“The Strategy of Jihad and Sharia Law Has Led To The Deaths of 270 MILLION Non-Muslims” – A Real Lesson in Islam

by | Jun 18, 2016 | Headline News | 160 comments

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    The following article was originally published by Jim Quinn at The Burning Platform.

    Editor’s Note: You can call us racists or hate-filled, but the fact of the matter is that 270 million people have lost their lives throughout history because of Islamic Jihad and Sharia law. A recent survey indicates that some 50% of Muslims living in America would prefer that the United States Constitution be replaced with Sharia – an archaic, non-tolerant, violent set of laws that have no place in the modern world. It’s already happening in London, where rallies for the new Muslim Mayor are being segregated so that men and women can’t stand together. But it’s not just London – we are seeing similar “progressive” movement towards Sharia across America. 

    Where we go next is anybody’s guess, given that the Obama administration is importing literally millions of unvetted Muslims into the United States. What we do know is that the U.S. Constitution and Sharia Law run completely counter to each other, so what we can expect is further violence going forward.


    Give This 20 Minutes: A Real Lesson In Islam
    By James Quinn

    I know videos aren’t terribly popular here unless they are under 30 seconds in length contain bouncing titties or involve music you can leave playing in the background. However, unless you’ve seen this video before I can guarantee you’ll learn something new. Give this just 20 minutes. If you don’t learn something new or something that doesn’t inspire you to finish watching in the first 20 minutes then by all means give it a pass.

    The speaker is Dr. Bill Warner and I posted another of his videos (they’re all great) in the ISLAMIC HISTORY LESSON thread the other day when Crat, a long time TBP reader, requested some supporting info for this statement from that post:

    “This strategy of jihad and Sharia law has led to the deaths of approximately 270 million non-Muslims and the total destruction of countless civilizations.”

    Dr. Warner covers that in this video as well. He studies all of this stuff for his own amusement and edification and he does not use the innerwebs for any of it. According to him he reads giant, really old, dusty books that no one else will read for his info. I found the title of this video Islamic Attack on Chattanooga: Why It Happened and What to Do” a bit misleading but it takes nothing away from this presentation.

    Dr. Warner touches on his personal experience and knowledge of official US and TN State government policy with regard to islam. I’m sure it won’t shock you but you may be surprised. He also touches on what you can do to educate your children (and others) about islam because your children are in fact being taught about islam but they are not being taught what you might think.

    The best thing about his talks is that Dr. Warner looks at things from an entirely intellectual perspective. His has no stated axe to grind with islam or muslims. He simply explains it in the explicit way that the Koran, Haddiths and Siras do. He gives you the undeniable facts plus the ability to read the source material if you care to educate yourself further. I found it interesting that he makes no judgments about islam.  He is the ultimate professor (a former job of his) IMO and I could listen to him all day because he does what all great professors do…….he makes you think. His talks are like brain candy!

    I’d estimate that the majority of TBP readers are probably Christian and a much smaller number attend church regularly so this may be of interest to those of you identifying with the Christian faith. Based on his own self education with respect to islam, he has concluded that the resurgence of islam since the end of WWII is due primarily to the suppression of Christianity since that time. He uses the word “resurgence” specifically because colonialism under the French and English suppressed islam and sharia in the middle east during that time. Apart from that relatively short period, islam has been on a near continuous 1400 jihad against non-muslim civilization. He even points out that we in the west measure time with a watch or clock and muslims measure time with a calendar.

    The talk is only 55 minutes long with about a 45 minute Q&A which is rather unremarkable except for one smarmy muslim piece of shit who initially asks two questions and then comes back a bit later to ask another smug question and Dr. Warner’s response is perfect!

    Dr. Warner’s website is: https://www.politicalislam.com/

    For more news and commentary visit The Burning Platform


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      1. Why are so ,any innocent people need to suffer under these evil leadership ? Id there o other Nation out there to wipe these creeps out of existences

        • They have no reach. Leave them alone. Buy their oil but do not exchange culture or immigrate.

          Good fences make good neighbors.

          • Kevin2,
            fences doe NOT work with Muslims, IF you will take some time and study there teaching then you will understand that there is NO way to EVER get along with them, by there own teachings it IS a MUST to either convert you OR if they cannot do that then they are obligated to KILL you as a infidel! PERIOD END of story!! this is what most westerners CANNOT fathom and WHY so many idiot leaders have allowed the (PEACE LOVING MUSLIMS) BIG SARCASM!!! into the west. and until this is COMPLETELY realized and STOPPED things will continue to get worse and worse, and will NEVER be good as there teaching are for them to RULE the world!! so peace with a muslim is NOT a option!!

            • Apache54

              Fences certainly work. Don’t invite them in. They have no military reach. They aren’t the USSR with ICBMs. The problems are directly proportional to their numbers. France wanted cannon fodder fir its Foreign Legion. They recruited indigenous people from their colonies as the French citizens by and large wanted no part of the colonial conquest wars. After 25 years the Legionnaires retire as full French citizen and sponsor Mohammad and company to immigrate. There lay the problem.

              Buy what you must from them and leave them where they are.

              • Kevin2,
                what i meant was you cannot allow them to spread like what is happening NOW, so in theory your fence would work, IF they are all kept contained! and that is where the problem is, because, they are taught by there own religion that they MUST make everyone a muslim or kill them, it is all in there bible, amd yes i spent time over there and saw this for myself as well!

                • Murder and lesser violent punishment is codified in the Koran for various infractions that are not illegal in western society. Obviously strict adherence to the Koran is in conflict with acceptable western culture, values and law. Its simple; you can be a good Muslim following the tenants as written in the Koran. You can be a good American following the laws within the United States of America. You can’t be both simultaneously.

                  • Kevin2

                    But a politician can lie out of both sides of his mouth.


                    • The can simultaneously lie out of their ass, too

                • ” yes i spent time over there and saw this for myself as well!”

                  There’s no irony for those of us who’ve seen this first hand.
                  I laugh at those who believe the rhetoric of peaceful coexistence…it’s foolish at best and pure evil at worst.

                  Three kinds; hardcore… enablers… consenters.

                  The best we can do is feed their sick fantasy of virgins and send them there….

            • The proper way to deal with Muslims in America is to do our best to make sure that all Muzzies that come to America settle in cities that welcome them. If we could direct all Muslims to San Francisco, Minneapolis, NYC, and other Muzzie friendly cities we would realize numerous benefits. First, we would know where Muzzies were congregated and we could avoid going to those specific cities. Second, as the Muslim influence in those cities began to expand, the citizens of those cities would be the first to feel the negative effects of their intolerant culture. This would be a reality check for the brain dead liberals that thought they were being “progressive” or “tolerant” and it may influence their willingness to allow the invasion to continue. And third, any mass killings by Muzzie radicals would probably result in a large proportion of liberals meeting their maker, and that would greatly increase the IQ level of the rest of the country.

        • http://www.thedailysheeple.com/dhs-wants-to-ban-the-words-jihad-and-sharia_062016




          YOU CALL ME A “MADMAN”???????


          • Amen!

          • I agree poty mouth

          • Acid, I saw that article earlier. DHS can take their censorship and stuff it.

      2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Qpy0mXg8Y





        • Keep going Acid. You’re a breath of fresh air… LUVIT.

        • well have to agree with you acid , um what changed your perspective from the old acid?

      3. The sand dwellers love to kill.
        Cant change that .
        Obama just wants to “fundamentaly change” America.
        He knows these POS ILLEGAL immigrants will do just that if given half a chance.
        All this PC crap gives them that chance , just sayin …..

        • Damn right. Fuck sand “people”

        • The sand niggers love to attack and kill when their target is defenseless. I see a parallel with African niggers. They only attack when the perceive an overwhelming advantage. They are pretty much the same in most ways.

