The Shaking Continues: “There is Great Reason For Concern” Over Recent Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End Of The American Dream.


    shaking continues

    The Shaking Continues: The Most Dangerous Volcano In Mexico Has Erupted In Spectacular Fashion

    More than 25 million people live in the vicinity of Mt. Popocatepetl, including Mexico City’s 18 million residents.  At 2:32 local time on Tuesday morning, the most dangerous volcano in Mexico roared to life in spectacular fashion, and this has many experts extremely concerned about what is coming next.  Popocatepetl is an Aztec word that means “smoking mountain”, and historians tell us that once upon a time entire Aztec cities were buried in super-heated mud from this volcano.  In fact, the super-heated mud flows were so deep that they buried entire Aztec pyramids.  A full-blown eruption of Mt. Popocatepetl would be a catastrophe unlike anything that modern Mexico has ever experienced before, and considering what has been happening in Ecuador, Japan and at Yellowstone over the past week, I believe that there is great reason for concern.

    The eruption of Mt. Popocatepetl very early this morning took residents of the area very much by surprise.  The following is how one Mexican news course reported the news

    The volcano Popocatépetl came to life at 2:32 this morning, sending out a column of ash that fell on much of the city of Puebla and closed the airport.

    The National Disaster Prevention Center, Cenapred, said the volcano spewed ash to an altitude of about three kilometers above the crater.

    The explosion was accompanied by the emission of incandescent fragments which were reported to be landing up to 1.6 kilometers away, northeast of the volcano, which is commonly known as El Popo.

    But words cannot really describe just how spectacular this eruption was.  If you are interested, you can view video footage of the moment when Popocatepetl erupted right here

    Meanwhile, seismologists all over the globe are speculating about which area of our planet may be hit next.

    For example, scientists in India believe that the tremendous amount of tectonic strain that has built up out there could ultimately produce a magnitude 8 or magnitude 9 earthquake, and they are convinced that this quake “can come at any time”

    A subduction process similar to the one that caused the Ecuadorean quake is happening under the Himalayan region as well, where the Indian plate is getting inside the Chinese landmass.

    This northward push has been creating a huge amount of tectonic strain in the region, making it particularly prone to earthquakes.

    Scientists believe there is so much energy stored in the area that an earthquake of magnitude greater than 8, possibly even 9, would be needed to release it. This earthquake can come at any time.

    Here in the United States, some experts are deeply concerned that the west coast is particularly vulnerable.  One of those experts is former USGS scientist Jim Berkland.  The following is what Wikipedia has to say about him…

    Jim Berkland studied geology at the University of California, Berkeley earning the Bachelor of Arts degree in 1958. Thereafter he worked for the United States Geological Survey while pursuing graduate study. In 1964, he took a position at the United States Bureau of Reclamation.[3] After further graduate study, he taught for a year at Appalachian State University, 1972–1973, then returned to California to work as County Geologist for Santa Clara County from 1973 until he retired in 1994.[4]

    During a recent interview with Bobby Powell, Berkland explained that most “megaquakes” take place either during a new moon or a full moon, and he pointed to the San Andreas Fault and the Cascadia Subduction Zone as areas that he is particularly concerned about at the moment…

    Is “The Big One” imminent? Famed USGS scientist Jim Berkland, the man who predicted the Loma Prieta “World Series Earthquake,” has a terrifying warning for the West Coast of the US in the wake of massive earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan that have left hundreds dead, awakened volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean’s “Ring of Fire,” and kicked off earthquake swarms in Hawaii, Arizona, and Yellowstone National Park.

    Beware the new and full moons,” Berkland says in this exclusive interview. The “maverick geologist” says that 20 of the last 25 “megaquakes” have occurred on the dates of new and full moons, the result of “equinoctal tides,” extreme gravitational forces that cause solid earth to expand and contract much as ocean tides rise and fall.

    Berkland says that he is particularly worried about the San Andreas Fault in the LA Basin and the Cascadia Subduction Zone along the coast of Oregon and Washington State, where a long overdue earthquake would undoubtedly be accompanied by a massive tsunami that could kill thousands and cause billions of dollars in property damage.

    Even though I recently wrote a major article about the vulnerability of the Cascadia Subduction Zone, I want to make it clear that I am not forecasting that any particular disaster will hit any particular area at any particular time.

    But what we can say with certainty is that the crust of our planet is becoming increasingly unstable.  Our world is being pummeled by dozens of earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater, and as you read this article a total of 38 volcanoes are erupting worldwide.

    And it is quite interesting to note that in 1906 there were major earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan that preceded the historic San Francisco earthquake.

