The Two Bents Of The Media Are An Illusion Of Choice: “All Of The Mainstream Media Is Liberal, Marxist, Biased, And Profit-driven”

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    Bret Baier conducted an interview with Senator Mitch McConnell on Fox News recently.  Of itself, this is no big news.  What was noteworthy, on the other hand, were two points that are indicators of the “sea change” that has been made with the new administration under President Trump.  Firstly, McConnell was far from his usual wishy-washy, middle-of-the-road self, and secondly, Bret Baier took a stance that was so antagonistic toward the Republican Senator as to make Baier appear to be a Democrat.

    Now that Donald Trump is President, the Mainstream Media (MSM) have been pulling out all the stops, and the allegedly conservative Fox News was no different.  Baier was badgering McConnell over the President’s selection for a new Supreme Court Justice and pressured him to say whether the Republicans would push it through.  McConnell told him no less than three times [para.] “the judge will be confirmed,” and each time Baier badgered him akin to a prosecuting attorney.

    Baier asked about Obamacare, and McConnell said that it would be “repealed and replaced.”  Baier grilled him about whether the President would allow Obama’s executive orders to stand, and McConnell flatly informed him that the President would utilize executive orders of his own to remove those of Obama.  The interview was conducted Tuesday, January 31st on Fox News, and you must see it to believe it…on both sides.

    McConnell (nowhere near a true supporter of the President prior to the election) is now firmly “toeing the line” that is being set by the President.  Such matters in no way exonerate McConnell from his past behavior throughout the “Dark Ages” of Obama’s tenure: many an opportunity he had to stop Obama in his tracks over a myriad of issues and did not do so.  What this interview revealed was that if a “yes” man such as McConnell sat in front of Bret Baier and did not back down from supporting the changes that are being made by the administration, then the President has the “juice” and is going to continue to shake up the establishment and clean it out.

    To be clear: it is not out of altruism or party loyalty that McConnell took a firm stance.  McConnell is for McConnell first, but with a strong President who doesn’t waver?  He won’t have to stand firm: The President is standing firm for him.  More importantly, he’ll comply with the pace set for him.

    The disturbing part was how Baier was in the interview.  With all the other MSM stations full of liberals and Marxists (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc.), you would think Fox would remain conservative.  The Megyn Kelly fiasco with her little temper tantrums and subtle support for the Democrats punctured that bubble of illusion.  One would have thought that Fox would jump “on board” the McConnell-Ryan “coracle” and at least support conservatives.  Far from it, Fox has been lambasting the conservatives in and around the administration…while merely pretending to support them.

    The two parties (Democrat and Republican) are the illusion of choice.  The difference now is that we have a President who is not instituting policy according to the Republican party: he is initiating changes according to the will and needs of the American people.  The two bents of the media (liberal and conservative) are an illusion of choice, because all of the Mainstream Media is liberal, Marxist, biased, and profit-driven.  The FCC ran roughshod and rampant across the country with “fair reporting” and “equal time” clauses and standards that (in truth) further denigrated an already non-objective news and reporting industry.  The very standard they enforced by bureaucratic fiat was an infringement on the 1st Amendment and a method to squelch conservative, objective reporting.  There was nothing fair about their “fair reporting” doctrine (or “plank” may be the better term).

    One of the reasons they agitate (as Fox did the other night) is to stir up controversy and pretend to be the “underdog” in an issue.  Well, Fox doesn’t have any “wiggle” room on this one: Conservatives have been the underdog for eight years.  Obama forced the cringing media to cower under their chairs instead of reporting the events.  Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the U.S.-orchestrated coup d’état in Ukraine…none of the media did their jobs…to provide objective, factual reporting to the American people…even though it went against the edicts of the “ruler,” Obama.

    Truth in reporting and grass-roots journalism is anathema to the MSM in the manner of sunlight to vampires.  The other night Baier may have scored big “brownie” points with Democrats, however, after eight years of faux indignation and half-hearted reporting, it’s time for those stations that call themselves conservative to follow after it.  McConnell and Baier were great “barometers” the other night: the former’s position showed the strength of the President’s stance and policies, and the latter revealed the vampire of badgering for sensational effect by a media network that is conservative in name only.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. And we have a Kennedy who will be elected POTUS in 4 years and undo every positive thing Trump has done. Its Likely we haven’t did anything but postpone SHTF? No real net gain. In two years when the new governor of Ill announces his intention to run for president. President Donald Trump will be neutralized. So It might be better for SHTF to occur sometime in the next couple of years?

