The US Is Sleepwalking Towards A Nuclear Confrontation: “It Is Astounding In Its Stupidity”

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    This interview was originally published by Adam Taggart at Peak Prosperity


    Following his cautionary analysis on the increasing tension between the US/NATO and Russia, Chris interview Dmitry Orlov this week about the potential likelihood for actual direct conflict to break out between the world powers.

    Orlov was born and raised in Leningrad in the former Soviet Union and immigrated to the United States in the mid 70s, He has spent the past several decades traveling back and forth between the two countries, writing about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the many similarities he sees between that and the secular decline happening in the West. Orlov recently co-authored a stark warning with a number of other experts on Russia, concerned that the US is recklessly provoking a military confrontation it cannot win:

    The United States is sleepwalking towards a nuclear confrontation with Russia. It is astounding in its stupidity this approach. What’s going on is an effort by the US military and by NATO officials to extract as much money as possible out of Eastern Europe, to continue financing weapons and generally extract military spending out of Europe.

    The neocons have a very stiff ideology of world domination. Basically they took over the US government because it’s the largest and most vulnerable democracy in order to realize their insane dreams of world domination.

    It hasn’t gone that well. But there’s no convincing them. There isn’t a feedback loop from experience to what they do next. One defeat causes them to organize for the next defeat without realizing it. So they don’t realize that what they have done in the Middle East has been completely counter-productive. They don’t realize, for instance, that trying to promote democracy and secular regimes in Islamic countries doesn’t produce democracy or secular regimes – what it produces is jihadism and radicalization and things like ISIS. They can’t process that thought because their ideology says “democracy is the weapon we use”. We used it successfully against the United States. Look what wonderful shape the US democracy is. It is bought and sold on the open market and we are going to do that to every country in the world.

    There is no stopping them. They are like zombies. Until somebody shoots them in the head they are going to keep moving.

    Now in Russia a military drill can be called without warning at any time, and everything better work. Basically the entire military is at a high state of readiness. The US media has missed the fact that what the Russians did in Syria with a really, really small contingent is something that the US couldn’t possibly have done and NATO couldn’t possibly have done. If you look at the number of sorties and the number of strikes per unit time — which is basically ground crews working seamlessly with pilots on rotation, jets landing, getting refueled, getting reloaded taking off continuously — that is not something that the US is capable of at this point. This is a different military. This is not the US military. This is something completely different. And then there hasn’t been much reporting about the new weapons that Russia has — the S300, the S400 now they are rolling out the S500 which will be able to hit targets in near space and that will basically be like a giant impenetrable shield over most of Russia including all of the ballistic weapons that the US has. They also haven’t really reported on the super sonic torpedoes and cruise missiles that Russia has developed, or mention the fact that Russian nuclear subs lurking along the American western and eastern seaboards all the time on patrol armed with these caliber supersonic cruise missiles that the US has absolutely nothing to detect them with or to shoot them down — and they can be nuclear tipped.

    Russia is ready. What is even more scary is that the Russian people are ready. There are all these groups all over Russia that do stunts like they run marathons off road. The marathons sometimes include some tactical objectives too. So this is like paramilitary training for lots and lots of young people in the country. Some of them don’t even like the government that much but that doesn’t mean that they won’t take orders if orders are given. Even if there isn’t a nuclear confrontation and NATO rolls into Russian territory they will bleed and they will bleed to death just like it has always happened with people who invaded Russia. There isn’t a happy outcome, there isn’t a face saving outcome for the United States or for NATO. There is just basically the choice between death and humiliation.

    Click the play button below to listen to Chris’ interview with Dmitry (51m:18s)

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      1. The Russians are ready to go to war and Americans are trying to figure out who uses which bathroom.

          • OFF TOPIC!!!

            For anyone who uses talcum powder or is keeping it stocked in your preps – it has been linked to ovarian cancer! Here’s a link I just found, you can google more


        • Has it never occurred to these giant dipshits that their entire industrial civilization is totally 100% dependent on a resource sourced from predominantly Muslim countries. Whom by the way are watching their entire social safety net utterly vaporize at this very moment.

          If they get fucked enough… if their society goes past the point of no return? All I can say is it’s conceivable that it could get to a point where your money means less to them than your ongoing permanent “societal heresy”.

          At which point you will be receiving NO resources, good Sir.

          • And yet there are reports that Russia wants to sell off Rosneft to drum up cash and the Saudi’s are looking to do the same, which is sell. That’s what happens when oil is too expensive for the consumer and priced too low for the producers. I doubt we’ll ever see a barrel of oil go past $75. The oil producers of the world need oil to be at least $100 a barrel. When it goes higher, economies begin to falter.

            Industrial civilization was built around cheap to extract oil. The low hanging fruit has been plucked decades ago. The entire planet is up shits creek without a paddle.

        • This is obama finishing up what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad couldn’t do in bringing on the 12th imam……..

      2. I wish tptb would quit poking thebear, it won’t end well!

        • MommaD, I agree. Everyone go to A MUST READ! The comments section is also interesting.

            • Thanks Brave. Good post.

            • great link Braveheart
              Orlov is a must read piece

              • Here in the US, we have scumbag politicians who pocket dollars from corporations who keep said politicians in office, year after year. Political Lobbyists must be held in check; if not terminated. Most of the US citizens are a peace loving bunch or regular folk, who get up for work everyday and go about their government mule jobs and barely keep their heads afloat in this horrific economy. But if you listen to the Corporate media; the economy is strong and blah blah blah.

                This was a VERY eye-opening piece. And I believe it.
                Obama has decimated this economy and our military (all arms …) And he has castrated our technological ability to come up with new, effective deterrents to a nuclear showdown.

                But I will say this to the author:
                Don’t be so naive. The US still has the capability to unleash hell and as long as a liberal Democrat is not in office, it will.

            • very good blog,and true. i know enough Russians to agree 100%.

        • Something seems to be afoot. I am presently reading “2017 War With Russia – An Urgent Warning From Senior Military Command”, by General Sir Richard Shirreff, recently retired No 2 man in NATO in Europe and backed up with the endorsement of American retired Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe.

          The central theme is that Russia intends to seize the Baltics and that NATO, while ostensibly goading the Bear, is pitifully unprepared for it all.

