The Shutdown Is Providing Evidence Of Private Businesses Making Government Obsolete

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Headline News | 52 comments

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    The government shutdown is just providing more evidence that the government itself is unnecessary. Private companies in the Yellowstone area are voluntarily paying to keep the park clean without federal funding.

    According to Reason, nearly three weeks into the government shutdown, some of America’s national parks are starting to get a bit rank. Access to the parks (which are supposedly “owned” by the people who think they are the government) is free since there are no employees to collect the typical $35-per-vehicle entrance fee. But that comes with the trade-off of there being no employees to empty trash bins or clean toilets either.

    Meanwhile, without being forced by the government, private companies are voluntarily paying to keep Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming clean. National Public Radio reports, local businesses are chipping in to make sure the bathrooms get cleaned, the roads get plowed, and the tourists keep coming. Even in the middle of winter, the park gets an estimated 20,000 visitors per month—and those hardy folks want to rent snowmobiles, hire tour guides, and take sightseeing trips. The private-sector businesses that thrive on those tourist dollars have a pretty strong incentive to make sure Yellowstone remains accessible – much more incentive than the government has.

    This is what voluntary interaction looks like.  Not one single person is forcing these companies to pay for snow plowing, however, because it is in their best interests, they have decided to foot the bill. Xanterra Parks and Resorts, which runs the only hotels inside Yellowstone that remain open during the winter, is leading the effort to cover the $7,500 daily tab for keeping the roads plowed and the snowmobile trails groomed during the shutdown, NPR further reports. Thirteen other private businesses that offer tours of the park are also chipping in $300 a day to help cover that expense.

    There’s also probably a useful lesson here about what the privatization of national parks would look like. Rather than the corporatized dystopia of environmentalist nightmares, removing the government from the equation would allow businesses that have a vested interest in maintaining and protecting America’s natural splendor to do exactly that—and would prevent the parks from being caught up in the unrelated drama of whatever nonsense is happening in Washington, D.C. –Reason

    In all, it seems like a pretty straightforward lesson about how private businesses will respond to changing market conditions and incentives. Keeping the park accessible means those businesses can continue to profit off tourists, government shutdown or not.  The market has responded and as government becomes more obsolete and people begin to realize they can live their lives without a master dictating their every move and stealing their money, there will be more and more stories such as this that come to light.


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      1. Dont get used to it. If the dems get elected in 2020 you wont even be able to take your trash from your house to the street without 6 govt workers.

        • Two thumbs up !!! 🙂

        • You’ll have to take it to the truck yourself you’ll just be taxed more with a limit that can be exceeded with more money. and of course fined for any sorting infractions

      2. Great news ! As far as I’m concerned, the government can stay shutdown.I cant think of one single “service” they offer that benefits me in any way.Lets manage our own parks, our own lands, our own homes and our own lives.

        • Rock Roller: And the sorry people on SNAP food cards need to get a life and a job like former generations. Exceptions: disabled and elderly. Any able body person should not get welfare of any kind. Breeder slackers don’t need to have kids, they are sorry scum.

          • Interesting stats on EBT and many other topics found here:
            ht tps://

            I looked up my county and the map there was very interesting. Learned a lot about my neighborhood that I’d long suspected.

          • I like the way you think. [deep, heavy sarcasm]. In an American economy that has lost tens of thousands of manufacturing facilities and tens of millions of American jobs, and fallen to the status of a third world country, and people like you still want to peddle the same old crap about people needing to “take responsibility for their own lives,” and “get a job,” and “grow-up.” Pathetic. And we’re the “sorry scum?” Pathetic.

            • You have obviously never been to, or lived in, a third world country. This makes anything you say highly suspect and likely incorrect. I have been to, and trained in, and visited, 2nd and 3rd world countries, the US is well above the standard of living in any of them. You are just plainly ignorant.

        • The government is shutdown? Who would have known! No tears shed by me.

          • The professional politicians are still getting a paycheck.

