The Shocking Anatomy of an Internet Witch Hunt

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Headline News | 61 comments

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    This article was originally published by Dagny Taggart at The Organic Prepper

    The recent internet witch hunt shows us that humanity is heading into dangerous territory.

    This week, we explained how the mainstream media twisted the story about the “MAGA Kids” from Covington Catholic high school and their “confrontation” with Native Elder Nathan Phillips in D.C. last Friday.

    A short video clip and an image of an alleged confrontation between the students and a small group of Native Americans spread like wildfire over the weekend, resulting in widespread condemnation of the boys on social media.

    The story is still up front in the news and on social media, and even though all evidence presented so far supports the kids’ side of the story, many are still trying to find reasons to vilify the boys.

    Based on what I have observed all over social media over the last three days, there are two things that Nick Sandmann, the boy who is at the center of the story, is “guilty” of:  smiling and wearing a MAGA hat.

    To many, those two things are enough to justify attempts to dig up any bit of dirt on Sandmann, his school, and his peers. The effort some are putting into making these teenagers the worst people on the planet ever is quite troubling.

    Some people who believed the initial story and called for actions against the boys have since apologized and admitted they were wrong for jumping the gun.

    Here’s how ugly it got on social media.

    Apologies or not, some of these “adults” said truly evil things about those kids.

    Allow me to show you just how ugly things got on Twitter.

    This Tweet was posted by Jack Morrissey, a film producer whose credits include Beauty and the Beast and movies from the Twilight franchise:

    Morrissey later Tweeted an apology that read:

    ‘Yesterday I tweeted an image based on Fargo that was meant to be satirical – as always – but I see now that it was in bad taste.

    ‘I offended many people – my sincerest apologies.

    ‘I would never sincerely suggest violence against others, especially kids.

    ‘Lesson learned.’

    Kathy Griffin – whose reputation still hasn’t recovered from her fake-beheaded-Donald-Trump “art” fiasco – also posted a few shocking Tweets about the Covington kids:

    As if calling for the teenagers’ names to be publicly released wasn’t enough, Griffin doubled down with this Tweet:

    Oh boy. Griffin must not know anything about basketball, or fact-checking: those hand signs are three-point celebration symbols. Other Twitter users snapped back at Griffin over the ridiculous Tweet, sharing photos and images of professional basketball players making the same hand signs. Griffin deleted her Tweet, but the internet is forever: Twitchy captured screenshots of her Tweet and some of the responses.

    Wheeler Walker Jr. (the alter-ego of comedian Ben Hoffman) asked his fans to assault Sandmann:

    Walker’s Twitter account no longer exists (some say he deleted it, some say Twitter suspended him), but you can see the archived Tweet here.

    Comedian Sarah Beattie offered up something too:


    The internet witch hunt was in full swing.

    There are many, many more similar Tweets from people calling for violence against Sandmann and his classmates, but including them all here would take up way too much space, and honestly, who wants to see more hate against a bunch of kids?

    The hashtag #VerifiedBullies is being used on Twitter to track and identify all of the people who have called for doxxing, assaulting, and otherwise bullying the Covington kids. Oh, and the wrong kid was doxxed – a boy named Michael Hodge was incorrectly identified as the boy in the “face-off” with Phillips and he and his family were harassed.

    Last night, Tucker Carlson discussed how terribly the media has treated the boys:

    And it gets even worse.

    Unfortunately, the threats against the Covington students are not limited to social media.

    One of the students told Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire that in addition to death threats, the boys, their parents, and their school have received other threats:

    Yes, so the effect on our community has been great. I mean, we’re from a small town, I mean it’s been horrible. That’s what I meant. We come from like a smaller town in Kentucky so we’re not really used to like this media attention. So we’ve been getting school shooting threats, school bomb threats, vandalism of our buildings, people have gone out and said they’re going to slash our tires and break our school windows. We’ve have threats saying that it’s best if the students at CovCat are locked in the school and set on fire. We’ve had tweets saying that we should be raped by clergy members. We’ve had every sort of threat that we should be thrown in woodchippers. I mean, we’ve been several doxxing of minors. (source)

    Let’s step back and take a look at what we have here so far.

