The Unconstitutional National Emergency Farce

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Headline News | 174 comments

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    This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire

    If Donald Trump wants a wall on the border, maybe he can ask Sheldon Adelson to chip in to pay for it. Adelson knows all about walls. His people in Israel built one to keep the Palestinians in their ghettos. 

    If the corporate news can be believed, Trump will take relief money earmarked for Puerto Rico and Texas to build his wall. 

    It’s all ego at this point. Trump has been humiliated by his inability to get a wall. It’s personal for him. Trump’s not concerned about a few billion dollars spent on a bad idea that will do little to stop illegal immigration. 

    Walls don’t stop people. Ask the families of East Germans shot dead trying to scale the Berlin Wall. 

    If the US didn’t muck around in Central and South America, supporting tyrants and training deaths squads to make investment safe for international banks and transnational corporations, there wouldn’t be mass migration of refugees fleeing US foreign policy.

    If the state hadn’t declared a war on drugs—these guys love wars of all stripe—there wouldn’t be murderous cartels, first in Colombia, and now in Mexico. Drug money floats economies, including ours. Wakovia and other banks have made a fortune laundering drug money. Obama supported the Sinaloa cartel and played it off against its rivals, going so far as sending arms to narco terrorists. 

    Trump’s mulling of a “national emergency” (the pretext set with 9/11) isn’t included in the Constitution. It is an outrageous expansion of the imperial presidency.

    There isn’t a crisis on the border—the murder rate here is much lower than say in Chicago or Baltimore—a fact I am able to confirm. I live forty miles from Mexico. 

    The argument for a wall is quite frankly bullshit. It was a selling point during the presidential campaign. It is now a battle to save face and elevate Trump’s personality. There are several more pressing issues—namely: illegal wars, a bankster manipulated monetary system, and a national debt that will flatten the country… and sooner before later. 

    Let’s see if Trump declares a national emergency—despite there not being an actual crisis or emergency—and let’s see what else he does with this awesome and illegal authority. 

    I fear a bit of Caliguia in Donald Trump. 


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      1. Tell that to the families that have lost loved ones to scum illegals invading the country.

        • Exactly… stupid bastards just don’t get it till they or their loved ones get a bullet in the head

          • “Walls don’t stop people. Ask the families of East Germans shot dead trying to scale the Berlin Wall. ”

            soooo… the wall in Germany DID in fact stop people. Or is he making the point that bullets stop border crossers more effectively than walls..??

            Seriously, its like this guy thinks the recipe for a published piece is simply dumping MSM anti-trump talking points into a bucket with a very disjointed hot-button topics (anti-statist and anti-Semitic commentary), and adding a dash of paranoia (omg! national emergency! here come the fema camps!) and more than a dash of straight up opinion. This is worse than clickbait

            • I’ve said this before. The article was an IQ test. Your comments are your score on that test.
              So let’s hear about your top secret BOL’s instead. I mean that’s not something you could hide, even if you never mentioned it, commenting on here. I don’t think that there were any preppers for the Russian Revolution that found a safe place to hide. And I know for a fact that there wasn’t an internet comments section back then. Or phones with GPS, tracking devices on their horses, or IP addresses to use either when they immediately had to find find you. Life really was a lot slower back them.

            • Well said.

            • I was a border rat on the iron curtain in the 70s, The double mined chain link fence, and 100 yard mine field between them did NOT stop East Germans from trying to escape.
              I witnessed 100s of them being shot down before they could get to NATO side.
              In my entire time on the border, I only met one East German, she told me she floated to the free side on the body of her mother.

              The Iron Curtain and Berlin wall were made to stop people from LEAVING.

              If we do not stop the invasion of our south border, If I were you Id buy a yellow vest.

        • The author didn’t say illegal immigration was a good thing. Basically that a wall is a bad way to allocate funds since there will still be a way to enter the country illegally. Have you not seen the tunnels the cartels use? De-incentivize! That is the biggest deterrent. NO driver’s licenses, NO gov’t handouts, fine and penalize schools and universities for accepting illegals.

          • Heisenberg, good points. Walls can be breached.

          • totally agree with removing the impetus to invade this country. Frankly, a wall would help. It would also provide a neat filter so you are certain those traveling through cartel tunnels are in fact proven violent criminals and should be shot on sight like groundhogs when they pop up

            • To Vogel….Well You stupid bastud, Obviously your nose is still in the folds of the crotch belonging to the hew Schumer. Pull it out and become a real man and one that can be trusted if you can get the dollar signs out of your eyes.

              • Trump needs to call for the emergency and get the military to build the wall and send pictures of the progress every morning to Tommy Delasandros’ slut/ plastic faced daughter, Nannacy Peloshit.

            • That’s right keep piling them up until the decomposing bodies smell so bad that they ‘about face’ and head back to the hotdog vendor where they belong.

          • Agree — something needs to be done on many fronts. A wall is one of them and will help, along with stopping illegals from getting jobs, housing, cars, etc.

          • How do you de-incentivize when you have communists running the People’s Republic of Kalifornia that just ignore federal law and do whatever they want. And then the Marxist run courts allow them to do it. De-incentivizing is a pipe dream.

          • Anyone know about SECURE FENCE ACT OF 2006, which WAS Ratified by Congress – Supported and voted for by both the Democrats & Republicans, and signed into law in 2006 by G. Bush. Since the DHS already received 1.2 Billion to fund the wall (that wasn’t built) use those funds to start the wall where needed. 1.2 Billion is a great start, DHS already has those funds and, hopefully, interest on them (yeah, it is a joke about the interest earned on that money).

            • Yep. That topic is being discussed on the internet by Trump supporters.

              Not only that, but the president could seize drug cash and assets from Mexican cartels and use that toward the Wall too. Why not? What are they going to do? Complain? Yeah right. Let ’em.

              • How about seizing the assetts of the deported? How many would stay here if they knew getting caught costs them ALL they have earned plus a ticket back to their country of origin?

                I’d start with an offer of limited amnesty; give them three months to move back to where they came from with any assetts they have accumulated up to that time. Further, that those who do so may apply for legal immigration. At the same time announce that ANY AND ALL illegals found in the country AFTER the 3 mth period will be subject to immediate deportation and loss of all assetts short of the clothes they’re wearing.Further, they will be banned for life and micro-chipped against re-entry.

                Bet the incoming flood would become a trickle at best, and the Wall would catch that! lol

              • Ted Cruz 12 hours ago suggested exactly what I proposed to pay for the Wall.

                We can do sorts of things like that. We can as the next poster suggested FREEZE Mexican assets even puny illegal aliens as it is a CRIME to be an ilegal alien and falsify documents to put assets in our banks as savigs or in debit card through Walmart which is a common tactic.

                We could end diplomatic relations with Mexico until they end illegal immigration as they must pass through their national borders.

                We could end all aid.

                We could halt all trade.

                Heck, we could support opposition parties in Mexico and even fund paramilitary ops!

          • Heisneberg – You nailed it.

          • It is sad state of our useless Congress when it is easier to build a 2,100 mile wall than to pass laws restricting financial support from people who are here illegally. If you quit feeding strays, they stop showing up.
            This author is an idiot. Walls work to stop 99%. The cartels dig under because they make $$$ by smuggling. A lot of it. The drug tunnels are not for 1,000’s of illegals to crawl through. Just high dollar drugs. It’s not Trumps’ ego, it’s the fact the he is NOT a lying political hack and his word means something to himself. Build the damned wall, put landmines where you can’t build, quit giving support to illegals in the USA, stop anchor baby laws. OR, just give up and accept the fact that our lazy asses are being replaced by central american socialists.

