The Right to Bear Arms: Over 10,800,000 Guns Sold in the USA in 2011

by | Jan 21, 2012 | Headline News | 529 comments

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    The United Nations may think they’re weapons of mass destruction, but Americans seem to disagree.

    2011 was yet another record breaking year for gun sales, with Americans purchasing some 10.8 million firearms, a 14% increase over the previous year and up over 50% from ten years ago as reported by the National Shooting Sports Foundation:

    Many indicators, including a record-setting 2011, show the firearms industry continues to thrive in a down economy and that the potential exists for another strong sales year in 2012, reports the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry.

    Indicators such as background-check statistics, firearms production and importation, firearm-retailer surveys and on-the-ground reports from retailers nationwide reveal that interest in firearm ownership is high. “More and more Americans are choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights, and they are doing so in a safe and responsible manner,” said NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti.

    One of the best indicators of firearms sales is the FBI’s National Instant Background Check System, which federally licensed firearm retailers use to conduct the mandatory background check on purchasers of new and used firearms. NSSF downwardly adjusts the NICS data by subtracting checks related to non-purchasing activity, such as checks for concealed carry permits, in order to gain a more accurate picture of market activity.

    December marked an unprecedented 19th straight month of background check increases when compared to the same period in the previous year.

    Why are more Americans choosing to own firearms? Reasons range from citizens’ increased awareness of the Second Amendment protecting the individual right to own firearms that was reaffirmed in two recent Supreme Court decisions, to increased interest in personal and home protection that may be due to economic uncertainty, to increased interest in the shooting sports and hunting.

    Politics has played a role, too, with a surge in firearms sale beginning in October 2008, in part because supporters of the Second Amendment feared the election of less gun-friendly candidates, including Barack Obama, and new, restrictive gun laws they might advocate. Though such legislation has not happened, industry professionals at the SHOT Show believe a similar reaction this election year is possible that could ignite another surge in firearm sales.

    Related to the topic of gun sales is the public’s changing attitude toward ownership. A recent Gallop poll showed a record lack of support for gun control, with only 26 percent of Americans favoring a ban on the possession of handguns. When Gallup first asked Americans this question some 50 years ago, 60 percent favored banning handguns.

    As sales climb, recent FBI data shows violent crime continuing to fall in the United States, with homicides dropping out of the top 15 causes of death in the country. The statistics undermine a favorite argument of anti-gun groups that “more guns equal more crime.”

    “These statistics vividly demonstrate that the lawful possession and use of firearms by law-abiding Americans does not cause crime,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel. “There have never been more firearms in civilian possession in the history of the United States, and crime, including homicide, continues to decline throughout the country.”

    According to Ammoland, more guns were purchased last year in the United States than than there are active duty military members in the world’s fourteen largest armies combined:

    • Russian Federation    1,027,000
    • North Korea 1,106,000
    • South Korea 687,000
    • Vietnam 455,000
    • India 1,325,000
    • China 2,285,000
    • Iran 523,000
    • United States 1,468,364
    • Republic of China 290,000
    • Brazil 327,710
    • Pakistan 617,000
    • Egypt 468,500
    • Cuba 49,000
    • Ukraine    129,925
    • Above Total = 10,758,499

    If you assume an average length of each gun as two feet that would be 4090 miles of guns.  That is fourteen times the length of the Grand Canyon and all most twice as long as the Mississippi River and 17,280 times higher than the Empire State Building.

    Japanese Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was once quoted during World War II as saying, “you cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.

    Enemies of the people of the United States and our Constitution should take heed. We’ve got guns. Lots of them, so just back off.


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      1. #1 again?

        • That’s what happens when you sit in front of a computer all day. Who cares!

            • You know what is a little funny? I looked at the chart and I totaled roughly all of the guns purchased since 2002 to 2011, 84,000,000 guns sold in 9 years, plus who knows how many are already here. Shit; that’s a lot of guns. It will be an interesting day when the leftists has a set of balls for a moment and says we want your guns and disarm you. REALLY, No SHIT?

            • When the “mainstream” media and FBI gather all of their firearms related deaths, homicides, suicides, assaults, rapes, etc.- They lump ALL firearm incidents into one big bubble.
              Most of their “statistics” include justifiable homicide by homeowners or otherwise legally using firearms for righteous self- defense.
              So everything gun related just gets classified as “gun violence”.
              True, but sorely overlooking the facts.
              Whenever you hear that in your town that “gun crime” is up this year, you know that violent crime is up and lawfull citizens are actually defending themselves.
              Remember- whenever they say gun crime is up they actually mean DEFENSE is up against the criminals.

            • real reason is that the Swiss don’t allow scumbags to come there.

          • Maybe this is why Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world.

            (short Swiss video)


            • Switzerland has mandatory military training, and that includes the ability to follow orders.

              Are U.S. citizens prepared for that? According to this article, probably not:


            • just because people have guns,it does not make them safer, being allowed to use them on people harming them on their property or breaking into their homes is what makes them safe. many states like the one I live in, a person is not allowed to defend themself without first hiring a lawyer and calling the cops, by that time, all the cops have to do is draw a chalk line around your body.

            • Monk is correct. Groups who were organized could route larger forces than themselved when motivated. But historically small unorganized groups, despite a common goal, were overcome by their organized enemy.
              A centipede has 100 feet but if they don’t work togeather he might as well have none. He won’t go anywhere.

          • Obviously you do Anonymous.

            • No Slim, just happen to come on here and see these idiotic posts bt Rich99 and people like you. We see who trolls here by their ignorant and stupid comments, and you just joined the crowd.

        • Did you even bother to read the article, before you posted?

        • I have a number two tatted on my left cheek for you to look at.

          • Does your eye patch cover any of it ?

            • My Victorious Secret covers my boat only in the Bermuda triangle. If you’ve sailed the seven seas and I was to let you; you would see it if I wasn’t wheelchair bound most of the day. Only one sailor gets to steer my boat, no one else and I’m waiting on him to return from sea. Don’t drink & drive and hurt the innocent.

            • You’re a puddle pirate the CG?

          • Rich 99 It is to the point that no matter what you say if your name is attached to it no one cares. You are now just a pain in the ass.
            We tolerate you because I do believe in the first amendment. But that is why I can leave this site and ignore these ad and take my business some where else.
            Please go away. Your satire is to old. You are one of the ones that make reading these posts a waste of time.

            • AMEN to that Mike

            • I second that.

        • Read #3. Read the Jew’s suggestion to have the Mossad assassinate the US President. What would they do if YOU made that suggestion? Will they even slap this guys hands? Don’t hold your breath.

          • I saw that, I think it was on Drudge Report.

            It made me like Obama, just a little bit 🙂

          • why is this bastard not in prison for writing and printing this hateful murderous material?

          • ~John Q~

            Nothing will come of this! We both know the tribe “owns” the DoJ also…..look what they’ve done to Edgar Steele!!!

        • Little things amuse I guess.

        • Dude…you would think that by now, you would understand that people are sick of the “am I #1” routine! Holy shit! Just make a comment and move on! No one care who’s number one!!!

        • Jan. 26 OBAMA has been ordered into a Georgia court and told to produce ALL of his documents, BC, college records,adoption records…ALL OF IT.
          His ba!!s are in a sling so WATCH OUT over the next few days.
          A false flag ATTACK could be imminent.He has got to distract the sheep while he continues the fraud against them. Time is counting down until he is finally exposed…

          Remember January 26 THURSDAY is his new deadline…keep your eyes open..

          • They moved the Aicraft carrier Enterprise into the Persian gulf because it is scheduled to be decommissioned soon. It has 8 nuclear reactors on it. It will cost millions if not billions to tear it apart with conventional methods. Isreal will blow it up and they will blame it on Iran so oBummer will not have to appear before the court and tell on himself that he is not a U.S. Citezen.

      2. I bought 4 of them!!!

        • I bought 6 last year! All unregistered private sales!

          • Our 2 were also private…….

            KEEP PREPPIN’

            • Three hours ago I just bought my 8th one in the last 7 months. It must suck to be outguned.

          • Couple weeks ago my dad calls me all excited.
            What’s up dad?
            Had to call you and tell you something.
            Well, I was at a gargage sale earlier today, chatting with the owner and he tells me he got a revolver for sale. Asked him what it was,what make and how much. H&R 38 revolver, stainless, $150!
            You bought it right?
            Of course, for your mom.
            Cool dad, good job and unregistered.

            Get off the phone with a smile. My wife, who is from Ukraine says “why are you smiling”?
            I said, you got to love this country, only place on the planet where you can buy a handgun at a garage sale legally!!!!!!!!!

            • Damn, should have used spell check!

            • You nean other than Mogadishu, Kabul, Baghdad….

            • Good for your dad! Now he needs to get mom some shooting lessons. And no he must not try to teach her himself. It’s like having your dad try to teach you to drive, a real risk to a previously happy relationship.

          • me too, bought ten. all private sales

            • I see the trolls are on here again with the thumbs down BS. Go away!

          • and then the wife mistakenly put them out with stuff for goodwill.hint hint nudge nudge wink wink.

            • Stupid me, I decided to bring all mine on a boating trip and the vessel capsized, I lost them all.

          • The real question: How many are new and not just resales

          • AZ and Jeffro: Just keep buying because if Obummer is re-elected, he and Billary are going to try and get the U.N. disarmament treaty through the Senate. If the Dems hold onto the Senate we could be in for a rough time. If the Republicans take either the White House, or the Senate, and we should be o.k. But keep buying and encourage your family and friends to go to the gun range with you. Get them to join a local gun club, and a national one as well that will lobby for us. Time is short.

          • The second amendment was created to protect the 1st!

        • Sshhhhh!!!! Don’t tell anyone!

          Harry Callahan: [at end of main titles] This is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and it could blow your head clean off. Do you feel lucky?
          [fires at the audience]

          …#10 cans — crisp $100 (inflation) bills…



        • I set out to buy a dozen guns last year and did it. 2 shotguns, 4 pistols, 4 22LR (one for each family memeber including the dog) a bolt .308 and and my prize-a SOCOM 16 M1A; a positivly beautiful piece of equipment. Had to buy a bigger safe too.

          While having papered guns is viewed as a neg, they contribute statistcs like these that serve 2 purposes; 1, they drive power hungry politicians crazy, and they make power hungry foriegn enemies say things like “if we invade America, there will be a gun behind every blade of grass”. That’s right, buddy. There is, so find another country to invade. Too much trouble for you here.

          I did my part.

          • me too! and then the wife used them to hold up the string beans. oh the horror! i had to throw them in the trash. opsec paddy. opsec!

          • The Dog should really get a semi auto

          • That’s what I’ve done, using heavy gauge PVC pipes. I use them for weapons and ammo, food and meds, trade goods and metals for barter. In the weapons caches, I use oil cloth and sacks of silica gel, wax cloth over the ends and then seal them with PVC nipple caps. I usually put two or three together, drilling a hole in each of the nipple caps and tying them together with a length of decent nylon rope…just have to rake a hook through the dirt and easily pull them up. Few of the caches are on my own property, but are located where I can get to them over a 50 mile stretch to the refuge, crypto-mapped out and ready for action.

      3. Damn, I’m good, but I knew that.

      4. “One man with a gun can control 100 without one” vladimir lenin

        • one hundred men without guns ought to be able to take down one man with one gun. if i can disarm a man with a gun, one hundred guys ought to be able to.

          guns solve nothing.

          • What is meant by that quote is that UNARMED citizens can be controled by men who are armed. Guns solve nothing? Tell that to the people protecting their property during the rodney king riots after the police ran off to protect their vital areas. An armed society is a polite society. As for the rest of your statement, ask yourself, why didn’t the germans and russians storm the stazi and kgb by the 100’s, because they were divided.

            • Citizen Ron, Sure one hundred unarmed men MIGHT be able to take down one armed man. BUT, the first dozen or so of those hundred are going to get mowed down in the process. If those hundred men understand this, they will most likely stand down. If you disagree, get 99 of your closest commie friends and come to my house. YOU first! YOU lead them Ron. If you are as testicularly deficient as I think you are, you won’t do it. And if you did, your 99 buds will turn tail and run when they see you go down face-first in the dirt.

              I’m willing to die trying to keep ’em, are you willing to die trying to take ’em?

          • You go first. Of course a hundred unarmed men could overcome one armed man but that is not the point and history does not bear out that kind of courage. Just look to all the school shootings and workplace violence incidents where the unarmed chose to cower in fear and wait to be shot. Never mind that places where those kinds of shootings occur are usually prohibited from concealed carry for law abiding citizens. I thumb my nose at the law and carry everywhere and don’t bother with getting the state’s permission to defend myself.

            • Very well-said.

            • Remember – God created man, but Samuel Colt made them equal.

            • Slaves cower for safety while freemen prefer to fight even if it means to risk dying.

            • +10 !!!

              Laws against guns only guarantee that criminals have the advantage.

          • “Political Power comes from the barrel of a gun.”
            – Mao Tse Tung (Ze Dong)

            • “You can get much more with a kind word and a gun than a kind word alone.”

              Al Capone

            • Yeah and remember that Obama and his ilk think that Mao Tse Tung is some kind of hero. They had the guy adorning decorations on the White House Christmas tree. Maybe, just maybe Obama has the same philosophy; that could explain why gun sales in this country has risen so much over that last few years. Never in the history of this nation have we been on the edge of open public revolt. Don’t think for a second that because this is America the land of the free that we as citizens won’t have to fight to keep that freedom…even against our own government.

          • Ron, why don’t you go troll somewhere else. I guess this is what we get from people with no life. We now know who the thumbs down troll is on here.

          • @ citizen ron, That is utterly ignorant. Gun ownership is the final backstop we have against a tyrannical government taking power. You think the founders went through the trouble of including the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights to protect our right to hunt deer? The existence of our right to keep and bear arms is a constant reminded to tyrants and dictators in every city, town, and hamlet across the nation that any attempt to subjugate and enslave Americans will not be without repercussions, so don’t try it. It is a layer of deterrence, and it works.

            Look at the difference in civil freedoms between cities that openly advocate gun control versus towns where local politicians and law enforcement embrace civilian gun ownership. Then compare the crime statistics. The evidence in favor of gun ownership is irrefutable.

            • @rightwing- I love that woman! What a speach!

            • I agree wholeheartedly.

              The British government has done everything it can to prevent gun ownership in the uk the result is the bad guys have guns, some of the police have guns, and the citizens hope they aren’t on the receiving end.

              Since one Neanderthal smacked another with a stick man has born arms as a form of defence, we have been stripped of that right and I for one am livid about it.

              Ron, I am sure you are a wonderful person, but you have no idea what it’s like to live in a system when you cannot defend yourself without ending up in court. It is easy to say guns solve nothing when you have the right to own one, and probably do.

              Take care

              • so why do you still live there, supporting tyrants and scumbags with your taxes, hmm?

            • Was the 1st Amendment designed to protect obscenities. Actually: yes. There’s no restrictions on free speech. The Founders could have written the 1st Amendment to refer only to intellectual debates but they prefer that speech be free with obscenities included than risk a group getting to choose what can and can’t be said.

              On the other hand, the Founders wrote the 2nd Amendment to allow States to form their own Militia forces to help protect the States and Federal Government when needed. If the Founders wanted the masses to own guns for whatever reason then they could worked the 2nd Amendment like the 1st yet they didn’t.

            • Hey Gil- What 2nd amendment are you reading. All citizenry are part of the militia. Militia in it’s definition is:
              any army composed of citizens rather than professional soldiers, called up in time of emergency
              in the U.S., all able-bodied male citizens between 18 and 45 years old who are not already members of the regular armed forces: members of the National Guard and of the Reserves (of the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine Corps) constitute the organized militia; all others, the unorganized militia
              any of various disaffected groups of citizens that are organized as to resemble an army and that oppose the authority of the federal government

              Also what part of “shall not be infringed” do you and Chuck-u-Schumer not understand? Go to England if you don’t like the rights of the citizens here.

            • Apparently Mr T you’re reading the same 2nd Amendment as me: “A well-regulated militia . . .” The Founders were securing the right to form militias not open gun ownership per se hence the 2nd Amendment was never about hunting, sports shooting antique gun collecting, etc., it was solely about maintaining the militia. Hence it’s the guns of the miiltia members that can’t be infringed. Don’t like it then join your state militia.

          • you should change your name to citizen run

          • Guns solve plenty Ron. If it weren’t for armed forefathers, the people of the US would be singing God Save The Queen.

            Guns save lives every year. All you have to do is make it visible and most ciminals will back off on the spot. On the rare occasion it has to be pulled out and pointed. On the even rarer occassion, a bullet must be fired.

            Self-defense is survival. When the fecal matter hits the rotating cooling device, you’ll want to have one to survive the looters and gangs knocking on your front door.

            Good luck.

            • Agreed.

              British government..I know let’s send an ARMy to shoot the shit out of a country…just because we can.

              British government….oh no, citizens can’t have guns.

              A Brit…guess so I’d shoot first?

              Take care

            • And slaves would have been freed a generation earlier.

          • 100 unarmed men will not take down one armed man. If that was the case prisoners would control the prisons. If that was the case the Berlin wall would have been over run. If that was the case six million Jews and another four million others would not have been killed in genocide. Quite to the contrary a handful of poorly armed people made asses out of the Nazi’s in the Warsaw ghetto. The Belski Brothers did not do too bad either.

            Your never safer having no means to resist as opposed to possessing those means.

          • You cant fix stupid….

            • Ignorance is cureable. Stupidty is inherited! Aint that right Rich

          • Citizen Ron: So, are you going to lead the 100 man team to take down the one guy with the gun, or are you just an Arm-Chair General who’ll just cheer them on from the back row? So guns solve nothing huh, tell that to the 18y/o widow in Oklahoma who shot and killed one home invader and wounded the other brandishing a knife at her and her infant son. The Deputies had been called 20 mins. earlier but hadn’t arrived until after the shooting. It was all over the news for two days. It’s even on You-Tube. One young woman with gun + two bad guys with a knife = problem solved!

      5. In May of last year I saw the Porter Stansberry video at That awakened me to the disasters that are coming our way. I never owned a gun or even fired one before. We bought two shotguns and learned to use them at a shooting range.

        • Porter has been right alot, but he also has been wrong! He has time on his side on his predictions, we may also have time on our side, but i doubt it!

        • Barn Cat: We have what I call “Hillbilly Play Day”. Call some friends, have them call some friends and everyone bring guns, buy a keg a beer and have fun. Have to be careful about knowing when to drink and stop shooting. It is a great way to fire a variety of weapons, and get a feel for what you like without spending money blindly. Set up a distance range, handgun range and shoot skeet. Good times I promise.