    On January 31st, 1906 an enormous magnitude 8.8 earthquake hit Ecuador, and that was followed by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Japan on March 17th.

    Of course most Americans have already heard about the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that hit San Francisco on April 18th of that year, but most people don’t understand that it came in the context of these other major quakes.

    Could we be witnessing a similar pattern today?

    In Matthew 24, Jesus warned us that earthquakes in diverse places would be one of the signs that His return was drawing near.  He also explained that the time immediately preceding His return would be the worst time in all of human history.

    Could it be possible that we are now entering that period of time?

    Please feel free to tell us what you think by posting a comment below…

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It


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        • If America can get past May 24th this year without the BIG ONE, I will be breathing a little easier….. until next year. 🙂

          • Passed

          • — and a full moon this Friday the 22nd…

            “Shake, rattle & roll… “

            • Passover Jubilee of Jubilees since AD

            • and 4/22 is “earth day” – ironic.

          • DK, uh, what’s supposed to happen May 24th?

            • I am hoping that Southern Kalifornia will still be fully intact at 4.03 pm Pacific Time on May 24th. If it is, then I worry about next year.

              If it’s not …. well …. we will know soon enough. 🙁

        • Now that brings back some good memories!

          • Kulafarmer, how about “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin On” by Jerry Lee Lewis.

        • LMAO good one!

        • No_forest_just_trees,
          I like your handle, my granddad was a lumberjack, he worked extensively in the Sahara Forest.

      1. Of biblical…

        • When God comes, I’ll be so glad to see him. If he’s listening, “What took you so long?” “I was beginning to think you’ld never show up, again.”

          • We were taught that the entire Californian “mass of plates” all, during an earthquake, sorta like ‘chatter’ their way south to Mexico, except for the Great Seattle Area all the way up into Canada, where it is truly awesome if you love trees and mountains and wild, wild living prospects, at astronomical prices (20 years ago …maybe now it’s all for sale for a song, land north of Vancouver BC). El perfecto spot to nail down 50 acres (@ about 30yrs old with wife and child), and carve out an existence with mother nature. Hunt, trap, fish and cut wood like a one-legged man in an ass-kickin’ contest! heheh…

            Anyway, except for Seattle, which they say is destined to slip right into Puget Sound (which is extremely deep and long), and just cease to be. California would be shaken to rubble and any “man-made” landfills would turn to quicksand in-an-instant for all those who have never enjoyed sunny California. 30 years ago it was a terrific place with no shortage of babes from magazine pages. Now I hear it’s a horror story… can’t imagine anyplace in California withstanding any kind of extended quake anyway. (NOBODY THERE EVER LEARNS …earthquake topples something so they build it right back up exactly like it was and wonder why it falls a 2nd time). Gee, I cut it three freakin’ times and it is STILL TO DAMNED SHORT!

            • I used to live there in the ’80s when it was still OK in San Jose. My brother is still there in LA…you’re right…nothing I could say would ever get him to move.

      2. doubt that we are turning into a police state ?

        First-graders cuffed, arrested, charged; Murfreesboro outraged

        h ttp://

        even Barney Fife wouldn’t be this f_cking stupid

        and the clown of a police chief describes this as “a learning experience”

        WTF ???

        feel safer with these idiots on the job ???

        • I hear the hemp crop was generous this year.

      3. the police chief should be removed from office as a warning to all public officials who cannot do their job properly

        • Isn’t that precisely how it’s supposed to work? Yes. It is.

      4. It’s interesting that Wood predicted much of this in his book, “Discovery to Catastrophe.” It lays out much of this in story form (fiction) based on scripture, including Jesus’ teachings in MT 24, MK 13, and LK 21.

        This past week our pastor was away and I was asked to preach. Though I wanted to share something more positive and encouraging, the Holy Spirit clearly directed me to preach on the subject that, “Jesus is coming again – SOON!”

        Immediately after preaching this, I noticed the earthquakes hitting. I do believe this is some of the earthquakes Jesus told us would occur immediately prior to the time of ‘great tribulation’ (MK 13:8, etc.).

        Folks, He is trying to wake us up. We need to prepare by getting our spiritual house in order, then to prepare for catastrophic events the like of which has never been seen (MK 13:19, etc.). It will be a time in which it will take a days wages to purchase enough food for one person for a day (Rev. 6:6).

        May the Lord help us all!!!


        Son of Liberty

      5. I wish we could all know what thoughts Be Informed has regarding the many earthquakes recently…

        • Be Informed is probably still pouring over his algorithms trying to figure out how I predicted two major quakes in Northern California, (the first in 25 years), by zip code.

