The Triggering: President Trump Body Slams CNN In New Video Tweet And The Left Is Going Nuts: “Encourages Violence Against Reporters”

by | Jul 2, 2017 | Headline News | 114 comments

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    While we’ve come to expect totally transparent and unfiltered tweets from President Trump in recent months, his latest may be the trigger that drives liberals and their media cohorts into safe spaces across America.

    After literally scores of fake news reports from CNN since the start of the 2016 election cycle in an attempt to denigrate Trump, the President has not only survived the onslaught, but thrived. In fact, every news story attempting to convince Americans of Russian ties, racism and a host of other half-baked allegations has only served to further empower the President and his supporters.

    In response to the constant barrage from the establishment media, President Trump tweeted a video that completely sums up the body slam he’s put down on them thus far:

    The video was taken from an actual Trump WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) appearance.

    And while common sense suggests it is nothing but a metaphor, kind of like when President Obama said that if Republicans ‘bring a knife to a gunfight, Democrats will bring a gun’, the left appears to see no humor in it.

    In fact, every left-leaning media outlet on the planet is now suggesting that the President is calling for violent attacks on journalists:

    The Huffington Post:

    President Donald Trump renewed his attacks on the media Sunday, tweeting a video that seemed to endorse violence against journalists.

    During his raucous presidential campaign rallies, Trump often incited protests and violence against reporters.

    But then there’s the reality of it, summed up in the following Tweet:

    As you might have expected, CNN has responded directly to President Trump’s “violent” Tweet:

    By “doing their jobs” we presume CNN means the continuation of fabricated “news” stories, biased reporting, and half truths.


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      1. Best. Tweet. Ever.

        • Perhaps it’s time to rethink “freedom of the press.”

          • And yet, everybody on the Right almost passed when Kathy Griffin presented a photo of herself holding a FAKE decapitated Trump head.

            Such conservative hypocrisy.

            I’ll soil a picture of Ronald Reagan if SHTF lets this comment stand, wussies.

        • The reporters don’t seem to have any problems recommending hate on Trump and us deplorables, perhaps there is a congressman in a hospital somewhere who would like to comment on their actions .

          • They talk about impeaching Trump;; I’d like to see them try. It would be interesting to see a few million people in DC with guns telling them exactly what we think about them and their gun laws. I’ve got a few hundred feet of yellow rope I’d donate to a good cause.

            • Or perhaps what we need is a good wine and some Fava beans. Anyone know what wine goes with a Congressman?

              • Thunderbird or Ripple.

                • Supository……

              • Anyone know what wine goes with a Congressman?

                A good toilet plunger……

            • Paranoid, there are lonely trees and lampposts everywhere. I hate MSM.

              • Yep, while the MSM focuses on this joke, Trump will take out “Kim Jung Un-stable” in a real body slam.

              • Trump is a genius in distraction , he gives the snowflakes what they want so he can back door them. Hahaha

              • How about we just start shooting all the liars no matter who they are, Media,…etc. Open season, hell ya.

              • How many lives have you taken? Over a couple dozen for me. I didn’t particularly enjoy it. Don’t “lust” to repeat it the way you seem to. What’s wrong with you. Who / what raised you?

                Just gat rid of “free press”, and ban the democrat party, and be happy. Save your 5.56 rounds for small game and your rope for ” white water kayak rescue.”

            • I’ve got a few hundred feet of yellow rope I’d donate to a good cause.

              That’s racists……..Oh wait… Obama is not president anymore so it is O.K.

            • DC?
              Got plenty of these sons o bitcheds in our own AOs

          • Fake wrestling vs fake news I LOVE IT. Trump Trump Trump

          • Since the 1960’s the media,Hollywood, and the government have been nothing more that propaganda machines. No one in the South wanted integration,(and yes black people didnt want their kids bused either),yet the propaganda mills ran day and night to make it appear that only a small number of people were against integration. Today the propaganda masters want you to think that drug use is normal and acceptable,multi gender bathrooms are good for all………………

          • “Chemical Ali”, one of Saddam’s biggest henchmen, was a sorry excuse for a govt. propagandist.

        • Damn straight! Put them reporters in that “Doubled Wing Chicken Leg Lock” till they cry “Uncle Donald”!