          • Obama and Democrats GAVE 150 BILLION to IRAN; you know, three times what Trump wanted for the entire wall.

            By the way, based upon your argument; why have locks, doors and windows on your home/apartment, because burglars break into homes anyway?

            Most border crossers are like the guys trying door handles and windows to see if they’re unlocked; seeking easy access.

        • Problem, reaction, solution. You fell for it again. If you keep focusing on the first part, you will never see the other two parts which are the real first part. And if you don’t already know who the sucker at the table is, the sucker is you.

      2. Wow! The anti President Trump sentiment in this article is surprising for this sight, the author needs to do more research, because walls actually do work far better than not having a wall

        • My first thoughts too Paul, but think about it…Mac’s allowing commenters to shred fallacy and expose the false narrative.

      3. Walls do stop people ,the Germans at the wall were there long enough to get shot . Clinton’s ,Obama’s , Pelosi and all other political people and Hollywood actors use walls all the time. Their fleeing our policies to COME to our policies , really , liberal logic

      4. “There isn’t a crisis on the border—the murder rate here is much lower than say in Chicago or Baltimore—a fact I am able to confirm. I live forty miles from Mexico.”

        I live on the border also. This is an absolute lie.
        In fact, this entire article is an absolute lie.

        Hey Kurt Nimwit – F_ck you, you lying asshole!

        Shame on Mac Slavo for perpetuating such transparent BS propaganda.

        • The truth hurts!

        • Stuart, Nimwit sounds like CNN.

        • Stuart, according to his bio on Newsbud, he lives in New mexico. 40 miles would place him a little above I10. He must live on the west side near Gila, I cant see anyone within 200 miles of Juarez claiming a low murder rate. This guys full of bs.

        • Eat sand crabs and die you traitor.

        • “There isn’t a crisis on the border—the murder rate here is much lower than say in Chicago or Baltimore—a fact I am able to confirm. I live forty miles from Mexico.”

          If you take five Democratically controlled cities off the list, the American gun homicide rate drops from 3rd worldwide to 187th.

          Pretty much demonstrates that Democratic Policies are the problem. lol

      5. This article is BS….Hey Kurt, you schmuk. Do you lock your doors at night? Do you lock your car? Your correct about the other problems facing America. But one of our biggest problems is the illegals pouring into the country. And most of them are illiterate in Spanish, and have virtually no skills. They are coming here like ticks, to live off the blood of America…not work and contribute to our economy. And many of them are gang members & violent criminals. And lest not forget the diseases they are bringing with them.
        In retrospect, Trump has not gone far enough, fast enough. He should have militarized the border and started building the wall the day after he was elected.!!!!!!

        • Walls CAN be breached my someone who’s really determined. Either under, over, or make a hole in it. I knew an East German who was wounded in the leg climbing over the Berlin Wall but he still made it to the other side and freedom. The others in his weren’t so lucky. It’s going to reach the point where someone will have to start shooting illegals. That’s the only workable solution I see.

          • sure but the point is to make the crossing so time consuming, difficult, or dangerous you wont try.

            will a wall stop it all, no. will it reduce the flow where we arent seeing tens of thousands? sure!

          • I’m fine with that. After they climb the wall in violation of American law they can get shot and tossed back over the wall. Pretty soon the rest of the invading force will get the message and stop the invasion.

      6. wow mac
        havent commented here in a long time but i have to say this is the biggest load of bullshit i’ve ever seen on this sight. do you really believe this crap or just stirring the pot

        • Mac just needs to get his hit count back up, so he can get the ad revenue. He is just pushing whatever will get the clicks. 🙁

          Some have called it “Fear Porn”. 😉

          • Ad revenue would be up if censorship not practiced here.
            I buy gold. I buy silver. I have supported advertisers on this site in the past.

            But I don’t like people being shut up.
            I often gain insite from fools and the foolish.
            Plenty of idiots that shoot their mouths off and show their own ass. I am all for the right of an idiot to mouth off.

            I have learned more from enemies than friends.
            I learned not to get sucker punched by watching a terrible kid get sucker punched by a kid weighing half as much.
            As a result I learned to:
            keep your distance. Don’t stand too close.
            Never underestimate ANYONE.

            Same with morons on this site. They should be allowed to post. I miss the post from the katyhouston nut job. Quite entertaining. Hope he is not locked up or worse. Found out he was not completely insane.

            I looked into what he said. Even though it sounded crazy. I saw China troops bivouc camps in Mexico and desert south. Why are China and Russia military allowed in Texas and Colorado. Can anyone tell me why?

            But now there is censorship.

            • (((Why are China and Russia military allowed in Texas and Colorado. Can anyone tell me why?)))

      7. Is this a CNN piece?

      8. Hey Kurt Nimrod, your example of the Berlin Wall was pretty stupid. If they were shot trying to scale the wall, then the wall served a certain purpose. Not that I think it was right to shoot those people, I don’t, they were trying to escape to freedom. You’re a frickin bafoon. This wall, coupled with other measures will certainly stem the flow of illegals and act to do its part in serving a greater purpose. What’s wrong with you Mac? Losing readers? I wonder why

        • I think Mac flushed this site down the toilet with this article.

          • I agree. I clicked on this article, and could stomach reading this limp wristed, liberal bull manure for no farther than the first paragraph.

            Nimmo must have been a big fan boy of Yeb Bush, who’s #1 platform plank was to turn America into Mexico El Norte.

      9. I sure hope the writer is enjoying riding that corn cob. Like so many others, he cannot see the forest for all the damn trees.

        He made one point condemning a wall, (“Ask the families of East Germans shot dead trying to scale the Berlin Wall.”),yet he fails to see that the wall was effective at stopping THOUSANDS from escaping.

        Walls DO work. They will not stop everyone, but a wall is a bottleneck which allows law enforcement to respond to a smaller force. I would rather have 100 people successfully scaling a wall and being caught, than have 1000+ people rushing the border and be potentially responsible for someone’s death.

        As far as a “National Emergency” declaration being unconstitutional, you need to read the Constitution. Article VI states: “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” Since Congress has put forth bills, and Presidents have signed them into LAW, President Trump declaring a National Emergency would be TOTALLY Constitutional.

        We all know that if one is declared, some liberal judge will issue an order stopping it. I for one, hope that if so ordered, President Trump will ignore it, and DEMAND that the Supreme Court make the decision. Our Nation’s security, and the welfare of its’ lawful citizens, is much too important to have one un-elected liberal judge dictate his political will on the people.

        Do I want President Trump to declare a national emergency? NO. By doing so, he opens the door for future Presidents to do the same. Who knows WHAT will be deemed an emergency in the future. Let’s not open this can of worms until there is no other course that can be taken.

      10. SOVEREIGNTY, SOVEREIGNTY, SOVEREIGNTY or American DAMNATION in the Lake of Fire..YOUR CHOICE….CHOOSE WISELY damned and doomed AMERICAN COWARD…You have to stop being a dumbed down, drunken bum football watching pharmakia junky ALREADY CONQUERED American COWARD PUSSY hiding out on the golf course for the sake of your children’s HEALTH, FREEDOMS, AND FUTURE. COWARD AMERICAN you must have SITUATIONAL AWARENESS, which is taught in Police 101, and the SITUATION you are in is a collapsing Police State hell on earth controlled by Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophiles aka Lucifer and the Fallen Ones, from the inner pits of the bowels of hell in Washington DC!!!


