The Ultimate Doomsday Provision: “Designed For Those Exceptionally Rare Circumstances Where All Other Rights Have Failed”

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    Though the following 2002 court case ended with the liberal Ninth Circuit ruling that, “the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution does not guarantee individuals the right to bear arms,” at least one judge stood in dissent.

    In his dissent, Judge Alex Kozinski argued with the very reasoning our founding fathers used to include the right to bear arms in the U.S. Constitution to begin with.

    It may be a decade since the Ninth Circuit attempted to rewrite our fundamental law of the land (a move that was eventually nullified by the U.S. Supreme Court), but Kozinski’s views on our right to bear arms ring as true to Americans today as they did over two hundred years ago when our founders argued the same.

    But we shouldn’t take Kozinski’s views simply as opinion. His is a lesson of history, and one that the likes of Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Franklin knew well. It’s not often discussed in our pedagogic institutions, nor in the political playing field, because it is considered too controversial of a topic, especially in today’s hyper-sensitive anti-self defense pro-state culture:

    All too many of the other great tragedies of history – Stalin’s atrocities, the killing fields of Cambodia, the Holocaust, to name but a few – were perpetrated by armed troops against unarmed populations. Many could well have been avoided or mitigated, had the perpetrators known their intended victims were equipped with a rifle and twenty bullets apiece, as the Militia Act required here. If a few hundred Jewish fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto could hold off the Wehrmacht for almost a month with only a handful of weapons, six million Jews armed with rifles could not so easily have been herded into cattle cars.

    My excellent colleagues have forgotten these bitter lessons of history.

    The prospect of tyranny may not grab the headlines the way vivid stories of gun crime routinely do. But few saw the Third Reich coming until it was too late.

    The Second Amendment is a doomsday provision, one designed for those exceptionally rare circumstances where all other rights have failed – where the government refuses to stand for reelection and silences those who protest; where courts have lost the courage to oppose, or can find no one to enforce their decrees.

    However improbable these contingencies may seem today, facing them unprepared is a mistake a free people get to make only once.

    Judge Alex Kozinski dissenting in Silveira v. Lockyer, 328 F.3d 567 (9th Circuit 2003) (full text)

    We may live in a relatively peaceful and open society, but it is our right to bear arms that has made it possible.

    Take that away, and in due time, a dark cloud of tyranny will inevitably descend upon the land of the free.

    The storm clouds are already on the horizon.

    “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”

    Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334

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      1. Common sense.

        That’s why they’ll never get it.

        • June 18, 2013 the fed kills cash and coin?

        • 2o bullets? You better have thousands for each weapon. Lots of scum out there between government goons and criminals that will need to be dealt with.

          • In fact the 20 is all you need. Ask any sniper. You can miss with thousands, You only need one hit. Learned long ago rabbit hunting; the guy with the big auto shotgun misses, the poor slob with the old single shot hits.

            • What world do you live in man? When the shit hits the fan if you only have 20 bullets you and your family are fucked.

              • Get real people! Look at worst case. 300 Million people all trying to kill each other. After first encounter, half dead. 150 M remain, second encounter 75 Mil remain, 3rd, less than 40, then 20, then 10 ,then 5. Everyone shoots 6 people only 5 Million remain in whole country. How long after “IT” starts will we be at encounter number 6? for the “large mobs”? I don’t know but it’s measured in hours, not years.
                It cannot be that deadly for anyone paying attention and staying low. You want to stick your head up and fight a war, go for it. Stupid is as stupid does. I’m not in a city, the first wipe out or two or three, I’m not even involved in. There will be no roaming gangs of hundreds of people. No pitched battles, beyond the first week or two. The cities cannot support themselves more than a week or two. They cannot get out, most people cannot even walk 10 miles. They will die in place. Out here in the boondocks 30 days into the first winter you either have a spot to be, or you are dead. To many Cowboy movies. The number of pitched battles with the Indians out west can be counted on one hand, Few more in the East but those were single hot Blackpowder, few rounds fired. Most missed, You want to save ammo just yell BANG, does all a miss does.

                • No more bullets for you……..the bullet nazi (brother to the soup nazi). Just funnin’!

                • Paranoid: When it comes to ammo, more is always better. However your logic on maasive die-off is excellent. The roving gangs are great for novels and movies but highly unlikely due to one thing-water; good, clear drinking water. During any large scale crisis the water stops flowing eventually. And when the water stops, so does proper sanitation. Disease and death soon follow. Unless some roving gang has a portatble water filtration unit and training in proper field sanitation, most will die from the quickly spreading micro-organisms such as thyphoid and cholera. Better for folks to have a good supply of water, a way to filter questionable water, proper sanitation practices, and vaccinations; otherwise ammo is of little use.

                  • I’m confused. Parnooid said a couple posts ago he had 10k per caliber. No claiming only 20 total?

                  • That’s right, Gregory. I just got a book called, “Outdoor Survival Skills” by Olsen (forgot first name). It is excellent. In one whole chapter he talks about water. (He and friends don’t even need a canteen when they go out in really austere environment). He tells how to live on your own in the worst conditions… really excellent book. You may also want to check out “A Being Darkly Wise”. You can read a few pages free by looking it up and going to

                • You are forgetting we are wide open for invasion by other military powers when we go down. Go ahead and hang on to the 20 bullet delusion.

                  • Fucking Pissed….while I understand what you and others are saying I do believe some reading comprehension is in order. The judge was no doubt referring to The Militia Act of 1792. All they or anyone had was muzzleloaders….which explains the low number of rounds. Naturally in this day and age one should be better armed!

                  • Fucking Pissed: I suffer from no delusions. I have a “bit” more than 20 rounds per firearm than does Paranoid. As for other military powers-so what. The combined forcers of China, Russia, and Europe could never completely conquere the U.S. We are the 5th largest country on the planet in both size and population. We are by far the most heavly armed nation on the planet. There are millions of us who are veterans, hunters, and current/former LEOs. Assymetrical warefare is the modern nightmare of all convential forces for the last 50 years. The Soviets in Afghanistan, and us in Viet Nam and now in Afghanistan. NOMW!

                  • Greg, So what! to Chinas 100 million man army. So what! to the ruthless ruskies. There’s only a few million of us here that would actually fight, and unless we could gain access to the better hardware, we would perish if attacked by one or both these entities. While I love my country, I’m realistic about a civilian resistance to a full on military assault from these two countries. Prayer would certainly be in order as miracles do happen. Too bad our own government wants us dead also.

                  • F Pissed:

                    I”m not a sniper so I’ve acted on my belief that there’s no such thing as having too much ammo. I agree that a few well aimed shots maybe could be all one needs.

                    I dissent from your concern about other nations invading us. Even after the third or fourth cull, the rifleman behind every blade of grass, Yamamoto’s quote, would make the mighty Costa Rican invasion force pee their pants.

                    China looks impressive at least as a regional power. Three million in the PLA give or take a few hundred thou. How would they transport 300K combat troops, armor, artillery, fuel, food etc across 5000 miles of the Pacific? Fight their way through Russia, Canada and our PNW? Seize our fuel and food, you say?

                    Same for Russia. How would they transport sufficient muscle five thousand miles to defeat and occupy us? They made the cheese eating europeons pee their pantaloons because there was no geographic barrier between the Red Army and the English Channel.

                    To the extent that someone has drunk the government propaganda, And Has No Other Information about other nations and their intentions … the more fearful one is.

                  • 150 years ago Abraham Lincoln said: “If we stand united not all the armies of all the world can by force of arms take a drink from the Ohio.” He was right then. He is more right now. In an army it’s very unusual for more than 10% to actually fight, the rest are support. That’s why it’s so difficult to win against a small force of home grown fighters; they all fight. The NRA has 4 Million members. The Germans threatened the Swiss during WWII they had the Swiss outnumbered 4 plus million to 2 million. When the German General asked what they would do if he attacked with 4 million men, the Swiss guy said: “Shoot twice and go home”

              • One man with 20 bullets can stop 2000 with 100 bullets each, if he knows how to snipe.

            • Cover fire is required for element movement to outflank the enemy. Volume of fire also prevents the enemy from outflanking you!

              • In the Revolutionalry War 1 rd in 29 hit. by Korea it was 1 in 53,000. In Nam, at 1 in 100,000 everyone would have been hit in the whole country. I’ve got thousands. you come after me, I only need 20. I’ll keep a few more just in case someone elso shows up while I’m stripping your body.

                • This is not the military, if it is RUN. At worst it’s a bunch of people without medical care or supplies. I’m going to get back as far as I can and shoot them, one shot at a time. They will run, before I finish my first mag. Yes, I intend on having a huge pile of stuff. No I’m not concerned if they know the difference between enfilading fire and deflating fire or the difference between cover and concealment, I do, These are the people who were to stupid to buy anything before it hit the fan

                  • Good points, definitely worth consideration,no sure things.

                • “…while I’m stripping your body.” ___ “We don’t have time for that.”- Fergee from movie Judge Dredd.

              • TO everyone there’s no way this group of people are going to do anything you can’t even communicate on the
                internet without bashing one another how do you plan on doing it on the ground no leadership no army = your fucking dead besides the Russian president told JFK
                back before they waxed him America would be defeated
                with out ever firing ashot now I see how back up and listen to yourselvse’

              • You guys need to grow up. No way are a bunch of fat assed civilians going to last going up against regular trained forces. The best option is the ambush and that won’t last for long. Better hope none of this stuff happens. Red Dawn was a movie, get over it.

            • Oh how profoundly true.

              Of course there are exceptions as there are white crocodiles, but generally the bigger the bore, the greater the round capacity, is compensatory for the worst of shooters, as these types are also found to shove a rolled pair of socks down their pants.

            • These idiots that daydream about automatic gunfire and thousands of rounds are clueless. All any successful insurgency needs is well placed shots from bolt action rifles. Large volumes of ammo and firepower are not practical or necessary for guerilla warfare.

              • You are the clueless one man. I keep bolt-action rifles for sure and will use them for the appropriate distances and number of attackers, but I’ll sure as hell pick up my semi-autos to fight off a group that’s inside 100 yards. When one gets too hot, there’s another laying there with multiple loaded magazines. We are not hunting deer here, people shoot back. You cannot always get your ‘well placed shot’ you get from your comfy tree-stand.

                • You sound like a kid with no brains!!

            • Anyone who thinks that it is not important to have a full capacity magazine (30 rounds for the very popular AR style semi-auto personal defense weapons), needs to find themselves a DVD copy of the 1964 classic movie “Zulu” and also the 1979 follow-up, “Zulu Dawn” and spend a few hours watching both.

              Realistically, when forced to defend a stationary retreat from being overrun by massive numbers of predators – achieving fire-power superiority will be of paramount importance. Hopefully, the group who is defending the retreat will consist of more than a single individual, and it would be very wise to have a number of the semi-auto style rifles with full capacity magazines distributed around the defense perimeter so as to protect the retreat in a 360 degree fashion.

              For anyone who has not yet ordered a copy of the Max Velocity book “Contact: A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival”, I would suggest that they do so as soon as possible. I’ve lodged some criticisms of this book in the past, but it does contain a lot of very useful information on tactics and guerrilla fighting methods and the book is worth the money and time spent to read it.

            • And, Paranoid, I have hunted rabbits and squirrels with a .22 rifle since I was in elementary school. Rabbits run, but then they stop. Run and stop, run and stop. You get good at predicting where they are going to stop after a while.
              Y’all should also experiment with conibear traps for small game. I use the Duke 100s. I have some 160s, as well, but they rarely get used.
              Yet, I would still maintain a good stock of ammo, especially .22 LR.

            • The Bielski Brothers started with an 1870s vintage black powder revolver and traded up to Mauser’s, MP 40s and P-38s.

              I always wondered how Europe could even consider controlling guns. If a battle was fought here in the US and Thompson’s, MP40s, Frags, Handguns and every thing else were laying around post battle the civilians would be doing the clean up. “Machine gun”? “What machine gun”?

            • As a sniper, let me assure you that 20 rounds of ammunition will do little for you. Do you know why snipers are able to hit soft targets at ranges beyond 1000 and even 2000 meters? Because we put 10s of thousands of rounds down range in practice. Shooting is a rapidly-perishing skillset. Even only shooting to 500-800 meters, without practice, you are not likely to have a very low shot-to-kill ratio.

              • Not arguing that. Arguing that these people that think they are going to shoot thousands of rounds IM BATTLES are not thinking at all. Spruance class warship estimates 3.6 seconds actual battle life. You either win or sink in less than 4 seconds. You get into s hot fight with bunches of roving. you are dead. Any plan that thinks you should even contemplate such a stupidity should be given to your worst enemy. You going to fight untrained hungry people; it’s not hordes of thousands, its 3-4 and you cannot afford to meet head on with guns blazing. How many you need to practice with or store is always the same ALL YOU CAN GET.

            • But them Rabbits weren’t shooting Back at You right.

          • When we were training with our weapons, one of the basic fundamentals was to slow down, aim and hit you target…. “You can’t miss fast enough to make up for missing” was one of the phrases constantly used.

            I think the 20 bullets comment was for black powder muskets where after 3-5 rounds the battle was usually over anyhow, not to mention they were so gummed up they were even less accurate than they were when clean. Back in the day 20 was probably considered quite a bit.

            More is always better, and running out sucks. Everyone in this room will agree, but I have had friends who had an old 30-30 and no bullets. I gave one such friend a box of 20 rounds until he can buy more and stock up…. so he has his 20 now, LOL.

            Keep you powder dry (lots of it)

            • I’ve dabbled a little with blackpowder pistols, which actually means I’ve used pyrodex, which is supposed to be cleaner and a little more stable than the original blackpowder that our ancestors used in the old days.

