The Reality Of It: “Immigration Can NEVER Be An Effective Way To Deal With The Suffering People Of The World” (Video Presentation)

by | Feb 5, 2017 | Headline News | 90 comments

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    The most oft cited reason by opponents of President Trump’s immigration policies for why America should open its borders to the millions of impoverished and persecuted individuals around the world often center around humanitarian reasons. As a rich country with plenty of land mass, we should be able to take in anyone and everyone who may be in need, right?

    While that notion, like Marx-Engels’ ideas for taking from those who have the ability and giving to those who need, may seem great on paper, successfully implementing such policies in the real world is starkly different.

    According to Census Bureau statistics, some 1.3 million foreign-born individuals legally immigrated to the United States in 2014. That figure doesn’t include the nearly one million immigrants that enter the country illegally each year. Those who support open border immigration have said that we need to take in even more people.

    But according to journalist Roy Beck, taking in one million people per year makes almost no difference in the grand scheme of things because for every million we bring into the United States, another 80 million people yearly are born into countries with extreme levels of poverty, violence or war. According to Beck, even opening our borders to five million more people per year would do nothing to stem the the real problems.

    In what is one of the most viewed immigration policy videos on the internet from Numbers USA, Beck ingeniously utilizes gumballs to demonstrate why open borders simply will not work. As well, he provides a seemingly novel solution that has for decades fallen on deaf ears:

    We never get ahead of what’s happening in these countries… Don’t you see? Immigration can never be an effective or significant way to deal with the suffering people of the world… they have to be helped where they live…

    99.9% of them will never be able to immigrate to a rich country… there is no hope for that… they have to bloom where they’re planted… the only place that 99.9% of these people can be helped is where they live… let’s help them there.

    In short: taking in millions of immigrants doesn’t even make a dent.

    So for those utilizing immigration as justification for violent protests and kinetic civil war, or for those who follow such narratives blindly based strictly on emotions that are devoid of any rational thought, we encourage you to consider the reality of bringing in millions of immigrants from impoverished countries.

    And don’t just consider the non-effect of such policies as they relate to the global humanitarian situation, but consider the implications this has on America’s resources, as well as our citizens, who will be burdened with heavy taxation to cover the costs.

    Even if we went by the most radical proposals in Washington, which are to actually double our immigration to two million year… which would totally overwhelm our physical, natural and social infrastructures, we couldn’t even make a visible difference.


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      1. Man frig this bullcrap. I’m tired of having these worthless fecks wiping their dirty assed feet on our front steps. And there’s some already here that needs to find their way back home, like back to the other side of the planet home( and take those in Hollywierd along in your travel bags).

          • PO’d Patriot, I’ll have to look into that one. Interesting name for coffee.

            • My favorite is the “Blackbeards Delight”. You can buy the bags in whole bean or have them grind it for you. Some of their profits go to vets. They only hire vets whereas Starphux just stated that their going to hire a lot of immigrants to work in their shops.

          • The Reality Of It: “Immigration Can NEVER Be An Effective Way To Deal With The Suffering People Of The World”

            How about stop the oppressors, from making people suffer. Then there won’t be so many refugees from Bombings and war with proxy armies. Installing dictators to pick a country clean. You know who you are!! Friggin Fascists. Ethnic cleansing & Genocide for profit.

        • Bugged out to a tropical island. Population here 20% white. Languages Spanish, English, French.

          I live in an all white gated community which is fully modern and nicer than the place I came from. Its an enclave surrounded by the squalor and crime of the mud people. True life Omega Man shit.

          Only shotguns are legal. If you belong to a gun club you may own up to 4 pistols to be stored at all times at the club in a locker.

          Groceries and housing astronomically expensive. Restaurants are actually cheaper for some reason. Water sewer and trash are managed by privately owned white companies and function smoothly. Electric service is a public equal opportunity employer and outages are frequent.

          IQ vs race

          criminality vs race

          • Eisen, you were better off where you were IMHO. But it’s your choice. No mofo tells me where to keep my guns stored.

          • Acid, Take up snorkeling and scuba diving and spear fishing. Fear the Spear. Go lobstering, get a boat or kayak and paddle out, tether your kayak bow lanyard to your waist and go free dive find mask and snorkle. Can you even swim? lol

        • They are treating America as a doormat to wipe their feet. Deport and Build the Wall. 2 Year deadline Trump has on it to be built by the DHS. Watch the fraud roll out of the DHS in charge of the wall construction. Who got contracts.

