The Transformation Of Our Nation Into A Complete Surveillance State Is Almost In Place: “You’re Known, Your Vehicle Is Known, Your Daily Itinerary, Shopping Habits… It’s All Being Recorded”

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    The headlines are awash with the recent tensions with North Korea, and most are focused intently upon this act of the play that has been running hot for several years, now.  Akin to the proverbial frog in cold water, however, we are not paying as much attention to the surveillance state that is continuing to wrap its tentacles around us.  Eurasia is our ally, Eastasia is our enemy…and nobody notices that the chocolate ration has been diminished.  While everyone focuses on what is reported in the headline news, everybody misses what is happening right before their eyes.

    Point of Sale is the new jail, the ubiquitous surveillance system that records your every purchase and stores it in a personal database…an algorithm…in the government storage facility in Utah.  Look above that register.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a debit or credit purchase or not.  Paying cash?  Your anonymity only lasts until your image is captured in the little black dome camera right above your head…right next to the register.  The sale is recorded, as well as your image.

    Now the biometrics are becoming advanced enough to be able to measure the spacing between your eyes, the shapes of the ears, and other idiosyncrasies that are peculiar to each individual.  But these differences do not matter, as long as they can be catalogued.   All the states pretty much have Real ID, now, with driver’s licenses all linked into a central database and passed through the fusion centers and police departments at local, state, and national level.  1984 is now.

    Here is an excerpt from the Passports page of the State Department of January 12, 2016:

    The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Friday that Real ID-compliant identification, such as a passport or a driver’s license from a Real ID-compliant state, will not be required to fly domestically until 2018.

    Yes, this is serious.  Laws are not in place yet to prevent you from disguising yourself or altering your appearance.  Yet.  They do make it a crime to alter your appearance in the commission of a crime.  The question becomes when do they make it a crime to vary from their THX-1138 program for us and keep them from recording you?  Probably very soon.

    In previous articles, it was mentioned that it is a rollercoaster with the administrations and the amount they can push the peoples’ perceptions of what is intolerable.  As many of you have pointed out, the political party doesn’t matter…the surveillance state inches forward in increments: steadily and without respite.  We are in a “slow” phase right now.  President Trump is “in,” and the people are riding the crest of their “newfound freedoms,” right?  Not so fast.  Bush Jr. was certainly better than Clinton; however, his actions enabled the Warner Defense Act of 2006 and the abrogation of Constitutional rights in that 100-mile buffer zone around the Continental United States.  The Patriot Act had already been in place, and many refinements were made to alter limitations on presidential actions concerning disclosure on actions overt and covert initiated by the Commander-in-Chief.

    Obama came in and took the driver’s seat, and took away so many more of our individual rights and protections that the staggering populace is just now beginning to realize exactly what he did.  Those actions have not been negated, and may even be promulgated.  Most of the limaceous public is unaware, because the handouts and entitlements keep them stultified and obedient to whatever politician throws them the free Gaines Burgers.

    The surveillance state is almost ubiquitous, and it has been made so through the efforts of our own complacencies.

    Let us return to the point of sale.  It isn’t simply for “inventory.”  The main reason these corporations claim to store your demographics is for “marketing purposes,” but all of them are (at a minimum) “back-doored” by the NSA and other agencies who are scanning your information.  They also have that cellular telephone to work with…the one that transmits a “pulse” every 4 seconds and stores information…metadata for large groups of people or geographic peculiarities…and personal information.

    The happy cell phone is off and in your blazer, but it has sent a pulse out with your GPS location…in front of Cabela’s.  When you go in and buy the ammo?  The camera records your image and there’s a tie-in with the real-time purchase on your receipt.  You’re known.  Your vehicle is known, your itinerary for the day is known.  It is also recorded.

    All your shopping habits, everywhere you drive, where you shop for gas, and stop for a coffee break.  All the cameras are recording.  In addition, our fellow citizens, the “Muppets” are always communicating with you and photographing things with their little cameras.  All of your activities, all of your banking, your entire life’s actions are all right there for them to paint a picture of you…and catalogue you for a later date…information stored and ready at their fingertips to access.