          • It’s always the same everywhere. When whites are the majority you have peace and order. When “minorities”, however they are defined, run the place, it’s wild in the friggen streets.

      4. The Strategy of Jihad and Sharia Law is brought to you by the America closest friends in the kingdom of the Saudi Arabia (AKA the land of barbarian head choppers) and their cousins in the occupied land of Israel (aka the land of imaginary 6 million something) as the ISIS creators.

        So anyone with such friends and masters should STFU or do something about it.

      5. When Europeans Were Slaves

        From Dr. Robert Davis, Ohio State, report at http://researchnews.osu.edu/archive/whtslav.htm

        “COLUMBUS, Ohio – A new study suggests that a million or more European Christians were enslaved by Muslims in North Africa between 1530 and 1780 – a far greater number than had ever been estimated before.

        In a new book, Robert Davis, professor of history at Ohio State University, developed a unique methodology to calculate the number of white Christians who were enslaved along Africa’s Barbary Coast, arriving at much higher slave population estimates than any previous studies had found.
        Most other accounts of slavery along the Barbary coast didn’t try to estimate the number of slaves, or only looked at the number of slaves in particular cities, Davis said. Most previously estimated slave counts have thus tended to be in the thousands, or at most in the tens of thousands. Davis, by contrast, has calculated that between 1 million and 1.25 million European Christians were captured and forced to work in North Africa from the 16th to 18th centuries.

        One of the things that both the public and many scholars have tended to take as given is that slavery was always racial in nature – that only blacks have been slaves. But that is not true,” Davis said. “We cannot think of slavery as something that only white people did to black people.”

        During the time period Davis studied, it was religion and ethnicity, as much as race, that determined who became slaves… …from 1500 to 1650, when trans-Atlantic slaving was still in its infancy, more white Christian slaves were probably taken to Barbary than black African slaves to the Americas, according to Davis.”

        • Anonymous. Good post and very informative. I did not know a lot of that. You’d probably b hard pressed to get mainstream schools to teach that. White guilt! I’m so ashamed. I should find a chimp to give all my sit to? Racism is a word so overused today. Don’t like it here? Delta flies all over the world u hyphenated ” Americans that think u got it rough here

          • Ted, this was actually from me; sometimes I forget to put my name in. I have read th Qu’ran twice, and did two lengthy graduate papers on the topic, one on the Rise of Islam, the other on the fate of the Nestorian Christians in the East (they were more around present day Iraq, Iran, and in fact entered China around 735 AD. There were, in fact, Christian tribes in today’s China long before say, my Swedish ancestors became Christian. And around southern India, the Kerala area, Christianity was there at latest in the 300s AD. What happened? Well, India was a different story (they stayed isolated), but the rest were wiped out by the Mongols after one of the Khans became Muslim. There were actually Christian bishoprics in places like today’s Herat, Afghanistan. I recall one of the Mongol warloads boasting “70,000 skulls I left piled at the gates of Isfahan” (Iran). Another example: the Janissaries in Turkey. This was an elite fighting group – all taken from kidnapped Christian boys in today’s Eastern Europe.

            They talk about Muslim learning. Hardly. The number “zero” was not Arab at all ,but taken from India. All that Greek learning? This was transmitted by Nestorians. Not to say there weren’t smart Muslim people – there are everywhere. But most of the so called learning was derivative – taken from conquered peoples who were allowed to live as “dhimmis” IF they paid the zakat tax (think of your taxes going up 10x just so they don’t kill you).

            The history of Islam is replete with violence and oppression (on city in N. Africa surrendered when the Muslim warlord sent a simple message, “You know who I am” (they knew what he had done to the cities around them). There is also the reality of abrogation – the later verses of the Qu’ran – which are much more violent – supersede the earlier ones. So when some more irenic passages are cited, keep that in mind. Finally, there is the issue of taqqiya (sp?), where it is just fine to lie to gain power. Today the policy is among Islam to lay low until you reach a critical mass (Khaddafy, when alive, talked about today’s jihad being with babies – using women as baby factories). As noted, what will the ignorant leftists do when the radical Muslims come marching in to San Francisco the force Sharia on the radical gays??? What will the feminists do when they are forced, on pain of death, to wear a burqa???

            Islam is an evil religion. And the religion of the left, secular humanism, and it’s evil twin communism – which murdered 100 MILLION people last century according to Oxford Univ Press’s book The Black Book of Communism are challenges we must rise to face. The West is in greater peril today than it was before the Battle of Tours, the Battle of Vienna when the Ottomans attacked, or with Hitler. Our weapons? Truth, education and information dissemination. Which is why I write here.

      6. No word yet from the ignorant, fascist left on what they will do when the radical Muslims come marching in to San Francisco to implement Sharia law on the radical gays; also no word from the hypocrite feminazis what they will do when these same folk come marching in to NYC to force all those feminists (same ones who said nothing to support fellow women like Paula Jones, Katherine Willey, Juanita Broaderic, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, etc.) ) to start wearing a burqa on pain of death.

        But then, leftists never were the sharpest tool in the shed, where they!

        • TEST, the libturds are in for the biggest surprises of their lives when the muzzies turn against them.



          • Give ’em both barrels B. Islam is BAD… Don’t let it settle in the US.

        • Hello dear TEST. We in Britain are facing a terrible foe. If you dare to say Vote Out from the EU, European Union… Then you find yourself being blocked by the MSM. God help us. Islam appears to be the religion of choice for the whole world under the rule of the NWO.

          • Agent skin:

            Islam will be the religion of the NWO as modified by the Zionists who will infiltrate, as they always do and control. It will allow them to practice burnt sacrifice and pedophilia. The rabbi performs oral sex on a newborn male victim of circumcision. The Talmud permits rape of little girls, sodomy, under age three.

            Are you beginning to understand why these blood relatives and their rivalries between each other hate each other but like all families, blood is thicker than water.

          • Agent SkinH: In addition to a well stated post by B from CA (below), you brits need to wipe out two entities in your land since they both are hand in hand working with the savages of ISIS and other islamic tribes in Africa and Mideast.

            1: The Parasites named Rothchilds

            2: The occupants of the Buckingham palace.

        • Liberals are the excrement of humanity. Vladimir Lenin would refer to them as “useful idiots.” They make decisions based upon emotion rather than logic, they seem to know nothing about history, and they don’t seem to be able to connect the dots to see where their actions are taking us. These idiots won’t be exempt from the consequences of their actions and it will be a joy to watch them suffer for it.

      7. Bring it. We haven’t played cowboys and muzzies yet. Damn. You almost feel sorry for them. Almost.

        • Yup

          • Hey man , I know that they are all hyper sensitive about semi auto guns on your islands but what about bolt action?

            Handguns are scarce too , especially after all of the boating accidents you guys had. Haha

            From the Uintah mountains of paradise –

            • They frown on openly carrying a stick!
              They want you to use your pen and phone like their idol OOdumbo,
              The pen so you can scribble your SS# on your forehead for ID and your phone so whoever is robbing or stomping on you has something to play with in their down time

              • I’ve been looking for a 26.5 mm flare gun. The flares are readily available. It is legally open/conceal carry as it is not legally a firearm. You never can tell when I need them for my boat or my car
                if I get stuck in a gultch.
                Do you know what a 26.5 mm flare will do to you at 7 meters?
                Alas I can’t find the gun itself. Everybody bought them up and nobody is selling them. I think Clinton EO’ed them so you can’t import them anymore.
                In Hawaii you have to be resourceful, because as of this year purchases or transfer of guns will be virtually impossible.

                • rellik

                  E-bay had the 26.5 mm flare guns. In a pinch you can get an Orion at Wal-Mart. About $46.00 gun and flares 4ea.

