The “Safe Drivers Act” Is A Real-Time National Driver Surveillance Program

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    This article was originally published my Mass Private I at Activist Post. 

    A new Senate bill would create a real-time national driver surveillance program that would allow law enforcement to know anything and everything about a driver at the click of a button.

    A recent article in WCVB Channel 5 revealed that the “Safe Drivers Act” is designed for one purpose and that is to share everything a motorist has ever done with law enforcement nationwide.

    Outside the Danvers branch of the Registry of Motor Vehicles on Tuesday, Congressman Seth Moulton publicly announced legislation he’s filed in hopes of making it easier for traffic safety officials to share information about drivers across state lines.

    How Moulton plans to make it easier to share drivers’ personal information with law enforcement across the country is frightening.

    The ultimate goal of the bill is to help lead to the creation of a national, real-time data sharing program, Moulton’s office said.

    Apparently, knowing a driver’s Social Security Number, address, date of birth, checking their driving record and running their name against a national criminal database is not enough.

    There are few places in America that do not use Automatic License Plate Readers to track our every movement and even that does not appear to be enough for Big Brother’s insatiable desire to know everything about everyone.

    The Salem News revealed that the bill would “incentivize states” into creating a national real-time driver sharing program.

    Moulton said, “the goal is to incentivize states to modernize their systems and work together to make sure their databases are compatible to improve communication on dangerous drivers.”

    WCVB Channel 5 explains how the U.S. DOT would offer states more than $50 million to help create a national real-time data sharing program.

    Moulton’s bill would also create a $50 million competitive grant program that would allow states to bid for additional grant money and would enable the U.S. Department of Transportation to connect states that have similar modernization needs.

    One has to ask, why would states need bribes grant money to help create a national driver surveillance program?

    According to The Salem News, this bill would also give law enforcement, real-time alerts of every driver.

    Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has also called for the creation of a nationwide system to alert states when one of their drivers incurs a violation that could trigger a suspension in another jurisdiction.

    Will Amber Alerts become a thing of the past? Because this bill would give law enforcement real-time alerts about every driver.

    I wonder if they will be called Bad Driver alerts?

    The Safe Drivers Act is a privacy nightmare

    H.R. 4531 would also give law enforcement access to videos of accidents a driver was involved in and much more.

    Developing or acquiring programs to identify, collect, and report data to State and local government agencies, and enter data, including crash, citation or adjudication, driver, emergency medical services or injury surveillance system, roadway, and vehicle, into the core highway safety databases of a State.

    Collecting and storing court judgments of any auto accident a motorist has been involved in will give law enforcement unprecedented access to a motorist’s driving records.

    It would link core highway safety databases of a State with such databases of other States or with other data systems within the State, including systems that contain medical, roadway, and economic data.

    Calling this a national, real-time data sharing program really doesn’t do it justice. It should be renamed and called a real-time national driver surveillance program.

    You can bet that this bill will be modified to monitor motorists in ways that we haven’t dreamed of yet, making the “Safe Drivers Act” even more of a privacy nightmare.

    By storing and tracking everything a motorist has ever been involved in, we are turning every driver into a suspected criminal, and that scares the you-know-what out of me.

    Americans do not need or want another national surveillance program. We already have a national ID program called Real-ID, which gives law enforcement an unprecedented look into everyone’s personal lives.


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      1. ITs happened!! To the trucking industry. Been going on for a couple years. First they changed the rule that we operate by(in the name of safety) Then the use of Electronic logs was mandated. (in the name of safety) .THE TRUTH? MORE ACCIDENTS NOW THEN EVER. THE TRUTH? WE ARE TRACKED EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY ALL PART OF A NATIONAL DATA BASE. TIME LOCATION GPS COORDINATES. ALL. This was whats comming to all of us and they used the trucking industry for their “pilot program” big brother is here. we are in control. dont even think about getting out of line we know everything

      2. I saw a frightening thing, a video captured by a parked Tesla car.

        Apparently in security mode it records everything from all of its cameras. Every person walking by, and every car driving by.

        It is a spy without the need for warrants. It sees and reports all.

      3. Do you really think the government has someone watching each one of us 24/7/365? Perhaps your doctor can give you a new prescription to go along with the fifty other problems you have.

        This story is designed to recruit new idiots into purchasing foil hats and shit you don’t need from Amazon links.

        I LOL at the law breakers that are too ashamed to own it.

        The only national surveillance programs are there to watch the criminals. Why are you nervous?

        I’m all for publishing all court cases, along with traffic offenders, deadbeats, violent creeps, sexual deviants, ripoff artists; publish in free online databases, along with the identity of all entitlement and subsidy grabbers and illegal aliens and the total time that everyone has spent behind bars. Heck, publish the stats in the newspapers every day, like a batting average to show the worst of the worst in society.

        Also publish their weight and medical problems caused by eating a diet of a fiveyear old throwing a tantrum in the store demanding a cart-full of sugary garbage! Give the fatasses a negative social score for being stupid and lazy to take care of their number one asset they will ever have. Treat your body like shit, you truly have no value in life.

        And your afraid that someone will find out that you ran a stop sign back in 1949? Pathetic.

        • Bert, would you give your child an Alexa?