    Edward Snowden spilled the beans concerning the surveillance that is becoming even more out of control.  The satellites are being fine-tuned and honed, and it is occurring all over the world.  Whole generations are being taught to conform now, while they are in their youth…in the schools, that are merely cages where children are taught only what they need to be functional.  Children are made into obedient little beasts of conformity that can be controlled laterlater, by those with power and money who were schooled to think creatively and to actually think, instead of regurgitating useless bits of information.

    The funding for all of these actions come right from our taxes.  We pay our jailers to create larger, more ingenious prisons to control us.  Eventually come the chains for the ankles, and the abattoir materializes.  There is less of a gap between total surveillance and “Soylent Green” than most people realize.  For a good read, check out an older article written by Brandon Smith entitled Low-Tech Solutions for High-Tech Tyranny.  It’s a good “starter piece” for your consideration if you have not thought of these things.  Pick up Citizen Four, a documentary about Edward Snowden.

    This stuff is happening now.  Just because we are rid of Obama does not mean we are rid of the Globalist agenda and the transformation of our nation into a complete surveillance state.  It is almost in place.  Almost.  The important thing is to know about it and not be lulled into a false sense of security that all is well, when it is not.  It hasn’t happened yet, but “yet” can mean that it happens tomorrow.  It is going to depend on us: seeing it for what it is, and refusing to go “gently into that good night.”

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. The ONLY way to defend against the surveillance state, is the end of the power grid. End Full Stop. The shackle s and chains of CONVENIENCE that people will never do without.

        • The monitoring and control all stems from technology, all dependent on power, and people are completely dependent on their convenient technology (which they can do without(but at some hardship)which the current crop of humans WILL NEVER DO willingly. They LOVE their slavery and chains, and you will never again convince them otherwise about freedom. they will LIE to themselves until their die before they will walk away from power grid.

          • Red stoplight cameras have been in use since the early 1990’s.

          • These steps put in place are not for “terrorist”.
            The Control Grid is for YOU.
            If you own a firearm. If you are self sufficient. If you are a Christian. If you believe in the constitution. If you profess traditional American values, THEN YOU ARE THE TARGET.

            Look at the US Governments own documentation. They have stated ALL of the above. I would also add that if you are working class, have income, and are white.
            YOU are considered the enemy by the Obama-Hillary crowd.

            All of the surveillance done TODAY is so they can round you up Tomorrow.
            They are gathering information to decide who is eliminated when the time comes.

            I personally believe that the round ups have already begun.
            I saw things in Chicago that were very scary. People disappeared.
            I think Mexican Nationals and Chinese Nationals are murdering Americans for their property and assets.
            I believe the Deep State US Government condones the Murders.
            Law Enforcement assets will round up people one by one. They keep it quite and slowly round up anyone that fits the above profiles.
            The Deep State wants white Christians and those that love the constitution GONE.
            YOU are their Enemy.

          • Then they know I will shoot to kill just as they will.

          • Avoid anything and all things GOOGLE. That’s massive Big Brother on your phone and they want to tie all your info date and email addys, etc, into their system and track your every move via GPS travels daily. SO if you ever set up a Google program use bogus info. Don’t use your real name or Birthdate, etc. Anytime you click on a Google program it begins a massive sync of all your hardware data, photos, contacts, etc, etc. Go into settings and turn off everything you can, no Tracking, No adds etc. crap!! And the only way to get rid of it is to throw your phone away and go get a new one, and NEVER down load any Google sponsored apps period. That’s how you get your house robbed and you suicided. NEVER USE WiFi or GPS on your phone settings Period or prepare to be a victim.

            • let em have all that crap at the propper time put your phone in a weather proof bag or container and duct tape it to a train or 18 wheeler or a boat or maybe throw it in a big river so that they will follow the phone and not you… like me use your real name trust in the father and pi$$ em off every chance you get i chamge phones a lot so i have a lot of phones to send in a lot of different directions……you just have to learn to have fun with this ok………………..