          • YEE HAH!!!!

          • Ugh no drinking and shooting for me, it plays hell with my groups!!

            My way of doing it would be to have a nice, sober, fun time shooting and then put the guns away and get out the drinks.

            • I wouldn’t be doing keg stands (do people still do those?) but one or two beers shouldn’t screw with your groups too bad.
              Next time you are out, try sprinting 50 yards or so to elevate your breathing and blood pressure then practice relaxing slowing your breathing and firing accurately.
              IMO everyone should be trying to do anything to simulate higher stress. Just laying down and picking off a paper target is only part of it.

            • Thomas – I used to run to/from the target at smallbore matches, just for fun – slow down my hear rate etc and shoot just fine. It was because someone said not to run etc. I’d also drink a large Coke and then burp before getting back into position, gosh smallbore shooting can be fun. We’d cook burgers after the day’s shooting, and to me a burger with onion and mayo is still a “Rifle Range Burger”.

          • “Hold my beer and watch this!”

            • How many trips to the ER started with that exact statement. We are really responsible when doing this believe it or not. When anyone moves down range all activity stops, even if they are moving in a different direction. Most of the fire dept was there, tons of former military and people that have been hunting since they were kids. Everyone has been around guns for years, older generations will sit in lawn chairs and watch. Only once did anyone yell a cease fire. There is always one idiot. The old men chewed his ass and he put his away. Guys that are proficient shooters will help kids and other wives. Maybe I made it sound like a drunk fest. It certainly is not that.

          • Any “hillbilly play days” scheduled around Denver? (I know not *in* Denver as we have some of the worst anti-gun laws here!)

        • @ Barn Cat, I too was awakened by the Porter Stansberry video at I now own and regularly practice with a PT145 millinium pro, as well as prep food, water, tools, fuels, etc. I will protect my wife and son to my last breath.

        • Years ago, I shuddered at the .32 pistol in the house–since we moved here 4 years ago and I started prepping, we’ve acquired a .22 magnum, a .12 guage, a HMR Henry, and a youth single shot 20 guage(for me and my short arms), but I like the .32 better–it’s in ‘MY’ BOB.

      6. “the only real power comes out of a long gun” stalin

        • yeah, and look what it got him.

          • And look what it got colonial america!

      7. “out of my cold dead hands” charleton heston (and I just said it also)

        • naw. your cold, dead hands can have it. dead men can’t shoot.

          charlatan heston was a lousy actor and a bad shot.

          • @ “citizen” ron:

            “A lousy actor??” To clue you in, Charlton Heston received the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Ben Hur in the movie with the same name. Regarding your incorrect assessment of Mr. Heston’s shooting skills, he shot Expert Rifle and Pistol when he was in the Army.

            • Do not feed the trolls.

          • Mommy’s calling…it’s suppertime,

          • Citizen Ron;

            You might want to check your spelling when you make negative comments toward some one.., because it does devalue your credibility when making a point.

            Just saying…………….. 😉

        • I guess his guns have been long taken.

      8. My worry is that the government will not be able to keep track of guns changing hands through private sales or generations handing them down to younger family members. They will trace ammo sales through a registry. I believe NJ already does this.
        I find it interesting. I call it the armslistdotcom index. Go on to your respective state and find a good gun that is reasonably priced and keep track how long it takes to dissappear from the site. People are worried. Most don’t know why or from where their worry is coming but they are worried and find comfort in their second amendment.
        Anyone know of any other sites like armslist?

        • People know something is brewing, I wish it was beer, but I fear it is not. Remember, If you see a group of animals all run ning in the same direction, start running with them!

          • Nah Kevin, that’s why we have guns to stand our ground and shoot whatever is chasing them!

            • Alot of animals know when an earthquake is comming and start running and flying away. Perhaps we are doin the same, but our earthquake is nation wide. P.S. Unless they are running toward me, I wouldn’t waste my ammo!

          • Unfortunately you can’t run fast enough in any direction to escape the collapse that started in 2008 which appears to be accelerating. The bill is coming due on all the debt that has accumulated and world’s biggest margin call is about to occur. The only solution I see is to stand my ground and prepare the best I can for the next big crash.

            But you are 100% correct, people know something is brewing. They may not be able to define the problem, but they sense it.

          • Maybe that’s what happened to my ex; I last saw her running with a group of lemmings. Gosh how I missed her. Forgot to add Kentucky windage.

        • I also believe that a viable end run around the constitution is ammo registration and burdensome taxation life that on cigarettes. They key is to have enough ammunition so you can pass it down along with the guns. If we, our children, or grandchildren can go hunting every day of their lives then we might just have enough.

          • NO! The key is to LEARN from the cig tax, its for the children health care remember? We have to vote these a$$clowns out of office, and since a private company counts the votes and tells us who won at a secret undisclosed location for our own good, we may not be able to do that. According to the founding fathers the 2nd amendment is a check and balance to the governments power! The facist scum know this. I imagine this number is disturbing their sleep patterns and they are soiling their panties!

          • Ammunition sales are NOT tracked here in Mass.. a simple showing of your Class A LTC CCW is all that is asked..never swiped!

            Unfortunately we do not have gun shows nor are private sales LEGALLY allowed here..hmmm

            For survival sootchoo or nutnfancy on you tube..great gun n run videos and all the techniques required on almost every firearm worth its weight..


          • At best modern ammo won’t last very well past 300-400 years, got that much. for longer periods must go back to black powder, got that also

        • What business is it of Government to track gun sales anyway? The Second Amendment says nothing about the nanny state keeping records of who owns what…in fact nothing in the Constitution empowers .gov to keep track of any private ownership of any thing, whatsoever.

          • the constitution is only there as a joke on you.

            since when has constitutionality ever stopped govt from doing anything?

          • Right on, Mirbach! Our problem seems to be that we keep electing packs of ninnies who can’t figure out what the word “infringe” means in the 2nd Amendment. It does not mean “ban”. It DOES mean “don’t mess with”. So, what part of “don’t mess with” does these twits not grasp?

            Our Founding Fathers did an amazing job with what was then a brand new concept in government. We should all salute them for that. If they had 1 single failing, though, it would be that they did not use “Congress shall pass no law that…” enough.

          • “A well-regulated militia . . .”

        • @mike,

          Its called handloading. Learn how to reload your own cartridges, buy bullets, primers, and powder in bulk by paying cash, have at least one of your guns in a common military or police cartridge so you can use ammo taken off of our oppressors dead bodies, consider getting a blackpowder gun with a flint lock and bullet casting molds so you can make your own blackpowder from commonly available gardening supplies (you can also make your own percussion primers from aluminum cans and children’s paper roll caps) buy Foxfire volume Five on blackpowder making and rifle making, and scavenge discarded brass of all calibers at shooting ranges. You can use it down the road for reloading and trade with those who foolishly don’t police their spent brass. By these measures you can ensure the Feds will not be able to limit your access to ammunition.

          Don’t turn up your nose at blackpowder either. All wars up until the 1880’s were fought with blackpowder. Smokeless blackpowder was perfected by the Swiss around the same time that smokeless powder was developed. The antifouling characteristics of smokeless powder allowed modern repeating weapons to be created and ensured that smokeless blackpowder never was adopted and was ultimately forgotten. It can be made by eliminating sulfur (sulfur helps with ignition) but a much hotter spark is then needed (think modern primers).

          • Moon, if I can take the ammo from the oppressor(dead) then I can take his/her weapon also.

        • thats why I load my own..trace that

          • But my point is you still have consumables. I load as well, but there are things that I cannot manufacture. Good idea about muzzleloaders. My next purchase is a bow, more for enjoyment, I am really not that good witha bow. And it is much better suited for woodland rather than the plains.

      9. The vast amount of guns in the hands of private citizens in this country will forever be a thorn in the side of an administration that wishes to subjugate all of us.It’s not our brave military or LEO communities that guaranttee our freedoms, but the common citizen with a couple of handguns and a rifle or two. Those of us in the private sector that own firearms are the first line of defense not against a foreign invasion but an oppressive and tyrannical government that will stop at nothing to get what it wants. Therefore, my freinds , I will not surrender under any circumstance. I am not afraid of the man that has 100 guns , I am afraid of the grandmother that has only one. She knows how to use it.

        • I have one in my collection that is one the radar. I have yet to figure out what I will do with it. There are pros and cons to both sides of turning it in during an anmesty type of occurance. Hind sight being 20/20 I should never have bought it and had it shipped. But too late for that.

          • Relax either that one is the one that fell overboard in your boating problem, or turn it in, Myself I have several they can have.

        • Agreed, Chris… the phrase “all enemies, foreign and domestic” is in the US Constitution and numerous other official documents and oaths for a reason… a VERY good reason; for it is not only the right of US citizens to remove a tyrannical government from power, it is our sacred duty to do so that following generations of Americans can also live in freedom. In order to perform that duty, we need to own the tools of the trade, for they will not go willingly.

        • ~Chris 45~

          Ok! I see your point.

          But at the end of the day, the only one I “FEAR/WORRY ABOUT”…is the guy w/ a back-ground similar to mine…equipped w/ a good scoped center-fire bolt gun & the skill-sets to use it well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          The term “LONG DISTANCE OPERATOR” connotes a serious ability,….lost to most!

      10. Exactly why the “chance” of another false flag is imminent. The constitution must be suspended for THEIR plans to move forward.

        “We are disarming you for not only YOUR own good, but for the security and good of the nation. All who refuse to voluntarily comply with this mandate of National Security will be considered traitors and domestic terrorist!”

        Tell me YOU can’t imagine those words coming from the mouths of TPTB.

        • Just like the mayor of Springfield:
          all those who are for the establishment of surveillance cameras in the town say “I”
          all those who are against it say “I hate America”
          Lisa Simpson:
          “I… oh well…”

        • Was it Patrick Henry who replied to the man who exclaimed, “But this is treason!” by saying, “If this be treason, then let’s make the most of it!”?

          The bad news for any would-be tyrants out there is that they do not get to define who is or is not a traitor. The American people will do a 1st class job of that and history will confirm the correctness of our efforts. I can guarantee that the tyrant WILL head the list of traitors and not gun-owning, freedom-loving, don’t-tread-on-me Americans!

        • ~Yental~

          (quote)—“We are disarming you for not only YOUR own good, but for the security and good of the nation. All who refuse to voluntarily comply with this mandate of National Security will be considered traitors and domestic terrorist!”

          Tell me YOU can’t imagine those words coming from the mouths of TPTB.—(unquote)


          Your words ring true! Yet on the flip side, if every gun owner understood the concept of:

          …”Washington/UN cannot win a “Snipers War”…

          And pledged upon their honor, to enforce said truth when the need arises, martial law would die/fail within 30 days!

          Interesting enough, I’ve noticed at various gun-shows the past two years that dealers selling “de-milled select-fire kits” (sten MK-III, PPsh etc) have been doing a brisk business, to the point that such kits have now become quite rare!!! That…plus the abundance of “how to home build a (quality)suppressor” books flying off the shelves/tables at said shows…improves my outlook/faith regarding the strength & intensity of the opposition TPTB will be facing!!!

          • @ Gunsmith, I agree completely. That “potential mandate” will certainly garner the guns that would have never been used against them anyway. Big deal. It will make a useful propaganda tool for the Lame-stream-media to play with for awhile.

            I hope everyone understands I am not endorsing a “toe-to-toe” or “skirmish line” suicide run. That is not a winning strategy.

            What you are referencing and tactics I have also referenced (IRA, etc.) ARE a winning strategy. I am additionally encouraged by a growing number of military and LEO’s that intend to KEEP THEIR OATH.

            Stay away from “forced vaccinations”. Those will be for the good of someone, just not you or me.

            • ~Yental~

              (quote)—Stay away from “forced vaccinations”. Those will be for the good of someone, just not you or me.—(unquote)

              Affirmative…copy that!

            • Each individual human being is an awesome life-form. Our bodies resist manufactured diseases,mind-altering drugs, toxic chemicals added to water, and increasingly higher radiation levels. Many of our minds and souls resist the lies, sneers, and propaganda of the “ruling elites” (I call them borg). We live our lives, work, raise families–live joyful lives filled with a wonder and delight they will never know.
              How they hate us!
              From their failed cities, and towering temples of greed, they rage and froth and plot. Some are bought, some believe the lies. Not enough for them. Their urge to dominate is all they have.
              How they hate us!
              We see and recognize this. We will never surrender. No wild-eyed screach such as their tools use. Just a calm, clear declaration:
              “I will never give up. I will never surrender.”
              How they hate us!

            • yental and Gunsmith; glad to see their are more of us thinking alike. Stay ready, because when that first shot is heard there will be many that will freeze.
              Thanks guys for the reminders.

      11. Well, lets hope that most of those people who bought all those guns, purchased more than 2 boxes of ammo.

        • Excellent point. If you are a “two boxer”, improve on that position TODAY.

          • If you ain’t got at least 5000 rounds you just have a starter kit.

            • BRW

              5000 rounds for each gun right.. LOL.I got the rounds to bad I lost all the guns in the lake.


        • yes, let’s hope all those people bought LOTS of ammo. once the shooting starts, let’s hope you all shoot each other.

          • What a DICK!

            • That’s giving dicks a bad name I think lol

            • Tell you what Ron, have a think about this.

              I am on the wrong side of 50, have a late in life kid, and medium bad arthritis. I live in a city with nowhere to bug out to. I do everything I can to learn skills that will help us should the need arise.

              Part of me knows I am kidding myself that we will make it if armed or numbers turn up.

              A firearm probably means the difference between life and death for me and my little girl.

              You say guns don’t make a difference..of course they bloody do you idiot.

              I am very open minded and believe in live and let live but you really need a reality check mate.

              What colour is the sky in your world because I feel assured its not the mucky grey I look up at every day.

              Wake up you bloody fool

          • your name should be citizen wrong

          • Why not just put a sign in your front yard that says “Looters, Welcome.”

            • I did. umm Along with range marker on the backside of the signs. I worry a bit the game warden may get pissed and ticket me for baiting the quarry.

          • @citizen ron, one your next door neighbors needs to put up a sign on their front lawn with an arrow pointing to your house that reads,

            >>”My next door neighbor wants to ban all guns. His house is unarmed. Out of respect for their opinions, I promise not to use my guns to PROTECT THEM.”<<

          • Ron- to call yourself a citizen is really a misnomer. You are a douche bag that has the right to say anything on this website because other more capable, dangerous, rough men have been willing to stand up for your rights in the past. Thank God almighty there are still men of those qualities to protect those rights for the rest of us. Have you ever wondered why you and your replies are met with such disdain on this site? Why don’t you just find something else to do with your time. The rest of us have serious things to discuss.

            • Mr. T; great come back, I’m with you.

      12. What I like about more people owning is that it makes the task of dissarming that much more daunting. Hopefully it takes up more resources and therefore time. I agree with you yental that they will announce a dissarming, but that buys all of us more time with every gun that gets sold. Hopefully.

        • Thomas, a bit of advice – stand to the side of those that wish to disarm you. It makes it easier to get the range and these 150gr might go right on through. Depending on your position, your injury would be a tragedy. Disarming the united States of America is an act of war. They should expect something beyond just resistance.

          • Mr. Hayes: I will referr you to GMAFB’s post below about false bravado. I have been deployed enough and tested enough to be sure of myself. Your concern for my injuries sounds sarcastic? Let me know when you are ready to dig down deep, I wouldn’t want to be injured from whatever lethal force you can rain down.

          • “They should expect something beyond just resistance.”

            Indeed they should. They should expect a complete a$$ whuppin’.

      13. Yental,

        I hope that day never comes because then I will surely kill or be killed.

        • You, me, and MILLIONS of others. Those potential words and mandate will be THEIR “official” Declaration of War on the American population.

          Don’t get me wrong, THEY have already made that declaration on a smaller scale…Patriot Act, NDAA, etc. All designed to mentally prepare the unprepared to accept “another loss of freedom” as business as usual. But the forced elimination of the second ammendment will be “the starting gun” for the battle to begin.

          • “But the forced elimination of the second ammendment will be “the starting gun” for the battle to begin.”

            Yes, they know that and it scares the crap out of them…

            • Cross hairs!

              Note to all govt. scum looking for someone to lock up…trolling these types of sites.
              We’re the backbone of this country. I bet it mac polled everyone…we’re all property and business owners. Educated folks, land owners with no criminal records. The real terrorist are the congress passing the NDAA and all the UN fucks.

              Note the military…I think it’s time you folks step in soon, wipe all the laws from the books, trash the Federal Reserver and start over. All Americans would cheer.

              so…. stop all dealings with the banks. Pay only cash. Get more self sufficient and well stocked.

          • Yes, at that point i will go fully armed,rifle, pistol full magazines,body armor and kevlar helmet every where i go. At that point i will just figure genocide is right around the corner….
            The greatest killer in the 20th Century was secular governments who had disarmed their own citizens. Approximately 160 million people were killed by their own governments, in over 40 communist states, just in the 20th Century alone. These were not foreigners killed by invading armies during times of war, these were citizens killed by their own governments in times of peace.
            George Washington, declared: “Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence. To secure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and the pistol are equally indispensable. The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference. They deserve a place of honour with all that is good.”
            “He who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” Luke 22:36

            • At that point, it is time to SHOOT FIRST. The guns will no longer be for defense, but to kill those who are in uniforms still representing the corp., and those who supported it long enough to bring us to that point whether they have on a uniform or not.

            • Teasle: Are you telling me that 200 of our men against your boy is a no-win situation for us?
              Trautman: You send that many, don’t forget one thing.
              Teasle: What?
              Trautman: A good supply of body bags.

              First Blood

              …#10 cans — crisp $100 (inflation) bills…



            • Agreed God’s Creation, and that is why at that point i would go fully armed.

            • It will be time to call the Scooters!

              While we may not have 100 million sniper capable people here on the mainland, I bet we have 1 million. And anything 223 and up that will shoot inside of 1 MOA qualifies as a sniper rifle in my opinion.

              Shoot-n-scooters will win the day.

              When they roll up to your door, let it be know that it won’t be the guy inside you’re trying to disarmed that they need to worry about. It will be the ones hiding in the houses all around that stores a bullet in your noggin.

            • @NetRanger, I intended to acknowledge your “Shoot-n-scooters will win the day” observation earlier. Got lost in cyberspace. I agree, the right tactics will “win the day”. It won’t hurt to have a healthy number of military and LEO’s wakeup and realize their oath will protect their families as well.

            • Net Ranger: The .223 is not a sniper caliber except for gun shop commandos and shooting rodents. It is a good assault rifle cartridge.