          • The figure 4 leg lock, then snap their knees.

        • 3 new rules for msm reporters #1 bitch slap #2 ordered to shut the phuk up #3 repeat rule 1 and 2

        • Guys

          I really do believe that the balloon will go up before too much longer. We have four states on the brink of bankruptcy and massive racial and political tensions.

          I am glad we spent our time here talking and getting ready for the bad times.

          I wish you the best when things take a dive. Stay gray, use your heads, and steel yourselves for what is coming.

          • Nah, it will be years after we are long gone. No brave men left in amerika and it takes time to breed new ones.

        • Damn straight it is!! Bless our God Emperor, Donald Trump!

      2. Fake news.


      4. Since I was recently attacked by my stupid half-brother (half scum), I agree with those who say this promotes violence. And violence is not good! However, if anyone needs to be eliminated, its the MSM for their role in destroying our country.

        If a man wants to attack another man, that is one thing. However, when men attack women or children, it just shows that he is a coward– scum.

        • WTF are you talking about? Women and children?

          • LMAO, who knows what this bozo is talking about.

            • John Stiner & PO’d Patriot:

              My mother taught me, “don’t say anything, if you can’t say something nice”.

              The anonymous comment sounds like it could possibly be a child, a girl. She may be smarter than the two of you put together. Boys should not hit girls. She is right.

              You two bullies are not as smart as you think you are. Kids have access to these websites, too.

              __ ?


              • “My mother taught me, “don’t say anything, if you can’t say something nice”.”

                Heard the same line as well from Mother At Eight(8) years old… told her … that was stupid and life doesn’t work that way.

                Instantly grounded and she told me I don’t know how life works.

                Kinda sad … when an 8 year old knows REALITY from BULLSHIT and your own mother is more concerned about “soap operas” than anything else.

                It’s ok … daddy didn’t beat me … and our Priest never molested me.

                I’ve done well since then – I’m at peace …:)

                • FTW:

                  I have always been protective toward children, even when I was a child myself. Obviously we don’t always say nice things. I happen to find criticism of ideas more intelligent than personal insults.


                  • Idiot

                • FTW, I think we’ve all been told that at one time or another. It comes from people who don’t live in the real world. Life definitely doesn’t work that way at all. I dare someone to use that line on the MSM and see what kind of response they get. I’m sure it would be interesting.

                • If social services had been as active in the late 50s as they are today, we would have been taken away from my mother after birth and raised by someone else. Might not have had so much crap to work thru, but what I grew up with has made me a strong person, which I have been able to hand Down to MY children. So it all worked out. Sorry for your pain, tho. I’ve always hated the phrase ” don’t air your dirty laundry” for that reason. We could have had help much sooner, I think.

              • I’m not bullying anybody B from CA. Your California is showing through. Please stay there.

              • B, good for you in standing up for Anonymous. Some people on this site are to quick to attack other commenters. We should strive to not let our passions get the better of us.

        • Yes
          Agree , attacking women and children is a definite no deal on my end
          I’ll bust a fuckerz jaw for that
          Shit ain’t happing if I’m in the room

      5. The lefts girlymen act like teenage girls anyway and have that mindset also. No reason or comprehension. Just emotion and drama. Pitiful.

        • teenage girls? No, more like 2 year olds throwing themselves on the floor having a fit.

      6. The lefts girlymen act like teenage girls anyway and have that mindset also. No reason or comprehension. Just emotion and drama. Pitiful.

        • Menzo, emotion and drama is one of the few things the left is any good at.

      7. The fascist left whining about “violence” above. Here’s a hint: Concerned about “violence,” lefties? How about starting with ceasing your burning of Berkeley, putting that Middlebury College prof in the hospital for simply defending free speech, or putting down your “Rape Melania” signs?

        What’s that you say? You can’t do that, because George Soros won’t keep paying you? Oh, OK. I get it.

      8. Is this the same CNN who reported that only democrats had come out on the field to pray during the congressional baseball game ?

        Trump makes his job worse by things such as this tweet, but it is who he is and has been for 70 years.

        A network equating a “tweet” of a wrestling video to a call for violence upon itself shows how vain and egocentric the media is.

