The Tin Foil Hatters Were Right Again: ‘CIA Admits to Hacking Cars and Trucks for Undetectable Assassinations’

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Headline News | 80 comments

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    With the advent of computerized cars came warnings that hackers could remotely compromise vehicle controls systems and gain access to core driving features like brakes and steering. Several incidents over the last couple of years suggest that such nefarious activity has already taken place, with many citing the death of journalist Michael Hastings, and more recently, the deaths of a high profile oil executive and the personal chauffeur of Vladimir Putin.

    For the most part, those “accidents” were never investigated as possible assassinations utilizing cyber attacks, because the notion that such a thing could actually happen is almost unbelievable for most. But the recent Vault 7 Wikileaks release, suggests that not only is it possible to break into vehicles using these techniques, it is a strategy that has been actively pursued by the Central Intelligence Agency.

    Joe Joseph reports via The Daily Sheeple Youtube Channel:

    Inside the Wikileaks dump there’s talk of the CIA basically making the admission that they plan to hack cars and trucks as a way to carry out undetectable assassinations… This all appears to be verified… If you take a look at years past you’ll find, all of a sudden these mysterious car crashes… the tin foil hatters out there were right after all…

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      1. Is this the part where we say “Told ya so!”


        • I knew about these Car Computer (OnStar like) hacks back in about 2009-10 time frame. And I also warned you all about the Stingray Fake Cell Towers back in about 2013. Stick with this site for the latest info. Zeus will tell ya whats up. Stay safe in your Hidey holes. Stay the hell off social Media like FraudBook Inc- FBI Facial Recognition Identity program, and Twitter and if you have Google embedded in your laptops, Throw it in the trash and get a new laptop and never download anything Google especially with Microsoft 10. Go back to MS 2007 if possible. Gmail & AOL & Yahoo, etc, who just got hacked and Billions of email addys, where they can link your email with your IP and physical address along with your passwords. Dump it all, and switch to a discrete email encrypted services based in another countries like at least Canada. Due to OPSEC reasons I would tell you a few, but then I would make them a target.

          Stay Safe Preppers. Put a condom on your computer.

          • Malik Obama shares a photo of his brother Barack Obama’s KENYA ‘certificate of birth’.

            Link on Drudge Report

            • It was proven to be fake in 2009.

          • Also Satellite Radio in your vehicles can also be used as a reverse GPS tracking device. There was a recent case where a suspect was tracked down via reverse satellite location since his Satellite Radio Service was a subscription purchase, and the radio has an IP address like identification so it was just a matter of looking up the location of the radio/ vehicle/suspect.

            Radio’s can also be reversed where as the speaker turns into a listening device and can eves drop on all your in-vehicle conversations. Technology is not your friend folks.

            • Hackers can also get into the Vehicle Computer system.
              If some thieves want to go steal a Lincoln Navigator, they go into the system, track where the grid tied Navigator’s are all located via GPS signals, then, remotely unlock the vehicle and start the engine for the thieves. The thieves just need to walk up, jump in the running vehicle and drive away. Its that simple.

              Sorry but if any of you have a Manufactured GPS system installed on your vehicle, disable it. They will use your driving habits stored in the vehicles Black Box to track you and they can sell this info to Auto insurance companies to set your insurance rates via your driving habits. They have also used this black box device to unravel auto accidents in court to see who was at fault.

            • “Also Satellite Radio in your vehicles can also be used as a reverse GPS tracking device.”

              No, it can’t. Onstar can, but Sirius XM is one way.

              “There was a recent case where a suspect was tracked down via reverse satellite location since his Satellite Radio Service was a subscription purchase, and the radio has an IP address like identification so it was just a matter of looking up the location of the radio/ vehicle/suspect.”

              No, the devices have a serial number – the satellite broadcasts enable and disable commands to the whole world. It’s a receiver, not a transceiver.

              “Radio’s can also be reversed where as the speaker turns into a listening device and can eves drop on all your in-vehicle conversations. Technology is not your friend folks.”

              No, they can’t. Onstar is designed to enable two-way communication (so you can talk to them after a crash), but car radios lack this kind of functionality.

        • I told you YEARS ago.
          ALL modern electronics are not for whatever “useful” purpose you believe them to be for.

          ***The REAL purpose of ALL Electronics-Communications-Computers-Cable-TV. is to Track-Trace=Surveil-Snoop-Snitch and CONTROL YOU.
          No matter the promised “benifit”. ABOVE stated is the actual purpose.