    People – adults, many of them public figures – have been calling for the MURDER of teenagers over a smile, a few MAGA hats, and some typical teenage behavior?

    People are basing their outrage on a hat and a smile.

    If MAGA hats trigger people this much, we are in big trouble. I have been told by several people on Facebook over the last three days that the hats are now a sign of white supremacy and racism (funny, that, considering how many non-white supporters the president has…who wear those hats), and that the Covington kids deserve all of this hate for that alone.

    I am a non-partisan person, and I am often critical of Trump and his policies. I also think that wearing political garb in public is silly, especially given the way people are so easily triggered these days.

    But all the rage and hatred and vitriol over this non-incident is chilling.

    While I am not a Trump supporter and don’t understand why some of the teens chose to wear MAGA hats to a protest in DC,  I believe that integrity means sticking up for those you may not like when they are being unjustly smeared.

    If you hate the president and his supporters enough that you think death threats and ruining these kids’ lives is justified, you have some deep soul-searching to do.

    It is bad enough that we have government agencies spying on us via methods that George Orwell warned us about and social media platforms silencing dissent.

    Now we have news outlets and social media users accusing a teenage boy of a crime straight of Orwell’s book 1984:

    It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within range of a telescreen. The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself—anything that carried with it the suggestion of abnormality, of having something to hide. In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face (to look incredulous when a victory was announced, for example) was itself a punishable offence. There was even a word for it in Newspeak: FACECRIME, it was called. (source)

    To any reasonable person, this entire debacle should be recognized for what it is: ridiculous.

    But people are sticking to their agenda and the internet witch hunt continues.

    But no amount of reasoning works with people who have an agenda. They deny evidence that is right in front of them. They refuse to view it. If they do view the evidence, they refuse to acknowledge what they see. Confirmation bias and its nasty cousin, the backfire effect, have taken control.

    This particular story gets more twisted by the day. Now we know that Nathan Phillips is not actually a Vietnam veteran (I am not sure if he ever claimed to be, or if this is just one more detail mainstream sources got wrong and others repeated without fact-checking).

    And, as it turns out, Nick Sandmann handled the situation even better than we thought.  In this video, watch what Sandmann does when another Native starts an argument with the boys behind him: he gestures to them to “cut it out” (this happens around the 7:33 mark in the video).

    Warning: Profanity

    Still, the media refuses to say much at all about the Black Hebrew Israelite agitators who were stirring the pot and calling the Covington students horrible things that day. The media also refuses to address the awful things one of the Natives was saying to the kids. Why is that?

    The one mainstream journalist who let Sandmann share his side is paying for it.

    Yesterday, Savannah Guthrie of the Today show interviewed Sandmann. To her credit, she did mention the BHI protesters and included some footage of the group hurling insults at the students. She allowed Sandmann to share his side of the story, but she is paying for it dearly: she is now the target of leftist outrage on social media.

    Even though a longer video showing the full context of the incident has now been widely circulated (as of the time of this writing, it has 1,915,663 views) and videos showing different angles of the non-confrontation have emerged, people who are determined to vilify the Covington kids are changing the goalposts.

    They are looking for anything they can find that might justify treating the students like horrible people.

    Now the media is trying to prove every kid from Covington is a racist monster.

    A photo of Covington students wearing blackout paint (a common occurrence at school games) at a basketball game in 2012 is circulating, with the claim that the image is “proof” the kids are racists. It doesn’t matter that none of the students in the image are the same ones that were in DC last weekend. The witch hunt is in full swing, and there is no turning back now.

    The “Nazi sign” image that Griffin posted and then deleted on Twitter is also making the rounds on social media – I saw it on Facebook several times. That image is being touted as “proof” that ALL the kids who attend Covington are white supremacist racist monsters.