              The .308 is minimal, The .338 Lapua is wonderful. It is the first cartridge specifically developed for sniping.

          • “But the forced elimination of the second ammendment will be “the starting gun” for the battle to begin.”

            It was enough to get things rolling back in 1776. No reason why the basics of that situation should be changed today.

            • @ Red Leader. I agree….223 is not what I’m gonna reach for if I need distance & accuracy. .308 is a good round & .338 Lapua is much better. The problem with the .338 Lapua is they cost U about #6.00 a round…unless you reload. The guns are not cheap either. For those who do not have deep pockets…I suggest that the .300 Winchester is a good substitute.
              Plenty of energy…..reasonably flat shooting…..& a whole lot cheaper to purchase the gun….& the ammo.
              The Military Snipers used the .300 Win Mag for a number of years with very good results. I have a 1903 Springfield that ware chambereded for .300 Win Mag ,& it is by far my favorite rifle. Accurate & has dropped many
              USA Large Game.
              Montgomery County Texas

          • yental… they never will eliminate the second ammendment, they have already and will continue to just ignore it… the battle began long ago… they already have declared war on the people.

      14. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Peace through superior fire power! Works every time. I agree with Navy Guy, I hope it never comes but I will surely kill or be killed. When they come to get me, they had better bring two things. Friends and body bags. I have’nt bothered anyone, they best leave me and mine alone.

        • The Killer: Freeze cop. Now, left hand, pull out your gun.
          [Harry pulls out his .44 Magnum]
          The Killer: My, that’s a big one.

          …#10 cans — crisp $100 (inflation) bills…



          • ahhh… wer a playwrite now as well, huh mushroom? a stock trader, a veteran, what else? tell us more tales old boy.

      15. They have no records of mine….add two more to the total

      16. The last 4 years I have worked, managing a Gun shop, and I can tell you first hand that people in general are scared…they are maxing out there credit cards, trading in gold and silver, even selling and trading vehicles to buy guns and ammo, from single women, to entire families comming in to purchase ak’s and ar-15’s, and shotguns, I have never seen anything like it, even the Obama gun scare wasn’t as busy as it has been lately….every weekend and payday were getting wiped out of ammo and guns….And if you ask….the public will tell you that they can feel something is wrong in the air…..most customers tell me personally that they believe the USA is going to fail, and that there will be total anarchy in the streets….

        • I think everyone is feeiling it. Most chose denile and stick their heads in the sand. They simply cannot mentally handle the paradigm shift. Few chose to prepare and confront the issue head on with logic.

          Thankfully, everyone here with the possible exceptions of ‘shroomhead and ignorant Rich see the danger and are getting ready.

          • Trautman: I don’t think you understand. I didn’t come to rescue Rambo from you. I came here to rescue you from him.
            Teasle: Well, we all appreciate your concern Colonel, I will try to be extra careful!
            Trautman: I’m just amazed he allowed any of your posse to live.
            Teasle: Is that right?
            Trautman: Strictly speaking, he slipped up. You’re lucky to be breathing.
            Teasle: That’s just great. Colonel, you came out here to find out why one of your machines blew a gasket!
            Trautman: You don’t seem to want to accept the fact you’re dealing with an expert in guerrilla warfare, with a man who’s the best, with guns, with knives, with his bare hands. A man who’s been trained to ignore pain, ignore weather, to live off the land, to eat things that would make a billy goat puke. In Vietnam his job was to dispose of enemy personnel. To kill! Period! Win by attrition. Well Rambo was the best.

            …#10 cans — crisp $100 (inflation) bills…



            • oh god , it just gets better old chap… arent you a bloody hoot… tell me how youve seen it all before old man….. tell me all about it… how god will save you and damn me to hell… how you will survive as i whither and die…hahahaha fucken fool…. tell me about crisp 10 dollar bills.. give me more stock tips…. youre a jackass… period.

            • eeder, take it easy on shroomy. He’s been around her as long as any of us and, while I don’t always agree with his stuff, I almost always get a big laugh out of it. He’s comedy relief except when he’s not. …and when he’s not he’s got some good ideas.

              I think he posted this because he know there will be the Rambos and they’ll do us proud.

              Don’t forget your #10 cans and your $100 bills!

            • Due to inflation I am stocking $17 bills.

        • “is going to fail”??


          beliefs: let them go or they will destroy you.

          • …has failed:

            US ECONOMY


            1776 – 2008

            It just hasn’t been buried yet.

        • “Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who didn’t.”

          Benjamin Franklin

          The past three months I converted some of my silver into cold steel to ensure everyone in my family is well-armed. Couldn’t do it under the radar (I live in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia) but if the local LEOs ever come to confiscate I can assure I will have a good sized honor guard in Valhalla.

          • I too live in Californistan…I feel your pain.

          • Benjamin Franklin. Definitely my favorite founding father.

            He had a unique view of life and God. One that, pretty much, mirrors my own.

            One of my favorite quotes is:

            “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklin

            He was one that didn’t let cultural baggage hold him back or dictate what he did.

            • Yes, mine too. He was the granddaddy of all Libertarians. Live and let live.

        • You are correct Sir! Been trying to update my Gun Room and the Shops have everything Flying off the Shelves, and the rest on Back-Order ,wished I would have started sooner,but now I am paying the Big Bucks..Time is short and we must Prepare NOW!

      17. Gun control people- NoT the other way around!!

      18. I agree.
        I have for most of my life been willing to die for my beliefs and my country. That being said dying for my country was never my goal or ambition. Living my beliefs if much more appealing. TPTB are going to push and push with things like NDAA… until they can push no further without igniting furry of all of into a big fireball of hell. I hope we can postpone that inevitability as long as possible.

        • Yeah, when TPTB piss off the furries, that will be the end.

      19. Wow I should proofread more slowly.

        • No Webster’s police here Big Rudder. What platform?

      20. This story is great news. I purchased this year as well.

        • I purchased as well, but, none of those were on the radar.

          5 rifles, 2 handguns, 1 shotgun. All under the radar. I love my state. All private sales. One rifle was at a yard sale off a major highway.

          They can’t come get what the don’t know exists.

          • damn it net! opsec!

            • Still have it. Anonymity and obfuscation help maintain it.

              There are only 2 people on here that know even what state I live in. I trust both of them.

              …and if the ABCs want to know, they already do. The myth about OPSEC is you can’t tell anyone anything. Not true. You can tell them anything you want, you just can’t tell them enough to locate what you have. Its kind of like a puzzle. If you’ve just got a couple pieces, you can’t get much of a picture.

            • anyone brave enough or stupid enough to come and get me and whats mine, will deserve what they get.

            • ~Paranoid~

              NEVER…EVER,… for a moment believe that TPTB are merely coming for your guns!!!

              —It is imperative that everyone here understand that they are coming for “YOU” personally—!

              …”YOU” are the weapon…!!!
              The firearm is merely a tool “YOU” utilize/use!!!

              “YOU” are the reason the FEMA camps were constructed & are being staffed….

              The word “YOU”….connotes the free-thinking individual.
              The Bill of Rights affirms that “WE” as individuals, possess the inherent “GOD” given right to resist their tyranny….

              ….& its up to “YOU” to decide your course of action!

              ————Never Surrender to Tyranny——————

            • ~delr~

              You sir, are a very sane voice shouting reason/common sense, in the wilderness of enemy territory.
              I listen to you……

      21. WOW! 10,800,000. Lets see, with an average price of say $500 that would be $5,400,000,000. Then say 2 boxes of ammo each gun, say at $25 each, that would be $540,000,000. Then lets say $40 for accessories, thats $432,000,000. If my math is right thats $6,372,000,000 added to the economy due to the policies of the senate, house, and executive branches of the (these)united states of america!

        • Rambo: I could have killed ’em all, I could kill you. In town you’re the law, out here it’s me. Don’t push it. Don’t push it or I’ll give you a war you won’t believe. Let it go. Let it go.

          …#10 cans — crisp $100 (inflation) bills…



        • Amazing, Congress can still create growth in the economy, but it can’t put the growth where they want it.

        • ’bout time they pulled their heads out and added SOMETHING to the economy.

        • Ya this IS good for our economy. Im supprised obama has not put a stop to it.

        • So…what you are saying is that the Banana Republic of Obama has in fact increased activity in some private sectors of the economy………
          I don’t remember seeing the firearms industry included in the “Jobs Created or Saved”propagandaa !
          Montgomery County Texas

          • Ain’t no crocodiles out here, but a fast-moving 57 chevy will mess with your day.

      22. The dark side (US Government) didn’t pass the NDAA for nothing! The wicked forces in high places will move quickly on us this year…when the U.S. dollar loses it’s “Petrol status and or as the World’s currency…the game is on!”

      23. One per year whether I need it or not… I really enjoy shooting them too. Lots of fun.

      24. “One man with a gun can control 100 without one” vladimir lenin”

        How many men with guns can a UAV control/kill?

        • Men with guns spread out over the entire CONUS, my guess is “not enough”.

          And Iran has demonstrated the vulnerability of UAV’s having successfully “hijacked” one and safely landed it in their country.

          The potential is “over rated” as a game changer. IMO.

          • The Iranians have help from China and Russia. Who will help the American people?

            • The American People will have to help themselves. Fortunately, I think they will be able to do that once they get pissed enough.

            • Oathkeeping American patriots that will either stand down, or actively defect. There are more than a few examples of various military “stand downs” effectively castrating over reaching governments.

              The term “Unlawful Order” appears to be an idea that has gained some additional momentum in a growing segment of our military.

            • Oh, you didn’t just ask that question. We got plenty of hackers right here in the usa, and plenty of crazy shooters who’d just love to spot one of those UAV’s.

            • ~MdO~

              The techno-wizards who graduated from MIT, Stanford, Georgia Tech etc…etc! Plus a sizable contingent of “defectors in place” within the USAF/USN & maybe the CIA/NSA/National Reconnaissance Office!

              Believe it or not…some of the “spooks” are honorable men too!

        • That’s the problem. They’re building THOUSANDS of UAVs and chances are the ones we know about are just the tip of the iceberg.

          They fly high and are quiet, you can’t tell the buggers are up there. They’ve already been used against an American citizen, out in Nebraska or someplace, who supposedly kept a couple of cows belonging to the next ranch over. They weren’t used to shoot him, just find him. That’s a grey area. In that incident, arguably, the use of the UAV prevented bloodshed because they were able to verify where the guy was and go in and get him. But what if they start being used to shoot “bad” people? What would have happened if they were available during the Waco incident?

          • They may be able to control the larger populated areas, but with such a huge landmass as our republic is and a bunch of gun totin’ rednecks out in the boonies they will be s–t out of luck! They can’t even get Afghanistan under control and how big is that.

          • They used UAV in North Dakota to arrest the guy. I am uneducated on how good they are at identification of individuals. Not sure if they only see a heat signiture. But for the number of “stragglers” out in the country and mountains, I am not sure they will every have enough to monitor movements. I have thought they were like police helicopters, once they had eyes on someone they could then follow the signiture, but did not have the ability to id someone. I may be wrong. I know they can carry an explosive but not sure if they have attached guns yet either.

            • All UAV’s are tethered at the operator…kill the head and the body will follow….cut the tether…easy-peasy

            • BA, you read my mind. While they may have thousands of UAVs, they only have a few places where they control them from. Also, you think the people that control them will turn them against their kinfolk? Think OathKeepers once again!

          • “What would have happened if they were available during the Waco incident?”

            Good question. My question would be, “Could Waco or Ruby Ridge have been any more f***ed up? If not, then adding some drones to the mix would not have mattered.

        • Good to hear from you MdO.

      25. So what is the scenario?
        Jack Boots comes to your door and demands your guns?
        Yes sirs, here you go? NOT!
        You say no, then what?
        Jacks come in, turn your place upside down and leave with your weapons?
        Or do you have to see them coming and have a showdown?

        All the above sounds unacceptable at best and not a good outcome.

        Best would be grapevine telling everyone in the neighborhood to fend off Jacks at a distance?

        • Booby trap your house and go out the back as they come in. You will have time to set things up. Once it starts, you WILL hear about it and have plenty of time to get ready before they get to you.

          • good point on that. Think if a swat team came into your home and you live in a split foyer and you remove the 2×6 or 2×6 beams underneath it, when they came in the only thing holding it up would be plywood and the floor would come crashing in and throw their rythim off and they would be disoriented for a few sec. Anoter way is to and this is not practicle but if you could take a fishing line attacted to magnets that once the door opened the line breaks and lights 5-10 firework morters that you launch in tubes. if those go off the intruder will be in complete chaos and will be disoriented. that is a good way too but the place will burn down. you get the point.

            • lol..homeade flashbangs.I like it.

            • Fine steel wool and black powder in an incandescent light bulb. There are hundreds of ways to make trip switches to light it off. It would probably burn the place down as well but I believe it would cause urine soaked underwear.

        • there are millions of homes and way too many people for this to work. they are going to try and fool the dumb ones to give weapons up for their own good. even if you had lets say 6 jack boots comming down the street they cant break into your home and you should never ever let them in, too many small firefights and sniper shots from everywhere is too dangerous for them to just patrol into everyones homes if SHTF. Things would be really crazy and don’t think it will ever be like New Orleans bastards did. IF you see that comming into your neighborhood, remember to shoot not from your property but another place, they will radio the address and location and soon have many more on you. so if you have to engage someone make sure you throw them off from where you live. you dont want them to overpower you. A head shot with a .22 is eazy and accurate and quiet. Another thing get the fight over quickly and fast with multiple people you can trust. You dont want anybody calling in for backup in that neighborhood. Hide what you can and people so it causes more confusion to backup if it comes.

          • Eric… you’re talking like you’re gonna survive a Jack Booted Home Invasion and live to fight another day. The odds against that are long. The trick is to make their thuggery as expensive as possible. If they lose 2-3 men every time they try to steal our guns, they will soon give up on the idea. Yes, a lot of patriots will die opposing this tyranny but that’s the price we may need to pay to be free. That’s where our real power is and not in duking it out with them on an equal basis, ’cause there’s nothing equal about it.

            • Eric’s got the right idea but yes, can’t let the thugs have a fair fight, gotta keep making it expensive for them to operate. I’m all in favor of plinking their toys before actually “harvesting” them, give ’em a chance to re-consider thuggery as a career choice. When the police cars keep developing mysterious bullet holes in sensitive places like the radiator and gas tank, when their radio antennas and repeaters keep failing, when their fun toys keep ….. breaking …. burning up …. disappearing …. etc., and make it clear that you *could* have put one right behind their ear but instead chose just under the radiator cap ….. that’s how to win the winnable hearts and minds.

            • “Poorly hidden” trip wires made of fishing line would slow things down, even if they don’t end up causing a bang. Who wants to assume they are all fake?

          • @ eric 4:01 p.m.

            With respect, “… even if you had lets say 6 jack boots coming down the street they can’t break into your home….” Why couldn’t they? Maybe your neighborhood is an armed camp of like minded preppers who are willing to fight the PTB then and there. If so, yours is a rare neighborhood. Secondly, take a look at the Fire Store, or Galls, or other sites marketed to fire fighters and LEO. Rescue squads have various tools, manpowered or otherwise, meant to break into structures [very] fast. If they came for you at 0300 they could be in before you woke up. Lastly, why presume 6 LEO? Why not 12 or 20 or a National Guard platoon? The average residence just isn’t designed to be a fortress. IR motion lights and thorny plants might stop bobby burglar but they aren’t going to stop a determined confiscation. best regards,

            • @anonymous,

              You are right; there are other tactics that our oppressors are more likely to use. Widescale weapons confiscation will probably be preceded by all kinds of measures that should clue anyone who is awake to whats coming. Operations against suspected weapons caches or insurgent bombmakers when I was deployed often happened at night because of the technological advantages our military has when it comes to fighting at night. With the increasing militarization of police forces the time might come when night raids using NVGs, body armor, flashbangs, and perimeter security will be SOP. I don’t think the National Guard would be used because they would be drawn from the populations they would be ordered to target and conflicts of loyalty might make it dangerous to arm them; they might just take over the armories full of weapons and equipment and join the resistance.

              My view of a most likely scenario would be confiscation preceded by some kind of unimagineable false flag event that would be so repugnant to the average American that they would willingly turn in their weapons and turn in their neighbors who do not. Something like a simultaneous bombing of multiple federal buildings and decapitation attempts of the entire line of succession by a “patriot” group. Or nuclear terrorism on American soil by the same group of “patriots”. If the operation succeeded in killing sufficient numbers of children then the sheeple would demand weapons confiscation among the other measures so convienently presented for passage. When McVeigh blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City what sealed his doom was killing all the kids who were in a daycare inside the federal building. Those who could understand and sympathize with his striking back at the feds as revenge for what they did at Waco found it very difficult if not impossible to swallow the deaths of children. That will be the tool that will be used to disarm us.

              I do not yet have a pair of NVGs and it is high on my list of items needing to be procured. When the false flag event occurrs then it will mean one of my family will always have to be on guard at night and that bunker under the house will have to be used for sleeping to buy a few precious minutes for escape when they come for us. A good solid concrete fence with a guard dog would be invaluable as well. I wouldn’t rely on the neighbors; they would be more likely to turn you in than be counted upon to stand guard while you sleep.

              The point of my long winded post is you will have to be prepared in advance and you will know the time for confiscation is nigh because sheeple will be willingly turning in their weapons and turning in those who haven’t.

        • Let em in, now they are right where you want em..and you now have the upper hand

          Besides they will never find all of mine..they aint all here

          • Old Polish joke: Why do Polish peasants dump motor oil on their gardens? They don’t want their guns to rust.

        • @Steve,

          Here is my opinion for what its worth. Jack booted police thugs show up at your door you are already too late. My own two cents is that if you can, a gate and solid wall around your property should be first line of defense against JBPTs. Let them beat uselessly against the gate for a while before they give up or come over the wall. If they come over the wall you have a choice to make because once you actively resist, you have become an unperson until the revolution is over. Killing a police thug will result in more of them showing up and with heavier weaponry. Kill enough of them and you will most likely be on the receiving end of a Predator or Reaper strike. If you have enough forwarning of door to door weapons confiscations then the ideal thing to do is remove a section of floor, tunnel under your house to a point where you can exit unseen, then when the police thugs show up, kill a few and retreat through your tunnel while they are calling in reinforcements. But I don’t think they will have the manpower for that kind of thing. Maybe door to door executions of registered gunowners and their families will be the more likely SOP after enough police thugs are killed trying to confiscate weapons. Of course you also have the option of meekly turning in your weapons and your hoarded food and obeying all the laws put in place for your protection by our benevolent elected protectors…

          • “Of course you also have the option of meekly turning in your weapons and your hoarded food and obeying all the laws put in place for your protection by our benevolent elected protectors…”

            Let’s see now… something about “it’s better to die on ones’ feet than to live on ones’ knees”. Does that ring a bell? It should.