          Even the LED light bulbs and street lights can SNOOP.

          Obama’s first act in office was to eliminate ilder automobils.
          Older cars don’t have the modern BUILT IN snitch-snoop-track- trace-LISTENING equipment.

          Look at the snitch computer in the new corvette.
          NOTE: GM that damn computer cost you a sale or dozen. Id I drive 180 I don’t need the nanny to snitch me out. Yes in Montanna, Utah, Nevadam you can haul ass.

        • Buy older cars without smart computers in them if you don’t wanna be implicated in criminal acts by our law enforcement agencies! They have proven track records of lying, planting false evidence, cheating and lying in the court under oath, and doing whatever is necessary to suppress evidence for their own jobs!

      2. Hmmm, sounds like it’s time to go back to a V-8 with a carburetor.

        • Heifer

          I have a six pack of V8 tomato juice and what is a carburetor. Is it like a bong? :0)

          • Hef,and Aron you need gas …….

            • Getting Real

              Got any Tums? Oh Boy.

      3. I wonder if they’re talking about the cars built within the last 10 years with the more advanced technology. I have a 2000 Honda with only a fraction of today’s technology in it. I would think it would be less vulnerable to hacking.

        • Definitely — the new cars are web connected and therein lies the problem.

          • mac, thanks for that. Well, there’s ONE piece of good news for me.

            • That’s also good news for me as well, Braveheart .. I own a 2000 Buick Park Avenue Ultra.

      4. When they started removing and buying up (for charity) old vehicles, I thought it was to get their hands on really old cars that would soon have value as antiques. But, they wanted to get everyone on computerized cars that no one could fix independently. Keeping tabs on us and eliminating “troublemakers” who refuse to be good slaves.


        • B from CA ,
          You nailed that one, and they keep testing the public with polls to see HOW many are tinfoil hats, the nontinfoil-hats are the brainwashed ones, they have been VERY un-happy as the numbers of tin-foils have increased drasticaly!!

          • apache54 as you stated in an earlier article, it seems as though most are afraid to speak up on this subject, as we already knew the CIA, FBI and NSA are not our Protectors but are our Controllers. We can thank Edward Snowden and Wikileaks for verifying what we knew. So what do we do now!!! President Trump definitely has many powerful enemies, can he survive both political parties and these rogue agencies? Trekker Out. The Enemy Is At The Gate!

            • Mountain Trekker,

              YUP, we will see soo as to which way the slide will be? hope there is enough of us to take care of what needs to be done!

              • My Grandparents were watching an old episode of ‘The Lone Ranger’ recently. One of the lines that stands out in my mind was, “You have been found guilty of crimes against the people. For this you will be shot at dawn in the town square for all the village to see.”

                • Reminds me of the story when the Lone Ranger and Tonto ride into an ambush of 10,000 Indians.

                  Lone Ranger turns to Tonto and says “Uh-oh. Looks like we’re in trouble, Tonto.”

                  Tonto turns back to Lone Ranger and says “What you mean “we,” white man?”

                  • Similar to petitioning Congress.

              • My Grandparents were watching an old episode of ‘The Lone Ranger’ recently. One of the lines that stands out in my mind was, “You have been found guilty of crimes against the people. For this you will be shot at dawn in the town square for all the village to see.”

                  • Zeus:

                    Smart Natives. The Deleware Indians were Caucasian. The people who always push the mean whitey myth don’t want people to know that whitey has been in North America since the beginning. Those Vikings (Germans) were in ships sailing between Europe and North America at least hundreds, if not thousands of years before Columbus.

                    Tonto was married to Barbara Eden, the genie. Now that is a mixed marriage. When he wanted some, he just rubbed her belly and got three wishes.


                    • I just looked it up, he was Lebanese. And he was married to Barbara Eden. And had a son with her. I didn’t know that. It pays to stay up late.
                      Just as I saw on American Pickers, the ‘Indian’ that was famous for the littering commercial, was actually Italian. Go figure.
                      And I ‘used to’ like Jennie. She must have had the kid right before she started the show. I think that it ran for five years and she was about 35 when it started, and forty when it ended. I could be wrong. But I know she looked a lot younger than she actually was. And the birth wasn’t a C-section.

                    • Wow, I did not know Barbra Eden was married to Tonto. Thanks for the interesting factoid B from CA!!

