The Trade War Is Having CATASTROPHIC Effects On America’s Farmers

by | Feb 4, 2019 | Headline News | 90 comments

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    The trade war between the United States and China is proving to be a disaster for American farmers: the ones who grow and supply our food. This catastrophe is already smacking Americans in the wallets, but a bigger loss would be those who actually supply the food we pay for.

    The trade war has had significant effects on American agriculture and farmers throughout the last year, ranging from soybeans, beef, dairy, wheat, and more. Not to mention the added costs of the trade war contributing to American farmers going bankrupt in record numbers. 

    We hate to say we told you so, but we told you so. The trade war was a bad idea and everyday average Americans are footing the bill for this asinine policy of tariffs.  Now, the food supply could be in jeopardy because of political posturing and that will not bode well for already cash-strapped American families.

    A total of 84 farms in the upper Midwest filed for bankruptcy between July 2017 and June 2018, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. That’s more than double the number of Chapter 12 filings during the same period in 2013 and 2014 in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana, reported Vox.  –SHTFPlan

    As the trade war and the tariffs (taxation aka theft) that come with it remain stagnant in the minds of most, it’s wholly escalating to those who are affected by it directly. “I hope they’ll make strides on that,” Oklahoma-based wheat farmer Hope Pjesky said recently according to Yahoo Finance. “But we really don’t have any way of knowing what’s happening with those negotiations now. And we need things to get back to normal.”

    “We’re getting closer. … Negotiations [with China] are going very well,” president Donald Trump stated during a recent interview with the New York TimesBut that’s hardly comforting to those farmers stuck between a rock and a hard place. And the tariffs on other goods are still in effect, forcing prices higher for already cash strapped Americans living paycheck to paycheck.

    Although China has promised to buy more soybeans from the United States, farmers are worried that the damage done by the trade war is far from over and could be permanent. “It’s a good movement,” said John Wesley Boyd, a mid-scale farmer from southern Virginia producing on 375 acres of the soybean crop. “But I don’t see the pendulum swinging back towards me as a producer in the field,” he added according to the South China Morning Post.

    Until 2018, the US was the largest exporter of soybeans to China, averaging at 30 million to 35 million metrics tonnes a year. That largely ended last summer when soybeans were caught in the crossfire of the trade dispute. Boyd and his fellow soybean farmers have been crushed under the weight of these trade policies and an ever-expanding government.

    As the seemingly never-ending trade war soldiers on, farmers, who are directly in the crosshairs, are going to be feeling the financial burden of this unnecessary political posturing for years after it smoothes out…if it ever does.


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      1. Well that was absolutely the lamest Superbowl ever. Everything sucked, even the crappy halftime show and boring commercials.


        • And you were just stupid enough to sit through the entire thing!

          • I refuse to watch any NFL games when the athletes are traitors who won’t stand for the National Anthem. As far as I am concerned, that is treason as it gives aid and comfort to America’s enemies.

            This kind of nonsense began with black power salutes at the olympics.

            It’s one of the least watched games now as patriots have stopped supporting disgusting overpaid thugs.

            • The NFL is considered entertainment it is not and never will be classified as a real sporting event. That is from the horses mouth AKA the NFL themselves. The national anthem should not even be played at these modern gladiator events as it is just a false sense of patriotism and has nothing to do with the entertainment itself. Not to mention that patriotism is the biggest sham there is, especially when we have politicians in Washington who refuse to secure our border (fence or no fence just in general and continue to allow illegals to take government resources). Perhaps when our own government respects the American people enough to stop creating laws that steal jobs from this country and all of their other treasonous acts then maybe we can talk about kneeling or standing for the national anthem.

            • The US National Anthem is the only one in the world about bombing and killing, while Everyone else’s is about the beauty of their homeland. Attention needs to be paid to warrior cult and excessive killing in our society, especially violence committed by the government. I would call these people patriots.

            • re “… disgusting overpaid thugs”

              The USSA Knesset (aka US CONgress)?

              • Russian troll, no doubt about it.

                • Do you agree with John Hagee??

                  • John Hagee is a heretic who claims Jesus never was the Messiah fir Christians and that J ews do not need to be saved.

                  • do you agree with david brog?

                • How much are they paying you to troll??

                  • That’s called “begging the question” in disinformation.