        • Don’t you think that’s just going to neutralize things?

          Wait until Trump and Pence are out, then let it happen on some dingbat leftist’s watch.

          • we will not have choice of when it will happen (SHTF) and you know they adjust there plans on a daily basis, so we will have to see how Trump progresses, they will fight him on ALL levels and that is what might cause a (shtf) earlier. IF they think they can win, right now the NWO see how many thousands (millions ?) they would have to deal with and they know they cannot win in a head on fight, so they are back to lies, corruption and back-door stratagies!!

            • Apache54, damn right we don’t get to pick and choose when SHTF happens. The way things are going it could be as early as spring. The libturds will have Trump jumping through all kinds of hoops to achieve any part of his agenda. Once it starts warming up, the turds will become more active and there will be more riots. My next trip to the BOL is April. I’m doing my best NOT to be in a city when riots start up. If/when I’m confronted by any libturd rioter, I know I’ll have to put him/her down like a rabid dog.

              • I’m prepping harder than ever. It is amazing the level of lies that are being told even on local news channels now. Sheeple believe anything they are told too. Bunch of walking dead people I see.

                • Silver already pushing higher. It reached $18.10 in early Monday Trading in Hong Kong and Sidney Mkts. Currently at $17.98. I think we will blow through the $18 mark and on to $19 and back to $20+ in no time.

                  Did you catch last Friday’s Full Moon and snow eclipse? The Moon looked huge where I was.

              • The warmer the weather, the more turds start stinking lol.

        • “And we have a Kennedy who will be elected POTUS in 4 years and undo every positive thing Trump has done.”

          It that plays out there is one VERY important exception. The Justices President Trump gets on the US Supreme Court. Despite every effort the Founding Fathers created a system of government that puts roadblocks in place to thwart totalitarian rule; at least so far.

          • Kevin2, as I mentioned in my response to Old Guy, we can rule out the Kennedys. They don’t have the kind of clout they once had. With the Clinton Foundation being on shaky financial ground, the Clintons are also losing clout. My most immediate and primary concern is the HERE AND NOW. We’re inching closer and closer to civil war 2 as early as spring or summer at the latest. My next trip to the BOL isn’t until April but that could change if necessary. If Trump can get enough Justices on SCOTUS for a majority, that would make a helluva difference for decades to come. But you still have to get to the bridge before you can cross it.

          • Trump can put as many Conservatives on the Supreme Court as he wishes and the Dems can kill them just as easy like Scalia with one of those Heart Attacks Ray Guns that leaves no trace.

            Did you know when Abe Lincoln was assassinated there were several more assignation attempts at the same time. One others were in the info below from Wikipedia.

            The assassination of Lincoln was planned and carried out by the well-known stage actor John Wilkes Booth, as part of a larger conspiracy in a bid to revive the Confederate cause.

            Booth’s co-conspirators were Lewis Powell and David Herold, who were assigned to kill Secretary of State William H. Seward, and George Atzerodt who was tasked to kill Vice President Andrew Johnson. By simultaneously eliminating the top three people in the administration, Booth and his co-conspirators hoped to sever the continuity of the United States government.

            This is a similar situation in our government today, where the left can’t get their way, so look for more important persons (suicided.)

            • Smothered with a pillow, not a “Heart attack ray gun”…OBTW, NO AUTOPSY….

        • Old Guy, a KENNEDY? Nope, I doubt that one. With Teddy dead and gone, the Kennedys don’t have that kind of clout anymore. They’re not even in the news like they used to be. Some say the hildbeast will try again in 2020. I doubt if she lives that long with her health issues. The Clintons seem to have lost some clout sicne their foundation is sinking and they don’t have any political office to sell. They don’t even have ‘contributions’ coming in anymore.