                    • On second thought, that was Michael Ansara who played an Indian named Cochise on the show called “Broken Arrow”.

                      All these Indians look alike.

                      Just kidding. I thought he looked different than I remembered. Time keeps on passing quickly.


                  • Yeah, Tonto was the reincarnation of Billy Caldwell/ Sauganash, who sold out the Indians around Ft. Dearborn in now Chicago. But then Caldwell was thrown out of Chicago himself when they had no more use for him. But they did give him some land a little north of the city which now has a street and I think a golf course named after him.
                    The Lone Ranger had the silver bullets. If you have all the silver bullets you can buy anybody. I think that the people that run the country now think that they are the Lone Ranger. They act like it. And they will have you fighting for them too, for all the things that the Lone Ranger stood for. And they will always be wearing white. Cuz they ain’t planning on getting dirty.

            • “The Enemy Is At The Gate!”


              The enemy is within the gates and have been there for at least 30 years. The election of DJT was akin to the peasants storming the Bastille with pitchforks and clubs.

              At last we again have a PATRIOT in the Oval Office. Americans must support the TRUMPSTER with their “lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” or the Republic will be lost to the Globalists.

              Its US or them. Engage at every level of government. Make a list. Check it twice. Know WHO has been naughty and WHO has been nice in your neck of the woods. If TRUMP is assassinated, the American People will have to take justice into their own hands: all across America.

              Show no mercy. Give them no quarter if push comes to shove. For now, Patriots have a Partner in the Oval Office. Make the most of it.

              Do your part, when you can; where you are, when you must. 🙂

              • Trump is a globalist. He has surrounded himself with jews. He is no Patriot and has gone back on the promises that got him elected. The swamp is over filling and there is not one damn thing, not one little bit Patriotic about fighting wars for israel. Trump is no different than Hillary

            • Mountain Trekker,
              Technology is not your friend.
              USA media are Liars and Brainwashers. Brainwashing not information is their game.

              USA Alphabet agencies are not your friend.
              Yes they are there to control you. You are correct.
              But also keep in mind that there has been NO real attacks on USA cities.
              -So maybe the Alphabet soups do stop the big ones and that info is above your pay grade or need to know?
              -Have you considered that?
              Just because you don’t hear about something does not mean it didn’t happen.

              We are in difficult times. No one is honest. Everyone lies and deceives. EVERYONE has an agenda and pushes that agenda. Who can you believe? What can you believe? So much disinformation and lies. Chaos. Who can you trust?

              But because America has Not lost an American city. I tend to believe that the Alphabet agencies have stopped some real degenerate assholes, who were going to try some dumb ass stupid, violent bullshit. I believe that “many idiots” and their violent acts have been Successfully Stopped. ALL Because of someone doing a good job at some of these USA Alphabet soup agencies. I believe there are some good people there that allow you to wake up the next day because they Stopped a rag head fool or Chinaman with bad intentions in the night. I appreciate that work. So should you.

              Has anyone ever considered that as they whine about their privacy lost?

              Reality is that the Alphabet Soup agencies must get it right EACH day. So it looks to me like they are doing a Good job? They are doing something right. Glad they are on it. Anyone else think about that perspective?

              I hated my left guard lineman in high school football. Real jerk. But I bought him lunch every day our senior year. He kept those gorillas from the other team off my ass so I could quarterback and throw touch downs. He kept me in one piece and I appreciated his good work. Without him I would have been carried off the field on a stretcher. He kept me alive and made me look better than I really was.

              Same with the agencies you people bitch about. You need them. There are gorillas on the other team that are out to kill you. Keep that in mind as you bitch.
              You need a good guard, even if they are a jerk. Buy them lunch and respect their work.

              That is all.

              • Dear John, will you trade freedom for security? No need for a long response, this was yesterdays article. They don’t need to know everything about everybody, maybe they just need to get back to profiling. What agency do you work for. Trekker Out

      5. Seriously, what?

        I have no idea about Teslas or similar such shite, but I’m straight telling you, the only things you have access too (on non-electric vehicles, assuming you’re dumb the hell enough to buy something that’s “drive by wire”), is the fuel / air mixture control, the smog equipment, the accelerator, the GPS screen, maybe the door locks…

        What’s missing in this picture?

        Steering – no control over that via hacking
        Brakes – same
        The Magical Auto Destruct Button That Doesn’t Exist(tm) – same

        I mean…

        What are you gonna do?

