The Surveillance State: An Inexorable March Toward Totalitarianism

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    Gizmodo released an article entitled US Homeland Security Wants Facial Recognition to Identify People in Moving Cars,” on 11/2/17 by Matt Novak. The Surveillance State has slowed down its rate of growth since the President took office, however, it has not halted that growth. Instead, it lies festering below the veneer of daily events, inexorably growing its tentacles and extending their reach. Akin to an infestation of weeds, the roots are deep within the fabric of our communications networks: telephones, CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) cameras, the Internet…all are thoroughly permeated.

    Here is an excerpt from that article:

    The proposed program would allow Homeland Security to maintain a database of everyone who leaves and enters the US that would now include photos taken by spying robot-cameras at every border crossing. Not only does DHS want this new facial recognition program to work without anyone having to exit their vehicle, the agency wants it to work even if the travelers are wearing things like sunglasses and hats. DHS also wants it to work without cars having to stop.

    Seems they really want our information for their database. There is something more. One of the readers on the article’s website who uses the handle Artiofab posted this comment that is important, as he lives on the Texas border with Mexico:

     “11/02/17 12:31pm  Hi everybody I live near the US-MX border so I’m happy to give informed opinions on this topic, since I know that a lot of the audience at Gizmodo dot com apparently lives closer to the US-CA border.

    Near the US-MX border along major US highways there are these interior checkpoints. If you’re traveling “into” the US (e.g., if you’re in New Mexico and you’re driving north) you stop your car, a USBP agent asks if you’re all US citizens, you say yes, they let you keep going.

    (I have no personal anecdote about what happens if you don’t say yes. I have some secondhand anecdote about what happens if you are transporting a small amount of substances that the US considers illegal. But that’s tangential…)  If you’re traveling “towards” Mexico, you don’t have to stop. Instead you drive past one of these.


    Yes, those are cameras and lights that take images of your car as you drive past them. What does the USBP do with the images? Great question! I don’t know the answer. But I imagine that they might really like some facial recognition software to do some biometric data-gathering on anyone passing past those cameras.”

    This is interesting. Illegal aliens (yes, the Mexicans and foreigners who cross the border illegally are aliens: foreigners entering the United States illegally) are crossing our borders every day. These measures are not to keep the illegal aliens out.

    These measures are to keep the subjects (taxpaying American citizen-slaves) in.

    Why else would they be requiring the use of a passport starting next year on domestic flights? This is the internal passport system of the former Soviet Union, materializing before our eyes. They will not need the “Mark of the Beast” implanted or bar-coded…they have the cellular telephones.

    The taxpayer slave-serfs carry these around…willingly, of their own free will…to transmit their every activity and location every four seconds…events that are all recorded for future use in whatever capacity the rulers see fit.

    China has been the “testing ground” ever since free trade with them was initiated along with NAFTA (George H.W. Bush created this: Clinton just signed it into law). There is another revelatory article about the increase in surveillance technology in China. Entitled “This is What a 21st Century Police State Really Looks Like,” by Megha Rajagopalan for Buzz Feed News, released 10/17/17. 

    Here is an excerpt from that important article:

    For millions of people in China’s remote far west, this dystopian future is already here. China, which has already deployed the world’s most sophisticated internet censorship system, is building a surveillance state in Xinjiang, a four-hour flight from Beijing, that uses both the newest technology and human policing to keep tabs on every aspect of citizens’ daily lives. The region is home to a Muslim ethnic minority called the Uighurs, who China has blamed for forming separatist groups and fueling terrorism. Since this spring, thousands of Uighurs and other ethnic minorities have disappeared into so-called political education centers, apparently for offenses from using Western social media apps to studying abroad in Muslim countries, according to relatives of those detained.

    The reason the article is important is that Miss Rajagopalan was in the area for two months, accumulating firsthand interviews, reports, and photos. Here’s the big news. The Chinese have devices that allow them to scan cell phones and laptops from a distance at any time. They have biometric facial scanners they employ when stopping individuals on the street. The photos are a must-see: it shows an almost cowed populace infringed upon in every area of life.

    That is the type of life coming to the United States, and soon.