          Stay alert, Eyes open, Carry daily. Never enough Ammo! Never!!

        • The best way to take care of a muslim is a 357 in the head

          • Bingo.

          • The climate in America should be so nasty as to discourage all third world invaders from coming here. No welfare, EBT, Free housing, no employment, no free medical….

        • Book Recommendations:

          Alone On The Ice


          K2: Life and Death on the Worlds Most Dangerous Mountain.

          Both by David Roberts

          Fantastic reads. The first book is about the long forgotten Mawson Antarctic Expedition. A three man party was hundreds of miles from base camp. One fell through a crevasse never to be seen again and one died from vitamin A overdose from eating the liver of polar game (NEVER DO THIS!). The third man lost a third of his body weight and stumbled back to base after a harrowing journey.

          • The K2 book looks interesting, and I have already read an account of the Mawson expedition. Another lesson from that story besides avoiding an overdose of vitamin A is, distribute your gear evenly among the members of your party when you are on the move. Mr. Ninnis who had the terrible luck of falling into the crevasse was driving the sled with most of the supplies, which of course caused even more hardship for the others.

            You would enjoy reading “In the Kingdom of Ice” by Hampton Sides. It’s about an 1879 American expedition of discovery to the Siberian Arctic. It earns first place on my personal list of the most appalling journeys I’ve ever heard of.

        • NO Mozlems! From ANYWHERE! Deport ALL
          non-citizen Mozlems. the Koran orders Mozlems
          to kill everyone else who doesn’t sumbit to Allah.
          Mozlems are ordered to follow Sharia Law NOT
          the Constitution. If they want to follow Islam they
          can stay in Mozlem countries that already have
          Sharia Law.

        • Movie Review: Heart of Darkness (1993)

          It’s terrific! Made me want to join the Force Publique.

          Have you ever seen real ivory? Its beautiful.

          Transmogrifying the most majestic beasts of the southern hemisphere into piano keyboards. bwahahahhahahaha!!!!!!

          O how I wish white men ruled the world again.

          For every 100 years of white power, the GDP per capita of the mud people goes up 40% and the life expectancy goes up 30 years.

          Didnt learn that in poblik skoolz?

          Didnt learn fucking ANYTHING A’TALL in poblik skoolz?

          Youre not alone.

          A high school diploma in the 1800’s equals a master’s degree today.

          Read some of the writings of the people from the Victorian or Edwardian eras.

        • Kuwait issues its own Trump-esque visa ban for five Muslim-majority countries
          Citizens from five Muslim-majority countries will no longer be able to obtain Kuwaiti visas, after reports the Gulf state issued tight entry restrictions that mirrored US President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban.
          ht tp://

        • These 73 sitting Democrats voted to ban visas from some Muslim countries. That law still exists.
          ht tps://

      2. “While that notion, like Marx-Engels’ ideas for taking from those who have the ability and giving to those who need, may seem great on paper..” redistribution of wealth does NOT look good on paper or otherwise.
        That is theft..and in the old days theft was worthy of protection using deadly force if needed.

      3. Sorry , but not interested. We already have millions of Americans who need assistance, whether elderly, veterans, cancer survivors, folks with mental issues, the physically disabled…. & the list goes on. We do not need to bring in any more uneducated , unhealthy, zero skills folks here until we take care of our own. We have no responsability to import all of the worlds problems. America First ! If the Libs want to send all of their extra $$ over where these refugees are
        Then have at it.
        Standing by in Montgomery County Texas ….

        • RandomTangent1957,
          your absolutely correct, the OTHER thing that is ALWAYS failed to be mentioned is that there is ALWAYS BIG MONEY that goes to certain places and it DOES NOT go to the actual people who are being moved this is a SCAM and a destructive ploy against ANY country who is letting the refugees in, and for those BLEEDING HEART LIBTURDS, i have been most places inn the world and I have seen LOTS of horrible things, i CAN take you to LOTS of places here in the states that have almost the same issues. so where the HELL is the OUTRAGE for NOT taking care of our own FIRST!!! NEVER EVER has it worked to move people around, even here in the states look at the TRAIL OF TEARS!! wake up people immigration at this point will NOT work.