        Ok, spike the accelerator via hacking. Dumb… and annoying… and kill the ignition, throw the parking brake, hell throw the b*tch into park. Result = no death…

        • TheGuy, about 20 years ago I was in my company’s Nissan pickup which died on me on the highway. Since it was a standard, I let out the clutch and put it in neutral, let it go into the emergency lane, and came to a complete stop. Didn’t hit anything or anyone, but I was stranded for quite awhile. Otherwise got through it OK.

        • Control of the accelerator is all you need. If you’re in traffic, it doesn’t matter how you brake or steer if you’re going 120 mph.

          I happen to believe that most of the electronically controlled systems in a car can be hacked.

          ht tps://

          • Archivist, put the vehicle in neutral and try using the brakes to stop. If that doesn’t work, then use the emergency brake as a last resort.

        • “I have no idea about Teslas or similar such shite, but I’m straight telling you, the only things you have access too (on non-electric vehicles, assuming you’re dumb the hell enough to buy something that’s “drive by wire”), is the fuel / air mixture control, the smog equipment, the accelerator, the GPS screen, maybe the door locks…”

          You can manipulate power steering to jerk the wheel. You can manipulate cruise control to depress the pedal.

          It’s possible to do a lot more than you realize.

      6. Apache54, I NEVER take part in any survey or poll or any of that BS. Yep, there’s more tin-foils out there than ever. Hell, I was a tin-foil before the term was even invented!

        • The Deplorable Braveheart,
          YEA, i was also, i learned to NOT like what i saw and never trusted again after that! changed fields but never could get away completely, If YA know what i mean, NOW don’t matter anymore, they leave me alone, been to many years.

      7. Oh, I am loving the crap out of this announcement. So how do you like technology now? Take you for a wild ride and put you six feet under. You don’t care cause the car can parallel park for you.

        Techies going to die in an Old World setting.

        What’s a hand tool? Hahahahahaha! Going to find out. Hahahahaha!

        • . . .extended middle digit. . .

      8. Anon, I’m not sure, but maybe my old Honda is old enough that I don’t have to worry about. Maybe this only applies to cars built within the past 5 years or so. I don’t have the newer technology.

        • DBH

          If your car or truck has any satellite/radio devices other than regular music communication.

          You might be a (DEAD) Redneck.

          Jeff Foxworthy

          • Anon, LOL! My old Honda still has the ORIGINAL AM/FM cassette stereo in it. the cassette player even still works. No satellite so I think I’ll be just fine.

      9. I have always surmised that Hastings was murdered. Funny how the CIA, originally the OSS, was meant to defend freedom and fight the National SOCIALISTS of Hitler. Now they are doing the mirror image.

        My question is, how do these people live with themselves? How do you look yourself in the mirror, every day knowing you are betraying the Constitution, and even more, basic human values and rights, as well as the Uniform Code of Military Justice? Are they really paying you enough to do that? Do you really think you are doing something good for mankind??? And if so, how do you differ from a Hitler or Stalin, who also thought they were doing “good things???” We’re not now talking about stopping the bad guys – in the case of Hastings, he was non-violent, and threatened no one… other than their power base.

        • They look in the mirror, then look at their paycheck.

        • The less than human beings involved in these types of crimes against humanity have no shame because they no longer have a conscience. Many of them have sold their souls to the devil in exchange for power and wealth.

          • Everytime I hear of the CIA, FBI or NSA, I think of the Stasi of East Germany! Trekker Out. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

          • To which I say, Sarge, that one will be dead a whole LOT longer than one is alive. There will be a God to answer to. Moreover, when these people are no longer of use, they will be become the next Robespierre, the next Trotsky, the next Lavrentiy Beria, the next Gen. Arnaldo Ochoa, etc.

            “If there is no God… everything is permissible.” – Fyodor Dostoyevski (and yes, he DID write that. I have the original Russian – it does need the … tho)

            • TEST, Good point.
              Their power and wealth will last not even a split second in time, compared to an eternity of torment if they don’t repent. Yes, there WILL be a Day of Judgment.

        • “Funny how the CIA, originally the OSS, was meant to defend freedom and fight the National SOCIALISTS of Hitler.”

          And the ink wasn’t dry on the surrender documents and NAZIs were being given false identity “Your name is now Bob Smith and you were born in Iowa” and jobs, ostensibly in private companies that were in reality a OSS/CIA front. Interestingly the French Foreign Legion were recruiting former German soldiers.

