The United States is Collapsing

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    Editor’s Note: The following article by Anthony Tomei was brought to our attention by SHTF Plan contributor Eagle Claw. Pay special attention to Mr. Tomei’s views on the global monetary system and gold. While we often recommend gold and silver as a store of wealth for turbulent times and economic collapse, Mr. Tomei’s view is that gold will no longer be a redeemable form of currency in the event that a debt insolvency of the United States (and other countries) comes to pass. According to Mr. Tomei, “gold is the banksters” money.

    To some extent this is true and Tomei’s recommendations for focusing on non-perishable foods and sustainable living investments is something with which we are in agreement. However, we stress to our readers that gold and silver’s history as a medium of exchange cannot be denied, dating back nearly 5000 years. The banksters, as Mr. Tomei refers to them, have always wanted to control the real gold, as is evident from one of financial history’s most well known adages, “he who has the gold makes the rules.”

    So long as there is a demand for precious metals, be it from central banks or investors around the world, gold will retain value in a sort of trickle-down effect. The people of the world are looking to precious metals now more than any time in recent history, as we can see from what happened in Greece a few months ago when the “street” price of gold rose to $1700 per ounce while the bankers’ paper price was trading in the $1150 range. Additionally, we suggest to those who haven’t yet watched the video to take a look at how some Islamic countries are dealing with “banker criminals” as they refer to them, by eliminating the use of paper transactions and choosing to personally engage in transaction with precious metals.

    While we share Mr. Tomei’s views on the coming collapse of our current monetary system resulting from excessive and un-servicable debt, we would not simply discount gold. For the coming collapse, we strongly suggest to those looking to preserve life, liberty, wealth and the pursuit of happiness to consider a multi-pronged approach to diversifying assets that should include perishable goods, sustainable living tools and skills, real estate, precious metals and any other tangible asset that has survived debt and political collapse historically.

    Of note is that we also share Mr. Tomei’s sentiment regarding a possible move by government (sponsored, of course, by the world’s largest bankers) to either seize physical gold assets similar to what was done in the 1930’s, make it illegal to redeem, or to simply tax it at extreme levels. Thus, for those who have chosen to acquire precious metals, we strongly recommend contingency plans for such events.

    The United States is Collapsing

    by Anthony Tomei

    PHOENIX, AZ – 2010. On July 27th, The Congressional Budget Office released a brief which crashed their main website from massive traffic and visitors. The CBO dropped a bombshell…

    ‘Deficits will cause debt to rise to unsupportable levels’

    Click Here To Read The Article

    The Debt Fiscal Crisis Brief is also be downloaded via PDF…

    Click Here To Open The PDF File

    Fiscal adjustments if any are too little, too late. The only 2 options the U.S. has to boost investor confidence levels are unpopular, painful, and we are past the rubicon for both! The 2 options would be massive tax increases, or drastic spending cuts.

    I will now make a prediction based on the negative debt and public admission of a fiscal crisis… Take note, the U.S. is collapsing.

    This March Moody’s investor services warned the U.S. that unless it got it’s spending under control there would be a possible future downgrade of it’s triple-A credit rating… (see here)

    Regardless of how long Moody or S&P try to stretch and prolong the inevitable downgrade and regardless of how much Tim Geithner says all is well DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE COSMETIC SMEAR JOB! We, like the rest of the world are quickly approaching debt insolvency if we aren’t there already! There is no turning back now and what we will see is that things will start deteriorating very quickly now.

    Watch the news, keep an eye out for new developments. We are now moving very rapidly to a cashless society. Don’t buy into the gold and silver manipulation schemes out there and stay away from those that prey on the helpless and try to get you to invest in gold. Gold is the banksters money, and they will confiscate it just like they did during the 1930’s because it is their money!

    What you should be doing with your dollars is buying non-perishable foods, and anything that will sustain you and your family throughout this global transition. When they introduce the global electronic cashless system your gold won’t be redeemable.

    This economic impending disaster is one that Americans do not understand and will overtake the mass majority like a thief in the night. Your typical American will not fully realize what has actually happened until they go to the bank to cash their check and find it closed with military guarding the front door.

    The day is coming soon when the U.S. Treasury will declare a force majeure on debt. The U.S. is now so far in debt that collapse is inevitable and unavoidable. Make preparations for it now.

    Should America (along with Israeli forces) launch a war against Iran – the costs of such a war will overwhelm an already crippled economy and push the U.S. over the edge into oblivion. I believe this is all pre-planned and orchestrated. I predict within 2 years time Americans will be begging for food and the bare necessities just to survive. Contingency plans by our military and FEMA are already in place for riots, and possible insurrection.

    The greatest depression ever is currently underway and about to get worse. This is going to be global in scope. The blackmarket will rule, so stock up now on things like lighters, whiskey, cigarettes, canned protein, oats, rice, batteries, first aid kits, medicine, toilet paper, etc. people will trade their silver and their gold just to get their hands on simple pleasures.

    There is no more time left…

    You have been forewarned.

    Originally Published By Anthony Tomei at Future Data Bank.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. LOL, this is the same nutcase that says Israel will rule the world after the US collapses.
        Here is my prediciton when the SHTF. When all of you fruitcakes go to defecate and turn on a fan next to your fat arses.


        Probably why Mrs. Romer resigned from Obama’s cabinet.  She’s going back to UC Berkely to teach.

        Romer To Leave White House
        August 5, 2010 5:54 PM |

        By Kirk Victor
        Christina Romer, chairwoman of Pres. Obama‘s Council of Economic Advisers, has decided to resign, according to a source familiar with her plans.

        Another top advisor left a couple of weeks ago.  They see the hand writing on the wall.  It’s too late now to do anything about the near future.  We have to get the destroyer out of the office.  Tie his hands in November.

      3. Comments…..I will reapeat my caculations, with all the resets coming up 2011-12 more people will lose their homes, commercial real estate will collapse along with more unemployment. 2012-2016 is going to be a race to the basement, as the unemployment cheques stop coming and food stamps run out, a revolution will break out. 2106-2034 all out civil war in the US. If you’re left standing at the end of all this, consider yourself  lucky to be of the 5% who survived.

        Somebody on this post recommended a book to read on the subject, I just got it this week, excellent read. It’s called civil war 2 by Thomas W. Chittum, he hits it dead on as to what’s coming, things you might not think about if  you haven’t experienced civil war as I have in the past, the only thing he was lost on is the time.
        Foresight and preperation is everything.