        #1 Become a SOVEREIGN like the bravest SOVEREIGN of all time Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!

        #2 Get SAVED by the blood of the Lamb and accept Jesus Christ to be your Lord and PERSONAL SAVIOR from the criminal treasonous Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophile controlled United States CORPORATION Government!!

        #3 Find 24/7 true JOY with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, sell your cloak and buy a sword, and prepare to assist in the arrest, trial, and justice being brought to the Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophiles controlling the criminal treasonous United States CORPORATION Government!!!

        • #1 – The God of our Forefathers was also the God of Moses.

          #2 – Our God is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent.

          #3 – The 1st Commandment of this God was “To have have no other God before Him.” There was no exception for His Son.

          #4 – Jesuah stated that He was “not there to change the Law.”

          #5 – The entire premise of the Gospel is based upon Jesuah’s rising from His grave and “giving” His Gospel to a Pharisee Jew (coincidentally the LAST person visited) who spent his life persecuting Christians; while not mentioning the soon to come Gospel to His Apostles or the hundreds of others who saw Christ Risen.

          #6 – In short; Saul who became Paul was a zealot who sought to permanently estrange Christians from the God of the Chosen, and did so through the Gospel.

          #7 – The Cathars were far closer to actual Christian practises, which is why they were destroyed by the Church.

          • So, what is your point? You are saying that the Gospel is a lie? That all of the Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah that Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled are lies? Made up for what purpose? Why would all of the Apostles be willing to die for a lie? You sound like a first century Jew. Jesus said that “I and the Father are one.” and that “Before Abraham was, I AM”. Your #2 statement seems to state that God is limitless, yet you deny His ability to exist in the multiple realities of Father, Son, Spirit. You are putting God in your box.

            • Thanks, I had no idea what his point was either, and I really was afraid to ask, Lord knows what Satanist babble would of come out next. I get it, Sir padre(use your real name and I will take you seriously) is most likely a Gnostic with the Cathers reference and their evil Demerge God who created this planet, and Sophie or Sophia and the story goes on and on….Yeah, Yeah I know the story, I have read the Gnostic Gospels, but there is NO Holy Ghost in them, so they are just a good read, but they just do not fill you up with the Holy Spirit, if you know what I mean, and there is a reason that is true, so figure it out if you are a Gnostic….this is some kind of an apocalypse we are going through, and the Lord is bringing the babblers out of the woodwork!!!

      11. Build the Wall Deep Wide and Tall and electrify it.

        • I prefer Obama’s suggestion of a moat with alligators in it.

          Or maybe land mines, they’re cheaper and more effective.

        • I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.

          It’s the only way to be sure.

        • With guard towers every 350 yards.

      12. The author is a bit disoriented. Turn around Kurt. And Mac, your site needs some work. Get cracking.

      13. This site has is nearing its end.

        • Not hardly dude. Maybe you need another haunt. This SHTF is right on.

          • Reper, you must new here.

      14. Seems there are a lot of republicans on here these days, or republicans masking themselves as libertarians. And ALL of them are in denial of U.S. history.
        The biggest problem is NOT illegal immigration. It’s not radical Islam. It’s NOT national debt. It’s the government itself. When you recognize the problem it’s easier to correct it!

        • WE understand the government is the primary problem perfectly.

          YOU don’t understand its not the ONLY problem.

          Tell me, how will tackling the rising issue of our bloated government be easier with a constant influx of lawbreakers determined to remake this country into a socialist banana republic?

          Fix the leak in the boat, then get it back on course, otherwise you’ll find it sinks anyway.

          No fear- For all our bickering and differences of opinion, the vast majority of us on the have our antenna up for any abuses of emergency power, but this issue DOES need to be addressed.

        • Seems that the Constitution means little to these so called Patriots now days.
          Enforcement of existing laws would deter immigration much better regarding employment, drugs etc.
          If you don’t hire them , they will not come.
          The drug issue is a self made problem. The demand will always be there. Key is control of the supply. Those which abuse will do so, no matter what the law is. So legalize and control the supply.
          Walls work both ways…

        • Lol. The “government” is the BIGGEST problem, you say?! Government is just another TOOL used to manipulate the peons. If you cannot grasp that fact, and you DONT think the national debt is a huge problem, then I can guarantee that your opinion about the problems we face in this country is not complete. You are obviously protected from the type of policies you BELIEVE IN for the rest of us because you have NO IDEA what you are talking about! People like you are SOOO out of touch with reality! You arent just a fool, however. You are a delusional traitor and one day, if you succeed with your idiocy, you will be killed for it. By those just like YOU! Educate yourself or GTFOH!!

      15. Wall for what? They are already here by the tens of millions. California wants them, let them have them. They must live a dozen to a dwelling out there with that jacked up pricing, cheaper by the dozen.

        • “They must live a dozen to a dwelling out there …”

          And it does occur in the Washington DC area. It happened on my street a few years ago. Someone called the county (health department, I think) to get something done. The rental unit was emptied and people had a chance at parking in their own space again.

          It was all men in that house. And I hated working in my front yard because of the gawking and leering they did; I only ever bent over to do gardening if there was someone with me preferably a male friend.

          • The old way illegal aliens operated was they ran “bunkhouses” where up to 20 lived together on stacked bunkbeds. These then worked somewhere like a Mexican restaurant at night and did landscaping during the day.

            I had a friend who married a what she thought was decent Mexican Christian who had become a citizen. But then she freaked out because several times a whole truckload of his illegal alien friends used their home overnight as a way station as they moved north. Can you imagine a spouse putting you in that position???

            Apparently this is how many illegals infiltrate cities once they cross the border.

      16. This will be the last article I read on this site.

      17. The big reason Demosocialist want to keep the boarder open is the amount of money they make keeping the drugs flowing.You might ask Bill and Hillary Clinton how much money they made flying contraban into Mena airport in Arkansas while he was Govenor. JUST google Mena airports Clinton ties!!!!!!!!!!
        Not to mention the illegal votes the demosocialist have garnered for their cause —- giving illegals free benefits off the backs of the same young americans benefits that would have been theirs had it not been given away to illegal imagrants.
        One might also ask the Chinese if a wall works —

      18. The next time someone tells you “walls don’t work”, ask them if they leave the front door on their house standing wide open all day.

        the next time someone says walls are a “medieval solution to a 21st century problem” tell them “so is the wheel, will you be taking the tires off your prius?”

        btw- Berlin wall was meant to keep citizens of a socialist dictatorship trapped inside like prisoners, not stem the flow of noncitizens trying to circumvent the law to invade

        • Ok if walls don’t work,land mines do!

      19. Over three decades of open border mayhem and you libbies did not provide ANY solutions. It is our turn now, so sit down!!

        In Mexico there were >3000 murders in the month of July alone. But you sit in a Starbux and bloviate: “There isn’t a crisis on the border—the murder rate here is much lower than say in Chicago or Baltimore—a fact I am able to confirm. I live forty miles from Mexico.”

        That says it all, you don’t live IN Mexico. Under your hero, Barry Hussein, you had no walls, no help for USBP, Operation FAST AND FURIOUS, massive release of felons, USDA offices in Central America to facilitate food stamp distribution.

        The clueless open border lib is OK with the same gangs waltzing in with machetes an AR-15s from the US Justice Dept. More dismembered victims, more people burned alive, more eyes gouged out on this side of the border.