                  • Maybe you could give me a URL. I run Linux so I don’t worry. My check gives me the same stuff you reference, it is no good. These flare guns are like pre-ban AK47’s, next to impossible to find.
                    Keep in mind they are 26.5 mm not 25mm. 26.5 mm is cold war Iron curtain military stuff. Orion 25mm(12 Ga) is civilian boat safety stuff, that veryone that owns a big enough boat has to have. 25 mm is only good for shooting at jet skies that are disturbing your anchorage. (use white practice flares only!)

                    • .apexgunparts.com/polish-flare-gun-soviet-era-26-5mm-blued-steel.html

                    • rellik

                      I just went and check a few of the sites I buy flares from. You are right. No flare pistols. Plenty of flares.

                      The H&K type/Polish was about $59.00 about a year or so ago and there were plenty of them.

                      Gun Show? How about Pawn Shop.

                    • Oops, last post went sideways

                • Yo Rellik how’s it going?

                  Yeah that sucks about the damn maxis you have running your beautiful state. Went there twice in my life and can’t wait to go back. What would it take to get your 2a back over there?

                  I’m headed out to shoot the .308 just for fun tomorrow with my boys. If you ever tire of your island consider the uintah mountains. It is mnice out here too.

                  Long live freedom and the fight. Fúck them aFûck

                  • After a winter working the Flight line in North Dakota, I swore I would never again live further than 50 miles from a very large body of salt water that had a significant tide.
                    Thanks for the invite.
                    I’m looking at SE Alaska or
                    Costa Rica( bribery works there).

                • Rellik, Sportsmansguide.com carries a flare gun. I’ve been looking at getting one myself. Flares are available at sporting goods and boating stores. I’ve bought some other items from sportsmansguide.com and never had a complaint. I’ve seen what that 26.5mm flare will do and it ain’t nothin nice. You can definitely fry someone or something with one of those.

                  • Hey Brave,
                    I only saw flares at SG.
                    Thanks to Kula I found a place that actually
                    has 26.5 mm flare guns in stock. Most places
                    are sold out.
                    SG also won’t ship hardly anything to Hawaii
                    as they think everything that looks like a gun
                    is illegal to ship here.
                    Thanks for the input.

                    • Rellik, you and Kulafarmer both have my sympathy being stuck on those commie islands.

                • Brought some fireworks for the Forth of July.

                  Might be the last one.

                  • We didnt get fireworks (neighbor does enough for the whole area) but definitely going to celebrate this year, smell the roses!

                • Online auctions like GunBroker usually have a decent supply of them, some collectible and some just shooters.

                  ht tp://www.gunbroker.com/All/BI.aspx?Keywords=flare+gun

                  • Thanks for the input.
                    Kula found a pretty
                    good site also.

                • just a note on flare guns, i used to travel between the lower 48 and Alaska and with the strict gun laws and rules for storage when crossing thru one thing at that time was Flare guns were not regulated and for BEAR protection there is nothing better! if you get a bear coming at you and at the last minute fire that flare into him,WELL let me tell you he forgets all about you, only thing on his mind is getting that burning thing off him!!!

                • Flare guns are effective weapons only in Hollywood. In actual practice, they bounce off of human beings. They’re not made to penetrate anything, they’re made to burn.

                  • Leonard

                    There is a video on Utube and a 12gage Orion flare goes through a 1/4 in plywood from about 15 feet. I once got some of that burning material on my arm by accident from road flare drippings. Being hit with burning flare splatter would be a problem. I have the burn scare to prove it. Aerial illumination flares will travel 400 meters before ignition. The charge sending the project skyward could kill you at close range. Those Orion’s come out of the gun, HOT! Keep in mind that todays clothing has synthetics that melt with heat. Hot plastic on bare skin. Body armor carriers and chest rigs too!

        • Do ya think they will wear blue turbins ? lol
          I predict a muslim UN contingency .

          • That’s a good question

            Seriously though i would bet they will be in plain clothes at first then black uniforms furnished from dhs.

            Want to see something crazy? THERUSSGRANTon you tube. I live 4 miles as the crow flies from skinwalker ranch.

            Good times

          • Blue Hajib,,,
            I dont care, 210g VLD will punch holes in whatever

            • LOL , Thats being kind , i was thinkin along the lines of running em all thru the mowco , then making small square bales to feed the pigs .

              • Load em in my buds 16′ morbark tub

              • Pellet mill, easier to bag em up

                • I knew there was a reason I instinctively
                  liked you! Kula you have class!

                • Thanks for the flare gun URL! Good Fathers day present.

      8. I think it’s time to put foot to ass to all of
        These MF scumbags…

        They already destroyed their own homeland .. Now they are coming here to destroy our country with their sick and twisted ideology … Let me tell you.. I could give a Ratz ass about them
        Or their way of life.. And when the times let’s see how they can ambush all
        Of us at the same time.. Just not gonna happen..

        Here is a good idea… The elites want population control – I nominate these jerkoffs to be culled off 1st!!!

        • MAC Daddy….scroll to bottom of post for request! ;-]

          @realist, I listen to Jonathan Wilkow on sirius xm patriot radio. He says all the time “They cannot bring over there here, without here becoming over there.” Over the last 4 1/2 years since I began prepping, I cannot believe how “in your face” the NWO has become. Maybe it is just because I am more aware. But since Donald Trump won that first debate last august it seems as though things are going 100mph. I have spent much time over the last 9 months trying to make friends and family aware, pointing it all out. Some get it to a degree, but I don’t think they believe it can go venezuela. I mean it is America, after all.
          I share conservative news pieces on FB….yes I go on FB, it allows me to keep up with my kids across the country. But I’m done. The last few months I only sleep a few hours a night most nights. You see I work 2 hours from where I live, so I’m only home 2 days a week most weeks unless I have a really short day, and then I’ll round trip it mid week. Always thinking about what I can do to save friends, family, what needs to be done, how and when can I get it done without taking on too much at a time and burning out. I’m sure many here feel the same, and many more have been prepping long enough they reached the point I am at some time ago. But I am officially over it.

          At this juncture I believe that no matter who is elected, there will be some civil breakdown. whether it is because the left has perpetuated a false narrative that Trump is racist and we have riots that spill out out the cities, Or Killary breaking down our economy and trying…and yes i do mean trying…to strip our rights away…or muslims trying to kill us all. I have resolved myself to the fact that within the next 5 years it is highly possible I have to defend what is mine. From NWO thugs, or brown suits it doesn’t matter. to quote Glen Beck from last august (no I’m not a follower, just caught a show that was on target for the moment) “We are speeding down the highway at full speed, the bridge is out ahead and we are about to pass the last exit…or maybe we’ve passed it.”
          I pray often, for it gives me peace. Eppe and Braveheart know what has gone on the past 3 years and why I’ve been away most of the last year. I’ve had a lot of divine intervention and moments that have strengthened my faith. If you don’t believe that’s okay. We all find what we need.

          My husband totally gets it. It took a few years for him to come round. but he only works a few shifts a month now and has busted his ass getting this place back in working order. We could be living high on the hog if he worked full time, but we have decided that ‘upper middle class’ lifestyle is no longer for us.

          To those who replied on my post about root cellars…thank you. I’ve done a lot of research, and what i’ve found is I would have to dig a 30′ hole to reach root cellar temps. For the summer i’ll bring the taters in the house. Folks on blogs say they grow potatoes almost year round in this climate. in Late July I will start some potato towers in part shade where it is cool, and in mid september plant more rows and mulch those rows in place for winter harvest. When I harvest the july potatoes it will be cooling off enough to store on shelves in a shed I believe.

