The US Is ‘Alarmed’ Over Mysterious Russian Satellite’s Behavior

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    The United States government appears to be “alarmed” over the behavior of a mysterious Russian satellite. Some in the government even say that it is entirely possible that the satellite might actually be a weapon.

    The satellite was launched in October of last year, according to a report by BBC.  “We don’t know for certain what it is and there is no way to verify it,” said assistant secretary Yleem Poblete at a conference in Switzerland on 14 August. Poblete also was concerned that the Russians had launched an anti-satellite weapon into space. “Russian intentions with respect to this satellite are unclear and are obviously a very troubling development,” she added, citing recent comments made by the commander of Russia’s Space Forces, who said adopting “new prototypes of weapons” was a key objective for the force.

    Russia has dismissed Poblete’s concerns as “unfounded, slanderous accusations based on suspicions.”  But the US is still suspicious.  “[The satellite’s] behavior on-orbit was inconsistent with anything seen before from on-orbit inspection or space situational awareness capabilities, including other Russian inspection satellite activities,” Poblete told the conference on disarmament in Switzerland.

    Space weapons may be designed to cause damage in more subtle ways than traditional weapons like guns, which could cause a lot of debris in orbit, explained Alexandra Stickings, a research analyst at the Royal United Services Institute. “[Such weapons may include] lasers or microwave frequencies that could just stop [a satellite] working for a time, either disable it permanently without destroying it or disrupt it via jamming,” she said.

    The United Kingdom is also unsure of the purpose of this particular Russian satellite, according to RT. A spokesman for the UK’s Ministry of Defence said he could neither confirm nor deny any tracking of Russian satellites. “There are a range of threats and hazards to all space capabilities in what is an increasingly contested domain,” he said. “These include the development of counter-space weapons by a number of nations. The UK is working closely with international allies, including the US, to re-enforce responsible and safe behaviors in space and to build knowledge, understanding, and resilience,” the UK spokesman added.

    As of right now, the Earth is in fact surrounded by a lot of junk. This space junk is made up of various bits of space debris, including man-made old and out-of-use satellites, and rocket stages.  These things are all circling the planet at an incredibly rapid speed and could be a potential threat to the International Space Station (ISS), crews in space and working satellites, which is part of the reason all space debris and objects launched are tracked by various governments around the globe.


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      1. The US Is ‘Alarmed’ Over Mysterious Russian Satellite’s Behavior

        I’m sure the Russians are concerned about some US Satellite’s as well.

        ” Some in the government even say that it is entirely possible that the satellite might actually be a weapon. “

        Of course US Intelligence would suspect such a thing.
        Any excuse to keep monies flowing into the Military Industrial Complex.

        Also, another excuse to ramp up Trumps Space Program.
        Damn, these people in Government are DUMB

        • That may be MKDJ; however, such a satellite with EMP production capabilities would be a smart move by any adversary’s military. Disrupt comm., geo-location, sat-view… all in a nice little package. Like most people, nations’ militaries have become way too reliant on technology to be effective forces without them. Take away the toys and it’d be like swiping the smart mobile devices from our kids. They’d be lost and suddenly back in this the real world. No more drones,due to no positioning systems for example.

          • emp scare is retarded.
            Possibly NK but any other thinking person would realize the implications of an attack like that on the USA/
            World wide contamination/pollution and death on massive scales world wide.
            I doubt our gov would hold back retaliation either, so limited or all out nuk war right after.

            Outside OF a CME, EMP is so unlikely.

            • Any EMP will likely be followed with a nuke strike within 30 minutes.
              Go for the jugular. No mercy.

              • Americans make me laugh…’nuke strike within 30 minutes’ with compromised coms and what do you think will be coming back the other way. At least the Russians and Chinese have invested in and practiced civil defence operations. Do you know when your nearest shelter is besides your mum’s basement.

        • CIA have mini unmanned space shuttles (Drones)…I am sure they can take a close up picture of the suspect device…..from a respectable distance of course. Those proximity switches can be sensitive.

        • Exactly. Oh now we are using thr BBC as our intellegence source?. Remember the reason why the US invaded IRAQ? Brittish intellegence claimed Saddam was trying to get yellow cake WMD’s. Anything comming out of Britan is Fraud. And I am sure the US has 100 times more sattelites scanning the earth than Russia. More fraud. Fraud Fake Propaganda BS. The BBC is like our CNN fake news. To lobby for more funding.