          LMAO !!! Yes, its in the archives. 🙂

      6. Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet) said west coast destruction would mark the beginning of apocalyptic earth changes. Everything he predicted back in the 1800’s is now being confirmed by scientists as going to happen mostly as a result of climate change.

        The greater part of Japan must go into the sea… (Fukushima,etc). East coast inundation, land above Greenland open for shipping lanes (recently occurred), breaking up of some conditions in the south sea (Antarctica is in the southern ocean)–recently occurred, etc.

        But he said it will all begin in the south sea, parts of Georgia and the Carolinas being destroyed (can’t figure this one out!). but West Coast destruction is the beginning of really bad stuff (earth changes).

        I’m not worried…in a way, will be a relief. But its interesting to see it all coming true as predicted… guess basically, its a time when Mother Nature starts kicking our collective asses..!!

        • “parts of Georgia and the Carolinas being destroyed (can’t figure this one out!”

          Cayce said these areas would be inundated by water (rising seas) meaning they could also be inundated by a tsunami from an earthquake or landslide in the Azores or Canary Islands; or just higher sea levels as these locations are flat and barely above current sea level.

          For every foot the ocean rises, the water will flood inward twenty miles on a flat elevation. If you live in California, plan accordingly. 🙁

          • Two big known problems in the Atlantic.
            1. A volcanic Island off Spain has a huge collapsing crator. If it collapses the undersea landslide will be huge, and likely create a tidal wave that will hit the eastern seaboard. Good news, there should be enough warning for many to evacuate, but you’ll only have about 15 minutes to get on the road to higher ground.
            2. Off the Carolina’s there are huge mud flats that drop off into the canyon, very deep water off the US east coast. Periodically (thinking geological time) there are monstrous landslides there that will result in huge tidal waves. The close proximity to the East Coast will mean there will be no practical warning.

            I’m still more worried about an economic collapse being the more immediate threat to the US.

            • PTPO, I agree about the economic collapse being the greater threat. I’ll be up high enough in the north GA mountains not to worry about any flooding.

            • FYI…Ref. is made to all the “Earth Changes” that have been going on for many a year now. Not having seen a reason which could be the single root cause behind them all, I went looking for one…AND FOUND IT!! “It” has entered our solar system back in 2003 and given the recent volcano activity it must be getting close to its loop around our Sun. Dig into these sites and see if they don’t confirm that Planet X, aka Nibiru has indeed returned after having been gone for approx. 3657 years now. Our planet has had periodic POLESHIFTS over the millenea and this one is projected to be a real “bitch”.
              Share this with your friends & loved ones. Regards,

              • There are simpler forces at work, too bad this government and the NWO are too invested in global warming to allow the truth.

                The planet is actually cooling. There is strong evidence we are entering another mini ice age. Global warmers that have caught on to what is really happening have renamed global warming “climate change”. Hmmmm.

                Anyway for every one degree of cooling of the outer crust of the earth causes about 2/3 of a mile of shrinkage on the global circumference. If this is divided up between the major plate fault lines, it means that any plate movement that has been jammed up for centuries is finding the joints are losening up the cars breaks have been released. My point expect lots of earthquakes as long as the cooling continues.

          • DK, the coastal areas of those states will definitely be inundated by water although I don’t know how far inland. I will be at the BOL in north central GA in the mountains so I’ll be up high enough to not worry about it.

            • The BIG ONE in California (or New Madrid, or NYC) WOULD trigger a financial collapse as the secondary manifestation of that event.

              Rebuilding would spark a period of economic growth. 🙂

              • BH: Just stay away from the “Cahulawassee River” and you should be “ok”.

                Ok ??? 🙂

          • Could we see a repeat of the 7.3 earthquake in SC in 1886?
            Such a quake now would be quite damaging.
            ht tp://

        • Perhaps “parts of Georgia and The Carolinas” is referencing the “flaky” offshore land (if you want to consider it still land), that comprises the Outer Banks? (Naw, there are none off Georgia’s coast are there? Besides, anything that would flood-off those areas (which are extremely ‘lowlands’, especially the briny-marshes in Georgia AND FLORDIA).
          *Both NC and SC are about “flat” to the ocean until you get to the mountains …and MAN I mean barely above sea-level (mostly, there ARE many ‘rises’, but not all that much elevation if you look on a topographical map (recent ones are way better than the old ‘best guess’ maps). Would take one helluva Tsunami or ? to flood into that much area of land though….holy moley….

