The Scourge of Internet Anonymity

by | Jul 26, 2010 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    CNN anchors Kyra Phillips and John Roberts find it necessary to explain to us that anonymous blogging online may lead to credibility issues with what they publish.

    “There’s going to have be a point in time where these people have to be held accountable. How about all these bloggers that blog anonymously? They say rotten things about people and they’re actually given credibility, which is crazy. They’re a bunch of cowards, they’re just people seeking attention.”

    CNN and other mainstream news outlets, of course, have never said rotten things about people in an effort to generate more viewers and subsequently more advertising dollars. They’ve never, for example, said Tea Party members were racists for slinging derogatory terms against Congressmen even though there was no evidence of the accusations, or destroyed the life of an individual for being an anthrax terrorist though he wasn’t in any way associated with such activity, and they have certainly never attempted to convince the American people to go to war for reasons that were completely fabricated. We do not legally require that the mainstream media be cross-checked, but there should, according to CNN, be a gatekeeper of sorts to make sure bloggers, anonymous or not, are held to account:

    What Andrew talked about with me is this idea of a gatekeeper, but there are huge first amendment rights that come into play here, freedom of speech and all that. He said that people who need to be the gatekeepers are the media to check into these stories.

    Forget about “all that.” What we need is to have gatekeeper approved blogs, so that when readers are interested in a story, they know that it has cleared the Ministry of Truth’s freedom of speech gatekeeper watch dog. Otherwise, it’s just, as Kyra Phillips suggested, “crazy.

    To some degree, the internet is like a giant worldwide bathroom wall that you can write anything you want about anyone under an anonymous pseudonym. Now somebody’s going to have that information, but I’ve always thought that if you’re going to say something, if you’re going to criticize someone in a public forum, have the courage to at the very least put your name on it. The better thing would be to say it to their face.

    Wait, so is it anonymous or does someone have that information? Like perhaps the domain name registrar or the ISP? If you post something on the internet, you can be assured it is logged, somewhere, likely on the server where you posted, be it an article, comment or forum topic. You’re IP address is being logged and if an interested party wanted to track you down, they could.

    So, what exactly is it that CNN is arguing about? Obviously, nothing is really anonymous, so there must be an ulterior motive.

    Our guess is, that CNN, CNBC and all of their friends are losing massive amounts of market share, and subsequently advertisers, to the sea of anonymous bloggers on the internet who are providing their own interpretations of news events. The mainstream must discredit these sources or they will be eliminated over the coming years, much like their counterparts in the news print business.

    This isn’t about anonymous blogging. This is about job security, and these CNN anchors know it!

    CNN Anchors On Anonymous Blogging:

    Anonymous Publications Are Nothing New

    The following quote, though not related to anonymous speech, was written by an anonymous author who is now celebrated for his work. Who would argue that his thoughts are crazy or not credible simply because he chose not to put his name to them?

    The present state of America is truly alarming to every man who is capable of reflection. Without law, without government, without any other mode of power than what is founded on, and granted by courtesy. Held together by an unexampled concurrence of sentiment, which is nevertheless subject to change, and which every secret enemy is endeavoring to dissolve. Our present condition, is, legislation without law; wisdom without a plan; a constitution without a name; and, what is strangely astonishing, perfect Independence contending for dependence. The instance is without a precedent; the case never existed before; and who can tell what may be the event? The property of no man is secure in the present unbraced system of things. The mind of the multitude is left at random, and feeling no fixed object before them, they pursue such as fancy or opinion starts. Nothing is criminal; there is no such thing as treason; wherefore, every one thinks himself at liberty to act as he pleases.

    -Published by an anonymous author (Thomas Paine) in a pamphlet called Common Sense – January 10, 1776.

    Thomas Paine’s words ring as true today as they did over 200 years ago.

    Note to readers:

    This article is Gate Keeper approved.



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      1. Don’t forget other wonderful things that the MSM has done for us: forging documents about our president, making trucks explode on side impact using dynamite, etc.

        Besides that, the reasons for the discussion was the video of the USDA agent – which of course was NOT published on an anonymous blog, but a very well read blog with a well-known and public author.

      2. Reporters that work for the Main Stream Media are paid to read predetermined news bites and views. For them to suggest that media should be filtered/held accountable is a joke.
        I remember how the MSM bashed ‘Joe the Plumber’ ( they were the ones that tagged him with that name ) for disagreeing with Obama’s policies.
        I remember how the MSM bashed G W Bush’s policies and now turn a blind eye to Obama using the same policies.
        The American People want their borders secured and illegal aliens arrested and deported.The MSM would have you believe they are migrant workers just trying to make a better life for themselves.And we are suppose to ignore the fact that entering the U.S. illegally is against the law.
        The MSM is the mouthpiece of the international corporate elite that are running this country,,,,and they want YOU to shut up.

