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The Soviet Union Is Gone, but the Young Yearn for Socialism

Richard M. Ebeling
August 20th, 2021
The American Institute for Economic Research
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This article was originally published by Richard M. Ebeling at The American Institute for Economic Research. 

This August marks the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union. During August 19-21, 1991, hardline members of the Soviet Communist Party and the KGB attempted a coup d’état in Moscow to prevent the political and economic reforms introduced over the prior five years from going any further. The coup failed, and on Christmas Eve, 1991, the Soviet Union was dissolved and disappeared from the political map of the world.

The events of those days are especially imprinted on my mind because I was in Moscow at the time, watching and, indeed, even participating in those August 1991 events. Frequently traveling to the Soviet Union on privatization and market reform consulting work, especially in the, now, former Soviet republic of Lithuania and in Moscow, I witnessed the failed coup attempt and its immediate aftermath.

The Soviet regime had ruled Russia and the other 14 component republics of the U.S.S.R. for nearly 75 years, since the Bolshevik Revolution in November 1917 led by Vladimir Lenin and his communist cadre of Marxist followers. During that almost three-quarters of a century, first under Lenin and especially Joseph Stalin and then their successors, historians have estimated that upwards of 64 million people – innocent, unarmed men, women, and children – died at the hands of the Soviet regime in the name of building the “bright, beautiful future” of socialism.

Mass Murder and Slave Labor Under Soviet Socialism

The forced collectivization of the land under Stalin in the early 1930s, alone, is calculated to have cost the lives of nine to twelve million Russian and Ukrainian peasants and their families who resisted the loss of their private farms and being forced into state collective farms that replaced them. Some were simply shot; others were tortured to death or sent to die as slave laborers in the concentration and labor camps in Siberia or Soviet Central Asia known as the GULAG. Millions were slowly starved to death by a government-created famine designed to force submission to the central planning dictates of Stalin and his henchmen.

Millions of others were rounded up and sent off to those prison and labor camps as part of the central plan for forced industrial and mineral mining development of the far reaches of the Soviet Union. In the 1930s and 1940s, Stalin’s central plans would include quotas for how many of the “enemies of the people” were to be arrested and executed in every city, town and district in the Soviet Union. In addition, there were quotas for how many were to be rounded up as replacements for those who had already died in the GULAG working in the vast wastelands of Siberia, northern European Russia and Central Asia. (See my article, “The Human Cost of Socialism in Power.”)

By the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s the Soviet system had become increasingly corrupt, stagnant, and decrepit under a succession of aging Communist Party leaders whose only purpose was to hold on to power and their special privileges. In 1986 a much younger man, Mikhail Gorbachev, who had worked his way up in the Party hierarchy, was appointed to the leading position of General Secretary of the Communist Party of the U.S.S.R.

Gorbachev’s Attempt to Save Socialism

Gorbachev believed that the Soviet Union had taken several serious wrong turns in the past. But he was not an opponent of socialism or its Marxist-Leninist foundations. He wanted a new “socialism-with-a-human-face.” His goal was a “kinder and gentler” communist ideology, so to speak. He truly believed that the Soviet Union could be saved, and with it a more humane collectivist alternative to Western capitalism.

To achieve this end, Gorbachev had introduced two reform agendas: First, perestroika, a series of economic changes meant to admit the mistakes of heavy-handed central planning. State enterprise managers were to be more accountable, small private businesses would be permitted and fostered, and Soviet companies would be allowed to form joint ventures with selected Western corporations. Flexibility and adaptability would create a new and better socialist economy.

Second, glasnost, political “openness,” under which the political follies of the past would be admitted and the formerly “blank pages” of Soviet history – especially about the “crimes of Stalin” – would be filled in. Greater historical and political honesty, it was said, would revive the moribund Soviet ideology and renew the Soviet people’s enthusiastic support for the reformed and redesigned bright socialist future.

