The Thomas Jefferson of Our Time (Video)

by | Feb 21, 2012 | Headline News | 149 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Presented unapologetically and without commentary.

    In his heart and in his head, in his character and in his intellect, in what he has done and in what he will become, the Thomas Jefferson of our day, Ron Paul, is one of us…
    -Judge Andrew Napolitano

    Hat tip Bloodyfellow


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      1. Though Ron Paul is the clear choice, does anyone really think that the powers that be would let him have the presidency? I would truly love to see it as he, without haste, would turn this country around. Not through false promises, but by real action.

        • Excuse me but I need to know something.

          Can I ask Mac to remove a vile and abusive post where someone is saying they would like to torture and kill people?

          Answer appreciated.


          • I will take that as a yes.


          • Perhaps rather than censor a persons comment that offends us we should rather defeat it in the arena of ideas and logic and leave it there for everyone to see and to bear witness to that persons foolishness…we used to have a saying here in America to the effect that I may not agree with what you say but Ill fight for your right to say it…lets refrain from becoming the very thing we dispise,lest it be you or I next getting silenced and no one speaks up…just sayin’

            • What logic would you use against someone who says he wants to hunt and torture you?
              I am genuinely interesting in hearing your ideas.

              P.S. Commenting Policy says: “While we support lively debates and understand that people get excited, frustrated or angry at times, we ask that the conversation remain civil if at all possible”.
              Rude comments are posted here every day, but not threats.
              This person crossed the line IMO.

            • Yes yes yes. Free speech is never a bad thing, even when that speech is filled with hatred and lies. The light of day will expose it for what it is. In the gratest traditiion of Jefferson, let the idiots speak and let them be known by their words and their deeds.

            • Zen…I wouldnt attempt to use logic with such a person….unless that logic was in a large caliber that even they could understand… 🙂 … Id invite them to put up or shut up….please understand Ive been there…so I do have some insight concerning being threatened in real time.
              Im not saying that there is NEVER a time to censure a persons speech its just that I am very leery when it comes to doing so…Id rather err on the side of caution and do nothing then to find myself doing/condoneing the violation of anothers free speech….that said I wish people like whom I believe this all refers to would use some common sense and be quiet…alas not all men are endowed with common sense and restraint…
              Ive said it before…theres alot of smart/reasonable people on here and out there,I firmly believe they can see through shallowness and stupidity,why delete/censor the statements and allow them to deny they ever made it?…let it stand witness to their foolishness for all to see and perhaps even to serve as a correction in that persons way of thinking at some future time… in this case its probably best to just consider the source and ignore it…I hope that explains where Im coming from…thanks! 🙂

        • Ron Paul is the clear choice in the field that gives the options like Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich. The sad part is that he is not electable with the current makeup of the country. He is the person that would save this country I agree. But I don’t think he will be able to beat the POTUS under the two party system that we live in. Do you actually think that the “Mainstream Republicans” would go for him? Soccer mom republicans whose influence comes from TMZ and American Idol will elect a person that would have Cocaine legal and available at their pharmacy or the corner store… Heaven Forbid… He could get some of the vote from the Dems that like drugs but they are not the most reliable group to depend on to hit the election booths. A lot of Dems love the freebees that come from a Prez like Obama. How about the unions will he get that vote? I agree he is the closest thing we have to getting this country in order but it is in my opinion unlikely that he could prevail in a national election. I would support him in an instant if I did not think I was throwing away my vote. Maybe things will change as we get closer to the election. I don’t know. But, if the Republicans nominate anyone else but Paul I will be pretty pissed if Paul stays the course only to split the vote and take away the victory from someone else besides the Obama.
          I really like Paul and I’m sure most of you do too. But, will you sit home if he is not the R. nominee? I will not sit home. I will vote for the other guy. Might not be my first choice but better that than the POS Pres in office now.

          • Don’t vote for “the other guy”. Write in Ron Paul.

            • Oh yeah… great idea! That way we can assure the Obumbler win AGAIN!!!

              We haven’t a true choice, once again. RP has been inadequate in his explanation of his “foreign policies” and his other “controversial” items. It is HIS FAULT, and that of his incompetent staff! His son, on the other hand, has even said as much, yet… most of us simply DON’T listen anymore!

              We are in a Socialist slide, and this is worldwide… not just here! We are in the times of prophesy, that is not debatable. Until we have those who WE put in power that truly believe what they spew, and act upon OUR wishes… NOTHING will change!

              God help us all….

          • This may be so…but do what I plan to do. That is to vote with my heart and leave my head out of this.

            Every year I vote with my head. I study all the candidates to see who I like and agree with and see “who can beat who” (unfortunely not always the same person). This time is different. I have been praying for God to save this country and everytime I pray I get the same answer “vote with your heart and not your head”.

            So, this election year I will. I will vote for Ron Paul even though my head says he doesn’t stand a chance.

            I leaving the rest to God.

          • Lots of things can happen before the Republican Nomination. I am tired of the Repulican War Machine that sends our sons and daughters to foreign lands to die for ungrateful tribal warlords fixated upon settling
            religious transgressions over thousands of years. I am equally tired of the Democratic Party and their socialist welfare system that makes indentured servants of the people, propagating a hollowed unpricipled alligence to their benefactors. If we as a people succumb to accept a second best from the Republican Party, then we must accept the same consequences of the past. There will be no change. Why is a highly respected Congressman’s political platform met with so much rejection? A Washington outsider and dark horse.
            A Republican Nomination of Ron Paul for President will be the repudiation of both parties. The end of the status quo. Do we not long for such a thing? Are you tired of holding your nose while casting your vote? Why would you betray your priciples?
            I also fear a re-election of President Obama but the re-election of the status quo is quite nauseating. I will not again swallow a bitter pill in hope of a cure.

            I stand with Ron Paul.

          • Do you really think we have a viable “2-party system” in this country? All you see is a shell-game, TPTB allowing “elections” to give thier agenda a different face. The fix was in decades ago.

