The Real Reasons Why The Liberty Movement Is Preparing To Fight

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    Years ago while writing for Neithercorp Press I penned an article entitled “One Day Soon, We’ll All Be Homegrown Terrorists”.  In that piece I described a not so far off future in which martial law, economic collapse, and the destruction of civil liberties stood imminent.  I related my views on the propaganda rhetoric of the SPLC, and how they were using false association to tie liberty groups to any deviant organization they could think of, including racists and domestic terrorists, in order to condition the American public to react to our message with immediate contempt.

    It became clear to me then that the SPLC, which had become the propaganda wing of the widely reviled Department Of Homeland Security, was helping set the stage for a paradigm shift in the U.S.  This shift would obviously include economic and social disruption, as well as political turmoil beyond anything our nation has seen for over 150 years.  But most importantly, it would pave the way for certain elements of the American populace, namely those who are awake, aware, and outspoken, to be labeled “enemy combatants” dangerous to the state.

    Though posing as an anti-racist monitoring institution, the SPLC’s primary concern has never been the KKK or “White Identity”.  Rather, the SPLC’s job has been and always will be to marginalize and defame those who stand against centralized federal power, regardless of how corrupt that power has become.  They are not anti-racists, or liberals, or concerned citizens; they are STATISTS, who only care about maintaining the superiority of a government that has been bought and paid for many times over by a gaggle of international financiers with delusions of godhood.

    The SPLC, of course, has so far utterly failed in their efforts to stop the rise of Constitutional activists.  By their own admission, “patriot groups” have expanded exponentially since 2008, and continue to develop freely even in the face of wildly absurd character attacks taken from the amoral (immoral) guidebook of Saul Alinsky himself.  The truth, once realized, is difficult if not impossible to stop.

    Unfortunately, the establishment understands this as well…

    Given a few more years, the Liberty Movement will indeed prevail in the struggle for the “infowar”.  Naysayers who claimed we were merely an ineffective and irrelevant peripheral of society are now faced with a strong and growing minority which has the power to swing state and local elections, as we did in 2012, simply by refusing to vote for oath breaking Republicans, sending the message that if the Republican party ever wants to win again, they had better run honest Constitutionalists.  Those who claimed our message was “insane conspiracy theory” must now explain the indefinite detention and rendition provisions of the NDAA, the government approved unleashing of 30,000 surveillance drones in American skies, the Obama Administration’s assassination list which includes U.S. citizens, and the push for gun registration and confiscation which is already beginning to take place in some states.

    How did we know what was coming?  Was it intuition or lucky conjecture?  Neither.  All we had to do was look at the trends of the day and use logic to discern the most likely outcome.

    Our concerns, which were once called “fringe”, are now going mainstream.  We were right, they were wrong.  Though, I wish we had been wrong…

    Just as the public is on a shrinking timeline, so are the elites.  For every burst forward in our efforts to wake up the population to the loss of their freedoms and heritage, they must speed up their plans to gain economic and political supremacy.  The harder you pull on the ends of a frayed rope in opposite directions, the sooner it is going to snap.

    Today, as never before, I believe our culture has reached the breaking point, which is why the SPLC has pushed their attacks on the Liberty Movement into overdrive with manipulative media hit pieces like this:

    As well as their latest propaganda piece “The Year In Hate And Extremism”:

    The SPLC plays the role of the frantic watchman, crying out at the approach of the Mongol hordes, but their childish and ill conceived methods continue to expose their true intentions.  Is the Liberty Movement preparing for war?  No, but we are preparing to defend ourselves.  Here are the SPLC assertions of why we are ready to fight, followed by the real reasons behind our preparations…

    1)  Because Obama Is Half Black?

    No.  Obama could be neon green and we couldn’t care less.  The SPLC attempts to equate the growth of “patriot groups” with the election of the first black president, while leaving out much more likely catalysts including our current economic spiral (which they often refer to as “conspiracy theory”), or the Obama Administration’s expansion and even application of numerous unconstitutional provisions, some of which were launched by the Bush Administration.

    How does the SPLC explain the majority of the Liberty Movement’s staunch opposition to the Romney Campaign if all we cared about was race?  How do they reconcile the fact that we are just as critical of the Republican elite as we are of the Democrats?  What about the reality that many of our organizations (like Oath Keepers) are made up of numerous races and nationalities?

    They never do.  They simply ignore this information as if it is not pertinent to the issue.  The truth is, Obama is a middle man, a mascot, an easily replaced muppet.  He is not our primary interest, and his color is meaningless.  The international banks that funded his campaign and whose members occupy numerous positions within the White House, though, ARE our primary concern.

    2)  Because We Are Afraid Of An Economic Collapse That Will Never Come?

    The SPLC refers to almost everything as “conspiracy theory” because they hope that the average American is too stupid to question their rhetoric.  Calling someone a “conspiracy theorist” is the modern equivalent of accusing a person of being mentally ill; the goal is to inoculate the public against anything they have to say before they say it, even if it is the unbridled truth.

    The SPLC has consistently shrugged off economic concerns as “paranoia”, but they never qualify their statements.  Years ago I openly challenged Mark Potok and the whole of the SPLC to a debate on the health of the U.S. economy, and I reassert that challenge today.  If they think our concerns are unfounded and a source of paranoia, then they should be willing to defend their position.  I believe our financial system is on the fast track to collapse for quite a few reasons, including the fact that:

    Our official national debt stands at $16.6 trillion.  In 2008, the national debt was around $10 Trillion, meaning, we’ve added over $6 trillion in only 5 years.  (Gee, is it possible that this has pissed Americans off more than Obama’s ethnicity?)

    Real national debt including entitlement programs and future obligations is estimated between $60 Trillion and $120 Trillion.

    Our official debt to GDP ratio (the amount of capital our country generates versus what it owes) stands at 102%.  Historically, when a country crosses the 100% mark in its debt to GDP, there is a marked chance of economic crisis.  If you count all of the programs and entitlements that the Federal Government doesn’t include in its “official” arithmetic, our debt to GDP ratio is actually closer to 400%.  This means an economic crisis is ASSURED.

    The Labor Department, using what they call “adjusted numbers” places unemployment at 7.9%.  Real unemployment including U6 measurements (those people who are underemployed, and those people who have been unemployed for so long they no longer receive benefits and are no longer counted by the government) stands at over 20%.

    In 2009, 32 million Americans were enrolled in food stamps.  Today, that number has grown to 48 million.  That’s a 50% increase in only 4 years.

    The number of people on standard disability has hit a record of 9 million, and has grown every month for the past 192 months.

    For the past four years I have pointed out that China, our largest foreign creditor, only needs to do two things before dumping the dollar as the world reserve currency – find a consumer market source to replace the U.S., and, spread it’s own currency around the globe to create a viable alternative to the greenback.

    Today, China has announced a full blown transition into a consumer based economy and has established bilateral trade agreements with enough developing nations to easily replace the U.S. as an export market.

    This past month, China announced a massive “urbanization project” in which they will sell over $6 trillion in Yuan denominated bonds worldwide.  China has also surpassed the U.S. for the first time ever as the world’s largest trade market, meaning, the Yuan will now be more sought after than the Dollar as a global trade mechanism.  The Chinese are nearly ready to dump the dollar, causing an international chain reaction that will brutally devalue our currency.

    I think our economic worries are clearly reasonable…

    3)  Because We Are Paranoid Over Unfounded Threats Of Martial Law?

    In the calm before any great war, there is always an escalation of arms on both sides of the conflict.  Anyone who has carefully studied the history of modern warfare KNOWS an escalation when they see one.  At the same time, anyone who has studied the history of citizen disarmament knows that government restriction and confiscation of personal firearms almost always leads to genocide.  Over the past decade, we have seen blatant indications that domestic agencies of the Federal Government are in the midst of arms stockpiling, and, in the past two months, they are pushing harder than ever before to reduce the defensive capabilities of the American public.

    The Department Of Homeland Security has in only a few years placed orders for ammunition totaling at least 1.6 billion rounds, and new orders indicate they may be accumulating over 2 billion rounds.  The DHS has initiated a disinformation campaign through the mainstream media claiming that this ammunition stockpile, which is to be delivered over the course of five years, is for “training purposes only”.  Here is the reality…

    First, by the department’s own numbers, training and qualification exercises taking place in three facilities nationwide use a total of 15 – 20 million rounds of ammo yearly.  This means that if the DHS claims are true, they have ordered enough ammo to last a minimum of 75 years!  No government agency plans this far ahead.

    Second, the DHS and most federal and state law enforcement agencies DO NOT use hollow point pistol ammo and expensive Sierra Match King hollow point sniper rounds for “training”.  Anyone who knows anything about combat simulation training knows that you use the cheapest plinking ammo you can find, and this includes the government.  The ammo purchased by the DHS is used for one thing only; killing people.

    Third, if this ammo is being used only for non-threatening purposes, then why is the DHS now redacting order requests in a ploy to hide what they are purchasing?

    On top of this, why does the DHS need mine resistant armored vehicles?

    Or bullet resistant road booths? 

    Why is the DHS using training targets featuring children and pregnant women?  Why has the Federal Government put plans into motion to release 30,000 drones above our heads?  Why have they instituted the passage of the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA which can be used to revoke the civil rights of anyone deemed an “enemy combatant” by the executive branch, including American citizens?  Why has Obama bypassed the Treason Clause of the U.S. Constitution in order to greenlight assassinations of American citizens?  Why has Attorney General Eric Holder stated that predator drones have not been ruled out as a weapon against American citizens on American soil?  Why has a branch of the military, Northcom, been deployed domestically in the U.S.?  Who are they here to fight?

    The government is telling us, right to our faces, that they plan to use extraneous force against us, and where else would this force be initiated on such a scale except during martial law?  The extensive militarization of any domestic government agency requires as a response the extensive armament of the citizenry, otherwise, there is no deterrent to tyranny.

    4) Because We Refuse To Accept That The World Is Changing Without Us? 

    This argument is based on a series of lies, the first one being that American culture needs to “progress with the times” and shake off the dead skin of old and “unpopular” principles.  Let’s set the record straight…

    Some principles, like the liberties embodied in natural law and outlined in the U.S. Constitution, NEVER become outdated.  They exist in the heart of mankind, and will remain as long as humanity remains.  They cannot be erased, and they cannot be undone.  They are inherent and eternal.

    They can, however, be oppressed by those who seek to dominate the lives of others.  This is what the establishment today calls “progress”.  Their version of social order is not new, nor is it even clever.  It is archaic, and has taken many forms, including oligarchy, aristocracy, mercantilism, monarchy, totalitarianism, despotism, fascism, socialism, communism, globalism, etc., etc.  The goal is always the same; centralize as much power as possible into as few hands as possible while making the enslaved population as collectivized and dependent as possible.

    The Liberty Movement is not some dying vestige of America’s past clinging to an antiquated philosophy.  We are the new wave; the messengers of an ideal of freedom that in the grand scheme of history has been around for only a blink of an eye.  Constitutional liberty IS the progress that humanity has been waiting for.  We have only been led astray by those who would sell us on our own bondage.

    The SPLC and others within the establishment accuse the Liberty Movement of arming for conflict against the government.  I am here to tell them that is EXACTLY what we are doing.  We are arming because the establishment is arming against us.  Yes, we are a threat, but only to political and corporate criminals who use subversion and violence to wrest freedom from the hands of good people.  I am not afraid to openly admit it.  I and many others will fight against any measure or man that seeks to undermine the rights of the people or destroy the founding principles of this nation.

    We will not allow engineered economic collapse to go unpunished.  We will not allow internationalists to subdue American sovereignty.  We will not allow national gun registration or confiscation.  We will not allow martial law to be instituted.  We will not allow American citizens to be imprisoned or assassinated without trial.  We will not allow any presidential administration, black or white, Republican or Democrat, to become a De facto dictatorship with no accountability to the public.

    Regardless of what they might say about us in the future, these are the reasons why we will fight, and our pledges to resist are not empty assertions.  We will stop the course of tyranny from completing in this country and in this era, one way or another.  If this makes us “extremists”, or “terrorists”, then so be it.  I, for one, am tired of the long running game of lies and reserved rhetoric.  They know a fight is coming, and we know a fight is coming.  Let’s just admit it and be done with it.  Their greatest weakness is that they have to use deceit, propaganda, media monopoly, and false flag violence in order to convince the public that they are the “right side”.  All we have to do is continue telling the truth, and stand fast…

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

    Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense.  Join today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better.

    To contribute to the growth of the Safe Haven Project, and to help us help others in relocating, or to support the creation of barter networks across the country, visit our donate page here.


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      1. A new statistic 75% of Americnas dont trust our govt. I read this on regular main stream media. So with that being said i dont think this is a conspiracy theory any more.

        • Reason number one. Because we that don’t CONFORM like a bunch of cows or other livestock that is being herded into a situation that is either enslavement, mass suffering, or death, We SEE and we HEAR the deception and are NOT just going to take it because like most people there is too much effort in THINKING. We use our minds and exercise our minds, NOT like the masses that let their brains become unworkable mounds of fresh that barely if all functions.

          You look at mass of people that get right back into the same destruction finacial debacles that bankrupt traits because they fail to see what has happened and what is happening. Just like someone that gets the FEVER in gambling, they can’t stop throwing their financial well being into a void that will one day take them down.

