The U.S. Faces A Catastrophic Food Supply Crisis In America As Farmers Struggle

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Headline News | 77 comments

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    American farmers are battling several issues when it comes to producing our food.  Regulated low prices, tariffs, and the inability to export have all cut into the salaries of farmers.  They are officially in crisis mode, just like the United States’ food supply.

    “The farm economy’s in pretty tough shape,” said John Newton, chief economist at the American Farm Bureau Federation. “When you look out on the horizon of things to come, you start to see some cracks.” Average farm income has fallen to near 15-year lows under president Donald Trump’s policies, and in some areas of the country, farm bankruptcies are soaring.  And with slightly higher interest rates, many don’t see borrowing more money as an option.  “A lot of farmers are going to give the president the benefit of the doubt, and have to date. But the longer the trade war goes on, the more that dynamic changes,” said Brian Kuehl, executive director of Farmers for Free Trade, according to Politico.

    With no end to the disastrous trade war in sight, many farmers have traveled to Washington to share their plights with the president himself hoping that he’ll end the trade war that’s exacerbating an already precarious food crisis.  Farmers make up a fairly large chunk of president Trump’s base, and an unwillingness to put food production in the United States first could be detrimental for Trump reelection chances in 2020. It could also be the beginning of a catastrophic food shortage.

    The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis warned back in November of rising Chapter 12 bankruptcies used by family farmers to restructure massive amounts of debt. The Fed said that the strain of low commodity prices “is starting to show up not just in bottom-line profitability, but in simple viability.” The increase in bankruptcies was driven by woes in Wisconsin’s dairy sector, which shrunk by about 1,200 operations, or 13 percent, from 2016 to October 2018.

    “You’ve had farms that have gone out of business, that have gone bankrupt because of this trade war,” said Kuehl of Farmers for Free Trade. “There’s a lot of farmers going through tough conversations right now with their lenders.” And so far, the government’s solution to the problem they created is to give more welfare to farmers, placing the burden on the backs of taxpayers.

    As the government continues to pass the burden onto others while destroying the food industry, things could very well reach apocalyptic levels.  Nothing will see this country spiral into complete disarray like a lack of food. Alarmingly, scientists have already said that the global food supply system is broken.

    To put it simply, government interference in the agriculture industry is responsible for the food crisis we all are about to face.


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      1. Huh…. so they attack the meat consumers to make us all into vegetarians? Well feck dat! I guess this is their ploy. I’ll feed them feckers to the buzzards.

        • “The increase in bankruptcies was driven by woes in Wisconsin’s dairy sector, which shrunk by about 1,200 operations, or 13 percent, from 2016 to October 2018.”

          Where do you think Wisconsin Dairy Farmers who went broke were trying to sell their milk ??? To Canada where they faced 300% tariffs prior to the TRUMP TARIFFS; as I mentioned in the last “cry me a river for the farmers who are over producing milk & other products and want American taxpayers to subsidize their profit while nationalizing their losses.”

          This is basic “supply side economics” run amok !!! Basic economic principles suggest that if you create a greater supply than there is demand, prices for a product will fall in the market. It’s called “PRICE ELASTICITY” !!!

          The future of farming is LOCAL, INDOORS, & VERTICAL !!! 🙂

          • Who the H consumes dairy now days. Not many. Most ppl I know use organic soy, coconut or other plant milks (no hormones or antibiotics). Soy bean farmers may be doing ok. Gotto agree, local, indoors and vertical. I try to buy from local produce stands in season. I use goat and sheep cheese in moderation w/recipes. Hog farmers should do better as pork is more popular than beef.

            • I don’t know what kind of people you know, but everyone I knows consumes dairy, except for one or two who are lactose intolerant.

              If pork is more popular than beef, why do all the grocery stores in my area (and everywhere else I’ve shopped) have more beef than pork?

              I don’t even know of any place around that sells “other plant milks.”

              Do you realize that any cheese is dairy? It doesn’t matter whether it comes from cows or goats.