            • Ding!


              If this starts happening (and I think they might actually try it until a few JBPTs die) its Revolution On. That will yank the tripline and we’ll move to the next step.

            • net ranger
              sstop waitng for this signal or that signal… the gun has already gone off…. dont wait for it to get worse….if you havent figured it out yet.. consider it that you never will…. run before the BOOOOM happens buddy

        • Saya a lot that such an article is even in a magazine such as this.

      26. Everyone with one is awake , and their minds are set like a room full of mouse traps. any attempt of grabbing one and they all go off.

      27. Sorry “great american Redoubt ” I accidentally thunb u dow damn iphone

      28. In my area, regular people like soccer moms, teachers, stay at home moms, small business owners, etc. are not only buying guns, but they are shooting them regularly, getting their CCP and stocking up on ammo.

        At least people are waking up to the reality of increased crime. Perhaps they will wake up to the reality of our crashing economy soon too. Baby steps.

      29. It never ceases to amaze me…the armchair bravado of the patriot/prepper crowd. The military and law enforcement have an incredibly difficult time finding people who will actually pull the trigger and kill a man/woman. In combat less than 10% of soldiers have the presence of mind to pull the trigger and kill someone in a firefight. Most of the time they are so scared they’ve shit their pants and couldn’t hit a target at five yards, let alone fifty or a hundred.

        I’m betting 95% of those posting here haven’t shot and killed a piece of game in their life, let alone taken a shot at a human being.

        I would also contend that if and when the time comes that you will face that LEO/soldier/UN peacekeeper, you name it – you will freeze in your tracks. If you are lucky enough to get a couple of rounds off, they won’t be any closer than the general direction of the target. It isn’t quite as easy as you would like to believe – except in the movies like musheadroom tells you about.

        A gun and the mere threat of using it against a perpetrator are oftentimes all it will take to resolve a situation. Let’s hope you won’t have to bury anyone, it won’t be something you’ll be bragging about afterwards, especially late at night when you are all alone with your thoughts in the dark. I would pray, and you should too, that you never find yourself in that position. – GMAFB

        • best post so far.

        • that is why i would tell people to use a shotgun for home defense, a pistol is tricky and takes practice for most. even a lot of us lose control speed and accuracy without continous practice. You can’t think of the target as human, think of it as a system or however you will be able to. Unless you are on alert its harder to hit a target with fear, that jittery feeling you get is cortisol flowing thru your viens and artries. It takes a while to get it out of your system. Kind of like before you get into a fight you get that shaky feeling you have to breath in and out of your nose for 3 to 4 sec inhale exhale and do that for 3-4 min before you shoot. that will help block cortisol in the blood. Many times if your door comes kicking down and someone comes in your gonna freeze and you gotta learn to get out of that mode.

        • Good post.

          I shoot critters all the time, but you are right, most people haven’t, don’t, and probably can’t.

          I was describing my cold-blooded killing of a rooster (not catachable so I used a .22 CB Long) and subsequent processing, and how delicious his heart and liver were right away, and the rest of him after some crockpot time, later. The guy I was telling about this just about turned green. I told him that he and his girlfriend are welcome to come over and we’ll hold a “chicken killing class” and so far they’ve not taken me up on it.

          This used to be an everyday thing. Harvesting squirrels, all sorts of game.

          A human being is not “game”, it’s of course a much more serious thing. Carlos Hathcock simply rationalized that every “Homer Hamburger” or “Homer Hotdog” he put down meant one more of his boys got to go home safe. That might not be such a bad way to think about it.

        • Not in my neck of the woods, seems like the cops shoot someone weekly, INCLUDING VETS that didnt do $hit!!! Great post. I wanna bring up one point to you. Reading a blog from that guy that survived the city siege in yogoslovia the other day, He was responding to a comment, some one asked about lone-wolf military/police type. He said they were around, but they usually got shot in the back by grandpa. I am not criticizing what you said, just want to say, never underestimate anyone, even grandpa!

        • You give people very little credit – you seems like a glass half full kind of person.

          And, you might be surprised at just how vicious people – especially women – likely will be when they are directly protecting their family, their preps and their property.

          We’ve never had to face something like that here – the civil war was close.

          • Women can be viceous, vengeful evil creatures that for sure! Most are insane. can’t understand normal thinking.

            • Oh, Kevin. *shakes head*

              There are a lot of sane, rational and intelligent women on there that will have serious issues with THAT particular comment.

              I hope that isn’t an example of “normal thinking.”

            • She’s like a lightning rod! Like a bell that wants to be dinged! Like an old car that wants to back fire! I’m a woman and I like men too.

            • A big plus 1 Rich.

            • God made some of them different, that fer sure. Mine minds well or out she goes. I don’t even have a man garage.

            • Daisey,

              Come home and be a good girl.

            • Daisey,

              Come home and we will visit your neice’s new hair salon. I’ll pay for a hair straightner.

          • Bluto, I’m a realist. I am well armed, qualified and a good marksman. I am also a Vietnam era veteran and was military trained. I’ve been shooting guns and hunting all of my life.

            I’m not saying that if you find yourself in a situation where you must defend yourself, your family or your precious preps, that you shouldn’t kill to do so. If there is no option left – by all means, pull the trigger. My weapon of choice for home defense is a short barrel Remington 870 with 00 buckshot, although wall penetration can be an issue for innocent bystanders.

            There are a lot of good schools throughout the country that can put you in pretty realistic situations so you will get a glimpse of what it feels like when the adrenaline is pumping and you are scared shitless. Because if you don’t think you’ll be scared…you’re already dead.

            The reports of LEO’s in firefights missing their targets are legend. There was one in Ohio a few years back when a Ohio Highway patrolman stopped a couple of wanted fellons – the Kehoe Brothers. The passenger exited the vehicle firing on the patrolmen. The LEOs returned fire. Neither of the LEOs nor the assailant even got close to hitting the target, let alone the LEO’s hitting the assailant, and they are trained professionals, not to mention they were just mere feet apart.

            Here’s the video clip, the shootout starts about 7:30 seconds into it. There are hundreds of others on line you can view. Yes, many times the perpetrators are shot and wounded or killed. Many times the LEO’s are shot or killed.


            The only point I am trying to make is it is a lot harder to to kill a human than you may think it is, and if you ever have to do it, well then you will have to live with it. Even if it is a drugged crazed zombie that has invaded your home, looking a man in the eyes and pulling the trigger will be a lot more difficult for you than you can even beging to think. Regardless of just how viscious you think you are. And be careful in all the excitement that you don’t shoot the ones you are trying to protect. What happens if you only wound the zombie? Are you prepared to put them ‘out of their/your misery’? Then don’t forget you’ll need to bury them and clean up the blood. – GMAFB

            • GMAFB: This is just a question. You are a boomer? My father was born in 37 and I thought he was a boomer. How many years did that term span?

            • GMAFB,

              Good video, thanks for posting it.. Practice, Practice peeps.

            • Thomas; “boomers” refer to the generation of kids born after WWII with the return of GI’s from Europe and Asia. And then again from Korea.

              It begins in ’45 and ends around ’55-60 although I do not know the end date for sure. That should help.

              If you dad was born in “37 he is not a boomer.

            • @Thomas

              A baby boomer is a person who was born during the demographic Post-World War II baby boom and who grew up during the period between 1946 and 1964. Yes, I qualify…GMAFB

            • Mordecai: What happens after?
              The Stranger: Hmm?
              Mordecai: What do we do when it’s over?
              The Stranger: Then you live with it.

              High Plains Drifter

              …#10 cans — crisp $100 (inflation) bills…



          • I am an old woman. We were always taught to submit. A lifetime of that bovine excrement and I will be feirce defending the babies. Even the ones in their 40’s. I am a wrinkled, arthritic old woman=expendable. I am sure I am an eternal being in a painful aging body= fearless. Bring it!

        • If you’re too afraid to kill a killer then you’re dead meat, gun or no gun. I pray you don’t have any family to protect. I’d have no problem blasting someone intent on harming my family.

          • Apparently reading isn’t a skill you’ve mastered yet. Try again. – GMAFB

            • Apparently remembering what you’ve written isn’t in your skill set. Read your post again, genius.

            • Read it above – by all means, pull the trigger. What part of that don’t you get, genius? Do you think I keep a 12 gauge at hand for the fun of it? – GMAFB

        • While I think your number is probably a little high on animals, maybe it’s because I’m from the mountains. The better I get to know people I meet in online groups like this, the more I learn that although they talk a good game, most of them have never went months without electricity or running water during normal times and will probably not fare well when forced to do so.

          Let me just say that once you have blood on your hands, it gets easier every time. I have lost count of the number of people I have watched die violent deaths.

        • Good post, despite many thumbs down. I wrote a paper once when I was in Mil Academy about motivation to kill. everything GMAFB said about the percentages in the military is right.
          however, as to myself, I doubt that I would have any troubles to do it. I could do it with the knife even. it is only a question of automentalconditioning (wow, that was a long one)
          I slaughter my food on a regular basis. and I do it with knife. no wussy shooting in the head. and if there is anyone from PETA here, just stop before you post anything. I do it properly, so animal does not suffer. I must say that I had no doubts or second thoughts even on my first try… as I said – automentalconditioning 🙂

          • @Guirza,

            I hear you about the whole knife thing. It is a whole world of difference killing with a knife as opposed to killing with a rifle. I have shot quite a few deer but it felt like a video game compared to the one time I killed with a knife. During a visit with my inlaws in a central asian republic we decided to buy a sheep for a feast/party. My brother-in-law trussed up the animal, gave me a knife, showed me how to hold the sheep’s jaw with one hand and where to stick it with the knife in the neck. I stuck the sheep in the neck all the way through, angled the knife to cut the jugular, and waited for the blood to drain out and the eyes to glaze over before severing the rest of the head from the neck. Over where my wife is from, killing your own animals for food is pretty common and life is pretty cheap. I have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, never fired my weapon in anger, had soldiers in my company killed in action, and was elated when watching live Predator feeds of enemies being killed by airstrike and artillery. Don’t know how I would do if I was surprised but I do not doubt that I could plan an operation and kill an enemy in cold blood if it was necessary.

            • One of the features of Islamic law is Halal, which requires the animal to be killed while conscious. No wonder they have no reserve at all about beheading humans.

            • @ Moon the Harsh Mistress
              exactly mate! … My father taught me to do it when I was 10 maybe… chickens, pigs, sheep, bulls and calves, so we are on similar grounds 😉
              It’s nice to hear that there are normal living Americans, not just that overwhelming zombie population 😀

          • I am a member of PETA. People Eating Tasty Animals. I didn’t claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat nuts & twigs.

            • Sometimes the comments section reminds me of the ‘cheap seats’! Lord knows I do my part to keep it that way.
              Now, every PETA member sing along…

              We like our beer flat as can be,
              We like our dogs with mustard and relish…

            • Damn this made my day 😀 came out of me nose ….

        • @GMAFB…..lots of average people doin’ the above average when it counts.

          …just sayin’…

        • “I’m betting 95% of those posting here haven’t shot and killed a piece of game in their life…”

          Sounds like a lousy bet to me. My bet is that there are lots of folks in here who hunt regularly. No, that does not make them soldiers but it does make them familiar with and comfortable around firearms. Could they shoot someone? Maybe. Depends on the person, the situation, and probably several other factors as well.

        • I highly suggest that you thing again…cause you are an idiot!

          • *think

            • Nevermind the above posts….they were meant to be further up the string…don’t know why they showed up here. Doesn’t matter anyway…the original post was hidden. Keep on prepping!

        • gmafb
          you think alot of stupid things… i doubt you could hit the broad side of a barn at close range…. you feeling lucky punk? why not come on up and have a wildwest showdown.. bet you blink, first boy. youre a coward… youre yeller boy.

        • you still sleeping old man?

        • GMAFB: Your stats are made up and wrong. About 25% of soldiers in WW2 fired their weapons at the enemy (50% s#@t their pants in combat). In Korea when they started using huminoid targets, 50% fired at the enemy. By Viet Nam with the advent of violence on Television, over 90%. Now with violent video games, well over 90% and school shootings.

          Lt. Dave Grossman has researched and written extensivly on this subject. Check out his books and website.

          • Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (ret)

            I have attended two of his “Bullet Proof Mind” seminars. Highly reccomended.

        • @GMAFB :
          Well then I guess I’m a one percenter. Shot lots of game
          for the past 30 years have had a carry permit for 25 years.
          Don’t really ever WANT to shoot any human. However, if if comes down to brass tacks & it is me or the bad guy…
          he’s toast. The trick is that I believe that these folks are not beyond using women & children to infiltraterate
          or take us down. I can say that I will shoot them….& swiss cheese will be jealouse …….
          Then I’ll sleep like a baby. I believe that my creator has given me the right to protect my life…my family, my neighbors…..from evil in what ever form it appears.
          I also believe that there are many folks on this site that are of like mind. Remember getting a “Paid Army” to do things is much more difficult …than getting an man to protect what is his. The Paid Army guy….starts thinking …do I want to die because someone up the chain of command says “take that hill”. However for the guy that is defending his family, or porperty….he is at the top of the chain of command. & when he decideds that he is not giving in…..the attackers have a much more dangerous opponent. Remember…many of the paid army guys have a family somewhere back home….that they would really like to get back home to. I for one will never , never , never, never give up. Just sayin….
          Montgomery County Texas

        • GMAFB- You sound like an agent provacateur to me. I think anyone contemplating standing their ground has thought about the possibilities of losing family and loved ones and even their own lives if it came to resisting their government. Your narrow minded assessment of what 95% of the people here might be capable of or what they’ve done is purely ridiculous. I personally have killed more large game than you’ve probably even seen on TV and I have had to defend myself and my family with a firearm already; I can tell you not only did I not hesitate after it was all over I went right back to a peaceful nights sleep. I would recon that anyone on this website could do the exact same thing. Did you see the news lately with the 18 year old lady in Texas that shot that scumbag that was trying to break in and do God knows what to her and her little kids. You don’t think that more mature and more prepared people couldn’t do far worse? You should change your initials to GAFC because you are either an absolute idiot or you are part of the “sheeple”/problem in this country.

          • Yeah, he is a spook, probably reached colonel “IF” he served in the military(Brought up he was a vet, practicaly in every post,could be lieing, this is the net) and he is a psychopath.

          • I agree! Its sounds like a Lefty trying to say you don”t have a Chance! I Call B.S. I and Many I Know were trained by the PTP, and we are Not afraid to Bust a Cap at some JBT trying to disarm us…Anytime somebody goes to the trouble of Pointing out the Odds, or says you won”t fire on scum. they are trying to say you don”t have the Guts to go there! Bravo Sierra !

      30. GMAFB,

        While I’m lucky enough to never have had to shoot a person; I have taken several animals that we ate. I have been shot at mistakenly and my underware checked out fine. I find your assumption of those who post here a wild and disrespectfull slander.

        • I’ve been shot at on purpose! Only had one bullet connect, it just glanced off my helmet, that’ll clean the wax out of your ears.

        • Being shot at mistakenly verses being shot at by someone trying to kill you are two different things. If you’re still alive afterward and the website is up, let me know how that worked out for you and your pants. I guess we’ll find out, won’t we. – GMAFB

          • gmfab
            you fucken fool.. youre having too many flashbacks to nam you fucken old kook…. you need to be locked up for your safety and everyone elses…. go to hell you fucken old fool

            • eeder- I am formally retracting the WAY too generous offer to visit me in Az. and learn from an experience man. Advice- go back on the meds and grow up a bit. As I’ve told others like you…. “yur on yer own,a$$wipe!” A “man” with a loud mouth usually doesn’t last very long. gets a rude awakening when an “old” man stuffs a foot up his keester.

            • LRD
              you stupid fucken fool.I wouldnt visit or go to arizona if you paid my way at a 5 star are a bloody idiot.loud mouth… i am very quiet until provoked or talked shit to like you have done. You think you will survive anything in arizona? you bloody stooge! you will get overrun by spics and than you will have no water! also you are old…. you couldnt stuff your foot in a boot let alone my mouth… how about you stuff it up your own ass! hahahahaha… youre a fucken joke.

      31. Oh, darn. My two didn’t show up in the count. Private sales……

      32. There are some on here who make my heart glad.
        That understand that freedom isn’t free.
        That the Republic is toast.
        That once the money dies, it’s gone..history proves.
        So, what then? Preps and independence will not allow you to thrive long term. Only interdependence will.
        The Gathering, has begun, in the wilderness of Babylon.
        For God’s own children.
        user: Jesus
        PW: islord

        God Bless

      33. The last two weeks has been interesting to say the least.In my travels I have had “small talk” conversations with dozens of people from all walks of life.The conversation hasn’t gotten very far when each of them have brought up “when the sh*t hits the fan” phrase.I have noticed that after saying the phrase that they have a similiar look on their face and get quiet for a moment.Maybe the sheeple are waking up.It’s too late for most to have time to prepare,but to start up a conversation with a complete stranger and each time it comes back to the same topic has just seemed,weird, to say the least.

        • Maybe these folks recognize someone who IS prepared and feel comfortable talking to you about it.

          One thing about prepping, though, is that there really is no end to it. More is just about always better and there will always be things left undone or incomplete. Prepping is not an event, it’s a life-style.

        • Unfortunately, still not enough, but I think more and more people are waking up. I read this article on Drudge Report.

          Subculture of Americans prepares for civilization’s collapse


          KY Mom

      34. Man, my rafting trip down the colorado didn’t work out to good, my ENTIRE gun collection was lost when the raft overturned. My girl told me not to take them with us, but I was for sure the world was going to end last week! I had to take them! F^ck, I should of listened to her, but I didn’t. Man, I mean every single one!! I am bummed. Any of you trolls know if I can take a deduction on my taxes?

        • Watch what you say Kevin. Remember the guy who tried to trade moose for firewood? Taking guns down the Colorado River is within the National Park. Big no no! You may get a ticket!!! LOL, I know you jest!!!

          • For the public record, I was near rifle colorado, many miles away from any national park lands. FYI- North of rifle colorado and south of parachute colorado, they lit off nuclear devices to free up natural gas. Right afterwards they said the natural gas was radiated and not useable, Well now theres rigs,wells, and pumping stations every 50 feet in that area. Guess radiation is good for us.

            • Wow. Rifle, Colorado is a real town, was originally called Rifle Creek because someone found an old rifle in the creek.

              I wonder how much radiation is still around?