      20. What the heck happened to Kurt Nimmo? He used to be on the good guy side. Now? No.

        • agreed. This smells distinctly like a crap-stirring article, but its so poorly written its hard to tell

          • I think Kurt needs to watch Sicario to see what Mexican drug cartels are all about with beheadings, assaults, kidnappings, and things which would never be allowed as a comment.

            It used to be that people lime Kurt and Truthstream Media all worked together with AJ. And they worried as libertarians about government overreach AND the military-industrial complex AND the NWO globalists.

            Well, some were upset that AJ was supporting Trump as an antidote to KNOWN SCUM like Hillary. Frankly had she won, it would be FEMA camps and WW3 with Russia and China.

            It seems to me that Trump has consistently opposed the NWO Luciferians, so unless he just caves to them, I really have no other choice politically.

            Any vote that splits Republicans gets us something insane like Michelle Obama 2020!

            Kentucky then would fall to the hillbilly drug mafia.

            • mYV4aZPJ__o
              Hillary OPENLY discusses putting deplorables into camps so Democrats won’t have to put up with them.

              • 9-uaBzbHR80
                Hillary, “Christians shoud deny their faith…”

            • Sicario and MS13 goons trying to make a hit on Delta Force.

              Sicario the FBI rescue team makes a raid on a home that has kidnapped some victims.

          • I realize that a controversial article or two boosts traffic. Ahem.

            • I looked up what your name means. So why would you back false golden golems to lead you to where I’m sure that you think that you are going.

              • I don’t support modern day people who claim to be J_ws. That is just wrong. You obviously don’t read my posts.

                I do support anyone who wishes to be a Messianic J_w. That is clearly Biblical. I am not one though.

                • The Bible says that anyone, I mean anyone who denies Christ is an antichrist (little a).

                  • And a lot of people believe that if you believe any part of the second part of that book that you are just a cultist.
                    You’re right, I don’t read all your posts. Because I don’t think that there is a topic that you are not an expert on. They can be interesting depending the topic, but sometimes too much information is just that. It’s too much to just accept without anyone’s own research. Most of it isn’t worth researching. While some of the posts seem contradictory. On one hand you say that that guy is going to save you, while other times this guy is supposed to save you. You are the one that needs to figure out what you think is the real truth before you expect someone like me to figure it all out from the splatter. I have my own opinion right now of everything that pretty much goes against the flow. But does my opinion of what I see as the truth matter? No, but it is to the point. In fact I caused myself a lot of problems by commenting at all. So why do I do it? I don’t know. But it’s going to stop really soon. So right at this moment I’m just practicing my typing, and the spellchecker is helping me with my spelling. I was never good at that spelling stuff. Reasoning yes, spelling not so much. I’m getting better though. And also figuring out what really matters in life at the same time. Better late than never they say. Well that in itself is a half truth.

                    • Only Jesus Christ can save your soul.

                      Show me a post where I stated otherwise.

                    • Maybe I am just smarter than you. There is always someone who is smarter. That is hardly a revelation.

                      Old people are not smarter, they just have had more experiences and likely more failures. Passing along knowledge is done to help young people avoid those failures.

                      Nobody is forcing you to read my posts or adjust your life accordingly.

                      Youth is wasted on the young.

      21. The only thing I am thankful for concerning this “article” is that I was able to read it in 30 seconds… That happens when you provide NO facts and just spout dribble. BUILD THE WALL!

      22. Geez, all I got from this article was this guy does not like our President. Build the freaking wall NOW!!!!

      23. and guess what Nimrod….it is in the Constitution that the potus has the responsibility to protect this country’s borders from invasion….if that means declaring an emergency…so be it

      24. I agree with most of these points regarding the past actions of our government causing problems we shouldn’t have. I disagree with the assumption that a man trying to deal with the problems we face today is the bad guy. We are being invaded and it must be stopped before we do anything else.

      25. The Great Wall of China was actually breached three times by Genghis Khan and the Mongols who overthrew the Jin Dynasty. Ask Jesse Ventura. He’s a card carrying Sergeant-of-Arms in the Mongols since he came back from the Far East in the early seventies.

      26. I just wanted to share a very little known factoid with everybody, and I encourage you to fact-check my data:
        During Obamas presidency, THIS COUNTRY (as in you, and me) paid for a border wall FOR MEXICO! WE PAID for a substantial portion of Mexicos SOUTHERN BORDER WALL and Obama even sent American companies down to help them build it quickly!
        I wonder why POTUS doesnt mention that?! NOBODY in that rat-infested swamp has said a word about THAT! The Dems must have approved THAT expenditure but they refuse to do the same for US?! What exactly was the point of doing THAT, if as they say, walls dont work?!
        We all need to realize that the USMCA is actually NAFTA on steroids! Or to be more accurate, it is just a work around for the UN to get our country on board with the migration compact (See Grindall61 channel for info)
        I think we NEED a wall. I voted for President Trump. But we dont need a political “hero” and sadly, it seems many of us have put President Trump up on that podium. It is supremely unwise for us to forget the decades of backstabbing and lying our politicians used to manipulate us into this position. I urge my fellow Americans to be very cautious about supporting President Trump blindly. He is just a man, like the rest of us. Nobody is perfect, as we all know. We should not be supporting talk of an executive order declaring a “National Emergency”!! Thats MARTIAL LAW! Dont you remember how scared we were, during the transition period, that Obama would declare martial law?! We do NOT want that!

        • Ok terry was it five feet long? Ten feet long or do you not even know the length, materials used, solid concrete or steel? Crickets chirping…. I didn’t think so.

        • Terry, well said!

          “We should not be supporting talk of an executive order declaring a “National Emergency”!! Thats MARTIAL LAW! Dont you remember how scared we were, during the transition period, that Obama would declare martial law?! We do NOT want that!”

      27. Democrats gave 500 million to Jordan to build a wall, but balk at 5 billion to the USA??? What? Look at it based on ratios.

        There are 77 walls built by nations but it’s weird if we do it??? Say what???

      28. It is so obvious why we need a wall, security fence on our southern border that I can’t understand the opposition to it. I live here in the Southwest and believe me that if we don’t put up physical barriers we’ll be over run, far worse than it is now.

        California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and other places have illegal friendly communities where they openly fly flags from Mexico and other nations. Go to a fast food place there and try to order in English. A lot of those place are hostile to gringos. I was told to get out of one 7-11 by two roughnecks who didn’t like whites.

        Assimilate into American society my ass. BUILD THE WALL!

      29. If walls don’t work then I assume the author of this “article” (using the term loosely) lives in an open field and has no walls in his house. I will also assume he’s pro illegal immigration and personal houses several illegals, otherwise he’s a fucking hypocrite like many of those on the left.

      30. If we keep giving away free stuff and deny citizenship to illegal newborns they will stop coming. Get E Verify for workers….they won’t come. Otherwise the whole planet will show up at your doorstep. Until that happens build a wall!