          • John John kennedy would have been president. Except he was planning on running for the Senate seat Hellery wanted. And he died when his plane crashed. hellery is done. The Klintons are toast. They don’t have any clout. So probably they will not kill off Robert Kennedy like they did his father, Uncle and cousin? and Trump barely won. I don’t really like Trump myself. I really believe The Public and Media will swoon at the prospect of another Kennedy in the White House. Nope the powers that be will collapse everything on Trumps watch. Or go into a holding pattern for a few years. Yes lets hope Trump can put some good Justices on the Supreme Court.

            • JFK Jr started George Magazine. That is the springboard to both get anonymous information regarding his fathers assassination. His mother warned him to not go there and he complied while she was alive. JFK Jr was probably the last loose end to tidy up regarding the second greatest secret in US history.

              • Old Guy and Kevin2, JFK Jr. was most likely the only DECENT person left in the whole Kennedy clan. Right before the plane crash, he let it slip out that he wanted the investigation of his father’s death reopened. Ted was the real power in the family back then and wasn’t having any of that. I always suspected Ted of being behind JFK Jr.’s plane crash. Ted knew something about JFK assassination and whatever he knew he took to the grave with him.

                • I liked the Kennedy’s, they were a buncha moonshiners 😛

                  • Yep,and many ended up assassinated.On the plus side Ted has been sober almost 8 years now.

                    As for your disparaging comments on Magpul,feel free to use/count on junk when it counts!

      2. I worship the quicksand Senator McConnell walks upon.

      3. I guarantee a LAUGHTRACK would stop this bullshit spewing.

      4. The Two Bents Of The Media Are An Illusion Of Choice: “All Of The Mainstream Media Is Liberal, Marxist, Biased, And Profit-driven”

        Of course it is … nothing new here – MSM reports … what they are told and nothing more. Haven’t watched any of that garbage in over 3 years.

        Though … there were times I would watch it … just for some humorous entertainment. Then it just got to a point were this kind of humor … just wasn’t funny anymore.

        Now for my humorous entertainment … I just scroll through “Before It’s News Dot Com … funny and twisted stuff over yonder. ツ

        • Ya but whenever I go there my comp freezes grrrrr.

          • The answer to computer problems,Linux.

      5. I think Megyn Kelly is related to Lurch. They have similar jawlines.

        • Megyn Kelly is kinda cute for a feminazi. What a waste!

          • With a multimillion dollar plastic surgery budget, you and I could look like Megyn Kelly too. Tits and all.

        • “I think Megyn Kelly is related to Lurch. They have similar jawlines.”

          You may be very much right … but … that doesn’t mean I don’t want to plow my man-hood into that face of hers … after all … she does have a pretty mouth. ツ

          • Squeal like a pig fer me beeetch!

      6. People generated news is better. Like this very site! Been a reader since 2012 election results, somewhere in there.

        Lots of good sites from you tube blogs and websites these folks are actually doing investigative journalism etc….

        MSM is just for opposition review of narrative!

        • Thanks eagle!

        • Eagle1, truer words were never spoken. I put my first post on here July 17, 2012, myself and been loving it ever since. Before that, I got barred from every MSM site you can think of. was the last one I got barred from before coming to this one. will put you out so fast it will make your head spin.

          • TSHHTF! I am out of makins’ fer muh wheeesky! Dammit and I spent all my extra bux fixin up muh combat tool. Please donate all the malt extract you can right away! Damn I wish these bats would stop flying around my head and bumping into me 😛

      7. GOP conventions all over country this weekend. Lots of Trump Deplorables and Mediocre’s stepping up to the plate everywhere! I suspect we shall see deep changes.
        GOP RINO Estab. types feeling pressure and stumbling.

        No protesters anywhere in sight and saw MAGA wear! FUNNY, GOP was panicked. If pressure remains with advances (party internally split) Super chance to make lots of ground!

        RINOS have but one of two exit doors to choose from, I think tehy know it too.
        However, The most powerful seat beside POTUS is Precinct Chair. Also a great way to meet neighbor if you live out in the country!

        People are tired of liars and angry ready to through out RINO’s! MSM in denial pushing narrative. RINO’s on short leash and trying to not look panicked!

        Top Congressionman ?’s.
        REPEAL OCare, ARREST Soros, STOP Importation of Terrorist and Build the Wall, Vet Crap Help VETS! Get your azzez in gear!
        Keep up with POTUS. RYAN not trusted look to replace as well as McConnell with Cruz! 100 days! BRUTAL!

