The Unhackable iPhone Has Been Compromised: ‘Intelligence Agencies Can Intercept Calls, Messages, and Access Data’

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Headline News | 45 comments

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    Iphone maker Apple, Inc. claimed last month that their latest iteration of the wildly popular handheld device was unhackable. According to HackRead, the company is so convinced of its security successes that they issued a statement saying that data stored on a phone secured with a front screen passcode was impossible to access – even by highly talented intelligence agencies:

    The CIA and the FBI are always looking for backdoors in Apple devices, in fact, the agency spent years trying to hack iPhone and iPads according to documents released by NSA’s Edward Snowden.

    Now, with the new upgraded operating systems, Apple has termed it “impossible” to access any data from Apple devices. Though, the company can still access data from older phones.

    According to the Apple’s response to the court, 90 percent of the devices has ios 8 installed and with the type of encryption already there in the phone, it’s nearly impossible to access the data without the passcode, which is only known to the original owner. Even Apple itself cannot find the code.

    But as we already know from recent hacks of Department of Defense computers, essential domestic grid infrastructure computers, and even NASA’s in-orbit spacecraft, in the digital age nothing is ever really secure.

    Within hours of Apple releasing their latest iOS 9 update a cyber security firm known as Zerodium issued a challenge to the hacker community and offered up a $1 million bounty for any team that could bypass Apple’s latest security features. For weeks it appeared that Apple was right. Scores of hackers around the world burned the midnight oil trying to hack the iphone before Zerodium’s bounty expired.

    But just few hours before the challenge came to end, one team submitted their exploits and vulnerabilities and Zerodium has confirmed that the Apple’s iOS 9 has been compromised.

    The exploits, according to experts, would give snoopers the ability to not only access the data on your phone, but intercept calls, text messages and even live chat conversations.

    Here’s the kicker: the exploit is remote, so it can be launched on your phone without you even knowing about it. Simply visiting a web site or receiving a certain kind of text message could initiate the jailbreak process on your phone and then install unwanted (and hidden) monitoring apps.

    According to Motherboard, the unhackable has been hacked… again:

    Bekrar explained that the winning team found a “number of vulnerabilities” in Chrome and iOS to bypass “almost all mitigations” and achieve “a remote and full browser-based (untethered) jailbreak.”

    If true, this is a considerable feat. No one had found a way (at least that’s publicly known) to jailbreak an iPhone remotely for more than a year, since iOS 7.

    …there’s no doubt that for some, this exploit is extremely valuable. Intelligence agencies such as the NSA and the CIA have run into problems when trying to hack into iPhones to spy on their targets, and the FBI has publicly complained about Apple’s encryption for months. This exploit would allow them to get around any security measures and get into the target’s iPhone to intercept calls, messages, and access data stored in the phone.

    …A source, who used to work for the NSA, told Motherboard a few weeks ago that $1 million is actually a good price for such an exploit, because “if you sell it to the right people” you can fetch much more.

    And who will Zerodium be selling this exploit to?

    You probably already know the answer:

    Bekrar and Zerodium, as well as its predecessor VUPEN, have a different business model. They offer higher rewards than what tech companies usually pay out, and keep the vulnerabilities secret, revealing them only to certain government customers, such as the NSA.

    So just in case you thought your data and private activities were safe from spying eyes, think again.

    The very people who we want to keep out of our private lives are the ones who will be the beneficiaries of the jailbreak.

    Now the NSA, FBI and other interested intelligence partners will have total access to your phone.

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      1. But if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about!

        • So correct. Just like if I have nothing to say, then I dont deserve the freedom of speech. Its a different world. That is for sure.




          • And don’t post on prepper sites!

        • I even have reservations about Blackphone. Phil Zimmerman, the father of PGP, is involved with Blackphone. His PGP was popular because the code was open source. Of course that didn’t mean PGP could withstand brute force attacks, however, the proprietary version of PGP was rumored to have an easy back door. Who can you trust other than your loved ones?

        • I love your sarcasm. NOT!

        • Nothing is unhackable. Anybody who believes there is such a ting is a fool and deserved whatever he or she gets.

          On to something that matters though is the case of Jeremy Morris in Hayden ID whose homeowners association is claiming that Jeremy’s Christmas decorations may offend non-Christians. The attorney for the home owners association is a Scott Poormen who feels the same way. His telephone number is 208-772-6800. He is waiting for your call. 🙂


          • Well BigB, let me tell ya – your news was much more interesting than another hack. Not like anyone with the brains God gave a piss-ant should ever think something is invulnerable to a concentrated effort.

            So, with that – I’ll just state this simple little ‘me-ism’…. “I personally find non-Christians offensive.” Yep, from my viewpoint anyone who doesn’t think Jesus the Christ was the Son of God…… as far as I’m concerned, they can just get the hell out of this country. I’m sick and tired of pandering to what I further feel is primitive savagery in terms of Islaam, idiotic pacifism in the shape of Buddhism, the simple fact of the acceptance of multiple gods in Hinduism, the racist and prejudicial characteristics inherent it seems in virtually all of the Jewish persuasion……. Yep, I’m sick of the whole bunch of them.

