The Un”Vaxxed” Are Standing Their Ground, But So Are Their Employeers

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    According to a new poll, those who remain unvaccinated with the COVID vaccine that isn’t a vaccine are standing their ground. Around 70% of those who have not taken the gene therapy shots will quit their job before giving up their body sovereignty. But about 50% of employers say they have plans to force their hands.

    Some 35% of the 1,066 unvaccinated individuals polled by the Washington Post and ABC News last week said they would request a religious or medical exemption if their employer adopted a vaccine mandate, while 42% said they would quit.

    Such a hefty majority doesn’t look good for American corporations, more than half of which (52%) said they planned to have at least one vaccination requirement in place by the last quarter of 2021, according to a Willis Towers Watson survey last week. That survey addressed 961 companies, employing a total of almost 10 million people.

    However, while unvaccinated Americans aren’t particularly keen on chasing down the needle, some 52% of Americans, in general, approve of businesses requiring their employees to be vaccinated, with 44% opposing the idea, the poll found. –RT

    That means there are a lot of people living in the “land of the free” (which we all know by now, it’s not) that want to force others to give up their body sovereignty, the only smidgeon of freedom some have left.

    The arguments for mandatory vaccination have only grown louder in recent weeks as governments try to do everything possible to get as many people injected as they can.  Last week, the American Civil Liberties Union claimed, to the shock of many, that mandatory vaccination actually bolsters civil liberties and that the right to bodily autonomy is not “absolute.”

    If a large chunk of people will stand firm against these shots, the public has a chance.  If they allow another to coerce and force something in their body, and some will roll up their sleeves to avoid losing their job, they will lose whatever is left of their free will.  Having free will means being able to say “no” and that small two-letter word terrifies tyrants, both big and small.



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      1. The country is dived into two groups those that KNOW and those that THINK they know and are nothing but misguided SHEEPLE.
        These misguided are the ones who will get us ALL killed! IF they win.

      2. I don’t think the word “no” terrifies them. When the people take to the street in a massive, massive way because they have no home and are cold and hungry…that’s when they become afraid. Something small like Jan 6 had them scared shitless. You will need to multiply that a hundred times to maybe have any lasting effect.

        So, Mr. Slavo…when’s the party start? Are you going to take the lead?

        I’ll be along as soon as my Rascal charges up…

        • C’mon man you already know the answer to your question.

      3. Let the lawsuits fly. An employer cannot ask you about your medical status. All the BS is about the common cold being RENAMED to COVID. That is why the common cold does not exist anymore.


        Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be bribed or coerced or threatened to take it, for a virus so deadly you have to be tested to know if you have it.

        A genuinely deadly pandemic doesn’t require media bombarded 24/7 to remind us it exists. Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda, but psy-ops do. You can see it at your surroundings by looking right outside your windows or feel it from your neighborhood/workplace.

        There is not ONE laboratory in the United States that has a test for the “delta variant” or any other “variant”. Hospital workers asked on camera if they are being told anything about the “delta variant” ALL said, “It’s the same virus. There is no difference.” Lab workers said the same thing; there is no way to test for the “delta variant” or any other variant. There is a mountain of evidence that shows the vaccine is the “delta variant”. There is no such thing as “breakthrough cases”. That is why the “delta variant” exploded at the same time, within a few weeks’ time, and was only seen in VACCINATED people. The virus was injected into these people, and was laying dormant until it was exposed to another virus, which the immune system could not fight off, because the immune system is destroyed by the vaccine. Why do you think this “delta variant” exploded among the people who were the first to be vaccinated? Because these “variants”, that are going to keep exploding among VACCINATED people, will keep the covid scam going for years, forcing more vaccines to fight “variants”. Even though the “variants” are seen over 85% of the time in VACCINATED people, the deep state is blaming UNVACCINATED people for this supposed spread. The problem with that narrative is that the UNVACCINATED PEOPLE ARE NOT GETTING SICK. And there has never been any such thing as an “asymptomatic spreader”. Every person who has ever had any kind of a virus shows some kind of symptoms. People are waking up.

      4. These mandated death shot companies and institutions are helping to kill their employees and destroying their own businesses in the largest suicide pact in history.