      4. Well daaa. These articles need to be seen by the masses. Most of us already know gold is a double edge sword. Its the B’s and G’s that will save your ass.

        When the hard times truely hit we will trade our bullets and beans for their gold and we will be naming the price.

      5. But on the plus side, the first lady and her entourage had a great vacation in Spain. Michelle Antoinette is moving on up.

      6. do you think silver will be a currency of the people after the collapse?  gold being too rare and valued as too high to be easily bartered with, maybe silver will not follow the same route?  especially small pieces?

      7. I doubt the cost of the jet, protected fuel, future maint., military/air support, added S.S., doctors, hospital standby & bug out fees were “factored” in.  She paid for the ice cream.  Spain has a “reported” 20% unemployment.  Who is taking care of the garden?

      8. We are almost pass the Rubicon with our national debt. We only have two years to fix the problem if not then the problem will metastasize. Our national debt will 19.5 trillion by late 2012!! Our obligations for Fannie and Freddie is $3 trillion! Unfunded liabilities is $110 trillion!! If we are to fix this problem we would need to harsh austerity. That would mean slashing massive military spending,government spending,eliminating entitlement spending. But we will do any of this becasue both parties want to continue spending to oblivion. Also the american people will stand for austerity. Austerity would plunge us into a tough deflationary depression. It is like you go to a brain surgeon and find out you have a brain tumor. The doctor says you need a major surgery to eliminate the small tumor. He say there will be a lot of pain but the surgery will be beneficial in the long term. But what we are doing is avoiding the surgery(austerity) and let the tumor grow and grow. Then the tumor grows to such a point it is impossible to fix it. So you either die partying suddenly,or dieing on the operating table.

        Die partying symbolizes that we continue spending to oblivion and not heed any warning. Then our dollar and economy dies very suddenly and never comes back to life. To die on the operating table means that you go to the doctor have a scan of the tumor and you have an “oh shit” moment when you see the tumor has taken 80% of your brain. So you ask the doctor for surgery but the doctor says there is a 30% of it being successful. The surgery becomes to complex and you die on the operating table. This symbolizes that down the road when we pass the Rubicon in our debt. that we decide to implement tough austerity but it is too little to late. Our debt becomes to big and when you try to do austerity it kills the economy because interest rates will sky rocket on the debt and try to cut spending will do no good.
        So in conclusion there will be no change. I hear there will be a blood bath in NOV. But I bet you 18 months from Nov the problems will still be here and the economy and our debt will worsen. And corruption in the District of criminals will continue.

      9. Sam I agree with you today’s unemployment numbers have confirmed that the economy will never recovery. Things are going to get bad in 2011 and 2012. With states going bankrupt it will plunge our economy to the abyss. My predictions is that states will start defaulting 2012. The only thing that has kept this nation together for the past 100 yrs,the only thing that has kept America stable is the economy. When that is gone all hell will break loose. I recommend a blovel I’m reading I recommend it too for you Mac its called “Indivisible.” Here is the link guys. 

      10. everyone aware enough to be reading this article should also get to and buy “The Shape of Things to Come” reports – web bot – predictive linguistics

        and read daily to get updates

      11. First , this guy says gold will not be redeemable anywhere, and then goes on to say only gold and silver will be spent in the black markets, for the things we will need.
        Second,  don’t you think most people who realize the value of holding gold and silver , are also the very ones who are loading up with the beans , bullets, lighters, whiskey, cigarettes, canned protein, oats, rice, batteries, first aid kits, medicine, toilet paper, etc.?
        I am.  My wife took me seriously about toilet paper…..We will open the first TP store on the block, after the collapse.  lol

      12. The United States of America is indeed collapsing. We are currently in a state of denial. We as Americans have become so a customed to having our needs met within the blink of an eye that we have become spoiled and we have forgotten the realities of hard work and the consequences of lack there of. 
        1. Economy is inflated on bailout money. Once the free money wears off there is NOTHING to restimulate it! NOTHING. We have no manufacturing capacity anymore! On top of that we cant even afford the interest on our national debt! Unemployment contines to rise as due foreclosures and credit defaults.
        2. Our military is spread too thin. Although we still at this time remain the world superpower, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea etc. have weighed our military down. China, Russia and other countries are quickly gaining strength over us as they put their own security over all others.
        3. Immigration: We have not secured the border. The drug cartels are stronger than ever. Our hands are full to say the least, especially on this southern border. With all the immigrants already in this country we face uprisings of huge proportion.
        4. Moral decay: Our country has QUICKLY been morally declining. The political corruption is at an all time high. Violence, sex, drugs, pornography, homosexuality is out of control. (Soddom & Gemorrah).
        5. Racial tensions are approaching highs not seen since the 1950’s.
        6. Terrorism: This is a never ending battle. We will be fighting terrorists forever. Our current administration is getting soft on terrorism as they try to promote their social justice agenda.

        The list can go on and on. America is indeed collapsing.

      13. By the way did I mention that Social Security will be in the red this year? As S.S. will be paying more out than it is recieving!

      14. ” FRED’S “  comment is an example of how denial is used to undermind rational thinking. Living in Florida has taught me that hurricane preparedness is essential. Why shouldn’t American’s take steps to insure that, if/when a national crisis occurs, they have some supplies stored away for an emergency ?
        As the article suggest, there will be many American’s who will do nothing as they believe nothing bad will happen to them. Unfortunately for these people, hurricanes, floods, snow storms, earthquakes, disease, hunger, famine, war, financial collapse, civil unrest, genecide,,,,,these are realities that exist in the real world.

      15. I’m not sure the US is collapsing, but certainly our reign as the global superpower will wane in the years to come.

        – Ranger Man

      16. Rogue2,

        Regarding silver, even though silver is a precious metal and has & will always have purchasing value (since the coins of the  Roman Empire) -  I believe GOLD is the primary focus of the “banker elites” .   They will especially target gold when the timing is correct & necessary.  That will  be the time when gold will be at or above $5000/oz, whereas, silver will be approx.  $150 to $200/oz.    Historically, silver is always overlooked when the majority of attention gravitates toward gold, and that is being proved on a DAILY basis right now with various commercials & advertisements touting gold as the hedge for inflation & protection from a dollar decline (AKA: Glenn Beck, G. Gordon Liddy, and many others)…  Where’s the touting for silver ??? I never hear it.   Just my thoughts & opinion.