However, over time the more hardline and “conservative” members of the Soviet leadership considered all such reforms as opening a Pandora’s Box of uncontrollable forces that would undermine the Soviet system. They had already seen this happen in the outer ring of the Soviet Empire in Eastern Europe.

The Beginning of the End in Eastern Europe

In 1989 Gorbachev had stood by as the Berlin Wall, the symbol of Soviet imperial power in the heart of Europe, had come tumbling down, and the Soviet “captive nations” of Eastern Europe – East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria – that Stalin had claimed as conquered booty at the end of the Second World War, began to free themselves from communist control and Soviet domination. (See my article, “The History and Meaning of the Berlin Wall”.)

The Soviet hardliners were now convinced that a new political treaty that Gorbachev was planning to sign with Boris Yeltsin, president of the Russian Soviet Federative Republic and Nursultan Nazarbayev, president of the Soviet republic of Kazakhstan, would mean the end of the Soviet Union itself.

Already, the small Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania were reasserting the national independence they had lost in 1939-1940, as a result of Stalin and Hitler’s division of Eastern Europe. Violent, and murderous Soviet military crackdowns in Lithuania and in Latvia in January 1991 had failed to crush the budding democratic movements in those countries. Military methods had also been employed, to no avail, to keep in line the Soviet republics of Georgia and Azerbaijan. (See my article, “Witnessing Lithuania’s 1991 Fight for Freedom from Soviet Power”.)

Communist Conspirators for Soviet Power

On August 18, 1991, the hardline conspirators tried to persuade Gorbachev to reverse his planned political arrangements with the Russian Federation and Soviet Kazakhstan. When he refused he was held by force in a summer home he was vacationing at in the Crimea on the Black Sea.

Early on the morning of August 19, the conspirators issued a declaration announcing their takeover of the Soviet government. A plan to capture and possibly kill Boris Yeltsin failed. Yeltsin eluded the kidnappers and made his way to the Russian parliament building from his home outside Moscow. Military units loyal to the conspirators ringed the city with tanks on every bridge leading into the city and along every main thoroughfare in the center of Moscow. Tank units had surrounded the Russian parliament, as well.

But Yeltsin soon was rallying the people of Moscow and the Russian population in general to defend Russia’s own emerging democracy. People all around the world saw Yeltsin stand atop an army tank outside the parliament building asking Muscovites to resist this attempt to return to the dark days of communist rule.

The Western media made much at the time of the apparent poor planning during the seventy-two-hour coup attempt during August 19th to the 21st. The world press focused on and mocked the nervousness and confusion shown by some of the coup leaders during a press conference. The conspirators were ridiculed for their Keystone Cop-like behavior in missing their chance to kidnap Yeltsin or delaying their seizure of the Russian parliament building, or leaving international telephone lines open and not even jamming foreign news broadcasts that were reporting the events as they happened to the entire Soviet Union.

The Dangers If the Hardliners had Won

Regardless of the poor planning on the part of the coup leaders, however, the fact remains that if they had succeeded the consequences might have been catastrophic. I have a photocopy of the arrest warrant form that had been prepared for the Moscow region and signed by the Moscow military commander, Marshal Kalinin.

It gave the military and the KGB, the Soviet secret police, the authority to arrest anyone. It had a “fill-in-the-blank,” where the victim’s name would be written in. Almost 500,000 of these arrest warrant forms had been prepared. In other words, upwards of a half-million people might have been imprisoned in Moscow, alone. The day before the coup began, the KGB had received a consignment of 250,000 pairs of handcuffs. And the Russian press later reported that some of the prison camps in Siberia had been clandestinely reopened. If the coup had succeeded possibly as many as three to four million people in the Soviet Union would have been sent to the GULAG, the notorious Soviet labor camp system.

Another document published in the Russian press after the coup failed had the instructions for the military authorities in various regions around the country. They were to begin tighter surveillance of the people in the areas under their jurisdiction. They were to keep watch on the words and actions of everyone. Foreigners were to be even more carefully followed and surveilled. And their reports to the coup leaders in Moscow were to be filed every four hours. Indeed, when the coup was in progress, the KGB began to close down commercial joint ventures with Western companies in Moscow, accusing them of being “nests of spies,” and arrested some of the Russian participants in these enterprises.

