The U.S.’s Problem With PC-Culture: Lack Of Free Speech Will Be The Country’s Downfall

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    Without free speech returning in full force to college campuses across the United States, the country will see itself perish of politically correct induced culture. One American journalist says that the PC culture will be the entire country’s downfall.

    Nothing less than the U.S.’s survival is at stake, according to American journalist and author Robert Bridge.  In 2013, Bridge’s book, Midnight in the American Empire: How Corporations and Their Political Servants Are Destroying the American Dream, was released. The book details how corporations work with the government to kill the American Dream. Now he’s saying that the suppression of free speech on college campuses has gone way too far, and unless people are allowed to think and say things freely once again without repercussions, the entire country will perish.

    As Bridge wrote  in an article for RT, “America seems to have reached the point in its ‘progressive’ development where those who seem to have literally lost their minds – much like the authority figures in Ken Kesey’s masterful 1962 novel, ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ – wish to institutionalize the remainder of the sane population.”  And Bridge is not far from that truth.

    Every day we are bombarded by the PC crowd telling us just what we can say and how we are allowed to say it. It is actually pretty difficult to say anything anymore without someone dictating the manner in which it can be said. And it all stems from America’s most insane of all asylums, college campuses.

     [This] leads us to the greatest insane asylums of them all, the American university. Once the proud home of intellectualism and academic freedom, these centers of higher learning now resemble fanatic hotbeds of intolerance and bigotry where an invasive type of poison ivy has overrun the structures, leaving the ivory towers to whither in perpetual darkness. Most people are only too familiar with horror stories of campus censorship where activist-minded students work to prevent guest speakers – sometimes by resorting to outright violence – from airing their ‘controversial’ ideas.” – Robert Bridge, via RT

    Free speech, free thought, and the free exchange of ideas are now all to “radical” for institutions of higher learning.  Unless both sides can agree that all speech, whether you like it or not, whether it’s fake news or not, whether you agree with it or not, should not be punished.  Words cannot hurt anyone and shutting down speech has been the beginning of the decline of several once great nations.


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      1. If you don’t use a right you can’t keep it.

        • My neighbors asked me why I built a mortar/cannon and a nicely ‘furnitured’ bang-stick shotgun out in the front yard. The questions of “is that legal” (it is provided you stay with smooth-bores) and many others came up. I told them, it’s all a part of my 2A right. And the only way people will ‘get it’ is if they see it right out in the open, normal as can be…. The virtually universal response was, “cool, didn’t know that….. nice guns”. Got another neighbor who also built a cannon – a beautiful thing on an equistie carriage and he’s forever working on some firearm or another in his open door garage. He reloads for many in the neighborhood. The idea is not to be private. Let the kids see such things as they grow up. Be friendly with the folks around you. Again – the rights we have must be normal as apple pie.

          • Heartless,
            Then swat team will raid you, kill you.
            Ft Worth Texas elderly man murdered in his own garage by Police. What was his crime? cleaning his guns.
            This is in a “gun friendly” state.

            Government and leftist Tyrants want you unarmed, uninformed, and they want to shut you up. Now they ban you, censor you, deplatform you from internet.
            In near future the tyrants will just kill you.
            Communism + Gun Bans + Genocide, go together like peanut butter jelly sandwhich and glass of milk.

            US Air Force wants to practice bomb runs on Idaho towns and cities. Idaho People fighting it in court. Look up story. Or is that already censored too? Story was on local Idaho TV channel web page.

            Feds really hate Idaho people. They are heavily armed, outdoor skilled, and will fight back if infringed.
            Maybe that is why Air Force wants to practice there?

            Colorado towns passed gun registration.
            Colorado wants out of electorla college because Leftie commies lost election.

            Is there big ad spam, on your shtf web page now top?
            What is up with reCaptcha symbol on right corner?
            Is this just me? My machine or is it legit from web page?

            • No one responds.
              Is this web page being fished?
              This is concern as I use your vendors for metal purchases.

              There are major fishing attacks on net over past days.
              protect yourself.

              Is email banner at top of page legit?
              What is “captcha” symbol rt corner?
              Does anyone else here see these?

              My metal purchases from your vendors will be suspended until web master forthcoming with info.

              I don’t trust changes!

      2. Rub123, I totally agree. Use them and fight for them when they’re being threatened by other people or just lose them. I use my rights and stand up for them. No libturd, neocon, foreigner, nor any other scum tell mw what to do. To hell with all of them. The only set of rules I live by are the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution.

        • DR,
          “The only set of rules I live by are the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution.” I additionally try very hard to observe the 10 commandments. Setting the religious parts aside, they are good “golden rules” to live by. For example, not cheating on your spouse, or murdering the a$$ hole that cut you off in traffic are good ideas for a cohesive society.