    In an article by the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Who Wants to Supply China’s Surveillance State?  The West,” by Dan Strumpf on 11/1/17.  This excerpt reveals the meaning of the article’s title:

    Companies from across the globe packed one of the world’s biggest surveillance trade shows to demonstrate the latest gizmos and algorithms powering the high-tech revolution in the industry, of which China is on the vanguard. Tools being hawked included facial-recognition cameras, iris scanners, software that can read a subject’s mood and cameras that can scan license plates in the dark.  The surveillance-equipment market in China was valued at $6.4 billion last year, according to IHS Markit . China is a big buyer of surveillance technology as Beijing steps up its efforts to better monitor its 1.4 billion people. That is providing a boon for equipment makers, who are looking to export their gear abroad. But it has also sparked concern from rights activists about how the authoritarian government is using the souped-up “Big Brother” technology.

    China is the testing ground for the eventual use of this surveillance technology in the United States. An article posted on 11/6/17 shows us just how far the police state has come along toward completion. “Texas National Guard Using Cellphone Spy Tech on Surveillance Planes,” is the article’s title, by Michael Thalen of Info Wars.  The Texas National Guard is using technology to mimic cell phone towers and capture locations of thousands at a time. Here is part of the article:

    The devices, purchased with drug-asset forfeiture money from Maryland-based Digital Receiver Technology Inc. (DRT), are designed to locate cellphones within a certain range by emulating a cell tower.  The specific model obtained by the Texas National Guard, known as the DRT 1301C, is even capable of intercepting and recording phone calls in real-time. A leaked U.S. government catalogue of cellphone surveillance devices obtained by The Intercept in 2015 also notes the ability of the DRT 1301C, nicknamed the “dirt box,” to “locate up to 10,000 targets and can process multiple analog and digital wireless devices all at the same time.”

    There is a large question as to whether a National Guard Unit is allowed to take on the role of a police force. That question has already been covered under legislation and executive orders passed under the Color of Law that basically has thrown the rulebook out the window. Posse Comitatus has been supplanted by the Warner Defense Act of 2006, and the NDAA’s and accompanying Executive Orders under Obama have all but federalized both Active Duty military forces and National Guard troops in the never-ending “War on Terror.”

    As can be seen with these articles, the U.S. government has a new President and a new “pitch,” but many things are not changing, or if so…it is for the worse. The increasing surveillance is tightening of the noose around the necks of the American citizens. The surveillance state is growing more powerful and thanks to legislation, is becoming more invulnerable to challenges to its supremacy. Soon its inexorable march will be irreversible. Totalitarian control will be in place, and most of the citizens are either unaware of such, or they do not care that it is so.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. I live in the no constitution zone in a state that borders the mexican border. I have to pass rows of cameras like the photo shows where I travel from my residence while driving within the state. I am not traveling towards the border but within the state to a different location, usually north of the border. These cameras have been at the illegal “check points” for several years. I consider them an invasion of my privacy rights and an unlawful effort to track every person within their range. I also believe they are using the data to develop the facial recognition data base that will be used against those they want to crush. As far as I am concerned they are illegal and constitute a threat to every american that crosses their line of sight.









          • IRON CROTCH – you are a lying sack of sh$t. you don’t get to make up historical facts.

          • You are so right sir

          • Eisen, I thought most people knew that? Maybe not. That is who is behind many, many things in the world.

          • Neo-Nazis are so much fun! Tough guys with shiny boots! Gun fetishists who love marching in lockstep!

            Yes, it’s all about the Jews. I wonder, if your wet dream was realized and the Jews should all disappear, would Christians be next? Since all Christian thought is based on Jewish thought, it makes sense to me! Make them all go! Muslims and Hindus and all the rest! Just the Nazis , their fighting dogs, a few billion guns and ME.

            What a lonely world ….

        • Whitewolf, truer words were never spoken.

      2. And thanks to an American citizenship who is willing to surrender personal privacy/rights for safety and security.

        The Police State is here and in place. It is the event that is needed to implement it.

        Remember is is for your safety.

        • “It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled”.

          “Mark Twain” Love that guy!

      3. Retired Gen. Hayden was the head of the CIA and the NSA. Gen. Hayden states that it was he that initiated the program to create algorithms for all of us. The NSA has a data base of everything you ever did or said electronically. Including the location of your registered vehicles whenever the plates were scanned. There is no legitimated purpose for this data base. Other than the final implementation of totalitarianism. You are NOT free. Representative government does not exist here. Never give up your guns.