      8. This site
        Survival blog
        National Review
        Conservative review
        The National Interest
        Jihad Watch
        Renew America
        American Thinker

        These I read and try to have my BS filter set on high

        • I hear you boss. Good luck with that.
          Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over.

        • Seminole,off the top of me head would add:

          Western Rifle Shooters Association
          Hogwarts School Of Medicine
          Mountain Guerrilla
          Mason Dixon Line
          Lew Rockwell
          Burning Platform
          Zero Hedge
          Starve The Monkeys
          Gates Of Vienna(when I get thru,blocked a lot)

          Damn,I am one hell of a site whore,there are many others but
          thisis me basics.

          • The JBS was on to all of this back in the late 1950s far far head of their time.

            • Damn Warchild, Don’t you have a job? Where do you find time to read all that?

          • Warchild, Braveheart also goes to some of those sites. Good ones.

            • Actually,work a bit slow excepting right now,that said,don’t read/comment on all articles,skim a few a day and follow up on what I find interesting,I am a avid reader especially during the winter months.

        • Good list, Seminole. Wish we could bring back the thumbs up icon here.

          • Sorry Test but back to Niburu and the tidal wave… We are at 5800 feet, will we get washed away by the wave? Errrr wait, I have a buncha 55 gallon drums I can make an ark! I have a ton of lumber too (actually more like 2 tons)! A new summer project (like I need one)! Me, the wife, dog, 2 cats, 2 rabbits set sail with all our preps (well the ammo might sink it hmmm)! Ok set sail with whatever ammo we can carry! Pirates of the USA sea! Arrrr matey time to make more rum ?

            • That depends on how close to the coast you are located. There is supposed to be a big tidal wave? There is a loony bird woman who has a website called ZETA talk? she claims to get info about NINIRU from aliens?

              • Ya she used to post on godlike productions years ago. Nothing she ever said came true so back in the pit she went. She told a bunch of people to have their pets euthanized to spare them the trama and a bunch did it and guess what? NOTHING happened and they killed their pets for nothing! That beeech is insane!

                • Sounds like there was more than just her that was insane! Trekker Out

                • I’m still waiting for Niburu… along with my next Elvis sighting. Every year it’s “hidden behind the sun,” “already detected but they aren’t telling you,” and some Southwest Airlines 737 coming in for a landing is mistaken for it. I think this stuff puts the whole alternative news world in disrepute, and makes it just as bad as CNN.

        • I like to visit the daily stormer. I don’t post there im just a lurker. Its sometimes really entertaining. Everyone there seems to have the same mental disorder HICKS has! LOL

      9. SW, spot on. We all need a BS filter to find out what’s REALLY happening out there.

      10. I listen to Don Black Followed by Dr. David Duke on Rense Radio. I also follow YouTube and catch some interesting info.

        I’ve listened to James Wickstrum of Arcodeaus which is very different from my background; but I learn from anyone who knows something I don’t.

        Wickstrum pointed out that the obelisk in New York was brought from the Middle East and it is one of a pair. It was built by the Pharaoh to honor the sons of Joseph, who was the son of Jacob.

        Who would have thought. I thought it was built here!


      11. I don’t understand why anyone who can think rationally would watch a TV or a video. How many subliminal messages do you think get flashed at you continuously while you watch the idiot box especially. Think they might load the system on the sports channels or the news channels? I hope it’s not possible to do this on the internet, but if not I bet they are working on it. If you think this is not done, just turn on the TV tonight and turn out all the lights and go into another room and watch the bright flashes to stimulate your brain and very likely send you some propaganda message like go pop some more popcorn.HA! HA! This is my comment for this year.

        • “I don’t understand why anyone who can think rationally would watch a TV or a video.”

          Actually its good to see what they want you to believe. One day they just might crew my strategy up and tell the truth.

        • Even on channels that you would think are innocuous like the Disney channel, there is some creepy stuff. Not so much in the program content since they know parents would check that out, but in the commercials for things like the bits for “Descendants” where the cartoon characters often sing about it being good to be bad–sometimes by intimation, sometimes plainly. Of course, it’s always to some catchy tune so you’re humming it before you realize.

      12. Let the US beat the war drums regardless of the “evidence” (remember WMD in Iraq) and watch CNN through MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox line up, click their heels and salute with fully supportive reporting.