            So, go for it Mr. Morris. I only wish I could have the chance to see Dolly.

            • Well there Mr Heartless, if you feel so strongly about them that way, why don’t you just take ’em all out? Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you. God will protect you the whole time and won’t let anything bad happen to you. How could he, you’d be doing it all in his name so you’ve got no excuse to just sit on your ass and be an internet Rambo , unless you’re just another sorry assed old geezer who’s only recourse left is the piss and moan routine which is all you’ll ever be capable of anyway. Just another useless old windbag who’s pissed himself and wants a diaper change.

      2. Just 1 more fact of life that we have to accept.

      3. Cellphones have never been, nor will they ever be secure. The simple fact is, is that it is a transmitter, a radio. Radios emit radiation, thus they are trackable – from space if needed. Cell towers will triangulate, but even without the towers, a simple directional antenna will find you.

        This is before we even get into what the NSA, CIA etc etc can do with their toys. Quit trying to make something out of nothing. There is no “mark of the beast” coming, because it is ALREADY HERE. People are tracked willingly. See that chip on your credit card? You are online? Carry a cellphone? Yeah, you self track, willingly. If you are reading this, you can not eliminate this from your life, period.

        • when you finally do decide to eliminate them from your life… wrap them up in hamburger and feed it to a wolf or coyote ..let the feds chase that instead of you

        • An interesting take Townsaver, and here’s another one in light of your “Mark of the Beast” commentary. Flip your Iphone over and look at the symbol on the back…A bitten Apple.

          What was our first sin?

          Wouldn’t it be clever for satan to integrate a reminder of our original sin (pride/disobedience) onto a digital device and then continually mock God, “your precious little souls. Ha! Look at them! Walking around with a device that pays tribute to Eve’s pride/disobedience which led to their fall. They hold it in their hands. Store it on their person. Refer to it all day long…some of my finest work!”

          Just food for thought. And there are NO coincidences.

          • It is worth remembering the root of the Original Sin, that “…you shall be as Gods” (Gen 3:5), a sin that is quite popular among those who make up their own rules.

          • An interesting commentary DAD .
            I dont own a smart phone for alotta reasons.
            Just one more reason .

          • LOL… Just how many tags do you have DK???

          • wow dad–i don’t own one so i wouldn’t have thought of that.

            thanks for pointing that out.

          • Ya that’s a interesting take on the Apple symbol, but dad no where in the bible does it say it was a apple but just a piece of fruit from the tree of knowledge…tradition says it was a apple

            • Up Here,

              Your correct but when did the truth ever make any difference to the truly delusional bible thumpers of the world? They see the devil everywhere, they look at their own prick and see the devil! So everywhere he looks the devil will be there because he’s brainwashed to think that.

      4. Quick story.
        There was an information encryption company. This company made a product so secure that all of the US alphabet soup agencies couldn’t break it. The govt demanded that the compay either give them the encryption keys or be shut down. They opted for shutting down(and id assume take their product elsewhere?).
        There is nothing in america for the public that can’t be monitored by the govt. If there was, the govt will shut it down until they can. You are F’d. The end.

        • How about this one:
          The .gov takes a million $ of your tax money and gives it to one of thier Front companies to payout as a prize… to see which group of Tech Bros. can hack your phones. Easier than doing it themselves.
          ‘We don’t work for the NSA… we just, uhh… sell them hacks to violate your privacy.’

      5. It’s easy to do when Apple gives them a direct portal, with immunity from prosecution, but the space to claim to it’s buyers “we respect your privacy”.

      6. If I had a business, even if I used computers, I would keep all manner of old fashioned ways of tracking and communicating. Manual typewriters for instance. Paper address books. Reference materials such as dictionaries, maps, encyclopedias. I would keep written budgets. Stock up on old fashioned accounting books. And use them now, even if you also use modern technological methods as well. You can thus reclaim some privacy and you will be better prepared when this computer technology eventually ceases, as it will, guaranteed. Keep that guarantee, you will need it to reclaim your life.

      7. I don’t have & or want an I phone.

        My Wife, my Nephew, and I went into the ATT&T store to get new phones. My wife told the guy she wanted a (made up name) 4567 Super Phone he said great we have them in stock. He then turned to my Nephew and asked him what he was looking for and he told him (made up name) 9922 Mega phone. He was told that they were on there way here and that they would be in tomorrow. He then turned to me and said how can I help you Sir. I told him that I wanted a RETARD#1. He looked at me dumb founded and grabbed a book and started looking though it. He stopped and said “Sir I can’t seem to find it do you know who makes it”? I just hung my head and walked out and Pissed myself laughing.

        True story, and we wonder why things are as they are!


        • No I-phone/smart phone/dumb phone, for me either.

          I use a burner, that i take out of the house only when necessary, and it stays off 99 % of the time.

          Thanks to early retirement, my life is not all that complicated that i need a friggin phone anyways…I actually hate a damn phone. While in banking, i was tied to one, while owner operator of three businesses i had to have one, while in trucking i was tied to one, and for three years that i was a teamster trucker, i was on call 24/7. Hated every minute of it.
          Finally I have freedom. The wife just handles all the calls and that is fine with me. I have even discontinued all emailing with friends and relatives. What a relief.