        • Kevin;

          You are not the only one.., I have heard many people losing their guns in lakes and ponds. I can not believe how many careless people are out there losing there guns.

          I am going to start a gun recovery business and make a lot of money… think I will do great? 😉

          • Yeah, I’m bummed out. That kitten swimming across the colorado river came out of no-where, and we swerved, hit a boulder, spun around, and then tipped over. I lost all my firearms! I am made whole knowing that, that kitten made it to the other side of the river and is going to be ok, and thats what counts!

            • I so understand…., I am very happy that the precious little kitten is alive, you are a hero !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

          • I’m right there with you Kevin I lost all my guns in a tragic bass fishing trip.They no swim with the fish.

        • yeah i know how ya feel. the wife mistakenly took the ones i bought last year out and thought they were fishing rods. she threw them in the river after she couldn’t cast with em. gonna miss that model 70 wincester.

      35. You are lucky that guns are so cheap in your country. Here it is may be 10 times more expensive and it is like 110 m hurdle to get it…

        • haha! In the state of Colorado, you can buy Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms all in the same store (as long as it’s not Sunday, on Sunday you’re supposed to be in church dammit).

      36. Hi daisy. There are millions of sane rational men who would aree with that statement.

        • Hi, Kev.

          Sane rational men that would agree with my statement or yours?

          • That women CAN BE viceous, evil, and vengeful creatures. Most are insane! I appologize for the can’t understand normal thinking part that was out of line, and off the topic of what was being discussed!

            • If we could get rid of the “most are insane” part, I could see your point. 🙂

              Mess with any woman’s kids and you will definitely see the vicious side of her!

            • @ Daisy, YEP! Mess with a mamma bears cubs, and SHE will hand you your ass to eat…no condiments included. I know, I married one.

            • Stop properating if you don’t like men! Who said anything about rug rats.

            • Ummmm….do you mean “procreating”, Anonymous?

      37. We have guns. Lots of them, so enemies of the constitution; back off! That’s enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC!!!

        • “Domestic” is the most relevant and immediate concern. I don’t have any fears of an “Iranian” kicking down my door and “attempting” to confiscate my guns/preps/life!!!

      38. If it was not for the Second Amendment, we would have lost the rest of our rights a long time ago.

        I believe the Founding Fathers set up our government and society to have deliberate tensions amongst each other, so no one would have more power over the other.

        – Three separate, but equal branches. (Now we have a Executive branch that is bypassing Congress, and Judicial legislation.
        – Media/Press that was called a watchdog. (Today’s media is a lapdog for the State.)
        – Finally, a right to bear arms. This is the final solution, when the above does not work out.

        • History will record the demise of the press via this sequence: watchdog, lapdog, hotdog

          I guess that it is a lot easier to create the news rather than digging it up. It probably pays a lot better too… in money, anyway. All they have to say is what they are told. How hard can that be for them? Apparently, not very hard at all.

      39. It seems to me that their is a lot of disdain for the police on here. I can tell you that as a police officer I swore an oath to uphold and defend the constitution, not martial law. If martial law is declared I am as affected by it as anyone else is. I know I have had several discussions with my co workers about if and when a “disaster” happens and the government declares martial law. Almost unanimously, everyone has told me they would not obey any order to round people up or their guns. We are supposed to protect the constitutional rights of the people no matter what. Instead of bashing the police, I would reach out to them and make sure they are on board. I for one am on board, and there are a lot more like me

        • Maybe the ‘good guys could wear a white armband or something? ‘Cause I gotta tell ya….you guys, as a whole, are becoming…um….nastier. I for one used to think of you guys as the last line of defense, the ‘good guys’, but I have witnessed what seems to be getting more and more nasty from you guys…remember the Community Police model? Know the People? Be a friend? You should tell those who are changing you into a military force, ‘no’ as you remind them of your oaths. Or you will just be a visible target riding around in a sexy car. The targets, you’re putting on your backs …now.

        • CJ,

          I really glad to hear you say that. We have 2 sons 1 served his 4 tours and the youngest is still in. We have had that talk many times and for the most part all their buddies say the same, they will stand with the people. I also got wind of something a while back about who the leo’s might ask for help from. I’m leaving it at that to see your response. Have you heard about any of this? I look forword to hearing from you.


          • We can take some solace from the fact that when the USSR collapsed, not even the Soviet Army stood with the politicians against the Russian people. I can’t in any way believe that Americans would do something that Russians would not.

        • CJ this is why I advocate shooting out your purty lightbars and messing up your cool po-lice cars and such, rather than hurting *you* because a few of you guys are still good guys and deserve a chance. As we like to say around here, it’s the 95% of cops who are bad who ruin it for the 5% who are good…..

          I, and I think most here, truly wish all cops were like you. When TSHTF and you rejoin with the people, I think your skills and experience will be valuable, and valued.

      40. If you live on a street like mine, this WILL come in handy WTSHTF!!!

        • JJ,

          Ok I gotta have one of those signs.. Classic thanks for the great laugh, Hope all is well with you.

          • All’s fine here DPS…seriously though, I have one neighbor that has about 50 guns and lost count, and the California nuts(sorry to all California residents armed and ready)that won’t have one in their house.
            They’re all around us.

            • JJ,
              Well the best part is when the shtf you won’t have to worry about those with no guns, chances are they will be dead..yes its harsh but life is harsh..


        • Now that’s some funny sh.. JJ! Thanks!!!!

      41. I don’t understatd this. The public has tons of guns but there is no march on the known criminals. They rape us everyday. The shots have been fired. What’s it going to take? Deos everyone wait till there are tanks in the streets?

      42. @eeder

        Are you still here? Shouldn’t you be out campaigning for Ron Paul, saving the country let alone the world, protecting the youth of the Amerika and getting a another nose ring or tattoo?

        You surely have bigger fish to fry than us old boomeer farts! To somewhat quote Churchill: I may be old and a boomer, but I’ll be alive in the morning but you’ll still be stupid.

        I’m not defending mushheadroom, but you sure as hell don’t have anything on him. – GMAFB

        • I would like to take this opertunity to thank you for letting them STEEL our silver in 64 boomer. I have thanked others on this site and family members, now I am thanking you. I know my generation has let down the next generation of people, and they will hate me.

          • Please get yourself a history lesson. I’m a Boomer, born in 1948. I was 16 in 1964. I didn’t notice the theft until the mid 70’s. My uncle was drafted into the German army when he was 14, wanna blame him for the Nazis? My generation has enough to be sorry for but monetary debasement isn’t one of them.

            • No one’s to blame, everyones to blame!

            • Now I know why my grandparents buried all those silver bars in their greenhouse. A few hundred bars, large bars of silver. My grandfather had bought them throughout the years. It was about the only thing he had left when he checked out of this world too. Wisdom and foresight are things you can’t put a price tag on!

          • Gee kevin, it’s good to know you are not alone and there are are others out there besides eeder and musheadroom and other generation y and x’ers who are as equally ignorant and obnoxious. Your parents have obviously trained you well. I suppose you have been disinherited and that is why you are so angry and bitter with boomers – your parents included. It’s good to know there are a couple of generations of you out there, that way you won’t die all alone, and you can continue to blame everyone else but yourselves for your problems. I am sure that will be a great comfort to you in your old age – if you should live that long.

            Unfortunately, I didn’t know that I was so powerful and had so much control in 1964 over the economy of the country that I was able to dictate to President Nixon (he was the decider back then in case you haven’t studied your revisionist public fool system history) to not remove the country from the gold standard. Even though I was a teenager and couldn’t even vote yet, I knew that I should have made the decision for Nixon to keep the money honest. I’m sorry, yep, my fault! Although you had to be 21 to even vote in 1964, let alone hold public office. And me, just a teenager, I really should have known better.

            Though it was no problem when I turned 18 and was drafted for the Vietnam war – and still couldn’t vote I actually volunteered to serve my country. That’s right, I actually volunteered to serve my country, did you? I actually worked and put myself through college, after receiving an honorable discharge, did you?

            Let me be the first to thank you on behalf of all of the veterans who frequent this blog for allowing us to defend your whining ass so you can exercise your first amendment rights here. Not to mention my father, his father, my great grandfather who fought in the civil war and my other relatives all the way back to the revolutionary war — yes I have them and they served.

            I have worked hard and made an honest living all of my life. I have raised a family, saved my money and not made stupid investments in the stock market. I have no debt, and everything I own is paid for with money I earned by my own sweat. I have money saved in cash, and a significant investment in hard gold and silver, do you? Do you have a college education? Have you paid off your student loan yet? My kids have no student loan debt. They thanked me. Are you even employed?

            I’m not collecting social security and don’t expect to, even though they’ve stolen my maxed out my contribution to social security many years ago. I know I will never see a penny of it, it’s ok I’ll be just fine without it. I am able to take care of my family and myself because I am not waiting for someone else to do it for me – not that I ever wanted anything from any one that I couldn’t get on my own. I know who and what I am, where I’m going and will die with my integrity intact.

            I’m thinking you and eeder should probably coordinate on your next body piercing or tattoo so you can come up with something that will make certain that all of us boomers are put in our place once and for all, and be sure you post it on facebook from your iphone. Maybe something big and bold in multicolors across your forehead that says it is all the boomer’s fault. And by the way, why aren’t you out there campaigning for Ron Paul and saving the world with eeder? Don’t forget…be sure to vote for Ron Paul – but isn’t he a boomer too? You better hope he will save you, because I for one don’t give a damn about useless eeders. GMAFB

            • GMAFB… that may well be the most eloquent smack upside the head I have ever read. Well done and thanks for posting that. It’s about time that the young’uns figured out that the boomer generation had exactly the same control over the government and the major events in the world back then as they do now. Which is to say not a bit.

            • Wow your so sensitive! A 500 word response to a paragraph. First paragraph your way off base. My parents did fine, and the old man was shooting an m-1 when you were shooting turds in your dipers as I was when you were shooting your m16, As for my history of the 1964 debasement, it is fine, johnson with the house and senate debased the coinage, but I will admit I don’t know what the supreme court was up to. As to nixon, you said he was the decider, so he was a dictator? If so why didn’t your generation make changes in the late 70’s when I was 10 years old? Were you powerless then? No I’m not a veteren, the old man just wanted me to go to college, he was some how familiar with war is a rackit concept. As a kid, I put my fingers in bullet indentations on the old foundations at the old family farm from the civil war, missouri was a meat grinder, there is a historical plaque in the north forty there, my great uncle told me when I was a child that the family lost much, I have roots that go back way back also, yet your family deserves respect and you $hit on mine. As for finances, this is a public forum, I have no idea what gold and silver is, never heard of them. As for you vets on this forum, I respect you more then you know, I know guys getting F^CKED by the va, I help how and when I can. gmafb, I respect you for WHAT you did backin the day, but that was back in the day. Who are you now? Show none, get none. By the way, my panties checked out ok during the riots, man I needed some air support!

            • @41mag. You are so right about the power of gov thing. I wonder if I will lash out and “smack” the next generation in the head when they speak of their frustrations about MY generation, and I wonder if I will enjoy it like you do!

            • TO ALL.Every one is posting nothing is their fault. I am guilty of it also, I brought up the fact that I was 10 once also. We are in denial and lashing out at each other and divided. “If we don’t hang together, we will surely hang seperatly” We are balkanized and divided. Future generations are going to hate ALL of us, none of us will be immune from this hate, and it will be on racial lines. I hope they are merciful, but I doubt it. I see ditches full of bodies and piles of gold fillings in our future. Tyrants ALWAYS follow economical,moral, and social collapse!

            • Just want to make sure I am clear on my statement. Show none get none is for gmafb ONLY!


            • 41 MAG MAN
              precisely you fucking moron… you evil boomers have fiddled away while dc and the world has burned on your watch…. shame on you old man!

            • I may be only 17 but, enjoyed reading that it reminded me of something my grandpa would say to someone who was pretty much being real ignorant 🙂

          • I was 14, but they got no silver off me. Every silver dollar or 50C I ever had I still have. plus

        • I have football on my mind. STEAL OUR SILVER!

          • 90% of boomers weren’t even old enough to vote in 1964.

            • Make that 100%. You had to be 21 back then.

            • Yeah I was 6. Of course if I had known…….

        • gmfab
          thats just what you think and say… the reality is quite different… you describe your children and sure as hell not me… luckily for you , you will likely never find out the truth… you wouldnt want to face me now or in your hay day…. live in your lala land faggot.

        • gmfab
          shouldnt you be canmpaigning for ron paul?
          or are you happy with the staus quo?
          i smell a newt gingrich fan….. youre a fucken fool… an old bastard and a twit. you couldnt kill a chicken you god damned old jackass… now go to hell!

          • My old man couldn’t hit the side of a barn now, I will type that, but I sure as HELL wouldn’t stand in front of him and bet my life on that statement. NEVER underestimate any foe. YOUR statements ARE OUT OF LINE and you are sounding like a fool! It seems to me gmafb is as frustrated with the situation as everyone else is and is lashing out, as foolishly as I sometimes do. SHOW A little RESPECT!

            • NO KEVIN … YOU ARE!

          • chill. we’re all in the same boat.

      43. I helped contribute
        and they are nice.
        I also got enough ammo for the new ones to make them feel at home with the rest of my collection

      44. You will need an AR or AK, a pistol such as a glock 9mm or 1911. Oddball ammo and Fudd guns are fine for collecting and shooting for fun but for serious work stick with common calibers. I put the AK in there because of it’s simplicity and ammo is cheap. Stock up on plenty of mags and I mean plenty. I have 300 ar mags and 150 ak mags. For my glock 17 I have 30 17 rounders and 15 33 rounders. Also don’t keep all the weapons in one spot for obvious reasons As for ammo I have more than I can carry. Stay vigilant as anything can happen at any time. God bless and protect America.

        • Having a lot of mags is very handy but don’t forget to make or buy a vest with several mag pockets sewn into it so that you can easily carry several of them. Having that capability might be pretty darned handy too.

        • Got a few extra war of 1812 24# cannon balls (Solid) for trade when the time comes, only about a dozen, the rest ‘ll keep; ya never know

      45. Record Highs, Must be all those darn preppers, lol

      46. Another tip is too have your weapons in different rooms and ready to go. If you get pinned in a bedroom and you got 2-3 people trying to come in quickly, make sure you keep the chit chat like I have a gun to nothing. Make sure you hit them fast and know how many rounds that you have left and where all your weapons are. So if you are in a bedroom make sure you have thought were your next spot will be and what you have ready to go quickly. End the fight and relax when you do. Don’t even think if they have a weapon pointed at you. Shoot and move, that 1-4 sec can make the difference if you have another target you have to take out quickly. always remember to stay calm and focused and no rambo movements, this is not TV its the real deal. Pick up a real gun shotgun or pistol and have someone comming in the house from different areas so you know how it will feel. No loaded of course unless your a pro. But do these little things, i know it sounds dumb to a few of you but can make the difference if your still alive and you got the bad guy or girl.

        • Eric: Thanks for all of your advice and knowledge. I have a friend that was an operator, now does private security consulting. Reading your post is like reading emails from him. People would be wise to go back and read all your posts thoroughly. Hope you stay around here.

          • Thomas, thanks I read these posts daily and yes I have had many many years with weapons. I don’t know everything but try and be honest on here. I like reading what people say as well. You can always learn from everybody. my spelling sucks but working on that. lol

        • ~Eric~

          Good solid advice, sir!

          Rural home invasions are on the increase in my neck of the woods, usually in the wee hrs of the a.m… wife & I have copied your prescribed method/M.O for several months now…..

      47. One of the great things about Tennessee is that we have no gun registration or license requirement to purchase. As long as you can pass the age requirement and background check, buy all you want. However, you cannot carry unless you have a permit concealed or not.

        • Whether or not you carry a gun is up to you. It requires no “permit” other than the 2nd Amendment, which is already law.

          If you have a permit, you can bet the corp will ship you off to the nearest FEMA camp on their first run in with you.

          Need a permit to carry a gun? Just print, cut, and laminate the 2nd Amendment and present it to any “officer” that requests a permit. That provides proof of your choice of law leaving any “charge” to be dismissed with the Sovereign Immunity answer.

          Quit asking fr permission to do ANYTHING. You don’t need it.

      48. My gun is 10″ by 2″.

        I don’ t need any stinking’ iron imitations.

        All you imitation men need a buncha real T

        What a pathetic buncha wheenies – especially that little mushroom

      49. I live in NY where all the liberals have tough gun laws. What I carry is a self defense pen by smith and wesson. It even passed the tsa nazis in the wifes purse. So I can sit in a board meeting right there and write with my pen. If the SHTF hit I can always stab a zombie in the eye. ha. yeah, pen is no match for a gun…but that would not fly at work.
        At least I have a weapon at work if anyone gets out of line.

        It’s on youtube..
        Smith and Wesson tactical pen.
        Writes very well too.

        Also..under the bed mattress is a massive rambo knife.
        Of course the handy shotgun is always ready to rock.

        I’ve still been trying to figure out the FEMA camps. I think they will crash the dollar to default before they start up a new currency…when the zombies attack everywhere…it will be a camp fema vacation. All the honest folks, mostly NRA members will be safe in their homes watching it all go down. I wouldn’t worry about shit. I bet the NWO boys are more worried about the ghettos and city folk. The don’t fuck with guys like me as I run all their computer systems and shit.

        Yep…no worries.
        I’m actually hoping it all crashes…then I’ll take that box of silver, cash it in on a nice farm.

        Retards to all who frequent this site. I bet we’d have our own army if we all hooked up.
        If china invades… Mac…you’re the general who will pull us all together. ha.


        ps. Keep stocking ammo…I think the nwo boys will mess with ammo next… un bastards.

        My next gun is a 22 riffle…then I’ll buy a few cases of ammo for it…for the future grand kids.

        pps Ride your republican friends to vote Ron Paul this year.

        • You ain’t gonna find ANYBODY who will trade a farm for PM of any kind.

        • “The don’t fuck with guys like me as I run all their computer systems and shit.”

          One EMP blast, or prolonged power outage, and they will no longer care.

      50. Anyone who shoots deer are going to enjoy blowing holes in something they have absolutely no respect for.. A gun is an extension of the fist.

      51. First let me say sorry for the long post, some of you have read this but due to the article it needs to be repeated.
        Why Carry a Gun?

        My old grandpa said to me ‘Son, there comes a time in every man’s life when he stops bustin’ knuckles and starts bustin’ caps and
        usually it’s when he becomes too old to take an ass whoopin.’

        I don’t carry a gun to kill people.
        I carry a gun to keep from being killed.

        I don’t carry a gun to scare people.
        I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place.