            The only clear moral choice is Ron Paul. To “vote” otherwise is throwing away your “vote”. If RP is not nominated, it will be a clear indication that the entrenched facade will continue. At that point, people who treasure their freedom had better wake up.

            There is really only one way to stop the slide to tyranny. That is for people to summon thier courage, and throw off the yoke of the Owners and their lackies.

          • Delph, replacing Obama,an establishmentarian with any of the other establishmentarians and thinking it makes a difference means the establishment owns your vote. Why not vote with a clear conscience for the man who is best for the job? The ‘wasting my vote’ argument could just as easily be turned around. Why vote for any candidate that is willing to indulge in a failed foreign policy, embrace a crumbling economic/monetary policy and continue the march towards federal domination and monitoring of our lives? To me, that is the epitome of a wasted vote.

          • I wouldn’t waste my vote on any other candidate. I will write Ron Paul’s name on the ballot.

            All other candidates are the same to me.

          • People like you are the exact reason RP will not win the nomination. You have your facts wrong, and you are willing to settle for “the other guy.” You have given up on him already, when only about 10% of the delegates have been actually awarded. Why do you think the mainstream republicans wouldn’t vote for Dr. Paul? You are willing to vote for “The other guy” so why wouldn’t everyone who supports Romney, Santorum or Gingritch? Also, RP does not support the legalization on cocaine, sounds like you have been watching too much Fox News. He opposes the federal drug laws, just because he wants to do away with these laws does not mean he supports the legalization of drugs. He just wants it to be a state issue, and take power away from the federal government. It is much too early to be looking to second options. Stay the course, RON PAUL 2012

          • Just dont get it do you, a vote for newt, romney, santorum, obama, etc. is the wasted VOTE to save this country. only a VOTE for Ron Paul will maybe save the U.S. and this planet from comming unglued. Wake up America. P.S. END THE FED….. The heart of the problems

        • IF for just once people voted for who they wanted to win and not who they think will win they’d probably be happily surprised at the outcome…

        • Voted as member of High Council Jedi Ron Paul now is. Heroic his war against the Sith has been.

        • Voted as member of High Council Jedi Ron Paul now is. Heroic his war against the Sith has been.


        • Who are some of Ron paul’s enemies? Military industrial complex,drug cartels,Banksters ,crony capitalists,corrupt unions,corporate media and big government bureaucrats to name a few.No way he can win but I support him anyway!

      2. Civil war after this election?

        • Or world war…

          • Or both… and end of line

            • …or the begining of a new era of freedom…. 🙂

      3. That’s what I’m taking about!!!!!

      4. Make that “talking”

      5. And just as the American people have rejected our founding fathers, so too will they reject a man that upholds their values.

        • Sad and wish it wasn’t true.

        • See I believe there is a real awakening going on in America. I meet people all the time who are waking up. Spend some time listening to the conversations that occur in a gun shop and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll never reach the dependent class, the bureaucratic class or most of the political class. They all have too much invested in the status quo.

          A lot of young people are waking up and gravitating toward Ron Paul. I attended my local Maine caucus event and it was gratifying to see the fervent support of so many young folks. Older folks too, but you don’t typically see many young folks at a Republican caucus event.

          I’m not predicting anything, but I see a lot of enthusiasm and I think there may still be hope. As others have said here, there’s a long way to the convention and to November.

      6. The only problem with that string of sound bites is the endorsement by Glen Beck.

        • Yes, but in a rare moment of egoless clarity, he spoke the Truth.

        • Hey Dr. Feelgrove,

          If you can not see the unbelievable TRUTHS that Glenn Beck is trying so very hard to show people with hard heads like you, then you’re hopeless!

          I betcha any amount of money that the Judge will be on GBTV very, very soon!

          I bet you’re one of those who hasn’t visited a half a dozen times, and are not a subscriber to — so pray-tell, why should ANYONE listen to your hate??

          • I was a subscriber to gbtv and frequented the blaze. Ever since Glenn went Israel-crazy and bashed Ron Paul supporters on his morning show, I turned him off. No doubt he has awaken many to the travesty of the system, I feel he has changed and has an ulterior motive. I choose not to be locked in some state of hypnosis over someone like Glenn.

            He got famous, he became high profile. He attracted people with power. People with power have money. Money has the power to corrupt.

        • So what now Mac? You’re not a Glenn Beck fan now and will allow the slams about him but NOT supportive comments FOR him? Why was my last comment not approved? Huh? If you’re not the one that did …. then simply tell me WHY? If this is how you run this site (that used to be an AWESOME site)… then you and your wacky Paulitanos (Paul and Napolitano) can have it! What a waste!!!!!


      7. Amen!!!

      8. Good for him. I hope he gets elected.
        I just had a argument with someone today about drivers licenses. He said that they should be restricted to people because it is a privilege and the roads are too crowded and dangers anyways.
        I asked him if he knew what a privilege was. He didnt know. I had him look it up and of course it says that a privilege is a RIGHT. It is a right that is granted by a entity that has the right to grant rights. I explained to him that our government cant grant privilege. We granted privilege to the government in our behalf to operate. So how can they grant privilege to us?? Makes no sense.

        Rant over.

        • Joe…My take on this is the corp govt can grant priveleges, but CANNOT grant Aany God given rights

      9. Oh hell yes, I’d vote for them


      10. Great guy. Never happen

      11. Too bad we’ll not see him or Napolitano in the White House. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t be there, I’m just being realistic that he has little chance of winning the Republican nomination. He could win, if America WOKE UP! The chances on that happening are like a snow balls chance in hell.

        • Snowball for prez 2012

      12. When anyone tells me they’re for any one other than Ron Paul, it’s a “Red Flag”, i.e. THEY DON’T GET IT. They are stuck in the Program; Brainwashed and Ignorant.