        • I don’t look like a sheep, don’t act like a sheep, my vehicle is sure not sheepish and it and I project the notion that I will fight back no matter who the aggressor might be. I believe it’s important for us not to hide our feelings towards this police state and corrupt system. I clearly warn them with my words and images and I couldn’t just be nudged off the road either. I’m armed as well as anyone and as well trained. I can be a polite and humble man but I will not allow them an inch if they cross the line. None of us should. Bullies don’t tend to pick on people that can kill them.

          • Menzo, same here. Sounds like we could be related although I doubt it. I’m damn sure not a pushover for anyone either. Someone f$%#s with me only at their own peril.

            • Yeah Deplorable, because you’re so damn tough! cough cough…

        • And the rogue now militarized alphabet agencies won’t give their guns up either. We cowered when we should of stood tall in 2001. Be a lot more cowering coming up. In the stand off with the deep state, you flinch, you lose.

          • Grandpa, We should have stood up in 1912 with the fed reserve act. And a million other times in history. Remember the Steppenwolf song “The Monster”? That song is truer than EVER!

        • Him, you mean retired Air Force General Michael Hayden, right? One of the WORST of the neocons. He needs to have an ‘accident’.

      4. In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

        • His book was supposed to be a fictional novel not a templet for society.

          • Kevin2, you mean ‘1984’, don’t you? At one time it was fictional but not anymore.

            • Yep, thats the book.

              • Kevin2, there are times when I feel like Winston Smith myself. We’re all Winston Smiths now.

                • The Deplorable Braveheart

                  How far can the Constitution and Bill Of rights be hollowed out before its remaining shell collapses?

                  • Kevin2, that’s one question I don’t want to see answered but I’m afraid we’ll see it one day whether we want to or not.

                    • The Bundy trial is happening now. How the hell did Nevada lose 85% of it’s land to the feds? It should be a 100% state matter. From what I know they were paying the county because they had (past tense) ownership of it. BLM is way out of control and need to be abolished. Utah was trying to kick them out but I never heard anymore about it. I say 95% of fed govt. needs to be abolished (per the constitution).

      5. just a reminder of a great man’s words, Benjamin Franklin : “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

      6. Gee, those cameras look expensive. I hope no body shots a paint ball gun at them.

        • Or a few blasts of 00buck

          • Don;t worry, you will be forced to pay for the replacements lol.

            • Who is John Galt!

            • Hot tip. When the cameras point north, approach from the south.

              Know the cameras in your area. Where I live they are everywhere, but no crimes are ever solved….. Imagine that?

              Someone in my neighborhood is taking out street lights, perhaps using a pellet gun. Even though the street lights have camera surveillance built in. There have been several robberies, there is according to the CIA no such thing as a coincidence? There is also one of the largest wasabi Mosques in the state just miles from where I live. There is no such thing as coincidence. There are also no suspects in the area robberies? There is no such thing as coincidence.

        • Put mud over license plates and wear a ski mask first

      7. The rollout of 5G technology and antennas placed everywhere the telecoms decide has to be a troubling development for the aware population. Exposure to these microwaves are a major concern being ignored by spying proponents throughout that industry and the US Federal government. Who needs a dangerous tracking device attached to themselves? People may need to apply a hammer to their spying device to be truly off the control grid. The possible only way to protect your freedom of association and thought. Advancement in technology to serve the oppressors expertly crafted and sold as a necessity of communication despite being potentially dangerous to your privacy and your health. Guinea pigs one and all rejoice that you have something to say that is recorded and stored for future analysis. A database to prosecute free speech and note your threat factor. Smile away.

        • It’s troubling alright. But so was the first red light traffic camera that went up decades ago.

        • ” Everywhere these evil towers.” There is no armor protecting the electronics.

          • People should start making use of their AR-15’s with nice long range scopes, etc, etc and shoot the god damned things!

            • We may have to.

              • Menzo, I wonder if .22LR would have any effect on one of those cameras? My 10/22 with a NEW scope needs some ‘exercise’, LOL.

                • I have noticed a bunch of white square boxes mounted to traffic light poles lately. About 8x8x3 inches. Is that them or what are they?

      8. I’ve posed for numerous red light traffic cameras. The nosey freaks got my message alright.

        • Give em the middle finger salute each time you pass by.

