The Single Most Devastating Nuclear Target In America

by | May 6, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 48 comments

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    Within hours of the Osama Bin Laden raid coming to light, we began reading headlines that Al Queda would prepare revenge attacks. One such headline reported that Wikileaks had previously released a document indicating that the killing of Osama Bin Laden would lead to a nuclear response on the West, likely targeting Europe. However, as we pointed out in previous stories, namely this one in which the San Diego Port director admitted a nuclear device had been found entering the United States, the southern border of the United States is such a high security risk that smuggling a nuclear, chemical or biological weapon onto US soil cannot be discounted.

    Assuming that a nuclear weapon was smuggled into the US, perhaps from suitcase bombs leftover from the former Soviet Union or even dirty bombs built to order by underworld physicists, what US city would a terrorist organization target?

    Would it be a symbolic target like the World Trade Center towers? What about major population centers – the largest of which are New York and Los Angeles? Or how about our government infrastructure in Washington D.C.?

    With so many available targets spread throughout the U.S., we read with great interest John Galt’s recent article How To Kill America in 30 Seconds Or Less, portions of which we’ve excerpted below:

    By using deductive reasoning is it not a major reach nor requirement to develop an extravagant conspiracy theory to assume that it is possible that one or more of the nuclear devices have escaped their oversight and control. That begs the question then; if Al Qaeda has studied the various documents about nuclear attack scenarios on U.S. soil provided by FEMA, the Department of Defense, and other agencies over the years, what location would cripple America for decades and kill our nation in thirty seconds or less?

    I have borrowed the map from Shane Connor’s website where the discussion about the impact points for various nuclear attacks was mapped out by FEMA years ago and he was kind enough to place them on his website for reference for every state. The inset that I inserted displays the one choke point, the one central location where a nuclear attack with a 10 kt yield or higher would bring kill America as we know it in less than thirty seconds.

    Note the location, as the terrorists already have, of our petrochemical, refining, and other oil facilities in the Houston area. A detonation in the Deer Park area just southeast of the city destroying several large refineries, storage facilities, and natural gas electrical generation sites. The problem after the initial explosion beyond the immediate fatalities, panic initiated in one of America’s largest cities, contamination, and destruction of infrastructure is the spread of radioactive debris or fallout. The following excerpt from the Trinity Atomic Web Site article The Effects of Nuclear Weapons from 1977 tells the story why a terrorist attack using a surface or low altitude explosion would cause even greater problems beyond that region (from Chapter II):

    2.19 An important difference between a surface burst and an air burst is, consequently, that in the surface burst the radioactive cloud is much more heavily loaded with debris. This consists of particles ranging in size from the very small ones produced by condensation as the fireball cools to the much larger debris particles which have been raised by the afterwinds. The exact composition of the cloud will, of course, depend on the nature of the surface materials and the extent of their contact with the fireball.

    The emphasis highlighted in the above statement is my own and for this reason:

    Thanks again to Shane Connor and for the information and maps.

    I created the inset map to highlight the regions that would be impacted the greatest by a nuclear event in the Houston, Texas energy complex region. The fallout from a surface explosion based on the prevailing winds in the  early autumn assuming a cold front is dropping from the north. The contamination for a small device would not be as widespread as the map displays but the terror to civilians would be palpable and create massive refugee flows away from coastal regions in the projected impact zones. Unfortunately the areas most likely areas to receive a measurable threat from a sub 100 kiloton detonation would be more of the primary oil production and processing facilities from Beaumont, TX and coastal platforms through southern Louisiana, again depending on the upper level wind patterns at that time. Thus not only would a sizable percentage of our refining capacity be impacted directly in the blast zone, other areas would be temporarily unusable until the radiation levels decreased sufficiently for clean up and civilians were assured that they could work in those areas safely and returned.

    This type of attack would remove close to thirty percent of our refining capacity not to mention an emergency evacuation of our platforms off the coast of that region, the shutting down of one of our most important military and commercial seaports, and the cessation of a large percentage of the oil and gas via pipelines originating from this region into the Midwest, Northeast, and South regions of the country. The United States economy would fall immediately into a depression, the dollar would collapse overnight, rationing of energy and foodstuffs would become a fact of life, and large quantities of our troops overseas would have to be recalled home to help maintain law and order.

    Shortly after the news of the recent raid in Pakistan came to light, we immediately went on SHTF alert – just in case. These types of events tend to lead to serious consequences, so we figured it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    After reading John Galt’s assessment above, considering that we live (for a short-while longer before we head for the boonies in the mountains) in the Houston metroplex and roughly 40 minutes from the Deer Park target area described, we have double-checked our primary and secondary bug-out location maps and work arounds, re-checked our bug out bags, and conversed with our SHTF response group, just in case.

