The Ruling Class Wants A GOVERNMENT RUN Credit Reporting System

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    The rulers are not content with the amount of power they wield over the public just yet and are showing that the continued eroding of any illusion of freedom will continue.  The psychopaths that many Americans believe have power now want a government-run credit reporting system to further control the slave class.

    House lawmakers on Tuesday called for sweeping reforms to the credit reporting industry with some politicians going so far as proposing a nationally run system, saying the three major bureaus are failing Americans.

    Three pieces of legislation were put forth for discussion, including the National Credit Reporting Agency Act that “would establish the Public Credit Registry (PCR) within the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, creating a public option for consumers who choose to utilize it.”

    “This is a system that fails people with perfect credit that may be victims of identity theft,” Chairwoman Maxine Waters said at the Financial Services Committee hearing. “This is a system that fails people who get caught in a debt trap because of predatory lending, and this is a system that fails people who don’t have the means to dispute errors that reporting agencies make.” –Yahoo Finance

    We are now one step closer to a Chinese-style social credit system.  We had better become aware of what’s being done to us before this too late.  This is just another step toward their permanent enslavement goal in which you will be given a digital wallet controlled by the master and if you act up as their slave, they will cut you off.

    And they are using division by race to try to convince the masses that this is a great idea.

    “Although credit scores never formally take race into account, they draw on data about personal borrowing and payment history that is shaped by generations of discriminatory public policies and corporate practices that limit access to wealth for Black and Latinx families,” Amy Traub, associate director of policy and research at Demos, testified at the hearing. –Yahoo Finance

    Let’s be clear: a low credit score doesn’t “limit wealth” it simply means you won’t be able to borrow money from your master.

    In a 2020 survey of 5,000 people by Credit Sesame, 54% of Black Americans and 41% of Hispanic Americans reported having a credit score below 640, while 37% of white Americans and 18% of Asian Americans reported the same.

    So what are they getting at? Are they going to manipulate credit scores based on race now? But we are expected to believe this isn’t a piece to the agenda?

    We had better become more aware than ever of what’s going on.  We are either slaves or we are free. Right now, we are slaves, but those shackles are going to become permanent in the coming years we continue to pretend that voting for a new master every four years to rule over us and others somehow equals freedom.

    Stay alert and hone your awareness.  They are pulling out all the stops right now and the war is for your mind. We have to break our minds free before we can expect to have any semblance of freedom.

    None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Elective Affinities



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      1. I don’t have/use credit now so it won’t make a difference. I haven’t had a credit card in over 20 years. Sleep a lot better than most people too lol. EVERYTHING I have is PAID FOR in cash. Side by side, 4 wheelers, boat, cabin, house, ALL OF IT. It’s called “Genius”

        • Genius,

          Same here credit is for losers or soon to be losers.
          The bigger picture is what is happening to our Republic.
          The Federal Government is way way out of control
          States rights are nowhere to be found

          Seems like its getting time for a restart revolution!!!

          • Yep J, credit is slavery. For people that want to live beyond their means. I live a very comfortable life totally within my means. But then we also don’t have kids so that helps a lot. Our state is fairly good but yes, it will be wartime very soon. Glad I’m old and not growing up in the soon to be hell on earth…

            • Credit isn’t slavery if you make it work for you. Pay em off every month and it’s a win. People that say stuff like you did are just afraid of themselves. I get it, “don’t get caught in the trap” but you don’t have to if you have discipline.

        • Unless you’re using a debit card I would think that would make everything from buying gasoline to making an online payment on your doctor’s bills and such very difficult.

          How do you do it?

          FWIW, debit cards do not give the same degree of protection against fraudulent charges that credit cards do and leave you exposed to greater risk of financial loss.

          • I have a debit card for online stuff. No debt incurred. I pay doctor, dentist, etc. in cash. You do know you can go inside the gas station and hand them cash and say 30 bux on pump 4 right? I have had my card fraudulently used twice but I have NEVER had my cash taken from me. I have bought things during a power outage with cash too. If you have the money to pay off your card every month then why even use it? So you can be tracked 100%? Not a smart move…

            • Can’t (shouldn’t) argue with common sense.
              But, alas, some just don’t understand.


      2. So they want a social credit system then pay the Plebs a stipend to keep them in check and if they oppose the government i.e.ruling class they are cutoff. Total control and slavery.

      3. That the ruling class wants everyone else to be repressed, compliant, unarmed slaves is no surprise as it elevates their wealth and power. The surprise is the number of non-ruling class people that agrees with and supports them!!!!

      4. Hmm, I had a credit card yrs ago that I would get a nasty gram from them saying to use it or lose it, so I would go and charge a tank of gas whenever I go their letter and they still dropped me. When my wife was alive, we used a credit card from a big box store ( it is headquartered in Wash state ) and we would get a pretty good pay back on it, now that my wife is no longer here and I don’t use it very much, if at all. I getting a really high user fee. So I’m looking around for another credit card that doesn’t charge as much just to have it in my wallet. I use a debit card and still pay with cash as much as possible if not more. Happy trails everyone

      5. Do you need a credit card? Perhaps not. I do. I need some way to pay online purchases, for one thing. I’ve always had one, if only for emergencies away from home. You’re tracked by cctv and register receipts when paying cash anyway.

        Soon after the crash in 2008, they raised my rate to 12% so I went shopping for a new card. I found one for 7.25% APR and it is still that today. I don’t generally carry a balance, but if I do, the interest is very low.

        If you look online you can find some low rates, assuming you have a good track record of paying your bills.

        • “You’re tracked by cctv and register receipts when paying cash anyway.”

          Not entirely true. I throw all my reciepts away and cameras are limited to the store itself. Nobody can track where I went and what I bought if I used cash. How would you know what time and what store I was at and what I bought? Now if I used a card it would be so easy to track me even a caveman could do it. No “smart” phone, no gps, Don’t ask me how I know but this WORKS!

        • I did the same thing. When I called the company that raised my rate they immediately said they would drop the rate again for me (my FICO score is always over 800). I told them I don’t do business with businesses that operate like that.

      6. I pay my bills on time and im white and privileged ROFL, omg you can’t make this shit up#

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