          The masses can’t figure out, even after example after example of what happens when you DON’T prepare. they think that no matter what times will return to NORMAL. Then anyone that does prepare for their families is labeled some domestic terrorist type waiting for the end of world and ready for a stand off with the government. Yet that same idiot that fails to even put a week’s worth of food away for their family would be right on the doorstep of a prepper not asking, DEMANDING that they be given everything they need. People wonder why preppers keep enough self defense.

          Much of the reasons why the masses condemn anyone that sees that their government, ANY GOVERNMENT can go bad and turn on their people is total lack of any education of history and current events. Being stupid is not a crime, stupid people just don’t live very long.

          Then before I upset myself the rest of the day, they want to take away our self defense. They want to of course take away ALL of our firearms because the government and mass media have convinced those with extremely low functioning brains that no one needs weapons, but really because no is responsible enough to have a weapon. just look at these virtual hell holes like England that won’t even allow an innocent old person to stop a dog from mauling them by using pepper spray. Cayenne pepper is a food, but like that pile of stink bloombergermaster, they want to ban food that we can eat and use to protect ourselves.

          Shall we go into how they want knives and sticks banned from protecting ourselves? They want all of us as defenseless as possible. They want us like a toothless, declawed, sawed off horns, etc. animal that can easily be driven into anywhere they want us. First step to a dictatorship or mass control of the people is to disarm them, and this means ALL weapons. WHY? Because the more defenseless a mass of people are the LESS of their SS police they have to use to force everyone into complete submission. An armed population you require one THUG per 20-50 citizens. A totally unarmed population you require one GUARD per 100-200 citizens.


          • Isn’t it amazing how free thinking people can see the lies of the political/banker criminals? If we are the minority, then we are surrounded by slaves to the lies.

            Bravo to you Mr. Smith. Keep writing what the majority here think and believe.

            Another think tptb are fearing: Our experience in fighting to win. There are more of us with combat experience than they have in their ranks.

            • We can not win a war of force and guns. That is what the so called elite would like. An excuse to exterminate the population and not have to take the blame.

              Our war is for the hearts and minds of those who are still asleep. They must be awakened to who they are. The corp is fighting to prevent that from happening, but it can not.

              Even the most docile sheep has an inborn yearning to be free, It has just been stifled by corp indoctrination. As the corp has less and less to offer, these people will have more and more reason to wake up.

              And they will. The corp can only keep them happy so long as it has the ability to give them what they want.

              It is very aware that once it can no longer give the sheep their daily brainwashing and handouts, the scam will have been revealed and that human desire to be free will come out in full force.

              Many will be FORCED to learn the skill of critical thought, and survival, or die. Those who can relearn the fastest will be the most help.

              Those who can not will perish or fall into FEMA slave camps under the new and improved, exponentially more demanding Master they are under now.

              The elite know a starving tiger is about to be unleashed against them. It has happened repeatedly throughout their criminal history. It will happen again and they know it. They are preparing for it.

              They hope to control the time and place that tiger gets out so they can kill it at the door because once it’s out into the country side the war is over for the bankster crew, and so will be their lives in retribution for their crimes against every Man.

              • yes…we can fight them (one day if need be) and defeat them. We are just as capable as the taliban, the VC, and the Mahdi army. We can hit and run. We can set fires. We can hide to fight another day. We can learn the ways of an IED or how to avoid infrared. We learn. We never fight them in a pitched battle unless we have superior numbers. If this civil war happens we must be in it for the long haul. This is going to be 20 years long, but we will win.

        • EVERYTHING that conflicts with the corps story is described as a “conspiracy theory” by the corps officers, but that doesn’t make it one.

          This article shows that more people are waking up to the source of real conspiracy theories…

          The Corp. itself.

          • Morris Dees, Mark Potok, Heidi Bereich—all of the SPLC—must be prosecuted at Nuremberg 2. because of their fraud, all their funds and personal assets must be repatriated.

            Keep photos and videos of them so that facial recognition software can be used when they flee prosecution.

            Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

            • I nominate John Q. Public for AG…

              Restoring integrity to the Justice system…

          • I don’t know what this liberty movement is and I really don’t care and I wont judge it other than if they are proud that they’ve help to keep Obama in office then I don’t want to be a part of it. I don’t give a rats ass what their motivation was or what they believe.

            The more that the statist hang the title of “Conspiracy” on things that they can’t control that end up being true, the more they enlighten people to their deception and the more they drive people to seek answers elsewhere. Those that are newly enlightened need to take heed that they are not drawn into another false belief, you are vulnerable, question everything and everyone and question their virtue and motivation. Don’t be intimidated by their attempt to humiliate you by claiming that you are not as informed as they are. Trust needs to be earned and you need to set the bar very high.

            • What is the difference if you buy matzoh in a red box or a blue box?

              Having a different face and name does not make a puppet whoring for the genocidal Zionist banksters any more palatable.

              • I think Rick was talking about you…

          • GC: Senator Feinstein is probably calling this latest failure to get any gun control laws a “Right-Wing Conspiracy”. That nasty bitch is fit to be tied now that Harry Reid has dropped any gun control laws from any current Senate legislation as of today, the 19th. This doesn’t mean they won’t keep trying. This is only a respite to allow for further preparations. I saw that putrid sack of festering pus (Feinstein) at the State of the Union when Obama talked about getting a vote on guns. Both of them knew then it wasn’t going to pass. I was just wondering if he isn’t going to use some event, false-flag or real, in order to issue an E.O. bypassing the congress altogether. Either way, we are all on borrowed time.

            • Sen Frankenstein has not failed. She has accomplished what she wanted, which was to propose a radical solution to gun violence so that registration, or some other minor restraint would seem tame by comparison.

              She is like an ex-wife that continues to return to divorce court every year wanting more child support to pay for her increased spending.

              She will be back again and again and again; trying to undermine the US Constitution for her NWO masters. She won’t stop until she is six feet under and that couldn’t happen too soon for me.

              For her, and her leftist comrades, its a process. Just saying. Fortunately for US, Patriots could eliminate the NWO overnight and at 1000 yards. 🙂

              • DK: You’re in need of a dictionary and perhaps a lesoon in basic civics. She failed to get any legislation even into a bill let alone get it to pass. When one attemps something and they don’t succeed, that’s called failure. That’s as plain as it gets pal. Will she try something again? Of course she will. But this time she FAILED! She’s 79 and perhaps she’ll favor us with her departure from this Earth. But we still have that ‘stinking-dog-turd’ Schumer who will gladly fill in for her. This is just the end of another round in this boxing match. More to come!

                • Gregory*: You missed the point. It is not about Civics. It is about the “Hegalian Dialyctic. I don’t need a dictionary, but I do need spell chack!

                  I did that on purpose. Mac? 🙂

              • Exactly DK!…people think youre a failure if you dont get some radical thing passed simply because it doesnt make it to a vote at this time…not true…for instance if I tell you that everytime you drink a glass of water Im proposing you get 100 lashes….but it ends up when Im done I cant get that passed but I do get an agreement “later” for 10 lashes then you think you got a “deal” and that I was defeated because I didnt get what I first proposed BUT youre still getting 10 lashes for drinking a glass of water(what a deal and oh,so reasonable campared to my initial proposal)….youre still getting screwed…youve lost rights…I WIN!…and dont worry Ill be back with some reasonable increases and other ammendments…maybe not the best example but I think most will get it! These bassturds wont stop unless they are stopped…forever!

            • There are 3 bills coming before the Senate on gun control. Just watch — Feinstein’s amendment will be attached to one of them. We know how-they-work and it’s nothing more than corrupt political theatrics to destroy the citizen base, the Constitution, and moral society.

              • Even if one gun control bill passes. That is not good.

                It means more gun control.

                I believe their desired ‘goal’ is disarming the population. Their steps may be incremental. But, we should never forget what their goal is.

                • You are right. No matter how insignificant a change for the worse in gun laws…it is still a step forward for the communists. Fight everything they want without ceasing.

              • That’s her plan…

          • Gods,

            Long time no see brother. This story tells me what I have known for the last yr. People are waking up, saw that this morning at the ammo store.. Whats being said is the sheeple ain’t going to take this shyt laying down.
            And the best part about it is the old timers are really waking up,talking about a lifetime of knowledge. Not really sure where you live, but for TX we are saying Come and Take it You M.F. and we will not move another Inch..


            • 300 million guns and NRA only boasts 3 million members….

              yo people are even to stupid to vote, or to get involved…you just like to spout off BS on forums like these.

              Is it because you are too YOUNG to vote or join NRA… they have a little kids member section too for those of you in Mommys basement.

        • Wow! Great article. Factual and no holds barred. I thought I was a gloom and doom guy. Brandon, you win. Thank you very much.

        • Not trusting and doing something about it are worlds apart. 10% of the population are on prescription drugs because they cannot deal with reality. A lot more are on illegal drugs, and alcohol for the same reasons. Then there are the 50 million who rely on the government to eat. And the 50+ millions relying on Social Security for everything. Not to mention the 20 million or so that are the government.

          If you think these people are going to rise up and do anything, I think you are mistaken. Only AFTER the collapse might they revolt, and by then, it will be too late. I look at my own extended family of 100 plus and find that there are zero that will even try to make a difference. Not if it negatively affects them or theirs. We are a cowed nation, drugged, brainwashed and addicted.

          • You do drugs AND are A gun owner?

          • True, but the Traitors-In-Charge won’t want to shoot their bread & butter, so at least at times there will be somewhere to hide amongst the sheep & cattle.

        • Well the elite have to mobilize quickly (assuming that its true that 75% are awake) b/f a significant % of the population organizes. If 75% are awake there may be enough to stop them through the political process. It would take about that many all voting for political outsiders to overcome the VOTER FRAUD machines that the elite have established in the cities. If that doesn’t work there may be enough people who aren’t too immoral and/or too weak and/or too fat and/or too stupid to actually put up a real fight to the death to stop the elite. About 5% to 8% of the citizens willing to die for the Constitution can do it depending on the level of organization. The elite are weak, immoral, fat and scared. That’s why they’re buying billions of bullets, deploying MRAPs, deploying drones, building bunkers, building FEMA concentration facilities, vilifing patriots etc. etc. etc. But the elite are clever. They plan to control the large weak, immoral, fat, brainwashed portion of the population (the 80%) who are part and parcel of the cities. And force the remaining 20% to fight against each other for scarce resources, while they shelter and wait for the best time to strike. So, the key is for the 20% to become united, cooperate, help each other, and stand united to defend our God-given Freedom.

          • DAN—that doesn’t make then fat and scared.
            IT makes them better planners than you.
            Can YOU call millions to arms overnight?
            Didn’t think so.
            When that MRAP is in your driveway facing your house and children, you’ll cower just like the rest of them…

            • Allie wtf are you here for? To put people down? To piss people off? Lol come on man… Who the fuck are you? Accusing people of living in there mothers basement lol…. Who are you fooling? These people your talking to are American Patriots. It doesn’t matter if its in an online forum. Or at the steps of the capitol. These are the people that the hands of this great nation and the constitution will soon rest in. You better hope your on the right side. Many of these people have also served in the military. Been deployed. Fought in combat. Killed. What the fuck have you done… Many more have trained day in and out as law enforcement… Firefighters nurses the list goes on. These people true Americans. Will fight and day for a belief system they hold sacred and dear to thier hearts. I WILL DIE FOR SOMETHING. You will die for nothing. I WILL DIE ON MY FEET FIGHTING… You will die on your knees cowering. My fellow patriots do not mind this half witted clown. I and everyone else knows when the time comes you will be there.

              “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”
              ― Theodore Roosevelt

            • I think I’ll call you Benedict A.

          • When we fought the British the majority of Americans sat on the sidelines and watched. About 12% of the American took an active part in the revolution. Most fought physically and a small percent of that 12% were spies, informants, and message deliverers. We still won. All we need these days is 10% or so to drive the government crazy. The more we succeed, more will join.

        • Illuminati Waltz

          This sound you hear…not least the call…
          Rumblings … your fragile walls…
          Your fate is sealed …not known to you…
          Boundless arrogance …will not see you thru…

          Not a call to arms…nor violence make…
          Ten thousand thousand more…the ground will shake…

          Heed the warnings with eyes that see…
          Heed… or cease to be…

        • All this is great and all of us can see it coming. Fast ! But what are we suppose to do? Gather up food and try to buy some land out in no-where. Not everyone has the money to even drive cross town. There is no organization to gather with un less you want to hang out with a bunch of people that play army on the weekends and when the shit hits the fan they go running into hiding and the hell with their friends. There is nothing to do but try to defend your home alone and hope they take you out quick and your family survives.

      2. Amen and keep prepping!

        • I’ll have another slice of that conspiracy pie, please!

      3. Well written and true. Message to the traitors; We will defend ourselselves from you and we also know where you live. Do you care about your families that are there while you are away imposing tyranny on us? You better.

        • Yeah let me know how your piddly lil AR does against that MRAP , Fucking pissed… your just going to be fucking DEAD is about all. Back to the basemnent now, before your mommmy grounds you for swearing.

          • @ allie

            Nothing that a few minutes of education in warfare would not fix.

            • Yeah… a few minutes of education will let a .223 thru an armored vehicle… you see how you are a moron there?

              Now go back down the basement and do your homework Slingshit.

              • Why would I engage a target if I could not kill it?

                Name calling does not bother me.

                • You wouldn’t and that is my point…. All Ya’ll aren’t going to do SHIT if you HAD to…

                  Ya’ll aren’t beatin the MRAP and that type vehicle…nor the MEN that are TRAINED to DEFEAT YOU.