            • The issue isn’t whether Americans drink cow milk, goat milk, soy milk, or coconut milk. Don’t miss the point My Peeps !!!

              The issue is whether American taxpayers should be subsidizing American Dairy farmers to produce more milk than there is demand for it.

              If you are a producer (of any product) are paid by the government to produce as much of a thing as you can, then you are going to produce more of a thing than what people want or need.

              Let the market dictate !!! Dairy farmers and other producers of other things (like zillions of unwanted new cars) should be tracking production AND sales; cutting production when sales fall and demand declines.

              This is just another example of corporate welfare. Get the fucking government OUT of the food chain !!! 🙂

              • I hear ya Kidd! Having been married to a farmer most of my life I get your point! The dairy farmers have long been propped up by subsidies on their milk prices and trust me, when the prices are good these guys “buy” a lot of new equipment or lease it and there are big pymts to go with it! We know a lot of these farmers personally.
                We raised hogs for years and did pretty well till the huge CAFO’s came on the scene and hog farmers DO NOT get subsidies like dairy farmers or row crop farmers. We eventually had to get big or get out so we got out.
                Crop insurance is another enormous type of welfare for farmers. It’s required to get bank loans for inputs and such.
                Indeed, let the market dictate!! Get the damn gov’t out of the food chain. Let folks make their own choices about what they want to eat and while we are at it-get corporate business like Bayer/Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow/Dupont out of the food chain as well. They are poisoning us all in the name of profit.
                The big farmers are slaves to the gov’t one way or another these days. It used to be a great thing to be a farmer 🙂

                • not satisfied with a certain income, must drive out the smaller guy.

                  It’s called greed. It’s the F ing walmart model

                  how’s that working for the US citizen?

                  Plan: send jobs over seas, so smaller number of people make a ton of money, make cheap crap, bring it back and sell to the people that can’t afford to buy quality stuff and was the one would actually have made the product better, if their job was sold down the river

            • Humans are the only mammals to continue to drink milk after we are weaned. I’m 70 and I grew up on a farm.I learned early on dairy was not necessary to sustain or maintain good health. In fact it’s just the opposite.It’s a real con!

              • Dairy (cow’s milk, butter) has the proper balance of Omega 3, 6, & 9 which are essential fatty acids good for the brain and other functions. 🙂

                • Where I live the surviving dairies have gone organic. The Omega oils are in best balance in grassfed milk cows. The Holstein is not the best breed for this. Some of the breeds promoted by the Rare Breed Conservatory are.

            • Yep, and enjoy your GMO poisons while you’re drinking the “plant based dairy”. Just because it sometimes says NO GMO on the packaging, does NOT mean it actually is none GMO…
              Almost everyone I know drinks REAL MILK, the kind that comes from a cow. Most soy bean in the US is GMO.
              If you want it, go for it but, let those of us that want real milk as well as real meat buy what we want and what we feel and believe is best for OUR family.

            • You are dreaming. The USA alone produces 209 billion tons of milk a year. there is the yogurt industry, milk, cheese, ice cream, cooking cream, whipping cream.. this is huge.

          • Well Said. BIG FARM AG is on OUR welfare money and we need to reverse this so TRUE small farmers can succeed. No one is talking about the REAL small farmer. This article addresses the farms that are operated by BIG AG with millions of acres. Here is an idea. Stop GMO crops, go organic and sell just within the states like REAL small farmers.

        • Here is what will eventually happen.

          The American people will eventually be so adversely affected that it will take THREE people living in one household to earn the same effective wages as a guy in 1990.

          And when that happens, most will subsist on beans and rice, powdered milk, flour, yeast, sugar, and salt. Maybe once a week, they have some pork tenderloin.

          The diet will change as people will be forced into vegetarianism.




            • In American history, our kin were omnivores. They ate meat that was smoked or picked livestock that was not going to survive. Otherwise they ate squirrels, rabbits, and fish. Most of the time, since medieval days, they ate bread, milk, eggs, and beans and rice in the New World. They learned to eat the “three sisters” of maize, beans, and squash as that is what the indigenous ate.