        • Just keep on using smart phones, new cars (gps), buy shit with cards instead of CASH, use smart appliances and anything else with the name smart in it. Make sure you have a smart meter on your house too. Get on facebook and twitter and always use google. Moron’s get what they deserve…

          • USA currency has RFID strips.
            ATM spits out cash to YOU from YOUR account, you use your PIN.
            Your cash is traced too.

            I am at “ground zero” of the electronic control grid.
            -Light Poles with audio-video snitch and Traffic intersections with license plate/facial recognition.
            … and all of the below.

            Here is the works:
            You leave the house. Your cable TV box has sensors that report whether you are actually watching or not. Or if you are on internet, you are tracked at Cable ISP servers. Everything you type is recorded. They know if you are home because of cable tv box, internet activity, phone gps reporting, light poles audio/video reporting.
            WI-FI on your phone, Blue Tooth on your phone ALL report location and proximity to other wireless wi-fi, other utility smart meters, other blue tooth. Your proximity to other phone users reported.

            Out of band utility signaling.
            Smart meters from utility companies.
            Light poles from Inteli Streets and knock offs.
            GPS reporting from your phone and automobile.
            Sensors placed in road ways. Ground Induction Loops have been placed all over my area in road ways. These are ALL proximity sensors/Location SNITCHES.
            Those boxes you see when going into neighborhoods by roadway. They are NOT just for benign utility use. They are full of reporting gadgets.
            Those cameras you see at intersections tied to facial recognition software.
            Those cameras record and report location of you by license plate.
            Those store cameras used to be for security by store owner. NOW there are also Police cameras tied direct to Police. They MONITOR from laptops in patrol vehicles. Report into database via facial recognition.
            Your Amazon purchases tied to million of databases. EVERY purchase RECORDED FOREVER. A lifetime of purchase data kept in archive in perpituity .
            There are Lifted Police surveillance Towers in shopping centers and in shop parking lots here.
            There are cameras on highways and the data collection boxes near roadway.

            This is only SOME of what is going on in Dallas Texas.
            Also Chinese Nationals and Mexican Nationals are EVERYWHERE. Chinese have bought out many many businesses. There are several Mexican bus lines that ship Mexicans in direct from border area.

            Bush-Obama-NWO did this. They allowed our USA Businesses and most importantly Farm Land to be taken over by the RED Chinese Communist.

            Do you people understand that if only TWO years of back to back farm crop failures and there is famine in USA, Or if farms owned by Chinese that if they simply don’t plant crops for two years then there is FAMINE.

            At one time there were surplus in reserve. NOT anymore. Trades are all done electronically. Grain no longer really stored in reserve. Real time trade and shuffling by computer.

            Our USA economy and civilian food supply is in GRAVE danger BECAUSE of Politicians.

            Some of these things may not be in all parts of USA now. But they are ALL in Dallas Texas and more that I did not list. If not in your area today. It is ALL coming tomorrow.

            This is not for YOUR security. It is for the governments ability to control-track-trace then Target and ELIMINATE YOU. YOU are the enemy.

            Open your eyes to your environment. Be AWARE. Be Alert.

            One day the government round ups will begin. Maybe they already have?

          • I have a Russian email account ( and NEVER use Google…

        • Yes, true. Without electricity they have NO power at all! It is only thro the power grid that they can control us. Well, i do pay in cash,and don’t use those store cards, but i didn’t realize about those camera’s above taking our picture and what we bought! At least they can’t track me now as i have my cheap trac phone in a tight metal can. I rarely use it. It’s just in case the car breaks down and no one calls or texts me so it doesn’t matter. The frequencies will not go thro a tight metal can. The trick is has to be a tight lid. I tested it by calling it on my landline and it did not ring.

        • You make a good point, Neal. But if the power grid goes down, so does our food supply. Most would die without refrigeration. I have lived without a fridge for 2 years and the only way I made it was there was a grocery store close by– with refrigerated foods. Food kept outside the fridge goes bad very, very fast.

          • it stays good way longer on the vine take a look at a video on canning food its easy to it lasts for years and since you canned it you know whats in the can….. and then there is salt cureing and drying ect ect ect…………………

      2. But remember they did not spy on Trump, they did not spy on Trump, they did not spy on Trump.

        • Time for one of my poems again lol….

