The Tyranny of “The Collective” by the Illusions of Narratives

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    This article was originally published by Doug “Uncola” Lynn at

    We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. – George Orwell, “1984”, part 3, chapter 3,



    1 : oppressive power  especially : oppressive power exerted by government

    4 : an oppressive, harsh, or unjust act a tyrannical act


    It is a fact the election of Donald Trump exposed certain undeniable realities in the United States for those willing to see. Perhaps first and foremost of the various revelations is the bona fide existence of The Collective. Also known as the Uniparty or The Establishment, The Collective is comprised of the following:  The Democratic Party, Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), Neo-conservatives (Neocons), the Mainstream Media, the Corporatocracy, globalists, elite bankers and unelected government bureaucrats and officials; also often referred to as The Deep State or Military Industrial Complex.

    All of these entities have attained singularity through the decades while, for the most part, retaining some “plausible deniability” of their collusive connectivity prior to the 2016 Presidential Election. But now the veil has been lifted. As The Collective has unified in polar opposition against everything Trump, so has its immorality and lawlessness been additionally exposed; like nude streetwalkers performing dirty tricks in broad daylight on busy corners.

    Over the past half century, if not before, The Collective has politicized, and weaponized, everything it could subvert.  From the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to the courts, from professional football to late night comedy, from Hollywood to advertising, from social media to education, from race to gender, to sex. Especially sex; and in ways seemingly derived from the nightmares of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.

    Paradoxically, however, it is more often the values of conservatives only that are called into account. The Collective will string up blacks like Clarence Thomas via high-tech lynchings and bully free-thinking Afro-Americans like Kanye West, Candace Owens, and Stacy Dash by labeling them “Uncle Toms”. The Collective will pass judgement on conservative Supreme Court nominees with no evidence beyond slander and innuendo. In fact, it is The Collective desiring One World Under Them, which wields Orwellian Newspeak terminology such as racistmisogynisthomophobicxenophobe, and Islamophobia, like the proverbial pitchforks and torches.

    The Collective sows the politics of personal destruction in order to reap the whirlwinds of division. It shills rancor and broken dreams in order to form a new reality in its own image. A world where timeless moral principles are set aside for (they claim) the good of all.

    Notwithstanding, The Collective’s new religion is as phony as Michael Avenatti’s concern for clients.

    Now social media companies have purged “thought criminals” on their respective platforms, even as the rogue special counsel investigator, Robert Mueller, has exploited imaginary crimes in order to conceal actual government corruption and, likely, treason. The Collective preaches the tolerance of transgender men in the bathrooms of our daughters and wives while actively bullying and defaming those they consider as dissidents. Falsehoods from contrived, and illegal, government “leaks” are published and broadcast as being true while real facts are slandered as “fake news”.

    A public that can no longer distinguish between truth and fiction is left to interpret reality through illusion. Random facts or obscure bits of data and trivia are used either to bolster illusion and give it credibility, or discarded if they interfere with the message…

    When opinions cannot be distinguished from facts, when there is no universal standard to determine truth in law, in science, in scholarship, or in reporting the events of the day, when the most valued skill is the ability to entertain, the world becomes a place where lies become true, where people can believe what they want to believe. This is the real danger of pseudo-events and pseudo-events are far more pernicious than stereotypes. They do not explain reality, as stereotypes attempt to, but replace reality. Pseudo-events redefine reality by the parameters set by their creators. These creators, who make massive profits selling illusions, have a vested interest in maintaining the power structures they control.

    – Hedges, Chris (2009). “Empire of Illusion”, Nation Books, New York, NY, 2009, page 51

    Kabuki Theater? Or Political Darwinism? Either way, conservatives lose political ground whenever they swallow the moral premises of The Collective. This is because The Collective utilizes deception to conceal their actual motives while simultaneously gaslighting and blackmailing conservatives by means of conservative values.

    In a manufactured reality, pseudo-events are designed to create consensus in order to manipulate outcomes. In other words, The Collective spins illusion by means of narrative.

    In the gun control and immigration debates, for example, The Collective doesn’t really care for “the children”. In truth, they use “the children” as a means to consolidate political power. Certainly, The Collective weaponizes the morality of conservatives against said conservatives; and whenever the twisted virtue of The Collective is accepted, the new global religion expands.

