The Trade War Goes On And The United States Could Lose

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    The newest information about the trade war seems to state that the Chinese are in trouble and the United States is ready to declare a victory.  However, many analysts claim otherwise, saying the December “ceasefire” only gives China more time as the real issues still go unaddressed.

    According to Seeking Alpha‘s John Engle,  the trade war is far from over. The December “ceasefire” has provided China with some breathing room and Trump with a totemic victory, but the real issues remain unaddressed. Additionally, there is no guarantee that we (the United States) will win. If anything, China may now have the upper hand. The continuation of the trade war will continue to inject uncertainty into already quite volatile financial markets. A resolution, even marginally in China’s favor, could well lead to a return to relative normalcy.

    If the trade war continues to drag on, or if it intensifies at all, investors will suffer on both sides and markets around the globe will continue to suffer. Any sign of serious escalation, or of either side digging in its heels for a knock-down drag-out fight, investors would be wise to consider looking for safe-harbor investments to see them through the storm.  There have already been some harsh lessons the American public is having to deal with thanks to the trade war, and if this bleeds heavily into global markets, the entire world could be caught in the middle.

    As the United States’ economy continues to undergo strain from all aspects (debt, tariffs, regulations) a prolonged and intensified trade war looks to be the proverbial straw that could break the camel’s back. The trade war’s underlying disputes remain largely unchanged and as long as China can keep the uneasy peace, or even prevent more than modest intensification, it should be able to weather the Trump storm and withstand the sustained winds of rhetoric.



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      1. The US has been losing for 60 years. Trump is Right Again. Got to change course and start making up the imbalance.

        Need to jail those Corporation’s CEO’s shipping jobs and technology to China and Mexico.

        • And jail every business owner or household owner who hires an illegal alien. The Illegals will seek other avenues for work. Do not provide any safe harbor for illegal Aliens. Call ICE and INS on every one of them.

          ICE HOTLINE TO REPORT ILLEGALS: 1-877-2INTAKE – OR 877-246-8253
          General Illegal Activity Call 1-800-BE-ALERT (OR) 800-232-5378
          Illegal Aliens: If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423).

          **Put all of these phone numbers in your phone, and call often.


          • I’ll bet if they took a survey of Democrats most of them would rip up the Constitution.
            That is a huge problem. Ocasio-Cortez wants us to be like Sweeden.
            A Big Fuck You to the Bronx residents for voting in the young communist.

        • You could argue the China pivot started under Nixon, but wholesale exporting of jobs began with Reagan, and reinterpreting laws began after the depression of the 1930’s leading to the repeal of Glass-Stegall under Clinton.

          In reality, since the end of WWII, US Corporations became multi-national, disregarding social responsibility in the pursuit of market exploitation. The same forces which colonized the world under European domination, accruing benefit to roughly the same 1% of society. Fortunately, we’re witnessing the end of the fiat monetary system of central banking began in the mid 18th century and the cause of much of the world’s misery.

          At the end of the day, the US must repeal the Fed and repudiate the national debt, or cede sovereignty to the globalist bankster cabal. We must support those who defy the world order, or there will be no one left to fight.

          • AD,
            “repudiate the national debt”.
            The problem is most of our debt is owed to Americans.
            Social security, Pensions, goverment payrolls et al.
            The US treasury “borrows” money by selling Tbonds, Tbills,
            Savings bonds, they do not go to the FED for money or a globalist bankster cabal for a loan like many other countries do.

        • “The Trade War Goes On And The United States Could Lose”

          No. That is impossible. Basic economic principles are in play in this contest. It is not possible for the US to lose. It only remains to be seen how much TRUMP will win. TRUMP must achieve a MAXIMUM amount of concessions REVERSING the status quo NOW. There will never be another renegotiation of the relationship outside of WAR.

          In other economic news, the US economy hums along spurred by the TRUMP TAX CUTS, while the markets are locked in a roller coaster ride of volatility, uncertain of the TRADE WAR concessions that China will make.