          Their makin a list
          Their checkin it twice
          Their gonna find out whos naughty or nice
          Federal Claws is comin to town..

          They see you when your sleeping
          They see when your awake
          They know if you been bad or good so shut up for goodness sake

          You better not pout
          You better not cry
          Just do what your told and never ask why
          Federal Claws is comin to town

          The NSA is watching
          The CIA is too
          The FBI is on your trail
          Now whatcha gonna do?

          Oh you better not pout
          You better not cry
          Think of fighting back you better not try
          Federal Claws is comin to town..

          With facial recognition
          And cell phone spying too
          A database as big as hell
          Has all the dirt on you

          Oh you better not speak
          You better not type
          Orwell was completely right
          Federal Claws is comin to town….

          Thank you people thank you! 🙂

          • how about satan claws ive been telling children about him for 30 years,…..

      3. Bottom line, the elites are not scared, the security state is not scared, and neither of these two entities are losing. The pot is still being stirred so when the right time comes they will scoop up all the ‘troublemakers’ with of course the consent of the governed. Though the major troublemakers will disappear, the rest of the more compliant folks will then need to get their minds righter. And then phase two will start, the compliant will then need to be culled to a specific number too. The noose just gets tighter and tighter. While everyone’s jobs tied to this plan help to keep this plan right on schedule. Just ask Winston how it all works. Yeah, watch out for those telescreens and the ones paid to watch them, to watch you.

      4. NJ, that’s right. That will be one GOOD thing about an EMP. If our electronics can be fried, so can theirs.

        • BH, I have never had issues with super-x .22. The main thing I hate about federal is DUDS, and I mean in all calibers. I like cci and aguilla too. I use Winchester primers exclusively and have NEVER had a dud. I got a bunch of federal .556 and 2 out of every 20 on average were fail to fire. THATS A 10% FAILURE RATE. A lot of duds with fed .22 and 12g. shotgun shells also. Any other brand works fine. I keep my tools clean and clean them after every use. If you have feeding issues try some brownells bore cleaning paste and polish the feed ramp with it.

          • Oh and do not use lead boolits only use the copper plated. Wanna know somethin funny? On backpage this guy has had 2k rounds of Federal champion (.22) lead boolits for sale forever. He started out at 160 then 150 then 130 now 125 lol. People are getting wise to shitty fed ammo!

      5. I know for a fact my name( the one on my birth certificate) is splattered all over the Internet.
        I know the US government has lots of data on me, ex military and very slightly service connected disabled.
        I’m not “special”, so they aren’t going to bother with me.
        I’m not afraid to use technology. All the kings men could not stop
        several airplanes being used to kill a lot of people on the ground.
        I seriously doubt the ability of any government agent to protect anybody from someone that is serious and motivated. It is the Sheepeople that have to worry and I don’t think they post on this site. At end times God will sort it all out. In the mean time if some guy offers to sell you a AK47 for $500, walk away.

        • Walk away? That’s a good deal lol. Is your reference to the airplanes 911 by chance?

        • Rellik,

          People need to grasp that the TPTB can’t watch everyone. Notice how rarely they catch a real terrorist in the act and stop them….. Yeah, that’s never.

          They have been creating algorithms to detect enemies. Post in a place like this and you get five points. Post on the internet that you might fight back or God forbid, defend your life or family, that’s ten points. Threats of any kind, five more points. Talk about guns, five more points. Talk about stockpiling ammo +5, food +5, got a go bag +5. Buy body armor +10, buy bulk ammo +10.

          You get the picture. Accumulate enough points and you ring the bell and are at great risk. They don’t care about Islamic terrorists, get enough points and you are their enemy. Homeland security is a fraud, it’s not about terrorist. Terrorists are their allies, people that might resist are the true enemy.

      6. The important question here is: WHO is collecting this information?. WHO specifically. What are they’re names? What do they do? How much money do they have? Where do they keep it? Who are they’re children? What is their relationship to their children? Who are their spouses? Have their spouses cheated on them? Do they cheat on their spouse? How many divorces? How many lovers? What are they’re religious beliefs? Do they attend a Church or Synogogue?