      9. DHS’s only mission is to make sure every American citizen is policed and micro-managed. It is not to thwart terrorism as it’s mission statement falsely claims. DHS has been paying police to set up DUI checkpoints. Is DUI terrorism?

        • Xkeyscore, DHS is totally bogus especially since the top leadership are muslims with ties to the muslim brotherhood, courtesy of Obama. Nothing they do is legitimate. Under Bush Jr. they allowed muslim terror groups to set up training camps all over the US and they’re under DHS protection. No one, not even another fed agency, can touch them. Once the balloon goes up there will be NO rule of law. Those muslim camps can surrounded, cut off, and annihilated.

      10. This is how you alienate inalienable rights. The voodoo of the banker spreads fear wide. As we witness the desecration of the Bill of Rights one would expect a showing of duty into preserving our way of life to manifest.

        • Our way of life seems to be destroying other countries for the benefit of your masters (not you). Why keep that crap up? For veterans day why don’t the awake vets do a march and tell others what the military is really about and who runs it?

        • Grandpa, the way our rights are being eroded/alienated is through our own actions. So many hooked on the false concept of “social” media are willingly giving away their privacy, opening up their entire lives to any and all; and worse, turning into a species of persons who let other opinions rule them. Again, willingly. Cameras, thermal imaging, sound sensors, you name it … do not hold a candle to what is just handed over freely by the lemmings/sheeple. Anyone who participates in any social media site cannot be trusted. Period. No exceptions. This site alone allows for no login required and pseudonyms. Very few others do the same. A few, but they are rare and the exceptions that prove the rule. No Sir, the citizens of this nation are wholeheartedly agreeing by their own actions to live in the chains they forge daily.

      11. Regarding NAFTA ,”Clinton Just Signed It Into Law” doesn’t require the word “Just” to mitigate guilt. That “Just” isn’t a small thing. Without his signature it wouldn’t become law.

        Clinton is as guilty as sin with NAFTA, China Free Trade, and eviscerating Glass Steagall letting Wall Street police itself. TPTB were the owners, GH Bush the manager, Bill Clinton the star quarterback making the play. Sadly you knew where with TPTB and GH Bush stood. Clinton campaigned against NAFTA and I heard him in Delaware addressing GM/Chrysler UAW employees, “No NAFTA”.

        • Those same UAW workers, now no longer employed at either facility as they have since closed, voted in great numbers for Trump. It took two decades for them to believe that Bill Clinton, their Bill Clinton, betrayed them. To say they were core Democrats is an understatement. What it took for them to vote for a Republican was herculean.

      12. “Why else would they be requiring the use of a passport starting next year on domestic flights?”.
        My last trip to Mainland America was in 2005 to attend a memorial service for my stepmother in Citrus Heights CA. I knew this area well as I lived there when I was stationed at the now defunct McClellan AFB. It is now a high crime area. I contacted TSA as I was concerned about what would happen if I were robbed and lost my ID. The only practical way for me to get home is to fly, I could steal a sailboat, but that is also known as Piracy, besides it is a long sail back to Hawaii.
        I was told that as long as I could supply sufficient information backing up who I was, I would be allowed to board. I was told that a copy of my drivers license would be sufficient.
        I don’t know if that is true today in 2017. I have one of the “new” special, acceptable drivers licenses, but I do not know if a copy of it will work.
        Take great care if you fly these days as you may get stuck and can’t travel anywhere if you lose your wallet/purse.

        • Relik: Fuck the Gov’t period. This country has changed so much for the worse. I try not to even fly anymore for a host of reasons. Dealing with the TSA makes me want to go Postal.

        • Went to Oahu yesterday, was a girl in the line on return flight who didnt have an ID, only took a few extra minutes for her to get through, but did invole extra scrutiny, could be a lot worse on the continent though

          • My parents lived in Oahu, Makaha Valley. So beautiful. A flower on every plant. I enjoyed my 2 mo. visit there.