                  • Remember some of us were trained to defeat armored tru k.

                  • Remember… Many of us have operated in with and around armored trucks. MUHAHAHAH…. When push comes to shove and u hear some clanking and rattling and flash and bang and u look out your window to see that big DHS truck at your nieghbors house. Well that’s your opportunity. Cause after him it’s you. And we’ll if its you to begin with GIVE THEM HELL and hope your neighbor helps u.The shit is comin people I think it’s already here. Fuck you Allie you broke bitch coward. Fuck dhs truck they better drop a fuckin hellfire on me. Or just ram the fuckin truck through my house and hope I’m in the way. Cause they will have to dismount I assure you. Don’t forget about a Molotov cocktail my patriots. Followed by high volumes of fire. Tactics. Learn theirs … Master your own. Very slowly at first… THEN ALL AT ONCE! The time fast approaches.

                  • Allie,

                    Making friends fast I see..LMFAO.. When the SHTF who’s bytch will you be? And as far as beating those badass MRAP’s ask our men serving including 1 on my step son’s how effectitive that truck is against IED’s.. And just what makes you think our young men will not stand behind the oath they took??? Maybe you need to get back to studying history…



                  • Allie: The tires are not armored. Take out the tires first from the front. Then your partner takes out the first two or three blue helmets that emerge from the back. Then you scoot.

                    The advantage ALWAYS favor those who pick and chose their spot for an ambush. On any given day across an occupied America, the NWO could lose hundreds of troops; thousands as the insurgency expands.

                    Its called shoot and scoot. Its guerrilla warfare.

                  • Dk dont think the tires are easy these arenot ordinary tires Andrew rims

              • But a lighter flint in the hollow point will

                • @DURANGO up above… see, you know nothing of these vehicles. Inside the tires ( to explain this simply to a moron) are LARGE steel bands that will let the tire deflate about two inches and it can still run just fine. The tire does not go flat like on your mothers car.

                  AND FOR DPS……… if you are building IED’s you are headed for more problems… is that what you are doing? Have you been googling how to do it, or have yo started to do it already?

                  Has your stepson been feeding you info on how to do that? That would not be wise for his future.

                  • allie:

                    Get some sleep girl, you’ll be expected on your corner tonight.

                    …..on your knees…………..BA.

                  • Allie

                    You must be a paid government worker. Trying to demoralize the readers… Clever but a common communist tactic ( I should know). The MRAP can be defeated easily. A backhoe digging a shallow trench. Sucker the driver to go over the hidden trench and the front wheel an weight of the vechile will do the rest. Fill the trench with gas and have a barbecue. You will see how fast folks jump out of the MRAP.

                    There are 3 million registered hunters in PA, OH and MI alone. That makes for a formidable guerrilla army. If Iraqis can force a Pyrrhic victory for the USA just think what the patriots will be able to accomplish.

                • i’ve heard. 300 win mag will penetrate the armor and then rattle around inside. also, if you take out the air tanks on the right side the brakes will lock up. and they dont like water. but my pyrenese told me this and you know how unreliable they can be…..:-)

          • Odds are resisting or not you will end up dead at some point. A slim chance is still better than no chance.

            • Remember —


            • The appeaser feeds the tiger in hopes of being eaten last.–Churchill

              The appeaser will be eaten nonetheless.–me

          • As one old infantryman said to a youngster “Be patient, they gotta get outta that tin can to pee, sometime or other”.

            • I wouldnt want to be in that tin can when some good ole boys build a good hot fire in/on/under it…can you say crispy critter?…my, just roll it over on its back in the hot sun or into a lake or…. 🙂

              • @ REB:

                I dunno why, but it brings back memories of ‘the good ole’ days’ in Ensenada, Mexico… turtle soup, anyone?

              • I love old WWII movies and, my Pop told me many stories from his time there. I must say there is a great deal of information within these movies….sometimes the methods devised out of necessity are reusable and valid even now.

            • Yep sooner or later enforcement means leaving that can! and a talented individual at oh say 600m can split hairs!

              • Their (MRAP’s) not very good off-road, remember that.

          • Allie: Those vehicles are crap. MRAPs will work only in open areas where the terrain in fairly level. Watch some of their demo videos and you’ll see they set up the senarios to where they will work. They won’t work in tight areas with limited visability and limited manuverablility. They won’t work well, or at all, at night. They won’t work in rugged terrain or terrain with lots of obsticles. Then there are the man-made problems that confront the vehicle and its contents(cops/agents). Tank traps for one; those nasty little slit trenches dug and covered over so the wheels get stuck. Paint guns for blinding the windows and ports for another. Then there’s the problem of all armor: exiting from the safety of the vehicle. Once the back door is open the vehicle is breached and open for attack and the fellows exiting are now vulnerable to attack by small bands of mobile fighters. Ambushing these folks will be easy for those who are inclined to do so because most of these cops/agents don’t have mobile armor training like the military does. And it would seem neither do you hot shot or you’d already know these things. As to your comment on the .223: when that back door does open a .223 will work wonders on those exiting and those still inside (ricochets).

            • Another couple of things to think about regarding most APC type vehicles:

              the main rear door swings out unless jammed with a 4X4

              gun ports work inward as well as outward

              rifle barrels aren’t stronger than a sledge hammer

              only front glass has wipers

              radiator located in front – typical truck location

              high center of gravity – not suited to bad roads

              • Thats right G8. When they exit, think of that rear opening as a picture frame and everything that moves is a target. When you start piling them up in that frame, keep pouring on the fire and let them 7.62s bounce around inside some. THEN MOVE!

            • @Gregory- They will work just fine in the cities and towns. For rough terrain there are other things…
              You are another that was never in the military to even suggest some of the things you have.
              You have no knowledge of tactics.

              • Allie: I retired from the military back in 1995. I was also in law enforcement for a time and have trained with many weapons, unlike you. Go back to playing with your dolls or bake some cookies because you’re way over your head here. I know, your daddy wanted a boy and all he got was you. From now on I and the others here shall address you as Allie aka Latrine Queen because it seems that you aren’t much good except for cleaning up arount the domestic scene. Why, because by your comments here you sure don’t know shit about military and police tactics and weapons. So don’t come back unless you bring your toilet brush !!

              • Allie the Latrine Queen: did you get your toilet brush yet?

          • Your comments are quite accurate. You should present them with a different attitude. The real question is how have we come to the point where the govt. regards regular people as the enemy.

        • @ Fp,

          Very harsh…but it needs to be noted. The bare truth is that should those who lever the world to thier advantage daily think that there will be any safety, anywhere, for ANYONE…well, that is simply WISHFUL thing.
          Till later Brother…


      4. Been saying it for a long time. Time to Gear Up!

        • @ slingshot –

          This article and your comment regarding it are 100% correct. The PTB in the District of Criminals, both primary political parties, have known for some time that there is NO WAY IN HELL that they can meet all of their promises (future obligations)and pay off our current 16+ TRILLION $ outstanding debt. All that they can do, at this point, is to speed up the printing presses in a pitiful attempt to ‘kick-the-financial-can’ just a little bit further down the road. They realize full well just how LITTLE time there is remaining that they have left. As we get closer to the end, the more frantic and desperate their actions will become.

          Soon boys & girls, very soon I fear. Most of us will NOT survive no matter what we do to prepare. I am quite reconciled to fact that my days are numbered and that I will die when this particular SHTF. Get ‘right’ with God, harden your hearts and get ready to get mean & nasty. Something BAD comes our way.

          God Bless & good luck to you and your families.

          • @madmarkie. Just four months ago I thought a friend was a little OTT for saying she and her hubby would “go down fighting”. Now I ask myself daily how I would handle different scenarios. I believe our constitutional rights (birth right) are worth dying for. I just never expected it to be on my front doorstep.

          • @MadMarkie… you ARE mad… “get right with God, harden your hearts”

            you don’t see any irony in that do you? Moron.

            • WHAT do your REALLY wish to say to all here allie? Just put it all out there and be done with it… are all over the place and if you are attempting to make any point….you are failing miserably….

          • Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice. All politics are LOCAL. Make every ballot count.

            Then reload.

            • dk, you spelled ballot wrong. Better spelled with a “u”

              • yeah! We will be Voting from the Rooftops!

        • As they push globalism ,We the people push sniperism.Target acquired…

          • Hold scope……. fire when ready……hit

      5. Good one Brandon,

        I ALWAYS love your ‘read’ on things…keep up the good work Brother!!


      6. I am only 42 years old and I can’t believe the changes in my country during the past 20 years. I don’t even recognize my own country anymore.

        So my question to everyone on the forum is this…how do you deal with the dread and impending doom? I try NOT to get depressed but there is NO good news anywhere…here or abroad. The Fukushima nuclear plant is ready to implode, money is being stolen in Greece, there are chemical attacks in Syria…the list just goes on and on.

        I need a pep talk…help me out.

        • Happiness or Sadness (Depression) is a function of circumstance. Joy cannot be taken away and comes knowing, talking, and walking daily with Jesus.

          • Southern Gal,

            Sometimes, we all get discouraged. With the faltering economy, the global financial situation, increasing earthquakes, tornados, growing tension around the world, etc., sometimes I just feel overwhelmed.

            Over the years, many have shared words of wisdom and encouragement that have brightened my day, renewed my strength and helped me keep my focus.

            Here is one of my favorites.

            Take care!
            KY Mom

            Daily Survival Kit

            Items Needed:
            Candy Kiss
            Tea Bag
            Rubber Band
            Chewing Gum
            Band Aid


            TOOTHPICK – to remind you to pick out the good qualities in others. –
            *Matthew 7:1

            RUBBER BAND – to remind you to be flexible. Things might not always go the way you want, but it will work out. –
            *Romans 8:28

            BAND AID – to remind you to heal hurt feelings, yours or someone else’s. –
            *Colossians 3:12-14

            PENCIL – to remind you to list your blessings every day. –
            *Ephesians 1:3

            ERASER – To remind you that everyone makes mistakes, and it’s okay. –
            *Genesis 50:15-21

            CHEWING GUM – to remind you to stick with it, and you can accomplish anything. –
            *Philippians 4:13

            MINT – to remind you that you are worth a mint. –
            *John 3:16-17

            CANDY KISS – to remind you that everyone needs a kiss or a hug every day. –
            *John 4:7

            TEA BAG – to remind you to relax daily and go over your list of blessings. –
            *1 Thessalonians 5:18

            *Relevant Scriptures

            • JayJay,

              Outstanding list young lady. No words can give thanks for that.. Just a 🙂


            • @KYMom…I love your list, I will keep it close, and will also share with some close friends and family members!! Thanx for sharing, take care, CC

          • Yeah..that guy has no marbles to LOSE….
            he’s toast. He’s freakin overdone. He’s kukoo.

            • allie,
              Go back to your job blowing homeless guys behind the liquor store.

              • @John W- I do that other places. I promised your mother I would not infringe on her turf.

                • That was a good mother insult.

                • Good comeback. Sorry for my tasteless post, you just came across as a real angry person. Fact is if it comes to door to door then we do not have a chance. My inquiry is do agree with that outcome ar are you just trying to wake people up. Some of my co workers worked on the MRAPs in 2008-2009 in Charleston when there was an emergency increase in production. I declined to go because we would be on third shift which I hate.

                  • @ john w so any chance you can get more mrap weaknesses from your buddies? coz you know preppers always have contingencies…

          • So far, the parliment in Cyprus has refused the “help” of the IMF. Best course is to follow Iceland’s example and start arresting banksters, or better yet,feed them to the Russians they want to steal from. Let the banksters tell the Russians how “It’s what’s right”.

        • God is in control. Our ultimate hope for ourselves and our world is God. God is allowing the world to go into the Great Tribulation that the Bible talks about. It hasn’t started yet but it will soon. We’re going to see a worldwide economic collapse that will lead to the one-world government described in Revelation with Satan himself possessing the man described in Revelation as the Beast.

          I expect to see the destruction of America. I expect 90% or more of the population to die. God’s judgment on America is coming but that judgment is just. I’m a born again and dedicated Christian. I have peace regardless of what happens. I’m fully prepared but I also expect the Rapture to occur before the coming world leader is revealed. Still, I expect to be here during all the chaos that the coming economic collapse will bring.

          • God has given you rights and freedom as well as the tools/ability to defend such. If and how you choose to do so is by your own free will. Not choosing to do so is stupid, but your choice as well.

          • BarnCat… I would strongly encourage you to consider the “god” they have your trusting. The Creator of all that is seen and unseen is NOT this hybrid El, Yah, Tetragrammaton character that exhibits some of the most unsavory of human traits. What makes you think TPTB left yours or any of the religions alone?

            “God is in control” is a trap. The Creator, exercising perfect love and perfect truth cannot (simply will not) control anything. Moreover, you can never be seperated from The Creator. You have been deceived to think otherwise. You are infinately powerful. The Christ came to teach this and more.

            ps. Revelation is their script. Sorry bud…

          • “Rapture” is a fiction from the Pharisees, man-made lies like their “Oral Torah” (Talmud).

            Your view is not Biblical, but Jewish-made since the “synagogue of Satan” (JESUS’ judgment in Apocalypse 2:9; 3:9, not mine) was instrumental in the development of the Scofield that forms your Zionist “Rapture” dispensationalism. You’ve been suckered by the “adversaries to all men” (1 Thess 2:14-15).