        I did not think it was possible for a group to be more egocentric than congress but the media has shown it is.

        • Trump makes his job worse by things such as this tweet

          I truly do not think so.

          What is the media reporting on about Trump? Tweets, more tweets, and nothing but tweets.

          They do not report on policy, agenda, foreign activity or any other presidential activity.

          He could start a war with Korea and nobody would notice because the are freaking out about a tweet.

          Classic misdirection. And everybody is falling for it.



            • Paranoid, my post speaks for itself.

        • CNN just keeps digging its hole deeper and deeper…

      9. Good job Donald.
        Those slimy bastards are afraid of you and they should!!!

        For once we now have a Prez. that has some BALLS and won’t take their shit.

        Need some help I would love to give you a hand!!!!


        • CNN is freaking out because Trump is destroying CNN’s credibility.

          Nobody I know watches CNN.

          If you want to watch Fox News, you got to pay more. You get CNN for free.

          What does that tell you?

        • Sarge, there’s a whole nation willing to help, LOL!

          • D.B.
            Did you see the post the other day about my New toy!
            1St generation Universal M1 Carbine Deluxe. Only non-military part is the trigger housing. The rest all military. Mounted a scope on it. 50 yards tact driver. did find that it likes everything but Rusky rounds. It shoots them fine but after about 50 rounds it starts to hang up. Non-Rusky rounds NO PROBLEM! It was a steal for what I paid for it.

            Also just back from BOL#2 Third trip down this spring and summer. She is ready if TSHTF.


            • Sarge, congratulations on that M1. What did you have to do in order to get the scope mounted. I’ve always been told in order to get a scope mounted on an M1 Carbine, it must be taken to a gunsmith for some ‘special procedure’ to be done on it.

              • “B”
                I took a hand guard and put a universal weaver rail on it. Then I picked up a long eye relief scope/pistol scope on it. Make sure you have a hand guard that fits tight. It took a while working on it but I finally got her to work.

                There are some scope mounts out there that run about $110.00 and the seem to work great. These mounts you don’t have to take off your rear sight. The also make mounts where you take off the rear sight and use the area where your rear sight was at to mount it.

                I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on it so I just used some good old Southern ingenuity.


                • The 30 carbine round can be loaded with heavy subsonic bullets. 5.5 pound rifle + suppressor still lite.

                • Sarge, thanks for the tips. I’ll look into them. For the time being the M1 is my MAIN rifle and I need to get a scope onto it somehow. I’ve seen pictures of the M1 Carbine sniper model with a scope so I know there’s some way to do it.

            • Audie Murphy liked the M1 carbine. Prolly cause he was so tiny and weak. But he used a 50 BMG and a captured german machine gun to good effect also. I had an M1 carbine but the little 110 grain bullet had the trajectory of a dry sponge thrown by a midget. I decided I was too much of a man for that piece of crap and sold it cheap. But congratulations ?. You now own a fine piece of history that did not stand the test of time and was quickly replaced.

              • Didn’t stand the test of time? Not counting the one in my basement there about 6 million of them, and they still make them 75 years later. True, here in Wyo we don’t hunt with them, but if I had to hunt cans in NYC it’s a fine Carbine. It wasn’t intended to be a rifle. An old Stingray sucks for haling rock; so what.

            • You are going to need that M1 as IL files bankruptcy protection and then may only start paying you .30 cents on the dollar for your cop pension. Lets see how that works for ya. Live in a Commie State die in a Commie State. Lets see if the Cops in IL got any balls to arrest the political criminals or just suck it up like good little commie stooges.

      10. That is Funny as Hell.

        I agree that this behavior is beneath the dignity of a President. But since tranny Michael (Michelle Obama) demonstrated his/her (whatever) skills with gloves and a punching bag; and, moved to the music on Ellen, displaying the package: The dignity of the White House has already gone down the shitter.

        I’ve seen YouTube tapes that claim all the celebrities and politicians are transexed. Not possible. I believe that many are, but not all. I know for a fact that there are real people in some TV shows. And if Jacqueline Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe were parts played by transsexuals, at least they pulled it off beautifully and with class. Frances Farmer, is another beautiful boy woman who really played her part like a lady. And if Ava Gardener was a man, then s/he was more talented than I ever gave credit, too. As for Sinatra, he was so petite, he could have been a girl. They suggest he was taken by a transsexual midwife abortionist posing as her/his mother. Forced to live as a male from birth. At least s/he was spared being aborted. How many other supposed aborted babies are alive, and some raised as the opposite sex.