    America is a target, now more than ever. There are a lot of people and countries who would benefit from a nuclear attack on our nation, and we are not taking their desire to destroy our way of life lightly.

    There are roughly 40 major metropolitan areas in the United States. Let’s assume, for demonstration purposes, that the threat of a nuclear attack is imminent. If you live in one of those major cities, your odds are 1 in 40 that you and your family will be a target. Not very favorable if you ask us.

    If you are able to survive the initial blast of such an attack (or even a biological or chemical attack), are you confident that you can get out of town in time before the fallout spreads? You may literally only have minutes to act before the rest of the city dwellers in your area peel themselves away from their televisions and start evacuating, so you should have your evacuation plan, which includes everything from what you’re packing up to the roads you’ll take, ready to go. And, assume that you will never be able to return home again.

    In August of 2001, ran a story warning of imminent attacks against US domestic targets. The story disappeared within a day or two. This is the same warning that Condoleezza Rice admits was given to President George Bush at around the same time (though his warning may have been much more detailed). We all know what happened the following month.

    We’re not suggesting that you panic. But we are suggesting that you stay on alert. The United States just reportedly killed the leader of the global jihad movement – unequivocally the most important symbolic figurehead for radical extremist followers of Islam. There will be repercussions – that is all but guaranteed. Be ready to move with supplies in tow if a disaster happens in your area, know where you’re going, and keep your mind flexible.


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      1. Hey Mac!: Just want to say,   “I told you so….” 😉  “Houston is NOT advisable”.

      2. It won’t be a blue city like L.A., NYC, or Chicago. And who would notice if they bombed Detroit!!

      3. Sounds like you watched the AMC series “Rubicon” last  summer.   All this bin Laden retaliation talk is fear-mongering.  Real fanatics know…KNOW…that OBL is, was, and always will be a CIA asset.  He is a cartoon character a la “Goldstein” from 1984.  Now, I don’t have too much problem with this because we need a “face” to get the attention of all the simple folks.  The real threats remain in the shadows, and think about it for just a second, please:  if you were a fanatic bent on causing your enemy pain and suffering, would you attack when your enemy’s security was at a heightened level of alert?  Media likes to make out the fanatics to be crazed and wild, striking at will.  But, I think they are far more calculating than that.  So, cry chicken little all you want if it is going to make people pay attention and make emergency preparedness plans.  But don’t perpetuate the wild fear.  

      4. Fortunately they, al queda, aren’t this bright.

      5. It’s important to realize that the Soviets pre-positioned a great many weapons, from the mundane (explosives/guns) to the esoteric – nerve agents and suitcase nukes.

        A great deal of the caches have never been found; with the dissolution of the USSR, having the knowledge of these weapons stashes is invaluable; sell to the US for $x, or sell to some terrorist for $X…

        …and this is not fiction – it is simply good tactics.  No point in trying to infiltrate weapons after a war has gone hot…border security would increase (our current games in the ME are not serious wars).  You have your materials in place and it’s much simpler to infiltrate an agent who isn’t carrying WMDs…or activate your sleeper agents.

      6. Why the f*** are you posting this? Somewhat good analysis, but the particulars of how you arrived at your conclusion don’t need to be sprayed out into the interwebs for all, good and bad, to see.

      7. “America is a target, now more than ever. There are a lot of people and countries who would benefit from a nuclear attack on our nation, and we are not taking their desire to destroy our way of life lightly.”

        I can’t help but ask whom are these people and governments you speak off? And how would they benefit?

        The arabs certainly wouldn’t benefit. they know it would only bring about another invasion.

        The Taliban? Right…bunch of guys running around with light arms and sandles.

        Al Queda…right…CIA front from the cold war.

        Russia…right…all our nuke war would result.

        china…right…they can take us out without firing s shot. Plus they can mobilize an army which drawfs ours.

        Iran…right…a country under constant watch of the IAE and doesn’t have the centerfuses for anything above medical grade.

        Maybe Isreal would. They have illegal nukes, paid off our government, is demanding the release of thier spy johnathan pollard.

        Our own worst enemy is ourselves.