        Hey Tony.  Next time, break the pill in half.

      18. I’ve read where gold is for Kings, silver is for thinking class, paper money is for the common people, credit cards for the people that live today, welfare is for people that don’t want to think.

      19. I think silver will be the barter tool of the common man.

        The guy’s artical sounded a little like a rant.

        My gold isn’t for trade, it is for WAY after the collapse, Maybe even for my kids.

        I intend to barter with silver

      20. Tom,

        I agree with you, except that welfare is for ‘idiots’.

      21. Regarding the above EDITORS NOTE:    Of note is that we also share Mr. Tomei’s sentiment regarding a possible move by government (sponsored, of course, by the world’s largest bankers) to either seize physical gold assets similar to what was done in the 1930’s, make it illegal to redeem, or to simply tax it at extreme levels. Thus, for those who have chosen to acquire precious metals, we strongly recommend contingency plans for such events.

        I think the most popular & logical  “Contingency Plan” to implement,  if excessive taxation or confiscation of PM’s occurs will simply be the strenghtening of the BLACK MARKET in order to survive the period of transition (no matter how long that will be).   Mr. Tomei even say’s the Black Market will rule when we reach this point.  

        I believe that in theory, the One World Order & the banker  elites  have their ultimate plan all in order for total control & power.   However;  human civilization, technology, human adaptability/networking and improvision toward challenges, overall views about government & oppression in general –  have come along ways throughout our history & learning.  In the real world,  I think these narcissistic, power/ & ontrol craving individuals will be very, very disappointed.  

      22. Hey Fred – Don’t worry about anything…. when you stick you head in the sand, no one can see you either. 

        When it does hit the fan you will be the first one crying about where is the government when I need them. 

        Have fun Grasshopper,  cause Summer is almost over.

      23. Whenever a writer refers to the confiscation of gold I always lose a little interest in the article. This view does not take into account the rebel, who will refuse and assumes EVERYBODY will dilligently hand over their gold. When gold was confiscated previously it was actually circulating currency and anyone stupid enough to give their hard earned currency back to the government, simply becaused they passed a law saying so, deserves all the poverty they get in return. That old law allowed you to keep a few ounces though didn’t it, and if you kept a few, you could have sold them back at a later date, to a dealer say, at $35 an oz rather than $21 an oz.

        The elites are not stupid folks, that is why they are elite! They will always leave a little wiggle room for people like us because they know that if they don’t, people like us will hunt them down. They make more than enough profits from the sheep and are not in the least interested in the crumbs we escape with.

        I’ll give back my gold when women stop demanding it as jewery and I’ll trade my silver for pennies when they stop using it in solar panels, electrical switches, water purifiers, bandages. And lets not forget its jewelry uses. Drop by a shop and see the displays of silver jewelry and then ask the shopkeeper how silver sales are? I did, sales are through the roof because people are getting poorer and gold jewelry is beyond them now.

        That is why they say silver is the poor man’s gold.

      24. To believe that gold will be a bad investment in the coming financial collapse runs counter to 5,000 years of human history.  I sort of doubt that, for the very first time in all of human history that gold does not protect it’s owner from financial calamity.  Who are you going to believe “history” or the writer of the article?

        Like the writer of the article, I do believe that world governments will try to confiscate or hyper-t ax the gold held by the people.  Just hang onto it no matter what.  But just because the government is on a rampage to take gold from its citizens doesn’t mean that it’s not exploding in value.  Would you rather own something that is illegal and VALUABLE or legal and worthless?  I’ve made my choice!

      25. Wooba,

        Well said !   That about nails it right on the head.  People will always improvise, adapt & overcome (through BARTER) and those in power will understand when/how NOT to push the envelope. 

      26. Well Boys!,,,,the jig is up.  It’s on the news yesterday that the Chinamen have a missile that will sink US carriers up to 900 miles offshore (well outside the striking distance of a Nimitz class carrier).  They can sell these things on the cheap, because they’re Chinese (after all) and we will no longer rule the waves.  This thing will be operational within two years.  No more putting three carriers into the Persian Gulf, or off the coast of Taiwan, or Korea, or Japan, or India, or Saudi Arabia, or anywhere else.

        The hugest, most complicated, most expensive, weapon system; brought down by a moderately priced, high speed, well thought out “pebble”.  David defeats Goliath.

        What’s really going on here, of course, is that billions of people the world over, are sick of the way we treat them.  They don’t like us fucking with the natural resources in their countries.  They don’t like us toppling their lawfully elected governments.  They don’t like us taking every resource on the horizon, and then impatiently demanding more and more and more.  They don’t like our culture (our “freedom”) and they REALLY don’t like the way we inflict it on others.

        Spare me the BS about how great America is and how everyone wants to be here.  There are more than 6 billion people in the world, and they (obviously) are not all here, or even on their way here.  It’s a load of crap to make you feel good with your little copy of whatever spew Limbaugh handed out to Beck, who then beat off on it, gave it to Palin, and then sent it on down to you……… Oh yeah, the coporatist democrats used it to wipe their asses and then blow their noses in just before balin palin got a hold of it.

      27. Gold? Silver? Guns? Sorry Mr. Government Man, but I don’t have any of these! I’m too poor to have any of these things!!!

        Turn in your gold and silver to the government? That will be just like when they made the so-called ‘assault weapons’ illegal in California and told every one to turn them in down at their local police station. Less than 10 really stupid people in the whole state actually turned their weapons in! That must have been all the ‘assault weapons’ that there were in the entire state????

        When the bottom finally falls out of the system, nobody is going to be trading food, water, guns, ammo or toilet paper for gold or silver. It will only be after the situation has had a chance to ‘shake-out’ and stabalize a bit that a real black market will kick in.

        Those with gold will soon realize that they are ‘diddled’ because nobody is going to be willing or able to make change for a 1 oz. gold bullion coin for smaller purchases. Buy pre 1965 ‘trash’ US minted coins, dimes, quarters and half dollars, in order to transact your business.

        You want a winner? I’ll give you one. They were showing people in the streets of Hati  on TV a few days after the recent earthquake. The only one who was doing any business was the man selling home made moonshine alcohol.

