The Trap Is Set: “Both Sides Are Utterly Unprepared For What’s Coming”

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Headline News | 209 comments

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    If there’s one thing that should be absolutely clear in the current political environment in America, it’s that  there exists a deep division between the people of this nation. Both of sides of the aisle argue vehemently about what’s best going forward, sometimes to the point of physical violence. And though the election of President Donald Trump speaks volumes about the sentiment of Americans, the following video report from Storm Clouds Gathering warns that both sides are utterly unprepared for what’s coming.

    Is Trump going to usher in a new era of prosperity and innovation?

    Or is he going to be the one standing in the center ring when the circus tent comes down?

    Some voted for Trump as a political Molotov cocktail… Trump is a business man, you say… He’s going to make things happen… cut taxes…cut regulation… invest a trillion dollar in infrastructure… punish companies that move factories overseas… rebuild the military… restore relations with Russia… start a trade war with China… and a new arms race would create jobs… there’s a lot to unpack there… and those debates are worth having.

    However, much of this hinges on a variable that Trump doesn’t control… The Federal Reserve.

    …Word is, the Fed is leaning towards increasing interest rates aggressively in 2017 and may engage in anti-inflationary measures to offset Trump’s infrastructure plans… that means the flow of money and credit is about to be tightened…

    It also means the Fed is setting itself up for a showdown.

    Watch the full video:

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      1. Guess time will tell. Keep stacking,racking,preeping.

        • The federal reserve…. spreading debt and death since 1913…

          • Even the biggest piece of shit in history was assasinated (abe lincoln) for printing greenbacks from the treasury. Probably the only good thing that pile of puke ever did!

            • so, convince me why you think you’re so smart…you haven’t done that yet.

              • I’m still waiting for it to expose the genius via it’s low info rants too.

                • Just when you swimmers thought it was safe to go back in the water………..

                  • Yep, here comes nunya guppie. With all his secrets he won’t tell us. Maybe if I gave him some more fish food?

                    • Trump is Right Again…

                      Bombshell: At Least 25 Million Dead and Fraudulent “Registered Voters” in 2016

                      Trump proven right: millions of dead and invalid voters not included in study showing 800,000 illegals for Hillary!


                      Kit Daniels
                      January 27, 2016

                      A study revealing that over 800,000 non-citizens voted for Hillary Clinton doesn’t account for dead and fraudulent voters, which accounted for over 25 million “registered voters” during the 2012 presidential election – and little has changed since then.

                      Illegal alien voters combined with dead and “multiple state” voters could easily explain Clinton’s “popular vote” margin over Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, especially considering that her “victory” came from Democratic-controlled counties known for illegal immigration and loose voter ID laws such as in New York and California.

                      “A report by the Pew Center on the States finds that more than 1.8 million dead people are currently registered to vote, and 24 million registrations are either invalid or inaccurate,” NPR reported in 2012, which is ironic given how NPR is heavily controlled by Democrats.

                      And many of the dead, registered voters somehow keep voting Democrat from beyond the grave, most recently in Philadelphia, Penn. and Colorado.

                      It’s also worth noting that the U.S. population has increased since 2012, meaning that there’s likely more dead and invalid voters than before.

                      “…The Pew study found that almost 3 million people are registered to vote in more than one state,” NPR added.

                      That’s because when a new resident registers to vote in a state, officials usually never bother to tell his former state about the change in voter residency.

                      Under the “catch and release” immigration program by the Obama administration, illegal aliens were routinely given bus tickets to travel to other states by immigration officials, so it was theoretically possible for non-citizens to register to vote in a border country illegally, then register to vote in another state after their taxpayer-funded bus dropped them off.

                      Click the link for the rest of the article.

                    • Genius, you’ve always sounded good to me. Don’t sweat the naysayers.

                    • Lmao.

            • Don’t forget JFK and the United States Note.

            • Genius

              If the US had remained divided in half we wouldn’t have been nearly as prosperous. Regardless the institution of slavery was immoral of the highest order.

              • The War of Yankee aggression was NOT, repeat NOT about slavery. Lincoln made that PERFECTLY CLEAR.
                He didn’t want to free the slaves. He only issued the Emaciation Proclamation which DIDN’T END SLAVERY. It only “freed” the slaves in states that had not re-subjected themselves to the Federal Government after 30 DAYS.
                The intent was cause a slave revolt which would force the Confederates to send a lot of troops and use a lot of ammunition KILLING the slaves, which would also reduce the labor force in the South.

            • Totally agree Genius,Lincoln was a despot and vile scum AND the Jews got him

            • YOU’RE the biggest POS from where I stand.

          • The Author is Wrong by saying. “However, much of this hinges on a variable that Trump doesn’t control… The Federal Reserve.”

            President Trump has the ability to replace as many as 5 persons on the 7 person Federal reserve Board. Hell yes he has a lot of control. And he will damn well use it. Like Audit the Fed, declare it all Fraud, and erase the debt with a stroke of a Pen, create his own currency to compete with the Fed’s Paper Fiat IOU’s. JFK’s EO-11110 Says so. Its just no president has had the balls to challenge their Monopoly on Money.. Well stay tunes, this is an exciting tome again in American History, where the BS stops right here right now.

            SO yes he does and can display control over the fed. Arrest the criminals and put them in a FEMA Camp prior to their trial. “FEMA Summer Camp for Snowflakes”, Training Classes, on how to be a Productive American.

            • Deplorable seems like it’s about to become synonymous with imbecile.

              Trump doesn’t have the power to erase the debt or create a new US currency and if you feel (notice I didn’t say think) those actions would be a good idea, you ARE an imbecile. If you feel those actions would be good via the stroke of a pen, you’re an even bigger imbecile.

              “the BS stops right here right now”.

              Never mind, you are a Koolaid drinking imbecile.

              • NunyaBidness

                Well, I have to defend Deplorable on this one, IF the world and or the USA is going to collapse, then just prior and or during that collapse then YES!! end the fed and erase ALL DEBT!! that IS the best choice, and NO anyone BUT a imbecile would know this would be the best option under those circumstances!! ANY other way OPENS the door to many options for the scumbags who started this CRAP to just roll over and keep screwing the people again!! BUDDY OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

                • Mmm, ok, so disregard the Const (14th Amendment) to save the Const. Sounds like the plan of imbeciles to me.

                  Equally as f-ing idiotic was the George Bushism – I had to destroy the free market to save the free market.

                  • IF the world ends, THEN there’s no reason to consider the debt but until such a time as that happens, yammering about disregarding the debt ushers in the end of the Const and our world, and I want no part in being counted among those imbeciles.

                    • Obviously you never read EO 11110…what do you think JFK was doing???

                  • I vote for Apache ( I like Indians!)…

                    If GW Bush and Obummer can take away our civil liberties with the stroke of a pen (ignoring the Constitution!), then I suppose Trump can screw the Fed with the stroke of a pen!

                    Storm clouds Gathering said that Trump has a tendency to play dirty when the need arises… I say, the time is here.

                    • Congrats, you’re an imbecile. I’m not going to expound on why, because I doubt you’d understand or care.