      31. READ…the first sentence of your U.S. Constitutions: (Quote) We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, AND SECURE the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.(End quote)… FACT: An invasion by illegal aliens (a LEGAL term) … is a breach of security. The President, Congress, State Governors, and County Chairman have SWORN OATHS to uphold that first sentence. The President has the responsibility to declare a National Emergency…and there are about 20 others Natl Emergencies, since President Carter, that are still active in the USA. LEARN. R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences

      32. OK gUYS HERE IT WHAT IT IS. TRUMP IS haVING PROBLEMS WITH THE FINESS OF WHat is necessary. The head dude is in need of the helpless dudes that have no fucking Idea of how to bring this all about. First- you stave off the the shit for brain bobbleheads that have no concept of what their bosses need. secondoff- they need those who have the gumption and the balls to fly in the face of the dirty bastuds that throw up

      33. I agree with many things stated in this article; but the evidence shows that walls are an effective deterrent to illegal migration, so building a wall is one of many things that we need to do to protect our citizens.


      34. Build the damn wall already!

      35. I’m surprised this site would post this pathetic article. I expect better! The President does have the authority, and it is a crises. It’s clear some individuals either ignore the facts or can’t deal with them. Seriously? Who writes this crap passing it off as journalism? Joseph Geobbels would be proud of this author’s propaganda.

      36. IMPORTANT! People if Trump declares an “National Emergency” that is the start/signal to the SHTF.

        “National Emergency” = Marshal Law

        I stake what little reputation I have that if a “National Emergency” is declared within months Sh^t will hit the fan. If an NE is declared I will take all my last min. preparation (eg fill all my gas containers and treat it with PRIG)/

        Anyone with a list of last min. PREPCON1 tasks please post or link. Thanks.

        • A national emergency was declared when the postal service had a strike and there was no martial law. A national emergency was declared when we needed to build a base in Afghanistan and there was no martial law. Its just a tool to override the idiots in congress. Chill out.

        • When I say SHTF I mean we will enter stage 1 of the 5 stages of Collapse.

          At this point it is important to explain what exactly a “final collapse” looks like. Some people are under the very mistaken assumption that a collapsed society or country looks like a Mad Max world. This is not so. The Ukraine has been a failed state for several years already, but it still exists on the map. People live there, work, most people still have electricity (albeit not 24/7), a government exists, and, at least officially, law and order is maintained. This kind of collapsed society can go on for years, maybe decades, but it is in a state of collapse nonetheless, as it has reached all the 5 Stages of Collapse as defined by Dmitry Orlov in his seminal book “The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors’ Toolkit” where he mentions the following 5 stages of collapse:

          Stage 1: Financial collapse. Faith in “business as usual” is lost.

          Stage 2: Commercial collapse. Faith that “the market shall provide” is lost.

          Stage 3: Political collapse. Faith that “the government will take care of you” is lost.

          Stage 4: Social collapse. Faith that “your people will take care of you” is lost.

          Stage 5: Cultural collapse. Faith in “the goodness of humanity” is lost.

          Preppers should really check out his book.

      37. OK…take it easy. There have been 58 States of Emergency declared since Harry Truman and The Korean conflict. Nothing earth shattering will happen if one is called for the wall. ALL the presidents since have signed them.

        Someone is trying to stir up some shit and get the public all riled up.

        It’s not Martial Law…it’s a nothing burger.

        • JRS, good point. However, the past may not indicate what to expect today. What I mean is after the sweeping changes in law made after 9/11 what extraordinary powers will the President have available to him. Do we know what powers this will grant the President?

          I have long considered a Government Shutdown to be a major sign of impending SHTF and when you couple that with a Declaration of a “National Emergency” it adds up to impending trouble.

          I will take all non-essential funds out of my banks. As well as all other last min preps.

          It’s better to be a few months early than 1 Dat late!

      38. The interstate system was built under the premise of national security. In every seven miles, one mile needed to be straight so a plane could land. Say every 500 yards we need a guard tower on the wall. Works for me.

      39. Don’t overreact. In fact, don’t react…RESPOND logically, practically, frugally, quietly, thoroughly, etc.

        Too many beginning preppers do wild overreactions.

        See Y2K.

        • Maranatha, I agree that we should not panic. I never believed in Y2K or the Mayan Calender bullsh*t. But I do believe in Economic Collapse/Greatest Depression/ End of a Fiat Currency System.

          In 2018, a very significant economic change occurred which sealed the fate of the U.S. economy as well as numerous other economies around the globe. This change was the reversal of central bank policy. (EMPHASIS ADDED)

          QUESTION: Don’t we watch/read the current events for signs an event is close. Well taken with every other signal both internationally and nationally it REALLY appears we are on the precipice.

          I am NOT saying give all your possessions away and move to the mountains. But it might be wise to take certain actions that are not long-term in nature. For example, I spent the last month buying lots of canned food. I avoided stocking up on a lot of canned food because (for the last 10 years) I thought we were still some time away from the SHTF. Regular canned food has a more limited shelf life. Another example is I stocked up on Multi-Vitamins for the first time ever!

          Again, don’t we live by the old adage; that it’s better to be early than one day late!

          • Jesus said to prepare in Matthew 25, so it is a Christian’s responsibility to do so.

            Jesus never condemned soldiers or told them to quit being soldiers. In fact he told the disciples to even sell their cloak to buy a sword.

            Jesus said to preach the Gospel everywhere. And when it was preached in every nation, THEN the END would come.

            Jesus said to help at least one of the least of thesey. I suspect so it would demonstrate unselfish love and care to strangers as a way to witness physically about “grace” and then give testimony of our faith.

            The END is here. All we wait for is the discovery of the Antichrist. From that point on, we must suffer persecution for 3.5 years.

            This is what the Bible teaches.

              • ht tp://
                This is the best most accurate timeline chart that I have ever seen.

                • YAHWEH has not appointed wrath to believers in Christ. But tribulation has always been an aspect of being a Christian. That means according to Matthew 24, immediately after the tribulation, then the harpazo (Rapture), so Christians won’t be around. The YAHWEH unleases WRATH.

                  Don’t confuse Tribulation with WRATH. They are not the same thing whatsoever. That is a classic mistake.

                  We may be martyred or last that 3.5 years before the Rapture so we must be prepared (Matthew 25).

      40. This is the worst and most inaccurate article ever posted on this site. Is this a turning point? Is this now a globalist site?

      41. On any given day, I am actively monitoring disease, the economy, military movements, weather, earthquakes, the Democrats’ shenanigans, the Luciferians, ANTIFA, etc as these are threats. I made most my responding awhile back as I saw the handwriting on the wall.

        Anything that looks like Biblical prophecy being fulfilled gets my immediate attention.

        • Maranatha, I appreciate that you are a fellow Christian and that we probably have very similar opinions regarding the “End Days”.

          OFF TOPIC: How scary is the “Social Credit Score” situation in China. Plus, so many countries moving towards a cashless society. And finally, I cannot believe the hostility/hatred directed at Christians, especially from the Left. For the first time, I can see Christians being persecuted in America.

          • Well consider that China already has at least 2.2 million Muslims in reeducation camps and a serious clamping down of Christians especially pastors has been happening for the last six months. They have closed house churchs and actual churches even bulldozing them.

            And the social credit system in China penalizes those who do not meet the criteria or being good little quiet communists who never make trouble. And this translates to if anyone you are friends or family with are Christians, then you are guilty by association.

            In North Korea since the nineties, the authorities would just round up your extended family if ONE member was a Christian and you were transferred to either an area that was agricuturally poor so you starved to death or just put in a prison labor camp. There have been cases of cannibalismofchildren since the seventies.

            According to various sources there are more perecutions of Christians globally then ever recorded in modern history. The atrocities are so bad that there is no way to comment about them. The worst cases are in the Middle East in North Korea.