        Check out the website; and see what they have available in terms of a small pot still. And no, I don’t have an interest in this firm. Get yourself a small pot still and learn how to make drinking alcohol that won’t kill your customers. Your product will be in high demand after a true SHTF situation! People ALWAYS  have the means and the desire to excape from their crappy reality in a really nasty situation. They may not feed the kids, but they will somehow find something that you need to trade for your booze.

        BOHICA!!!!! Soon boys & girls ….. real soon!

        God Bless & good luck to all

      28. LostinMissouri said:

        “don’t you think most people who realize the value of holding gold and silver , are also the very ones who are loading up with the beans , bullets, lighters, whiskey, cigarettes, canned protein, oats, rice, batteries, first aid kits, medicine, toilet paper, etc.?”

        Yep…me too brother.  

        TP ?  144 rolls to sealed plywood crate, double wrapped in 6mil plastic.  12 crates put up.  Ya’ll do the math.

      29. Don”t count the chickens before they hatch yet.They are going to string this along for a good while yet , they know when and were the plug will be pulled.  It would be wise to invest in some food, water, gold and silver and things like toilet paper as a back up .  But  i really think taht they will do some stimulus before this spring  and probably by christmas time .It will be enought to hold the economy from collapse until the 2012 elections, Obama has to make to the 2012 election if the Democrates even have a chance .Because if they dont and things go bad -the democrates will de defeated for sure in 2012 . They have to keep this thing afloat for a while longer so the game is still on . We need 150,000 new jobs per month now to just keep the level of unemplyment steady .If we dont get 150,000 jobs new a month,the unemployment numbers will steadily decline  .
        The new private July is 71,000 jobs added in the private sector.this is well below the 150,000 needed new jobs a month .You can see we are falling behind . With summertime ending in the next month or so you can say its going to get much worse -much worse .As everybody has said here for a few years now,get out of the market  and make sure you have physical possesion of your money and valuables .  One thing is for sure is that things will continue to deteriorate .

      30. Blaster!!!!@!!, DUDE!!!! The whole front 2/3 of your post is the STORY OF OUR LIVES!  Of course they have to keep it afloat for a while longer!!!!  “They’ve”  been “keeping it afloat” for decades now!!!!!  It’s gotta break down sometime dude!!!!!

        As far as “We’re falling behind”?  well, NO SHIT!!!!

      31. TnAndy,
        That’s a lot of tp!  Got a square to spare?  Have you thought about stock piling small bottles of alcohol or smokes?

      32. TnAndy,
        Be careful who you let know about your tp.   All the ass wipes in washington need it too.  They’ll be after ya man!

      33. Today’s newsletter from Shadow Government Statastics estimates we have 6 months to 1 year until collapse and then hyperinflation.  Get your beans and rice.

      34. Giving/selling alcohol to zombies in a SHTF scenario is irresponsible and potentially reckless IMO. Not to mention stupid……..”hey everyone, this guy down the block is selling Jack Daniels”……..yeah….good luck with that. Why not hand out a free Glock 17 with every purchase of 1/5 or more?  Those of you advocating such behavior are inviting unnecessary attention from an undesirable element of society. Scumbags who trade away their families belongings for a jug of hooch, especially at their children’s expense should be shot, not viewed as a potential customer base, especially by those who profess a belief in Christianity. Sorry, just my two cents…………..

      35. Gold is Fiat just like everything else.
        If you can’t:
        Eat it.
        Build with it.
        Shoot it.
        Screw it.
        It is worthless end of story.
        If the SHTF and you come begging to me for food with you gold coins.
        I doubt you will get any of my food but you will get rendered and made into grease and soap.


        Michele; go shill your subscriptions to newsletters somewhere else.
        Nice call on the book Sam, ordered it and a few more.
        This has been a really odd post.  Some strange words here.  The only thing that I can think of is that Fred has a dick up his ass and is grumpy  as apparently it is a large one.  JV, you know if you don’t like this country and you don’t think it is the greatest then why don’t you seek out like minded people in some other country that is the greatest and that is so much freer than ours.  Do your prepping there.  Oh, no, you can’t because there’s not one.  Oh, and the missile, pfffht.  There have been missiles for years capable of land to ship, ship to ship and air to ship.  There is nothing new about the missile other than its range which simply puts it on par with a cruise missile which have the same range and capability that we and the Russians have had since the early 80s.  OBTW the strike distance from a carrier is only limited by refueling assets, 900 miles means nothing.  The countermeasures of the Nimitz class carriers are more than formidable for any foreseeable tactical threat in the near future from China or anywhere else.  So, just go back to your little grumpy-assed world with your little feeble minded pissy attitude and get yourself a big cup of “shut the fuck up”.

      37. Come on.  You guys give bankers way too much credit as being a ruling class.   Ever seen a banker?   If you feel threatened by these preening  pretty boy thieves then you deserve what what’s coming.

        In the ‘land of the free and the heavily armed’ bankers will be murdered, assassinated, kidnapped for ransom, and running for their lives as they will be targeted by the populace as the reason for the economic misery that has befallen the nation.   

        The days of Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger are coming back to the bankers with a morally justified vengeance.  Should be entertaining.

      38. Comments…..The bible tells us that in the end times, the people will throw their silver into the streets and their gold will be “removed” (Eze. 7:19). Put your money into food and tangible assets.

      39. got a few extra moments…………

        …………….then download and read accounts of the 2001 currency collapse in argentina.

      40. No Tripod, you shut the fuck up.  You new age, new “Corps” pussy.  I’ll go wherever the hell I want to.  And just because I can see that America isn’t perfect doesn’t mean that I “hate” America.  You fox news fags always want to label anyone as “hating” America.  What a fuckin idiot.  I was humping with an Alice pack and rifle before you were an itch in your daddy’s pants.

        Look on the NEWS douchebag.  You know, the real news, not fox.  The chinamen have a brand new missile developed specifically to penetrate the Aegis system.  That means that after they send up 1000 fighters to shoot down the refueling planes and overwhelm the airspace, they can launch these fucking things and blow a Nimitz class to the bottom.

        I see that in your ignorant (young) little world, you and other kool aid drinkers like you, are totally convinced that we are invincible.  That is why the nation is collapsing.  Because youngsters like you have failed to read or remember anything.  Because the lessons of history are lost on you, we are doomed to repeat it.

