozen multi million dollar homes etc.

                What IF they agree to decide that ALL nations moneys owed like usa’s $17 trillion owed, and perhaps even all Private loans folks owe shall all be forgotton of. And then the entire world can Redo a fresh start from zero owed. And basically re start everything related to money all over from scratch again.

                Yes the banksters and polititions can do so if they desire to. Who will or who Can stop them? What national leaders would? Picture a meeting at UN HQ in NY, where entire worlds leadrs assemble and Bernake tells them all…”All former debts will be forgoten-Paid in full reciepts given-all we banksters want is to remain in control and restart from zero again…Oh and of course soon as you all agree, we can move on to the Teller windows where our friendly banksters are awaiting the NEXT round of Loans to all nations and peoples”

                Gee I’d bet such a swell deal would even get most world leaders and common peoples to also agree to Cashless society and a One world monetary debit unit, and an Implant Chip ID in their Hand or Foreheads!

                So while what you stated is very popular especially on every economic type wesbite and related sites too…It may Not be the Only method or way things shall go down so to speak. After all they are evil yes, but none are stupid right. To believe that all those banksters and worlds leaders etc have zero plans in store? or have simply overlooked the results of current systems?

                That is not very likly nor believable I think. I think yes they Do have a plan to keep it going be it a new plan or perhaps as I outlined as a posibility…But I am certain they are not planning on liveing in bunkers for yrs or Decades due to them collpasing it all as so many folks seem to believe. Maybe all the economy website “experts” have been wrong all along.

                Who really believes Donald Trump and David Rocefeller et al desires to abandon all they spent lifetimes aquireing, so to go Underground into bunkers? oh they will of course if a Nuke threat becomes real!…But for all them to Cause a collapse when so many Other posibilities exist for them to do?….I think alot of whats been wrote about it all is wrong. Especially if wrote by Gold Sellers, whos dream scenario is a return to Gold and silver backed dollars and then with not enough gold in existence, THEIR gold will go up in value to $50,000 per Oz…

                I can see how enticeing such fantacy dreams are. But I do not believe it will actually ever occure that way. I think something closer to what I wrote here is way more likely to occure.

                • Points well taken Them Guy. But the true National debt is 79 Trillion, not 17 as they would have you think. If the gold is in Fort Knox then why have the Feds never allowed an audit as demanded by so many over the years such as Ron Paul in the last few years. It is because they sold it, plain and simple. They may hope that gold will go up to 50K an ounce to try and cover the shorts but it ‘s not going to happen. Because of the fact that the variances in the price of gold and all pm’s are what you can get for them. So if $50,000.00 because of inflation will only buy you a loaf of bread what is the tru value of the gold?


            • The US has enforced the petrodollar system by the threat of war. Saddam Hussein was selling oil to Europe and accepting euros. That’s the real reason for the invasion of Iraq.

          • I’d say you hit that one on the head. We in the West seem to be really conditioned against biting the hand that feeds is, as it were.

            The bastards are building their power base this way, and who wants to bet they will find ways to use these food stamps as a means of coercion in the future? Say, “if you want to feed our kids these next 4 years you will vote in Obama for a third term” or “if you resist our program, we will audit you and find you guilty of food stamp fraud and your family will starve on the streets while you rot in jail”.

            Or “you aren’t collecting food stamps and aren’t on our super rich politically protected NWO-loving and supporting list. Therefore You must be a freedom-hating, gun-owning, mentally ill hoarder nutjob Christian Fundamentalist anti-American domestic terrorist who calls himself a Prepper. Off to a reeducation camp with you with no due process, trial or recourse and you’ll be released in a black bag once we work you to death.”

          • Excellent link WCIII!

        • This all fits right in with ObamaCare. ObamaCare forces businesses to reduce full-timers to part-timers, or to lay-off long-timers.

          With everyone working ‘part-time’ the correct definition of J.O.B. stands for “Just Over Broke”……..which is exactly where the government wants us.

          We’ll be “Just Over Broke”, and begging the government to ‘bail’ us out…….and they WILL, but not completely of course, because they have to keep people hungry and compliant.

        • “There’s always free cheese in the mouse-trap.”


        • And if you have a strong stomach, check out this crap. This guy is so excited about EBT he wrote a song for it and acts proud to be a mooch. Be sure to read the comments below the video. He actually thanks people for their tax dollars so he can buy chips and candy.

          Time to turn this crap off.

        • People, just like the Romans of old, handing out bread to the masses at the coliseum. Our fat and lazy Senators have become decadent, corrupted, and uninterested in the true needs of the people. And let us not forget about Cesar, with every unconstitutional EO has proven that he truly is a Emperor not a President. And just like the Romans of old, the mob grew weary of their brazen leader and sought to bring the Empire down! “He’ll give them death, and they will love him for it!” -Gladiator


        • You hit the nail on the head, add a good mixture of Aulinsky and Black Separation theology and you have the administration.

      2. Thank you, Daisy!

        • I agree.

          Thank you Daisy! 🙂

      3. They have to push to get more people on food stamps. Now that they are using EBT cards, their overlords, the banks, want more money coming in. This is a huge money making scheme for the banks, getting a cut for every card out there. They are planning on the WIC checks also going to EBT cards in the near future. Now I hear businesses are talking about paying their employees with EBT type cards instead of a paycheck and the employees will be the ones paying the banking fees on them.

        • I either Read it or saw it on some tv news, that J.P.Morgan banksters is whos doing EBT cards. They get somewheres around $2.50 per each card issued and rebooted monthly with more benifits. That Fee of $2.50 per card is every Month fee paid to jp mrogan. That was at least 6 mo ago I got this info. As of then, JP mrogan banksters were handeling aprox 40-Million EBT cards per month. At $2.50 per card per month Times 40 Million cards! Wow!