        The body politic has been hoodwinked into thinking that we have a free media unlike the communists who’s people knew that PRAVDA was anything but “The Truth”. I imagine many a discussion occurred in the offices of governments overseas that basically said, “Why can’t we do that”?

        • Precisely right Kevin2 –

          Next on the war machine’s agenda – Iran

          Much like he lies and drama about Iraq … the same will be used against Iran.
          The “business cycle of War” must continue … regardless … who is right … or wrong.

          Fk’da dumb shit … end all phony wars!!!

          • What if there was a war and no one showed up?

            • I’m old enough to remember “What would happen if they gave a war and nobody came”. For this reason I like the shared sacrifice of a draft.

              • Ya I remember that saying too. The only sacrifice they will ever get out of me in a draft is their stupid lives.

      13. fox news starting to look like rest of idiot news. will not be long before Hannity will be moving on. can not blame him, since fox is starting to lower its standards lower then use car salesman and way below the BUMBS we have in congress!

        • Fox News started to look like retards … when Trump decided to run for Presidency … they are not the so-called “conservative” news channel that they once boasted about.

          • FTW

            In effect FOX is the managed opposition, the illusion of choice. Thats the genius of capitalists. You get choices that they own while the communists only give you one choice that Forest Gump can reason is bias.

          • Hannity is a complete joke! Somebody shoot that POS. Propaganda asswipe from day 1! ALL the right wing so called hosts are nothing but pure bullshit propaganda brainwashing. Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Savage, all 100% bullshit! Try calling them up if you disagree and ask them a serious question and see what happens lol. They NEVER address the root cause of anything! Just try and fill you with some form letter crap. But mostly you will never get on air because they DO NOT want truth or hard questions that make them look like what they are… Bullshit artists.

      14. Literally no one, except the ignorant, gullible and easily led actually believe the leftist media any more. That is one good outcome of the recent events. Now, I admit there are a LOT of the “useful idiots” out there, but ipso facto, by their very nature, they have a lot less impact that the fully informed folks who are motivated for freedom. I’m not saying we will win – that is still in doubt; however, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

        Bonus note: I was turfed from commenting on the ABC web site. I take that as a badge of merit.

        • The right wing media (radio) is just as bad though. Fooking neocon crap from hell.

      15. J.J. asserts: “McConnel is for McConnel first,but with a strong President who doesn’t waver? He won’t have to stand firm: the President is standing firm for him.”

        That’s all quite correct of course. What JJ fails to address though is the fact that “standing firm” as an INDIVIDUAL (POTUS Donald J. Trump) emulates all that is historically best about American history; in fact, it directly parallels the mythology of scores of John Wayne films. The absolute independence of a single man! No longer swaggering with a cowboy gun and horse; instead directly in touch with the world via ‘shots’ of twitter and conveyed by Airforce One. Sure, there are a few blems and mistakes made; the opposition almost overwhelming. In sum though, I will predict both success and a second term!

        God Bless all here;in lieu of Eppe…”thanks Mac for a great site”

        • Don’t matter none nekahnetah3 –

          Trump rallied on the phrase “America First”.

          … but the reality is … “Israel First”.

          Watch and see … Israel once again will be First for everything.
          It is how American Foreign Policy works.

          As long as there has been a President in my 46 years of living.
          It has always … always … fk’n always been about Israel First.

          Nothing is going to change that … unless … some other country(s) give that government what they rightfully deserve.

          • FTW, have you noticed lately that Trump has taken a similar stand to everyone else regarding the settlements? Nuttinyahoo ain’t too happy about that either. Just have to wait and see.

            • Shalom….

      16. Glenn Beck originally started out well and then I heard him say, “Bulderberg Build A Bear”, making a mockery of what we know exists. I thought, “They got him”. I haven’t listened or watched him since.

        • Glenn Beck … is no different from a Presstitute or a Whoreaspondent or the typical Politician.

          Glenn Beck is the typical back stabbing, switch’aroo kinda guy.