        What Paul is lacking in dynamic charisma, the Judge makes up for it. What a complementary pair!

        Hope for America!

      13. he will never get it, i’m afraid.

      14. Aha! I get it!!!!

        Judge Napolitano left his show so he can run as Paul’s VP if asked to do it. You can’t have a television show on the air & run for political office (think Trump).

        Wow, what a ticket that would be.

        Paul’s got my vote. Now if we can just convince the other 150 million entitled sheeple.

        • That is what I was trying to say about the “Firing” article/video! He said on FB, that we might see a surprise very soon! Yes,it might have been wishful thinking…but it could be a real possibility! This would be the BEST Presidential ticket this country has seen in a VERY long time! =) I pray I am right!!!!

      15. I’d be damn proud to vote for Ron Paul & Judge Napolitano. All I can do is vote and pray. IMHO If he doesn’t become President we might all be sharpening our bayonets. I have never seen anything like the power grabs since 9/11 until now. My mouth waters for justice! I always thought that the majority of the older population would be totally against what Bush & Obama have done and would want to vote for a man that follows the Constitution. If you’re older, like me in my 40’s and you’re reading this I doubt if this applies to you.

      16. I’m with the other guys, civil war…west of the mississippi ron paul president. Split the country

        • Not a bad idea, but good Lord, how would you pry the communists, socialists, entitled and nutcases out of California & the rest of the West Coast? At least there’d only be 10% of the population left.

          Then you have all the freedom loving folks left over here on the East Coast. Of course I’d move. I’d leave everything behind and bug out West immediately – while I still could.

          The moocher loving government would never let it happen though. Their model won’t work without the freedom loving folks who are willing to put in an honest day’s work for their wages.

          • Cut off the free goodies and they will RUN somewhere else.

        • hey I cant run that far or swim that distance

        • How about everyone west of the Cumberland Gap? We could just wall off Chicago.

        • Cumberland Gap…I’m thinking thats in Tennesse and in the Appalachians.OK…Appalachians and west

      17. Ron Paul needs a mass write-in vote in November.

        • Write-in vote? Have you watched the “results” of any caucuses or primaries? If the numbers look like they’re getting tight, the establishment goons fudge the numbers… or don’t even bother to count the votes! I will still write-in if need be, but we all know the choices on the ballot don’t really matter. We need to clean this mess up, but where to start? So many “Americans” are in on the scams and cover-ups.

      18. He will win it is the only way.Ron Paul 2012.

        • Are you people on drugs? Oh yeah… that’s right… Ron Paul is FOR legalizing those illicit and ILLEGAL drugs, isn’t he. So that explains it! You all ARE on drugs! LOL 🙂

          Plus, this USED TO BE a really great, unbiased and news-worthy site. What happened? Mac Salvo and his ilk has totally sold out to the Paulista movement… and that’s sad. Even though Ron Paul has A LOT of things right, he simply isn’t right for this time in history. Look at the polls (even though I’m not an avid believer in those manipulated things). Not enough people are NOT going to vote for him. And those of you who are diehard supporters that tell everyone that they’re “stupid”, “unwise”, “haven’t a clue”, etc… are only HURT his chances of ever winning the American people over. YOU are to blame… not TPTB or the Republican Machine. YOU who are the ones that have found yourselves doing that LOST Ron Paul ANY chance whatsoever and don’t have a damn soul to blame but who you see in the mirror!

          • Not everyone is prepared to take control over their own destiny in a civilized manner. Most just want to point fingers and complain.

          • How does that go “Can’t Believe My…”

            Don’t point the finger unless you are perfect.
            And if your perfect, there won’t be any need to point the finger.

            • And you “European American” (which explains it ALL!!),

              ARE one of the WORST! Your demeaning attitude towards others are exactly what most folks see as an RP supporter. Therefore, YOU and those with your “progressive”, “over-Libertarian” attitude IS TO BLAME!!

      19. In an age where finding real heroes in the U.S. is becoming a futile effort, we should be glad to have Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano amongst our ranks. They remind us of the quality Americans that both founded and fought for the country that this constitution was founded upon. Remember, professional athletes, actors, and pop singers are the heroes of a declining society. With the likes of Paul and Napolitano, we still have hope for a tomorrow that can be enjoyed by free men!

      20. Too bad the voice in the background was Glenn Becks… That is the only serious flaw of this video.

      21. ron paul can’t win…

        • If Ron Paul can’t win, would you like know why? Because too many ignorants out there say things like “Ron Paul can’t win”! I hear it all the time. “I like Ron Paul, but I don’t think he can win”.

          If everybody who says that would go ahead and do the right thing and vote for the guy, we’d have an election.

          But nooooooo, too many peeps in sheep’s clothing will vote for who they THINK is the most electable/least detestable.

          Come on! DO THE RIGHT FREAKIN THING! For once, do the right freakin thing!

          • That’s why I said in an earlier post that we need to vote with our heart and not with our head.

            My heart is on RP

            • Tina,
              Please don’t take offence but you sound just like a liberal.
              Use your head.

      22. So. I am reading a lot of naysayers on here–I am surprised that so many of you are playing into the hands of the press-titutes!! Shame on each of you. “..I like RP but he will never be elected…” what crap. Why are not saying RON PAUL2012 or else! Or Ron Paul is the next President of the United States of America–and I can’t wait!! Where is the love, people? We had better start acting like we are going to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK or we are going to lose the remainder of what is left.

        • I agree. Even though a lot of people think that his battle is already lost, don’t let that keep you from voting for him. You never know when it could be your vote that makes the difference!!!!
          Don’t vote for the lesser of two weevles this time, vote from your heart.

        • I admire him, but the WSJ hired an expert to analyze his finances and they show that even he does not believe he will win or can change anything if he does.

          Twenty-one percent of his $2.4 to $5.5 million was in real estate, 14 percent in cash. He owns no bonds. Only 0.1 percent is invested in stocks, and Paul bought these “short,” betting the price will plunge. Every other nickel is sunk into gold and silver mining companies.