        I don’t carry a gun because I’m paranoid.
        I carry a gun because there are real threats in the world.

        I don’t carry a gun because I’m evil.
        I carry a gun because I have lived long enough to see the evil in the world.

        I don’t carry a gun because I hate the government.
        I carry a gun because I understand the limitations of government.

        I don’t carry a gun because I’m angry.
        I carry a gun so that I don’t have to spend the rest of my life hating myself for failing to be prepared.

        I don’t carry a gun because I want to shoot someone.
        I carry a gun because I want to die at a ripe old age in my bed, and not on a sidewalk somewhere tomorrow afternoon.

        I don’t carry a gun because I’m a cowboy.
        I carry a gun because, when I die and go to heaven, I want to be a cowboy.

        I don’t carry a gun to make me feel like a man.
        I carry a gun because men know how to take care of themselves and the ones they love.

        I don’t carry a gun because I feel inadequate.
        I carry a gun because unarmed and facing three armed thugs, I am inadequate.

        I don’t carry a gun because I love it.
        I carry a gun because I love life and the people who make it meaningful to me.

        Police protection is an oxymoron.
        Free citizens must protect themselves.
        Police do not protect you from crime, they usually just investigate the crime after it happens and then call someone in to clean up the mess.

        Personally, I carry a gun because I’m too young to die and too old to take an ass whoopin’… unknown (but obviously brilliant)


        In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        In 1911, Turkey established gun control. >From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

        China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
        —- ————- ————-

        Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

        You won’t see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.

        Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

        Take note my fellow Americans, before it’s too late!

        The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind them of this history lesson.

        With guns, we are ‘citizens’. Without them, we are ‘subjects’.

        During WWII the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED!

        If you value your freedom, please spread this anti gun- control message to all of your friends.

        The purpose of fighting is to win.
        There is no possible victory in defense.
        The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either.
        The final weapon is the brain.
        All else is supplemental.


        IT’S A NO BRAINER!


        • Awesome post DPS !!!!!

          • EagleDove,

            I wish I could take credit for writing that but I didn’t. But anytime and where Gun control pops up I have to post it. To me its the most important issue we will face in the future and we must stop any and all attempts to disarm Americans. The can crash our dollars, steal our bank accounts, but when they try and I do say try to take our guns, then they will be f–king around with the wrong people.


            • DPS,

              I understand why you won’t take credit for writing it, but take credit for opening up my eyes and maybe others to the knowledge we did not posses. I did know about some of the countries mentioned, but the others , I did not.

              Thanks and have a great weekend! 🙂

            • EagleDove,
              Please copy that and pass it along to everybody, There is going to be some sh-t come down on the 2nd rights veryyy soon and more people need to know this info. Hope you have a great weekend as well.

        • Switzerland has mandatory military training, which includes the ability to follow orders from the government. It’s also part of gun control.

          There’s your no-brainer.

          • The Swiss also have excellent borders which they can and do defend. Becoming a naturalized citizen requires a public vote on each applicant. They are very strict on non-citizens taking up residence, too. Consequently the Swiss are a homogeneous society. All for one, and one for all. Nothing like the USA.

        • EXCELLENT!!!

        • DPS, GREAT post!!! Thanks for sharing it again…as I had not seen it before. For Christmas I got a firearm, we already owned several but nothing that I felt real comfortable with (too large for my hand or too heavy) I needed something of my own that felt natural to me. I spent weeks looking and handling, then made the purchase!! For my b-day last week, DH gave me a membership to the range and we spent the afternoon plinking away, by the end of the day I was shooting all of the firearms we brought with us. Remember when I said, I wanted to get my daughter to go target practicing with me, she was there right along side of me. Forget the bb-gun, she was a great shot with the 9mm. lol! It was an awesome birthday! Hope all is well with you~D

          • NSBF,

            Most excellant brother glad to hear you had a good birthday and even happier to hear your daughter is shooting makes you proud doesn’t it? My daughter came up last weekend she got me all kinds of new book, Where There is no Docter & no Dentist and some medical herb books. We got to go do some shooting, She’s getting good with that 12 gauge and she loves my 92fs 9mm. LOL she tried to sneak it in her BOB.. So I’m looking for another one. I also loadered her down with new heirloom seeds for her garden. Hope you and your family are well also.


        • The German masses were allowed to own guns in 1938 – just not the “undesirables”. Since they didn’t use their guns to overthrow the Nazis we can only presume they supported the Nazis.

      52. bought one and got one as a gift last year…yay me

      53. @Thomas

        A baby boomer is a person who was born during the demographic Post-World War II baby boom and who grew up during the period between 1946 and 1964. Yes, I would be in that demographic period.

        While I implied in a post below that Ron Paul is a boomer, he really isn’t – but he is surely part of the generation that helped contribute to the boom and bust of Amerika! I know I’ll get some flack about that one. – GMAFB

        • Thanks everyone. I always thought my father was considered one.

        • “I know I’ll get some flack about that one.”

          Yeah, I’m one who considers your statement a mite jacked up.

        • gmfab
          thanks for the civics lesson asshole
          it doesnt matter how old ron paul is , as his message is for the hope of the younger people in the nation… which is why he gets no support from baby boomers or people in his aGE group.. get your facts straight asswipe.

      54. THOMAS….boomers 1946-1964…

        • I really think the boomers ended in 1960.

          I’m one of a set of siblings, and to really understand this you have to have read “Revenge Of The Latch-Key Kids” by Ted Rall. The first one, my oldest sis, was born in 1957 I believe. She was in the National Spelling Bee, at one time (I think before I came along) had a governess, who called her “Missy” and thus “Missy” was her name for years afterward. She went to an elite school, the one Obama went to. She’s never had to work hard, having connections – it’s easy when all you have to do is wait and your school-mates end up running and owning everything, and you’re automatically “in” because you went to school with ’em.

          My older bro, a 1961 model, myself, 1962 model, and two younger siblings, ’64 and ’65 I believe, all had *very* different lives. Public schools, not a fucking chance at college (although I fought for years to get most of a degree, and spent years afterward paying off the loans) if not minimum-wage jobs than those paying just over that, well, read Rall’s blistering description of what was to become the X’er experience. As Rall puts it, “It was not cool to be a kid in the 1970s”; children were an impediment and parents could hardly wait to “hand them a suitcase once they turn 18” as my mom so often put it.

          I’d also move the start of the Baby Boom to 1943 or so, that’s when Depression-weary Americans started finding good-paying War jobs and of course, ate well and got it on. So the Boom would not be strictly postwar, I think it started as soon as the war got going, which would be 1943 or 44.

          • TL;DR – There’s no fucking way I’m a boomer, I live in a hovel and shit in a bucket. 1961 model here.


      55. GMAFB….I missed your response….didnt intend to copy you…

        • ACCEPT RON PAUL!

      56. The bad news is that small arms do not work very well against tanks, artillery, ground-attack jet aircraft, and bombers.

        In addition, significant numbers of citizens are not healthy and are experiencing economic difficulties. In which case, the weapons will probably not be very effective against organized, professional military forces with long-range weapons and armored vehicles. If any, the citizens will likely use small arms against each other.

        That’s when the S will really HTF. For some details, try

        • Military ground vehicles have a range of about 300 miles before they need refueling. If you are down the street from ft. stewart they can patrol all day but up in the mountains or on the plains they will have logistical problems. Military units will have to set up supply points with diesel and JP fuels for armour.
          There is also the vast amount of space that will give mil. units absolute fits. Find the tank or vehicle with the most antennas, that is the important target.

          • And, shoot the bases of the antennas, shoot any reachable (external) gas/fuel tanks, just basically think of all the dirty tricks you can.

        • Theres folks a lot better at building things than I am and I know for sure I could build a IED type of thing that would stop a tank or armoured troop carrier,not a brag..a fact….got a buddy who is a demolitions man(and blew thing up in Nam before)… and another who works with drilling and mining charges who could to add a bit of flavor to my hillbilly armour busting capabilities…bet in a few days we(the people) would also be in control/possession of alot of the soldiers toys as well!

          So whilst it would be deadly and dangerous theres enough of us who have the background and the stuff to make it hell for them too…and Im just a farm boy remember? 🙂

        • alright, here are some few tips on taking on a tank or a IFV.
          First of all, if there is a tank out in the country, stay down and get the bloody hell out-a-there! ASAP! You have no idea of tank’s capabilities in the boonies. One can see you peeing from 2 clicks away, and see the stream to 🙂 so no bravados out in the open.
          however, tank is also a clumsy beast! it is also quite farsighted, can’t see shit around his nouse or a$$… so take him when he’s in the town. for the starters, no sane commander will send his tank into hostile town on his own, there will be infantry moving in front and clearing the houses on both sides of the street that tanks could then navigate freely.
          so you have to take out infantry first. I will not get into that, not my intention to write a tactical tractate here. once the tank is alone, he is a sitting duck… just as said above – shoot up everything that is external – antennas, active defence systems, fuel tanks (probably will be removed if tank moves into known hostile terrain) then get close. climb on it (if there is no federalists around and it is relatively safe) now shoot or trash the visors – driver’s and commanders. first ones are on front armor, second – on the turret. then you can proceed with taking out its mobility. stick in two logs near its drive sprocket – one above and one below. you can use logs or any other suitable objects. logs have to be at least 20 cm in diameter. other objects depending on their duress, but more or less likewise.
          after tank’s visors and mobility is destroyed, it is useless, toss thermite grenade on the engine compartment and get the hell out. (I hope I don’t need to tell you how to make thermite :D)
          modern tanks are mostly impervious to molotov cocktails, so don’t bother… of course if you have nothing better, do it… throw more than two, to have at least some effect. aim for engine compartment.
          If you have any explosives, job is a lot easier – tracks are the most vulnerable in tank (apart from other paraphernalia on the turret and hull)
          if you get your hands on RPG7, don’t imagine it can take out Abrams so easily! get into highrise building and shoot it in his head 🙂 there is its weakest armor. even then it might be to difficult to penetrate. remember – RPG round has 20-25 meters arming flight, so don’t get to close! one small trick with RPG – Chechens did it – silver tape small blocks (100 grams) of explosive like c4 or tnt around its warheads cone nose and aim for the joint between turret and the hull. remember, this trick will make warhead’s flight highly unstable, so this will mean that you have to shoot from minimal possible distance in order to score a hit. second – don’t think it is so easy to shoot with AT rockets, RPG/GRG/etc. it takes a lot of practice to get proficient and be able to hit a target at greater distances or at the high speed targets.
          THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!! once you fired your shot from AT weapon DISLOCATE!!!!!!! remember folks, fire and maneuver! times of trenches and slugin’ it out is past!
          if you are training any militias for such eventuality – this is what you have to stress – (squad action)
          get into cover positions
          leader observes for possible targets and gets down back into cover
          leader relates targets to his squad using military form:
          enemy (infantry/tanks/vehicle/etc), direction, distance
          leader gets OK from his squad members that they got the message
          leader orders: FIRE!!!!!
          squad unleashes fire
          disregarding the effect on enemy, after 30 seconds leader orders “prepare to move” (or whatever you use for it in US)
          everyone gets down into cover and reloads their rifles (if needed), check their pouches and equipment so nothing is left, grab their wounded (if any)
          Leader gets OK from his squad members and orders to move…
          and so repeat, cash in, repeat… 🙂

          • DAMN Giurza, now that is one-hell-uva great post. But could you be a little more specific next time around. LOL.

            • sure thing mate! what part do you want more specifics on?

          • ~To all interested patriots~

            Formula for home-brewed thermite:

            —Three parts ferrous oxide (powered rust) & two parts aluminum powder—

            A.) To make bulk ferrous oxide in quantity procure the following:

            1.) 5gal plastic bucket

            2.) Large quantity of ‘brake drum/disc shavings’ from your local auto-mechanic shop…(tell him you want it for enriching your garden after flushing out the brake pad/shoe dust w/ water hose)

            3.) A quantity of ‘very’ fine aluminum shavings (from fine tooth band-saw) or better yet…pure aluminum powder for metallic auto paints (available from most paint stores or auto-supply houses).

            4.) To accelerate oxidation/rusting process…1qt of muriatic acid (used to clean brick-work), available at all hardware stores.


            Fill bucket 1/2 to 3/4 full w/ shavings from brake-lathe. Insert garden hose into bucket & flush dust/dirt for several minutes, stirring contents as you flush.
            When over-flow is clear, remove hose & pour off excess water until 1-2 inches from bucket rim, add 1 cup of muriatic acid & stir contents…set bucket in the yard & wait approx 2-weeks (add water to keep contents submerged). Brake filings will rapidly oxidize(turn to rust)…& essentially become a solid mass.
            Empty bucket & transfer lump of ferrous oxide to a drying sheet/plank etc., dry in sun for approx 1 week, then crush/pound/grind/pulverize into finest powder possible & mix w/ aluminum powder at 3/2 ratio…..& pour into big aluminum beer/soup can.

            —–Ignition of thermite requires a high temp——

            The igniter recipe = 6 tablespoons of aluminum powder & 15 tablespoons of sulphur powder…in a separate pot, dissolve 2 tablespoons of corn starch in 6oz of water & boil gently. When starch is dissolved, remove from heat, cool the solution & add the aluminum/sulphur powder. Mix into thick paste & hand form into small cylinders approx 2 inch (length) x 1.5 (dia) & poke a hole/deep depression in center for fuse installation…install fuse & allow compound to air dry.

            Install igniter in middle of thermite mixture (covered by mixture) & install cover over top of beer/soup can container & tape/epoxy shut….fuse must exit thru the top!!!

            Note #1): mfgr cover from cardboard/thin aluminum flashing or whatever…..& enjoy!!!!!

            Note #2): It is alleged/suspected that common “ROAD FLARES” will also ignite the above mixture.

            Note #3): Use of magnesium filings/powder will result in approx 1000’F higher burn temps when ignited.

            • VERY NICE! Things are “heating up” around these parts. Recipe printed out and added to my “personal” cookbook.

              Sounds delicious Gunsmith, thanks for the heads-up.

            • ~Yental~

              Sometimes in very humid environments, a ‘booster’ is needed in addition to the ignition recipe! See below:

              1 part aluminum powder + 1 part potassium nitrate (stump remover) + a big pinch of ordinary sugar.

              *potassium nitrate can be replaced w/ potassium permanganate (also known as “Condy’s Chrystals”) & available in some aquarium/pet stores…Good luck!!!

              Personal note): The above thermite recipe in a FOSTER’s beer can, burned clean thru a 12in square of 3/8″(thick) A-36 steel plate in approx 20-30 seconds!!!!
              Experiment was conducted in mid-August, sunny morning w/ very little wind!

            • Gunsmith: I heard that it is possible to make your own c-4 is that true?

            • ~DK~

              I am not a chemical engineer/chemist. That said, I will own up to being an amateur/country-boy “mad-scientist”, among my jack-of-all-trades/master of none persona.

              In regards to your question of home-brewed (true)C-4…I would have to say…”NO”…True C-4 manufacturing is beyond the armature’s ability(and mine)!

              —However, if one is smart/educated & happens to possess a good supply of “industrial grade Nitric Acid”(plus some Sulfuric Acid) and a decent “home-lab” w/ associated necessary equipment—

              ….you can home-brew a (near)military grade “plastic” explosive known as RDX. Production will require the use of a “NITRATOR”…basically an aquarium air pump, plastic tubing, a tray/baking pan, ice, water, a pyrex beaker, quality stainless thermometer, alcohol burner, nitric acid & hexamethylene-tetramine (commonly known as hexamine…available as white solid fuel tablets for emergency camping stoves).

              NOTE):***A “stainless-steel still” (see Terry) is extremely useful also.***

              I cannot at this point, describe in detail the entire process to home mfgr the above, but know this:…once the precipitation of RDX crystals have occurred in your solution…they must be filtered, treated w/ a neutralization bath & filtered again, then dried.
              At that point (when dry) the powder/crystals must be mixed w/ a binder to produce a mold-able “plastic”. The ratio = 9 parts RDX to 1 part Vaseline petroleum jelly. Beeswax/candle wax will work also, at the same ratio…but must be mixed via a double boiler method. This product will give you the ability to fabricate “SHAPED CHARGES”

              A safer/easier to produce TNT variant would be EGDN (Ethylene Glycol Di-Nitrate), since the requirements for production are less hazardous & component compounds easier to acquire. The principal chemicals required being Nitric Acid, pure (green)anti-freeze, distilled water & cellulose(dry saw-dust)!

              —One must understand that the above compounds are largely “insensitive explosives” & therefore require a very vigorous detonation precursor—!!!

              The home-brewed detonation compound list is largely limited to home production of “mercury fulminate & picric acid” as the booster charge.

              1.) Mercury fulminate will require “real mercury” & nitric acid. –(Will post procedure upon your request)–

              2.) Picric acid in its home-made form is relatively easy to produce: requirements = real aspirin, 190 proof alcohol, sulfuric acid(source: auto batteries) & potassium-nitrate(stump remover)

              A.) Grind 20-22 aspirin tablets into powder & dissolve into 1/2 cup of 190 proof alcohol, filter out remaining solids & evaporate the alcohol solution to form a pile of white powdery crystals…add the crystals to 1/3 cup of “CONCENTRATED” sulfuric acid in a double boiler & heat in a hot water bath for ~15minutes…remove from heat & place/pour solution into a pyrex (nitrator) beaker(in ice bath) & add 3 teaspoons of potassium-nitrate(stump remover)…the solution will turn orange-yellow. Pour solution into 300ml of distilled water…bright yellow picric acid crystals will form…treat via an acid neutralization bath, filter & dry.
              —————-WARNING to DK/all——————


              NOTE): This stuff is NOT rocket science! Its 1st year college level chemistry(2nd semester)…or at least it was back in the ’70s.
              Come to think of it…its amazing my lab partner & I are still alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Next up is nitro-starch…will outline procedure at later date(if allowed).
              Its late.
              I need sleep.
              Goodnight all…………..

              • You two turd heads need to go somewhere else.

          • As a former 19K (tanker for the militarily challenged) I can tell you a thing or two about taking out an Abrams. First, a tank in combat is usually buttoned up and the gunner sees the world through several infrared and night vision sights that are situated on the top of the turret. A rifle could disable these but remember, if you are in a position to fire at them then you are sure as hell visible to the gunner. There are a number of heavy depleted uranium side skirts on the tank but if you look closely you will notice that some of them are only steel plate. Particularly the one under the turret on the left side. And behind that steel plate is a side mounted hull compartment for several main gun rounds. The armor is very thin at that point and the Iraqis managed to disable several tanks by firing a special kind of RPG that had successive shape charges at that spot on the tank. You will not be able to penetrate frontal armor on an Abrams. One other point of weakness is older Abrams had an auxillary power unit that was mounted on the back of the turret bustle. The Abrams is a fuel hog when it is sitting in overwatch and the APU was put on the tank so it could keep the electronics and hydraulics functioning without firing up the fuel hungry turbine. Destroy the APU and the tank has to use the turbine for overwatch. The roadwheels and the track are rubber bonded steel and a molotov cocktail can set them on fire. Destroy the roadwheels through burning and the tank is immobile. Hope this information helps.