Fear Underneath the Surrealism of Calm

During the coup attempt, Moscow had a surrealistic quality, as I walked through various parts of the center of the city. On the streets around the city it seemed as if nothing were happening – except for the clusters of Soviet tank units strategically positioned at central intersections and at the bridges crossing the Moscow River. Taxi cabs patrolled the avenues looking for passengers; the population seemed to go about its business walking to and from work, or waiting in long lines for the meager supplies of everyday essentials at the government retail stores; motorists were as usual also lined up at the government-owned gasoline stations. Even with the clearly marked foreign license plates on my rented car, I was never stopped as I drove around the center of Moscow.

The only signs that these were extraordinary days were the grimmer than usual looks on the faces of many; and that in the food stores many people would silently huddle around radios after completing their purchases. However, the appearance of near normality could not hide the fact that the future of the country was hanging in the balance. (See my article about everyday life under Soviet socialism, “Socialism-in-Practice was a Nightmare, Not Utopia”.)

Russians Run the Risk for Freedom

During the three days of that fateful week, Russians of various walks of life had to ask themselves what price they put on freedom. And thousands concluded that risking their lives to prevent a return to communist despotism was a price they were willing to pay. Those thousands appeared at the Russian parliament in response to Boris Yeltsin’s appeal to the people. They built makeshift barricades and prepared to offer themselves as unarmed human shields against Soviet tanks and troops, if they had attacked. My future wife, Anna, and I were among those friends of freedom who stood vigil during most of those three days facing the barrels of Soviet tanks.

Among those thousands, three groups were most noticeable in having chosen to fight for freedom: First, young people in their teens and twenties who had been living in a freer environment during the previous six years since Gorbachev had come to power, and who did not want to live under the terror and tyranny their parents had known in the past. Second, new Russian businessmen, who realized that without a free political order the emerging economic liberties would be crushed that were enabling them to establish private enterprises. And, third, veterans of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, who had been conscripted into the service of Soviet imperialism and were now determined to prevent its return.

The bankruptcy of the Soviet system was demonstrated not only by the courage of those thousands defending the Russian parliament but also by the unwillingness of the Soviet military to obey the orders of the coup leaders. It is true that only a handful of military units actually went over immediately to Yeltsin’s side in Moscow. But hundreds of Russian babushkas – grandmothers – went up to the young soldiers and officers manning the Soviet tanks, and asked them, “Are you going to shoot your mother, your father, your grandmother? We are your own people.” The final act of the coup came when these military units refused to obey orders and seize the Russian parliament building, at the possible cost of hundreds or thousands of lives.

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

On the clear, warm Thursday of August 22, the day after the coup attempt collapsed, thousands of Muscovites assembled in a large plaza behind the Russian parliament stood and listened as Boris Yeltsin told them that that area would now be known as the Square of Russian Freedom. The multitude replied in unison: Svaboda! Svaboda! Svaboda! – “Freedom! Freedom, Freedom!”

A huge flag of pre-communist Russia, with its colors of white, blue, and red, draped the entire length of the parliament building. The crowd looked up and watched as the Soviet red flag, with its yellow hammer and sickle in the upper left corner, was lowered from the flagpole atop the parliament, and the Russian colors were raised for the first time in its place. And, again, the people chanted: “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!”

Not too far away from the parliament building in Moscow, that same day, a large crowd had formed at Lubyanka Square at the headquarters of the KGB. With the help of a crane, these Muscovites pulled down a large statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the Soviet secret police that stood near the entrance to the KGB building. In a small park across from the KGB headquarters, in a corner of which rests a small monument to the victims of the Soviet prison and labor camps, an anti-communist rally was held. A young man in an old Czarist Russian military uniform burned a Soviet flag and played pre-revolutionary patriotic songs on an accordion while the crowd cheered him on.