              There is not an endless supply of meat on a farm. To make that work would require huge fodder fields. Animals mature over time.

              Starving homesteaders who were running low on firewood in Montana might be forced to prematurely take animals that were good breeders. Doing that meant bad planning or rotten luck or unusual weather delaying spring.

              Look at our teeth. We are not canines. We have smaller incisers and bicuspids and big molars. YAHWEH intended us to be omnivores, not vegans and vegetarian or pure meat eaters, but in between.

              If you want to mess up a homestead, you overfish and take too much game or whatever the game is eating,and then trapping, fishing, and hunting can get scarce.

        • The easiest way to control people in times of crisis is to take away food then govt supplies enough to keep them alive, but too weak to fight or riot. Like the Prussian revolution they can make it illegal to frow a tomato because of collective policies and new laws. Confiscation of crops will be as popular as comfiscation of weapons.

      2. Someone through Walmart and notice the people there, take some pictures.

        The most obvious sign of a catastrophic food supply shortage, desperate starving people everywhere.

        We’re starting to look like some third world country in Africa or something.

        • Where do you live that you see starving people in Walmart???? Are you kidding me? The only thin people I ever aee at Walmart are people that are obviously heavy smokers, boozers and or druggies. The great majority of the other shoppers I see are FAT, FAT, FAT.

      3. Those that are of the O blood group will suffer ten thousand agonies if they try to go vegetarian or worse still vegan. Those of the A or B or AB groups can all be vegetarian without any problems.

        • Who the H consumes dairy now days. Not many. Most ppl I know use organic soy, coconut or other plant milks (no hormones or antibiotics). Soy bean farmers may be doing ok. Gotto agree, local, indoors and vertical. I try to buy from local produce stands in season. I use goat and sheep cheese in moderation w/recipes. Hog farmers should do better as pork is more popular than beef.

          • I drink cow’s milk everyday. Why not? I love yogurt.

            Decades ago Jack Lalaine said no human should drink it but that’s extreme.

            • Ihave ZERO health problems. I take ZERO medications.

              After drinking cow’s three times a day x over six decades, then I should be horribly ill if cow’s milk is bad for you.


        • Clive: Would make shoppng easier and cheaper going veg. I am B type trying to go meatless more w/ beans, tempeh. Long term shtf problems : vitamins expire over time. May not be able to purchase online if power is out.

      4. With the decline of the family farm guess who will take it over ?

        THE GOVERNMENT ???????????

        PREP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      5. We need a free market economy in farming. No government intrusion at all. The tariff on soybeans hurt the little guy as well as the big guy, but it hurt the big guy more. They only raise one or two things at the most and cry a river when one crop tanks. I don’t feel too sorry for them. They need to downsize, diversify, and get out of their air conditioned equipment that costs millions of dollars for a while. Besides that, every year we lose more little guys because the big guys always seem to get the big gubmint check and use it to take away ground from the little guy who never gets help. I raise hay and cattle and the rest of my small farm ground, I rent to another small farmer way below cash rent prices the big boys are paying. Mainly because he is a very good friend and helps me out when I need it, and because I just don’t want a big guy on my land. I still enjoy seeing 1970’s and 80’s equipment doing the work. Believe me, I used to bleed big farming. My Dad and brother were big farmers. When they passed on, I started seeing things a lot differently. Farmers need to be more diverse (myself included) like they were in the 1940’s. Corn, wheat, hay, oats, hogs, cattle, sheep, chickens, turkeys, etc. etc.

        • Too damn much government interference in farming, as well as everything else in our lives.

        • nothing like seeing a nice Farmall M in the field. a wonderful site!!

          • Had an H a few years ago, got rid of it for a Farmall 450 Gas. Gas woofing machine but I really like it because of the fast hitch. Sure enjoyed raking hay with the old H though. Didn’t use near the gas that the 450 does. There are still quite a few M’s around here too, but you don’t see many used except for running an auger.