          $100+ Million in fees fed govnt Pays JP morgan Banksters(zios) and in all reality it likly takes just one single computer termial operator to actually scan which cards are still valid, hit reload button, and bingo job done for the month, and another $100+ Million into JP morgan Bankster zionists pockets.

          With a grand Total of All Combined govnt workers-local city-county-state-federal Govnt workforce of around 22-Million total govnt workers!…And more seperate govnt agencies that any one person can posibly count, you’d think there is zero need to Pay JP Morgan Banksters(zionists kommies aka Evil nwo/Jwo conspirers) to do the job so many Affirmative-Action african workers must be capable of doing eh.

          I wonder how much of the years total earnings that JP Morgan Banksters(zio evil Kommie bastard conspiritors of their nwo/Jwo) are sending Back into the DNC/RNC Coffers and re-election campaignes committees?

          No wonder every kid by the age of 5 yrs old, back in the early 1960’s era were all Taught that…The ONLY Good Kommie….Is…A…DEAD..Kommie! More true today than then eh.

          So whats Next? Perhaps a system where a full 98% of usa citizenery who are Not “kosher” still Must Pay out an average in kosher symbol branding Fees,a total aprox. $3-BILLION per year in xtra Kosher symbol fees Added onto the price of litterally EVERY food-paper goods-alum foil-chem’s such as toilet bowl cleaners,soaps,etc- That all 310-Million usa consumer citizenery buys weekly.

          Even though those kosher symbol branding FEES are based on a Religious belief that Barely less than 2% of the total usa Population is a part of(talmudisim judaisim) The Other 98+% of american citizenery Pays!

          And at Last count, the total number of Head Rabbi’s who control this Massive Swindle upon Unsuspecting Non-Kosher avg citizen consumer folks, was around 6-SIX- Rabbi’s who Split that $3-BILLION Cash profit per year!

          I wonder if the folks in Europe would Hear the massive Howels and excessive Whineings and Crys of Rayssis! Antisemetic!….”IF” White Christians were to begin Demanding a “Religious Symbol branding” of say a, Circle with a Crucifix Cross in the middle of circle….AND if said White Christians Added FEES for all usa citizen consumers, Includeing those of the Kosher religious belief systems(communisim in disguise) to be Forced to Pay for! And if such White Christians threatened mass Boycotts for All grocery store chains that refused to Play along and Include such a Circle with Crucifix Symbol on litterally every posible item all consumers buy every week…I bet besides western europe, even as far as Austrailia, them folks would hear the combined whinny Crys against such a plan, from leftists-zionists-rabbi-pharisee-and of course the UnGodly in america who would cry out to demand a halt to such practices by white christian folks…Yet has anyone here ever heard a Peep out of them due to Kosher Symbol Branding FEES?..Me neither.

          • Has anyone ever been in a JP Morgan Bank branch? No you have not as they are not a bank, they are an investment company that bought up Chase Bank to use as a cover to keep the government bailout monies. Crooked bastards!

            Let’s not forget our friends Al Gore and Dan Quayle who owned the majority of stock in General Motors acceptance Corporation who bought a small bank in Fl. called Ally Bank for about 1.5 milllion dollars at the time of the crash, transfered all those GMAC loans into that small bank called Ally and then took the bail out funds. All for a bank that had about three branches. Still does but you can operate a checking account, savings account on line just like any other bank using direct deposit.

            What a bunch of horse manure! Gore and Quayle, a dem and a repub in bed together. No difference. Did you all see the article today on President Bush Jr’s daughter who runs several of the Clinton foundations? Thinks Hillary would make a great President. WTF????


            • J P Morgan has its greedy paws in this program and I didn’t hear Fox News saying anything about it.
              As long as J P Morgan is profiting from this, it will not only exist but will be expanded.
              EBT distribution is a profit center for elite financial institutions.
              J P Morgan will stick its feeding tube into anything that smells like money.
              It’s past time to break up this banking cartel.
              These creatures own this country.

              • According to the Roosevelt institute, the division of JP Morgan that issues the EBT cards made a net profit of 5.47 Billion dollars in 2010. Go figure why they want everyone on them.

              • JP Morgan didn’t write, pass, or sign the law that set up the SNAP program. Congress and the President did that. The entire responsibility rests with Washington DC, and nowhere else.

          • I suspect their next target will be to get all social security payments put on EBT cards with the recipients paying all of the fees when they use them. Some states are already doing that with unemployment benefits.

      4. One more day,
        One more night,
        One more hour,
        It feels like it did when I was 9+ months pregnant and waiting for labor to start. My bag is packed, the lists are made, the phone calls from family, “Haven’t you had that baby yet?”
        How much more can the Governments steal from their future slaves?
        My Mom always said, “The baby comes when it comes.” And I alwas responded, “That doesn’t help me or Steve sleep nights.”
        We can’t begin the new life until the pain happens. And we wait. Just like the baby, it will come. I was never completly ready for the bsby and I am not completly ready for this. But I sure wish it would happen already.

        • Ky–not a real good analogy.
          Your event was a blessing–the one coming will be a nightmare.
          May love be the light that guides us through the is coming.
          For all of us, not just EBT users.

          • pressure cooker!!

            • @ Jay-Jay
              Just wanted to say that I own more than one pressure cooker. Several pressure cookers, in fact. Buying a pressure cooker is easy. There are hundreds of pressure cookers listed on ebay and any of these pressure cookers can be obtained at a reasonable price. I own several pressure cookers because we use them for so many things around the house it seems to me a good idea to have the ability to use more than one pressure cooker at a time or just to have an extra pressure cooker as a backup. To paraphrase JW Rawles, two pressure cookers is one and one pressure cooker is none.

            • Home made C-4, thermite, napalm molotov cocktails…gonna be a busy weekend. I hope I don’t accidentally contaminate the potato salad and ribs in the process. If I somehow contaminate the “cold beer”, NSA,YOU don’t need to arrive…I draw the line at alcohol abuse and will stop these “hypothetical activities on my own! 🙂 NSA, the joke is becoming strictly on YOU!