          Glad I’m on on the ‘tuther end’ of the state (West NC), and elevated like crazy, around 1200ft or so with fast access to way higher with a machine that’ll climb it. Spent 21yrs in The Navy in water and wet and I ain’t gonna spend my civilian life “wet and uncomfortable” – – unless duty called again, but of course.

          Why is Florida not involved as it is barely 19 feet above sea level? …except for the mountains in the panhandle of course.

          • Good point! Maybe an earthquake there drops the land a few feet and the tide rushes in and over the land.

            Remember Port Royale !!! 🙂

      7. Something to keep in mind,
        If you are ever in an earthquake,
        Stay away from windows, and stay away from cupboards!
        If the quake is big enough, it will eject EVERYTHING from your cupboards,,
        It can also break windows, especially in older homes that were pre tempered glass in dwellings codes.
        And for God sakes dont go into your basement!
        Best place to be is outside in the open. And NOT near power lines. Lines can snap or disconnect from insulators in big quakes,

        • “It can also break windows, especially in older homes that were pre tempered glass in dwellings codes.”

          That is almost every home built, including those being built today. Tempered glass is only required in glass less than 24″ off the floor most places, local codes in some areas may be stricter, but I know around here anything above the 2′ level is plate glass.

          • Yep,,,
            Something to think about

            • Kula, Tn, no problem here, we have a concrete block house with jalousie type windows that will not shatter. And a concrete basement halfway into a hillside. The ceiling is 5″ thick concrete with plenty of 5/8″ rebar .Built like a bank vault. Bring it! (We’ll still go outside if an earthquake hits.)
              As long as Planet X doesn’t hit us we’ll “be fine” [as the gov. says)
              Good luck to all.
              And, Braveheart, you should consider other ways to get to your BOL. If bridges are out what are you going to do?
              Make a plan with a private pilot to fly you there and parachute in…think outside the box, the cost will mean nothing.

              • Ketchupondemand, I’ll be going to the BOL BEFORE anything happens. I have another trip scheduled for June but can go earlier if circumstances dictate. I do have a ‘Plan B’ just in case.

              • But the good news is that men who don’t know what a penis is for can pee and poop in the bathroom of their choosing.

        • Very true. My Mom was in the CA quake and everything was thrown from cabinets, a big glass table shattered. She was trapped in her room from the door frame shifting but was able to somehow get out and help a blind lady get outside safely. She called next day and said get a spare room ready, and moved here the next week. Another tip, keep a flashlight by your bed. She did not have one close by and got cut getting out.

        • For those who have been there-done that, a quake of ANY magnitude instantly makes you aware of how tiny and helpless you truly are against mother nature and her forces.
          I’ve been through two, but tiny (no shaking), but a very loud “SNAP” cracking the earth beneath Albion, Maine about 20 years ago. (Too cold and depressing for me up there).

          • I slept through the 6.0 in Palmdale years ago. 🙂

      8. I read recently– few months ago– that there were “twin suns” in the sky… does anyone know anything about this? (Hopi prophecy predicts a time when the twins appear…after that we are supposed to have only 7 years to prepare before “end times”, so to speak…actually the beginning of a new age– the 5th age.

        • Yes…the 2nd Sun is actually a large planet called Planet X, aka Nibiru, when Robert Harrington of NASA discovered it back in 1983. It is in a 3657 year orbit around its brown dwarf star, Nemesis and our Sun. The King James Bible has passages describing its arrival back in the days of Noah who actually built the Ark to save his family and some animals from the flood several visits back. Zecharia Sitchen spent most of his life studing our beginnings in the middle east and wrote 6/7 wonderful books telling the story. It is a very long and wonderful story of where/how we humans came into existence, but you can delve into it by visiting these sites;

      9. I’m afraid that from years of research, I know what has been started to bring these volcanoes back to life around our planet of late. The celestial visitor that has arrived in our solar system neighborhood is known as Planet X, aka Nibiru. See the following sites for more info than you may really want. Regretably, we will be in for some really terrible times. May God please bless and keep us all.

        • That Zeta lady comes off as a real nut job. Having a communication device implanted in her brain by aliens ??? That certainly adds to her creditability. LOL And she paints Obama as a good guy???? I did enjoy reading the Finnigan Fine House boat story. Where is the hard evidence? She like many others has made dated predictions that the date came & passed and nothing happened.

          • Old Guy, I’ve never seen anyone who predicted something would happen on such-and-such date have even an ounce of credibility. Remember back in the 70s when the Jehovahs’ Witnesses said the world would end in 1975? Well, here we still are.