The seventy-five-year nightmare of communist tyranny and terror was coming to an end. The people of Russia were hoping for freedom, and they were basking in the imagined joy of it. Russia’s history since then has not met any of those euphoric hopes of August 1991, yet, it nonetheless stands as an important moment marking a symbolic end to the collectivist nightmare of the 20th century.

American and British Young Know No History and Want Socialism

Fast forward to today, thirty years later. It is as if the last hundred years of the socialist chamber of horrors, not only in the Soviet Union but in all other places around the world in which governments have widely nationalized the means of production and imposed forms of centralized planning, has practically never happened. The brutality and barbarity of the National Socialist (Nazi) regime in Hitler’s Germany has been rightly highlighted in many movies and documentaries in the decades since the end of the Second World War. But compare these with the paucity of similar films and documentaries about the Soviet Union and similar socialist regimes and their disastrous central planning systems, with all their tyranny, cruelty, mass murder, corruption and gradations of privileges and perks for the huge network of Party members and elite bureaucrats who ran all facets of the command and control economy.

Recent opinion surveys by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in the United States on, “U.S. Attitudes Toward Socialism, Communism, and Collectivism,” (October 2020) and by the Institute of Economic Affairs in the United Kingdom in a report, Left Turn Ahead? Surveying Attitudes of Young People Towards Capitalism and Socialism (July 2021) about people’s views about the socialist and capitalist systems, especially among the younger segments of the population, make it clear that knowledge and understanding about what socialist reality has been like has gone down an Orwellian memory hole.

In the United States, a quarter of those surveyed, 26 percent, said that they would like to see the end of the capitalist system and its replacement with a socialist economy. Among those under 40 years of age, the number preferring a socialist society rose to between 31 and 35 percent. Ten percent in this age group consider the ideas in Marx’s Communist Manifesto to be a better guarantor of a free and equitable society than the ideas in the Declaration of Independence. About 30 percent of those below 40 said that Marxism is a “positive” movement against injustice and for the management of the economy for the good of all.

When asked, “What is a socialist system?” 31 percent said it involves government ownership of the means of production, while another 32 percent said private enterprise plus government regulation and the welfare state. Six percent said that socialism is a “new system” that has never been tried.

In the United Kingdom, 67 percent of those in the younger categories of the British population said they would like to live under a socialist economic system, and identified socialism with the words, “workers,” “public,” “equal,” and “fair.” Capitalism was identified by 75 percent in the survey with global warming, destruction of the planet, and racism, and 73 percent said that capitalism fosters “greed,” “selfishness,” and “materialism,” compared to socialism, which cultivates “compassion, cooperation, and solidarity.” A large majority said that socialism had never really been tried and that places like Venezuela have been instances in which the socialist idea was simply poorly implemented and therefore not a real test of a socialist system.

These attitudes and beliefs among the younger generations on both sides of the Atlantic do not bode well for the future of freedom. The ideas of one generation often become the implemented policies of the next one. If neither knowledge of, nor appropriate lessons from the reality of socialism-in-practice over the last one hundred years are learned, we may very well be condemned to repeat the past with all of its social, economic, and politically damaging consequences. (See my article, “Socialism: Marking a Century of Death and Destruction”.)

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    Author: Richard M. Ebeling
    Date: August 20th, 2021

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    1. Darth Skippy says:

      To those people, still waiting for possible or impending Communism, all of the relevant industries were captured within one or two generations of Western settlement.

      The Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto
      1848 by Karl Heinrich Marx

      45 Goals Of Communism Already Has Taken Place In America!

      The above examples should sound like old news, because it has failed, here, already.

    2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      We May Be Wrong, But We’re Dedicated to it and Stubborn About It- is the InfraGard Lifestyle.