          • Yes, Operation Paperclip. But the original formulation I think was well intentioned. But it went off the rails very early.

            As I have noted before, I think ultimately both sides were defeated in the Cold War

            • “But the original formulation I think was well intentioned.”
              They all ostensibly are.

              “it went off the rails very early.”
              Very common also but thats the true intent.

              The more you look you realize that the differences between us and them are more narrow then what we were trained to believe. Overall living here is preferred but the white hat we were sold is very soiled, often not just out of necessity, but rather greed that was never intended for us to be the beneficiary of.

              • Yeah, and it’s too bad that my comments are put in the oven for 12 hours too. Not those ovens, they never existed.

                • So the ovens my friends father, a Polish teen taken as slave labor, filled with corpses was a lie from his mouth? The camps Uncle Jimmy and my friends father liberated never existed?


        • I guess you can blame it all on Operation Paperclip. The same people that the OSS were supposedly fighting were brought to this country. Along with the people who were being supposedly persecuted. Now the supposedly prosecuted own this country. I guess the OSS brought too many of the wrong people here.

      10. TEST: Right on! I always considered Michael Hastings’ death a homicide. Now, a new investigation is warranted.

      11. I knew there was a reason for my fleet of beaters! all this time I thought I was just economically challenged.

      12. My old pickup can’t be hacked. The most advanced electronics it contains is the cassette stereo.

        • Typewriter with ribbon, points in a distributor, wind up alarm clock, carburetor with adjustment screws, carbon paper, camera film and a dark room with chemicals.

          Bacteria has adapted to spore antibiotics and its derivatives. Like 1930s Sulfa which has made a comeback as the old guy, retired, entering the fight the stuff in the proceeding paragraph one day may be virtually priceless.

      13. Michael Hastings could not be reached for comment….

      14. Thank God they don’t have a phaser. At least I think they don’t have a phaser.

      15. Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

      16. That’s right. I remember it was discussed on this very forum a number of years ago.

        Type “Boston Brakes” into your favorite search engine…

      17. Or maybe just have ‘fun’ and pop a few airbags or ‘stick’ some accelerators in certain cars (after you short their stock)?

      18. Well now we know how they killed Putin’s favorite driver, in a supposed freak accident a few months ago, where some poor Russian sap driving the other way on the highway lost control accelerated and crossed into oncoming traffic instantly killing Putin’s driver.

        Then there was the the freak accident of the reporter a year ago about to come out with a huge story about Obama Illegal activity, whose Mercedes mysteriously accelerated and went into a tree.

        It’s clear someone is using this tech to murder people.

      19. Watch the tv show, The Lone Gunmen. There are two,episodes, one where a plane is crashed into the Twin Towers by remote control and the other a car is taken over and the person killed. Now it is fact not fiction.

      20. Most modern vehicles are “drive by wire” anymore. My 01 Ford is drive by wire, it has no accelerator cable, the accelerator pedal is actually a sensor that measures how far down I’m pushing the pedal and it sends this information to the trucks computer which tells the fuel injection how much fuel I want the engine to have. As for the brakes, modern antilock brakes are controlled (you guessed it) by the computer which gets its information from you pushing on the brakes, and the wheel speed sensors which read how fast the wheels are turning, and if any are slipping or sliding. A computer hack could quite conceivably take the vehicle to a high rate of speed and disable the brakes. Not many people could keep their head under these circumstances and shut off the key. Besides, the key switch and the transmission selector are controlled…. wait for it! by the computer. you can still steer though, all you need is enough interstate to keep driving until you run out of gas. If you’re in the city you will have a collision sonner, rather than later.

      21. I wonder if Lady Diana Spenser/Princess Diana was a victim of this high tech auto control. All these years we have been told it was the driver’s fault.

        There is a woman who works for the English intelligence agency who was a close friend. She said publicly that the reason for the assassinations of Diana and her billionaire was twofold: first Diana intended to come out in support of the Palestinians, and against Isreal; and second, the Royals would not permit the future King of England to have a Middle Eastern (Muslim ?) as a step-father.

        __ I can’t blame them for being concerned, but damn, did they have to kill her !! I hope it was just a fake death and the couple is alive living quietly under assumed names. One never knows. This one still gets to me. She was a sweet girl, and spectacular clothes horse, besides being concerned with ordinary people. When water seeks its own level, the depraved elite think only of taking down those morally superior to themselves. At least that is how it appears from the outside looking in.