            • Grandee,
              Oahu is probably the sewer of Hawaii.
              Most every other island is superior.
              Kahoolawe is a bombed out desert so it really
              doesn’t count.
              I have my personal opinions and Biases.
              The big Island has the best water for
              snorkeling and is very rural. Outside the
              resorts there isn’t much nightlife or fancy
              restaurants. Don’t take any of the fishing
              trips, they are a ripoff.
              From my home, The nearest Walmart is 1 hour away.
              From my hame The nearest McDonalds is 22 minutes away.
              If I were younger I could snowboard and surf
              all in the same afternoon these are only an hour away
              I live here and don’t intend to leave.

              Maui is very Californicated, awesome resorts,
              but crappy water to swim in. Hanna district
              is awesome, but you are going to old Hawaii.
              Nothing fancy.

              Molokai is not the friendly isle, despite the name,
              but if I was filthy rich I would buy there,
              it would be my #1
              choice of the islands.
              My wife says otherwise,
              she hated the remoteness.

              Lanai is mostly owned by a Liberal Billionaire.

              Ohau I already made my remark.

              Kauai is a beautiful place, but everyone is crammed into
              a very small area. The best places are off limits and
              access is very regulated. If I were homeless Na Pali coast would
              be where I would live if I wanted to be Robinson Caruso.

              If you ever come to Hawaii STAY away from Ohau!

              • Im partial to Big island as well, grew up Hamakua, Upcountry Maui is pretty sweet though, we have bi coastal, as well as ocean, mountain and other island views, thank you God!

              • And you are right, Oahu is a shithole now, we had a long discussion about that today, so grateful that we live where we live, i dont think i could do Oahu,,,

          • Nail,
            Good to know.
            I have a Federally issued ID card with picture,
            so If I ever travel I’ll keep Drivers and Vet
            ID cards separate.
            I’m in so many Government Data bases I don’t
            see how they could ever lose or mis-identify me.
            I’m sure that is true for a lot of people.

            • it all seems pretty straight forward to me, as long as you dont try to be an asshole and just keep stuff simple its smooth, i think most of the horror stories have 2 sides to them, i bet were only hearing one side, like how much of an asshole were you to those people? Might be wrong but it was interesting watching the interaction

              • Nail,
                I had to accompany my wife to a medical procedure
                on Ohau a few years back. The TSA at Hilo were about the most obnoxious people, I’d ever run into. I watched the goon
                grope and squeeze the people in line in front of me.
                My wife was in a different line. I decided it was worth
                it and if he grabbed my Johnson, I’d drop him and call rape!
                When it came my time he looked me in the eyes, reversed his hands and barely touching my clothing he used the back of his hands for his “search”.
                The Kona airport security line floods when it rains, so if you don’t know that, your sox get wet when you go through. I take my sox off there and get weird looks. TSA is really useless.
                Honolulu TSA was much more respectful, but they must hire a much better class of people.

                • Thats what we went down for,, Kaiser, sorta sucks

        • i read about the “radioactive bloom” a couple of days ago.

          scary stuff !

        • According to a link on Drudge Report yesterday…

          Nuke fallout alert as Russian radioactive leak sweeps across Europe

      13. The rise of the survelance mirrors the increase in mass shootings, government scandals, terrorism and law enforcement inability to stop. It makes me wonder then, what is it really for? Good article.

      14. Hollywood hypocrites are in hiding on the advice of their publicists. They think they can hide out until this storm passes. These Hollywood hypocrites thought they could say whatever they wanted no matter how offensive. They thought they could look the other way as abuses went on. They think people will forget. Mark my words hypocrites. Your mask is off.

      15. The time is soon coming that free Americans will have to fight their own government, not that it will be by then our government. The long time politicians no longer feel any allegiance to the USA, or have any patriotism. The only thing they care about is power and themselves, and they do not even care about their children, grandchildren, or any other family member. We tried the ballot box last election, but the lying RINOs and the liberal judges are blocking the will of the American people. The founding fathers were smart enough to foresee this, and drafted the Second Amendment. Now we just need the guts to use it while there is still time.

      16. Those cameras and lights littering the roadside is a fing eyesore. Hope somebody comes by and picks it up for salvage or scrap.

      17. Google and other control entities are working against free speech attempting to block viewers from World Socialists Web Site for some time now. Capitalists hate socialists. Shall it be capital or social? Capital has peaked to enrich criminals at every opportunity in the lust of more. Capital is not the answer but the disease tearing us down.

        • ” Capitalists hate socialists”

          That they don’t control. They hate renegade socialists.