    Not only are the two “racist” photos being taken out of context, labeling ALL of the students who attend Covington as racists is a logical fallacy called hasty generalization, or guilt by association. But again, logic and reason are disregarded when the outrage machine is in full force.

    Eventually, another non-event will happen, or someone else will wear the wrong thing in public or use the wrong word or awkwardly smile and the internet mob will have a new outrage to freak out about.

    Social media fuels the madness of an internet witch hunt.

    Writing for The Week, Damon Linker warns us that “Extreme partisan polarization is combining with the technology of social media, and especially Twitter, to provoke a form of recurrent political madness among members of the country’s cultural and intellectual elite.”

    There’s always an element of egoism to intellectual and political debate. But Twitter puts every tweeter on a massive stage, with the nastiest put-downs, insults, and provocations often receiving the most applause. That’s a huge psychological incentive to escalate the denunciation of political enemies. The more one expresses outrage at the evils of others, the more one gets to enjoy the adulation of the virtual mob.

    But isn’t a virtual mob much less damaging than a real one? I’ve suggested as much myself, most recently in a column titled “If you think another civil war is imminent, get off Twitter.” Yet more and more the venom has been bleeding into the real world, with boycotts, doxings, firings, death threats, and groveling apologies offered to placate mobs wielding digital pitchforks. It increasingly feels like it’s just a matter of time before real-world violence breaks out in response to an online conflagration.

    What Twitter shows us is a real-time ultrasound of the souls of America’s cultural and intellectual elite and its most committed activists — the people in charge of disseminating knowledge and who take the lead in organizing political action in our society. The picture it reveals is ugly, vulgar, shrill, and intolerant, with souls exhibiting an incapacity to deliberate, weigh evidence, and judge judiciously. They display an impulsiveness and unhinged rage at political enemies that is incompatible with reasoned thinking about how we might go about governing ourselves, heal the divisions in our country, and avoid a collapse into civic violence that could usher in tyranny. (source)

    And even though the story was disproved, some folks are doubling down.

    Despite the fact that the original narrative has been fully debunked, some mainstream media outlets are doubling (and tripling) down.

    NBC is one of them. Yesterday, they published a story about with this headline: Gay valedictorian banned from speaking at Covington graduation ‘not surprised’ by D.C. controversy.

    Here’s an excerpt from that article:

    However, this is not the first time a school overseen by the Diocese of Covington in Kentucky has come under national media scrutiny.

    In May of last year, the Catholic diocese ruled just hours before Holy Cross High School’s graduation that the openly gay valedictorian and the student council president could not give their planned speeches sat the Covington school’s official graduation ceremony.

    Apparently, the diocese has still not provided the student and the student council president with “thorough explanations” of why their speeches were canceled last year. “At the time, a spokesperson for the Diocese of Covington said the students’ speeches were not submitted on time and “were political and inconsistent with the teaching of the Catholic Church,” the article says.

    Also, note that the student did not even graduate from Covington Catholic – he was the valedictorian from Holy Cross High School. “The only thing tying the two schools together is that they are overseen by the Diocese of Covington in Kentucky,” explains Ashe Schow, writing for The Daily Wire:

    So, basically, NBC found a student from another school to trash Covington Catholic, and insinuated that somehow Covington is anti-gay.

    In the second paragraph of the NBC article, they note the student is from a different school, but go on to refer to Holy Cross as “the Covington school.”

    In the fourth paragraph, NBC mentions that the student, Christian Bales, “said at the time that he was unsure whether his sexual orientation played a role” in the decision not to allow his speech. The Diocese also barred a speech from the student council president, who doesn’t appear to be gay. (source)

    Oh…and the whole thing is Trump’s fault.

    The Washington Post has decided to blame Trump supporters for this entire ordeal. The headline alone is cringe-worthy:

    A viral story spread. The mainstream media rushed to keep up. The Trump Internet pounced.

    Here are a few excerpts from that article:

    For the students and their defenders, attempts by the media to widen the narrative of the first viral video came too late. Online vigilantes had identified the teens. Sandmann said he had received “physical and death threats via social media, as well as hateful insults.”