              The thing that amazed me most – during my experimentation, was how quickly the pistol would ‘lock up’ after it had been fired. In one instance, I had fired maybe 12 .44 caliber balls out of it – and then, thinking that I’d wait until I got home to clean it – I put the pistol in a box and drove about 3 hours it took to get home. By the time I got home, I reached for the pistol and was intending to clean it – and it had already locked up tight. The hammer or cylinder was frozen solid as a rock. I wound up having to take it to a gunsmith shop to get the pistol disassembled, cleaned and restored to working order.

              After that experience, I wondered how the troops who fought the War Between the States could have managed to fight using the same kind of pistols that I had used – when they obviously had to call ‘time out’ in the heat of the battle to take the time to clean their pistols?

              • Tucker,
                Not hard at all if the weapon is still hot. Water swabs would wipe out the sulfer residue from the barrel. Cannoneres would use a wet swab every shot.
                Operating and Cleaning a weapon back then, was almost a religion…
                Just because we don’t have that religion now days (at least those who are stooopid, like the mass murderers whose weapon jams up on them…) doesn’t mean it isn’t important for you clean that weapon after every use.
                One day, especially semi automatics with fine tolerance, it WILL JAM ON YOU…

              • Tucker, James Hickok (aka Wild Bill) use to fire each of his pair of Colt Navy .36 cal revolvers every morning, clean them and reload them before leaving out from home. He was shot in the back of the head playing poker by the brother of someone he had previously killed. At the time, not many people knew he was going blind and could barely see the spots on his cards. It was also noted that the chair he was sitting in placed his back to the saloon door which was something he had never did. The reason why was that his regular place at the table was already taken (the corner) and the current occupant refused his request to relinquish it.

        • How did they get and keep “their” little black robes? They would not have a job if it was not for No. 2! Piss off the people that fought/died for the Bill of Rights and the first 12 amendments, what do you have?

          • When they don that little black robe, a lot of them transform into Darth Vader.

        • wow that sounds good

      2. I will never lose my right to bear arms, or to arm bears. It is only possible to kill me. I’m to old to fear them. Perhaps they should fear us.

        • BO and these european worshippers of making everyone the grandest of pacifists want everyone disarmed from firearms right down to slingshots. It is called “Project Wimps”, to turn everyone into roll up like pill bugs and let the criminals have their way with you. BO and these other anti-gunners really and truly think much more of the criminals than anyone else. This is why in pro-BO states they give the common serial rapist or repeat robber the rights to sue the homeowner for defending themselves if they hurt the criminal too much.

          I can see europe right now when the Russians and Chinese and a few other eastern coalition invading. It is called cake walk. The citizens of those countries have been conditioned to not fight or even resist in any way. They will bow down to the eastern coalition like the slaves that they have become in everyday life. This is what happens when those facist police state countries take a person’s basic right to defend themselves away, you take away their backbone.

          What is scary about this is that way so many of these individuals are becoming in this country, hating themselves enough to not feel they are worthwhile enough to defend themselves against harm and death. They are actually feeling more sorry for the poor criminal that has infected dozens of innocent women with AIDS, herpes, or whatever else type of awful disease they harbor. These scumbucket anti-self defense have taken easy access to self protection away from those whom are innocent and good honest citizens and given the advantage to the bad and rotten cancers of society, along with the rights to be kept as safe as possible from being harmed no matter what they do. If that doesn’t make these “lawmakers” as evil as possible I don’t know what else does.

          • Obama runs this country like he’s a ghetto drug-lord.
            I can hardly believe the libs put him in power twice.
            God help us if he somehow finagles a third term.

            • If he gets a third term and it stands, we are dickless idiots for allowing it.

              • Did it twice. Only a few paying attention.

                • Shootit, how true. Only a few are paying attention. And we have had it so good for so long, that I’m afraid that the chains of slavery are so lite, that by the time we realize they’re there, they will be to strong to be broken.I would like to say that this only pertains to the sheeple, but I’m afraid this is the case with most of us. Trekker Out. Freedom At Any Cost!

              • If he gets a third term, like the Judge says, that is a true CAUSUS BELLI.

                Cry FREEDOM, and loose the dogs of war.
                I will begin hunting democrats and any republican or elitist that doesn’t stand up and holler…

            • The libs don’t have to find a way to get him a 3r term it’s already in place. Once the current regime declares martial law due to the impending financial collapse that will occur shortly after you see Japan’s economy fall “which it’s on the verge right now.” Once the final stages of the current collapse are apparent, and Obama Con declares martial law he becomes a dictator the Constitution is suspended, and no more elections are necessary. Obama becomes King simply by his declaration of Martial Law. All this had been established by Executive Order. When a National State of Emergency is declared that my friend is when the shtf begins..!

              • There is no need to be so overt. Every sitting President is vetted by the Power Elite. They own both horses in the two horse race. They need to maintain the illusion that “We The People” actually control things.

                Presidents and administrations change but policies remain.

            • Any day now John Boner is going to get tough with him. When he sobers up.

          • We left Europe many years ago because? Yes, it sucked. Still sucks and will always suck.

            If anyone wants to experience Europe get a one way ticket. Europe is in full bloom anytime of the year.

            No room for their idea’s on this side of the pond.

          • Hi BI…
            Excellent, however, the 80/20 rule gives the evil away.
            The ‘authorities’ know that 80 percent of whites will follow the law, regardless. They are chickenshits.
            They also know that 20 percent of blacks will follow the law.
            Thus this entire anti gun thing is about relieving whites of their guns.
            That means about 20 percent of us will tell them to go to hell… and the hunting begins the process of watering the tree. But it cannot be, until CAUSUS BELLI is generally recognized by MILLIONS of us. Evil has its toes over the line, but it hasn’t stepped over it yet…it will. Its only a matter of time.

            The liberal agenda is evil, for sure. For that is the way of evil, to present itself as an ‘Angel of Light’… these are the ‘sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly’. We were told to be salt of the Earth, not sugar. Sugar rots a country, as the sweet emotions of the left take the minds of the clueless.

            Unfortunately, we, will be the Terrorists… but, the Founders were all TERRORISTS… relative to the British Crown…eh?

            The Liberals have learned their lessons well, emotions are far better for manipulating mass minds… I think Obamacare will be part of the trigger mechanism for tree watering. As the IRS has now proven themselves to be politicized, they have lost all credibility.

            Tax cheating should become a tax strike, and a general day of work stoppage to protest Obama and demand his impeachment and the purging of the bureaucracy. All civil disobedience mechanisms must be tried first, so as to maintain our own credibility… we must follow the founders path of non violence until they fire the first shot, ala Lexington and Concord II.

            But, this does not mean to go have a picnic protest in the name of XXXX____fill in cause here. It just doesn’t work, the Elite laugh at protests. The only way to get their attention is in their pocketbooks. This is what the founders did.
            -The tea party was about taxes.
            -Breaking windows was about the extremely expensive glass in those days.
            -Tar and feathers to ‘collaborators’.

            Now days, painting a swastika on a gubment(bank/insurance/media) building might be a way of getting media attention, and in the mind of more people. It would certainly be ‘provocative’ and invite backlash. But more importantly, raise public awareness of what they are dealing with, before we have to deal with it in a general way. We must first win minds, and raise a general anxiety and concern, to a level of general anger. This will provoke blacks because they will ‘know’ who is attacking ‘their’ man. It may even bring the black boogieman out of the closet and cause him to take off the velvet gloves, so be it. IF it wakes up a few liberals, in the press especially, then it would be worth it. (Especially if channel XX, came to work one morning with a swastika on their door, and ‘collaborator’ spray painted underneath.)

            If we keep our powder dry, and be the ‘good guys’, know this; evil WILL step over the line one day, and piss off everybody, and provide the CAUSUS BELLI.

            • The Boston Tea Party was not about taxes. I know that “No Taxation Without Representation” is a good catch phrase. It looks good on a bumper sticker. But, the first Tea Party was a protest against the tradeing monopoly that King George had granted to the East India Company. That monopoly baned the right of small businesses to negotiate their own trade deals with forign traders. If a small company in the colonies wanted to import and sell tea, they could only get it through the East India Co. That Co. dictated the price. Just like then, the large Corporatons are still gobbling up the Mom and Pops.

              • I think you need to read a little deeper into the ‘Tea Act’, and the taxing of tea…and the pricing differences on ‘smuggled’ tea, and the purpose of the no taxaction without representation as historical fact.
                Yes, you are correct about the surrounding history, and the monopoly of the East India co., but the tea tax was the triggering issue of ‘violence’ by the Sons of Liberty.

                • Long time ago but I seem to remember that the E India Co tea was actually cheaper then the other. Issue was WHO got the profet

          • BI, they are also teaching todays youths to feel it is Their fault that as Humans they are a Disease for planet earth. And that to save whales-polar bears-snakes and cockroaches along with the entire fragile planet every human should be disposed of asap. It is becoming far worse even than White Guilt is. kids now taught that way will never ever grow up into defender minded adults. They will think it a good thing if they are exterminated in order to save cute fuzzy animals and trees with Souls more important than a Humans soul or life is.

            It only gets Worse too! Wait till parents discover the leftist kommies New school plans called “Common CORE’ corriculum Ready Now for its roll out!

            PS this new kommie group-think teachigs system is for ALL schools even Private-Catholic-HOME SCHOOLERS!!

            Very Soon american home schooler parents will be akin to todays Germany homeschoolers, where its been Banned totally unless parents agree to Teach fed govnt Mandated methods. Last I read of germany about a year ago, article said Thousands of german parent/homeschoolers who attempted to get a Visa to exit germany to live in other nations to keep on home schooling, were told They can exit germany but MUST leave own kids there as ward of state! Comming Soon to American Home schooler parents.

            Check out Elizibeth Eyserbet “Why is Johnny so dumbed down”? Her exallant book on it all. She has tons of articles as well as couple weeks ago article(at newswithviews site) deals with “CORE” education stuff and home schoolers.

            She was No.2 from Top dept of education in Fed govnt apointed by Reagan, untill she became a Whistle Blower on how back then Reagan signed a Treaty with Russian Soviets to Trade teaching systems with russia to teach Kommie crap Here in usa. Very wise and informative woman she is.

        • Fear us they should. The downfall of this government is in full swing. A complete reversal is upon us. The media has found out that they have been duped. BO got a pass on his first term as no one wanted to say anything due to two things. One, he being black it was considered racist to say anything negative. Two, the press it has been found out was manipulated by nepotism with at least two if not three of the network bigwigs having sibling working in the White House.

          Friday was the turning point when there was a briefing for certain networks before the press release. That really pissed off not only those that were not invited but by the ones that were there and realized at that time they were being manipulated. Add that to the IRS scandal that came out during the same time, well that just, and we can only pray that all of the media came to the conclusion that all is not right in Washington.

          This morning on the talk shows even the staunchest of Democrats such as Feinstein were running away from being associated with BO and his gang. Add on top of that a very prominent Democratic Politian who was a main advocate of Obama care announcing his not running for re-election because of what Obama care has turned into. This sums up a major turn.

          Can this save our country, even if OB is impeached? No it cannot but it may tear down Big Sis’s plans for running unfretted when the country does fall and thus avoiding a civil war at the same time we are trying to recover from a financial collapse.

          Then again all of this may speed up the time line of BO’s plans in order to make sure his plans are put into place and thus insure his being named King forever.

          I for one will continue to prep for the worst and hope for the best. God Bless America and God Bless all true Americans Patriots.


          • 6,000,000 Jews killed in 136 A.D.: An 1897 A.D. “Science of Religion” American magazine, claimed nearly six million Jews were killed in the Bar Kokhba revolt 132-136AD


            “but that must be an anti-Semitic, holocaust-denying lie because it is well known that over FOUR BILLION Jews were killed in just the final battle of the Bar Kokhba [the “Messiah”] revolt”:



          • BigB,

            Don’t forget about your allies. When the shtf, I might just be there to watch your back or assist where I can.

            Canadian Patriot

          • Big B

            i agree with you 100% the Govt should fear us and for damn good reason. unlike the welfare class we are the ones who prep and use what should have been fun money to buy Guns and ammo.i have more ammo then i care to think about and yet its not enough! i have reloading equip but because the Dark One opened his trap now its mostly junk in the garage. and if and when i do find enough supplies i put them to good use and reload as fast as i can.i always fear that they will pass some bull shit law ( such as the proposed black powder ban )
            where i live its impossible to even get a box of primers let alone enough powder to fill 300 223 rem cases ( forget internet i don’t like trails).Plus most online places are sold out in a matter of minutes and it looks like these shortages are going to be with us for a while. since it will take months to get back up to Pre Newtown CT levels.and if the Black Powder ban gets passed forget ever getting back to normal.

            as far as i am concerned the Govt should fear us because if we really wanted to we could slowly take back America and run all of the lying shit weasels out of the white house and the capitol bldg.i personally have pissed off just about every senator i can. with my letters asking them just why the hell they think they can shit all over the constitution and get away with it. i have demanded that Harry Reid Nancy Pelosi and the rest be impeached and placed in Jails. and that’s exactly where they belong. but all i get are form letters ( if i get anything at all ). there attitude is one of utter contempt towards us. we are villains we are ridiculed and made to look like the lowest forms of life and only have one goal in there minds and that’s taking away all of Obummers accomplishments.

            i have actually been told that questioning Obummer is out and out racism.IT used to be that questioning your govt was considered a good was encouraged.
            i think its high time we put some of these clowns in prison and get some real use out of the jail system that we have all been paying for all these years. and while we re at it lets take away there retirement plans
            there offices and Free postage and for those who get it there secret service Make them pay for there own stuff. if there not going to be in jail.
            you only have to serve ONE term and your set.

            the situation in Benghazi SHOULD be the one thing that gets the dark one removed from office. His silence lately on this whole mess is deafening. but what can we expect from a man who never really has had any bad news. he has always lived in a fantasy world where everyone adores him and praises him.remember he told one interviewer that he didn’t like sitting in on all those pesky meetings and preferred to get his briefing in Paper form so he could read it at night. and in the case with Benghazi he went to sleep!! really??

            i mean really a Nobel peace prize? for what !! some one out there explain to me what he actually did to deserve it. he said in an interview that he actually hated working at the one job he held as a teen. so now we know why he plays golf so much.At our expense i might add. all this from some one who never played golf while he was a jounior senator from Ghetto town Chicago.

            he has for the last 4 1/2 years committed more treasonous acts then the last three or four admins. ( with exception of bush and the patriot act !) BUT because this country is so damn weak and paralyzed by political correctness that its no longer funny.The take over of the auto industry! Fast and Furious and the death of a border patrol agent at the hands of Mexican drug cartels. ( that brings the count up to 5 for Obummer ) Obama Care the Wall street bail outs Fannie and Freddie Bail Outs.the list goes on and on and YET!! not one of these things have gotten him removed. his targeting the TEA party folks and any legal run organization with Militia in the name. using the IRS to track his political enemies. seriously whats he afraid of ? NOT us ? but he should be.

