The Resistance Begins: New York Gun Owners Refuse to Register; “Largest Act of Civil Disobedience in State History”

by | Jan 25, 2013 | Headline News | 995 comments

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    Resistance Begins

    With emotions running high in the aftermath of the Newtown Sandy Hook shooting, politicians on the State and Federal level have begun introducing legislative actions to curtail access to firearms protected by the Second Amendment. In Missouri, parents may soon be forced to register firearms with their child’s school under threat of criminal penalties. In Massachusetts, another proposal would require storage of semi-automatic rifles at government approved storage depots. And, in the State of New York, congressional representatives have already passed legislation that requires registration of every semi-automatic rifle and reduces maximum magazine capacity to 7 rounds of ammunition, and Governor Cuomo has floated the idea of gun confiscation.

    Now, in what is sure to be a growing trend across the entire country, New York gun owners are organizing a resistance against what many believe to be the most, “brazen infringement on the right to keep and bear arms anywhere in the nation,” according to The New American:

    Preparations are already being made for mass resistance.

    “I’ve heard from hundreds of people that they’re prepared to defy the law, and that number will be magnified by the thousands, by the tens of thousands, when the registration deadline comes,’’ said President Brian Olesen with American Shooters Supply, among the biggest gun dealers in the state, in an interview with the New York Post.

    Even government officials admit that forcing New Yorkers to register their guns will be a tough sell, and they are apparently aware that massive non-compliance will be the order of the day. “Many of these assault-rifle owners aren’t going to register; we realize that,’’ a source in the Cuomo administration told the Post, adding that officials expect “widespread violations” of the new statute.

    Threats of imprisoning gun owners for up to a year and confiscating their weapons are already being issued by governor’s office, headed by a rabid anti-Second Amendment extremist who suggested before the bill passed that “confiscation” of all semi-automatic rifles was being considered. If tens or even hundreds of thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens refuse to comply, however, analysts say New York would either have to start raising taxes and building a lot more prisons, or give up on the scheme that experts say will do nothing to reduce violence and that lawmakers say is aimed at eventual confiscation.

    Activists involved in the state-wide boycott against the unconstitutional statute who spoke to the Post almost taunted authorities, saying gun owners would essentially dare authorities to “come and take it away.”

    According to the paper, leaders of some of the state’s hundreds of gun clubs, dealers, and non-profit organizations, citing the New York Constitution’s guarantee that gun rights “cannot be infringed,” are currently involved in organizing the resistance. Among the primary concerns is that, with registration, authorities would know where to go for confiscation, an idea already proposed openly by Governor Cuomo himself.

    “They’re saying, ‘F— the governor! F— Cuomo! We’re not going to register our guns,’ and I think they’re serious. People are not going to do it. People are going to resist,” explained State Rifle and Pistol Association President Tom King, who also serves on the National Rifle Association board of directors. “They’re taking one of our guaranteed civil rights, and they’re taking it away.”

    Opponents of the right to bear arms, take heed. The American people know what you’re up to and they will not stand for it.

    The resistance has begun.


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      1. Love the flag

        • Most people will simply shrug thier shoulders, and kneel, when they hoist the new red one…

          • It will never be so. Some may bow to their keeper but many are preparing for the next move of the government. Are you prepared to join or die? I’m with Yeager on this one. Not one more inch. Not one more.

            • ArmedPatriot,

              Kinda like the way you think sir, Not one more inch.
              What we need now is some intel from N.Y. I would sure like to know what is going on at the gun clubs. So if anybody lives the please get some info out. Now is not the time to silent, Now is the time to share what we know.

              Standing by in Texas


              PS I want that flag…

              • I am very thankful I cannot provide that intel. Left NY a few years ago. I’ve never been so thankful for that move as I am now.

                • Preppers!! Listen if you are worried about getting fines or etc for not doing so, this is a scare! YOu sold them at a gunshow in your town! there are so many tables and vendors and they many times do not display names or who you sold it too while you were there. People pay cash and that is end of story!! Think about it, you guys that have been to them know exactly what I mean, if you sell your gun to a vendor they cant be selling them if they were not allowed to own one! 2nd they pay cash and you dont get their name, its cash and a done deal. 3rd what if police or investigation people say, ‘we know you have been buying .223 bullets on your CC. Well your friends have them and you needed the money since times were tough so you sold yours to pay the bills and the ammo you bought is to be used with you and your buddy at the range with his gun. YOu dont need to respond! you dont need to say anything to them!!!!!! Remember you have the right to remain silent even if they bring you to the police station or ATF office!!! you give your name and thats it. they will threaten you with all sorts of crap. YOu didnt do anything wrong. The only time you need to talk is in court Period and even then you can plead the 5th. Be smart. YOU DONT HAVE TO EXPLAIN CRAP TO THESE PEOPLE. YOU REMAIN SILENT!!!!!

                  • Heard a few times lately, if it’s time to bury them then it’s time to dig them up. I believe that’s what’s going on in NY. The line in the sand has been drawn. I for one have no plans of ever giving up my firearms, no matter how many bullets they can fire. And, I will not bury them either.
                    They are a bunch of lying hipocrits, the US sells two-thirds of the worlds arms exports to 172 countries and many of them are not friendly. It’s big business for them, that’s the fight we need to pick with them and one anyone can understand and get behind. We can get these policies changed, the ones used to further line the pockets and empower these crooked SOB’s. Maybe when we hit their pockets, they will understand who’s really in control.

                  • I just sold mine via Armslist. Met some nice guys while doing it. I sold them because I’m getting forgetful. I didn’t want a self inflicted gunshot wound. I can’t recall their names, what they drove, etc. Hell, it worked for Hillary years ago, she just kept saying, “I don’t remember.” It worked for Reagan during the Iran Contra investigation. In his case we now know it was probably the truth.

                    Have you guys watched my movie recently to see how we were reduced to fighting with rocks because we were disarmed?

                  • I did not sell them at a gun show they were not stolen they did not fall overboard from my boat into the water i still have them and i will not lie or crawl under the bed i will stand and when i am dead they can have my guns.

                  • Yes, but keep in mind the NDAA. Everyone and their brother will be telling “them” that they sold all their guns and at some point they will just start hauling people away under authority of the NDAA…no charges, no recourse, and indefinate detention.

                  • While formulating your plans/response, just remember the n.d.a.a. once “they” start coming for the guns…”I sold all mine” is not gonna fly for very long when everyone and their brother is responding with that. This is one of the exact reasons for the n.d.a.a. and also for the inclusion of the verbage of AMERICAN in the indefinate detention clause…

                  • Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902,

                    DICK ACT of 1902
                    … CAN’T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) – Protection Against Tyrannical Government

                    CAN NOT BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) The Trump Card Enacted by the Congress Further Asserting the Second Amendment as Untouchable. The Dick Act of 1902 also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654, of June 28, 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws. It also divides the militia into three distinct and separate entities.
                    The three classes H.R. 11654 provides for are the organized militia, henceforth known as the National Guard of the State, Territory and District of Columbia, the unorganized militia and the regular army. The militia encompasses every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. All members of the unorganized militia have the absolute personal right and 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms of any type, and as many as they can afford to buy. The Dick Act of 1902 cannot be repealed; to do so would violate bills of attainder and ex post facto laws which would be yet another gross violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The President of the United States has zero authority without violating the Constitution to call the National Guard to serve outside of their State borders. The National Guard Militia can
                    only be required by the National Government for limited purposes specified in the Constitution (to uphold the laws of the Union; to suppress insurrection and repel invasion). These are the only purposes for which the General Government can call upon the National Guard. Attorney General Wickersham advised President Taft, the Organized Militia (the National Guard) can not be employed for offensive warfare outside the limits of the United States.
                    The Honorable William Gordon, in a speech to the House on Thursday, October 4, 1917, proved that the action of President Wilson in that he felt Wilson ought to have been impeached. During the war with England an attempt was made by Congress to pass a bill authorizing the president to draft 100,000 men between the ages of 18 and 45 to invade enemy territory, Canada. The bill was defeated in the House by Daniel Webster on the precise point that Congress had no such power over the militia as to authorize it to empower the President to draft them into the regular army and send them out of the country.
                    The fact is that the President has no constitutional right, under any circumstances, to draft men from the militia to fight outside the borders of the USA, and not even beyond the borders of their respective states. Today, we have a constitutional LAW which still stands in waiting for the legislators to obey the Constitution which they swore an oath to uphold.Charles Hughes of the American Bar Association (ABA) made a speech which is contained in the Appendix to Congressional Record, House, September 10, 1917, pages 6836-6840 which states: The militia, within the meaning of these provisions of the Constitution is distinct from the Army of the United States.
                    In these pages we also find a statement made by Daniel Webster, that the great principle of the Constitution on that subject is that the militia is the militia of the States and of the General Government; and thus being the militia of the States, there is no part of the Constitution worded with greater care and with more scrupulous jealousy than that which grants and limits the power of Congress over it.
                    This limitation upon the power to raise and support armies clearly establishes the intent and purpose of the framers of the Constitution to limit the power to raise and maintain a standing army to voluntary enlistment, because if the unlimited power to draft and conscript was intended to be conferred, it would have been a useless and puerile thing to limit the use of money for that purpose. Conscripted armies can be paid, but they are not required to be, and if it had been intended to confer the extraordinary power to draft the bodies of citizens and send them out of the country in direct conflict with the limitation upon the use of the militia imposed by the same section and article, certainly some restriction or limitation would have been imposed to restrain the unlimited use of such power.
                    The Honorable William Gordon More Info With over 300 Million guns in the United States, the federal CORPORATE government (federal gov’t defined as corporation under 28 U.S.C. Section 3002 (15) and the states are subdivisions of the corporation, 28 U.S.C. Section 3002 (10), cannot ban arms or stop people from defending themselves against a tyrannical government. I read somewhere that just the State of North Carolina can call up 20-30 divisions of unorganized militia (would be about 200,000-300,000 armed North Carolinians) on a moment’s notice.
                    Imagine the State of Texas or Oklahoma if that’s the case? Amazingly, even if the US tries to ban all arms through backdoor measures like domestic violence laws (Violence Against Women Act, 18 U.S.C. Section 922 (g)) or through an unconstitutional U.N. declaration adopted by our current Marxist unconstitutional Congress, no treaty can supersede the Constitution:”This [Supreme] Court has regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty.” – Reid v. Covert, October 1956, 354 U.S. 1, at pg 17. This case involved the question: Does the NATO Status of Forces Agreement (treaty) supersede the U.S. Constitution?
                    Keep reading. The Reid Court (U.S. Supreme Court) held in their Opinion that, “… No agreement with a foreign nation can confer power on the Congress, or any other branch of government, which is free from the restraints of the Constitution. Article VI, the Supremacy clause of the Constitution declares, “This Constitution and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all the Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land…”
                    There is nothing in this language which intimates that treaties and laws enacted pursuant to them do not have to comply with the provisions of the Constitution nor is there anything in the debates which accompanied the drafting and ratification which even suggest such a result…”It would be manifestly contrary to the objectives of those who created the Constitution, as well as those who were responsible for the Bill of Rights let alone alien to our entire constitutional history and tradition to construe Article VI as permitting the United States to exercise power UNDER an international agreement, without observing constitutional prohibitions. (See: Elliots Debates 1836 ed. pgs 500-519).”In effect, such construction would permit amendment of that document in a manner not sanctioned by Article V.
                    The prohibitions of the Constitution were designed to apply to all branches of the National Government and they cannot be nullified by the Executive or by the Executive and Senate combined.Did you understandwhat the Supreme Court said here? No Executive Order, Presidential Directive, Executive Agreement, no NAFTA, GATT/WTO agreement/treaty, passed by ANYONE, can supersede the Constitution. FACT. No question!
                    At this point the Court paused to quote from another of their Opinions; 7Geofroy v. Riggs, 133 U.S. 258 at pg. 267 where the Court held at that time that, “The treaty power as expressed in the Constitution, is in terms unlimited except by those restraints which are found in that instrument against the action of the government or of its departments and those arising from the nature of the government itself and of that of the States. It would not be contended that it extends so far as to authorize what the Constitution forbids, or a change in the character of the government, or a change in the character of the States, or a cession of any portion of the territory of the latter without its consent.”
                    Assessing the GATT/WTO parasitic organism in light of this part of the Opinion, we see that it cannot attach itself to its host (our Republic or States) in the fashion the traitors in our government wish, without our acquiescing to it.The Reid Court continues with its Opinion:”This Court has also repeatedly taken the position that an Act of Congress, which MUST comply with the Constitution, is on full parity with a treaty, the statute to the extent of conflict, renders the treaty null. It would be completely anomalous to say that a treaty need not comply with the Constitution when such an agreement can be overridden by a statute that must conform to that instrument.”

                    The U.S. Supreme court could not have made it more clear : TREATIES DO NOT OVERRIDE THE CONSTITUTION, AND CANNOT, IN ANY FASHION, AMEND IT!!! CASE CLOSED.

                  • Clint, that won’t wash. They may be tyrants, but they are not stupid. By the time this comes, you can forget about the 5th Amendment. You have heard of NDAA, have you not? If it comes to the point where you have to answer any questions, it is too late for you.

                  • If you think it’s time to hide your guns….then it’s probably time to get ready to use them.

                  • “‘we know you have been buying .223 bullets on your CC”

                    I have over 5000 rounds… paid cash for every one.

                  • Clint,

                    I hear you brother, but we just don’t see eye to eye. Not trying to dis you but, I will not hide my guns, I will not give up my rights that so many died for including some of my family.I will not be backed into a corner.
                    Ok ladies cover your ears you won’t hear this much from me. I don’t give a shit about them knowing about what guns I own, I don’t give a flying f–k about them prying into the amount of ammo I bought, and if these giggle dicks want to f–k with our brothers and sisters in New York then they get to deal with the entire country. What they have worked their asses off to protect their family is not the States business. If these people want a fight then so be it, you giggle dicks want to f–k with one state the you get to f–k with the rest of us.. I Will not Move Another Inch.

                    Man up it looks to be a very long winter,


                  • I am a retired police officer. Stand your ground – you are your own worse enemy in the interview room. Simply request an attorney. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING.

                    Not to be an ass, it’s simply your right. Let them make the case, which if they had enough info to do so you would be under arrest, and not being questioned.

                    There will be some that think they cam outsmart the police and make inferences or comments without an attorney and they are routinely called inmates! You have the right to remain silent – be smart and use it.

                  • I have to say that updated Gadsden flag is sooo appealing that I am tempted to throw OpSec to the wind and fly it proudly.

                  • @me here now:

                    So you went to all that trouble to pay cash and maintain your anonymity, and then post it on the internet for everyone to see? Well done. OPSEC WIN!!

                  • Jury nullification….Thats all;only need to reach 1 in 12.

                  • In the event that you are questioned regarding ANYTHING by law enforcement, state you want your attorney present and you do not consent to searches. Don’t say anything other than this. Law enforcement will lie to you, try to piss you off in an attempt to get you to incriminate yourself. They will play good cop bad cop to trip you up. Remember DON’t say anything except I want my attorney and I do not consent to any searches. This information applies to all contact with law enforcement. Even traffic stops.

                  • clint – I live in N.Y.S. you can be on my side anytime.

              • DPS –
                there a section of the code that is important and nobody is talking about it. Yet. It put in a provision for what happens after the 1 yr deadline passes. At that point a law officer can issue a ticket to register within 30 days. If the registration does not place, the “Item will be removed from premises by the appropriate authority”.. or something very close to those words. We all know that means DHS.

                So, at some point about 12 1/2 months from now, “authorities” will start raiding homes of known non-registered gun owners. Media will likely play them out to be drug dealer, extremists, etc.

                Oh yeah, another section of law states that you can not keep a rifle outside your home. And makes is a Class A(I think) misdemeanor to do so. AKA – they don;t want anyone burying anything in the backyard or storing in a locker.

                12.5 months, unless the supreme court nullifies the registration section on basis of privacy concerns.

                That brings me to the next point about the law.. it states that you can have your name and address removed from public record of the gun registry by checking one of the pre-written option boxes. They also (this stuff is buried in the text) state that the pre-written options only refer to being on grand jury, being party to a restraining order, or law enforcement. Everyone else goes to the public domain list. Oh course, most law abiding citizens who register and expect to do so privately from public domain will only find that out after the local police dept has their name, address, and serial number of rifle.

                • paladius,

                  Not sure how that would work out here in TX. Most of the law here is on our side, One told me he didn’t wanna know how those men felt in the Alamo if you get my meaning Sir. But I sure do thank you for that info. Lets just make sure to bak up of buddies in NY.

                  Not One More Inch,


                  • That’s simple, they bring officers in from out of state.

                  • We here in New York appreciate all the supoort from everywhere. This is no longer an issue from state to state, this is a national issue. The government will not come for our guns en masse, they will make small seizures, quietly, so as not to wake the sleeping giant. If successful, they will continue that way as long as there is no enthusiastic resistance..

                  • I’m pretty sure, that the occupants of the Alamo, felt just like today’s gun owners. The choice back then was the same as it is today. Give up your guns and your freedom is garunteed!!!!!!!
                    Lucky ol’ Davy Crockett thought those Mexi’s were a pack of lying Holders and Feinstiens.
                    Better to make a stand and take your chances. They can’t take everyone out if everyone makes a stand!

                  • re: nail bender- request an attorney till you’re blue in the face, as many americans sitting in g- bay as supposed terrorists. a wonderful dr from good ol ny sat for nearly two years as suspected terrorist without a lawyer for sending $ to iraq for orphans of our war against them. just happened to be iraqi american himself.

                    TWO YEARS being treated as an enemy combatant by his own govt. he’s a free man now much thanks to massive community action, but now we have ndaa- which is the new law of the land. ndaa nullifies your right to an attorney. it hasn’t been implemented on a large scale, but there was that teen in yemen taken out by a drone BEFORE obama signed this exec-puke-tive order.

                    We are seeing the progressively more aggressive implementation of the food safety and modernization act, with countless farms and processor being put out of business with mere speculation, for the benefit of big ag. The past 12 years we’ve seen the patriot act incrementally implemented in the form of wire tapping email tapping etc etc etc, a billion $ industry. the key to their operations are the incremental enforcement of such laws to get people used to it… first registration (like the german jew just had to register that they were jewish at first), then a few midnight raids of questionable gun owners (raids and disappearances of soviet business owners) to all out round ups and on and on……you all know how this ends….

                    this it how it works, and we need to make it work against them from ALL fronts- guns, food, family, schools, property rights (Ha, what does that even mean?)

                    as far as ny goes…. registration will not stop crime, and they do require “background” checks and waiting peroid in most cases in ny anyhow…. they have your info already! but stand your ground ny gun owners… this battle has just begun. i live in a NY hunter’s paradise where most likely every neighbor bears arms, that they will not willingly part with.

                    Funny story— a friend of mine was busted for growing cannabis a few years back,(another erroneous backwards prohibition that DOESN’T work!) but the only charges they ultimately stuck him with was not having the proper paperwork for the rifle he inherited from his pops. think they confiscated it as well.

                    from the belly of the beast- peace and preparedness from the empire state.

                  • 7th Generation Texan here, believe me, if they want to bring in lawmen from outside into OUR state, they will have every man, woman and child to contend with.

                    Not an inch more!

                    Texas Lady
                    Dead aim with a handgun

                • It is important to remember that the way the law works now, the government can confiscate the property of anyone involved in a “crime”. I suspect that they won’t just take the guns. They’ll claim the property itself. Goodbye home, cars, trucks, gold, silver, stores of food, tools. It all becomes acceptable for forfeiture. I do not think this is a farfetched conclusion given that it is already being done with drug arrests.

                  • THIS IS TO ALL
                    How do we know that isnt already happening to people,,i see alot of names missing from just this site,,names that were here everyday now gone,,what is so sad is we have no way of knowing,,,,,


              • no intel from NY. OPSEC. Let each group do their own thing.

              • Yo DPS –

                Check out:


                for a great depiction of the battle banner with the snake superimposed on it.

                Does anyone know of any embroidery shops that are making and selling these patches?

                • The Gadsen Flag is the ships symbol for the USS America both the CV-66 and the new LHA-6. Have them on coffee cups and other items. The ships name is also on it but that just makes it more cool. Makes it hard for the JBT to single you out for having one.

                  • Yeah, i have one of the naval gadsen flags, my marine bro in law sent me… sets our’s apart from all our neighbor’s yellow ones i guess, and i reason if the strawman act bound us to maratine law, then it is fair warning against any unauthorized boarders of our ship (i.e. property, house etc…)

                • MadMarkie,

                  I will check it out sorry been busy getting a laptop up and running.


              • Ditto.

                Houston is preparing. I’d like to see the flag merged with the Gonzales flag.

                Molon Labe

                • Preparing, not with that idiot, black, congresswoman you guys keep reelecting. What are you guys thinking???

                  • You mean Sheila Jackass Pee, the one who, when being shown how the drove the Mars rovers by remote control, asked “Can you drive it to where the astronuats planted the flag?”? Is that the genious in question?

                  • Sadly Texas is just slightly behind Ca. in the stupidity of it’s citizens. Like Ca. it will be majority non American population wise very soon. It will be a blue state by the next election.

                  • John W.,

                    Tell what I’ll do bud I will give you a case a beer, 200 rounds of your favorite ammo and $200 bucks to walk in to a Texas bar and speak those words. What do you say deal?


                  • Really why not just an idiot race is out the window when the shtf

              • I know someone who lives upstate, where they tend to be conservative. I will find out what I can.

                • Julie,

                  Intel at this point in time is very important, We need to know about anything that goes on. If you look at the amount of the readers on this site, just think if each person only had 10 friends to pass this info to, and if those 10 passed it on to 10 more friends, well damn thats alot of friends. Please Maam keep us updated.

                  And Ashura,

                  The spirit of resistance doesn’t come from any state, it lives in our hearts. Dear I don’t think you will need luck I believe the people and God have your Backs.


                  • DPS,
                    Just telling the facts, and demographics are destiny and we have lost that fight. It is asd to see what has been done to Ca. and other areas with the open borders unlimited immigration and Jeb Bush wants more just like his half wit brother. As for walking in a bar as long as it is Threadgills in Austin and we eat you are on. Might be heading out there this Fall to see the wifes stepdaughter who lives in Lexington.

                • We in upstate are stocking up on ammo and getting ready for violence on a wide scale. None of us want this but we have all had enough of these liberal socialist and are willing to do what needs to be done.

              • I live in upstate NY and most of the people, younger people especially are saying that they will not register anything. I have heard talk around many gun shops in my area that most people are going to either “lose” their rifles and mags or just outright not comply with any law. Unforetunetly in NY we do not have that history of rugged individualism and resistance to authority like you do in Texas :/ a lot of people here will comply for fear of having their gun rights taken away forever… I know thats how my dad feels…. I have a bit more spirit of resistance than he does and I refuse to comply with any law that threatens my property. I think they bureaucrats bit off a lot more than they thought they could chew…. wish us luck
                MOLON LABE

                • Do you REALLY think that after a raid they will leave anything behind? If you hand over your guns, your “gun rights” have already been lost.

                  Thuggish raids will create a situation like Afghanistan, where people are full time farmers (in their case, poppy farmers) and part time fighters who fade into the landscape. If .gov thinks they have headaches in Afghanistan, they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

                  OTOH, .gov will NEVER admit overreach and back off. I forsee a shitty outcome.

                  I have no desire to live in a war-torn country. I really want to wake up from this nightmare.

                • Ashura, down here in Georgia, we don’t care much for what we’ve been hearing from up North lately. We got your back on this. For something as important as this subject, this time the Grey would be proud to fight alongside the Blue.

                  • AMEN brother!!!!!

                  • I just want to say thank you,we also will be proud to fight along side of you.

                  • WITH YOU, FROM TEXAS.

                  • thanks for the back up we will need everyone watching our 6.

                • re: ashura i think you’d be surprised how many upstaters will not register…. i also live upstate, way up upstate, (not yonkers or staten island as most nycers consider to be upstate)

                  our local gas station has plastered their front door with sentiment against bloomberg schumer and cumo and their new gun law, with full support from the widespread community they serve (only gas station for a 3 town radius). there are MANY upstate ny farmers who NEED their guns, specifically rifles to protect their livestock from coyotes, wild dogs, weasels foxes etc…. they will not part with that right willingly either, whether they are die hard patriots or not, they are die hard farmers, who know the value of protecting something with firearms rather than sticks and stones. and then their are all the hunters in upstate, who feel the govt has interfered too much already. we for two will not register our gun, don’t think it’s on the list of “dangerous” guns(what an oxymoron, dangerous gun )- but, there is info linking us to it anyhow as ny has a waiting period and background check on most gun purchases anyhow. they required a trigger lock to leave with every gun purchase, don’t know if that’s state county or just the store purchased at policy.
                  and there are those in the city who have watched armed cops sit in cars in pursuit of armed criminals too fat and lazy to get off their asses and do their job. they must also see the need to protect ones self and the threat that registration poses…..

                  there is hope in numbers…..educate others!
                  in solidarity with ya ashura, and all other respectable intelligent nyers that are on our side!

              • DPS,

                I grew up in upstate NY and have family there. They are not happy with these new gun laws.

                The leadership and laws in NY state are so messed up – and veryliberal.

                These laws infringe on the rights of lawful citizens to own guns. Yet, they IGNORE the terr0ist training camp that is thriving just a couple hours drive from NYC.

                This camp in located on a 70+ acre compound ib the Deposit / Hancock area. If you want to learn more about it, go to Fox News and type in the word, “Islamberg”. They have all kinds of guns there and are training with them.

                • Ky Mom,

                  I hear that not more then 4 hrs from me at a US base they have troops training , So I feel your pain. Its not right, its unjust, and Its up to us we the people to say Enough. My rights shall not be infringed upon. Folks can stand with us or beside us or they can just get the hell out of the way.

                  Not one more inch.


                  • You really believe that you still have rights? Amusing that you think that.

                  • John W.,

                    I was going to have a big debate with you, but then I said self is he really worth your time? Heres my answer.


                  • No John Dub; Got something more than just Rights, got Heart, and a BFG that I can shoot a hell of a lot better than those local canned hams training at that military base. So think before you run that Full Auto Mouth, like Cuomo and Bloomberg. It’s going to start getting real dicey.

              • I live in Watertown, NY. That’s Upstate. We are organizing up here. There are many upcoming gun rally’s not only in Albany but in Washington D.C. I am heading up the newly formed Northern NY Chapter of the National Gun Association.

                • I never thought the people of Jefferson Co., NY would allow anyone to take their right to bear arms without a fight, not going to happen although I moved from there about 20 years ago my heart still lives in upstate. Been trying to move back but at our age the cold and snowfall is the biggest problem; keep on keeping on you will get it done, you are smart individuals and true patriots just living up there and enduring the cold and snow makes you strong. We are behind you even if we can’t be there with you.

                • wait wait wait dont hate on John W. for
                  Comment ID: 1073571

                  It is true think about it you think you have rights under the constitution? Remind me of what the NDAA(2011) did and the patriot acts did? Did they infringe upon rights that are in the constitution? yes they did, so he in a sense is right that we do not have the freedoms we once had. Honestly we can not say that they have not taken these rights away for they did , and they are using these items mentioned to detain ppl without charge, which is a loss of freedom. Just because we are speaking about guns does not mean that the deplorable desecration of the rest of the constitution goes away.

                • i live in carthage. tell me more about organization.

                • I live just outside elmira give me a holler when you have a rally.

              • Our SCOPE group had a meeting a week ago Thursday. An attorney James Tresmond is filing suit. He is joined by a few other attorney’s in the Buffalo area as well as Syracuse, Rochester,Albany and Nassau County. All pro bono. From what I understood is they are basing the suit on the 5th Amendment as well as the 2nd.

                • Damn, and I thought all attorney’s were crooks. Tell ya what, pat ’em on the back and tell them “Tahnk You” for me.

                • Sounds like the NY Sheriffs have the right idea and a sound respect for the rights of its citizens under the NY and US Constitutions.

                • not sure I like that response from the sheriff’s. Sounds like they are just looking out for themselves. Maybe they are just scared, I can understand that.

              • No. They are not going to come after your guns. Not directly anyways. They are not going to do a direct assault on your front door. MexiKaliForniKation already has an “Assault Weapons” ban, yet hardly anyone turned in their “assault weapons” or registered them. No, they are sitting in dark corners of closets and gun safes that don’t see the light of day except to be cleaned… if ever. The 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act did not compel millions to turn in the “assault weapons.”

                No. They are cowering you. Law, after law, after law. Laws that your children will grow up in. Laws that your children will be accustomed to. Programmed to. Growing up into the new camp one generation at a time. You… yourself, have grown up in laws that your grandfather may have scoffed at. And they in turn grew up in laws that their grandfathers scoffed at. The wheels of tyranny maybe turning slowly, but the wheels are turning none the less.

                We are NOT our grandfathers. Our grandfathers were not their grandfathers. See where this is going? Where do you think it will end?

                Go buy a gun from the Sears and Roebucks catalog? Go buy a gun without a NICS? Take out your once legal, now illegal gun, to the gun range?

                A little here, a little there… and here we are. Controlled.

                Sure… probably most will not turn in their newly found “illegal” weapons. Most will probably not register their newly found “illegal” weapons. But is that the point? Or is control the point? You may never get caught with those newly found “illegal” weapons, but if you do, welcome to the felony club… and all your guns, legal and “illegal” confiscated. No, all those newly found “illegal” guns will sit in a dark closet or gun safe… regulated and dared to see the light of day.

                What if they started a revolution and there was no one to fight? What if they decreed one citizen control law after another, and no one fought back? How many people are sitting in prison right now for something that our Founders would have scoffed at? And of those who are sitting in prison right now for breaking some government diktat that never should have seen the light of day… where are their champions of justice and liberty?