                    • Someone once told me,
                      “You cant save your face and your ass at the same time”
                      Trump gets it, just look at his history and start as POTUS.
                      I would bet that barring interference from congress he is willing to do stuff that others dont have the guts to do. He is already stirring the pot, these people protesting his actions are showing their true colors as enemies domestic, they sre drawing out the foreign enemies and traitors as well.
                      Ive had to file bankruptcy before, people where aghast,,,
                      15+ years later,,, didnt mean shit other than it cleared the table and shut up a few mega corps buggin my ass.
                      Eye opening, and i learn from my life, one big lesson, dont worry about saving face, it routs out those who are your enemies

                  • NunyaBidness,
                    I am not as concerned with saving our constitution at that point as i would be to try to start over with a MUCH cleaner slate and NOT let the scumbags ( banksters and others ) get to come right back with there holdings intact!! there is not much hope of clearing the debt as is, how long could you run your house on a negative money path? before it would all come to a halt? well it appears our government thinks they can just keep printing money. that is NOT only BAD business but it is a type of thinking that is CORRUPT and needs to be removed. the ONLY way to do so ( unless nuclear war happens) then we need to do as i stated earlier and clean the slate but NOT give the assets to the banksters who among others caused this!!that is my point!!

              • NunyaBidness,
                Obviously, you mistake anal retentive liberal analysis, for historical precedent… I advise you to research what Lincoln did (US Treasury ‘Greenbacks’), and what FDR did (Fiat coup by Fed via ‘confiscation’ of the Peoples Money; gold.), and what Nixon did, the abandonment of Bretton Woods via demonetization of gold in 1971, aka “Slamming shut the gold window”, before you demonize TrumpsDeplorable.
                He’s right…
                I think Trump is a ‘money man’, the right man in the right place at the right time…. to tell the Fed to go to hell, and then, declare a JUBILEE, Nationalize the banks, declare a national economic ‘debt emergency’, and do, pretty much anything he wants…
                And who gave him the Precedent? Lincoln, FDR, Nixon, and now… Obama, with his pen and his phone…
                That’s not what he will do though, he may audit the Fed, audit Ft. Knox, find out Clinton sold all the gold, arrest everybody who screwed us, and then, print US Treasury BILLS, and create US Treasury CREDIT, to simply replace 1 for 1, any outstanding debt, while funding whatever the F* he wants to do.
                It would be wise, for all governments, to take back the “issuing power”, that’s what has to happen anyway, when, the Financial System goes… BOOM. Or else, everything connected to it implodes, and then, they know, the pitch forks and torches will come out…

                • Piper M,
                  YUP, i agree with the way you put it!!

                • PM! Braveheart agrees wholeheartedly.

            • Actually, he could occupy all FED branches with the 101st Airborne Division and shoot all of the Skypes who have been robbing the nation blind for more than a hundred years.

              • Jizmo inadvertently forgot to place (((Skypes))) in its proper grammatical context.

            • I’m assuming he will appoint Moe, Larry and Curley for three of them? Would be better than Goldspan, Bernanke and Yellen.

            • I agree he does have more power than was suggested. This idea of the economy imploding under the Trump tour has been discussed at length at ZH as many of you likely know. And there is some logic behind it. But it remains to be seen how it can or will all play out. I think Trump has enough smart guys around him to avoid being blamed for such if it should occur and I do believe it may. The fed is currently starting to consider taking a different policy on printing and ZIRP. But we still print and ease a tremendous amount monthly. I am not at all convinced the fed can stop their policies without serious fall out. My concern with the current Trump policies is the new debt they are talking about. At the same time they are saying massive serious government cuts can off set any new spending as well as the productivity created. Again we are in a place we have never been, just as we were with BHO and Bernanke and crew. Nothing has really changed and currently we are basically in the same place as we were with BB. Massive easing monthly and that is not a healthy or realistic perspective of real markets, but of created false markets. The dynamics involved politically are changing daily as Trump takes control of the environment in a strong way. He is proactive not passive or distorting and manipulative as BHO was. So we will have to wait and see what plays out on the economy and massive debt as well as easing and ZIRP.

              On the general political matters I think he is already obliterating the old false paradigms. Not just because he is proactive, but because the many illusions created by BHO and crew are simply failing because they were just lies, distortions and manipulations and have run their course.

          • At some point, I think people are going to take responsibility, remove themselves from the Fed system and the un-lawful Fed Corp. Govt. When the system pushes back we need to band together and smash it. 300+ million people’s lives controlled by ink and paper is retarded.


            • UpDate Feb 1st: The Fed left the rates unchanged.

        • Will Collapse under Trump. He will get blamed for things set in motion a decade ago.

          Cookie crumbles. Trump blamed. Another communist traitor like Obama comes forward. Zuckerberg? He tries to take guns. Then there is an American civil war. We all kill each other. Then Russia China nukes USA. And our game is over.

          USA gone. Beast system now free to rule Earth.

          We remain dead until Jesus returns. Then more war. Then Peace. Any questions?

          • “Will Collapse under Trump. He will get blamed for things set in motion a decade ago.”

            *** ding ding ding*** winner winner chicken dinner

            Trump is a Manchurian. He’s one of the globalist elite. He is nothing but a tool meant to forever discredit opposition to the globalists just as democrat voters are the useful idiot tools meant to help implement it.

            • NunyaBidness

              What is so hard about what might happen.

              If Trump makes good on his word than all is well. regardless of what TPTB are thinking.

              But if he FAILS. Then all hell breaks lose. I believe this is the last chance. We go to war against EVERYBODY. On our neighbors whether they are Democrats or Republicans. Black, White. Tan or Yellow. Just need a reason to kill and there will be plenty of them to go around. Now you may think I am an imbecile. Doesn’t matter. All you need to know is there are many like me and when it starts will take no prisoners. I am done with the Stupid but will behave as long as others do.

              • Anon, I agree. The naysayers need to get a clue. I know I’m right to keep all my options open.

          • John: I have posted on other sites same thing: what would a country gain by nuking us or Canada? A wasteland, radiation, famine, nothing grows for years. They want a country that’s livable, China is doing a red dawn set up in Calif. buying up ports and land. They don’t want a wasteland. For more info, see read article Red Dawn. Even if things collapse under Trump caused by decades of dysfunction, it will cause most people to quit all political activity, reading blogs, because of hopelessness, cynicism.

          • no questions you are a fing idiot if you think jesus is coming back to this shit hole man has created, and according to many no one name jesus ever existed, except in your false religious belief system.

            • There is a mountain of historical and physical evidence Jesus existed as claimed. Whether or not he did exactly as claimed or not is another matter. One thing I can say for sure is that what we have been told and how religions have morphed into simply businesses is not what Jesus preached, ever ! I am quite sure he was simply a teacher and a messenger not unlike many others that had great messages and teachings for mankind. In fact they all said very similar things. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, and many others. But it has all been greatly perverted, polluted, and simply misinterpreted and misunderstood by supposed Christians of today and for the last nearly 1900 years.