        __ when it comes to games, it is no fun unless you play fair. If they watch and record us, we must return the favor.


        • Join the cia and find out lol.

        • Who’s on first?? What’s in second??

      7. Well,let the hackers rule the day/do what you can to minimize foot print ect.In the end who cares as far as a weapon,means they will have to lock up millions in a day or two and the minute the net down/cell down ect. tis a fiasco time whether man made or natural and fuck it all,time to rock n roll.You were really worried you wouldn’t be on sites like this,though will say,have a few computers for different work,you don’t want computer info on net/never put on net but also REMOVE all wifi capability ect.,some MISTAKENLY think because not connected their computer not being read!

      8. The “watcher net” never catches a certain bunch of criminals. And it never seems to find the thousands of children and people that go missing and never heard from again. But the “watcher net” sure catches speeders or some drunk guy pissing in an alley.

      9. Yes, unfortunately, unconstitutional surveillance in America has multiplied.

        However, the people behind the scenes doing the surveilling bleed just like you and me. Stay armed, be ready, and when the surveillance traitors decide to make a move to apprehend and bring you in, let them have some hot lead in their bodies.

        Government is not going to change government for the better. Treason will gradually continue to get worse and worse until we the people put a stop to it. Period!!

      10. There is a way to reduce being spied on and that is the use of mobile phones and electronic transactions – simply use them rarely!

        We are responsible for the choices we make and have to take responsibility for them.

        We hear and read a lot about ‘convenience’ but this is a con……it’s about companies and organisations getting more information about us. Don’t fall for it!!!

      11. Well maybe one day they’ll see me once too often.

      12. They seem like nice people. Just a little nosy. Right? I have no complaints. Repeat that over and over again.

      13. Everybody knows intelligence was involved with JFK’S murder. Over half a century gone since that event and the truth is still under wraps. Likewise with RFK and others who spoke out with truth to power that were taken out. Repeat at 9-11, no investigation whatsoever. More than obvious who is in control and no doubt of their goals. The gradual decline won’t be reversed. Have you seen any pushback by the American people? Even the left opposition to Trump by the msm is fake. I’m waiting for the people to revolt and attempt to restore the Constitution as the rule of law. The Pentagon can’t account for 10 trillion dollars, don’t know where it went. Nothing but war matters.

      14. I have a personal request to ANONYMOUS or ANY able minded hackers out here…can SOMEONE create an app that when plugged/attached into a vehicle will show bogus routes & destinations driven ?
        Would love to see the FBI/CIA tracking an unathorized tapped vehicle as it drives across the Pacific Ocean…LOL.

      15. The Boston Marathon bombers were under surveillance, didn’t matter. Little boy was killed, and others were maimed for life, suddenly, no ankles, calves, legs. In the UK, it seems as if there are cameras every 2 inches. It didn’t stop a British soldier, walking on the street, from being attacked and his head cut off. In broad daylight. The bad guys can do no wrong. Whereas, people like you and me have cameras and surveillance up the ying yang. I do what I can. Cover up the camera on my desktop. Change my driving routes. Be unpredictable where I go to bank or grocery shop. It may be futile, but it’s something. ..

        • Also, put your phone in a metal can…..:)

      16. Complete Surveillance.
        So how many turds are being surveilled and nothing is done until they kill a bunch of people.

        So what????



        • But maybe they WANT those people to kill people…creates more chaos and scares the people more so they will comply with being controlled!

      17. Ounce again. Those who would sacrafice freedom to gain security. Deserve neither . And will lose both.

        • I’m a law abiding citizen, I have nothing to hide. Go ahead and watch….. people that think that make me sick!

      18. It’s time to start loading up on my little pony page views.

      19. Until we have enough people who are willing to take extreme action against the extended families of the survaliance state employees.( who are probably single mothers doing whatever for the enrichment of ( their ) children. We are doomed. If you think we are getting out of this whithout getting dirty.Move to a brown neighborhood and get educated free .