        • Please google Never surrender-A resolution for 2012 and beyond…
          Even if it appears hopeless to resist,examples abound in history, thermopylae,the alamo,the american revolution,bastogne,warsaw ghetto, etc etc.

          Sometimes it is better to resist knowing you will die rather than not resisting knowing you will die.

          On Sept 2, 2010, 40 armed criminals took over and robbed a train in India. Some of the robbers had guns, others used knives and clubs. When they began to disrobe an 18 year old girl for the purpose of gang raping her, one of the passengers decided to fight. He was a 35 year old retired Gurkha soldier. He drew his Khukasri knife and attacked the 40 robbers. He killed three of the robbers and wounded 8 more despite his being wounded in this 20 minute fight. The remaining criminals fled for their lives leaving their stolen loot and eleven comrades dead or wounded on the floor of the train. The eight wounded robbers were arrested.

          How does one man defeat 40?

          • Its not the size of the dog in the fight. Its the size of the fight in the dog ….

            Which is why my Yorkshire terrier was able to bully to full grown dobermans down the block.

            Engage people. Let your Barnhardt out!

        • True freedom fighters should be arming themselves in all weaponary, not just guns, regardless of what the government of the day says. The world has changed since the 18th century.

      57. It’s really simple why more Americans are buying guns:

        1) the Brady Bill expired, encouraging increased production by manufacturers;

        2) polymer-framed guns, adopted after Glock proved the concept, lowered production costs.

        More production of lower-cost guns meant lower priced guns. Compare weapon costs 20 years ago to today – a significant price point drop.

        It’s more of a supply and demand issue than anything else. As the price of guns dropped, they reached the point where people who didn’t own guns used disposable income in a manner they normally wouldn’t have.

        It’s a positive development, but driven by economics.

        • Guns are expensive now! I can’t believe what I paid for a damn Ruger Single-Six. I can’t even find a Marlin 39A so settled for a Henry, which cost me about $500 and I sure don’t see as a $500 gun, hell, my old Remington 541-T (which I sadly don’t have any more) didn’t cost me that much.

          Lowered costs as a reason for people to buy more guns doesn’t pass the smell, or wallet, test.

      58. OK, OK… so I believe in the right to bear arms. But doesn’t the Constitution also support the right to arm bears? Think of all those poor polar bears that are drowning as Al Gore spouts his hot air! Don’t they have the right to self-defense?

        Seriously, tho, folks, get your hands on Dr. John Lott’s “More Guns, Less Crime.” He’s a Univ. of Chicago prof that used to be anti-gun -until he did his research. Good book

      59. I am not well educated on guns, that my husband’s job.
        I would, however, have liked a SMALL cute little hand thingy (preferably a revolver because they’re dummy proof) but what does he bring me? a .44, so I say ok well let’s go to the gun range and try it out, he says “well the bullets are about a buck a piece but ok.” Seriously?
        I know I should have the whole arsenal thing down but honestly, with little kids around it’s too risky. I have asked him to please put color coded stickers on the ammo boxes that go with what guns so if he’s not around to ask I don’t screw up putting the wrong ammo in the wrong gun.
        Go ahead men, laugh, at least I’m honest.

        • Ruger makes some nice revolvers, you can get a .357 that will also shoot .38s and those can be loaded very mildly. There are also “X-Ring rubber bullets” that look like oversized pellet gun pellets, great for indoor practice.

          • Thanks, we have many other smaller pistols but nothing was labeled mine. Just wanted something to call my own. He picked up the .44 from a down & out co-worker.
            I do love to go to the gun club, I love the power behind the shot. I don’t love the cost of ammo going up in smoke. I get a “gun lesson” every time we go but the visits are too far in between for the lesson to stick. When the SHTF I will be paying full attention.

      60. Its not difficult to figure out. The mass genocide by political nuts (not too different than some of the nuts we have now)was always done after pulling the guns away from the people. There might be a thousand individual scenarios but that fact remains. I doubt a government can get too nuts unless they get the guns first. I am thrilled to see the massive increase in gun sales. These government types that want gun control all fit in the same basket. They are cowards.

      61. I bought 3 last year, plus my wife now has concealed carry.
        I feel sorry for the fool who tries to hold us up on the street & I feel sorry for the fools who try to hold the people of this nation up with a gun grab attempt.

      62. 2nd Amendment- pfffttt…

        So Obama and/or your Congress just write it out of the Constitution..
        Then they come around to your home and take your gums and ammo.
        THEN WHAT ????
        What are you going to use ? Bows and arrows against a heavily armed police and militia ?
        You need weaponry that’s :

        1. Advanced. ie not a bow and arrow…
        2. Doesn’t rely on mainstream gun shops for supplies

        So what’s that going to be eh ?
        You’re fooling yourselves if you think you’re going to win this war cringing behind your 2nd Amendment B.S. pseudo-rights which could disappear on a whim.

        There is a solution and it’ll go public soon enough 😉

        • hello nina!

        • Besides the fact with the stroke of pen the constitution has been trashed and rights have been spirited away the military have lots of really big guns and tanks….don’t suppose you guys have an Abraham’s tank in your shed?

        • We’ve been hearing that mantra for decades..nina.

          Rise against the machine..with what?

          The Constitution and Bill of Rights have relegated to the dust bin of grand ideas..agreed..with legislative death by a thousand cuts..

          Americans have been lulled quite successfully into a false sense of complacency..that all will be fine.

          Question is..with tens of millions of gun owners..just how are they going to round us up..with what and by whom?

          The logistics fail on this scenario unless one of our fellow commenters can enlighten me other wise..and I am open to ideas and scenarios..

          Keep on prepping…

        • Do you think “writing the 2A out of the constitution” will remove the guns from our hands?
          If that were true, there wouldn’t be any pot or cocoaine.
          By the way, there are over 100 million of us gun owners in the US, guess how many of “them” there are to try such a gungrab? (less than 1/10 of 1%).

        • Hate to tell you this but against anything but hard plate a good bow beats any short arm and most long ones, The Battle with the French proved that 700 years ago. No Change

          • Firing a longbow takes a lot of time and training to become proficient (unlike a gun).


      64. GO TO HELL AIPAC
        STEP DOWN NOW!

        • eeder- Were you the recent test subject in a drug experiment gone wrong? What the hell kind of drug did they give you? You are one seriously messed up individual and you are the type of person that gives preppers a bad name. Do us all a favor and have a nice big cup of SHUT THE FU_K UP! Seriously seek mental professionals to help you with your delusions!

      65. Scenario; What if?
        Word comes down through channels, from say the FBI that there is possible terrorist activity in your area. We as citizens don’t hear of it till a uniformed person knocks on our door, and says for our own safety, please remain in our homes for today, or leave the area altogether. Down the street there is an onslaught of police, SWAT teams. Maybe even an armored vehicle with a 50cal on top. They are just following orders and doing what they are trained to do. They believe it’s the right thing to protect others from the terrorist inside this house. Are you going to grab your gun and become a target yourself? Or will you not want to get involved?
        On the news;
        Terrorist dies in a torrent of gunfire.
        A large cache of weapons and ammo, along with food stores, was found in the suspected terrorist house. Neighbors in the area say the man was quiet and never caused any trouble. Possible ties to others.
        A pepper, or a real terrorist?


        • my thoughts are they should go to prison with the hardest criminals for the rest of their lives!

        • eeder. You are right 100% on this. A den of thieves they are. Some one once posted “andrew jacksons skeleton for president” He is reborn in ron paul, I believe. Please work on your delivery of your thoughts and opinions on your posts, for it would help us ALL out. I am guilty of getting emotional and ranting myself.

          • kevin
            i fully acknowledge that my strength is not delivering the message to the people. what i can do is deliver to people who are awakened and when they get the new message they can deliver it…. one of my strengths…. i know my weaknesses. something VERY FEW people can really do. they never acknowledge or accept their many weaknesses. I can accept my few weaknesses.

      67. “prepper” typo

      68. Man, why are you so hateful in the morning. Take a deep breath,relax and take your meds. My med of choice is alcohol. Damn, I wish it was noon!

        • kevin, i dont take any meds… i do take herbal remedies. very little escapes me friend.. very would take alot to get anything under my nose. i do best in the morinings! stick to your meds and alcohol friend.. no thanks.

      69. i have also basically never lived on municipal water(treated water) i have always had a well….. so well the chemicals have not sheepleized me like many of you… and all the fucking meds you take… dont do that if you like to think clearly and see the truth!

      70. Aspirin, beer, and whiskey those are my meds. I have not tooken aspirin in a couple of years. Nothing like an ice cold beer. My eyes are wide open. Its not what the media and text books tell you, its what,whom, and events they leave out. The end of the tunnel and the light comming from it is sureal thats for sure!

      71. OK.. i would like someone to go to YAHOO that has an american IP and see if you can read or comment on any articles that are not about some singer or actor or other wise crap. if its about iran, israel, ron paul, or anything of importance, it seems you cant comment anymore as there are no comments from american ip whereas before it was dominated by amerrican commentss… MAC, DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS? I THINK SOPA HAS BEEN JUST IMPLEMENTED BECAUSE THEY COULODNT MAKE IT LAW! WE MUST GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS…. IM NOT SURE HOW MUCH LONGER WE WILL HAVE ON HERE EITHER.WOW… THESE FUCKERS ARE BLATANT IN THEIR DIEREGARD OF LAW

        • eeder-The internet has been changing for the last year, I have noticed changes in the search engines results and OTHER things. It is sop to not let people comment, or no comments allowed on anything important. quick point. It is funny how newtered sweeps sc, when he cant get 10 people to come hear him speek at the college there and RP packs the place. WHO COUNTS THE VOTES? WHO COUNTS THE VOTES? An unknown entity that was just purchased by an unknown entity, counting the votes in an unknown location, for our own good that is!



        • MAC I don’t always agree with eeder, and I am an a$$hole sometimes myself. He is right, something has happened, and changed. I didn’ use google much yesterday digging around, so I didn’t notice it. Do some digging, has anyone you know notice these changes, any chatter?





      77. newtered gets 250,000 votes in SC, but can’t even get on the ballot in virginia?????? Ron paul attracts 1200 people at the college newt can’t get 10 to show up!! He leaves a dieing wife has her sighn the papers in the hospital and that many people vote for him? That many people want another war? BULLSHIT!

      78. “>>> P R E P A R E Y O U R S E L V E S N O W ! ! ! <<<

        I pray I'm not fear mongering because that is NOT my intention. I only want people to wake up and prepare, just in case the stuff hits the fan.

        They will most likely start rounding people up very very soon, but personally, I think they will cause people to demand to get to go before real physical force is used.

        Any new false flag attack(s) or "natural" disaster(s) may/will cause:

        a) power outages and fuel shortages (Freeze you to death.)

        b) severe food and water shortages (Starve you to death.)

        c) severe confusion and much anger (Cause you to go insane and do crimes, including murder.)

        I think they see an advantage to this winter really just beginning and will use it!

        Cold and hungry people will be rounded up due to their own ignorance, greed, etc. They will think they are being rescued. There has been too many bus purchases etc. for the last ten years by cities, schools, and more. All without a real need for them. I have seen this over and over.

        There will be so much confusion as they gather people up that people won't even think or even have time to seek information as to how many people have already gone before them. And if some do seek info. then they will be lied to about everything.

        They WILL have to kill people as they bring more and more in. There is NOT enough of anything to keep and treat the huge number of people that will go voluntarily.

        During this they will also forcefully collect those they deem a threat to their power, regardless of anything.

        Nothing will be held back by them. They already know they must go forward FULL THROTTLES!

        I pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ that we would truly repent and seek Him and His will in and for our lives now and eternally.

        God bless you all, and good day."


        • The tide,flow,feel of info links on google has turned. Also dis info undre links of certain people/subjects took a big jump yesterday. Information links to the press tv report that 12000 us troops deployed to libya do not come up, only the alex jones to kill its credability. Wellcome to sopa and ww3

        • Lying by omission has started on the web. Start google searching on subjects you have searched before. in the right hand side of your brousers, see the differences from days and weeks ago. Welcome to sopa from the corporations!

          • yes kevin… the media itself is now going to clamp down hard…all i can say is wow! this is uglier than even i thought…. rome is burning and they are fiddling…. right now!

            • eeder-I am tripping out,I thought you were going fucking insane the other day. I just got that feeling a while ago,kinda like panic understanding! I am seeing it everywhere with google, getting some fucked up stuff. Gold help us!

            • Now that I know what to look for I see it everywhere, Getting info is going to get alot harder. I will find a way to adapt Adapt and thrive in my quest for knowledge and information! (once I completely stop tripping out)


      80. eeder-Might be something to what you said. The other day(3 ago) I searched gayane chichakyan (because she is a complete babe and I want her to have my babies) anyhow 99% of what I got back was in russian, I couldn’t read any. Now its ALL english!

      81. We are content with the “given” in sensation’s quest. We have been metamorphosized by the media, a country of blind cave fish, a pair of eyes
        staring in the dark.

        • Thnaks for the link dps. I fully support the nra but will not become a member for the same reason I will never get a carry permit. I don’t want my name on those lists.
          There are many many repulsive things in ndaa. Another one that inforwars covered was that the web is part of the war on terror therefore can be policed by the military. But as with the patriot act, people in general just don’t care as long as american idol remains on tv.

          • mike,

            Understood I will not get my CCW as well, as far as the list goes hell I made that list a long time ago when I downloaded a few field manuals. When I buy a gun at a gun shop I have to wait 3 days to pick it up.


          • Think being here typing what you type does not put you on “a list”?

            • @kevin2: yep it probably does. I would like to minimize that number of lists or the knowledge they have. If you get stopped for speeding do you also tell them you were not wearing your seatbelt? Only let them know as little as possible.


      83. Has a nation with a citizenry with as many firearms as that of the United States EVER been disarmed or successfully conquered, either from within or from the outside? If not, then this article just made my day 🙂

      84. There is no place for firearms or firearm ammo in civil society.

        Too many killings and mayhem caused by guns

        They should be seized and strict prison sentences given to those miscreants who refuse to surrender their guns and ammo to federal authorities.


        • Your under the delusion that society is civil. You see Katrina and the LA riots? That’s how civil it gets when the opportunity for mayhem arrives. Germany was so civil in the late 1930s that they reduced portions of it’s own population by decree. The people enforcing the genocide had guns while the subject groups to be murdered did not.

          Your never safer being disarmed.

          • Kev2. you are correct about the sportsmans paradise and the goldenstate situations. I have read your comments and you have brought up the german ww2 situation a couple of times and they are correct with the information we learn in our “history” classes. I just want to point out that recent discoveries have PROVEN the REASONS we got into ww1, and vietnam were bull$hit, in recent history we have the weapons of mass D, and the libya situation. Germany created a value based currency(libya’s leader was about to) and hitler turned it around and time mag made him man of the year. Personally, I think hitler was an a$$hole, but my point is, If they lied to me about ww1,vietnam,libya, and iraq they could be lying about alot of what happened in germany. Just throwing a point of view out there. By the way the us just landed 12,000 troops in libya. P.S. you have a 2 on your name, but your a #1 guy in my book!

            • kevin

              Hitler had significant financing by Wall Street and Prescott Bush was one of the supporters of such. Henry Ford had sympathies too. Granted this was before the pure madness that the NASI’s enveloped themselves in. I think a significant degree of anti semitism was well present on this side of the ocean too. Hitlers stand against communism can get a lot of support on Wall Street. I would like to think that his support in the US was well short of policy of genocide.

              It’s my personal feeling that every war in the 20th century that the US was involved in (and I call a war all of them) short of WWII had dollar bills wrote all over them. I’m holding back judgment with WWII due to the extreme cruelty of Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany. Even if they were baited or pushed into war with us they (especially Nazi Germany) were evil to the core.

              I assume everything I’m being told is a lie until proven otherwise. If it creates a situation that has the US move in a certain direction my first thought is who wins and who looses. That gets me a tad closer to the real “why” as opposed to the knee jerk reaction of the body politic.

              “Fool me once, shame on you, fool we twice, shame on me”.

            • kev2, I agree 100%. *raise my drink*

        • And the mouse says: “Bell the Cats”. Come and get them. You will have to make the whole country a jail for us all to fit in, and then you will be locked in with me. That’s Ok by me; you won’t like it

        • @ Shroom, the sarcasm is not lost on me. I’m gonna go “wipe” with a still “crisp $10 bill” as a salute.

      85. the censorship on this website is bullshit… sellout much mac slavo… hope you and yours enjoy your stay at camp fema in the fall 2012… by you censoring your posts here your only hurting the FREEDOM movement… i hope all you fools enjoy your nwo slave debt chains.

        • …..other than to remove comments that call for violence against specific individuals, or attempt to incite mass violence (since we would then be liable for such violence and could be criminally charged), and comments that are outright racist without justification, we don’t censor anything here.

          Since we utilize an automated spam blocking system (87,000 spam comments blocked and counting), comments from users not recognized by AKISMET spam filters for WordPress are sent to a moderation queue for approval. We generally approve all comments, but it may take us 0 to 4 hours to run through the queues, sometimes longer if you catch us on a Holiday or weekend (because, hey, we like to take it easy sometimes too).

          Thanks for stopping by.


        • NINA

        • ur.all,

          I have been coming to this site for over a yr now, mostly everyday. In the entire time I have only seen 1 comment removed. The person that posted a basic reward for the assignation of top government people. With that 1 comment it put the whole web site in jeopardy and put all the user of this site on a list that most of us are on anyway. I fully support Mac’s decision to remove that comment. Ya can’t be threatening to assonate government people on any blog. I know the man that made the post and have a great deal of respect for him, he is a warrior and just gets frustrated so he vents, but even he knows you CANNOT put rewards out for anybody and everybody to see online.


      86. I don’t wat to be the glass half empty guy but this is how I see this. It is good that more people are waking up, but there is 313 million people in this country. Lets ask ourselves how many are staunch advocates of firearms rights? 10%? Maybe.
        I would imagine the gov’t will go about this problem the same way they did with fast and furious. Imagine they find a city with a relatively low crime rate for statisical purposes then either use a cia operation or cut police forces to inflate violent crime. Then they go to the media and scream about gun violence. The public buys in to the idea that guns kill people.
        The public seems to buy in to whatever the media is throwing at them. They have given up so many other liberties, why would I not think they would lay down for this one as well. When the gov’t cannot pass something legitamately they always find a back door.