          • I have 5 M farmalls that I use and one junk one. also have a Super A, a 350 row crop gas and a 3oo utility. You can still buy every part for them even new sheet metal. a Super M has 264 cubes a regular M has 248 cu in. the 450 has 285 cu however many have been increased with a M&W increased bore kit. The little H only has 152 cu in.

            • Good old tractors. All them old Farmalls. Only thing i have against them is if the torque goes out, they are pretty salty to replace. Mine is out of the 450, so I just leave it in high.

              • We just redid a 1953 Oliver row crop 77. Runs like a champ. We do a large garden, raise a steer, chickens and might do a pig or lamb this spring. Rent out our adjoining 10 acre parcel to a neighbor farmer. Have plenty of irrigation water. Will never go vegan, not with the tasty beef we raise-and we know what we feed them. Everything in moderation. And we’ll all die of something so might as well enjoy the ride.

        • Yes I totally agree. Crop products are fully in gov control via subsidies. In my opinion it is nothing more than glorified welfare. This actually has helped the livestock industry by lowering feed costs. The one place small ag is still fairly common on a commercial basis is cow/calf which sounds like what you do. The investment in land is simply too expensive for big corporations to generally make a profit this way. Really few cow calf producers actually make money but do it because they like it. Virtually no make money if investment in land is taken into account. Western ranchers can make money by use of public range lands . Very few ranches are viable without these. I think the increased problems they are having with BLM is a covert attempt to drive them out of business.

          • Yeah, I’d make way more money just selling hay, but I sure enjoy having cow/calves. Got one due anytime in the next week. Got to keep an eye on her because it’s done nothing but rain here for 2 days. Too wet to even haul out round bales for them so I’ve been feeding them high dollar square bales in the barn.

        • Diversity once kept farmers going. Now the big boys around here drive 500k equipment and new pickups every year, while planting one or two crops. One neighbor is a full time banker, part time farmer/tractor drivers manager. He know every govt handout there is…

      6. Living in the mountains at over 6,000 ft it’s a lot harder to grow a garden than it was in the mid west.But you adapt and learn.I have had good luck with raised beds,planting in 5 gallon buckets and improving the dirt.

      7. Farms and businesses are sold as real-estate, usually with an inheritance, etc. as money down.

        A responsible borrower is supposed to know:
        …before he can make a budget.

        These are grammar school word problems.

        “Suggestions and solutions include convincing (or forcing through threats of violence/legislation) people to eat less dairy and meat products. Other potential solutions include crops that are more resilient to climate change, smarter crop rotation, soil protection, better use of fertilizers, and lowering the use of pesticides. It also backs innovation such as laboratory-grown meat and insect-based foods.”

        I acknowledge the anarchist sentiment about all law coming from the barrel of a gun.

        When I am talking to some of these people, they don’t know what to grow or how to do it.

        People legitimately don’t know what to do with themselves.

        “The global food system is broken,” said Tim Benton, because billions of people worldwide are either underfed or overweight.

        Indigents, comparable to those on the Wizard of Oz, are allowed to park there. That is all. In exchange, they perform routine maintenance.

        At harvest, a picking company pays for rights. (Mexicans, temp, and prison labor, in white buses.)

        The channels are there, if state actors want to use them.

        • Indigents on ‘The Wizard of Oz’ ?

          …..what ???

          The only character I can think of, to whom you might possibly be referring, is ‘Professor Marvel’ (played by Frank Morgan). However, he was definitely NOT indigent. He was an itinerant performer whose assets included a horse and small covered wagon. He could also clearly afford food, because Toto stole one of the hot dogs that the Professor was cooking.

          I’ve read several of your comments and in all honesty, I usually have no idea of what you’re talking about.

          • “…three wise cracking Kansas farm hands “Hunk”, (Ray Bolger), “Hickory”, (Jack Haley) and “Zeke” (Bert Lahr) are also too busy at work on the wagon and pig pens and do not want to hear Dorothy rambling and ranting on about her misfortune that took place earlier that day.”

            People doing labor.