              • yental, C4 was going to be one of my words of the week in the future. It’s something you don’t seem to hear much about lately and I didn’t see it on their list, but you know it’s there. But you can bet when you posted your comment, that heads turned at the NSA. Sure would be neat just to watch a ball of C4 go off in a pressure cooker. Trekker Out

                • ;)!

          • Had to thumb you down JayJay,
            I thought her analogy is quite keen.
            Yes, you’re right, childbirth is a blessing, but still is painful.
            She meant that it’s like anticipating the whole event… Birth-pains, contractions… etc..
            Even though the shit is going to hit, severely…. It will be a chance for a new start, a birth of “something”, anyway.

      5. Great way to build your food preps,,good lesson on using the gov’t strengths against them.Also frees up money for other prep items. Bash away!!

      6. My sec-u-tary IS in the Virgin Islands. Not sure which one. B.I./U.S.A. She’s my girlfriend’s girlfriend.

      7. They call this government handouts…I call it looting..looting from the hard workimg people in this country that are paying to feed these people. I am not talkimg about the people that cannot feed themselves…and need the help. It is the takers of our society that are putting a drain on the makers…they even go so far as to call the producers…greedy and selfish. Where is their pride and common sense? I believe are at the point of no return…there is more of them than us…Game Over!!

      8. Reminds me of “old dirty bastard” going to pick up food stamps in a limo! This is not new and has been going on for way too long!

      9. Clothing made in the old days was much bulkier than today because the heating systems werent very good. Dont forget to have adequate clothing in case the power grid goes down. You need three coats: a raincoat, a jacket, and a parka. They should be made from modern synthetic material and be insulating, windproof, and waterproof. They should have hoods, adjustable cuffs, and should come up to your chin and reach the knees. Coats made from leather and wool are of no use to the prepper. You need three pairs of shoes: running shoes, leather boots, and rubber boots. Dont forget to have some heavy socks, long johns, scarf, fur hat, sun hat, insulated gloves, shemagh, and earmuffs. You can set up a tent and sleeping bag inside you house and it will be much warmer because of the confined space. I recommend you get a Mr. Heater brand space heater as well as a few hand crank/ solar lanterns.

        The 9 mm is back down to $16 a box.

        • Yes it is, picked 800 rounds this week @32 cents per round. Saw some 62 gr/.223 for 7.99 a 20 round box too.

        • I have the Mr Heater Big Buddy, works great. Check the seals daily spray soapy water around EVERY connection several times a day. Propane explosion might be the last SHTF
          you ever go through before you see Jesus.

          • Dont forget propane is heavier than air.

        • Hey, Eisen! You’ve had an earthquake of an outlook shift. Good!
          You made a sensible and informative comment. Something else you might consider is a nightcap. My husband still has all of his hair and I’ve got plenty, but nights in a cold house are made safer by sealing off all the body heat otherwise lost through your head. We heat with wood although wood smoke rising through the trees might be an invitation to disaster. We also have two top-of-the-line L L Bean sleeping bags which zip together with enough room for our dog in the middle. Never lie on the cold floor or ground, but use a ground blanket or thick layer of foam. The new, improved Eisen is a joy!

          • Eisen: Thanks for reminding me…I have a pressure canner but if I buy a pressure cooker, I can save on propane when I want to cook a pot roast. Will cut the cooking time drastically.

        • Working in the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years out of doors taught me one thing : Wool is warm when wet.

          Go get a heavy wool coat, wool socks, gloves, wool helmet (Balaclava type), and wool military surplus trousers, you will be fine with some ScotchGuard.

          • Why the hell would you buy wool which is warm when wet when you can get a synthetic coat which is waterproof in the first place? Thats the point! The whole reason I wrote that is because I see you clueless old people walking around with your peacoats and leather trench coats and I try to help you.

            • Eisenkraut, that’s what I love about you, your so helpful, if an old person was in your way,you would help them get out of the way, even if you had to give them a shove. When you get old and get outdoors, wool is top of the line. Now if all you do is stay inside and use a pressure cooker,synthetic is fine. Just the same your suggestions WERE very good. Trekker Out.

            • Eisen, I worked in the Cascade Mountains for 40 years, out of doors. I spent the money on the waterproof synthetics, it doesn’t work any longer than a few weeks to a single season. You are going to get wet, and soaking wet, there is no way around it. I agree, leather is useless, except for your boots, which need to support the ankles firmly. I do like the leather-upper Sorels with the Vibram sole and Thinsulate inners, for working in the bogs and melting snow.

              Light cotton socks under good wool socks in greased boots keeps you dry. Gaiters for snow or wet brush.

              Light nylon rain pants are fine, but you will still get wet. Wear some surplus wool pants and you’ll be fine. Single weight for temperate weather, the good thick Bundeswehr surplus for winter and rainy season. Air Force inner trousers from the 1950s and 1960s are quite good for snow.

              Light wool or good cotton shirt for 3 seasons, thicker wool for winter. Army OG shirts are good.

              When it’s cold, longjohns are top dog. If active, some fishnet weave longjohns will trap the air between body and inner clothing, keeps you toasty. Cool down by letting a little air out at the neck now and then.

              Wool fingerless gloves are good for most conditions. Light nylon or silk gloves for handling metal in cold weather, under fingerless wool gloves or wool mittens, is good to go.

              Wool coat, you need two of them, one a single-weight for 2 seasons, the other a double-weight for the late fall and winter. I recommend the Filson line, it’s outstanding. Navy Peacoats are not as well made as the Filson, but they’ll do in a pinch, if you are near your tent.

              You won’t see too many professionals working outdoors in Gore-Tex or fabrics like it. They try it, and when they can, they go to natural materials and stay warm and happy.