      20. What America needs is population that is willing to give our government a French Revolution style cleaning out….anything less will be a continuation of the swamp, only slightly stirred up. In order to drain the swamp, you break down all the artificial dikes that hold the cesspool in place and your kill off all the creatures in that swamp. Anything less is doing NOTHING at all.. Once people figure that out, it will be too late, because the US FED GOV and its corruption will already be in the extermination phase of killing honest citizens as a part of their suppression and retaining power.

      21. As you drive on the expressways, troopers are taking pictures of your license plate, and pictures of your face. I keep my cell on me as I had some crazy jerk attempt to pull a road rage on me. People are crazy nuts out there. I also have a surprise under the seat of my car, I hope I never have to use it.

      22. my 10 things .

        What troubles me is that…. #1. my wife is dying slowly and is worthless as to any help to me.
        #2. I have been “prepping” for awhile, and I have enough “goods” to help me survive few years +,
        #3. I purchase items that can help me get through some tough times,
        #4. I am an OLD Man with Degenerative Arthritus at 67 yrs. old w/my knees replaced last year.
        #5. I believe I have my heels dug in for any type of a confirtation with an adversary, living on high ground, over 1/2 mile from the hwy with corporate timberland bordering my upper pasture fence line on 14 1/2 acres in the timbered woods. 3 locked gates before one gets to my door.
        #6.I have REPEATEDLY tried to get my neighbors to “come together as a “unit” in a ” just in case” deal… to NO AVAIL ! They think I’m a “NUT-BUCKET”.
        #7. I’m on my own. I feel lost and scared as I have seen with my eyes and past experience with THREE COMBAT tours in VIET NAM (1969-1973).. NO ONE BELIEVES me when I tell them what I have seen overseas and what I see coming here to the USA !
        #8. All I know is that when SHTF does come, I AM PREPARED TO MY DEATH !
        #9. They will carry me from my place in a pine box, well, ok a body bag, But… I Ain’t going down with out taking alot of “intruders” with me.
        #10. I BELIEVE in GOD Almighty and with his help, I WILL SURVIVE !
        fyi…. I feel like an Idiot writing this stuff , as “i’m an Ol’ NUT-BUCKET…and know Nothing, just… ” Been There.. Done That”
        For what it’s worth……
        an Ol’ NAM Vet

        • Mr. cruisin68,
          You will be ok. You will make it.

          When my aches make me want to quit I think about Gladdas.
          My elderly neighbor taught me so much about tenacity. She was able to do so very much out of shear will power. One day I saw her struggling with moving dirt around for her garden project.

          I went over to help her with the project. While working and shoveling dirt, I asked her what kept her going with her physical ailments. (She also had lost her husband and all her adult children to death.)

          She said, “The Lord God of Jesus Christ helps me. I pray every day to start my morning. I pray at night before I sleep to wake up in the morning. The Lord God helps me along. Bless Jesus.”

          She was an old lady when I moved into neighborhood 30 years ago. She just kept going. She had a garden. Was always doing projects. She still worked part time until her death.

          -She ALWAYS had a dog to keep her company. They were always together. (She has had three. since I knew her. She out lived her dogs.)
          -She gardened and was outside often.
          -She prayed to God for help.
          -No matter how much pain she was in, she always had a kindness and smile.

          She was kind and joked about her frailty.
          She said, “If she had good health she might go running around drinking, dancing, carousing, and gettin in trouble. Her ailments kept her at home and out of the jail house.”

          I don’t know much. But, I saw what worked for her and have attempted to learn from her example. Maybe her example can help you or others here. Do what she did. And live to be 97 years and three days old before passing. She made it to her Birthday. Was a nice get together.