    Consider the Kavanaugh debacle. Underlying all of the Supreme Court nomination theater, the desire of those opposing the judge is simply this: To project a woman’s right to choose. Whether or not Kavanaugh is actually a threat to that right is beyond the point. He is perceived as a threat to “Roe v. Wade” by his opponents. This means a man’s reputation has now been slandered, and without any real evidence, in order to protect a woman’s right to abort her fetus at will.

    At the same time, it’s quite possible The Collective has staged the Kavanaugh production in order to further decimate America’s institutions in pursuit of global objectives.

    You win, they win. You lose, they win.

    Dirty politics are merely a subset of politics; and politics define Man’s relations with Man. If the U.S. Constitution was set-up to facilitate political, economic, and religious freedom – then wouldn’t an ideal system designed to control the masses, tear down these same conceptions?

    And how would such a system take hold? Perhaps by combining opposites through a twisted sort of immoral ecumenicalism: law plus corruptionandrogynyrace and gender divisions by means of political correctnessslanderaccusations, and lies – and all for the purposes of a new global singularity.

    It’s no surprise how The Collective confounds the logical. It loudly laments children being separated from their parents at the border AND Judge Kavanaugh for threatening the freedom of mothers who choose separation in the womb. If old-fashioned virtues such as logic, reason, morality, and law, no longer apply in politics today, then progress now simply requires faith; or, rather, what people believe. Even so, who says the theological premises currently conveyed by The Collective should be accepted at all? They do. That’s who.

    Unfortunately, in all circumstances electronically programmed, or manufactured, the consensus remains real nevertheless.

    Therefore, the actual enemy of common sense and decency currently, is not only The Collective, but moreso those who support The Collective with their votes, and by believing its liesinnuendoaccusations, and slander. Therein also lies the dialectical dilemma of the mushy-minded middle; including Republican Senators like Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski:  As The Collective descends further into criminalitycorruption, and dishonor, these blind centrists now lament the lack of “cooperation” and “compromise” in America.

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre

    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

    The best lack all conviction, while the worst

    Are full of passionate intensity.

    – Yeats, William Butler (1920). “The Second Coming”.


    Only one of the bimodal goalposts has significantly moved over the past six decades, yet the lukewarm lament the widening gyre and blame both teams. In the long term, these people cannot save the nation.

    So is it all just politics, or reality television? The differences, of course, are in the consequences. Reality can never be denied for long and this is reality: We’ve passed the point of no return. America is circling the drain. All of her institutions are under attack currently and, barring any great and unforeseen circumstances, won’t survive. In order to truly drain the swamp, a lot of people would have to die. Conversely, so, too, must others be removed prior to the establishment of the New Faith.

    Therefore, a larger question remains:  Who dies and who survives?

    The Russian investigation has decimated the trust of fifty-percent of the country in the voting system. The credibility of the FBI and Department of Justice (DoJ) has been destroyed in the eyes of the other fifty percent. Half of America hates Trump as Congress now experiences abysmal approval ratings. Most recently, the Kavanaugh affair has acted as a splitting maul in a country of felled trees; while the Supreme Court nomination process, and likely the Court itself, now falls to the sound of “timber”.

    Is it that simple? As easy as left and righthe saidshe said, and black and white? Either way, there are no participation trophies awarded in Political Darwinism. Many on the right are playing the voting game while The Collective establishes its new religion. In truth, The Collective will sacrifice everything you have and blame you all the way down. Be assured it is their plan because compromise is no longer an option. The Rubicon has been crossed and there are those who will die to defend their New World Order. How about you?


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      1. Pretty good article. The media is there to create consensus. Your opinions are not “your” opinions. William Casey, head of the CIA in 1984, told his employees that they would know how effective their propaganda effort was, when everything that every American believed was wrong. And why is the CIA engaged in propaganda against us? Hmmm?

        • A really good article. This NWO (NEW World Order) has revealed itself as nothing more than another TOTALITARIAN attempt at world domination/conquest.

          Until recently they have largely used “soft power” but they have revealed their willingness/desire to use force and violence. Any system based primarily upon force is doomed to fail. The main reason for Capitalism’s success was free associations and voluntary action based upon self-interest.

          As the article states, “they” have infiltrated and/or control every institution of power and 99% of the people are DEPENDENT on the system. I have come to the realization/conclusion that we are facing hardcore Communists and they are at the 5 yard line in achieving their dreams. Which will be our nightmare!