      41. @ sanityjones – I’ll prepare and barter with anything that I choose to trade/traffic in ….. thank you kindly. If it’s alcohol, then that’s my business.

        @ Jonny V – Ain’t it great to be an old vet? Most, over 95%, of law enforcement, have never had to pull their side arm and use it against another human being in actual life or death confrontation. It’s a whole different world out there when the other guy has a weapon and is shooting back at you.

        @ Paul Revere – For a change of pace in the future around my house, we’re going to have BBQed bankster for dinner. Most of them are so fat and greasy that they should be self basting. Turned on a spit over a low fire after you put ‘dry-rub’ on them and keep them moist with a good ‘mop-sauce’???
        Yum-yum-yummie! They ought to be good eating.

        I’m starting to get bored sitting here without a job and no prospect of  getting one in sight. I hope that this shit kicks off as quickly as I think it’s going to. If they wait too much longer to get things going, then I might be too old to enjoy the end of the world as we know it.

      42. TripodXL – ” Michele; go shill your subscriptions to newsletters somewhere else.”

        I don’t SELL the web bot reports, and it is not a subscription or a newsletter.

        Why don’t you go to the website and see what it is before you condemn it – on second thought, please do NOT go there.  You are not worthy.

        It is not MY website.  It is clif high’s website.  He is partnered with George Ure ( in the web bot project.  It is predictive linguistics, and it appears to really work.  It predicted the OIL VOLCANO (ocean disease) very accurately and also much of the stuff that is happening right now.  We have 93 days before the November “tipping point” which is going to be four days as opposed to the four hour tipping point that they predicted for 911.

        Do some research before opening your big mouth. I make no money from the web bot project. I buy them because they are very HELPFUL to people PREPARING for what is coming.

        So the (sun disease) coming up (death of the dollar) and (food shortages) might be of interest to quite a few of the readers here, which is why I posted it. I have no affiliation with them except as a customer who pays (the extremely cheap price of) $10 for each report.  And I am bummed that the latest report is delayed, but will check daily to see when it’s available, and purchase immediately.  Clif is interviewed on, coast-to-coast with George Noorey  and many others.  His interviews are posted via links from his site for FREE. 

        93 days and counting.  Who knows, it could be either world war 3 – some horrible earthquake or solar storm, or perhaps…the final death of the dollar. Interesting that it happens right after the elections.  Perhaps is is…Revolution?

        I think George & clif are leaning toward nuclear war.

      43. Comments…..I thank God I’m a vet.  I cannot afford gold, so lead will have to do…a most tangible asset possessing its own intrinsic value.   Barter the wave of the future, no taxes, untraceable and anonymous.  A tacit understanding between parties, you become business associates, if not friends.  Your word is your gold.   Yes, over the last three years i have invested about ten grand on survival, food, water, filets, generators, fuel, both propane and gasoline, heaters, first aid, medications, toolds, tobacco,  but most of all…..many guns and lots of ammo.    I live in a small town in Central California, we grow things, hunt together, laugh together, help each other out, as the town did when my wife was stricken with cancer.  She is my weakest link and greatest strength.   Those having loved a mate thirty years understand exactly where I’m coming from. Her meds could prove difficult to find in the future.  I have and will put my ass on the line for family, friends, God  and country. 
        I took an oath once…
        Oaths are for life………..

      44. Hey MadMarkie:  Being old aint so great.  Being a vet is cool.  I hate getting in these arguments.  I know that he’s just a kid and knows everything and all.  If I could remember everything that I knew when I was his age, I bet my time would be worth $500 per hour.  Still, I feel bad about these confrontations.  As I get older and have to listen to more and more idiot talk, I get angrier and angrier.

        I saw that article about the new chinese missile and it kinda freaked me.  As Americans, we lean heavily on the reputation we got from WWII.  When I was in, there were still lots of vets from the Nam in too, and they would tell us and teach us.  Lots of hard won knowledge passed down about what is and isn’t.  I see that these days, the knowledge has dried up.  We’re coasting along with these aircraft carriers and bullying the world because we can.  However, the instant that someone shows up with a system to defeat the carrier, we are dead man walking.  We no longer have the REAL military power (massed manpower) to deal with world wide problems.   We use technology as a crutch to prop us up.  As soon as the technology lets us down, we go kaput.  At the same time, we brow beat the entire world with non-stop blaring declarations of how great we are.  We treat others badly, and, well, how did the christians put it?  Oh yeah, “Pride goeth before a fall”.  We routinely violate every religious principle, and so far, we’ve gotten away with it.  How long our luck will hold out is the main topic of this article, right?

      45. Like I have said before, I believe we will be in full collapse mode by the end of 2012 at the LATEST. Get Ready Get Ready Get Ready Get ready its coming. No excuses for not being prepared.

      46. To Kent H

        Well said… You are one of the rare people in the world with enormous values, class & character.  I wouldn’t mind going fishing &  have a beer or two with you !  :)    Your family is very lucky to have you in their lives.

      47. Comments…..good comments from all.. a couple things to think about…grow your own tobacco..its easy, cheap and has high barter value as a insecticide OR as a good seeds store well in a small space and most folks would not recognize the plants..bullets and beans are good too, but you need to become a friend to someone with medical skills, a neighbor who is an emt or medic, a nurse or doctor, but most of all keep what you have or don’t have quiet…a lot of our handout-dependant empoverished citizens and illegals will take what they need by force when the monthly foodstamps or checks stop arriving, the prisons will be empty and the cops will be defending their own when the paychecks stop and the violence gets too extreme..forget the military or national guard as a source of protection, when their pay stops they too will become a well armed mob in need of food ect. As for coins, silver and gold are nice, and you can spend a one ounce coin…the pirates back in the old days figured out a method to make change we today are too dumb to consider…a tin snips…remember the parrot yelling “pieces of eight” I do. How about this…how do you store meat without refrigeration…salt is one way, but so is canning it or smoking it.. How do you make your own soap, and how far should you put an outhouse from a well? go to a used book store and look at the books from say 1880 to 1940..there is a wealth of information in them you can get that will save your do not need expensive stuff to survive, our grandparents and great grandparents had skills we forgot after WW2 when life got easy..rediscover those skills. Buy some old stock non- geneticlly modified seeds for any kind of fruit or veggie you ever want to see again..spend a little time figuring out how to grow them..this is the time to experiment with a few of each in a flower pot or a small plot of land..when this defective world we are in suddenly collapses, we will need to know how to survive LONG TERM..not a few months or a couple years on canned beans..things will not return to anything approching normal again in your lifetime.