            Indigents live on modern farms, under informal arrangements. I have seen guys with one short arm, wild eyes, or a spastic speech impediment. This is how work gets done. Yes, really.

            There is a sweatshop, everywhere, out of eyeshot.

      8. (Always, with the siege mentality and emergency powers. Do you want to buy something, or not.)

      9. Why not sell all farm products to the federal gvernment for a fair consistent price? Then the federal government only sells the farm products IF the price is fair domestically and rarely sells internationally.

        All Americans win, and all international nations lose.

        If we do that with all natural resources, then people in other nations would BEG for favorable trading status.

        It’s still capitalism.

        • Surely you jest…..don’t you think the gov has already made a big enough mess of our lives?? Everything they get involved in, they fuck it up.

          • Farmers would elect representatives and together would arrive at a fair domestic price that ensures profitability.

            And then, to take care of weather, plant disease, and insects/rodent issues, you build in an insurance program. Thus even in low yield years, the farmer is protected. This would greatly ensure stability.

            • I figure that would be just too much bureaucracy and lots of gov gobbilty gook. Too many parasites in that scenario that ride the train and don’t pay a fare. They contribute nothing of value and still consume a pay check. We need much less government, people need to be much more responsibile for themselves. Thanks but No Thanks.

          • Sure is the TRUTH!! The Gov’t very much reminds me of another “class” if you will out there and God knows they absolutely DESTROY every single thing they touch as well…this country truly deserves to fail, there is no fixing this massive cluster of shit everywhere you turn and look…Massive disaster, dead man walking x trillions and trillions

      10. Start a garden and grow/preserve your own vegetables.

        Plant some apple/pear/peach/plum trees and grow/preserve your own fruit.

        Hive a colony of honeybees and produce your own honey.

        Buy 5 chickens and produce your own eggs (and meat, when the old hen goes into the stewpot)

        These are things one can do with an acre or two of land. One does NOT have to commit to being a full-time farmer to produce a good amount (or even the entirety) of their own food. Just be as self-sufficient in food production as you are able. You might surprise yourself.

        I live in a 1-acre plot in a suburban area with a covenant in the northeast. My family is still eating the harvest from this past year. It is VERY fulfilling to produce a fair fraction of your own food. Clearly in a SHTF-sort of situation, production would have to be increased, but it will be crucial to get the experience in NOW.

        God Bless


        • It’s amazing what you can grow in a small area. I know, I used to do it when we were first married 37 years ago. Everyone needs to raise as much of their own food as they can. Even if that means only having an 8×8 foot raised bed for vegetables. Not only for good food but for a sense of accomplishment as well.

      11. Maranantha,

        “Why not sell all farm products to the federal government…”

        Seriously, that is Communism. Are you joking? If so, good one.


        • It is not communism. The federal government buys the farm products at a fair price and this creates profitability and stability.

          In turn, the federal government sells the farm products to corporations to be canned or frozen to American consumers. Again this creates profitability and stability.

          It additionally creates a constant surplus just as Joseph did for Egypt. And from this mutual capitalist system, the surplus is used to feed soldiers and form a return to the commodities program which was the NORM before food stamps and later EBT cards. The cost savings would most likely result in better nutrition and I bet would halve the cost. This also could help retirees or even be used to pay volunteers in various programs.

          Howeve, whatever surplus remained would then be controlled for international sale, and since so much is sent to foreign countries, since solely controlled, the price would rise until it was favorable. That profit then would pay for government employees. We could cut taxes to nothing.

      12. Now what about petroleum. If all petroleum corporations sold the pepetroleum to the federal government at a fair price, then this ensures profitability and stability.

        In turn, the petroleum is sold DOMESTICALLY at a fair price to corporations to be made into various products. This ensures profitability and stability.

        However, the US government rarely sells it internationally and thus becomes FAR MORE POWERFUL THAN OPEC and the prices rises until eventually some is sold, intentionally and deliberately. Then some profit is spent on some government programs but mostly to facilitate homesteading or NASA or to reduce college tuition or dormatories.