                Government is instituted on the threat of violence. Trauma based predictive programming. Here we are.

                They have you sitting in the corner saying to yourself… IF, the government comes through my door, I will fight back. There will not be another Ft. Sumter… of which they are counting on. We will not fight back unless our government perpetuates mass violence upon us… of which they won’t, at least not anytime in the foreseeable future. It is all scare tactics. And it is working. It has worked. And it will continue to work… as it has worked. What proof do you need? Here we are. You are not your grandfather. You grandfathers were not their grandfathers. Death by a thousand government diktats… and barely is a shot fired.

                Do you get it now?


                We’re just waiting for the impending doom!

                The old fallback.

                The wheel will keep on turning… A little here, a little there. And your grandchildren will not be their grandfathers… the generational camp. Here we are.

                • exactly…. which is why we cannot let this continue any further!

              • Well actually thinking of moving to texas ….. from south of Buffalo New York…. Too many taxes…. Too many laws ….. No jobs! Time to get out before I can’t

                • Looking to leave. The Governor could not do anything worse to EMPTY out this state than he has. NYC could fall in the ocean and we COUNTRY New Yorkers would not miss them for ten years. New York is beautiful country with dairy, corn and grape farms amidst lakes and rivers. Snowmobiling keeps us occupied in the winter. This winter most people are reloading. Save your casings. The most precious metal around here is lead. Most talk is about turning in the guns – AMMO FIRST! Thank-you all for your support. We thought you confused us with those city folks we can’t stand either. If you don’t hear anything that does not mean nothing is going on. Counting on the other 49 to bust us out if we get dissappeared. Sheriff in the 2 counties near us will not confiscate. Local sheriff mum ’til he sees which way the wind blows. God Bless and Keep us all – and y’all.

              • I am uncertian as to the exact stance of all NYS Gun Clubs, Conservation Clubs ect… But as a NYS Resident I will say I will not lay down and just give up my guns I would soon rather die then given in to a hypocritcal tyrannical NYS Government or any other for that matter. The line is definately drawn for me.

                Molon Labe
                Don’t Tread On Me.

              • I don’t know about the gun clubs because I don’t belong to any but what I can tell you is this, as a lifetime sportsman with friends alike. It is getting scary here. The ammo in stores is or has dried up. Not just military rounds but hunting rounds as well. Most ar’s and ak47’s and guns similar were bought up before the B.S. safe act was slammed down the New Yorkers throats. The Sheriffs Association is questioning the new laws and if they are even going to try to enforce them (read the 6 page letter in the Saratogian newspaper to the governor). The state police here are like puppets and were told to support it, which many don’t but currently keep quiet for fear of losing thier job. My freinds who are sportsmen as well are equally as frustrated as I am by the the stupidity of the New York government and the SAFE act which makes so many GOOD people criminals, if we don’t register. WE’RE NOT! Cuomo has drawn a line in the sand. He says he is planning for alot of resistance and will deal with them with jail time. From the talk on the street, Cuomo better start building alot of very big jails soon. What I fear is if the SAFE ACT does not get overturned, and the resistance to the law starts, where will it end? Will law abiding citizens have to fight our own police. Will Obama send in military to try to contain the “rebels” who just want freedom. I’m sure he would in a heart beat. He will spin it that we were, radical terrorist criminals or such in the media. I’m a supervisor, married, three boys, all in scouts and aside from a speeding ticket never been in trouble with the law. Hardly a criminal.
                This situation can easily now get out of control. I’m worried more for my wife and three young sons. We all have to die sometime, for me and my freinds it might as well be for what we believe in…
                A FREE AMERICA

                New York in a revolution, gee, I think thats been done before…
                didn’t work out to good for the last king…
                upstate hunters

              • One hundred bottles of beer on the wall but everyday there is one here one there taken, By the time the party is ready there will be standing only 10.

                Go find your own answers.

              • from new york state here- nothing happening up here as far as govt. goes. But so many people are prepping and getting ready to STAND AND FACE the ENEMY when the time comes. We will not Kneel we are not cowards and on april 14th the red line will be crossed.

            • We will not turn in our guns. My cousins are hiring a lawyer to sue each and every one of these guys. I dare you to come get it.

              • I would like to know more about that Anthony. It’s the exact question I asked at our SCOPE meeting and my answer is those dogs built in an immunity clause into the NY State Constitution that protected them. Let me know

            • Your governor is just going to take them away and give them to the Muslims. I would tear the thing up before he got it. Just bury it in the backyard or make a hidden closet. Just tell them it was stolen.

              • Like that Moooslim Bloomberg the mayor guy?…Or the Other moooslims like Finestien and Schumer in the us senate?

                • Angelo Mutherfuquero; Dude I tried to give you a break. Really? Now you’re going to say Bloomberg (and I have NO love for him, he’s a cocksucker) is a “moooslim” (sic; that means the way YOU wrote it). Feinstein and Schumer, as much as I despise them, hate them, they are NOT MOOOSLIMS, DUDE. Why do you do stupid shit like that? Really? Is it genetic, can you not help yourself? When you speak they are either Zionist Jews (which would actually be more likely BTW) or in this case MOOOSLIMS (very unlikely). I should at least be happy that you know Feinstein and Schumer are senators, but your ignorance and bigotry VASTLY overshadows that. You are just a sped. A short bus sped. OMFG. Be well.

                  • Blowhard Hasbara paid Shill.Or scofield bible brainwashed baptist fool…OR BOTH!

                • Those you mentioned are ALL jew swine that are hell bent on taking our guns.Check them out. Yet every one of them have armed body guards paid for by the government.

                  • paid for by government? no- paid for by OUR tax $

                • fienstien(who has nothing to do with ny) schumer and bloomberg are zionist jews, not muslim at all…. stop being an ignorant schmuck. cuomo is a mobster as well, right? so what their all evil individuals, don’t insult muslims, jews or the mob…. bloomberg et al implemented ridiculous investigations statewide (even though he’s just the mayor of nyc) going after people just bc they were muslim…. cmon…. open your eyes and see, learn… stop being ignorant!

                  • i correct myself they are all godless power hungry evil . not really human at all anymore… when you lose your humanity that makes you a monster, no longer human in my book… may as well be a brainsucking zombie, muttering power powweerrrr. as they stumble through the terrified masses. that being said what the hell is wrong with nyrs to have re-elected these zombies anyhow….. last election made me want to move out of state/ country… but alas don’t have the cash!

                  • Veggiemama…

                    I am smitten by thee!!!

                    GOD bless you girl & thumbs-up!


                  • your all right these 3 are worse then anything you can think of except obama.

              • Where did your learn to run puss.

              • No tell them you sold them at a gun show, no trace no receipt, no names or vendor names just you taking your guns and selling them for cash there. cant be traced!!

                • Had to sell mine to pay my bills after the taxes went up.

                  • and did you report this as income?

                  • Only if she made a profit. Also, fuck the irs.

                • You know what they will do? Take you in front of a judge who will ask you who you sold them to. When you give him the jive answer he will give you thirty days for contempt of court. Thirty days later he will repeat the procedure. He will last longer than you. Better come up with a better game plan.

                  • Say you turned them during a buy back program. I got $200 for 2 broken junk rifles in Chicago. Of course no one turned in good guns but they dont ask any info from you.

                  • @IRS

                  • Read the obits daily. When the time comes, name a dead guy.

              • They will give them to the ATF so they can give them to drug cartels in Mexico.

              • Hi Ralph, Part of the law also says we in NY have 24hrs to report a stolen gun. If a gun is stolen and you do not report it in this time expect to be charged. The truth is this legislation has been laying around awhile waiting for the right/wrong moment! I still want to know what they intend to do with law enforcement. They left no provision in the law for a law enforcement exemption. Clay

              • I don’t believe that hiding your guns is the answer. Organizing the entire neighborhood would work better. When the gun grabbers come, send out the alarm for every hunter, target shooter, and every gun owner to meet in the middle of the road packing heat. There is safety in numbers, and if the number is large enough it will make a powerful statement to those that call themselves authority. It draws a line in the sand. Imagine it, DHS or a few ATF guys come to grab guns, they turn the corner and see 30-40 neighbors holding their rifles. They’d put their tails between their legs and run away. I guess this is the Unorganized Militia that was mentioned above.

                • Finally ! This is the first post on this entire page to state a concrete plan of what to do when the confiscators come for your guns.

                  This is exactly the sort of response the Minute Men put together when Gen. Gates marched out to take their weapons.

                  You mall ninjas who are fawning over that stupid flag at the top, get your heads out of your collective @$$es and think! What are you going to do when they come for your guns?

                  • I don’t know what everybody else is gonna do,but up here in maine I have stocked up on armor piercing rounds,because when they come,they’ll be wearing kevlar. MOLON LABE

            • When brave Americans defy the U. S. Government and get into firefights with the Government’s enforcement apparatus across the American landscape, lives will be taken. The Government, the media, and the anti-gunners will label their actions as “criminal acts”. But those efforts will not be “criminal acts”. These men are not criminals; they are soldiers in a war; a war going on right here on American soil.

              We must heap high praises onto these men and memorialize them just as we would a hero of any combat theater. We must comfort and support the family members they left behind and have regular candlelight vigils for them throughout the land. We must create local holidays, have festivals and establish scholarships in their honor.

              The next American civil war has been percolating for a while and is about to escalate to a new level.

              The descendents of the founders of America will be proud when read of these heroic acts in the newspaper.

              • Steve
                wont the other sides actions be criminal also?????I think more so than anything we do in response,hell they are already guilty,,,


                • @ snake eater:

                  Yes, you are correct. The actions of the U. S. Government agents will be criminal acts. The actions of the resistance fighters will not be “criminal acts”. The acts of the resistance fighters/the patriots, will be of the higher moral integrity and we will continue to honor their actions centuries from now.

                  • If the government attempts to confiscate guns in direct violation of the constitution does not the constitution give recourse to the people to take action against the aggressor ?

                    Seems valid that if the Government turns against the people, it’s the peoples job to put down the Government like a lame dog

                  • What you say is true, however at the end of the day the private citizen and possibly his family will be dead and the JBTs will be sharing a beer and laughing about what they did that day. Think smart on this.

                  • The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. – Jefferson

                  • John W. said on Jan. 26 @ 11:23pm:

                    “however at the end of the day the private citizen and possibly his family will be dead and the JBTs will be sharing a beer and laughing about what they did that day.”

                    What makes you think that?

                    Why do you think that’s the outcome I had in mind?

                    Don’t you know that there will be many hundreds of patriot snipers at large across America? They will only engage when the conditions are most favorable to them and least favorable to the enemy.

              • “criminal acts” NO, they will be called acts of domestic terrorism.

                “We must heap high praises onto these men and memorialize them just as we would a hero of any combat theater.” Pretty ignorant comment. You forget the role of women in the American Revolution, you forget the role of women in the military and law enforcement now. You are ignorant of things women are doing right now in support of shooting, hunting, and personal defense. Your article shows a lot of ignorance towards women and what they have done in the past, and are doing now. God help your wife/girlfriend/daughter/sister, or you if you are a pathetic, sniveling, helpless female.

              • “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
                -Thomas Jefferson

                • Anonymous, this is F_BS. NMBC = no more bull crap!

                  So many false statements (quotes) from our fouding father.

                  Prez Thomas Jefferson would never say anything like that. That’s not his style of speaking or writing. If you said, it was from Rand Paul or Lew Rockwell (Ron Paul’s Ex-campaign manager) I could accept that.

                  You had a lot of agenda populating crap on many websiteS.

                  You are promoting REDvolution. I saw a lot of Ron Paul ads around the globe, such as rEvolution or rEVOLution = LOVE.

                  As you’ve said you’re a grandfather, don’t you think you’re too old to be acting like an useful idiot???

                  • Thomas Jefferson did write that phrase, in November 1787 from Paris as the Continental Congress was meeting, but the context is important:
                    “. . . The people can not be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13 states independent 11 years. There has been one rebellion [referring to Shay’s Rebellion in Massachusetts, begun in Aug 1786.] That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. Our Convention has been too much impressed by the insurrection of Massachusetts: and in the spur of the moment they are setting up a kite to keep the hen yard in order. I hope in god this article will be rectified before the new constitution is accepted.”
                    I believe he meant patriots may take up arms from time to time, but they may not succeed, and that is fine if the effect is to “warn” government officials of the “spirit” of citizens that lies just under the surface.

                    BTW, compare this to George Washington’s remarks regarding Shay’s Rebellion, in a letter to Henry Lee, “You talk, my good sir, of employing influence to appease the present tumults in Massachusetts. I know not where that influence is to be found, or, if attainable, that it would be a proper remedy for the disorders. Influence is not government. Let us have a government by which our lives, liberties, and properties will be secured, or let us know the worst at once.”

                  • JD, don’t behave like a sheeple. People know anything to deal with digital format such as the internet, can be deleted, added, altered such as the Wikileak or the internet rating (thumbs up or thumbs down) in order to BRAINWASH PEOPLE.

                    If this is not true, does that mean all the articles are true?
                    According to you, everything people read, they just believe it.

                    Hmmmm…. LIES, DAMN LIES and MORE BOGUS POLLS.:(

                    Socialist France should never be a source to rely on for any info. or advice or an arbitrator. Planet earth witnessed the first Revolution in France, 2nd in Russia and endless revolutions around the world after that.:( If not Revolution, then Civil Wars like the Vietnam Civil War. The Vietnam Civil War started in 1954 during the same year the French were dispatched after being colonized for over 200 YEARS. 🙂

                    And American soldiers were forced to be involved in 1954.

                    People constantly complain about France’s aggressiveness. The latest Lybia, Syria, and now Africa, what’s next? 🙁

                  • You sir are a troll. JD has been here much longer than you and has much more respect than you ever will from this crowd. Go back down in the basement, mother hasn’t called you for dinner yet.

                  • rainyday says: “JD has been here much longer than you and has much more respect…”

                    1. JD’s being here on this website and other website to sell his agenda, it’s definitely A SIGN OF BEING A TROLL. Your logic is very twisted since Im new to this site does not qualify me as a TROLL. 🙂

                    2. How do you know he has been here a long time if you haven’t been, how do you account for that? You seem to monitor and watch those who disagree with the cabal very carefully.

                    3. I realize I’m new here, because you guys are the MERCHANTS OF DEATH that’s the reason I have to speak out in order to protect the VN vets and the American people. You are afraid of the American ppl will be aware of who you guys are, that’s why you’re MAD.

                    4. You’re as a TROLL, because you do not believe in other people’s Freedom of Speech.

                    5. STOP POLICING THE WEBS like the way you’ve been doing. You do not own this website and don’t have the right to tell people what to say. JD believes in the socialist French, but I don’t. So that’s qualify him/JD as a TROLL.

              • Great Post Steve,
                I would suggest that the Patriots quickly establish a Provincial Government and send emmisaries around the world seeking support from other Nations for our cause of Liberty, ending foreign wars of aggression,endless medddling in other nations Sovereign affairs and the desire to be free from the chains placed upon once free men by the banking cartels. Recognition from other governments would give the new Provincial government credibility.
                Also it might prove productive for the new government to to issue some “Letters of Marquis and Reprisal”, as provided by the Constitution, on certain individuals that have proven themselves to be enemies of America.

            • AP–You are correct, but somehow (leadership?), those who honor and respect and protect their natural and Constitutional rights must take the initiative. Right now, it is all reacting from the heels. That will never work. The Anti-Constitutionalists, the Anti-Liberty Statists, will win if they hold the initiative. WE, not THEY, are on our heels. WE, not THEY, must be moving forward. THEY, not WE, must be on their heels. The question is HOW?

            • This means of disagreement started by these New Yorker’s will be the only way these incrementally encroaching laws are stopped. Nullify them from the start by ignoring them.

              • Why do these dickwad New Yorkers keep electing the likes of Cuomo, Schumer,Bloomberg and other poer mad loons. That is the real issue here. Why are New Yorkers so f-ing stupid?

                • NYC is a democRAT stronghold and there are 8 million people there.

                  Every state has the same problem in every big city.

                  • New york states largest employers are all public sector unions that vote blindly…. Tust me look at a voting map by county in New york State and you will find the vast majority of the rural counties vote Conservative… All the people who are the smartest leave…

                • We’re not, we’re outnumbered and holding the ground where the Revolution once took place, ground today that is home to a state whose budget is consumed 1/3 by Medicaid payouts. If we’re stupid, its in the same way you’d have to look at Davy Crockett to describe him as stupid.

            • As you read this, anti-gun people are marching in DC, and other cities, demanding weapon bans, and gun control. Meanwhile, the best gun owners seem to be able to come up with, is “Hide them, and say you sold them”, or “Hide them, and say they were stolen.”

              Make no mistake, the people who want your guns, want more than just your guns, but they have the propaganda organs to sway public opinion to thier agenda. No amount of rational information will change what is coming. These people have overthrown many countries in the last 100 years, now they are making the move for this one.

              Also note, that in the background, they are demanding control over the internet, saying “cyber attack is immanent!”. Expect this to be timed to mesh with any coming gun control measures. And even if your local leo’s won’t go along with the program, it won’t matter; there enough koolaid drunks in the military who won’t hesitate to kill you, and expect personnel from other regions, maybe even other countries to be the ones kicking your doors in.


              • Your caps lock key is stuck.

                • nah his/her caps lock key is fine he is typing like alex jones would speak.

            • AP…I have always been in.

              Not one more inch.

            • I went to the gun show here in town today and was able to pick up some small things I needed. When talking to a guy about magazines I asked him what type of event he believes people are preparing to encounter. His response “It’s going to be war.”
              I hope he’s wrong but its coming to an apex. Either we keep walking on or they have to take drastic actions to take our guns. The latter will not be pretty. At least we’ll be able in the west to beat back California. They all have bullet buttons and 10 round mags already. How’s that working for you Finestien?

            • Plenty more down here in Texas, “Come and Take it”

              • Georgia too. I’m all for letting them have my guns, just as soon as I run out of bullets.

                • …then I’ll use the crossbow.

                • You used a term I’m not familiar with: “out of Bullets”
                  Is this some type of religious condition?

                  • ….its a condition thats rare but not unknown…it tends to occur in persons who exibit lack of care to details…it mainly effects liberals and other shiftless characters…be careful though it can easily effect good God fearing prepared persons if said persons take to being lazy…drinking excessivly or shooting at too many cutouts of dear leader without restraint….this condition can be benign if one is really lucky but often it is FATAL…so be sure to innoculate yourself…BUY ALL THE FREAKING AMMO YOU CAN GET AND USE IT WISELY…. 🙂

            • Albany, New York is as good a place to get things started as anywhere else. Maybe if a few hundred thousand fellow armed patriots showed up to help our fellow New York brothers and sisters we could help them clean out their state house and just start moving out from there. It is time we turn this thing around.

              • Georgia has got your back Yankee. If we sit still and let them take your guns, then they’ll most assuredly come for ours in time. This time the Blue and the Grey will proudly stand together

                • Agreed Grekko.

              • I really don’t know why they need a registration. In the country part of New York – Ive lived in three parts of that – EVERYONE- is armed. Every farmer, small town business and country house has at least a shotgun and a rifle (rifles are legal for deer – so are 45’s) and a pistol. So – ask your liberal friends – if a farmer has had guns for over fifty years and has not shot anyone – Why do they want them NOW? Stupid liberals on facebook say – Why do we NEED them? I say back “Why do they want them NOW?” Words are ammo too. You know when the shootin’ starts they will paint us as crazies.

            • Libertatem aut mors….Molon Labe!!!!

            • they are asking for a revolution,& thats exactly what they will get,if they try take away our right to bear arms.the anti gun crowd doesn’t have a clue about history or the fact that we have a president that is following the hitler play book.

            • I think we all should have a plan to fall back to a predetermined fighting position within our homes/property. This position would be designed to inflict maximum casualties on any violent attackers that should threaten you. Prepare cover and lines of sight and fire. Plan your kill zones where you expect the breach to flow through. Use your intimate knowledge of your property as a tactical advantage. Place things like Coleman fuel or propane in the immediate area to be shot and detonated to fragment and burn intruders…take as many out as possible in the first ten seconds and say your prayers. If each of us did this. The cost of I fading the homes of every American would be unsustainable.

            • A little of topic…BUT

              WHEN and WHERE can we get this image to display:
              FLAG, T-SHIRT, BUMPER STICKER, etc!?!

              LOVE IT!

            • Hallelujah! Finally, some people are waking up to Obama’s hidden agenda. Who would have thought liberal New York would be among the first? We the people are tired of Obama’s executive orders and his colossal ego. He is neither king nor dictator and he can take his executive orders and wipe his ass with them. In the first place, we have a constitution and it has a supremacy clause, making it supreme over executive order writing, socialist idiots. How much more do we have to take before we the people march on Washington and drag Obama out of the White House by the hair of his head, kicking and screaming, if necessary, and kick him to the curb with the rest of the trash?

          • Amendment 11

            A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

            Get a copy of the 2nd amendment New Yorkers and paste it on your coat, on your cars, on your lawns, on your foreheads if that’s what it will take. Do not give up your rights, do not cave in, a grass roots movement is going to back you up. Enough is enough, time to take a stand.

            • And vote them all out with a grassroots effort. Get a list of who voted for it and plaster it all over the internet up until election day.

              • That really is the only solution. A strong grass roots effort for every elected position from school board members to congressional offices. That was exactly what Obama/Axelrod plan was and guess what it WORKED.

                • Great comment!!!! This is exactly what I have been thinking for awhile. A grass roots effort to challenge every liberal/traitor at every level of government. Everyone needs to make a list of the of the traitors in their area and get to work. Be your own community organizer. Use their play book against them and add a little of your own. The gloves come off, the time for being civil and gentlemanly are over.

                  • USMC, The communists Schumer and Cuomo have started a “Grass Roots Fire” in New York that his thugs aren’t going to be able to extinguish.

                    The people are fed up and fired up and 4 decades of communist bullish_t has run its course.

                    Alo t of attention has been focused on the various levels of governments. However, we must not forget those evil predators that lurk in the shadows. Soros, Murdock, Turner, Rockefeller and their kind are the ba_tards that need to be exposed and tarred and feathered.

                    Soros just bought Rememington Arms and DPMS Arms. This MF is a GD’d murderer and thief. He is the worst kind of human plague. Soros is not a communist, socialist, capitalist, or any other “ist.” He is a f_cking scavenger that prays off of people’s ignorance and needs.

                    He and his kind are sitting back sipping on 100 year old bottles of wine and smoking $300 dollar cigars while smugly laughing with his cohorts about the stupid Americans and their futile attempts to “Resist” the all powerful Wizard of Oz.

                    Find Soros and his kind and give them the long overdue adult spanking that so completely deserve. All of these bastards went off the radar. But, as Ronald Reagan once said, “You can run but you can’t hide.”

                    Americans don’t bury your “Firearms!” Be prepared to defend the “Truth” and all of know that when a man defends the truth he becomes the enemy of the state. Well, I’ll take that as a compliment.

                    Take their “Media” propaganda machine away from them and you’ll see that they are the not so powerful Wizard of Oz who has been hiding behind a curtain of lies….

                    Good day

                • maybe it’s time to make an example of a few of these politicians who vote for these unconstitutional laws.thier votes are on know who they are.why they are still ambulatory is the question I ask.

            • sorry I meant thumbs down

            • This is just what it will take but it WILL work. Americans in every freakin’ state just need to say, “NO,FUCK OFF.” Do it by the hundreds, they will worry. Do it by the thousands and they will find a reason not to enforce it–a court will be ‘directed’ to find it unconstitutional. Do it by the hundreds of thousands and you will gain a million more. Do it in the millions and you will have BROKEN THE BACK OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AT LAST. Once state and local LEO refuse to enforce federal law over state law, it is so fucking over for Washington. This thing operates on the Wizard of Oz theory. All it is going to take is for YOU, ME and more like us to play Toto and go behind the curtain.

              This is the line in the sand for me, and I bet for many of you. We all know what is coming once the guns are out of our hands. I would rather take two or three with me than die in a camp like the Russian, German and Chinese who were disarmed.

              NOT ONE MORE INCH. WE MEAN IT.

              • I think the Patriot Movements motto should be NOT ONE MORE INCH..printed on that badass flag up there^^^!

                • @Warface,

                  Awesome idea! I live in NY, and I can tell you, the overall “mood” here is pretty damned grim, but, many people I know are NOT going to tolerate this. I say, everyone in the Patriot Movement makes up one of these shirts!

                  • UPDATE:

                    I just had my shirts made!

                    I had them put “N.Y. Patriot” on the front shirt pocket, and in HUGE letters on the back of the shirt (reading from top to bottom):


                    Went online, and had a company make a few for me. I will wear them proudly!!! I firmly stand by this motto, and I want EVERYBODY to know it!

            • One other thing; I was at the gun shop a couple of days ago and saw a guy wearing a T-shirt. On the back were the words directly from our state’s Constitution guaranteeing that gun rights would not be infringed upon. A brief phrase with the Constitution cited below. It really got my attention. It brought it closer to home when it was at the state level. Something that you may want to consider putting on a sweatshirt this winter, or a T-shirt next summer, or a bumper sticker, etc. You get the idea.

            • Our 2nd Amendment rights and other rights have been certainly disappearing fast. I certainly pity the younger generation and what they have to look forward to. The last 20 years or so has been an eye-opener.

              I was looking around today to see how I could participate in any small way. I did find this site, that seems to have the right idea.

              I used to go to the UK a lot on business. Even out in the middle of no where are cameras that record your every move. Lets all hope that the direction we are taking can be reversed.

              • people need to find the cable that those cameras are tied to and cut the damned thing. then break the camera and make it FUBAR!!

                • roger Roger,

                  Cameras FUBARed.




                • .gov will get tired of paying to replace cameras, and the money tree no longer bears an infinite quantity of fruit. If some elected fool starts finding smashed cameras in their own front yard, they will realize that they are not among the untouchables.

                  Picture them all fighting over who gets into the underground shangra-la. I think many who think they have a reservation will be disapointed.

                • Water soaked toilet paper thrown agaist the lens works great. Sticks real good and it will probably be a couple of days until it is noticed. No pictures during that time.

              • Oldguy,
                Your rights haven’t disappeared. They are right there with you as they have always been. The State and Feds can make laws and they can make unjust laws. But a natural God given right is still yours as long as you claim it and have the nads to defend it. Once the individual will to defend is weak or lost then tyrants will oppress you. If enough still cherish and know their rights then they will defend them if needed. If we are to few then we will fall with rights intact and our souls intact. As for the rest that are left behind do not pity them for rights and freedom are only for those that are willing to defend that which we were freely given in grace at birth.

            • County sheriffs have the authority to deputize as many men and woman needed to thwart any attempt by the federal government to confiscate guns ! That is the militia ! The founding fathers wanted a well armed militia to fight off any enemies foreign or domestic ! Local county state and federal elections have real consequences ! Actually local county and state are most important ! Who is your sheriff and will he stand with his oath to defend the Constitution ?? I know mine and he has stated he will ! There will be no gun laws passed as these in my state !

          • You mean bend over – ? Same thing…..

          • DAMN foiled again. I was just getting ready to advertise in a few New York papers to see if anyone out there would be willing to give me their guns for a $50.00 Walmart gift card. I guess there are a few out there that have some balls. It will be interesting to see, I may even partake in the festivities. The offer still stands for the not so bright ones though, assault weapons only please. Just think what you could do with $50.00, it boggles the mind.

            • I’m glad I live in Tennessee. We don’t have to put up with this crap. Went to a gun show in White Pin, TN in December. “Sold mine out of my truck before I even got into the show … no paperwork! Is this a great state!!!

              • Lol….yes, we do live in a great state, OS!! In fact, I just emailed Sen. Corker last week about his stance on gun rights…I liked his response!! Btw, White Pine is a beautiful, small city! Almost moved there, chose Dandridge instead 🙂

              • Just a reminder that at one time Ca. was the same way. You could even openly carry until 1968. Just wait until all the new residents vote and make things the way they were where they left from.

              • Are there any jobs there I want to move !!!

                • Yes, depending on what your skill level is. We welcome hard workers…patriot from Seymour…

              • Yes we do live in a great State. Moved back here from California 4 years ago and could not be happier. California has some wonderful people and beautiful places but is being made uninhabitable by to many things to list. When the time comes to make a stand we know we will not be alone here. It appears that time is getting close.

          • I’m going to shoot the bastards that attempt to raise a red flag along with any other traitor I can shoot or otherwise fuck up.

            • after the bad guys are dead they dont need their goodies..AR’s,,,kevlar,,,PASGT kevlar helmets,,their feet and legs dont have armor,, continue from there

              • Give them nothing, take everything.

              • lake city green tip will help.

              • Kevlar? Neither .30-06 nor 7.62 worry about any sissy kevlar — they just march right on through. When we stand up and push back, it won’t be with a 9mm.

          • Not all though brother. Resist. Never surrender

          • “””“They’re taking one of our guaranteed civil rights, and they’re taking it away.”””

            This is what the people on our side are saying????? What a moron. He doesn’t even know the source of the right he tries to defend?

            The right to own a gun is a Natural Right. Civil rights come from the corp, and it’s minions can take them away as easily as give them.

            When even the good guys are complete idiots, it is dangerous to side with anybody.

            Perhaps that’s why your individual God given rights, including the right to own a gun and shoot it at those who would try to take it for ANY reason, are protected in Law from idiots who would assume they are Civil rights to be determined by the corp criminals.

            • GC, I caught that statement as well. No civil rights are conffered by God, only Natural rights. Good call man!


          • JustMe; THINK AGAIN

        • Riddle of the day:

          What do you call people who want to take guns from law-abiding citizens and leave only the criminals with guns?

          Hint: It starts with a ‘C’…and ends in ‘riminals.’

          • What do you call people who want to take away guns from law abiding citizens?

            Answer: Targets

            • That’s a good one Navy.