          • We are barreling down the road towards an all out war on our soil. I will never stop prepping.

            • Menzo, like Anon mentioned on a previous thread, you better be both a prepper AND a gambler in order to survive. I’ve been both forever.

            • I think it is the plan!! and NOT from us, we will be forced into it and so the opportunity to take over is there!!

          • it’s all about the DEBT………………we CAN’T pay, so why keep bringing in MORE PEOPLE? we are ALREADY drowning, so why pile on more people into the boat?….the boat is UNDERWATER, yet they keep allowing more into it(bringing MORE buckets of water with them). the idiocy of americans….and anybody WANTING to come here to the divided states of america, is just appalling…..but we collectively deserve it. we let the communists/liberals and their crybully attitudes win the arguments over the last decade or two, until now, it’s so ingrained into our culture, there’s seemingly no way to recover from it…the crybullies have won……unless we get busy and start debating them with FACTS….like this video. send it to ALL in your address book, PLEASE.

            • @buttcrackofdoom

              It is all by design

        • RT1957, spot on. We’ve got people of our own who need some type of help and can’t get a damn thing because the feds give all the foreigners special treatment. Federal policy does NOT treat all groups of people the same and that is fact. I hope Trump will give all of these foreign freeloaders the boot.




            NO MORE FUCKING WHITE GUILT!!!!!!!!!!

            NO MORE GIBS MUH DAT

            NO MORE LOOKS AT MUH



      4. The intent isn’t to help the them it’s to destroy us. Mass third world immigration is being used as a bioweapon against unsuspecting and well meaning Whites.

        • Agree: we can get along with Asians (who are disciplined and hardworking) but others lack the discipline and drive to make a substantial contribution. Increasing their numbers is a recipe for social disaster.

          Asians improve our racial stock; others may benefit from mixing with whites but whites get nothing from that deal.

          • NEWS FLASH










            THE WHITE RACE IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




          • They are a tight knit people, quiet and pretty much respectful the Asians.

        • Absolutely, and it’s absolutely more racial and gender at ‘this moment’ than financial. Just because that’s working to their advantage right now. As you can see, the people that own the country, and are mistakenly perceived to be the protectors of this country, are also the ones who are out to destroy it. And they aren’t white, they just look white. And they are telling you all the things that you want to hear. And they get people to vote for the people that they want you to vote for. Whether through voting, or any other ploy, it’s getting the people to march to the left or right. They keep the show going and also keep you marching, but maybe to a different tune this time. But you are still marching. Left, right, left, right. And when they have the music end, they will be sitting in all of the chairs that matter of course. As always.
          Trump isn’t going to save anyone. He was never going to do it. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is. It’s time to wake up. And he will use the supreme court and every other judge that’s owned in the country as an excuse. This new guy is one of them too.
          Hey, you’re on your own. Get to know your neighbors. Yeah, right.

      5. Good video Mac.

      6. If up to me, I would prefer a total ban on immigration for at least one generation. That is twenty years. There could be relocations of family members who are already here in order that nuclear families stay together, and we could help pay the cost of these deportations. There is no reason to import people because qualified people in America could not be found. It is not true. We need to end H1 Visas as well. With a generation or two, free from the burden of immigration, America could work on our problems much more easily. When we soften immigration, if ever, immigration should be limited to a very few. Perhaps fifty to one hundred people per month. In addition, the immigration Act of 1965 needs to be repealed.

        __ The reason this seems drastic is because we have been conditioned to believe the lie that we are a Nation of immigrants. This is Marxist propaganda designed to make us feel obligated to invite the whole world. And that we have no right to self preservation.


        • We were a nation of immigrants, mostly to be used in factories then, and not the illegal or legal immigrants coming today, really being imported, to milk a welfare system and to destroy the fabric of the country.
          The lie in the presentation is that the US is one of the richest countries in the world (20T debt, 20% unemployment) and really could afford to take in more immigrants, but the only reason not to take in more immigrants is that it doesn’t make a dent in world poverty. Yeah, o.k..
          Another point that should be made, or definition given, is who are “those” that believe that importing more poverty and crime to a country already in deep trouble is a good idea? I have an idea who those people are. And it’s ‘those people’ who finance and educate the soft heads that this is a good idea too. The immigrants are a result of the problem. Several problems.

