The Strange Death of Conservatism

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    This article was originally published by Daniel McAdams at The Ron Paul Institute.

    You can tell that the establishment is getting nervous when in just the last month we see a grand effort to “re-invent” conservatism launched by the same kinds of ideologues who destroyed conservatism, and we see a new venture promising to promote a new foreign policy that turns away from “endless war and toward vigorous diplomacy in the pursuit of international peace” that just happens to be co-funded by an individual among those most responsible for pushing endless war and color revolutions overseas.

    First, the much-ballyhooed conference on “National Conservatism” this week brings to mind Pat Buchanan’s seminal 1992 Republican convention speech when he spoke of radical Democrats pretending to be centrists as one of the greatest examples of cross-dressing in history. In this case, we have many of the old re-treads from the failed Republican administrations of the past (especially Dub-yuh’s) telling us in ideological drag that they have an amazing new product to sell us called “we must fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here” and “what would we do without our greatest Middle East allies, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey?”

    Gosh, we haven’t heard that before! Where’s my checkbook?

    Of course, actual national conservative Pat Buchanan would have been given a police escort out of the building had he dared show his face at this conference on “national conservatism.” No, the event was put on by the hilariously misnamed “Edmund Burke Foundation” led by ex-executive director of Christians United for Israel, David Brog, whose concept of nationalism, as an American, seems pretty…confused.

    Likewise, the breathless announcement of a new foreign policy think tank lavishly funded by what we are told are weltanschauung’s Felix and Oscar, George Soros and Charles Koch, promises to pour us old wine in beautiful new bottles. The “Quincy Institute” – named after our wise sixth president who left us with the pearl that we should not go abroad seeking monsters to destroy – has given even many libertarians the fevers. Money does that.

    But hey – no sour grapes from us! The non-interventionist water is fine and we would love to see the Quincies all jump in! In fact, many are our friends and collaborators.

    But when a major donor to one of the most interventionist think tanks, the Atlantic Council, tells us he is going to also finance non-interventionism at the same time, we really can’t help but smell a little Lenin in the air…

    We are not dismayed by these efforts, even as they attract so much attention in the mainstream media (“Zowie!! Far-Right Koch joining with far-Left Soros – what strange bedfellows!”) and so much money among the moneyed. They are not competition. We promote non-interventionism, not sometimes-interventionism.

    Yes, of course, there is the danger that an inauthentic version of our philosophy is given credence by the chattering class as a way of limiting the acceptable space for debate. If these re-tread ventures are accepted as the pure representation of a Hegelian reaction to hyper-interventionism then our actual opposition to the current driving philosophy of US foreign policy finds itself in danger of temporarily having slightly less traction.

    But as Ron Paul always says, not even armies can stop an idea whose time has come. And the time has not come for “intervention lite” or for the absurd view that America should be a global sheriff, not a global cop (what does that even mean?). By the way, that latter admonition comes from “National Conservatism” conference speaker Clifford May, whose “Foundation for the Defense of Democracies” is among those organizations most responsible for destroying conservatism in the first place.

    (BTW – Don’t miss Paul Gottfried’s excellent “Hazony Baloney” on the conference)

    What killed conservatism? The fact that it became a craven ploy to fleece the “rubes” in fly-over country instead of a movement to make the case for limited government and a pro-America (i.e. non-interventionist) foreign policy. In other words, the original conservatism of, among others, Sen. Robert Taft. But every new stirring, every creative idea was pounced upon by the direct-mailers as a way to become stinking rich by doing nothing. Ron Paul’s beautiful Tea Party became Dick Armey’s eight million dollar severance package from the organization that hijacked the movement and turned it fully neocon. It’s robbery and it’s indecent – and the muggers are still out there waiting for their next mark. So if they have to paste some new lipstick on this pig of their making, they are more than happy to do so.

    Do you want something actually different? Join us in Washington next month for the Ron Paul Institute’s annual conference! We will be “breaking Washington’s Addiction to war” instead of just offering it a needle exchange program.

    Why make all that effort to join together next month? How about this: Among our amazing line-up of speakers will be one of the most important voices of antiwar conservatism, former US Representative John Duncan Jr.!!! That’s right! A great opportunity to hear real, authentic conservatism from one of its most important proponents of our time! No sloppy seconds!

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      1. Are we talking about fiscal conservatism, cultural conservatism, to conserve something historical or not to sell some priceless resource away? Almost never.

        Patriotic people want this massive pep rally, without respect to policy, and participation trophies, without respect to who is participating. Civic nationalism has no meaning, where there are no right, wrong, or traditions, to measure it by.