          Germany is now tanking and moving into recession while the rest of the EU is manic-depressive, signalling the often expected and looming break up and realignment of Europe according to biblical prophecy. So expect the exit of “Three Kings” to begin in the coming year.

          🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Macron and Merkel will be history very soon. Right wing on the rise in Europe.
            See the trend? Nationalism. Not globalism.

        • Corporations make political contributions. One hand greases another.

      2. Bullshit. The USA has been losing the Trade war ever since NAFTA. and we all know that Trump or no other President will restore the Republic and MAGA. However those lopsided trade agreements hurt the American Citizens much more than they helped them. Those lopsided Trade Deals single handedly destroyed the Blue Collar producing Middle Class. Doing away with those Trade deals is a step in the right direction. Who needs anymore imported plastic junk made with planned oblesence built in?

        • People in the US love cheap products of any kind.
          It isn’t like China or other countries cant make higher quality products, but why would they when people keep buying the low quality stuff?

      3. “destroyed the Blue Collar producing Middle Class”

        Do we really want that kind of people in our country?

        • No, that is the prevailing attitude of the Leftist ruling class.

          I simply present it as it should be publicly presented for your consideration instead of keeping it hidden out of sight while they move forward with it.

        • I can’t hear the sarcasm in your voice. Maybe a tag?

        • LMAO !!! I appreciated the sarcasm. 🙂

      4. If robots and massive automation require less and less workers, that causes massive unemployment. Who will buy these robotic made products? Well the dolts who claim to be experts are proposing the governments have “guaranteed income” for just being a citizen.


        Without tariffs and a realization that you need human workers who are also then consumers who buy products and housing and food, then the entire economic system FAILS.

        This 1977-2019 system is predicated upon CHEAP CHINESE SERF LABOR yet the Chinese claim to be a worker’s party under communism! What a FARCE!

        The Chinese workers came from deep in the impoverished peasant regions with the lure of large salaries(by comparison) and owning real estate as property. That hasn’t worked even though entire ghost cities exist.

        The Chinese system will implode along with a global economy for a ack of consumers.

        • Marana,
          I think you are being quite rational,
          “If robots and massive automation require less and less workers, that causes massive unemployment.”
          That is what will happen. Even in China.
          As long as we like to customize things we will need skilled human labor such as plumbers, electricians, technicians, STEM types and such, but the vast majority of people aren’t trainable for such skills.
          Our problem is not so much trade imbalances, it is what do we do with all our problems that can’t be effectively employed at something useful and beneficial?
          My solution is to give them free trips to Disney world on Mars.

          • I’m incredulous that communism created by Karl Marx which CONDEMNED worker exploitation is the very WORST system which exploits workers the MOST!

            It’s looney tuney.

            How could anyone claim to be an intellectual in the face of these FACTS???

            My guess is a billion Chicoms will wake up and realize, “We’ve been had!”, and the next revolution will happen except that will spread to all of Asia. They will simply overrun all the other Asians at a time when the USA is broke, demoralized, immoral, and cannot muster an decent infantry from Millennials.

            • 75% of Millennials are ardent socialists and communists with some just iconoclastic to such an extreme degree that they are wanton anarchists wanting to burn everything down. The latter tend to be nihilists too.

              It’s really up to Boomers to give them kind mentoring to persuade them of their outrageous FOLLY. That in a Christian environment is youth minstry.

              Illustrate the stupidity and absurdity of Communism. Have them repeat back your point by asking questions like the robotics analogy above. You will sometimes see a light go on in their noggins…as they puzzle out the stupidity of their halfbaked adoration.

              • Should those 75% be eradicated now? Or do we wait until the USA is full blown commie?
                I think the millennials are betting on the opposition being too old to fight back.

              • Like this:
                When millennials give their trite answers, then expose the silly flaws in their thoughts wth humor. That is youth ministry…even if it’s secular.

                • Like this:
                  You see, when a conservative can keep their cool and uses logical and persuasive arguments, the extreme leftist thinking is EXPOSED as both ridiculous, simplistic, appealing to emotion, and just young people using the tactics of the mob to destroy what they don’t understand. Young people lack experience but having just graduated or even attended colleges, become PARROTS of their extreme leftist propagandists posing as professors.