          • This file link is dangerous! Fortunately, my computer blocked it. Tighten your security. The Left is at war with the American people.

        • So where you gonna put the actual criminals if you fill your jails with otherwise law abiding gun owners?
          Who’s gonna pay the taxes if you lock up a million otherwise law abiding gun owners?
          Who’s gonna pay for these new prisons?

          Ya’ll demon craps better go back and think this thing over again!

          • the prisons already exist. . . they are called the FEMA holding areas across the country

            • If it comes to that, then we’ll just have to bust our brothers and sisters out of there. These camps don’t look like they could hold up against a concerted attack.

            • family detention centers. is another good name for them. remember ventura did a show on this one and the fusion centers.


              around 29:31 i think it is.

          • Ever heard of fema camps???


          • FEMA Camps??? Or maybbe camps like Sheriff Joe has in Arizona. Don’t sell these turds short on creativity.

          • Molen Lebe,

            Put the SOBs in ammunition factories making bullets for the resistance. Have QC make sure they are not messing with the quality of production and if anyone of them is caught sabotaging the munitions send him or her out to the firing range to reset the targets, of course that will be during range shooting hours. We can’t waste any daylight now can we.

          • Fema Camps are ready. Bases are ramping up. Lots of Road and bridge work has been being done. Infrastructures in place.

            • Some preparations: cuts to the fences.

            • Gotta fix that. Why is all this in plain site? To scare us. RR tracks to ’em too. That could be fixed too. I don’t see much creativity around the FEMA camps.
              Also, if they lock up all the WORKING people that can afford to collect guns and PaY TAXES – what are all those on the dole gonna do? Starve. Including the judges and police. People don’t march if they are not paid. NY is as close to bankrupt as the other penniless states. I guess they’ll have to bring in foreign troops that work for 25 cents an hour. Man are the unions going to be PO’d

          • It’s not for nothing Folks…. Preps have been being made =

            Sorry to say I have no guns. But even if I did I also have copper wiring throughout my home and aluminum doors a good voltage regulator with switch attached.1st defense

            Several propane tanks with multiple tie ins and a torch.

            My landscape to road has one entrance = My driveway
            perhaps the buried propane tanks might react to flame at the other end of hose.2nd defense

            3rd defense knowing I am more then a physical body and my Spirit will be free.

            Joyfully I trade my pots and pans and china and everything I own to provide the necessities for prioritization.

        • I am proud of the response in New York by the Patriots there. Honestly I was suspect of how New York would respond and was very pleased that NY Patriots had the largest turnout in the nation for their Gun Grab Protest.

          When the gun smoke clears I hope Piers Morgan is full of holes and sent back to the UK in a body bag, sending a clear message to the Globalists and any TRAITORS in government or LSM: “Americans will not be disarmed!”

          Native born Gun Grabbers should be dumped at sea where NYC dumps its garbage after being tried for TREASON, and ironically, shot dead after sentencing.

          WE should start at the TOP and work OUR way down: “trickle down justice” is what I would label it.

          Engage. Vote.

          • DK,
            That Piers guy will be on the first plane out of there if it does start, Either that or some of them New York boys will have themselves a new bitch..


            • Evidently Piers Morgan reads my comments and gave me a “thumbs down”. LMAO!!!!

              Death to Traitors and Invaders Piers!

          • It has been since the early 90’s since I looked at the data, but, based on estimates of “AW” sales and registrations, the last estimate I recall seeing was 13% compliance among CA “AW” owners. Admittedly, there is likely a significant margin of error in that 87% NON-compliance—and many may have simply exported their “AW” out of state, but you can be sure that MANY “AWs” remain in good hands in CA.

            NY will be no different. The entire USA will be no different. People who buy such firearms are no fools. They know exactly what is at stake.

            • Finestien-Schumer-Bloomberg-Nadler-ET AL: Have bit off way More than all combined can…Jew.

              • Nice play on words but let’s be fair and not paint all with the same brush. All Zionists are not Jews. And not all Jews are Zionists. They can hide in the darnedest places. Route them out. They are evil incarnate.

            • We need to be bringing more AW’s into CA. As a CA resident I went out and purchased one a little over a week ago, and I’ll be picking it up on Tuesday. And if Finesten wants my gun she can come right up here and (try to) take it from me herself.

          • DON”T Waste the ammo on such loosers as that I wouldn’t give’em that luxary! We are in a shortage!! I personally like the old ways when dealing with tyrants and traitors. A stage and a rope! Get my drift? Oh and a broadcast crew to air this around the world.

            But this is just Hypothecticaly speeking

            • DMOO,

              Folks we must not become like them. I realize we are pissed and rightfully so, but let us keep the high ground. All of this talk of executions is wrong. Abe Lincoln once said, “The best way to destroy your enemy is to make him your friend.” Is it possible to make a communist your friend and co-exist? We tried that for 100 years and look what is got us:
              The Federal Reserve Bank, Income Tax,IRS, WWl, Great Depression, 1933 Roosevelt Gold Heist, WWll, United “fucked up” Nations, Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam War, JFK Assassination, War on Poverty, MLK Assassination, RFK Assassination, Nixon, U.S. Dropped The Silver Standard, Fiat Money, Jimmy “Peanut Balls” Carter, 1979 Federal Reserve’s 22.5% Interest Rates, 1980 Recession, Poor Stupid Reagan,1990 Bush #1, Gulf War, 1992 Clinton and Monica, Gun Ban, 2000 Bush #2 Literally, 911, War in Afganistan, Gulf War ll, 2008 Obama, 2012 Obama, More War As Usual, Economy Collapse…, More Bullshit for 2013, More Gun Bans, Revolution. It’s About Fucking Time People!!!!!

              Good day.

              • Fair trials at Nuremberg 2—every perpetrator of crimes against humanity (including economic crimes against humanity) and their enablers, enforcers, mouthpieces, puppets, and talking heads must be in the docket at Nuremberg 2.

                For the guilty, the scaffold and repatriate every last cent that the dynastic banksters and their cronies have swindled over the centuries.

          • DK
            if it starts there all of us should carry it to them there,,myself and two others are preparing to go join in the fight,,,arms,, ammo and food,,


          • Durango, we can be more creative than that. I think that the Romans had a pretty good idea with the coliseum and the lions. A perfect case for a free market business here. People would pay good money to Cuomo running from a lion, with Charlie Rangell on deck.

            • Think “Hunger Games”.

            • A great way to reduce the national debt, Gekko! My hats off to you!!!

            • We have an exotic animal rescue in need of “provisions”. Three lions, four tigers, two bears, quite a few wolves and various and sundry other carnivores local farmers and people donate “bad” meat to. Some say its the Call of the Wild farm but I’m not sure. If you get any bad meat – locals just drag it to the driveway. They have their own butcher shop on site. I’ve seen horses and cows dumped on the side of the road there a few years ago. Animals are not picky. These are good folks that rely on the public for donations.

        • Mac, this is an awesome picture. This needs to be our flag of the resistance. It says it all

          • The “RESISTANCE” has a flag it is Old Glory. Don’t let the commies in Government confiscate OUR FLAG! Millions of Patriots have died for that flag. Its OUR Flag!

            The Stars and Stripes forever!

        • “Try to think what are we going to do ourselves, instead of what Lee is going to do.” — Lt. Gen. U.S. Grant

          Western Rifle Shooters

          Think about what American gun owners are going to do rather than about what the State is doing. If all you do is sit back and react, you will lose every time. You have to get out in front. Forward. The State should always be on ITS heels.

          • FED45: I suspect that when the first Patriot dies at the hands of globalists in an unconstitutional gun grab; that NY members of Seal Team America will swing into action targeting high profile TRAITORS, media personnel, politicians, and activists like Piers Morgan, so that he can be sent back to Britain in a body bag.

            Then, in Seal like fashion, I expect they will move to eliminate the ring leaders of this assault on the American Constitution one by one by one.

            That’s my guess.

            It won’t take long for the GIG to recognize that they have opened a Pandora’s box, when 100 of the biggest traitors and globalist agents are silenced forever.

            The Globalists have never shied away from using murder and political assassination when it has served their purpose, they should not expect a free pass when it is their turn in the cross hairs.

            Bubba Clinton has warned the O’bummer Administration to tread lightly against a gun grab because he understands the connection between Patriots, the Constitution, and their guns. Registration would be the first step toward confiscation. Registration must be resisted.

            We are ALL Seal Team America. Vote.

            • That’s why they want the guns NOW! Before the sheeple wake up and figure out who did what to them. The NWO masters are afraid and on the run. Banksters in NYC have been getting concealed carry licenses for two years (no proof – rumor). They know we will figure who took our houses and our retirement and our kids and grandkids futures. They can’t sleep until the public is disarmed because they know we are gonna be M.A.H. and not gonna take it anymore.

        • To deny yourself and your loved ones the right to self defense is mental illness.
          To deny it to others is evil.

        • These serious questions should be addressed by CT public officials and our congress:

          youtube: Sandy Hook: Cop in CT on Contradictions, Inconsistencies & Gun Grab – Part ONE

          Sandy Hook: Cop in CT on Contradictions, Inconsistencies & Gun Grab – Part TWO

          Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control

          Veterans Today,12/20/2012, by Niall Bradley


          “This logically tells us that the real perpetrators are being protected with cover stories of what really happened because if the truth were known, some section of the U.S. government would be implicated.”

          “…and the media focusing the emotional outcry onto the hot-button topic of gun control…I’m left wondering if this was actually the work of some highly trained professional hit team?”

          ‘Was the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, a psy-op, using what amounts to a ‘death squad’ and a carefully planned mission to terrorise people on behalf of the government, in combination with perception management to shape the narrative and vector the emotional fallout?”

          The John Moore show said that one child had 11 bullet wounds and that #4 buckshot could do that with one shot from a shotgun. Have you heard any media reports of a shot gun at the scene?

          SANDY HOOK ~ “I’m Sorry Governor, WHAT DID YOU SAY ???”

          First 2 Obama “Death Squad” Victims ! Biggest Pro Gun Man on Youtube Assassinated

          Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy, who in two reports, The Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information and Sandy Hook School Massacre Part II: Continued Ambiguity and Augmented Realities clearly shows this tragic event more resembling an intelligence agency/military psychological operation than a lone gunman massacre it is be purported to be.

        • When a person or a country imposes controls on another person or nation it has always led to rebellion or war. Think about it. Where are we headed?

        • Where did this flag come from and HOW can I get my hands on one?!?

          That says it ALL!

        • Why is your flag a serpent?

          Do you know the prophecy in the Bible talking about serpents?

          Is America full of serpents? Well America does have as many gun owners as its population, so the serpent crawls on its belly like makinga crooked path. America makes her crooked paths wherever she goes in war around the countries of the earth.

          Read in your Bible about how the serpent will be lifted up, so also the Son of Man be lifted up.

          • You don’t step on a Rattlesnake. That is common sense. Everything is not about god.

            • You’re right to a point, John.

              But as long as its relative to the rights he endowed us…he’s gotta be referenced & honored, for his generosity & blessings…which so many take for granted, nowadays!

            • Divine Providence created this Nation and Divine Providence will sustain it, if the American people will remember the Source of their liberties and honor Him once again.

          • I rarely respond with ad homonym attacks but in this case: Idiot moron.

        • Hey Mac: Like EPPE stated, LOVE THE FLAG ! Bumper decals, 3×5 nylon flags, 4×6 flags w/grommets..WHEN WILL THEY BE READY TO ORDER ????

        • We are fools to think we can take on the government head on. If we do, we lose!!

          BUT!!!!! Guerrilla warfare is the answer!
          N Nam the gooks knew they could not take us on and win.
          But look what they did with their guerrilla warfare tactics!!


      2. I’m done getting angry at the lack of logic coming from the left. It’s really all about emotional conditioning. Think about it. If it were Bush and Cheney that were on the bandwagon to confiscate semi-autos, you’d see most liberals championing the AR-15’s cause. Imagine a rant from Rachel Mudcow from MSNBC about how AR15’s are no more dangerous than bolt action rifles and you’d have every progressive sheeple among them bowing down to her argument.

        This isn’t about right or wrong, reason against the absurd, or even the safety of children. This is about party line mentality and stupid people giving up their freedom of thought to their handlers in the media. You see it with sports officiating, religious pastoring, and political dialogue. The sheep argue against rational thought all the time because their “side” told them to.

        • The left gets me laughing with their lack of logic even within their own mindset. They were worried that GW Bush would suspend elections to prevent their chosen one the Presidency. If you entertained that convoluted thought why would you champion civilians being disarmed knowing that every eight years there could be a total legal shift in political party’s?

          They are the most mistrusting trusting people to ever band together for a cause. They tend to function with the way they desire things to be rather than the reality of the way things are.

        • SS: What are you smoking?

          • Smoking LEXINGTONS…

            • For me, it’s Concords.

        • SterlingSilver,

          That’s it in a nut shell, “The sheep argue against rational thought all the time because their “side” told them to.” What a bunch of brain dead little followers.

      3. The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

        • GDawg, Wrong! The Ballot box does still count. If all we had were Liberal Democrats we would have lost our rights long ago. As for resistance in New York, we will find out how that shakes out when some take a stand and go to court. Jury Nullification is still one of our strongest allies. So educate your friends and families on this issue. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • @Mountain Trekker:

            I used to think like you do, I really did. But several generations of the producers bearing 2.8 children per family and the welfare establishment families churning out five, six, or even more children has drastically shifted the demographics of this country. And that’s not even counting the millions of illegals that have poured over the borders to get free food and medical care… And the massive voter fraud going on in the inner cities.

            We are simply outnumbered by those wanting handouts and outflanked by crooked Marxist politicians in our cities.

            The time to be a Spartan is close at hand.


            • Mal, No argument here. but as long as we still control the House we still have hope in the ballot box. As they say WAR IS HELL! Lets not hurry to get there. I don’t fear what’s coming, I’m an old Vet. But this ain’t some game where we just get to go out and start shooting people. There’s time enough for dying when the votings done. Trekker Out. Honor Few and Fear None!

              • The ballot box has failed! Every time we the people have tried that, elections are either stolen or fixed. Half of the country now demands their free stuff and you and I are the suckers paying for it. Game over!

              • Who is the “we” that controls the house? Are you a politician? If you are not a member of the House of Representatives, the Senate, or a staff member of the political class you are not part of the “we”. Until you get past the illusion of “we”, in reference to the political class, you will always be a pawn in the chess board of life. Strive to rise above the status of a pawn. There are other pieces on the chess board, look it up on Google.

                • SD Mule. First off let me inform you, I’m no politician! But I am a Constitutionalist, and I don’t comment on this site just to spread a lot off bulls**t, about what I will and won’t do, like many of these people that make comments just to hear themselves talk. As for the “WE” I knew who that was before there was such a thing as Google. Please just take a minute, and that’s all it will take, and crack open the Constitution. And the very first word in the Constitution will clarify who the “WE” is. And that ain’t no illusion. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

                  • Your “we” was in reference to controlling the House, nowhere in your comment do you reference the Constitution. You are speaking of voting, as in the right/left, Republican/Democrat, ect. My comment stands, as long as you are stuck on the right/left paradigm you are controllable by those who control the information you receive. Much like Pavlov’s dog, every time the bell rings, you respond as you have been trained. Thanks for bringing up the Constitution, it’ a great read.

              • MT; Right on! I am a retired military man AND a CHL instructor. I always teach that lethal force is the LAST option. I have been all over the world for almost 40 years, been shot at and shot back. I am here…they are not!!! War is hell…CIVIL WAR IS MORE THAN HELL! I will ALWAYS DO WHAT I HAVE TO DO REGARDLESS OF AGE. It is not fun. WAR IS HELL. Don’t wish for it, don’t hope for it. You will not like it, I PROMISE YOU! The ballot box must be used up to the point the first shot is fired….. the first shot is fired! Make your peace with God and live with VALOR, AND IF NEED BE, DIE WITH VALOR. I would rather be dead than be a slave. Just sayin’. Be well.

                • Damn right!

                • Woefully mistaken are those who think that what is coming is a civil war. A civil war is between factions of the people or factions of the government backed by factions of the people. Do you think the 50% with their hands out for Obamaphones are going to fight? The gangs they breed might take advantage of the situation, but they will be fighting only for kicks and for their own benefit and will be as likely to turn on their “employers” as to fight for them.

                  We are not in Kansas any more, and this is not your great-grandpappy’s civil war (which was funded on both sides by the banksters great-grandpappies in order to bankrupt the fledgling nation). What’s coming is the people against the Control System, and the Control System is global in scope. What’s coming is a steamroller of epic proportions, and no matter how armed you think you are, they have weapons you have not even imagined. Be smart. Network now while you can. Establish alternate lines of communication that do not require electronics or motor vehicles.

                  • Agree on most part. The communication esp. NOW IS THAT TIME !

                  • Auntie; Could you expound on and illuminate those “non-electric, non-motor vehicle” alternate lines of communications? What exactly are we talking about?

                • guys i agree but point out to me and i`m sure from the comments where the ballot box has done any good??i`m not sure thats the way either,,but i am ready to go to war if thats what it takes,,plus dont come back at me with war stories,, yes its hell,,i have some of my own,,,,


                  • snake eater; If you are truly one of them, then thank you for your service. My son was too and I was a combat engineer. I too have war stories, but I wouldn’t cheapen them by publicizing them other than to say I was the last man in my unit that was drafted. I will say that because of the ballot box, we have not had a “Hugo Chavez” take over of our government. 15 years ago Venezuela had the most vibrant economy in South America, now look at it. That AND they have a dictator. As bad as it seems WE DO NOT HAVE A DICTATOR, as much as he would like to be. That is, of course, little solace to some. And, I agree. However, the Republic still stands and we will have another election in four years, i.e. the ballot box and of course the midterms in 14 and perhaps some positive changes. Sometimes it doesn’t move as fast as we want, and at other times, waaayyy tooo fast. We always have hope in the next election AND UNTIL THAT OPTION IS EXHAUSTED, we should maintain appropriate and civil decorum. Personally, I would like to take direct action now. NOW! Sort of like a Vince Flynn novel. But, it’s not about me, nor is it about you! It is about the Republic, period. IF, that is, IF, we are forced to fight, then so be it, however, it better be the LAST OPTION BEFORE DEATH. I promise you I will fight tooth and nail, I will bite off whatever I can from the nearest foe of freedom, if all I have left is the teeth in my head, and I will prevail, one way or another on this side OR the other side of the “Veil”. WE MUST HAVE THE DISCIPLINE TO NOT SHOOT UNTIL WE SEE…..THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES. They are our brothers and sisters, regardless of how we feel. Killing them will only be momentary, ephemeral and very ungratifying. The reverberations of that will echo forever in our future history, FOR EITHER GOOD OR BAD. It is truly odd that it is called “civil war” as it is certainly not “civil”. I pray for peace, and hope for peace, yet I prepare for….the seemingly inevitable. I am old. I have given my all. I only wanted to be with my grandchildren and enjoy the autumn of my life. I don’t want this but I will do what I have to do, but no one NEEDS TO RUSH IT. However, as the man said “it is what it is”. Please, be thoughtful and well.

                  • Good words. I shake your hand.

              • Amen.
                Once you’ve seen the elephant, the elephant see’s you too… and some souls are crushed by the weight of the dead…
                The Good guys do not fire first.
                Hold the line…
                If a national gun registry is made law… declare war.
                Like they are doing in NY…
                Go NY… tell Cum o, to go to hell. openly.

            • If Obama gets his immigration reform passed it will indeed be game over. It already is but that will speed things up by several years. Never in history has a population stood by and let itself be pushed out of their own country with nary a whimper like the American people have.

        • Fully 90% of New York City residents were NOT born in the USA.

          This explains Bloomberg, Cuomo, and the unconstitutional government. Most New Yorkers don’t even know what the Constitution is.

          • Hell, if you have ever ridden in a New York Taxi you’ll find out that those Indian and Pakistani drivers are well aware of the Freedom of Speech…

          • My old neighborhood in Queens is now part of Haiti. makes me proud you know what I mean?

          • These Assclowns are smuggling in illegal immigrants as we speak, Instant Americans, thats the only way they can hold on to power. I smell political crimes trials in the future.

      4. I think New Yorkers just set the pace and shot one back over the bow…we owe it to the free world to back them up and follow suit—in spades.

        • sixpack
          i agree 100%,,,if we dont we`ll be missing the boat,,,


          • In truth “Snake”…I view it as dereliction of duty!

          • Right now it is just talk……won’t know the fortitude and resolve until things get way more hairy. Then I am afraid most will comply and give up leaving only a few to do the battle and they will be made an example of….scaring the crap out of most everyone across the rest of the country. Call me a pessimist…..just the way I see it going unfortunately….especially after watching the video I posted the other day of the Bonus Army in D.C. in 1932 and what happened to them. People were better IMO back them compared ton the low values and morals of most today. So I see a worse outcome today then what happened to them in 32′

            • The Bonus Marchers in ’32 were good people, military and their families. They thought they were on the same side as the Government and just wanted to get some attention for their cause.
              Now most of us realize we are not recognized by the (not “our”) government as citizens but seen as subjects. Many of us are also much less concerned with hurting our image as civilized persons attempting to engage in civil discourse since that option is being actively denied by the nature of the propaganda issuing against us. We are also just not as nice and as restrained as they were (on average). The violence this time will again be initiated by them. The result will be somewhat different I believe.

              • Well, I watched this video just now. I didn’t know about this! Sadly, I now have no hope for us. These men actually physically tried. It took 16 years for results. What are we teaching our children now? Do we have 16 years? Can we give them hope for a better tomorrow? Where is the line drawn between radical shoot-em-ups and sensible achieves? Those vets who marched on DC didnt take guns with them, they tried to make their voices heard. And still TPTB still ignored them.. They crept out of their castle on the hill in the dark of night and sent in soldiers to attack soldiers.

                I just don’t know.

                • Who says we don’t learn from the past — this time we need to have all exit points covered…

            • I would have to saddly agree with your statement about those who talk BIG but when the time comes and the shit gets deep they will bail. I hate to say it but it has to be said most of the people of this country have become “lippy” (say a bunch of shit act big and bad then when it comes time to act do nothing and hope everyone else does it for them or tuck tail between legs and comply)Sadly I know and am surounded by quite a few of them and expect no help from them when everything goes south because I know I am on my own.

              • It is now absolutely clear that the subversives have declared war upon We the People, the Constitution and the Republic. The propaganda stage of this undeclared war has been in effect for decades, and it is now moving into the open, viral stage. The first shots have already been fired by the enforcers of the tyranny, and they continue to ramp-up the pressure.

                If there is little or no resistance to their opening salvos, they will steamroll the weak opposition with a merciless blitzkrieg. Our first defense is at the ballot box. If your vote is eliminated by fraud, let the thunder of your voices be heard. Resist, but never fire the first shot…respond only in self defense.

                Unite now! Stand and fight, or die as cowards and slaves on your knees! Network, communicate, educate, and take back the flag that the tyrants have stolen and dirtied with their filthy hands…restore the Constitution and the Republic! The line has been drawn…no compromise, no surrender. Expect no mercy, expect no quarter, and give none! Live free or die!

            • Agreed. Reactions and over-reactions are running rampant right now, but when we actually see boots on the street kicking down doors, when the police/military machine gets rolling (my apologies to any active members or vets who are truly on the Constitutional side of law and order), the numbers who stand and join the ranks will dwindle. Fear will prevail, I’m afraid. Watch for the catalyst (food riots, economic collapse, disease epidemic, natural disaster) to see where lines are drawn and where the players stand.

            • BJ, don’t compare the good people in upstate NY with those varmits inhabiting the major population centers. There are tens of thousands of hunters, and that isn’t even counting the guys who have served in the military. That makes for an awful lot of long range snipers if it get’s to that point. They are a tough and independent people upstate. I pray that the gov backs down on this one. If they don’t, I’d hate to be in their shoes. Their lives wouldn’t be worth spit.

        • Damn straight.

      5. good for the people of ny…screw the government…keep your guns–we’re gonna need them soon

      6. Well, looks like New York will be the litmus test for the rest of America.

        Stand Tall

        Get right with God

        Remember New Yorker’s, you have millions of American’s backing you.

        • NYS residents will NOT comply.

        • Hope the yanks are sincere… but NY is definitely a blue nanny state – that’s what they voted for! Lots o’ sheep live in NY. Will be interesting to see how many real men actually stand up.

          • Downstate is blue. The Erie Canal Axis (Buffalo to Albany, stops in Rottenchester & Syracuse) is blue. Much of the rest hates the City with a passion. Lived there in the ’80s, so I know first hand. They’ve put up with being taxed to death for the benefit of the City, they’ve put up with regulation after regulation passed for the benefit of the City,, but this may be the final straw. The next Lexington/Concord may occur in upstate New York. Power to the People!

          • @NC Gal,

            Yeah, you’re right, many NYers are lazy sheep, that voted for these Nazi scumbags….BUT, luckily, there are a bunch of us that do NOT believe in what’s going on here, nor, will we tolerate it! Believe me, there’s a bunch of us NYers that are not going down without a fight. 🙂

          • NC Gal, don’t confuse the tough independent people from upstate NY with those big city varmits. That’s not being fair to group them all together. The good guys up there stirring up all the ruckus on this are rugged individuals. They have to be to go through those winters. They’ll stand their ground, and we better darn well back them up, or it’ll be our turn next. They can count on at least one man from Georgia to do what I can. I’ll stand with the Yankees.

        • Thank You, we appreciate it very much!

      7. excuse the language ladies


        FUCK CUOMO

        • Satori
          i`ve done alot of things around the world but not sure i could handle that one


          • i gotta chainsaw that needs an asshole to violate..Cuomo,, fits the bar….oops meant the bill


            • ROLMFAO!!

              • @ think about it

                • sorry it was funny at the moment

            • He would probably enjoy it.

      8. Stand tall, Stand proud, and never back down! All over America this is going to become the new norm, because if you do not stand up to tyranny, then you will perrish at the hands of another who thrives on the sheer power of being able to tell you, what you can and cannot do.

        Keep a clear mind and remember what is at stake. You are the one in charge of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      9. I’m not even a believer; but in this case perhaps I’ll get a pass to say: May God Help us all if this continues; cause it’s gong to get ugly,and we could use the help

        • We must move quickly and heavily to support our nearest brother, and sisters in this event. Let us move quickly to avoid as many Wacos and Ruby Ridges’ that we can. They have families too.

          • yep, agree, no more free Wacos, or Ruby Ridge’s..United we stand, you mess with one, you get us all.
            I sure hope my brothers in arms would have my back

            • If it comes at us, your six is covered.
              If you fire first, you’re on your own.
              If a natgunreg is enacted, you’ll be standing in line.
              March is supposed to be the new UN Small arms treaty… it imposes an international gun registry…


              Not this time.

          • I disagree, we need some more Ruby ridges and Wacos. Only this time it needs to be their compounds that are assalted.

        • Paranoid, don’t worry much, most people I know here in Georgia are with ya’ll on this one. The Grey will proudly stand with the Blue this time. This issue is too important.

      10. Can’t even post ONE comment per story?

        “Slow down you are posting comments too fast”

        • Its probably not this site, I can post like a mad man, and never get that..might be something on your end..or server, i doubt its mac’s site if you have posted here before

          • It’s this site. You make a comment and submit and that’s what you get. Happens often. Like who can remember what you just wrote when it comes from the heart and then you have to rewrite it. Disgusting! Trekker.

            • sorry guys, we’re working on a fix for this. we’ve done several system upgrades recently with no succes regarding that particular issue. we’ll hopefully have a fix in place soon.



              • NO,NO, Thank You Mac, If you have a problem on this site, just post a comment and you get a response. Thanks again Mac. Trekker Out.

                • Thanks Trekker — and again, let me know if that issue comes back — I hope this new code overwrite did the job.

                  Take care all and sorry for any frustration caused by the commenting fails.


                  • This has happened to me, but it was because my computer was slow and I hit submit twice. Refreshed the page and it was there. Be patient folks.

              • Thank you Mac.

                • eeder, don’t be a idiot you bigot

                  • fuck off faggot

              • Mac, either you get the CIA and the fucken jews out of here or we will. Thats not a request or threat. Its a promise and a demand. GET the FUCKEN JEWS OUT NOW! WE have had fucken enough. It ends right here , right now.

                • Get them out of where? Your head? Are they interfering with your voices. Turn up the volume.

            • Its happened a few time with me also. I now get in the habit of scroll & copying what Ive written before I post. Its happened on some other sites also, so thats how I have fixed it.

            • Something similar happened to me before. I clicked the back button and what I typed was still in the form. You might want to check that next time.

            • hit the back button when that happens it will bring up the page you were on when you typed all your stuff then hit submit again and it send it thru.

          • Mac, do you even have a “posting too fast” landing page? I ask because if you didn’t create one, we might be being redirected for some external reason. I am a former webmaster and have built working web sites from the ground up.

            • sp, it’s a built in wordpress function… we’ve modified how WP handles comment verification in the last 24 hours, so my hope is that it is finally resolved.

        • I keep getting it too, even on first post to a story per day?

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            Thanks for your patience all.


      11. F–k that come and get them

      12. “officials expect “widespread violations” of the new statute”.

        Them stupid f@$ks aint got a clue whats gonna happen to them and any of there trained dogs if they continue to pursue this.

        Why we continue to stand by and let anti americans in the goverment and population at large destroy this country. Start identifing your opportunities. Semper Fi. III

        • speaking of “trained dogs”..where can i get a bullet proof jacket for my tooth and claw defence team?

          because he will be at my side if he has anything to say about it..its how he rolls

            • thanks Mal, Ill look into it.

          • VRF
            you might try DELKS military surplus,,,they are in NC,,huge surplus store,,,,


            • Hey snake ever been there? I’ve shopped at Delks a few times…

          • I need an XSmall for my “battle cat”…

            • Do they have anything that fits a chicken?