          At the very top are fascists (Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, CFR, England’s Round Table) that employ communists to control the masses. They support collectivization. They themselves are not socialists, their cut doesn’t get touched. Their goal is sufficiently fed, housed and medical cared workers with circus so that revolt against their rule will not arise. At present their putting the developing world to work at the expense of the expensive developed world (thats us). Secondary its DNA homogenization.

          • Ever notice there are no blacks on the “Jetsons”?
            The future looks good imo lol.

      18. What makes you think YOU’LL be around to see “the future?”

        lol, indeed.

      19. It helps to not use smart phones and to stay off facebook.

      20. When they finally come for “you”, it won’t be a govt swat team at your door. So forget about all your gungho talk about taking them out with your AR15 or AK47. All they need do is have someone “accuse” you of sexual harassment/intimidation/misconduct…..just as in the French Revolution or former Soviet Union. The mere allegation is all that will be needed to have you arrested, found guilty in a show trial, and sentenced to prison.

      21. The authorities already snap a photo when you drive across the US/Canada border. There is a huge ‘flash’ that goes off–so smile big for Big Brother!

      22. Leave your cell phone at home or trade with a friend hiking the Pacfic crest trail. There are halloween masks that allow you to see but appear as a black veil Stuff cotton in your cheeks and use putty on the chin. Lots of ways to get around that type of stuff

      23. Heirloom survival seed vault on sale today
        My Patriot Supply

        My patriot Supply dot com

        • Thank you.

          I do keep some on hand. Periodically I buy seed vaults.

          The expired ones are for neighbors….. The germination rate is still good for many years.

          I have an old tractor and I have a spare coil and cap. They are stored in an EMP proof container. It has a plow and tiller. I’ll help neigbors get gardens going, using expired seed will still save lives, even if the germination rate is low. I never discard these seed vaults. They are good longer than many can imagine.

          • Plan twice, prep once,

            Good points! I agree!

            I always like to have extra seeds too.

            Stored properly, seeds will last for years.

      24. Seeing more of these box cameras with the disk. Facial recognition? All good till the bad guys get it?

      25. I’m aware of the totalitarian state, and i care. I can’t do much more than excercise my free speech and free press. Good luck to them if they try to place me in a re-education center. I’m pretty confident that I would convince them that I am right, and turn the center against the totalitarian state.

        When I was grounded as a teenager, i woukdnt stop talking to my Mom, just to make it as miserable for her, as it was for me.

        Black pigeon alleges that the U.S. is attempting to destabalise the EU, dedpite the fact that tge overwhelminv evidence points to the contrary!

        In Response to Black Pigeon @Navyhato – Andrea Iravani

      26. I’m aware, and I care. I don’t know what I can do, other than exercize my first amendment rights.

        Good luck to them attempting yo rehabilitate me! I’m pretty confident that I would end up turning the center agsinst the totslitatian state, and begging for my forgiveness.

        When I was grounded as a child, I wouldn’t stop talking to my Mom, just to make it as miserable for her, as it was for me.

        Black pigeon alleges that the U.S. is attempting to destabikze Europe, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary!

        In Response to Black Pigeon @Navyhato – Andrea Iravani

      27. I used to be against this stuff but having lived and worked in China and seen how this works and also living in a European city where they have the ability to do this but don’t, I would say the Chinese have the right idea.

        In Europe, blacks and Muslims run wild and are the source of the majority of crime, sex crime, murders, drug dealing, human trafficking etc. They are not subject to this close surveillance because of human rights legislation. In short, the human rights legislation protects the wicked at the expense of the innocent. In China, it is the other way around. Islamic terrorists find an electronic probe up their butt 24/7, as it should be, for the wicked harm they cause with their goofy medieval philosophy of pedophilia, women’s oppression and ignorance.

        The simple fact is in a global world, while Europe and the US refuse to put the wicked under surveillance, that will be done by other countries outside their jurisdiction, having the same effect. Black Thug A from London may chortle at his ability to rob and knife people at will in his home city, but soon has that smile wiped off his face when he gets picked up by one of these systems on an overseas trip. Either blocked at an airport, or taken away for incarceration or disappearance, the problem gets solved one way or another. Think white people discriminate?, try Asians or Arabs. Countries will share the bio data of black and Muslim filth in Western countries and block these individuals from travel. You can be sure of that.

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