        • AGREED at least a 20 year ban

          • One hundred years would be better.

        • B from CA, repeal that 1965 law and impose the 20-year-ban. And I know the commie propaganda so well I can recite it in my sleep. We’re NOT a nation of immigrants. We’re NOT obligated to let anyone in. We DO have the natural right of self-preservation.

        • If it were up to me there would be liquidations not deportations that these snowflakes are crying about. I would make deportations popular with my alternative. I dont think trump goes far enough, deportees could sneak back into America……liquidees cannot.

      7. We’re almost though spending other people’s money. there is nothing left to support ourselves let alone all those that want to come in. Its not far off where we will start to kill each other for diminishing resources. Maybe that is government’s intent in the first place huh?

      8. I guess the next step will be to back up barges in India and China, and send over… say… maybe a billion from each country?

        But I have a novel solution: E.g., google Learjet leftist “George Clooney mansions,” then click on images. Last time I looked, he had FIVE massive mansion. Several years ago so did Kerry. Google Michael Moore mansion, Hilary Clinton mansion, or google my fav, the head of the Southern Poverty Law Center, ‘Morris Dees+House Beautiful.” Their digs are so sumptuous, it was featured in that magazine. Limousine liberal Tom Hanks “purchased a 14,500-square-foot mega mansion in Pacific
        Palisades for $26 million. It is the largest transaction for a single-family home in Los Angeles County in 2010” per one report I read back in 2011.

        So, my modest proposal: Put up all these immigrants, legal or illegal, *in the massive mansions of the Hollywierd Learjet leftists.* After all, they all have room to spare. With their uber luxe chateaus, they could house MILLIONS, I’ll bet! (And that’s just in the servants quarters.) As least, move all these immigrants to Hollywood. Let them defecate on the streets there, implement Sharia law there, as they undoubtedly will, start their turf and drug wars thre, have those muzzeins to their call to the moon god allah at all hours, and maybe enforce Sharia law on all the gays there.

        Just trying to help the process along here guys.

        • “Just trying to help the process along here”, just send more money and men to the ME to help that process along too, for you know who.

      9. “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

        ― Theodore Roosevelt

        • I agree, and anyone that wants to retain a dual citizenship should be sent back to that country that they want to continue to hold that citizenship with. And they should never, ever be able to hold any position of power in this country. I’m sure you agree.

        • Then all followers of moehamate should be refused immigration to the USA bc their own book forbids them to swear allegiance to the USConstitution

      10. We already have enough chicken pluckers and tomato pickers.
        Turn the spigot off, or at least slow it down to a trickle.
        When we start seeing about 350,000 jobs being created month after month, maybe then
        revise a few things. Until then, lets take care of our own.
        Japan looks out for Japan. Mexico looks out for Mexico. And so on. And so forth.
        It would be nice if we could feed and clothe the entire world. Let’s get real.

        • Google “Mexico immigration laws.” I we implemented Mexico’s own laws here, cities would burning.

          Why is it leftists are always and everywhere hypoocrites? Let’s just adopt Mexico’s immigration laws word for word, just translated to English and watch the outcry. One story on this is at

          • I don’t want to here about Mexican laws, that’s old news. Like 2008 stuff. I want to hear about the “meme du jour’, Nazi’s!!! I ain’t got my mind right about that meme yet. I mean, if you are going to educate, let it be something current. You know, how communists somehow became socialist brown shirts, who are now then beating down Trump supporters who are seen to be the new Nazi’s. I don’t get it. I just love your b.s.. It’s so, so, what’s the word………..hypocritical?
            Hey, when you’re pushing one issue camouflaged by other b.s. sometimes your camo isn’t enough. You need to be,…smarter. Oh that’s right, someone said that you were something that could be construed to mean you were smrt. And it’s obvious you can type and you also said that you come from a family of “educators’. So what’s your pay scale for educating here? I know it must pay well since you don’t plan on retiring until you are eighty.

      11. Illegal immigration throws the rule of law out the window, my guess is, if legal American’s used the same argument, say to not pay their taxes….all legal hell would break loose upon them.

        Sanctuary cities ignore the rule of law. Same argument what if people don’t follow laws or only follow laws of their choosing and so forth. They would be arrested.