          Bernstein “had never seen such an extreme bet on economic catastrophe,” said the Journal. “This portfolio,” said Bernstein, “is a half step away from a cellar-full of canned goods and 9-millimeter rounds.”

          • He is a prudent prepper

          • You dont know him very well if you think he doesnt have a stock of canned food and ammo!!! RP 2012

          • He says that as though it’s a BAD thing.

        • AMEN!If we all just sit here and say he can’t….then of course he can’t. But if we say he can…then there is a chance! I prefer to believe that “together”, they can and will!

        • Or else what MonkeySmoke? Tell us big man… what it the “else” you are referring to?

          That is the exact attitude that has LOST RP any and all chance of election. Great job morons!!!

      23. Ron Paul/Judge Andrew Napolitano ticket….WOW….that would be some ticket. But unfortunately, sigh, the Republican establishment will never allow that to happen.

        • HAVE FAITH!!! I still gave you a thumbs up.

          • And Hope? And Change?

      24. In 1992, having been a county coordinator for the Perot Petition drive, and as the Perot movement fell to pieces, I and a couple of other Virginians duly incorporated The Patriot Party of Virginia. We were naive, and Lona Fulinari and the Black socialist workers party came in with money and tried to take it over during the State Convention in Crystal City. after I realized tour good old boys in Virginia were going to lose control of the party, I directed our delegates to walk out of the convention. That ended it, and ended the Patriot Party of Virginia. However, as one of the founders of the Patriot Party of Virgina, I am certain, those same Virginians (including the old Perot Petitioners) currently endorse Mr Ron Paul for President of the United States. and for any good it may do, as the Founder of the old Patriot Party of Virginia, I hereby endorse Ron Paul.

      25. I am a volunteer for the Ron Paul campaign and we have been going door to door passing out literature and the basic response is favorable for Dr. Paul. Almost everyone says Obunghole has to go. I would love to see RP tear Barry Soetoro a new asshole in the debates. I don’t care if people believe RP is unelectable, I am sticking with the campaign to the very end. I shudder to think about 4 more years of the nightmare fuck-up we have now. The problem is so many people in this country have their heads stuck seriously far up their asses. RON PAUL OR BUST!!!!

      26. What a ticket that would be………..Paul / Napolitano.
        I might get a t-shirt made.

      27. A small flicker of hope. My seventy-something yr old Mama (lifelong dem but never a bo supporter)just changed her registration to repub so she can vote for Ron Paul!
        And all 4 of my children have been registered since they were 18. And they know where their polling place is. Now, if the rest of those 150 million oldsters, youngsters and middle-agesters will just join in, there might still be an America in 2013. Hurry, I’m holding my breath (said the blue okie….deeper blue…purple…clunk…body hits floor)

      28. I will be voting for Ron Paul this November, whether he is the Republican nominee or an independant.

        I sujest that true Americans who want their Constitution implimented into the government again, vote for Ron Paul too.

      29. BRW~ Good for you!!!! I believe he is electable and if he plans on the Judge, as his VP running mate…Wow! If it is a true possibility, that info needs to go viral. I believe it would only help Dr. Paul. That ticket could truly start an revolution that saves our country. Dr. Paul needs to reach as many young voters/college campuses as possible. RON PAUL OR BUST! Keep up the good work!

        Ps. I wished I would have known that he was speaking about 1 hour from my home,in neighboring state last week…I would have SO been there!

      30. Drove 100 miles to see Ron Paul in Seattle last friday. We got there 30 minutes early. The doors were closed. Filled to capacity much earlier. 500, or maybe many more, stood outside listening to the joyous commotion. Stayed with the crowd for Paul’s entire talk. Couldn’t hear him but the electricity in the air, not to mention being with an awake collective, was almost too good to behold. It’s so rare to be surrounded by so many people that get it.

        Here’s the show.!

        • Agreed…but it is a damned good start! And more would surely step up!

          • posts are showing up in strange places.LOL Above comment was in regards to Hermes comment down below. Weird!

        • @EA, I wished I had known about is visit to Vancouver, WA. I would have loved the opportunity to hear him speak. Glad you were able to catch him in Seattle! 🙂

      31. The Diebold voting machines are already pre-programmed to flip a RP vote to a Dick Scrotum vote.

      32. My new bumper sticker-

        Snowball/Flying Pig 2012

        • WOOT WOOT!!!!

        • Oh..I got to have that one!

      33. Ron Paul isn’t the solution to any of our problems. One single man is so easily extinguished. What we need is not Ron Paul, but 1000 Ron Pauls. Better yet, we need not just 1000 Ron Pauls, but another 1000 Judge Napolitanos on top of 1000 Thomas Jeffersons.

        • If we can’t have 1000 Ron Pauls then I will settle for 300 Spartans.

        • Thank you,Hermes, Yes, I agree 1000+ Pauls/Napalitanos need to stand for election in their Statehouses. Then with experience and a record move to Congress. This method will ensure a true conservative movement in America. Set the standard for true conservatism. You know who you are, Stand Up!! This is America’s great hour of need!! Ron Paul can win. Naysayers get the hell out of the way!! (MM)

          • Laws and legislators can only change so much. Children are shaped and molded by the CULTURE which surrounds them. This invariably includes both familial/face to face interactions as well as the too often poisoned stream of filth/morally relativistic ‘pop culture’ mass media garbage bombarding them on Television (or via the internet).

            The endless stream of electronic corporate pseudo culture flowing from television/music (hollywood) isn’t to be underestimated in its destructive power. I’m 26, and I assume I’m fairly young relative to others on this site. Millions of fellow youth seem to be hopelessly uneducated and lack any desire to gain knowlege, i.e., read books. They seem more interested in football/basketball/baseball/Kardashiascums/et al. We are taught that after high school you must hurry off to college in order to ‘become educated’. No doubt, vocational training is important, but hardly equates to ‘education’. Education isn’t something that one needs to go to a university to acquire. Educated men of old became that way by teaching themselves, rather than superficial attainments at so called ‘institutions of learning’.