              Nearly everything sold to the sportsman by the outdoor stores is garbage, poorly designed, and made to take your money, from freeze-dried Turkey Tetrazinni to Gore-Tex Hiking Sneakers and the rest.

              • People forget that tough sob’s climbed to the top of the worlds highest places and survived in the harshest climates and condition long before ole Dougie and ivan founded North Face and patagonia…

                Your last paragraph sums it all up.

          • That’s right…wool will always outperform this cheap new wonder stuff that fails most of the time..all my bugout stuff is wool and my winter workwear…fooie on thinsulate!

        • Howdy, Eisen. I already stockpile those items. I never touch leather or wool; totally useless to me. I have several pairs of boots with Thinsulate insulation that keep my feet warm and dry. never had the first bit of trouble with them. I have enough heavy-duty socks for the next few years along with some of the other items you mentioned. we’ve had a mild summer in my region which probably means a worse than usual winter, but i’m prepared for it. braveheart

        • Don’t forget the pressure cooker

      10. Alert Breaking Gas
        Because of the magnitude 12 avalanche that hit Hawaii around 23:16 hours on 8-15-13 the Emergency Broadcast System sent out an alert called brush fire. The reason for this covert broadcast is the hacker that goes by the name conficker was killed in the avalanche. It is believed that the snow storm that birthed the blizzard was man made. A group called Cane and Able have proof that a worm called rootkit yemen was inserted it to a volcano that caused an explosion of sleet mixed with molten radiation from the Tepco reactor leak to shoot into the atmosphere as high as 80,000 feet. Resources say that conficker was to appear in the congressional court on 8-23-13 to answer questions about the Obama scandals Trojan keylogger, wave-pandemic, tornado-wildfire and the ice-pirates. Conficker and his team Chemical burn, Industrial spill and blister agent have been working with the State militia to bring new evidence that the Department of Homeland Security and the Chinese have been using suicide bombers from Pakistan and Iran to organize a hazardous materials incident at the Hover Dam. More information will be posted as it is received.
        : Suspicious package:

      11. Is there any website which tells exactly how to get on all these 84 programs? Would be interesting to see how much they pay and what is needed. E.g. if one stops working for a W-2 and work under the table then can they get enough on these programs to make it worth it? What hoops do they need to jump through?

      12. Surfer, my ass…Dude got a “motel tan”.lol

        I think Fox put this piece out to get the folks riled up.

        He’s only practicing what he has been shown by the big boys. It’s called “Crony Slackerism”.

        Jason got what he wanted…MSM media exposure for his “Ratlife” band.

        His website:

        BTW the band sucks. He will now be audited by the IRS for those bar gigs he has no receipt for.

        His next video will be from jail.

        When the bank of Jason gets audited he goes to jail.

        When the bank of Jamie gets audited he gets a bailout.

        Serf’s up dude.

      13. Its not that simple: I know a woman who is homeless and can’t receive food stamps because “she has no expenses counted by the food stamp office, like rent or electric bills.” On the other hand, I also know this family who is QUITE wealthy, they have 2 large homes in nice neighborhoods and yet their son, who shares their home, is on food stamps!!!

        So the whole thing is not as simple as you portray; its not a matter of the poor taking advantage of the system or the rich paying all the bills. Corruption comes in all sizes, shapes and colors.

        • Forrest–relevant post.
          I came home two weeks ago and boxed 2 full boxes of food from my room of storage for a family– mom and dad, and two young children– with a sign just as you leave chinamart:
          Need money for gas, food to eat, a job doing anything.
          Living in motel.

          Imagine a family in transit, no address, no job, no money, no food–and with no address, they get no assistance.

          • Jay Jay:this is in response to comment
            #2082565 Re:family living in motel;food stamp article.
            Ihate to break it to you, but you got Scammed! Big Time.
            A few years back, in Jackson County,OR there was a
            family saying all those things, and they were raking
            in $60,000 a year! Needless to say, when the Medford
            Tribune broke the story People were Pissed!

        • It isn’t simple at all, is it? For every family I know who is on genuine hard times and needs the assistance, there are several others who are drug-addled or alcoholic slackers who can’t support their litter of brats, or entire clans of illegal immigrants getting rent assistance, while they split the true rent 12 ways.

          There are American families being turned down for assistance, while the diversity hire at the welfare office is signing up every illegal they can get to walk in the door.

          People injured at work are denied benefits and care, but the scammer with a bad back goes on lifetime disability for $7000 a month, or the drunk who can’t work as a result of being a drunk gets $2000 a month disability. As long as he’s a drunk, he gets paid.

      14. Not just food handouts that tends to get the blood boiling. Went to the dentist for a filling and wife had to have a crown on one of her teeth. When we went to make appointment for her crown the receptionist/secretary was informing rather loudly and rudely that we would be responsible for upwards of $700.00 to be paid in a matter of weeks. OK,it will be paid… All the while a steady stream of a certain minority was just walking by. It seems that it was low income day and they were getting their free dental work.
        Add to the free food, add housing, medical, EBT cards that can be cashed at strip joints, heat assistance, free transportation to and from doctors and hospital
        for tests, free tests at said hospital through Medicaid or whatever it’s called, free phones, free babysitting services, Head Start. I’m sure that I have left out some but you get the message. It has been proven that a working man or woman would have to make in excess of $68,000 to equal what the typical welfare recipient receives in “benefits.” What the hell happened to this country? Why in the hell am I working my ass off? Sometimes I almost look forward to the crash to thin out this worthless human debris. Damn porch monkeys (white and black, and everyone in between.) Have no mercy. No quarters. Damn I’m pi$$ed. Welcome to the Socialist States of Amerika.
        I’m your huckleberry, SAY WHEN!!!!

      15. You sell your soul. You will take the mark.

        This is how they recruit, on our dollar, everyone that is and will be against us..
        Once you become dependent on the government you will surrender your freedom and will to them. They own you, and you will support them as long as, like Be Informed said, “your gravy train ” keeps going.

