The Reason the Sunspot Observatory Was Closed Has Been Revealed, and it is Disturbing

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Headline News | 69 comments

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    A few days ago, it was reported that the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico was closed on September 6, and the reason was not revealed, leaving many to speculate.

    We pointed out that the timing of the “security issue” which caused the closure was odd, considering the sun’s current activity as it heads into its solar minimum cycle. 

    But the “official” reason for the closure is far more sinister, as reports:

    A federal search warrant reveals that Sunspot Solar Observatory was shut down as FBI agents conducted computer forensic searches for child pornography.

    The source of child pornography was traced to an IP address used at the observatory and a source within the building observed a computer with “not good” images on it, the warrant states.

    The warrant also states that the suspect used the observatory’s WiFi and a personal laptop to download the images.

    According to the FBI, a janitor is the main suspect. He was one of the few people who had access to the observatory from dusk until dawn. His name is listed on the warrant, but he has yet to be charged with a crime.

    The observatory reopened on September 17.

    Some are skeptical about this explanation, given that all employees were evacuated from the site. About a dozen residents who live around the site were also evacuated. The U.S. Postal Service decided to evacuate employees, too, according to a report by the Alamogordo Daily News.

    Evacuating employees, local residents, and post office employees seems a little extreme, doesn’t it? How would a computer containing child pornography (as terrible as it is) be dangerous to employees and people who were not even in the building?

    What do you think? Do you believe this story, or is there something else going on?


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      1. Sounds fishy to me.

        • It is. Blackhawk helicopters aren’t used to investigate kiddie porn.
          These people saw something they weren’t supposed to.

          • According to the FBI, a janitor is the main suspect.

            I thought the butler did it.

            The U.S. Postal Service decided to evacuate employees, too

            The postal employees were just looking for a reason to skip work.

          • They would if the KP includes some elites or favored politicians 😉

        • Sounds like phony BS story to me. OK then, what is the Exact Name of the Janitor? There is none. You see it does not take FBI agents to go up on antennas to gather IP info in a laptop. Nor a Blackhawk helicopter, nor close down nearby post office facilities, when they can just serve a warrant claim the info they came for. I think it is more about spotting the laser energy sources spot satellites, burning northern California homes down without torching the trees on fire. Something way more sinister. Weather weaponized manipulation discovery they are hiding.

          The FBI has a group of White hat experts that hack into TV station broadcast system satellite dishes if they want to and hack into any device or cell phone to plant kiddy porn also if they want, using your IP address if they want. And putting images on your phone without you knowing. You know back door updates you never are suppose to click on or use WiFi that can hack your data.

          The Guy who invented the 3D Gun was just arrested for some underage teenie sex set up, to charge him with a felony, so he can’t have any guns. Its all a set up folks. If the Feds want to take you down they will.

          Talked with a guy yesterday who knew a Federal US Marshall who uncovered an asset forfeiture racket scam by the local feds in Miami, who were keeping much of the seized assets for themselves and not reselling them at auction to the public. When the US Marshall tried to blow the whistle on the racket, he was framed and sent to Eglin AFB Prison for 2 years to keep him from disclosing this theft ring racket.

          The Feds can frame any person they want, if you allow them to get into your social media and manipulate you.

          Never click any unrecognized links or do any updates to any of your devices. Juts hit the clear button. Your phone will just keep working just fine with no updates. Its all a scam.

        • “A federal search warrant reveals that Sunspot Solar Observatory was shut down as FBI agents conducted computer forensic searches for child pornography.”

          I CALL BULLSHIT !!!

          You do not need to evacuate an entire town AND close the Post Office if you think there is a perv lurking in the pinyon pines because you have discovered a IP address linked to the observatory filled with kiddie porn.

          If that were true you would monitor the computer traffic, dates & times, and trap the Pedo.

          When is our government going to understand that WE are not fucking stupid ??? 🙁

          • DK

            “When is our government going to understand that WE are not fucking stupid ???”