                    That would be like saying, “Do you still beat your wife?”

            • But what about their first amendment??

        • “The trade war between the United States and China is proving to be a disaster for American farmers: the ones who grow and supply our food.”

          LMFAO !!! 🙂

          Farmers go bankrupt every year in good and bad times and for many reasons: mostly because the next generation doesn’t want to continue that tradition and live in the sticks. You can’t keep the kids down on the farm once they have seen “Paris”.

          The 84 farmers cited in the article from the “Upper MIdwest” between June 2017 and July 2018 were family farmers, not the CORPORATE FARMERS who produce most of the food in America. Check the dates. They went bankrupt BEFORE Trump Tariffs on China were introduced, so their bankruptcies had NOTHING to do with the TARIFFS !!!

          On the contrary these farmers may have been DAIRY FARMERS trying to export their product to Canada but facing 300% Canadian Tariffs making competition impossible. The truth is that dairy farmers have been going broke in the USA for a couple decades because there has been a glut of milk on the American market caused by PRICE SUPPORTS (read subsidies from Congress).

          This includes dairy farmers in California with a massive consumer base and also in AZ outside of Metro Phoenix with a market of 5 million potential consumers. Its called SUPPLY & DEMAND. US producers have been over producing many crops (including soybeans & corn) because they are subsidized by Congress and the government no longer buys the excess and stores the surplus as it once did. Farmers are quick to jump on the subsidy bandwagon but then complain when they over produce and have no customer for their product.

          Fearmongers jump on a few raw statistics and point to a problem created by the people (farmers) involved. Where does it say that farmers should not have any production risks or be subsidized by taxpayers to over produce ???

          The next thing you know American taxpayers will be subsidizing the banks with their deposits and protecting “to big to fail” auto manufacturers with zero interest rate loans for bad management. 🙁

          • You can’t keep the kids down on the farm once they have seen “Paris”.

            “Paris” will grind you up and spit you out into the gutter with 3 STD’s, a meth habit, bankruptcy, “friends” that are there to crash on your couch and abandon you in times of need, and the utter inability to psychologically pair-bond given your genetalia have seen more action that a public restroom.

            Oh but YOU will be different, see?

            Of course you will /s

            You know, you can’t keep a dog away from chocolate either, and the dog will eat it until it kills him…

            • Never a more truer word was spoken..

          • Big Agra can go pound sand. This story is so false. All of Trumps Trade deals, many which vastly helps States like Wisconsin who just got a new trade deal with Canada, who is going to be buying a lot of cheese and ice cream from the Good Ol’ USA. Screw ChinaMart.

            This article reads like it was written by the Koch Brothers poor me sob story. Suck it up buttercup. MAGA!!!

            And Trump just announced this for the US Farmers:

            Trump Tells Farmers: ‘We’re Going To Get Government Off Your Backs’ !! – repealing of the “waters of the United States” rule
            Posted By: RumorMail
            Date: Tuesday, 15-Jan-2019 10:35:39

            By Michael Bastach
            President Donald Trump touted his administration’s repealing of the “waters of the United States” rule, also known as WOTUS, while speaking at the 100th annual American Farm Bureau Convention in New Orleans.
            “We’re saving farmers and ranchers from one of the most ridiculous regulations ever imposed on anybody in our nation, the waters of the United States rule,” Trump said in his speech Monday to applause and cheers from the audience.

            “You could have a pond, a little pond, and they consider it a lake,” Trump said. “You’re regulated as though it were a lake. We’re going to get government off your backs so you can earn a living and support your families doing what you love, and I know what you love, farmers love what they’re doing.”

            The Obama administration issued WOTUS in 2015 to expand federal authority over waterways, including those on private property. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said the rule was necessary to clear up confusion in the wake of two U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

            However, a large contingent of U.S. states disagreed with the Obama administration and sued to keep WOTUS from going into effect. States were joined by farmers, ranchers, energy producers and a whole host of other industries in challenging WOTUS.

            Trump signed an executive order to rewrite WOTUS in a manner consistent with former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s plurality opinion in Rapanos v. United States, which narrowly interpreted federal Clean Water Act authority.
            EPA proposed a rewrite to WOTUS in December that would roll back the federal government’s jurisdiction over waterways, including ephemeral streams and ditches.
            At the 2017 signing ceremony for his WOTUS order, Trump said the farmers and ranchers, “strong, tough men and women behind him,” shed tears of joy as he ordered federal agencies to review the regulation.