          In my own view, however, 2017 is a little too soon; I think they won’t move until 2018 at the earliest (as they need time to get their new stealth fighter into service) or, if they are going to do a “joint clenched fist” move with China, then in my view it’s going to be closer to 2020, by which time the Chinese should have the main bulk of their military upgrades completed.

      3. Russia derives 50% of its income from oil / gas sales. The actions in the Ukraine and Syria are intentionally threatening that regardless of the bullshit ostensible reasons being sold to the public by a compliant main stream media. Ponder what the US would do if the roles were reversed and such actions were being conducted against our national interests of even a quarter of that order of magnitude.

        Islamic terrorism, global economy, illegal immigration and even free trade TPP is insignificant compared to the above.

        • And we are now beginning to hear rumors that Russia wants to unload Rosneft to drum up cash.

      4. yeah, was just listening to that!! Russia has supersonic cruise missiles- submarines, along western and eastern seaboard of US which US cannot take down.. can be nuclear-tipped.

        Also, good article at Global Research– Putin is saying, “yes, we know about all that (what the US is doing along Russia’s borders– the defense system which can be converted quite quickly to offense system– nuclear missiles!) anyhow, Putin is saying, “yes, we know about that and they know we know… few citizens understand how extremely dangerous the whole situation is..”

        • I also follow a lot of this stuff on Russia’s military capabilities and, to say the very least, not only am I very impressed, Russia is absolutely the guy you do not want to pick a fight with.

          The neocons have a very narrow window to start WWIII with Russia, and if the neocons are as stupid as I give them credit for being, Russia will absolutely devastate this country with a counter-strike.

          The S-400 is already operational and in service. The S-500 will be operational and in service by the end of this year or very early next year. The finisher is the RS-28 Sarmat missile, and it will be operational and in service no later than the second half of next year. And there’s the Khibiny EW system that is now standard for all Russian combat aircraft. On the ground, Russia has two best in breed tanks: the T-90 and the T-14.

          Overlooked in all of this are the missiles for the S-400 and S-500 systems: those missiles can also be fired by Russia’s submarine and warship fleet. That tells me that Russia has a big advantage in the economy of scale department. When you have missiles that have that kind of versatility and reliability, you need to be able to make lots of them quickly. What Russia is doing is quite simple: they’re taking the economy of scale lessons from WWII, in the form of the T-34 tank and AK-47, and applying it to state of the art technology. The history books tells me another thing: when Russia does what they are doing right now, they almost always win.

          Put it all together and it becomes pretty clear that Russia has more ways to win, and the only chance the US has is with a first strike.

          • Very well observed. The US is like Germany circa WWII. The Germans made state-of-the-art, best-in-breed technology and military hardware. They were leagues ahead of the allies. Building a Panzer was the work of craftsmen, who labored over every detail and machined each piece to a micron. But, despite having the best tech and the best soldiers, they found, in the long grind that is war, they just could not keep pace with the Russians. And why is that? Because the Russians worked out a simple idea: no matter how superior another force is, you can grind it down. In the heat of battle, the Russians kept building tanks because they were simple and effective.

            If you can churn out tech that is almost as good but at a furious pace, or if you disrupt a high-tech force with insurgents, or if you use territory and long supply chains to exhaust your enemy, then you can turn the tables in your favor.

            Another issue is the intelligence of a foe. 99% of turd world sh#t boxes out there use off-the-shelf weapons made somewhere else. These people couldn’t design an ice cream cone and deploy it in battle. The Russians, however, are white Europeans/Asiatics and are very smart and can invent and deploy things of their own making. Americans haven’t fought a race of people who can invent and think on their feet in warfare since the Vietnamese. It is a different game.

          • and do NOT forget the Russians have BETTER electronic warfare at the moment! they were able to electronically disable the Donald Cook war ship with one of there aircraft!! THAT my friends is THE SHOW STOPPER!!!! the heart of our protection is what they disabled!! better wake up, and see that the idiots who are provoking the bear at this moment WILL cause mass deaths if this continues!! will not be safe anywhere! and NO i am NOT just repeating news from other sites I KNOW what i am talking about on the electronic portion.

            • True: they have technological and scientific achievements that are original and in their hands. They also still have a vast storehouse of stuff from the Soviet Union’s research programs that were dormant during the hookers-and-corruption 1990s but which are now active projects. This includes psychological and social weapons that can really f#ck with a country if they want to. Got crazy n#ggers? Why don’t we agitate those mo-fos, see how you like that.

      5. don’t know if you’ll heard the interview with Paul Craig Roberts at Gregg Hunter’s website awhile back…PCR was talking in detail about Russia’s military– all the amazing technology they have which the US is no where near capable of copying… PCR said that once the US comes close to discovering Russia’s military technology, they (The Russians) “will just take us out”… reason, being, of course, is that if the US discovers their technology, we will use it to try to destroy Russia and the world (totally irresponsible neocons).

        • Anonymous, I agree. Someone needs to take out those POS neocons before it’s too late. We don’t need any kind of war with other nations. It’s bad enough we’re headed toward civil war2/revolution in this country with our own government.

          • well, just start with one, then two, then three and so on and so on until one day they are all gone from our shores.

          • A good read if you want to compare the equipment of both militaries.


            • if you read again how he stated stuff on the “neo cons” took over usa govnt etc it should be obvious he is NOT speaking of what most here consider a neocon aka a Repub usa politition.

              What he is actually refering to Via use of words of “Neo cons”, and in the Same way as many online writers like Paul Craig Roberts et al do now is that the word of “Neo Con” is a CODE word for lack of better description and it really means….Them we cannot Name here or we remain stuck in moderations Limbo forever!

              Think: Neocons= Members of that “Americas best firends and allies in Mid east region” speak….

              They are useing Neo con as code so they can stop worrying about being litterally destroyed in their work life as writers and in personal lives also…Such famous persons only need be attacked ONE signle time with slanderous name calls like rayssist or antisemite for their entire 30-40 year long lifetime of work etc to end up the same as was done to…

              Actor Mel Gibson after he got pulled over by cops and spilled the beans to cops on whom is the worlds Nation Wrecker tribe etc….Lucky for Mel Gibson he had enough personal fortune cash to stil make his blockbuster Jesus Passion movie and in turn it earned him about one Billion profits in 6 months time..

              But…if Mel Gibson didn’t have enough of own cash then?…Just being labeled by MSM TV news and Oprah type idiot tv shows as an antisemite, then Gibsons entire lifetime achievments would have counted for ZIP!