          I suggest every time the CIA lies, we cut their funding by 25%. Need to cut the pentagon funding by 50%. Because they cant even accout fir 25% of their annual budget. They nees to get back to a zero based budgeting. Total fraud waste and abuse of tax payer money. Hiw about the NATO Spanish jet that dired off a secret missle accidently a few weeks ago by Russias border? Incompetent morons.

          This sounds like a Cop who shot and killed your dog cause he thought the dog had a gun.

          • The British are not our allies, never were. They only use us.

            • The US has no allies…if Israel is an ally then it would best to have enemies. They are friendlier.

        • Correction: that it the “US Military Industrial Complex Mafia Gansters.” Lets be clear.

      2. Since 1979, the USSR and of course later Russia worked on killer satellite technology. The easiest would disrupt commumications, explode, run into another, or use EMP bursts. Imagine what they have now.

        In the old days, there were not many up there. Now it is very crowded. And many spy satellites can retasked to alter the time when they appear as those on the ground are well aware of when they ordinarily pass.

        It is thought that the North Koreans have three EMP platforms in space but only one is certainly so.

        Now one tactic might be to intensionally tumble through orbit and thus disrupt many other satellites on purpose to interfere with critical communcations and economically harm other nations. And such tumbling I’m decaying orbits could have a cover story of loss of control. These are dangerous as the nuclear reactor on board could spill upon landing if some of it is intact.

        Look up the Terra-3 USSR system in the late seventies and the early eighties as a prototype space weapon versus satellites.

      4. While their MAY be a reporter of honesty or more likely a civilian with cell phone video to challenge the official narrative here on earth there is nothing of its type in space. This “incident” is coincidently timed with the creation of The Space Force. As The Church Lady on SNL” used to say, “How convenient”.

      5. Why are there no actual pictures taken of the Earth from space besides the phony CGI images foisted on the public as authentic? The giant sucking black hole is this government. Still haven’t convinced me that the Earth is not flat. Like the last election, who in their right mind would ever vote for a New York connected old murderous crone “Dillary Pickle” hag to be president or a New York organized crime mafia “Don Juan” candidate. Same old corrupted crap every single stinking time and the people still vote for it. The November voting will only deepen this fraud called elections. Bernie Sanders as the opposition, what a freaking colossal joke!

        • How do things like the GPS satellite system add satellite based communication systems figure into your thinking?

        • aljamo

          “Still haven’t convinced me that the Earth is not flat. ”

          Well they convinced the Soviets on October 4th 1957 unless they were in cahoots too.

      6. For years the American people were told about the Cold War with Russia. The Cold War was nonexistent.

        So, when your government lies to you over and over again, how can you believe anything.


        • “Boy who cried Wolfe.”

      7. We live in a government / governed relationship that closely resembles a Stockholm Syndrome.

      8. the US government and NASA have been watching “Space Cowboys” too many times.

      9. Any country that can launch satellites, may have space weapons. And they all probably do. They would be foolish not to.

      10. That their CIA equipped Putin with?

      11. Did I miss something in the article? What is the mysterious behavior of this satellite? It’s not mysterious that the Russians launched one; many nations do that. I checked the linked article and it shed no further light on my question.

        • It’s Russian. That’s all you need to know. [sarcasm]

        • What does that suggest, Yahooie? It’s an intentional leak to the press and the US does not not want to disclose what abberant attributes we detected. It could be comm jamming, alterations in the satellite’s flight path that put it dangerously close to intersecting. It could be that it seemed like the Russian satelite tried to slave the US satellite. It could be the US guidance control was momentarily lost.

          The point is to saber rattle but intentionally not reveal what we know but to suggest a public warning is in order.

          Next we will do a provocation of our own. Wait and see.

          • Your points are appreciated. I know little about satellites aside from their function is to transmit information whether gathered like weather satellites or communications such as phones, etc. They are interesting though.

      12. Putin has no need to attack the US. He’s sitting back, munching on popcorn, smiling, watching the US emplode from within. Since the Cabal hijacked our Government, he knows soon the rest of the dead carcus will be sucked dry? Sad but true.

      13. I don’t understand why mission Indians (used be an epithet) are legitimate in securing their airspace, but not a global superpower.

      14. The good way to fubar U.S. military would be to wreck their comms satellites. Gathering intelligence on which satellites to blow up could be the current mission. IMHO

      15. If anything should happen, you can bet the US govt knew about it at the least and probably was involved.

      16. Howdy

      17. It’s a cookbook !

      18. George says
        That is hilarious!

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