        So, the jihad squad, gate crashers, and shemale story hour think they are activists, in good faith. Why not, if it’s a catchall.

      2. More than one way to skin a cat. Those 3ews are always trying to subvert the USA military to do their bidding. They also are behind the immigration they want to breed the white race to extinction. And They where behind the Russia witch hunt. #ew wiesman was the real authoe of the mueler Report and he hired a pletoria of 3ew Trump hating killory supporters to conduct the investigation. And Yet President Trump still supports Isreal and kisses 3ews asses????

        • Can you think of a plausible, everyday example, in which someone observing Biblical law be would be subject to subversion?

      3. -comment censored-
        Hornets Make Bad Bed Mates
        Ticks and Fleas in bedding make for poor sleep
        Pass the bucket of beers. It is 5 Oclock somewhere.
        Lawn chair at ready. Umbrella required for noon sun.

        Wake up you sleepy head.
        Open your eyes. its not a dream.
        We are All in a Real Nightmare.
        Bankers did it again. Circling the drain are we are you.
        Bye Bye middle class.
        Beast System is NOW. Today.
        -AI-Robots-Facial Recog-5g-Stasi Police State-DNA sniffers
        Analytics Telematics Nuero Plasticity Distraction FOMO Deception Delusion Distraction Reaction

        Whatever happened to HCKS? Hurricane FEMA camped?
        Or did he find a girlfriend?

        Are you confused reader rue rue? Me too. Lunch time. Village has called for their Idiot. So Time for I to go back to work. Hope to get that retirement watch. Hope it is Timex with twist o flex band. Save piece of stale cake.


      4. Watch for it. I predict Koch and Soros’ new think tank, the Quincy Institute, will focus on policies intended to “spread democracy” to Venezuela as one of it’s first major objectives. Why? Because Koch owns much of the GOM refinery capacity in Texas that is set up for heavy crude just like that in the Orinoco Belt. He needs the inputs and he wants them cheap. As Mr. McAdams says, Soros is famous for color revolutions and coups. Since the recent coup attempts by Abrams and Bolton and their puppet Guaido have failed, a new partnership and a new look at the “problem” is required.

        The US government has not given up on overthrowing Maduro yet. The Treasury has just levied more sanctions on the Venezuelan program that subsidizes food for the people. Can’t overthrow them? Starve the people out. A hungry belly leads to unrest.

      5. Real conservatism died in the 1950s. With the advent of women’s lib, gay rights, black rights etc. It was never possible again to have real conservatism (hell, we live in a world where drag queens roll around the floor with children and this is called school).

        Because conservatism was dead they substituted corporatism.

        Corporatism does not care for values and is just about profit. And it works really well at that.

        A corporation does not care what you do with that butt plug as long as it is their butt plug. That is why wars are just about profit and anyone who joins up out of patriotism is being taken for a fool.

        On the plus side corporatism is way easier to deal with than religion, or family values etc. Conservatives used to do horrible things to their children and claim it was in their best interest. Beatings were normal, fathers would sexually abuse daughters because daddy was the power man, and don’t even try and be gay because that was the end of your association with the family.

        As weird as it sometimes can get, consensual relationships are better.

      6. when the time comes the white folks are not going to get on the train to the FEMA camps and go peaceably like the jjeewwss did, they are going to start shooting and shoot for a long time.

      7. Maybe, conservatism died with Smedley, the first beatniks, and when country music was about bastardy and other vices.

      8. Conservative isn’t exactly Constitutionalist. Libertarian is closer to Constitutionalist. Conservatives tend to desire to pick and choose through the Bill Of Rights. Often they fence sit with the Neo-cons. Liberal / Progressives on the other hand use the Bill Of Rights as a tool proclaiming the validity in excess of parts out of intent while not just ignoring but outright attacking other parts not fitting their goal. Libertarians support the Bill Of Rights in its entirety and let the chips fall where they may. An example is gay marriage, the nemesis of Conservatives, the core belief of Progressives while Libertarians believe government shouldn’t be involved in marriage period gar or straight.

        • K2,
          “An example is gay marriage, the nemesis of Conservatives, the core belief of Progressives while Libertarians believe government shouldn’t be involved in marriage period gar or straight.”
          The Federal government has no constitutional business in State contract law.
          Marriage is a State contract. Wife and I had to get a license. Our contract was Notarized.( I’m a guy, been married to a woman for over 41 years) The only thing the Federal government can do is ensure is what legal and licensed in one state has to be recognized as legal in another. I’m really curious why that doesn’t apply to to concealed carry gun licenses.
          I suppose that would be expecting Democrats to think, critically,
          since Democrats are only clever but not smart, I would not hold my breath.