      Evidently, this strategy paid off for them in the past, so they will just keep doubling down. They are behaving like alcoholics. They would have a couple drinks to feel better, when it didn’t work anymore, they would drink more, eventually, no matter how much they would drink, the drinks just didn’t improve the situation any more, and only made things worse, at that point if someone does not stop drinking, which they really should have done long before reaching that point, they will literally enter a death spiral. That is where it is with InfraGard now. They have to stop lying, as difficult and as uncomfortable as that may be for them. These are not normal individuals. They are not superior individuals either, but have convinced themselves that they are. They are living in a different dimension, and live by different rules. They are gamers, literally gaming the system. The only meaning of life to them is winning at all costs. It takes precedence over everything and everyone else in their lives. They are gamers, with event 201 event 221, and they are always playing these stupid expensive military games that tax payers are forced to pay for. Many of them believe that life is not even real, and is just computer simulations, within computer simulations, within computer simulations, making killing even easier for them. If someone is just a set of computer algorithms in their minds, they are not killing people. Game theory and its adherents are pretty messed up individuals, in my opinion. RAND corporation, Neuman, and Nash were some of the main backers of it. I think that it has been proven to be complete bullshit. It may work for poker, but not for life. Somewhere along the lines they have blurred the lines in their minds between games and life, and that will ultimately prove to be their fatal error. Not only are they stubborn and incompetent, they are full of hubris.

      Game Theory is Bullshit because KARMA. 

      If Karma is too much of an eastern or metaphysical concept for some conservatively western individuals, some so much that it has even offically been outlawed in Arizona, which made me laugh hysterically. Let me know how that works out for ya, then think of it as the law of unintended consequences, or the boomerang effect, which are widely accepted in all western schools of thought. How did the west enter another dimension that no longer accepts, believes in, or practices the very simple Golden Rule, do unto others as you wish them to do unto you? If America could get back to that and the Constitution, we would be on the right track, but the game theorists have convinced everyone that the risks of being evil and corrupt outweigh the spiritual, and emotional rewards of living by the golden rule, and the constitution. 

      I have seen it play out too many times in hind sight, not knowing what they were doing at the time with 9/11, the seven false flag wars, robbing $21 trillion from the Pentagon, and currently the scamdemic, which I knew from the start was complete scientific, economic, and political fraud.

      Game Theorists in InfraTard are evidently going to have to learn about Karma the hard way.

      They can’t say that I didn’t warn them. 

      I know that the surveillance/police state is an organized crime ring. They only destroy, steal, terrorize, torture, and kill. 

      Nobody has ever been held accountable for any of the crimes that I mentioned that were actually guilty of any of those crimes, and nobody has ever been held legally accountable for the crime spree perpetrated against me, members of my family, my dog, and my property either, despite the fact that I have contacted law enforcement, politicians, health care, and corporations, at every level, and since many people have been spying on me in my neighborhood, in the media, and in government which I know because they have repeated and done too many things that I have said or done in my home for it to be coincidental, and everyone knows that the surveillance state exists to spy on people, but they will only reveal that they were spying on people if and only if they are able to catch them in a crime, and the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot was a prime example of the way that the InfraTards operate their organized crime ring. Othewise, they just claim that someone is crazy, which is typical criminal behavior for a criminal to accuse his/her victim of being crazy. It’s the old and nuts and sluts defense. It is old and worn out. Nobody buys it any more.

      Obviously, these people have made the German Nazis pale in comparison. Monsters like that are not entitled to be forgiven. They have mistakenly been forgiven by people for over twenty years. Their crimes only become more monstrous, sadistic, and evil. This is just way too much to overlook and sweep under the rug. They obviously have no intention of changing their behavior, because they would have done it by now if they had.

      They are not fooling anybody but themselves, and self deception can be the most deadly of all.

      The InfraGard mindset, is that they are essentially playing a game of truth or dare, and will always choose dare over truth, even though the dares involve violating many laws, and are hell bent on destroying their real lives, just in order to win a game of truth or dare.

      They are in helter skelter death spirals. They will not get back to the top of the slide to go for another ride because they will be destroyed or dead. 