      8. Off subject:  So I hear ST6 visited Fort Campbell because the president was going to be there.

      9. Interestingly enough, AMCs TV show dealt with almost the exact same scenario this past year. The show is called Rubicon and it deals with a false flag type of attack on Houston. It just aired last summer…,

      10. I can’t help but ask whom are these people and governments you speak off? And how would they benefit?
        **Well the Chinese might be disturbed about us shafting them on the value of their US denominated assets. They are still angry about how the West raped them for hundreds of years – and they will never forget that. They want a free hand in Asia for everything from resources in the S China see to retaking Taiwan.
        Do you think the Russians are happy with the way the cold war ended? Really? Give them one chance and it’s on like Donkey Kong.
        Come to think of it, pretty much any nation that has ambitions or needs resources would LOVE to have the US unable to interfere with their plans.
        The arabs certainly wouldn’t benefit. they know it would only bring about another invasion.
        **Sure it would. Whom would you invade? Who did the deed? Who supported them? With the US already bankrupt, this would cinch the collapse…can’t fight a war without money. And our 3 current wars are going Oh So Well, right? I’m quite sure Iran is just quaking with fear.
        The Taliban? Right…bunch of guys running around with light arms and sandles.
        **Sure –but bio or gas warfare isn’t hard to do, and has terror effects 100K the number of fatalities.
        Al Queda…right…CIA front from the cold war.
        **Likely true. SO the Al Queda CIA pulls a false flag. When you die in the flash over, does it matter to you who did it?
        Russia…right…all our nuke war would result.
        **Sure, so prove they did it. Come on, send in the Nuclear CSI.
        china…right…they can take us out without firing s shot. Plus they can mobilize an army which drawfs ours.
        **Problem is, getting that army here. Many in the US establishment mock an invasion of Taiwan by the Chinese as the ‘million man swim.’ Seaborne invasions are difficult.
        Iran…right…a country under constant watch of the IAE and doesn’t have the centerfuses for anything above medical grade.
        Maybe Isreal would. They have illegal nukes, paid off our government, is demanding the release of thier spy johnathan pollard.
        **Pollard should hang. But again, we are not serious about our own national interests, border security, or any such thing. It’s all a game, and try not to be at ground zero…then it’s Game Over (for you).
        Our own worst enemy is ourselves.
        **Actually our own worst enemy is the Fascist Corporatist FED GOV and unsound money, coupling disgustedly with progressive liberalism.

      11. Scary Shit!!!

        “you should have your evacuation plan, which includes everything from what you’re packing up to the roads you’ll take, ready to go. And, assume that you will never be able to return home again”

      12. Comments…..I can only hope,and pray to baby jesus, that they do not nuke dc during a joint session of congress, with the president speaking. What a disaster that would be if our inteligent, honorable, and uncorruptable leaders were all wipped out all at once.

      13. “Counselors will also be available on Monday to offer additional help to the citizens of the U.S.”  You talk cents Kevin.  You know it is time delayed right?  This Ag smack down is the canary in the Au mine.  This is going to be BIG!  Let’s raise the debt ceiling.  We live in a 600 story condo in UAE but the windows don’t open.

      14. Hey Snake, loved the movie on NY, especially the glider scene.

      15. Rafter man, great synopsis…

        Dk – I hear you! Plans are already in place to make the buyout the home within a couple months..

        Infocyde I am not sure exactly what you mean…. Just trying to inform….those who would do us harm already know exactly which targets to strike.

        Itchy and chip – I have not seen rubicon, but will definitely see if i can find an open copy online to post on here.

        With regards to my views on al queda – where some see Islamic terrorists with Osama at the helm, I, like many of you, see intelligence ops dating back decades…

        Thanks for the comments all!


      17. First, we don’t have anyway of knowing if Bin Laden is really dead, the media is being incredibly compliant and accepting of whatever pronouncements come from the white house.

        Secondly, if we’re hit by a nuke, bank on it being a false flag from our wonderful “ally” that spies on us, gets us to sacrifice our kids for their security and costs us ten billion per year to support…Israel.

      18. Dave,…….Al Queda came out (today) and admitted that we’d killed OBL a few days ago.  When your enemy corroborates your info, that usually means it’s legit.  You haven’t noticed how all the birthers and the conspiracy theory freaks have just STFU in the last 12 hours?

        Don’t know if Isreal would actually nuke us, but wouldn’t put it past them.  Don’t trust ’em and don’t think we should be sending them any aid.  They can’t do anything FOR us.  Waste of money.

      19. Jonny, Reuters is the one who said that “a website that is used to disseminate news for AlQaida said that Bin Laden is dead”.
        They never told us which website
        They didn’t provide a link to it.
        We STILL haven’t received proof of this supposed killing.

        When your government instructs a media agency to say something, it usually means that you’re being fed horseshit.
        You should know better.

