The Sinister Reason Millennials Are Broke & Unhappy: It Isn’t Just Student Loan Debt

by | May 14, 2019 | Headline News | 27 comments

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    Millennials are becoming increasingly broke and miserable, and one could guess that the huge student loan debt so many have burdened themselves with could be part of the problem.  But it isn’t just that; Millennials have fallen victim to conditioned behaviors and are addicted to keeping up with their peers.

    Social media is playing a huge role in the life of millennials. Their generation spends more time on social media than older generations: People ages 25-34 spend 141 minutes per day on it, versus 105 for the 35-44 set. And that could be hurting both their finances and mental health and driving their brainwashed desire to consume hate-filled news and products they don’t need with debt.

    “Social media has become the millennials’ financial Achilles Heel.” Allianz Life 2018 survey

    Millellinials are making incredibly poor financial decisions because of social media. Indeed, nearly half of millennials (49%) say that their spending habits have been influenced by the photos and experiences their friends share on social media, compared with only about one-third of Americans in general, according to a data survey of more than 1,000 Americans by financial firm Charles Schwab.

    Other surveys have uncovered similar trends. And even though millennials know they are making poor financial decisions, they continue to do so while blaming “capitalism” and “the rich” for the problems created by themselves.  Roughly two in three millennials think that social media has a negative impact on their financial well-being, according to a 2018 survey of more than 2,000 millennials from financial firm Fidelity. Data released in 2018 by mobile bank firm Varo Money found that 53% of millennials admit to buying something they saw advertised on social media. And a 2018 survey from Allianz Life shows that more than half of millennials (57%, versus just 28% of Gen Xers and 7% of boomers) say they’ve spent money they hadn’t planned to because of something they saw on social media.

    Sadly, millennials are doing this to themselves. This generation feels required to keep up with their friends. According to Market Watch, social media also makes 61% of millennials (versus just 35% of Gen Xers and 12% of boomers) feel inadequate about their own life and what they have, with 88% comparing themselves to others on social media (compared to just 71% of Gen Xers and 54% of boomers who say the same), according to the Allianz data.

    “More than any other generation, social media, and the allure to spend beyond their means could have long-term negative effects on [Millennials’] finances if they’re not careful.” Social media is not only impacting the wallets of millennials but their mental health as well.

    Younger adults who use social media a lot are at a higher risk of depression, and people who use many different social media sites are at higher risk for anxiety and depression. What’s more, the more time people spend on social media, the more likely it is they feel socially isolated — with people who spend more than two hours swiping through social media sites nearly doubling their risk of feeling socially isolated.Market Watch

    When the feeling of hopelessness sets in, there no longer remains a desire to change behaviors or correct that which is wrong.  And hopelessness is not rare in our society anymore.



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      1. A generation of followers! Perfect! I will get together with my old chum John Bolton and start posting to Instagram pics of hot troops posing on war ships in the Straits of Hormuz.

        We will have no problem getting recruit numbers back up again.

        Look: that’s me in the coolest Tom Ford shades with Tehran in flames in the back. And yes, my shirt is from a niche Tokyo designer but I can hook you up if you Snapchat me your butt pics.

      2. While I couldn’t argue against social media playing a part as well as student debt. However I’d blame the fact that we’ve been in a recession since obamas first term. We have never left a recession, the only boom being in the stock market and housing markets due to programs like quantitative easing.

      3. An addiction is just that, an addiction. Makes no difference what the “drug” is.
        These folks (as well as others) are addicted to the “social” side of the net and themselves.
        When you take away that “drug”, bad things can happen.

      4. A nation controlled by evil greedy warmongers has no interest in the common man or woman. Planning 120,000 troops to Iran is the height of stupidity. Dumbed down is putting it mildly. How ignorant are these brainwashed youth masses and the American people whose freedoms are being stripped away and then remain silent in the face of outright terror by their elected representatives? Waiting for the false flag to kick it off. Bone spurs on steroids.

        • Getting old has few joys but one of them is sending dumb young into harm’s way. This generation are making that really, really easy to do. That most aren’t even white is going to add some serious pleasure.

          Bring on Iran! I got a giant Samsung smart TV all fired up.

        • aljamo

          It’s amazing what oil fumes do to the psychology of nations with an abundance of it. They do self destructive things to their own people or threaten the US which then requires intervention to both keep world peace and help their indigenous population; how Nobel.

          Yep it’s all caused by oil which we will ensure that it continues to be traded in US dollars.

      5. There is no sinister reason. They gladly fucked themselves. Any excuse for not going to work. These are the laziest shitbags of all time.

        I don’t feel sorry for these self-‘Flatulating’ “victims”. Story forgot to include the shit the other 52 genders have self inflicted upon themselves by refusing to accept reality.