        • Bert and the Socialist Greenies like him,
          Boot lickers like you are the problem. Apathy about your privacy. Privacy MATTERS. I have the right to travel, the right to be left alone.
          You judge from your narrow unknowledgable viewpoint.
          You demand that everyone “do as you say”, likely not doing as you “ACTUALLY do”. You sound like a good socialist climate fear mongering greenie warrior that wants everyone to be unarmed/ HELPLESS, and everyone banned from air travel, to save planet. Your kind loves controlling how everyone else lives.
          The politicians advocate civillian gun disarmament.
          * WHILE the socialist live behind gated communities, have paid for ARMED security teams, for their protection.
          * The rich greenies fly private jets to climate fear mongering events.
          * The Politicians seldom deal with the security theater cattle training of TSA. Because the fly private. But you are hassled and groped, ill treated by low iq perverts that enjoy groping your wife and children as you are forced to watch. All that BS Fake securiy just to go see Grandma.

          Do as they say. Not as they Actually do. Politicians fly private. Greenie rich fly private jet. They want you unarmed while they are escorted by private security to behind gated walled off communities.

          The National surviellance system aparatus is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS for the American people.

          Your Near Future:
          * One day they will round YOU up. Likely while being pulled over for a traffic violation real or made up by the crooked criminal road pirate cops.
          * You will not be “Reducated”, or ticketed. Because the database says you have a warrant because you don’t think “leftie commie”.
          * You will be taken to Jail by cop that pulls you over. Processed. Interogated. -No phone calls. -No lawyer. -No bail. –They Disappear you. (They are doing this EXACT thing NOW in a place called Newton, Kansas in USA. You are taken to Harvey County Regional Correction Facility for processing and to be killed for your Vital Organs. You vehicle, finances, cash is taken. You ID is given out to foreign nationals that they cycle through the facility. THIS IS HAPPENING NOW TODAY.)
          * Then you eat the food, drink the drink, within the jail facility you are held in. You are asleep. Taken into the back. Your organs/body parts harvested. You are now Disappeared and DEAD.
          * * The survielance system in this article is for TARGETING dissadents and anyone not docile to the NWO Leftie Commie Greenie take over of America.

          There is a commie coup on our elected President Trump NOW.

          * * * The Danger is Very Real. It is here NOW. Privacy does matter.

          Get off your high horse Bert. But then I doubt you can even ride. ALL people have value and are children of God.
          My comments seldom are posted on this site or any site. -CENSORSHIP-

      4. Hey! Where did all the comments go!?

        • Arm Joe
          Comments are thing of past.
          No real time communication is now allowed.
          No meaningful discussion.
          -Notice they took Views counter off this site.
          -Notice the very few comments.
          You will go along with the destruction of all freedom or be silenced.
          One day, or maybe it is already here, you will be targeted for round up if you are not a compliant sheep of the Satanic Beast System.
          You are only seeing the begining.
          -San Francisco turned into a druggie homeless camp. People pooing in the street like animals.
          -All 2nd ammendment rights TRAMPLED on in communist California and other communist states.
          -Austin Texas turned into a homeless camp. The commie Californians Techie imports took over Austin politics. Californians RUIN every place they trespass/move to.
          -Texas governor Abbott threatening to fusion center and target Texans that demand Border Security.
          -Texas Lt Governor Patrick threatening gun rights, abolishing 2nd rights that Texans have ALWAYS had.
          -Communist soy boy beta Beto Odork threatening to “take” peoples firearms.
          -NBA players bowing to Communist China.
          -NFL players and owners taking knee during National Anthem

          Your “changed” Amerikka. Your censored web sites.
          Then you have people like Bert.. . . . Self explanatory.

          Beto? Texas History says, “Come and Take it”.
          – – – – – – –

          You people here might want to read article that was on Drudge? Neighbor showed me print out. There was interesting article on DrudgeReport, where villagers in Mexico had enough of Liar politicians not living up to campaign promises. The fed up, had enough, and pushed too far Mexican Farmers, proceeded to drag the Mexican Politician through the street behind a truck?

          Thought that Drudge article might bring entertainment to some readers here. Renegade, HCKS, other deplorables?

      5. Speaking of cars…what 10 or so items would you pack if you had to bug out by car? You have to plan that it might take you 2 weeks to reach your destination because of unforeseen SHTF stuff.

        I will list my 10 or 12 items/groups when I see this posts successfully and I get back from Walmart. I am making Fire Biscuits, patent pending…

      6. This stuff is inevitable. currently auto insurance companies will give you a discount if you put car monitors on your car so they can monitor your driving at all times, tell me that isn’t monitoring and your refrigerator tells you when your mil is low and that’s not monitoring

        Regardless of whether the government really wants to control each person or not, they eventually will as the debt it keeps incurring will force it to control people to lower its costs.

        Your refrigerator reports to your doctor if you drank 6 bottles of wine or ate 2 gallons of ice cream that month, so it reduces the countrys potential health care costs.
        Your house reports to your doctor how many times it recorded cigarette smoke, you stop smoking or pay higher insurance on that report; monitored.
        Your car reports to your insurance anytime you are going faster than the speed limit and your insurance goes up; monitored.
        And your license plate is picked up at two points on a highway, computer does a calculation and sends you a ticket for speeding because you could not have driven that far at the speed limit or less.

        All this is coming and more, some to reduce costs, some for control; some for both and even having older appliances or cars will only mean you are the last one to feed the government alligator.
        The days of independent and free America are over; 1984 is here.

        • 1776 is here.

      7. The major concern is that all of this is of ostensible purpose and its true intent is nefarious. The majority of its champions don’t realize its potential. Most people’s analyzation starts and stops at addition and subtraction. Cause and effect beyond, “this hits that and that then falls”, requires too much thought; simplistic “solutions” for simplistic minds.

      8. Bert: You sad mental-midget, retard you.

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