            • `A hillbilly was sitting around drinking beer and watching NASCAR.
              Two Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on his door and proceeded to enlighten him as to how to attain eternal life. When they were finished with their presentation, he told them he was not interested.
              “Sir, you’re not interested in eternal life?” They asked in shock.
              “No, not if it’s going to be with a bunch of Jehovah’s Witnesses!”

              • Didndonuffin, LMAO! Good one.

            • Some woman (religious leader) in the latter 1800’s had a slew of folks convinced the end was near, sold all their stuff and of course she is the only one who benefited from that prediction. Baptist I believe…

      10. First the San Andreas and Cascadia will let go. Then we will have the New Madrid. I hope to live long enough to experience it! I look at it as a new adventure. Some claim Nibiru is the twin sun. Wear a welding helmet and look at the sunset there sometimes does appear to be two suns? Im on the rock a couple hundred miles as a crow flies from New Madrid. The boogolas in places like Memphis will likely drown. The illegals will be Ok. They swam the Rio Grande no problem . the delta turning into a mushy swamp will not bother them. LOL

        • Old Guy, I’ll be at the BOL in GA before New Madrid cuts loose. Where I’m going will be about 250-300 miles further away so I’ll be OK. I fully expect Memphis will be totally destroyed. A million people in this area alone and I believe a HUGE percentage of them will be history.

          • A lot more than Memphis will be destroyed by another New Madrid. It will be more like the entire St. Louis/Memphis corridor. Four of the five largest natural gas interchanges in this country run through that corridor. Another New Madrid equals ruptured gas interchanges and massive fires, with no real way to put them out.

            Would also mean about three-quarters of natural gas customers in this country will be without their fuel source for cooking and heating. A good number of them have no idea that if you can start a fire, you can cook food and process water, along with keep from freezing to death. Hypothermia and dehydration will get them before any fire does.

        • The two suns thing is likely an optical illusion caused by the effects that the mass of the sun has on the curvature of space-time. If there was a second sun (meaning the Earth orbits a binary system), the orbit would not be perfectly in sync with the orbit of Earth, so we would see the second body. It would likely be that the two objects would orbit each other at a very rapid rate and it would be an unstable enough system that life would not exist on Earth.

          • However one glaring fact the earths magnetic poles have began to shift by great amounts the last few years. The magnetic poles always shift a few feet every year. However of late the shift has been much greater as much a 100 miles in a year. And also the planets rotation is slowing. None of these events are caused by mans activities. and man cannot mitigate them. I actually wish nibiru was in fact true. I would prefer a great catlycismic event to wars and mayhem. However like the invisible guy in the sky there isn’t any real tangible proof. So I remain a skeptic. Ive read the story of Atlantis and other related stuff. They like lots of other things sound plausible but where is the hard evidence?

            • Hey, Old Guy! You just have to give AlGore more money.

            • Old Guy,

              It is no secret to us that earth gets the North and South Pole magnetism because for one, a great deal of the earth is iron AND and great deal of the earth has magma flowing throughout it (in tunnels-of-hellfire we can only imagine, but they MUST be there or we wouldn’t have the “system” that presently exists, like the ring of fire.
              Well, the more that magma moves, the more it is going to change our “polarity”, and thus the magnetic “apparent” north is going to shift in whichever direction the magma makes it go.
              In no way does it indicate anything more than that (and historical artifacts of long ago demonstrate that the earth frequently goes through a “flip” in polarity (yet nobody knows if this would cause an electrical frig-up or not). I serious doubt the polarity of the earth affects my computer or car electronics because at one time we had 6volt car engines with positive grounds remember? My first was a 51 Chrysler ‘straight-six’ downdraft carb (through an oil-bath), weighed almost 7300lbs and got 30mpg and could go anywhere on the snow. Built like a tank. Now, a plastic car can’t get that kind of mileage with 1/8th the weight …and the motors are electronically impossible. I like the old EVERYTHING motors! Generators NOT alternators! lol….

      11. This goes on all the time. This just the nature of the earth. There is nothing we can do about it. So let nature take its course.

      12. I didn’t realize just how much was going on, especially with Yellowstone. While I usually consider Yellowstone erupting to be a statistical improbability during my lifetime, the continued increase in activity is making me rethink my position.

        Usually, I look at prepping by looking at my own physical and mental viability timeline and seeing what is likely during that time. Being over 40, I consider my ability to fight or learn new skills as diminishing to the point that by age 70, any major upset will mean my death due to a lack of ability to physically fight and mentally adapt. This is due both to physical deterioration and the natural loss of neuroplasticity that comes with age and starts around 35. So I really only prep for likely scenarios for the next 20-30 years. This is why asteroid impacts and super volcanoes normally do not fit into my primary prepping scenarios.