              • CHICKEN????

                You’re talking about JoeinNC, right?

      13. It’s War BITCHEZ…. Fuck CUOMo and his LOUD MOUTH that spews nothing but fecal matter.

        Stay Focused and Keep Preppin’.

        • You are right but carful how you use that term. There are many types of war. I would consider this phase as that of the cold war with Russia except it’s the people vs the opressors. Nothing happend everyone just kept stocking up on what they could everyone was pissed and ready to go and it all ended with out a shot fired.

      14. LOL. like they stand a chance vs the government. I hope they all go to jail. Breaking the law is breaking the law. If you don’t like that law go to Somalia where it;s anarchy. Bet you;d like that, wouldn’t you?

          • 100 million American gun owners hold the future of America in their hands. Use the law, the courts, and the ballot to protect OUR rights.

            If they fail US, use a bullet. United WE are invincible. Vote.

            God, Country, and Constitution!

        • Naw, ill stay right here in the good ole USA and stand sholder to sholder with the other patriots,
          Why would we need to be marginalized by becoming refugees.
          Our rights are quite specific, but thanks for the idea.

        • This is such a asinine comment, why even rate. Trekker Out.

        • @finx:

          Have you seen all the sheriffs refusing to follow Obummer’s decrees? Plenty of freedom lovers left in the police and armed services. If it comes to that, and I hope it doesn’t, plenty of uniforms are going to ‘switch’ sides.

          Wait, bitch, and watch it happen.


          • They say about 80 to 85% of the police and military will join you. What is the left going to fight with?

            • Bad language, it’s all they have left, as we have all the guns and bullets.

          • mal yes i saw that but also saw where the AGs in those states are saying they will strip those sheriffs of authority,,


            • WE don’t need their permission to protect ourselves, so what makes you think a uniform and a Sheriff’s badge changes that? LEOs don’t need TPTB’s permission to protect themselves and their family, or us for that matter.

            • snake, the AG can not take the sheriff’s authority away from them, nor anyone else. The sheriff’s of this country are the law directly voted for by the people and it is the people who put them in office. They have more weight than anyone else in this country, city, state, federal, etc. In fact, they are the only ones who can tell the fed’s to leave and not come back. They are authorized to swear in deputies, a citizen militia when need arises. They are our powerhouse in this brewing dispute. Do your research. It is true. And they are sworn under oath to protect we the people and they are going to do it. Bless them all.

        • I agree, Americans need to obey.

          • @ WarbossPoncho. Does that mean Americans need to obey right onto to the trains to the camps? Time and time again throughout history people obeyed right until they were slaughtered, gassed, tortured, raped, and made into slaves. I guess this is a notion that some people fail to learn from, raw obedience leads to raw control of everything.

          • WarbossPoncho,

            Americans are through with listening to Americants.

            The Lord is Righteous.
            Standing by in Texas.

          • Obey, yes. Obey their conscience and their God.

          • 99% of American’s are already obeying their creator who is the real master. If you and others like you think Americans also need to obey a new master on earth……then you are having a big , really BIG problem since the SOB is not born yet.

          • Yes, we need to obey THE CONSTITUTION.

          • …define “obey”…its not in my latest rebel dictonary…

        • @ finx. You back again you little smelly cockroach? From your point of view everyone should just bend over and take it repeatedly up the butt. Of course someone that is pro-government is someone that likes getting butt rammed on a daily basis.

          This country was founded on a f’u attitude. This country became strong and powerful on a f’u attitude. This country prevented Hitler and Tito from taking over the whole world on a f’u attitude. Now you just want everyone to roll over without saying anything and take this gun grab. You finx, or Jo(k(e(r) in NC, or whatever faggot name you choose, go give some government control freak some head. Every last person that defies this violation of the 2nd Amendment is a true patriot and someone with true inner value and a friend and ally to TRUE AMERICA.

          One another thing f.i.n.x., (fucken idiot numnuts x times over) there have been plenty of laws that have been completely unfair like slavery of another human being. You being some butt rammed liberal schlong in the mouth would have supported the law of slavery based on that asinine notion of “the law is the law”. Gum on that one you total loser.

          • Be Informed,

            Damn I hope you know I had virgin ears till I read that…..LMFAO. Its very simple brother FINX is not worth my time..


          • @BI dude over the weeks i have noticed your change, you were always fighting for the freedoms we are loosing, but recently you have become exactly what the ppl like joeinnc and finx are turning you into. Do not let them get to you, stop and breath.

            Go back to your own self. You did not used to get so worked up this is what they want. They want you irate. They want you mad and emotional. Flip the switch when dealing with these fools. Cold and calculating is what we need.

            Yes they get under your skin its their job and they are doing a damn good one by the looks of it. You used to give more of the good info about the quakes and helping ppl in those areas prepare when you felt or noticed things going bad their way. Now your spending too much time letting them get to you and replying to the fools.

        • Nazi spy…

        • Hey finx,
          The Americans did not stand a chance against the English either but we kick their behind anyway. So what your point?

        • Finx?
          You understand the concept of ‘infringe’ on God given rights?
          Nah, you wouldn’t…
          Since the guberment is your God.
          go to hell.
          Anarchy is preferable to slavery.
          Tired of being nice to CUMO licking dogs.
          molon labe mf.

          • I have had, quite simply put, enough of their shit. $40,000.00 “enviromental” fines for mud in the river during a 9″ rainstorm.
            Building permit, still waiting (and paying) after 2 years!! 2 fucking years!
            Taxes,fees,taxes and more fees. Mosha, Osha punk former hamburger flipper telling me, a goddamn seasoned pro, how to run a jobsite. (seriously, hamburger flipper punk).
            Cops everywhere. Local cops.State cops. Toll cops. Trucker cops. Fuel tax cops (really). Fish and game cops. And then add FBI,IRS,DHS, and who the hell else, you can’t keep track.
            Fuck-em all. I’d rather take my chances with the terrorists. THERE, I just said it, I WOULD RATHER TAKE MY CHANCES GETTING ON A PLANE WITH NO SECURITY THAN PUT UP WITH THIS PHONY SHIT!!! I WOULD RATHER DEAL WITH THE TERRORISTS. To me, at least they have honor. Screw this” we’ll make you safe, just give us all the power”.

            I have had thoroughly ENOUGH. Fuck these liberal, statist peices of shit. Sorry for the language.

            Molon Labe, MF

        • Fuck off CIA/jew troll. Go fuck yourself, and eat shit and die.

        • Dear spinchter, you go to Somalia along with the rest of the communists.

        • fuck off finx

      15. We’ll see if New Yorkers have grown a set suddenly.

        Seeing as they have already allowed some of the most strict guns laws in the Country to be passed, I’m skeptical.

        Honestly though, saying they won’t comply is something but if they were really serious they would demand a complete removal of the law before it can be implemented.

        THEN they would be showing the rest of the Country where they stand.

        I honestly doubt they do anything but we can hope. The rest of the Country better prepare themselves, it’s coming to our states soon too.

        • Upstate NY has a large number of rugger individuals that won’t tolerate this. We have to stand with them on this one. They are badly outnumbered by the city varmits. There is probably a couple hundred thousand hunters up there. That makes for a lot of snipers with an awful lot of hardware. Most people I know here in Georgia are pretty upset with the gun grabbers. Them Yankees might need a little help if SHTF. If it’s not stopped there, then sure enough it’s only a matter of time before the get down here and try to take ours.




        • The State never quits, and this isn’t the most important fight, not yet. But it is a good place to start drawing a line in the sand. Let the Blue and the Grey stand proudly alongside each other on this one. Besides, I think them damn Yankees are going to need a little help. Down here in Georgia, we all believe that we gotta watch your back on this one NY.


        • There’s something very strange about this bill. Obviously, on many levels. But what doesn’t sit well with me here is her list of “rifles”. Why just those rifles when there are many more like these that she doesn’t name. For example, the “HK MR556” is the civilian semi auto .223 caliber that “looks” like it’s an “assault rifle”. It’s big brother, the HK MR762, .308 caliber, is not on the list, but they are identical, visually and functionally. Both come with the “legal” 10 round mags. I just don’t get it. I am sure there are hundreds of other examples, similar to the one I used.

          Something “deeper” is brewing here. I know “their” intention is to “shoot for the stars” but be content with “any” firearm they can ban. Incremental Persuasion. Inch, by inch. Dismantle our rights. Dismantle the 2nd. If she has been working on this gun ban for the last year, why so many irregularities in the bill?

          • Yes! And how about the “hidden” add one that always emerge AFTER a bill passes!

          • Remember the Gilligan’s Island episode where Russian spies landed, and concluded Gilligan must be the leader.Because nobody coud be thet F*king stupid.

            I give you Senator Diane Feinstein. These bills and laws make no sense, because they are sense-less. We all know, with 100% absolute certainty, they will not acomplish their stated goals. No way, no how.

            Best way to fight crime and make people safer. Concealed handgun permits, shall issue. Works like a charm, makes thier heads explode. Gun bans, crime up. CHP, crime down.
            They can’t be this stupid. That only means there is an ulterior motive. I hate to be patronized.

            I honestly know, now, what it felt like just before the Cival War. Brother against brother, blah, blah, blah, were just words with no real feelings. I’m so spooled up right now, and shit economy, imminant financial collapse, no bright spots on the horizon,phony news and phony government, I feel the knot.
            There is so much more I would like to say. I don’t think I’m alone. But I’ll just keep a few things to myself. seems the prudent thing to do. And for Government eyes, go fuck yourself.

            • You got that straight Rick! It stinks to high heaven.

          • Obvious that, just like last time, they got a bunch of LGBT bunnies together in a room with a keg and a pound of dope and looked at catalogs to come up with their lists, then ran them past a few industry lobbyists for input. I read it all online last night, and was simply flabbergasted at the omissions and doublespeak.

            But these are the same people who describe a sling swivel as a bayonet mount, talked about “that thing that goes up”, told a reporter that even an unloaded gun can kill, and think that the 5.56×45 round is just short of a nuclear weapon.

            Teh stupid – it BURNS!

          • Her bill lists ALL AR rifles, INCLUDING the ones mentioned by name. ALL AK’s INCLUDING the ones mentioned.
            Read carefully. She is after alot of guns not just the ones mentioned by name.

            • There is even a .22LR firearm on the list. What’s that all about?

              • Worried we’ll eat too many squirrels when they blockade supplies.

      18. when you open up a can of woop ass, you get what you asked for ..I dont wanna hear no dam cryin’from them, when the gauntlet is thrown down

        we didnt start the fire.

        And another fuck stick politicians better stop blaming all of us lawful gun owners for the alleged acts of another., or any criminal for that matter, I will not stand for it, and no one else should either!

        I will not bow,I will not register, I will not follow any BS law against my right to bear arms , no matter the fear tactic they try,, you want em, step to me.

        • If its a criminal they want its a criminal they will get, Bonnie and Clyde style.


        • I heard yesterday on some tv news as I flipped chanels, that Now Bubba Klinton is warning dems to tred lightly!

          Klintons waring dems that they are not being as supported as they thought prior!

          ALSO: Got propane delivered yesterday and the truck driver guy asked can he come in to have a smoke. While we talked at the table and had a smoke and coffee, he said he saw on tv news they are now admiting ZERO rifles or AR;s was used in that shooting of the school kiddies.

          Perhaps between klinton backing off warnings and the other item of zero ar rfiles used some dems will reconsider bans of guns. It wont last if they do but still is good if that happens eh.

          Then NRA and other proguners need keep harping on these facts and not let up nor give a single inch more.

          • Angelo; DO notice the difference here if you are interested in having a CIVIL conversation. There is NO valid evidence that there was anything other than a massacre at Newtown, period. ALL of the evidence supports multiple wounds with an AR-15 firearm, period. No shit! This idiot used an AR and carried two handguns, a 10mm Glock and a 9mm Sig. He didn’t use either handgun. He exclusively used the AR to do his killing. NOW, HAVING SAID THAT, I don’t give a shit. ARs are the default “militia” weapon, as much as I hate to use that word, and a “madman” using it has NO bearing on OUR ability to possess the same said weapon. The Second Amendment is about having an equivalent firearm to the standing army of the day to fight the gubment at large. Just sayin’. Be well.

            • You dont know what youre talking about. The rifle was not used in the massacre.

              • I saw a video that clearly showed a cop removing an AR from Lanza’s car trunk and repeatedly operating the charging handle to make sure the gun was not loaded. The video was shot from above, and there was no mistaking what type of rifle it was.

                • Bob; Do you have a verifiable link to this “video”, so that we can see this for ourselves? Or can you tell us where to find it? Would be interested in seeing it. Be well.

                  • They are removing the shotgun. That does not change the hysteria that is being employed to make everyone a criminal just for owning a certain type of semi auto firearm.Do not underestimate these people, they play to win and they have alot of power.

                • Tripod: No you do not want ‘civility” with me as your several posts every damn time I post anything shows.

                  IF: If you spent More time READING various website links and info from me or Ahab-JQPublic-NINA-O-Anton-and perhaps sevaral more folks here.

                  Instead of jumping back and forth between being a site-spelling teacher, and, self apointed UNquestionable defender of All issue jewsih or black, whenever you are not endlessly bragging how great you were or are due to 40 yrs military etc.

                  Then perhaps You would note that we are NOT in the Militray here. You aint no type “Bossman” and contrary to whatever or whoever you got these beliefs, regarding incessantly bashing me on Every post I post if its info or opinion You do not like, it IS YOU who need to awaken to Facts and Truths surrounding the many evils of that ‘tribe” you so unqestionably defend always.

                  You said you went to a baptist church. IMHO they are the worst when it comes to speaking facts about todays and past jews and their methods etc. Maybe not, but most of those denomination has a habit of useing scofields phony bible translations the last 100 yrs or so now.

                  In case this is where your info arrises from? is You that need research what and who scofield was. And how Banksters is who Published his brand bible after ALL legit publishers Back in His day(1903 aprox era) Refused due to its immense Heritical crap. Most all his definitions are wrong.

                  Yet today its probobly the main reference used by Most(not all) pastors. Just cause alot or Many does it dont make it corect. Research will prove him wrong or at least very highly suspect and Agenda driven.

                  Look back thru several Past articles Here this site. You wil find Many links and proven documented factual evidence from Ahab-Me-Anton-Nina-O-JQP and “IF” you actually Read and study that stuff You just may be who needs re-think Your ideals and opinions.

                  Re read your Own replies to me too! You say If I want to act Civil?! Its NOT ME posting 6th grade kid type bad mouthings and name calls at you is it? I never call others here Muthafuckers etc…YOU do that! Civil?!

                  And for some ironic issue You have, it seems I aint seen a single post by you that trashes them other guys names who post the Exact Same type info as I do. So perhaps its not my “info” so much…But rather Me you so disdain.

                  It dont really matter as you do not know me, and contrary to whatever You thibk of me..I do not need any Teachers.

                  In fact IF You read them links info on what seems to be Your favorite group(jews) and if You are an Honest man. It will be You who admits that I and several others such as ahab et al I wrote of, can perhaps teach You a thing or two of the Real issues and WHO is behind it eh.

                  I do not say that to taunt(as you seem to like doing to me) you. Nor do I imply you are not intelligent. Rather I wish to Inform you that just maybe while You spent 40 yrs in military enviros, and likly had many Others Dictate what you should think or believe etc.

                  Many of Us were busy persuing Facts and Truths which were Hidden from us All most our lives…And thats been done BY design to dumb americans down badly. And continue full UNquestionable support of a certain rabid rogue bandit state in the mid east.

                  And facts that the Same people from That group also swindled Near total control of Our nation since 1913 era.

                  But, unless You can switch over from spelling teacher and BigBossman so as to Persue them Links and info I and several others here posted in various articles here.

                  And Learn what We already have, its highly likly nothing will change per your attitude towards me eh. Or perhaps you will begin attacking them other guys who post basically the Same stuf as I do.

                  Either way its You that will lose if you choose the latter. Only by Personal reading and research of these issues IE: WHO-controls all msm? Hollywood? usa fed govnt? Much of State govnts? BANKS!? Unions? naacp? ADL? SPLC? and aprox 300-400 More orgs like adl and splc are.

                  Then research WHAT does they propose? Really propose, Not what Their agents or press lackys report of it…Read between lines where necessary. Although I 100% Garentee you wont need read anything but exactly whats wrote by them and you will see I am correct.

                  Ever actually Read Any parts of talmud? Cabala?

                  I prior posted Many varried verses and Personal statements BY many jewsih rabbi’s. Very esteemed high official types. as well as statements BY various Leadership persons OF them aforementioned splc-adl et al type orgs.

                  I posted most all of the actual website I copied/pasted to This site a few articles back.

                  It was from a former US rep, kalif, who retired after 16 yrs as us rep. His site is Dedicated to alerting us all to whats called the “Noahide Laws” already signed into Fed code laws. If you read that stuf you cannot posibly continue to Blindly unquestionably defend their tribe or group etc.

                  DISCLAIMER: I do NOT think nor believe that all folks of that or other groups or races etc are bad or whatever.

                  I DO think some groups do have a Disproportionate number, perhaps even a Vast Majority of their own who are amoung the bad or evil etc…As I do believe if compared to My group, whites, the numbers are vastly Reversed.

                  Its not about emotional feelings, nor PC, rather it is about evidence be it true factual historic documented stuf, or simply MY own 60 yrs of lifes evidence and experience. I never travled 40 yrs around the world as you has…Then again maybe its why I get it on these issues eh, I spent my time in america where all these problems are happening. I decided to investigate why and what and Who is doing it. Maybe you too should do so. It is Your choice either way. But if you do I think you will be amazed at how what you thought you knew and trutsed was alot of lies or falsehoods to cover a Real hidden agenda etc.

                  If again you dislike my reply here?..Thats fine. I like it alot. That to me matters somewhat more. If you agree on it? Fine also. And if you need Links? I can provide enough to keep you busy 20 yrs reading time! I imagiane Ahab and others here that has em can provide links also if you ask them to.

                  • Angelo Mutherfuquero; Are you speaking English? Go back and read what you posted, dude. Your slop is too confusing to even read. I have no idea what a Schofield is other than an old Smith and Wesson revolver. I actually prefer the KJV for most of my bible reading, although the RSV reads a little easier. So now you deign yourself the “chooser” of correct religions and mine is deficient cuz you say so, ha, bullshit! I can certainly tell you weren’t in the militray(sic, again that means the way ‘you’ spelled it). Can you not control your temper, conjugate a verb AND spell at the same time. I don’t have a clue as to what most of your rant was about, simply because it was so incoherent (that means not very understandable), the grammar was so bad and the spelling was even worse. WTF set you off, biatch. I post to someone else and then you had an epileptic fit. Hope you didn’t bite your tongue off as you beat your keyboard to death. Oh, and tribes, tribes, you’re talking about tribes. When did we get to the Indian reservation, dude? There are no “tribes” you underpowered idiot. If you are 60 something, hopefully your age will be close to your IQ at some point in life. I really wish I could say more, but your diatribe was so convoluted and incomprehensible that it just isn’t possible. Be well my little bigot friend.

                  • Tripod (IDF)

                    Whats the matter, badass? Somebody shit in your mess kit this morning? Piss in your Wheaties, maybe?

                    Funny how you have such a ‘hard-on’ for Angelo and degrade him, per his method of delivering truth. Who gives a rats-ass if his style is…somewhat disorganized, as long as it is verifiable as truth?
                    Has your uppity ass even bothered to check his data?

                    You claim to be a retired combat-engineer, meaning your MOS required a modicum of intelligence. That said, I have yet to see you “REFUTE” a single allegation posited by Angelo…based on factual/historical research only!
                    …a subtle oversight on your part…or is it intentional?

                    So in Angelo’s defense…I’m giving you a link to a REAL AMERICAN SOLDIER’s blog, where you’ll receive the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth!

                    He’s a dying breed(sadly) and hails from an era where HONOR meant something in society…he was an SF lifer. Read his stuff & learn something for once. Browse his site, if your retired sensitivities can handle such.
                    See link below:


                    P.S.> …& back-off fucking w/ Angelo…the man is knowledgeable…beyond you!

                • Bob; JM down below gives a link to the removal of the weapon from the trunk of Lanza’s car. Don’t know why I can’t reply to him to thank him, but thanks JM. While the video isn’t the greatest, it seems obvious this is a shotgun, which looks to be semi-automatic as he is not pumping it to clear the weapon. He is holding it with his right hand and reaching over the MIDDLE of the weapon to grab the bolt hook with his left hand (just like I do) and appears to eject one round that is very large compared to a 5.56mm, and appears very cylindrical (i.e. shotgunny), plus the front of the firearm seems too long and too wide to be an AR type weapon, looks more like a riot gun, though it does appear to have a pistol grip, which is not abby-normal for a tricked out shotgun. If I were going to guess and put my rep on the line from this video, I would have to say it was either a Mossberg or Remington auto. Also of note is the fact that the police have offered no info on the shotgun, presumably as it had NO role in the shootings therefore it isn’t germane. I find it difficult for anyone with any credibility to tell me that this was an AR style rifle, much less what model of AR rifle it was. I am a long time shooter, retired military man, I shoot service rifle competition and other competitive disciplines like 3 gun, I own a number of AR variants (10 to be exact), and have been an avid, educated, gun guy for over 40 years and am also a certified CHL and NRA instructor. This is obviously a shotgun with what appears to be only one round in it, as shown on this video. I don’t know where anyone gets the idea the media is saying (unless of course you count conspiracy websites, facebook posts and the like as the “media”) that there was “no rifle used in the Sandy Hook massacre”. This video is more than proof enough that the weapon in the trunk was a shotgun. EVEN at that, Just for the sake of argument, even IF it was an AR type rifle in the trunk…how does that preclude Lanza from having one (a Bushmaster) in the school. Duh! NO ONE OUTSIDE OF THE POLICE HAS SEEN THAT EVIDENCE, SO NO ONE CAN SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT OTHER THAN TO JUST STIR SHIT UP FOR CONSPIRATORIAL REASONS. Agent provocateurs? Don’t know. This is here for anyone to read or see, you decide. Be well.

              • E; Were you there? No, neither was I. Are you going to tell me that you BELIEVE the MSM during the first chaotic hours of the reporting of the shooting when every outlet was trying to “OUTDO” the others and stand by THEIR assessment of there being an “AR shotgun” (an obvious mistake) in the trunk of Lanza’s car? The MSM ALWAYS GETS THE GUN FACTS CORRECT, eh? What proof do you have that the Bushmaster wasn’t used in the shooting, when the medical examiner even stated it was so? Or, is he in on the CONSPIRACY (note that piracy makes up most of that word) too. References please. Everything can’t be a conspiracy…it defies logic AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, HUMAN NATURE, except for the believing part. People will believe in a conspiracy with little or no evidence other than something that makes you go “hmmn” and yet will not believe in a rather obvious God…go figure. Be well.

            • Unless ARs are REMOTE CONTROLLED now, the one in the trunk in the Sandy Hook parking lot WAS NOT INVOLVED…however, that is not to say that there could not have been an AR that walked out the door before the SHTF. THAT is the ONLY way an AR could’ve left a round in that school.

              • Gunsmith: Thank you. And also I am glad you posted Joe Cortinas link! I almost forgot about his website. Although I doubt the blowhard tripod IDF shill will actually Read cortinas stuf. Joe cortins creds are far surpassing his I rekon.

                It takes several lines just to list cortins roles and agencies such as green berets etc!….Cortina was training nam vets and spent Years as a liason in high intel over in isreal. What he saw and knows of true facts about the Vermin he delt with there can fill several books.

                IDF=Tripod wont read it. What he will do is say he did and then complain its fake or tin foil hat or conspiricy etc. Yet as you stated he NEVER Once yet refuted ANY of My posts or info with any credible anythings.

                IDF hasbaraboy tripper obviously has as Anton said a “Kosher fetish”!(what a great line anton!).

                Just like a true sol alinsky devote’ he uses bash the messenger as his defense for disagreements. What is left if they cannot accept truth or facts yet will Never admit it is so.

                If he aint a liberal dem, or a jew shill disinfo agent type, then it has to be…40 yrs of Army vaccines I heard alot about recently. What else can cause an otherwise seemingly normal person to go off like a total unglued whackjob as his reply posts to me always does?

                Typical of folks who talk big alot, yet when shown proof or evidence?…Act like Alan Colmbs(hannitys old lib pal). And scream flap arms wildly foam at mouth call vile names at others and regardless how much factual proof is handed to them reject it all every fuckin time.

                Funny he never attacks you or others who post identical info eh!…Sure Loves hisself alot though! I can tell by his non stop bragging. I bet he got his ass kicked in the army alot and feels guilt complex over it.

      20. 7 bullets max? This makes a lot of gun mags useless doesn’t it? Does this include handguns?

        Good to see some actual resistance, rather than talk. Lets see if it continues once the Gestapo comes to peoples doors.

        • you know how to make a 30 round mag into a 7 round mag?

          stuff it with 23 rounds before you pack in the required 7

          • LOL!! Damn Skippy!

        • yes it does actually even the cops can’t have anymore than 7 rounds there is a vid. on youtube about it with a ny cop being interviewed

      21. Living in the south I’d thought the whole bunch of them yanks were crazy liberals. Prove me wrong again! Hey yanks, stand by your convictions. Texas has your backs, we refuse to give anymore too. Enough is enough!

        • Incremental. This is how THEY intend to disarm US. “What could possibly be infringing on the second amendment by REQUIRING YOU to register all currently legally owned firearms”? “WE don’t want to take them, WE just want to know where they are, and WHAT they are. But YOU can keep them…until WE say you can’t.

          DO NOT COMPLY WITH THIS “TRAVESTY AND LIE WITH RESPECT TO OUR BILL OF RIGHTS!” Global history is crystal clear…registration is soon followed by confiscation and demonization of THOSE that refuse. The FIRST and MOST important step in “pushing-back” is REFUSING TO COMPLY with UNCONSTITUTIONAL mandates, regardless of “threatened” repercussions from a tyrannical assault on OUR freedoms.

          QUESTION: Why is Obimbo and this administration not facing full scale impeachment proceedings? THEY are PROVEN TRAITORS to OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights.

          When you can answer that question…you will begin to understand exactly what WE are actually fighting! IT is much more extensive/persuasive than even most here are willing to imagine!

        • We here in Georgia will as well.

      22. NY’s gun population should tripple to give them a huge middle finger…even if we have to import gun owners from other states..if you catch my drift?

      23. Grab Cuomo and hang him,
        This is getting out of hand, our rights are non negotiable,
        It is time to put these “public servants” on notice that they are overstepping their authority and it will not be tolerated. End of story
        You infringe you hang

        • LOL, and who will do it?

          • I dont know, 4 guys in a big suv, run flat tires, guns, ram his car, drag his ass out of it, badabing,

        • Kulafarmer,

          Gallows and Gibbets in front of the State house offices… to remind the replacements this is still the Constitutional Republics.

          The Lord is Righteous.
          Standing by in Texas.

        • I like coliseums and lions better than hanging them.

          • My grandma, what big teeth you have…

      24. Many have died to ensure our freedom. Do we have enough among us willing
        to do the same?


        • 1911,

          Not one more inch


          • I fear we may have already allowed too much to be taken from us.

            • You got that straight!

      25. Not a time to get angry, but a time to get mean.

        …timid tomorrow,wicked today…BA.

      26. In this world you dont get to live free by doing nothing or not working for it, you have to earn it..everyday

      27. Damn! I didn’t think there were any Patriotic individuals in New York. It’s time to “refresh” the tree of liberty. Washington needs to be Deloused.

        • Most conservatives keep to themselves. A real quite bunch. Better things to do than march in gay pride parades, or , egads, politics. Not like loudmouth liberal statists.
          We usually have other things to occupy us, like jobs and chores.

          This is their big mistake. They don’t think their are a lot of us, because we’re generally not loud, whiny crybabies, wanting Gov to come wipe our ass.

          A little bar-room knowledge. Loudmouth and a quiet guy sitting in the corner drinking his beer. What one do not mess with?

        • @hoser,

          Yeah, there’s a bunch of us! And, right now, we are SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF!

          “NOT ONE MORE INCH”

        • Mordor on the Potomac? Delousing Hah! It needs a good enema.

      28. cuamo needs to be dragged into the street and tried for treason against the citizens of N.Y

        • Don’t know if anyone else has seen this book but way back in the 80s I picked up a small book in Arizona called “Rolling Thunder, the Coming Earth Changes.” It was a collection of all these different predictions and prophesies about the time we’re in right now.

          I remember one that seemed so strange at the time. It said that all over the world, things will have gotten so bad that the mass of common people would “hunt all their leaders down like animals in the street.” I remember that phrase.

          Even after Watergate I couldn’t imagine things getting that bad EVERYWHERE. But that is EXACTLY what is happening all over the world. The little guy–Mac’s ant in the video–has finally reached his breaking point with those who claim to “represent him.”

          After all these years, I can really envision the possibility that our political leaders, bankers, and corporate class who have crushed us for years will bring the full fury of the mob down on them and they will be hunted down like animals.

          Just in the last two years, the anger against governments everywhere has mushroomed. It’s the same story everywhere. We–the ants–must slave to support the parasitic grasshoppers.

          Time to torch the grasshoppers palace and hang them from lamp posts.

          • But take note… most of the world is at a slight disadvantage to us, The U.S. Citizen Patriot.

            Thank you, Founding Fathers, one and all. You prophecised this time, and at least made sure we had the tools to get the job done.

            Maybe, someday, man will come up with a way to organize socially where the leaders don’t ultimatley ass-f*ck the people. We ain’t there yet.

            • After the battle I do believe that a higher principle of governance can be achieved:

              dignifying the prerogative of individual choice concerning public domain, while reserving the right to withdraw from institutional abuse (including all taxation)

              More here

              btw this is my first time visiting this site, but I am heartened by others courage in the face of despotism: Not One More Inch!