          Whatever the agenda may be … sure enough … Glenn Beck will show is face to the public …

          “show those fake tears Glenn … cry for us” … lol

          • Glen Beck is a Shill Fraud, Paid to pollute the minds with BS. Same with Mark Levin, and Todd Schnitt. All BS paid by the Tribe to promote their agendas, even though they are actors pretending to be on the RIGHT. The last 2 are Jews. Beck is a closet Jew when he wants to be, bringing in these Syrian Refugees through his 501c3 Hate America Charity for profit. Beck should be in jail for treason.

            Rush Limbaugh seems to still be the one and only remaining on the up and up, and not a Prostitute to Tribes Media payroll.

            The Future of Real News is not the Current system dominating the daily news but more independent Journalists like Dahboo77, who bring info to light, that nobody else does. Independents with live streaming cell phone videoing the live actions right then and there onsite, rather that an hour later when the MSM shows up and makes us some BS narrative to cover up the facts.

            That’s why when a news story first breaks out, it is those first minutes of comments from witnesses that are the most important. After the MSM Tribe arrives they create their own Hoax story to feed to the sheep.


      17. I made the decision to turn on the television and watch the 2nd half of the Super Fix last Sunday and off it went immediately . Might not turn it on ever again just can’t stand the B S anymore. The subliminal messages are out in the open now . F them !

        • Hell we didn’t even watch the stuporbowl, we recorded it and played back the commercials to see how bad it was. And yep, it was just like I thought it would be, superfooked up!

      18. Is I t really any surprise the lamestream media if full of lies, liberal, marxist, and profit driven when all the media is khazar owned? That exactly is their genetic makeup. This is no different with the govt, is khazar owned and controlled as well, the same as EVERY STINKING POLITICIAN., including Donald Trump.


        Two buddies, Joe and Bill, are getting very drunk at a bar when suddenly Joe throws up all over himself.

        “Oh, no, Jane will kill me!”, Joe says. Bill says, “Don’t worry, pal. Just tuck a twenty in your breast pocket and tell Jane that someone threw up on you and gave you twenty dollars for the dry cleaning bill.”

        So they stay for another couple hours and get even drunker. Eventually Joe rolls into home and Jane starts to give him a bad time.

        “You reek of alcohol and you puked all over yourself! My God you are disgusting!”

        Speaking very carefully so as not to slur, Joe says

        “Nowainaminit, I can e’splain everything! Itsh not what you thinks, I only had a couple drinks! But this other guy got sick on me… He’d had one too many and couldn’t hold his liquor! He said he was sorry an’ gave me twenty bucks for the cleaning bill! ”

        Jane looks in his breast pocket and says “But this is forty dollars!”

        “Oh yea…” says Joe. “I almost forgot! He shit in my pants too!”

        • Ha ha ha ha ha, good one!

      20. Detroit hasn’t had a Republican mayor since around 1960, and is the first MAJOR city to sign on to socialist Model Cities program… a daughter project of the War on Poverty, over which we have now spent, by best estimates, around $20 trillion!. Nice work, leftists!

        Detroit… the only city you can walk 12 blocks and STILL be at the scene of the crime! More nice work by the left… good going guys!

      21. FTW, ROTFLMAO! Damn good one! Can’t help but think of Eppe right now. Eppe, RIP. We all miss you like hell.

      22. I pick a small bone.

        The MSM are CULTURAL Marxists, not traditional ‘economic’ Marxists who by definition are opposed to that running dog, Capitalist concept of Profit.

        Liberals don’t mind big profits because:

        1.) If they are the Left kind, it is OK – big donors

        2.) If they are the Right kind, there is more to Tax


        • BB,

          I’m not sure the cultural Marxists have a different end goal than the cultural Marxist, but certainly their means are different. Look up Antonio Gramsci, the Italian communist of a generation ago, who said don’t take on the West militarily but rather culturally. Frankfurt School was another, as was Alinsky. A quick Google (if those fascists as “First let’s ONLY do evil” at Google haven’t blocked this!) will provide a lot of info on this.

          • @Anon

            Yes, I reference F School down thread.



      23. OBTW

        The Sons of Murdoch are now in charge at FNC.