        For the compassion pity party crowd, there is absolutely nothing compassionate about letting illegals in this country, they create a black market economy, are treated like slaves. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the faces of these young women smuggled in and wonder where they end up and what/who they are doing.

        This problem has been ignored by politicians of both parties long enough.

      12. Jim, I think that’s part of their game plan, if not all of it.

        • Brave
          How did you make out at the Gun Show?

          • Sgt. Dale, I came out pretty good. Bought some more 12-ga., 9mm, and .22LR ammo. Picked up a few extra mags for my 10/22. I also found one of those new 10/22 Chargers with bipod. I just had to get it. Only $239.00. Comes with the bipod and one 15-round mag. has a Picatinny rail for accessories. I even bought a new laser-dot scope to mount on it. I talked to vendors and other customers there like I do at all the gun shows. Everyone feels upbeat about Trump but also realize the left is still a dangerous force to be reckoned with. I think I saw more mags, parts, ammo being sold than guns. They know what’s coming. Only a question of when. It turned out the gun show along with a survival expo is coming back to my area on the 25th and 26th. 2 gunshows in my area in one month! WOOHOO! Will also be at that one. I spent more money on ammo today than on the other items. After this next show, they don’t come back til’ April, so I’m making the most of both shows.

            • two thumbs up!

            • Brave
              We don’t have a gun show around here until march 25/26. You are lucky DOG two gun shows in a month! I like you picked up some more 22LR HP’s 2000 rounds for $150.00 and two more mags for the 10/22 Charger.

              So You like that little Charger? My nephew has just gotten his FFL, and He picked me one up for around 250.00. I got the one with the black plastic stock. I have a dot sight going on mine also, like the ones I use on my AR pistol, and my M1A Scout. Northern Reb was going to go up to his house this week end, but came down with the stomach flu. So now I guess I’ll have to wait to play with it.

              “Only a question of when.” A lot of the people I talked to were afraid that it is going to get nasty when it warms up. One person even said look at where the riots have been and the weather conditions during the riots. He sais that the snowflakes won’t do too much until late spring. I told him about the Israeli army using 22Lr for crowd control, and he told me that that was great idea. Just a side note he also picked up 2000 rounds of 22 LR HP’s.

              Still looking for property in Tenn. No luck. What I like and the wife likes are two different things.


              • Sarge, something else came up right after I left the gun show so I couldn’t go to the range with it. I’ve got that scheduled for next weekend. I do believe I’ll be impressed with it. I also believe spring is when the libturds will REALLY be acting up. On the property, don’t give up. Eventually you’ll find something you will both like.

      13. Taking this obvious fact to it’s conclusion, the human race will destroy itself before this century is out!

        7 billion?

        14 Billion?

        28 billion?

        56 billion?


          • Experts also say that your should get your flu shot, all vaccinations for a matter of fact, and that there is global warming, (but it’s not because of chemtrails) it’s also a good time to buy a car, it’s a good time to buy a home, to invest in the stock market, and it’s a good time to inter-racially marry unless you live in most countries that aren’t white, or are being invaded by…… The experts also say that it’s also a good time to check any common sense you have in at the door. And of course the population of the world will be falling as they say, not because people didn’t stop having sex, but because they can’t feed or house the offspring that they have. But like who knew that would happen. They knew.

      14. “Immigration Can NEVER Be An Effective Way To Deal With The Suffering People Of The World”

        No CRAP!!! They just bring their, Ideas, which causes their, Problems, Diseases, Crime, and Corruption with them. In short the deposit their shit in a clean sand box!!!!!


      15. Really important piece and topic. The entire immigration from the turd world argument is bogus. Not only are these countries in the grips of out-of-control birth rates resulting from backward cultural practices, the idea of bringing all of them into the Western world will wreck the West and destroy the environment. These countries are poor because the people lack the ability to live hygienically and intelligently – simple things like using a toilet is not done by most people in India, for example. Washing your hands, in Africa, is a rare practice, thus the disease and sickness (Ebola etc.).

        Canada, a beautiful country, is being wrecked by immigration since 9/11. Radical Muslims actually do immigration control at airports, for example. Ghettos and drive-by shootings exist where they never did 30 years ago. Sweden, another beautiful country, has been ruined; even Switzerland is being flooded with radical Muslims. It is a global plan and it is not making these countries better places to live. Australia has vicious African gangs where such things never existed even 10 years ago.