        Why would you want to stop the “free ride”?
        All aboard!! Hoot Hoot!!!

        I refuse to look at the taxes on my pay stub anymore, because it gives me high blood pressure.

        • W69, I realize people left and right will take the mark, but not me. braveheart

          • Agreed! …no marks on this hillbilly…. 🙂

      16. I’ve thought about this before– the government’s “generosity” when it comes to food stamps. Considering all the poisons they put in foods nowdays, maybe this is just the government’s attempt at speeding up their genocide plans…

      17. If you want to control a country and its people make sure the following two conditions are in place: 1- Minority controlled Tyranny. 2- Uneducated /selfish majority to act as parasites.

        The rest of control plan will take place by itself. The beach-bum in the video is one on too many (#2 above).

      18. Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar. You’re gonna go far, you’re gonna fly high, You’re never gonna die, you’re gonna make it if you try; they’re gonna love you.

        Well, I’ve always had a deep respect, and I mean that most sincerely. The band is just fantastic, that is really what I think. Oh by the way, which one’s Pink?

        And did we tell you the name of the game, boy? We call it Riding the Gravy Train.

        We’re just knocked out. We heard about the sell out. You gotta get an album out, You owe it to the people. We’re so happy we can hardly count.

        Everybody else is just green, have you seen the chart? It’s a helluva start, it could be made into a monster If we all pull together as a team.

        And did we tell you the name of the game, boy? We call it Riding the Gravy Train.

      19. 101 “Oddball Items” To Stock Before TSHTF

        ‘Sewing pattern’s was one of the items listed.
        Here are some links for some free patterns to download and print.

        Click on the patterns link at
        Children’s Pillowcase dress pattern – simple and cute. Download and print from here:

        • One of the things my mother left behind when she died was a box of Butterick and McCall’s dress pattern for girls. The other kids didn’t want them, so I brought them home. I can sew, through 4-H lessons, and guess my granddaughters will be dressing a la 1960s-70s, with material salvaged from old bed sheets. I also have a pattern showing how to make a really warm cloak-coat from old army blankets. I bought two green blankets and two purple-brown ??? blankets and they made very attractive outer-wear, if a little bit Rihannon-ish. Shoes are going to be a problem, and a career as a cobbler might turn out to be rewarding.

          • Vicky— thoughts on shoes

            My Dad told me that during the Great Depression
            a man approached their family garden wanting to
            trade a pair of shoes for enough produce to make
            a meal for his family.

            He also told me he was a top speller at their
            little one room country school house.
            The winner of the spelling bee went to the big
            two room school in town where folks were more
            “well to do” for the grand spell down.
            His shoes had cardboard in them to cover the
            various holes worn through the leather.
            Rather than face the derision of the other kids
            in town as being the country bumpkin from the
            sticks, he misspelled a word on purpose so he
            didn’t have to go endure the embarrassment.

            • How sad, and how pertinent to what is happening today. My dad had the same stories from his life during the depression. He came from a family of nine children and shoes were always a problem. They’re making kids bigger today. My granddaughters are all tall, very slender, but with enormous feet. I wonder if it would be worth it to search through Good Will and buy ahead? Maybe sizes 10 or 11? I’m sure they wouldn’t be caught dead in them today, but if that’s all that is available, maybe they’ll be glad to have them after everything collapses. ???

      20. WHAT THEY’RE REALLY DOING is getting us hooked on food stamps, used to the idea of not working, dependent on the government, AND THEN THEY PULL THE RUG OUT FROM UNDER US!

        When enough of us are on food stamps, they can say, “oops! we can’t afford giving out food stamps anymore because of all these trillions of dollars in debts” and then millions of us starve to death!


        • All Americans receiving food stamps will see a reduction in benefits starting November 1, 2013.

          Temporary additional funding to the SNAP program expires on October 31, 2013.

          • Sounds like 11-1-13 will be D-Day for MEGA SHTF. Boys and girls, get all your preps in order while you still can. braveheart

            • You don’t have any worries bh, Jack Daniels distillery will still have plenty of your favorite prep.

      21. every mousetrap has free cheese…

      22. I say lets help get the party started…get on SNAP and use that to buy every day food and use the money you would use for every day food to prep even harder…Use their system against them.

      23. I have seen the forms used to get assistance (helped someone apply) and I have to wonder if the push to get everybody on food stamps is another way to create a national ID database … under the guise of a food stamp program.

      24. I sometimes shop at a no frills, discount grocery store; it accepts cash and EBT cards. I have only seen a few Latinos and myself pay cash; 90% of the people I see in line are swiping an EBT card. I see lots of very senior folks, middle aged men and young mothers with babies, all swiping the EBT. From what I have observed, the older white people make more nutritious food choices than others.

        • Could we, as a group, put out a cook-book showing how to cook for yourself, cheaply and nutritiously? I’d start off with my 1960s era “Pasta for the Impoverished” recipe. I’ve had a garden since I was a teen-ager and really used it trying to support my little boy and myself. We lived on eggs, milk, garden produce, rice, beans cereal grains and macaroni. We were both healthy and very slender. What desserts we had were made by me and usually included fruits. Chocolate was for birthdays and Christmas only. No soft drinks, no candy and never a soft drink. I’d like to see what KY Mom contributes, as well as Daisy Luther. For that matter, the cooler guys on here probably have a secret recipe or two. ????

      25. Com-On Lazy dumb-downs! Free poison for all! And uncle Sam Will help you fill those grocery carts!

      26. Well Daisy 1 in 7 will starve when it all falls apart
        maybe more this is what happens when you depend on the government theres to many ways to feed your family
        you can hunt fish plant a garden the problem is to
        many people have become to damn LAZY……

        • Your number is way to low. 1 in 3. 1 in 3 will die from exposure. Most of the rest will die from violence.