          We have a small herd of cattle, quite a few chickens, and several bee hives now. I’m working on getting plants in place that will provide pollen and nectar to the bees in the fall to minimize the need to feed sugar water in the fall for the bees to overwinter. (who’s gonna have sugar to spare when shtf afterall?) Hubby is antsy to get a pig, and I’ve been reading up on rabbits…they can be a lot of work to keep healthy it seems. So we haven’t dived into that just yet, though I would love the rabbit fertilizer on this damned red clay hill. I don’t know how my daddy got shit to grow. Seems all I can grow is garlic, onions, potatos and knee deep grass this year. LOL. One step at a time.

          Braveheart, I will be traveling through the northwest corner of Jawja and eastern TN in August, headed to the communist states of CT and MA. If you are headed to the BOL and pass along 24 in Chattanooga, or 59 in Jawja I would love to meet for a cup of coffee at one of the rest stops. Eppe, can’t remember where you are, but same goes.

          I’m sorry for the long post, but I must say this has gotten a lot off my mind. Would love to go on, but alas, folks HATE these long posts.Maybe I can go back to sleep now. Happy Fathers day to All you DADs out there.

          MAC Daddy>>>>>could you please, please put a post archive by year/month on this page. Any idea how lonnnnng it takes to scroll back though pages to get to posts from 2010, 11 & 12? Especially since you are linking multiple articles a day? There is a lot of great articles and posts by readers I would like to sort through, but its a real pain in the ass. Much Love. Keep up the good work.

          • If you’re in Mass., maybe you can meet up with Warchild and me. Although we’ve been trying for weeks but work gets in the way. BTW, Warchild… I’ll call you this week.

            • I will be just outside of south east boston August 10-14. I’m headed to a convention. My junk email is [email protected].

            • post went into moderation. i’ll be at a convention south west of boston august 11-14. my junk email is nopittypartyhere at gmail

          • Sounds like life is good!
            Your post is great, imho echoes the sentiments of many here. Im at the same point you were in that i have given up on the upper middle class thing, there will be no shiny new trucks nor designer anything.
            Curious about the root cellar part,
            Why would you have to dig a 30′ hole? I guess i need to look into it more. Our soil temps are in the low 50s suppose lower when you get real deep but,,, so im most likely in the same boat, have been wanting to dig one but been putting it off, was going to use some big corrugated culvert sections a friend gave me but havent moved on it yet.
            Anyways, thanks for your post,

            • looking at some geothermal websites, soil temp in this area runs 55-65 at 12′ deep. contractors who posted responses on that page and a couple of farm blogs suggest you have to go deep for central southern states and further south, and that water table can also be a problem. Folks say root cellars really only do the job here for 2-3 months of year. It was 70’s in december this past year, and by march it was shorts weather again.

              • Am trying to find an alternate means of cooling and drying the air that doesnt cost other than initial investment,,,
                Thinking solar powered fans and swamp cooler, or smaller RV AC unit run off solar,,,
                An AC unit would cool and dry but cost$ to run so looking for alternatives

                • I’m going solar for cooling.
                  I have a salvaged FEU insulated
                  reefer container. I had converted it to a
                  studio/office , but will put a chiller back
                  in it so I can have a solar power cooled root
                  cellar and meat preserving unit.

          • NPPH, I’ll be headed back to the BOL in July just before the repub convention. Don’t know exactly how long I’ll be there this next time around; depends on what happens. If I can swing it, I’d love to meet.

      9. The Talmud in one hand and the Koran in the other.

        Both are violent, supremist, ideological blueprints.

        These people are cousins. They are made from the same cloth. Both seek to rule the world. I don’t know which is worse. Right now, the Talmudists control the banks and governments, including ours, in every western nation. The tactic seems to be, bring in the Koranists and let them kill off and subjugate the Christians. Then we will be able to kill and subjugate the survivors, which should be few.

        • Yep. Fuck them ALL

      10. They gotta destroy America to get the Isis flag up in DC. Yep it the white mans fault.

        • God Bless Asshat and his dear family.

      11. This is what the liberal dumbasses don’t understand. The same people that want all this multicultural and pro immigrant bullshit are the same people that would whip the shit out of them. Religion has screwed up this world. Especially any religion that beats women, marries off their 6 yr old daughter to a goat fucking dirty old man, and where they perform ” honor killings ” if your daughter has sex outside marriage. These people are nasty. Plain and simple. If it wasn’t for the oil they’d b worse off than the chimps in Africa. Shut the dam borders. It’s time to stop shoving this kumbaya bullshit down our throats. Acid I agree with lot of what u sayin. Not too hard to see that single moms , all this fucking around people do , and broken homes and no morals have destroyed this once great nation. 50 percent Muslims want sharia?? I’d ship 50 percent on a way leaky bout out the Gulf of Mexico. A homogenous population has less social problems. People need to stay with their own kind. Why are the prisoners not all co mingling? They stay with their own people. I hear the left say” we were all immigrants “! True except the native Indians but at what point do u wake up and realize we don’t have an unlimited space? Roads are clogged. Sewers need replaced. Etc etc. do u build a 3 bedroom house then put 50 people in it? Same thing on much bigger scale with the u.s. And these people do NOT wanna assimilate. Sounds like I’m on a Muslim bashing. Well I am. These people wanna kill us and fly the flag of Islam over the White House. Screw that. These aren’t irritating jehovahs witnesses or Hare Krishnas trying to sell u a flower. This is serious shit.

        • Tell us how you really feel Ted!
          Good post

        • Hey Ted,
          We don’t need their oil. Europe does.
          I agree with you about assimilation,
          we’ve had blacks in America for hundreds of years,
          they haven’t assimilated worth a shit, and have a
          bad family structure.
          Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Asian Indians Filipinos
          all do OK, because they don’t get EBT cards and they
          have normal families.
          Moslems will never assimilate, anywhere. Bad family structure, and a they are a cult that masquerades as a religion.
          Kill all the male radical Moslems. I’d say a bounty of $50 per
          head for them might generate some interest. Leave the capitalist ones alone, they will adapt.

          • Relic:
            Listen to the video. There is a difference between Muslim people and Islam. According to this man who has made a great study of Religions, but who is not Religious himself and is a scientist who can read and understand, there are two books in the Koran, one of peace and one of Jihad. He says the reason most follow Islam is because most Muslims have never read the Koran, the life of Muhammad. Apparently all you need to do to cure a Muslim of his Religion is to get him to read.
            The lecturer is an author. He has three pamphlets (small books), which he claims will educate your daughter so she never falls prey to marriage with a Muslim. Seems like a good investment.

            He separates the human being from the “religious” philosophy. Short of joining these “mad men” by joining them in dismembering rituals (cutting of heads), this approach of educating oneself and one’s progeny, it just might be the cure we all have been looking for.

            That, and of course, stop bringing them here.

        • “These people wanna kill us and fly the flag of Islam over the White House.”
          Looks like that’s already happened.

          • Ketchupondemand: It has happened but if you turn the black flag, you’ll also see the white six sided star. Looked like a good cooperation between the two tribe.

        • TM, damn good post. You’ve dome one helluva job waking up from libturd fantasyland.

          • Brave. Why thank ya. So hasn’t the rest of my family. I grew up with a raging republican dad and a raging liberal mom. Boy the fights at the kitchen table! But dad was a tightwad and never paid his guys well. Mom always paid anybody well that worked for her. Odd jobs and such around the house. She always said u get working u wanna vote democrat because they’re for the workin man. So I voted democrat. Then the plants started goin south or overseas and then all this pc / gay rights/anti business shit started catching up to me. I’ve been an independent for a long time. I’m a conservative person but don’t agree with the pussy republicans that won’t do what they say either. A long time ago it seemed like republican and democrat weren’t too far off as far as wanting to do what right for country. Just different ways of going about it. Not the case anymore. They have all sold us out

            • Ted, D and R are just different wings of the same bird. I’ve been an independent since I was a teenager. the book that woke me up back in the early 70s was “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen. Another good one is “Tragedy And Hope” by Professor Carroll Quigley. Both books can be read for free online. BTW, Quigley was one of Bill Clinton’s heroes when he was in college. Oh, I forgot, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin is a MUST READ; it tells the story of how the Federal Reserve was created.