            All they need to do is make any claim whatsoever. They could say its because Santas Elves were under attack by the Easter Bunny. It doesn’t matter it you, me or we believe them or not because zero, zilch, nothing will happen: No investigation, no change in policy or behavior. “We The People” have no control over the governments actions and they’re well aware of it.

        • I Can smell the FISH MARKET.!!!! The FBI is known to be full of Crooked Cops.!!!

      2. The response does seem to be over the top but we see more extreme law enforcement responses every day as the American police state advances. It now seems unusual when they don’t roll up in MRAP’s and SWAT teams. A Blackhawk? Really?
        Who’s to tell them no?
        Seems odd that an observatory would have its own postal service employees though. Didn’t look all that big.

        • Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico was closed on September 6

          The observatory reopened on September 17.

          It takes 11 days to walk in and pick up a janitor’s laptop?


      3. It’s got to be something else but we’ll probably never know.

        • “It’s got to be something else but we’ll probably never know.”


          If they told the truth, which is statistically impossible, it therefore wouldn’t be the truth.

      4. American law enforcement, at all levels, is up-armored and high powered both by funding and caliber. Once an organization achieves a high level of lethality, reach, and firepower, every thing that might be in reach starts to look like a nail to their mighty hammer. I’ve seen this kind of thing in the Army. Anyway, that’s why the helicopter and all the other things showed up. The people leading these groups look at all their assets, and say “Why not?” “It’s going to waste just sitting around anyway”. I’m surprised there weren’t any “hot entries”, and flash bangs and casualties.

      5. One thing you can always count on from law enforcement and government. They all lie, all of the time, employ obfuscation and are masters of getting people to “construct” their own guilt even if they are innocent. The most successful and prevalent agency for getting people to convict themselves is the FBI.

      6. Either the FBI has gone over the deep end
        or there is a national security issue going on.

        • The FBI went over the deep end years ago. Haven’t you been paying attention?
          Efrem Zimbalist and Jack Webb are both rolling over in their graves.

      7. When in doubt, to stop any demand for evidence, blame it on the kryptonite of social media / internet.

      8. Nope! Don’t buy it. Classic cover story: “some peon janitor popped for child porn”.

        No effing way! A BH helicopter for this?? Tons of “assets”? Post office shut down?

        Nope. This was something big…something which TPTB need to keep within the realm of the invisible. Thus the cover story.

      9. How many of you have ever been to a solar observatory?
        I interviewed at the one on Mauna Loa(they hired a younger guy).
        They are very brutally simple and low budget operations. The only available toilet was at the NOAA facility several hundred feet away. What amazes me is that they had a janitor. Most places contract that out and the janitor shows up twice per week.
        For a few hours they clean and leave. Usually someone has to be on site to be sure the very expensive instrumentation is safe.
        This story is very strange, anymore anything to do the the non-DOD federal government is to viewed as being a lie.

        • Non-DOD !!! ALL federal agencies, DOD included, are untrustworthy.

      10. Kiddie porn got the entire housing area, post office and observatory evacuated for about 10 days? BS. The government actually does think we’re that stupid. It was the espionage. And since they’re hiding it, it wasn’t the Chinese like I originally thought, it’s the Israelis. What do you all think? Let it rip.

        • Having never seen one and reading rellik description made they seen / recorded some “event” in the course of their operation that is being “super duper” kept under wraps. Not having heard about any international incident nor the spoils of such like a massive communications interruption then it leans towards, “not of this world”.

          For what its worth:

          in an interview conducted by Larry King and broadcast on CNN, Goldwater said, “I think at Wright-Patterson, if you could get into certain places, you’d find out what the Air Force and the government does know about UFOs. Reportedly, a spaceship landed. It was all hushed up. I called Curtis LeMay and I said, ‘General, I know we have a room at Wright-Patterson where you put all this secret stuff. Could I go in there?’ I’ve never heard General LeMay get mad, but he got madder than hell at me, cussed me out, and said, ‘Don’t ever ask me that question again!’

          • This is what I was thinking……something out there was spotted.