        There should be a rule established where only immigrants from successful cultures should be allowed (China, Vietnam, Korea etc.).

        • I recall reading that many of the border jumpers were unaccustomed to modern plumbing. They had to be shown how to used anything in a bathroom while they were in the holding areas of the buildings for processing, etc.

          As a resident of the metro DC area, there is more than one story of immigrants or refugees building fires in apartments for cooking or heating. They leave the premise ruined. No idea how they manage to not burn down an apartment complex. They must use a small grill of some sort.

          For many immigrants, the western style of living is so far removed that many never really assimilate even if they do learn the language well enough to get by.

          Helping people where they live instead of bringing them here makes more sense. I’ve never understood why they (whoever the “they” is) place people from desert or jungle areas in places like Maine or Minnesota or people from colder climes in the SW desert or the deep south. That does not seem kind in the least.

        • Frank. You know, because it’s the ‘meme du jour’, you have to remember that the Nazi’s were socialists…. Uh, nevermind.

          But back on subject, yeah, you’re right.

        • We must eliminate, or expel the invaders within the nation, and close the door so that no more can enter.

      16. This morning the Rev. Al Sharpton (sarc), in an interview about immigration, reminded his listeners that the Lord of Glory, Jesus Christ, was an immigrant once too.


        the Rev. Al sharpton failed to mention that Jesus went back home to Israel (Nazareth) from His trip to Egypt. And then He went back home to His country of origin, Heaven.

        Are all these immigrants going back home after things settle down???? Bet not.

        That man don’t ever tell the WHOLE truth.

        • Grandee, last time I checked, Sharpton still owes the IRS $5,000,000 in back taxes. He had political protection from Obama for 8 years. that political protection may be gone now. Let’s see if the TRUMP IRS finally goes after him.

        • Oh I think I could help these third world invaders leave.

      17. You can’t say ‘those people’ here? But it’s o.k. to imply that if you don’t agree to a comment, even before it’s read, that you could be a Nazi, implying that you are (wrongfully) therefore assumed to be a racist white supremacist?
        I may be a little early in my questioning, but not really. Sometimes comments need to be buried right. This is a TEST, this is only a TEST.

        • Who’s says someone can’t say ‘those people’ at this site? Tell them to go stuff that PC crap.

      18. You jackass leftist want these people so bad you put em in your house and you support em,,,,,,
        Ill be damned if i will,
        Ever vigilant
        Ever armed
        Who is John Galt!

        • Find a good hanging tree in your area. Got rope?

          • One can never have enough rope in these situations.

        • Put them in the zillion room mansions of the Hollywierd Learjet leftists. They have PLENTY of room. E.g.:

          – Tom Hanks “ purchased a 14,500-square-foot mega mansion in Pacific Palisades for $26 million. It was the largest transaction for a single-family home in Los Angeles County in 2010.”

          – Google limousine leftist “George Clooney mansions” and then hit “Images” for all his fabulous mansions. These will blow you out of the water!

          -Leftie hypocrite Babs Streisand’s digs just hit the market for $150mm. One story here

          Check out the head of Southern Poverty (wink wink, nudge nudge) Law Center’s digs, featured in House Beautiful at or or

          But my fav is Mikey Moore’s mansion at Torch Lake, MI. I tried to get by to see it, but us poor unwashed masses can’t get near. When his wife divorced him, a LOT of info came out which of course the lamestream media buried. But again, google Michael Moore mansion, then click “images” to see for yourself

          We could put 80% of all illegal immigrants in the mansions of these Learjet leftists.

          Extra credit: Pick up Peter Schweizer’s Do As I Say, Not as I Do: Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy. A true classic.

        • It used to be that for someone to come and stay in the US there had to be a sponsor; not some city, county, or other entity but a human being who put their name on the signature line. Have all those who insist on letting in illegal aliens (that is the legal status) take on as many as they can be responsible for. If they don’t, then they must take the penalty (not sure what that is but probably involves money and lots of it).

          Legal immigrants used have to have some money in their pocket as well plus be able to support themselves. No handouts were provided or expected.

          The laws may still be that way; it’s time to enforce them.

      19. It is pure insanity to allow whoever can make it here to stay. It tells me that America the 3rd world nation needs higher profits and dirt cheap obedient workers are the solution.The new America, maybe they’ll nuke us all and be done with it, the final solution. Bring in the dirt poor huddled masses that make up the majority of humans and start all over again. 25 cents an hour will work.