              And He’d likley never ever again get a job doing any type work anywheres once Black listed by powerfull zio control freeks…

              Ergo while it seems many as yet aint figured out this newer meaning of the word of “Neo con” as code for some Other entity, other that the typical usa Repub party political animal…it Is most definate what these writers refer to, and by re reading what he said in at least Two sentences on neo cons use of american govnt etc, and keeping This definition in mind as you re read it.

              It will become a glareing obviousness detail you somehow formerly missed knowing or realizing.

              Try reading those neo con parts and see for yourself if not true eh. For if he meant current elected Repubs as neo cons?…he’d never have stated it as he did period.

              So try as a test issue, from now on when you read various articles that name neo cons in bad ways…Consider it to be Code words for…Those we cannot Name here aka that Big “Taboo” ethnic group with 1/2 of itself in mid east as usa pals and allies, supposedly anyways!

      6. Looks like we want to have a little fun with China too…

        ht tps://

      7. The neocon maniacs that have taken control of Washington actually believe they we can win a nuclear confrontation w/ the East, and limit the damage to NATO & the U.S. And thereby gain complete world domination for themselves, and the criminal NWO banksters & elite. It is codified into the Wolfowitz doctrine.
        What they fail to understand is that with a nuclear armed superpower like Russia and/or China, War itself is the enemy. Once a confrontation escalates into full blown war, there’s no turning back….it will go nuclear.
        “now I am become death; the destroyer of Worlds”….!!!

        • J: Perhaps the main reason neo cons such as Wolfowitz and all his AIPAC Pals, along with various establishment Repubs in congress and senate etc think as you stated.

          Is due to they have convinced themselves of that idea because of what they call their “Samson Option” they plan as last resort use, and Have several times now Told every EU nations leaders and major cities in EU states about.

          Basically the Samson option is what one of Israels fanatical deranged neo con types called Israels 300-400 Nukes they have Aimed At every major and mid-sized EU states Cities.

          And when that fanatic in israel, whom himself was/Is a high ranked official spoke of their option he stated it In that way too…He also said his israelie top tier leaders etc also consider europeans and EU nations to be Israels Enemys period.

          And said about that samson option to send Nukes flying into every city in eu, that it was a last resort incase israel is ever denied agendas it so desires to get.

          And any awake wized up person by Now should know that “desire” is a Greater Yisrael Land Mass currently inhabited by hundreds of millions of arabs and goyims.

          But that is also The greater land mass israel desires as its Main HQ Base of Opps for a NWO aka JWO global new order rulership. They also believe that such Nuke threats to EU states will cause Eu to fold or reject any counter measures etc.

          Once That is fully understood, it paints a much more fearsome picture of potential out of control neo con and fanatical religious dominated ideals so devestating to everyone else globally…especially when those neo con fanatics actually do believe they cannot lose!

          And the Fact that so far Americans are unwilling to Learn and Know these issues and agendas, and likewise unwilling as yet to Un do and Remove these fanatics from within Our usa fed govnt at EVERY level, as well as remove every level of them within Private usa Orgs and NGO’s types.

          Is one of if not The most main reasons that today Americans in general are so hated by most if not every other nation worlwide. Those in other nations are far greater awake to such agendas and issues than usa folks are. And awake enough to also Know it is only american folk that can possibly ever do said removals, and put End to such neo cons and fanatical maniacs desirous of a live Nuke exchange based upon false belief they can win it.

          • Great post TG as always.

        • “Wolfowitz doctrine”


          • Wolfowitz…….Another damned muslim with a six sided star triangle?

            • Stolz: Thanks Brother…Nice to see You again posting replies eh!….I just WISH my replies would Finally stop being Held in Moderations Limbo for as long as 48+ hrs typically….Since it makes it difficult to have real time ‘conversations” between us poster folk when a reply gets finally posted up After everybody else has gone home or moved on to 1/2 Dozen newer articles and seldom return to prior articles eh.

              I rekon some of us here write truth that is far too truthfull for light weight sissys and PC idiots to handle and they then cry like babies to Mac to “Do Something!” about these honest facts based truth teller types Mac!

              Yet thats a typical Liberal dem pc crowd type responce eh..

              Libs are Famous for, after BAD laws got passed due to some stupid gun activity etc, saying stuff like..

              “Well…They Had to Do..SOMETHING!” Indeed just Do Anything as long as it was “something done” and the libs go back to la la land sleepy sleep and remain cozy till next event, then repeat crys to “Do Something”!

              Its how america got so deep into PC crap, crys of hate speech, and raysist speak demands to hurry and do something!…Ergo we end up with Moderation eternity to Appease a small Few Cry Baby pc typs here.

              Just wait untill Real Reality some day soon sneeks up and Smacks them silly with it….Then too it shall be heard to “DO Something!”…Maybe then we can put em out of Our misery eh Stolz? That too is to Do something correct?

      8. I wrote a lengthy letter to Orlov awhile back; about the situation between Russia and America; a former Constitutional Republic. Surprised he wrote back; and stated the 2 countries are closer to war than anyone cares to admit. What scares the hell out of me; is that in Russia; the citizens KNOW in full what the situation regarding the U.S.; minus the smoke and mirrors; outright lies; and misdirection. In America; heh; the dumbed down; clueless; brain dead; willfully ignorant idiot – citizens couldn’t find Russia on a World Map. I truly think whoever the next POTUS is; it just might be the last POTUS in American History. Not Kidding. I live in Pa.; bout 2 -3 Hrs. from the Poconos. Im thinking IF I buy a place up there; I MIGHT survive the initial blast from Harrisburg & Philly. Don’t know if i’ll survive long term; but at least I won’t be vaporized in the 1st Strike.

      9. The neocons are Trotskey Communists whose grandparents provoked the “Russian” revolution bringing communism to Russia. These tribal lunatics were kicked out of Russia and wound up coming to the U.S. They have been successful in politics. They work their magic infiltrating and controlling we Americans who had no idea what or who they were and what insane ambitions of world domination they pursue. They lie, steal, and kill. It is their agenda. This guy says they will keep going like zombies unless they are “shot in the head”. Is there a sane faction within our military, in our police force, or among our civilian citizenry prepared and willing to save America and the world from the insane machinations of these lunatic neocon maniacs?????