      It is different this time, because of time, because time has exposed them for who they are, and because time has destroyed the economy, country, and the world in the process, and because time has allowed Russia and China to benefit off of InfraGards illegal, sadistic, predatory, destructive behavior.

      A poll by the Morning Consult revealed that 49% of self-described Q Anon believers, 32% of all right-leaning adults, and 8% of left-leaning respondents do not understand the difference between liberalism and fascism. 

      As long as the proven to fail three pronged approach to U.S. foreign and domestic policy remains in place, America will continue to decline, the three prongs are
      1.) Israel 1st
      2.) Stock market bailouts and deregulation
      3.) Financing the treasonous anti-American police/surveillance state aka InfraGard.

      These scumbags are corrupt, lazy, incompetent, talentless, useless, worthless, destructive liabilities, and parasites that have cheated their way through life. Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! 

      Parasitism is one of the prominent features of people with anti-social personality disorder,

      It is a strategy that is guaranteed to fail, but one that is always in place! 

      As I have stated previously, InfraGard has targeted white Christian Americans strictly because it is the largest percentage of the population and we are justifiably outraged in large numbers by the destruction of liberty and justice, and the sick, evil, sadistic, homicidal, crime spree perptrated by InfraGard. InfraGard has enlisted minority groups to fight white Christians so that the minority groups will destroy white Christians for InfraGard. There is also a civil war going on within InfraGard with competing groups of various sectors, corporate, political, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. They are battling it out for DoD grants, and control. InfraGard is the problem. Of course the wealthiest people in the country and world are Jewish, and Jews own and control the financial sector, tech sector, media sector, and foreign policy, with increasing control demands by tech, media, and Zionist foreign policy hawks to clamp down even harder on the white Christian population since everything is just a complete disaster that has made the German Nazis pale in comparison. 

      I wouldn’t recommend taking the grants though, because there are so many strings attached to them that they will literally turn you into a puppet, like Pinochio, ( “The truth ought to be protected by a body guard of lies.”- Winston Churchill and John Bolton ) in addidtion to the fact that you will essentially be in a virtual marriage with all of InfraGard and sworn to secrecy through an NDA, which is illegal, since all crime is legally exempt from all NDAs. Some things just aren’t worth it, and that is definitely one of them! 

      This article by Philip Giraldi is really a must read!

      The thing is that the $3.8 billion given to Israel is a mere pittance in comparison to the stock market bailouts, the Plunge Protection Team ( PPT ) which is a never ending secret bail out to Wall Street, and the surveillance state controlled and owned overall by Jews, but paid for by Americans through defense contracts, bail outs, and the PPT, who all have offices in Israel. This three pronged strategy amounts to a treasonous organized crime ring. These tech companies are stealing intellectual property from users, which they have done to me, which is illegal enslavement, and they have also censored me in order to prevent me from disclosing it, and have even installed Pegasus malware in my technology over and over again, and are treating me worse than the Taliban treats women, they will not let me visit over 90% of websites. If you think that being banned from youtube is bad, wait until they will not even let you access youtube, which they did to my Mother before she was murdered by the medical mafia in 2015. I cannot access youtube either. They are scumbags, low life thugs, and parasites. People do not do things like that. Only parasites do. 

      Is it a coincidence that the three pronged stategy has disproportionately benefitted Jews to the point where 1/3 of the world’s billionaires are Jews even though they are merely 2.5 % of the world’s population, and 48% of America’s billionaires are Jews even though they are 2.5% of the population in the U.S. also, and that 80% of Jews are millionaires? 

      End it! Now!