            Bill Clinton only had sex in the oval office and he was impeached but rode it out till the end of his term. Not that i am condoning that but at least 4 Americans didn’t die and the Dead Men’s Mothers didn’t have to spend mothers day with out there sons. i bet Hillary and MOOOOCHELLE got nice presents.Maybe MOOOoochelle will get to take air force 1 to Spain again.

            Obummers plan is so simple that most people don’t even see it. CONTROL plain and simple!

            Reid pelosi Schummer and the rest all want to control us from what we drink to what we eat and how we live its all about control.and the fact is that the left are such control freaks its not funny. ever watch there eyes when they come up with yet another hair brained idea to control us ? there is such a sense of joy its scarey.some if not all take a perverse sense of pleasure in the thought that maybe this time its going to work and they will finally get the Bill they need.Look at Bloombergs attempt to ban soda size in NY Just think if that was done on a national level. many years ago ( almost 25) i was in the company one time with a Liberal girl and she didn’t know i carried a gun and she told me ( not knowing me very well )that ALL conservatives should be taken out and executed by the military and that if there were no republicans that the USA would be a much better place. she also said that all guns did was kill people so i asked her if she was OK and she looked at me and asked why i pulled out my gun and said its been in my pocket this whole time and not one person or thing has died. ans so her argument about guns killing people was bull shit. needless to say we parted company LOL

            and unfortunately there is still that attitude among the left. they think were Teabaggers and Tea crack pots etc. How many arrests were made at Tea Party Rally’s ??
            now how many at the occupy wall street movement.

            no one really has any incentive to work and now its even easier to get on welfare and stay there for life.Try applying for a job at Wal Mart and most likely they will give you an app for food stamps. they wont give you a decent wage or 40 hours ( to cut back on benefits ) But they will give you the app ( at least where i live )Why work ?
            the left has used welfare as their vote getting chip for what 40 years ? but whats going to happen when the gravy train stops ?
            where will BO and his leftist friends get the cash to keep the Dog and pony show going ?

            again i go back to my original statement the Govt should fear us.the mid term elections are coming and hopefully some one will be paying attention and start voting these ass clowns out.
            But why wait its not hard to get your local congress critter Recalled. all you need is a good reason and tell me that there aren’t about a million good reasons to remove most.JUST look at what YOUR local Shit weasel has done lately.and i dare you to tell me they shouldn’t be removed and placed in prison. they should fear us because one day and one day soon some one will have taken all the crap there going to take and snap.

            Phoney marches on DC on the 4th will do nothing BUT give Obummer the opportunity to declare martial law. Obummer is just looking for any old excuse to try out a large scale Martial law scenario. and in fact i would bet he all ready has plans to shut down DC on the 4th.
            cant have all those damn TEA Party people messing up his parks.have to keep them open so his welfare class can go in and trash em.and enjoy the free fireworks. unless they ban Black powder

            skittle shittin unicorn

            • Amen.
              Good rant…
              The July 4th armed march, may be a dividing line, we shall see.
              BP is easy. Buy sulfer, and salt peter, make charcoal out of willow tree or soft wood.
              the proportions are easy.
              75% PN
              15% Char
              10% sulf
              by weight.
              add a little water and grind until all black, dry and test for quick flash, grind more.

          • It occurs to me, that if I were a Communist Democrat, I would be very, very, very terrified of seeing BO and his RINOs get an amnesty passed and then turn the nation into a one party permanent dictatorship.

            What’s the approval rating for Congress at now? Last time I looked, it was about 8%. Almost 30 percent, according to a recent poll, of kwanzombies think that within the next 4 or 5 years, an armed revolution is going to be necessary in order to protect our liberties. I believe that the 30 percent figure is a gross underestimate. The interesting thing about the poll, though, was how it cut across party lines – although the higher percentages were Whites who live in the Red States, which we would expect.

            The country is slowly collapsing, rapidly Balkanizing, and many of the Red States are in open rebellion against the Communists in D.C. This nation is a tinderbox and all it would take to ignite it is a tiny spark.

            And, I suspect that some of the Communists at the top are sensing that if they try to pass that amnesty, that is the spark that will light this puppy off. Obamacare is going to also risk causing the final nail to be driven in the Commie coffin.

            Democrats are the new Redcoats, folks. Remember that, when 1776 The Sequel kicks off.

            • Tucker

              do you really think that the approval rating is that high (8%) ? i would think it would be negative by now

              Mrs skittle Shittin unicorn just made a brilliant observation i was reading about how Obummer claims to have heard about the IRS scandal on fri and i said so his admin has been running a muck and he knew nothing of it. maybe he was out playing golf again on our dime

              and she said this is yet more proof of how ineffectual he really is and how clueless he must be. and her favorite term is Feckless.


              ineffective; incompetent; futile: feckless attempts to repair the plumbing.
              having no sense of responsibility; indifferent; lazy.

              I think this describes the whole DC power base but especially this Clown.
              i can imagine that there hoping that the RINOs will get the amnesty bill passed and they will swoop in and collect 11 million new dems and never have lifted a finger to actually get them.

              we need a way to identify the Dems in the coming days. during the revolutionary war it was easy but now its going to be almost difficult.
              i know those in my neighborhood and they will be the first to go but past my area its going to be tough.

              Skittle shittin unicorn

        • Not one more inch.

          • Walt…just remember not to use your Zippo.

        • @ Paranoid =

          There is something to be said for being old as long as you are still functional. No one has ever ‘survived’ this thing we call life; we all end up going out feet first. At a certain point any fear or trepidation that we may have of death recedes and the ‘Reaper’ begins to look more and more like an old friend come to take you home. The ‘young bloods’ that we will have coming against us will be deathly afraid and thinking of all that life has in store for them in the future, as well as perhaps a wife and young children waiting for “daddy” to return home. Their fear can work to your advantage as well as to their disadvantage. It’s tough to be a ‘hero’ while you’re busy pissing your pants!

          Aim low boys & girls …. aim low and score big! God bless & good luck to all who post here.

        • Paranoid,

          + 100 ^^

          It is only possible to kill me. I”m too old to fear them. Perhaps they should fear us.

          If we’re gonna die anyway let’s do it in a pile of brass and dead storm troopers.

          • Actually if anything keeps me going it will be all that free brass. Just against my nature to let it go to waste.

          • Actually if anything keeps me going it will be all that free brass. Just against my nature to let it go to waste.

      3. Here they are again trying to urinate on the Constitution and water it down. This is so infuriating to me. Mac, before I send what I wrote about much of this I want your permission if you don’t plan to revamp it or do something with it in the future. Please let me know, because this type of garbage of these characters trying to rewrite the Constitution makes everyone with any sense so angry. Too many of the ignorant masses just want to trash the Constitution for some type of new BO laws. Sickening to say the least.

      4. When was the dissent written? if it was before the ruling by the 9th and the other justices had a chance to read it and think about it and then still ruled as they did, there’s not much I can say that you all are not already thinking. Disgusting 🙁

      5. I honestly hate that the NRA took the stance that the 2ND Amendment is about hunting and sporting purposes. It was conceived to keep the government in check and is still now to keep the government in check. To think of it in any other capacity is a mistake.

        • I’m unaware of that position from the NRA.

          I was fortunate to have heard the late Mr Heston’s “From My Cold Dead Hands Speech” from 20 feet away from him.

          • And I’ll never forgive tht fucking cocksucker Michael Moore from shitting all over him when he was too old to know what was going on.

            Wanna take on some 2 year olds too, Moore?


            • That fat fuck needs a sucker punch to the throat, then split him open with a packing knife

              • The Karankawa way is to open your enemy up with a gut-hook and eat his heart. That way, his strength gets magically transferred to you. On second thought, though, eating Mr. Moore’s heart might turn you into a giant hamster.

                • Feed him to the worms, with all the rest of the ‘progressives’.

                  See below on how to recognize them.

          • The NRA is fucking useless, I guess you don’t remember how fast they rolled over on the issue of gun confiscation during Katrina, when troops were dragging people out of their houses and collecting their guns? The only thing they want is keep collecting the dues payments!

            • @ BW:
              Useless may be a bit of an exaggeration but I would encourage everyone to consider “Gun Owners of America” as an alternative. Their organization is built upon the (correct, imo) proposition that the NRA compromises rather than fight tooth and nail for the God-given right to keep and bear arms.

              To quote the famous Mr Kowalski, “Not one more inch!”

              • The NRA is the political heavyweight. Other organizations can talk a great game but the NRA has political muscle via the vote and in the end that’s what counts.

                Perfect no but I know of no large organization as effective as they (no WE) are.

          • I watched a video just the other day with Charlton Heston making a speech about the evils of Political Correctness.

            I had almost forgotten what an outstanding and forceful sounding, patriotic and great American Heston was. The man was absolutely incredible.

            No wonder Slick Willie backed down when Heston accused him of exploiting terrible gun tragedies for his own selfish political purposes.

        • This is why registration is actually deferred confiscation.

        • Montgomery, and right along side of it is Prince George’s County, in addition to Baltiwhore City, control the elections because of their populations. The rest of Maryland doesn’t even come close to matching them. All of them voted for O’bobba-nobba.

      6. That’s why there needs to be a 1994 style electoral backlash in 2014.

        Absent that… well, the people at large no longer support the Second Amendment, and that is a different sort of world.

        • The problem is that the 2 party system has morphed into Diet Coke vs Diet Pepsi. So voting in the minority party brings you the same. 😉

          • Whether there’s a hair’s difference between the two parties or not, nobody wants to be fired.

            Everyone is afraid of being voted out of office.

            • i don’t think they’re that afraid.

              • only because they think they’re going to win.

                they may be right. the general public has shifted away from the second amendment, i think.

                the fact remains that democrats were afraid to address gun control in any way for almost a decade after the 1994 backlash.

            • There is not one dimes worth of difference between the two parties we have. They both want total control it’s just how to get it.

              Keep the FAITH

          • And both contain aspartame which causes cancer. A new party of Patriots must RISE if America is to remain free. the PTB fear an armed, informed, and engaged electorate.

            They came to power through the political process. They CAN be eliminated the same way. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Educate the young, the stupid, and the ignorant.

            Take a Sheeple to the range.

            • I agree with you but the other 50% of the population that put these people in office ALSO fear an armed, informed, and engaged electorate. They will vote opposite of the patriot just to ensure that these “gun nuts” don’t let their candidate get into office.

              Sadly, the public has become so conditioned now that I honestly think that this country will NEVER solve its ideological divide and the only way to truly move forward is to split the US into two countries. Of course that’s a whole different set of problems.

              • Whether a democracy is good or bad depends entirely on who shows up.

              • One third of the population are republicans. One third of the population are democrats. One third of the population are independents.

                50% in opposition? I don’t think so. O’Bummer’s election was a vote against Bush and Free Trade. His re-election occurred because white Americans stayed home. Some white Americans actually voted for O’Bummer, didn’t they Walt.

                They learned their lesson.

                Divide the country in two, between producers and parasites. No. Eliminate the NWO and overnight the parasites will realize that they must work to eat; or follow the Globalists into oblivion.

                The NWO would never be satisfied with just half of America. They want the whole world. Appeasement never works. That is the primary lesson of history and it is a psychological fact.

                Take America back or bend over and take it in the ass. Engage.

                • Sorry DK but you got that wrong.
                  1/2 of americans vote.
                  Of that half 1/3 are D’s, 1/3 are R’s, and 1/3 are I’s or third party.

            • DK, are you avail to go to Spain and oversee them do the Vote counting next election? They will keep sending votes to spain or other nations to count usa votes. Forget votes. Voteing=Too Late for it. I think EVERY election at least since JFK has been swindled and every or most every federal official is Appointed regardless how many or few votes they win.

              Consider: Every new candadit not before elected MUST before even anouncing their Intent to run for office, Must do an Obligatory Visit to Israel and bang their foreheads and thrust their pelvis at that wailing wall of fame, then obtain approvals from all important Rabbi’s and Elected officials of Israel First. Then they can announce their run for election.

              That is Procedure No.1 mandatory muct do for every us rep us senator and especially us prez. NOBODY gets elected without a good performance in Israel period. Even Rand Paul went there! Any who refuse are trashed in usa msm and their carear is Ended for ever. Our Votes are a joke and do not matter nor count. Every repub and dem Panders to israel and rabbi’s etc and blows off Us folks. They pander to what equals a whopping 1.5% of usa population aka Jewsih POP. Its not PC to say it but it Is Truth.

              • TG: I understand that those are the political realities now, but they weren’t always so. They need not remain as they are now. Think hope and change.

                Ok, forget that phrase, just think Restore America. Sometimes the best way “forward” is to return to the basics.

                Patriots (read 100 million American gun owners) can reshape the current political landscape. American Gun Owners are the largest single constituency. Only 129 million votes were cast last election.

                Where were the gun owners? Engage.

