‘The Red Threat is Far From Gone’ – The Sleeping Giant Will Stir (2010)

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Do you LOVE America?


    Red Dawn (2010) Trailer

    “From Beneath The Boot Of Tyranny
    We Arose To Create a Great Nation.”

    For your weekend viewing pleasure.

    Watch it in HD if you’re able.

    If you haven’t yes seen it, the original is a must watch for all doom and gloomers young and old.

    Read Dawn Trailer (1984)

    Oh, how suburbia has changed. Or has it?

    The Opening 20 Minutes to Red Dawn 1984

    (Please comment if the video ever becomes unavailable)

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Is this or a similar scenario something that Gerald Celente and Marc Faber might envision for the end game?


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      1. I’ll skip any serious comments I might have about such a situation for now…other than the fact that this is one of the reasons I am now a gun person.

        However, I will reiterate my dislike for (most) remakes and add that if there was ever a movie that was NOT ready for a remake, it’s “Red Dawn.”  The original still works just fine.  If you have’t watched it in a while, give it a go.  It’s still pretty awesome (all things considered).

        It would be better if they simply made an entirely new movie.  If it ends up being similar to Red Dawn, fine.

        I’ll give it a 85% chance that the remake tarnishes the name of what has become a classic, classic movie.


        One other note – supposedly, a few other SHTF movies are about to come out.

        Check out the trailers for “The Road.”  I read the book a few months ago.  It’s by the same guy who wrote “No Country for Old Men” and is worth reading, IMO.

      2. It’s true, they have been massacring remakes as of late.. You’re 85% number is probably accurate. They probably should have named it something else.

        I read on a Red Dawn forum last night that there is talk of Charlie Sheen making a cameo. Though, i doubt C. Thomas Howell will be asked back. He’s been doing a lot of blockbuster knock offs through what I believe to be his company, Asylum films.

        If you have Netflix, you’ve probably seen his version of 2012: Supernova, The Terminators, Transmorphers, War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave, et. al. The plots lines suck, as does the acting, usually, but I watch them all. All hard core doom and gloomers do. right? <chirp> <chirp>

        Only one more month until the real 2012 is released. that should be a good one.

        And, i did end up watching the original Red Dawn last night on You Tube via the above link. For a good laugh, watch at least the first four parts. The guy who put the movie online edited all of the english subtitles when the cubans are talking and it made me totally crack up.

        If nothing else, RD2010 (i hope they don’t take the name their, but it’s so GenX) will have some kick-ass visuals and invasion scenes. Plus, Tom Cruise’s kid is in it.


      3. LMAO!!

        The subtitles in the Red Dawn edit are awesome!!!

      4. The original Red Dawn was  so bad that it was an unintentional comedy. Imagine a group of high school students defeating a professional foreign army, under the battle cry of its school name: Wolverines. Please…

        Wake up. The biggest immediate threat to the U.S. is not without, but within: Washington and the Federal Reserve.

      5. Summer of 2009 has already passed …

        All that and then get the wrong release year??? %^P

      6. Yes, I agree that our biggest current threat is not the possibility one or more other countries taking on the U.S. in an all-out land invasion-type attack…and if it does happen, I do not plan looking to the local high school football team for protection…not even the dreamy quarterback.

        Anyway…the “big one”:


        Like I said before, I highly doubt this will be a good movie, but the eye candy will probably make me see it.

        Funny how that scene accurately depicts the possible financial situation in California…and perhaps the country as a whole…

      7. OMG – The promo for Red Dawn 2010 looks totally like a right-wing neo-con American patriot movie made by the propaganda arm of the military-industrial-entertainment complex.

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