            • We haven’t been ass-f*cked yet, but the bastards are dry-humpin’ us for all they’re worth. Doyenne Funkstank, get the fuck off my leg bitch.

          • This post makes me envision an old monster movie where villagers carry torches and hold hounds on leashes. What are the SEIU workrules concerning being on the wrong end of a hunt?

      29. Often wondered if New York State had any Closet Rednecks?

        • Oh yea know a few of’em. Sad thing is most of them are more redkneckish than the southern redknecks.

        • A few, I know some personally, but mostly the upstate people are a good hardy bunch, not like the varmits in the cities. We had better stand with them on this one, or they’ll be coming our way next.

      30. The same goes for anyone making rules against the 2nd amendment.

      31. I live in Texas, were this is not said often;


        • Lena,

          Fellow Texan here as well and I thought I was the only one saying that.. Now we need to our part, Get this out to everybody we know. If our brothers and sisters in New York need help then it is our responsibility to make sure they get it..


          • Hey DPS…if you ever head north on a mission from GOD(blues brothers reference)…swing by my state & pick me up.

            I can haul the water too!

            • Gunsmith,

              You got it brother still have to watch the blues brothers when it comes on.. lol.

              Now if these G-Men decide the want to open up on our brothers up state well I’ll be dropping by the house to pick you up.


              • @ DPS…

                I’ll leave the light on, bro!

                Locked-n-loaded/squared away…& ready to deploy, sir!

                • Gunsmith,

                  Yes sir I hear brother,the way this is spreading we may need a bigger truck..


                  • You’ll most likely be swinging through Georgia, pick me up as well. I’ll bring the Confederate flag and we’ll proudly stand with our blue-belly cousins. Besides, they need all the help they can get.

          • Thanks DPS, we appreciate it! There’s a bunch of us Patriots here in NY.

            • treeofliberty,

              No thanks are needed sir, Just a long distance neighbor offer a hand to another neighbor. Even if we are 2000 miles apart. They mess with one of us then they get to see all of us.

              Standing By In Texas,


              PS They may get to know how those boy’s felt at the Alamo.

      32. As a resident of Florida I have absolutely no confidence Gov. Rick Scott and the A**holes in the legislation will stand up for the people of Florida. They seems to be determined to set up Obamacare even though they are being encouraged by 75% of the people to make the Feds set it up. Gun control same thing…it seems they believe every thing coming from Washington is the gospel. I can tell you that I will not give up my guns and I will not register them (again) or ever. But I promise if they come to get them I will take out as many as I can.

        • Hello Grits.
          Gov. Scott better think twice if he don’t want a shitstorm at his doorstep. We will see it all if the Trayvon Martin case comes up.

          Grits: Clue. Bardin road, Off 100, end of pavement.

          • slingshot: I-75 and I-10

            • Your west of me.

              • Broward County here, gentlemen.

                • Lafayette county here. At least we are one of the seven states that said we would arrest any feds who come down here for our guns..

                  Also, don’t know if this is true, heard it from a friend.. One of the main owners for Shoot Straight is engaged to Pam Bondi. He’s a doctor and a silent owner. Just find it interesting if they plan on baning all these guns, how’s it going to look if the main lawyer herself in FLorida is married to a guy who owns a gun store.

            • I’m about 15-20 minutes from Slingshot.

          • See my comment down the list SS.

      33. Not on more inch.

      34. Now that you’ve pissed off almost every law abiding gun owner, what now?

        “Excuse me sir. We have come to take your…”


        “Excuse me! You’ll have to speak up. I can’t hear you over the sound of my shotgun.”

      35. Not one more inch


      36. Being an Upstate New Yorker, I am grateful for everyones support. Cumo railroaded that legislation at 11:30 p.m. during a weekend, from what I recall.
        No one here is going to roll over and play dead.
        What is that saying, “Be careful of the Quiet ones.”
        I am doing some research on Cumo and trying to find out if this Ruling can be slammed down.
        Yes, this state has closet rednecks and out of the closet
        rednecks, and those that are not rednecks that own guns and are ticked as hell. Cumo just awakened a Sleeping Giant.
        * and a ‘hello’ to snake eater, hope you are doing well.

        • Emily,

          If possible please keep us informed.I think you can see we all have your backs.


        • Emily
          i am baby girl,,dont you know thats why obummer is pushing gay rights so he and cumo can get married,,,


        • Emily, you can count on Georgia!

      37. Not one more inch.

      38. I have a suspicion why they are after the AR-15 specifically, I may be wrong, but think about this:
        A lot of AR-15 parts are interchangeable with the M-16/M-4 in the dark they could not tell if someone has which rifle, also the magazines will fit all of them. Maybe they do not like the idea of their own equipment being used against them if they engage the civilians?

        • A; Not to be just an insolent dick, but what difference would that make? An AR-15 is a lot better than an M-4. Been there and done that. Full auto and 3 shot burst is mostly useless. Did I mention that I had been there and done that? Really. Be well.

      39. ~~~The resistance had begun??~~~

        Unh-UNh..the resistance began a long time ago–someone is just drawing a line in the sand.

      40. I live in New York. People are pissed! I’ve asked probably over 100 guys if they will submit. The answer is a resounding “Hell No!” In this greatly divided country, what they have done is unite us! 1 becomes 10, 10 becomes 100, 100 becomes 1000… What Cuomo has done has shown We The People what the 2nd Amendment truly stands for.

        • Sir Vyvor,

          Please, beware of the abundant tribal types in your state. Let them form their own groups, then monitor them closely. Should you fail to do thus, they will infiltrate YOUR GROUP and likely rat you out!

          Ignore this heads up, at your own risk.

          • Anton,

            Thank you for your duly noted words of wisdom. You are so right.

            • Anton thats how they hijacked the Tea Parties groups!

              Same infiltrators and now also Leaders of many tea party orgs….There goes the neighborhood only its Jiggers this time.

              • Angelo; I agree in principle! But EVERYTHING is not a conspiracy. Learn patience and decorum, and there is hope for you. Just sayin’. Be Well, my friend.

                • tripod xl. Fuck off troll.

                  • Angelo; is that you? Not a troll. Look up the definition of troll and you will see that I don’t fit that definition. I am a contributing member of this site, whether you like it or not. Learn how to spell, capitalize and not be so OBVIOUS. Be well my little bigot friend.

        • I live about as far away from NY as you can get and still be in the USA, our state legislature seems to think NY is a good model to follow, so i am your brother from another mother and am 10000% behind your position, let it rain fuckers,
          No obamacare, no gun control, no more taxes, no more regulations up the ying yang, fuck it, this is what the founders had in mind when they gave the brits the finger over 200 years ago

        • Show that sissy and don’t back down. Tell him he works for YOU!!!! the taxpayer.

        • I suspect that most of NYS is not as blue as most think. I have heard people in other parts of NYS express a desire to foist NYC on Jersey. I think the term was “The money pit down south”.

        • Sir Vyvor, you need help, just call and Georgia will stand with you.

        • the 2nd amendment means exactly what a bunch of well armed and pissed off people says it means. not one more inch basterdz.

      41. Though I do support New Yorkers for having the guts to stand up to a central government that is usurping their natural rights, I do find it quite ironic that they want Southrons to support them in their endeavor, when only a century and a half ago they killed over 200,000 Southrons who tried to do the same.

        Better late than never I guess, as they say.

        If nothing else, at least now (if being honest) they must admit “The South was Right.” /books/about/The_South_Was_Right.html?id=QFilZzg3GxkC

        Deo vindice

        • To hear the “Rebel Yell” in Albany.

        • Yeah, but all those that fought for the Yankees in that little disagreement are dead now. Now it doesn’t matter North against South. That’s not the dividing line any more. Its’ Patriots vs. Criminals. Any victory that goes to the criminals, even if it is in a blue state, strengthens their foothold and will make it that much harder to stop.

          • You’re right. My point is that if they had realized this a little (well 150 years) earlier, we wouldn’t be in the state we are today.

            • Yes, but those good people up in NY would still need our help today. Don’t confuse upstate with the big city varmits.

        • SouthRon,

          No disrespect intended here, but my view is this. I’m not left or right, I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, I’m not a Liberal or a conservative. I am however a American that is willing to stand by other Americans to protect our rights. And if they need help then so be it.


          PS Always wanted to see this state they call New York, even if it does look kinda small.

          • None taken. Just said it is ironic. And it most certainly is.

            • Bluebelly or not, if they take the guns there, they’ll be coming our way next.

              • oh, let us southerners pray that this can wait until spring. The winters in upstate NY are atrocious.

          • @ DPS…

            Hahahaha…LOL and damnit boy!

            Y’all Texans sure do view things a bit differently!


          • Not small at all and surprisingly most of the state is like it was 200 years ago. Fly out of burlington Vt. on a small plane and you will be looking at nothing but old growth hardwood forest until you get to Nothern N.J. Lots of rednecks in the Glen falls area.

            • I have in-laws from Maine that just moved to that area a year or so ago, and they are all excellent shots with their SKS’s!!!

        • US; You need to research your history. Not trying to stir up shit, BUT NY was the ONE northern state that had to vote to secede or not. They were concerned that their customers, the south, would not buy their wares and cause economic chaos in NY. The NYers were VERY southern sympathetic, all things considered! As a fellow Southerner and “un-reconstructed” Rebel, I feel your misguided pain, here. If they’re fighting illegal gun control, then we NEED TO SUPPORT THEM, no matter what. It helps us all avoid a larger confrontation later, somewhere else. You really don’t want that, I promise, really, I do. Be Well.

          • You have hit on one option to really get the attention of the government in New York, don’t buy anything!!
            Till this law is repealed just buy food fuel and pay the rent, don’t buy new clothes, shoes, nothing, just buy the bare necessities and let it hit them where it hurts, the tax coffers.

        • US, that was then, this is NOW.

      42. Understand in NY they REALLY did consider confiscation of all semi auto guns. Going door to door and searching. We have our elected represenatitves on the TV and radio talking about this. Was going to be worse than NAZI germany here. They tell us we should be thankful they opted not to do that. This has folks fuming, its all thats talked about here since it passed. Its an issue thats not going away.

        • Noah: I see a lot of pvc piping being sold and a lot of holes being dug in NY in the next 12 months.

        • Those Statements about Confiscation, should have Inflamed the Patriots Enough to March on Albany! They should Pay for their Treason..we are Watching and Waiting for the Other Shoe to drop..Game On..We got your Six NY…Hours away with Time to Play!

          Semper Fi

        • No, THEY should be thankful they didn’t do that!

      43. I think NY is being used as a trial run to see what happens when legislation is passed. The gun grabbers will be watching and it will influence their next moves.

        My big concern is that someone will go off in an explosive manner and play right into their hands. I wonder what would happen if hundreds of gun owners marched peacefully on the capitol with their guns in plain sight. I don’t see how they could arrest them all and it would be powerful if they marched and the police joined with them. Just dreaming.

        • Let them take the gloves off! The Gov. has Made Them All Criminals. I’m waiting for it to happen to me. How much more do you want New Yorkers to take.

          It’s all on you, Gov. Cuomo.

          • Get on TV….Call Sean Hannity and get somebody that is well spoken to represent you. Sean would love to have you on tv.

            • How about it Ralph.

              Going on T.V. will not do any good and why would I have someone else speak for me.

          • Disobeying illegal laws does not make you a criminal. In the eyes of the criminals that passed the laws, maybe… But, they don’t count since they are domestic enemies.

          • @slingshot,

            You’re exactly right!

            I’ve lived in NY my whole life. It’s a beautiful State, but, lately, I just can’t tolerate it any longer. It’s become the worst State, politically, and the most oppressive. The politicians here have their heads so FAR up their own asses, it’s not even funny.

            These Commie politicians just keep pushing & pushing & pushing & pushing….well, pretty soon, if you get pushed around enough, you’ll eventually beat the living PISS out of the guy that keeps pushing you….Well, that’s how many of us NY “Patriots” feel right now!

            My line in the sand….DRAWN!

            This isn’t just about NY gun rights…..We ALL need to stand & fight against this tyranny! Because if the Nazi politicians win this fight here in NY…We’re all fucked! Kiss ALL of our rights goodbye!

        • -Merree-

          I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.
          I believe the wicked ones have chosen New York State as the LZ, because they have an excess of liberal politics combined with a sizable diverse(indoctrinated) population. They really believe they can enforce this crap.

          They’re banking on the NYC/Westchester county demographics to carry the day, per the ‘peoples voice’ bullshit agenda.

          My money is on the(you) rural New York folks!

        • Merree: I hope that the Globalist gun Grabbers believe that WE are all as insane as Alex Jones.

          It might save their life.

          • DK. Pretty much how it is supposed to work, ain’t it?
            Mutually assured destruction. Only works if on side doesn’t get too powerfull, eh?

      44. I was at Shot Show in Vegas last week…

        I was VERY surprised to hear some of the comments that I did. For example, “F that…let them come and try to take them…”

        The comments themselves were not what surprised me.

        What surprised me was WHO some of people were saying things like that.

        In particular, I was VERY surprised at what a lot of these people did for a living.

        Based on what I saw/heard, enforcing any sort of nationwide ban is going to be MUCH more difficult to enforce than Comrade Feinstein seems to think.

        • Notice that Comrade Feinstein wants to exempt Congress and government officials from her gun laws.

          She should be the first person tried for TREASON among the Globalists in Government.

          I hope there is a voter in SF with a ballot with her name on it.


          • Woa…

            Are you being serious?

            Is there really some BS provision in there that would exempt Congress/government officials????

            • Your surprised??? That’s N.O.P. with these P.O.S.

              • Yup!!! ALL government “officials” meaning anyone “deputized” or appointed by the government as “officials”.

                That would “legitimize” the guys with Blue Helmets.

                • blue helmets make a nice field head (latrine).

        • Shoot the Ruskii!

      45. Claymation

        Did you arouse the natives there?

        Good job!

        • European American

          Did you get this up at FromTheTrenches site yet?


          • Go for it, spread it to all reaches of the sane world!

            • EA,

              Doing my part Mass e-mails have been sent the phone has is still ringing of the wall. I picked up this story early today and hairs stood up on the back of my neck.


        • EA, What’s up? Living in probably one of the most rural parts of New York, you can imagine that despite what this Governor would have you believe almost every house has at least one gun. Most houses have more then this since in most houses that hunt tend to have more than one person who does.
          We had a car accident with major injuries in front of my house this summer. The weather was clear and warm and traffic was light! It took the police 35 minutes to get there. Their was only one state trooper for a 3 county area and the one deputy on duty for the entire county was tied up. So, getting a cop in timely manner has always been a problem.
          The problem is that there are two different worlds and two different groups of people living in NYS. Those in the urban area see guns as scary harbingers of death, those of us in the rural area see guns as protection, as a means to feed our families.
          The news here is that this law may be over reaching and it will be fought in court. NYS is forcing me to sell my Magazines, can they really force you to sell something you own and bought legally? If NYS has a problem say 10 round Magazines, They have identified a problem they feel is threat to the security of its citizens, and their answer is pawn the problem off on the other states by forcing the interstate sale while prohibiting intrastate sales. This effectively moves their perceived problems and makes it the rest of the nation’s issue. Typical NYS. NYS might as well put up a closed for business sign at its borders.

          • Do not sell you magazines. unless of course your referring to “The Nation” magazine, then burn that left winger.

            No really, don’t sell any gun related items you have. Period! You’re going to need them to protect you and your family and friends and any other law abiding citizen who stands with the Constitution. Let’s just say I’ve got a number of hi cap mags that are presently filled and ready to go. The only day I’ll part with them is when the Revolution is over and all the Bolshevik, Communist insurgents, all the way to the top, have got what is coming to them. Killing humans is a despicable act, but when the vile dark side spreads its infection, most often the best “natural” remedy is to remove the cancer at it’s source.

      46. I was in California before and during the ban. As soon as I could I moved to AZ
        Me and the Mrs had no jobs… Moved with a cashed out retirement of 8,000 every thing worked out fine… most people did not register some did I would advise you to leave that craphole new york asap I would not fight to stay in a shit state as ny …There aint nothin in that state worth staying for

        ESCAPE from newyork…..Snake Pliskin

        • SP; THE problem is if we keep RETREATING, before long we will be backed into a corner, where we will die. We HAVE TO INVEST in others to ensure THEIR SURVIVAL IN THEIR STATES. We must go on the OFFENSIVE, ALWAYS ON THE OFFENSIVE. The reason we are here is we HAVE NEVER BEEN ON THE OFFENSIVE. We have acquiesced wayyyy tooo looong. Fight back everywhere! Fight Back! Be Well.

          • wow,

            TripodXL, you sound like General Patton in that post. “we’re going to grab him by the nose and kick him is the ass!” These covetous usurpers are staring down the barrel of alot of pain and misery if they **** with our Constitutional Patriot New Yorker Yankee Brethren. Bag of smashed buttholes you usurpers shall become! or maybe usurper chicom boot lickers prefer cement water ski lessons? usurpers better get out of my country while there is still the time, miserable jackasses (I apologize to donkeys).

            The Lord is Righteous.
            Standing by in Texas.

        • Obviously you have never been to New York State.

        • SP, The hell with that. Make them sonovabitches run for their lives.

      47. Unless its 90%+ it won’t suceed.

      48. These bastards have mentioned confiscating weapons from gun owners who stand by our 2nd Amendment . We are the newly labeled “extremist” Americans. “Confiscation” is an EXTREMELY antagonizing word. How soon will we hear the next “shot heard around the world”?…..clock is ticking .

        • Next shot could well be false flag.
          That is, just another false flag.
          They are doing it all the time, shooting people. And get away with it. Imagine the cry they will raise when someone attacks them instead them attacking the people. Notice how the spin is against people who defend themselves?

      49. Cuomo next?

      50. This same ban happend in cal in 94 no 10 round mags no AR-15,no AKs if you did not register your gun and were caught at the range by a brown shirt they would ask for your reg card and or would sieze your gun and mags It is still in force today…..California kept the ban even after 2004…Move to a red state

        • Pliskin? I thought you were dead…

          • Pliskin? I thought he’d be taller.

      51. NY Patriots: We here in Pennsylvania have your backs!!!

        Just make sure y’all stand true to your convictions when the deadline comes next year!!!

        However, if they do end up trying to confiscate NY’ers guns, then you’re all welcome to hop over the state line and transfer them over to me for “safe keeping”.

        Once the paperwork is signed I’ll gladly “lend” you your “former” guns back to you for an indefinite amount of time 😉

        Cuomo’s law says no sale, transfer, or ownership… doesn’t say anything about not permitting the “borrowing” of a firearm from an out of state friend, now does it?

        One way or another, those who are out to destroy the Constitution, (especially the 2nd Amendment), will face a prepared, angry, and fully armed foe. If they can bend the rules to try and get what they want, then so can we 😉

        Stay free! Stay true to yourselves!

      52. The way is to overwhelm the communist regime of New York with a invasion of folks and there firearms like a 100,000 There is easy that many and more.Then arrest arrest the mayor and all who try to interfere(obstruction of justice and relieve the mayor of his job and charge him with treason and violating the good people of New York rights granted to them Through our Constitution.Then slap him a little and spit on him kick him around too like the piece of shit he is.

      53. 🙂

      54. You all sound tough, but you need to organize and have a goal. The goal is simple, retake DC,throw all the bums out, (tar and feather is good), then put in Constitutionalist, How? fix bayonets, CHARGE! next stop, DC!

        • Oh! That is what that little thingy on the bottom side of the barrel is used for. Hmmmmmmmm.

          Anyone up for some bayonet drills?

        • Here’s what we do.. Contract all spending. Let the entire economy collapse.
          Then…they will see what King Obama did.

          Peaceful NON Compliance.

          • You got it. I vote with my Dollar. We now shop in PA not NY. Since I am responsible to make sure my mom gets to the store, her money goes where I go. Many of us on the border are doing exactly this.

          • Take your money out of the banks. Find the smallest credit union or one branch bank you can for transactions.

        • Tar and Feather? Hell no! Coliseums and lions! I’m looking for a business partner to go in on this free market idea. People will pay good money to watch their favorite politicos running in fear, just before they are eaten.

      55. Not all Democrats own jack boots. I am a an independent thinking Democrat who understands that the 2ndA is a free people’s protection against a rouge government.

        I do not believe there are enough New Yorkers who will stand together for Liberty but they should remind their American Legion and veteran groups and thousands of military and former military personnel of the oath they had taken …not to the government nor to the laws but to the Constitution… the 2nd A is one of the corner stones

        The Commissioning Oath

        “I, _____ , having been appointed an officer in the (Service) of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.” (DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.)

      56. Has any one looked at armslist type in NY state apparently there is a lot of newyorkers bowing down there selling off all of there scary firearms and standard capacity magazines at price so im not so sure that they will stand against this bullshit

        • is DOWN !!

          I’m not sure why, but their page does not even come up.

          “Service unavailable, error 503”

          Hmmmm……. I wonder if they are based in New York?

          • hmmm…

            Never mind, they’re back up.


        • Not me Wart ! I’m Buying 🙂

          We’ll see what happens….

      57. I think the best solution is for Republican, patriot New Yorkers to MOVE out of NY and go to Texas or North Carolina. Let the multi-cultis have New York State.

        • we will take you in TN…just vote republican

        • we will take you in TN…just vote republican

        • Texas will be blue in the very near future.

      58. I weep for my country and those who love freedom as much as I do.

        I’ve prayed a warriors prayer, even though my body is not that of a young warrior.

        I’ve steeled my reserve, having faith in my cause, because it is a moral and righteous cause.

        I’ve made my peace with God, begged his forgiveness, and asked that I be judged fairly.

        I’ve prayed for the innocent, the women and the children throughout our nation, that they may be kept safe and out of harms way.

        I’ve prayed for our police and military, that they may choose to uphold their oaths, such as have I.

        I’ve even prayed for our politicians, that there may be some who may overcome greed and persuasion from dark forces. May they have a change of heart.

        I knelt down on my knee’s the other day, and uttered virtually every last one of the words above, plus some.

        I wept

        • Amen.

        • @ Old-enough…

          No offense…but please, at this point, you must add to said prayer(s), the following:…

          “…please oh Lord, grant/gift me & others, the courage necessary…to confront and resist thine & mine enemies, so as to insure glory & victory unto thy truths & defeat unto thine & mine enemies…”


          P.S.> …and please, have mercy on the souls of the misguided too!!!

          • Very well put Gunsmith.

            Especially regarding the misguided souls.

            Amen Brother

          • Gunsmith,

            Excellant, I would only add 1 more thing.

            Lord please don’t listen to them lying SOB goverment boys in Jesus name I pray.


          • Gunsmith,

            Spiritual preps… the most important preps.

            The Lord is Righteous in Judgement and Grace.
            Standing by in Texas.

      59. I’ve been silently following the comments on this site for over a year now. Like Emily, I’m also from upstate NY and will tell you all that this is one Yank and her entire gun-owning family that will not “comply”.

        Not one more inch. Period.

        • Ms American Pie,

          Well let me be the first to say Welcome to the site Maam,
          Ole Mac has some fine people that come here. And yes we do tend to get alittle ralled when they start pick fights will our brothers and sisters.

          Not One More Inch,

        • Ms American Pie,

          We’ve family in the North East and are watching this close. These usurpers are making it personal for many of us messing with family.

          The Lord is Righteous.
          Standing by in Texas.

      60. 13-states-and-counting-with-bills-to-nullify-federal-gun-laws?xg_source=activity

        Original?? use search engine not to be moderated.

        Pa. and Az. –didn’t read entire article yet.

        • Texas, Wyoming, South Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pa, Virginia, Washington, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan…..

          Have started 2nd Amendment Preservation Act or Firearms Freedom Act

          • REALLY? Didn’t know Va was one of those states in this 2nd Amendment Preservation Act or Firearms Freedom Act. I figured since we has a sorry ass Democrap gov. we were pretty much doomed.Not to mention our own damn state had bills similar to that of NY and Obastard up for debate a few days ago.

          • Really? I didn’t know that VA had joined the others in the defy the feds. Last I knew we were all fucked,Especially since we have a Democrap for a GOV. seeing the recent bills they tried to pass here in the state that were very similar to those of Obastards and NY. I would have never guessed that VA would be one to join the ranks of these better states.I guess I should reasearch this a little more.

      61. Went to firing range today. Had an interestng conversation. The owner was complaining about fewer people coming out to shoot. I suggested it was probably a result of the irrational frenzy which has resulted in ammo being in short supply and increasingly expensive. He was none too happy when I suggested this was a logical consequence of his and like persons’ actions of fear mongering and he had no one to balme but himself. Needless to say, I will now have to find another place to shoot. But that is OK, if he is that ignorant, I do not need to be there. Hopefully, he will go out business now. I know I will be dissuading others from patronizing his business. Gun owners are doing nothing right now but making themselves look like blood thirsty psychopaths, even to many other gun owners. They are their own worst enimies.

        • What in the hell are your blathering about?

          Are you saying that you are one of the ‘good’ gun owners?

          That you are a cut above the average man?

          I’d bet an entire years wages that:

          1. You’ve NEVER been to a shooting range
          2. You don’t have the balls to ever say that to ANY owner of a shooting range.
          3. You embarrass your father, but he still loves you, despite the fact that you are a limp wristed sissy.
          4. You do not have a gun, nor have you ever shot one.

          See you on the other side………….

          • The other side? Don’t you mean downrange?

            • As usual Old JoeinNC making stuff up again, never gets old does it folks, always entertaining to the last.

        • @ JoeinNC. It is not the gun owners to blame, it is those that are “attempting” to take away or limit what freedom enjoying Americans have come to expect since that moron law of banning certain rifles was stopped in 2004. Now that ogress fiensteinless wants to bring it back, and then push it even further. I should be concentrating right now on earthquake forecasting, but once again I see freedom being flushed down the toilet and my focus is redirected towards something very serious, that might well have to do partially with the geophysically what is going to happen.

          At least you understand the importance of practicing with any firearm, hopefully it is not going to be on any of us in the future. I ask you this in a civil manner. Do you honestly feel that with the people on this site that any of us are bloodthirsty psychos? Most people here on ONLY concerned about protecting themselves and their families and friends? I become very upset at individuals that bad mouth the good people here. You could do yourself a lot of good just discussing an issue rather than attacking everyone here and putting everyone into some category like you did the other day saying we all stroke our guns………. If you have a point type it out.

          Better yet, you mention gun owners are their worst enemies. Then why don’t you come up with a constructive answer and solution to this in which none of us have to give up our 2nd Amendment rights. Instead of taking down the site constantly, add something to it.

          • Damnit B.I.

            …as the resident(earth) scientist here…you need to focus on keeping the rest of us…up-to-date on what’s likely to happen in our vicinity/locale!!!!

            …we depend on you for such! Never doubt!!!

            That said…F**K Joe the Chapelhill-faggot/liberal-scum!!!

            …he’s not worthy of YOURS or OUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            Focus dude…ignore the liberal queer…focus on us who appreciate your efforts…and give us fair warning.
            We trust you!!!!


            …joe IS NOT WORTHY!!!!!!!!!

            Ignore the cretin…

            • @ Gunsmith. I know, it is a distraction that is catching me. I just cannot stand to see one bit of disarming of the people. These morons made the common AR-15 look into something bad, and most people that favor banning “assault” rifles don’t even understand the ballistics beyond any of this, it just looks menacing. The .223 as you know is nothing but a jacked up .22 with more velocity behind. Yet the media makes these bullets look even worse by using camera angles to make them look like some .50 caliber anti-aircraft rounds. Anyway back to the earthquakes.

              It is very interesting that the Madagascar and Northern Argentina earthquakes are nearly on the same latitude today. The southern hempshire has been off and on active. Normally the southern part of the planet has many more earthquakes than the DEAD zones that are being experienced. This is so bad it is amazing. Moderate earthquakes don’t occur usually unless there is some room to move. When everything is locked up tight like a drum, you almost always ONLY get microquakes. This is why foreshocks are so rare before big quakes on the fault that ruptures.

              For half the planet from the equator to the south pole to go through no movement for even 12 hours is rare, for almost 2 and 1/2 days earlier in the week was something I never have seen. Then today that earthquake in eastern Texas really was alarming. IF you were to take all the glacial and other sediment away from the Mississippi River basin, the Gulf of Mexico would come up into near St. Louis and you would see some serious very old bedrock that would look like to had undergone very intense stress. The New Madrid fault system would be something frightening to behold visually.

              As I mentioned before, the Cascadia fault is ready to break, and that it did not with a 7.8 on its doorstep indicates there is over 8.9 energy built up there, Likely the same as Indonesia 9.1 in 2004, maybe even the amount of energy of the 9.2 in Alaska in 1964. I doubt that much like in 1960 Chile 9.5 quake. A hard jar from the south is likely to be the trigger. Watch northern California offshore or the San Andreas as the possible trigger.

              The southern San Andreas went off about the same time the Cascadia fault went off in 1700. This area probably has almost 40 feet of slippage ready to go. The 1857 quake had 29 feet, and the 1906 SF quake had 21 feet of slippage. WHEN this breaks it will continue to central part and make for a 325 mile long or so break. IF it continues to the north beyond the creep zone, this will be close to a 9 pointer. The San Andreas and the New Madrid are connected as 1812 both faults broke with weeks of each other.

              I really wonder about if the government knows what is going to happen with the faults, and this desperate gun grab is because of the regional or nationwide martial law planned. I miss copperhead’s reports of USGS action around the New Madrid fault. I have been instead watching extremely closely the Mid Atlantic Ridge. You start to see rampant earthquake activity on this ridge at about 18 degrees north or about 57 degrees north. LOOK OUT! You start to see the swarm activity like you had on the Carlsburg Ridge at around these latitudes on the Mid Atlantic Ridge, this means that the North American plate is on the move at the wrong junction points and the New Madrid zone is in big trouble. Again, I also stress for all New Madrid people that a big movement on the southern or the eastern Caribbean plate is time to worry, again just like back in 1812 when Venezuela has a mega quake just like the New Madrid.