                • DK, I agree on all you said. I said for decades the same. “IF” most all gun owners will simply vote as one group we can take over the entire usa govnt at every fed and state level. Only the ghetto BRA(Black Run America) locations are off limits to such full take overs. And them ghettos won’t matter if we gun owners did such.

                  BUT! the Main problem is, and it comes full circle to all we face as troubles every time is this. How do We types get so many folks organized?..If we could convince so many of ANYTHING to all agree on, there is Nothing we cannot accomplish. That is the $64 question eh. HOW?

                  Sometimes it seems history proves only After faced with insurmountable circumstances will folks do whats needed. And history also proves Most times they still wont!

                  We need a person of the Same magnitude to arouse folks as Hitler was. NO! I do NOT mean in every way hitler acted etc!…I mean One specific way Only. That being an ability to arouse the masses and one who Preaches to same masses a Need to Focus on USA and OUR peoples and Halt every fuckin foriegn aid cash payout, bring troops Home to Guard OUR Borders. Round up every stinkin illeagle and NEVER Reward them for violating immigration laws as well as use of false soc sec ID’s Stolen From Valid usa citizens.

                  And Use of RICO-Act fed laws to ROUND Up every swindler politition and msm asshole out there. Lifetime Prison or Death by Hanging! depends How evil they was or are(juries of Us folks types can decide facts).

                  If you research How hitler fixed wiemier republic horrible problems and did so in Less than Five yrs, and did so without harming a single jew or any other folks. You will see his first move was Boot Banksters OUT and take control of banks/money much as JFK tried to do.

                  But as germany had zero gold or silver, instead of as jfk used silver backed cash, germany backed their “New” cash by Labor worked and Products or services made or done by Laborers. Their new cash was DEBT FREE as well as INTREST FREE!…In Less than 5 yrs total germany was so well restored, it became a real Threat to what was Then, the worlds Top industrial etc nation which of course was England. Brits were so scared of germany advancing to be better or wealthier they Gladly agreed to WWII along with their jew banksters pals there and in NY.

                  The actual restoration of germany from wiemier to fixed is an amazing read. “IF” you find and read the True facts that is. NOT all what we been told to believe. We were taught Lies big time. Thats due to the eliets in england as well as the usa Feared what will happen if avg regular folks like we are found out HOW germanys success occured. Especially that Boot Banksters part of story!

                  Well thanks to internet as well as Honest truth seekers who shared their info we ALL can now read about the True WWII facts as it happened. And of course the Before WWII facts. General George Patton figured it all out near wars ending. Patton was correct too. His Diary shows entries of “We, America have made a dire Mistake when we Fought the WRONG enemys!” Patton was right. We the usa should have assisted germans fight the russian Bolshevik Kommies and kill off every last kommie period.

                  Patton also feard and said so that due to usa prez and other “officials” rejection of pattons pleas, We will be fighting Kommies ON USA SOIL in the future. Well, was patton also right on that?…I too fear we soon shall find that out, and patton will again be proven right.

                  Todays folks in usa, Especially Boomers whos parents went to fight WWII, as did My father(korea also) are mostly Unable to consider these truths. Most cant phathom that their dads or uncles Fought the Wrong enemys in wwii!

                  Well Read a book about pattons diary as well as pattons Private letters to home/wife/old military pals etc. Then look back at last 60 yrs of america and especially Todays america. Ask self was Patton correct? I say absolutly he was right! America fought the Wrong nation in WWII.

                  And just maybe if we did join germans against russian kommies perhaps all them evils of germany would not have happened. After all germany faced the entire free world against her before finally losing. By that point who knows? Maybe they gave up all hope. We would too if it were our nation and we Knew we was right.

                  It took me quite awhile to concvince myself I had to believe Truth and Facts. Not simply believe whatever we was told to since we was kids. Our Fed Govnt Had and still Has a Huge Vested intrest in Us never learning the actual trurhs of WWII. Bank on that. I learned it anyways! Everybody should learn it I think.

                  Learn how they fixed enonomy etc in germany, and you too will likly agree it IS the best plan and was Proven to work marvels there in germany. And AGAIN! Forget false historic info we was told. germans Fixed it all withOUT harm to even one single jew or other non jews. Yes war changed that LATER. I am strictly speaking of how to FIX the usa Today.

      7. I fully support the Second, but the historic examples prove only one thing: a complete lack of knowledge regarding actual history.

        Let’s take Hitler. Nazi Germany’s gun laws were in fact laxer than those of the Weimar Republic. Yes, the Jews were not allowed to own guns (Nuremberg Laws, etc, so that wasn’t really anything new for them), but everybody else was, and could get them easier than just a few years ago. Most of the six million Jews didn’t resist because they didn’t expect things to turn out to be so bad. When they finally woke up, it was too late.

        Ironically enough, anyone who had read Hitler’s stuff with a working brain should have known what was to come.

        The ghetto uprising, while brave, also only really worked because it caught the Germans off guard. Initially. In the end they were still slaughtered.

        Hitler’s plan wasn’t really Hitler’s plan. he was heavily influenced by the Schönerer group and by German socialists who, even before WW1, dreamed of destroying the Jews (so that they could destroy capitalsm; Karl Kautzky, chief ideologist of the German socialist party -party still exists today as the SPD- said exactly that in 1914.)

        If anyone thinks that 6 million armed Jews would have been able to resist, then it’s only two things: horrible naivety and a total lack of historic knowledge. The Nazi laws made sure that the Jews were disenfranchised over a course of several years. That and many willing little Hitlers who worked against former neighbors and friends. Hitler could only happen in Germany for a reason.

        It’s not any different in any other totalitarian system. Things don’t just turn bad at once, the evilness slowly creeps in. By the time people realize what’s going on they’re already defenseless.

        • The people allowed to possess arms were loyal to the NAZI Government. As Mr Heston said, “arms were for the elite and those that did their bidding”.

          Regarding the viability of Jewish resistance just look at the Bielski brothers limited resources and numbers. Six million with small arms in your backyard that you plan on terrorizing is a whole lot more difficult than 6 million unarmed. A lot more NAZIs would have perished and a lot more Jews could have had the potential to flee.

          If disarming the intended victim groups was not a facilitation then tyrant upon tyrant was wrong because the playbook was repeated over and over in country after country.

          • And if the Jews had been armed and yet would have proved no deterrent to the Nazis…..then…..why disarm them at all?

            Ediohiguma is engaging in a logical fallacy….his assumption being that just because the Nazis were in control and had superior weaponry, that resistance was futile.

            Toward the end of the war, there was an incident where a German company had been ordered to kill all of the survivors in one of the concentration camps. What they did not know, is that a few of the camp prisoners had managed to arm themselves with some abandoned German Mauser rifles when the prison camp guards had left the camp. Those few Jews held off that German company until the Germans finally just left.

            History has shown that with an insurgency, even a small number of armed rebels can provide significant serious resistance against a superior force.

            If examples are needed….just look at Vietnam,…and more recently Iraq and Afghanistan.

            • Create a Freedom cell where you live. The NWO can be eliminated overnight. And at 1000 yards. When the most vocal Gun Grabbers wake up dead, the lemmings that follow them will sing a new tune.

              It only takes one man or woman who refuses to yield their seat on the “bus”.

              • @ dk

                Hear hear. One determined man had ten thousand costumed tax parasites in Southern California wetting their pants. To the point they were shooting anything that moved.

                What if there were 20 small teams, independent of each other, determined to decimate the statists as much as they could? Multiplied by 100 places across the country. As scary as their tech the tyrant doesn’t have the numbers to put that down.

                I’ll bet lots of Afghan goat herders died when faced with those Soviet Hind gunships.

                But the USSR lost and the goat herders fight on.

                re: the “useful idiot” grabbers … when it goes hot the worst of them need to pay some kind of price. What kind depends on how much blood each one has on his or her hands.

                We’re all on multiple lists. Suppose we compile our own lists. Bosnia etc was ugly. But that’s coming here. To pretend otherwise is pie in the sky by and by.

            • Look at afganistan, opiate farmers in sandles and dresses and AK47s
              Lot of good all the modern military hardware does against them

            • It’s always the Jewish law makers who are trying to disarm us.

              Why.. because the banking sys. is owned by the jews.

              They are trying to create debt slaves.

              Go read…
              The elders of the protocol of zion.

            • One armed person sleeping in a boat with nothing to lose held up Boston for a whole day. Thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of awake citizens with everything to lose; well just thinking out loud.

              • The reports say they found NO weapon. There was no exchange of gunfire, except just before they noticed the cameras on them.

                • Just Two African Blacks one aprox. 40 yrs old the other 17 yrs old, with ONE AR-15 and ONE 10 yr old egg beater chevy impala, had the Entire state of maryland as well as Most of Virgina state and all of DC in total Lock Dowm mode for Two whole weeks!

                  Recall it? Black antiwhite police chief insisted, No he Demanded! it was White shooter lone wolf from deep south with a pick up truck and empty beer cans in back!

                  While Cop Chief head monky in charge kept search going for Whitey, Two lone black Killers terrified the Two states and DC for Two weeks while TV news kept alerting citizens to NOT venture out doors at all. If must go outside, Learn/Practice walking like GROUCHO MARX duck-walk! Recall that?…MSM=”Ok people IF you must go outside, do the ZIG and ZAG when walking and Crouch Very Low to ground! Fuckin Hillarious! Zig and Zag walking while crouched very low! Only thing missing was a big Cigar like Groucho marx used!

                  Picture 1/2 to 1 Million pissoed off patriots doing the same as them TWO lone wolf killers did.

                  That new fangled Zig/Zag walking almost replaced Rap music monky down dancing! Unarmed leftist Kommies at their Finest.

          • If the 11 million killed in the Nazi camps had resisted with force, even kitchen knives, let alone pistols and rifles, an additional 500,000 wounded or dead German troops, a 20:1 ratio, would have had a very pronounced effect on the length of the war.

            • At a minimum mass murder would have become quite inefficient because Jews would have been shot on site rather than attempt to be captured alive. The Japanese in the Pacific that wanted to surrender often were not afforded the opportunity because of fear that they would turn on you at the last second taking you with them. A secondary outcome would have been to put the genocide out in public view as opposed to a controlled hidden death factory.

              Like a criminal attempting to kidnap you NEVER GET INTO THE VEHICLE. Shoot me here in public.

        • The terror does creep up but prior to death camps incidents tend to galvanize those able to resist. Kristallnacht is one such incident that with the intended victims armed would have been a line in the sand. I don’t know if the Brownshirts and their companions would have been as brave knowing Mr Silverstein would shoot them. If the weight of law went on the side of the people supporting terror which it surely would have the “final solution” would have been far more disorganized having to start too early and therefore it would have been far less efficient at mass murder.

          No way in hell were they no better off if they were armed.

        • Hitler had popular support, and came to power by legal means. I’m not at all sure what your point is.

          The population of Israel is less than 8 million, and they seem to defend themselves well enough.

          • My point is that its very difficult, abet impossible to herd masses of armed people into cattle cars for incarceration with a high probability of eventual extermination. Many more Jews would have lived by escaping if they were armed as the Bielski brothers showed.

            One is never better off hoping for sympathy from those wanting to kill you.

            • Kevin2, I was responding to Edo.

              I see your point, and I agree.

              • Selkirk

                Sorry my apologies. Just keep pointing out the bad guys for me. I get so involved in the research and writing its like an algebra problem that in the end I forget why I want the answer in the first place.

                • Just take a look at any MSM headline and you’ll quickly remember what you were searching for.

                • Keep pointing out bad guys eh?…Hows about now with so much info on nazis etc you try researching those who killed so many More people and did so 20+ yrs Before anybody heard of Hitler. IE: Those Russian and Polish Bolshevik Kommie Jews who invented communisim and began the largest bloodbath in all of known history. What they did makes the nazis Pale in comparison.

                  ps are you aware that at least a few so called death camps used by nazis were actually Located In Russia, and Built Before nazis came to power, by Russian Jew kommies?

                  What do you think bolshevik jews used them same camps for Prior to hitlers comming to power? Russias bolshevik jews didn’t build them camps for fun!

                  Also be sure to check out many usa and european newspaper headlines similar to the NY Times paper of 1933 when huge headlines declared. “Judea Declares WAR! on Germany”

                  Under headlines story mentiones how important it is for the entire worlds jewery or international jewery to not only Destroy germany, But to Also Exterminate Every German wherever they are found, regardless of nation german folk are in! 1933!!

                  Several Other newspapers of same era 1933 had headlines that stated in Huge bold lines “Jews of the World Unite in WAR against Germany”

                  None of Us folks were ever taught or told of that. Just shows how many Lies we were told of WWII huh.

                  ps 1933 was way Prior to even one single jew or a hair on a single jews head got harmed. Yet it was Jews declared War against germany and used that word “Exterminate” against German persons worldwide. This is all easy to verify facts complete with scanned pictures of actual nespaper headlines of that.

        • My observation is that tyrants always tell people EXACTLY what they intend to do, but people hear what they want to hear. “We’re 5 days away from fundamentally transforming this country”.

        • Well lets see , going down swinging or going down slave laboring after six months on starvation rations ??

          decisions , decisions

        • You really need to stop spreading lies.

        • Most Americans think coronavirus is an allergy to beer.

          • It NOT? Lord be blessed!

        • Mortality rates:

          H7N9 – 25%

          Coronavirus – 54.5%

          Holy Crap! Serious pathogens.

          Thanks for the update Satori.

        • @ Satori. I don’t know where you could find this, but what is the contagious ratio. In other words, when one person has H7N9 or the coronavirus how many people exposed actually catch the virus. I imagine it would be higher with the corona virus. Like with smallpox, each person that has it can expect to infect 10-20 people with them alone from very casual contact. I think this number is low but what I have read about this. IF either of these viruses has a lower than 1 to 1 ratio, then it will not spread much at all. Unless of course it mutates to become more infectious.