      3. Those MSM fellas sure do know to make Big Brother more powerful. MSM is supposed to report news accurately, without bias and that the news is as truthful as they can verify it.  Hell, my local news is so bad, that if it weren’t for AP news wire, they’d be out of business. What local news they do report, is found to be totally inaccurate after checking and verifying it personally.
          MSM news is nothing more than static in the back round. Their ratings prove it. Other than being a government infomercial, their fluff is endless. WGAF what this Lohan chick is doing. That info doesn’t get the ‘taters harvested or the corn husked.
          Get a shortwave radio & listen to what is going on. Pretty good news out there if you look. This Freedom of Speech gig with the Internet is going to end soon. Too many idiots or discrediting shills putting out info that goes well beyond Yellow Journalism. It looks more & more like clandestine radio is going to take its place. 

      4. Realistically,  everyone just needs to be aware of the fact that all TV news is supported by advertising, and if the advertisers don’t like what the news is reporting then they will pull their advertising dollars.  If it were flipped and there was no corporate sponsorship we’d have state run media.  If we listen to the shortwave like Bert reccomends then we get news tainted by the bias of whoever is reporting it there.

        It is amusing to me that in the Q1 of 2010 FOX News had the top 13 shows in the “news” category.  It’s no wonder that CNN would say some of the outlandish things they say now just trying to keep up.  It’s also no wonder that MSNBC’s anchors take on-screen text messages from the White House.  That’s funny.

        A basic understanding of how the US Government works and a healthy dose of skepticism can let you see past most of the crap reported as news by the news.

      5. When Radio first came out it was unregulated and free. A broadcaster just need a transmitter powerful enough to reach whatever audience he desired.
        TPTB put that in it’s grave real quick. Radio was regulated first by the ICC, then by the Federal Radio Commission, and then finally with the Federal Communications Act of 1934 which formed the FCC.
        If the Corporations ruling the country at that time didn’t like what was being reported,  it was squashed. Just like today.
        I reckon what they’ll do today is use the upcoming false flag event to permanently end the Internet and short wave broadcasts as we know it. They’ll use their contrived emergency to pull the plug on all the sites they don’t like and filter and jam shortwave.
        It’s too dangerous for them to have this kind of freedom continue much longer. Especially not this close to the end game.

      6. Damage control when the horse has already left the barn means nothing…let them whine.  It will seal their fate all the more securely.

      7. The reason that these bloggers have an audience at all, is the fact that the MSM are not doing their jobs.
        One recent example: Remember when Rushbo was addicted to that medication? That story was everywhere. You couldn’t get away from it.
        Now, last week I saw a videoclip of Whoopi Uglyberg on some type of medication she supposedly takes for her fear of flying. She couldn’t even talk. She sounded like she drank a gallon of rum.
        Why has this video not been all over the MSM? After all, Rushbo took his meds for pain, and got hooked. Whoopi takes this stuff for her “pain” and SHE CAN’T EVEN TALK!

      8. Great quote from Thomas Paine Mac.

      9. In my humble opinion the people who post and comment here are much better reporters then any of the MSM.

        The people here actually know something about the subject matter and/or have real world experience.

        When the libs visit this site they don’t look at the content, but are quick to point out our spelling, grammer and punctuation. By the way Mac, when are you going to get the spell check for comments.

      10. Patriot One:  even a part-time lib like me can admire you for making that post.  Jesus Christ (capitalized for your appreciation), let’s have another drink!  🙂

      11. Johnny V, You? A liberal! Ha! You may be “liberal” (as I am in many ways) but “a liberal” you are not. But, its not about liberalism: its about progressivism and globalism and the war against individual rights.

        I submit to all of you that there is not much of a difference between an anonymous blogger and a giant corporation. Both have a degree of untouchability, however, in the case of the giant corporation it most often seeks greed and corruption from inside. Bigger is easier to corrupt. The little anonymous bloggers? For ever one they corrupt, one thousand will speak the truth.

        What I get the biggest kick out of is that the MSM is talking about this and that, however, nobody is calling the record into question. Who told the truth? Who lied the most? Who was just flat wrong? The MSM are owned by TPTB. Do you think they are doing this just for fun? No. We *ARE* makeing a difference and this is proof!

      12. NetRanger!:  I am in fact a part time liberal.  I don’t give a damn if the gays get married, if women have abortions, if there’s boobies on TV, if there are some “socialized” infrastructure projects (to keep us going, grid, roads, bridges, sewage, water, etc), if Social Security made it I wouldn’t care, marriages between more than two are cool, DO I NEED TO KEEP GOING?

        I do think that everyone should have lots of guns.  I think that people who would take away the rights of Americans ( to pure food, clean water, fresh air, a good job, etc.,  ) should be run through the wo0d chipper.

        Hey Net Ranger, if we live close enough, maybe one day, we could man the wood chipper together!  Zukadu could run the banksters up to us, and we’d feed ’em in!

      13. Without anonymity we will eventually lose our free speech.
        Look at it this way,Abe Foxman of the loathsome ADL thoughtcrimes agency wants to limit what can be said regarding Israel & Jews to the point of enacting hate speech laws to silence criticism by us.
        Once we are forced into the open,an important area of discovery regarding this perfidious tribe will be limited and we’ll once again be kept in the dark like the old days when the MSM spoonfed all of our news.
        Remember that identification always precedes criminalization,let anonymity reign!

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