The Risk To Trump’s Reelection: Market PLUNGES

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    President Donald Trump is facing a “black swan threat” to the economy and therefore, his reelection chances.  Even Trump‘s leading allies acknowledge the deadly coronavirus could present an existential political threat for the president in an election year as markets plunge the further the virus spreads.

    According to a report by Politico, even Trump‘s leading allies acknowledge the deadly coronavirus could present an existential political threat for the president in an election year.  Many economists and pollsters admit that Trump would be difficult to beat in November unless a recession hits hard.

    Peter Schiff: IF The U.S. Is Hit By A Recession, Trump Unlikely To Win Reelection

    Stock markets around the world have tumbled on the news of the coronavirus outbreaks unprecedented spread. The number of coronavirus cases mushroomed in advanced nations like Italy, Japan, and South Korea. And travel bans expanded as leaders confronted the nightmarish prospect of a spreading virus swallowing their nations

    President Donald Trump’s top aides faced an increasingly urgent threat Monday with potentially monumental implications: a global outbreak knocking down the U.S. economy and walloping markets in an election year, all against accusations about whether the Trump administration had mismanaged and underfunded a critical response with American lives on the line. Politico

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 1,000 points, its largest slide in two years. That’s bugging officials in the White House and across Washington, delivering implications from the long-simmering coronavirus threat to many more Americans.  “The view in the White House is that this is one of those classic black swan events, and all we can do is control the health issues in the U.S.,” said Stephen Moore, an informal economic adviser to the Trump team.

    With the possibility of a U.S. outbreak growing by the day, Trump allies and advisers have grown increasingly worried that a botched coronavirus response will hit the U.S. economy. Even Donald Trump Jr. has mused to associates he hopes the White House does not screw up the response and put the president’s best reelection message at risk, said two individuals with knowledge of his comments.

    “Trump’s reelection effort is so closely tied to the strength of the stock market and the economy,” said Stephen Moore, a distinguished visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation and 2016 Trump campaign adviser. “Anything that shakes us off of that pro-growth track is a concern, but I think the view of officials in the White House is that this will be contained.”

    WHO: It’s Too Early To Declare The Coronavirus A Pandemic, But It’s Not To Early To Prepare

    But we still suggest preparedness measures be taken on your own.  Regardless of what the government says, they’ve been powerless to contain and stop the spread of the coronavirus. It would be in your best interest to put your health in your own hands.  Governments (both democrat and republican) have been known to lie for getting you to vote for them.  Don’t trust that this will be contained, as all other governments have failed miserably so far.

    The Grim Reality About Pandemics They Don’t Want You To Know: “No Country is Prepared”


    N100, N99, and N95 face masks have been selling out everywhere. As this virus spreads, a mask might be able to at least reduce your chances of becoming infected. But the best way to do that is to avoid crowds of people, improve handwashing techniques, and sanitize the things you touch regularly in your home (doorknobs, TV remotes, kids’ toys, etc.)

    Prepping For The Coronavirus: Hand Washing Is Vital

    Simple Prepper Hacks To AVOID Getting The Flu


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      1. Did you notice? Did you think about?:
        * ChinaVirus outbreak and 5g rollout at approximatly same time? 5g is a targeting/kill weapon.
        * ChinaVirus would be a good cover for 5g kills.
        * ChinaVirus also good cove for a ChiCom internal Purge/Genocide.
        * ChinaVirus good test for Chicom BioWeapon spread and kill rate tests.
        * There was a large bio emergency exercise test in November just prior to “outbreak”.
        * Bill Gates wants us all dead with vaccines. Watch Dana Ashlie youtube video. In the beasts own words.

        – Watch latest video by, Dana Ashlie, on youtube. Interesting info.
        – Watch latest video by, serpentza, on youtube. (But don’t watch if you are the sensitive type.)

        I and other visitors here would appreciate article on this SHTFPlan web site concerning validity of both of these videos. Any other useful info? ACTIONABLE useful information. Not just “buy” this, or “fear porn.”

      2. Howdy Y’all,

        I fully believe that the slow-motion glibal detonation of the CoViD virus originating from China is – in fact – the quintessential ‘Black Swan’ event that so many have been prognosticating for so many years. The impending supply chain disruptions we’ll soon be seeing will – IMHO – be order(s) of magnitude worse than is generally being acknowledged…even by the prepping community at large.
        Consider that little to nothing is at present manufactured here in the US thanks to the foresight of our ‘Craptains of Industry’…pun intended, who wisely offshored virtually all such functions to third world shxt-holes in their pursuit of their God…Profit. As such, in a few more weeks the pipeline of currently shipped products will rather abruptly come to a halt.
        I have no reason to believe that India will be any less susceptible to the virus…to the contrary, I firmly believe that given India’s population density coupled with their relatively primitive ability to respond to any significant outbreak that shortly they’ll be inundated in a fashion that has not been seen since the Black Death swept through Europe in the middle ages.
        May God have Mercy on us all…