            So what we need is 1,000,000 self-educated men and women to lay off the football games, forget about your circuses, and instead occassionally read something, build something, experiment with life, and expand the boundaries of their consciousness.

            Ron Paul can so easily be silenced.

            But 1000 Ron Pauls, Jeffersons, Napolitanos, and Me & You’s cannot……

        • Actually what we REALLY need is for Americans to rise up and stand on their own two feet again and get out of the entitlement mentality. Americans to rise up and not be afraid of hard work. Americans to rise up and regain their morals and humanity towards each other. Americans to rise up and demand freedom, smaller government and minimal government intervention. Americans to rise up and demand that crony capitalism and use of our judicial system for personal gain come to an end.

          Until we change the people, we will NEVER change Washington DC or local politics & government. Them’s the cold hard facts.

          • Bluto, unless this change is forced upon the masses I’m afraid entitlements will be the norm. As the newer generations mature and come to the realization that they don’t have to work for anything in life, the entitlement mentality will simply grow like a cancer. I’m afraid that we cannot rely on our politicians to do the right thing so it’s just a matter of sitting by and watching the whole system implode on itself so we can start from scratch. This new start however will not come without grave consequence.

      34. If this actually came to be, it would honestly be the first time in my voting history (27 years and 6 Presidents) that I would feel like I wasn’t voting for the lessor of two evils. Yep, I dated myself. 🙂

      35. I like Ron Paul and I will write him in if he is not the Republican candidate. Lets put our money (power) where our mouth is and support him!

      36. If Paul runs as a 3rd party we get the “King” again. Elect an electable candidate and put Paul as head of the Finance committee. There he can end and audit the Fed. That is where he is needed. Put Napolitano where he can gut the guv’s over reaching hand. Paul as prez would have his energy too divided. It is only the presidency. You still have to deal with congress. Unless, of course you are the “King” like Nobama.

        • Appoint “Judge Nap” to the supreme court. Now that would be interesting. And I would imagine rather intimidating to some other “select members” of that court.

          There is this “little something” that many seem to overlook. If and when the lunatics intent on war with Iran have their way, elections this year may well be a moot point. “Presidents”, even crappy ones, don’t get replaced in “times of war”.

          So all you “pre-emptive stike supporters” (after all, it has worked so well since the 9/11 LIE)may be working to keep “King Obimbo” on the throne.

          • Pre-emptive “strike”

        • You really think that another candidate will give RP a position in his cabinet? I seriously doubt that.
          They will all continue along the same “party line” and RP doesn’t fit in with them.
          They don’t want the things he wants, thus, there is no place for him among the crooks.

      37. I also like Ron, however; He knows the powers that be will never let him run the show the way it should be run. Too many Cronies and Crooks in senate and congress, and not to mention the rise of the world beast. What would scare me about Ron is his idea of letting Iran alone. If Iran gets nuke weaponry, there won’t be any need for Americans to prepare for anything except the hereafter. I say the rest are all crooks but to salvage anything we should vote for whomever has the best chance of gettin’ the Kenyans out.

        • If we leave other countries to their own business, they will leave as alone as well.
          They don’t “hate us for our freedom”, they strongly dislike us for our foreign policy. And it is our foreign policy that fuels all the radical movements.
          Live and let live.

          As far as crooks, I wish RP (as POTUS) could start by firing all of them together with all the lobbyists.

      38. If Ron doesnt get in, that will just prove to me that this voting shit is riged!(again)

        theres no way there are that many brain dead …no way

        I havent talked to one single person that said they voted for who we ended up with, so that is either telling me there is a shit load of lying voters, or the jig should have been up.

        • VRF said: “theres no way there are that many brain dead …no way”

          I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there are.
          It is most unfortunate as we are facing some very difficult times.

        • Or you just hang out with good people!!

      39. While we get our attention on the presidency, a few questions. 1. Who spends every yr more than they are given ? 2. Who is responsible for funding our wars ? 3. Who created the laws that ultimately led to the housing bubble ? Who creates the laws that take all our constitutional freedoms away ? Yes, congress is the one you should have your attention on. Somehow they always hid in the background while we direct our attention on anything but them.

      40. Elections have been rigged in this country for almost a century now, thanks to Woodrow Wilson.

        “Presidents are selected, not elected”- FDR

        What we have is a plutocracy, and we all all know who owns it, but none dare speak about it. Many people have a awakened to what is going on, but most people have accepted the conditioning, and the “2-party” dellusion.

        It is sad that people worry about who in thier camp is “electable”. Only Ron Paul is “electable”, the others are nothing but puppets to be installed at thier master’s whims. Only Ron Paul has the people’s hearts, the puppets have the delusions of suckers.

        I will cast my “vote” for Ron Paul, because he is the only moral candidate for The Presidency. I have my hopes, but also have my doubts. Ron Paul is truly our last ballot-box hope to save our country, and the US Constituion.

        The Owners will likely re-install BO, because they will have started another war, anyway. Perhaps they see that as thier way out of having a real “election”…Of course, if they lock down the web March 8th, we’ll never know what is really happening anyway.

        “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

        • An unfortunate and equally undeniable truth. Vote if you must, but be prepared to implement PLAN B after “they” reveal “their” count.

      41. If we set back and do nothing, Nothing will be accomplished.. Get out and show your support by voting.
        Ron Paul/Judge Napoliano 2012.

      42. I supported RP during the last primary, and will again if given the opportunity. However, the old guards in the Republican Pary would rather have Obama relected than RP. Paul’s election would rock the system too much for their tastes. Established powers, like the Republican Party, prefer stability to change. RP can’t be bought and is too much of a challenge to the status quo to be tolerated by the power structure currently in place.