      8. The controlling of the populous is becoming so blatant it’s amazing anyone can put up with it anymore. I for one won’t give an inch. I’ve given all I will and I’m willing to stand my ground. The bastards in charge can kiss my ass. Obama first.

        • They’re eating pretty well (maybe too well). Political stability is predicated on the continuing availability of affordable food. Circus is only an effective diversion if one is not hungry.

      9. Learn from the past,prepare for the future.

      10. Given a choice tween foodstamps and firearms most of the bleating braying herd will take the stamps. Don’t count on your community too stand with you .

        • M

          Yep the cheeseburger will win hands down.

          Henry Kissinger said something to the effect that if you control the energy you control a nation but if you control the food you control the people.

        • The hell with the community my whole damn family has bought QUEEN OBAMA,S lies

          • Swampratt

            Same here brother(may I call u brother?). My family is the same. It drives me batshit. Their only source of info is MSM and they believe that’s the holy truth.

            You take care my friend

            watch your 6

            • BRAIN DEAD yes you are a brother as for the mainstream
              media people need to stop watching that bullshit they are all owned by the elite one fuels the other and everyone buys their shit stop watching it……..

      11. At this point I am thinking become extremely proficient with a recurve bow, and amass the components to make a few hundred arrows
        Quiet, deadly, reuseable, those nice expanding broadheads are great, 1-1/2″ cutting circle, right through some fuckers sternum, that should work. No permits,

        • Soon as you shoot someone just as illegal. Indians lost.

      12. Worth repeating. I enjoy throwing this in the face of Second Amendment hating liberals. It dramatizes just how far the mindset of the country has moved in the last half century.

        “Certainly one of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. This is not to say that firearms should not be very carefully used and that definite safety rules of precaution should not be taught and enforced. But the right of citizens to bear arms is just one more guarantee against arbitrary government, and one more safeguard against tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible.”

        US Senator Hubert H Humphrey Feb. 1960

      13. I’m ready as I’ll ever be.

        As a side note, the canteloupes are sprouting, the tomatoes are in bloom, and the strawberries are turning red. Just got a black grape vine to go with the scuppernongs.

        And we just had an M 1.9 solar flare a little while ago. There have been more flares lately.

      14. I’m just amazed when people say ” this is America….the govt won’t take your guns. They just need to know which bad guys have them.” The only reason America is America IS the 2nd amendment. They don’t understand registration is the first step to confiscation.

        On another note, in the break room of one of the facilities where I’m credentialed I was chatting with some of the employees. One of the girls said something about her kids Facebook post or something,and he told her the govt sees these things when they use certain words. So I began to tell her about the recent media reports of the govt intelligence agencies recording EVERYTHING electronic. I told her about James Bamfords book shadow factory and how AT&T looks the other way while the govt mirrors all fiber optic cables. she was floored. Then I proceeded to tell her how the Chinese scientists hybridized h5n1 and human influenza. She hadn’t heard of it. Said she learned more from me than the news. I told her to get on drudge and search other real investigative news sites. Felt good to know someone was listening.

        I’ve seen some other reports that indicate more people are taking notice of the nanny state and taking action locally.


        • Pen CRNA

          Criminals cannot be compelled to register their firearms and they cannot be convicted for a failure to do so. You can’t make this stuff up.

          Haynes v US 1968

          The National Firearms Act of 1934 required the registration of certain types of firearms. Miles Edward Haynes was a convicted felon who was charged with failing to register a firearm under the Act. Haynes argued that, because he was a convicted felon and thus prohibited from owning a firearm, requiring him to register was essentially requiring him to make an open admission to the government that he was in violation of the law, which was thus a violation of his right not to incriminate himself.
          [edit]Majority opinion

          In a 7-1 decision, the Court ruled in 1968 in favor of Haynes. Earl Warren dissented in a one sentence opinion and Thurgood Marshall did not participate in the ruling.
          As with many other 5th amendment cases, felons and others prohibited from possessing firearms could not be compelled to incriminate themselves through registration.[1][2] The National Firearm Act was amended after Haynes to make it apply only to those who could lawfully possess a firearm. This eliminated prosecution of prohibited persons, such as criminals, and cured the self-incrimination problem.

          • @ kevin2. The whole situation is totally insane. I can’t believe the folks that think criminals will register their guns. My son turned 16 yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised his friends understood that criminals don’t register guns, and that TPTB are coming after law abiding citizens. Especially since I currently reside in Communicut.

            • PenCRNA

              Its goes further than that. Its not that, “they don’t register” but from a legal perspective, “they can’t register”. Registration cannot be applied to a convicted felon already barred from firearm possession. Who it can be applied to is legally established. One can reasonably ascertain the why.

              Look up Haynes v US, copy it and hand it out to those nay sayers in favor of registration.

      15. The Second Amendment was was not written to GIVE men the right to bear arms, It was written to RECOGNIZE that man/women have the natural right to bear arms for self defense and the natural right to be able to fight oppression and take up arms to defend our states. It is my opinion that the Second Amendment is the only thing that has allowed the Constitution,the Bill of Rights and all of the other Amendments we all hold dear to be able to stand the test of time. When the day comes that we the people have to exercise our right to bear arms to the fullest extent imaginable, just remember one thing. It won’t be done to show the evil side of humanity but rather reaffirm our commitment to the Constitution and our love of country.

        We all have rights and privileges but they end where another’s begin.

      16. ‘Those who choose to Ignore History or forget it’s Lessons ;

        are Doomed to Repeat History !’

        over and over again …

        ‘The ‘Butchers Bill’ will be Paid in Blood and innocent lives this time , just as all the other times in history Tyranny raised it’s ugly head against ‘We The People’ !’

        Prepare .


        • ‘Those who choose to Ignore History or forget it’s Lessons ;

          are Doomed to Repeat History !’

          Can you come up with something original? JFC!!

          • nope ! ;0P

            it was true then and is true now … why change it .

            sometimes ‘old’ like the U.S. Constitution is a good thing .


        • Read “The Synagogue of Satan” by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. You will come to know…

          • King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

            the synagogue of Satan

            Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.


          • “I know thy works, and tribulation and poverty, but thou are rich and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of satan”

      17. The logic behind this is essentially that found in France’s “Force de frappe,” or “Force de dissuasion.” In sum, as this plays out here, is that no, Joe Citizen doesn’t need a tank, F-16 or RPG. It is enough for citizens to be armed with guns, which would make takeover prohibitive. As one survivor of Tienanmen Square stated, if 5 mm Chinese had had guns, the story would have been totally different.

        • The intent of 2A was that government could not point anything at us that we could not point back. The 1934 NFA changed that drastically. Before then, U.S. military small arms were always inferior to those owned by individuals. The 1934 NFA passed because most people thought they had no use for automatic weapons and didn’t see the danger it represented.

          • The point of the 2nd amendment is not about the individual right to own guns. It’s about the right to raise a militia for defense against the government. But here as always stupid old people fuck everything up. In the ’50s the majority of old people wanted to ban handguns.

            • @ Eisenkreuz. The 2nd. Amendment is not to just raise a militia against defense of this government alone, it is also for a second line defense for the armed forces against foreign invasion. ANYONE that would try to dismantle the 2nd. is a treasonist that is opening a door for China or other countries to have an easier time of conquering the U.S. Since firearms right now are one of the best lines of defense against a bad internal government, a foreign invading power, and criminals, the 2nd. Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms it means that right to own firearms.

              I know you are very angry with everything that sucks in this country, and you think that older people, those over 30 are responsible. Yet I see the generation Y’s so fixated on modern day crap that they have lost sense with reality to what exactly happens when the society collapses for whatever reason. I see people under 30 that don’t even comprehend what going without a cell phone, i-pad, not getting fed by someone else, in other words Jetson crap. I mean you have seen survival firsthand, and yet there is no way that the 1% of people that prepare are in the majority under 30. Most are about 40-65.

              I see you get so upset with people that don’t prepare, yet you condemn the exact people that do prepare. Genaration Y and Z is the bury the head in the sand and deny everything in the world, and hide behind the electronics like some invisble barrier. Then when it happens whom is going to be in a panic stricken frenzy? Those that have gone without the modern day crap and been preparing, or those that have never experienced anything that has not been total conveninent?

              I don’t know how old you are, but you have to look at those under 30 and say that almost all of them have been zombie infected. most of them don’t have a clue how to cook. This is why you have these manure for brains college students trying to ban pressure cookers. This is whom you respect?

              You are a smart individual with a chip on your shoulder the size of a boulder. Instead of insulting all the old folks here, why not put some of the smarts to work and try to write a constructive article about survival, preparing, something that you know, that others have taught you that maybe we could enjoy reading. Mac is always looking for wisdom on survival and other related material, let’s some of that wisdom then from you.

              You write something worthwhile and you will get praise from all of us old people. Yet those that are under 30 will call you some whacked out conspiracy nut and dangerous to the government and their God, king BO. People here appreciate what they and others can use, even from someone that has called them names and belittled their age for the past months. I think you should choose a better crowd that you actually have more in common with, if you are indeed into prepping and survivalism. Unfortunately very few under 30 have anything to do with preparing, that is a fact.

              • @Be Informed…..

                Quote from your last post:

                “You are a smart individual with a chip on your shoulder the size of a boulder.”

                Actually BI….he’s not all that smart. In fact…to be more accurate, he is the Biblical definition of a fool. (Reference the book of Proverbs specifically and you’ll see what I mean)

                And when you read what Proverbs says about fools….notice what it says in regard to those who try to instruct them. Aw…heck….I’ll just tell you….
                It’s a waste of time.

              • I’m working on a book tentatively appellated “The Bushmaster” which is my treatise on survivalism. A second book on politics is also being slowly formed as I copy and paste all the libertarian rants I write. Someday I’ll edit it into a coherent product.

                • Eisen. Are you going to include your biography? Which one are you using? You have so many. Please include your pro rape views, your hatred of old people, and the way you call people trolls when they school you. The books will of course be written in all caps and contradictions will be plenty. I only wish you weren’t so full of shit and actually found a publisher. The books would make great reading for the sexually inappropriate offender. Hahahahaha. Eisen writing not one but two books.

                • Undoubtedly with a forward from Dr.Seuss.

              • “why not put some of the smarts to work and try to write a constructive article about survival, preparing, something that you know”

                I’d read it…(pause)…I think…(rolls eyes)…yea!hahaha…

                He’d probably write about the most efficient way to bury old people…

            • @Eisencrap….

              Wrong again punk.

              I’d suggest you read some history and the words of the founders themselves before you get diarrhea of the mouth again.

              • @ Walt Kowalski. I think Eisenkreuz if he only started to stop acting like a fool by attacking the exact people that are the foundation of the last remaining people after all this happens and realize this, those closed eyes would finally open. Someone like joker in nc, and other trolls just attack and run and enjoy harming an excellent site like this. Eisen, has extreme opinions that are a lot of the times way off base, but he still has the idea that preparation is the key to survival for what is coming. Maybe there is some hope there. This is why I suggested that he try to write something that MIGHT have some good sense to it.

                I like to give everyone a chance to show that they can contribute to the site. I really beleive that everyone can add to the site, IF they choose to be unselfish and just do it to help others. Maybe Eisen will surprise us. I really hope he doesn’t punk out, because IF he was taught by some highly skilled survivalists I would like to hear what they taught. Other wise you are 100% true and I was wasting my time on a lost cause.

                • I lived in a tent in the woods for 9 months. What do you want to know?

                  • Wow a tent in the woods. I bet it was very dangerous. Did your mom bring you dinner or did you have to open your own Cheetos? 9 months not quite a year? Was that before or after your stint as a pilot, off shore sailor or adult book store owner?

                  • Kreuz

                    Big fucking deal, you act like that gives you some insight into the nature of man yet your position is that of a sheep, and we should all follow.

                    Grow-up or go away, quit adding inequity to your own stupidity.

                  • @ Eisenkreuz. You say you lived in a tent for 9 months. Okay. Without any condemnation towards anyone because of their age or their belief in anything, what does someone have to know if they have to live in a tent after SHTF hard and fast?

                    Temperature being maintained during cold and hot weather, how to better insulate a tent from the elements.

                    How to rapidly repair a tent when it starts to leak mand or tear, and what tools are necessary to do this with.

                    The differences between a heavy canvas tent and the cheapo tents sold at walmart, besides the obvious of durability. Canvas tents are much more expensive than those sold at walmart.

                    The best way to put up a tent and take down a tent.

                    Securing the parameter of where you set up camp.

                    Where is the best places to locate a tent in regards to water sources and other considerations.

                    Making a tent more resistant to fire.

                    The best sizes for a person or persons, height width, etc.

                    What to look for when buying an used tent at say a garage sale.

                    Anything else that could help people get the most out of having to survive in a tent if they had to after the world collapses.

                    This would be highly positive, because I truly have not had to live in a tent for extended periods of time. These are questions I would personally like to know as I was thinking about this over the weekend, what IF.

                  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

                    did you take your skate board ? and your belt with the barb wire pattern and skulls head buckle ?
                    how about your imaginary plane
                    and did you remember the photo of your Bit coin?

                • I hear what you’re saying BI…

                  But his problem is not his knowledge of prepping and understanding the need for it…

                  His problem is his basic attitude.

                  In a SHTF situation, I would not let someone like him anywhere near me….and I would not be involved in any group of preppers that would tolerate someone like him hanging around. Guys like him are a cancer…a loose cannon….and will most likely get himself, and anyone around him killed.

                  For another thing…as evidenced by his posts…he has absolutely no moral compass…or at best, a severely broken one. I would not turn my back on someone like him for a second.