        If Trump is also a transsexual at least he (she) is doing a damn good acting job. He sure looks like a man to me. This stunt is harmless. Anyone can construe something malevolent into it, but I think these people are just projecting. If you are a peaceful person, you can laugh at yourself. This act was bringing himself literally to the floor. Hardly an act suggesting violence. More like an act suggesting, hey I’m just a regular guy. Give me a break. At the end of the day, we are all just people. Stop the hero worship and idolatry of celebrity. They are no better or worse than the rest of us.


        • It’s beneath the dignity of past presidents. Trump is an American, and real Americans, once they have put up with enough, strike back. I applaud him. I disagree with the people who whine and complain about “the dignity” and all that crap. I would like to see him knock a couple of these morons on their butts for real. The MSM is beneath the dignity of all of us. They have no dignity at all.

          • Remember when the media never showed a picture of FDR in the wheel chair?

            Now the media freaks out because Trump had two scoops of ice cream.

            It is a new time and the presidency has to change with the times.

        • @ B from Ca…wow you have changed alot since Ca legalized marijuana… This is the second long post you have on Trannies in a week or two. WTF?

      11. ‘Bout time we had someone willing to beat back the kitty snowflake media. They are like drunk bullies who suddenly get the crap knocked out of them after they mouth off one too many times to the big sober guy.

        Enjoying it thoroughly.

        • “Freedom of the press ” was never a good idea. Most countries have some control of their news media. It’s about time we think about it too.

        • Me too. The next few years are going to be fun.

      12. I have no problem with the Trump video, but what bothers me is that the right (and left, depending on the situation) can’t see their hypocrisy. Kathy Griffin holds a fake severed head of Trump, and the right goes crazy about the “violent left.” The left take up arms, and it seems the left is going to start riots in the street, even though the right (pun intended) rightly does the same type of thing. Some Democrat nut case shoots Republicans, so all Democrats are violent or terrorists.

        I don’t like saying any of this because I’m all for everyone having a machine gun, constitutional carry is the only way to go, no one should be required to have a driver’s license to drive, etc. But, still the right needs to see how hypocritical their complaints can be.

      13. If the dumbos and other liberals can’t tell the difference between artistic reprimand and actual attack, how is that any other person’s problem? The media always misinterprets events. Almost half the country is sufficiently stupid to believe the Main Stream Media.

      14. If you haven’t prepped yet, I think you should start now. While you’re at it build yourself a bomb shelter.

      15. The civil war isn’t coming, it’s already here. US vs ThEM (The Evil Media). We are winning! lol

      16. “Encourages violence against reporters”

        Tralalalafuckingla… mumble they should hand out medals for that…

      17. Finally…. MAGA

      18. Clinton News Network (CNN) is on the ropes. I say we double-down and finish them off. Good work Trump. Keep up the onslaught of all Fake News Networks. Real Americans have had enough of their BS! Obama has far-more actual-blood on his hands than a metaphorical tweet.




        MEGA SHTF

        See link, you have go to post a thread on this Mac. I am listening to it right now.


        Shtf will commense.

        • Thanks — will watch shortly.

      20. Personally CNN doesn’t really bother me, what does bother me is that there is no truth telling entity to offset it. I have to go to multiple sources with multiple stories to figure out what is news and what is outright propaganda.
        For example, two cops recently were shot in San Antonio, one is dead, the other depending, on the source, was shot in the chin, or in the chest, or in the abdomen. He will probably live.
        That is how screwed up the news is. The emphasis is on profit and ratings. These people that are “so smart” are so stupid to realize that telling the truth and being accurate in today’s market is worth far more than some personal narrative.
        Yes, I think it should be open season on all MSM journalists, maybe they will the facts of life. Life is short, stupidity, and Liberalism is not rewarded with a trophy.