      20. Furthermore, Lee Harvey Oswald (former USMC Sharpshooter) fired three shots from the 6th floor window of the Texas School Book Suppository.  Two of those shots struck John F. Kennedy.  One of those shots completely penetrated John F. Kennedy and also struck Texas Governor Connelly.  

        There was no shooter on the grassy knoll.  There are only three rifle reports on the Zapruder film.

        Conspiracy theories are hard to let go of.  The real danger lies in becoming “emotionally invested” in them, the way so many of the site users here are.  Don’t be one of the stupid ones.

      21. Comments…..the “homegrown” terrorists are the ones i fear the most..and God help us, there are alot of ’em just waiting for their chance of “glory”.

      22. Caryn……what they consider a “homegrown terrorist” is what’s scary…you might be on that list too

      23. “Homegrown terrorist?”  You mean the 2nd generation Arab Muslims born to Arab Muslim parents that attend Muslim private schools with FBI vans parked outside 24/7?
        I’m sick of hearing this term, “home grown terrorist.”  These aren’t Americans.  These aren’t white kids from Wisconsin.  These aren’t black kids from the Bronx.  They are alien Muslim Arabs that came into the country explicitly for the purpose of breeding armies of Jihadist terrorists.  And our corrupt politicians are to blame for letting these Arabs into the U.S. where they proceed to operate illegal businesses, form their own insular Muslim communities, and silently plot away.
        Every Muslim in the U.S. is a terrorist sleeper agent.  If you frequent the small busineses they own, from Kabob shops to Gyro carts on the streets, you are supporting terrorism and just asking for more Muslim Arabs to come to the U.S. and kill your family.

      24. Folks often talk about “bug out” locations. Exactly WHERE would one go. And how would you get there with the highways clogged? Granted, it might b e a good idea, but it seems to make more sense to me to shelter in place if at all possible, assuming you are not directly in a suburban area. Yes, if you can afford a bug out location, great. But if you can’t, better to spend limited dollars on potassium iodide, plywood to cover windows, get some bags of dirt to put on your main floor to make an expedient nuke shelter, etc. I”m not against bug out places… I just doubt I would get there, and even if I did, how soon would the leftist free lunch hordes arrive ready to rob me?

      25. Johnny V,
        Maybe those who don’t believe the green piece of paper waved in front of cameras is the genuine birth certificate STFU, as you put it, because they’re tired of trying to reason with morons who believe anything the perfectly pigemented president reads from his teleprompter.  Its a lot like teaching a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it really annoys the pig.  Just sayin’

      26. Dear Mac…
        It is patently clear, from all the destabilization efforts made by the CIA’s Al Qaida and MI-6’s Muslim Brotherhood throughout the middle east, plus Obama’s oddball psy-ops attempt to tell us that he killed Bin Laden, who has been dead of Marfan’s Disease for years… that Obama intends to replay the 9-11 staged terror event thing to advance the police state. The chatter does include a suitcase dirty nuke.
        We all need to call him out.
        Everyone needs to FAX the White House with a short note to the effect: We aren’t the same nation we were back in 2001. We know what a staged terror event is, we know what a stand-down is, we know what a false flag operation is, and we know Bin Laden was already dead. Don’t consider using this tactic again because it will bring about the second American revolution.

      27. I like the smell of bacon Mariposa de Oro.

      28. Comments…..i hope they dont hit the great lakes!

      29. Bullshit

      30. Things just get odder every day.Make me glad that I live in a low value target area(even if it DOES get somewhat flooded at times).No place to run to that might become a “false flag” target.And lest we forget, when the (now defunct)U.S.S.R. was in Afghanistan,OSBL was one of the “good guys” on our side.Now,for whatever reasons(made up or otherwise)we take great joy in killing him.Now perhaps we can FINALLY LEAVE.BEFORE we end up like Russia.Just a few thoughts.Of course a “false flag” attack would provide a excuse to use the FEMA internment camps newly built…
        Have a nice day everyone!!!

      31. Ah, we are soooo much safer ever since the war on terror has successfully removed so many of our civil rights.Comments…..

      32. How many time will OBL die?
        Fox News ( I know fox news is govcorp bullcrap) reported OBL was dead in 2001!

        Monday we wake up and Poof, blanket coverage theater,wag the dog style “we got OBL”on every channel, even the weather channel!
        Horse crap!

        where did the Japan nuclear disaster crisis go?

        next they, the MSM will tell us 9/11 was not a inside job! What actually happened to Building “7” ?

        Buy Silver !

      33. Comments…..  Suzanne, well said.

      34. Homegrown terrorists aren’t just the children of immigrants. Remember Timothy McVey? People don’t remember history let alone learn anything from it.

