The U.S. Government Created Internal Passports In The Middle of The Night

by | Nov 10, 2019 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    In complete secrecy, and without anyone really taking much notice, the United States government created internal passports. Pundits citing the inevitability of what amounts to a national ID card have, regrettably, been vindicated.

    Beginning no later than October 1, 2020, citizens of all US states and territories will be required to have a Real ID-compliant card or US passport to board a commercial plane or enter a Federal government facility. Social security numbers have paved the way for ever-increasing identification, tracking, and monitoring of every human being in the U.S.

    With nary a word from the mainstream media about this massive privacy violation and the abuses that will naturally come with it, the U.S. government has gotten away with a major human rights infraction. According to the American Institute for Economic Research, some states have resisted, but dependence upon Federal aid and other programs administered from Washington D.C. makes their ultimate surrender and compliance inevitable.

    The Real ID also represents the “last mile” in the ability of the state to track individuals in real-time. With various electronic, social media, and cellphone tracking measures, there is always a delay; and one can choose not to use social media, not to own a cellphone, and opt into other methods of extricating oneself from the prying eyes of the NSA or other government agencies. But the Real ID — in particular, coupled with biometrics — fulfills Orwellian conceptions of the total surveillance state.  –American Institute for Economic Research

    Complete and total government domination is in our very near future and with the compliance of most of the population. Expect the Real ID system over time, to be leveraged against individuals with outstanding traffic tickets, tax disputes, child or spousal support arrears, or behind on loan payments. It could even be used against those who dissent and disagree with living their lives as a slave to the corporation of the U.S.A. Access to national parks and historic sites may be tied to it.


    Indeed: the worst US government infringements upon the lifeliberty, and the much-referred to “pursuit of happiness” of American citizens over the last two centuries — and mostly within the last two decades — will be vastly easier and more efficient to accomplish with the imposition of a mandatory identification requirement.

    The answer to the question regarding what Americans will give up for a measure of security, and in this case a tremendously dubious measure of security, is now clear. Both the Federal requirement that citizens require a passport for domestic travel and the meek acceptance of it by citizens and state officials lead to an irrefutable conclusion: America is not, and hasn’t been for some time, the land of the free. Less is it the home of the brave. –American Institute for Economic Research




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      1. shtfplan= dead as roadkill

        • We and everything we have from are home to are very body parts need to be tagged and filed.It begane to prove who owned what,and now its used to place leans aginst us for fines or forit.The onlything they don’t want is the debt,it is for us to have so we pay the interest.I never believed Y2K was going to bring it all down and we will never have the big melt down,now they have all the records safly backed up.Living off-grid just gives them more resourses to take the only way to survive is to slowly become self safictiant.We all have a chance to do that as long as we have cash but once it’s illeagle to have non-digi money…..good luck

        • …and take as many out with me as possible.

        • “Where are your papers?” “Show us your papers.”
          “No papers. You are under arrest.”
          THIS IS AMERIKKA NOW. Current. Today.

          Where is the constitution?
          Where is the God given Right to move about freely?
          Any idiot cop can come up to you for absolutely NO reason and demand your papers? If you refuse they take you to jail.

          This is your “new” freedom.
          This is your “change”.

          Amerikka is more and more like Nazi Germany 1939.
          Right before all hades broke loose. WW2
          * First they demand your papers.
          * Then YOU are off to the camps, because you are an undesireable.
          * Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

          Look what they have done to wiki leaks Asange and to other whistle blowers. Governments acting like Nazi thiugs. Asange is a Hero. Asange is a journalist that should have protection as a journalist.

          Next Item:
          American women and children MURDERED in Mexico and no one cares.

          US Spec ops should take Direct Action against ALL of the Drug Cartels NOW. KILL THEM ALL. Cartels are are a dangerous violent murderous heavily armed Army. Treat them accordingly.

          This should NOT be a law enforcement action. It should be a military action. Do not arrest the drug cartels. Kill them. Kill all of them. Hunt them down. Destroy them all. No arrest. No quarter given.

          If I were President:
          Make an anoucement that the cartels have 72 hours to turn themselves in. Any drug cartel member/soldier that doesn’t. Should be hunted down by US Special Operations. Rules of engagement should be: shoot cartel members on site. No prisoners. No arrest. Destroy them, before the drugs kill more of our children. The Drug cartels are waging Chemical warfare on American children with drugs.

          WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE. American Women and children slaughtered, babies killed. Our children being poisoned for profit by drugs.
          Did you know: Portland Oregon has a meat wagon that makes the rounds and picks up DEAD drug overdose victims Daily.
          Drug cartels are MURDERING our children with drugs. US politicians, judges, police, are ALL being paid off by cartels. That is why nothing is done to stop or destroy the cartels.
          PAID OFF POLITICIANS, Police, Judges. They all get rich and your children Die.

          * Destroy the Cartels.
          * Secure the US Border.
          * National Security Matters.

          My comments censored. Truth is Verbotten.