          Maybe 10% in a real breakdown survive

          • Facebook your right my point is I can not feel sorry
            for these people when I see them buying food with foodstamps and their wearing $150.00 nikes talking
            on their smart phones and their still crying for help
            I have family members that way they think everythings
            a big joke so the only thing I can say is f%$k them
            talking is over if they fall they fall

            • I know we were on the same page. But everyone seem to be using hopeful numbers. If it goes all the way. And I even think 10 % Worldwide is a high number for the final count.

              And a culling is the only thing that will cure this. World wide.

              • Amen…In nature, only the strong survive.

                That is how the planet has always worked.

                God Bless those who help themselves and others.

          • FBP, in the last chapter of “One Second After”, it was estimated that 1 year after the EMP event that only 30,000,000 people were still alive in the US and that was only an estimate, out of 310,000,000. the true estimate will probably be lower than that. Starvation, disease, violence, etc. Swampratt, I agree with you. I don’t have any sympathy for freeloaders, either. I’ve always done for myself and always will. no taxpayers money for me, period! I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I ended up like them. braveheart

        • Swampratt, I see what your saying but remember this, the ass clowns running the show have monopolized hunting and fishing and require their “tax” on that. The animals/fish are the king’s property and thou shalt not hunt them without paying first.

          • CK not trying to be a bible beater but the word says stealing food when hungry is a forgiveable sin if caught
            pay it back three times jesus picked and ate corn from the field the corn wasn’t his besides the animals were
            put here for us so f#$k the king I will hunt and I will
            eat and when the moneys gone and cant buy a lincense
            I will still hunt and eat F#$k the king…….

      27. Actually, if you think about, due to the incredible ag subsidies and tax shelters, we are all on food stamps. None of know what the true cost of the groceries we buy is. Same with our gasoline and the billions that go to big oil for whatever the hell reason. We need a big ass dose of reality in this country. I am a big boy. I can take it. If eggs are supposed to be $4 a dozen so be it. If that is what it takes to get farmers off my teat and get real citizens working the farms in this country. How many people do you know with 5 cows so they qualify as a farm to save taxes? I know many. This is a distant cousin to being on food stamps and we the public are recipients.

        • Having 5 cows does not make you a farm, you have to be in the business of agriculture or animal husbandry and making a profit after 5 years. You can write off stuff for 4 years, better show a profit in year 5, or you’re toast. After that, maybe a bad year or two, but you’re either a real farm or just playing at it.

          Ask a neighbor of mine what happened when he wrote off his hot tub as a stock tank, and landscaping as land clearing expenses.

          • The neighbor committed fraud and called it farming 🙁

        • Cant do that around here…gotta file as a farmer on your tax form…me I don’t bother I just farm…didn’t apply for tax exempt status and others think Im crazy but like I tell em I aint the one getting screwed in order to save a few bucks at the point of sale…nothings free and if govt give you a break on one side they take it back double in another area…cheaper to pay the tax and take the loss at tax time than allow them a say!

      28. Somewhat off topic, but pertains to the economy: From MarketWatch:

        Soros’s biggest holding? A bearish call on the S&P 500

        August 15, 2013, 5:11 AM

        It’s 13F revelation time, and the headlines are full of news about big investor George Soros going hot for Apple and dumping on gold in the second quarter. However, there’s something else in those numbers that should make investors sit up a little.

        Possibly buried amid the Apple excitement is the fact that Soros Fund Management’s biggest position is a put on the S&P 500 ETF SPY -0.16% . Soros bought a put on 1,248,643 SPY units in the quarter. A put option gives the owner the right to sell a specific amount of an asset at a set price within a set time, and generally means the investor expects that asset will go down in price.

        So yes, as Bullion Baron and Whalewisdom point out, Soros is making a huge bet on the S&P 500 SPX -0.33% going lower.

        Doing the calculations, the Baron points out that the SPY put position — relative to the total size of the fund — rose from 1.28% to 4.79% in the first quarter, more than tripling. It also went up 13.54% in the second quarter, nearly tripling again.

        History has a story to tell about big calls from Soros and people should be paying attention, says the Baron blog:

        “Soros reportedly made $1 billion betting against the British pound in 1992. We heard rumors of Soros making a $1 billion bet against the AUD (a position that has done well if true). We heard when he made $1 billion betting against the yen. Where are the headlines for his $1.25 billion bet against the stock market?” asks Baron.

        Soros is clearly picking and choosing, with his doubled position in Apple AAPL and a call on J.C. Penney JCP shares. He also dumped chunks of Citigroup C -0.06% and Netflix NFLX in the second quarter.

        But deciphering what Soros was thinking when he upped that SPY put position is not so easy. As Baron notes, we don’t really know the precise structure of target dates and holdings. The fund could have increased that SPY put anytime in the second quarter.

        Joseph from the Baron further said this when asked about the significance of Soros’s move:

        “The last time SPY puts topped the Soros Fund was in the 30th June 2011 filing and we saw the S&P 500 lose 15%+ over the 6-7 weeks following, over July/August (during which time Soros reduced the position substantially). The position in 2011 was less than half the size of the current one which makes me think he might be anticipating a larger decline on this occasion.”

        Looking back on how the S&P 500 performed in the period, the index closed out the quarter with a gain of 2.4%, even as the month of June posted a loss amid worries about when tapering would begin. The quarter so far is already looking better than the last, with the S&P 500 up nearly 5%. We may need to wait another quarter to see how Soros is really feeling about the market.

        As George has said himself:

        “Markets are constantly in a state of uncertainty and flux, and money is made by discounting the obvious and betting on the unexpected.”