            While he was in prison, Scofield began studying the philosophy of John Darby, pioneer of the Plymouth Brethren movement and the “any moment now” rapture doctrine.
            Upon his release from prison, Scofield deserted his first wife, Leonteen Carry Scofield, and his two daughters Abigail and Helen, and he took as his mistress a young girl from the St. Louis Flower Mission. He later abandoned her for Helen van Ward, whom he eventually married. Following his Illuminati connections to New York, he settled in at the Lotus Club, which he listed as his residence for the next twenty years.

            It was there that he presented his ideas for a new Christian Bible concordance, and was taken under the wing of Samuel Untermeyer, who later became chairman of the American Jewish Committee, president of the American League of Jewish Patriots, and chairman of the Non-sectarian Anti-Nazi League, THE SAME SAMUEL UNTERMEYER WHO STARTED WORLD WAR 2 with his 1933 declaration of war on behalf of World Jewry against Germany.

            Untermeyer introduced Scofield to numerous Zionist and socialist leaders, including Samuel Gompers, Fiorello LaGuardia, Abraham Straus, Bernard Baruch and Jacob Schiff. These were the Pharisees who financed Scofield’s research trips to Oxford and arranged the publication and distribution of his concordance.

            Believe God, not the Pharisees.

            Related links to follow so that “moderation” takes less than an eternity 🙂

        • The more you think things through the less you’ll panic when they actually happen.

          The best way for a woman to get some “pep” is by picking up a strapping young buck such as myself. 🙂

          • eisne:
            You remind of a young guy I worked with years ago. He admitted to being a mouthy pain in the ass. He had only been married a month or so when he got a job at one of the local packinghouses. One day the women on the sausage line grabbed him, pantsed him, an painted his balls blue with government ink. Attitude adjustment.

          • Im not surprised your single…jackass

            question is , are you smart enough to figure out why

          • What would she want with someone who is into other guys?

            • That was only the one time.

              • Good one. I have to admit you are fun to read(sometimes). If you would just get over the anger issues at innocent persons you would be much better received.

        • Southern Gal.

          Do not confuse dread and impending doom with frustration. Dread and doom is overcome by prepping and being aware of the issues at hand. Dread and doom are the results of not taking the respondsiblity of living in this day and age. As others are placated and patronised we must attentive to what the real intent of their actions. Take solice there are others like you and there is a sea of change about to rise.

        • To deal with the dread you can either do one of two things…you can go to your doctor and get anti-anxiety pills or you can do something about it. I CHOOSE to do something about it. I have supplies, I got my degree in medical assisting and continue to educate myself in every aspect that I can anywhere from sewing,gardening, to living in the woods for weeks on end with little supplies.
          This is not the country i grew up in, I too do not reconize this place and it can be scary sometimes. Im 34 years old and remember my dad telling me “you live in the United States of america you have freedom and liberties feel lucky you live here because in other countries things are alot worse”. I recently reminded him of what he said and his reply to me was that was then this is now and you know what to do. Yes daddy I know what to do. I guess there was a reason he took his little girl kicking and screaming hunting and fishing and I feel so lucky that he did.

          • >aloneinmyworld<

            Your wonderful comment confirms this famous saying;

            “When I was young my parents didn’t know anything as I grew up I realized how smart they were”.

            You and your Father are very wise!!

            We would like to hear more of your thoughts/experiences.


            • What would you like to know MM? Considering most people think that since I live in an apartment I can’t do alot of prepping? ummm no I do alot of prepping here. I fish and I can’t wait till hunting season opens up for in the fall for both bow and rifle hunting. ohhhh there’s my bell going off for my oven canning.

              • >aloneinmyworld<

                I have missed any previous comments. Without giving up OPSEC, Is it bug in or out? What are your thoughts re joining a small group especially with your skills?
                How do you deal with those who are not prepping?
                What do you do with your hunting results? Thank you!
                Be Well


                • (Montana Mike)
                  Based on the scenerio that takes place it could be either or. Yes I do have multiple plans can’t put all my eggs in one basket as my mother tells me. I in a way have a small group I have my entire family living within an hour of my home location and 1 1/2 hours of all bug out locations. I am lucky that I don’t have to deal with people that don’t prep everyone in my family preps and talk about prepping constantly. As for hunting results thank you grammy for teaching me nothing goes to waste. But half of my results do go to my parents of course. There are a million and one things you can do with a deer hide and everything contained within it. If you would like to find in another place I can be found on the american prepper network forums as well.

              • Aloneinmyworld, you are blessed. Try and stay that way. I wish my daughter had half of the perception that you obviously do.

                • PO’d may I ask how old is your daughter? I was raised like this yes there was a moment of insanity that I ran from it for a year but I came running back home like the little girl I was. As an older woman who is about to hit 35 I have grown in more ways than one but I don’t know so much as to think I know it all.
                  If you don’t learn at least one new thing a day it is a day wasted.
                  I guess I lucked out when it came to family. My grammy rest her soul survived the great depression and when I went to spend summers with her at her farm I learned so much starting at the age of 3.
                  My children however needed some how would you say seeing my way of things. It’s hard to compete with the toys of today and friends. My children are in their teens and I have one tween. They now prep with me and I am much closer to them now.

            • Its amazing how much you learn after you thought you knew it all.

          • Make sure you have five different antibiotics in large quantities. You know, with your training, which ones to have.
            Might as well throw in large quantities of ammo for your deer rifle.

            • could you list good sources, and types of A.B’s that are long term storable?

              because the ones ive delt with have a horrible shelf life

              much thanks, to anyone who can bring that info up..

              • In general medications store better if they are in powdered or tablet form. Liquids, lotions and even gelcaps are often unstable after months to years.

                The medications ending with cycline, like tetracycline and doxycycline only last 2 years, then they lose potency AND become toxic. Erythromycin is also one that degrades quickly.

                One of the longest surviving antibiotics is ciprofloxacin which as been shown to remain potent up to 13 years. It is a great antibiotic against anthrax and other bioterroism agents but it can also damage tendons or even cause them to rupture. Use it with care.

                Penicillins and cephalosporins are intermediate in retaining their potency.

                Forget about antivirals like Tamaflu. In my opinion it is just a way to drain money off of the health care system. The trials show very little antiviral effect. Possibly one or two days fewer symptoms but only if taken within 48 hours of onset of symptoms. Natural remedies can do better than that and they’re cheaper too.

                The biggest problem with storing medications is they lose potency with time. The loss relates to inherent characteristics of the compound plus the environment where it is stored.

                If you have a medication that you think is good but less potent, here is one way to manage treating an illness. Take the antibiotic until the symptoms resolve plus an additional three days. If you stop too soon, the infection will bounce back and it might be resistent. By continuing the meds a little extra you will most likely get everything under control. The seven day or ten day course of antibiotics is more a cultural tradition than a scientifically proven path.

                • Much thanks for that info Merree

                • Has anyone here looked into Colidial Silver? I use it for a great many things & it works great, can be made at home, and last years if stored properly ie; out of direct light.

                  • I have taken liquid silver for the past seven years. I only got sick twice in that time. Both times were in heavy pollen season. Works for me.

                  • Howdy slinshot,

                    Ummm, I DON’t want ot knock over any ‘sacred cows’ here but as far as INGESTING any form of silver…I wold be a little nervous. It is the case that silver is classifiably a HEAVY METAL and as such, though it might VERY well be an excellent treatment topically for wounds as a prophylactic I would VERY much be hesitant to EVER ingest it orally…if that is what yo mean by ‘taking’.

                    Heavy metals have a very bad tendency to affect the bone and marrow thereof….caution Friend. IF there are Physicians here within the group who could speak to this, I – for one- would be interested to hear what your thoughts are ‘pon this (?)


                    PS: the comment block below your post was ‘greyed-out’ therefor I am responding to you here…

                • @ Merree,

                  Thank you for ‘weighing in’ on just such as these things, it is GREATLY appreciated!! Having seen some of what was posted below this – and being informed thereby as it were – I would like to add a small bit on the floxacins … with all DUE respect to you.

                  Ciprofloxacin is a pusrely synthetic anitbiotic orginally developed in the latest part of the 60’s at the behest of the govenment to assist in treating some of the worst of the infections encountered by our troops in Viet Nam. It’s effect is extraordinary across a wide vsriety of pathogens especially anything which has or relates to the class of those things which engender ‘septicemia’ in Humans. It is SO powerful in that contexr that it can – literally – be used to take the place of the human immune system for short periods, under the high dose circumstance.

                  It is not – however – without it’s drawbacks which as Merree notes above primarily relate to connective tissues in the body. The entire class must NOT be administered to anyone who is in any of the phase’s of life called ‘rapid growth’ since it has the ability to permanently stunt the growth of the connective tissues of any who so recieve it. Were it the case – and ONLY the case – that life itself were under DIRECT threat and NOTHING else was available..then and then would I ever contemplate admministering such to the very young or teenagers. The category of ‘rapid growth occurs – idoiosyncratically (individually) – both between the ages from infancy to about 4 years old and MOST especially during (or near) the time of Puberty…before during and after…to be clear here. Additionally, it is the case that the actual chemical name of Ciprofloxcin is “Quinalone Carboxylic Acid”…note the use of ‘acid’ at the end of that, several things are implied. As an acid it is the case that such is VERY stable if well-treated…yes, exactly what you would think by that description…since the stoichiometry of any such ionically bound compoundsassures stabilty so long as the compound is not adulterated IN AMY WAY…NO contact with anything. Helps to keep same in a dark place – as is the case with all complex chemicals which wil be stored for long periods. Part of the effectiveness of the family derives from it being an acid compound…imagine nitric or some other STRONG acid coming into contac with your skin…same penetrates through SKIN alomost as if it were ‘tramsparent’ and reaches the heart in only freactions of a second…THAT fast. Therefor the drug is very capable of moving through human tissue to get to places that other drugs might not so readily reach. Also, no…it’s is not a STRONG acid so it’s not the circumstance as with those who are…STRONG is to be treated with EXTREME respect at all times…death can result from only a few drops of such coming into contact with human skin..if those are very concentrated…”10 molar” or above.

                  Whew, done with THAT!!

                  Merree, I have a question for you; you mention the cycline’s as being subject to degradation (rapid) which is a thing most knowledgeable people are aware of and state that doxycycline is onesuch as these. Another name for doxycycline is Vibramycin, Yes? Is – explicity – your injunction thereon in effect as well. I have long known of the frail nature (in storage) of Erythromycin but am unsure of the state of decay rate for Vibramycin itself…is this the case Friend? Thanks in advance for your response here!


                  • Vibramycin is the brand name that one company uses for doxycycline. As far as I know it has the same limitations as generic doxycycline. I haven’t seen any comparisons between generic and brand name compounds but I would only consider it safe to use doxycycline/Vibramycin within 3 years.

                    Thanks for the post about ciprofloxacin. I have always have mixed feelings about using it. It does a great job against a variety of infections but it is not entirely safe. If people appreciated the side effects of antibiotics I think they would be used with more caution.
                    I think it is always best to try natural remedies first and save antibiotics for the big problems.

                  • Tetracycline can become toxic. As in Kill You.

                  • This one is very true…….

                  • @ jog there are several other broad-spectrum antibiotics that are plant based and store well. they have the bonus of being replenishable if someone in your group has a green thumb. true, they work a bit slower than pharmacuticals and need to be used a few days longer, but store well. check into oregon grape, goldenseal, and the ever popular echinacea. these also work well as antivirals and antifungals, but for flu virus black elderberry works best. tinctures store longer than glycerites, and capsules are easier to store but in my opinion are not as effective.

                    for topical wounds zoltanne is right; honey is excellent, as is plain sugar if it is all you have. plantain leaves make good dressing covers esp for burns, and literally grow like weeds. they can be saved every season so you have dressing changes for winter months. hope this helps some.

                  • Merree,

                    Your response block has ‘greyed-out’, same as was my reply to slngshot (above), so then I’ll respond here…

                    Thanks for the info very much! I have a working knowledge of the wide variety of anti’s out there, but keeping up with the nomenclature once you’re compelled to get into the ‘trade names’ area is impossibly difficult…as you as a physician are wholly aware.

                    I concur whole-heartedly on your approach to modern anitbiotics…truly the less used the better. Wheresoever it is the case that something can be treated by a natural organic the benefits are manifold. Especially from the perspective of replenishment…some potent anit-biotics are possibly to manufacture safely in a less-than-we-have-now techno;logical framework, bt most of the newer (Potent) ones are impossibly diificult to produce without the range of technical instrumentation which we now possess….and WON’T have after any ‘Fall’ occurs. A pleasure ‘speaking’ with you Merree, thank you for your time. God Bless and Keep you.


                    PS: I hesitate to ask you another question, but there is below (in this forum) an interchange between myself and ‘slingshot’ wherein we are debating the use of INGESTED colloidial silver….I am very concerned about this as one of my relatives succumbed to a virulent form of leukemia subsequent to HMP (Heavy Metal Poisoning) and – to my knowledge – Silver is classifiably just onesuch…if perchance you might weigh-in there I would be grateful…to the LEFT or to the RIGHT, as it were…HMP is VERY difficult to swerve once the tissue burden is passed beyond a particular point. Many thanks Friend…Auf Weidersehen….


                • A couple of times I have tried to recommend Canadian online pharmacies for huge savings, but when I give a URL, the comment is censored,

                  What is that about?

                  • you can feel free to post those jqp. if it is not showing up, email me, because i would not censor this type of info and it may be getting automatically pulled by the Akismet filter. thanks.