        • 1. My ancestors were not fuckin immigrants, they were colonists.

          2. The “native americans” came from Siberia.

          • Acid Etch.

            Everybody comes from somewhere. Hahahahaha! Good one.

        • I have an uncle named Ted McCullough, But I KNOW you AINT Him! LOL, I have decide that islam is a cancer. In CT I worked with an Indian Muslim, and when things happened around the world related to jihad, one could swear he wore a smirk. He and his wife do not practice sharia, they are very westernized. what one would call ‘moderate muslim’. But I now believe there is no such thing. Maybe folks who believe in islam out there who do not practice it, as there are folks who believe in God, but do not pray, or attend church, BUT practicing muslims…..Whether are not they actively participate, their mosques are all interconnected as say the catholic church or southern baptist assn, etc. They support Jihad whether they want to admit it or not.

          I read an article today that one of the major online gun seller s has sole 30,000 AR platform rifles since Sunday. thinking about going to get another myself.

          • Like I said to my son the other day after Obamboozle gave his address on gun control, “If you’re thinking about another AR, best be getting it now.”

          • NPPH

            The problem here is one of trust. The way the Islamic Religion is that if you are not Muslim then your an infidel that should be killed if you do not convert.
            Our fear, which is happening now, is that the Muslims will install Sharia law in our country.
            More and more enter the country and when they feel safe, supported buy the extremist activities, they will join the Jihad.
            Can we live together? That is becoming more and more slimmer by the day.

            So what are the choices?

            We all convert to Islam.
            We fight back and drive them from our soil.
            We kill them.

            I doubt very seriously that Muslims will tell on other Muslims when it involves religion.

            Now I will say that it does not mean anything how it got started. I can see the small terrorist actions.
            Most of all I see where this is all headed if we do nothing.

            We will have to make a decision as to what we need to do. Simple as that.

            Prepare for War.

            • I totally agree. I’ve read about the (?sp) Hadjra. It is civilization jihad. Historically once they are 3% of a populations they start mass actions to push changes of law toward Sharia, and overtake a nation’s system. I learn so much listening to breitbart daily on sirius xm. I’ve not listened to a radio station since I subscribed to sirius last august. These guys are for real investigative journalists exposing the NWO and globalist cabal.

            • Oh, and I have NO trust. I reported an MD to DHS months ago, and they investigated him. He was at work when the FBI showed up to question him. Makes me scratch my head when someone who sits on his lazy ass in the office all day reading documents online written in farsi, and then he strolls into the room where we are busting kidney stones and touches the lithotriper ‘bubble’ (a fluid filled gel bubble that holds the (damn i forget the name of the part) piece that generates the shock waves to bust the kidney stones as he says “you know, terrorist will pay $2 million dollars for that piece in there”. apparently, this piece can be used to detonate a nuclear device. Then one day he proceeded to tell me how he had a $300,000 flouro (xray) machine in storage. WTF? nobody spends that kind of money on an xray machine and puts it in storage.

              • NPPH, same here. I avoid Muslims like HIV. Even when I see them in a supermarket, I get the worst vibes from them. If any of them attack me, they’re history.

      12. Arabs and Jews
        Give me the blues

        Like the 1/2 black, 1/2 white guy vrs. the 1/2 white, 1/2 black guy on Star Trek.
        Destiny and fate- cursed to flow through history with a stranglehold on each other.
        The perfect dichotomy of stupidity and greed in an intertwined dance of death.
        If we are all one being, these two tribes are the ultimate practical joke on ourselves.

      13. Its coming to your neighborhood soon. Question is what are you going to do about it.

        Like I have stated several times. If one of the P.O.S. Jihadies kill or hurt one of my family they will start a WAR that they will beg to die first. Not going to happen. They will die last. No mercy for any of their people. NOT A THREAT IT IS PROMISE!!!! I will answer to God when I see him. I will not answer to man for my actions. SO IF THEY DON’T START THE FIGHT I WON’T HAVE TO FINISH IT. YOU LEAVE ME AND MINE ALONG AND I’LL LEAVE YOURS ALONE. LIVE AND LET LIVE! If not suffer the consequences. Just that simple.

        A.S.M.S. T.T.


        • SGT Dale

          There are plenty of Christian church organizations/outlets, four in my city, that actively help the government to relocate Muslims to our area.

          Yes, the Goody Two Shoes as I call them and I hope the Muslims cut their heads off. It is not them (parents) that will have to put up with Sharia law, but their children will.

          Do you listen to the questions from the audience and from the Muslim in attendance??

          Anyhow we don’t worry about offending Muslims for we are an equal opportunity, (In la community), offending commenters.

          • Anon, the same thing is happening in my area. Just another reason for me not to have anything to do with today’s ALLEGED Christians.

            • Braveheart1776

              To many it may seen that I am heartless to help others. Far from it although I am not as inclined to as much as I was before. Why? Because people are not learning from their mistakes and better yet not learning from other people’s mistakes. There are many good organizations that do good but when they mistakeningly think that their good deeds will change the minds of those devoted to a deceiving religion that afterwards would harm others. Then I do not agree with their outreaching program. Again especially when I have to pay for their mistakes. You do not bring an enemy inside your fortress who is unwilling to make peace..

              • Anon, I’m the same way. I’ve also helped people on occasion, only for them to come back asking for help all over again. I stopped that before it could take root. I won’t pay for other people’s mistakes either. If they’re not willing to learn from their mistakes, then they’re a lost cause in my book.

        • As I recall scripture says we can finish it, just dont start it! Did you get out of the Chicago shit hole yet? I remember you were looking for a place so you could GTFO.

          • “NO”
            I live about 90 miles south & West. have a place to go and a #2 if needed. Have a group of about 45 people in a group that will come together then go to the BOL. We will move as a group of one!

            Looking for a new home in the rolling hills of Tenn.

        • Sarge, BRAVO! Same here.

      14. No sharia on this piece of ground. Leave it over there and you might survive,bring it here and it might be stuffed in deep dark orfices.

        • I am a woman, a mother with grown children. I may not be military material but I WILL fight these Sunzabitches and bathe them in bacon grease after I send them to hell. I can’t believe Obamas ratings went UP after calling for gun control. I can’t believe people are stupid enough to believe hillary when she says Trump caused this. Makes my head want to explode over the lack of education and stupidity. But that’s how communists take over, isn’t it?

          • come on MAC? why moderation? I’ve made 4 posts already no problem!

      15. I read on beforeitsnews.com an article titled, Report Saying CIA Did Orlando Shooting Going Viral. It claims another massacre was set in Santa Monica at a gay pride parade to follow the Orlando event. James Howell was the main person involved with weapons but turned himself in to police because he realized he was to be killed like Marteen, contrary to the planned training he received. No doubt Obama was installed to turn America into a muslim ruled murderous shithole. Wasn’t sharia law instituted in the early 1990s in America by US government decree? Them Guys woke me to that reality.

      16. I watch the video. Everyone should. Good insight into ISLAM and how Muslims think.

        Excellent article Mac. Thanks.

      17. There is a picture making the rounds suggesting that if your local supermarket has a “halal” section (meaning “allowed”), you should toss in a package of bacon.

        Thankfully, I don’t go in any stores that have that section. Actually, they don’t have the room for another meat case. But if they did, I would certainly slip some bacon in.