            Matthew 24 predicts a great apostacy and persecution of Christians. We have both people renouncing the Trinity and openly mocking as well as the persecutions.

            What we lack is the Man of Sin being openly identified. He is a great military leader who recieves a terrible head wound that he somehow comes back to life.

            • Three years ago, while Putin claims to be a Christian (specifically a Russian Orthodox Christian), Russia passed laws forbidding prostheltizing in public or private outside of a Russian Orthodox church. It’s illegal to “witness” by offering personal testimony. You can be jailed and pay a fine for doing so.

              Meanwhile the Muslims, especially in Turkey and Iran claim the 12th Imam/Mahdi is alive in Turkey. He is mentioned in many Hadith and he sounds exactly like the Antichrist.

              Amadinejab of Iran has specifically stated a willingness to use a nuclear missile if it would then fulfill prophecy in the Hadith and usher in the Age of the Mahdi. That is insane.

              • Mahdi = Anti-Christ!

                How could people have missed that the World Religion would be head chopping Mudslims. Who else goes around chopping non-believers heads off. Certainly not those pesky Amish.

            • Maranatha, the Number #1 sign I look for is the Re-Building of the Drewish (avoid moderation) Temple. When I see that it’s the wilds of Northern Canada for me. Plus, get/keep my spiritual house in order.

              • I find that getting/keeping my spiritual house in order is a daily, if not hourly endeavor!

              • Have you read the BookofHebrews? See 10:19

                What does it say about the HolyofHolies?

                What happened when men tried to kindle sacred fire on their own without permission? Leviticus 10

                What happened when unauthorized men tried to rebuild the Temple in 363 AD? YAHWEH DESTROYED IT!

                • 8 Above when he said, Sacrifice and offering and burnt offerings and offering for sin thou wouldest not, neither hadst pleasure therein; which are offered by the law; 9 Then said he, Lo, I come to do thy will, O God. He taketh away the first, that he may establish the second. 10 By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all .
                  Hebrews 10:8-10

                  Any attempt to rebuild the Temple will fail asit violates this passage. Jesus replaced the HolyofHolies thus sacrifice is FORBIDDEN and there is no need for a HolyofHolies to be rebuilt.

                  So Matthew 24 is almost certainly NOT talking about the old place for sacrifice. The holy place where there was a carcass is someplace else. There is only one such place on the Earth.

                  • t9GU_e6Pn28
                    Just recently rennovated repairing centuries old damage.

                    Is this the beginning of Biblical prophecy?

                • The Sin of Nadab and Abihu
                  (Numbers 3:1-4)
                  1 And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took either of them his censer, and put fire therein, and put incense thereon, and offered strange fire before the LORD, which he commanded them not. 2 And there went out fire from the LORD, and devoured them, and they died before the LORD.
                  Leviticus 10:1-2 is a dire warning not to do unauthorized sacred things without specific permission.

                • The 3rd Temple 363 AD
                  htt ps://

                  On this occasion Cyril bishop of J erusalem, called to mind the prophecy of Daniel, which Christ also in the holy gospels has confirmed, and predicted in the presence of many persons, that the time had indeed come ‘in which one stone should not be left upon another in that temple,’ but that the Saviour’s prophetic declaration should have its full accomplishment. Such were the bishop’s words: and on the night following, a mighty earthquake tore up the stones of the old foundations of the temple and dispersed them all together with the adjacent edifices. Terror consequently possessed the J ews on account of the event; and the report of it brought many to the spot who resided at a great distance: when therefore a vast multitude was assembled, another prodigy took place. Fire came down from heaven and consumed all the builders’ tools: so that the flames were seen preying upon mallets, irons to smooth andj polish stones, saws, hatchets, adzes, in short all the various implements which the workmen had procured as necessary for the undertaking; and the fire continued burning among these for a whole day. The J ews indeed were in the greatest possible alarm, and unwillingly confessed Christ, calling him God: yet they did not do his will; but influenced by inveterate prepossessions they still clung to J udaism. Even a third miracle which afterwards happened failed to lead them to a belief of the truth. For the next night luminous impressions of a cross appeared imprinted on their garments, which at daybreak they in vain attempted to rub or wash out. They were therefore ‘blinded’ as the apostle says, and cast away the good which they had in their hands: and thus was the temple, instead of being rebuilt, at that time wholly overthrown

                  It’s a warning from YAHWEH to not even try…

        • I do my best to keep track of these things too. There is an awful lot going on.

          • There really is. This is why I tell fence sitters, “Look, I know you don’t fully believe in Jesus. Invite Jesus into your heart and seriously pray for one month. Then measure how much your life gets better.” Just try to reestablish a loving relationship with YAHWEH because being a rebel is getting you nowhere.

            There is an inevitable conclusion to defying YAHWEH.

            • E3nvMkj0BGc
              How to have your sins forgiven.

      42. I have noticed more and more liberalism and Israel bashing on this website for awhile now. WTF? Do I have to avoid this website too? Is there no longer anywhere to go to read the truth?

        • Do they deny Jesus is the Messiah? Yes they do.

          Do they say Jesus is boiling in excrement in their teaching of the scribes. Yes they do.

          So what does that mean?

          The Bible says any Christian believer is of Abraham’s seed.

      43. Folks, we done been infiltrated! Divide & conquer, infiltrate & marginalize.

      44. Kurt, you sir, are a moron. You need to read up over the weekend and then get back to us.

      45. The crisis isn’t about dope dealers killing people, it’s about an invasion, an attack on American sovernty, and the pure fact that the socislistia democrats use it to procure votes, however they can. This author apparently is trying out for the cnn evening news spot.

      46. Kurt, Trump doesn’t feel humiliated, rather, you feel AFRAID because you know that the Wall is inevitable and people who profit from OPEN borders will soon be out of business!

        You cite the national debt as being more important but somehow you FAIL to recognize that the BILLIONS in FREEBEES GIVEN to illegal immigrants ADDS to the debt you PRETEND to be so concerned about!

        We ARE building the WALL, Kurt, so we don’t take the Economic fall.

        I just don’t think your article is worth the cyber toner it’s printed with!

        – the Lone Ranger

      47. Kudos to Mac for posting the article. It is to everyone’s benefit to see, read and understand this. If he had not put it here, most would not have known about it. Knowledge is power, and ‘knowing is half the battle.’

      48. I’m deeply concerned that Fox News seems to be turning on President Trump. You expect limp wrist Smith and Wallace to do it as it’s what the Mexicans call a mariposa(butterfly) and Wallace is a flaming rectum Democrat.

        But Judge Napolitano used to be a straight shooter. What the heck? Does the DNC have dirt on him like Justice Roberts???

      49. Disagree completely. They do some good and are worth their expense. They only slow the invasion. There most certainly may be Trumps motive to save face on a promise. No more rediculous than the left stopping this minuscule expense for political reasons. They previously approved 5 times his request and publicly touted the need for a wall. Both sides are punishing innocent workers for a political gain. Obvious the prudent thing is approve the expense as it does provide some increase in security and the people go back to work. The biggest thing we should all be upset about is the cavalier way money is wasted and sent to other countries including many we consider are our enemies.

      50. Can’t beleive I just read that. And HERE if all places. Sites slipping or what?

      51. If the Great Communicator Ronald Reagan was Alive. He would say. Mr. Trump Tear Down that Fence. Then Grant Amnesty to over 3 Million Illegals like I did.

        • Nope. Reagan and others worked in a bipartisan way to give amnesty so that illegal aliens would become citizens with the hope that this would somehow curtail illegal immigration.