    Now, a new viral outrage emerged. This time the villain of the story was the news media.

    That outrage came from a parallel universe online, one that has been waiting for a moment like this. The pro-Trump Internet has, for years, worked to create a media environment that is designed to destroy the traditional news media and replace it.


    The liberal backlash against the teens, and who had apologized, and who hadn’t, and whether those apologies were sincere enough, became a breaking news story on the pro-Trump Internet.


    Eventually the president weighed in, tweeting Tuesday morning that “the students of Covington have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be.” (source)

    Just unbelievable. Really, the lows the mainstream media will stoop to in order to appease the blood thirst of the leftist mob is appalling.

    “…We shall be fixed forever in a universe of pure hatred. “

    I am reminded of a passage from the book Mere Christianity by the brilliant author C.S. Lewis:

    Suppose one reads a story of filthy atrocities in the paper. Then suppose that something turns up suggesting that the story might not be quite true, or not quite so bad as it was made out.

    Is one’s first feeling, ‘Thank God, even they aren’t quite so bad as that,’ or is it a feeling of disappointment, and even a determination to cling to the first story for the sheer pleasure of thinking your enemies are as bad as possible?

    If it is the second then it is, I am afraid, the first step in a process which, if followed to the end, will make us into devils. You see, one is beginning to wish that black was a little blacker.

    If we give that wish its head, later on we shall wish to see grey as black, and then to see white itself as black. Finally we shall insist on seeing everything — God and our friends and ourselves included — as bad, and not be able to stop doing it: we shall be fixed for ever in a universe of pure hatred. (source)

    What do you think about this internet witch hunt?

    Do you think things have gotten out of control? Do you think the issue is the mainstream media? Social media? Something else? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

    H/T to Don

    About Dagny

    Dagny Taggart is the pseudonym of a professional journalist who needs to maintain anonymity to keep her job in the public eye. Dagny is non-partisan and aims to expose the half-truths, misrepresentations, and blatant lies of the MSM.

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      1. Its all apart of the agenda, look up Ideological Subversion, they want to take us to the ‘crisis’ stage. The end result being invasion or CIVIL WAR to take control of the country. Radicals are used to create the crisis but in the end, when they have no more use, they will get executed with the rest of us.

        • The “OK” sign the kids are showing is what you do when someone makes a three point shot at the basketball game. But the truth does not matter.

          In my generation, this is what the “OK” sign meant.

          • The lock-Step Media just has to rush in and get in step with whatever narrative is going on. No competition in the media to vet each other’s stories. They are truly Goose-stepping goons.

        • and reviewing the comments attached to yours – the plan seems to be working. Those that think a sovereign would resort to revenge doesn’t seem to understand that as a sovereign i self-govern to my ideal. AND my ideal is based on empathy and tolerance. I CAN STAND in the face of those taunts because lies are impossible to stand upon. I can disagree with the talking points or even yelling points but still stand by anys right to say/yell it. I am ashamed that these are my peers with similar views, seeking to exact their revenge and enforce the lock-stop agenda!

      2. Speaking of which, I always know when the NSA is spying on me. Turn your speakers on.
        Turn them all the way up. When you hear a sudden fuzzy sound, it’s the snoops over at
        Fort Meade. Prime time for them is between 7 and 8 pm because they know thats when people are home from work and on the computer. The fuzzy sound cuts on for about 9 to 11 seconds then cuts off. Then they come back about 7 to 10 minutes later to see what you are looking at. Usually between 7 and 8 pm they peer into what I’m doing 4 times. I also
        noticed this happens at certain hour in the morning and a certain hour in the afternoon.
        The back door is thru your ISP. I usually type in expletives on the search engine for them.
        It’s disgusting that our taxpayer dollars pay for the salaries of people that spy on us.
        The Patriot Act needs to be rescinded. They should need warrants to do what they do.