      43. I wish everyone would stop parroting the MSM and stop saying Ron Paul can’t be the candidate. If we say he’s our guy and we vote he will be our guy.

        HellI saw a clip on the Factor where Ron suggest Judge Nap. as his Veep. I don’t agree with Ron Paul on some of his policies but, America needs a strict Constitutionalist to save America.

        It’s my opinion that the reason Ron is not running away with the nomination is the republican party itself. I have news for you the republican party wants big government too. The PTB are dividing us with labels!

        • @ Patriot One, You still have faith in a system that deserves no trust/faith. The “system” as it currently exist, does not care about your vote. The “system” must burn to the ground before “your/my” vote will ever be counted…and actually matter again.

          That is the REALITY. It isn’t pleasant or palatable…but it is REAL. This is the TRUTH that everyone that still believes in this farce must ultimately accept.

          Perhaps a Ron Paul loss, inspite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, will actually serve to “illuminate” TRUTH/REALITY. Good Luck.

          • No Yental I have no faith in the system. My faith is with the real American people. Your vote may not count for much, but it still counts. The only way your vote doesn’t count is if you don’t vote.

            • Ok, you lost me here. You have no faith in the system that “counts” your vote, but still believe your vote counts for something. It may be obvious to others, but I am missing the “something” here.

              And “real American people” don’t have an ivestment in the system, other than taking from it to the tune of almost 50% that not only don’t pay any tax, but recieve a gooberment stipend.

              Do you reference “tax paying Americans” as “the real American people. Ever wonder why a “presidance” like Obimbo still has “approval numbers” that mirror the number of “non-taxpaying Americans”? What does the likes of Ron Paul represent to “their” status quo?

              As previously stated…until the “system as it exist burns” there will be no “voter mandated salvation”.

      44. did you see the posts on here about voting ron paul, i agree to but best thing on here was a civil war after the elections and someone said how would california be split or treated. love it. I really do. this is nuts with king Obama in office. People are so dumb and we need to clean house. if they wont do the job then us people will have to clean house.

      45. Your individual and personal ACTION is all that matters!
        In 1776 there were many in the community that believed the King in England was the true ruler – and those opposed to his (and his henchmen) oppresive regime were ‘rebels’. We, for me, those rebels fought longh and hard and may died to gain the freedom for the colonies – now known as the United States of America.
        There is the Declaration of Independence!
        There is the Constitution
        And The 1st 10 Ammendements – Known as the Bill of Rights.

        Read ‘Em!! Believe Em!!
        And be prepared to defend ‘Em
        TPTB long ago decided that We The People were not educated enough, smart enough, nor aware enough to select our government and they have been in control for much too long.
        NOW is the time to make your most important decision – Give me Liberty or Give me Death!!!
        And you ain’t going to get no liberty with either the current Dems or Repubs!!

      46. All you Nobama lovers . only hope we don’t get out there and vote.This aint a 3rd world country yet ,But this POTUS is trying to make it one.So you don’t have to vote if you like where we’re headed .As for me and my 23 years in the military i will be voteing For R.P.

      47. Hey Mac

        We need a poll for the fine folks that are on this site every day,
        maybe a poll for the presidentall election ?

        • Boone, I am hoping to add some upgrades soon and I think this would be a fun feature to have. Will definitely keep it in mind!



      48. You guys all know you’re the 100th of 1% that prep and understand. There isn’t a big enough block of knowledgeable voters to put Paul in. Sorry, but your vote for Paul will be the same as a vote for Nobama. If that’s your idea of voting your conscience so be it. Remember, we are all talking about what’s good for our country, right ? Forget your high ideals and pride…..Vote for anyone who CAN BEAT NOBAMA.

        • Sure has been a long since both parties have done anything good for the country. They are running it into the ground. If other than Ron Paul wins, their will no turnaround. If Obama wins you become slave labor to the welfare class.
          Prep away and hide in your cave. F@@K Obama. Bring it on. I’m not going to take it anymore. Obama has to learn their are consequences for his actions and the rest of his followers need to learn it too. It’s his choice.

        • I will cast my “vote” for Ron Paul, not rubber-stamp a puppet, to give a new face to the coming tyranny. And that is all you will get from the “Repulican Candidates”. In case you are unaware, they have same Owners as the “Democrats”.

          Do you really believe the coming “election” is even real? If so, you need a reality check.

          This is the one that will decide the fate of this country. This is the one that counts. It will seperate those who would free from those who would be slaves.

          Giving your “vote” to the establishment puppets presented for your endorsement will only sanction the same result in the end. Better the Owners re-install BO than continue the facade with a “Republican” puppet. It will show you that you ahve only 2 choices left…

      49. Jeff says:
        I”m with you 100% on the anyone but Nobama. We’ll have to see how this shakes out by November.

      50. This is my take on it. We have two bags of shit. Both bags are smelly, back stabbing, tax squandering, double dealing behind back doors. One bag smells worse with it’s anti-American virtues and multiculturalism. The other bag wasn’t so bad at one time, but has aged and smells as bad as the other.

        Ron Paul is the man I’m voting for. Though he may not be on the ballot, I’ll write his name in just the same. I cannot conscientiously vote for a soft double talking republican nor can I cast my vote for a non-American Marxist disguised as a democrat. The peer pressure is on to not vote for Ron Paul. With a clean conscience I will know that I voted with my heart and my values for the right man.

        I look at all the candidates and see none with values, fortitude, undying loyalty and devotion to the Constitution or Bill of Rights, except Ron Paul. It’s not about bailing our economy out by enslaving future generations into debt, but doing what is right.

        • H. Nelson, Very well said! If we all took that approach, we just might give the two bags of smelly crap a big surprise! If we all voted with our conscious, instead of feeling pressured by the TPTB controlled MSM (not electable), we might even surprise ourselves and elect the best person for the job…now that would be real change. The change Americans are looking for has to start with the people of America.