      10. I really don’t feel threatened by nuclear war. They have been cramming that holocaust shit at us since Einstein or somebody split the atom. I feel if they had bombs of this nature, they would have used them already. I’m sure they got some pretty nasty ones, But nuclear warfare also negates conventional warfare. So all the mega-billions they inject into the defense budget become obsolete compared to a nuke. The Japanese had a no defeat, no surrender attitude until they got nuked. Now since then they’ve grown into megaton warheads each capable of destroying the world 10 time over.
        What’s the point? We all now how much the superpowers like to play Risk with the world at our expense, fly their planes around, drop bombs and say U-rah! but blow it up? That would wreck everything they are trying to create. They don’t want to destroy the world they just want to control it. They want to scare you into hiding so you won’t interfere with their plans.
        I can’t really say nukes are real or not though, I’ve never seen one except on TV, and you know how that is. Its been the same footage for like 50 years. Of course if I did see one go off, I’d be like “well, I guess they are real.” Then, poof!

      11. I am convinced the plan is for destruction. There appears to be too many people, “useless eaters” and they are planning to give us catastrophic war, disease, famine, etc. If the war goes nuclear perhaps it will be mainly neutron bombs which evaporate people but leave buildings intact.

        • Our gay prez has appointed as “Science Czar” the very man who wrote the book “Eco-Science” in which the author makes the case for the “elimination” of 80% of the Earth’s human population. I see all of the new diseases, worldwide protection of man-eating “endangered species” at US Taxpayer expense, militarized local police forces that seem to kill with impugnity as an indication that Dr. Holdren’s plan is being carried out, beginning in the 1970’s when the book was first published as a textbook for students of “Public Administration”.

          • Leonard:

            We can aid them in their depopulation goal. Take them out before they kill us. If their plan truly is one of genocide of eighty per cent of mankind in order to save the environment, One would think they would applaud their own deaths. These people are ruthless. Fight fire with fire. Genocide with genocide.

            If we sterilized anyone with a low IQ. We could lower the world’s population very quickly. And it wouldn’t require WW3. But people are brainwashed. They gasp at the thought of sterilization of retards, but accept bombing children, aborting healthy babies, poisoning food, water, and medicine. Go figure.

        • The ultimate capitalist weapon. Keep the assets and kill the carbon units.

      12. I think you are greatly underestimating US Strength. Even though we have a weak leader the US military is much better than you give then credit for.

        • Dan

          That weak leader can get you killed and for what I may add.
          I don’t feel good about this country. Military Planes that can not perform the mission and cost millions of dollars. Some New designed ships that can not withstand the seas. What did that Russian aircraft have to knock out the electronics on a destroyer in the Balkins. Making it defenseless. There is more than the public knows and the Moronic Public could care less.

        • Dan

          “I think you are greatly underestimating US Strength.”

          Your greatly underestimating the power of nuclear weapons. There is no way a war with Russia can stay conventional. It doesn’t matter how proficient the US military is. The Russians possess 7000 nuclear weapons. Instant stone age according to Mr E=MC Squared himself, Albert Einstein.

        • Were raiding graveyards to keep our planes flying.That is not a good sign!!
          Maniac –out

          • We were doing that in 1974, so what else is new?
            Even if you have the complete plans for a part, if you
            have to get it from a supplier that is different from the original certified supplier, it has to be re-certified. Much easier to cannabalize from older aircraft. Take it from a guy that certified stuff for the FAA. Why do you think a toilet seat costs $700? the part is cheap, a stack of paperwork isn’t.

          • LA


            DOGS OF WAR 10:10

        • Dan,

          The US military couldn’t finish the job in Afghanistan, They killed so many innocents in Iraq for no reason except the BS by the criminal Bush and Channey. The Ape in charge kept the killing via both us military and the army of the barbarians aka ISIS.

          So what the powerful US army has achieved? Is is time to understand that our armed forces are owned by The Ho£ocau$t tribe and all they do is to protect their interest without even knowing it.

        • Typical retreat to we are the greatest, exceptional, etc. It would only take a few nukes straddled across the US to kill the grid and coms. Millions would die.

      13. The war which will involve the Russians and the Chinese against America is destined to happen. There’s no chance that it will not happen.

        This is America in the Bible:

        “And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.” (Revelation 17:5

        Here is the fate of America in the Bible:

        7 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.

        8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. (Revelation 18:7 – 8)

        America is going to burn and there isn’t much time left. Prepare your hearts and minds and repent of all sin to God through Jesus Christ who made it possible for people to have eternal life. The form of this world is passing away, there’s only hope in God through Jesus Christ.

        ” For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:13)

        • “America is going to burn and there isn’t much time left.”

          If America burns, everyone else will too. The principle of “Mutually Assured Destruction” still does and always will apply. You launch against us, we will know it in plenty of time to launch a counterstrike. Sure hope you’re wrong about the time left.

          • Ironic it says Babylon the Great eh. When the main City that controls finances and banks and overall economic decisions globally etc is new York.

            And New York is run by and inhabited by those whos main religious books are called the Babylonian Talmud eh.

            Perhaps that prophecy pertains more so to new york city instead of the entire usa lands. but either way it no doubt pertains to new york as babylon as long as those within new york remain the same ethnic fanatics.

        • Time is short. I agree. Never been too religious but all going on in this world is right on target with the bible. I watch jack van impe sometimes and he weaves the headlines into what the scriptures say. Wasn’t there a passage in revelations that said something about men’s eyes melting out of their heads? And before ww2 they couldn’t figure that one out. Then the scholars realized what that meant. I don’t think there’s any stopping this speeding freight train. Up is down , wrong is right. This country is divided as bad as civil war times. Not to mention no morals at all. Can u imagine George Washington alive today and reading a newspaper? Ok let’s see front page, I see we passed the 20 trillion dollar debt mark. Uh huh. Wats a trillion? Ok now I see we have homeless vets down by the bridge. Allritey. Now I see 2 men that have just gotten married. Okie doke. ” I will now proceed to hang myself”. I don’t think trump can do what he wants because democrats will block everything and a lot of republicans will not work with him because the slimy bastards are worried about their reelection instead of the country. He’s got my vote but at this stage I think best advice is stay prepped, prepared and go fishing when u can.