            • BJ

              I think the order of secrecy is in this order

              1. The evidence of UFO, alien contact

              2. JFK assassination

              Its not that people don’t disappear over other things but these are the top secret of secret.

        • Right…..must have been the Israelis….(wish I had an emoticon showing me rolling my eyes)

          When in doubt….blame the Jews. Right out of Adolph’s playbook.

          • anon5, didn’t blame the Jews, suggested Israel. Troll. As you know, many Jews dislike Israeli actions. And for the record, China, Israel, and even the French do more than their share of spying on the US.

      11. This reason for shutting down the observatory is pure BS. Your government continues to lie to you, so what else is new?!!!

      12. Doesn’t add up but unless someone stays on the story we,ll never really know. The media( hey,look there’s a cat in that tree) has a very short attention span. They’ll be on to something new tomorrow

      13. While we’re on government BS, it turns out that top FBI and DOJ commies kept two sets of reports. One to show unsuspecting congressmen for their attempted coup of the President, and the other one that showed it was all BS for themselves. Hang ’em! Watergate was nothing compared to this. This is incredible. For every American this is horrific.

      14. Oh come on, everybody knows it was swamp gas…….

        • What, because Trump didn’t drain the swamp yet?

      15. Good cover up story as there were several other observatories closed also !,,
        Should we believe anything the FBI has to say

        2 dogs out

      16. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

        If it was a secret you would not be reading it on SHTF plan.


      17. This is the first article that I have read today…My head hurts! There is no way in hell that this is right! Even if the raid was based on kiddie porn, the wast of resources and tax dollars should have heads rolling! This stinks to the point that I had to check my boots to make sure I didn’t step in something!

        BUY STOCK IN ALCOA,cause the price of tin foil is going through the roof!!!

      18. Who do you trust who do you trust no one that’s who all law enforcement agencies seems like they can do what ever they want acnd get away with it I don’t trust any of them and I don’t believe there bullshit story ether and when did all of them become so militarized I mean every city,county, state and federal agencies all have armored personnel carriers not to mention all the other toys they have remember trust no one

      19. IF this is true. The FBI finally did something right.

      20. imhblo, a roundabout way of sealing computer records, as well as the physical premises.

        Don’t read ( X ) memo, or you’re a pedo.

        Ideally, you should not have relied, entirely, on the state monopoly, to look through a telescope. You should not have relied, entirely, on a state monopoly, for connectivity.

      21. Did this sort of thing happen at the other observatories that were shut down as well?

      22. There was damage to the observatory as a drone pic revealed.
        Was this done to destroy evidence?

      23. The actual issue was that there was a downed satellite that had a small nuke reactor. The satellite came down in the vicinity of the observatory hence the overwhelming show of force. Do not know how much survived the plunge but don’t want the bad guys getting their hands on something for a dirty bomb.

      24. Hahaha! Foolish puny Earthlings! They can’t handle what they ‘observed’ at their primitive observatory.

        • Quit messing around Zork and put your tentacle back where it belongs.

      25. Yeah right! The big intelligence honchos can spy and know everything about you well enough to determine you as a free speech threat but can’t remove all child porn from the internet.

      26. The real question is……what’s below the observatory that could require so many people.

      27. BS. Using child porn to distract from the real reasons. LE knows child porn is a hot button issue and no one would question it. How about that satellite that was acting weird? Did it crash there? What about the observatories that were shut down around the world? Child porn,too? I think not.

      28. The security cameras probably picked up video of Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourk having a wiener roast nearby….

      29. Did they find something big with the sun something TEOTWAWKI something bad and they do not want it to get out I need to buy more ammo

        • you ALWAYS need more ammo……always

      30. That is a croc explanation. Is way more dangerous and sinister than child porn as horrific as that is.

      31. Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

        – Arthur Conan Doyle

      32. Just a hunch: 11 days was just enough time to convince all the employees that if they ever discussed with anyone what they observed happening in space, they and their family members/loved ones would be “disappeared”.

        Recently, I found out a friend’s late uncle was on the lawn opposite the grassy knoll and was told to keep his mouth shut if he knew what was good for him and his family in the immediate minutes following JFK being shot from multiple angles.