        Most Hospitals will cease to operate, Disney, Amtrak, Tyson Foods, Anthem, Blackrock, Cisco, Citigroup, CVS, Doordash, Equinox, Facebook, Ford international travel employees, Goldman Sachs employees and all clients, Google, Jeffries office personel, Lyft corporate employess, McDonalds corporate employees, MGM resorts, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley NY offices, NBC Universal, NETFLIX film industry in US, TXJ, OBER offices, United, Frontier and Delta Airlines, Hollywood workers, ViacomCBS, Walgreens, Walmart employees, Washington Post, Norwegan Cruiselines, All US goverment and military employees, and various State employees, CNN, Twitter offices, Politico, and various Democrat controlled city employees,—- all who are and will be killing and disabling themselves in the next year or so.

        Remember, God had made all things for his own use, even wicked people for the day of evil. If you have not God in your heart but have only fear by following the worldly dictates, you have lost your soul.

      5. Well, this is why all the migrants are being let in, filling in the jobs of citizens fired over vaccination refusal. That’s if they’re tired of work-free benefits.

        Will migrant scabs be required to vaccinate? Most won’t think to challenge a vaccine mandate.

        Welcome to COVID-1984. QR code, citizen?

      6. Well, at least there’s no workplace violence involved.

        • @Anonymous –
          not yet anyway…..

      7. The question is Why? We all know these “vaccines” do not stop covid, so why destroy your company or government trying to force them on people? Its no about money because they are already paid for!

        • It is about money–every employer is being paid big money for getting the employees to kill themselves with this poison.

      8. while all guy dipshits are standing around waiting for the first shot to be fired …nukes are landing all around.

        Rogan pussied out….the Hedge pussied out….shtfplan pussied out.


        Rainier got a 106 years
        he should have got at least that plus branded with a branding iron.

        His second in command only got 3.5 years because she was a victim of the evil white man?

        her whore daughter got probation and community service …

        the whiskey heiress got 7 years but only because she was harboring illegal aliens for profit.
        well latte frickin dah…who ain’t in the corporate world?

        ht tps://

        I’m just saying the #me too movement has got all you guys shaking in your fucking boots.

        Elizabeth Holmes?
        Going for the ….oh I was a victim of the evil whiteman defense too.

        Bob Dylan being sued for sexual molestation? Really? Americas fucking poet laureate?

        Stop hiding behind this covid shit you pussies and start reporting on the war.

        FS- OUT

      9. Texas Instruments is requiring The Shot for everyone on site by Nov 2021. The people in the fab, keeping the semiconductor industry working, take at least one year to train before they can be trusted to operate these tools correctly. There will be a huge number quitting….if you think there is a chip shortage now, just wait!!

        • Maybe that’s what is intended, at least at the highest levels of power that all the lower levels seem to follow without question.

      10. No non essential job is worth putting poisonous crap into your body. To hell with consumerism as well.

      11. Stop worrying about the vaxed vs unaxed. Join with the Hunters for a Better America. It is an organization that advocates for the reduction of poisonous snakes. We would all be better off.

      12. The JB admin. said they were going to very soon release a batch of new policies that would compel all the hold outs to get the “vaccines”. The gov’t cannot actually force a person to get the jab, but if can force businesses to do its dirty work (just as big tech is utilized to limit free speech). But I believe this is a bluff. Police and fire depts. all over the country are refusing the jab, medical personnel in almost every state are refusing, and about a third of military personnel are refusing. Then, there are some states that simply refuse to get on board with federal policies, and with these new covid policies in place more states will join Texas, Florida, and a few others. These are only a few examples. If the gov’t is stupid enough to go through with this policy of coerced vaccinations there will be a fallout causing mass loss of employees, businesses know that. Furthermore, you will see public rancor against the gov’t and the Dems. like we’ve never seen before. You will also see a lot of people who otherwise just normally comply, finally stop passively rolling over for every mandate. The working people, though not organized like leftists, will start to coalesce, something the gov’t really does not want.
        With the implementation of these policies, the gov’t is really saying it doesn’t care what the citizens believe or want, and that the will of the people does not matter. Another reason the JB admin. likely won’t force the issue is because they know the Dem.s would certainly lose big in the coming elections. But, no doubt the gov’t has some tricks up its sleeve and I can certainly be wrong about all of it. The gov’t is so consumed with acquisition of power it is willing to do anything, no matter how irrational or harmful. Remember, the State and its gov’t/officialdom are not your friend, and never has been. In reality it despises you. And if you are over 60 or retired, it wants you dead.


