The Tea Party Gets a New Accent

by | Mar 2, 2010 | Headline News | 1 comment

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    Americans aren’t the only ones fed up with government largess and taxation. It seems our English speaking cousins have gotten some ideas:

    The inaugural British Tea Party will take place on Saturday in my home town of Brighton, and I’ll be speaking. Do try to come: here are the details.

    Labour has raised more than a trillion pounds in additional taxation since 1997. Yet, unbelievably, Gordon Brown has still managed to run up a deficit of 12.6 per cent of GDP (Greece’s is 12.7 per cent). A far lower level of taxation brought Americans out in spontaneous protest last year.

    If you happen to be coming to the Conservative Spring Conference, do please pop in: the Tea Party is five minutes’ walk from the conference venue. It is, however, outside the security zone, and anyone is welcome to come. Oh, and this being England, we’ll be serving actual, you know, tea. I hope to see some of this blog’s readers there.

    Willie Wonka, a regular SHTF Plan contributor, had some thoughts on the matter in an email:

    I think we need to pack up obama, reid, pelosi and the rest of the libtards and ship them over to GB, then gather up Hannan and the rest of the reasonable, freedom loving people of England (and the rest of Europe for that matter) and bring them over here, a “Prisoner exchange” of sorts. We need to clean out those with the european mindset and resupply ourselves with those having the “American” mindset, we can call it the “Mayflower Project”


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      1. As a person who’s ancestors arrived on these shores by the  Mayflower …. I resemble that remark.

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