      Andrea Iravani

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      The scamdemic occurred as a direct result of scientific fraud and mal practice that was responded to with more scientific fraud and mal practice. Prior to the scamdemic, Big Pharma was struggling, to put it lightly. Prior to the scamdemic, 2/3 of RX spending in America was on psychiatric drugs proven not to work and to make the underlying psychiatric conditions worse, in addition to creating life threatening side effects for an extremely large percentage of the patients, and big pharma was also caught red handed in scientific fraud and mal practice with the opioid epidemic providing everyone with fabricated studies, which everyone in the position to legislate, approve, and prescribe had absolutely no legitimate excuse to allow it to occur unless they were retarded, and in that case, would have no business being in those positions. The third problem for big pharma was that their other big money maker, Viagra went off patent, and in fact a Canadian generic pharmaceutical company owner couple was even murdered in cold blood in their home a few years ago who were planning to make a generic version of it. There are also too many healthcare workers, but many are specialists rather than general practioners, and that is a racket in and of itself, where GPs no longer treat patients for things that they use to treat them for and send them off to lists of specialists since the healthcare industry has consolidated so much into just a few big oligopolies that dominate the field. If a GP were to treat someone for a common skin condition, like acne, that means less money for someone like Aurora Healthcare that could charge far more for the patient to see a dermatologist. There are also way too many researchers that are fudging the numbers, big time, in almost every study that they conduct, that have completely destroyed and abandoned the scientific method. Of course, nobody wants to hurt their feelings and not give them a job, because that would make the universities that graduated them look bad since students review job placement and salaries of new grads, so they settled on the scamdemic, not to hurt big pharma’s, the healthcare industry employees, the research industry employees, and the university employees feelings. Bill Gates whose daughter is in med school rushed to the rescue, and she stands to oversee the largest nazi eugenics racket in world history after her parents die. Gates said that he would donate all of his weath to charity before he died, but nobody knew that it would all go to his daughter. You paid for it all America! 

      Hopefully, you weren’t too inconvenienced by the scamdemic as a result of all of the snowflakes in big pharma, healthcare, and universities. If you die you die. No big whoop.

      Andrea Iravani

    4. Brockland A.T. says:

      The temptation to socialism should be obvious to the AIER; they did an article on the economics of religion.

      Communism is the new secular religion for young leftists, and the payoff is an economy run by cronyism, not competence.

      Its social skillz versus real-world skills, and the young know, its not what you know but who you know that gets you ahead.

      But unlike their crony capitalist elders, they don’t understand that only worked where there was a balance in favour of ‘what you know’, the legions of truly competent who did the real work of society now mostly marginalized as ‘deplorables’.

      The working know something, can think class has always been seen as threats by the administrative know-nothing patronage class.

    5. This is a somewhat utopian view of Russians wanting democracy. They were unwitting participants of a western backed color revolution.

      Soros and the CIA undermined Gorbachev through various NGOs and encouraged the selloff of Russia’s wealth to various bankers and oligarchs. When Yeltsin came to power, he was surrounded by CIA handlers while he was in office. Near the end of his term, he took Putin aside and told him he would like him to be the next in line. The west actually approved of Putin at first. But he had a surprise for them when he took office. He kicked out the western NGOs and began getting back the stolen wealth the oligarchs had stripped Russia of. This is why today Putin is considered an enemy and Gorbachev lives in California. Yeltsin is dead.


      The only thing I can see that the young people yearn for is to be tik tok influencers with millions of followers and loads of money. I don’t think most young people care about politics.

      • Dollarhide says:

        “I don’t think most young people care about politics”

        I may be in the minority here but when I was in my 20’s (back in the 80’s) I was more concerned about getting paid every week,getting laid, and having FUN on the weekends.
        I knew a few people back in the 80’s who were my age and were more concerned about politics, but they always seemed like they were miserable and were always whining about something.

