The Scariest Job Chart Ever Just Got Even Scarier

by | Jun 7, 2010 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    Via Clustershock:

    We’ve dubbed this chart the “Scariest Job Chart Ever,” as it shows how the decline in employment is WAY uglier than in past recessions.

    Calculated Risk has updated it with the latest numbers from this morning, and now it looks even scarier.


    Check out the two red lines at the bottom. The solid one includes Census hiring, while the dotted line doesn’t include it.

    What’s clear is that while we still have a rebound including Census hiring, we’re already flattening out on the dotted line. This is a shape not seen on the other lines. suggesting that the fall is extremely deep, and the recovery is shallow.

    Scariest Jobs Chart Ever

    We’re fairly confident that the “Scariest Job Chart Ever” is going to get even scarier. The President says that our economy is improving by the day and our Vice President says we will add 1.5 million jobs by the end of the year. Once the Census jobs go away and government stimulus runs out we’ll likely renew the downward trend on this chart. It will become evident in negative GDP growth in the last half of 2010 that we have not recovered.

    After having read these 50 Statistics about the US Economy, is there any doubt that we are nowhere near the end of this?


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      1. Today the government will say its a sign of recovery. In August they will say its a sign of recovery but the census jobs are just causing an increase in unemployment.

         To all us folks here on main street, its getting worse. Government jobs shouldn’t even be included in the unemployment numbers. How many government workers do you know who lost their jobs? Why is it that almost all the jobs created or saved are government jobs? 

        Wake up folks the government produces nothing!!! The government is sucking the lifes blood out of America with assessments, fees and taxes. Government, beyond the Constitution is nothing more then a leach or parasite and we are the host. Left untreated government will kill the host. (America) 

      2. Green shoots evolving into riot squad boots.      

        President A-Hole and Vice President A-Hole just said everything was ok.  

        Lying bastards.   

      3. It already has.  The parasite just doesn’t realize it yet.

      4. Clearly the solution is for the feds to hire every single unemployed person in the country this month to stand around and count each other.

        What were they thinking only hiring 400K last month??? 

        (sarcasm off)

        We are not even close to being out of the woods yet, folks.

      5. Out of the woods? We have to know where the edge of the woods exists. We’re not even attempting to get out of the woods because the administration and government in general would want to get out. It appears they have massively lost their way. We are wandering in circles. We may NEVER get out of this woods. …it is by design. They only appear to have lost their way. They know exactly what they are doing.

        The previous debt based economy is dead. DEAD! A new economy will develop, unregulated, underneath. It is already starting. Its called “unemployment”. The government wanted millions more controllable, dependent voters, well, they have them. They couldn’t get us on welfare so they figured that if they destroyed the economy they could snag us this way. …and they have.

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