            “And half of them were crying because, basically, our government stole their property,” Trump said. “They couldn’t do anything. They couldn’t build, they couldn’t do anything.”

            “I don’t think he cried in his whole life,” Trump said of one farmer who stood behind him. “I don’t think he cried when he was a baby, he was crying. He said, ‘Sir, you gave me back my life, you gave me back my property. They took it away, environmentally took it away.’”

            “In the audience today is Val Wagner from Monango, North Dakota,” Trump said later in the speech. Wagner and her husband wanted to expand their farm, but WOTUS held them back, Trump said.

            “They would have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars in fines because of the prairie potholes on their land,” Trump said.

            Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience.

            • Thanks for sharing the good news.

          • This is correct^^ Us dairy farmers should be on a Quota system.

          • Exactly right DK! Mac is so far gone he actually believes the lies he spews!

            • Mac has been drinking the Globalist Kool Aid when it comes to TRUMP TARIFFS and I cannot fathom why when they are clearly designed to reverse an existential threat to the Nation. 🙂

      2. Interesting, I read where farmers overwhelming support Trump. So, which is it?

      3. Well, farmers in the midwest voted for Trump, so they are responsible for their own demise. Stupid is as stupid does. It’s hard to have sympathy for people who walk off of a cliff you warned them about. Stop voting Republican and things will get better. Figure it out. But they won’t. That would require admitting that you were wrong, and they would rather lose the farm than do that.

        • let me ask then Lazarovic, what real choice did any patriotic American have as to who to vote for? Hillary? Jill? Trump may be one heck of a long way from ideal; but, his dirty socks would’ve made a better candidate than either of those 2. I can only imagine the horror of living under another Clinton or a Green Party socialist. No… wait, I don’t have to – all I have to do is take a look at Venezuela now don’t I?

          • Heartless,you’re wasting your time trying to explain anything.You can’t reason with someone who is brainwashed..

            • More like braindead.

              • Yeah that too

              • Yeah, they even need rules so they know which bathroom to use. Oh, wait…

          • I can only imagine the horror of living under another Clinton …

            You wouldn’t have to imagine it for very long I think.

            Total dig-in on Syria plus that whole routine about “see this? It’s the nuclear football! I can press it any time I want and the response time is 15 seconds! Ooo look isn’t it beautiful? *Drools*. (Palpatine’s “Power… unlimited power” quote plays in the background)… did I mention I HATE RUSSIA?”

            I mean look. I knew another recession was baked in. It was time. It’s every 10 years like clockwork.

            I also knew that Trump would make it twice as bad as it needed to be. Knew that. Anyone that can manage to bankrupt a CASINO is a special kind of obstinate.

            But you know what I’m not? Radioactive.

            Also it’s not (quite yet) illegal for me to be male.

        • Imagine what condition the US would be in if Hillary was Pres after 2 yrs. I mean really… We would have all out financial collapsed martial law, gun confiscation, no more free speech, massive 5G rollout to monitor all Americans, 10 more Global wars and massive increases in Taxes to pay for it all.

          Any person with a half nugget of a brain cell understands this stark difference between Trump and that hag Hillary.

      4. Blah blah blah…

        About time factory farming started dealing without gubmint subsidies (courtesy of the taxpayer) and allow the whole thing to equilibrate.

        GROW YOUR OWN FOOD!!! Start a big garden. Could come in useful when the trucks from the midwest stop running…

        • I recent got permission from a friend to have a garden patch in her yard. It’s a big yard at 2.5 acres so no one will mind my little patch.

          • Arghh! Why do cats like helping on the keyboard? That should read “I recently got permission…”

          • Try square foot gardening.

            • T6uV3LAFOjU

              By no means does it have to be raised beds.

              People often plant “bush” versions as space is limited, and use trellis for vine climbing varieties.

              Some people use different squares for succession planting so harvests are staggered and don’t overwhelm when the harvest comes in.

              It’s well suited for companion planting and your beds are made to reduce backstrain and to make weeding easier.

              Using an inexpensve soaker hose will make watering easier. Mulchingbwill reduce weeding.