              Still China and Japan are the most likely areas to get hit from the recent polar quakes. Then I would say from Chile to Mexico. Western Indonesia (Sumarta) and New Guniea to Fiji. There are other areas, but these zones have been hit before when the same areas in the polar regions had earthquakes in the past had quakes that lead up to big earthquakes in China, Japan, South and Central America, and the south seas region. There have been too many polar quakes with near 100% confidence from the past that something massive is coming. Watch for it.

              • @BI: FYI

                I was out in the Gulf fishing for two days this week and my fishing buddy was a PE with an Oil and Gas Co. in OK. I spent 5yrs in an oil town when I was a kid so I speak the language.

                I ask him about the sink hole in LA. Said he didn’t know what has caused it. Then he started to talk, informed me that some wells in the gulf started showing a slight increase in down hole bottom pressure, right before the sink hole happen and are still increasing slowly. Then he said that a lot of micro seismic activity has really pick up there off shore in the Gulf of Mexico also, and has really increased in the Bay of Campeche and across northern Venezuela to Aruba that he knows of.

                I then ask about the New Madrid and he said that the micro activity has increased there also; he has family that is in the oil business around Evansville, IN. area and activity has increased in southern IN. and IL.and KY., so that would put them in the Wabash seismic zone. USGS are in the rivers there and putting down ground rods in the rivers themsleves and taking some kind of readings.

                When we finished our fishing trip, I ask him what he thought about all the activity and he said this; SOMETHING BIG IS MOVING AND IT IS NOT GOOD!

                • @ pale rider. Just like in 1812 when there was a mega quake down in Venezuela, the central part of the San Andreas broke and of course the triple earthquakes on the New Madrid. I knew the USGS would be acting this way and examining the crust, via river or onshore. The Caribbean plate is not that big but it affects the New Madrid, as well it is a “canary in the coal mine” type of indication of what the larger plates are doing. The North American plate is a strange one, as it stretches much distance across the Arctic and comes all the way down into Caribbean. On a flat map this looks like it is simple spread out, on a globe reflecting the true appearance you can see just how warped the plate really is and stressed out.

                  The weakest point of the North American plate are; the Kuril Islands and Kamachatka Peninsula, the Juan De Fuca Plate (the Cascadia fault), and the Caribbean and Cocos plate areas. One can see how with the North American plate moving towards the west against the Pacific, Cococ, and Caribbean plate where the compression from this would put enormous strain on the New Madrid. I wish I could find a map of what the Midwest and south central areas would look like without the loose sediment and “dirt” that has filled in the New Madrid fault zone over eons.

                  The Weather Channel has a “It Could Happen Tomorrow” about the New Madrid. They start out with a 7.4 quake, which is of course vastly underestimated, then another quake later that is bigger. They explain how the Gulf states really such be ocean. These sinkholes could be nothing other than nature fulfilling the real destiny on these areas, to be shallowed up by the Gulf Of Mexico. New Orleans will definitely have to one day be abandoned as eventually it will end up dozens of feet below sea level, it is already 10 feet below sea level, as it started out some feet above sea level back in the 19th. century.

                  It is possible that a super quake could turn this loose sediment into something called liquidification and you could lose a decent chunk of land in the Gulf. It is probably more likely that portions of the Gulf states could sink in the ocean more so than portions of california along the coast. The reason behind this is for one thing the New Madrid fault is where very old solid rock is and reverberates a lot more so than the less solid oceanic crust. These sinkholes are not really that large but they indicate a symptom of something really wrong.

                  Quite frankly there has been too many polar earthquakes, something very big is coming. The areas still indicate China, Japan, Chile to Mexico including the Caribbean plate, western Indonesia, and New Guinea to Fiji. After the earthquake happens a clearer picture should appear about the New Madrid. I am sure glad someone is watching the USGS over this, they are not down there for any other reason than something is up.

                  • @BI: THX for the info and if I here anything more I’ll pass it on. Again THX for your time.

                  • BI, I’m a big fan of yours and always read your posts thoroughly. Please forgive me if this sounds picky but the word is liquefaction, not liquidification. I learned the word and its meaning from the Loma Prieta quake that took place during the World Series in San Francisco in 1989.Keep those posts coming. Thanks for your efforts to give us advance warning of mother nature expressing her anger.

                  • @ Prepper. You are absolutely right, it is liquefaction. Anytime I make a spelling error or a phonics error, I do appreciate knowing about it. A lot of time I just start typing away and my thoughts get way ahead of my words. In school I was never taught phonics and I have had to teach myself to spell and sound out words. I actually fluked English in Junior High School, but continued to learn how to put together thoughts into essays and so on. It took away as I was always concentrating more on science than the words.

                    A lot of times I have to look up the spelling on some of these locations around the world, it just doesn’t sound right sometimes. Of course most Chinese or other language doesn’t really spell like it sounds in English. Anytime though I made a mistake please correct me. We all learn much on this site and improve ourselves the more we interact with each other.

              • BI, guns ARE menacing…they are SUPPOSED to look scary to anything on the wrong end of them. Part of the hysteria ramped up here is EMOTIONAL, based solely on APPEARANCE, which is the red herring that is being used to disarm honest citizens.

                As usual, this red herring looks like something it is not and that is how TPTB get people to go along with it—the FEAR of something they know little to nothing about. If more people had ANY kind of hands-on with a weapon, they could not be scared of them so easily.

                Ignorance is the government’s bliss, and they are taking full advantage of it now.

                • @ sixpack. I myself don’t find anything menacing about any gun other than the price tag on some of the really nice firearms. The government though, and piers morgan idiot and other radical anti-self defense whack jobs will add all sorts “props” to make it look as bad as possible to those not fimiliar with firearms.

                  Here is something that I just thought of 10 seconds ago that could nail these anti-gunners. With these pictures of guns, could there be any subliminal words drawn in to the gun or around the picture of the gun. I know that many pictures of supermodels and other pictures of underwear models the words sex are squibbled in, to help boast sales. Hell the word sex is often put into a picture of a hamburger.

                  IF there are words like child killer, murder weapon, slaughter, etc. that are airbrushed into these pictures of guns that feinsteinless, piers morgan, and other anti-gunnners use to show off the big bad bogey man guns, this would totally collapse their agrument. The NRA could say that sneaky subliminal manipulation with these pictures of firearms is being used to pursuade everyone to kill the 2nd. Amendment. IF anyone is good about picking out words drawn into or airbrushed into these pictures of guns that the anti-gunners are using and can find them, it would make the anti-gunners look totally awful and underhanded. It would make the government look beyond bad. Just a thought

                  • @Be informed

                    That’s because YOU are on the right end of a gun with the right intentions. In other words, YOU ARE NOT A THUG, therefore, you have no need to be afraid. I agree with everything you said.

          • Evening BI,

            I concur whole-heartedly with gunsmith here…THAT simply isn’t worth your – or anyone else’s response – if ever there was a LOST cause….

            BE advised, we are seeing VERY large deflections on both the GOES platform’s mag monitors as well as equally large magnetometer deflections at Kiruna and at Boulder as well…and we don’t have a CLUE as to what’s causing this.

            At present there is nothing solar or further off planet that can be producing such…EYES OPEN HERE, big time.


            • @ JustOneGuy. You and Gunsmith are correct. I just want everyone to realize the seriousness of what is happening and contribute something, or at least be respectful of each other. We are ALL in this nightmare to come, and each one of us adds what they know it makes for better odds for all of us. I truly wish these trolls would understand that this is not a laughing manner, we need to get prepared in all facets of our lives for what is coming.

              You live around Missouri don’t you? Have you seen USGS employees monitoring the New Madrid more so? I just can’t believe the very strange seismic and lack of activity, and I wonder about the New Madrid and the San Andreas as they seem to have a lot more plate movement directed more at both of them in the recent 3 weeks or so. The Reykjanes Ridge earthquake swarm about a week ago was directed right at the New Madrid. It wasn’t like the Carlsburg Ridge of 20 moderate quakes but it defintely indicated energy being focused toward the New Madrid.

              You are so right, wide open eyes for all possiblities, including what I think might be coming, a black swan event.

              • Good Morning BI,

                I do indeed live in Missouri, unfortnately my paths do not
                take me in any wise into or near things that would give any
                indication of what is happening seismically here. As you noted,
                I wish copperhead was here to give us his most current info.

                The large deflections we were witnessing last night are on
                my mind. These were quite LARGE; the east-west component at
                Kiruna was registering a total deflection of – and I wonder if
                I read it right – nearly 600 nT over the space of just 3 hours
                or so, GOES (-13 showed the leading deflection) as being approx.
                125 nT in something only slightly longer than an hour,
                simultaneously. Boulder – which characteristically – shows
                smaller deviations than do other stations I monitor showed a
                nearly 75 nT deflection from true through this morning between
                09:00-10:00 UTC. All these are large deviations from normal
                values, especially in the absence of any clear genitive cause.

                On consideration I think – perhaps – these observed
                departures from expected values MAY represent a “Solar Sector
                Boundary Crossing”. The magnetic field permeating space in and
                around the Sun, throughout our solar system is far from unform
                and as the Earth travels around the Sun in it’s orbit it is
                the case that said field – neccesarily – changes it’s
                oreientation at intervals, several times per year, quasi-
                cyclically…that may be what transpired last night. It is
                one thing to know ‘OF’ a thing, and another to actuallly ‘SEE’
                that thing in operation and in it’s full effect.

                Though there was a filament/prominence lift-off some few
                days ago the WSA-Enlil Solar wind simulations did not indicate
                any significantly geo-effective activity as being involved…
                a wave was modeled as having passed through the trailing orbit
                of the Earth at some remove from near-Earth vicinity and no
                other notable phenomena are – to my knowledge – currently
                operant. Again, these were LARGE deviations from true, so WATCH
                the next few days rather closely Friend. Given that the loadings
                on the plate boundaries are – as we suspect – as high as what
                they are, we might soon get something out of the ordinary here
                in response.

                As I have said before and will say again, “Seismic is NOT
                my Forte!”. However, in ANY physical system there are
                characteristic ‘periods’ for almost all observed phenomena
                relative to the perod of time from when a system is disturbed
                to when it thereadter shows a response and subsequently returns
                to a base state (unexcited), THIS is where my ignorance of the
                particulars of same (seismic) is near complete and therefor of
                NO help to us broadly. I am – after all – ‘JustOneGuy’ and am
                limited thereby.

                With respect to the other issues at hand of late, I fully
                understand your obvious frustration(s), there ARE some for
                whom our ability to be tolerant is wholly limited by virtue
                of thier demonstrated stupidity, short-sightedness. This is
                as it is, FOCUS. Such as those are better left to rot in the
                Hells of thier own Creation alone and lonely than to be
                graced with our responses. In Buhdism, the nearest equivalent
                to Satan is called Lord Maya, whose efforts are solely
                directed at distracting Humanity from enlightenment by and
                through ‘distraction’, always diverting us from achievieng
                to our potential. Joe is onesuch I think. Having said that,
                the other issues we face lately ARE serious in extremis and
                fully merit our direct attention….the great question of
                our age is near at hand and we must needs find the asnwer
                required, soon. What seems so evidently clear to us here,
                that ALL good begins and thereafter proceeds from
                “Individualism’ – which has at it’s root “Responsibility”
                is being called into question. The opposing camps here
                have summoned thier full strength and set themselves for
                Battle Royale….there is no ‘common ground; in thought
                between these two opposing views. I beleive that Humankind
                is rapidly approaching a racial “Epiphany’, that is; the
                whole of Humankind is soon to be confronted with the
                solidified question “Who Are We?” The answer we obtain
                from that monent will define ALL of us for far into the
                future…What that answer is remains to be seen…

                To all here I say, “Be purposeful and diligent in ALL
                that you now do, stinting in NOTHING. Take onto yourselves
                the full measure of thought and consideration in all that
                you do, in all things….a Reckoning comes, soon!”


          • …or he could just shut up or find another site to troll…

        • Ya know JoKerinNC….you could always stop visiting here as well….wouldn’t want to offend your sensitive nature!!!

        • Yes you may have the tip of the ice berg on that one but I have also heard of shortages on lead,copper and brass. not to meniton the fed. have order over 5 billion rounds not encluding those ordered by tsa,the social security dept, etc. I have one “toy” that is hard enough to find “food” for before all of this happened only in the spring and late fall and that shit is expensive enough I hate to see what it’s going to be like now if I can even find it then.

        • Folks are just saving up the ammo for the real fight.


        • Joe,

          Don’t fart too hard… or you’ll choke on a turd.

        • JoeinNC,

          Your story does not ring true, unfortunately you are probably one of those people who actually believes your own lies if you tell them often enough. You goal here is to throw a stink bomb in the middle of a conversation, the funny part is, you end up being the only one who stinks. No one could possibly take you seriously when all you offer is negative lies. I have a feeling that you have never even held a real gun let alone own one. I feel sorry for you Joe.

        • Satori,

          Caught that this afternoon also, Sent S&W and Ruger a nice e-mail asking them to move to Tx. Since we happen to be very good customers and are more then willing to cut them some breaks on property taxes to help get the factory’s up and running.


          Also sent that Mayor Dudley a e-mail up in Oak Harbor Washington thanking him for standing up for the 2nd rights in the town meeting..

        • There’s more to Rahm’s threat;

          “I ask you to use your influence to push this company to find common ground with the vast majority of Americans who support a military weapons and ammunition ban and comprehensive background checks.”

          – Vast Majority?! Ammunition Ban?! Really?!
          – This is aimed at 2 banks that have open lines of credit
          – to Ruger and Smith & Wesson; Bank of America and TD (canadian bank). Well as the entire planted knows Rahm makes billions of dollars every day due to his extremely super human skills in investing. And surely if they comply he could use his valuable influence with the president to allow the banks in on the most profitable investments in the history of the entire universe, Solyndra.

          – How about this, since these are hardly the only banks in the world, and investors are stuck between the negative returns after inflation, of US treasury bonds or the extremely risky Greek bonds; How about RUGER and S&W FIRE the banks first and find one’s that are actually solvent.

          – Rahm you are worse than an ass clown. At least clowns run a circus by design, you just make ciruses due to your incompetence and stupidity. Last time Rahm tried to act tuff and demand shit, he got owned by a bunch of old lady teachers who made him their bitch. Even that sewer Shit-cago doesn’t deserve a roach fucker like Rahm.

          • Any Patriot in any industry that was still having anything whatsoever to do with Bank of America was/is a fool to begin with. It’s not like nobody knows how corrupt (and insolvent) they are.

          • Rahm ISRAEL Emanuel was born in Illinois. In Gulf War 1 guess whose military he served in? Not the US, but ISRAEL’s IDF. He is the son of Israeli terrorists. He is of the same stock as those who were the Bolsheviks. Thinks about that, and George Soros, and Mayor Bloomberg, and Charles Schumer, and Al Franken, and Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer, and Joe Lieberman and on and on and on..

            JOIN TODAY:

            • Stan good to see another patroit thats wised up to who and what these Vermin rats truly are…Modern day Bolsheviks!…..PS did you know David Axelrods great grand daddy was Leon Trotsky?..Real birth name Lev Bornstien, changed it to leon trotsky! As did 95%+ of them bolshevik Kommie bastards…Sons of Esau!

      62. Just wondering. What type of tax stamp do you need to sell fully automatic real assault rifles to the mexican cartel. Has anyone asked the feds yet?

      63. Think I’ll get a bumpersticker that says…

        Joining with the People of New York
        At the Line in the Sand

        • I like the statement by judge Nepalitino
          The 2nd amendment is not about hunting it’s for shooting tyrants! LOL

      64. Great to see Americans sticking up for their rights! I wish we had done the same in Australia…

        • G’day mate…yer welcome stateside, if you can make it…but be forewarned…its likely to be a “sticky-wicket” situation here…very soon!

          • Thanks Gunsmith. But I love my country, as you love yours, and like you guys, I don’t like what it’s becoming. Hopefully I can be a part of making it a great nation again. Just in case, I have a bug-out plan and location and am a Learner-Prepper. I’ve been reading this site for a while to see what happens over there, as I’m sure we’ll go down the same road

        • I lived in Cains once. When I got there I was shocked to see that a one-time nation of settlers just like us americans had devolved into a socialist shithole. Get your guns back! Tell these socialist rats to go to hell.

          • Yes, we are probably further down the socialist road than the US. The prime minister who took our guns wanted us to be “relaxed and comfortable”. Well I thing we are too “relaxed and comfortable”. We’ve stood by and had our rights taken.

            • I just dont understand how you people, who have such a reputation for being tough outdoorsmen, would ever put up with that shit. How can you be on walkabout without a rifle? What about bush pilots?

        • Inflation is coming, get ready!

      65. If Gov Cuomo does not know Tyranny all he needs do is look in the mirror.

      66. Way to go New York! Fight back at ALL costs. If you give an inch they will take a MILE. I just thank God that I live in Texas.

        • They ain’t gettin’ SHIT, from this NY’er!

      67. Gun Control is Genocide!

        I took an oath against all enemies both foreign and domestic! Although I am no longer on active duty the oath still applies. Also, every decent and good soldier will not obey an unlawful order. This also includes our nation’s law enforcement officers.
        There is nothing more American than the 2nd Amendment which is one of the highest laws of the land called the United States of America. Anyone attempting to infringe the rights granted by the 2nd Amendment is a domestic enemy of this great nation. Any laws against the 2nd Amendment passed by these domestic enemies who call themselves congressmen and senators are unlawful laws and should not be obeyed if you want to maintain your personal integrity as a law abiding citizen, soldier, or law enforcement officer of this great land, do not obey any anti-2nd Amendment laws!

        These domestic enemies want to punish good honest and innocent law abiding citizens for the crimes of one man Adam Lanza. Since when do honest and innocent law abiding citizens serve the time for criminals?
        Obama and Biden have stated if they can save just one life. Well what about the life that will be lost now because of no means to defend themselves? No, they don’t care about those lives! And, I doubt seriously that they really care about the lives lost at Sandy Hook. If they really cared, then they wouldn’t have their black hearts set on this one stupid solution!

        It is time to Hold the Line and refuse to obey these unlawful laws! It is good to see our fellow citizens in New York taking the side of righteousness. And should any of our fellow law abiding citizens be harmed for refusing to obey these unlawful and stupid laws being foisted upon us against our will, we should take a lesson from the unrighteous left when they rose up in protest against George Zimmerman, when they rose up in protest against the Mormon Church for supporting proposition 8 and give them a protest that puts the fear of God into biased news agencies who we know will refuse to report fairly, and the politicians that refuse to hold a fair and honest debate! These politicians need to know that we consider it unlawful for them to mess with our 2nd Amendment and when the tide turns back in our favor we will remember and do our best to make an example of them so that others will be fearful to tread where they tried.
        May God continue to bless the 2nd Amendment!

      68. Time to vote with your feet, people! Why pay taxes to a state that will do this to you? Move to a gun-friendly state and let fruitloops enjoy their fascist utopia. Too bad, because upstate NY is nice country….except that it’s controlled by NYC douche-bags that are out of touch with reality.

        • So when the new 7 round clips some out… I’ll just buy a shitload!

          Fools…you know how fast you can switch out clips.

          Ignorant fools.

          Heres’ a thought.. if you going to sin…you might as well be original.
          Maybe it’s time we all start fabricating 200 round drum magazines…

      69. Well now here’s where the rubber meets the road cause if this crap sneaks over the fence,then get ready for some REAL S— to start flying;govt are finally showing their true colors,SandyHook was just the spark for the fire and I’m not totally convinced of it’s authencity at this time and other than for our babies dying,you JUST DON’T KNOW what those”freaks”will or won’t do to achieve their end,but the GOD we serve is truly a MIGHTY GOD and those responsible for all this mess will stand accountable one day;till then my fellow preppers,TAKE ALL NECESSARY ACTIONS TO ENSURE YOU&YOUR FAMILY’S SURVIVAL for the forthcoming trials and pray for each other.

      70. first to go are your rights
        next is your guns
        then your money
        your home
        your car
        your Gold & Silver
        food, water
        until all you own (or owned), belongs to the government and/or the banksters, but don’t worry Obummer will take care of us… He will feed us, keep us safe and warm…

        • Only if I get the phone too.

        • Yea with Schumer, Feinstein, Bloomberg, and the rest of their lying thieving cult.

      71. I stand with the people of New York!! I say f— the government. What we need is less government and more people with testicular fortitude. cuomo, obummer and his stormtroopers can kiss my ass. I will fight for my rights and my Country with my last dying breath. We the people need to come together and stop the reign of the muslim loving terrorist. TOGETHER WE CAN SAVE THE U.S.A.!!!

      72. This needs to spread across the country.

        Solidarity, unity, and non-compliance with fascist, unconstitutional laws.

      73. The way I see it… all my life I’ve been a good citizen, son, father, employee, landlord, business owner and the list goes on.

        I will consider any law maker that passes such laws a traitor to the people of the United States.

        I’ll say this.. You just watch the currency crash..and all the inner city zombies will come a knocking.

        WE need to make sure the TSA and all the rest of those Nazis have to go house to house. HA 100 million homes.. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

        Now when you do see some raids…it’s important to NOT bend and cave like a fucking pussy. Just don’t comply, no matter what.

        Slaves were NOT allowed to own guns.
        The first black president of the United States will NOT disarm this White man.

      74. Feinstein Gun Control Bill to Exempt Government Officials

        Not everyone will have to abide by Senator Dianne Feinstein’s gun control bill. If the proposed legislation becomes law, government officials and others will be exempt.

        “Mrs. Feinstein’s measure would exempt more than 2,200 types of hunting and sporting rifles; guns manually operated by bolt, pump, lever or slide action; and weapons used by government officials, law enforcement and retired law enforcement personnel,” the Washington Times reports.

        • Feinstein sucks

        • That’s because we think of JUSTICE
          BUT they think of JUST-US.

          It’s a Big Club, and YOU ain’t in IT!


            IT”S “ZOMBIE NATION” (Vast Applause in the background)
            for the CORRECT ANSWER!!!! /Absolutely NoSarc



        Don’t underestimate the fire power of a light little 22.
        Ammo is cheap.

        Get shot with one of these in the lung…it will mess up your day.

        The ammo is nice a cheap…happy shooting.

        • A .22 with supression is my leitmotif.

        • .22 with supression is my leitmotif

          • Scene: WW1 Army training camp.

            Old time gunny to new 2nd Looie who has appeared with a .22 pistol as a sidearm: “Son, if you shoot me with that thing, and I find out, I’m gonna ram it up your ass.”

            Suppression does not good unless you also use subsonic ammo. At which point you might as well just use a slingshot. Minimum useful caliber for a suppressed firearm is 9mm, and even that’s pretty anemic.





              • 22 high velocity LR is quite lethal. And with 25 round factory mags, also very cheap, reliable, and effective suppression fire.

                I am trying to imagine the day when some “dumbass” proclaims “its only a 22,” and keeps advancing! Better be wearing FULL body armor, because if I can identify one square inch that isn’t protected…I will fill that “target” with multiple rounds of “harmless 22 caliber high velocity hollow points”.

                Seems I read somewhere that “this round” produces an erratic, difficult to isolate and treat wound channel due to fragmentation and potential bone deflection. I other words, this “harmless round” wanders around quite a bit after “entry”.

                As with any caliber: Shot placement trumps size every time. Is a 22 my primary defensive choice? No. Can I stop a potential threat with this caliber…absolutely!

                • The .22 will not, as a rule, tumble inside the body (although it has happened mnany times).

                • Yental: thats correct about .22 cal.travels in a body. I had a buddy in the detroit projects back in the vietnam era, he was home on leave from army. As he walked home thru a parking lot that served several buildgs. An idiot hillbilly type very jelouse guy Mistook my pal for whoever was screwing hillbillys wify.

                  Hillbilly shot my pal in thigh area with a .22 rifle. he at first didn’t realize it hit him. I mean he knew the shot hit his thigh, but thought it never penetrated.

                  He kept walking home to call cops etc. By then he felt woozy and laid down and his brother took off his pants to see if there was a bullet entry wound. Yep sure was.

                  Bro called 911 which took aprox, 20-30 min. Then xrays showed bullet traveled Up thru thigh and into Chest area.

                  Within less than two hrs he died from internal injury bleeding. Yet zero signs of blood at entry wound, just a very tine hole in thigh. The hillbilly guy got 5 yrs prison and got out again!…My buddy was dead. And he never even knew the assholes wife!

                  I lost at least 25 pals in 10 yrs just inside a one square mile projects housing area back then. Most was stabbed or gang beaten to death. Several got shot though and died.

                  ps even at age 15 yrs I and All my pals had guns and paked ccw everywheres we went. Had to to remain alive!

                  • Sounds like you “matured” in a challenging environment. I agree with self-defense experts that condemn the .22LR because of its lack of “stopping” and “knock-down” potential. Of course, THEY are generally referring to a single shot center mass. A “head shot” is a different story. 25 rounds on target is a different story.

                    I don’t remember the source of one of my favorite quotes “People shot by a .22 often experience little physical discomfort. And then they die”.

      76. Ms. American Pie, welcome aboard and hope to hear more from you. You’ve come to the right place. JoeinNC, why would you do what you just said you did? That was plain stupid and asinine. Now if you would go piss off someone in the antigun crowd, at least you would start earning my respect; otherwise go toa MSM site and leave our community alone. BI, AMEN to what you said to finx. Never seen you post like THAT before. Hell has no fury like the scorn of Be Informed. To the gun owners of NY state, all the other gun owners’ eyes in the US are upon you. It appears your state is the testing ground for the gun grabbers’ agenda. We are with you. Never, ever, surrender your weapons under any circumstances! It looks like the party may well begin in NY state. Braveheart

      77. We may have had a bad wrap as Mississippians in our past for what ever you can research,…..BUT i’ll be dammed if you’ll ever see this state relinquish our 2nd Ammendment rights, and if we did outta 52 states we’d be the last sumbitches to fold. Come on down and sit a spell. Yall come back now …ya HEAR !

        • Mississippi, You ain’t O’bammy in disguise are ya. Every body knows they’s 56 States. Trekker Out.

          • Mountain Trekker,

            The United Obamanation just annexed the territory of Delusion to statehood with Cuomo’s blessings. State of Delusion makes 57 now.

            • You’re forgetting Barry’s ego: make it 58.

              • Mongoloid Mayhem Manchurian Candidate ego could count as two, so your right that its 58 or 59 United Socialists States of Amerika (USSA) now. The only way to know for sure is to sign for, and before reading it, the all new fangled digital brain stemmed socketed MicroCrap Windblows OS 666 the size of a pizza box stapled to your forhead. If you refuse to sign, it will be crammed up your rear end sideways, by monsanto brown shirts, so Tool boy can tell us by remote how many states there are today. All in a krilla second!

                baaadoooo… baadoo… bbaaaaaaaaaadddoooooo!!!

      78. Be Informed, I would love to send JackassinNC and finx down to Cuba where my wife came from and let them see what a true tyranny is really like. There’s no way they would last long there. When Castro first took over in Jan. 1959, only 2 days after entering Havana, he began confiscating guns from civilians. only 5 days after taking the guns, his thugs began taking people to be executed, after trying them on trumpedup charges in a kangaroo court. Better yet, let’s send all of the gun grabbers down to Cuba to experience a true police state for themselves. I could say to them, “Look all around you; this is what will happen to America if the guns are taken. Is this the kind of country you want your children to grow up in?” They’d get a helluva lot of food for thought if nothing else. Braveheart

        • @ braveheart. I usually don’t use language like this, but when that little roach finx said that IT wanted all these freedom cheriching people that defies a terrible law to go to jail, I had to go off on some gential face like this. I didn’t mean to offend DPS, but I just couldn’t stand it as finx has in the past come up with some of the stuidest comments on record. Then for someone to say that all American need to blindlessly obey like a bunch of sheep, this is a true irritate.

          We all are going to experince some serious sh&* and everybody should be trying to help each other to prepare. There are some people out there with some wonderful ideas that are not responding, mainly becuase of total idiots like this that try to make this wonderful site look less than respectable. If these trolls realized that their own worthless backsides depended on the knowledge and good will of others on this site to help them better survive, maybe they would not be such total used up toilet paper.

          • Be informed,

            You in no way offended me Sir, remember I work constuction, not a whole lot of bad words I don’t use everyday. I was merely making a joke with you. FINX and that Joe dude just are not worth my time. Kinda like ole Biden ( Joe’s gotta go) still working on one for FINX besides stinks…LOL


      79. I wonder how many other citizens from other States are going to come to the aid of our United States New York citizens not wanting to go the path of Russian Citizens in 1917 when they kindly registered themselves, and their arms only to end up with a bullet behind their ears for complying. No more Waco’s!

        • Karl,

          Far too many Americans have woken up already, and more everyday. Many LEOs and Armed Services folks are awake about what’s up and these usurpers know it. And they know we know they know what’s up. If these usurpers start attacking gun owners up there or anywhere I believe it will blow back in every corner of the country. It will escalate. The final play by the usurpers will be to call in their ChiCom buddies. I think it will be out of desperation on their part. This nation will be in ruins. But you got to make a choice. Freedom in a ruined nation or slavery with Lord knows what condition? Can’t let them think that We the People will just stay at home and watch it go down on the TV. If they thought that would be the case then they would have started it already. Hell, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma bombings, 911 and all the usurpations of the Constitution has made them brazen. If they had been arrested for fast and furious, destruction could have been avoided. To me it was the tipping point of timing to avoid destruction. Now the usurper has made too many deals with foreign powers. Now what is left is open conflict with criminal thugs and some of their Oath breakers. When dealing with thugs you have to show them force. It’s all criminal thugs understand. Brute force at their unlawful doings.