    6. Bill says:

      My wife lived under Eastern European communism. She absolutely hated it, and so did everyone else, only you couldn’t say it. This is what she said it was like. Daily life was pure drudgery. There was no privacy, no individual liberties, every citizen was viewed with suspicion, and one could be arrested on the slightest reason. Loyalties and good citizenship only meant you were obedient to stay out of trouble. No right to personal opinions.The party leaders were never people who lived by communist ideals. They loved power and privilege, and enjoyed a Western life 99.5 % could never have. However, snitches could be rewarded a color TV or an extra ration ticket, or shop once a month a special store. The people were constantly spied on, at work, or home, school, everywhere. The quality of goods was shitty, cars were shitty, construction was shitty, everything manufactured was shitty. One had to stand in line for anything and everything, even medicine. She often had to stand in huge lines for hours only to be told there is no more of what they wanted. She said socialized medicine was the absolute worst, if one could even get to see a doctor, the quality of care was a third world level, except for party elites. Heat and hot water were available only a few hours a day. You needed permission to travel outside the jurisdiction one lived in, and had to possess an internal passport. The worst was the propaganda drivel the party was always trying to pound in one’s head, and telling everyone they lived in a paradise. The party was utterly corrupt but there was nothing could be done about it. Every crime, no matter how small was treated as a crime against the people, or the State, or the party. Even going to a church was considered suspicious activity (only a few were allowed to be open). She said society lived in a cage, and that life was unfulfilling and almost pointless. Living under communism is a grubby, poor, shabby, dreary, stifling, and boring life. Huge numbers of people just got drunk as often as they could.

    7. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Don’t Let the 4s Get You Down!

      The scamdemic could not be taking place if America and the world were not suffering from systemic failure brought on by systemic corruption, brought on by the fact that the majority of Americans and people in the world are corrupt failures. As heart breaking as it is to say that, it is even more heart breaking that it is true, but none of this could be taking place if it was not an irrefutable fact.

      Nobody can fix this. Only delusional fools and conniving tyrants would claim to be able to. When the majority of the population are corrupt failures, it only leads to more catastrophies. Expect more catastrophies because they are unfortunately going to become even more common. That is just a given. It really does not require a sage to see it coming. The 4s are dominating the world. This is the effect. 

      Covid-19 was an IQ test that almost everyone failed. 

      Supposedly, military apptitude tests are ranked in an extremely illogical manner. This bothers the hell out of me! 

      The military is supposed to prize orderliness, but apptitude is ranked as follows,


      Why not 


      I guess that is where the old joke, One, this didn’t happen, and B they dropped the ball, came from, not in those words of course, but applied to whatever the situation may be.

      Probably just that there aren’t enough people smart enough. It probably started with 1,2,&3, and they couldn’t find enough but a manual said that it had to be three, so they added 3b, and then ran out of 3b, and said, we just have to add the 4s anyways. It is all that is left.

      So if I can only have one of something, I will just start adding letters after the one, that way, I can have much more! 

      I am surrounded by 4s! I won’t let the 4s drag me down to their level though! The 4s are InfraTards, obviously!

      Andrea Iravani

    8. Anonymous says:

      Socialism promises to give people much when it is proposed but only takes away from them once it establishes itself.

    9. Jocko says:

      Russia is an anomaly among nations. A place where the majority of citizens have always preferred dictatorship from the time of the Tsars to the Bolsheviks. Many old people their still yearn for the return to Stalin-ism. They actually had freedom, and elected Putin knowing exactly who he was and what he would do, because Russia was no longer a Superpower, but a third world country after the USSR fell. I expect more repression in Russia in the future.

      • Bill says:

        Good comment Jocko, it is my observation the Russian people are quite intelligent, but seem to have a cultural flaw in that they apparently have always preferred to have strong-arm authoritarian leaders, regardless of ideology.

    10. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      I predict at least a 20% increase in hill billies or hill billy life style anyways, over the next five years from all of this with the scamdemic, not from an increase in the native hill billy population, but from people rejecting this fubar society all together, If I was younger, I would definitely be heading for the hills, away from society, because the risks of joining society drastically outweigh the rewards. I dropped out of society in 2017. I am not in the hills, but just a hermit. What’s to miss about this society?! The madness of crowds? In case everyone hasn’t noticed, society is now totally dysfunctional. It is a very sick, mal-adjusted, mal-adapted, deviant society. I refuse to adapt and adjust to a mal-adapted, mal-adjusted, deviant society. I have not left my home since 2017.

      Andrea Iravani

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