          BUT it didn’t work. We have tried it in one form or another eleven times and instead oof getting better and dwindling, it has gotten WORSE.

          What’s more is terrorism is a genuine never ending problem that was a fraction of this in Reagan’s day…THIRTY YEARS AGO.

          The world changed.

      52. If the constitution is suspended in a constitution free zone due to an emergency how is building a wall there or even just declaring an emergency unconstitutional?

      53. How is it unconstitutional to declare an emergency and build a wall in the same place that the constitution has been suspended due to a national security emergency situation?

      54. Trump’s use of a “national emergency” to build the wall would merely be him using the precedents set by previous administrations. It was Dubya the Shrub the signed the Patriot Act. Other Presidents including Bush the Sr, Slick Willie the Rapist and Obozo the SCOAMF created and used countless rules, regulations, edicts and EO’s that over the decades have essentially made it possible for a President to, if they wish do pretty much ANYTHING they want to do without there being a damn thing congress or the judiciary can do about it. Sure…it would be a direct violation of the Constitution…but lets be honest. More than HALF OF EVERYTHING the fed gov does is a direct and blatant violation of the Constitution.

      55. SHTF published this article which illustrates the mindset of the left. Don’t punish a site that gives a glimps of the thought process (or lack there of) of a side you find wrong. This author is an idiot when you read his “logic.” This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be exposed to it. Most comments logged in already cover the stupidity of this author. Don’t punish the site.

      56. Walt great comment. I agree with you. When you know and understand comments from the other side. You can discuss more effectively a rebuttal.
        The author obviously has his own misinformed mindset.
        But, we should look at all sides to get a bigger picture. Up here in the north, we have to wake up more people. Our leaders need to remind themselves who they work for.

      57. You can bet your ass that the author has not taken any illegals under his roof (except for cheap labor) and he locks his door at night.

      58. This is hilarious. In one sentence the writer is referring to the wall in Israel that apparently effectively keeps “Palestinians in their ghettos.” Nearly immediately he’s using the Berlin wall that “East Germans were shot dead trying to scale,” to inform us that “walls don’t work.”

        Can you say Cognitive dissonance? Lol

      59. Kurt,ignorant moron,let me school ya in this. Congress passed a statue allowing for presidential declarations of emergency in 1976. One of the provisions in it is,that with a 3/4 vote of the House,the emergency can be be revoked. Checks on this statue are already in place.

        • Before 1976, long before:

          Government by Permanent Emergency: The Forgotten History of the New Deal Constitution


          The New Deal Court of the late 1930s and 1940s rewrote American constitutional law regarding the scope of national power within the states. Historically, legal analysts have exhaustively reviewed the impact and aftermath of this alteration. Left largely unacknowledged, however, is the fact that many of these reforms were originally promoted as temporary “emergency” measures intended to counteract the Great Depression. After the Depression ended, however, the expanded federal powers, invoked under the New Deal emergency decree and upheld by the United States Supreme Court, remained intact. A radically altered form of American government, without [*260] retreat to its former state, resulted. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt grounded the New Deal reforms in his powers as Commander-in-Chief and justified their extra-constitutionality under war powers jurisprudence. [War on poverty, war on drugs- ab] In effect, the executive branch sought and was granted the power to wage a war on American soil; a war against the invisible and intangible enemy of economic depression and injustice. This war never officially ended, however, and the expansion of the federal government in the 1930s and 1940s became entrenched by the mid-twentieth century. This Article argues that Court rulings interpreting the post-New Deal federal expansion as a mere extension of the Commerce, Tax, and Spending Clauses of the Constitution of the United States are incomplete, unless they include the emergency factor upon which the New Deal reforms were expressly based. First, this Article examines the history and effect of the national emergency that President Roosevelt and the New Deal Congress of 1933 declared in America and its eventual impact upon American constitutional law. Further, this Article discusses the evolution of the loosely defined and historically hazy Emergency Powers Doctrine, from a perspective that is both doubtful of its constitutionality and critical of its practical implications. Finally, this Article asserts that the post-New Deal expansions of federal power, popularly thought to have been based on liberal interpretations of the Commerce, Tax, and Spending Clauses of the United States Constitution, ultimately derive credence from the federal government’s unstated assumption of permanent emergency operations.

      60. The illegal immigration from Mexico has been a national emergency since the 1980’s……

        DUH !

      61. how will you react when a democratic president (there will be one sooner or later)declares that gun violence is a national emergency and orders the confiscation of all privately owned guns? be careful what you wish for. and please don’t give me any molon labe bs. when u.s. troops in full battle gear show up to take your guns you’ll hand them over.

      62. I concur! This article is garbage and has no business being on here! I will not include profanity but whoever allowed him to post on here is quite deserving of it!

      63. It is sad state of our useless Congress when it is easier to build a 2,100 mile wall than to pass laws restricting financial support from people who are here illegally. If you quit feeding strays, they stop showing up.
        This author is an idiot. Walls work to stop 99%. The cartels dig under because they make $$$ by smuggling. A lot of it. The drug tunnels are not for 1,000’s of illegals to crawl through. Just high dollar drugs. It’s not Trumps’ ego, it’s the fact the he is NOT a lying political hack and his word means something to himself. Build the damned wall, put landmines where you can’t build, quit giving support to illegals in the USA, stop anchor baby laws. OR, just give up and accept the fact that our lazy asses are being replaced by central american socialists.

      64. You are an idiot. If walls didn’t work we would not build them around prisons. Get a brain!

      65. NIMROD Just to state a Truth TJ Mexico in the Year of Our Lord 2018 There were over 2400 human being killed on the record in a Border city called TJ Mexico, now this news is what can be found and how many are never reported is easily a giving because of the ability to USE Critical thinking skillsTHERE are as many UNREPORTED .DEATH IS THE TRUTH OF THE NEED TO BUILD THE WALL,IT WILL SAVE LIVES IN OUR REPUBLIC. Born an Raised in San Diego and have seen Mexicos exported Death for years . A Fools Errand nimrod you are on to Declare a Wall cannot save lives or a lock on a dooor cannot protect life. This Simple Truth is a Foundation for a HOME begins with a border that can be said is a WALL, AND THAN A Strong DOOR that Can Be Locked . My Country is no different IT IS MY HOME . You may Hate our USA,or you may not ,But any American who states Securing our Border will not protect my HOME IS The Enemy within.

      66. Well, you need to settle down with this “imperial presidency” business. First, the national emergency deal isn’t constitutional at all. It’s a STATUTE. That’s right, existing law that’s been used a LOT. Generally for weather disasters, etc. but it’s not like Trump would even be close to the first president to use this! NOT A BIG DEAL.

        Second… nice of you to say the wall won’t work while providing NO data to support that. All the experts that actually do the job at the border say that it WILL. Even your example of the Berlin wall was bunk. You mention that a few people managed to make it thru the wall to West Germany. Yep, a FEW. NOT SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND A YEAR!

        Walls work, bro. Case closed. Stop panicking…take a breath…it’s not so bad.

      67. So, will The Wall be there to keep someone out…or, to keep us all from getting out when we see the need for that!? Remember what the Berlin Wall was for!

      68. the s already hit the fan, your all still talking and typing and hiding while the war is being fought.

      69. I was just about ready to remove this website from my bookmarks until reading the article comments. The author should be working for CNN.

      70. ht tps://
        How can the Democrats spin this study that shows the violence is far worse than what President Trump claimed? Two times worse.