        What are my primary scenarios? First off would be severe weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding as these are the most common types of events. Second would be things like economic collapse, government crackdowns, war, terrorism, nuclear emergencies (war, accident or otherwise), etc. The third tier is for things like asteroid impacts, super volcanoes, The Great Tribulation, alien invasion from outer space, etc. Of those, I think the Tribulation is most likely but I can only prepare for it by preparing to live on the run if there is no rapture. There isn’t much more that I can do but keep a bug out bag and a firearm that I can easily carry on my person. The others in my unlikely-in-30-years list would require a bunker and the will to possibly live out the rest of my days inside it. Since that is not financially viable for me I choose not to think too much about it.

        • But Winston, the question is,
          Did you have a good life? Are you fulfilled?

          • In the history of planet Earth, mankind doesn’t even merit a footnote.

        • Winston

          I enjoyed your post. You can learn things when you are over 40. I started martial arts and did things I did not think possible. Yes things take a lot longer to heal. Never stop learning and enjoy a new challenge. I have met people older than I am who are in great shape. They can kick my butt over and over when they choose. They are a little slower than they used to be but they no what they are doing.
          Point is we can compete with the 20 year old’s. I would leave martial arts and come home and work out. Yes it hurt but I got to where I could at least keep up with them. Who knew.

          It is possible!

          • My point never was that you can’t learn new skills as you get older, only that it becomes much more difficult. The point I was making is a mathematical and scientific one steeped in logic more than one about my current quality of life and ability to adapt. I tend to approach life from a detached, logical standpoint rather than an emotional one as I find that I make better decisions that way. I am always learning new things and have taken to teaching myself about electronics and computers in the last few months to add to my life skills. I have admitted defeat in other areas. One is that I can see no logical way of moving forwards with things such as finding a mate and having a family as I can’t seem to science it out in a way that the flowchart would definitely lead me to realizing that life goal. Therefore, I have chosen to concentrate on living until I die and helping as many people as I can along the way. That way I can avoid wasteful mis-allocations of resources that could have been better used elsewhere.

            • Oh, and just for clarification the lack of ability to adapt refers to being 70 or 80, not 40. At that age, when most people need regular medical care to deal with health issues, a major cataclysm that makes obtaining food difficult would likely be a death sentence for anyone, not just me. Statistically speaking, yes, there would be some people capable of adapting at that age. However, the largest part of that population likely would not and they would not be able to defend a large store of supplies from bandits and would die in the firefight without outside assistance from younger family members. That’s all I meant.

              • Winston

                To clarify my statements as well. I was not criticizing. I was trying to be helpful and I am always nice to all. I was just raised that way. I just disagree to a certain point. So we can’t run 2 miles as fast as we use to. Our age has made us wiser. I can shoot just as good if not better than I use to. I also am a better fighter hand to hand than I ever have been. Sparring with 20 year olds gave me confidence and determination.

                You never know when the right lady will come along. Normally it is when you are not looking. My second wife scared the hell out of me. I did not want a woman at the time.

                I am just trying to be helpful and would welcome people like you by my side in the coming troubled times.

              • Winston

                I’m 58 and I got laid last night… twice…. you can do this as you get older……. thank you little blue pill…..
                Pray, plan, prep, form teams and never ever stop livin, lovin, or tryin…

                • Go 12 years without anything but rejection when trying to just get someone to go out for a simple cup of coffee and you will understand why I made the decision I did. Obviously, I am not what anyone I am attracted to is interested in. As I am only attracted to women I am friendly with for a few months first, it is not likely to change. This is the conclusion I must come to because if knowing me you want nothing to do with me then it is logical to conclude that this will be the state of affairs if I were to meet someone cold, start dating them and get to know them. After they got to know me, they would reject me. It’s all perfectly logical

                • Good for you!! And bragging on a public site is probably good for another go around…whoo hoo….58 is NOT old, btw
                  Plan, Prep, Live, Love, Pray, and have Sisu

              • Winston – I totally agree with all three of your posts. It’s the truth.