                  As far as his level of training is concerned, he has zero credibility as far as I’m concerned. So far, he’s posted nothing that indicates he knows anything beyond what he’s picked up doing a Google search. Extensive training by highly skilled survivalists? LOL! Pure unadulterated bovine scat. He hasn’t lived long enough. And anyone who HAS lived long enough to have that kind of knowledge and skills, has lived long enough to know that probably the best wisdom to be learned will come from those who have actually experienced what they talk about. Someone who REALLY knows their stuff, knows that they should spend more time listening than ranting about how much they know. In fact…the people that I’ve met in life who are the most knowledgeable…and the most wise….are the most humble and unassuming.

                  Eisencrap’s rage against older people is evidence of his foolishness. He blames others for his own failures. I see lots of young people who are making their way through life, and they don’t have this rage and self-pity. They’ve set goals and attained them. But I’ve seen guys like Eisencrap too. Perpetual victims. It’s always someone else’s fault that they can’t be successful.

                  Proverbs 30:11-14

                  11 Some people curse their father
                  and do not thank their mother.
                  12 They are pure in their own eyes,
                  but they are filthy and unwashed.
                  13 They look proudly around,
                  casting disdainful glances.
                  14 They have teeth like swords
                  and fangs like knives.
                  They devour the poor from the earth
                  and the needy from among humanity.

                  • @ Walt Kowalski. I always enjoy your comments, throughly. The loose cannon analogy is one I enjoy, but a wayward cannon can be tied down. If you can calm the altitude of someone you can gain something. Each day Eisenkruez battles many people and this is totally unnecessary and counterproductive. We are maybe weeks away, or days from something hitting so hard that none of us have much left. It is a situation that none of us have ever seen, even those that have lived through world wars. We all need to concentrate on this first and foremost, and he needs to forget about the petty little squabbles he has with many people here and see that there is a far better good to aim for.

                    Someone like that certified nut ncjoker is dangerous and God forbid if that lunatic should go into a mall and decide to be a “hero” for the anti-gunners, this site and others will be investigated by the feds that we drove this maniac to act on all the hate IT had for all of us. Eisenkreuz is not a gun human hunting nut, he is someone with a tremendous amount of frustration with the way things are. I think that everyone here can contribute, and I so much rather have him forget about the BS crap and focus on what really matters, what is coming. Like what the person running against the Mayor in the TV series Jericho when the Mayor was talking about him giving speeches he said, “I don’t care about the election, I care about survival”.

                    This is only what I am concerned about now, as to tell the truth, the past few days I have really been thinking about what is coming and the desperate need to get much more ready than we all are. I guess I am trying to get everyone focused like a laser on getting ready so none of us are caught, WHEN it happens, with our pants down.

                • There are plenty of other people on this site with a lot to offer regarding good contributions without all of the associated bullshit.If eisendouche is that critical to the discussion,than this site is in a whole lot of trouble.

            • Eisenpussy: Stupid old people like me are still a lot smarter than stupid young sissies like you. Liberals have always wanted to ban guns regardless of their age. Your ignorance of history and politics is appalling. And all your your postings of false bravdo are a cover for your abject cowrdice. You talk tough and bad-mouth veterans at the same time yet you didn’t have the guts to join up yourself. There’s a word for people like you-PUSSY. You’re nothing but a fat little turd who plays soldier on your X-Box and you think this makes you some kind of warrior. But you’re nothing more than delusional mall ninja. I think I hear your mommy calling.

            • EISENKREUZ glad to see your back with all your bullshit

          • Once again that word ostensible comes to mind. While NFA 34 was “ostensibly” to control “gangster type weapons” that was not its true purpose. The ultra wealthy bootleggers like Al Capone had monies sufficient to purchase anything they desired and the means and will to break any law. The low level bank robbers almost to a person stole their Thompson’s and BARs from police and National Guard armories. NFA 34 deprived those weapons from the commoner which was its intended purpose.

            The power elite was worried about revolution due to the economics of the time and its potential to fuel communist sympathies.

            Economic collapse
            Confiscation of gold
            Gun control / confiscation

            The three above do not occur in a vacuum.

            • Interestingly during the 1940s and 50s times of economic growth and stability there was no major cry for increasing the control of guns. Need I say that GCA 68 occurred during the 1960s when anti war and civil rights protests were so abundant?

              When you attempt to exercise your First Amendment Rights they do their damn best to take away the Second Amendment.

              Its not about guns its about control.

              • Right Kevin2….

                The major push for gun-control in this country came after the assassination of JFK……we got the 1968 Gun Control Act, that prohibited the direct sale of firearms through the mail, among other things and set up the framework that has provided the gun-grabbers with a legal foothold to deny Americans of their rights as recognized by the Constitution. It also expanded the power and authority of the Treasury Department by giving us the “gift” of that happy band of jack-booted thugs known as the ATF…not the BATFE (they just keep adding letters, don’t they?)

                And any thinking individual can recognize the assassination of JFK for what it was…..a false flag operation, most likely conducted by the CIA.

                While it is doubtful that the Kennedy assassination was done specifically to give TPTB a reason to encroach upon our liberties (there were other more important reasons), nevertheless, it gave them opportunity to “never let a crisis go to waste”.

                I mark the JFK assassination as one of the major defining moments when they ratcheted up the agenda of the NWO. Because after that we had the war in Vietnam with the accompanying turmoil of the 60’s and the entire social and political culture of this country began to shift radically.

                Next came the “War on Drugs” of the 70’s and 80’s….where we saw even more of our civil liberties eroded.

                9-11 was the next great defining moment, where we are again experiencing an assault on our liberties.

                Notice how each of these events result in the loss of liberty for the average American. The “elite” are seldom, if ever touched by these things. But the common man on the street is every day.

                So now…..we await the next false-flag….or series of false-flags that will be used to usher in the all out tyranny that the globalists have been planning for, and working toward, for literally the last 100 years. Notice the increasing occurance of what can only be described as “suspicious” events…… VA Tech, Tucson, Aurora, Newtown, Boston and now…..New Orleans. And all the while….even more goes on that we never even hear about…or they try to cover up….like Fast and Furious…Benghazi…etc.

                These things do not occur in a vacuum.

                • In the above, when referring to the ATF and BATFE…the word should have been “now”….not “not”.

                  Fat-fingered it.

                • “So now…..we await the next false-flag….or series of false-flags that will be used to usher in the all out tyranny that the globalists have been planning for, and working toward, for literally the last 100 years”

                  That snowball is getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER…

                • Walt

                  I could not agree more. Well written. I would like to use parts of it in the future.

                  My Mother who passed away in 2000 stopped voting after JFK was killed. She said, “Whats the use”? Both of my parents seen it for what it was. My father knows people so well having been a barber for 78 years (seriously 78 years). He can spot a lier better than a detective or lie detector. He took one look at LBJ after that happened and said, “That SOB had something to do with it” by reading his face.

                  Remember the word ostensible, incorporate it into your daily speech and thoughts. In our convoluted world a word that describes being untruthful is so damn truthful to describe everything.

                  My core belief is that I believe nothing. Its sad to say I’m usually correct.

                  • Then you have forgotten one of life great wisdom’s: WC Fields said: “A man must believe in something. and I believe I’ll have another drink”

          • Britney,

            I concur for a different reason. The NFA of 1934 was hurried through the political toilet because everyone was terrified of automatic weapons toting mobsters murdering (mostly) other mobsters. The Saint Valentines Day Massacre, February 1933 in … of all places … Chicago. Hoods dressed as police raided another gang’s hangout. Ventilated them decisively.

            The political vermin made certain no notice was taken of the 99 percent of peaceful persons who owned them for years without incident.

        • Its a better looking zip gun.

          It needs a graffiti mural or cheap nickel plate to really bring out its sales potential.

          • lol…nice.

      18. What will get us in real hot water is if Obama gets to appoint any supreme court justices in the next 3 years. We only have a small majority of justices now that have any respect for the 2nd amendment. It will be interesting when they say our 2nd amendment is just a “damned piece of paper” and allow the gun grabbers to do their thing.Here is hoping none of the current justices die or retire.

        • So go long on torches , pitchforks and rope ?

          • Don’t forget the tar and feathers!

            • and matches… lots of matches…

        • You know, I got to thinking about the supreme court and I wouldn’t put it past the liberal slimeballs to somehow “disappear” or otherwise take out one of the conservative judges. Then they get everything they want.

          • Nah….that’s too obvious.

            Be thinking fast spreading cancer or a heart attack or stroke.

            • Regardless how its done the power elite wouldn’t let something like “The Law” to stand in the way of something they felt was necessary to achieve their goals.

        • This is one thing i dont get,
          NOWHERE, in the constitution, does it say that the supreme court can override the wording or interpret the intent of the bill of rights, so why the hell
          Dont we put these folks on notice that they have no right to do these things?
          Where is it written that they have absolute authority,
          3 BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT, not one over the other, if anything WE hold the authority, not some elected or appointed shit heads.

          • I see what you are saying but look at Roe vs. Wade. If they can ok the butchering of millions of small people all these years, they pack a lot of power. They would have the ability to take our guns and tell us to suck it up. Whether this is power they have reserved to themselves or they have been allowed to run wild, who can stop them? I guess when the shtf, that is one place to clean out first.

          • @Kala: Don’t forget these S O B’S care nothing about the Constitution NOTHING what so ever!

            Keep the FAITH

            • 10-4

              • Sorry KULA for the Kala- no excuse fat fingers (lol).
                Thx for speaking up on all the events going down, you take care.

                Keep the FAITH

          • It’s called the Tail Wagging the dog, and the dog is asleep, hope it wakes up soon.

      19. Mac, if possible could someone post an article showing the correlation between Mr. Hitler’s gun control measures and Mr. Obuggery’s gun confiscation ideals ?It would be nice to have online so one might be able to share it with others too blind to see via text and email.
        Tanks Thog

      20. A repost sorry:

        We are traveling in a very desolate land now, and have come to a cross road. Behind us on the road we have been traveling on, there is a fierce storm on that horizon with a large cloud of dust billowing up in front of it. Our fuel gauge says empty, so we look down the road to the LEFT and see nothing, then we look RIGHT and it’s the same, nothing. Straight ahead down that road nothing to the horizon either, what do we do, where do we go?
        If we go LEFT or RIGHT down those roads, we know that we will be fighting what looks to be very strong and tricky cross winds, so the only way we have left is straight ahead, at least we will have a tail wind to push us along. As we take one last look in the rear view mirror, we see that the storm is not making that dust cloud up in front; Its FOUR HORSE’S with RIDERS and they are fast approaching.

        Keep the FAITH

        • That’s why you look up for your redemption draweth nigh

      21. Russian fleet takes up permanent Mediterranean station
        DEBKAfile May 12, 2013, 7:31 PM (GMT+02:00)
        Russian Navy Admiral Viktor Chirkov said Sunday, May 12, that a permanent staff of 20 officers is in place to run Russian fleet operations in the Mediterranean Sea. It comprises five to six warships and possibly as nuclear submarines which, say our military sources, are armed with nuclear ballistic missiles. DEBKAfile: Russia’s step aims at safeguarding the Assad regime and securing its Hizballah and Iranian allies. It also signals Moscow’s Middle East comeback after a 21-year absence.

        Keep the FAITH

      22. “I prefer dangerous freedom, over peaceful slavery.”

        – Thomas Jefferson.

      23. @BI: Yes the world is on the verge of World War 3. Some of us see it unfolding, but way to many don’t (denial).
        Prepare for the upcoming calamity!

        Keep the FAITH

      24. re: Holding kids hostage for guns

        If you surrender ahything, you will be detained. Once .gov uses the ultimate bargaining chip, how do they ever give the kids back? Once parents get their kids back, it’s open season on .gov personnel of any kind. .gov will have made an enemy of every soccer mom, who will always be expecting their kids to be held hostage anytime .gov wants something.

        In Afghanistan, the Afghans took every opportunity to kill Soviets uising knives, clubs, whatever. Any Soviet who was careless enough to be caught alone or in a small group was in deep doo-doo.

        “It’s like Afghanistan. They’ll never stop.”

        • During the Boer War the British put all the Boers Women and Children non-combatants into brutish prison concentration camps 10’s of 1000’s suffered an died for it .

          the british , israehell (israel) and even amerikan governments all have a history of doing that to break and destroy a oppositions rebellious peoples fighting spirit by taking their women and children hostage placing them into prison camps .

          they will do the same thing here in ZOG AmeriKa to once free Americans who take a stand against the NWO UN ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV GLOBALISTS AND UN AGENDA 21 .

          Prepare .


          • The Boer War: Military Campaigns

            The Boer War Remembered

            Women & Children in White Concentration Camps during the Anglo-Boer War, 1900-1902

            The boer war: How the jews seized South-Africa

            • 333 state, That website of, Hofflandia has quite alot of exallant info. He has personally scanned and posted a massive collection of Over 100+ entire Books you can read free. He has Alexander Solystien(sp?) latest and final book about life in Bolshevik run russia from 1918 untill Post Stahlin era! The final book is “200 yrs together”

              It may or may not be completely posted as yet since its being translated from russian into english. Hoff posts it chapter by chapter as he can.

              Suffice it to say his 100+ full entire books online is one of the best sources for Truth and Facts regarding all info on WWI-WWII-Nazis & Jews issues,and especially Kommie issues truths, and moct everything from A to Z about those issues and times. Most are hard to find and even very Rare books that when found cost a small fortune as just a few copies still remain in existance. Very good site you included.

              Also great site to Wise up the many fact or truth Haters who keep down thumbing posts when they likly know nothing about the issues themselves.

          • Read a little history and you will come to realize that the British are the most evil mother fuckers that have ever walk the face of the Earth. America is on the verge of overtaking them in this notoriety. Just saying. Read “The Synagogue of Satan” and you will also come to know.

            • See the play, or movie, “Breaker Morant.” British army at its worse.