        See how this is better?

        There wouldn’t be much international petroleum used or any foreign products as it would be the same as tariffs but without penalizing the citizen.

        The only people penalized are the citizens in foreign natioms.

        Any who are our enemies, then get zero American products.

      13. I ardently believe in capitalism but loathe corporatism.

        The plan would be to bolster the American economy by mutual domestic purchases, while still making a profit, but discouraging any foreign competition and halting most international trade…unless overwhelmingly favorable to the USA’s interests.

        Economics can be a weapon. Use that! By disorganized sales internationally, we are weaker, but if as a CORPUS we sell petroleum, well…then the USA would be extremely powerful and profitable.

        You could apply that to almost anything like fighter jets. If the EU wants to protect itself, they must PAY FOR IT by purchasing sufficient fighter jets and manning them from their own citizens. And Buddy, they would be extremely expensive.

        Every America resource would be expensive internationally but relatively inexpensive domestically.

        This means low inflation plus JOBS as we make everything domestically.

        • No foreign cars.
          No foreign electronics.
          No foreign natural resources.
          No foreign crops.
          No foreign tractors.

          Everything is made in America and only the extremely rich could afford to buy a foreign product.

          Unemployment would drop to 1% as a norm as people are transitioning due to retirement and degrees.

          Universities would KNOW what jobs were needed and students encourages to get degrees in those areas for domestic use.

          I would end the worker visa program.

          I would end all immigration unless every American had a job.

        • Mara,
          You know “Plato’s Republic” will never work with men that are not God fearing and God obedient.

          • Well the wages of sin are death.

            Anyone who is not YAHWEH fearing will end up dying.

      14. They aint farmers. They are big agri business men. Their produce is subdized by the Dept of Agricultire. Nothing they grow can go directly from their field to the dinner table. That subsudy is simply welfare for farmers. and the Dept of Agriculture also gives welfare in the form of Food Stamps (SNAP). The USA government buys commoditys and redistributes them to third world places for free. Thus insuring anyone in those places cant grow and market any crop. Farmers go Broke because they get to big for their britches and buy too much debt. You can search the Farm Subsudy data base to see what farmers in your county are being paid. Some get millions.

        • I agree Old Guy,
          My neighbor here in Colorado small town 70 year round residents is a farmer in Kansas. He has averaged $187,000 a year since 1995 in farm relief. Guess it will be another good year for no growing soybeans, milo, and other commodities. Sorry folks sympathy is between sh*t and syphilis’s in the dictionary!

        • @ Old Guy, You are right. The economic distress is with grain farmers. They paid too much for their land and therefore borrowed too much money. The price of soy beans goes down, now you can’t meet your debt payments. The fact this gets in the news means corporate farms and banks are getting scalded. No one would care if it was little guys.

      15. If EVERYONE stopped eating meat that would reduce the green house emissions by about 30%– a HUGE reduction! It would give us a chance to do something before the whole food crops vanish. How could they vanish? Exponentially occurring feedback loops could heat up the planet quite quickly– much faster than its already heating up– and when that occurs, crops won’t be able to adapt in time. First to go extinct would be the grass crops– corn, wheat, barley and rice. They require a cooler climate. When they disappear, civilization collapses because civilization is the ability to store grains. No grains, no civilization.

        • How about you hold your breath?

          A cooler climate is not good for plants. Plants need warmth, and they need CO2. Nothing we do affects the amount of CO2 in the air as much as the sun and volcanoes.

          • Absolutely, 100% correct!

        • “If EVERYONE stopped eating meat that would reduce the green house emissions by about 30%…”

          No meat and more beans could equal the same amount of emissions.

      16. Furthermore, the above scenario is not an “if” situation but a “when” situation. The grass crops WILL go extinct unless something is done about Global Warming.

        All we have to do is to destroy all the slaughter houses– its the factory farming of animals- treating them like things– which is one of the main culprits of Global Warming. Basically, unless we evolve in time to realize that treating animals like “things” is morally wrong and despicable– that its incompatible with the concept of a highly evolved species, then we ALL go extinct. Grow up or perish. Evolve or die.