          • Oh for sure, the lefty Morons will Blame Trump, however the smart people all know full well Trump has not one finger print on the entire last 50 of our country getting screwed over. We all laugh at you Dolts. And that last Shoeshine Muslim posing as a President for the last 8 years, should be tried for treason and strung up on a pole for all his crimes against America. Lefties are done, finished, cooked and baked. Throw them in a grave. Put them on Ignore as they whimper themselves to sleep like NunyaBlindness. Pile some dirt on, maybe some flowers will come up. They can whine and rant all they want, they are totally out of power for the next 2 years. So go pound sand snowflakes, move to another country. No Trump is not a Globalist elite.

            • TD! I totally agree. I stand behind President Trump all the way. The libturds can go f$&@ themselves. We’re taking our country back. Anyone who stands in the way will be dealt with harshly. If anything bad happens to our POTUS, it will be GAME ON!

            • ?

        • Sounds to me as though the head of the snake has been identified. What does it take to chop it off?

          • NOPE, Trump is NOT the head of this snake, this SNAKE has multiple heads and they ALL must be removed at the same time, or the power will just shift to a different head!! these snakes are VERY well secured and it will take allot of PEOPLE to perform this job, IF it ever does happen!!

            • NOTE, these snake heads are located in various parts of the world!!

              • Start in Brussels, then Tel Aviv.

                • To chop the head off everyone must stop using fed notes as money, print our own currency (interest free) and prosecute/execute everyone involved in the overthrow of the US Government. That is just the start, much more will have to follow and laws must be changed.

                  • The odds of that happening??????

                    • 0

                  • Lead the way, Genius.

                    Let us know how printing money and murder work out for you as a career move.

                • TD! Brussels, Tel Aviv, City Of London, Fed Reserve, Wall St., Hollywood.

                • City of London underground square mile ?????


                • No, no no… Tel Aviv first.

              • Apache54, the snake heads are all GLOBALISTS. NOT my POTUS.

                • Agreed!! Trump is the ONLY pres in many years to show he has GUTS to do the things that should have never been been done or never started. SO FAR HE IS THE MAN!!!

              • The enemy is more desperate and mad than a wolverine with rabies. The deranged Kenyan’s last phone call while occupying the Oval Office was to his NWO comrade in crime, Angela Merkle. Of all people, he probably called to tell her she was now in charge in the fight for globalization.

                President Donald Trump in office is something True Americans fought long and hard for, and as a Country we have already witnessed him take decisive action against the ‘elite’ – and that was just within the first 72 hours.

                Trump is only one man, up against the corrupt, globalist shadow gvmnt in DC and the rest of the world, whose sole purpose is to rule every nation by gaining more power and riches through backroom deals.

                These are the same slimey vermin scum who employed the obscenely disgusting tricks to ensure Trump would not be elected. President Trump is upsetting their little game plan and they are going insane while doing everything in their power to stop him.

                They are not through fighting, and neither are we.

            • Talking about the Federal Reserve Bank, apache54

              • My comment earlier was moderated for 6 hours and wound up way down here. Was responding to genius. Weird

        • You are a sorry SOB, use spell check for GD sake. What the hell is preeping?? Most of the commenters on this site seem to have 2nd grade education.

          By the way, when all of you respond about how many guns, or mad skills you have, just know that I have more of each….and I can spell.

      2. Trump moved a portrait of Andrew Jackson into the Oval Office.

        Gentlemen! I too have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of the United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out, and by the Eternal, (bringing his fist down on the table) I will rout you out!

        End the Fed. If it self-immolates it will be easier. And it can take the Wall Street Banksters with it.

        • We have woken up homeless and we must absolutely not allow those that caused it to design the reset. The sooner we can get central banking out of our life, the sooner we can get on with it.

          • I declare “GRID-Exit.” Get off any and all Grid Tied programs, Income Taxes, Food Supply, Electric, Grid Rat Race City Employment with Taxes, Grid Utilities with Taxes, and become fully Independent off their Grid with less Taxes and dependence.

            That means “Cut the Cord!!!
            Get out of the Cities and the high Taxes,
            Cut the Cable Cord, Lie TV.
            Get rid of your Utilities, get your own well, solar for electric. move this direction and you will get off their grid which is all tied to Taxes. Lots of taxes.

            I pay one tenth the Property taxes than in the cities. 1/3 Less Auto Insurance, No Utility Bills, No Cable Bill, Just a cell ph. and Internet satellite dish. Grow your own food, and livestock, can the food for later. Are you your own Boss, or a slave to the Grid and Rat Race? Life is about choices, get busy!!

            • Done all of that, now what?

              • Same here….now what ?

                • Use any excess to create/grow things you can sell or trade.

                  • Sell a few eggs now, simply because some times of the year we have too many, but basically don’t need the income, nor is there anything I want to trade for….

                    • Same here, trade with a neighbor for stuff

                • Dude’s an imbecile. Stop listening to him.

                  Yammers about separating himself from TPTB and claims to have one so but fails to realize that his property taxes, satellite dish and cellphone are STILL paying all those taxes and utilities to TPTB.

                  Yammers about digging wells and becoming hermits, while failing to realize that just isn’t feasible for the mass numbers of people it would take to threaten TPTB, aside from the fact that it isn’t feasible for very large numbers of people.

                  You’re not going to separate yourselves from the system, so you may as well find a way to threaten it from inside it.

                  • We only need about a 10% survival rate, of the right kinds of people, to survive any collapse.
                    F* the city folk, they are simply useless leeches anyway.
                    I get the heeby jeebies when I have to go to town, they have all become cyborgs, staring at pictures on their little tiny screens, half driving their cars, nuts.

                    You, are the imbecile, methinks.
                    You are also new here.
                    Troll much?

                    • PM, the guy not only misses the boat, he misses the entire port, LOL.

                    • Well, and the few city folk who have half a brain have a plan to get the hell out if things go sideways,,, they definitely wont be waitin around for help to come,,, you wouldnt believe how many times ive heard people say that if there was a disaster they know the government has their backs,,,, really got into it a few times, now i just smile and nod and agree,,,,
                      Even some of my neighbors, but whatcha expect from liberals,

                    • Piper Michael

                      “We only need about a 10% survival rate, of the right kinds of people, to survive any collapse.”

                      If you are not part of the 10% then its zero for you. Call me selfish but survival of the human species is not my goal.

                  • NunyaBlindness = a Soros Paid shill moron troll. Likes to criticize fighting back, but does not say what he does. Besides get paid to come on here and troll for TPTB. Then he skips over to Facebook and praises Soros I bet.

            • Are you T/D, your own boss, buying bottled water from grocery stores, yet have a lake on your property? Taking showers from a pint bottle?

              Has the State of Florida determined you are in violation of State law by being off the grid?
              Do you really grow all your own food? Ha.
              I pay one tenth of your property tax bill, a tenth of your car insurance bill, and I don’t have to live in swampland, FL.
              And I can be at a beautiful tropical beach in 20 minutes.
              To each his own.
              Having lived in FL., you can have your flatland, water moccs., gators and soon, Burmese pythons.
              You don’t have the perfect setup; it’s just in your mind.