      5. If old slick willy clinton, g dubya bush and obummer had stood up for the U.S., instead of the banksters and wall street, this would be a zero sum game.

        What about all the corporate welfare from the Dept. of Agriculture?


      6. I recently broke my commitment to FOOD prepping, with supplemental prepping, by concentrating on weak areas.

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        I am still all about food, but filling in weak spots is also very important!

        • So, that’s where that post went?!?! Sorry.

      7. I recently broke my commitment to FOOD prepping, with supplemental prepping, by concentrating on weak areas.

        1. It’s Winter Time and protection from the cold is on everyone’s mind. But SHTF presents unique problems. One problem is what to wear under hard body armor. I recommend a Thick Warm Tech Fleece like; ZAPT Tactical Fleece Jacket Military Polartec Thermal.

        Then overtop wear a wind-proof jacket or coat. A plate carrier is very bulky so it’s important to have warm clothing that will fit over top the carrier as well. Last year I bought a used Wool Navy Pea coat, a couple sizes to big, that works great. It’s double-breasted so you can easily access any pouches on the front.

        But the biggest thing to have to wear over a carrier is a good Poncho! The first one I bought was a HAZARD 4 Poncho Villa Technical Soft-Shell Poncho and I just bought a GLORYFIRE Poncho Technical Poncho Tactical Ripstop Raincoat Multi-use Patrol Poncho. Both will really help you stay warm and dry. Plus it makes you less conspicuous!!

        2. Protect you feet. Several sites rate these really well. DEBRA WEITZNER Mens Thermal Socks – Insulated Heated Socks – Boot Socks For Extreme Temperatures. They are a lot less expensive as the other top options. I just ordered them today and will test the immediately.

        I am still all about food, but filling in weak spots is also very important!

        • John Stiner, they may not be able to see that this is bull-squirt because they don’t have enough SHTF lighting.

          Emergency lighting is a big topic. But I recently addressed a problem area: How to search your property, in a grid down situation/black-out from the safety of your home/secured area (i.e. concealment) when the supply of D batteries eventually run out.

          Are you planing on relying upon solar? Then in addition to small inverters, get a couple of these; 16 AWG Extension Cord Plug Socket with Battery Clamp 12V/ 24V Battery Clip-On and Cigarette Lighter Adapter (13.1FT Long).

          Then you can use something like this, a Cyclops 1400 Lumen Spotlight, 12V. I don’t totally trust re-chargeable flashlights and spot/flood lights, even-though I have two.

      8. Quit feeding communists. That is treason.

        • If your whole business model is to feed the Chicoms who are taking your neighbor’s jobs, not only are you a traitor, you’re a whore.

          • Anyone who support World Governance and/or the NWO is a TRAITOR!

        • M says, “Quit feeding communists. That is treason.”

          The farmer is either a communist / deep statist, or some hippy, who is forced to hide organic fare, as though it’s a drug farm.

          Entrepreneurs have fled the US, to no-name countries, in search of a better life.

      9. Time to trigger blinky the American COWARD again….GOOD RIDDANCE AMERICAN FARMER COWARD FILTH. The so-called American Farmer and their Satanist PSYCHOPATH NWO Rockefeller inspired ENDOCRINE DISRUPTING CHEMICAL HELL is “THE AMERICAN HOLOCAUST AND CHEMICAL CULLING”.

        The murderous treasonous genocidal PSYCHOPATHS controlling the United States CORPORATION Government convinced the dumbed down toxic dump soda sucking GMO gobbling drunken bum AMERICAN COWARDS to accept their “feed the world” PROPGANDA AND LIES through CHEMICAL HELL INSANITY, so the AMERICAN DRUNKEN BUM COWARD could just get drunk and stay entertained all day and forget about their food supply and their children’s HEALTH, FREEDOMS, AND FUTURE. We now know the PSYCHOPATHS just wanted to slowly murder and dumb down the population with their AMERICAN FARMER GMO FAKE FOOD CHEMICAL HELL.

        The AMERICAN FARMER COWARDS are nothing but Satanist PSYCHOPATH MONSANTO CORPORATE WHORES destroying our precious soil with their glyphosate soaked corn and deadly SOY from hell, and they will all burn in the Lake of Fire as they should….Thank you Lord for properly taking care of these AMERICAN FARMER COWARDS destroying your soil and creation.