            The illegals are still being handed free stuff — housing, drivers licenses, clothing, food, education, health care, legal assistance, and a paycheck. H*ll, what this country needs is more “open borders.” [sarcasm]

            Shut it down. Shut it ALL down.

            • Agreed.

      3. Don’t worry dumbed down American COWARDS, Satan’s Government from the bowels of hell in Washington DC will be up and running in no time at all. The Satanist PSYCHOPATH Pedophiles controlling the: most vile, most evil, most disgusting, most criminal, most treasonous, most GENOCIDAL, most murderous, filthy government that was planned in hell, raised in hell, and spit out of the bowels of hell, because the United States CORPORATION Government was too evil and vile for hell itself….the PSYCHOPATHS have to keep the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling on track, so they will be back to the following in a very short time: abortion child sacrifices to Baal, poisoning our skies with aluminum, barium, and strontium, making sure the poisonous toxic GMO Endocrine Disrupting Chemical filled FAKE FOOD horror is getting to the American COWARD toxic dump fat asses and the children they should of NEVER had, poisoning our water with fluoride and other dumbing down EDC chemicals, sending our children to die overseas for Satan’s COWARDLY United States Military of drunken bum dumbed down American COWARDS, and of course the CIA , NSA, FBI, and all the other TREASONOUS COWARDLY human filth in these United States CORPORATION Government Agencies from hell have to keep the American COWARDS under constant surveillance with the help of 5G coming right up your asses and RFID Chipping for ALL the dumbed down toxic dump American COWARDS and the children the American COWARDS suffering from Munchausens Syndrome should of NEVER had…..the list and LEGION of crimes of the United States CORPORATION Government will go on and on and on and on and on and on, while the American COWARDS just GET DRUNK and watch Football!!!!

        • Ruh-roh, Ron is back. The gift that keeps on giving.

          • I actually get my jollies reading Ron. It’s very therapeutic, also!

            • Johnny, Ron is part of the entertainment here. he really has a way with words.

        • Watching football this weekend and getting drunk! Seriously Ron don’t hold back it’s not healthy. Hey, here’s an idea why don’t you get up off your fat, lazy, ass and do something! I mean besides raging on a keyboard. By the way, GO COWBOYS!

          • Of course you are getting drunk on a DEPRESSANT American COWARD dumbed down Dan, because you have to DEPRESS the drunken bum COWARD you have become. Hopefully you did not reproduce children, whose HEALTH, FREEDOMS, and FUTURE you care NOTHING about…children you are just going to whore out to Satanist PSYHOPATH Pedophiles while you get drunk and whack off to bread and circuses football….I rest my case when it comes to the dumbed down toxic dump drunken bum American COWARDS with Exhibit A: Dumbed down drunken Dan, who unfortunately for him on Judgement Day, would whore his children out for the Cowboys and BEER!!!

            • I read heavy projection in these rants. You seem to know a lot about people that you have never known, that’s because you “project” your inner weakness on others in order to rail against it since you have no ability to examine your own failed self. It’s sad such a broken person has no ability to find help.

        • Is there no word in the dictionary that is sacred?

          • Yes, on this site, the J-word that rhymes with poo apparently is.

          • You would have to ask the Holy Spirit that one while you are on your knees in your prayer closet Jim. The Holy spirit writes everything for me, I am just the messenger and the typist. I like you Jim, you bring JOY and laughter. I want your soul saved by the blood of the lamb, so I can still keep in contact with you in the next realm….so REPENT of being an American and supporting this criminal treasonous United States CORPORATION Government from the bowels of hell in Washington DC, become a SOVEREIGN, and then and ONLY THEN the Holy Spirit will be able to enter that moment you are saved by the blood of the lamb and then salvation, sanctification, anguish, more repentance, and PURE JOY all day long will fill your heart and AL FEAR WILL BE GONE…GET SAVED JIM TODAY!!!

            • No thanks Ron…doing fine on my own.just reading the dictionary so I can keep up…….