        • 7 or 8? Hey…that’s when I watch midget donkey porn. I need to change my hours. Is that Central Standard time?

      3. The left is playing with Fire . They’re gonna burn themselves. To anyone who doubts the numbers of Trump supporters just go to YouTube and look for videos of mud bog races and you will see the legions of fired up country folk ( youths ) that exist in small towns and flyover country. Everyone of them lm sure are proficient with firearms. They’re restless. The Covington kids handled themselves well. If that fake assed Indian clowns were banging a drum in my face and hurling anti white insults at me , I would have knocked him the fuck out. The left is trying to start shit and shit on our legally elected President. We the people need to storm the shit factories that broadcast their daily filth and hate and teach those fuckers a lesson they will never forget. Keep prepping people cause I don’t think we are going back to FairPlay and civility until the shit blows sky high.

        • Amen, Michael! At some point those shitlibs are gonna bite off a bigger chunk than they can chew. Then it’s go time!

        • AM, agreed. If that Indian had even gotten close to me he would’ve been hurt.

          • Filthy redskin

            • Oh yea, he may be factually incorrect, but HE IS “MORALLY RIGHT!”

      4. The anti-Trump hysteria marches on.
        The hat was the trigger and insanity prevails.
        Americans are CRAZY!
        (well, not all, just half of them)

      5. Sandmann is an interesting name. Sandman is an old slang word for drug-dealer.

        Out of nowhere, this kid is the talk of the town. Did many stop to consider that this story and this kid may be part of a rouse?;

        to trick the public into making Sandmann the young face of the future Orwellian Samuel Goldstein, a false counter-establishment figure to lead the masses in the establishment’s chosen direction.

        In the mean time the town and the truly innocent suffer loss of privacy and safety.


      6. No doubt about it the MAGA hat wearers and those that agree with them, and the rest of the racist baskeballers etc etc etc etc MUST face the “final solution”.

        It is the only path to the socialist paradise!

        Does anyone else see a parallel to 1933 onwards?

        • While I am not romanticizing (N)azism — and, I am not saying that we know all the hard facts — at least, someone was being called a (J)ew, and someone was being called a German.

          (I)srael is now accused of the same human rights abuses. Yet again, there are sides to take.

          Who is the actual American, in this story. Nobody wants to say.

      7. this works both ways, why have we not sent Truth Squads to visit and reform the people who targeted the students ?

      8. The left leaves no stone unturned to screw up this country. They will suffer the worst in any confrontation when it gets to the physical. they like their countless presidential candidates will end up eating their own…..

      9. The brilliant author, C.S. Lewis, as well as other Englishmen, portrayed well-dressed animals, at high tea, on formal furniture.

        But, there is no Noachide Law, in nature — no universal honor code, across species, races, or in-groups — none of which have any binding, moral, or logistical support, from praetor or patrician.

        You have been abandoned.

      10. have 4 or 5 of you friends go into a restaurant and be seated at a table. About 10 minutes later you go in and get seated, take off your coat and reveal your Trump T shirt. When someone causes you trouble then your friends come up behind them for your protection. Cant you think of these things for yourself ?

        • L said, “Cant you think of these things for yourself ?”


          How many subversives will be in the restaurant, and does it have cameras.

          What if you lose.

          What if you win.

      11. As the intelligence of the general population continues to decline this type of action will do nothing but increase. These hate filled people are called “useless eaters” by those who know what is going on. The useless eaters have no function in society and are easily driven to hysteria. There will be disaster in the future. I’m old, maybe I will not see it.

      12. Very nicely written piece. Thanks for the insight and perspective. The Left is vicious. A friend told me recently – “The right thinks the left is wrong. The left thinks the right is evil” This thinking supports an end justifies the means attitude supporting violence, hatred, Doxing, public humiliation of officials etc. Even the antifa thugs in Portland charged (a rare thing) were cleared by a jury. Overt disregard for the law. Where does this leave us? WROL

      13. Just ignore these idiots. They are trying to stir up trouble (seems to be working).

        Don’t give them free rent in your head.