          The Lord is Righteous.
          Standing by in Texas.

        • Y’know, when I lived in NY I met a few people in the Kaatskills (correct spelling) who were descendants of White Russians who fled their motherland after the Red takeover in 1917. They knew.

          One of the worst foreign policy mistakes the USA ever made was withdrawing our military support for the Whites in 1919/20. They could have retaken their country, but we let them down. Wilson, of course. The original Obama.


        Attributes of the bow…
        Quiet, silent
        No match for a gun…but…if we did get disarmed like England and Australia…

        Those that laugh at the bow… you would not laugh if you were on the wrong end of one.

        • Bows are bad ass, period, I have been shooting bows since i was a kid, I am an instinctive shooter with a bow, able to hunt rabbits on the run and birds with my compound..silent but deadly, I also have a 100# pull pistol cross bow, that will feed a family.

          sure they are no match for todays modern firearms, can take out a lot of “game” with out thier surrounding herd knowing you ever fired a shot

          • I love my Hoyt compound for deer hunting, but have never been able to pull off snap shots for birds or rabbits consistently. I have a cheap recurve that is great for that though!!!

          • VRF…

            …please forward said pistol crossbow data to Daisy.
            She is very interested in such!

        • In a pinch, the bow is a great weapon.

        • I love my recurve bow – I can hit anything in my range in complete silence.

          Bows are very easy to learn to use – I became quite accurate with just a couple of months of daily practice.

          • Good for you madam!!!

            Be sure to secure hunting arrows & at least 85gr. (Thunderhead brand)…broadheads…or better!

            • Gunsmith – obtained and ready.

              Thunderheads make for some very nice shiny arrow bling.

              It may be difficult to get properly armed with a gun up here in Canada, but it doesn’t have to mean that you are defenseless.


          • Rock on Girl! I love bow hunting! 🙂

      81. MGO and OCCDC, welcome aboard, and OCCDC, you’re right on target about the .22. I have 3 .22s myself and wouldn’t give them up for squat. braveheart

        • .22 has kept me in venison for many moons,not using it against armorin combat…just kneecaps and eyeballs 🙂

      82. So much for being responsible and law abiding gun owners.

        • Any law repugnant to the Constitution is invalid and there is no duty to obey. There are consequences of refusing to comply but resistance is not only justified but morally a requirement. Anyone remember the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s? This is also about civil rights.

          • …God given rights 🙂

      83. Beyond a shadow of a doubt , our brave fore-fathers wouldn’t have sat back and taken years of tyranny ! I wonder what will be the stick that broke the camels back ? I’ve a feeling this assault on the 2 nd Amendment is that stick , these radical leftist are not going to stop and it seems they are pushing and prodding to see just how far they can go. It’s time to draw the line in the sand.

        • “forefathers”

          no hyphenation needed

        • Well, in 1776 it was confiscation of arms.

      84. Greetings Everyone!
        Truly sad times when our Republic is being stressed to the breaking point by those who profit the most from it’s existence.I read that the “Prez.” has appointed more “insiders” to “police Wall Street”.The Keystone Cops type.The “red tie gone loopy” party has lost it’s way as well.The “Prez” has decided to finally put aside all pretense and just “false flag” his way to achieve his aims.Just to keep the Federal books “cooked” for a few months he removed BILLIONS from the federal retirement,giving them a I.O.U.Even the likes of Allen Greenspan admits we’re in worse shape than the 1930’s G.Dep.The Gobedvent Leaders NEED to take our “longarms” when they cause the “collapse”.Guns?What guns?Discretion is the watchword.They’ll be asking “little johnny” is mommy,daddy or gramps has any “guns.I supect this might be the catalyst that starts “THE CHANGE”.It happened in 1776,and sure as Satan himself,it’s going to happen again.One good note,TPTB just might go broke BEFORE this “seizure of terrorist weapons” can get fully underway.I live in the “middle South”,and will NOT be surprised at a another “War between the States” over this and a few other items.This time however,the outcome WILL be different.The first was fought over States Rights,so will be the second.We already have Slavery(The US has the LARGEST prison system on the planet,and they “work” the inmates whenever they can).I suspect a “four way split” when the dust settles.I’ll miss Fox new’s version of what’s happening(even if it’s tainted by outright lies and falsehoods).
        Guess it’s time for folks to “stock up” while we still legally can.
        Is that the sound of Jackboots and drones I hear in the distance?
        May you have a safe place to sleep and food enough for this day.
        Best to the preppers here…

        • GrayFoxGreen,

          Iwas wondering when you were going to post something. In the 2 yrs I have been coming to this site I have always taken the time to read your post Sir. Great to see you hope all is well.


      85. Much now is being Driven Underground.
        Just because N.Yorkers are not thrashing around
        in the streets, does not mean they are not
        pissed off. Family, friends, neighbors are now
        sitting around their kitchen tables, or living
        room couches discussing this topic and what
        their plan of action is going to be.
        It is making people more United against an
        Unjust legislature. I don’t think Cumo and his
        minons anticipated this outcome. Its not over
        until the fat lady sings.

        • My guess…that would be the bug-ugly/heavy-weight marxist carpet muncher…Janet N., over at DHS.

          …I wonder what her song of choice would be?????

        • GUNS What Guns?? oh those ya know what I lost them in a canoeing inncodent this past summer had everything I owned with me yea we had it all planned out a camping trip in the great outdoors hit a rapid and flipped the canoe we were lucky to even make it out alive. I think I see a few of you boys there to didn’t I

        • That KNEE GROW aint destroying shit

        • Hide them? I say use them.

      86. The way people on this site talk about democrats and liberals is extremely disheartening.

        You (know who you are) are the last people that should be leading an armed revolution. Your intolerance speaks volumes. If you had any sense, you would drop those empty prejudices and join your brothers and sisters in defeating TPTB. We are all in this together for better or worse and blind hate will not fix our problems or lead to a free and just future.

        • Sorry, the dems have enslaved us with taxes, a socialist state and I hope the FEMA camps will be taken over and we’ll put them there for a while.

          I am purposely not spending a penny while Obama is in office… I cannot support
          a commie in the office. I’m just saying.

          I’ve had enough of his Kumbya crap.

          Ted Kennedy was the worst enslaver of the whites….now we have all his social programs as a legacy. Commie.

          Maybe someone should go hungry and cold for a few days..then they will realize they have to work and contribute to society.

          lazy fucks.

          • Please tell me how Republicans have been any different. Please do.

        • There are Dems and Liberals that want to “defeat” TBTB?

          What do take us for, idiots? The one thing that defines and binds your ilk is the belief in the “MIGHTY STATE”.

          You’re all statists. You think gov is the answer to everything. It’s the definition of a Liberal and a Democrat.

          • “You’re”? Are you including me in that statement? Listen, people need to grow up. Stop acting like spoiled children and get a friggin clue. Democrats and liberals have no more power than republicans and conservatives.

            It’s been mutual destruction all the way till now so don’t give me that bullshit. I hate the government as much as the next guy. It’s a necessary evil and nothing more.

            But if you all don’t get your damn heads out of the right-wing sand, we’ll lose everything.

            TPTB depend on this kind of blind hatred to keep us divided and maintain their strangle hold on the people. As long as were too busy fighting each other we have no chance of defeating TPTB.

            It’s very simple. stop looking at the world through the left/right lens and start seeing it for what it is and always has been, people struggling against tyranny.

            • Democrats and liberals have done considerably more evil than have Republicans, though Republicans, for many years now, have contributed mightily to the effort.

              HOWEVER, conservatives (i.e., those who advocate govt strictly limited by the enumerated powers set forth in the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, no standing army, individual responsibility, liberty, private property, and free enterprise) have done little, if any harm. The Republicans are no more conservative than the sky is green. Condemn the Republicans all you want. They discarded conservatism long ago. Conservatism, as reflected in CHRONICLES (, for example, has struggled mightily in the marketplace of ideas to combat the evil of the Statists. Unfortunately, they have lost the war, and the Statists have accelerated their ascendance.

              Yes, TPTB are the “bad guys.” Genuine conservatives (see, for example, are not in TPTB. They are, in fact, the good guys. I may not favor the term “conservative,” because it has been so corrupted by the Statists and their lapdog MSM, and prefer the terms “Constitutionalists” or “Anti-Statists,” but in the end, those who are for liberty, property, free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, and limited government are the good guys.

              • Very well stated. If I must be ‘labeled’ then I fit the conservative label you describe.

                “(i.e., those who advocate govt strictly limited by the enumerated powers set forth in the Constitution, fiscal responsibility, no standing army, individual responsibility, liberty, private property, and free enterprise)”

                However, I try to avoid labels and blanket statements that lump people together on one side or the other.

                Many, many liberals do not approve of the bloated military expenditures or the aggressive, overpowers that the government currently exercises (put in place by a republican president by the way and continued and ‘upgraded’ by a democrat). They are all guilty as charged with treason against the constitution.

              • Very well said F-45.

                Thumbs up too you!

            • I’ve got to agree with timothy on this one folks. The Repubs have been silent on a lot of things, which to me is just as bad. That being said, they’re a lot of politicians on both sides that will need to be the “Belle of the ball” at a hemp necktie party when it comes time.

              • In retrospect, the Repubs have a problem of “riding the fence” on a lot of issues. The only thing you get by doing that is a mighty sore crotch. Choose who you will serve, you’ll either love one and hate the other, so to speak.


        • Timothy–Those who express distaste for the Statists, who currently in power throughout the U.S. govt, the MSM, and the arts (e.g., Hollywood “artists”), do so out of utter frustration at what they can clearly see these people are doing to what was once a free and prosperous nation. I cannot disagree that prejudice against people based on race or ethnicity is wrong and unproductive, but I see alot less of that sort of thing than I do anger against those hellbent on doing evil. Your notion of tolerance sounds very kumbaya and all, but tolerance of evil is not a good–it promotes the evil. So, when a man sees evil, knows it to be evil, and sees it working to do harm in the lives of this brothers and sisters, he has a duty to call out that evil and condemn it. To do so, he may label it Statism, liberalism, Leftism, communism, fascism, socialism, anti-Constitutionalism, or anti-libertarianism. . . But that is an entirely different thing from the sort of prejudice we all must condem (i.e., prejudice based on race or ethnicity or sex). What these posters are doing is condemning the evil they are witnessing. To do otherwise is to participate in favor of evil.

        • The dems, progressives and liberals are the establishment. they control the media, academia, unions, education, the courts, MSM, government bureaucracy, monetary system and healthcare as well as the white house and senate. The Establishment is the problem and being that Liberal/Progressives/Dems = “The Establishment” then being an antiestablishmentarian is also the same as being anti liberal/Dem/Progressive. Tell me how can you be against the policies, practices and message of the establishment without being against the philosophies that generate them?

          • You are making the mistake of thinking you can wage a war on an idea. Ideas are not our enemy.

      87. This has driven everything underground.
        Just because New Yorkers are not thrashing about in the streets, does not mean they are not pissed off.
        Familys, neighbors, friends are sitting around their kitchen tables, or living room couches talking about their next plan of action. Though the Republicans here are a minority, there has to be some gun toting Dems. here also. NYCity dems. tend to win their votes over the Republicans and get their way. I don’t think this is going to happen with this unjust legislature though.
        Its not over until the Fat Lady sings.

        • I grew up in upstate NY, Chenengo County. I think that they should drop NYC from the state, let the dumpster state have it (NJ). There concerns are being forced onto the rest of the state.

          • ‘Their’ concerns..

          • Wow…great idea…

          • Same thing happens in Florida. Everything south of Orlando are the bleeding hearts, the ones that make a living sucking the govment tit, or the Hispanics who think the Dems are their friend. We The People in North Florida, for the most part, have nothing in common with the southerns. But it is what it is and it doesn’t matter if we pawn them off on someone else…we still have to deal with their unlogical thinking. We the People who are like minded need to be involved on every level possible. I have my Congressman and Senators programmed in my phone and call them regularly. I also believe the Tea Party is the last hope for government. Not the Tea Party the Republicans tried to hijack…the Tea Party that watches and calls them all out on their corruption. All the while, I know things are going to get really bad so I am trying to make sure all my ducks are in a row. I read more than I post on this site and I thank you all from whom I have learned a lot. BI: you are my hero. Daisy: you bring class to the conversation. Mac: you keep us thinking. May we all become George Washington when the time comes.

            • South West Florida is quite Conservative.

              • Yes, I am. Thank you for noticing. I will agree that living near the coast feels like being behind enemy lines. I know people in the middle of the state and the mood there is very different, much more adult (not in the Hollywood sense).

            • FL is much better than MD but still overrun with socialist rats.

        • My brother is trying to get a job out here in ID so he can move his family out here from the Binghamton area. Since he is mulatto I am sure they wouldn’t think twice about shooting him if he resisted any sort of confiscation/registration.

          Luckily he was in the army so maybe they would cut him some slack. It’s hard to believe racists still exist. My father in law is one and it is so ironic because he is open enough to be an atheist. I think it is just because he had some bad experiences when he was a kid.

      88. sorry everyone, I forgot to put my name on the
        1st post.


        “I’m Sheriff David Clarke and I want to talk to you about something personal: Your safety. It’s no longer a spectator sport. I need you in the game, but are you ready? With officers laid off on furlough, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option. You can beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back. But are you prepared? Consider taking a certified safety course in handling a firearm so you can defend yourself until we get there. You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We’re partners now. Can I count on you? This safety message brought to you by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.”

      90. Only rebellion can save America

        The US federal government has strayed so far from the Constitution and the rule of law that it can now be considered rogue and illegitimate.

        Repeat After Me America – ” I WILL NOT COMPLY !”

      91. “Power concedes nothing without a demand.

        It never did, and it never will.

        Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both.

        The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

        — Frederick Douglass, August 4, 1857.

        • ” There will be Blood !”

          ” Prepare !”

      92. I just want to be a squirrel. Everyday they gather food and head to their homes, with not much worries other than a nearby hawk or eagle.

        Squirrels have not much worries cause they just work each day and then store their collected foods.

        Without their work, they will have no food.

        No welfare squirrels or even leachate liberals on staff. You do your part, or suffer the consequences. Bring in food, or don’t eat.

        USA is toasted. We will have a hard time. But I believe the squirrels will do just fine with or without the Homo Sapien and the garbage that they leave behind.

        • You know in a way…I’ve been doing just this. Stacking silver. The house is well prepped.

          I reject every smooth and slick thing Obama says.

          Yeah…I knew a smooth talking guy.
          We gave him a job…and he bullshitted us that he had to work second shift because of the kids. He was mocking auto email to make it look like he came to work.
          We fired his smooth talking jive ass and when he left…we all looked around and felt bad for him…as he had it made in a sound company. But instead…he was full of himself and just could not show up or be bothered to be part of the team.

          Obama…no matter how much politically correct shit you puke at us…
          WE all still know…there are those who are lazy fucks and who will aways seek an hand out.

          • Hi there, JayJay! Nice clip, thanks for the link. I’ve seen Manning before. He’s definitely a guy who says it straight.

            • Yes sir! Rev Manning doesn’t have a problem calling a spade a spade.

        • There ya go timmy. It aint right vs left. It is squirrels vs Ape monkys! aka them whigynighymighyjighy types of KOMMIES!

      93. I’m interested in Manos’ take on all this and how it compares in Greece. Anyone heard from him lately?

        • @scout motto. manos has his own problems. bigger ones than america. and the guns were taken from them a long time ago. manos will be ok.

        • It’s been several weeks since I’ve heard from him. I’d be interested too, in how it compares.

      94. I read this a long while ago…
        A guy was put in prison in Russia. He was a small and weak man. He was brutalized daily. His food was taken and he was near starvation. He would sit in his corner at night and be alone. Thinking and filing a piece of metal he found.

        Then one night…when all were asleep…he slit the throats of 5 of the prison bullies.

        A tiny frail man… yet he stood up to his oppressors and took everything from them.

        That is why the powers that be fear us.
        They know…we have that power. The more they disarm us…the more we become like that frail man.

        What they need to do is say… We understand that America is at war… be armed, feel safe.

        It’s ironic to me that the the Jews, who six million were killed after being disarmed, are the very people that are trying to take our guns and ammo.

        I reject these types and live in a free America.

        I will NOT comply with any gun laws that violate the second amendment and the constitution of the United States.

        DO NOT COMPY

      95. “I don’t highlight my hair,
        I’ve still got a pair,
        Honey, I’m still a guy.
        My eyebrows ain’t plucked,
        There’s a gun in my truck,
        Remember, I’m still a guy.”
        –Brad Paisley

      96. New York Gun Owners not bending over and kissing the Jewish controlled state. WTF! Get back in there and get your noses back up that ass!


        Follow my logic here…
        1. The jews own the banks.
        2. The Federal reserve is owned by all the jewish bankers.
        3. They foster debt slavery. When you get a credit card offer in the mail…that shackles from the jewish banker.
        4. They want a one world government to enslave you.
        5. They seek a one world currency with transactional taxes.

        They cannot enslave you if you are armed and have a means of fighting back.
        So…they fund their politicians and own the media stations for anti gun purposes.

        There you go.

        So…ammo up. Reject all debt and live free.
        Vote them out of office.

        As for investing.. Silver.
        No paper…

        My logic…
        In time they will get a transactional tax.
        Silver will be the currency of the under the table.
        Zero taxes…..they cannot tax what they cannot find.

        Silver has over 10,000 industrial applications.
        It will always have value.

        • German Gold-Not Last One Holding the Bag-Tom Cloud….
          Germany recently announced it was moving some of its gold back to the homeland. Investment manager Tom Cloud says, “People are starting to pull away and take care of themselves. . . . You don’t want to be the last guy holding the bag.”

          • And France said 5 years to get your gold, and the Fed said 8 years…
            You think Germany is a happy camper?
            Or, will they join our enemies in isolating The Dollar System.
            And Babylon the great burns down “in one hour”, and only the merchants of the Earth see it.

      98. There is no way NY pussys are going to stand up to the Jews. No guns for the Goym.

        • KZ: maybe now this antigun stand will force them Good jews and blacks who are patrotic types to begin to speak out and refuse to cover for their own kinds any longer eh.

          And if that happens, if alot of progun true patriot jews begins to blab all they know of about the antigun Bolshevik kommie type jews..

          Nobody will be able to call them antisemitic. Then maybe that will cause the Largest group of Enablers of them evil ones, the evangelical jew firsters types, such as pastor hagge and his org. that unquestionably fully supports all issues jewsih and isreal.

          To Finally awken to this vast deception and Re think what wolves like hagge taught to believe.

          If such a vast awaening happenes nationwide…Them Bolshevik Kommies be they jew or gentile or black will all begin to run for cover. Checkmate kommies!

          Because everything they(kommies) does is based upon Lies falsehoods and alot of Mis-interpreted biblical teachings.

          And it is the bolsheviks especially their leadership and sold out Goyims in msm and politics And many preachers who worship Mammon(money) more than the Truth, that cannot keep their falsehood games going without such Vast Massive enablers supporting it all.

          Stay tuned as theres probobly alot of Patroit progun jewsih folks in NY I bet. Nows there best chance in 500 yrs to Out the bolsheviks and Stand as True american patriotic folks. Time will tell if their numbers are vast? or slight?

          But lets hope the Past such as 1918 to 1990 era aint repeated today. If it is and is like ukraine-poland-russia?…Then the numbers of Patrotic america firster jews will definatly be Very slight.

          So far it looks alot closer here today to ukraine poland russia is a rerun of 100 yrs ago in them nations.

          They will Lose big here as we never will relenquish guns to kommie bolsheviks or any others neither.

          They Murdered almost ALL of my ancestors for being white christian polaks back then. They aint gonna get me!

          If the Lord desires to bring His sword of vengence upon their evil doer heads?….He can count on me as His faithfull swordsman avenger of those innocent victims of past kommie bolshevik bloodbath orgies.

          There is zero middle ground. Whos not for us is against us period.

      99. IWhat would happen if we got a move going to swamp the PTB with mailed in copies of the 2nd?
        Keep the post office going AND give them some free reading material?

        n news today, stock market up, home sales up, alls looking hunky dory! WHAATTT?

        No news on Sandy Hook investigations, guess the records and search warrants are still sealed…why, if it was just one disturbed young man?

        What else are we missing in the news while worrying about guns? It’s all about guns…what else is slithering thru the swamp?

      100. Patriots of New York: Stand your ground. Do not allow Comrade Cuomo and Comrade Bloomberg to rescind your God-given right to bear arms. Should this escalate, have faith in your fellow patriotic citizens to come up and support you, whether that be with our voice or our lead.

        Patriots of the other 49 states: Do not stand idly by. Take initiative by calling or writing to your elected officials. Make it well known to them that they must condemn these actions of tyranny and to begin filing charges of impeachment. Let them know that should they choose to simply fall in line with the tyrants and infringe/confiscate your weapons, then they have violated their oath in which they sworn in. The consequence of breaking an oath is impeachment or death.

        “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” -Declaration of Independence

      101. “Threats of imprisoning gun owners for up to a year and confiscating their weapons are already being issued by governor’s office, headed by a rabid anti-Second Amendment extremist who suggested before the bill passed that “confiscation” of all semi-automatic rifles was being considered.”

        How about this — not a ‘threat’, a ‘promise’: The righteous law-abiding citizens of the United States of America will kill anyone that tries to take our weapons. Politicians, law enforcement, military, neighbors, relatives, foreign powers, alien invaders, giant spiders — all fair game, and no quarter given.

        • I second Amendment that.

      102. Two-hundred and thirty-seven years ago, our forefathers established The United States. A new nation, conceived in liberty, birthed in bloody conflict, and dedicated to freedom from tyranny. It was, and is, a uniquely blessed nation.
        Today we are engaged in a great struggle, testing whether that nation, born of fire and blood, yet dedicated to peace and freedom, can still endure.
        We face an insidious enemy. A group of tyrants, small in number but weilding intense power. Having the benefits of media, education, and information systems almost exclusively in their control, so as to bury the populace in a never-ending avalanche of propaganda.
        As well, they control the bulk of the economy, even to the point of issuing counterfeit currency and demanding it’s acceptance by the people.
        They also have as their allies, a large number of our fellow citizens. Unproductive, lazy people, whose only job is to continue the farce of ‘voting’ them into political office. These slovenly masses, useful idiots and no more, would, if forced to shoulder the burdens of citizenship and self-support, be our brothers in this struggle. For the present time, however, they are not. They are the enemy, just as surely as the tyrants themselves.
        Let us be clear. The sheep-like masses are to be treated as hostiles. They will, when properly motivated by the propaganda of the tyrants, rise up to insist on the total enslavement of us all. We must resist them as we would any tyrant.
        However, if and when they can be enlightened, they should be welcomed back into the ranks of productive citizens, provided they prove themselves worthy of that honor by their diligent efforts of self-support and willingness to fight against their former masters.
        As for the tyrants themselves, there can be no quarter. Ever. They are those whose only god is the lord of death and darkness. Their aim is our destruction. Their weapons are deceit and fear. Their lies are just as destructive as their bombs or bayonets.
        We must fight them with every weapon at our disposal. Information, as well as cannon. We must sound the alarm to our fellow citizens. Me must inform and educate. We must rally and encourage every person who would stand with us in this fight. We must not let our own lesser differences divide us. We must be United.
        Together, we can win. We are greater in numbers. We are the equal, often the superior, in intellect to the tyrants. We must never be intimidated by their lies. We can defeat them. Toward that end, we must NEVER relinquish our arms.
        United, we will prevail. And Freedom will live on. For the sake of our children’s children, we must never stop fighting the tyrants until they are completely destroyed. And, with the grace of God, we will see that victory.
        We can rekindle the flame of liberty is this great land. Let us not shrink from that awesome duty. And let history say of our generation: This was their finest hour!

        God, grant that the men and women of this nation would return to You. And to the values and moral strengths of our founders, that this great country would once again be free. Amen

        • Marvelous post Smokin’, as always…many, many thanks!

          If I may, I would like to add a thought (or two) here

          Few – if any – now do not now know where this
          is going, the endless assualt on basic freedoms which
          we see about us each and every day…what comes now
          strikes to the very Heart of the Matter at hand…ALL
          now know this. Soon, it will be the case that FINALITY
          will come, it is now inevitable that those who form the
          opposing camp will make attempt against the Liberty’s
          so many have already paid for….

          ….I Will NOT Yeild.

          Therefor, an open letter, to all who will see this come
          to pass in thier time…..

          To our Sons and Daughter’s, Niece’s and Nephews;

          Even though the gates at the ‘Point’ are inscribed with
          “Duty, Honor, Country” always remember where your Duty
          lies…with ‘We, the People’ and not to any Man or leader
          of Men – who are but transient….but to the People always.

          The Government, no matter how it is consisted is nothing, ever, other than an agency of “The People.” Do Right, Stand Tall…NEVER let someone else, no matter who they be, tell you that Right is Wrong, that Good is Bad, or vice-versa…IF they do, then know THEM by that and let that be the final judgement upon them in your eyes such that the Truth thereby be fully known and revealed before all.

          to those who have raped the World for generations…

          Should our elected officials EVER direct the defenders
          of this country against the Citizens of whom it is
          Constituted then I ask you: “What fate for such as These?”, Truly. The reptilian strain’ of Humankind has lived among us for many, many centuries: Those for whom Power over others is the very breath of life: those who would never, ever relent in thier pursuit of greater and greater control over thier fellows but who – as we look about us today – take NO concommitant responsibility for as to balance such terrible Power.

          After careful consideration of all that I have seen in
          the last few years and months I wish to speak here and
          to be heard by those who are beyond this place, as well
          as those who abide here. I offer a warning to All those
          who think to impair the Freedoms which lie at the heart
          of “Who We Are”, at the root of “We the People”…

          …Behold, WHO among you does not know These things?

          All that is obtained by FORCE must forevermore
          be MAINTAINED BY IT, In Greater and Greater
          proportion, in the passing of time.

          EVER has it been so…

          All that is obtained through Lies and Deceit
          must evermore be covered with a deeper and
          deeper trail of the same that passes into FOREVER,
          since it has always been the case that every Lie
          told, and every deceit practised must be covered
          by – at least – another two of the same…
          and YET, the Truth will out, ALWAYS.

          EVER HAS IT BEEN SO…

          Lastly, to be seared into every, individual Human

          EVERY DROP of Blood spilled in any such thing
          would never have “PAID” put to it, till GALLONS
          had been extracted in return for EACH and EVERY
          DROP so spilled, taken by Force…

          AND TIMES.

          ONCE THAT ROAD IS opened, those who have done
          so, and who travel it, will have nothing but
          Horror and Grief to THE END.

          In Norse legend the World Ends in a Final
          conflagration named “Ragnarok,” in a last
          battle upon a vast plain which they name
          “Vigrid”, stretching hundreds and hundreds
          of miles in all directions.

          Those who choose to implement the will of the
          “invisibles” who move the World unseen might
          perhaps take note of the description of that
          place and take note of the similarities in
          that description as compared to the Great
          Plains of this Country.

          “Vigrid” indeed…

          And so again I ask, “What would be fitting for
          those who begin such a thing?” I do not recommend
          that any here answer this question directly…but
          instead say,”Think You upon this…closely.” Speak
          to your “Younger’s” now – as YOU ARE thier “Elders”
          – and so make plain to them wHere Truth and Goodness
          lie so that they will be reminded, and therefor
          MINDFUL of it at the proper moment, should awful
          Horror be the choice of those who attempt to lead
          them thusly.

          They ARE OUR Son’s and Daughter’s, OUR Niece’s and
          Nephew’s…NOT THIER’S – who they hide in safety
          always, apart from any mischief….

          ….NOT this TIME!

          Whosoever should start such as this…be advised:

          Think not that that ANY forgiveness will EVER be
          forthcoming for you….or your’s. Humankind has
          become enraged with you already for what has been
          done – you need only look upon the recent “Arab
          Spring” to see what is in store for any such. WERE
          THAT which has already been done, be further
          extended – by even the smallest margin beyond what
          it has been already – the anger which you have
          cultured now is – I Fear – so great that it might
          well be the case that Humankind reflexively
          responds with an untihinkable Finality


          Do you think otherwise?…DWELL UPON IT.

          (Some may have to look that word up, it is truly,
          FINAL, as it is here applied.)

          That Humanity is Patient and Long-Suffering is
          by now obvious to all except those who are
          blinded by thier lust for Wealth and Power
          over Others:

          “Truly, there is NONE so BLIND as He who will
          NOT See.”

          I have already spoken with those who are of me,
          my blood, my flesh – who are mine and to whom I
          in turn belong, in kindly, loving fashion, to
          aprise them of where thier obligations lay…and
          so now should YOU, in the hope that were such the
          shape of things to come, that the trail of BLOOD
          NOT go on FOREVER …for it well MIGHT DO SO.

          Enough is Enough…….and Enough Said.


        • SmokinOkie For President…

          Well, ya got ONE vote…

          • I was just going to write the same thing, glad I scrolled down first!!! Make that 2 votes.

      103. Like to see tee shirt to wear in NY with the following print on the back

        Molon Labe: It is a classical expression of defiance reportedly spoken by King Leonidas I in response to the Persian army’s demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae.

      104. Molon Labe

        Molon Labe: It is a classical expression of defiance reportedly spoken by King Leonidas I in response to the Persian army’s demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae.

        It means come and take them

      105. Evening, folks.

        I can’t tell you how much seeing this has warmed an old army vet’s heart. I have read through every comment to this point, and damn it, I am not a bit ashamed to admit that I felt tears coming to my eyes.

        After a bit of thought, and some time to compose myself, I have a message, straight from the heart, for our NY brothers and sisters, and every gun owning individual across this great nation.


        You are not alone. We are many, and we are all in this righteous fight together, against an evil enemy bent on the total destruction of our liberties and our way of life.