        The AMERICAN FARMER COWARDS are destroying our Creators soil with chemical hell, and murdering the human population “bit by bit” and “drop by drop”, just as the PSYCHOPATH MANIFESTO stated they would with the ENDOCRINE DISRUPTING CHEMICALS in ALL THE PROCESSED FAKE AMERICAN FOOD SUPPLY, VACCINES, CHEMICAL FILLED WATER AND ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY INSANITY.


        • Ummm, so I’m guessing you’re not a fan of Cheetos then, Ron?


          • You forgot “gender fluid”.

            Yes sir… uh maam… uh… thing.

            Funny I always thought “gender fluid” was the good old Kentucky Toothpaste…

            • Your latent homosexuality is show, dear.

          • ????


          • LOL!!!!!!

            Have a nice_Day.

      10. Good!
        That’s what they get for getting gov’t subsidies for growing GMO soybeans and raising livestock fed on GMO’s.
        Everyone should start growing their own food if possible but at the very least start by buying non GMO’s and organics.

      11. Yes, real convos. You are eating this. Really. Not embellished —

        Beaumont: I see you’re using the biological measure, there.
        Farmer 1: The huh?
        Beaumont: (X) toxin in your big sack. It says you can touch it? No precautions?
        Farmer 1: You can read that?

        Beaumont: Someone with sores, just like yours, is in a class action settlement.
        Farmer 2: (Scrambles to cover them.)
        Beaumont: He has used the same agrochems, and has all the same medical conditions. Your doctor has pics?
        Farmer 2: (Isn’t good on the telephone…)

        From farmers being paid not to produce, to quota cases at point of sale, to enough food being thrown away to feed the world, the food “system” in this country is run on largess for losers — all at a deficit.

        No sane person can eat this stuff, without reservations or expects it to be plentiful, for all times. People on the Walmart scooter, in bulk food hog heaven, should enjoy it while you still can, like you’re getting away with something.

        Look at the badlands on a satellite map, and be glad.

        “Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them.”
        — in Matt 6 and Luk 12

        Not by math, material, or common sense.

      12. Just more proof that Trump needs to go, and the sooner the better.

        Anyone reading the articles here should be aware of that.

        • Makes absolutely no difference who’s in charge as long as NAFTA remains intact..
          Can’t lose MILLIONS of US manufacturing jobs and replace with minimum wage/low paying jobs and expect growth,or even to remain stagnant..Don’t work that way..

          • Except that Trump is responsible for this.

      13. Farmers need to diversify and gro food for US. Centralized commercial industrial farming model just screams “Soviet”

        • I agree. I raise cattle and hay, and I am planning on do some more “diversifying” this summer to feed my family and friends. Hogs, chickens, and turkeys, and more vegetables. Pasture raised of course……If you want to read some good stuff about “diversified” farming, read Joel Salatin books. Some of his stuff is off the wall and some don’t like the stuff he says because he tells it like it is, but he was a real eye opener for me. He’s the farthest away from a commercial farmer I have ever read about. 10 years ago, I bled commercial farming, because my Dad and brother were both big farmers. They have both passed away now. My outlook now, seems to be, I hope all the “Big Boys” go belly up and give room to the small diversified farmer, like it was in the 40’s and 50’s. Get your food from your own neighborhood instead of 10 states away. Better yet, grow your own. And stay away from GMO’s.

      14. Is this article about helping American rural farmers or massive industrial corporations who are hurt by tariffs?

        I HOPE industrial farming is destroyed and if tariffs do that, then we need MORE TARIFFS.

        • Since nothing is formally allowed to exist, without the market controls, what else will be left, after the corporatists are gone. If you know about it, are talking about it, and were allowed to see it, by the light of day, it was corporate welfare — eventually subject to the shut down.

          Taken to logical extremes, it looks like sending the country into receivership.

        • I agree. most commercial farmers have 1 or 2 crops or livestock at the most and go Boo Hoo when “their” crop tanks.

      15. It’s amusing to me that Democrats don’t know the various kinds of Democrats like Dixiecrats and Labor Democrats. They think there is only one kind. That is ridiculous.