      14. Sorry sometimes I have to disagree especially when you speak of American military strength. This ass hole we have as an African/muslime/faggot/demonrat Piece of Shit der leader has put our military into a hole that perhaps just perhaps Trump might be able to give new life to. We have to cannibalize parts from older planes and ones in the desert to make those there now work, we have military men parading around in red high heel shoes. We are more concerned if some little snowflake female that couldn’t lift her own weight gets into a combat unit than providing up to date equipment to those on duty so they don’t have to buy the equipment themselves. That traitorous bastard has sacked the majority of real men that have real testosterone from leadership positions and replaced them with cowards that will bow down and kiss that pricks ass. To many of my friends died because of that prick Johnson and McNamara giving blow jobs to the enemy in Paris. Now that ass wipe is setting us up for another Cuba, but this shit for brains will push just to allow millions of our people to die to achieve his stated goals. The transformation of this country that he so hates. Putin will only be pushed so far so will China, but hey what does bozo care, he can hide out in Kenya and no one will be any the wiser. Sorry Rant off.

        • Nam, that’s OK, a good rant. You could’ve gone on longer if you wanted to.

        • Nam/redux/amsoil

          “To many of my friends died because of that prick Johnson and McNamara giving blow jobs to the enemy in Paris.”

          Your friends, and my cousin died because we went to Vietnam not because we lengthened the war. They could have carpet bombed Hanoi and in the end the 20 2.5 ton trucks or their equivalent, which was estimated to be the minimum VC supply to maintain their forces would have still made it into VC hands. That war would have went on forever or until the country unified whichever came first. They fought China for 1000 years.

          The indigenous guerrilla wins not by winning but by sustaining until the occupier leaves. Giap called it in 1965 when he said, “I will lose 10 of my men for every one of yours but you will eventually tire and leave”. ” I cannot leave for I have nowhere else to go”. At the Paris Peace Talks after the papers were signed a US general said, “We never lost a battle”. The NVA counterparts reply, “But that is not relevant”.

          I’ll debate “We could have won” but furthermore one question needs to be addressed, “Won what”?

          I agree that there is no way Russia will tolerate being forcibly economically starved.

          • I totally agree with you on your point, basically we were put in a war that allowed good men and women to die while those demons in DC played games. I personally landed in country days before the start of Tet, the press made it look like we had our butts kicked. Didn’t happened, but losers and leftist will believe anything. With the abilities we had, with the assets in place you are so right as to the ability to bring it to an end, however never forget a certain traitorous dog sat in the oval orifice while 55 gal containers of fuel were unloaded on the docks in Haiphong a place we could not bomb. Hanoi was the pleasure palace for people like Fonda that whore, hope she occupies the 7th level of hell for eternity.

            After all these years and looking back, we should have never gone there unless it was declared a war and we went to win. One point that I find when I start going over old photos is that the scum that occupies the halls of congress and the oval office are totally committed to killing off good soldiers in wars that they will never be allowed to win as those scum have sold out to the power and dollar that controls their lives. Just as now, when you have an Islamic scum bag killing (matters not where) the dead to that black bastard queer boy represents another faceless eater he doesn’t have to worry about. Realistically when you look at the lies we have been told, the double dealing behind our backs what actions have we been forced into that truly protects our national sovereignty.

            Now that sand flea who has his finger on the button is putting all of us under the potential of a nuke strike, matters not if one or a hundred the cost will be beyond measure.

            • Nam/redux/amsoil

              “After all these years and looking back, we should have never gone there unless it was declared a war and we went to win.”

              They can legally codify the war. They couldn’t win. An armed population like the VC make an area ungovernable. A government can be installed but it can’t effectively govern. If they have tenacity, and the Vietnamese wrote the book and defined the word fighting China for 1000 years its just a question of time and how many die until the occupier leaves. Regardless if we “won” that needs to be defined. Win what? What threat did the Vietnamese people pose on the American people to justify us having over 59,000 killed and killing somewhere between 500k and a million Vietnamese?

              Bomb Pearl Harbor, as the youth say, “I’m down with that”. Have Japans allies like Germany declare war on us, game on. Regime chance for Wall Street / Internationalist Business Interests / Bankers? I’ll pass if you declare it or not.

              • Vietnam can be summed up like this. In the end our troops died for nothing. If we “won” our troops would have still died for nothing. All a “victory” would have achieved is a three decade jump in the outsourcing of US manufacturing for the benefit of Multi National corporations and their internationalist banker cohorts.

                USMC Major General and two time Medal Of Honor recipient Smedley Butler spelled it out in his book, War Is A Racket.

                On War, by U.S General Smedley Butler (1933)

                I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.
                I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.
                I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.
                During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.

        • I have no doubt that Brokeback Obama plans to be aboard Air Force One half an hour before the first nuclear strike–we won’t even be told about it. If enough of us are dead and/or sickened by radiation, he can have his federal badges here collecting firearms, ammo and information about others with firearms in exchange for medication and govt cheese. Hopefully, the Russkies will find Air Force One before it’s out of range…

      15. Nam:
        No need to call your post a rant. Brainwashing has made us feel that we have to apologize for living. And no, I’m not referring to Vietnam. I hear you loud and clear, and I concur.

      16. I remain very, very pleased to have my BOL property out of harm’s way in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Bonus: no Muslims in the province, and if you are American, you can buy land no problem and it is not reportable.

        • Better stock up on slingshots and sharpened sticks. I hear you can’t own guns there…

          • So lets get this correct eh: Test much like dual citizen israel jews in usa fed govnt etc msm media loves life within usa lands, enjoys best nation in world and all it entails or offers….Yet his true real Main loyalty is to Canada?

            How does this differ from folks like schumer or finestien that are dual israel citizens and always do whatever is Good for israel and jewish intrests, even when its always very Bad for americans and usa intrests?

            If I were usa King there be zero dual citizenships allowed period…For when or if one must make a choice?…Which nation does he pledge 100% loyalty to eh?

            We alreday Know which nation them others peldge loyalty to so what about Test here? loyalty to usa or canada if must make choice of just One nation period?

            • This was a little disjointed Them, but you make a good point. However, in my case there is a long history behind this, and I’m not going to bore anyone with this. The more important point is that the whole of western freedoms, dating to the Magna Carta, is under attack. That, mon ami, is where the real battle is. And while your question may be valid, right now it is truly extraneous, as all of the West, the US, Canada, UK, Sweden, Italy – ALL of it – is under the worst attack it has ever suffered since the days of the Battle of Tours, or the Siege of Vienna.