        You might wanna read a book. “The Future of Nuclear Deterrence”, George H Quester, 1986, Lexington Press

        Some may say dated, but it ain’t. Of course this predates the concept of dirty bombs (DB), but DBs are just psyop crap. No real damage, but sheep have two speeds; grazing and stampede.
        Amazing how people will continue to live in an area that they think might be unteneble once SHTF. One can only speculate that it might be that “just one more dollar” effect, mayhaps their possessions own them or maybe they lack the conviction they so oft claim. Too bad the internet will go down if it happens. I’d be curious as to “How’s that working out for you.”

      35. Our best investigative reporter, IMO, recently reported about how Houston’s Port Authority has been trying to do business with Moammar Gadhafi’s son and gave him a tour of Houston’s port. Here’s the reporter’s recent reports:

      36. this excellent article missed two very important compounding after-effects of a nuclear attack on the Houston metroplex.

        1) The electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear detonation will permanently fry Houston and the surrounding region’s electrical grids, motor transportation, pacemakers, communication, radar, natural gas pipeline regulators, water reatment systems etc. Regardless of the physical damage that a limited yield explosion might cause….the after effect of the EMP will multiply the casualties and the confusion at least tenfold in every direction.

        2) Houston and all of Southeast Texas is Hot. I mean it’s so hot down here 2/3 of the year that without air conditioning, millions of people would not be able to stand living here. If you drop the grid with an EMP or a nuke during the hot months (which now seem to extend all the way into November) you would kill millions just from the sewltering heat exposure….

        I live 25 miles due south of Houston in a marquis suburban neighborhood full of upper middle-class golf club-swinging chumps, bratty texting nintendo-playing kids and obsessive compulsive, Oprah-worshipping pill-popping soccer moms….

        If they successfully hit Houston with such an attack it will  immediately be like the apocalypse. Thank GOD we have a rural place to boogie to 130 miles to the southwest.

      37. Who give a shit if Washington D.C. gets hit?   No great loss there.

      38. Actually there would be a great loss, the Smithsonian museum is in D.C.

      39. I believe the most devastating target in the US would be a nuke or some other crop and/or killing people killing substance being released across the midwest. Known as the breadbasket, they supply most of our food (we supply 1/3 of the world with food)….the consequences would be devastating here and abroad. Also the midwest is thought of as the heart of America, the bible belt…etc. It is also home to the middle-class and therefore might be a welcomed target for an elite backed false flag as they would not have much (in terms of relatives, favorite places, summer houses) to lose there. 

      40. The coming ICE AGE is near which due to the recent eruptions of many volcanoes around the world. 

        The media said Yellowstone national park (geo thermal park) is a volcanic hot bed, and if it happens it will trigger the mini ice age to occur more quickly.

        The mini ice age can cause a worldwide affect; make sure to prepare yourself enough waterproof and warm clothing. 

      41. Yes, but it’s a dry heat isn’t it Dr. Pepper?

      42. Romans gripped by fear of quake forecast for MAY 11


        From news on the internet:

        9/ 11 – USA’s WTC & Pentagon
        3/ 11 – JAPAN’s earthquake & Tsunami

        5/ 11 – ROME’s earthquake forecast????

        5/ 14 – USA ??

        7/ ??  – USA ??

        Collapse Countdown Clock: “We Have Until July” *Video* by Mac Slavo

        I pray none of this will ever happen.


      43. What a great reason to get Americans to stop complaining about the intrusive violations of their privacy and rights with airport “screenings”. The govt wants to expand those screenings to bus stations and trains and sporting events etc. So now with all the talk about POSSIBLE terrorist target they can use that as the reason to put up more security check points and the sheeple will just go along.
        The frogs are in the pot and it is getting hot and they all just sit there….

      44. 5-13 Firday the 13th Anniversary of Jaques de Molay killing is a Masonic high holy day. 

        Hope that show Rubicon wasnt predictive programming or an Illuminati leak. 
        John Todd spoke of many of these threats in the 1970s already, he has been vindicated many times over, PBUH. 

        Look at the Haarp swarms of earthquakes in Spain and the Canary Islands area.  Mossad allegedly planted nukes there on Cumbre Vieja.   This would be the single biggest terrorist attack the Illuminati-NWO could do:,_Maine_Earthquake_Swarm,_Strange_Noises,_HAARP_and_9_11_History.html

      45. This site is so visually confusing; articles are great, but what the HECK do your eyes focus on; what’s up with the blue and white – I get so frustrated I move on!

      46. what a tradedy it would be if dc got nuked LOL

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