          • Recall that the great George Carlin whittled the 10 down to 1 or 2 for us…

            • Just,
              I think I listed the two, Maybe my memory is bad?

            • I just reviewed the comedy. I’m spot on. But I’m a lot more respectful of a God than a very entertaining man.
              Be safe and prepare for your fate whatever hat may be.

              • Having crossed over once, I’m not so sold on the idea that there are any real commandments…

          • I never have been good with turning the other cheek.

            Government no longer recognizes constitution.
            You are slaves. Pure and simple.
            I dare you to fly somewhere. TSA slave training will put you in your place, sheep, cattle.

            – If you can’t travel freely by air.
            – Political correct only speech, or you loose your job.
            – Fire a bad employee as a manager, if thdey are female or minority, you then loose your job. “Special Class” protected.
            – Political correct or youtube banned by tech mafia monopoly.
            – Can’t make a pass at a female without being called a pervert or rapist. Must now have a wriiten permission slip. Then retroactively that permission slip can no longer count, then you can still be sued 35 years later. Look at Trumps woman problems.
            – You can no longer have cash without Police stealing it, if on a road trip.
            – Texas man was murdered in Nevada Home Depot because he conceal carried.

            Then what good is your constitution?
            This is freedom?
            Worthless words.

            I met my wife because I smacked her bottom. She tried to slap me in the face. I ducked. Later, she made sure I had her phone number before I left the party. We married two weeks latter.

            Today her friends would have called Police.
            Today I would go to jail, Have criminal record. Loose my job. Be sued. All my property taken. Because I wanted a date.

            I got the date and a wife. If you are to big of a wuss to take a slap. You don’t deserve the date or a wife.

            Current US culture is insane. I’m leaving. There are places outside USA that want me to build business. They want my hard work. They don’t demonize success or being a man. You will find me there. I am gone. When Trump is out if office, entire US will be just another California.

            I refuse to comply or live under communist.

      3. Look at how far it has gone in Europe. Since the sixties when the concentration camp wartime deaths were turned into deliberate organized genocide by maniacs, and none had better dare contradict the official story or be punished with jail time.

        Presently, people are being persecuted and jailed for saying the most innocent of things. Pretty soon people will simply stop making any public statements for fear that someone will claim some type of evil was in the words.


      4. Honeypot, I dare anyone to try to persecute me over any part of my speech. They will have a fight on their hands and regret it.

        • Eventually, they will do what they are doing in england. Criminalize your speech, then just erase your presence…

      5. I’ve been “handloading” since 14 yrs. old. But in my early 20s I stopped loading for others. Likewise, I never shoot other peoples handloads. But friends and family are welcome to use my bench, dies, and advice ( if they want it.)

      6. What’s a bang stick? Is it like a punt gun?

      7. The public pushback is nearly invisible. Only option from the police state and imperialism on the net is eventually zero free speech. The developing net is the building block for total treason. The only reason Trump attacked socialism is because in growing numbers people are fed up with predatory capitalism greed, a system based on greed cannot support honest justice and sanity. Our government elected are all warmongers and criminals who are above criticism. The best option is to not vote because nothing changes but only worsens no matter who the propped up lying clown happens to be.

      8. Of, by and for the people needs to be updated to of, by and for the wealthy to reflect reality. Then again, the substantially poorer peonic lower classes have made the wealthy untouchable where the rubber meets the road much richer. The arrow for the people is pointing near south.

      9. How many YouTube documentaries have the comments disabled. I’ve noticed even on this website some of my comments are not posted especially when it doesn’t agree with the narrative or it could be just a matter of mac not getting around to it. How could I know only mac knows and I can tell you he wouldn’t be honest. If I ran this site and moderated the comments I might be biased. Maybe Mac can comment on this.

        • AH
          my comments don’t show up either. Others are shadow banned.

          notice how this site ONCE had hundreds of comments?
          now less than 30 comments often times, and several of those from same people. EXPLANATION?
          I was amused by wacko nut jobs. Some of it was not so wacko. The guy that claimed china bivouacs in USA. He was correct. Saw the vehicles, camp, wire fences.

          Guess that guy got eliminated or locked up. Or he was shadow banned here. Yes he was a nut. But he was also correct about China camps in USA.

          I wondered if the jade helm exercise was to locate? or are those camps part of what they have cooked up for us?


          tech mafia monopoly social media mob that is what we have. TYRANNY.

          they want to shut you up
          take your guns
          then they can take ALL your rights
          with the guns gone they can really kill you

          When is enough ENOUGH?

          Why do you people put up with “laws” in NJ. CT, CA, and other communist strongholds? Why don’t you leave?
          We did. My entire clan left the communist cotrolled zone.
          Several nieghbors from old hometown moved out too. We have a few blocks of our old neighborhood that relocated. we all get together and thank God we LEFT. We voted with our asses.