        I want these pussies, especially the women, they out number the men at college, to stop crying and pay off their fucking bills. Man up? [today that means “Coka-doodle-cuckhold”]

        • At least the lazy stupid shitheads aren’t breeding much thank God! I agree with Frank, bullshit them into signing on to a war.

      6. the party’s over lmfao

        • NO IT ISN’T, Im just getting started! Imma get out the toys and party like it’s 1984! Somebody STOP ME! Wooooohoooooo wowza Yeeeehaaawww… 😀

      7. This is just a modernization of “Keeping Up With The Jones’s”. It’s very Americana.

        • Millennials got sucked into what is basically nothing more than a “Popularity Contest” where your online status is how you are viewed as a person..What we’re witnessing today is the modern day version of “Keeping up with the Jones’s”,and we all know how that ends..

        • Yes, very Ameritardish indeed. Ameritards Ameritards God shed discrace on thee, and crown thy good with banksterhood, and wars across the sea…

      8. I do not relish observing the downfall of my own people. I very much regret seeing the results of decades of brainwashing, indoctrination in public schools, indoctrination and brainwashing by the entertainment industry, and psychological pressures exerted upon them turning them gay/homosexual/weak/effeminate superficial moronic clowns just trying to be fashionable and keep up with an impossible lie perpetrated by enemies posing as friends.


      9. On student loan debt, back in the mid 60’s, I attended a private college close to home for a yr and a half, until I ran out of money ( savings ), you wouldn’t believe how much pressure was put on me by the college to get student loan to continue going to school there. At the time the tuition was $750 per semester ( that doesn’t sound like much now, but then it was huge amount for me and didn’t include books or anything else ). for that amount I could have went to a state sponsored school for 4 yrs and had money left over ( well, maybe ).

      10. Grow up, get a job(s),pay your bills. Learn a trade,save your money and get on with life or be left in the dust.

        • Jim in VA, good advice. But how many will heed that advice? Very few if any. Millenials are doomed.

          • What I notice is that the gap between the good ones and the idiots is much broader in the Millenials. There are good ones out there, and they are really good, but unfortunately it’s either that or the cuck, antifa types.

      11. My wife works with a bunch of these losers. All they do is text one another, check out Facebook, and plan what restaurant they are eating at that day. Most of them eat out 3 meals a day.

        • MREs taste nice these days. They will enjoy eating those three times a day.

          As for Facebook, they let you have that these days so you can keep in touch with your trannie beau back in the States.

          Otherwise you can waddle over to the base Burger King or grab a latte at the Mr Bean. The reality is war these days is pretty slack and like hanging out at the mall with your friends.

      12. Social media… I’d compare it to brain cancer but that’s not fair to the cancer…

      13. Many of the things that we complain about on the website are what worries the millenials. I can understand that but when they buy into some of the crap that liberals are pushing, I don’t understand them. I’m thankful that I was born a baby-boomer and not a millenial.

        • Exactly which magical generation do you think the old libs are coming from? The Boomers aren’t all peaches and cream either. All generations have their goods and their bads, mine included(GenX), and each generation likes to blame their problems or the worlds problems on the ones before and after them.

      14. Stuff they don’t need? Go to a few estate sales and you’ll see plenty of dust catchers and now next to worthless collectibles. Not just the millennial generation that buys worthless crap.

      15. remember when you could comment and it would post in a relevant time frame? or when you could get likes on a post? shtfplan looking like the dailysheeple.

      16. They shouldn’t worry so much about it. Thanks to the siren song of progressive socialism and modern monetary theory it will all be good. Our once proud Republic is headed for a dark, dystopian future.

      17. I have received STEM honors at the local and national level, have personally taught college credit courses, and am a formal employer.

        (Now, admittedly using a reference from tv, as though it’s real life.)

        If you were one of those, who got fasttracked, your conformist lifestyle is actually providing you a literal, material benefit. I am not judging anyone who knowingly won the quota case lottery and admits that they are mainly lucky to be there, benefiting from civilization. Did you get the golden ticket? That doesn’t make you a bad person, imho.

        The rest of you are never going to get rich working for another man. Any slumlord employer who says that customary, modern dignity comes only after you have been thoroughly sh- tested, should be treated like a human trafficker trying to shanghai you. Here is your fall from grace, stupid job applicant.

        You corporatists, who get upset at self-entitled people… Show me the money, or consider me feral. Good job, Millennial’s who have asked these questions. You came prepared. Anyone who says that freedom is earned, and not an automatic assumption, is a tyrant. If you were raised right, you already know cleanliness, comfort, and convenience. Is that what your newest business connection is offering, or will it be filth and emotional pain. What can the employer show, right here-and-now.

        Show me. If I am literal and you are literal — now.

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