        • Archivist:

          That slipping in bacon is a protest. OK

          But if you want to protest in a way the store will hear, go put your groceries in a basket and bring them up to the cashier. Let him ring up and bag your groceries, then politely say you changed your mind. Just make sure you pile your cart with items from the “allowed” section.

          This is a nuisance. It doesn’t hurt anyone. After your protest you can choose to boycott or just resume your normal shopping routine. One thousand cuts.

          • B from CA: We should form a huge group of american goys.

            And make up a symbol that is Christian related and one we Can copy right.

            Then do same as the Kosher symbol on Foods and most Every product sold now including renolds wrap alum foil, most every chemical household cleaners, bathroom toilet bowl chems cleanser etc etc…

            Because that kosher symbol agenda has netted Yearly aprox $6-Billion for a handfull of usa rabbis.

            And we too can copycat those rabbis if ANY major Corp producer like nestles and Pepsico et al refuse to Pay Us for rights to place Our Christian symbols upon various foods packages etc eh.

            By copycat them I mean we must Threaten Massive globalwide Boycotts via calls of “Anti-Christians” and “AntiChrists” and “AntiGentiles” mean spirited word weapons as used by the talmudics to force compliance to use their kosher synbols!

            If the 98.5% of americans that are goy gentiles Must Pay an added corporate fee to cover costs of kosher labels on products, as well as Huge yearly fees direct to rabbis such as small mom and pop grocer maybe pays $10,000 per year fee so to stock kosher branded stuff to sell…and large size Kroger stores or wall marts probably pays like $100,000 or more per year fee to rabbis…

            Why is it Not Okay to start same agendas for Us the 98.5% of non kosherized peoples eh?…WE pay xtra for their 1.5% populations religious foods demands so fair IS fair right!

            Hows about a nice Circle or a Square with a Cross in middle of it as Our Paid for synbol or else we do massive Boycotts and Loud proclamations of “AntChrists”!! in front of each store to reject paying Us.

            Now this is a Great $$$ maker idea no?

            and with vast majority in usa claims be christians?…piece of cake to get all on board for a good cause to promote Jesus. And Pay Us too.

            I can visulaize usa jewry now if we did such!…They’d go Balistic and blow gaskets!

            ps: since for close to fifty years now every year many christians hold abortion protests and each fails miserably each time….Maybe My Food Labelings ideas are a far better method of time spent and instead of we pay to protest abortion clinics etc, we will get Paid big cash same as kosher labels do for the rabbis eh..

            Because when folks does exact same thing exact same way over and over, like protest abortion for fifty yrs straight, and expect a different outcome?…That Is a huge sign of Lunacy and idiocy correct?

            • Them Guys:

              Not that I condone it, as a matter of historical record, when we had a rash of murders of abortionists doctors, the abortion industry almost went out of existence. Doctors were quitting left and right. You don’t hear about it much from the MSM.

              With regard to the Kosher tax going to rabies. Don’t think it would fly if Christians tried to emulate the chosen. Unless we could develop a religious diet, which could be a positive move. All nonGMO foods, grassfed beef, Organic, no preservatives, chemicals, you know HEALTHY food. But the chosen would try to get their “fair” share through their phoney ChristianZioChurches. So I think it is a pipe dream that would wind up penalizing the whitey Christian customer. If you could have the guys like Duke, McDonald, and other White Advocates, get their legal teams to prevent that from happening, well maybe. Good luck with that. Congratulations on your entrepreneurial inventiveness. If you start a business, I could use a paycheck, six figures to start. I’ll send you a bill for this initial consultation. ?

      18. The only good sand flea is a dead sand flea. Racist, hater oh go ahead an put in any other descriptor and yes I am. These scum have killed more people over the centuries in the name of their pedophile, goat fucking prophet than anyone else. You can’t trust them, reason with them nor stand near them they stink so bad. Oh that goes for the sand flea in chief and his cronies. For those who will follow the liberal scum meisters who will start a shooting war, is your life really worth what they want if so don’t whine when you get a 308 enema.
        Oh yea muslimes you whine about the goats you rape and how you need to force others to rape the same goats or you will kill them. Don’t forget you assholes, every time you have challenged us we have stomped you into the dirt. It is only the cowards an traitors in DC and the left that saves your asses by preventing our guys from tearing you apart. In the future moderate, ass kisser, hard core muslimes, when it starts you will all be eradicated like the vermin you are for we know that cowards like you will rape and kill our women, children if we let you continue to pollute the air with your toxic breath.

        • I like the way you think,
          To hell with rules of engagement

        • Nam, I agree. No muzzie tells me what to do. If muzzie comes to me with his jihad BS, muzzie gets one-way ticket to hell. No rules of engagement for me, either.

        • Nam redux. Dammit I thought goat fuckin bastards was my sayin. I am just too slow Happy Father’s Day and to all who still have their dads I’m envious. Cherish the time with them. Gotta get finished with chicken coop expansion.

      19. The PTB need to just stop dicking around and pull the EMP switch. It’s time to just deal with this event that’s coming. The stress of not knowing when is just getting old. The PTB need to just grow a pair and pull the plug to bring all these stupid hand held gizmos to their demise. Just do it gov’t. You know you it, so DO it and let’s mop up and carry on.

      20. Nam redux, welcome to the board… good one..


        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        Molon labe you jihadist. Come and take me if you can.

      21. Mac writes, “A recent survey indicates that some 50% of Muslims living in America would prefer that the United States Constitution be replaced with Sharia – an archaic, non-tolerant, violent set of laws that have no place in the modern world.”

        What is the recent survey? Sounds like hogwash.

        Give 20 minutes: The real lesson on Islam.


        James Quinn make so many generalizations it’s just sickening.
        Thank you for keeping your ideas tolerant, Quinn. It’s one thing to tell people to be smart, to look out for themselves and to protect themselves. It’s another thing to spread fear and hatred while being intolerant and shrouding yourself in this self-righteous cloak of “making America great again” or “protecting America.”

        James Quinn has his own agenda to pedal and it’s not one that’s in favor of solving problems. He’s feeding off of them. Humanitarian responsibility? The way he puts forth his ideas is despicable, denigrating, patronizing and rude. There are better ways to fix problems and they involve education and dialogue.

        • Pew did the study. 26% say they have no objection to suicide bombing targets in US. 90, 95, and ?91% of muslims in Irag, Afthanistan and Pakistan believe Sharia law should be ultimate law. Period. They make up a MAJORITY of migrants to America who follow Islam. Check out Breitbart dot com They have a professor Sebastian Gorka on staff. He is chair of Military Theory at the Marine Corps University. He says obammy is an idiot more or less. He doesn’t come right out and say Obama knows exactly what he’s doing, but he lays it out for you. you can search their page for his name and find numerous articles.

        • Sm. No disrespect but I have numerous friends and or family all over the us and these Muslims are all about turning over our laws and traditions. At my wife’s place of employment when 9/11 happened the Muslim docs were seen high fiving each other. One currently has a warrant out for him beating the shit out of his wife and funneling money overseas to Syria. They are winning elections in liberal cities and they have already started their pro Muslim / fuck USA agenda. Fear monger ing? Hell yes. Get educated about a threat and know your enemy

        • SM, okay where is YOUR proof that Mac’s number is askew?
          How many shooting or deaths of Americans by Muslim extremists should occur to make you consider that something is wrong here. I’m not taking up for Mac, he’s a big boy. Just like to know what your angle appears to be.

        • SM

          You should become a Muslim.

        • “There are better ways to fix problems and they involve education and dialogue.”

          With Muslims?


        • um, your a fucking idiot actually lol
          you cannot solve an islam thing it is what It is asshole
          read the Koran and Talmud and etc and um form an opinion based on what the POCB wish you to ,and then really read those topics? and um after you get very being pissed off understand that they will move in the direction that is abominable and that is why it doesn’t work . whatever bitch

        • SM, uh, who’s fantasy world do you come from?