        • BALTIMORE (CN) – Baltimore police beat up a woman and smashed her camera for filming them beating up a man, telling her: “You want to film something bitch? Film this!” the woman claims in court.
          Makia Smith sued the Baltimore Police Department, Police Commissioner Anthony Batts and police Officers Nathan Church, William Pilkerton, Jr., Nathan Ulmer and Kenneth Campbell in Federal Court.
          Smith claims she was stuck in stand-still rush hour traffic in northern Baltimore when she saw the defendant officers beating up and arresting a young man.
          She says pulled out her camera, stood on her car’s door sill and filmed the beating.
          “Officer Church saw plaintiff filming the beating and ran at her,” the complaint states. “He scared her and she sat back in her vehicle. As he ran at her, he yelled, ‘You want to film something bitch? Film this!’
          “Officer Church reached into plaintiff’s car and grabbed her telephone-camera out of her hand, threw it to the ground and destroyed it by smashing it with his foot.
          “Officer Church pulled plaintiff out of her car by her hair and beat her. Officers Pilkerton, Ulmer, and Campbell then ran to plaintiff’s car and joined Officer Church in beating plaintiff and arrested her using excessive force. At all times described herein, plaintiff’s two year old daughter witnessed her mother’s beating and arrest by the Officers, as did others.”
          Smith claims the cops taunted her and threatened to take her daughter away. She says they refused to call her mother to her toddler.
          “The officers, despite the pleas of plaintiff, refused to call plaintiff’s mother. Instead, the officers tormented plaintiff by telling her that her daughter would be taken from her and sent to Social Services. Seeing plaintiff’s distressful reaction to these tormenting threats, they continued,” the complaint states.
          Smith says claims she was arrested and taken to jail on bogus charges that she assaulted Church and resisted arrest.
          She claims Church failed to appear for her trial – twice, and prosecutors dropped the charges, but she had to hire a lawyer and spend more money recovering her impounded car.
          She claims Baltimore police have a history of illegally seizing and destroying recording devices.
          She seeks $1.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages for civil rights violations, conversion and infliction of emotional distress.
          She is represented by Christopher Lyon, with Astrachan Gunst Thomas.
          Police departments around the country have been accused of similar responses to citizens filming them abusing other people.

      25. ninao

        your not answering your phone again.
        your new lil’ toy has arrived at the armory.
        come and get it or i’ll give it to my daughter.
        it’s about her size.


        • @bb

          ‘roger that’ .

          it’s suppose to be ‘small’ ya’ ‘BIG’ dummy . ;0p


          • WELL !! Another false flag!! New Orleans Mothers Day Parade 19 shot!!!

            When are we going to wake to who is really behind this!!

            and do something about it!!!!!!

            • @Thinker … Respect !

              it’s not time yet .

              when a majority of ‘The People’ are penniless homeless hungry scared and angry is when .


              be patient pls . this Freedom Revolution must be fought from the Shadows for now , it cannot be fought in a direct confrontation .

              popular public opinion of ‘The People’ will decide the Fate of America , not going off half cocked wasting time money resources arms ammo and Patriots lives for senseless empty battles skirmishes .

              be patient please … it takes time to build a True Commoner Citizen Resistance to the NWO UN ZOG FEDGOV STATEGOV Globalists and Bankers .

              You are not Alone , We are all here with You and We Are Many .

              NinaO ;0p

            • False flag my ass… looks like a bunch of chocolate mother fuckers trying to act out what they are all about. Just saying.

            • Thinker and Anonymous: No false flag, just idiots being themselves. Did you catch the news (NBC Sunday)? There was one picture which showed the folks around the shooting (blacks) but then it qucikly changed to just a map of the area. The liberal media doesn’t want the public to know the facts. The facts are that balcks make up only 13% of the U.S. population but account for nearly 60% of all homicides, mostly black-on-black (90+%). Whites make up 78% yet the total number of homicides is less than those of the black community. Blacks kill each other at a rate 5X greater than whites (FBI Stats). But since this doesn’t fit into the liberal playbook, they just sort of forget to mention this. Besides, they don’t want to put their favorite race-pimps out of work like the phony reverands Jackass and Greasy Al.

        • r u FROM south Afrikkka?

          • South Africa National Capital

            Unlike most other countries around the world, South Africa has not one but three capital cities. More precisely, the government branches are divided among three major South African cities: Pretoria, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein.
            This concept dates back to the creation of the Union of South Africa, where conflicting views on which city should hold the capital led to this compromise. Much like the very idea of the balance of powers, leaders of early South Africa decided that having all government centralized in one place could give that place too much power, so it divided the branches among three provinces.

            • rogue israeli nuclear arms dealers and manufacturers

              it is known in Nuclear Circles that the nuclear rogue country of zio israel offered to sell the politically socially unstable country of south africa on the international arms black market nuclear technology and warheads .


          • Why want to get together and compare hoods ??

            i have told you to come up to northern idaho and i will introduce you to some good friends of mine.
            we have plenty of nice white hoods and a good stock pile of wood

            Troll killer

            • Dont slander Northern Idaho. There is no KKK here. Just good folks wanting to be left alone. During the last two elections, there were dozens of Ron Paul signs….nothing else.

              • d…b, everytime someone uses KKK to attempt to Silence voices it is always due to either they reject truth and facts, or are under a delusion and kneejerk support some group they think is assisted by such kneejerk replies.

                If we here did a Test reading of sorts, and every person who reads or posts here actually Read Recent articles by a person who has been defamed Non stop in EVERY MSM and whenever they introduce him as a guset on their tv news show they begin with this, “Our Next guest after the commercial break, will be a man known as a Rabid KKK Honcho! David Duke!”

                So Ok, yes a Long time ago, 50 yrs ago as a Younger 18-20 yr old in the deep south of GA did join the KKK…What about ever Since that era?…David Duke not only got elected and Re-elected to serve as Gorgia Stata Rep, he also since obtained a PHD in History, as well as various other degrees.

                And I will bet cold hard cash, that if folks here Read a few articles Duke has written about current affairs and troubles in america as well as Europe of late, AND if NONE here were aware that He was the actual writer, Every single person here would likly agree on most of all his articles stated.

                But alert them ahead of time to Who wrote it?..Get same replies as Hannity et al! “Oh NO! David Duke? hes a Raaayyysssiiisss! and a KKK guy!! Gee hes a bad man! I Refuse to even read a single word he wrote!”

                Thats called Herd-mentality or Group-Think. I call it Kommizim. Don’t believe me? try Reading a few recent duke articles see what You think. Thats if you can handle truth and fact proven history. Which a few here seem very ignorant of, and are Not willing to remedy.

      26. False Flag New Orleans 19 shot at the Mothers Day Parade!!! WTF

        • I would bet that the shooters who got away are already spending their Eric Holder/Obama cash bonuses on cocaine, prostitutes and brand new Cadillacs.

      27. When are we going to wake up, and do something about those who are really behind this!!!


      28. There are no Democrates and Republicans, there are only the “Haves” and the “Have Nots”

      29. Good evening, BI, you’re on target again, and especially your rebuke of Eisen. The 2A does refer to an individual right to possess firearms. Eisen needs to restudy American history. I suggest he read “The Federalist Papers No. 10” in particular. Satori, I read the article you posted the link for; very chilling to think any gun owners would willingly give up their weapons like that. No way I would’ve done that. Everyone here knows my thoughts on this issue but they do bear repeating. We are facing a government that has some of the worst intentions imaginable toward us. We are eventually going to be forced into a nightmare scenario none of us wants, but it’s going to happen anyway. All gun owners in this nation; if you haven’t decided what position you’re going to take, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO. What are you going to do when anyone shows up at your home demanding your weapons or anything else you have? Only you can make that decision for yourselves. As for me, I drew my line in the sand on the day I saw Mt. Carmel burning on TV. My rights come from God, NOT FROM ANY MANMADE GOVERNMENT. Even if martial law is ever declared, I still claim these rights, ESPECIALLY SELF-DEFENSE! I don’t give up anything I have, PERIOD! Just like everyone else here, I’m so sick and angry at what TPTB have done to this nation and I want help save it just like anyone else here. I dread what is coming to this land. Sorry, I had to wipe some tears from my eyes as I’m typing this. Nobody here knows how many nights I’ve broken down over these issues, however, I’m still standing strong. I don’t see any benefit nor logic to submitting to anyone who has evil intentions toward you. You just don’t do that. When I was a kid, my dad taught me if someone hits you, then you hit that person back. It’s called self-defense and WE ALL HAVE THE NATURAL, GOD-GIVEN RIGHT TO ENGAGE IN IT IF OUR LIVES ARE PERCEIVED TO BE IN JEOPARDY! I don’t even follow any legal restrictions on self-defense. Following them could cost you your life. Yes, there is a price tag to following those laws. Before buying the merchandise, check the price tag very carefully, make extra sure you can afford it. Braveheart

        • Braveheart

          “Following them could cost you your life.”


          Your,our,God given rights supersede any law by man..period!

          To protect my life, my precious family, and grandchildren ..I will
          and without hesitation
          under any circumstances..




          • Eisen sitting at a computer calling people pussy. Wow what a tough adventure boy you are. What are you doing? Typing about militias and not joining. You are kinda stupid and nuts.

            • I Think Eisen has never been “Down Range ” and heard those angry snaps of rounds going over your head. Eisen War is not fun, people die (some not in one piece) it’s not like TV. It is only a last resort when you have no other choice. Some times the best fight is the one you walk away from, you NEVER fight your enemy on their terms. You fight to win , you fight on your terms .
              many years ago I read a book it was about a common soldier in the civil war I thought it was crap at the time, I was young with out the life experience I have today. Seeing this in real life up close and personal changed my opinion years later when I reread it, the book ended with this last thought ” I returned from that land of hate , blood and death , transformed forever changed” Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane. This is the face of war . , Braveheart you are not alone keep the faith ! many here feel the same , nothing lasts forever the good or the bad , in the end it will be said we did what we had to do , a willingness to step up to the plate and get things done as well as knowing right from wrong , as long as we hold the moral high ground , a higher power greater than us is still in control of the world I believe if we prepare and help others we will not be abandoned.

              Semper Fi 8541

              For Eisen- USMC 2nd Force recon I know something about the subject , be more humble you may learn some thing that may preserve you life from the people on this site.

              • Ya ya. All your actual war experience. Bad ass eisen slept in a tent AND pooped outside. Top that!!!! Night breaker, it is fucking scary in the woods. It is fucking pure danger. People like you have no idea what courage is. Sleep in the woods for nine months and you will know a terror you have never felt. You were in the marines when all the enemy did was try to kill you. Good god man, you think you are some kind of woods sleeper? Ha. I laugh at you.

          • Adam Kokesh is a ‘Line Sergeant’ nothing more …

            he has his place in the Patriot movement and his ‘Brass Balls’ direct move to march on washington dc shows it .

            his heart and drive is true . his Tactics though are wrong for this fight and his men will pay the price for it .

            his move on washington dc so directly will hurt Our Cause not help it .

            he is giving the ZOG FEDGOV exactly what is wants a Rebellious American Veteran Militia to be used not only to spread fear amongst the rest of America and the world justifying the ZOG FEDGOV POLICIES , PATRIOT ACTS AND MARTIAL LAW , GUN CONFISCATION but to be used for False-Fag target practice as well by the ZOG FEDGOV CIA NSA FBI DHS ATF DEA who will respond to washington dc to protect the zog fedgov false president , his boot licker vice prez and his red commie politic mafia criminal cabinet !



            NOW IS NOT THE TIME !

            NOT YET !


            STAND DOWN ADAM … please think about it . see the bigger picture … washington dc is a trap for you .

            NinaO ;0p

      30. Solar Alert:

        An X-1.7, the first X-dlare to have occured in several months, is IN PROGRES now. This peaked at 02:17 UTC.


        • Additional Addenda,

          The X-flare in-progress at this time is per SolarHam NOT a product of the regions mentioned above. Instead, this flare originated from a region which is still ‘in-shade’ behind the North-Eastern limb… this region is apparent in the STEREO B imaging at a point which will bring it into view in some 18 hours roughly…

          The abrupt change is the character of Solar emissions over the last several days is unexpected, based on the observed, prior behaviour over the last several months and IS inconsistent therwith. The occurance of two of the largest GRB’s ever recorded (one, on the morninng of the 27th and thereafter followed on the 5th of May) over the couse of the time since the 27th of April MAY be related to this sudden upswing in solar output which is being reflected in a sudden jump in the Penticton Solar Flux as measured over the last few days…jumping almost 20 pts in only the last 36 hours…

          Updates to follow IF my Net connection can be ‘coaxed’ to function…..


        • I can not say when there may be a ban. I can say they will take my gun when I am dead. And they are welcome to come, I’m getting old. I pledged to support the Constitution and I will

      31. Good evening, Possee, and you know you’re preaching to the choir here. In my mind, any and all anti-selfdefense laws are NULL AND VOID! You have to be alive in order for anyone to do anything to you. braveheart

      32. Solar Addenda,

        The flare previously metioned is apparently originating from the region of the NOAA 11742-11745 complex of sunspots and appears to be – definitively – of the ‘Long Duration Type’ – ie, an “LDE”. The emitting region is sufficiently obscured by the magnitde of the flare-in-progess that a clear estimation of the actual source is not possible at this time. That said, the emitting region IS rather far along towards the Morth-Eastern limb and the likelihoood of a subsequuently geo-effective CME is low, but NOT zero. Watch the WSA-Enlil Solar Wind simulation at SolarHam-dot-net over the next few hors as it is updated to obtain a clear indication of any expected, later efect.