      17. From Chris Martensen’s website– Peak Prosperity:

        .. this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris speaks on:

        •The Immorality Of Central Planning
        •The banks are stealing our future
        •The Poor 99.9%
        •The system is now geared solely for the 0.1%’s interests
        •Our Money Or Our Lives
        •The real damage is happening across our critical ecosystems
        •This Will End
        •Remember that collapse is a process. And local mileage may vary.
        Chris recorded this podcast shortly after completing his recent report on the in-process collapse occurring in the key systems around us. Economically, envrionmentally, socially — it’s happening everywhere. Chris spend an hour exploring the collapse dynamic further, ending with this succinct prediction…

        Click to listen to a sample of this Off the Cuff Podcast or Enroll today to access the full audio as well as all of’s other premium content.

      18. There are too many lies in the article and the comments to count.

        • /yes indeed lies in the article and lies about golwbull warming. Warmer and wetter will be better for everything that grows.

      19. a question is if China buys their grains from another source, then where does the other people get theirs from? they used to buy from the other guy but now China is, so where does it come from? With he drought in the southern hemisphere, and shortages almost every year, someone will need to pick-up the number 1 supplier food because 600 million tons, isnt grown overnight,this is a false story to make things people put pressure on the President.

      20. We have Walmart and several other grocery chains to blame for this. 40+ percent of meat and produce go to the dumpster because they would rather keep the shelves looking pretty than to have just enough to cover demand.
        Maybe if people were exposed to empty shelves waste at home would diminish.

      21. LOL, complete and utter bullshit. I live among farmers in farm country. Everything’s fine out here, but go ahead and work people up about yet another pretend crisis. Citiot.

      22. Perhaps we will be fortunate if these bankrupt farms are purchased by people who would grow organic crops, after allowing meat animals to walk and graze on unplanted fields for 5 or more years, eh? Maybe the soil could begin to heal, REAL nutrients from manure could replenish the soil and return the batreial flora to the soil, earth worms could return, and all the chemical residue shit could be washed into the deep geound. Imagine, fields planted with forage material for cows, sheep, goats and pigs. People would flock to purchase those meats. Maybe factory farms would then die??????
        We do NOT need huge agribusiness. We need healthy food.
        We need young people who are not afraid to WORK vs. park their asses at computers.
        Maybe we could actually return to a time like I grew up, when our communities were much more self sustaining.
        In the mean time, all the lazy lardass fatasses can die off.
        All the lazy assed fools who die without their electronic devices can die off.
        Modern technology is NOT the be all and end all to life….it is to be a tool…….not our life force.

      23. The farmers affected by tariffs are largely commodity growers, soybeans, corn, and the like. Commodity prices are low because there is so much excess product. To offset the low prices, they simply plant more acres, which drives the prices down that much more.
        These farmers would be wise to abandon commodities, and switch to vegetable production, because, in my opinion, commodity farming is an unsustainable business model destines to fail. And let’s not even start on the outrageous cost of machinery needed to run thousands of acres of commodity crops.

      24. Mac Slavo,admit it your a liberal Trump hater in disguise.

        • What if he is? Are you some kind of anti US Constitution nutcase?

          • @truth de truth…… don’t like the constitution??? MOVE YOUR WRETCHED LIBERAL BRAIN DEAD ASS TO CHINA

      25. This article is so bias, free trade? Trump is demanding they balance trade. For that, China has agreed to buy billions in prom. Deal not done. Of course forget trade balance an America goes broke. Then farmers an this free trade an article writer can really cry. Narrow minded article.

      26. We don’t need politicians. We need farmers and small business people, artisans and craftsman.

        Only corporations need politicians. Because they are bullies and cowards.

      27. We can’t sell our food outside the USA, because many countries have banned GMO’s. As far as milk goes… I drink organic cow milk every day. Since doing so, my health has improved greatly. DRINK MORE MILK!

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