              • Ketchupondemand

                You lived in Florida and forgot Tiger Mosquito’s and Fire Ants? ;0)

                • anon, back then fire ants weren’t as numerous…but I always thought they came here from FL., then found out they’re a Brazilian import. Thanks, Brazil.
                  Tiger mosquitoes I’m not familiar with…but at our altitude here we have very few mosquitoes at all. Oh, but we got those damn no-see-ums.
                  We once got driven out of a campsite at Sebastian Inlet, in a truck camper, no less, in the middle of the night by those things. Came in right through the window screens. (Before we discovered “Screen Proof”)
                  But fire ants are the Borg, and you will be assimilated!

              • Florida – No pussy Wimps allowed. Get back to the safety of your Playpen at mommas katsup on your brain. Looks like you can’t handle simple nature. Sounds like you will easily die in simple SHTF if you can’t even handle that.

                Real Men can handle anything. Gators, Moccasins, pythons, mosquitos, scuba dive with sharks, spearfish. Too back you complain like a girlie child, now go play with your participation trophys in the safety your playpen.

                • Real men address the subject. Attacking the person gives you the right to avoid the bs you spout but can’t back up. The subject was:
                  “Are you T/D, your own boss, buying bottled water from grocery stores, yet have a lake on your property? Taking showers from a pint bottle?

                  Has the State of Florida determined you are in violation of State law by being off the grid?
                  Do you really grow all your own food?”

                  So, there’s a new subject above and you can move on and pretend you didn’t see this.

                  • Yep I am my own boss 25 yrs now, and do what ever the hell I want and when I want. The rest of your rant is just babble. No Prob off the grid here. Been here 2 yrs now, and not 1 problem from anybody. There is No State law in FL says you have to live on the grid. You don’t even know what you are ranting about.

          • The trouble with getting rid of central banking through the Fed is that it is so ingrained and intertwined with the entire economic system it is like trying to get rid of metastatic cancer.

            You don’t know everything being affected by it or how to get rid of all of it without killing the affected host.

        • One thing I really like about AJ – he ran on a platform of ending the Fed of his day. . . and he damn well did it.

          Rout them out!

        • I think Trump should redesign the Oval Office back to all the founders of our Country. George Washington Jackson, Adams, Ben Franklin, etc, and get rid of the MLK Bust and all the other creatures that brought America Down. Winston Churchill (Bust) was a friggin Zionist. Get rid of that Traitor of Europe as well. Get back to the founders and lets get this RESET Going back to the Constitution. All these other distractions and dopes taking up space in the Oval Office to be removed. Put Trump on Mt Rushmore. lol

      3. The problem is the Fed is untouchable. JFK printed United States Notes, look what happened to him. Any attempt to go after the Fed will likely fail. That’s how completely embedded their control holds over every aspect of existing power. Stick a fork in us, we’re done. This direction won’t be reversed, imo.

        • true

        • This Fall in 2017 the JFK Files are to be opened, and watch the FED scramble for cover to hide the Tribe’s crimes against the United states and Murder of a US Sitting President, as we will hang them all for treason and theft. Trump will roll out the Fed Audit when the timing is right. The Fed is a Clan of Moneychanger Bandits, deserve Death. Yep Kill the Fed, erase the debt and jail the Bankers in FEMA Prison Camps. Team them up with a Muslim Cell mate. Life in Prison to discuss their differences. lol

          • The fed will have Trump whacked before anything of the sort happens. They have done it to every single prez that tried. You really think they will open files on JFK without editing it?

      4. Does North Korea have a private bank like the Fed? I think that nation is tied into the globalist network. Their threats are phony, just another puppet regime ran by globalists who call the shots. Who are N. Korea’s allies?

        • “Does North Korea have a private bank like the Fed?”

          No. Just one private bank account for the Fat Kid. 🙂

          • Notice every axis of evil country was NOT controlled by a rothschild central bank?

            • Their shield is red for a reason.

              • Their wealth is estimated at five times the wealth of the next top ten billionaires combined. And now they want your cash. Perpetual servitude or sound money is the choice facing us now. Freedom or continued enslavement. They have sacrificed millions of us to achieve our wealth. We must clearly identify our foe. Reparation will not be enough. We deserve and demand truth. Audit the FED, then comes justice. Only then can we move on.

                • The rothschilds I have read are worth 300 TRILLION bux. Billionaires are shit compared to them!

                  • Our National Debt is practically owed to the Rothchilds. The one good very good thing Trump could do by EO for the entire country is to forgive all debts. Wipe the slate clean for every debtor in the country, including cancelling all owed to the Roths.

                  • Bill Gates is about to become a Trillionaire in spite of giving away a lot of his money.

            • Oh yeah the Axis of Evil. N Korea, Iran, Russia, Syria, Libya… Funny how none have every attacked us but we are at their doors attacking them and destroying their Countries all to prop up the Federal Reserve Petro Dollars at our expense.

              It would be way cheaper just to get rid of the Fed with a stroke of a Pen and a Rifle Barrel, and Burn that institution to the ground. Poof Gone. Then the world returns back to peace for a while.

              • What does that tell you about who really runs this country?

              • Wait till Trumpsters policies start draining the Saudis wallets, he did say he is going to push US oil priduction and reduce dependence on foreign oil,,, i doubt anyone anywhere is immune from sound business policies, if people dont like a country taking responsibility for itself and protecting its own interests
                Would you do things that sent you to the poor house but gave your neighbor a winfall?
                Would you do things that damaged your livlihood while boosting someone else in another town?
                And all because it gave someone else a warm fuzzy feeling?

                • Nailbanger

                  The entire fracking / horizontal drilling technology has ramifications far greater than just “draining the Saudi’s” wallet. These technologies put the USD / Reserve Currency in jeopardy. If oil consuming nations increasingly become energy independent they have no need to purchase oil outside of their country and hence no need to have USD to do it.

                  The US has overthrown sovereign governments and went to war (under false pretenses of course) to maintain the USD Reserve Currency status. It is not just important but absolutely vital. No cheap source of energy goes unused. Its quite possible that TPTB or no TPTB technology will collapse the existing system regardless of their actions to stop it.

        • North Korean money is worthless outside of North Korea. It’s not worth much more than that inside North Korea, but if they want to import anything, they pay for it with arms, food, minerals, that kind of thing.

          • Anything with an image of fat Kimchi on it is as good as toilet paper.

        • Don’t know but we do know that nearly 10 years ago, The North Koreans went to bed with one currency, many had savings accounts,checking and the next morning a new currency and accounts valued 1/2 less that day.

          Kept the population poor and under government control.

          • I once went to bed with a problem on my mind and woke up with a solution in my hand!

      5. No new information in that video. Most of us are still prepping for war.

        Get your popcorn and buckle up. Hehehe!


      7. Most of us know the odds are stacked against Trump restoring the Republic. Trump simply bought us a bit of time. He will likely only get one term? Its probably the calm before the storm. Trump is to be commended on undoing Obummers Ex orders. I hope Trump can get rid of the UN. The wall on the mexico border may be too little too late? But its better than a poke in the eye. Time will tell and it likely will be sooner than later.

        • The biggest thing Trump will do is replace Justice Scala.

          • Right on. That will be the gift than keeps on giving, as they say.