        • “maybe they will the facts of life”
          “maybe they will learn the facts of life”

          I wish we had an edit function on this site

          • “Maybe they will ;earn the facts of life.” MSM learn the facts of life? Rellik, you’re dreaming, LOL.

        • I absolutely abhor CNN and all the MSM. Fox is slowly turning into MSM but I prefer it to any of the others. I will change the channel when I can if it is MSM. A lot of the folks I work with tend to be sheeple and mindlessly watch the MSM networks. The most popular seems to be the Communist News Network. I cannot figure it out. Some people have gone to ESPN but they are just as bad. I tend to search for my news on the www. Some people I know get their news from facebook, yahoo, google, etc., but most are just Pravda glorified, propaganda machines for the left/globalists.

          Louisiana Eagle

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Laeagle, just do like I did many years ago and cut the cable cord and ditch the TV. All of the MSM are owned by six corporations run by a certain group of people who have eveil intentions toward us. Alternative media is the only way to go. As long as I have my computer and internet I’m a happy camper. For movies I either pop a DVD into the CD-ROM or go to youtube. TV service is a total waste.

            • DB,

              You are right, but I have children, and I enjoy my ‘Walking Dead’ show on Sunday nights when it is in season on AMC. Now and then, I will watch Fox news. I catch a lot of flack about watching the ‘Walking Dead’ but my daughter and her friends got me interested in the show when it was a fad with them. They have stopped watching it but embarrassingly, I am still keenly interested in the show. Not for the Zombies but for the scenarios and dynamics.

              Louisiana Eagle

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              I watch the news to see what line of crap they’re trying to sell to the public otherwise I watch educational / history shows. I have never voluntarily watched a sports game in my life on TV or otherwise with the exception of my Son playing baseball and only paid attention when he was on the field.

      21. Isn’t there something more meaningful the MSM should be ranting about? How about the Kathy Griffin display of a facsimile of President Trump’s head, and the Shakespeare in the Park play where again another facsimile of POTUS was stabbed to death. These are incidents that are below the realm of respect due the office of president of the USA; and also promoting violence toward President Trump. So I guess it’s do as I say, not as I do. They ,MSM, can dish it out, but don’t want anyone dishing back. The fake news needs to get a new subject, this one is getting old, very old……… Waiting

      22. Actually im disappointed in Loose cannon President Trump allowing himself to be baited into sinking to the libs level. When you argue with idiots you sinkdown to their level and they beat you with experience.

      23. I call for lethal executions. The constitution didn’t prevent the fall of america because it’s flawed on purpose. There should be no freedom of speech or expression. Only freedom to speak the truth. Liars need to be executed. Freedom from imposed and subversive religions which is islam. Freedom from public companies and banks. Freedom from fiat. Freedom from never ending laws. Freedom to carry arms. Freedom to execute justice without trial or court. And these are not negotiable at state and local level.

      24. And tomorrow – another attack on trump? Let’s guess. Trump is a alien from the moon? – Or, he is Really putins next of kin?
        (Having no TV is a blessing for me)
        Seems the reporters.. have “Double Standards”


        • You need to quit smoking that meth, your brain is fried. Who made you judge? BTW you’re not funny. Waiting


        • Trump Hater, go f#$% yourself! So you think we should be slaughtered? Bring it, mofo. Let’s see what you’re made of.

        • you sound like the idiot bud

      27. The president should practice patience and humility when accepting criticisms especially with the media. no need to pay the CNN or whatnots in order to remove the article.

        • We’ve all been very patient with the MSM, and now we’re fed up…….do you understand fed up????!!!! It’s getting old….. do you understand OLD?! CNN wants to play hardball, this crap has been going on ever since Trump won. Try putting some member of your family in Trump’s place, then tell me how you feel. Do you not understand they have tried to use Russian interference with the election, then the threats to the electoral college voters, then impeachment, and now that did not pan out for them so now they are trying to use the 25th amendment to get him out of office. Can you not put two and two together? Can you not use your critical thinking to deduce this has been a constant “witch hunt”? What right does the MSM have to criticize President Trump when they need to clean their own house? I’m 70 years old and in my lifetime I have never seen such Hatred and Hostility for a president. Maybe you should be asking yourself why this antagonism is taking place with such wrath. Think about it………….Waiting

      28. “Encourages Violence Against Reporters”
        Ok, I’m in..when do we start?