          NOW WE ARE ALL concealed carry. We all carry 24/7/365, men, women, daughters, sons. We have had no problems after leaving the commie lands.
          House rules:
          * Avoid Stupid Places. No commie state living. No bars.
          * Avoid Stupd People. No boot lickers, liberals, jail birds.
          * Avoid Stupid Times. We are home by 9pm. We stay in.

          Those methods are how to Avoid problems.

          Why won’t people stand up against the massive immigrant invasion? Trump is a con man. We have been DUPED.
          STOP THE INVASION!!!!!!!

          Do you have answer? Why are men such passive wussies now?
          Must be the water? We don’t drink it.
          No city water.
          No vaccinations.
          No Flu shot
          No hospitals unless nearly dead. Avoid the VA hospital!!!
          No meds from doctors
          That is how we stay alert-awake-ALIVE.

      10. You need the second amendment to protect the first,you lose both you lose all of them.

      11. Where do people get the idea that it is okay to attack someone wearing a MAGA hat? If they don’t like them, why not just go somewhere else? The world is not here to make them happy.

      12. Free Speech is useless if your throat is so parched, from lack of water, that you can hardly speak. So, one could say water is vital to exercising your right of free speech!

        In most SHTF potential events, water will still flow from the faucet, however the quality and taste will be questionable. I just reviewed my House water filtration system and portable water system to make sure that I have enough filters to make it through a long-term Flint Michigan type situation.

        Do you have enough water filters? How many years worth of filters do you have for your Big Berkeley?

        I have a Doulton Gravity Water Filter (portable system) and I’m proud to say that I added 4 years worth of filters to my stash. It’s not sexy but having good tasting and safe water is essential.

        • Just,
          I have about 34,000 gallons of water storage. It has been raining here at about 10 inches per month. In other words it is wet. I don’t need any government provided water. I’m on my own.
          Everybody should do the same. You will never hear me complain about too much water. I’d rather drown, than die of thirst. I swim pretty good.

          • rellik, I guess we don’t have to worry about “to much” water since God promised to never flood the world again. Of course, I still choose to only live in places that are called “Highland” or “Mt. Fill-in the Blank”.

      13. My experience with PC culture lol
        I was in my hometown of medicine hat visiting family. I went to Tim Hortons.(Canadian Starbucks) ordered a few coffees and half dozen donuts , I payed the nice lady and thanked her for packing the drink tray. So my arms and hands full of goodies I turned to leave and a group of 3-4 girls 14-16 standing there blocking the way out it was crowded that morning so I simply said lol and I quote (excuse me ladies) and I kinda walked through. I get part way to my truck and I hear so girl screaming profanity I thought someone’s pissed about something still not realizing it was me she was stomping out across the parking lot screaming how dare I assume thier gender and calling them ladies I guess that was not good either lol she approached me aggressively but it struck me funny cuz she was like maybe 90 lbs I’m 180. I said are you talking to me young lady? Well that set her off all over again. Her friends were recording it on thier phones and this kid just wouldn’t shut up I walked the rest of the way to my truck with her hot on my heels screaming how dare I walk away from her calling me a pig fucking stupid ol’man I should just die already on and on by the time I reached my truck door I was quite annoyed I said as loud as I could for the cameras I’m leaving get out of the way she stood there beside my truck yelling. It was quickly drowned out by the sound of 6″ diesel exhaust straight piped huge cloud of black smoke I put it into gear and belched smoke out.
        I could see in the rearview they were trying the get video but we’re choking in the exhaust trail I left lol

        • Angry Beaver, Ha ha Good Lord ! We call that”Coalin”in the States.That’s a sad example of a girl that never had any manners or morals taught to her. I’m 53, very few kids in the 1970’s acted like that because adults back then would beat your ass! As for this article, PC culture is nothing more than mentally herding the feeble-minded to all share a bunch of moronic beliefs designed to destroy the very fabric of society, yet being so terrified of offending anyone that they are effectively brainwashed and silenced over subjects that really matter. Yet will shriek and riot over a transgenders restroom identity crisis ! If our ancestors could see the world today they’ed think people had gone mad, and they’ed be correct.

        • Wow, that’s crazy.

          It’s rather creepy that PC culture has youngsters so mixed up about something as basic as who the heck they are. What’s next? Is potty training going to become a choice? Is learning to talk going to be a choice? Everything is getting to be so thoroughly mixed up that it appears humans are devolving.

      14. Whikapedia calls Carl Marx a German philosopher ,not a Jewish son of rabia mass murder enabler? They don’t list his real name . Full spectrum domlnence?

      15. Talk is cheap. PC indoctrination starts in government schools. I wonder how many parents here homeschool their children.

      16. Quit trying to earn your place. Question the existence of these social institutions, which can unperson you.

        Noone is questioning the fact that college is a giant, legal hurdle between you and free enterprise, then gives the gold star to whomever it chooses.

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