            There are, I believe, four Justices who are octogenarians. Ginsberg is in poor health. Trump and Pence could give us a 6-3 or 7-2 Court in just a few years.

            I’ve heard that Sotomayer said that she would be so unhappy on a conservative Court that she might resign. That would be icing on the cake.

        • Old Guy- Huh? Trump already Restored the Republic. The Dems are no longer in control of anything, but their whiney Democratic Caucuses. Which America has put on Ignore. Trump will be a 2 Term Pres Guaranteed. The Dems have No one in the wings period. Who Pelosi? Schumer? Boxer? lol If Bernie Sanders was all they could muster up beside Hillary, they are done for decades.

          Trump will sweep the barn out, good and plenty in the next few years. Getting rid of 25 Million Illegal and dead Voters for the Dems. They got nobody but the snowflake generation.

          • I really hope you are correct and I am wrong. But I think not!

      8. Hey China knows what is coming that is why they are building islands etc.

        The Philippines wants the U.S. out

        With Russian I wonder what Trump is going to say to PUTIN when it does not go his way YOU’RE FIRED ??????

        It looks like he lost the 1st round with Mexico with this wall thing but it early.

        Keep slugging D you got 4 years for starters.

        • Straight Shooter. Well stated. My concern is most Americans are jumping yup and down when they hear the words such as wall, muslim refuge ban, etc without a in dept look into the real motives.

          As far as Muslim ban , Trump excluded the satanic followers of Saudi Arabia who are the main suppliers of the barbarian terrorists. Why?

          As far as wall….the country must be secured and no argument there but history shows after completing the great China wall the Mongolian invaders marched into China through the designated gates by bribing border guards.

          The mass immigration and refugee influx can only be prevented by promoting peace and justice between nations and helping the poorer ones build their economies. Got it Donald?

          • Anonymous:

            Solid copy on that we as Americans are spoiled we expect things to happen right away.

            It’s going to be a long road to recovery if that is allowed to happen.

            I do fear a world war is coming no matter how you look at it.

            And what I am really worried about is war on our own home turf with some kind of religious extremism, and in some ways domestic stuff.

            Is this country prepared mmmmmmm MAYBE but we will not have the time to regroup, and refit like we did in WW2.


            • STRAIGHT SHOOTER… Again very well stated.

          • “and helping the poorer ones build their economies.”
            Are you talking about giving them more of our currency?

            • Absolutely not Genius since such has a reverse effect just like food stamp and free stuff. Rather educating and sharing the technology such as how to water the farms more efficiently specially in areas with low supply of water etc. Free stuff never works and creates more corruption. A prime example is the money that goes to the Palestinian authority. A poor Palestinian won’t see a dime rather it all goes to their corrupt leaders to buy mentions in France and ………

      9. Iodine, Selenium, B12

        If you are deficient, you will be fat, fatigued, and phucked. There’s not much most here can do to effect world events. Eat healthy and stack foods that will keep you and yours fit and healthy. The following is a list of foods with selenium.

        •••••••••• Top Ten Foods With Selenium

        1. Brazil Nuts

        2. Yellow Fin Tuna

        3. Halibut

        4. Sardines

        5. Grass-fed Beef

        6. Turkey

        7. Beef Liver

        8. Chicken

        9. Egg

        10. Spinach

        Consume iodine rich foods like fish and sea weed.
        Eat selenium foods at the same time.
        These two minerals need the other and work together.

        Chickens who are farm raised and dig in the dirt
        Lay eggs with B12.


        • Today I ate a carne asada burrito, 2 payday bars, a can of coconut milk, 2 slices of veggie pizza, a slice of 3 layer chocolate cake. But I took all my vitamins and herbs 🙂

          • Oh and I stopped eating all seafood after fukashima. I suggest you do too. Gulf of mexico is also out, corexit isn’t good for you. I miss fish but no one who is dying in their bed is saying “damn I wish I ate more seafood!” Got migraines? You might want to get rid of MSG in your food too. The poor japs are screwed, you just don’t hear about it on the news…

            • And today I ate ummm… a blueberry muffin, 3 chicken tacos, a cupcake, a turkey sandwich, and 6 Sam Adams beers, and all my vitamins and herbs 🙂

            • You are forgetting about fresh water seafood. Most of us have lakes close by that are full of fish for the taking. I have 30 lakes within 30 minutes of my house that are full of rainbow and brook trout. Invested in a fly rod and a pontoon boat c/w hip waders and flippers. Paddle around the lake with my buddies and usually get our limit in a few hours. Have fresh fish for breakfast and freeze / smoke what we don’t eat. Will probably start canning some of it eventually.

              • Firestorm, one side of the property where my BOL sits borders on a year-round creek that always has good fishing. I’ve had many a meal from that creek, LOL.

        • Might I add Vodka!!

        • Nothing taken from the pacific of course

        • Liver,

          • I second that. I’d rather eat my car’s oil filter, which serves the same function as the liver.

      10. And the sign said anybody caught trespassing would be shot on sight.
        So I jumped on the fence and yelled at the house “What Gives You The Right”….?

        What happened after that is still just a blur.

        • Awesome: sign sign everywhere a sign!!!

      11. Might as well make it a clean sweep.

        All the Repub candidates / Hillary / the entire nation of Mexico / the Fed? Why not.

        Honey badger does not give a shit.

      12. Easy one for the ignorant people who don’t know. The Iron and clay shall not cleave on to another!

      13. That has been the rumor since Trump was elected that the economy would implode and blame trump.

        So, if it implodes Trump can fix it since he has declared Bankruptcy, what four times?

        So, the recommendation still stands, continue to prepp and arming yourselves to defend because it could be a mess in the streets this spring and summer.

        • Actually he has never gone personally bankrupt. Four of his 650+ companies went insolvent. Pretty good record considering most companies go bankrupt in their first 5 years of operations.

      14. I think Trump knows the current economy and financial system is BS. As an expert in financial and business restructuring he knows a crisis first must occur before change can be made. A dialling to zero before you can become a hero.

        There needs to be a clear out of the malinvestment and a re-pricing of the dollar to being globally competitive. For an economy as large and sophisticated as the US, the crash needs to occur in the next two years, and then the re-boot needs to happen in Trump’s last two years. Yes, there will be unrest but that is why we have new rules for dealing with unrest. Take out the worst leaders and incarcerate the most violent elements.

        We have a degenerate state and a period of constitutional firmness is required to deal with the fifth column at home and the many enemies abroad. America just needs to go back to the 1940s/50s level of personal responsibility and relationship with the state to have that firmness. Ditch the dilitante behaviour that took over in the late 60s and 70s.

        On the plus side, we have never had such an experienced military and national security structure for dealing with this. Decades of experience overseas can now be put into place.


        The Real Forces Behind the Election of Donald Trump, And Why They Made Him POTUS Now

        Answers all question regarding this article I believe

        Get Ready

        If can, pay off all outstanding debts, make no new ones.

        Have a nice day

      16. Nationalize the Fed if they get in the way. That will limit the pain, not stop it. Either way, it’s going to hurt everyone because after the end of the Fed, the bond vigilantes will strike. The Gov is going to run out of money and be forced to live within it’s means. It has to happen sooner or later. The welfare/warfare state will grind to a halt. Those on the dole will riot when they don’t get their checks, or if there is massive money printing, then those checks they get won’t be worth the paper they are printed on.