      48. Comments…..I think the PTB will keep postponing the inevitable collapse as long as they can, at least till the next election cycle. The only problem for them are all the wild card situations that can spoil a good plan.   As an example, the continued effort of the market manipulators in the PM market. it’s getting harder and harder for them to control the price of silver.  It has a life of it’s own.  Soon enough both gold and silver prices will take off, as the masses figure out what’s really going on.
                Has everyone noticed that the “change” for the worse seems to be happening faster and faster?? I believe when the SHTF actually happens, it will happen with extremely fast speed, perhaps overnight. This could be caused by any number of happenings as suggested by many of the posts in this thread. I believe people will be caught with jaw dropping shock, wondering WTF just happened, and then, looking for someone to blame. They will find someone to blame, and then the fun will really start. it will not be a pleasant time to be in America.
              Something that I try to concentrate on as we progress through the coming times. I’m going to try to not waste too much time on trying to figure out who to blame for all the coming problems.  In the end, my preparations to handle these problems are the only thing that’s going to matter to me and my family.  And I can imagine that as me, a lot of you are prepping for your entire family, perhaps grown children that don’t live with you??  My children don’t share my concern, but know of my beliefs.  They don’t yet realize that they will be the first generation in America to NOT have it as good as their parents. Sad concept, is it not?
             On the precious metals ideas, my favorite strategy is the pre-64 junk silver. I like all the PM’s, but the pre -64 silver is already divided into nice denominations for trade, and it is easily accepted, and recognized. The only problem might be establishing a fair trade price. I believe when things break down, and they certaily will, that black markets will be the rule of the day. I think the governments ability to collect taxes will be hampered by  the general civil disorder that will surely arise after the SHTF happens.
             Just as PM’s have been around for thousands of years, so have black markets. They will survive and prosper as people adapt to a new way of life.  This will include trading anything they have of value for something else they need. As exampled in history, if there is a need for something, there is always someone who can fill it—for the right price.

              Some challenging times ahead, are they not?? Good luck to all, we’re going to need it.

      49. @ greaseman –

        I, for one, believe that you are 100% correct in your perceptions and predictions of the events headed our way. Things will accelerate and move more quickly as we reach the conclusion of the events happening around us.

        1964 and earlier US minted ‘trash’ silver coins, dimes, quarters and half dollar coins will be one of the most widely recognized and accepted mediums of exchange in’bartertown’,  on the black market of the underground economy. They have the lowest premium out there so they are your best value in silver. As far as computing the value goes, here is the formula.

        Price of silver per ounce = X per troy ounce. A troy ounce is 31.1034768 metric grams as opposed to a ‘dry’ ounce @ 28.35 grams.

        1. Dime = 0.07234 troy ounce of silver; 2.25 grams of silver.
        2. Quarter = 0.18084 troy ounce of silver, 5.625 grams of silver.
        3. Half Dollar = 0.36169 troy ounce of silver. 11.24 grams of silver.
        4. Silver Dollar = 0.77344 troy ounce of silver, 24.056 grams of silver.
        5. Price of a troy ounce of silver X % of a troy ounce of silver contained in the coin(s) in question X number of coins = value.

        @ they list all of the dimensions and weights of all US minted silver coins. A cheap pair of dial calipers, a small scale and a knowledge of the size and weight of the invididual coins will go a long wayin helping you to avoid counterfits.

        Many folks accumulate lots of food but forget about the water. If you don’t have the ability to purify water correctly, then you will get sick and quite likely die in the absence of drugs and medical attention.

        God Bless and the best of luck to you and your family.

      50. Comments…. When SHTF the most important thing in life is your health, in order to think about the next step and endure the stress of the fuutre situation stay healthy and strong, so for those of you who are talking about the ability to make alcohol and tobaco a priority in your life get your head straight, these are not the nutrional things you should be looking for.

        Kent H, speaking of health, if your wife still has cancer, if you’re interested have Mac send me your e-mail and I will send you my studies on the subject. I put 15 years of study into this field and what I found is cancer is not as complicated as some might tell you. In simple terms it’s a viral infection that can be disolved naturally, the key thing is to find out the  cause of the infection then eliminate that, then strenghten the bodies soldiers (White cell fatty acids) to tackle the infectiion. It’s not what the doctors tell you, that it’s some funky cell gone wild, it’s not a virus as some say, if you’re interested I would be more than happy to offfer my help.

      51. Pride surely does goeth before a fall.

        MadMarkie, you mentioned getting sick and not having medicine, which is a good point. If you want to purchase basic antibiotics OTC then you can order them as “fish” antibiotics(on google or Amazon), but don’t let that scare you. The capsules that come in the bottles are actually the same stuff you get at the pharmacy(identical markings). They selection of antibiotic types is limited, but definitely the cheapest, quickest guaranteed way I know. You can also get them from “online pharmacies” and they basically have the entire spectrum of antibiotics. The only prob. w/ these pharmacies that prices vary widely and some might be scammers, but if you seek  thou shalt find.

      52. everything, literally, everything you need to know on how to survive off the land (and i’m not talking about minimalist) is found in the foxfire books.  absolutely priceless appalacian practices.

        believe it or not, i teach with these when i discuss the english/scottish highlanders that immigrated to the new world…and how so very different they were from the quakers, the puritans, and the virginia piedmont colonies (although, each had their own strengths). 

        i found books 1-3 in a dumpster, yes, a fucking dumpster…and i almsost cried.  amazing material, essential material.  and there is a reason that all of the beautiful photos of the real salt of the earth folks in the books show them around 90-95 years old, and still cleaning hogs and bulding cabins, making barrels, producing butter, bread, beef, you name it.  truly priceless and enjoyable reading.  lore at it’s truest.


      53. @ Hermes –

        Thanks for the info and advice. My daughter is an RN who works in the ER of a large local Trauma Center Hospital. They all talk while they work and she has identified two of the doctors that she works with who also believe that we as a country and society are on the verge of a major SHTF scenario. They are helping us out with ‘script’ for pain meds and antibiotics.