                  In the worst extreme, these young people are stunted like bonsai trees and cannot produce any fruit. Which is bizarre as traditionally a young man or a young lady had to demonstrate practical skills and common sense to be “mature” enough to marry and raise a family and own property.

                  Their age was a bit irrelevant. One was mature based upon what they could “do” or “produce”.

                  The goal of youth ministry is to challenge the nonsense f a public education which turns out mindless leftist robots.

      5. Automation doesnt reduce manpower. Automation increases production. After Chyrus MC cormic invented the reaper it didn’t take hundreds of men with scythes to harvest wheat. thatincreased grain production and led to more wheat & flour and that led to more bakerys and brewerys and more folks made more money than before. Eli whitney invented the cotton Gin and elemanated hundres of hours of hand picking the seed from a bale of cotton. The created a abundance that led to looms and the textile industry. The advances in technology will create as many jobs as they reduce. Its the stoop labor (weak mind & strong back) jobs that are done away with by automation. Automatic spot welders save workers eyes and it takes a trained person to set them up and keep them operating. You folks who want to create more jobs by reducing automation. Start your own business buy a wheel barrow and sledge hammer. and start breaking rocks into gravel and put those evil rock quarrys out of business.

        • “Automation doesn’t reduce manpower ”
          In YOUR opinion OG..
          There’s MILLIONS of people out of work today that will disagree with you..

      6. I’m working…… robot is on vacation in Cancun. I go back to part time when it gets back.

      7. OG,
        “The advances in technology will create as many jobs as they reduce”
        I’ll challenge you there.
        I recently had a really long conversation with a guy who works at a Seattle company that provides for a totally automated farm.
        One farmer and a technician can handle lots of sections of wheat farm. A section is a mile square or 640 acres. The farm machinery is made in an automated factory employing 10% of the people needed before automation.
        I spent 17 years fixing electronics and complex mechanical “stuff” as a technician before I became an engineer. You aren’t going to take millions of factory workers educated in a modern public school and retrain them to deal with encoders, power supplies, servos, stepper motors, transducers, computers, and all the other stuff that goes along with automation with any sort of ease.
        We have to deal with the weak among us and make life comfortable for everyone, that is going to be the hard part.

        • During the eighties and nineties, large factories would give tests to their own workers to see if they had the knowledge to be craftsmen. Most who passed were veterans who had performed similar work in the military. The electricians, electronics/automation/programming/instrument techs, the mechanical repair, the millwrights, the carpenters, the painters, the insulators, the general mechanics, the refrigeration mechanics came primarily from within the factory.

          This changed from 2000 on with several having technical degrees. Plus downsizings had reduced the pool of talent who had tried to find more secure occupations (often to even less stability).

          Programmable limit switches(PLS) and electronic motor control, servos, programmable logic controller, programmable touch screens, robotics, a vast array of proximity, optical, sonic sensors fed the inputs with a vast array of outputs. The displays all needed quarterly calibrations as well electronically and with pneumatics too.

          The average factory worker lacked the skills to become a craftsmen. Huge numbers of jobs were eliminated through automation.

          I am talking about things I witnessed not theory. Comparing this to threshing wheat is NUTS. I’m not a Luddite.

          • I’m sure that living around Luddite’s is very quiet. My kind of neighborhood.

          • I’ve all the thing you talk about and more.
            I can program a PLC and a FPGA. I can rattle off
            technical stuff as good as you can.
            Running a farm is surprising complex.
            Farms have random problems like a wild pig
            getting stuck in your combine.
            Factories are easy compared to farms.
            Computers have some really solid rules
            I could quote them to you but that would
            bore all of us. They don’t handle random events
            very well, even our AI goes south.
            Did you like Set theory and statistics in school?
            That is why you are always going to want a human
            in the pilot seat.

            • I actually admire you because you did the craftsman work and then got an engineering degree. That is rare.

              But then you ended up homesteading. It’s amazing.

              My story is similar.