          • Hey, of course it is possible. Listen please, I had a full blown (worst heat attack you can suffer, called an MI), in 2003. Caused by plague (sp? “plack”! lol..) that my own body makes against itself. Gee whiz. But after five heart stents and during every moment of all the years “after the fact” …I’ve never needed a single ‘hit of Nitro’ nor had any “feelings” ….notta, healthy as a horse with a tiny bit of scar tissue in a ‘non-critical’ area of my heart. HEY!!!!
            Anyway, yeah, I was able (soon!) to get back into what I was afraid a heart attack would rob me of. Martial Arts? Ha! I saw a vid on YouTube yesterday of a Green Beret being challenged by a foreign (allied forces) ‘bad ass’. The Green Beret took him out with one finger “to and into the eye” (there were no rules and none of the commandos we train are taught to be anything less than vicious). heheh…One finger and he was essentially ‘dead’.
            So, you can easily learn self defense. Everyone has the very same nerves and “pressure points” and the human body has several of them, and all of them are open to being damaged, wounded or in need of an operation or removal …all from the damage you can inflict with just your hands and other ‘tools’ that look completely harmless on your keychain. (Old strength is good strength)! lol…

      13. Thats sad Winston.

      14. The best thing that could happen to us is if Kalifornia floats off into the sunset…

      15. It’s part and parcel of the whole end time scenario of Matth 24, Michael. However, not matter what happens and how bad things are or how bad they get, most(over 95% at least) people will just get acclimatized to their environment and do nothing or change nothing, but make fun, be skeptical, ridicule and scoff and provoke, heaping up judgment on themselves, which is very much evident when one reads Rev 16:20 And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.
        21 And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great.
        As well as Rev 9: 18 By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths.
        19 For their power is in their mouth, and in their tails: for their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads, and with them they do hurt.
        20 And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk:
        21 Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.
        So sad, having been prophesied about 2000 years ago, now coming to pass, everyone sees and hears about it, but nothing changes but animosity against their Creator GOD who wants them to turn to HIM; so sad as we will see all things fulfilled because of no change in spite of all that is and will come about one after the other in rapid succession. It’s like a man is running and shouting to warn the towns people that a wall of water like a wave 100ft high is coming to destroy the town and kill most of the people. The people hear his screams, they see the wall of water at a distance behind him, but just laugh and shrug their shoulders saying, “Nah, its not going to reach us, it will break before it gets here, and go about their business.

        • Rev 16:20 And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.

          I take that to reference the flooding of both islands and land (to include the mountains).

          This would leave NO PLACE FOR HUMANS …unless they were treading water…

      16. You know we can all tell that things are changing fast. Between wars, Earthquakes, Economic problems, and just the built up powder keg of stress we can all feel around us. What is coming and when? That is the question.

        I wonder if my parents thought it was the end during WW2? I wonder if my grandparents said the same during WW1?

        Sometimes I have doubts about how bad things can get. My personal belief is that the U.S. is the great Babylon talked about in Revelation. If it is Revelation says it will burn in a day.
        Again I just don’t know. I do know that hard times are coming. Even if it is the second great depression. Just a tornado, bad thunderstorm, big winter storm, drought, floods, ect.

        That is why I am here. My preps have already served me. We can see that the world is getting worse. People have lost there morals, honor, and honesty. I will prep. Even if nothing ever happens. I will prep because my loved ones and family deserve it. I have been blessed by my lord and I will use his blessings to help my family and others.

        My gut has been screaming at me for about two years. I hope it is wrong. You can all see and feel changes and you all know that changes are coming one way or the other.

        • “…burn in a day.”

          That could have three meanings, Biblically (at least).

          It could mean 1,000 years (because “one day to the Lord is as is 1,000 years to us (humans).

          I suppose that super volcano could take us out in a day, however…

          Nuclear blasts at every major target that exists would surely fit the bill, and Putin has stated more than once that Russia can “dust” The USA in just under 30 minutes …and has no doubt (and with my old security clearance, now defunct of course, I’ve every reason to believe Putin).

          I’m not the only one on here who has been having “feelings” that defy explanation (and not a damn thing you read does anything to relief the anxiety …cuz it just won’t stop nagging at ya, or at least that’s been my beef ever since Obama started in (immediately) with the bullshit as soon as his 2nd Term commenced, and it’s been downhill city ever since — and we got 8 more months of even worse to come?

          Imagine being on the space station and watch man wipe himself nearly out, and then see an incoming planet smash into the earth, or nearly so ….and who knows what would be the aftermath.

          Millions of years from now The Andromeda Galaxy is going to collide with The Milky Way. THAT, I should think, would be THE END, since nothing would survive, in theory.

          • It’s very true, this is what that prophecy is saying, destruction, when it comes will come within a 24 hour period. And that shows once again how God is the author of the Good Book, because that prophecy, penned by the apostle John 2,000 years ago, predicted a ruin by fire that at that time could not wipe out a civilization within 24 hrs. Today, nuclear ruin could easily achieve this. Who can be cognizant of current developments and now see this as the likely the shield of Omnipotence over our land is gradually being withdrawn. The US is increasingly vulnerable.