          • rellik

            No argument from me, I agree. The 10th Amendment spells out that if the Federal Government doesn’t have the power its up to the states or the people.

            “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”

            The Full Faith And Credit Clause.

            Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.

            ARTICLE IV, SECTION 1

            Where to start? The overstepping of government by redefining words like Full, Shall, Shall Not and my personal favorite Infringed makes a mockery of the Bill Of Rights and US Constitution.

            Here the 4th

            Amendment IV

            The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

            Anything unclear about the above?

      9. Thanks Daniel McAdams. SOROS & KOCH, interesting.

        Fiscally, the idiots in Congress refuse to spend money responsibly. Rand Paul & Mike Lee were demonized for asking their colleagues to cut spending somewhere else prior to passing the 9-11 FIRST RESPONDERS RELIEF Bill. Mike Lee & Rand Paul supported the concept but were trying to make the idiots follow their own previously passed guidelines. Lying congress-critters & the MAIN STREAM MEDIA demonized Lee & Paul as if they didn’t support the relief fund.

      10. Should do an article on the strange death of SHTFplan site…..

        • Agree. Sad to see what was years ago.
          And now what it is today.
          Much like my city has failed. Years ago Dallas was Texas. Today? No native Texans are here. Damn few. India-China-Mexican-Africa, all have taken over.
          The worse are the Californians. They are a disease, Maybe like Locusts? They destroy everyplace they go. After they destroyed California they came here. They will destroy Texas, make it dysfunctional like California, and then go somewhere else to make it communist. Texas is over immigrated by foriegners, out bred, has been Totally taken over by foreigners.

          Civil War monuments that have been standing in public parks for over 100 years are now Removed.
          That is part of communism. They rip out all history. Then they tell a lie. keep repeating a lie. Make up all the political correct nonsense. They replace the culture with PC communist ideology.

          Police are being charged for shooting criminals guilty of theft, stealing truck, running away, driving towards other cops. The criminal was an illegal Mexican who has no right to even be on USA soil. No I do NOT mourn the criminals death.

          If a Police has gun in my face. Has drop on me. Says I’m under arrest. I’m NOT going to try to run them down with a truck. The gig is up. Live like an outlaw. Pay the price. Take your licks. Don’t be violent stupid. And don’t whine if you get shot while being stupid.

          But an ignorant criminal illegal criminal Mexican citizen tries to run, run over cops. And people cry foul. Why? WTF? At one time in Texas a man had a right to defend himself. Especially if given a badge. Today? Criminals cry foul. Media mob descends. Cop is charged with a crime for stopping criminal.

          What is going on? Texas is now insane. People have literally lost their mind and common sense.
          Black female from Detroit now heads Dallas PD. Result 100+ murders so far. She has brought Detroit policy and now the Detroit crime is result.
          Yet the woman keeps her job? Why?

          Texas is being lost. Overun. Outbred. Texans are being immigrated out of exsistance. Guess this is why leftist communist are so against border security. That is their plan. To marginalize patriotic Americans. They hate America.

          Town I am from is now ALL Mexican. Once elderly died off. Only Mexicans moved in. many are on welfare. Also the county had to build a new jail because of crime the Mexicans brought with.

          In the UK, Brits are being imprisoned for reporting the news. UK natives charged if they dare speak out against the criminal muslim invasion ALLOWED by the UK politicians.

          Truth no longer allowed. Just political correct idiocy. Like you said. The site here is on life support. Censorship makes people find another sandbox. Or maybe they are now in FEMA rededucation camps? Or dead? Communist ALWAYS use Genocide and famine as weapon.

          Is your city,county,state, also being taken over by foreigners?

          This comment likely censored. Thinking and discussion now Verbotten.

      11. Why are Reserves being deployed?
        Not enough Regulars?
        Thanks wierdo liberal homo pukes.

      12. I have said for years Soros and the Koch brothers have the same agenda, that they were just using different parties to gain their objective. Screw everyone but themselves.

        • “… they were just using different parties to gain their objective. Screw everyone but themselves.”

          This is a reasonable explanation, because both parties have switched places, or completely disregarded their historical platforms.

          D or R is just a pigeonhole or catchall, like a junk drawer.

          For those who get something out of this, or whichever pyramid scheme or book club, if you get something out of this, idc.

          I will ask you partisans, reading, what I get out of it, though. “Screw everyone but myself.” Hope this helps. You’re welcome.

          imo, the opportunists have some logical reason to exist, even if it’s just vulgar materialism. Better a triumphalist than a masochist.

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