        Trump is a classic Labor Democrat and had been for decades and Bill Clinton pretended to be one. That is why if you listen to old speeches before NAFTA, they sound very similar. Hillary as well.

        Trump became a Republican out of frustration and is a hair to the left of Rand Paul who is a Libertarian Republican which is why they get along so well. Pence is a very conservative Republican. Traditionally there have been tikes when Labor Democrats joined forces with the Republicans, most notably with Ronald Reagan.

        WTF is a Democrat today? That party is full of kooks and weirdos and Marxists and Socialists and Anarchists and Neocons. That is not the party of Thomas Jeffrerson nor Andrew Jackson. I don’t know what they are anymore but a loose griup who loathe Republicans.

        This late switch by Trump is why RINOs don’t like him as they are necons and globalists. Pence gets along with him as it serves as stepping stone to him becoming president in six years.

      16. Why we have to feed the rest of the world? We need to focus on us thats right fook the rest of the world our land of plenty will be just that when we focus on us.

      17. REALLY OFF TOPIC: I have been meaning to share this GREAT video instruction on The Secret to Mastering the Handgun. I think it’s a must watch…

        • Good vid, Thanks J!

      18. With over abundance the price of food would be nil. Farmers only use gmo to get as much yield as possible because we are feeding the world. And as far as Monsanto herbacide make it illegal and bring back plowing fields instead of just disking them. Agent orange was just that a herbacide and it wasn’t even sprayed here but millions exposed affected. And stop makeing fuel alcohol with food (corn) there is nothing wrong with makeing drinking alcohol with it. And excess grain farmers can profit by livestock feed that in turn would make additional foods cheap and real like cheese it could be real cheese and not processed cheese food made with veg oil. Food would once again be good and cheap and real not a bunch of food additive chemicals to make crap taste good. Dont need preservatives if the food is fresh.

      19. If we are just going to overproduce food, let’s make biodiesel. Seems dumb but smarter than selling it to China.

        Meanwhile it’sestimated for a tiny fraction of land like the size of Maine, we could make biodiesel from algae for all Americans.

        Or here’s an idea. What if we bought up the land and converted it to self-sufficient rural homesteads? End urbanization as we know it. End poverty as we know it. End government prgrams as we know it. End government employees as we know it.

        We give people land to work and they have to build a home and improve the land for seven years, then the deed passes to them.

        Just as we used to do.

        Build a central shared zone for universities, factories, musueums, etc but almost everyone lives on a homestead. No more ghettos.

        • We do not need to make fuel of any kind we have huge amounts of oil and natural gas. The only reason we ever traded food for oil was to feed the fookers. The U.S. can be fully self sufficient. Except for things like coffee, cocain, regionally grown things.

          • Mar, have you ever watched homestead rescue? Where this family goes around fixing peoples failed homesteading plans. NOT 1 of those people have any business being offgrid or rural! They are ALL morons to the Nth degree! Besides the fact that most people are way to stupid to live offgrid I don’t want the country littered with these idiots. Stay in the city where they belong not out fooking up the countryside!

            • Thanks for warning me. I noticed that show, but it sounds stupid and probably would make me irritated.

              When the Back to the Landers first began, lots of people who had no business starting a farm, purt near lost everything. A lot were hippies with goofy ideas. They started talking about all organic farming, but had no way to put it in practice.

              Several wouldn’t listen to kind advice. Country people are neither stupid nor mean. They know people can go under by mismanagement and don’t want to see people fail. Partially because that lowers local real estate prices.

              Some of the hippies listened and managed to make it 2-3 years and changed their tune, then normalized operations. Some began hog operations. In all honesty, back in the seventies, some hippies actually grew MJ for one season just to get on their feet, then switched to pretty standard farming.

              They had these geodesic kits back then, and a feller could throw up a cheap uninsulated shed, and some lived in them through the first winter and burning conifers and might have froze to death had Kentucky not had mild winters.

              • ht tps://

                The ramshackle dome sheds of the early seventies. It was a standard goofy way people tried to live while getting an actual homestead going.

            • Thanks for warning me. Reality tv usually panders to the lowest common denominator.

      20. Have even Big Ag’s shills been outsourced to where they can be done more cheaply and with lower quality?

        First, how does not being able to send our food to China affect the food here? Shouldn’t (“creative destruction, market forces”) cause the PRICE to decline because the SUPPLY is going up? You mean no AMERICAN will buy these Soybeans at any price? Or merely at a lower price than the Chinese were paying?