              Sorry, but my battle is much larger than what I think is your far too provincial concern

              • Test: Ok fine just remember Your battle as you stated prior several times here…Is the “Pen and Not the Sword”.

                Well that too is ok fine as your choice of methods.

                Just remember Test that NO dictators of evilness, No Freedoms for the “peoples” and No overt acts of mass agressions were EVER won Via a pen and Ink.

                For in every such conflict as described and for every prior evil dictator etc what Won those battles was BLOOD not “Ink” and pens.

                Yes I too agree with and have been trying to awaken folks for over 45 yrs now…I stated the Exact Same wordings most today write regarding various isues like Cashless global money= that “666-Mark of beast” biblicaly etc.

                And Most of what Todays pen & Ink writers warn us about are Echos of all I was telling folks of the entire past 45+ yrs…..And as yet and even today with these online warnings that reach far greater masses than I ever was able to do….We see Very Few so called “Changed Hearts and Minds”.

                And I strongly suspect that is prime reason #1 as to why history proves that it was always a Sword & Blood not Pens and Ink that arose to save the day or save the world from such tyrants and evils.

                There is simply zero escapeing that fact Test.

                And one very bad issue for life in canada is terrible antigun laws there period.

                I hope you never need toss that Pen or jar of Ink as a weapon at real live bad actors hell bent on destruction of you and yours..For I rekon that wont work to halt it.

                “Maybe”? if we in usa could get 20 or More Million patriots to at same time frame move To canada too?

                And then become citizens, combine our votes with patriot canadians and throw off and throw Out canadas currupt political regiem…Perhaps That would work swell.

                But I sure do not see such happening in My lifetime nor in yours…So basically it always comes Back to..

                Pens and Ink never created a civilization of real worth, nor halted tyrants nor won wars or battles…Only one thing Has won it all and that is swords and Blood period.

                I do not like this fact either! but fact it be eh.

              • TEST, You are one big BS’er.

      17. The neocons are “trying to promote democracy and secular regimes in Islamic countries doesn’t produce democracy or secular regimes – what it produces is jihadism and radicalization and things like ISIS”. FALSE. The neocons WANT chaos. They (US, UK and Israel) have no intent to destroy ISIS, they CREATED ISIS! Bring the West to its knees financially, militarily and then offer one world government to ‘save’ them.

      18. Orlov is almost as confused as the transgender supporters. Moscow would glow in the dark for 50 years if they hit the USA. Super sonic torpedoes, there is no such thing… Orlov is a plant from the times of the USSR, but he thinks he is still on duty…that is the scariest part of the story.

        • JoJo, you are mistaken. Orlov is not a plant. Go to his site and check it for yourself.

        • He means ‘cavitating’ torpedoes that can travel at around 250mph+ The Russians developed this technology ages ago. It is a small planet and big nukes can come at you from multiple directions and via multiple means. So we will all be glowing.

      19. Mac; WHY when I post; like I did for this article; it NEVER shows up? Just Wondering.

        • RR, try using an email address when you post, even a fake one. The AKISMET moderation system is semi-automated and once it ‘recognizes’ you it should start automatically letting your posts through.

      20. This is so obviously a steaming pile of Russian propaganda. Get back to the real news, ZH. Please.

        • Not as bad as all the crap that constantly spews out of the Western Media.

        • Laddy, this comes from a man who emigrated here from the USSR back in the 70s. No propaganda. also, we’re SHTFPlan, NOT ZeroHedge.

      21. Nonsense us has subs armed with nukes. The Russians will be mutually anhilated. True Obama has made us look weak. The us gov is so evil and rotten I’d say worst than Russia. We used the nuke on the japs. They will melt Russia if they need to.

        • Bye, bye then as the US will be obliterated as well. Do you actually understand what that means? I doubt it.

      22. I believe the North Vietnamese would have surrendered if we nuked them. I may be wrong.

        • It is my understanding we were within one week of winning the vietnamese war. The NVC General was getting ready to surrender when he saw the protests on TV and in the news against the war in America, and shortly thereafter the announcement was made that we were giving up and going home. That has been one of the biggest shameful things this country ever did. We’ve not been right since.

          • Babycatcher55

            “It is my understanding we were within one week of winning the vietnamese war.”

            Absolute nonsense put out by the powers that be to justify a future war.

            As long as the government of North Vietnam existed under their leadership that war was going on. Even if the North Vietnamese government was taken over through invasion the guerrilla war with the indigenous population would go on forever. If the US invaded North Vietnam the Chinese would have committed regular troops with their bottomless pit of Asian manpower. Not being a peninsula like Korea they would infiltrated virtually unabated. Attack China proper and you have WWIII. Its check and checkmate.

            Westmorland’s “strategy” of attrition is the utter absence of a strategy. You can’t cut their supplies and even if you could you can’t cut the food as you need to feed your allied Vietnamese. Weapons? They’ll fight you with a sharpened stick. Government tax collectors wouldn’t leave their homes. You can occupy any place you want but you can’t be everywhere all the time. In effect you can march down any street but you can’t govern.

            The successive governments that the US installed in South Vietnam did not have popular support. The VC existed for that reason. There lay the cause and the solution. It was “Hearts and Minds”. Afghanistan is a replay. Its been occupied by the British, Germans, US, USSR. Its never been governed. Its impossible to govern an armed indigenous population that has tenacity and refuses to be subjugated.

      23. OKenyan has also made veterans the enemy, appointing VA bigshots in the highest posts with the obvious agenda to deny benefits for eligible veterans and to overall downgrade the VA healthcare system. His attitude towards veterans is that they all should have died in wars of conquest for the bankers, arms producers and NWO pigs. This shadow government puppet sellout is truly a evil piece of totally untouchable shit.

      24. Just an exploratory set of questions. I will tell y’all how I feel
        after the fact.

        1) Does Obama want more time in power or does he want to get out of Dodge as soon as possible?

        2) Is Obama straight, gay or bisexual?

        3) Is Michelle a man?

        Obama can’t wait to leave the oval office because he is a well spoken stooge whose time has run out. Nobody likes him anymore and his legacy islaughable. We have more racial division now than under any president since Nixon.

        There is a high probability that Obama is bisexual. Given his history with deceased fellow church members and the “down low” policy of Reverend Wright in Chicago and the testimony of those who knew him before he rose to power. And then… there’s Reggie Love.