              • Not Me, don’t forget about medicinal-quality honey — that’s one thing I’m stashing lots of. Even in non-SHTF medicine it’s done extremely well in handling diabetic and MRSA lesions that haven’t responded to other treatments. Slather some on a bandage when you have a wound that’s not healing.

                • my bad lady of the lake. sorry for crediting z with the honey post…i must have it tucked in the cobwebs of my brain that she’d mentioned it before.

                  • Howdy (again) kimintn,

                    I understand your confusion here…lately I’m about frazzled trying to keep up with everything being posted. As a person of ‘academic derivation’ I have a COMPULSION to respond to any civil question and to cite the source ALWAYS…lately that’s becoming, well, impossibly difficult WRT things here at the site. The SHEER number of comments now, as opposed to a year ago, is becoming daunting…to say the least.

                    I suppose we shouldn’t complain about what is effectively, “An excess of wealth” here. 😉

                    Till later all, God Bless and Keep, everyone…


            • MD, I am in progress of obtaining my medical supplies including antibiotics and what not. Ive been collecting ammo for awhile now and have only a small amount I would like to have just in case no more was available. My backup plan is my bow.
              I am just happy that I trained with a NMD and have been studying plants for medicinal purposes.

          • Aloneinmyworld,

            Take your kids hunting and fishing and you will never have to hunt your kids! Life is very short, I never count the the seconds I make the seconds count..



            • DPS,
              My kids do go hunting and fishing with me. That is what we are doing this spring break we are fishing and hunting the forest for edible plants. We will be enjoying the great outdoors and they wont have their ipods and other devices.

        • I learned a long time ago that you can only controll or change your own outlook and feelings. By being as ready and prepped as you can – can you feel in controll of yourself and your situation as possible. The first step is always your immediate area only then can you address the larger items or area. You can only affect the moment because the past is the past and the future has not happen.

        • Sort through your preps and be thankful for what you have.
          Be thankful for your health.
          Then go make a loaf of homemade bread and….

          KEEP PREPPIN’

        • I agree, Southern Gal. I’m approaching 57 years old, and have seen way too much change for my laid back southern mountain heritage. But, with God’s help and a lot of study and research i have come to grips with it all. I don’t necessarily like it, but these things must happen. All we can do is adjust as well as possible and ride out the storm with faith.

          The article here by Brandon, has some good points and layed out very well. Although, some will agree, it is nothing that the majority of us don’t know about already. We know the lines are already drawn. We know who “we”, the prepared ones are; and who “they” the delusional ones are. We come out on top in the end. It’s just wading thru their bullshit until then that is going to take some sacrificing, and standing up for what is right.

          You say you need a pep talk. I think we all can use one at times, so I’m sharing a little piece of distraction from the norm. It’s called “The Dream”. Hope it helps.

          • Pep talk? Learn to field strip your M1 Garand and load ammo for it. Don’t have an M1? Practice with what you have. Dry fire it daily.
            Something about letting the hammer fall and watching the front sight stay pin pointed on target.
            Practice skills. Stay sharp.

            • @ M.D.———— a regular SWAT guy, you are. Keep dry firin. That’ll prep ya. Sheesh.

              • Allie

                Why don’t you bring something to the table?

                • There is not a lot to “bring to the table” other than YOU LOSE if you ever go up against one of these vehicles and ten men. That’s just a fact. If one rolled down anyone’s street here right now, and forced entry on a house… none of you would do SHIT…. all talk. All you could do is die or COMPLY.
                  TEN guys without same vehicle have NO CHANCE against them.

                  Is the table full now?

                  • @allie

                    I would agree that at this time an engagement with this vehicle would be certain death to the untrained. But in previous wars, soldiers have been trained and with the right equipment can destroy the enemy. Time, tactics and improvization.
                    What is your reason behind the negativity with no solutions?

                  • @allie:

                    Yeah, big scary truck.

                    I could make it into a nice smokey joe, pork already included. Think outside the box,ie, force multipliers.

                    Big truck, have a plan — check.
                    Ten guys, have a plan —- check.
                    Drone, have a plan ——- check.
                    Golden horde, have a plan -check.
                    Out of milk, have a plan –check.
                    Already thinking you lost, priceless.

                    …best plans start with an open mind……BA.

                  • allie,

                    The quickest way I can think of losing a fight, is to convince yourself the fight is lost before it starts. A psychological defeat is worst than any military defeat.

                    I see you name calling and insulting other folks here, but what would you do if that tank rolled down your street? What would you do?

                    Compliance is not an option when you know you will lose you freedom forever. The 250 million people who were slaughtered by their own tyrannical governments in the last century is enough to convince me that compliance only leads to a slower form of enslavement or death.

                    As a naturalized citizen I took an oath on a bible before witnesses that I would loyally defend the Constitution of the United States against any enemy, foreign or domestic, and that’s exactly what I intend to do, if or when push comes to shove. Believe it!

                  • As a builder and fabricator, I used to think my very sturdy steel and concrete buildings would last “forever”.

                    Until I saw those two 110 story, extremley well constructed towers fall in an hour. By a few meatheads with a plan.

                    Anything can be destroyed. I hope they think their safe in those rolling fucking tin cans. This ain’t Afganistan. There are some smart,equiped and ingeniuosly deviant, pissed off Patriots waiting to go to work.

                    Hate to feed the trolls.

                  • Allie. There a few of here that have tAken out trucks like this. And ten men are easy if i have my 50.
                    And the vets that you decide to engage with are the ones that havee experience to teach.

                  • So what’s your point? Does that make you happy or are you trying to say some planning is in order? Sooner or later anti armor tactics will appear as will the weapons. After a bunch of troops have their families among the victims of the Federal JBTs I would expect a whole lot of stuff being available.

              • with ammo currently like it is, what are his choices? allie…
                there is no sense throwing good lead down range to end up with a M1 baseball bat at the end of it all
                than you got nothin

                • @Its Not Me— what I was trying to get across was that sitting in a chair “dry firing” does not simulate combat. He is a dreamer.
                  His finger will work much different when bullets are coming your way,as will his mouth.

                  • @allie You ever been in combat? From the way you talk, I’d say No! You sound like the type that in any type of SHTF scenario, you’d curl up into the fetal position and wet yourself.

                  • No you were being an ass.

                  • Dude you’re such an obvious troll – nice try making us think you’re a girl. No one’s buying it. Not sure what you hope to accomplish but may I just say…….FAIL!

              • @allie

                You must have never went through Marine Corps bootcamp. Spent a week, sighting in and dry firing. One good drill to do while dry firing is to put a dime on the end of your barrel and squeeze the trigger without having the dime fall. It’s to work on trigger control. Dry firing is a great way to prep on the 4 fundementals: site alignment, site picture, breathing and trigger squeeze. And I’ve seen plenty of uparmored vehicles that have been taken out by “7th century nomads” with less firepower then is available here. Knowledge is a bitch.. to those that think you don’t have any.

                • @ “Sgt Stryker” Yes, I’m sure you and a whole Platoon of future Marines sat around daily for a week, WITH YOUR DI, and played dry fire with a dime on the barrel.
                  If you were a Sgt, the platoon would all be dead.

                  Another one that has “seen plenty of uparmored ( it owuld be up-armored) vehicles taken out”………

                  You must be another onea them tough guys my daddy told me about……

                  • WOW! you really are clueless. Don’t know what you’re talking about, so figure no one else does either. And to correct my spelling when your reply is full of mis-spellings really shows you got nothing. Finally I’m sure I’m old enough to be your Dad….hey, wait a minute. Tell your Mom I said Hi!

                  • Allie

                    another dumb assed troll like eisenkreuz ( iron cross )
                    go back to your occupy wall street mentality crowd
                    your not wanted here.

                    go call your friends on your Obammy phones and eat your Ebt bought food

                    is kindergarten closed today or cant you find some children to molest ?

                  • You daddy is ashamed and embarressed about the day he EVER laid eyes on your momma and ended up with you. My gosh what a dissapointment…..

                  • Stop lying. You know damn well you never met your daddy.

                • With all this talk about dry fire…

                  NEWBIEs. There are weapon out there that dont take kindly to dryfiring. Research before doing it.

                  • Better to use snap caps, rimfire dont like dry fire, think it screws up the chamber, pellet gun is good for practice, just an idea,

        • There is a lot to be concerned and pessimistic about, Southern Gal, and at times, yes, it can become even depressing. I think that many like me, however, are completely ready for this merry-go-round to stop. Like sicking up a poison, I can no longer abide by the toxic effects of the system, and I eagerly await its demise.

          I know that very many people will die. I and my loved ones may very well be among that number, although the whole point of prepping is to reduce the probability that we are the ones to be culled. The mass of sleep-walking zombies will be decimated, though they do not even perceive the problem. The reason you are stressing is because you DO perceive the problems.

          The most depressing thing about Fukushima for me is when I contemplate that there are presently 437 nuclear power plants in operation worldwide (, and when the collapse comes and the electricity goes off, those plants do what Fukushima did. (The Fukushima reactor acted as designed when the earthquake struck, inserting its cooling rods to stop the fission reaction, but the tsunami that struck 55 minutes later knocked out the generators powering the cooling system, and the failures cascaded from there.

          437 Fukushima’s may be more than our species, or the Earth’s other species, can survive. This assumes the electricity will go off. I wish I could believe that is a faulty assumption, because while I am ready for whatever fate awaits me, I earnestly want my children to have a chance in a simpler and more personal world.

          Not much of a pep talk, eh? I probably made you feel worse. Sorry…

          • Reality is a bitch isnt it, a few weeks ag i had a wakup call, had a moment that i was going to pass out and think it was my heart, mini stroke, all the preps and guns or ammo or tactics will fix that will it? Man is the most destructive species on the planet, the only one that destroys, pollutes and wastes resources like they will go on forever, whoever came up with the idea of nuclear power plants ya gotta wonder about,

        • Stay focused on the global shit exactly like you are doing. It only gets worse when you look what is happening closer to home.

        • Howdy SG,

          Maybe this will help…

          We are just what we are, just Folk as it were. We get up, go to work, take care of the kids and pay our taxes. WE weren’t meant to take on anything a whole lot bigger than that…

          My beleifs are mine…and mine alone. They include a ‘Him’ up above amongst other things along that line. I NEVER ask or tell someonme BELEIVE as I do…or else…anytime. No one has the RIGHT to tell ANYONE else what to Beleive..or not. Having said that, I DO have a faith that the One who made Me knows Me….and I have fairly good reason to think that – quite undesrvedly – I am LOVED by that something more than my poor little Mind can grasp. When I deal with my nieces and nephews it is the case that when one of those comes to me to earnestly ask for my help I simply cannot refuse them….the same compulsion exists from the higher strata above us down to us as well, or at least so I beleive.

          Humankind has spent several thousand years going through an infancy, then a childhood. Sometime around the time of the Founders a new thought spread from this place into the World at large and in so doing We entered into a ‘Puberty’ of sorts. That is now coming to it’s end as such always does and We stand now at a place and in a time when a Last, Final leap must be made which will carry us all into a new thing altogether…a maturing of the whole of Humanity….Human Adulthood.

          Such things are not done without struggle and trial – just as our teenage years are fraught with trials and uncertainty – yet we make it through these…do we not?
          A NEW DAWN is about ot break over the whole of this World and upon everyone living on it. It will not come from above – thogh we MIGHT get a little help along the way 😉 – but instaed it will come from that which makes us like anything which we could hold to be greater than ourselves – our mind, or spirit and our will to be greater…and better. Human dignity will be restored.

          There are forces around us who cleave to the notion that we must all be lead as children all the time, that we are otherwise incapable of attending to our own affairs as Adults…they are wrong – though it will take time and effort to prove that so.

          None here among us are any better than any other is…we are all brothers and sisters beneath it all and much of what has been done – in Evil – in the World of late stems from the doings of those who would make us to not beleive that. I say again…they are WRONG.

          KNOW this: Night IS coming – if not already here – to be sure. But just as is in the natural World so too it is the case that a new Dawn will follow and all those who live to see that Dawn will REMAKE the WORLD. All things have a beginning and a beginning is a delicate time, what comes will require ALL to lend thier strengths and thier voices to what is to come…have Faith, firstly in YOURSELVES and for those of you who beleive in that which is beyond this, in Him also. Look for the Dawn…it is not far off now!


          • Very good, JOG.

            I knew we were on the same page, and it ain’t facebook.
            That place sucks and I don’t trust it. If I can’t contact my friends without making a public spectacle, then i need to rethink those friends.

            I feel many will live to regret all the personal info they have put out across Facebook and myspace,etc.etc.

        • Southern Gal,

          How do I deal with the dread and impending doom?

          I reload 223 Remington, 308 Winchester, 50BMG, 45ACP, 10mm ammo and 12ga shotshells. It’s very therapeutic and relatively cheap.

          Every time I hear something crazy in news, like Cyprus, I spend a few hours in my reloading room. I really should get out more 🙂

          • Best medicine going, YH.

            • M.D.

              No matter how dark the economic or political landscape is outside, when I hold in my hand a nice shiny new cartridge fresh off the reloading press, it always puts a smile on my face 🙂

          • YH,

            Life is to short to waste it all on some thing that is going to happen down the road. Prepare as best you can and make sure you and yours smell the roses now and again. You can’t appreciate the wonder of life if you don’t experience it. It is what it is and will be what it will be. Happy thoughts.