      23. What Jeremiah Johnson misses in the above, is what every major government knows – as Vladmir Putin himself hints out loud – that Edward Snowden is a CIA fraud run by the intel agencies
        – there was little new in his ‘revelations’, much of it known years earlier
        – the Snowden hoax may have helped identify & kill real dissidents duped into contacting Snowman’s media pumpers

        The intel agency report on the Snowden – Greenwald frauds:
        Veterans Today: Intel agency report – Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds

        For those who need an executive summary –
        Highlights of why Edward Snowden & the UK Guardian are frauds:

        Laughably, the official story is that Edward Snowden first ‘leaked’ to Dick Cheney’s friend & biographer at the Washington Post, anti-9-11-truth Bart Gellman … of course no real ‘dissident’ would ‘leak’ to Dick Cheney’s friend at a flagship CIA newspaper

        Snowden & ‘constitutional lawyer’ Greenwald & ‘not really living at Ecuador Embassy’ Julian Assange, not only all oppose 9/11 truth, but also, laughably refuse to discuss the USA Virginia federal judge court corruption about which they have specific files … the wide exposure of which would instantly make the extraditions of Snowden & Assange impossible

        This hoaxer Snowden-Assange-Greenwald trio, even used the case of UK hacker Lauri Love to promote themselves, with Snowden tweeting about him, but then hid the USA judge bribery info that would have saved Lauri Love, or anyone else, from being extradited to USA … a UK court filing on this is posted on PasteBin

        Snowden & Assange have likely helped identify, silence, maybe even murder real dissidents, who were duped into contacting NY Times / UK Guardian / Greenwald / Wikileaks

        Rothschild employee Greenwald, funded with US $50 million by CIA billionaire & Ukraine-war-crime-sponsor Pierre Omidyar … certainly would not support a real major dissident, tho glad to back up the immense hoax of Eddie Snowden

        Glenn Greenwald & Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, both were p-rnography sellers before their current shticks, gay p-rn in Greenwald’s case

        – One can see Greenwald produces very little with his $50 million ‘brave great journalism’ operation at ‘The Intercept’, aside from me-too bashing of the corrupt Hillary & trying to bathe himself in Trump’s popularity, & surveillance-type stuff everyone knows already
        – Julian Assange has had Rothschild lawyers & Snowden & family CIA-tied lawyers, Plato Cacheris, Bruce Fein, who never represent real dissidents
        – Snowden’s revelations were not ‘new’, just more details on what was fairly fully on ‘conspiracy’ websites from 5+ previous NSA whistle-blowers & even in a 2008 book
        – Snowden & Assange were both creations pumped by CIA newspapers New York Times & UK Guardian, global kings of Fake News & continual CIA propaganda … both papers named in criminal charge complaints in Europe for libelling real dissidents
        More at link above

      24. If you DONT or CANT stop the most successful and easy surveillance and intelligence gathering technology when it has power sources to run on and lacks trusted LAWFUL people to operate it, then you have to STOP it before it can be used, you DENY THE POWER SOURCES AND MEANS IT COLLECTS AND TRACKS YOU NOW, that is you must KILL the power source that allows it to operate and/ or the powered technology you willingly USE to start with that facilitates ALL THEIR SURVEILLANCE with NO expense in human capital boots on the ground.

        Think 1970’s America….back then all they could do was foot to ground in person eyes and ears surveillance and wiretap HARDWIRED LANDLINE PHONES…and compare that environment then to where we are now with technology. You by your dependence and use of their technology WILLINGLY GIVE UP ALL YOUR PRIVACY AND ENABLE THEM TO SURVEIL YOU VOLUNTARILY.

      25. Thanks for your comment cruisin68. May God give you strength and many blessings in Jesus name.

      26. All the Fed. problems I cannot influence.
        But ,I can BUY MORE AMMO.
        Your call.

      27. I went to register my vehicle and was SHOCKED to find they have a picture of it too?

        NEVER seen that before!

      28. Their reach exceeds their grasp.
        I went on social security last december. My march payment was $146 down from the february one. When I determined the cause, I found that the IRS had garnished my payments because I hadn’t responded to a notice sent to my last known address, which I hadn’t been at since the mid 90’s. Apparently, they couldn’t find my current address to send the notice. There appear to be several federal agencies that can’t or won’t communicate with other federal agencies.
        All the IRS had to do was ask the bank that they intercepted the payment to for my current address, but I guess they’d have to call out of the office to do that…

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