        Michelle is a muscular black woman. She enjoyed the ride to power, but I think shehas not enjoyed these last few years too much. Like so many other first ladies (Hillary, Jackie) she has turned a blind eye to her husband’s piccadellos, but without a doubt- she knows the truth by now. And unfortunately, so do the girls suspect their dad is not what they thought he was.

      25. It is a good thing that more people are prepping. The question is what are they prepping for? The priorities are all over the place as to what each of us is doing.
        There is some cohesive points but not where in should be for as long as we all have been prepping.
        I know I can be most annoying by saying, Prepare for War. Yet it covers a lot of ground and everything that can happen will happen in war. Revolutionary War. Civil War. World War. Race War. Call it by any other name but it is still War.
        Wars start for various reasons. WW1 with an Arch Duke being shot. WW2 with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Arab Spring over Food. Can be anything.
        What I am tying to say is that we live in Unstable Times and things are not looking good in the Banks and many countries are in a war status. Terrorism and hatred between religion and races.
        What will compound the problems will be those who are in Normal Bias or Denial. Those who will have nothing in reserve.
        I think our window of opportunity is closing to get the items we need for defense and to exist. Remember some is better than none.
        As for me I am at the Saturation Prep. Point. That and my age I am hanging in till the end of the elections. Then I will stand down and the rest of you can “carry on”.

        • anon,
          Well put.
          I’m old enough to consider my end days.
          I’m not afraid of death, I just don’t want
          to die before my time at the hand of some
          government Democrat POS.
          Life has always been unstable, I thought
          what we work for on this site is to prepare
          for the bad stuff so we have some small amount
          of control in a situation totally out of control
          and have a little fun along the way.

      26. JohnJohn dared to run for the NY senate seat that was reserved for Hillary. He got shot down out of the sky.

        Trump? Forget it. The Diebold and Sequoia voting machines will put Hillary in. The bear & the panda’s time is running out to attack first, and they know it.

        “I see a bad moon rising…”

        • Why would the “Bear” and the “Panda” attack, when the
          47% are running off a cliff?
          If I saw Hillary committing suicide, I’d go buy a beer,
          sit down and watch. I’d urinate on
          the body afterwards.

          • The 47% are wholely inconsequential incidentals that neither side gives a flying F about. Obama is a tough talking pussy, Rodham is a true killer. Russia and China know this. Best to sucker punch the girly man. They will double team Hussien before the horrid hag assumes power.
            As far as that murderous, filthy, psychotic, coniving piece of shit is concerned, she arranges suicides. I just hope my back does not get in the way of her knife.

      27. The nukes are the one thing I cant prep for. Be it melted down reactors or bombs. That radiation is a terrible thing. Im old and my life is pretty much in the past. However what did my and other folks grandchildren do to deserve the dismal future that they are inheriting? My wife thinks we need to go to Washington with a 1000 lariat ropes. String them up from the trees. let them choke and die kicking and gasping for breath. She ask why do millions of us let such a small number of them get away with treason? I tell here its because of the parasite free shit army. The takers have sold their freedom and rights for so called free money & goods.

        • Old guy. I’ll buy you another 1000 ropes when u go

      28. Just for argument sake, I have. Some opinions, nothing serious..

        I almost had a war with a Russian spetsnatz in Houston at a
        The Galleria a few yrs ago. I learned earlier when my martial arts instructor busted my lip open one day, that I better start paying attention, that I better damn well block an hit back. Luckily the Russian decided that I was not worth it.. Russia is a part of the UN security council, which means that they support jihadist and muslim extremism. And now the sons of bitches are now backing the taliban.

        We have no proof of what happened in Syria. We only heard that they were bombing isis, but how can we prove that. For all we know it could have been a genocide campaign in the civilian population, and we were told it was isis..yet a Russian spetsnatz showed up on my lesbian female friend threatening her at the shop in front of me demanding to see her computer after she posted about the Russian occupation in the US, on her face book page, then the fucker had a supprise, only to run into a much more serious problem in the store, me, when I asked the muscled up Russian with my muscled up ass, to step the phuck outside of store right now..its not like if a punch of kick is thrown at me I won’t block it and respond back with something that may bust the arrogant fuckers lip open…for all we know for a fact is that what David Hodges and quayle has been saying is that Russian soldiers are in our cities..i am sure that if I see the fucker again it maybe when he is shooting and killing white civilians in my city?. I hope this is not the case.. at the end of the day Vladimir Putin is a criminal and must be removed by force if necessary and the fact that russia is our enemy and this is just a fact and we see that China is building a base at sea to stop the carrier groups from rescuing Tiawon. And now the chi – com fuckers are sparing with our air force, one has to wonder where this is all heading.

        So really think carefully, and then Iran, China, russia with the new BRICS alliance is crushing the dollar, collapsing the currency to put us in a civil war.. I wonder what I should do if Russians and chinese soldiers are shooting men in my area as they role in tanks, killing us, raping the women and children, like they did that in China, at Tiaman square, massacre and rape spree, no need to worry, Russia likes China and how they do business and operate with the civilians, and is a trust worthy friend of Russia, and I guess I need a mental evaluation and must be proven a liar or a sick person, who comes on here to make up silly stories..and nothing I say will happen or has happened, must be ignored at all costs..while the dumb ass minorities and Hispanics must believe that chinese an Russians have them exempt, when they come into Houston and Texas, and jump into the Jade helm hardware, to role down HWY 6, with the two gun shots to the head of the household and to take the women and children to the Chinese soldiers to service them, according to the Canadian general who refers to us as stupid Americans..lets see if your jets can air lift the MRE’s and ammo fast enough and let’s see where you plan on sleeping after a few days after you attack my city…

        Interesting isn’t it. Who is in their right minds to listen to retards like me.


        Just a few opinions..besides I may be delusional and worry too. Why listen to dummies like me..

      29. In MHO there will not be a war with Russia or China. No body wins. Call MAD! Even with Obullshit tearing down the military there is still enough armament to turn the northern part of the world into ash.

        There will be a war in the USA. A Civil War or a Revolution. In a FEW YEARS WE WILL SAY THSES WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS.

        Just got home from BOL#2 helping the southern group set up solar equipment, and other things for security.