        Go do something to release some energy instead of fuming at a screen. Get out of the blue light and into the yellow light. Sending some stuff downrange may make you feel better…especially if there’s a loud bang at the end. That reminds me. Over the holidays there was a big stink about explosions or earthquakes or cannons or whatever…loud bangs. People were dialing 911 all scared and shook up. Some people mixed up some extra large batches of tannerite is what it was. weenies

        • “Just ignore these idiots”

          You can’t ignore a bully.. The only way to deal with a bully is by STANDING UP to them.
          You can ignore a bully all you want,but in reality you’re only escalating the situation by trying to delay the inevitable,and will one day have to confront the bully,because he/she will never stop as long as you allow it..

      14. It’s OVER. The USA is FINISHED.

        Next Up: The Bolshevik Police-State of ZOG USSA

        • Next up? Where have you been?

          • I stand corrected. Bless you.

      15. Western Kentucky is likely to be the best location for preppers based on ethos, Christianity, conservatism, nationalism and patriotism, seasons, rainfall, fertile soil, suitability for livestock, far enough away from earthquakes, rural neighbors being natural preppers, resistance to drought, adequate aquifers, river access, good fishing, hunting, and trapping.

        These young brave Christians hopefully inspire you.

        Why are you not already here?

        • Look at a population density map.
          ht tps://

          Would you rather live where you are now, or in Western Kentucky around like-minded people?

          If you had to flee, you most likely will run into fleeing urbanites. That is not so in Western Kentucky. And fleeing urbanites likely will not get to Western Kentucky.

          Look at your regional attributes and compare them to Western KY. Not only are the latter superior, by selling your property, you could have a superior homestead in Western KY plus a nest egg.

          • What you are witnessing NOW is what the crazy triggered urban leftists think. How do you think they will act when EBT cards fail and Section 8 fails and government employees are broke and so on?

            You are witnessing the slow decline into orchestrated anarchy by the Elite who are pushing a race war, a gender war, an ideological war, etc. They create conflict, which becomes chaos, then war, then step in with martial law.

            Go back to 1978 when people of very different ethos, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, etc GOT ALONG because we were all American citizens making decent wages.

            Even with inflation, Reagan saved us, and then crazy Free Trade, Feminism, Inflation yet again, Massive Deficit Spending, Crazy Military Conflict that we could afford, Extreme Leftism, Illegal Immigration, Abandoning GOD, all of these things cumulatively cripple the constitutional republic of the USA.

          • Maranatha, thanks for the link and some things to think about.

            • It’s 48 degrees F right now in Western KY versus the frozen north.

      16. November 1991 marks the month of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Reagan had defeated Communism. He broke the back of the USSR.

        Why are we now essentially hostage to the Chinese?

        Democrats and RINOs intentionally foster globalism and create conflict to implode the USA.

        When smirking and wearing a red hat that says “Make America Great Again, as it was during the Reagan era, then this should wake you up. When that is what the left claims are the actions of “brownshirts in Nazi Germany”, then not only are they wrong, stupid, ignorant of history, liars, but also destructive and inciting rebellion.

      17. Young Christian Conservatives, as young as 14, went to support the right of babies to be born.

        The pro-choice people support the genocide of millions by chemical burns, being vaccuumed out in pieces, or torn in pieces through abortion.

        In fact the NY state legislature just approved abortion up to birth in a state that refuses to execute criminals by lethal injection. Hardened malevolent criminals live but innocent babies are executed.

        Which group has the moral amd spiritual and logical ground?

        • +1000 Well said.

          The Wrath Of God will surely smite the USSA…. if not He’d better get ready to apologise to Sodom and Gommorah

      18. Say you are a Black.or Hispanic American.

        The number one cause of death is not cancer.
        The number one cause of death is not heart disease.
        The number one cause of death is not car wrecks.
        The number one cause of death is not AIDS.

        The number one cause of death for a Black.or Hispanic American is ABORTION.