            • BigB,

              I couldn’t agree more! In between reloading sessions, I’m at the range with my chronograph and benchrest working up new cartridge loads! The air always seems fresher at the range.

              • Gunfire: The sound of freedom !

              • Amen to that YH! The sweet smell of a fresh can of VARGET being opened for the first time makes my day. VARGET after shave; marketing idea?

                • LOL! Well said BB Stacker.

                • @bb stacker. Were you an ammo tech?

              • Ain’t nothin’ like the smell of burnt powder in the mornin’!

                • Nothing like the smell of two day dead people either. I would just as soon not experience what some of you seem to think will be a walk in the park.

                  • @John W- Yes, they try to make you THINK they are tough and that it would be a walk in the park.. most of them have not left their computers in 15 years.

                    It WOULDN’T be a walk in the park.

                    These would be the ones with a pants full of crap if anything happened.

                    They have no tactics. They have no plans. They have no training.

          • >YH< When you do get out, What what does the retail picture look like regarding pistol, rifle ammo and reloading supplies in your area??
            Is there any 22lr anywhere?? anyone!! very interested!
            Keep pulling that lever: you can never have enough ammo.


            • Montana Mike… 2 weeks ago I bought 500 pieces of once fired Federal 308 Win brass from Brassman Brass for $120. The price has increased roughly 70% over the past 5 years. I was also able to pick up four 8 pound kegs of Alliant E3 shotshell powder at Weidner’s for $101 each. That’s the best price on E3 shotshell powder I’ve found so far. Primers .224 & .308 bullets are almost impossible to find except on auction sites. I’ve been buying primers, brass, powder, bullets, lead shot, hulls and wads in small batches since 2007 before DHS cornered the ammo market. Powder prices are somewhat stable but bullet prices are definitely increasing. There is a ton of 22LR ammo available if you are willing to pay extortion prices on Gun Broker. That’s what I’ve found so far.

          • Thats what i was up to not 10 minutes ago, loading up some new 308 brass with 175g SMKs
            Been having fung improvising heavy steel 12 gauge loads for self defense.

            • Nice!

        • Southern Gal….you need some positive stuff in your life. To feel good, go down to the Post Office and buy a whole stack of those ‘forever’ stamps.

        • As I have said before: You need a dog, we have been keeping them for over 40,000 years because they are good for us. They will listen to our problems, They know what’s really important, love, friendship, caring. They neither know nor care about all the crap we worry about, that we cannot fix. We worry about the National Debt, FDIC, Credit swaps, Cypress, and a dozen other things that we have no control over. They worry only over those things they have some control over: Food, going out, balls, tummy rubs.
          Find someone you like to rub your tummy and feed you a good steak. The Univers is indeed unfolding and you can only deal with it, So you might as well relax.

          • Who has unconditional love for you test….

            Lock both your spouse and dog in the trunk of your car for 3 hours..

            once you open it up, you will see who is the one who has unconditional love for you.

            yes people , relax its just a dam joke

            • I tried it. Don’t do it. She is still mad.

          • Comment slightly off thread, I will defend my home; but thoughts of attacking an armored “tank” are foolish. Not that it cannot be done; but it’s almost impossible to be needed. The Gov at this point is truthfully bankrupt. They get in a civil war with their own taxpayers they won’t last a week. It’s not guns or ammo they will run out of; it’s money. They keep on this stupid track there is no need for anyone to even break the jaywalking laws.
            Right now the Gov has to borrow 100 Billion a month to keep going. They can get it from lots of people, they get in a war at home, who is going to lend them more? Relax, keep your head down and watch. Do nothing to make yourself a criminal even in their paranoia. The Gov has a horrible enemy, that is going to bring them down. As POGO said years ago: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” At this rate the Gov is going to ruin itself; you don’t need to do a thing.

            • Paranoid,

              You might be right about attacking a tank. But let me ask you this, If in a battle where would you have you Mech.force? I would think it would be in cities with more then 400,000 people. And like you say its all about show me the money. Go to war with the American people and you will loose you tax money fast.. And No Bucks means No Buck Rogers..LOL


            • I think Sun Tzu said something to the effect of: If your enemy is self-destructing, stay out of his way”.

            • Good advice would be to prep like hell.It wont be that simple. Peace

            • Do nothing to make yourself a criminal even in their paranoia.

              That’s an option, no doubt a prudent one. I’d rather flip the bastards off. It’s always fun to seek the perfect level of resistance that one can just barely get away with.

        • You learn to say screw them Aholes, I am not going to let them ruin my life, or run my life.

          The corp wants you to believe it is omnipotent, but it is far from it. It’s only weapons are fear and intimidation. You overcome them with faith (in something) and a knowledge that you have done all you can do to protect what is yours.

          The rest of the world can go to hell in a hand basket so long as that does not affect my little corner set aside in Bum Fuk.

          I have done as much as I can to convince as many other people as I can that THEY hold the POWER over their own lives. They don’t need permission from the corp to exist. They don’t need a license to travel or exercise other Natural Rights.

          Most don’t believe me, and all that confirms is that they are not FREE, but instead have submitted to the lower power.

          Freedom is a CHOICE that the corp has most people afraid to make. Don’t be one of them. Just try to be as self sufficient as possible and be a good Man.

          Fight the battles when they come, but they probably never will. The corp has to give the impression that it is following the Law.

          At least for now.

          • @ GC—— YOU hold almost NO power over your life.
            You are delusional if you think you do.

            • Speak for yourself. You know nothing about my life.

            • YOU hold almost NO power over your life.
              You are delusional if you think you do.

              In many ways I hold no power. The government could send its goons crashing through my door any time they please. I could be hit by a meteor. I could die in a car crash. So what? Every day I make 1000 decisions and see them through. Life is like that. Focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t. You might try watching Joseph Campbell’s “Power of Myth” if you want to get a more positive perspective on life. That’s assuming you have any interest in doing anything other than nurse your bitterness and spread as much bile as you can across the world.

            • Those that say they can and those who say they cant…theyre both right!

        • Put your trust in Jesus. We ALL get depressed about the current
          affairs. These times were all laid out in the bible.Cheer up, think about the day your having instead of the future. The bible told of this happening and it’s all according to the gospel.BUT, we WIN in the end. NOW, Live one day at a time, enjoy today as if it were your last day on earth. Treasure the moment, the day, enjoy the present, the future will be here soon enough. I say the NWO can not threaten me with Heaven, but I will send a few of them to hell in the showdown.

        • Tough question,
          No easy answers, i get in a funk wishing for something decisive to happen so at least we dont have this huge unknown black cloud hanging there, it compounds when people around me start treating me like im craycray,,, honest, am just a regular old 40something guy who is perhaps a bit too much of a realist! Anyway, getting out of the funk? Listen to some tunes, work in the garden, do whatever makes ya happy, better to keep the crap in the perifory, lifes short

        • Each day you have is a blessing. Taking care of your preps IS important but living your life IS as well. There are things that you enjoy that sometimes get pushed back when you fall into what may be. Enjoy your free time, enjoy your friends and family, have a good meal, do something for yourself and just let things be. If the SHTF those things can be taken from you and your memories are what will then be used to keep you going.


        • Live one day at a time being as happy as you can. Hug your loved ones as much as they ll let you. Tell them how much you love them, Thank God everyday for what you have. keep prepping and be watchful. Its all good till its not. Peace.

          • @Barterman——- exactly!

        • Southern Gal, I’ve found that being constructive and proactive empowers me. Learning new skills that puts control in your hands is very rewarding. For me I’ve been trying to learn homesteading skills such as productive gardening, backyard farming, food preservation, wood working using hand tools, as well as some off grid home appliances like solar oven building and cooking, rocket stove building and cooking, cooking with a dutch oven, cooking in the fire place and then adding some education on home remedies for common illnesses and discomforts using wild plants and medicinal plants that I can grow in the herb garden. The point being, the more you can learn to do for yourself the less you need to depend on others and independence is a comfort in these crazy times.

          • Rick—Oregon is becoming FULL of Cali Liberals…enjoy it while you can…

            • Oregon is already one of the bluest states in the union, one more lib won’t change a thing, anyways all the high office holders are from the northeast, all cali transplants do is keep the real estate market going and try to fit in with Portlandia.

              In all honesty, it would take a lot to get me to leave this state. The outdoors is great and the variety of the ways to enjoy it is concentrated in a beautiful area.

          • RickInOr,
            How are you going to depend on anything solar in Oregon the land of endless clouds and rain? Not as bad as Wa. State but pretty bad. Ever go for a ride on the Rogue in the mail boats? That was a fun day. Bunch of relatives in the Hillsboro area.

        • Southern Gal,
          I am from the south also. I woke up about 3 years ago. When it first happened to me I was in a constant state of frenzy. I spent every spare dime I had on preparing for hard times. I tried to convince all my friends and neighbors to get prepared. Fast forward 3 years and I am still getting ready for hard times. My dad gave me a love for gardening and the outdoors and my mom taught me the bible and to have faith in God. I am no longer concerned about my future,(this world is not my permanent home) but the future of the people I love and care about. I would encourage you to seek the Lord through his Word and through prayer, get in a good church and find others in your community who feel like you do.

          God’s grace is sufficient….

        • Southern Gal, YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!! I think the important thing is to have balance– yes, we need to prepare, take time for health, exercise, meditation on God and time researching the truth. Its easy to get caught up in all this! But I think we need to focus mainly on anything that uplifts us– gets our mind on God/Love and that’s different for every person. There are websites on the Internet that are very, very inspiring and I try to spend time each day on those websites as well as the “doom and gloom” that is happening in our world.. Its not easy!!! We NEED peace, so please take time for health, exercise and anything that reminds you of Love… that would be my advice. ; )

        • Southern Gal,

          America has changed exponentially over the last 20 years, by orchestrated design. Amazing to witness the fall first hand, is it not?

          I was told 25 years ago, who is behind what is going on, and told 20 years ago, by a Fed, that America was about to fall from within.

          The only pep talk I could offer, is get right with whatever Diety you may believe in, and remain true to yourself. Gather your courage, I’ve noticed many women have more courage these days, than white male persons (notice I did not say MEN). It may well take couragous and intelligent women to have thier significant others to grow spines and brains again.

          Just be aware, the parasites want more than a police state with them in control; this is about more than just gun ownership, and/or freedom of speech. It will soon be about raw survival, the parasites will only leave you two coices, and neither of them are good.

          • @JustMe–maybe things will go back to the way they were after this “event” ya’ll talk about. People will work and live like they did 100 years ago. Lot of you people NEED to be on a leash by the comments I read here.

            • @JustMe———

              you said:

              “I was told 25 years ago, who is behind what is going on, and told 20 years ago, by a Fed, that America was about to fall from within.”

              Guess YOU and the Fed are nuts then, huh? Here it is ….25 years later….we’re all still here..
              Funny how everyone here has a “freind” in the Fed… or “good friends” that are Law Enforcement. Ya’ll got the inside scoop here at SHTF plan!

              Well…YOU aren’t still here I guess… your gone…

              • Why do you come here?

                • Allie is probably eisenshitz’s 23’rd personality.

        • One word, faith.

        • Southern Gal,
          First of be thankful that you’re worried.It means that you’re alert to your environment. You have the insight to know when to worry and this is the first step to protecting yourself.

          Then the next step is to take action. I find my worry/depression decreases when I am making efforts to make my family safer. Physical exercise can do the same thing.

          Take a little time to enjoy whatever things are special to you. I am saddened by how many people live out their lives without ever being present in the moment and really appreciating the good things that surround them.

          And if you get the 2am in the morning and was that a mosquito or was it a drone type panicked feelings, it can help to have a pot of hot tea. Valerian or peppermint are good for calming the nerves. (with a fly swatter on the side, I suppose.)

        • So. gal I got 20yrs. on ya lotta changes, I’ve experienced war, only to come home and lose an arm defending my wife in my own home from a crazy man she’s still with me thank God and would have given the other one or it all and proud to do it. I see the changes you do, and all I can do is prepare the best I can for the changes that I belive we all can see. Being depressed can be a motivator to get prepaired without letting it take over. By the way that crazy man was my son so being depressed is always knocking on my door but he just visits I want let him in like other bad thins I don’t want in my door. Not sure this could be called a pep talk?

          • See, Ya’ll better take notice of this.

            This man went through WAR an came home and had his arm taken by his SON.

            Keep and eye on those in your “group” that you think you can trust.

            I doubt his son was driving an MRAP either.

            • PS——– @ Z71— sorry to hear about that.
              Drugs make people crazy. Stay tight.

          • 71. Hard choices Dont forget there is help out there.

        • Southern Gal, 62 here, so double that!!
          I could never describe my carefree teens and early adulthood to a teen now.

        • Southern Gal…I look at the BIG picture displayed in Revelation…we can’t change it; it’s coming; prepare.

        • Southern Gal,

          I’m only 50 yrs old and the only way I know to deal with the doom and gloom is try and be happy, live your life like there is no tomorrow, walk away from the computer at least 3 days a week.. And if that doesn’t work well get out your guns and go blow the hell out of something, after that have a couple of drinks and get back to prepping.. When in doubt fake it till you make it…



          • Southern Gal

            I turn 67 on Friday. Wow, has this country changed since I was a teen. My wife and I keep busy with our preps. We moved to our BOLocation. Two weeks ago I purchased an old 8N tractor as we live on 50 mountain acres in TN. We hang in there for our two grandchildren – age 8 and 4. Watching out for them is our reason for being. We all live together. Getting back to gardening again. Going to church with hard working mountain folks. We’re getting our priorities right and being proactive. hang in there.