      33. BI, BTW, I noticed ncjoe’s posts in the 2 previous articles but I totally ignored him per yours and NP’s previous advice. braveheart

      34. Eisen, while I can appreciate the spirit and concern Adam Kokesh and his followers have, I believe an ARMED march on Washington will be detrimental and counterproductive to our cause. An UNARMED march could achieve more and show the public that gun owners are NOT the monsters that MSM would have them to believe. If they go to Washington PEACEFULLY AND UNARMED THINGS CAN COME OUT MUCH BETTER. An armed march may only bring about the very thing we’re trying to avoid; martial law and gun confiscation braveheart

        • I disagree about a peacefull unarmed march. If they march peacefully to DC, the media will totally ignore it. If there are arrests and violence, it will be on every channel and with lots of support. The lib fence sitters are not going to do shit when TSHTF anways, so who gives a damn what they think.

        • Hi Braveheart, I agree unarmed march/protest would be the best approach but I think, (my suspicious side coming out here,) even if it was unarmed march, it would be infiltrated with opponents willing to cause disruption and/or use firearms to strengthen the anti-gun sentiment. They would only need one person willing to fire into the crowd to bolster their illegal gun grab. The sad thing is I’m pretty sure the gun grabbers & politicians have already thought of this angle and are considering/planning this scenario.

          • Marches are for commies. Works for them. Stay away from crowds unless you’re ready to fight.

      35. To everyone, i’m doing my best to tolerate Eisen but he’s really trying mine and everyone else’s patience. I wanted to go off on ncjoe so bad in the last 2 articles, but out of respect for BI and NP, I avioded it, but it sure is tough. braveheart

        • Know what you mean Braveheart feel the same. To relieve the stress imagine the humors of that recent article about the 70 year old former Marine who shot those two thugs in Florida. Didn’t hear a peep out of Eisen about the “old people” then did we? I just had to laugh over that one. Ignoring is the best strategy. On the plus side we have a beautiful day here in TN today..enjoy it Braveheart!

        • It’s easy to skip eisens’ stuff.
          Commies and cowards everywhere.

      36. @ braveheart. If these individuals knew just what grave changes will occur with war or whatever is coming they would be jumping at the chance of preparing, and doing so desperately. 99% of the individuals just don’t take what could and will happen seriously. It is sad and pathetic and why I have tried in last desperate strives to write these articles in attempt to wake up just a few people before it is too late. I feel this need to at least try.

        I see these nuts like ncjo(k)e(r) spouting off with nothing but gibberish and a friend of mine long ago that worked at a mental help facility said, you don’t rattle the cage of the crazy person. Either agree with them until you can get them restrained or ignore them. In the case of ncjoker the best approach is just what the good people inlcluding yourself have been doing, ignore the lunatic.

        What worries me so much is the whacked out laws of BO and the destruction of the Constitution word by word. The BO boys want to shut down sites like this that free think. Get someone like ncjoker that is a total loser and convince this waste that if IT goes out and guns down a bunch of innocent people that this will be the catalyst to have total gun control, being a hero to the anti-gunners is very appealing to these wastes such as ncjoker.

        I try not to exaggerate issues such as this, and I have been around some bad characters in my life, and the way ncjoker talks, this looney tunes is ready to do something. Could the feds shut down the site for a time if this insane wad did something? Maybe for investigation. I personally don’t want to be part of this nut doing something to a bunch of innocent people, and I don’t want CNN (crackerjack numbskull news) and others bad mouthing Mac, the site, and all of us for driving the demented asshole over the edge. My opinion again is exactly what we are doing, leave the mad dog alone.

      37. “Scientists say that global warming will soon have a direct effect on atomic element 79 because its unified 196 atomic mass units have suddenly become subject to natural deterioration due to a heretofore never known heat fission caused by accelerative human degradation of the planet.”

        • Whut?

      38. As I read the Declaration once again, it strikes me just how many people who call themselves free are still in the dark about their rights. Take for instance, “unalienable Rights,” not inalienable rights. The difference is amazing. “UN a lien able Rights” are rights in which no lien or levy can be put upon. Inalienable means incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred. Simply put, when Rights are unalienable, no one can put levy or lien against them. NO ONE! Think about it.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Yep,
          But how the hell do we get all the handout crowd to see this,,,,

      39. 20 per target..would be acceptable….and if you are good then you will have many left for another…..Semper Fi

      40. @ JustOneGuy. You think that region of the X 1.7 flare that will rotate into Earth line will have enough energy left in it when it becomes a danger to the planet? I have seen these regions blow off an X flare and then like a thunderstorm go through the blow out process and weaken considerably. If this region was in the building process then the planet could be in trouble in 5 – 9 days or so. Which do you think is was?

      41. I have believed that the two top threats to human civilization are either the germ or world war. I don’t know how contagious the coronavirus is, and this will tell just how much of a threat it is. 18 out of 34 people dead will likely either go way up as the virus becomes more virulent, or way down as the statistics plataeu out. The SARS virus had a much higher death rate to begin with. I don’t doubt for a second that a super killer virus could not start, even with this one. I just want to know just how infectious it is.

        A global blight to our food supply is a definite high level threat as look at what is happening to citrus crops:

        Now the really big problem as I have been talking about for a long time about boxing in Russia any further, and their willingness to blow up the U.S. and NATO before they are encircled anymore:

        • The top threats to humans are: To little clean water, to many sperm.

      42. The 2nd Amendment does not “give” us anything. As many liberals believe. It affirms the natural right of self defense granted to you by your Creator. The same right granted to the scorpion or the wasp. It sucks, but any law that has already been created to limit your right to defend yourself, is already null and void. The courts will not let you use that as a defense of charges and the juries will not nullify the charges either if you are brought to court since they have been brainwashed.

        • Well said.

      43. Good morning, BI, i’m just now catching your comment #1657240. I agree it’s best to just totally ignore ncjoker considering the circumstances you mentioned, but it is difficult. i’m not even giving him thumbs down. I let off some steam last night with the Crosman. that helped. I don’t know how much longer i can tolerate Eisen. He could be my next object of wrath. Braveheart

      44. When ALL guns are made illegal I would say 70% of gun owners will turn in their guns. 29% will surender their guns when the BLACK UNIFORMED officers comes busting down their door demanding them (this will be done state by state, county by county, city by city)the 1% left will be shot for refusing to surender their guns.
        End of the revolution.
        Lot of people talk big but when you are staring down the business end of am M-16 on full auto into the dark face shields of a Black Uniform you will know fear and defeat.
        I been shot at and I have been at the wrong place at the wrong time and had about (30) 19 year olds with M-16s trained on me with the safety OFF and their fingers ON the triggers ready to rock & roll. And beleive me it’s NO place to be…

        • No shit, commies and cowards everywhere.

          • Got that right sir.I can think of at least 2 on this site that make regular comments trying to impress everybody with their false sense of intelligence.

        • MIGHT be a good time to find out where all the commies in the police gangs LIVE NOW,then when they decide to try to take the weapons,THEY CAN EXPLAIN TO THERE FAMILY why theres so many patriots out side with ropes in their hand……..

        • It would be a tad labor intensive. If a million people were put on that duty and it took an average of 10 for every raid / search at 4 per day they could go through 25,000 homes a day. With 100 million gun owners it would only take 11 years to accomplish. Not that they concern themselves about cost but it would be on the order of 50+ billion per year.

          One would assume with such a heavy hand employed things would get a bit out of hand from time to time which would not be good for PR. Things on this scale cannot be easily swept under the rug. That would probably feed upon itself and it would be a good guess that at some point another plan would be used. The communists would execute a few people to frighten them. It worked there. I just can’t see that tactic working in the US. Its liable to be counter productive to the end goal.

          They need people to volunteer to surrender their weapons without issue. They’re hoping to over time change the attitude of Americans and guns. So far they’re loosing that battle. They also need complete registration. Without it confiscation is impossible.

      45. If anybody see’s Al Gore, will you tell him I need to borrow some of his 200 Million he has to buy a tactor with a heated cab because it’s snowing out, and I’m cold. 5/13/13, Thank you.

      46. The USA is a Republic. It Is not Democracy. In a Republic the ilienable rights of the individual that are outlined in the Constition & bill of rights
        cannott be infringed by the wishes of the many. even if the individual is ony one person and the many is everyone else. A Democracy is nothing more than glorified mob rule. A Democracy is akin to a sheep and two wolves on an island voting on who to eat. In afraid our once great Republic is in grave danger from within?

        • In a country that is 50% commies and most of the rest cowards, what label clothes the sheep, commie, or coward?

      47. 19 People Shot in New Orleans Mother’s Day Parade!

        Aziz, 33, a photojournalist, was at the second-line parade when gunfire broke out at the corner of Frenchman Street and North Villere Street.

        “We turned off of a main thoroughfare to a smaller residential street, and that’s when the shots rang out. I was standing, I believe, right next to the shooter. I saw muzzle flash, but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see who the shooter was,” he said.

        “Everyone around me, except me, was shot,” he said. “I was pretty fortunate to get away.”

      48. Even if Heller didn’t exist the Ninth Circuit’s decision is mandatory authority only within its own circuit. It might or might not have been persuasive authority elsewhere. I like to think the ultra-conservative Fourth Circuit would have ignored it to the extent possible.

      49. TPI, I do believe a small percentage of gunowners will be afraid and turn in their weapons, but I doubt seriously a majority would. I’m not giving up mine regardless of the outcome. Anyone who comes to my home with weapons drawn I have to presume they’re coming with evil intentions and I will respond accordingly, meaning acting in self-defense of myself and my home and that is my natural, God-given right to do so. NOMI CATIMF braveheart

      50. On another note….

        How do you recognize The Enemy in a civil war with no colors? It appears others on here have given this some thought too. This time, whether you call it civil war, or Revolution II, whatever, we have a problem. Who’s the enemy? Sure, we all know the leaders and the suits, the bankers and the corporation heads, but, what about the soldiers? They will be the problem. One thing I’m sure of, is that the evil ones will gather together. Bullies do that, they gather in groups. We, on the other hand, do not. Will we allow our very intelligence and individuality to become our Achilles heel? Or, can we agree on ONE THING?

        If you can’t recognize The Enemy, learn to recognize friends, through a common bond, The Good guys. The ‘colors’ are usurped already, and are the worthy battle standard, but, when you’re up against drones and goons, not so much, this will not be the kind of stand in ranks and take each other out kinda war. It will be a hit and run, duck and cover, escape and evade, guerrilla war. So, knowing that there will be friendlies within the ranks of the enemy, they need some way to identify themselves in an ambush, and other situations of face to face contact. This has always been the role of The Colors, in battle.

        So we can use reverse psychology… WE NEED A COLOR.
        Something that stands for the Good Guys.
        Something pure.
        Something not already taken.
        Something frowned upon by evil, because they don’t understand goodness.
        Something used for truces, because we don’t WANT to kill.
        Something easy, torn from a bedsheet or diaper to make an armband, hat band or scarf.
        Something that doesn’t have any connotations or symbols that would give someone away to the bad guys. Like a handkerchief, that could be hung over the side of a door or from the antenna.
        Something all patriots must agree on. BUT, if we don’t agree on something, one day, we will regret it.

        I propose WHITE.

        • A red cross on a white field…

        • I suggest a simple snake with the words: “Don’t Tread on Me” written below

        • I recall that white is actually the absence of all colors…not a bad idea…but it stands as asymbol of surrender and stands out, making it a nice target.

      51. i MET A RUSSIAN SPECIAL FORCES CAPTIAN,in wal-mart the other day and HE WAS WEARING,a us army uniform,so much for IDing the good guys and bad guys,their all dressed the same,gee you think our military might be in bed with the russians………I THINK SO…………….

        • Tell US more. where? who was he with? What base was he working out of? Etc.

      52. Good idea but bad color selection. White is for surrender. Never fly a white flag… especially in the face of either danger or solidarity.

        • Surrender .. yes, that’s the idea.
          But not flags… no… for that I would probably prefer the stars and bars…
          Or a simple ‘V’ for vengeance and victory.

          This is a recognition signal in a confused situation, or meeting in the street. There are no primary colors left…

          Black = bad guys
          Old Glory = neutral (we will both have the same flag because we all think we’re the ‘good guys’? Maybe old glory w/a V device? There are possibilities, for ‘standards’, but that is not the same as a ‘gang color’, and regardless, if the ethnic is the key, it will still be a color based war. But then, whose side will progressives be on?)

          Red = Communism
          Blue = democrat/jewish
          Yellow = cowards
          Green = Islam
          Purple = royalty
          Rainbow = gay

          Give a color, don’t just argue against it. If the battlefield isn’t defined, it will simply be chaos and anarchy. And yes, this is a thought experiment, I didn’t think patriots could even agree that the sun would come up tomorrow.

          • The battlefield has already been defined, as have a large contingent of the enemy. I don’t need a flag to know who my enemy is and I certainly won’t fly one to let my enemy know for sure that I am his. After SHTF, everyone who is not my ally is my enemy. I already know who my allies are and I have a lot more enemy’s than allies. Fly a flag and get your ass shot off.

            • So, you’re kind of a ‘shoot first and ask questions later’ kinda guy…
              The question was rhetorical and theoretical… but, a standard is not a ‘color’ of identification.

              I do prefer the Gadsden, but, not that ugly yellow background. Maybe the white background with a red cross in the upper field added would communicate our ideals.

              But no, I would not be carrying a standard in the field, and would hope a stranger wouldn’t shoot me simply because I was a stranger… which is what you’re implying?

              • Shoot first and ask questions later only on a case by case situation. For me, reading one’s intent is fairly easy in most cases but there are so many exceptions that one simply has to rely on their gut at the moment. IFF is, by and large a constantly changing series of codes and the more technology has advanced, the more that is so. In any SHTF scenario it is important to maintain a certain degree of discretion but especially in today’s total surveillance high tech world where the government has had endless resources over the decades to build high tech stealth, comms, eavesdropping and encryption systems that the average citizen has no access to, it is more important than ever to maintain a very low profile with regard to one’s IFF code. Having said that, I think it is too bad that more like minded and peaceful people are unable to come up with a fool proof system to identify themselves to one another without compromising their own safety and that of their family. In a true SHTF scenario, all bets are off and IFF will become very tricky.

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