        If you live in an area near the sea coast then it is fairly easy to find a doctor who will help you out with what you need for an ‘off-shore’ first aid kit including injectable pain meds and antibiotics. None of this is illegal for the average person to possess as long as you have a ‘legitimate’ reason for possessing it.

        An excellent source of medical information and ‘how-to’ instructions for almost any medical emergency is the Special Forces Medical Handbook.

        It is our intention to practice prevention rather that treatement, but we still want to be able to deal with most medical emergencies.

        Thanks again, God Bless and good luck to you and yours.

        So, JV, just when were you “humpin” your alice pack?  Was that the only date you could get?  I was fucking drafted, you ass-wipe.  Youngster, fuck you with a VC dick.  I’ve got 38 total years, 11 active duty, 21 reserve and 34 for pay.  I have been to SEA and used the gravest extreme a number times to bail out dumbasses, govt’ contract problem solving here and there over the years, been to the SWA sandbox twice on AD, Just Cause in 90, Serbia 98.  I have also been in the sandbox on govt consulting contracts (how else could I afford the PMs..LOL).  If you humped an alice pack, it was probably one I used.  I do appreciate the fact that you are a vet, thank you for your service, that is sincere.  I also would like to cool this down but what sets me off is people that think that they are right all the time or can’t see something new.  The Remington shit was the last straw from all of these D&G sites and I get frustrated with people giving out biased or wrong info. An expert is a “drip under pressure”, which is why I don’t bill myself as one, but I will give my unbiased observations.  We can agree to disagree but the facts are this on the shotgun issue.  You are right, everybody and their brother(in the military) wants an 870,….until they get to use a Mossberg.  The Mossberg has a better safety location, and a lot of other features, it was the only one to pass a 10000 rd torture test even though that was not how they were selected for issue.  And if you want to rant about undue corporate influence, instead of picking one shotgun they had to select all 3 American shotguns, Winchester, Mossberg and Remington, instead of one shotgun, buy American. I don’t have a problem with that, just tell me that that’s what the deal is and don’t try to tell me that there was no undue influence.  To be sure the armorers, bless their souls, keep them up and with the unlimited budget SOME units get they are some of the best you can get with the add-ons, regardless of brand.  Bottom line is for the average civilian if you want a Remington..get one.  Dollar for dollar msrp for a 590 spx, that has everything on it is about $610, msrp for Remington 870 of the same ilk is $670 and it doesn’t have ghost ring sights, which will run another $150 installed.  You make my point though by stating that you’ve essentially never used one or haven’t used one lately.  The “kids” in the desert, including my Ranger son ( 7 tours in Iraq and the Stan) prefer the Mossberg, along with old brown shoers like me that are willing to still learn.  Find someone that has one (one of the spx models) and shoot it.  I think you’ll be impressed…it may not push you off your Remington but I really think you’ll be impressed.  I’ve met a lot of the guys over there and I’ve got no reason to jerk your chain but everyone from MEU SOC jocks, Rangers, Delta, 11Bravos, sky cops and Romads (FACs) love’em after they’ve used them.  Anyway, if you like your Rem then fine, if you are a vet I’ll stand beside you with my Mossberg, although I may not agree with you.  I’ll try not to flame on you again, just don’t believe all the conspiracy theories you hear and nothing is ever as bad as people predict….it will be way less devastating OR significantly worse…but never what they predict.  If we can’t fuss fullbore and agree to disagree then we can’t ever be friends.  This stuff is all like the chase scenes of the drunk drivers on TV, you don’t know exactly how it’s going to turn out, but it won’t be good.  SF

        You made a very short post with two links to sites, that I went to, and almost every click takes you to buy something, which I don’t like.  Your short post with no disclaimer just looked suspicious after I had gone to those sites.  If you use their product that is fine, a little disclaimer upfront would have alleviated that problem.  There are people that do that, go to sites and setup a link, though I’m sure you know that.  FYI, I do know what predictive linguistics is.  It’s just that you can go broke buying all the “articles” that people have online and I am a skeptic.  I guess that comes from age.  I’ve “seen” all the predictions that haven’t come true.  Having said that, I do know that “IT” is coming, and I have some inkling as to what it is.  But I’ve known this for some time but still don’t have a crystal ball that gives me a map.  My apologies.  Enlighten me as to what High and Ure have information about (in general, no trade secrets, I don’t skeez) that has you so convinced of their worth.  Oh, speaking of which, we are all worthy or else unworthy equally, in that general, human sort of way.  Not withstanding the fact that the survival of the fittest weeds out the truly unworthy.  If natural selection were a woman, I’d get a date.  Can’t wait.  Have a nice day!

      56. Tripod, Tripod, Tripod.  I am gong to do something I know that you cannot, make peace.  After reading your last post, carefully, I see that you went in before me (but not by much), therefore, I would actually be the “youngster” in this case.  That’s fucking amazing.  I don’t know what to say, about that.

        As for my opinions about shotguns.  Hell yes, they are biased.  They are biased based on decades of experience.  If the safety was supposed to have been in a different spot, then Eliphalet Remington would have put it there, wouldn’t he?  You are fucking wrong.

        As far as conspiracy theories go, this would hardly be the first time that Americans were sent out to do battle with a second-rate weapon, for political reasons.  This has happened many times in the history of our nation.

        As far as “flaming me” well, you’re not capable.  I’ve earned my right to be here the same as you.  I don’t care if you like my opinion, and I wasn’t trying to be mean or smart with the shotgun comment, but if you want to fight, then I’m happy to accommodate  you.  You have no fucking right to tell me to go anywhere.  I’ve been going someplace all my life.  Now I’ve set up shop, and can’t really run anymore.  I’ll fucking fight and die right here if I have to.

        You are no better or worse than me.  The problem is that you act like me.  You are an asshole.  I know that you will not back down, and I feel that I have demonstrated that I will not back down.  There we sit.

      57. Comments…..JV-Tripod, I think you two should take a chill pill and relax. This is the kind of situation we’ll see when SHTF,  well trained equally armed Americans locking horns on the ground, not to mention every militia, or ethnic group with the same attitude. That’s the problem with America as a whole the ratio of weapons per person is very high, and everyone wants to prove his point.

        I think you two should apologize to one another and start a new page, because the almighty gave man the ability to reason as a gift not given to any other creature, so you two should use it with respect.

      58. I want to see a duel at dawn……..using the shotguns of your choice of course. Winner gets a brand new Beretta shotgun (truly the best).