        That said, I’ve been following the prices for RBOB gasoline and ULSD HO (diesel) very closely for quite a while now and I can’t remember seeing prices in those venues (wholesale) this low in decade(s). There will be a ‘lag’ between those now and the prices you see at the pump but try to set aside as much for fuel as is practicable now…in between 3-5 weeks pump-level prices should rather abruptly be seen to drop rapidly and THAT is when you want to stock up in fullness.
        Now, Diesel is easy…it doesn’t tend to expand as much as gasoline does, nor does it require any serious treatment other than adding an appropriate amount of ‘Red Label HEET’ to it simply to ensure that the water content (if any) remains low. Gasoline on the other hand has to be handled quite a bit differently. Firstly, if it’s not in airtight containers it will act as a sponge for any moisture in the atmosphere where you store it and that coupled to the ethanol found in all but so labeled Premium pumped fuels means that you’ll likely not succeed in storing it for more than 6-8 months. Furthermore, as I mentioned above, gasoline has a very large coefficient of thermal expansion. Full 55 gallon drums left out in the sun will almost burst at the seams depending on where you are. Also, it doesn’t much matter whether the barrel is full or no; it is the vapor overpressure above the fluid that causes most of the problem.
        Your sole effective means of storage is therefore in a naturally cool space which no direct sunlight can gain access to. Lastly, IF you can’t afford Premium at the pump, then you must use the marine variant of Stabil since that alone can cross bind the ethanol to prevent it from causing the fuel to become useless.
        Done as described above, you should be able to store diesel (in air-tight containers!!!) for several years easily, the most you’ll get out the gasoline is much lower…under perfect storage conditions perhaps 12-14 months unfortunately.

        Keep your powder dry and stay at the ready in the weeks to come.


      3. good points

        one thing I might add
        for anyone thats thinking about storing gas ,a good transfer pump is essential.
        I have tried all types..
        jiggler,hoses and other siphon pumps are ok for 5gal.cans but one should invest in a good pump when transferring from 55gal drum.
        I went through two HF drum mount hand crank pumps before buying a good 12v pump that has a lot more safety features.

        just because a pump is advertised as a FUEL TRANSFER PUMP doesn’t mean it’s rated for gasoline.
        As far as air tight is my understanding that ethanol attracts moisture and has a much higher evaporation rate than gas it evaporates off and leaves the moister behind.

        Ok two things…

      4. I’m not a datesetter, personally, but vaccinations and rfid have gone hand-in-hand, for at least 25yrs, at the time of this posting. ref — ID2020, 666

        How did everyone in alt news forget about this, just in time for Covid-19.

        They’re saying, paper money is being sterilized, and no food or medicine would come through ordinary channels. In offices, where people were told to stay home — and they come back, anyways — keypads on the door openings are disabled. The movement of people, through public rights-of-way, is controlled by naked aggression, and what just so happens to be forehead scanners.

        I am blocking reCAPTCHA’s, paywalls, malignant coding, etc, etc, and my writing is still being removed, right away, in many places. What we’re doing, right here, should not be taken for granted.

      5. Yep, President Trump will get the blame for any substantial market decline, just like W. Bush did after 9/11, even though neither was/is at fault.

        The real scary thing here is the dependence on China’s manufacturing base for the myriad of items that we take for granted, like prescription and non-prescription drugs, as one for instance.

        Trump will be blamed for that too, even though he’s been advocating for a return to the US of many manufactured products, since he started his campaign. Maybe now CONgress and business leaders with act. Too late, as usual.

      6. The market will correct (crash) as it is long overdue. The party in power will suffer, if it can even continue exist, this crash will be so severe. Democrat or Republican? Like Russian roulette with only two cylinders and one bullet, hard to predict the winner and loser.

      7. big victory for the Trump administration as a federal appeals court rules today the Department of Justice (DOJ) can withhold funding from sanctuary cities

      8. It’s funny that people talk about the Coronavirus as a bio weapon. It’s not! Death rate is way too low, estimated at 1% by many due to under reporting of infected due to no ability to test people.
        Or to mention that any bio weapon would be engineered, which this is not, as stated by 9 different labs studying the genome. Not a single one says this virus is engineered.
        The pandemic exercise was conducted by John Hopkins and these exercises have been done numerous times over the years. John Hopkins alone has done 3 or 4, and there’s been dozens done by others.
        And 5G…. where do I even start. 5G is nothing more than faster internet speeds. Period. There’s been 5G in the US for years, just not available to general public. It’s $26,000 a year to use the backbone and only big companies, universities and government use it, not to mention that you have to be in a city where the backbone is located. All 5G does is give you massive internet speed on both upload and download. As anyone that has uploaded huge data sets knows it takes forever to upload several gigs, not to mention a terabyte. Downloads are faster, as in watching movies. But data sets are now in the terabyte size. You can buy a 2 Terabyte hard drive at Best Buy for $50, and a 100 Terabyte server for a few thousand from specialty shops.

      9. Don’t care about the economy/election relationship. I am voting for Trump because he is not a Commie.

      10. The market has been full of hot air and bullshit for decades and nothing else. A thousand points is nothng on a percentage basis when taken into hitorical consideration is not unusual at all. What is unusual is the levitation of bullshit and hot air! Who knows what is keeping this cloud of shit afloat!

      11. I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is an issue that not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy that I found this during my search for something concerning this.

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