        Why in the world would any Black or Hispanic American be a pro-choice Democrat? It makes zero sense.

        Those young brave Kentucky Christians, at great risk to themselves, are marching for your rights.

        The real Nazis are the eugenicists. Who are the eugenicists but People like the ENTIRETY OF THE DNC WHO THINK MARGARET SANGER IS A SAINT.

        In fact the eugenicists are murderers of millions of babies since 1973. 18,300,000 abortions since Roe v Wade in 1973!

      19. What would have happened if millions of Black and Hispanic Americans had been born? Imagine the consequences of their birth on the political process.

        The Democrats want you to kill through abortion. It fosters their ghetto mentality.

        Did you know that the tremendous economic gains of almost the entire Black American Middle Class was systematically wiped out under Obama?

        That’s rather significant, don’t you think?

        The Democrats are destroyers on purpose.

        Whereas in history, who came to the rescue of the slaves? The Republicans.

        Who in history ensured the natural rights of Black Americans to own and bear firearms? The Republicans.

        Who in history pushes the natural right to own private property? The Republicans.

        Who largely opposes abortion? The Republicans.

        Yet the Democrats claim the Republicans are your enemies???

      20. I have to ask this because a LOT of Black and Hispanic Americans are Christians and patriots.

        Explain to me how pro-choice Democrats are Christians? How is that Biblical? How do you justify it? Where are the passages that allow a baby being torn asunder?

        Explain to me how being a Democrat is even allowed under the US Constitution which is a constitutional republic?

        The USA is not nor ever has been a democracy. US soldiers are NOT fighting for democracy. They fight for natural rights under a constitutional republicm

      21. We are just another step closer to Civil War Two. Plan accordingly.

      22. The unhinged always reveal themselves. Sooner or later.

      23. Most will refuse to get it, even as they and/or theirs are murdered…

      24. Look at how much more psychotic the left is with this one. They are Christians. That is all the left needed to hear to go completely insane. We aren’t in kansas anymore. The left is so all in with satan, that a group of Christians get a public virtual lynching. Soon it won’t just be virtual. The Bible is a fairy tail to some. Spot on to those who know it even a little. It says a lot of these days we are living in.

        • well versed, not just a little. those that cant see that it is part of long game are just posers on the other side of the coin. Christ and Christianity isare not synonymous. The bible doesnt really reflect all the words of the christ.

      25. There are people in the world who are all too ready to verbally berate someone for some imagined wrong without getting all the facts first. Doubtless, there are liberals who see the wearing of the MAGA hats as having provoked the confrontation. Remember Joe Friday who asked for “Just the facts, Ma’am.”. A little more of this would be helpful before berating other people.

      26. “What is happening to this country?”.
        I have heard this phrase many times over the decades, but it has never been more salient than it is today. The leftist mob is a cult of hate for anyone or anything does not agree with their twisted, evil ideology. The globalist must be rubbing their hands with glee. We all know it is only going to get worse. One needs only to look at the French Revolution as a possible future of what might happen if these leftist miscreants regain control of both houses of congress and the presidency. When they have no one left to hate, the mob will turn on each other.

      27. What the left doesn’t understand is, the more things like this happens, the more justified someone who is the victim of their hate kills one of them will be and the more justifiable it will be for others to follow.

        After all, by showing a valid, logical, and reasonable connection with the left’s violent tendencies and desires, you can firmly use the “fear for my life” in a reasonable manner.

      28. FgTI7yiBW6M
        This is a great summation that has proof of the bigoted epithets being hurled against these white teenagers by adult black Hebrew Israelites.

        • OblYLTWfR20
          Here’s an hour and 45 minutes of what these moral teenagers faced by these Black Hebrew Israelites adult thugs.

      29. The CDC is saying that one in fifty teenagers considers themselves transgendered. The Luciferians have so innundated them with evil occultism that it is confusing their sexual-identity.

        This is what those parents in the American heartland are facing as most likely these are on the East and West Coasts

        The history of the transgender movement goes back to ancient Sumer and pagan rites.