        • Yea I’m with ya on the idea of a RP Pres. If there is any chance after the primaries; say in July, I’ll be on board with Paul. He could swing enough independants to actually overthrow the current bums in “OUR HOUSE” now. I hope and pray he (RP) has the protection of God Almighty or they might do to him what they did to JFK Jr. No conspiracy theory there. It was documented that John John told Al Gore in private, he was going to announce his candidacy in the next two weeks. Ole Al spilled the beans and TPTB knew JJ would win. Took him out. I happened to be watching the tube when the first news got out and some local area reporter was with a man who said he was outside at about the time of the “crash” and saw what appeared to be a missle streak thru the sky towards the ocean. The man an the reporter were immediately squelched and never heard from again, publicly anyways.

      51. There’s one vote for a ” non-American Marxist disguised as a democrat”.

        • El Jeffe- Bullets or ballots, I will still be voting. I see three scenarios to this.

          A. bag of shit republican gets elected. Bag of shit republican takes off his mask by pushing soft democrat (communist) policys and makes no effort to fix what is jacked up but cozys up closer to the communists. Possible civil war because Americans do not like to be lied to and do not like knives sticking out of their backs.

          B. Bag of shit democrat (communist) gets re-elected. Pushes his agenda harder and we have a civil war between the elitists/welfare state and the now shrinking middle class. The outcome is murky. Current regime will use this to legislate away more rights or suspend the Constitution.

          C. Ron Paul is elected. Paul will attempt to realign government to where it should be. Both parties will conspire to have him eliminated or dig their heels in to keep the status quo. Corporations and elitists will be involved as well. Possibility of Paul breathing at the end of his term is very small. Possible civil war.

      52. I want to say one more thing then exit. Paul is a great guy. But he’s not God and still would have to deal with congress. Unless you want him to bulldoze the constitution there also….Fact is this discussion should have come to fruition 10 yrs ago and now we are literally bankrupt. We are no better than greece. Actually worse. If greece had a printing press like ours they wouldn’t even be in the news….Long story short, I have no intention of watching that *sshole on the teleprompter for 5 more yrs. Watching the Nobama’s REALLY travel during the second term (on our dime). That, my friend would be our worse dream….By the way, I guaranty if Paul audits Fort Know, the dollar will fall over the cliff because you can bet your life THERE IS NO GOLD left……..So vote your conscious

      53. I Know I am late on this post but, Hell yea Ron Paul or Bust!!!!!!!!

      54. The “Party”, with its 2 franchises, has a stranglehold on any political debate. First they censure Ron Paul, then Judge Napolitano and next will be the internet. Any threat to the game they’re running will be squelched. Too many Americans are victims of the mind control that is the MSM for there to be any real hope for fixing what’s wrong.

      55. this message goes out to the nwo fascist israeli massod, cia, fbi, nsa… CFR!

        touch ONE hair of any Paul family Member… and you will see a REVOLUTION unlike any other!

        everyone had better make damn sure RON PAUL lives a VERY LONG LIFE!

        or else… I Pledge this as a Patriot Veteran Oath Keeper FREEMAN!

        the united socialist fascist states of amerika , AIPAC CFR run federal government IS A ILLEGAL FASCIST DICTATOR GOVERNMENT!

        your fascist badges mean nothing to “US” who know the truth… PAY BACK IS COMING!

        • OMG! Really? Again… that’s the way to attract the masses and convince them that RP is their man! NOT!!!

          Grow up! Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who announces their intentions publicly will not only NOT carry them out, but are simply keyboard commando blowhards!

          If you are truly concerned about this election, then grab your bootstraps and pull yourself up by them and STOP trying to be a pathetic so-called “hero”! You are doing nothing good for the cause!! 🙁

      56. Ron Paul & Judge N would really shake things up! It would be wonderful.

        There’s so MUCH to undo but at least there would be a beacon of light and hope.

        Otherwise the US is just like the UK – the “choice” offered by the major parties is not really a choice at all. Just more of the same corruption and contempt being shown for the ordinary man and woman by the authorities. Or we’ll all end up like Greece where the authorities no longer pretend to have the nation’s citizens interests in mind.

        It’s time to reassert the old idea that government of a nation should be legitimate consent of the people for the benefit of the people. The constant lies and manipulation need to stop.

        The problems are global but the US has a narrow window of opportunity to turn things around for us all.

      57. I like the idea of Judge A N as Ron Paul’s running mate. I don’t know that he could have picked any better ! Now , if we can just get a Primary Election here in Texas …

      58. TWIMC – Please do us all a favor and don’t vote merely for the electable candidate – that’s all that’s been done the last several decades in our “two” party system. Gingrich, Santorum, and the other guy – they’re all establishment politicians; look at their records. How naive to believe that by just voting in a GOP candidate that that will change the direction of this country. If you really believe that then you don’t understand the revenue streams and the violent, desperate stability controls that are in place, and the politicians that support it, to sustain the flow. This government (for several presidents now) is not fighting for your freedom/liberty – they don’t give a flip about you or humanity in general – can you not see that? I will vote for morality in the world; I will vote for the revolution; I will vote for Ron Paul or I will not vote.

        • Good! Don’t vote then!

          Another ridiculous example of a “if I don’t get MY way, I’m taking my toys and going home!” attitude! Great job there jpl… great job!

          If you’re really wanting change, STOP thinking the Presidential race has ANYTHING to do with it! Get off your proverbial lazy backside and run for LOCAL office! We who are truly interested in REAL change and restoration of our (little “r” republic) have come to the realization that it starts at home. Forget D.C. for now. We MUST take back our towns, counties, and our states and then move on to the Federal level. When “they” see a TRUE “revolution” from that level, “they” will shake in their jackboots!

          STOP the insults! STOP the inner-fighting! STOP the blame-game!!! START taking control and taking back OUR NATION… one town, county and state at a time!!!!!