      2. The Delphi Method of Consensus Building is a working, scale model of the democratic republic, in which your supposed representatives, aka your facilitators, cater to the interests of an entrenched elite. It works from the top down.

      3. Let the libturds bring it. I’m sick of their crap.


        This is what the Democrats are reaping from the dragon’s teeth they have sown. Negative campaigning almost always rebounds upon the perpetrator!

        You see, once back in the mid-seventies, Democrats falsely claimed they were the party of the common man. Now they are the enemies of the common man…and boy nothing is worse than when they are full of righteous indignation.

        “In addition, 77 percent of Republicans and 51 percent of voters not affiliated with either major party agree that Kavanaugh’s confirmation process has become a national disgrace,” the pollster said. “Even among Democrats, whose senators have been leading the charge against the nominee, 40 percent agree with Kavanaugh’s statement, and only slightly more (43 percent) disagree.”

        Walk away Democrats. Come join us!

      5. It sounds like they are winning and there is nothing to stop them. However there is one little fact they cant change. Too many Parasite Takers and Too Few Producing Makers is not long term sustainable. The majority of people are dependent on the government for their livelihood. So they are all a parasite. And too many parasites eventually kill even the strongest host.It happened to the Romans . It happened to Atillia the Hun and Gengis Kann. This bloated unweildly so called collective will eventually start collapsing from within. And when the dust settles The Military industrial complex will be the top dog. They already are the top dog the others just don’t realize it. Now theres this little problem. The military are still parasites. And who is going to grow their food and provide the goods? If the few makers go Gault it falls apart like the soviet union and all those acient civilizations did. History does repete itself.

        • “The majority of people are dependent on the government for their livelihood. So they are all a parasite. And too many parasites eventually kill even the strongest host.It happened to the Romans.”

          Great line. My thoughts exactly!! Who will take care of these parasites when they no longer have us working class people to steal from?

          Taxes and license fees piss me off more than almost anything else. We are literally being bled dry.

      6. Good article! Although I would say just about ALL politicians. He seemed to leave quite a few out with the only mention on the right being “RINO’s.

        Show me one standing up to end the fed….AND….the 16th, 17th and endorse term limits and limited benefits after leaving office.

      7. I think it will keep on going until the day comes when the USA military can no longer Enforce the monopoly the Petro dollar has. As long as the US dollar is the top currency used by the IMF to trade oil and commodities . The US debt can be increased. They long ago ran out of other peoples money to spend. The few producers left even if taxed 100% could not fund the spending. All of The deficete spending is funded by adding to the debt.
        the government,s ( World,State, Federal, National & local) behave fiscally the same way most of us would if we where issued a credit card without any limit and no payment due for 200 years. Its absurd but its a true fact.

      8. Another amazing article!

        “is the bona fide existence of The Collective. Also known as the Uniparty or The Establishment, The Collective is comprised of the following: The Democratic Party, Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), Neo-conservatives (Neocons), the Mainstream Media, the Corporatocracy, globalists, elite bankers and unelected government bureaucrats and officials; also often referred to as The Deep State or Military Industrial Complex.”

        It seems to become glaringly obvious that these people mostly come from an established oligarchy. They most often come from families who have been in politics for generations. That so often they become absurdly wealthy while serving in politcal office. They pass off huge government contracts to their spouses (Pelosi) and rack up 100s of millions of dollars through their foundations that go unaudited (Hillary).

        Does it not seem reasonable that if a person wants to serve in public political office that the salary with the perks should be sufficient? These spend their entire working careers in many cases in political office and that they bank role hundreds of millions. What about the idea that they get their salary and disclosed benefits and nothing more. Further, that their incomes are audited every year they are serving. That their family members not be allowed to recieve government contracts. Imo, any thing less is a travesty against the American people.

      9. Seems the people who comment saying it was a good article only seem to pop up when dougy 7UP writes it. And they all say the same thing. Must be Dougy has his family posting BS propaganda posts. Only thing in this article I did not already know and liked was the big chick in the top photo with big round hooties. All this other info has been out for decades. As if dougy here just discovered this and its all the sudden news. lol

      10. know for a certainty that the Lord your God will no more drive out any of these nations from before you; but they shall be snares and traps unto you, and scourges in your sides, and thorns in your eyes, until ye perish from off this good land which the Lord your God hath given you.

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