            The events that precipitate this nation ruin are accurately explained in a stunning book written in the 1800’s, The Great Controversy, events now very clearly coming into focus. That book is online, read chapter 25 about what the mark of the beast is, and the last eight chapters to see a portrayal of our time written well over 100 years a ago.

            Few realize that our American freedoms are Protestant freedoms. For the first time in American history a pope recently addressed Congress – he lectured Congress on “the greater good” as defined by the papacy, laying the groundwork for a revival of persecution.

            The author of The Great Controversy predicted the ecumenical movement and made these predictions of American national apostasy that will finally plunge the United States into irretrievable national ruin:

            “Through fraud and falsehood Satan is now using those who claim to be Christians to divorce the world from God’s mercy. They are working in blindness. They do not see that if a Protestant government sacrifices the principles that have made them a free, independent nation, and through legislation brings into the Constitution, principles that will propagate papal falsehood and papal delusion, they are plunging into the Roman horrors of the Dark Ages.” -RH, December 11, 1888

            “The people of the United States have been a favored people; but when they restrict religious liberty, surrender Protestantism, and give countenance to popery, the measure of their guilt will be full, and ‘national apostasy’ will be registered in the books of heaven. The result of this apostasy will be national ruin.” RH, May 2, 1893

            “Protestants will work upon the rulers of the land to make laws to restore the lost ascendancy of the man of sin, who sits in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God. Roman Catholic principles will be taken under the care and protection of the state. This national apostasy will speedily be followed by national ruin.” RH June 15, 1897.

            “It is at the time of the national apostasy when, acting on the policy of Satan, the rulers of the land will rank themselves on the side of the man of sin. It is then the measure of guilt is full. The national apostasy is the signal for national ruin.” 2SM 373 (1891).

        • Iv been having this gut feeling for a while now too. I know exactly what ur talking about i feel the world is in distress i see it in my freinds i see it in my family i see it in the news and i feel it the most in my heart. It kills me inside to feel this way and not be able to explain to anybody that would beleive im not gunna call it a feeling or an emotion. Ima call it jesus or the holy spirit because thats what it truly is. The holy spirit has been telling me and showing whats coming and not by visions or anything like that. Its like it was just there already. Its like i just know these things and they only come to me right after i pray. God works in mysterious ways let me tell you ha. what u said truly moved me and im blessed to have read this. Thank you and god bless you. May the lord protect you your loved ones through all your journeys. Thank you

      17. FWIW – A long time friend who has accurately predicted earthquakes and other events based upon these vision dreams he has (every year or so) told me last week that a massive quake, not less than 8.0 and possibly around a 9.0, will hit Pakistan within the next few months. He said it will most likely be any day or week now, but no later than the next few months.

        I never posted his other “predictions” here before as they weren’t relevant to the threads. They are based upon vision dreams that so far have come true, and he’s not a predictor per se… but so far these dreams are accurate.

        He also said the Middle East will be razed to the ground in a series of bomb blasts within the next year…. AND somewhere between late 2017 and mid 2018 America, China and Japan will be hit by war (World War 3) resulting in an unprecedented loss of innumerable lives.

        He said these aren’t regular dreams at all, they are vision dreams where he is shown a quick glimpse of the future. He doesn’t have these vision dreams often, but when he does he is accurate. He doesn’t post them anywhere or blog about it. He just tells those close to him who will not dismiss the dreams as hokey, which amounts to about a total of eight people, including myself.

        He’s not a predictor or into psychic stuff or anything like that. He’s a recently retired software engineer who is smart and sensible and he’s also the only neighbor / friend I know of around here who is also prepped.

      18. the gravitational effects of the moon and sun are additive when the moon is at perigee at new or full, as with May the 6th. you can go here for a apogee / perigee chart:

      19. It seems everyone is a crook. There are these free range chicken farms. They sell free range eggs to dumb people in Calif. the get $4 a dozen. However The USDA rules for free range eggs dont require organic feed. All the require is the chickens have the opportuinity to roam free for 6 out of every 24 hours. So they open the doors at 9PM and close them at three AM. When its dark. The chickens are roosting and never go outside in the dark. If they did try and let thousands of the dumbed down commercial birds roam free during the day. The varmits would have a feast. Hawks, coyotes, Raccoon, fox, opossum , bobcat ect would soon wipe the flock out. So the free range egg farmers cheat and lie.

      20. It’s the planet that is approaching you MORONS! Don’t you see what is happening? Are you all too stupid and senile to know that your demise is near? DUMB SHITS! Get yourselves in check with your God or gods or whatever you believe in, because you will need it. Most of you are dead and don’t even know it. DUMB FREAKING MORONS!

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