          • Okie, I agree with some of your comments; think globablly, act locally – but “the problem” impacting liberty at all levels is the policy and implementation from within the DC beltway. My comment was that if we don’t have a “Ron Paul”, what revolution can we expect? I don’t expect any change from the other establishmentarian choices. The Presidential Race is important because this is a top-down problem; this is a chance for revolution by ballets. Hopefully it’ll never reach bullets.

            • jpl,

              Thanks for the reply. Read my comments below as well…

              We all need to study up on our Founding Fathers, and our founding and historic documents. In them, and most of the writings about them, clearly point out that the office of the President is, while being important and necessary, the least effective and should be the least powerful position in our governmental system. It is the Congress, and We the People, who are the power-brokers. While it is important to get rid of the Communist-in-Chief we have installed in OUR White House, it is much more important to ensure his power is castrated if he is back in for 4 more years (God forbid! Yet very viable).

              We the People have all but forgotten the true separation of government, the way it’s supposed to work, the way it way initially established, and how to make it work that way again today. It IS OUR FAULT! We have no one else to blame (the last 2 to 3 generations, including ours, has/have dropped the ball!).

              We can do this without bullets. However, and this being my MAIN point in all of this, with an attitude that it’s “this one guy or nothing” will NOT work, and will NOT do anything but divide us more!! It is NOT some guy. It is WE THE PEOPLE who must stand up, stand steady in the face of massive diversity and even danger, and not waiver in any fashion. If that brings TPTB to the brink of force… then so be it… bring it on! What? Who are we? Are we better than our Founders? I think not! It happened to them, and it WILL happen to us, one way or the other. Are we going to stand strong and win the day? Or are we going to be so concerned about our little individual lives and our own wishes and wants that we allow our nation to be taken down without a shot? Are we going to be so hard-headed and inflexible about these elections and allow the Obama-puppet to win again, making it much, much harder to win the day? I say NO… HELL NO!!!

              Let us join together… put our resources together… put our trust in the God who blessed this nation in the first place, and be willing to, “give our lives, fortunes and our sacred honor” to save her!!!

      59. Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano in the White House…could a more timely, appropriate choice be made by the American public? I think not. But I doubt that the majority of voters are awake and aware enough to vote for them, and I very much doubt if the oligarchs who control the party machinery would allow them to even run for the office.

      60. I WILL COIN THIS…


        • The blind leading the blind.

          Our country is doomed to fail like all others in history with this type of ignorance!

      61. I have had enough of you Americans, winging and whining about this candidate and that and to a person you all say that Ron Paul is the last best chance for America ( and might I say the world). For Christ sake man up, all of you, haven’t any one of you the balls to put your life and livelyhood on the line for a cause that you all say needs to be supported. The American fight for independance started with less than 5% support of the people and towards the end of the conflict you only had 30% support of the people but the outcome benifited 100% of the WORLD.
        America now has a chance to correct a world wide slide into Socialism(and we all know how this will end). This is that fight of ideas where the moral backbone of all will be tested were the prize is a path for all to follow, where we people of the world are looking for that beacon on the hill and from where I’m watching Dr Ron paul is that light.
        Gather your courage, all of you, stand up and with one voice say Ron Paul is that man of vision and courage, FREEDOM and lIBERTY IS THE WAY.

        A Patriot from Australia

      62. Mark T from Aussie Land…

        Great to hear from ya! However, with all due respect… do not preach your tirade here!! Especially since YOU and your “mates” down under relinquished YOUR rights long, long ago!! If you want a voice here in the States, then MOVE to the USA…. otherwise keep your well-intentioned opinions down there!

        Study up on the Founding Fathers, and understand WHY it is NOT the President that makes the difference in our government. For “We the People” are (were) the government. ONE MAN is nothing! He may be a great Patriot and leader… but he is only as good as the people who put him there. Our nation is on a whirlwind course for your type, and Europe’s type, of Socialism and NO ONE MAN can (or will) stop that. It is WE THE PEOPLE who must stop it!! We must vote out ALL the bums from our local, to county, to state and finally the Federal levels! If not, we are doomed and there is no chance on God’s green earth of winning the day, lest the Lord Himself does it.

        Ron Paul is fine and dandy on many issues, and is horrible from a social, moral and ethical standpoint on others. Like it or not Paulistas… it’s the truth! We haven’t a George Washington today. I believe one is among us, but he has yet to have his “15 minutes” in the spotlight.

        We struggle amongst each other instead of WORKING TOGETHER to fix this. It’s ridiculous and I’m embarrassed for my country! Whenever we (ANY of us) hold up anyone, as high as you all who hold up RP, upon a pedestal, it only gives them that much further to fall. NO MAN, no not one, is worthy of this type of hype (save the Lord Jesus Himself). NO MAN can do the things that you all have sworn up and down that RP can do! I am surprised that you all haven’t claimed to have witnessed him walk on water yet! But you all know that would alienate him (and you) even more, right? Otherwise, you would have!! Get busy… STOP depending on someone else fixing our problems!! Have YOU put your hat in the ring at your local level? (I have!) Have you gotten active in a GOOD Christian church and spread the Word and well as spread the truth about this Marxist Elitist government we’re under? Or do you simply come here (and other blogs and forums) and spew your disdain and hate? LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND REALIZE THAT 3 FINGERS ARE POINTING BACK AT YOU WHEN YOUR POINTING!!! Start with YOU! Then, just maybe, we can get off of this “me” bandwagon that this nation has allowed itself to become engulfed in and start acting and working like real Americans!!!

        I will step off the soap box for now, and pass the torch….

        • My apoligies Aussie…we have some real pieces of work as Im sure you do too…Aussies and Americans have stood shoulder to shoulder and faced alot of evil over the years,Im saddened that like America the Aussie spirit of liberty has been dimmer as of late but here hoping that one day soon by the grace of God both nations will throw off the tyrrants yoke and reclaim our rightful places in what was the free world!
          okiedokie doesnt speak for too many of us.

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