      17. The big question is, Are you afraid?

        The majority of us have a few years under our belts and there is no substitution for experience. There are the skills we have honed and we are ready for the future. What it has all boiled down for me is, I listen/read the news. Buy more bullets. Buy more food
        and the occasional new gadget I create or purchase.
        Other than that, I await the Storm and complain here at this site.
        What we are now is reactionary. It’s when we get Pro Active that things will get dicey.

      18. It’s two and a half minutes to midnight on the doomsday clock.

        Break out the popcorn.

        • Got it. Fresh made from friends in Nashville. Yum.

      19. Fed gets out of line Pres, House, Sen order an audit, threaten to shut them down and Yellen will tuck tail and run

      20. One minute after midnight a new day begins …. that’s all

      21. Our enemies know that with Trump in office, they must strike a bit sooner than as originally planned. The additional expenditures to re-build our military and industrial capacity will take several years. The window of opportunity has tightened dramatically. It is not 2-1/2 minutes to doomsday. It is 30 seconds. The horror will arrive in the detonation of multiple EMP strikes, coupled with a massive cyber-attack…..bringing the entire national electric grid down. “The world did not end with a bang, but with a whimper”.!!!

      22. If Aliens came down and nuked Brussels, London, New York and D.C., would the world be a better place? Probably.

      23. Got pulled over the other day in Wisconsin by the local game warden. I asked for his ID. He said, “Badgers? Badgers? We don’t need no stinking badgers!

        • Alfonso Bedoya will never die !

      24. Next Fed meeting is Jan31/Feb1.

        Many expect another 1/8% increase in interest rates during the summer. If the Fed gets more aggressive than that, it means they want a collapse.

      25. It does the heart of an old man good to see that so many now understand that the greatest threat to mankind is and always has been, Central Banking!!! Bank of England, Bank of Germany, Bank of France and ever so cleverly, Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, which has nothing to do with the United States Government, as it and the other Central Banks of Europe are solely controlled and totally directed by the Jewish Rothschild family of Europe! Damn people, it appears so complicated and yet, is so very simple! You loan nothing and demand something in return, the labors of millions of lives, plus interest!! Nothing gets something! Get it? SOMETHING for NOTHING!!! The Racket of the ages that has been perpetrated successfully over most of the entire globe, with the exceptions of a few holdouts in the Middle East but Rothschild Israel and it’s U.S. and U.K. whores will take care of that eventually. A. Jackson knew about the bastards. They almost killed him but he did kick them out. Lincoln said no to them and they did kill him. Hitler kicked them out of Germany and created what was known as the German Miracle in the 30’s. This necessitated not only his destruction but Germany’s as well. Next came Kennedy, who studied what transpired in Germany to create the most successful country on Earth in the 30’s and wanted that for the U.S.! The owners of the Federal Reserve, the Jewish Rothschild family, had his head blown off as we all know, except for those who still believe the Oswald myth. And now we come to Trump! Is he real or is he not? Yes, stock up on popcorn folks, it’s going to be interesting!!!!

        • Aurelius,
          good post, very NICE to see how MANY people really do see what has and is happening AND SEE how to fix it!! now all we have to do is keep Trump alive and get the libtards to either leave this country or wake up,( there to brainwashed to wake up) and keep eating the BIG elephant one bite at a time and we will get our country back! the REAL problem i see is to what extent will the REAL rulers of the world go, when they realize that they are loosing???? what will they do??? they can start a world war, and that would give them there power back but, at what price to how much is left of the world. so we may have a chance to gain some control as long as they don’t want to totally destroy the world!!

      26. Translating Libspeak (from Townhall)

        1) “Dressing up as a giant vagina in public” — The best way to preserve the dignity of women.

        2) “Nazi” – Germans who attempted to take over the world during WWII and members of the American Nazi Party. Oh, and Donald Trump….And Mitt Romney, too. George W. Bush? Of course! Definitely all the Tea Party members and the people who voted for Trump. Conservatives in general? Sure. Come to think of it, pretty much every American who doesn’t agree with any part of the liberal agenda.

        3) “Fetus” – A life-sucking parasite with no soul that feeds off the life of a woman and should be destroyed via abortion before you have a party celebrating its demise, unless you want the fetus, in which case it’s a sweet, loving baby.

        4) “Corporate Welfare” – Something that’s horrible and should never happen unless it involves Planned Parenthood, PBS or NPR.

        5) “Fake News” – News from non-liberal sources which are, by definition, fake because they make you stick your hands in your ears and yell, “La-La-La, I don’t want to hear from conservatives, la-la-la!”

        6) “Stolen Election” – Relatively close elections that Republicans must have won with the help of Vladimir Putin, Jeb Bush or the Koch brothers.

        7) “Homophobes” – Christians who believe in the almost universally agreed upon standards of male/female marriage that existed for thousands of years until liberals decided that the foundation of our civilization isn’t trendy enough.

        8) “Xenophobe” – Americans who believe we should put our country’s interests ahead of other nations like Mexico, Iran and France.

        9) “Diversity” – A group of liberals who agree on every single issue, but also happen to be gay, black, female, Hispanic or transsexual.

        10) “Investment” – Wasting billions of dollars on useless government programs and giveaways that produce nothing of value.

        11) “White Privilege” – The special superpowers gifted to white people that insure that there will never be a black President and all white people will always be wealthy and successful without having to work for it.

        12) “The constitution is a living, breathing document.” – If there are enough liberals on a court, they can ignore the law and override democracy to implement a left-wing agenda.

        13) “Patriotism” – Hatefully complaining about every real or imaginary fault of America while unfavorably comparing our country to places like Cuba and China.

        14) “Violent rhetoric” – Words like “crossfire,” “job killing,” “crosshairs,” and “targeted” when used by Republicans.

        15) “Detroit” – An extremely liberal city in a liberal state that must have been run into the ground and bankrupted by Republicans despite the fact that it hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1962.

        16) “Radical Islam” – Words you’re not supposed to say because it may make people who are trying to kill us in the name of their religion mad.

        17) “Choice” – A wonderful thing when it comes to killing babies, but awful when it’s applied to guns, schools, opting out of Social security or having less government in your life.

        18) “Rape Culture” – When men want to have sex with women and worse yet, don’t bother to use consent forms for everything from hand holding to dirty sex on the hood of a car.

        19) “Vagina hats” – What you wear to let everyone know you’re serious people.

        20) “Love Trumps Hate” – Screaming obscenities, smashing windows and assaulting people to show that you’re loving and they’re hateful.

        • Yea, ive had enough of the libtards, i pretty much use every chance i get to bash them

        • Most likely a kid born to dysfunctional libtard breeders is going to up as another dysfunctional libtard parasite. If liberals breeding want to abort potential new liberals, they have my blessing.

          Liberals, abort away!!!

        • Test,

          I’d add one more.

          Nationalism, defined as a key trait of fascism. Where the common people language and culture of a society is a rally point for its people, it is characterized by the terms racism even if racism is not apparent. Thus you can claim America is a racist state that hates Blacks even though America elected a Black president……..twice! As well the media can claim Trumps America first slogan to be fascist without ever identifying any other trait of fascism.