        • Nah, we can handle the matter ourselves if the government won’t do it.

          Three days, and done.

      20. unchecked immigration is a tactic that is deliberately used to overwhelm a society and system under the lie and guise of humanitarianism and compassion its been going on for decades

        clowerd and piven/saul alinsky would be thrilled to see there are so many ignoranrant cupcake useful idiots who have fallen for the ” active measures” or the ideological subversion and the obvious intentional dumbing down of the public in this country


        “…Mexico, which ***annually deports more illegal aliens than the United States does,*** has much to teach us about how it handles the immigration issue. Under Mexican law, it is a felony to be an illegal alien in Mexico.

        At a time when the Supreme Court and many politicians seek to bring American law in line with foreign legal norms, it’s noteworthy that nobody has argued that the U.S. look at how Mexico deals with immigration and what it might teach us about how best to solve our illegal immigration problem. Mexico has a single, streamlined law that ensures that foreign visitors and immigrants are:

        – in the country legally;
        – have the means to sustain themselves economically;
        – not destined to be burdens on society;
        – of economic and social benefit to society;
        – of good character and have no criminal records; and
        – contributors to the general well-being of the nation.

        The law also ensures that:

        – immigration authorities have a record of each foreign visitor;
        – foreign visitors do not violate their visa status;
        – foreign visitors are banned from interfering in the country’s internal politics;
        – foreign visitors who enter under false pretenses are imprisoned or deported;
        – foreign visitors violating the terms of their entry are imprisoned or deported;
        – those who aid in illegal immigration will be sent to prison.
        Who could disagree with such a law? It makes perfect sense.

        The Mexican constitution strictly defines the rights of citizens — and the denial of many fundamental rights to non-citizens, illegal and illegal. Under the constitution, the Ley General de Población, or General Law on Population, spells out specifically the country’s immigration policy.

        Cited from

        • This stuff is from 2006. You promised to educate people (the hoi polloi)about the current situation (meme du jour) with the Brown Shirts (Nazis!!). You know, Brown ‘Shirts’, not really the ‘brown people’ right? And you are only just here to educate like you said right? Well that’s what you said you were only here for. Just asking.
          So Mexicans are like Brown Shirts too? They are waving Mexican flags and attacking Trump supporters (fascists/socialists) so I guess they are like them, right. That’s what Brown Shirts surely would do. And you can tell them by their uniforms, whether they have their clothes on or off right? Bad people for sure.
          The part I don’t get is that the Brown people, Brown Shirt acting, are attacking the supposedly ‘Fascist/Socialist/Nationalist’ Trump supporters. How and why is that? I thought the Brown Shirts were would be with the Trump supporters (Nazis).
          I know you have the answer right? Yeah, I know, everyone is a Nazi except those people who don’t get their hands dirty. It’s confusing.

          • Yeah, you are a pathetic brainwashed child. So everyone you disagree with must be a fascist. That’s the line always used by radical leftists. The Stalinists. And sense we disagree with you, it’s ok to hurt us, right? It’s ok for you and your kind to destroy whatever you want, because you’re offended. With all due respect, you suck.

            • Not me, him. Anyone that disagrees with him is a Nazi/Jew hater and he’s going to put a stop to that. The problem is that his posts, and constant re-posts, are full half truths, outright lies and deceptions. This guy TEST has an agenda. You may not see it, but I do. He tries to cover his b.s. like a cat in a litter box, but it keeps popping back up again and again. That’s what I have a problem with. He’s not educating, he’s indoctrinating soft heads. And maybe you are a part of it too since he’s your friend.
              That’s all I have to say about this. It’s wasting my time too. You figure it out.

      22. The population of Africa will double in 30 yrs as families in Central Africa are having 25-30 kids at a whack. How will they feed the growing population like that. how long before the population doubles again. They will burst out of Africa like locusts eating everything they can find for simple survival. Europe is lunch literally. the average IQ in Central Africa is 60 and they have only basic job skills. Can we take 100 million Africans in 30 yrs who will breed here to get welfare. White America will die period. the Democrats see this clearly and have abandoned white people to their fate. Oceans of ignorant uneducated unskilled people are coming here to eat unless we act now today to stop them. To them we are holding what they want and they will take it. We are lunch.