      2. This is Sunday, so what the he ll?
        Since Calif and some other states give a drivers license to anybody, I can appreciate the upgraded ID requirements for the Federal government to require lots of documentation for a state issued picture ID.
        Due to my status as a vet and past jobs where I had to prove
        my citizenship, my wife’s citizenship et al, I have all the paperwork, so it is just a pain.
        But to date I don’t think a passport is required for interstate travel.
        I expect that in the future we will end up with a Chinese type of “social responsibility” database with accompanying regulation.
        This is how the younger generation of Americans want to live, far be it for me to tell them what to do, as long as they don’t phaque with me, I really don’t care about the lives of Democrats anymore. Let Korks nuke them.
        No longer my problem. I will leave my family the means to survive, if they choose another, I won’t care as I’ll be dead.

        • Rellik, I’ve NEVER cared about the lives of libturds so why should I start now? Eventually I’ll opt out of the system altogether. They’re giving everyone enough reasons to do so.

      3. That may not be a bad idea. Look at the bright side. When the BIG ONE hits SoCal all of the Lefties with Kalifornia Driver’s Licenses will be stopped at Blythe and refused entry into Arizona. 🙂

      4. i can say that it was not over night and took many years to get the real id even off the ground and no im not for it and there are states that are not going to go along with the whole have to a real id in ever state

      5. I had to get a state ID card in July. On the application I made a giant X with a circle around it saying “NO” to the gold star.

        Three weeks later, the ID arrived by mail. Yep, you guessed the punchline – it was the Real ID card.

        I’m like, whoa.

        I contacted two attorneys to ask if this was even legal. They said it was. Totally wtf.

      6. Professing ‘patriots’ may have hundreds of millions of guns and tons of ammo but do they have anything they will fight for?”

        Yea, that thing about ‘pledging our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.’

        • MG,
          You’re fighting the wrong war. This is 4GW style of warfare.
          Asymmetrical. Hit and run. Targets will be economic, political, infrastructure, social, et al. Adapt.

      7. Thanks Montana Guy
        That’s what i’ve been saying for years. These ‘patriots’ declare how they are gonna fight and they do it all from behind some type of computer screen. it’s a whole different world when you look it in the eye, and the amerikan people are nothing but wussies who like money. they have forgotten that ‘money’ isn’t ‘money’ it is a stamp of death called debt.
        Look at one of their ‘heroes’ ted nugent who state how he was gonna stand and fight — then the fbi showed up at his door. he cowed like a mouse and gave them all they wanted.
        These sheeple have nothing, believe in nothing worth ‘their’ puny lives. then when they see someone who stands up and gets killed they believe the msm about how that person was a kook — and the majority of the ‘alt media’ is in the pocket of the globalist and they too spread the kook theory. then all the little sheeple are happy again.
        i’m a veteran and this generation of sheeple just ain’t worth it anymore.

      8. The “real ID” legislation is a travesty is America constitutional rights and freedom! I’m almost 70 now I am seriously considering giving up my driving license rather than submit to the Real ID bullying and the providing various data to the state and of course every other government agency that is connected to the state DMVs – in other words ALL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES!!

        I lived in Europe for several years and now I’m considering using my EU citizenship to go to Ireland and live out my days there in some small village that is now supported by the government!!

      9. I remember the day like it was yesterday,WHEN THE US MILITARY showed up at KENT STATE UNIVERSITY,1970,they opened fire on those kids,wounded hundreds,and Killed dozens,the kids thought they would Never see their own military attacking them,THE POLICE GANGS stood by and watched,the military was reloading ,ready to open fire again,AMERICA DOESN’T HAVE A MILITARY OR POLICE who will honor their OATH TO GOD,they can and will attack and kill their own family,friends ,and their parents,oh,their all going to hell soon ,most will be hanged for treason when the war ends…

        • A little historical accuracy about Kent State 1970 shootings…

          13 seconds, 67 rounds fired…

          4 Killed, 9 wounded – 1 permanently paralyzed.

          “…and Killed dozens…”


        • Jim Rhodes, Ohio Governor, called out the Ohio National Guard in an atmosphere of Vietnam War protests. Nixon was President and protest chaos was poorly handled. Did the “snowflake” students deserve to die? – Hell NO. Did the young national guard troops deserve to be put in this “NO WIN” situation? – Hell No. People in positions of authority need to revere & respect the CONSTITUTION & the Bill of Rights. Protesters can be controlled without participants being executed. That’s why Americans were appalled by China’s Tiannamon Square protests & executions.

        • The numbers are bs and the military never thought the Kent state students would protest them for a war they were sent to.

      10. real ID differs from regular only in requiring a birth certificate to get it this is about guaranteeing the person is not an illegal alien. there is no internal passport involved, and AZ won’t be stopping Kalifornians from entering. this would impact people entering Vet. Admin hospital buildings or property or fed. courts or of course airlines.

        • I believe many of our objections to “real ID” are related to the INCREMENTALISM of government. Govt. begins with a slightly modified drivers license and we could end up with “Achtung, show me your papers (Think Sgt. Schultz from Hogans Heros).”

          A free country is necessarily dangerous. For those that want a perceived protection from all dangers, please move to North Korea and be educated as to your ignorance.

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