        Second, this tiny pimple on the cancerous face of ethanol and other corn subsidies (HFCS should be considered toxic)? Trump now says E15 will be allowed to corrode and destroy your engines all year long now! How are a handful of Soy Boy Farmers (hey, what about biodiesel?) going to matter when across MN, IA, and eastern ND/SD and many other places that produce this crap?

        Third, they’ve changed the rules so a Cow who was fed frankenfood and loaded with antibiotics and hormones for years in Brazil can be imported, and the if a US supplier sells it to a plant, it can be “grass fed, US Beef” – and many other “country of origin” labeling has been removed. Chicken is sent frozen to China to be processed and returned. More “US Meat”. We need more barriers to the toxic frankenfood – or at least label it – being imported.

        Totally non-organic soybeans were grown in the Ukraine, then went to Turkey, where they magically became USDA Inspected and approved as ORGANIC and IMPORTED. So we import GMO Soybeans that are mislabeled from Ukraine through Turkey, but export GMO soybeans to China?

        Then there’s the sugar subsidies and tariffs. We can import frankenbeef from Brazil but not Cane Sugar.

      21. Bottom line is we cost too much and we produce too much.
        We have among the most efficient farms in the world and if the government got out of the way we would have much cheaper food, but then the farmer could not make enough to survive. Farm automation is not very far away and will enable one or two people to farm many sections of land thus driving prices down even more.
        The reason for most Tariffs is to protect industries that can’t compete given the wages they need to pay the Union people, pay the costs to deal with the regulations arbitrarily created by government, or to make a profit so they can stay in business and compete with the rest of the world.
        I suspect in the coming years automation will become more and more common, thus reducing production costs and the need for manual labor.
        What we need to do is depress the costs of surviving in our society. We also need to plan for what to do with the population that is to the left of the intelligence bell curve. We also need to deal with out of control governments elected by our idiots.

      22. Face it. Trump let us down.

      23. Trade deficit has increased massively as a result of Trump’s trade war – total opposite of its stated purpose.

      24. The news is all lies and smears. Tempests in ancient teapots rule the day. Women can do no wrong and men can do no right. Freedom of speech is about agreeing with evil. You can be whatever you want to be. I want to be normal, but that isn’t allowed. Wake me up after we are conquered. Nevermind, I’ll be dead at that point.

      25. End the farm subsidies to Giant Agricultural Corporations, so that local family farms can compete and so that people in Mexico can afford to stay on their farms with their families (where they would much rather be).

      26. The fact that 2013-2014 was cherry picked for comparison is telling. Appears to be propaganda.

      27. “… the population that is to the left of the intelligence bell curve.”

        If there were more manufacturing jobs, that might be a good first step. For instance, much of the fabric production is gone from the USA. All sorts of fabric fibers grown here such as cotton are shipped to other countries usually somewhere in the Far East to be loomed into fabric for clothing and assorted household goods. Even the patriotic fabric purchased by quilters is almost all from China.

        A person can’t get much at Home Depot (or Lowes) that is made in the USA. Durable goods like appliances large or small are also a mixed bag.

        I understand that people like the exotic from overseas from time to time but it should be the exception not the ordinary thing. I miss American-made good quality items being easily available.

        • (((lies))) are still being (((fabricated)))

      28. If you have a better way, make a good name for yourself, while we still can. Don’t just rot your brain on hypey agitprop. Hope you find the right channels.

      29. Lame. Nothing else and NO ONE else has been able to bring China to the table to stop their mass theft of intellectual property and their taking advantage of RIDICULOUS trade factors that were setup decades ago in a failed attempt to turn the Chinese government capitalist.

        So…no one else has done anything that remotely has worked, but now Trump has China hurting and they’re talking. So yes, there will be some pain on our side too. Anyone with a brain knew that! If Trump is successful though, the benefits are immense and far outweigh that temporary pain. China needs to be on a level playing field. They haven’t been and that’s not right. Enough said. Buck up and be willing to sacrifice a little for the greater good of our country. How about that??

      30. I come from generations of small family farmers in Iowa and Illinois. This article is horse shit!

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