          Nationalism must never be confused with globalism which seeks to unify people in the same exact way nation states unify their people, because Globalists want do it bigger, on a global scale. Globalists open borders and free trade agreements seem to be counter to the definition of fascism, because they are claimed to be liberal, enlightened and worldly, when in fact they are tools to create fascism state that exploits nationalism, but simply on a larger scale.

      27. The decisions made by the Federal Reserve should strengthen and stabilize the US economy and further long-term economic growth. They should not be to further short-term political objectives or benefit the people making the decisions. Consider human nature and our system, any questions as to why we are in debt?

        • I know why we are in debt, but see no good reason for any of the why

      28. Get ready for the Bosnia 2.0 lifestyle downgrade package. If you don’t like that, then you can choose Venezuela 2.0, instead.

        If you still can’t handle that, then I suggest that you stack at least one round of pistol ammo. Place that in your med kit. Label it “brain suppository”.

        By now there should be no excuse to not be ready, already.

        • Fl

          For fun today I filled a few more sandbags.

          • Today I sat around at work being a sandbagger lol 😛

            • “Sandbagger” LOL.

            • Better a sandbagger than a douchebagger like all the idiots protesting at airports etc,,,,
              Buncha un American enemies domestic, foreign and traitors if ya ask me

              • The ones holding signs and chanting “Let them in” are the ones that disgust me the most. Yeah, let terrorists in. Very stupid people.

                Oh, the white people wearing Black Lives Matter shirts too, wow has that society degraded itself…

      29. Where things go from here will show the true colors.

      30. Islam, the religion of pieces. Human pieces, that is. In one of their leaders own words below. THIS is what we are facing. THIS is the filth of radical Islam that Obama (who the day after the election was reported golfing at a billion dollar resort) exposed us to.

        You may recall Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, behind the 9/11 attacks. Whatever you think of that (I, too, think there was more to it than presented, but that’s not the point here), here is what this KSM dude thought, per a recently released book by James Mitchell, Ph.D., Inside the Minds and Motives of Islamic Terrorists Trying to Destroy America. Here is his his summary of what KSM said:

        “There are no innocent bystanders. No one in the West, especially America, is innocent. Killing women and men who are not actively fighting Islam is permissible because they pay taxes that fund those that do. It is permissible to kill babies and children because they bring comfort to infidels who resist true Islam by refusing to convert or surrender. Allowing your enemy’s children to live (don’t worry, KSM… we have the evil Planned Parenthood doing your own evil job for ya there!) replenishes their ranks, he said. Killing children is a weapon Allah has provided to attack and undermine the will of their parents to continue resisting true Islam

        He said terror attacks were good, but the “practical” way to defeat America was through immigration and by outbreeding non-Muslims. He said jihadi-minded brothers would immigrate into the US, taking advantage of the welfare system to support themselves while they spread their jihadi message. They will wrap themselves in America’s rights and laws for protection, ratchet up acceptance of Sharia law, and then, only when they were strong enough, rise up and violently impose Sharia from within. He said the brothers would relentlessly continue their attacks and the American people would eventually become so tired, so frightened, and so weary of war they would just want it to end… eventually, KSM said, America will expose her neck for us to slaughter.: p. 179

        • Test

          Good Post. The last paragraph hits home.

          • Agreed, that last paragraph is especially true of the “sanctuary cities” which are foster homes and breeding grounds for parasites. Its exactly what they are, parasites, feeding off the host until one day the host dies and the parasites are the only thing left.

      31. If Trump has filed 4 times for bankruptcy, doesn’t that make you nervous about how good his “business judgment” is? Makes me think he is a better bullshitter /con artist than business man if he can keep talking the banks into loaning him more money, bankruptcy after bankruptcy. I have even gone so far as to think that he is hiding his tax returns because he doesn’t want the fact to be exposed that he may be worth next to nothing and his real estate empire is one big Ponzi!

        He should have titled his book “The Art of the Con ” rather the “Art of the Deal.” Having said that, I voted for him over Hillary but I think we are sadly mistaken if we think he can turn this around. My feeling is that we will go through the meat grinder either way, but at least we will be one step closer to rebuilding with the Trumpmeister after the convulsions. Maybe a few more factories so we are more self sufficient, maybe an asset backed currency of some sort, maybe less corruption in government, achievable I think only through a drastic downsizing, which today is almost inconceivable.

        • Who is John Galt!

        • Again, Trump has not gone bankrupt – ever. A tiny percent of his business ventures failed (4 out of 650+). That is an amazing track record of competence.

          • Yup,,,
            And sometimes stuff just doesnt work out, no big deal, nothing ventured, nothing gained

          • Firestorm, see response to Black Moe below.

        • Horse-ass, would you rather have Crooked Hiliary and a pedophile first man in the White House? Didn’t think so.

          • Hell no. Hillary and co are the worst, probably even worse than we can know, but I am still concerned abot Trump As Firestorm has corrected me,the story of Trump having declared bankruptcy has been distorted. He has not gone through personal bankruptcy according to Firestorm, just 4 of his ventures such as a few of his casinos went bankrupt, leaving some investors in the lurch.

            However, the big six banks: Citicorp, JPM, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Bank of America…they haven’t gone bankrupt either, yet it well known that had they not been bailed out, they would be, by any standard accounting methodology (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) flat on their asses, bankrupt.

            Does the old adage of “if you owe the bank $200,000 you have a problem, but if you owe the bank $2 billion, the bank has a problem” apply to Trump? Can’t know for sure. In fact there are a lot of things we can’t know. I read a story, sorry can’t remember where I saw it, where an accountant could not figure out what Trump was worth. Trump likes to brag how much he is worth, or how he sold this business or that business for a profit, but it is like some of my friends who brag how much they made on a certain stock, but never tell you that they got killed on two or three others.

            Don’t get me wrong, I hope Trump can succeed, but it has been only 1 week into his Presidency.

      32. The interest rates are one of the few commodities that are under price controls nationally. This has gone on for so long that it seems the way it is supposed to be. The least they can do is to stop whining about Americans saving too little. With pathetically low interest rates, why save? Even this interest is taxed. When you withdraw your money, inflation has destroyed its value. Assuming the financial system has not collapsed, no one should save except they pony up some real interest.

      33. A house or nation divided upon itself cannot stand. I came not to bring peace, but War. Between a father(Satan) and his son (Cain), between a mother (Catholicism) and her daughter (Protestantism), between a mother in-law (USA) and daughter in-law (Israel). I will fence (wall) them in as kindling for the fire (chip takers) and gather my people in my barn for protection (those refusing the mark of Cain).

      34. It’s way too early to naysay or cannonize Trump. As far as the Fed… they fit the “I sit as a queen”” mentality decribed in the last book of the Bible. So, most people here are aware that NOW is the time to prepare for the breakdown of systems and I am becoming increasingly more convinced that whatever it is, will come out of nowhere. All that’s left to do is prep to our level of satisfaction and hope that we wasted the money, over preparing. All the rest of this perpetual hand wringing is close to psychotic, and premature critiques or praises stink equally. I support the sponsors on this site, but they do not form the bounds of my universe.