        • The extreme leftists omit the facts of suicidal-ideation in transgendered people is 33% and in teens as a subset it’s 50%!

          Suicidal-ideation in homosexuals and lesbians is so high and common due to self-loathing that begins at self-identification that it’s impossible to quantify as it arrives and is persistent over their lifetime.

          Lucifer is a Destroyer as his main attribute and uses pride as the basis for sin. The most common manifestation is idolatry and even self-worship.

          10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
          John 10:10

          Why do you think the Luciferians worship Baphomet who is transgendered?

      30. The extreme leftists omit the facts of suicidal-ideation in transgendered people is 33% and in teens as a subset it’s 50%!

        Suicidal-ideation in homosexuals and lesbians is so high and common due to self-loathing that begins at self-identification that it’s impossible to quantify as it arrives and is persistent over their lifetime.

        Lucifer is a Destroyer as his main attribute and uses pride as the basis for sin. The most common manifestation is idolatry and even self-worship.

        10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
        John 10:10

        Why do you think the Luciferians worship Baphomet who is transgendered?

        • These fucked up kids…. Products of the single mother homes, kids who were denied masculine straight fathers and their role model guidance coupled with legalized abortion/murder by Feminist society… The ENTIRE DECLINE and destroyed moral compass of Americans is squarely due to ONE GROUP. The Feminists. End of story.

          FEMINISTS AND THEIR MALE SUPPORTERS and is came about late 80s and Early 90s.

          One generation was all it took, and by god it was hugely successful. Feminized and emasculated men in the 80-90s Gen Y group led to destroyed millenial worthlessness.

          That is undeniable truth. Feminism IS lucifernarianism.

      31. The antichrist Kamala Harris, who has invested so much energy attacking Christians, is the focus of an emerging scandal. It turns out that she was the mistress of a married DNC politician, and then he gave her a plum political job ie nepotism, so in essence she was a prostitute. The 30 year difference in their ages is infamous as well.

        She’s the frontrunning DNC candidate for 2020. Why am I not surprised?

      32. Is $70,000 to ruin your reputation? You see crime does pay.

        For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
        Romans 6:23

        • PROOF

          ht tps://

          Every one of us is a sinner. A normal person has a conscience due to our moral development and we feel guilt and ask Jesus for forgivess and that repentance leads to a healthier lifestyle.

          A wicked reprobate like Kamala Harris apparently has no conscience and revels in her disgusting past. When you dismiss Christianity and adopt atheism or worse things like Luciferianism, then the first things to go are right and wrong and good and evil. And then, you can justify literally any course of action or inaction.

          • The antichrist Kamala Harris got more than was earlier reported. Being a prostitute earned her $400,000+!

            ht tps://

            Boy the DNC is scraping the bottom of the barrel!

            • 17lkdqoLt44
              Being a 30 year younger “ho” than Willie Brown dropped a bomb on him.

              • J-DfVMVufJ4
                Velvet Jones explains how to be a “ho” for fun and profit. Who knew it would lead to being a senator?

            • Some conservative journalists looked into how much she got paid, and she received at least half a million as a result of her notorious affair with a man 30 years younger who was married.

              Sound familiar? Where is the liberal outrage that was hurled at Trump and Stormy Daniels??? He admitted nothing and the pay off was a fraction of that and Stormy didn’t then use nepotism to become a senator!

              I expect all this hipocrite DNC scum to spend six months name calling Kamala Harris 24/7.

          • ht tps://

            Kamala Harris promises:
            1. Every American citizen would have Medicare benefitsie universal healthcare
            2. Every American would have free public school from nursery school through college.

            Gee, Kamala. Won’t that be HUGELY INFLATIONARY?

            • Neither or Kamala Harris’ parents were naturalized when she was born. So she is NOT a natural born citizen and therefore would be violating the Constitution by running for the presidency. She was born a citizen but isNOT technically a natural born citizen by the legal definition.

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