      22. Yeah… that damn Islam… developed and used nukes, not under constant attack, started WWI and WWII, not patsies o start wars, attacked the USS liberty, installed communism to dozens of countries which in turned murdered 100s of millions of their people, overthrew their own democracies, waged war across the world for the last 100 years, they control banking and education and politics and federal money supplies and the press in most industrialized countries, took down WTC7 with just their pure evil, poison our water and food, made GMOs, finances big pharma, biggest lobbyists in America, run the fed reserve, made us go to war with them so we get could cheaper oil and opiates, do mass surveillance on the world, and by golly the reason the sun will destroy earth in millions of years… damn you!

      23. Well this religion was started by a guy who married his niece, who was I believe something like 9 years old. I have always felt that Mohammed,(Piss be unto him), should be more properly regarded not as the prophet of Islam but as the very pimp of Islam. If I created a “religion” blond or red haired people would be considered the very children of God,with fried shrimp,fried scallops, and steamed lobster being considered as holy foods.
        The dodge challenger with the hell cat engine and 707 hp would be the holy vehicle.

      24. For all of the people who are religious, and want to get to the bosom of God or Allah or who ever, why dont they just shoot themselves? I mean if you really want to get to heaven and all of those wonderful virgins ect? Next there is faith,why prep if your so sure of your God? Why not just sit back and feel secure that your God will provide for and protect you? And when it comes to faith in a higher power, have you ever heard of someone standing in the path of an on coming car, saying that God will save them ? (And no I dont mean by jumping aside when the car gets too close). In the London zoo there have been two times where men who were influenced by religious mania actually got into the lions enclosure while carrying a Bible turned to the book of Daniel, ( and having pure faith that God would protect them). They both died of their injuries, although the lions did enjoy the encounter. So I submit to you ladies and gentlemen that while religion is good, God did give us a brain for a reason.

      25. Happy Father’s Day.

      26. Let’s get real…all forms of religion has caused suffering and pain throughout history at one time or another.
        “Religion is an insult to human dignity. Without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” -Steven Weinberg

        Aztecs were estimated to have “sacrificed” 300K-1.5M for their form of religion.

        Spanish Inquisition:
        “One of the first accounts of the Inquisition came from a former Spanish secretary to the Inquisition named Juan Antonio Llorente (1756–1823). According to Llorente, the total number of “heretics” burned at the stake during the Spanish Inquisition totaled nearly 32,000. Llorente adds that another 300,000 were put on trial and forced to do penance (cf. Cecil Roth, The Spanish Inquisition [W. W. Norton, 1964; reprint, 1996], 123).”

        Death toll from the war on terror, a Muslim vs. Christian war…
        “Published in March by Physicians for Social Responsibility, the study, conducted by a team that included some Nobel Prize winners, determined that at least 1.3 million people have died as a result of war since Sept.11, 2001, but the real figure might be as high as two million. The study was an attempt to “close the gaps” in existing research, including studies like the Iraq Body Count,” which puts the number of violent deaths in that country at about 219,000 since 2003, based on media reports of the time period.”

        • yes, but only islam is today, in the 21st century; encouraging its followers to kills others that are not Islamic, kill jews because they are jewish, allow husbands to beat their wives, treat wives as slaves and property, allow female genital mutuilation rates of up to 90% in some countries.

          and what is crhistianity doing today ? establishing hosipitals all over the world, sending food and water and medical relief all over the world.

          I’d say there’s a clear distinction.

          • Lena…
            “and what is Christianity doing today ?” Christianity has perpetuated a 15+ year continuous war in the mid East. The primary reason the Muslims are migrating to the US and Europe is the discord created by the ongoing war.

            “establishing hosipitals all over the world, sending food and water and medical relief all over the world.” The reason for this is not entirely humanitarian. It’s to gain a foothold in Muslim or other religious countries and spread Christianity. Once again, causing discord and resentment in these countries which is fueling terrorist attacks etc….IMHO.

            • rednek101

              Do I detect the presence of Goody Two Shoe’s

              “The reason for this is not entirely humanitarian. It’s to gain a foothold in Muslim or other religious countries and spread Christianity. Once again, causing discord and resentment in these countries which is fueling terrorist attacks etc….IMHO.”

              Plus 10 Rednek101.
              You see, then the rest of us has to pay for their arrogance and stupidity. Then you have the politicians that want to save the third world. Well they have their God, Allah and have been living in a third world tribal existence for an eternity. Leave them the fuck alone.

            • “Once again, causing discord and resentment in these countries which is fueling terrorist attacks etc….IMHO.”

              The Saudi’s are unwilling to take Syrian refugees. Personally I don’t think the west should take them but then again I wouldn’t be instigating a civil war in Syria either. I wouldn’t deal with them, but to blame western help in the absence of Islamic help and its effect justifying terrorism is is at a minimum intellectually immoral.

              • Kevin2

                There are places in the world that just having a bible in your procession can get your head chopped off. Missionary’s give them out to try to make converts because they want to please their God. Knowing full well the consequences that the recipient could face.
                That is intellectually immoral.

      27. Two good articles at veteranstoday titled, Big Trick Hybrid Op at Orlando or just another Sandy Hoax? and, Exclusive: Orlando Killer CIA and We Can Prove it. I read that false flags are legal in the US. Of course they are!

      28. Western leadership are fools, they may be socialists and communists too; but they are still fools.

        Allowing any enemy like islam have the ability to fight with more than rocks and sticks, even if that leaves them so poor that their own people starve in their streets; is just allowing them to eventually conquer you and subject you as slaves or however they mean to.

        Europe is done. only England, finland, Sweden and Norway have a chance to reverse things because of the geographic boundaries give it time to counter.

        hopefully the usa will see the horrifics enough in the daily news, and it will be hoorible on a daily basis at some point; that it saves itself.

        If you thought the usa had a problem of losing the white majority; I think that’s got a potential to reverse as a whole lots of Europeans are looking at the usa and Canada as safe zones today; I guarantee it.

      29. Hello dear Americans. I’m posting here due to my total frustration of NOT being able to make any anti-EU comments in the UK. Today I was told that I was no longer able to post on any of the associated press websites as I have permanently gone against the “Community Guidelines” SERIOUSE! I say, God bless Mac and his FREESPEECH website. God Bless America.

      30. Thank you Mac for a place to post what we are thinking out loud. FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS PRECIOUSE. Value it whilst you can.

        • AGENT, sorry about your loss of freedoms. We are commiserating with you.
          Several here have talked of being banned from commenting on mainstream news sites also. Our freedoms are eroding before our eyes also.

        • SKINHEAD, amen to thanking Mac for this place.
          We will NOT realize how great this is, until it is no more.
          I have learned alot of things here, and still hang mostly for the comments.
          Brit Floyd was awesome, killer vodeo and laser show.
          And no crazy fookers ran in with AKs and mowed people down. Excellent night in my book.
          Thanks, Mac…

      31. http://www.raymondibrahim.com/2016/05/25/radical-vs-moderate-islam-a-muslim-view/

        “Radical” vs. “Moderate” Islam: A Muslim View
        May 25, 2016 by Raymond Ibrahim
        Originally published by the Gatestone Institute

        [I’ve said for months now that the “moderate v. extremist” dichotomy is false, that is serves no useful purpose but keeps the discussion centered in a futile place.

        It’s nice to see some unassailable confirmation.

        Ibrahim has scholarly credentials in Islam. Erdogan is the PM of Turkey
        .Ayatollah Tabatabaeinejad is an Islamic scholar. Dr. Ibrahim Khadr wrote the comparisons in an Arabic langauge magazine.