        • The thing about Princess Diana Death,… Didn’t her car crash happen in a tunnel? Maybe some invoked or targeted EMP aimed at the vehicle disabled the vehicle inside the tunnel? Just speculating..

          The bigger threat is if hackers wanted on a particular day say in morning rush hour traffic, they control all the cars at once, to disable the brakes and all the vehicle take a sharp left turn, which some in high speeds may take the car into oncoming traffic causing massive wrecks and death with one massive hack killing thousands at once.

          Would an EMP also cause this to happen where the computer looses its brain and goes apeshit crazy in all sorts of possessed directions killing the masses?

        • You’ll believe anything

      22. Watch the Kay Griggs interview on Youtube. It’s seven hours long. You don’t have to watch the whole thing in one day. She will tell you first hand that Princess Di, Sonny Bono, and John Denver were all taken out within four months because they all came out together against the land mines being left in all of these countries that were strategically targeted for takeover. It’s also true that Princess Di came out to support the Palestinians. Another reason stated in the interview for her removal.

      23. Jun 23, 2013 DARPA Talks About Hacking Cars

        Jul 24, 2013 Digital Carjackers Show Off New Attacks

        A couple of hackers show off a series of nasty new attacks on cars—with Forbes’ Andy Greenberg behind the wheel.

      24. THE MOST HORRIFIC, LIFE-CHANGING COVERT HACK IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES REVEALED (…forget your iPhone): All US made passenger aircraft (Boeing 757, 767, 777, etc) include an integrated fly-by-wire system called the Flight Termination System (FTS) developed by System Planning Corporation (SPC). (Boeing now calls this the Flight Interruption System) Ostensibly it’s purpose is to allow the FAA to take control of hijacked aircraft and land them safely where Special Ops can take control of the situation. However FTS has never been used for this purpose. Instead it has been used by covert organizations to conduct false flag ops to whack some target on a particular commercial flight, i.e. FLT 370, or “disappear” any given flight in any given manner as dictated by the assigned mission. On 9/11 Mossad operatives hacked into FLT’s 11, 93, 77 and 174 and safely landed them at Westover AFB in Massachusetts, where two Mossad handlers from each flight were collected and flown back to Israel, after the passengers and flight crews where dispatched on the sealed aircraft using VX gas canisters. As the aircraft were electronically commandeered and flown to Westover, the two exercise handlers explained the purpose of the nature of the exercise (less classified termination details) to elicit patriotic buy-in from crews and passengers and asked for volunteers to call family, friends and work centers immediately after landing at Westover (cell phones don’t work above 2000 feet) and read scripted scenarios for “exercise purposes”. Crews and passengers were told they would be flown to their final destinations immediately after the conclusion of the short national security exercise scenario on the ground. During preflight sign-in pilots and co-pilots were given a heads-up they may be directed to participate in a national security aviation exercise. After cell calls were completed and all participants dispatched by a special exercise detail, bodies were then transported to another location for processing in accordance with the exercise objectives, as the MSM dutifully reported with regard to the Pentagon, Shanksville and WTC. This particular operation was a highly classified sub-operation integrated into that day’s plethora of National Defense Exercises. If you fly commercially know that you are flying in a covertly configured drone which can be taken over by covert operatives at any time anywhere in the world to execute a mission to kill a target(s) on board along with passengers and crew or direct the flight to any ground target (e.g. WTC) within the range of the aircraft fuel load. To learn the motivation behind this on-going reality we are all still participating in, search Youtube for “Oded Yinon” videos.

      25. I survived a botched car hack attempt from a drone. I thought I had no wifi links on my car. Turns out the tire pressure sensor was a wireless link. The hack attempt was made through the remote tire pressure sensor. I was fortunate either the drone pilot was not properly trained or the wrong software was used for my 2010 Ford Fusion. The attempt failed to completely take control of my brakes. Dashboard went crazy with warnings but did not take complete control of my brakes. I am a non-government intelligence collection and analysis methodologist, frequent contributor and occasional guest on Jeff Rense.

      26. “I survived a botched car hack attempt from a drone. I thought I had no wifi links on my car. Turns out the tire pressure sensor was a wireless link.”

        No, you didn’t.

        The TPM systems are wireless, but you’re not going to take control of a car through that system.

      27. This doesn’t bother me at all. It’s the CIA’s JOB to maintain and even to USE such capabilities. I’m glad to see their doing their thing.

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