        They be big Libs…


      24. Wow. Completely agree with your observations JJ. It’s all in the tone of these inquisitions. No respect. Obviously serving another master. Anyone who puts Fox on a pedestal will be sadly disappointed, although they are better than MSNBC and CNN. Watch- the hammer is falling. Yeah, we are weaning ourself off your dirty products and shows. I have an attention span of 1 minute for these muck stirring bastards.
        Nordstoms- forget you. Kellogs- proceed with the layoffs. Netflix- you have a lot of competitors. Fox- you aren’t the be all and end all of the news cycle.

        • Yep, I boycott all sponsors of bullshit programs! FU amazon, walmart, hanes, budwieser, McDonalds, sara lee, and a shitload more I’ too tired to mention (or remember right now).

      25. I really would like somebody explains me how is it possible that media – or anything else – can be “marxist” and “profit-driven” at once. These are two terms mutually exclusive, and people using this oxymoron are – in my opinion – only concealing the fact that they did not study political economy enough.

        Marxism is scientifically the revolutionary program abolishing wage work, surplus value, profit, money, capital. Sadly, in my experience, I have to notice that only US people (which are, in general contexts, the most focused in precision) are continuously doing this rough error; I never, never heard folks from europe, asia, africa, sticking with it in such a ridicolous way.

        I think this is a consquence of deluded behavior, when experiencing that communism and capitalism concepts, as instilled by US ruling ideologies during the cold war, are conflicting with the economic reality of our present age of crisis.

        • Cultural Marxism, not the regular economic kind…

          From the entry on Cultural Marxism in Wpedia…

          “‘Cultural Marxism’ in modern political parlance refers to a conspiracy theory which sees the Frankfurt School as part of a movement to take over and destroy Western society.Originally the term had a niche academic usage within Cultural Studies where it described The Frankfurt School’s objections to forms of capitalist culture they saw as having been mass-produced and imposed by a top-down Culture Industry, which they claimed was able to cause the reification of identity, alienating individuals away from developing an authentic sense of values, culture and class interests.”

          “However, since the 1990s the term “Cultural Marxism” has been appropriated by paleoconservatives as part of an ongoing Culture War in which it is claimed that the very same theorists who were objecting to the “massification” and mass control via commercialization of culture were in fact staging their own attack on Western society, using 1960s counter culture, multiculturalism, progressive politics and political correctness as their methods.

          This conspiracy theory version of the term is associated with American religious paleoconservatives such as William S. Lind, Pat Buchanan, and Paul Weyrich but also holds currency among alt-right/white nationalist groups and the neo-reactionary movement” <bb

          • Wikipedia is carefully monitored by “Is real hell” to avoid any criticism of themselves, and puts a negative slant on anything and anyone with courage, truth, and disregard of prevailing taboo put forth by globalist (communist) Is real hell.


            • Communism is a “chew wish” creation. It is nothing but a “chew” who wants to have absolute power. Call it globalism. It is all the same.


          • Thank you, BB

      26. The Spines of the founding fathers are nowhere to be seen AT ALL in the American populace today. If anyone had them, this shit would not even be being discussed AT ALL, in fact we would have these problems, but WE have let criminals run us and RUIN us.

        If you wont rise and abolish in its entirety the current corrupt systems and the crush the criminals, you abjectly APPROVE of the status quo, and don’t go wagging any BULLSHHIT faux patriotism at me either. its been two generations already since that character trait died out.

        • …we would NOT have these problems…….

      27. OBTW also, the HONOR INTEGRITY and COURAGE traits died with my grandfathers generation, the fakery since then is sickening. Fake patriots mouthing words like they mouth their masters penises in servile submission..

        • I beg to differ Neal Jensen:

          The American Partiot is brave and is alive and well. The truth is spreading rapidly and giving rise to a new confidence. Taking back America is real. You are living a time of Revolutionary Awakening of the White Western Man not only in America, but around the world.


      28. I have said for years that there is only one political party, those inside the beltway. The only other party so to speak is the rest of us outside the beltway.
        Our elected Rino’s are showing their true colors and we see them for what they are. We gave them a chance, but they are blowing it.
        Honor and Integrity exist within us Patriots, it is the only thing that has allowed the traitors to live,,, so far.
        We do not want to have to take out our own, but as they prove more and more each day, they are no longer our own (Americans) we realize it is time to act.
        When the time is right (Wednesday is good for me) then we will rise, we will cull the herd and we will take our country back. and when we do, the world will take notice and fear us!

        Long live the Republic!

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