      59. Comments…..Hey Sanity, I own a Baretta and I think you’re right , no doubt in my mind that it’s the best.

      60. Sam and Sanity;  I agree to your proposals.  Tripod is wrong, and the duel sounds great, if only for a Beretta over and under……:)

        My grandfather left me a JC Higgins 12 gauge autoloader (they were sold by sears, made by someone else).  This was, apparently, the fastest shotgun, until the Benelli came along.  All these new weapons, and no one bothers to learn how to use the old ones.  Lots of good stuff from the old days, much better than given credit for.

        A lever action rifle is LETHAL in the hands of a skilled shooter.  I have a Marlin lever 45/70 that I’ve been practicing with……Anyone hit by one of those Garrett loads is not getting up (body armor or n0).  Learning the single action revolver is equally rewarding.

        For anyone thinking on going out and investing money in firearms for a SHTF scenario, you should really get good with the ones your family gave you first.  It’s always easy to go out, lay down 500 bucks, and get a combat ready weapon (which you have no experience with).

        What I’m saying is that in a gun fight, the deliberate man is going to win.  Net Ranger was right when he told that guy to get a single shot and practice up.  Practice (NOT reputation of firearm) is what will keep you alive.

        I saw on SHTFblog, where Ranger Man postulated that the single shot 22 rifle is the best all around SHTF firearm.  I am getting to the point where I agree.  If the US does collapse, wasting large volumes of ammo in semi or full auto firearms is going to die out within the first three weeks.  People will have to feed themselves much longer than that.

        I am all about the prepping.  I don’t care about politics, religions (except to acknowledge that Eliphalet Remington is the sole weapons advisor to GOD), or creeds.  I am interested in working and helping other workers to be ready when the SHTF.

      61. I bought a Mossberg 500,  for protection against possible home invasion from all the drug dealers driving back and forth behind my home to the grower’s house.  Called the cops, all they did was yawn, and hang up. The other day, a freak who owns property next to the bar I was havin’ a beer at turned on this diabolical machine he made, sort of like one of those mosquito noise repellers.  It worked, drove me nuts.  I called the cops: 
        GOT A RECORDING!   It’s time, people:  It’s time we took the law into our own hands.  All these politically correct laws to protect these little weasels are causing US to get arrested for assault,  and the weasels and their little terror machines ( an amp, a speaker and a frequency modulator)  walk around scott free afterwards with a smirk on their skinny little face.  These people need do be destroyed, and , I do believe the day is coming when Real Americans, Ex-Marines like myself and other vets, will get   tired of the BS, and just go postal.  Talk about getting angrier and angrier!………

      62. I bought a Mossberg 500,  for protection against possible home invasion from all the drug dealers driving back and forth behind my home to the grower’s house.  Called the cops, all they did was yawn, and hang up. The other day, a freak who owns property next to the bar I was havin’ a beer at turned on this diabolical machine he made, sort of like one of those mosquito noise repellers.  It worked, drove me nuts.  I called the cops:  GOT A RECORDING!   It’s time, people:  It’s time we took the law into our own hands.  All these politically correct laws to protect these little weasels are causing US to get arrested for assault,  and the weasels and their little terror machines ( an amp, a speaker and a frequency modulator)  walk around scott free afterwards with a smirk on their skinny little face.  These people need do be destroyed, and , I do believe the day is coming when Real Americans, Ex-Marines like myself and other vets, will get   tired of the BS, and just go postal.  Talk about getting angrier and angrier!………

      63. Comments…..Jonny V, I am not a weapons expert therefore people like me sometime find it hard to adapt or learn to shoot a different weapon other than what I am used to. So you make a good point it’s not so much the weapon but rather which one you’re good at or given at a early age.
        Bottom line everyone has his opinion of what he like most based on his own experience with his piece, I like my Beretta because I’m used to it, and I can’t comment on other guns nor do I want to try something different , it’s like breaking in a new pair of shoes they just feel comfortable after a while.
        It’s like musicians after a while they get so used to their guitar they decide to give it a name, and regardless of what’s new out there they die with that guitar.
        As for religion nobody is void of that , for religion is a code of beliefs reflected in your conduct, you either worship the God of peace or the God of hate and anger, looks to me you should may be consider the God of peace.

        I thought that’s what JV and I did.  We agreed to disagree.  LOL!  When you’re shot, you re,…. well,……. shot.  It doesn’t matter with what.  However, the better course of events is to not be shot and to return incoming with sustained, aimed fire and then “repeat”.  When Rhodesia ( a real country, as opposed to now) was boycotted in the late 60’s their army passed a reg that forbade the use of automatic fire, semi-auto only, due to ammo shortages.  It not only conserved ammo but it increased their hit ratios because they were using sustained aimed fire.  In the book “Soldier” by LtCol Anthony C Herbert there is a part where he is out in the field “ass in the grass” and they come under attack by NVA regulars.  He has two bandoliers of loaded mags, takes a knee, while the platoons that he’s with are getting their asses handed to them, and starts wiping out NVA, left and right, with sustained aimed fire, no full auto BS. This turns the tide and gets the grunts all motivated to kick some NVA ass.   It’s a great non-fiction  book, recommend it for mindset training.  JV is right, practice with what you’ve got and upgrade if you can.    As far as JV and I go, we are both hard headed assholes and of course he is wrong as Jedidiah Elezira Jehosaphet Mossberg ( 😉 gives God all his weapons info LOL.  He and I will probably stand over bodies together (separately of course) with the correct (the one that you have) shotgun in hand.  You don’t make E-8 by being nice, you only make E-9 by being nice.  I’m not nice and I don’t care if people think mean people suck. I wear it well.   Eating supper at the end of the day and slapping the gal that you love on the ass, is victory,…. especially if she slaps back…..really hard!  SF

      65. Gee, you folks, you are only starting to prepare NOW???
        Read my site and find out what we’ve been doing to prepare for 27 years! Better late than never, but still…All you “preppers” out there, just how hard are you willing to work? Hopefully, back-breaking work won’t blow you all away…


      1. Fast Online news - US attends Hiroshima memorial ceremony... Interesting post. I've added a Trackback to it :)...
      2. 'Recovery Does Not Feel Real' - [...] be too late when they finally realize that they’ve been bamboozled by elite scumbags and that The United States…

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