      71. Okay–so you believe the is no prole with the invasion that has been going on for over 50 years? You are a major part of the problem.

      72. Just build the wall. It will save more dollars than it cost. In the !800,s greedy ranchers didn’t want fences. they argued against fences said barbed wire was inhumane and cruel and wouldn’t work. . they wanted to exploit the open range. However eventually the fences where built. and the devastation from overgrazing was stopped. sound familiar?

      73. I was about a mile from the Mexican boarder in Arizona some years ago with my buddy, we were doing a little gold prospecting in the area.It was dark when we came up on a boarder patrol agent parked in his truck and ended up sitting there two hours talking to him. He was glad to see us, as his job could be pretty lonesome and boring at times. He summed it up when he told us, Guys 97% of the people crossing the boarder are hard working family oriented types who are desperately poor and just seeking a job so they can provide a better life for their families.The other 3%…you wouldn’t find me out here camping. Be careful guys!We didn’t tell him we were armed to the teeth, lol. I see a lot of hatred on here for Mexicans…I have worked with and been friends with Mexicans for most of my 53 years.For the most part, they are the hardest workers, do their jobs don’t start drama at work just keep their mouths shut and work hard.If you are close friends with a Mexican,you are treated like family they would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it,or stand up and back you in a fight if you needed help in that way.I haven’t seen that kind of loyalty in most other types of people.Am I advocating an open boarder? No. Do I like gang banger criminals,like the kind who some years back shot an 83 yr old Arizona rancher who approached them to offer them a drink of water? Hell no, take those dirt bags out and string em up, period.Do I think people should be able to come over here and get a bunch of free stuff,vote,ect. if they aren’t a U.S. citizen? No and nope. But I’m not going to assume all are bad, I’ve seen way to much evidence to the contrary.The majority are hard working, God fearing people who have little opportunity and as the boarder patrol agent said, are desperate to provide a better life for their families.Ask yourselves what you would do if you were in their situation? And lastly, no I’m not a SJW I’m the biggest redneck in Arizona.

        • Some of my most loyal friendsare Mexican American Christians! This has nothing to do with them. 1/3 of Hispanic American voters support the Wall and President Trump. Did you know that?

          My antipathy is with criminal illegal aliens.

        • Those migrant caravans aint Mexicans. They are from shithole places to the south of Mexico. If they continue to illegally enter the USA they will turn where ever they go to a shithole place.

      74. 26 For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. 27 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. 28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. 29 And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.
        Galations 3:26-29

        The Bible is crystal clear. Christians are God’s chidren and the seed of Abraham.

        Not those who denied Christ, they gave up their legacy.
        Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.
        1John 2:3

        Maranatha means “Lord Jesus Come!” in Greek and is from 1 Corinthians! It is a phrase issued by Christians around the world meaning they hope for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (parousia) and the Rapture (harpazo).

        What are you talking about???

      75. People like John Hagee preach heresy that there is no need to witness to J_ws!

        I doubt he is even a Christian and he is the most pro-Israel heretic of them all and heavily influeces Congress and the US military.

      76. Walls used to work and were very effective. Now they can (and they do) get here by flying over it and overstaying their Visa or using the underground tunnels, which are not only for drug smuggling. They’ll just go over or under or around the wall.

        They have very sophisticated tunneling equipment now where they build 8ft high x 6ft wide one-two mile long tunnels in 6 months time… with secret entrances and exits. This is 2019 folks, no one is crawling underground for a mile. They WALK the tunnels.

        $5 billion now for the wall and it will NEVER end because it can’t be completed for that amount of money. That wall will end up costing $50 billion for the 2,000 ft length. Once they exhaust the first round of funds for the wall they’ll ask for more and more, it will never end. Eventually us taxpayers will pay for it.

        This is 2019 and it’s no longer an effective way to keep them out… plus we need our infrastructure repaired. I don’t want illegals here and quite frankly don’t care for Mexicans and don’t want to support them and their absurd way of life, having more kids than they can afford. Because that’s what they do. They have more kids than they can afford to shelter, feed and clothe and then they put their hand out or head off to America where Americans are forced to pay for their irresponsible choices and way of life.

        But demanding money and funds for the wall will NEVER end and I don’t want to help pay for it, which is where this is leading. Trump is a fraud. He wants the wall because he’s terrified of losing his base and his power.

        The wall isn’t going to keep them out, its not enough to make a difference. They are just going to continue to fly in, sail in, or pay to take the tunnels. 95% of incoming illegal drugs enter the US through LEGAL ports of entry, not the underground tunnels. That’s what they should address, but won’t. Trump is just as ineffective as the rest of them.

        These are not the only reasons, but they are the main reasons why over 60% of Americans say NO to the wall. Not because they don’t want to keep the illegals out. Because they know they’ll still end up here and that the wall will take a whole lot more than $5 billion to complete. That’s why. It makes no sense at this point.

      77. Trump is trying to save face while we pay the price.

        GOOGLE: Images of Mexico to United States underground tunnels.

        Only 5% of all illegal drugs in the US were/are transported through these tunnels. Most come via *legal ports* somehow undetected and unnoticed. Drug smugglers don’t walk across the border with the drugs on their person. They use the secret tunnels to transport them. The rest come through legal points of entry.

        The wall isn’t going to be effective at this point. The Mexican government has sophisticated tunnel boring equipment just like the US. If the wall goes up wealthy Mexicans in power will charge a fee to use the existing tunnels to enter the US illegally, and with no guarantees for them, “at your own risk” kind of situation.

        I don’t want my taxes raised because Trump was trying to save face. And his base. I threw the towel in with him months ago. He’s not only ineffective, he’s a fraud.

      78. not a national emergency? WE ARE BEING INVADED…by people that want nothing more then what is yours and mine..

      79. Ok as soon as Trump calls a National Emergency. The dimocraps will file a lawsuit in the liberal 9th circuit court. and it will rule against him. and then it will have to go to the US Supreme court. That’s a time cousuming process. What Trump needs is for someone to have everything in place to file a lawsuit in a different circuit court and beat the leftys to the draw.

      80. The Democrats have become the mortal enemies of the Republicans. It was not always that way. If you don’t believe me, watch the moment when Ginsburg became a Supreme Court Justice. There was almost zero controversy in spite of her known leftist beliefs.

        In fact, once back in the seventies and eighties, there was so much overlap, that routinely Labor Democrats, Moderate Democrats, and Dixiecrats voted with the Republicans. They crossed the aisle hoping to acheve bipartisanship to benefit all American citizens.

        That has changed since the Clinton’s numerous scandal ridden administration. That forced Democrats on the defensive and now has plagued them. That resulted in disgust amoung the young who now are socialists in reality and Democrats in name only.

        This means you have neocon Democrats and globalist Democrats and Socialist Democrats and even Marxist Democrats. There is almost zero chance for bipartisanship.

        And at some point, the Socialist Democrats and the Marxist Democrats will have the power. And then Civil War 2.0 is inevitable.

        • Ginsburg was confirmed 96-3.

          Now look at Bork and how he was treated. It was a prophetic moment of what was to come at the hands of the Democrats.
          42 for 58 against.
          If anything, Republicans were NAIVE.

      81. I know what’s going on. Leftists talk about thissite and send provocateurs over with DNC propaganda. They stink and you can smell their desperation. And should the DNC convince a majority in the Senate, those fools face Pence who will be 100x more conservative than Trump.

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