        • mike,

          You say 313 million and only 10% for the firearms? Well damn that figure looks very good for us. 10% of 313 million is indeed 31.3 million people thats a shyt load of armed citizens.


          • DPS: Just so you know I pulled 10% out of thin air. I have no data to back that number up. Gun sales stats are decieveing because there are so many of us that are addicts and own collections. They also don’t show the difference of the people that are shooters and people that are owners.
            If there is 31 million gun owners, you are absolutely right that is a nice armed force.

            • mike,

              Its all good, kinda figured were you got the 10%.
              Besides that if we took a count on the guns just from this site I’m sure we would find a small army.
              That would be a interesting figure.


            • ~DPS~

              (quote)—Besides that if we took a count on the guns just from this site I’m sure we would find a small army.
              That would be a interesting figure.—(unquote)


              Kudos to you, DPS! I agree w/ you!

              But I’d take that one step further, brother! If one were to catalog the combined skill-sets of those gathered here at this site…one would discover a pool of talent that is unbeatable/unconquerable & unmatched, both in depth and in resolve (intelligence & courage too)!!!!!!!!

            • GunSmith,

              Yes sir you got that right, thats why i love this site some very sharp people.

      87. @ mike:
        And anyone else who might read this an think on similar lines to him…

        Focus on a half empty glass ONLY if it MOTIVATES you to improve your position, attitude, and ability to RESPOND!

        Beyond that, you are DEFEATING yourself!

        Please consider these words:

        It starts small, but grows exponentially. The seed of Hope, Liberty, and Freedom, is irresistible to the hearts of man.

        What have you done to cultivate that seed?

        It does not matter the opposition you face, with the proper attitude, and ACTS (Spreading the word,raising awareness, etc.) small things become great things.

        • I certainly cannot speak for everyone that thinks along similar lines, only for myself. I don’t think that being realistic I am defeating myself, I am simply giving myself an accurate picture. Panic will do me no favors, nor will being in a state of euphoria.

          In my line of work there are uncontrollable variables that require an initial plan sometimes years in advance with subsequent small adjustments. I learned long ago from my grandfather that trying to control these variables will send you to an early grave. I look at current events much the same way. I will not be jumping for joy with every tiny victory of liberties nor be crushed with every loss of them. They will only require small adjustments to my original plan.
          As far as cultivating seeds? I look at it like religion. I am not going banging at doors like the jehovah’s witness’ spreading the word. I will leave that up to others. People that know me know how I think and they are free to do the same as I did, educate themselves and ask questions.
          I don’t freak out about these things because they don’t change any portion of my behavior. Today I will do what I had planned regardless if today it is considered illegal or not. IF they outlaw guns I become an outlaw in the eyes of the gov’t. I don’t care, it doesn’t change my behavior. When I decided I wouldn’t care about breaking the law, those laws became something to not fear.

      88. See Obama’s manufacturing CZAR Ron Bloom praise for Chairman Mao–
        “Power comes from the barrel of a gun..”
        The free market “is nonsense”..

        I am not worried about a foreign invasion as much as the current Maoist coup that is building internment camps for us little people. And the militarization of our muni cops, sheriffs, park rangers, state police and even the Dept of Education is NO ACCIDENT.

        And the drones flying over American soil? The NDAA? The body scanners in use by the NYPD? The TSA Vipre program?

        Thanks to Ron Dotson’s website for these quotes:

        ‘‘Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.’’ — Mahatma Gandhi, in his autobiography.

        “ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State” — Himmler

        “No slave shall keep any arms whatever, nor pass, unless with written orders from his master or employer, or in his company, with arms from one place to another. Arms in possession of a slave contrary to this prohibition shall be forfeited to him who will seize them.’’ –Virginia Assembly, 1779

        • Vincent,

          Like them quotes,one of mine,

          “You can say ‘stop’ or ‘alto’ or use any other word you think will work but I’ve found that a large-bore muzzle pointed at someone’s head is pretty much the universal language” DPS

          “The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.” – George Washington

          My Favorite,

          “Among the natural rights of the colonists are these, First, a right to life, Secondly to Liberty. Thirdly, to property, together with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can. These are evident branches of, rather than deductions from, the duty of self-preservation, commonly called the first law of nature.” – Samuel Adams


      89. It reminds of the time we had a former soviet staying at our house for a while. After the break up, the russians were working on bringing their telephone systems up to snuff. My Dad worked as a telecom engineer and his company sponsored one of the russian’s company telecom engineer to come over for a month or so to get spun up on the latest phone switches.

        One evening, the long social chats turned to politics. He said that our Constitution was unworkable and would fail. I snickered and told him no, we have protections built in to prevent that. He said what can we do against a government’s will if the population decides it’s wrong of what the government is doing? I told him “follow me”.

        So.. We wandered out to the garage and spun the dials on the safes. I opened the first and pulled out a AK and said “Hmmm, here’s your country’s service rifle”. Then pulled out a AR15 “here’s my country’s service rifle”. Then proceeded to pull out various military arms of past and present from other safes.

        His look was priceless! Then he started to stutter and pop out wild ideas of why there were all these guns in these safes in a private citizens home. I think the two that were most outlandish was “you’re part of the secret police” and “you have a relative that is a high ranking government official”.

        I stopped him and said “What you see here is what protects that “unworkable Constitution. You see this? Every house on the block and throughout the country has something like this. Insurgency or invasion from the communist world would be foolish. These are part of the checks and balances. I’m a US Citizen and this is one the rights and responsibility s of being such.”

        I offered to take him out shooting, but he turned me down on the fear that someone would see him doing it and report him.

      90. And hardly just the bought ones. After all you can assume that 95% of all guns made since 1900 and sold in America now are still owned by “somebody” through gift or inheritance, meaning that even in “liberal” states gun ownership almost certainly is high.

      91. H. Nelson

        Old habits die hard.

        A close friend of mine married a woman from Belarus. Occasionally we all get into a political conversation. When she says anything not flattering about Belarus her voice drops in volume considerably. She will not go to a lot of web sites on her computer. actually she forbids her husband, my friend, born in the USA from doing so. She is concerned about the “problem” it could case when she visits back home.

        One hell of a way to live.

        • Kev2, belarus is or just went through hyperinflation, if she has friends there you might be able to get get some invalueable information.

          • kevin

            Been there, done that.

            She suggested buying things. People would buy a piano that did not play the instrument just to store value by selling it at a later date. She said gold rings and necklaces were good to have. She ate beets and potatoes in the year after the USSR collapsed. She sends money home and her family was transferring the USD into Russian money as of last summer. I don’t know the currency of choice at present.

      92. Slackers!!
        You can do better than 10,800,000.
        Lets shoot for 12,000,000 in 2012!!!

      93. If it is not pulled or blocked i thought this link might be worth consideration.

        All predators seek first to hunt prey they think will offer the least amount of resistance. From wolves to rapists, the meek make irresistible targets. The point? Make the predator pay hardily for his pursuit of you and he will think twice before trying again.

        The size and strength of an attacker is irrelevant. His technological superiority and logistical support are irrelevant. His ferociousness and his veracity are irrelevant. His numbers are irrelevant. His lack of moral concern? Still irrelevant. In self defense, and in revolution, there is no choice but to stop the aggressor, no matter how long his shadow is cast. One fights back, or one loses everything. Period.

      94. The sales numbers are a blessing for all of us in the pro-2A camp; they send a strong message to the Obama Administration, the gun grabber groups and the idiots at the U.N. The only drawback I see are ever increasing ammunition prices.

      95. About 25% of the adult population in America own guns…


        • If so then that would a bad thing.

      96. I must hold with ” Give me liberty or give me death”, it must be this way. There is only slavery and death to look forward to if we don’t. The founding Fathers risked all. Can we do less?

      97. Buy Ammo while it is still available.I buy mine a little at a time at the local farm store ,as to not telegragh a threat..

        • Your posting here. That ain’t telegraph, it’s internet.

          Hiding is an illusion.

          A “worshipper of the sphere” with well known deep conviction of that religion can hide unless they poke their head out just once.

      98. Obama is the firearms salesman of the CENTURY….

        • Clinton did well too. Obama is only part of it and I believe a relatively small part. The overall economic situation has people feeling uneasy. People feel just how fragile things are.

      99. 430+ comments….anybody else remember when 50 was good and 100 was the number to beat?… and it wasnt all that long ago…..lots of good back and forth and hopefully teaching and learning taking place…well done Mac!

        • Yea, I was gonna ask. What is the highest? Excellent Mac. Thanks for your efforts.

      100. Guns…Far better for an educated citizenry to have them and not need them, than need them and not have them.

        Do you honestly want to lower gun crime to a microscopically low level in the USA? Go after the street gangs and the drug trade, and leave the vast majority of law-abiding Americans alone.

        • This assumes they want to lower the crime rate. Without sensationalized crime you don’t NEED a police force that for practical purposes is indistinguishable from the military.

          Get that crime rate down and the cops are back to S&W Model 10s with RNL bullets; they don’t want that.

      101. Some of you are nuts. If you don’t go to jail your going to blow yourself up or get chemically burnt. Explain that one to the Physician at the local hospital. Why in the hell would you want that stuff around? I worked 30 years in industry and acid, caustic, fuel gasses and liquids frightened me under controlled conditions.

        I think far too much is put on guns. Yes you need a firearm to obtain game and defend what you have. It would probably require a mix of handgun, rifle and shotgun. Beyond that is a waste of time and resources like the cold war strategy of having enough nukes to blow up the world 10 times over.

        Get out of debt, have food, have some hard currency and keep your eyes on current events. Having multiple bumper stickers in your car trunk to put on your vehicle in the event of an emergency to blend into the local population is wise too. Look poor, act poor. Get rid of the NRA sticker it makes you a target. I say that and I’m a life member.

        • Kevin2: I agree with you and to a certain extent citizen ron above when he says guns don’t solve problems. Much emphasis is put on firearms, mostly because people that frequent these sites are addicted to owning and shooting. I know I am. I have a collection and am always shopping for more. Also most of us I think feel that gun ownership is the last line before this country completely goes in the way of tyranny. But there is tons of stuff I need right now that are a priority, a better scabbard more hobbles box of different sized horseshoes. Dont everyone jump on me about my list I just have a different path I am prepping for tahts all.
          Citizen ron is right that at the core guns wont solve problems. If you have people trying to steal your food there is a much deeper problem socially and economically than just theft. A gun is like any tool in your garage it makes doing a task easier whether that is protecting your property or hunting. I think everyone here knows that guns won’t garantee survival, most likely knowledge will be your most important asset.

          • I think God would be your most important asset, only speaking from experience as he always interfered in my imminent doom upon several occasions…

        • Best comment I’ve read here in a while. Extreme in any case is a waste of time and usually a bad idea.

      102. hahaah i just had an email exchange with the local radio station that confirms how bad it is…. they more or less started threatening me when i complained about programming…. guys…. we live in a military/police state, and fascism…. communism… nothing could confirm it more. i wish i could show yoou the litany of responses!

      103. I love guns and own more than just a few. Guns will allow you to protect yourself against brigands who want to steal your food and rape and kill your family. That’s all fine and dandy. Guns will not protect you from government agents in the militarized alphabet agencies throughout America. What good will a 30-06 or 45 long colt or any other small arm for that matter, do when the jackass shooting at you is hovering at 2000 feet, 5 or 6 kilometers away, at night, using very accurate night vision sights and shooting at you with a 20 or 30mm cannon? Think about it people… compared to what our ruthless alphabet rulers have, traditional guns are obsolete.

        • For being obsolete the tyrants who want to control them sure seem to fear them…just sayin’

      104. The only thing wrong with that Yamamoto quote is that he didn’t actually say it. This attribution is “unsubstantiated and almost certainly bogus, even though it has been repeated thousands of times in various Internet postings. There is no record of the commander in chief of Japan’s wartime fleet ever saying it.”, according to Brooks Jackson in “Misquoting Yamamoto” at (11 May 2009)

        • Read that earlier BJ, i thought the best line was…”Preppers, though are, worried about no government”
          Think they got that wrong as most preppers seem to be worried about Goverment run amok.

          • As bad as the government was disarming the law abiding after Katrina the greater worry were the armed gangs.

            The same is true now.

      105. You left out one of the most vocal reasons for buying guns. Most people I know that have guns want them for the usual reasons: hunting and home protection, but many want them and hope not to use them for protection against our own government. It is not hard to figure out why the government wants to abolish gun ownership. When they borrow 40 cents out of every dollar they spend without any end in sight they know (and gun owners know) it is only a matter of time before they won’t be able to borrow the 40 cents. Then it’s SHTF time, and it is much easier for the government to deal with this scenario if the people don’t own guns.

        • Governments prefer to use water cannons as opposed to real cannons to control their respective civilian populations. It can be difficult to find “cannon fodder” to use real cannons on their own people. Use of such weapons tends to be counterproductive for the government and plays into anti government hands due to the destructive capability of the military grade weapons.

          An angry armed civilian population prevents successful governing unless the causes of their anger are addressed and their anger subsides. They are similar to insects that make an area uninhabitable. The remaining government alternative is flat out genocide and that can only be accomplished if a segment of the population is demonized. Without some difference in religion, race or other condition to make it an us verses them it’s difficult to recruit sufficient forces to carry out such a task. If some biological means are used a 30-30 rifle is utterly useless.

          The bottom line is that it is much more difficult to control an armed civilian population that does not want to be controlled.

          Unlike the 1960s that pitted one race against another in the civil rights movement and the youth against the above draft age citizens the current economic situation crosses virtually all demographics. Basically it’s a big S$&T sandwich and we’re all taking a bite from the unemployed youth to the person on pension that lost their life savings. It’s hard to distinguish an us verses them when their are so many of us and so few of them. An economic collapse effects everyone.

          I doubt that the majority of firearms are being bought to secure “liberty”. The majority are being purchased to protect oneself and family from kayos and crime.

      106. In all of this discussion I haven’t seen a single comment on the Lautenberg Amendment. I personally see this piece of legislation as the beginning of the erosion of the 2A.

        Don’t get me wrong, someone who is consistently violent to another human being shouldn’t get a gun, but so many LEOs and others have had their lives destroyed because of this amendment I could just puke. Not to mention the person who fights back when they are struck and the assailant gets their @ss beat is charged with a domestic and isn’t informed how bad that charge will screw up their future when they go to court to “pay a fine” for defending themselves!

        Whew! Rant off.

      107. Banner year for guns 2011!

      108. Just tipping the scale so that there are 500 comments.

        Thanks for the website Mac! You are helping sheeple to wake up to the tyranny of .gov.

        Now the RNC has issued a statement that shocks me because the Agenda 21 issue is now exposed:

        • Thanks!

      109. Near the top of the posts, someone mentioned that Obama was ordered by a Georgia court to turn over his BC, transcripts, all? Can’t find a single thing online. Anyone know about this? Funny!

        As for the trail in this post! Never shot a gun until 6 monts ago! Now have 5. That should speak volumes.

        • He never showed up to court! Read on Infowars . com. If it was me or you there would be a warrant out for our arrests and the PD would probably already be raiding our homes. Sucks I know. If you got money you can get away with murder it seems….

      110. We live in a time when Americans have completely lost control of their government. Washington dances to the tune played by whoever has the money to keep them in office. They do not respond to the needs and wishes of the American people. We are not citizens any more, but consumers keeping the great business machine running. Someday, probably not in my lifetime, the American people are going to have to take their government back and restore the Nation that a lot of us (the lucky ones) grew up in. It won’t be easy. Collectively, those that govern are no different than wild animals. When cornered they will react violently. Read your history! So the question is why not own a weapon and learn to use it…you will probably need it someday.

      111. What really sucks is I live in California, got pulled over with a gun, and got a F’n Felony for not having a permit to carry!! I’m all for the 2nd, but lost my rights for that. All proud Americans need to be careful carrying your weapons. Cops will be cops. Guess I just got the shitty end of the stick.
        God Bless America…. And your Guns!

      112. The FBI claims there are 200 Million privatly owned
        firearms in the U.S.
        That makes the U.S. the largest standing Army on the

      113. Yes, 12 round/clip guns will be very useful against tanks, jet bombers, cruise missiles, chemical weapons, naplam, tactical nuclear weapons, tactical neutron weapons, etc etc.

        The Taliban are currently kicking America ass all over Afghanistan, and even they use AK 47’s at the very least. Much of their spectacular fight for freedom involved rpgs (such as the one used to kill seal team 6) and IEDs.

        Oh and I suppose guns will also be very useful against the upcoming full scale nuclear assault by Russia and China.

        America is DOOMED. It is owned heart, mind, and soul by zionists who only care about Israel’s well being. Heck, they would LOVE America to be destroyed in every way, as long as America took down Russia, China and Pakistan with it. And much of Europe too. That would leave Israel as the sole nuclear power in the world (along with their ally India)

      114. Man that’s a butt load of guns! Im glad I contributed to those numbers. Im sick of all the anti gun libs. If the U.S. banned guns, I don’t even think most people would give them up. People don’t buy guns just to kill people, that’s just a narrow minded view from someone who most likely doesn’t even own a gun and has never shot one. Every anti gun lib ive ever met has never shot or owned a gun but they are quick to pass judgment on something they don’t understand and ive come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what you say, its what they want no matter if its right or wrong. I shoot for sport and to protect myself and my family if it comes down to that as most law abiding people do. I also carry off duty under leosa comes im a law enforcement officer. If guns are banned then I wouldn’t be able to carry under leosa since it would be my personal weapon that I can no longer own. To purchase a gun we have to fill the paper work out with all our information, pay for the background check to verify we are not criminals and legal to own a fire arm and wait ten days. Criminals don’t do this nor do they have the same intentions and they don’t buy them legally at a store/gun shop. Everyone has the right to self defense. If a guy breaks into your house and has a knife, would you rather have a firearm pointed at him and wait for him to give me his choice on live or die or try to go wrestle a guy with a knife? You would have to be an idiot to believe that a criminal with a gun that is obtained illegally will give up his gun because the LAW banned guns. Put yourself in the criminals shoes…”hey sweet, now I have no fear because Im the only one with a gun”. This shouldn’t even be an issue tell you the truth. Americans love their guns strongly. It’s a right that shall not be infringed and gun owners have dealt with nipping away at it trying to make the anti gun libs happy when the issue is criminals not the tools used. You’ve been going after the wrong people. Those who give up Essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

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