      29. Utterly un-presidential. A new low.

      30. Where was the MSM’s outrage when Kathy Griffin held up a facsimile of POTUS’s decapitated head? Where was the outrage when Shakespeare in the Park depicted President Trump as Caesar and the stabbing death of the Trump figure. These two examples are depictions of violence against President Trump. So, I guess it’s do as I say , not as I do. The MSM can dish it out, but they can’t take it when the shoe is on the other foot. If the leftist liberal scumbags would quit badgering POTUS every minute of everyday, maybe they would not be on the receiving end of his tweets. Do they think the man is just going to sit there and take it? HRC, Obumer, and the MSM are all Alinskyites, and using the strategies of Saul Alinsky to further their agenda. The MSM are digging their own grave. No one with a brain listens to their rantings. Waiting

        • Waiting,

          Excellent post! The MSM and the Demonrats are the ones that have been denigrating, hurling threatening insults, and resisting a peaceful change of the government executive branch, because of their utter hatred of President Trump. If another Republican had won, it would not be any different. They behave like many of the Muslims in Europe.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • laeagle, thank you. I just cannot tolerate the MSM’s outright lying, and they are the haters. Waiting

      31. CNN . Now we hav3 to re watch all the fake news stories especially paw and see the scripted stories. I hope the heavenly father finds a special place for those luciferians.

      32. Another family of white people in South Africa has been slaughtered. The situation is deteriorating quickly. Those speaking out are being threatened. The government is hiding the danger, so looks like a cover-up. They don’t want to lose white Capitol. The government will not give out passports. Reporters and journalists are not allowed to talk about it. Seventeen million non-whites on welfare get more money with each new baby. The non-whites are breeding. Fourteen white families murdered in one day. Whites are planned to all be murdered by the end of one year, up from five years. The genocide has been stepped up. It is getting worse. Why is this being allowed ? Why is there no intervention by the International Community? Where are the human rights organizations?


        • Where’s Charlize Theron?

        • B from CA.

          Protecting and preserving the white population is not in the interests or the agenda of the White/Globalists. South Africa can be likened to what happened in the Planet of the Apes. The Afrikaners were an extremely successful and hardworking people who made the ‘desert bloom’ and they were extremely innovative. They will need to either regroup in a territory they are able to defend and sustain or they will need to flee for their lives. I feel for them. I had some Rhodesian and South African friends. They were good people but they have been unfairly stigmatized.

          Louisiana Eagle

      33. This site has turned so political and obviously wishes it was news. I’m pretty sure everyone here can turn to a news channel or Web site, this news is old anyhow he did that wrestling shit like 10-15 years ago. Let’s get back to reviewing products meant to help during shtf or start making articles about how to survive shtf instead of telling us we need to buy gold and silver because the economy is perpetually crashing “newsflash” our economy ebbs and flows if I’m buying metal its lead, brass and steel.

        • Has anyone heard of and/or made any hardtack or pemmican? I found the recipes and instructions on the internet and wrote it down. In the next few days I hope to try to make them. They say the pemmican can last up to 50 years if you leave out the “goodies”, and can be stored in airtight containers in a cool dry place. The hardtack was what alot of the cowboys carried to eat, and the Native Americans came up with the pemmican. Waiting

      34. The video is understandable but it wasn’t a good move. CNN and the other MSM has been hitting below the belt and treating Trump worse than any President in my lifetime. It did put him in a bad light. However, if you act like a cockroach expect to get stomped!

      35. I believe in non-violence, but I just MIGHT have a little more sympathy once the left stops burning cities like Berkeley, assaulting and hospitalizing folks like that female Middlebury prof just supporting free speech, or stop holding their “Rape Melania” signs. Or maybe stop their fake news, like with Project Veritas reported re. CNN last week, or also last week AP just made up (i.e., LIED) about a meeting EPA head Pruitt never had.

      36. Regardless if you like Trump or not his mannerism indicates a lot of exposure with blue collar people. He talks like we think.

      37. I suggest CNN and MSNBC – MSM be BANNED from ALL White house Press conferences.

        • They’d really cry then. Waiting

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