      35. Heres a great article
        Add the usual prefix




      37. A corporation full of senior children without a parental figure. A giant fake reality. We are debating false narratives while the agenda forges on full steam ahead. We are divided. If we decide to focus our efforts as one we are *ucking unstoppable. This is their biggest fear.

        There is no president or government that will help you.

      38. Not for the immature! Zionist Antichrist will rule the NWO.

        This YouTube interview with Eustace Mullins, who was the
        first to write about the Federal Reserve, explains.

        One Hour thirty eight minutes.

        Very informative. Don’t be put off by the title. It is not far out religious. It is very good.
        Educational. Put the pieces together.


        • Eustace Mullins is very good! Another more in depth documentary video is “The Money Masters”. It’s over 3 hours long so watch it in segments or a day off afternoon. Made in the 90’s it isn’t the highest quality but who cares, it get’s the message through! I can’t believe they haven’t banned it…

      39. Frank Thoughts… so you favor a complete military police state takeover of the US. That’s what I read. Trump is cutting all these wasteful money spent parts of expenditures. So he can turn around and pour that money into warmongering. Big time warmonger. I’m guessing his big pharma slap down on pricing is a deal made, the chemical drug makers get further suppression of cannabis. Winner winner.

        • In short, yes. We are dealing with a state of insurrection led by radical Islam. Even countries like liberal Canada, when it faced such a situation in the 1970s, instituted martial law. It happens and rather than pretend otherwise, it is better to nip it in the bud before it gets worse. Muslims want to instate a civil war on our streets as they have done in their countries. Basically, they have ruined their own countries pursuing a radical Islamist agenda and now they want to do the same to Europe and North America.

          • Frank Thoughts

            The US has an Islamic population that is less than 1%. They don’t threaten the continued existence of the system. They no doubt lose a pretty good percentage to American culture (or the absence of culture). Individually they can be annoying as hell with anarchistic terrorism but in the absence of a WMD its not destabilizing. France on the other hand has an 8% Islamic population. They have reached a point there of becoming a social / political / economic threat capable of significant destabilization. The Islamic influence within the US was disproportionately increased with the actions, words and presence of Obama.

            The global and domestic economy, built on a deck of cards, is fragile as hell. There lay the likely threat and danger.

      40. Use Special Forces teams to take out the GLOBALISTS

        I mean FFS, the US military community can be tasked to destroy the likes of Soros and his type.

        while they are sleeping, take out their scumbag security and wake them from their slumber.

      41. Looks like a false flag went Victoria Texas on a mosque. See Look at the timing.


        • HCKS:

          False flag, yes. It certainly does appear to be. A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.


      42. Immigration becoming hot!

      43. Good Grief just slash your own throat already! Be cowards like you have no control over your own destiny.

        I for one can trace my lineage to the pre-revolutionary Colonies for starters. Related to the Green Mountain boys etc…

        They gave all so that I can live free! I will not be fearful, leave or hide but fight against the Elitist when duty calls!

        It is my American obligation. I am sick of Communists Marxists Money Grubb’n Voyeuristic Control Freaks who have poor self image and mommy issues!

        The Bible may speak end time prophecy but it did not say to be compliant or complacent. Remember to March on Christian Solders! I’d rather die taken a few with me fighting for the right things then bow down and get on the BUS!


      44. I would like to make a suggestion to those who manage this site. Could you please install a “block user button” so that I don’t have to read so many ad hominem attacks which completely derail discussions ?

        You seem to have acquired a number of trolls lately which makes me disinclined to read the posts I have so enjoyed on previous occasions .

        • Such a feature may become available once we have a user registration option. Thanks for the feedback.


          • Thank you.

            • In the meantime DON’T READ THEM! Derrrrrrrrrrr

      45. Their is no doubt that a few major cities in Florida are going to burn. O.K. with me if that is what they want. Only hope those who wanted it get their throats cut. This “Help Me” shit is not going to cut it for being STUPID.
        I am waiting for the Michael Moore’s and Jane Fonda’s to stir it up till all hell breaks lose. They said they will continue to disrupt the president.

        This country is not going to heal so you better prepare for War.

      46. There are those who are ignorant and want to bring in refugee’s by the thousands regardless of the dangers of terrorism, racial war or Civil War. Who pays for that stuff?

        On the other side there are those who would who want to head off these events but would go to war to stop them. Call it revolution.

        Doesn’t sound sane. In both cases it’s war.

      47. As the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, the cost of carrying the debt goes up making it harder to balance the budget. The higher interest rates makes the cost of borrowing for business and farmers go up. The costs of producing a product occur at the the beginning and the revenue is obtained at the end when the product is sold. (Agriculture has future contracts.) The cost to the Federal government to get any commodities goes up. This makes balancing the budget even harder. Trump believes he can seriously reduce the budget through better deal-making and contracting. Hope so!

      48. The bankers who did 9/11 and own the FED could find themselves strung up from the tree and Israel getting nuked if they push there luck and even puppets like Trump will not be able to hold back the masses.

        Keep paying the taxes, kissing the bosses arse and paying interest on the loan needed to buy your on mud to build your house on because all paths lead to bankers and they have you by the balls unless you hit back and deal with them and their puppet in Congress.

        Viva le revoloution

      49. Whaterworks, for the time being I moderate trolls for free…i don’t think we have much to worry about because they will be pulling unemployment soon..


        Agency ass clown Super moderator.

      50. I’d like to know why Trump seems intent on going after Iran. Safe zones in Syria, no fly zones? Still driving this Iran is the biggest threat to Israel bus. Shades of McCain singing bomb bomb bomb Iran. Nothing has changed on the warfront. So throw the voters a few bones, then get on to the real order of business, I say kill kill kill.

        • You don’t know why Trump is going after the Islamic world? Where have you been since RFK was assassinated?


        Myron C. Fagan. “The Illuminati and the CFR” (Council on Foreign Relations) 1967

      52. Lets get the civil war started already. We all know it wont be civil its gonna be a free for all. I dont hate my neighbor because he supports one pollitical party or the other i hate him cuz he lets his dogs run the neighborhood and has a spot light pointed at my house so if there is no rule of law i can get rid of him and everyone else i have trouble with

        • There’s going to be a lot of that WROL, I’m afraid. The decent folks are just going to have to string up the losers no matter what.

          I dealt with a security light two houses down, my yard was lit all night. Measured the distance on Google Earth, and took a days practice with a pellet pistol, but I could hit the light at 215 feet. Two pellets to break the globe, one to break the light.

      53. Storm Clouds Gathering? I have always called it the “sky is falling” site, Though this one is as well.
        There is a God in Heaven, And He is intimately involved with His Creation. Trump beat ALL odds because it was God’s will and protection over His CHRISTIAN nation.
        Watch and enjoy.

      54. The TRAP may be sprung but as a businessman president, Trump will be watching. He won’t mess with the fed. if they do their job. if they try to control the nation or pose a threat to the citizen then he will step up. He knows how they operate and will be ready he may want to eliminate them if he gets a second term

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