        • This is true: the demographics are horrifying. No Western country should be importing people from failed societies and cultures. When Europeans were brought in, it was from successful cultures and they had real skills. The only reason they were coming to the US was to be free. But when Africans and Muslims come, they are coming from failed societies and they generally have no useful skills to contribute. Many have low IQs and are genetically messed up because of inter-marriage, so high rates of retardation, diabetes, etc. This is why they go on welfare and often stay there for years.

          If you are to bring anyone in, it should be beautiful Asian women. Why? Because they would improve the racial and genetic stock, and they are smart and hard-working, so they would grow the economy and not rot on welfare or spend their days thieving and raping.

      23. Everyone thinks of America as the land of milk and honey; and it was at one time. With the loss of so many jobs, and the overwhelming influx of legal and illegal immigrants it is standing on its last leg. America can no longer bear this burden. There’s just not enough money. There has to be an end of this soon, or we will be the third world country that everyone is trying to get out of. The best way to help these people is to encourage them to stay in their country and improve it. For these countries to even start to improve their lot in life the oppression and war must stop. Forget about making robots to take the place of people; in the long run it will never work. We spent all that money and time going to the moon, but what really did it accomplish? Nothing. That time and money could have been better spent on something that would have really benefited mankind. I don’t understand why intelligent people would want to try to develop what really amounts to science-fiction. Let’s face reality for a change. If anyone needs to leave their country it’s the Japanese; because of the nuclear catastrophe of Fukushima. It’s really not that big of an Island and living there is dangerous. The UN and the EU should be trying to help people stay in their own countries. The quest for oil and opium needs to stop. Let these countries control their own oil and wealth, and quit trying to take it from them because of greed. Man will never cure his ills because he is too greedy.

        • We spent all that time and money and faked going to the moon. They never went. they only faked going during the Nixon years. They stayed below the radiation belts and still to this day do not go above the radiation belts. Even Bill Clinton had doubts about the moon landing.And just a few folks where in on the deception. the majority of the folks at nasa where duped. The 1969 technology used to fake the moon fraud does not stand up to todays advanced scrutiny. plenty of U tube video on the big moon landing lie.

        • You make some very good points. Regarding the space programme, both the US and Russia could afford at that time those programmes and so, being successful societies, it is no surprise they mentally stretched themselves to go to space. No surprise Liberia, Haiti or Sao Tome were not leading the space race.

          The irony with immigration today is this: the ‘land of milk and honey’ is actually Africa. The very place these people are fleeing is the last frontier of resources and space. It is the equivalent of what Canada, US and Australia once were. But notice these migrants do not have that pioneering, frontier spirit to build things: instead, they want to flee to settled, developed societies and then to mooch on the welfare systems. So, this is already selecting for the least pioneering people.

          The UN needs to do a survey of ALL the planets resources and space and then to put fixed numbers on the population carrying capacity for all places. They would find the UK, for example, can only carry about 10 million people max, most of Europe would need to have no more than 75 million people, China needs to get its population down to a couple hundred million if that. As for Africa, it is one of the last places that can absorb people, so in fact China and Europe need to be moving people into Africa, not the other way around.

      24. The time for Ethnic Cleansing is almost here.

      25. true

      26. All those people who are demanding that more illegal immigrants come into this country are racist. Do you know why? Because what they really believe is that all brown people are better off in a white-run country, and that the home country situation will never ever change, much less improve. Otherwise, they would be sending all these educated “dreamers” back home to solve all the problems of their homelands and keep their families together that way.
        In reality, if one million legal immigrants and over one million illegal immigrants have been coming here for the last 40 years, we have already taken in more than 50 million immigrants.
        How many are we supposed to take in? Who is keeping track? If they’re illegal, how do you know how many millions are already here?
        We’re full, go home and improve your own country with all the billions you illegals have sent back over the years.

        • Really good points! The opportunities are actually in Africa if they only could see it.

          Interestingly, the Philippines is starting to reverse this idea and is telling its people to stop leaching on developed countries and instead build up their country. We need more brave leaders to say that to their people. The Chinese expect Chinese people no matter where they are to build up China and Chinese culture. No Chinese person would veer from that.

          White Europeans need to think along these lines too. Defend and build up European culture and civilisation.

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