      14. This opens the door to date rape. If you can’t say no to the jab then women can’t say no to sex.

        • Either you didn’t think this comment through, or you may be a provocateur because this particular comment is something a provocateur would say to discredit this web site.

      15. Good vs Evil — every single choice we make. Is it good or bad. Yes, it is that simple. What would God do? We were made in His image. We were not made in an animal’s image. Our bodies are holy and sacred. It’s repeated all through scriptures, in many religions. Our creator wishes to reconnect to us. We cannot do that when we are defiled by poisons, heavy metals, insect parts, aborted fetal cells (how do you think He feels about killed babies injected in you or even used to test the injection?). People want to ‘believe’ that they can ignore the basics of good versus evil. People think they can fuzzy feels everything, but that is not the case. When we condone killing, we are killers. When we condone taking freedom, we are evil. When we condone the slaughter of millions via jabs, we are evil. It must start with you. Every single choice. Reimagine your worth. Reimagine your life. Pick a side. Stick to your principles. Otherwise you are the enemy of humans because you are helping the genocide of my people, the human race.

      16. Jab jab jab. Jab jab jab jab. Jab jab. Jab. Jab.

      17. Do not quit. Make them fire you. sooner or later justice is going to prevail.

      18. What if your employer mandates the vaccine and you don’t have a choice.. you have no other source of income other than your job? Then what?? Live on the streets with my kids??

        • Eventually you’ll die from the vaccines, so it won’t matter. Fight for your right to say no.

          • Would you mind listing the university where you attended medical school?
            Would you mind listing the hospital or laboratory where you study infectious diseases?
            Would you mind answering how many years of experience you have studying infectious diseases?
            Is your comment based off your experience studying infectious diseases or information you obtained from a website that is known for misinformation and fear porn?

            Not trying to be a smart ass or confrontational, but it’s no secret that there’s people pushing speculative opinions as facts all across the Internet world trying to strengthen their narrative and the cheerleaders will chime in with support and hurl insults, lectures, profanity and idle threats if anyone challenges the narrative.

      19. The policy decision to force vaccinations announced in the prez’s speech is both stupid and unConstitutional. There must be an ulterior motive for forcing vaccinations. Before the speech was completed the Dems. surely realized they just lost the majority in the next elections for Congress and the Senate, and likely most state governorships that are up for election. Rather, it now seems apparent their main motive is to hurriedly vaccinate as many people as possible between now and then.
        Additionally, as he was reading the speech it was obvious to all he not even aware of the details of the mass vaccination program. He never once took his eyes off the speech, if he did he would be lost. In other words, he’s not involved in policy making, therefore in reality it’s not him running the gov’t.
        One new covid policy requires all employees in companies that have a hundred people or more be vaccinated. Watch a lot of companies cut back to 99 employees (this is similar when BHO was prez and was foisting the new “health care” plan on America, if an employee worked more than 32 hours a week the employers had to help subsidize health insurers – the response was millions of employees had their hours reduced, and millions more jobs went from full-time to part-time).
        Another stupid part of the speech was blaming the non-vaxxers for every problem. Their new covid policy will ultimately not be successful. He and his minions will be coming for us because of his failure. We do not submit to his admin. nor his covid policies, and because of this they have a special loathing for non-compliers.
        The courts may get involved, if so, I believe the Supreme Court will rule that the policies are unConstitutional. No matter what happens though, I’m not getting the jab.

      20. It’s our God given right to fight against this evil. Otherwise, what the hell were we created for? To let the money hungry rich murder us?

      21. I stubbed my toe, I blame the unvaxxed…..about as sane as vaxed screaming the unvaxed are the problem. If the vax keeps everyone safer then what do they have to worry about? If it does not work then why mandate it? Either way it means there is something in this clot shot they absolutely want into everyone’s body as if there was a mind control chip to force us into slavery. Or the mark of the beast? They are so crazy they do not even see how stupid they sound. This not a real pandemic when it kills .27% with co-morbidity.

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