        – Barbara Kollmeyer


      29. its not the beach bum collecting food stamps that has ruined this nation

        its the Harvard and Yale educated “sharks in suits” on Wall Street and in the corporate board rooms who have destroyed us

        it is them and their UNMITIGATED greed that destroyed the economy

        it is not the beach bum who pushed globalization
        and shipped MILLIONS of middle class jobs overseas

        its the sociopaths who run the corporations who have done so

        the 1% is LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF

        RIGHT NOW

        THEY are the BIGGEST recipients of government “welfare”

        that FAUX News story is nothing but propaganda


        works EVERY time

      30. It is astonishing to see the multitudes of people using EBT cards. I think they for got the D for DEBT card. Makes me angry. Lazy people that won’t work. Small talk a EBT bearer and in conversation you’ll discover the person is lazy a procrastinator and self serving selfish sumbitch. I feel sorry for the kids because of who’s feeding them and how. That’s how and why kids don’t know where food comes from other than the store etc…Ya know its like exactly playing with fire…You eventually get burned. If all or most these people get screwed I wouldn’t be upset. I don’t think most or any of them are true Americans. Americans are self reliant hard workers. There’s a difference. Another thing is families are supposed to help one another. It used to be highly frowned upon if you went to the government for a handout. People either knew your spouse died or there was something wrong with you and you couldn’t work and be a productive citizen like the rest. That’s how I look at these people most of them are mentally deficient and don’t know there ass from there foot but they sure know how to make the rest of us broke!

      31. That isn’t quite it. The government doesn’t care what you buy or where you cash in the EBT cards. You can cash one in at the casino or the strip club. You can go to a gas station and buy their prepared junk food. The Obama administration wants as many people dependent on the government as possible. They don’t want people being self-reliant. They’re destroying the economy so as many people die in the collapse as possible.

      32. It’s a little like the scene in Pinocchio where the boys are encouraged to drink and destroy things so they turn into jackasses and be sold into slavery.

        • Sounds like a scene from barryos where theyre encouraged to drink the Kool-Aid and join the jack-ass party and be sold slavery as a lifestyle…couldn’t resist 😉

      33. Is this 44’s fault. I’m not me when I’m hungry…

        • I probably am repeating this but for a calendar, copy a few sheets of a BLANK calendar…online.
          Laminate with regular packaging tape–yep–it works best if one holds the page and one tapes; best in little increments too.
          Now, you can use erasable sharpie for month, date, events, etc.
          Or, use permanent sharpie and erase using nail polish remover–acetone from hardware store is cheaper.
          You can even frame it and hang it!!

      34. Obamacare kicking in

        Colorado releases insurance exchange rates

        “For a 40-year-old individual customer, monthly premiums will range from $177 a month to $774 a month. The wide range of rates is because premiums depend on the level of coverage and where in the state a person lives. Insurers can charge smokers up to 15 percent more.”

        not bad
        rate wise
        my employer pays for most of my insurance
        thank God

        currently it is $700 a month

      35. Here’s a different take on this….take the food stamps they offer. Take them and PREP with them. Any “useless eater” looking to sell there food stamp money for pennies on the dollar, BUY them. Use it to PREP even more, on the cheap. Spend the other money that you are now saving to buy more guns, ammo, med kits, water purifiers, ghillie suits, batteries, flash lights, pressure cookers, dutch ovens, extra socks, camo gear, nvg scopes/goggles, heirloom seeds, self-defense classes etc etc etc.

        The system is going to collapse regardless so, help yourself to these free hand-outs, as much as you can obtain. Don’t feel bad either, at least you work and pay taxes…so why feel bad, right? Just a thought….

      36. People buying filet mignon and wine do not need ebt cards. And I have seen this happen so many times. They will be the first of the undesirables to perish. After 60 days when most have starved to death. It will be time to rebuild a better more intelligent society.

      37. who gets ’em and where

        Have you seen the breakdown of people who are on Food Stamps?

        Here it is:
        The racial breakdown of food stamp recipients is as follows:

        41% white
        36% African-American
        18% Hispanic
        3% Asian
        2% Native American
        1% unknown race or ethnicity

        Food Stamp Statistics

        Five Essential Facts About Food Stamps

        “1. The majority of SNAP recipients are children or elderly–and many work. A report released in November 2012 by the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service shows that 45 percent of SNAP recipients were under 18 years of age and nearly 9 percent were age 60 or older. What’s more, more than 40 percent of SNAP recipients lived in a household with earnings”

        Saving the Food Stamps Program will take a better message than, “It’s the red states.”

        • yep and African americans make up less than 14% of the US population. What percentage of white pop and what percentage of black population are on welfare? The fact is if all the black folks disappeared from the planet the white folks would have fewer problems. If the opposite happened the blacks would have more problems than ever. A prime example of just what blacks can accomplish without oppression from whitey is Haiti. Those Haitians only invented one thing the Haitian necktie. The only thing there good at are making more Haitians.

      38. Russia, China Have Strong Military Ties – Putin

        Russia, China Have Strong Military Ties – Putin
        © RIA Novosti. Alexei Nikolsky
        19:50 16/08/2013
        SOCHI, August 16 (RIA Novosti) – Russia and China have strong military ties, as exemplified by a recent series of joint exercises in the Ural Mountains, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday.
        “We have been successfully collaborating in the military and technical sphere,” Putin said at a meeting with Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi. “Exercises between our armed units testify to that.”
        The counter-terrorism exercise series Peace Mission 2013 was held in Russia’s Chelyabinsk Region in the Urals from July 27 until August 15 and involved personnel from both countries.
        Moscow and Beijing have recently vowed to strengthen military cooperation to ensure an adequate and prompt response to common threats.

        Keep the FAITH

      39. I have 3 pressure cookers 🙂

        • Been wanting to get one — do you have one you recommend over another?