        Apparently he never told a soul a thing, not even a niece or nephew.

        Scared? Or smart?

        As we know, most of the witnesses “died” within two years or so of 11/22/63. I don’t know how he survived. Maybe he gave them a fake name?

        Scared? Or smart?

        Same darkness, different decade.

        But God sees all. Knows all.

      33. Per the Zetas – things they don’t want you to know…..

        “…ZetaTalk Explanation 9/30/2018: If this eclipse by a Moon Swirl was captured and the film released by the SDO on September 9, why was the New Mexico solar observatory closed on September 7? NASA of course is aware of Nibiru and its wafting Moon Swirls. Though the Moons are never further from Nibiru than 5 million miles, Nibiru is trending toward centering itself directly between the Earth and the Sun. Thus NASA has been forced to restrict direct public viewing, limiting the public to images that can be doctored….”

        Want to know whats up? Look at the latest newsletter on Zeta Talk Newsletter

        • Oooohhh Kaaayyyy….
          And just how does NASA restrict the fu*king SUN from “direct public viewing” by amateur astronomers around the world?

      34. it may be that, the child porn was from high ranking officials in the Federal Government, and THEY didn’t want it traced back to them?? That would explain the “urgency” and the “need” to close down everything and get the evidence ??

      35. Mac Slavo is a bad boy.

      36. Not only did they evacuate, but they too left, and left everything wide open for inquisitive wondering visitors. Makes sense, right?

        • However, there isn’t any reason not to believe the story. It isn’t as though they can keep astronomers from seeing something world wide, and we haven’t heard about other observatories being shutdown. So, it isn’t a case of keeping them from seeing something. Except something flying over the observatory. Like a top secret aircraft. TRB4

          • It’s true that the TR3B has been replaced with something they are calling a TR4B. In fact, last week someone leaked a photo on a carrier. I didn’t link it as it’s most likely a CGI disinformation campaign, but it exists.

            Y’all can look it up. I think they even have video, but I doubt the authenticity due to the greatly increased mass.

            There are lots of TR3B photos as some dimwit flew some and cause a ufo flap in Belgium.

      37. Six more solar observatories (cameras in some articles) were shut down across the world, in Australia, Spain, Chile, two in Hawaii, and one in Pennsylvania.

        Seems to be a worldwide disconnect. Pun intended.

          • Scientific American has not been “scientific” in many years.
            It is a touch-feelie leftist rag like “Psychology Today”

            ht tps://

            ht tps://

            Just sayin…

      38. how many businesses, labs, etc, private or government, allow the cleaning staff access to their wifi or internet connection?

        The janitor? sure need to close the post office then!

      39. Wonder if this is in any way related to Trumps testing of the Emergency Text System set to go out to everyone’s phone next week?

      40. I must say… not buying the Trump security warning.
        Annenberg is alying communist group appointed by
        Obumhole to “fact check”.
        Believe them at your own peril. If you have to fact
        check… have already missed the boat.

      41. As there are armies of illegals in this country
        I would not be surprised if there are armies of
        aircraft crossing onto our borders, tanks, trucks
        and marching soldiers. This is what other nationals
        do. Especially, when the gov wants to install
        a global dictator…. and lets an enemy destroy the protesters
        in exchange for the bounty.
        This is war…. this is what the enemy does, as does the enemy
        within our govmt.

      42. It is a well known fact that subterranean tunnels run all around the country ……..This large antenna is about the same distance underground as it is above ground. Some cracking around the inside laboratory flooring gave hint that a break thru into this underground tunnel system was in danger. This would expose the observatory to TOP TOP Secret endeavors going on in these secret labs. Fumes of a sort was coming up from the cracks which were unidentifiable …. …basically the whole area of the mountain had to be closed to insure safety to the observatory crew , the town , which included the houses and Post Office grounds……..AND ….security to the underground labs .


      44. There are rumors the town is still closed off, NDAs signed, and mysteriouw things happening. But pay no attentionto the man behind the curtain.

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