        • Bond servant: Most Americans just don’t believe in globalist agenda incl older ones who were taught history in the mid 20th century, yet remian stupid. Had a small group discussion w/like minded two weeks ago and we agreed that informing others in person is useless as so many are dumbed down and hung up on phone addiction, video gaming, and other crap, stuffing themselves with junk foods, sodas, drugs,etc. that sucks a persons life incl sleeping w. phones, checking them on bathroom breaks at 2am, 4am and other times in bed. Hubby and I are social recluses, uninvolved in community, neighbors, and only interact w/likeminded casually. We know this country is down the crapper big time, and congress is pushing full throttle for open borders, impeachment, agenda 2030 and U.S. bankruptcy, complete chaos bringing in total control w/ 5G, etc. soon to come. The liberals what terrorists in so they can increase the chaos.

          • Amen Laura, You have to withdraw from the American Society and become SOVEREIGN, then Peace and JOY enter your heart and there is NO FEAR of the future with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the bravest SOVEREIGN of all time!!!

        • I choose ron over marantha anyday!

      4. Notice they never shut down the 85% of government that nobody cares about? They shut down the parks. Washington fights and YOU get the black eye. I don’t care if the park rangers don’t show up but the answer isn’t to lock the gate. The arrogance of those assholes. The parks are not theirs to close. The entire concept of “closing” the Grand Canyon is laughable. Do they turn off the river?

      5. Government shut down guide:
        1) Is the government still taking money out of your paycheck?
        2) Yes.
        3) The government is not shut down.
        4) Return to #1

        • this

          when it gets to this , than lets talk “shutdown”

          this 25% shut down isnt sh!t, and isnt doing sh!t either

          just a bunch of government hand out cry babies are going to start spouting their sh!t soon

          like i freaking care if TSA is getting paid , you took the job to subvert our rights , so live with the 1 time inconvenience dam pu55y

          guess you though your cushy Gov job was putting you on top of the world , better than everyone else eh?

          good luck on that house payment schmuck

          • Red Hawk, agreed. The govt. workers have the same “us vs. them” attitude toward the public that all the bureaucrats, LE, officials, military have toward us and live in a different world. It’s good to see them suffer some for a change. Welcome to OUR world; the REAL world!

        • Yep,
          Its called playing games,
          If you ask me they should all be strung up with some 2mm dynema cord and jerked,

        • Eyes wide: everyone will get tax refunds too.

      6. But…but…I was told that without costumed clowns everything would turn to chaos.

      7. This is where we set up true anarchy not the type society has fed us but the type where “we the people” do everything with out the help of the goverment. democracy is becoming dictatorship and as a young adult I believe my generation will die of very quick or form a group/ tribe and run it how they want but like the hundreds of native American tribes each had there own system and yes they did war with one another but for the most part stuck to them selfs and took care of there people

      8. Soon to be named Yellowsnow national park

      9. Absolutely NOT… If there’s ONE single instance in the entire universe of “Government” getting something right (for once), it’s their management of our National Parks. Entry is dirt cheap (or free), facilities are top notch, employees CARE about maintaining & preserving the wilderness and wildlife, and they’re subject to oversight. God forbid we ever are stupid enough to turn over our national parks to be owned or run by private business, they’d be irretrievably ruined in a short time. They’d raise prices drastically, build golf courses, chintzy amusement parks, condos and strip malls on top of the forests they’d stripped for lumber beforehand and basically turned them into replicas of New Jersey. Don’t believe me? Go check out your local state park camping facilities, and then compare those to the same camping facilities at a nearby privately owned campground. You’ll find your local state park is far nicer and much cheaper. That’s tax money well spent… Unlike pretty much everything else that our tax money is spent on. Want to cut back on government? There are PLENTY of real targets…but do NOT touch the National Parks. They’re well run.

        • Agreed! One of the best entities of government.

        • YEP agree completely.

      10. Sit down and make a list of all the ways in which your private life has been impacted by having the Government shut down. The whole Government has not been shut down because the necessary functions have been performed. What does that make the Government functions that have not been funded?