        We must not waver in our resolve, ladies and gentlemen. Remain steadfast and strong. This battle will be long, painful, and difficult, and there will be many trials along the path to victory. Blood will be shed, and sacrifices made. We will mourn our dead and continue the fight, until our enemy is vanquished.

        We are the American Patriot Army, millions strong, and we have our mission before us. Stand up now, be brave, and be proud. Our battle cry is a powerful one, yet only four simple words:

        “Not one more inch!”

        • Very well said, KySSG. There seems to be an awakening of sorts going on in the country. In the coming days, all of you here at shtfplan can count me in-

          ‘Not one more inch!’

          • NOT ONE MORE INCH.

            Pass it on. This is the Battle cry.

        • Hope you don’t mind. I posted this on Facebook with your Name KY SSG. That was a very touching, get off your ass and do something, battle cry! So now I am GRITS (Girl Raised in the South) a member of the APA (American Patriot Army).

        • KYSSG,

          Thank You Sir, for the Inspiration and Heart behind it.

          I too have been in tears and read each comment. I have always had a sense about me since I was a little girl and I had always made plans and thought about this day.
          For some reason I thought it was OK to plan just in case.
          Though I had the sense this somehow Breaks my heart and rips my soul.

          I confess I am afraid. I am frightened and yet Somehow as I sense a completeness as though I am here for this day.
          Count On me to do what I can do. Though I am afraid I stand with Courage. It’s not the first time I have been afraid and yet grasp to one thing, “Courage”

          This woman stands behind the Brave Soldiers both home and abroad. I open my home and everything I have. I owned a Restaurant and can Cook for an Army wash clothes and make beds. I can forage plenty and make it taste good. I can be useful in many ways I shouldn’t say here. I am ready to serve.

          (Moderator please give those my email whom you think should have it that want it) If it hasn’t been done already I invite all to come to my home for a family reunion and discuss a plan for the next reunion.

          “NOT ONE MORE INCH’

          • Joan…

            In truth, if the enemy actually “moves” against us…your talents will be sorely needed by the resistance.
            There will be wounded warriors needing care…hungry/tired patriots in need of a safe house/rest/food.

            …and per your business establishment…should the enemy stop in for a bite…casually listen to them ‘talking shop’…as info/intel you glean from them…could assist our endeavors.

            Bless you dear & thank you for the uplifting post!!!!

      106. Sometimes it’s silly nonsense. Sometimes it’s overly verbose, heartfelt emotion for my country. And sometimes, it’s just noisy fun!
        Now, just so y’all won’t think I’ve completely gone off the rails, I got a new toy today! It says Remington on the side and makes a really nice (loud) noise! Yeee haaa!
        I can hardly wait to put on my cowboy boots, pin on my grandson’s plastic Marshal Dillon badge, and go play cowboys and banksters.

        • SmokinOkie,

          Congrats on the new toy! Blued steel is the best kind of toy there is.

          Picked up a new Stevens “toy” myself a little while back, the kind with the pump action and a muzzle that looks like the Lincoln Tunnel head on. I’m going to add something else to the toy box later today, if they’re not out of them.

          “Not one more inch!”

        • Was it any trouble acquiring this new toy Smokin?
          I’m afraid I’ll have to wait to get one of those nice little black toys I want. Will have to take off the body of a JBT.

          National Gun Registry = CAUSUS BELLI

          Not one more inch.

      107. My conspiracy theory buddy always comes up with some valid theories that I overlook and here’s a very logical one concerning NY’s gun ban that he threw at me tonight:
        If you pass a law and ban something, then that law usually goes into effect within 24 hours of the law being passed. For example: drugs or even the NYC soda ban.
        If guns are such a terrible thing that every child in America is in danger every second and if Cuomo wants to put a ban on guns, then why give gun owners an entire YEAR to comply?
        His theory on this: 1. There will be another staged shooting, this one will be in NY so they can put the nail in the gun ownership coffin and completely paint guns and gunowners as evil.
        2. People (especially in this country) have a very short attention span and Cuomo knows this. Come a year from now the fires burning inside NY’ers to stand up against these “laws” will have died down to almost nothing and most of them will forget about the deadline and in a last minute panic to not get in trouble they will turn in their guns because it’ll be too late to do anything about it by then.

        So to all NY patriots and true believers of freedom, I say this to you: Don’t wait until the deadline to fight this!!!
        You need to stand up for your rights NOW and tell your state gov’t that this sh*t ends TODAY!!!
        The longer you wait to nip this in the bud the harder it will be.

      108. quote of the day
        hat tip Information Clearing House

        “”Four sorrows are certain to be visited on the United States. Their cumulative effect guarantees that the U.S. will cease to resemble the country outlined in the Constitution of 1787.

        First, there will be a state of perpetual war, leading to more terrorism against Americans wherever they may be and a spreading reliance on nuclear weapons among smaller nations as they try to ward off the imperial juggernaut.

        Second is a loss of democracy and Constitutional rights as the presidency eclipses Congress and is itself transformed from a co- equal ‘executive branch’ of government into a military junta.

        Third is the replacement of truth by propaganda, disinformation, and the glorification of war, power, and the military legions.

        Lastly, there is bankruptcy, as the United States pours its economic resources into ever more grandiose military projects and shortchanges the education, health, and safety of its citizens.”
        – Chalmers Johnson, Sorrows of Empire

        well we can’t say we weren’t warned

        our country is being dismantled piece by piece

        • #3 has been occurring since at least 1960, and #4 is occurring simultaneously with perpetual war (#1), all of which is designed to shift the American mind to a framework of security over liberty (#2). Obama is the perfect puppet for those behind the curtains. He will either be restored to the throne in 2016, Constitution be damned, or will be elevated to “Dear Leader” of a globalist New World Order.

      109. Glad to hear the people are standing up for their rights! Down with the gun grabbing democrats!!!! We must get them all out of office. I’m ashamed to say I once supported the democrats, no more. I opened my eyes to these lying politicians. NO MORE DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Hate to have to tell you this J D, it’s all of them…and in the not too distant past I was a Republican supporter.

          NOT ONE INCH!!!

        • The republicans are quietly supporting the anti gun efforts because it fires up the base with an emotional issue. The republicans have nothing to offer the country, they have no message, no vision, no leadership, they have nothing, nada, zippo. They are loving the anti gunners because it allows them to ride the coat tails of the fired up pro constitutionalist base and they are dreaming of having power in washington, not to serve us or the people that elected them but to enrich their offshore bank account.

      110. When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty-Thomas Jefferson.

        Will New York change its name to the “Peoples Democratic Republic of New York”?

        It is up to ALL of us to do our duty!

      111. Is it ” Time for a Military Coupe of the obviously zionist criminal corrupt red communist cia mafia run fraudulent Presidency of the United States of America , time to Arrest and charge Barry Soetoro / cia agent obama with treason identity theft and fraud ???”

        Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely On Obama’s Forged BC, Multiple Social Security Numbers

        Where is Our Generations USMC Constitutionalist American Patriot GENERAL Smedley Butler ???

        * all i gotta say is … if the u.s. military doesn’t step up soon to stop this illegal fedgov criminal commie government … someone else will … and that someone else and his supporters might just become the u.s. military’s worst domestic bloody nightmare ever .

        * it would be better if the u.s. military general joints chiefs of staff manned up and took care of the obama / clinton problem . before a VERY PISSED OFF civilian militia army a MILLION MAN MILITIA ARMY of VERY PISSED OFF ARMED AMERICAN VETERANS handled it for them .

        … just sayin’ tick’ tock’ … time is running out .

      112. instinct? id say its the wrath of God? Does a lion try to talk is prey to sit as he snaps its throat… the probability of getting your neck snapped IF they come on your porch is so high that the entire neighborhood needs to become as aggressive as a pack of wolves. Chances are good disposable rookies and pre criminals will be the chosen hitman to come to your door anyway

      113. @ Slingshot,

        We can meet up in less than 20 minutes. Mac, can you give SS my email addy? Thx

        • Mikey, send me an email at mac@ and I will get your details over.

          P.s. — We have a beta version of private messaging working. We’re just working on the security side of things now and will hopefully have it available by the end of the week.

          Thanks all!


          • OMG!, Truly Mac…PM finally? Oh Brother that’s better than Christmass, THANKS!!!!

        • Been out filling sandbags for flood control. If you are that close I am sure you know some of the people I know.
          Hang Tight, Mikey.

      114. Pack up and move out of the state. Then that M-Fer your governer will have a broke state. Also if you stay DO NOT PAY STATE TAXES.

        • No retreat Hippie! Run the other SOB’s out or burn them out.

      115. Try this on for size ya’ll…..I still think that the gun ban will be hard B U T ! I think they will impose a tax so high on the civilian market on ammunition of all shapes, sizes AND amounts that it will make it hard for an old fart like ME TO AFFORD ! Remember the Department of Homeland INsecurity bought an ass load of munitions and now most retailers are dam near out. They can move to regulate sales quicker on 4.2 munitions than weapons…….Just a thought, What do ya’ll fellow Patriots ????????

      116. Hey, If KING BLOOMBURG of NYC can control New Yorkers food intake and beverage consumption who’s to say he cant control ones appetite for ammo..J U S T S A Y I N !

      117. Impeach the bastards.

      118. “THE GREAT EYE”

        Woke up from the dream
        An all seeing eye
        Flies over a governed sky
        Tell me freedom is not a lie

        Come calm one
        Into the light-Try!

        Content and fully aware
        We are an elite race
        Of our own
        No more in common
        Then the will to be free

        An explosion in the mind
        Dawn’ sun strokes the walls
        Of a red sky

        We are not blind to the
        Ones we leave behind

        Panic in the eye
        Can spread & fill
        An entire sky

        Now you know
        The reason why
        There will be blood

        • And the Eye, is the eye of a Gorgon…

      119. our state (Hawaii) is trying to push legislation similar,
        SB36 requires yearly registratioin of all firearms with a fee for each firearm, it requires biannual participation in a safety course, requires certification by the police that non certified family members cannot access the firearms, there are other pieces of this as well,
        There is also a bill that would require showing registration of a firearm in order to buy ammo
        there is also a bill that would ban sales of “assault weapons” the classification is pretty broad

        This is an assault on our 2A
        this is simply appauling that we need to even put up with this crap.

        Compliance is not a choice,,, there are 2 clear choices here,
        1, resist and be labled a criminal,
        2, move somewhere else where the state politicians dont have their heads up their asses.

        • Sounds like politicians need to be ‘disappeared’…

          • This is why im watching NY intently, i feel this may be the beginning of a storm.

            • @ Kulafatmer,

              Yes, I beleive you are right…a STORM is coming….

      120. I’m proud of you New York. What you do will be an example for the rest of the country. Stand your ground. Take a look at who is wanting to take your weapons. Its the ones who have taken the wealth away from this country. Its the ones who are afraid the people are waking up to what has happened and what is still happening. They know they have been found out. WHEN THE GOVERNMENT FEARS THE PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE WIN. CORRUPTION HAS HIT AN ALL TIME HIGH.

        Did you see Hannity’s Special Friday night? It may be shown again this weekend. Hope this will wake up more people to where your money has gone.

        • Good call Grandma from a grampa…while hannity is all over the place, this special is worth the watch.

          However…this again is the msm stirring the pot.

          tptb want us to react first…please do not, be patient. They will make the final mistake or the planet will set the ball in motion.

          The fucks want us to start it so that they can come in to save the day for all of the treasonas bastards that support this system of unproductiveness…little do they know that their dream of utopia is just that.

          Then vote.

        • Its Called Boom Town…
          Ya gotta watch it…

          Wash DC, has turned into a boom town, $120,000 AVERAGE Federal salaries has led to an explosion in luxury goods…
          Fine wines and restaurants, sports cars, private jets flying in constantly just for schmoozing and wining and dining…

          On YOUR nickle.

          • If you look on, federal jobs in Washington DC have fewer educational requirements and higher pay than the SAME FEDERAL JOB in another area of the country. The feds in DC are their own little mafia.

          • Also the most successful Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati dealers are no longer in Beverly Hills, they are in the NO VA – DC area!!! Disgusting…

      121. All i have to say is, why in the hell has the true patriots in NY have not gone down there to their legislature and arrest nnnn these traitors who have already shown their disregard for the Constitution and the people by passing this draconian bill?? Why?? And now they say ” not one more inch”? They have the right and duty to arrest these traitors but sit by and say ” not one more inch” ,they will cowar in a corner when they kick in their door and gladly hand over their rights when the time comes. You cowards have already spoken!!!

        • Danyell
          ALL states are promoting illegal laws! WHAT are YOU doing in your state.bigmouth?

      122. While they are trying to get YOUR guns, the ATF is trying to cover up THEIR gun sales to drug cartels. GOOGLE the incident in Tucson AZ on Thursday 1/24/13 where an ATF K-9 was mauled by a pitbull during a warrant service. Every cop in Tucson is wondering why the ATF flew a special team in from Dallas (never happened before) to serve a local warrant based on a local tip. Why? To secure and cover up what they thought might be Fast & Furious weapons before word got out that those weapons were back on US soil in the hands of criminals (other than the ones in DC). Get the word out and get the media asking questions.

        • thank you @concerned cop

          i’m strongly going to advise you to stay home with your family and ditch your uniform (dress down) when martial law is called .

          alot of on the job DHS associated cops are going to be killed by free american militia patriot snipers the first day of martial law in ameriKa .

          wearing the uniform and badge will just make you a big target for pissed off patriots .

        • God bless you Concerned Cop.
          We trust you are an Oathkeeper?

          If you are thrust into an uncomfortable situation, remember the colors of battle, and we are in a battle, the good against the evil ones that sit in the high seats(spiritual wickedness in HIGH places).

          In this battle, I’ve been trying to say, we, the good guys, need to have ‘our’ color.
          I have proposed White, as the old fashioned color of the Good guys who wore white hats.
          Wear white, and spread the word, and hopefully you will not become collateral damage.

          Again, God bless, and good to see you here.

        • Thank you sooooo much, this is just the type of intel we need from the front lines.

      123. Good morning, Be Informed, and I’m not chastising you one bit about your outburst at finx. I know you normally have a lot more class than that. Plus, I’m in total agreement about blind, unquestioning obedience eventually leading to tragedy, disaster, etc. Like I said earlier, I’d like to send finx down to my wife’s homeland of Cuba; since he is so pro-government he should feel right at home there. Also, thanks for the updates about New Madrid. To everyone, please disregard whoever posted as “Braveheart” earlier. must be another troll. I’m the one and only braveheart; I use only lower case letters in the name. braveheart

      124. All Aboard The Human Cargo System is in place Take a ride Thru Upstate NY’s Scenic Tour and enjoy your stay at any of the nearby Fema Camps for free.

      125. If you can afford a gun, buy one now, it’s gonna get ugly.

      126. Take guns from law abiding citizens,—but give them to Mexican drug cartels, the Taliban/Benghazi, jets to Egypt-Holder!

      127. @DPS & Braveheart, thank you both for the warm welcome. Can’t say I’ll be posting much…more of a listener than a talker.

        Braveheart, I’m hoping this is one party that I won’t have to attend, but will when the time comes. I have two wonderful sons (23 and 18) who I love dearly and will do all that I can to stop whatever is coming our way so that one day I can look into the eys of my future grandchildren and tell them that their granny and the rest of the family stood strong when needed. There is an awakening happening…I just pray that it’s not too late.

        Don’t know when I’ll be posting again so will take this time to say that I’m very thankful to this group for the prepping tips I’ve picked up along the way. To all those that have our backs, THANK YOU!

        Now, I’m off to make more pies – someone has got to feed the American Patriot Army 🙂

        Not one more inch!

      128. When New Yorkers or others begin mutual defense pacts akin to the colonial era minute man to protect themselves when government vehicles show up, that would signal the end of consent of the governed. It will be Lexington II. Oh that it should come to this.

      129. It is clear that those who wish to disarm us are not going to stop until they are stopped . We have laws that protect our rights but these oppressive thugs do not and will accept these facts . They are willing and able to FORCE their will upon the masses with jail time and left of personal property . We can try to talk this thing out but we WILL be ignored in the court rooms and there will be no one to stop these tyrants from doing as they please ! The time for TALK has all but expired and I am afraid that we are left with only one more alternative, If you want to keep your rights and your property then you will have to do so with violence ! They are giving us NO other way out ! The first citizen shot and killed for doing this is the spark that will ignite a Civil War !

      130. Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick is out of his mind if he thinks any MA gun owner is going to store their rifles anywhere outside of their own home or property.. WTF

        • He is out of his mind…he`s a tyrant

      131. Resist in every state! Did anyone read about the AG in Deleware that took away sheriffs and their deputies right to arrest? Biden’s son is the AG! International gun treaty to be reintroduced in the US. If military refuses to confiscate, You might see the blue helmets try and come in. SOMEBODY needs to be impeached! Bring them all on! Google the latest on Coroner’s report on Sandy Hook! Everything seems to be happening all at once.

        • the latest on Coroner’s report on Sandy Hook!

          Expand lease–can’t find link regarding this.

          • expand please.

            • Last I heard, all the alleged killing was done with pistols, not the AR..

              so his story changed..again

              as have many storys on this alleged mass murder of 26 people, 20 of them allegedly children, where there has been no law suits levied upon those responsible for keeping this school safe for these alleged victims.

              • another good point to be made on this BS story of Sandy Hook..remember them saying all the shots that killed the alledged victims were head shots, and therefore the reason no open caskets..or personal viewing of the dead?

                tell me how an untrained 20 year old that allegidly had mental issues was able to kill that many with head shots using pistols? , what, did everyone just stand there and let him walk up to them? you know if this were to go down it would be total chaos, no way that many would be hit in the head, and no wounded? not buying this shit one the BS in this story just gets deeper and deeper.

                anyone buying any of these stories should call me up, Ive got land south of Hawaii for sale and a bridge

                • Live TV showed the AR being removed FROM THE TRUNK of the car in the parking lot.

                  FOUR (4) pistols recovered INSIDE the school.

                  One of the guys they were chasing in the woods most likely offed Lanza.

                  SANDY HOOK IS BULLSHIT!

                • ~~~tell me how an untrained 20 year old that allegidly had mental issues was able to kill that many with head shots using pistols~~~

                  Go one step further—-how did one untrained 20 year old that was too bashful to have his picture in the year book able to hit and not injure even ONE person??

                  Well, I see you asked that too–sorry–we must think alike, VRF.

                  • Questions I have–the school nurse says on taped interview (if she isn’t an actor too) she stayed in her closet until 1:15(4 hours)–how did the idiots searching the school miss that she was in there–whoa–they didn’t search closets for other assassins??
                    And, why are they searching the car at night–the alleged shootings happened at 9:36 AM..Geeze.

        • baby blue helmets make for easily acquired targets at distance.

          • Hey WNC,
            Yes, they do, and then you can pick up some of them nice REAL assault weapons free of charge…

            (Assault weapon = machine gun… Period. End of sentence. Our side needs to quit using the term ‘fully automatic’, it just bounces off the dumb-asses, they can’t tell the difference. But, the old fashioned term;machine gun, says it all.)

      132. i read all your posts,everyone seems to be ready to defend themselfs with guns against the usa tyranny government,i understand your position,Bu, this is not the cowboy indian days,.all your firearms together would not compare to their highly techinal arsenol.not even close..they have now started the process for disarming the american citizens,it will escalate when people start uprising in one form or another an becoming violent,(example: say someone murders a law official trying to take his guns,when he has done nothing wrong)then people start uprising an another occurence happens in another part of the country,they start uprising,n so on,there you have civil war an only to esclate beyond imigination,but your not alone on this evil misadventure,as this will go world wide ,no one will go unscathed,its time for World Dominance,May God Bless Us All,Peace….

        • Looks like a bunch of uneducated, inbred, 7th century mentality, knuckle-draggers in Afghanistan have done a pretty good job of holding off the most advanced military in the world.

          By any definition of the word, we are not “winning” there.

          How demoralized do you suppose American troops will be when forced to fire upon their fellow Americans. And what’s more, how demoralized will they be when they start taking casualties….and reprisals.

          If you don’t think that will happen, then you don’t understand civil war.

          • Id like to see how they fare against my friends who can kill deer at 1800yds, there are many mil snipers who can but will they, and dont think for a minute the NG will stand by, i would bet they will side with their friends and family, so who do you pick, local, familiar, mostly proficient, or who knows what from where, sure i guess they can use air power, but how long will that last??? I suppose right up until some locals go kamikaze with whatever they can find, this should be interesting,

            • never forget who voted for these bills…they are the enemy….traitors all of them

              • The LIST keeps growing

            • Jeez,that’s really irresponsible to shoot deer at 1800 yards. Actually,I don’t believe it,anyway

        • JW No Offense But you are either Uninformed, or a Shill trying to make it look like WE have no Chance against the God Almighty Big Gov! Sorry not today or Ever..their toys can be Compromised or Broken..We are Americans not goat Herders..We Build this Shit..We can Break this Shit…We have the Numbers.If they can”t restock, because the Trucks are not Running..they will run out of Fireworks Real Soon!
          You forget the Brits sent their Best with the Newest and Modern Arms, and a Bunch of Farmers, and Black Smiths handed them Their Asses….

          Semper Fi

          • Oh Yeah and one more Thing!
            NOT ONE MORE INCH!

        • JW either commence to fighting or get the fuck out of the way.

        • A few Politicians and their Family’s get taken out and this cowboy and Indians game as you stated would end quick..Police and Military are always casualties of war, skip them and go right to the top of the food chain.

      133. The biggest hirdle for NYer’s will be defying the pistol permit registration and background check with state police. Though the sheriff has made statements against this law, it will be difficult for permit owners to defy the law since our names and what we own are on file with the county clerk. The county sheriff is currently trying to negotiate an amednment to the law in that regard since they are the agency that collects the info for back ground checks when people apply for the carry concealed permit. I do not have an “assult weapon” but if I did I certianly wouldn’t register it with the state police knowing confiscation is down the road.

        • Their day will come.

      134. Afternoon, folks. Getting ready to head to work, but had to stop in and catch up.

        Did a little more “toy” shopping today, and picked up one in the Mossberg variety. Nice 22 LR. Soon as I get a day off, will have to to take it out and give it a whirl.

        GRITS, slingshot, Joan of Arc, SmokinOkie . . . thanks to all of you. You folks feel like more of a family than some of my blood kin do. DPS, VRF, kulafarmer, and anyone else I missed . . . thanks to all of you as well.

        We have a long road ahead, but I have no doubt we’ll make it to the end.

        “Not one more inch!”

        • KySSG,

          Have a good day at work I’m stuck home trying to get a network set for my shop.


        • Not one more inch boss, have a good day/night at work..gotcher6

      135. I can just see the movie…
        All the dems are in the fema camps after they crash the currency.
        The NRA republicans have to liberate the camps…then we put a gun in the dems hand and they join us.

        Freedom…the weak minded do not value it until it’s taken away.

      136. America is no longer about freedom and liberty. We have turned countries into kaos. We are the World Conqueror wannabees. We want all Nations to fall so that our dollar does not fall all by itself. The USA is acting like it wants WWIII. No wonder other countries call us the terrorist. In past, I did not believe that. Today I do. We could be thrown into the gulag for an opposite opinion.

      137. The Feinstein’s gun ban nuts are wrong!

        They are in dishonor of their Congressional Oath of Office..
        “to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC”.
        They are in gross violation of our Constitution.
        They must be stopped!

        The 2ndA is Not about hunting, it;s about:
        1) A counter balance against possible oppressive authoritarian tyranny.
        2) Self defense of one’s life and property, which is a natural unalienable birth right.
        3) It’s about abiding and honoring our constitutional rule of law, period!

        call and email your congressman Asap, demand they honor their Oath of Office.
        Easy one step to do this, goto: or

      138. Guns are bad Hmmmmkay!Hmmmmmkay!

        • DEPENDS WHOSE HAND ITS IN, Stinky Steve.

        • dip shits are bad, mmK?

      139. the FED and state goverment have tryed so hard form 1994 on to take away the rights of the american people to remained armed in defence of their lives their home and the right to stand up aginst a totalitarian government bent on destroying the constitutiion which it hates and would take over to make them a goverment after their own heart of rule and devide.
        i was in U.S.ARMY ( not the u.n. army) and swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. firends we have and enemie domestic and has destroyed most of the constitution and the american people. i have never been released forthe oath. i will not give in and submit to people who want to tell me what i can do,when i can do it, and how i should do it. the hell with them and i and my follow americans will not surrender and not give in.
        as winston churchill said ” never never never give up and never give in.
        thank you follow americans for stand up and not obeying the n.y. commie the governor. i am form new york and move to be free many years ago. thank you once again for standing up. soon the stand must be taken against the fed who want to take away the rights of gun ownership. stand tall and stand in the right. god bless you and those who stand for freedom
        mike known as doomer

      140. Maybe it’s time to organize a million man march on N.Y.

        • It’s past time for a million man march on NY. There is already a group “One Million Moms for Gun Control” on the other side. They are starting chapters everywhere.

      141. The thing is, American citizens are the most well-rounded as far as liberty, freedom and creative thinking. We are like ants with the ability to adapt and overcome anything that is foreignly introduced. And this gun infringement is definitely foreign. Where there is a will there is a way to freedom. Better take measure of what you propose or pen, Elected representatives. This country succeeded because of the Constitution and it’s teachings. If you are going to infringe on it in any way, you are going against the grain.

      142. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR MONEY $$$ IS … ???

        Customer Deposits Are NOW LEGALLY Property of the Bank:

        Close Your Account NOW Customer funds are no longer secure, no longer backed by the FDIC or other insurance corporations, and banks are legally allowed to co-mingled customer money with other funds of the bank.

        The only safe place for your money is with you.

        Some anonymous sources have said that banking representatives who conduct the integrations are directed to keep a record of customer responses on an online application that will be sent to the FBI in conjunction with Patriot Act mandates on tracking banking activity.

        Now is the time to close your bank account.



        ~ GOT PHYZZ ???

      143. hey all NY’ers when you take care of that local problem how about heading to the city and get rid of the UN….before they be coming for your weapons…

      144. Banking – the Greatest Scam on Earth

        $$$ DEBT = $$$ SLAVERY

        The Greatest Scam on Earth – The Money Scam! The Money Scam is hidden right out in the open, yet buried in complication and confusion.


        Thomas Jefferson Quotes ~

        “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

        “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…”

        “The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

        ~ Thomas Jefferson


        A retired banker describes simply, the world’s Money Scam and the reason every country is now going bankrupt. Private bankers have stolen the money creation process, and whereas once our money was created by the governments, debt-free, it is now created out of thin air and issued as debt with interest charges.

        In today’s banker controlled world, money = debt, debt = slavery and therefore money = slavery — our monetary systems have become systems of enslavement. Money is created out of nothing, issued as debt, not enough money is created for the future interest payments and inflation steals our savings.

        The money creation process should be taken away from the banks and given to the governments who can create money debt-free, interest-free. This is how it used to be done and we needed no income taxes. Finally, it is explained what we should do to stop supporting the money scam.

        • SJM,

          Now you are getting to the nitty gritty. Preservation of the 2nd amendment and elimination of the banking cartel are the keys.

      145. @Ladybug1966:

        You do realize that the “Dick Act” has been overturned, don’t you? People would do well in obeying the law and peacefully handing over all of their weapons when asked to do so. The extreme right wing has been screaming about having semi-autos and other high-powered weapons for some time and look what happened with the nutcase groups that called themselves “Milita” organizations and proceeded to plan illegal acts, all because they thought they could get away with it? The people who are screaming hysterically about needing guns are the same wackjobs who would turn them on the Government, minorities and women! An armed citizenry is no longer needed for the protection of it’s citizens, we have the police and the National Guard to do that.

        • Gershom, are you truly this stupid/naive??

        • Do you realize that the Dick Act has not been overturned?

          Regarding minorities they have been the first disarmed by government. Dr King attempted to get a carry permit in Mississippi after his church was bombed in the mid 1950s. He was denied. In the end I guess when you become a high enemy of the state with a considerable following and you come out against the Vietnam war like JFK they get you. Regardless a law abiding person of color or woman or gay cannot be denied a carry permit in shall issue states and have the means of self defense thanks to the efforts of the NRA. That Freedom from Fear is “Civil Rights” in action.

        • Gershom

          …I knew it!!!!

          You were the sperm donor for Finx & JoeinNC…weren’t you!

          Mind crippling stupidity/insanity & dark hubris are genetic traits y’all share!

          …I hope your idiot spawn are incapable of breeding!

        • Gilligan? You got off the island?

          Go home Gershom, your village misses their idiot.

          See people. This is the mentality of some people in this country, and they’re actually allowed to vote. Now in what situation would you depend on this asshole? He neither deserves the freedoms he has, nor has the mentality to ever fight for his rights.

          Go get your diaper changed, you fool.

        • @Gershom…

          So….I assume you have already done the right thing and turned any firearms you have in….since the police and national guard will protect you.

          I sincerely hope that one day, some low-life scum show up at your home and violate you and then your wife and kids in front of you. You’ll have it coming. Because when seconds count, the police are only minutes away..IF…you have opportunity to call them.

          Sorry if this offends anyone and sounds overly harsh. But those who seek to deprive their fellow citizens the right to defend themselves deserve the very fate that they, by their beliefs and actions make possible.

          I believe people should bear the consequences of their own folly. I’m sick of defenseless people being raped, maimed and killed because of the moral stupidity and evil of people like Gershom. Such idiots are only enlightened by experiencing the very violence that their policies and beliefs cause.

          When TSHTF, guys like Gershom will be victimized by criminals of every sort. History has shown us that this happens. And frankly….he’ll have it coming. And I’ll have no sympathy for him when it does.



      146. ” BANKERS ~ They Got You by the Balls !”
        ~ george carlin on bankers

        ” It’s called the American Dream cause you have to be Asleep to Believe It !”
        ~ r.i.p. george carlin