        If you have a problem with the EXPERT OPINIONS presented, take it up with THEM.

        After his recent electoral victory, it emerged that Sadiq Khan, London’s first Muslim mayor, had described moderate Muslim groups as “Uncle Toms”—a notorious racial slur used against blacks perceived to be subservient to whites, or, in this context, Muslims who embrace “moderate Islam” as a way of being subservient to the West.

        “The term ‘moderate Islam’ is ugly and offensive. There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam.”
        Turkish PM Recep Erdogan

        One of Iran’s highest clerics apparently shares the same convictions.  After asserting that “revolutionary Islam is the same as pure Muhammadan Islam,” Ayatollah Tabatabaeinejad recently declared:

        Some say our Islam is not revolutionary Islam, but we must say to them that non-revolutionary Islam is the same as American Islam. Islam commands us to be firm against the enemies and be kind and compassionate toward each other and not be afraid of anything….
        According to AB News Agency, “Ayatollah Tabatabaeinejad stated that revolutionary Islam is this same Islam. It is the Islam that is within us that can create changes. The warriors realized that Islam is not just prayers and fasting, but rather they stood against the enemies in support of Islam.”

        How many Muslims share these convictions, one from a Sunni living (and now governing) in London, the other from a Shia living and governing in the Middle East?


      32. ISLAM IS BAD. Americans need to eradicate ALL ISLAMISTS at ALL cost… WAR IS COSTLY.

      33. Who did Barbara learner specter . Say was responsible for this is Europe . Who pushed through the 1968 immigration act . Jacob javits. Same tribe? Are the Muslims being used by the tribe to destroy the Cristian’s ? Isn’t it obvious.

      34. FUCK Islam. FUCH ALL ISLAMISTS. Don’t let them settle in the USA. Islam is totally BAD.

        • Hi Agent. How ya doin?

          We in Iowa for funeral of my most favorite Aunt.

          God bless you and keep you for His very own.

      35. If I had a decent internet connection I would surely answer some of this religious garbage being spewed today.

        But I don’t. So, you folks get a break from this Bible thumper.

      36. The present resident of a white house is culpable for many smelly indecent shenanigans.

      37. I all lost?

        It is spring, 1942. There has been a string of losses and unmitigated disasters against the Japanese after Pearl Harbor, who now control almost everything in the Pacific outside of Australia and New Zealand, from near the border of India to Indonesia to some of the Alaskan Aleutian islands. The Brits have just lost their main battleships the Repulse and the Prince of Wales a few months earlier, a number of US carriers have been lost, and Wake Island – which is really an extension of the Hawaii islands in many ways – has been taken, despite a heroic defense by US Marines.

        Does this perhaps remind you of today, with a similar string of losses to the crony bankers (think 2008 bailout or the bail-in legislation being passed in many jurisdictions now, or Obama accomplice Jon “Sorry, I lost your $1.6 billion dollars” Corzine), the Alinksy/Frankfurt School/Fabian socialists and their unmitigated hubris? Or perhaps you may be reminded of the de facto ownership of the lamestream media by the radical left (think Richard Salant, former president of CBS News stating “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have”), or the education system being almost totally controlled by today’s Common Core Comrades (in the US, with similar initiatives around the world), in league with their post-secondary Bolshevik buddies in the PC thought & speech police patrolling university campuses. Or my favorite oppressors, the radical homosexual Nazi Brownshirts and their judicial Kristallnachts against mom and pop bakeries, florists and photographers. I needn’t go on: the story is all to familiar to the informed reader.

        But, back to 1942 and that string of earlier losses. Although most of America and the West is so dumbed down they have no idea who George Washington is, and think that Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife, a few of you just may remember Jimmy Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo during that historical period when the West had enough losses in train to make last year’s NFL’s Cleveland Browns look good by comparison. For those that actually do know about the raid, what did it accomplish? All historians agree, it caused “negligible damage.” Perhaps many of you feel this is quite similar today to our emails, blogs and letters to the editor… “negligible damage” to anything significant.

        But one thing you may not know: Doolittle’s attack – little more than a minor pinprick if even that, and conducted in the bitter dark days of defeat – led to the understanding by the Japanese militarists that the Emperor could in no wise ever be at any risk again, under any circumstances, and this attack caused them to pull back some of their forces to protect against any further possible attacks. In fact, enough Japanese forces were held back that the US was able to hold its own at the Battle of the Coral Sea, then go on the offensive at Guadalcanal, and finally achieve a stunning victory at Midway.

        So… what does this have to do with us bloggers today? Exactly this: By creativity, inventiveness stick-to-it-ivness, courage (Doolittle thought he would be court-martialed if he lost all his planes), ingenuity and belief in the rightness of their cause, Doolittle started an unanticipated reaction that began the first of a thousand later steps that led to the defeat of the forces of the Japanese militarists. A similar story could be told about the RAF pilots during the Battle of Britain, which stemmed the onrushing side of the National Socialists in Germany, allowing the side of truth and justice to get up off the mat at the count of nine, and finally fight through to victory. I was, as Churchill said about his RAF boys (and could be said of Doolittle’s flyers) “their finest hour.”

        I don’t know who the Doolittle against the leftist forces of oppression will be today. But it will be someone. And while it may not be me, I hope this letter is at least the equivalent of the person who was turning the screws to build Doolittle’s B-25s in the factory. One know one thing: That day where the forces of Mordor fall will come. Our ideas are simply better than theirs, and the side of darkness – as was the case in Nazi Germany – seems to only be held in place by a patch work of oppression, judicial farce (sorry, Bill and Hillary but the rest of us do know what the meaning of “is” is) and outright lies (ClimateGate, anyone?).

        Our finest hours will be found among you that don’t give up when all seems to be lost. May God grant me the courage to be one of these people.

        • Test.

          We shall soon see if this nation survives.

        • TEST, that is one of your best posts ever. BTW, I had a relative who was in the Phillipines when the Japanese attacked. He avoided the Bataan Death March and escaped to the jungles with other troops to wage guerrilla warfare against the Japs. He survived the war. I’ve got a pair of Japanese military binoculars he gave me when he was on his death bed a few years ago. They were made by a Japanese company called Nikko before the war. He took them from a dead Jap army officer. They’re 7x49mm and still work as good as ever. That same company after the war became NIKON. I’ve always used Nikon optics and swear by them. I had a Nikon 35mm camera way back in the day and never any issues with it. I will also be one of the people you mentioned. I won’t give up.

      38. Open season on anyone of color soon.

        The LIBERTY TREE will soon be watered! Prepare for war.

        • WTF is the matter with you?

        • Infidel-2: If you open fire on any innocent person regardless of a color, religion or any other differences, I’ll shot you starting in the foot and slowly going up.

          You are a fucking psycho and no difference between you and those ISIS head choppers.

          Now go and fuck yourself you peace of shit.

      39. Articles like this are feeding inevitable right-wing terrorism. If Hillary is elected, she’ll need to double her Secret Service staff. There is almost no question that some conservadope is going to snap and try to sling some lead at her.

      40. The biggest mass killers in history have all been non-white and non-European. While Hitler and Stalin led to the deaths of many millions, it still didn’t surpass Mao, Imperial Japan, Ghengis Khan, Mohamed etc. Interestingly, the biggest mass killers in peacetime America have also all been non-white, non-European (Orlando, 9/11, black and hispanic drug gangs etc.). Timothy McVey and General Custer do not come close to the number killed by drug gangs.

        Yet, 99% of complaints about history and its death toll are directed towards white Europeans. Would that be because there is an agenda to reduce the world’s white European population? It certainly seems to be working, as the percentage of white Europeans in the world population shrinks by the day and they become a minority group in most European cities.

        Perspective is a bitch…

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