      11. Ironically, these jobs are the unconstitutional endeavors of fedgov. Who cares if they aren’t working, they were never supposed to have those jobs to begin with.

      12. What’s happening at Yellowstone sounds encouraging, but I am afraid privatization of public parks would open Pandora’s box, and allow the likes of George Soros and his bosses, the Rothschilds, to purchase millions
        of acres of land and then refuse to give access to the public. That is the agenda for the 21st Century.


      13. nonessential: adj. Having little or no importance; not essential.

        The shut down, as defined, is for “nonessential” personnel. Here’s the question that is BEGGING to be asked of our elected representatives: If these people are non-essential, why are they employed by the U.S. Government, at all?

        As to the example of national parks being kept clean by private companies, I’d venture a guess that they would do it more cost effectively anyway and there could possibly be the added benefit of the taxpayers not being on the hook for gold plated federal retirement for trash collectors and septic cleaners.

        Of course that would plan probably just be another door for rampant corruption in the letting of contracts for keeping the parks clean, probably awarded to Senate and Congressional members spouses and/or children, not that that hasn’t happened, EVER.

        EBT money runs out at the end of January, should the shut down last that long. Can’t wait for the chimp outs to begin on 01-FEB. I predict a target rich environment.

      14. With a fossilized nitwit like Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the USSA Knesset, it’s no wonder that most sentient life-forms want the “Government” Ship Of Fools,Con-artists & Grifters to stay shut down… PERMANENTLY!!!

      15. I believe in the National Forests program as it provides inexpensive primitive campsites as well as FREE ones in the backpacking area. They provide a water pump and some very spartan bathrooms, typically no showers, and little else but signage and forestry patrols. Meanwhile the Forestry Service maintains the region and controlled burns and trails and the overall habitat.

        If they sold it, no doubt it would just get most likely clear cut.

        An intelligent prepper with decent bushcraft skills honestly could make it within one, far off the beaten path, within minimal gear and just food and water.

        • One guy in Calif. did.
          Unfortunately his BOL/cache was discovered by firemen after it was overrun by a wildfire. They tried to make a big deal out of it but nothing he did was illegal – stupid maybe (Calif. burns regularly) but not illegal.

      16. Don’t worry, we run secret drug and human trafficking networks to fund our kill teams, torture sites, and bases. We shall not disrupt this service and will continue to offer a 24/7 rendition, kill and torture multiplex that you have come to expect from us.


        Richard B. Cheney on behalf of the The Deep State

      17. Listen to how Jesus speaks to sinners. As John the Baptist said, “He must increase; I must decrease.”

        Your pastor would probably like it if you took witnessing classes.

      18. Apparently Ginsburg is making an official resignation statement tomorrow.

        It’ll be back to the grotesque circus we saw with Kavanaugh.

        • Gorka is apparently tweeting that Ginsburg is stepping down.

      19. Agreed! One of the best entities of government.

      20. Private corporations are operating American prisons too, and that’s okay? Incarcerating Americans for profit? Obviously the writer of this piece of propaganda has sh*t for brains.

      21. That’s the whole libertarian argument: not privatization of government but, rather, private replacement of government as provider (since government doesn’t provide, it governs–by force!). Of course, this would all essentially undermine the core purpose of big government and the Parties and their mainstream media who advocate it.

      22. I met a fellow once who claimed to be an anarchist. But not in the masked hooligan variety we see lobbing Molotov’s and smashing mailboxes through bank windows. His opinion was that anarchy is simply self rule. I.e., the absence of government is not chaos but community, family, and individual caring for their own. Precisely as the Founders intended. We have fallen so far from that simple concept it’s actually illegal for private citizens to feed the homeless in many cities. Hundreds of thousands of rules and regulations dictate what we can do, say, eat, or own. It’s obviously reached a saturation point. The greatest fear of government is ‘We the People’ wake up to realize we don’t need them at all. Wouldn’t it be interesting if that was Trump’s plan all along?

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