      30. As fast as they want’: US commander says Russia outpaces NATO in deployment capabilities

        ht tp://

        “NATO “cannot successfully defend the territory of its most exposed members,”

        • No need to as there is zero evidence of the Russians preparing for an attack on Europe. The US and its dimwitted vassals have manufactured a crisis.

          • I agree 100% of this being a manufactured crisis. If one were to apply logic and critical thinking, it would be quite clear that Russia would never need to invade Baltics, contrary to what the Western Media is trying to portray.

            What is there in the Baltics or Eastern Europe that Russia would possibly need?

            Baltics has nothing of value or interest except maybe sea herring and some cold arid land that has no growing season. There are no natural resources, aka natural gas or oil in the Baltics either. On top of that, there is no need for cold sea access as Russia already has it through many northern ports.

            Thinking that Russia needs to invade Europe is preposterous at best.

            NATO is drumming up the war effort to invade Russia where it would meet its end. I feel sorry for the people of Europe who will perish in war if the missiles start flying.

            Looking back in a history, Russia has NEVER LOST a war! All foreign invaders were invariably defeated.

            Let’s hope sanity prevails and the neocons are stopped before it reaches a point of no-return.

      31. Off the subject a little I guess.
        But did you all see the right up by the family of the designer of the AR-15?

        They said that the rifle that there dad built was not intended for civilians, and that that dad would be sick if he were alive to see this rifle be involved in these mass shootings.

        mmmmm The rifle that was used in Florida was NOT a AR-15 but a SIG SAUER…………….

        Once again I question NEWS SOURCES.

        I know for a fact that KALASHNIKOV the designer of the AK-47 was deeply disturbed about the AK-47 being MISUSED and responsible for more deaths than any weapon in the world.

        But it’s something how we as humans always try to find new ways to kill each other so fast, and effectively.

        And then turn around and BLAME.


      32. The Brexit vote comes tomorrow. There will be no exit polls, but investors have hired private polling to give them a heads up. Here is a link to the relevant times for polls opening, closing, etc.

        ht tp://

        We should start seeing major market moves late Thursday night eastern time.

      33. We are not sleepwalking. We are being lead by idiots. It is time to stop this insanity. There are problems that need to be fixed in our country.

      34. Good article and interview. Lots to think about.

        Yet you should get your terminology correct. Peppered throughout the interview was NEOCON this and NEOCON that. There was no mention of the totalitarian left, who, today is the problem. True, the NEOCONs took over the House and Senate but have proven themselves to have less power than the House of Lords.

        Hillary is not a NEOCON. Among other things she’s a criminal and a psychopath and likely a murderess. She is the one who destroyed Libya.

        Obama is not a NEOCON. He is a black Muslim racist likely from Kenya.

        Loretta Lynch AG is not a NEOCON, she is a black female racist.

        Eric Holder was not a NEOCON. He was a black racist.

        The supreme court appointments of Obama are not NEOCONS, they are leftists and/or racists.

        Merkel is not a NEOCON, she is a communist from East Germany.

        David Cameron is not a NEOCON. He is…whatever.

        I think the term NEOCON is used to signal the inept Bush administrations and not call out the black racists in this administration starting at the top. NEOCON is a substitute safe target.

        Mentioned in the interview was referenced the vulnerability of navy ships. Given the advanced missile technology of China and Russia, the safest place for the Navy is in port, except for subs. Oddly, a niche has opened up for the Iowa class battleships. The Marines know this but can’t get an audience. No admirals worth their sea-salt would stoop to commanding 19th century iron. It is best to command a huge floating thin hull brothel known as an Aircraft Carrier.

      35. Too many false assumptions and BS in this story to be believed.

      36. Prepper Tip of the Day

        Third Edition Survival Medicine Handbook

        ht tps://

      37. With many of our cities in ruins, it would be
        possible for them to be nuked and we would never
        no the difference. The only way to tell now is to
        see if the rubble and destroyed factories glow
        in the dark.

      38. That Brexit deal is already cut and dried. It won’t happen.

      39. China knows that its neck is on the chopping board too and both Russia and China have a pact to hit back using nukes if they come out to play.

        if the USA risked trying to get China on it’s side using back-door deals then this would tip of Russia and that won’t lead to anything good.

        The agressor is american and if it’s people allow there leaders to start a war with other super powers then like the Germans, well they will be bombed to bits and glowing in the dark and will have no one to blame but themselves for doing nuffin


        Yes agree the BREXIT will be fixed but that might risk a full on revolt like we are seeing in France just now as the government tries to increase working hours to cut unemployment if you can work that one out.

      40. It is not stupid, Obama is there just for the destruction of the US, Greed has blinded the eyes of Congress so they refuse to do anything.
        The media is owned by foreign interests,(Big Mistake) so they get rid of anyone that does not follow orders.
        Welcome to Stalag 17. Or is it 43?

      41. No one wins in a nuclear confrontation sports fans. Served in the USAF for 20 years with the majority of those years in Strategic Air Command. With well 20,000 plus nuclear missiles, bombs etc…the world as we know it would be uninhabitable for several hundred years. So who wins in a nuclear war? No one does. Even those who are in nuclear fallout shelters, survival shelters etc…when the dust finally settles several billion people would have been obliterated and the ones who may have survived the blast will succumb to radiation poisoning. The ones who escaped into shelters will eventually succumb to starvation, disease, lack of potable water and the inability to grow crops (most land will be contaminated). In the end no one survives as the acronym M.A.D. states”Mutually Assured Destruction”. Game over man, game over.

        • The old game of “MAD” has not stopped the US government from starting wars all over the place and thats card been played a little too often by them so now it’s a case of put up or shut up.

          Best deal with your puppet leaders in Congress because they are going to get you all killed if you allow them to keep making trouble.

          We in Europe would be happy if the americans just packed up and left because they bring us nothing but troube and TTIP that we don’t want.

      42. If I was Putin or Chinese premier, why would I declare war on US now. Look at deterioration of country in last 8 years. We are about to get 8 years of Clinton, what do you think will happen to our society AND our military during her administration. If they are smart they will sit back with popcorn and watch us continue our own destruction. Another 8 years of pseudo communism here should put us in the killing bottle quite nicely for them. At present we still pose a substantial risk to Putin, 8 years from now, not so much. If it was me I would continue tactic support of Arab terrorist, get my financial house in order and wait for the accelerating decline of my enemies to do most of the work for me.

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