        • exactly you have flat tires ,blown hyd hoses, stopped up filters, over heating radiators ect. and then no amount of automation can control the weather and insect infestation & diseases ect. It reminds me of those newer small one cyl engines. If the oil gets low they die and refuse to restart until oil is added. shure that prevents engine damage however some human still has to put oil and gas in it. My point earlier was things like the cotton gin, Reaper, chain saws and so on reduced the need for (weak mind strong back Stoop Labor) but overall improved the quality of life and made more leisure time for folks to do more invention and experimentation. Ok 30 years ago I was running a bulldozer. A guy asked how much it would cost to hire it. I stated $40 per hour. He stammered it aint worth that much. I replied go get the twenty of the biggest strongest hardest workers that exist. And this old cat can do more work in a hour than they can. and those men get tired and production decreases the longer they work. This dozer never gets tired and Ten hours of running it in a day don’t wear me out. He hired me to clear the land and was able to get it into production and generating revenue that year. before dozers and Heavy equiptment land was cleared by hand. ditches dug by hand, roads built by hand and crude machine pulled by draft animals. And the jobs did not go away. However for the most part the great numbers of baby boomers had to be competitive (good workers) to be able to keep a job when they worked for someone who needed to make a profit from what work they performed. Those who couldn’t make money for their empolyers. became Parasites. they went on Welfare or went to work for the Government. both of which produced nothing. even with automation doing the stoop labor they would still be plenty of jobs if we stem the tide of illegal’s coming into the USA. and keep the tariffs in place.

      8. People who have never worked in a large factory that is highly automated and that creates their various products in-house using formulas really do not understand when they compare this to agriculture.

        A processing worker who is running the entire operation at the blue collar level has to be a jack of all trades and understand how the various elements work and keep the running and produce a profitable amount of product.

        A packaging operator has the same responsibilities as above but must do rapid changeovers so has a high competency in the mechanical elements and at least some automation techniques for timing the outputs controlled by the PLC.

        If you try to debate someone comparing that to mindlessly busting rocks in a quarry as a prisoner in an old fashioned penal colony, they be too obtuse to comprehend the reality of a postmodern factory.

        I knew lots of guys with a high school education who learned on the job things which no newly graduate engineering student could operate, calibrate, or program. In fact, lots of engineers work their junior year in industry on special projects for a grade as a way to get hands-on and the exposure results in a job offer. Routinely the operators, process leaders, and craftsmen bailed them out when stuck…and did it kindly. They didn’t understand real world engineering and operation and duty cycles.

        And yet then the company hired those engineering students to become foreman over craftsmen and operators, and supervisors over the foreman, and then managers over all. It was quite absurd.

        Ideally an engineer with extensive experience can build whole production lines but most of the work was farmed out to craftsmen and the operators “tweaked it” to make it profitable. Many engineers ended up locally becoming essentially automation programmers and the purchasers of the correct automation equipment and doing very little engineering.

        • Hmmm. Ive never seen a broken automation robot programmed for specific tasks like welding, turn bolts or screws or fix itself. The programming is limited to move the arm and electrode to a specific point in space, activate for a specific time on a specific material. The AI allows for subtle variations to that to adapt to. Thats it. Random events are only dealt with by REAL people who can think outside of the programming parameters and operational theories and have the technical ability to diagnose and problem solve.

          • Yeah. One programmer can design that program and then clone it to a host of robots…maybe a 100.

            And now they are developing AI that programs and it will no doubt come up with more efficient code. And it needs no pay or benefits.

            A robot can’t repair itself, so ultimately one tech will be doing repair and another tech will reinstall the repaired one, and one tech will do preventative maintenance and calibration and load program updates. Three guys could handle 500 robots where before maybe 1500 humans worked. 3 vs 1500.

            • ht tps://
              This is your doom…no matter what else happens. The globalists desire a robot/AI workforce that never complains, never has sick days, never wants a raise, never has to be trained, never retires, never is gets pregnant, etc.

      9. FACT: if they were to imprison every business owner who hires and employs illegals Trump would be in prison. (Mar-a-Lago and some of his many golf courses)

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