        • Sarge, unfortunately, yours truly has an IPhone issued to him by his company since Feb. 2013. had no choice in the matter. I was OK with my old flip phone but was told I had to ‘get with the times’. GMAFB! The phone has probably already been hacked. If so, nothing I can do about it. The world sucks!

      8. That’s Bolshevik!

      9. I guess my wife and i are just plane old, we don’t even own a cell phone. The only reason we have the net is to keep up on world events, just can’t believe anything coming from the MSM now a days. As for our home computer we don’t use it for email, we still use snail mail to contact family and friends,and to pay our bills. We use a roll a dex at home to keep all of our contacts and phone numbers on. Hell, we still even bank in person.

      10. This story implies that Zerodium will sell this hack to a security agency and that the original hackers agree to non-disclosure of the process or other details. No verification.
        In other words it could be all smoke= no hackers… designed to smackdown a company that strives to give its customers security?
        The key words in the article above are ‘if true’.

      11. Ive said it before,
        Ill say it again,
        If somebody is snooping on my phone etc they are one sorry ass desparate fucker, i got nothing and my life is so boring and mundane its not worth me paying attention to most days..

        • But, Kula, you have spoken (ok, written) angry words directed at the federal govt. on this site, so you’re a possible future domestic terrorist, like the rest of us.

          That being said, what do you tech pros say about one thing that was written either here or on ZH a while back?
          “it would take EVERY federal govt. employee 15 years to review everything said on the ‘net in ONE single day.”
          IF TRUE, I find that a little encouraging.
          (You know, govt. employees being what they are and those secret service agents that drove across the white house grounds after 13 drinks.)
          They can’t get all of us 🙂

          • Everything can be scanned automatically for key words by computers. The hits are reviewed by personnel. All the other traffic is stored in Utah just in case they want to create a dossier to make a case against you.

            In other words, they don’t have to read every word. The computers handle the first go around. That includes all telephones, cellphones, and internet traffic.

          • And how many of them will we get

        • Kulafarmer:

          That is what everyone thinks. Have you never heard the expression “guilty by association”. If you married your highschool sweetheart when both of you were virgins, never used a cuss word, so on and so forth, but your neighbor’s stepson turns out to be a shithead, oops there goes your reputation, and maybe your freedom. It’s a brave new world. Or haven’t you heard.

      12. Best solution is a dumb phone used for emergencies or light texting to close friends and families. Add a separate iPod touch or other small tablet for Internet searches (and for No apps! No social media! No email! No Nuthin! Clear cookies and search history religiously and re-set the whole thing every couple of weeks.

        Anything else, including any smartphone, means you are handing over your life’s info to Google, Facebook, Amazon, NSA, DoubleClick, Verizon/AT&T/Sprint – and everyone willing to pay one of these for your information.

      13. Dear government spy;

        Sorry for all the dirty pictures.

      14. Use it to your own advantage,

        When you go out to whack somebody have a friend carrying your phone somewhere else in a place you will provide as an alibi.

      15. The USA is so screwed. If Israel allowed all its citizens to own firearms, I’d be there in a flash.

        • I was thinking of going to is Stan Bull, myself.

      16. the only hackproof phone is no phone…..and the come with a great monthly rate!

      17. The MOST disturbing thing has NOTHING to do with the government and EVERYTHING to do with all the things the Apple company REFUSES to allow their over-paying customers to do on their whorish, poorly made, money sucking devices.

        Of course, Apple customers, as with ANY brainwashed cult, will defend their choices. Then they will wonder why they can’t do all the things that PC and Android owners can. While paying MUCH LESS!

      18. The biometric fingerprint systems were hacked by some German kid a week after their development. Technology is a window into your life for the gov and other scammers smart enough to know how to hack. I only got a stupid phone with no internet capabilities. I agree Norse man they spend their days trying to predict your next move through searches and what not. Being unpredictable is the best policy. It’s easy to predict patterns don’t have any patterns. Email is the how they track you it says tracking and a whole bunch of other nonsense I throw that shit in the trash and don’t even open it anymore. I don’t care what sales are running. Not falling for it.

      19. By law service providers are not allowed to encrypt voice calls between the device and the local cell tower.

        That says all you need to know about allowing anyone to listen in to calls including terroirsts so save the clap trap about the government trying to protect us all.

        Blackberry got into big shit just for encrypting test messages and as luck would have it they had there offices broken into.

        Anyway Apple phones are so yesterday next to Samsung phones and i know Samsung smart TV’s are the worlds worse for spying on your lounge, won’t even let you select a proxy server so you can see the amount of traffic thats being uploaded over HTTPS

      20. Use pidgeons instead of phones,if SHTF and you starve you can eat them

      21. Calling evil vile disgusting criminal Stasi Fascist US Government alphabet agency shit stain boot licking coward pussy Zombies working for criminal psychopathic genocidal monsters “intelligent” is just about as ignorant and insane as you get.

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