      40. I recently applied for E.B.T. online and I think I qualify. Just need to send in some additional docs to them to get it started. Now, before you guys rip my head off over this, please know that my family is struggling, we’re behind on all of our bills, just paid rent yesterday (15 days late), and I could sure use the help. With that said, we as a country are passed the point of no return anyway. The economy is going to collapse no matter if I’m receiving assistance or not. So the way I see it is, I would be an idiot not to receive the help and maybe actually have a few extra bucks to use toward prepping for the coming collapse. I don’t want to be sitting there with nothing but my **** in my hand after the shtf while my son is going hungry. I guess when it comes to being able to support my family, I have no shame in getting some help. Besides at this point, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Obama phones for everybody!(just kidding)

        • San Diego, don’t feel bad and don’t expect anyone here, save the trolls, to rip your head off over this. Based on your current situation, take what you can get. You hit it on the head, the economy is going to collapse anyway. If the gov wants to give you foodstamps, take them, feed your family and continue to prep. I wish you all the best friend.

          • I resent the fact that my hard earned cash has to compete with the so called free food stamps.

        • Better you and yours than Israel!

        • If your so pitifully dependent that you must receive welfare now. How in the world will you survive in the future SHTF collapse? There wont be any government props left to enable you! Only wiggers draw welfare. I would eat road kill before I took a govt handout. Learn to be self reliant. aquire the know how to be able to feed your self. Goodness have some pride and get off your butt and do something positive. Your children see the example your setting.

      41. pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker pressure cooker

        • rekooc erusserp rekooc erusserp rekooc erusserp — just in case anybody in the NSA is dyslexic.

        • Now are they the A1 Style or the new A2.

      42. Didn’t Rome give out free bread and entertainment as it collapsed?

      43. I can feel the pressure, boy thing are really cooking.

        • We are the pressure cookers. We just need a leader to step up.

      44. Had an earthquake between 14 and 20 degrees north of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. This is directed towards the New Madrid. While a 4.9 is not that big, it should signal some shaking in the next few weeks for anyone living near the New Madrid. Most likely not above a 4.3. I was looking at this region on the Ridge, and the largest quake on the record since 1973 was a 6.0. After this one there were many 3 pointers on the New Madrid.

        Why I am mentioning this is that if I am not watching the USGS map during some time, if there is a large earthquake between 14 and 20 degrees north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge, watch out everyone close to the New Madrid. I would say 6.5 or larger, especially anything above 7 at this latitude. North and south of that zone between 14 and 20 degrees there have been high 6 to 7+. This is possibly because between 14 and 20 degrees north of the Mid Atlantic Ridge only has really big quakes before the New Madrid breaks. If there is a major quake here it is not imminent that the New Madrid will break, but the odss will jump dramatically that a big quake is coming. Anyone living near the New Madrid should be aware of this zone on the Mid Atlantic Ridge has the harbinger of problems to come.

        • Thanks BI for the info, please keep it coming. We’re prepping like crazy for the “big one” with the Madrid in mind foremost. On the bright side, and I have to laugh hard at this one, I may have some beach front property in Kansas one day!!!

        • Thanks, BI, for that update on NMF. BTW, Daisy, thank you for another excellent article. Sorry, that should have been my first post on this article, but when I saw those 2 trolls attack you I had to jump on them first. braveheart

        • as always BI, thanks for your due diligence!

      45. @ Daisey & Mac,

        Please expose the real group/organizations behind the curtain. I know who they are do you? Waiting for a real response. Folks smoke and choke aint workin anymore. Exposure to the public is required. Explain that Washington D.C. is not a part of the the USA. Explain that england and the USA are connected. explain how the usa is corrupt with england/britain/rothchilds/others/country,s as well as the dominate wars that never cease or winable. explain why we dont use resources we have here in the usa? I know why! Do you?

        • Well enlighten us please.

          There is not a word limit here. As some posters here prove daily. Yes I am talking about you.

          I would love to hear about it. How about links since you have all ready done the work.

      46. Just love being behind someone with the Uggs boots, Gucci bag and the latest I-phone and bam !!…..paying with food stamps.

        • Anonymous, I know exactly what you mean. Isn’t affirmative action wonderful?

        • If you lease a car, it’s not counted as an asset, so you can drive a brand-new $50,000 rig and still get SNAP and other assistance.

          Now you know where all the Mexicans are getting the money to buy the new cars….

        • I can top that,
          All the first stuff, plus then she got into a brand new lifted tacoma with her 3 kids and surf boards, i must be doing something wrong trying to WORK to pay the bills.

        • or an ugg woman in boots.

      47. There is no such thing as free. Food stamps unemployment comp Obama health care ect. All those things have strings attached. The do the reciepient more harm than good. The enablement of the parasite takers has destroyed the country. The few remaining productive makers cannot be robbed (taxed) enough to redistribute to the parasite takers. So the government borrows to make up the short fall.

      48. Well as long as the leaches are eating right now they are ok but when the collapse happens we survivalist can eat these people, just need to stock up on salt to keep there meat tender and fresh and not rotting.

      49. Don’t confuse money with purchasing power . Best quote ever by a fed chairman , “we can send out checks for any amount , for as long as you like. What we can not do is gurantee purchasing power.

        Oh and the hector decision back in the 50’s by scotus , said that SS was a tax.

        amazing how people who are invested at some level about SS , know so little about it.

        Don’t worry , the AARP will save you

      50. Just a thought, what happens if you used the program to buy your surplus supplies? Dont buy the cheetos, like the program is typically used for. Buy dry milk, jerky and canned food instead. I get it we may not be any better, but this is a prepper site and i hope a few of you that read this get the idea… we all know the ship is sinking, and if a potential life raft is being handed out….this is about who survives not who survived pridefully…

        • rogertroger spend ur foodies on normal stuff/crap, then buyr someone elses 50 cent on the dollar for your preps that way its not attached to your ebtcard

      51. Ok Ive learned there is no provision for the food stamp program in the current dept of agriculture farm bill. The fiscal year for the farm bill ends on October 31. Will the EBT funds still be downloaded on November first?

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