          • @DPS——– ya NEED those “couple a drinks” dontcha?
            Your just like the crowd you judge…
            Keep the bottle close. Just please leave it home when you pick up a gun.

            Only way you know how to be happy is to pick up a bottle. Very good.

        • Southern Gal: If you need to lift YOUR vibration, just repeat the name of JESUS, over and over and over again, aloud. There is POWER in the name of JESUS. The spirit of the Lord will come upon you and comfort you. And every power must kneel before the name of JESUS….

          Try it while you prep and clean your guns. 🙂

          United WE are invincible. 100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote.

          Engage your EMPLOYEES or be enslaved by them.

      7. Good article. I think we should start to plan secondary roles for our family survival groups. Start to turn them more into a militia and find other like minded groups to link up with.

        • @Chilton— GREAT IDEA! And maybe you can all buy a farm and live in Waco…… or of you don’t like the heat so much, Ruby Ridge is a nice place. Good luck, and be sure to let us all know how your “family militia” works out.

          • @allie… DO realize that anyone with hacking skills can find you as well as they can find us….don’t you? Fear mongering goes both ways dear…the good people who post here are attempting to help others, and yet, there are those who most likely know who each and every one of us are…..does that frighten us? Nope. Does that make us mindful of stating what is on our minds? Nope. People here are Patriots and are not fearful of pathetic postings from the likes of you…
            My Friends…..Be Well, Be Well Informed, Be Well Prepared and May God Bless Us One and All

        • Chilton,

          No need for that brother, the Militia is out there you just need to find them. Then you will see what is really being said. You know the the talks that go on in the parking lots away from the camara’s..



      8. SPLC has the number of liberty movement conspiracy groups at over 1300 but that doesn’t even take into consideration the small local unseen groups that are in every community in this country. The ones that don’t blare their intentions over the media but silently go about their business. Here SPLC and your IVY league “fellows”…can you count the number of fingers I’m holding up?

        • SPLC… SPLC… SPLC… WTF is the SPLC?

          • I remember radio host Chuck Harder talking about Morris Dees who he founded the SPLC southern Poverty Law Center..the group has been around a long time;have never understood the name of the group as it only seemed to seek out those who were liberty-minded…..

          • @ ‘TheyShoot’,

            Southerm Poverty Law Center


          • They are Stalinist commies.

          • SPLC Southern Poverty LIE Center Nuff Said!

            Semper Fi

        • Richard Chen, Morris Dees and Mark Potok better have a good “Hidey Hole” when this kicks off. Thats just three of those at Stinkin’Polecats Law Center that have gained my attenion.

          • Correction “Richard Cohen” (forgot the “o”)

          • @ Po’d Patriot………. so is that a threat to those you mentioned by name?

            • Allie; We don’t threaten anyone here. WE assess the behavior of those individuals and groups who constitute the basis of the NWO and conclude what the likely outcome of unconstitutional actions against OUR God given liberties will mean for trespassers and traitors.

              The NWO will reap what they sow. Karma is a bitch. And so are you. 🙂

              • What will it mean for Tresspassers and traitors?

                Enlighten me please. Your intentions are OBVIOUS.

                • Allie: My intention is to defend the United States of America from ALL enemies foreign and domestic, when that time arrives. That is the oath I took; that is the oath I will keep in defense of America.

                  The NWO is a threat to the USA. It is both a foreign and domestic threat as these Globalists and Dual Citizens have infiltrated the American government, and promote the dissolution of the US Constitution and the establishment of the North American Union under UN auspices.

                  The penalty for treason is death. That is not a threat. That is the law of the land. Suggest that you read the Constitution.

                  Engage your employees or be enslaved by them. 🙂

            • allie, I don’t make threats ’cause that is a childish thing to do. I am known though for keeping a promise and thats a virtue.

      9. After the collapse, those that oppose the government will be annihilated. The only variable will be how vicious the government will be in putting the insurrection down. If they’re willing to kill the families of those who oppose the government the insurrection won’t last long at all. That’s just a fact. That’s the reason the government has Russian soldiers on US soil right now. They know that American soldiers won’t kill civilians but the Russians won’t have any problem with it.

        • Not fugin likely. Won’t be an unarmed Bonus Army this time. We’re always armed. WWII vets taught us that.

        • Can you cite sources other than the usual “the sky is falling” suspects for that? On what do you base your supposed expertise about what the Russians think and are doing? The average Russian citizen considers the average American to be in the same boat they are in … having no power to much affect what his nation does. In case you haven’t heard, while there are some residual communists older folk, the younger crowd is Rus nationalist but not communist. Putin and company are nationalists. Their military, including their elite units, focus on defending Russia. They would no more cooperate with our power elite than a horse would sprout wings and fly. Your “the russians are here waiting to murder us in our beds” sounds good to people who have no knowledge about Russia or its people. Calling that claim bullshit sounds disrespectful to you, so I’ll just say Horsefeathers.

          • Good analysis. According to rumors the Russians have already rejected a plan to participate if an armed insurgency were to begin in America.

            It will be UN/NATO and Blackwater troops. But hey! Mercs can be eliminated from 1000 yards just as easily as UN troops. Shoot and scoot.

            The EU will have its hands full with their own citizens, not to mention the radical Islamists IN THEIR MIDST when the shtf. Paris will be destroyed just like Damascus and by the same people!

            Anyone who comes to take OUR guns is a legitimate target.

            • @Durango— Oh well then….if it is “According to RUMORS” then no one has anything to think about. Thanks for that wonderful, enlightening post. RUMORS?????? Are you serious!!
              According to RUMORS…. that is the problem around here. Everything someone says is taken as serious.

      10. Have you ever given thought as to whom we are going to fight? What is the difference in the composition of our so called enemy and US? What principles are we fighting for and to what extent are we willing to achieve victory.
        Half of our country have forgotten our Founding Fathers words of Wisdom and what they bestowed upon us. Most do not care and have let the doctrines of foreign government infiltrate what we held so dearly because we had not the fortitude to stand up and repel the attack. If and when we do take up arms, we can find comfort that our principles far exceed that of our enemy. We will not become slaves in any form.

        • Principles are one thing. Weapons, tactics, and training are another. It isn’t 1860 anymore where the average citizen was as well armed as the average soldier. It isn’t the movies either where one guy with a pistol takes out 5 guys with Uzis. People who think that citizens could rise up and defeat an oppressive government are deluding themselves. You to remember that the government after the collapse won’t care at all about civilian casualties.

          • @ Barn Cat

            Be that what it may be but a negative attitude to begin with does not foster a positive outcome. Are you saying we can not defeat our government should it become tyranical and highly oppresssive? If so, why are you here? I also feel you have condemn our cause from the beginning. Is that a fair assumption?

          • When one thinks of the consequences of what happens if we lose, we have no choice except to win…

            • There is no way you are going to win a conflict with the government. That is lunacy.

          • @Barn Cat- THAT is what these brave upstanding kids don’t understand… that MRAP will run right over their asses…. it AINT 1776 and no one is coming on a Horse. TOUGH GUYS!!! Ya’ll aint!!

            • I see there is a brand new ******* to thumb down and get rid of.

              BTW, read the Wikipedia entry on MRAP, and you will find exploitable weaknesses.

              • @ Archivist:
                No doubt RE: “I see there is a brand new ******* to thumb down and get rid of.”

                I’ve got this overwhelming urge to scrape the bottom of my boots…

            • Ask the brave troops that have died or come home from Iraq or Afag. severly wounded, what those poor people could do to more heavealy armored vehicles than an mrap? Or mabey ask your daddy you seem to talk of!!

              • @Z71———-Keywords in your post.

                Died or come home severely wounded

                EXCELLENT point you make. ( head in hand)

            • There are many.

              • There are more exploitable weaknesses in your house and your “10 guys”….

                Good luck tough guy!

              • >ArchivistFBP< I noticed as I moved down thru the tread fewer individuals were putting up a reply.
                It is just: Thumbs Down and move on.


            • So what you doin’ – sittin’ on your couch on your 550# ass shootin’ off your mouth – collecting your gov’t check? Bet so!!

          • True enough, but when they consistently take 5 or 20% casualties with each act of opression, they will either quit or get so desperate they alienate the entire population.

            • @Smokey—2 in ten casualties??? From people like YOU.

              HAHAHAHAHA…. don’t make this girl pee her pants!!

            • Resist in every way possible and treat snitches the same way. Solidarity, passive and active resistance.

          • @BC So what you’re saying is it won’t be like Afghanistan

            • @ Stryker… NO, this is not Afghanistan and never will be. We wont be back to the stone age anytime soon, you dopey man……… or boy.

              • My comment was directed at his statement about citizens(afghani’s) rising up to an oppressive government(us military), and we are trying to help them, not oppress them. Maybe you should go play with your Barbies

          • Barn Cat

            A dumbass like Dorner in California, has a death wish. He wrote a 22 page letter warning his targets and let Everyone know who he was — HE HAD A DEATH WISH !!

            Most I know would tell NO ONE who the target is – and – a good 300 yard dear rifle and a few gallons of gas will make a real mess of a target.

            I think TPTB know this and it is XACTLY why gun control legislation is being pushed so hard !

            • They are hoping they can disarm us before things REALLY go belly up. If .gov was omnipotent, they wouldn’t be worried about a few guys with ARs.

          • Barn Cat: You obviously have NO military training. Zip. Zero. Nada. Join your local Sheriff’s Posse if you need backup and training. Make that connection now.

            Freedom Cells would not engage a NWO invasion force directly. Shoot and scoot. Read Sun Tsu. I think there is a link at SHTF Epitaph.

            If 1000 Freedom Cells across the country each took out one UN trooper per day, the losses for the UN would be staggering in a single month. That is why the Japanese rejected the idea of an invasion.

            WE are too well armed to occupy, and that is why the commies want to disarm US first. as long as Americans have their weapons, they will keep their freedom.

            Aim for the groin. The NWO thugs and Merc’s will be wearing armor. Blow their balls off. Officer’s first!!!

          • It will be over so quick most will not believe it. what are you going to do when they grab your kids or wife and let you know that the only way you will get them back is in exchange for your guns. That is why they want the 4473 and any other chain of ownership. Turn off orders for your power, water and other utilities will be pretty prsuasive. They have it all planned out.

            • Kidnapping is going to be official policy? Extortion? They’ll have a lot more problems when they pull that kind of thing.

        • I’m with you brother, I will fight as hard as possible,as well as 23 so far of my friends.the anger has built almost to an apex,one shot from them,it’s on.

        • @Slingshot

          “Have you ever given thought as to whom we are going to fight?”

          Hours and hours have I spent. My conclusion, at whoever comes at me or mine. They must attempt to draw first blood for me to have full vindication for my wrath that will be forthcoming. I will not feel any remorse for what I will do if I in my heart know that I was not the cause for the pain and suffering I will most assuredly inflict.

          • BigB

            It is very important to get your head right and that others around you are of the same mindset.

            • Yep, it is. As luck would have it I do.

            • Howdy slingshot,

              Truly, for “A House divided against itself CANNOT Stand.”


          • @ “BigB” yeah right…the “bigger” they are the harder they fall. Your ass will be toast. YOUR wrath????? Don’t make me wet my pants. I would love to see you take out your wrath on that MRAP or other like vehicle and 10 or 20 guys…. I’m sure they will shake…. from laughter. LOL.

            • They take them out in Iraq.

              • And we’ve got thousands and thousands of vets who have seen up close and personal how they do it. And it won'[t involve head-to-head combat with their tanks, except as aq diversion. Asymmetric warfare is a well developed craft, widely understood everywhere. Including here.

              • @Slingshot——– “they take them out in Iraq”

                if they do. it is with bombs. So are you saying that YOU are building bombs?

                See why the people in charge want to watch nuts like you? Do you get it?

                So tell me what you are saying exactly… Is that what you are doing? Making stuff in your house?

                People like you NEED to be watched.

                • No! I am not building bombs. The vehicle is not invincible. Fire will do a trick on it. I do resent you making that comment and that I should be watch.
                  Because of your comment I consider you as dangerous to my God Given Rights as Senator Feinstein would be with Her gun control bill. Maybe you are just an OBAMA TROLL. I thought I was having a reasonable, intelligent dialog but I see I was wrong. You are beyond my reach. I will not answer or question no more.

                  • Don’t feed the troll.

                  • @Slingshot- Yeah, its probably smart that you keep your mouth shut.

                    And a little FYI: That MRAP can roll thru the biggest blaze YOU can set…. since I guess THAT is what you are saying? If you see one you will try to set it on fire?

                    Your crazy.

                  • The Wikipedia article on MRAP gives clues on several ways to take one out, none of which involve explosives.

                  • Back again,

                    Ummm…doesn’t his one look like a reincarnation of ‘Survival Slut’ from the other day. Look at the underlying here Y’all…


                • Hi Nina

                  • That’ not Nina

                  • It is joeinN(ut)C(ase) or his cockholster sister.

                • allie seems to be mentally challenged and un able to hold her urine in her body perhaps we should take up a collection for a case of depends for Old Allie Cat

                • No, Allie, it is people like you who obviously need to be watched. A Rogue government has shredded OUR Constitution, impoverished OUR middle class and run up OUR debt while enriching themselves; transferred OUR means of production off shore, while simultaneously encouraging tens of million of illegals to invade the nation; and then require the American taxpayer to subsidize them while they take OUR jobs, while proclaiming that America is a nation of laws; when that Rogue Administration ignores OUR laws, is unspeakably evil.

                  That you unflinchingly support such TREASON in your posts shows US who side you are on. The penalty for TREASON is death. Death to TRAITORS!

                  That’s not a threat. That’s the law of the land. 🙂

                  • BTW, I’m launching rockets in the park this weekend, to practice taking out drones. Wanna come see? 🙂

                  • @Durango- if you don’t like it here in the USA, leave. That’s simple.

                  • Allie: I like it just fine here in the USA with its Constitution that annotates my God given rights. You seem to be the one that supports the gun grab, drones, spying on Americans, and gay rights … you leave!!!

                    I LOVE America, love it or leave it! 🙂

            • I guess it is all in how you prep and what experience and knowledge you have. You should not judge a person until you know a little more about them. Besides if I can’t do it by myself I just might have some friends who I hang out with that can. With your attitude I imagine you don’t. Do you know how to make napalm? Do you know how to make a thermite grenade? I doubt it. So you see Betty Crocker I just might be the kind of guy who could do it.

              • Yes, BigB

                Hard to tell what anyone knows on this board. ;0)

                • That’s a fact. There is one guy who used to be on this board who was one of my instructors in Ranger training. Now that guy was a bad ass. I can’t remember what his handle was but he was a good guy. I figured out who he was when he mentioned some thing that only a few guys who knew him would know. He never posted again. I would like to hook up with him again. So if you are out there Sgt. R****y let me know. BB 3/3 ACR

                  • Geez…this board is just chock full of Marines and Rangers…. no S.E.A.L. s?

                    I guy I knew knew a guy who knew this lady who knew FED who knew these Marines who worked for DHS who said your all crazy

                  • Allie: No S.E.A.L.S. ? WE are all SEAL Team America. Seal Team America could eliminate the NWO overnight and at 1000 yards.

                    Semper Fi, Sweetheart! 🙂

              • @BigB——

                So here we have ANOTHER saying they are making ILLEGAL explosives? You are making Napalm? You are making THERMITE GRENADES? Are you completely INSANE.
                You cannot fathom why you would be deeemed a THREAT to the rest of us???

                • Didn’t say I was making it, just that I know how. You need to find some place else buddy. You don’t seem to have the mind set for a big boy prepper web site.

                  • @BigB———– I don’t have the mindset of a “big boy” because I’m not. ALLIE. Get it?
                    So, you know how to make Napalm and Thermite……. post THAT on the world wide web…… and don’t see how you can be construed a threat?

                  • Allie: ALL veterans are threats, didn’t you know? Nappy says so. The government trained US to be killers in their service. Now they fear US.

                    They should if they think they are going to strip US of OUR rights. If America was worth dying for in Viet Nam, its worth dying for on American soil.

                    Sweet dreams!

                • Rust and soda cans, powdered and mixed approximately 50-50 by volume. Does that scare you? Good.

                  • The above was for Allie.

                  • You will do better with Black Iron Oxide than Red, most red has water in it. They advertise the stuff on survival blog, Interestingly enough, there is copper and several other Thermite reactions. For you rich guys you can use Silver Oxide.

                • @ DURANGO about above post. It is S.E.A.L—- it is NEVER seal, and you for sure are no part of anything they are about. You know Nothing except thinly veiled threats.
                  A REAL Marine would know what a S.E.A.L is…

            • Eisenshitz, are you crossdressing again. Bad, bad, girl (or whatever).

      11. History will prove out who was “fringe” and who wasn’t,
        in “The Land Of The Fee, An The Home Of The Slave”…..

        • You mean like all the history books we have now correctly identify who was on the fringe and who wasn’t?

          • E.
            Yah, kinda like that Patriot on the horse in the picture
            at the start of this great article,
            the “fringer” Paul Revere.

            • @OutWest—no one is coming on a horse. Its 2013. The whole “paul revere” thing was not as taught either.

              I suggest you go out a buy a Horse for when your famous SHTF…………

              • allie
                IT only took about a post and a half to figure out you
                are just another insect troll !! Go back to the rock
                you crawled out from. Where is the Orkin Man when you
                cockroaches slither around this site! You sound like
                finx under another alias, to me. Eat shit and die, MFer.

                • @OutWest ( Outof his mind)

                  Excuse me..can’t talk now. Have to saddle up my Horse and head to the Northeast!

                  The bad men are coming! The bad men are coming!

      12. 78% of the Tea Party doesn’t want to cut a penny from SS, Medicare, or Medicaid. Each of these programs is $20 trillion in the hole and the GDP of the US is only %15 trillion. These programs are unmanageable and must be abolished. This is the reason why I kept calling the Tea Party a bunch of fraudulent communists. It wasn’t to be theatrical. It’s common sense.

        • Eisenkreuz,

          I don’t know how you came up with the percentage for the Tea Party, sounds like bull shit numbers that were pulled out of your ass but the gist of what you are saying about those willing to cut what has already become part of the fabric of this country is true. Once a social program has been here for more than a generation then it becomes part of what’s expected from the government. One of the things that piss’s people off is, how can you cut what you’ve forced me to pay into for all my working life when it’s your fault that’s it’s so mismanaged, so fuck you and figure something else out.

          Eisenkreutz, Obamacare is your generation’s social security, how will you handle it when future generations blame you for it?

          • Trump just quoted the statistic in his CPAC speech, also. Why would I make up numbers? I remember it clearly when the survery came out, and I cited it at the time as the reason I’m not in the Tea Party.

            We can simply state that anyone under a certain age is no longer eligable for participation in the program.

            It’s a moot point because these programs are insolvent and you’re not getting your money back. Period.

            That’s why the SS administration has ordered so many bullets.

        • Fee Fie Foe Fum
          You are a troll
          You get a red thumb

          The facts you create are anything but
          Now go get a life you’re stuck in a rut

        • You and common sense have never been acquainted. Never will be. The Tea Party did not raid the SS accounts.

      13. Southern Gal, I hear ya. I really need to limit my intake of news. I choose to involve myself in sewing, canning, herbalism etc; all worthwhile skills if/when tshtf but valuable too even if we never reach collapse. Focusing on drafting sleeve patterns or whatever keeps my mind from dwelling on terrifying things. I keep up with the world situation, but I don’t let fear control me.

        • Dry fire your pistol every day. Don’t let the your sight picture wiggle when the hammer falls.

          • Isn’t dry firing bad for your equipment?

            • If you’re holding the gun near your equipment, you’re doing it wrong.

            • Depends on the equipment

              design, and manufacturing of the action, (materials and tollerances etc)…some can, some cant (or shouldnt)
              learn what type you have before you inflict damage to those arms that do not fair well with this type of “play”

              also, always have spare parts for all you own ,, the moving parts and roll pins etc, can break..from even normal or above normal use…none last forever, especially when they are run so hot you can barely touch them

              learn all you can about what you own

              • They make snap caps for that though.

                • yup, and good point

              • What is a roll pin?

                • Look it up bud,,..thought you had knowledge..

                  a roll pin is a mechanical device a hardened pin that is hollow..hence rolled into a pin, used to capture parts in assemblies, some for assemblies under pressure by springs or to retain assemblies thru drilled holes slightly smaller than the diameter of the roll pin as to allow the roll pin to be tight, but allow it to be pushed out for full take down.

                  dude this is the internet, try using your search bar

                  sounds to me you have never FULLY broken down many weapons in your days

                  • I’m taking some gunsmithing classes but I don’t have that much experience.

                    I tryed to search for it but I didn’t get much information.

                • Eisenkruetz, or is it allie? A “roll pin” is what you use to roll out dough for a pie crust. Sheesh!

                  • Hhahhahh

                    Doh..or is that Dough

            • It is not good for the firing pin. Get one of those plastic cartridges meant for that and for the firing pin to rest on when the gun is stored,

      14. Brandon Smith, thank you for this excellent, spot on article; I couldn’t have said it better. The SPLC, before 911, was a mouthpiece for the ADL, ACLU, NOW, NAACP, Planned Parenthood, and all other dangerous, communist subversives working to destroy this nation. Before even Y2K, the FBI and other federal agencies were depending on antiwhite, anti-American propaganda to guide them in their investigations of white people and always accepted whatever SPLC told them as gospel without question, without reservation. That’s govt. agencies for you; our tax dollars at work. Everyday the feds, through words and actions make it clear what kind of intentions they have toward this country and its people. The only time you can believe what a govt. agency says is when they say they’re out to get you. The rest of the time don’t believe anything they say about anything. NEVER, EVER TRUST GOVERNMENT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! NEITHER DHS NOW ANY OTHER GOVT. AGENCY HAS ANY BUSINESS CALLING LAW-ABIDING, PATRIOTIC AMERICANS “DOMESTIC TERRORISTS” OR ANYTHING ELSE! As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have any obligation whatsoever to this evil govt. considering what they have planned for us. They don’t have one legitimate leg to stand on. They’re the ones who are ruining this country. THEY CAN ALL GO MAKE LOVE TO THEMSELVES! LET THEM COME AHEAD AND TRY TO TAKE MY GUNS OR ANYTHING ELSE I HAVE! IF THEY WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE BE MY GUEST! I’M NOT SURRENDERING TO THEM! NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO HURT ME, PERIOD! There, I’ve thrown down the gauntlet. Now I just have to wait for the party to get started. Mac, I’m on a roll today, thanks to this subject. I’m so sick of this evil govt. conspiring against us. The only thing I cou owe them is some hot lead when they come for me. NOMI CATIMF live free or die braveheart

        • They can destroy you with a few clicks of the mouse. And there’s nothing any of us can do about it whatsoever. We’re not going to win. All prepping is about is buying time.

          • NOT. If they could destroy us with a “click of the mouse” would they be hoarding all the ammo, guns, tanks and so forth they’ve been buying?

            • I mean to say that basically they can ruin your life electronically.

              • So? At this rate they are doing it anyway

          • Eisenuts..MY One Click goes BOOM!

            Semper Fi

          • For once you are right. All your bank accounts, SS checks, Medicare, drivers license and all kinds of other things can be modified /removed with the click of a mouse. your credit destroyed you house put into forclosure. the system depends on people with good intentions being in charge in positions of trust. we have reached one of those forks in the road where that is not the case. Then again it is hard to argue that the American people do not deserve just what may be coming their way.

      15. An excellent, well-penned document by Brandon Smith. I look forward to reading more of your work.

        Over the past few years I have been in a state of uneasiness due to the calamity of our nation. This uneasiness has now grown ten-fold. The writing is clearly written on the wall. All one has to do is merely conduct their own research to see the eery similarities to that of Nazi Germany.

        If you’re out of shape, now is the time to run those laps and push those weights. Now is the time to invest in hard assets and commodities. Now is the time to mentally prepare yourself for what is truly coming. Study up on farming, tactical movement, first aid, etc. The government is growing bolder by the day. Seek God now and come to a personal relationship with Jesus.

        Stay frosty, my patriotic friends

        Romans 13:4

      16. One can only hope that things will change when people
        realize it really is “Us against Them.”

        • “Us against them”

          Oh, please…. just a LITTLE drama queen you are!

          • Just a dumb bitch you are. So witty you are.

      17. Well, I guess it’s about time to gather up my little stack of Preps.and head up to the mountains,from where I came! Maybe it’s for the Best because I’d never be put in a nursing home anyway! Take my chances with Nature and NOT black-hearted PEOPLE!! Haven’t trusted the GOV’t.since I was 15 and AIN’T gonna start NOW!! Good Luck All!!

      18. Souther Gal, I’ll be glad to offer my $0.02 to you. I, too, am so disgusted, sick, heartbroken, etc. over what’s been done to this country since the 60s. I just turned 56 this past Saturday and even on that day I was depressed. But I know where I stand on the NWO and that I’m going to fight it when the time comes. My late wife came here in 1967 as a refugee from Cuba after losing half of her family to Castro’s butchers. It was only during our honeymoon that she told me about her experiences under Castro’s tropical tyranny; she blew me away with the things she told me. I lost her six years later to a drunk driver. She was more than my wife, lover, best friend; she was my hero for withstanding the hell she went thru in Cuba and living to talk about it. I understand it’s your own decision to make. My advice is stand up and fight any way you can. I don’t think it’s worth it to surrender to anyone who would have bad intentions toward you. But that’s just my $0.02. I hope I’ve been helpful to you. braveheart

        • Braveheart,

          Happy Birthday

          and I’m so sorry for your loss. You’re a better man then I, I wouldn’t know how to carry on if I was to lose my wife.

      19. Recently, many of you have written to me requesting the inception of a bowdlerized, expurgated incarnation of the ‘Kreuz, one in which I would disseminate my sapient wisdom without the gerontophobic and xenophobic rants, cursing, and hate speech. Others have goaded me to do something constructive besides rant on the internet. I have therefore decided to pen a full-length manifesto, the purview of which will cover history, politics, economics, physical conditioning, gear, homesteading, skill sets (including horsemanship, piloting, and seamanship), and emergency preparedness. You may wonder if giving me 300 pages of space to vent will result in the authorship of something akin to Mein Kampf, if this isn’t throwing kerosene on the BBQ. I assure you, I am here to help you all. 🙂

        • We await with baited breath….amuse us!

          • “bated breath”, not “baited breath”

            25% of Americans are functionally illiterate.


        • Yeah, whatever

        • I’d prefer you keep your narcissistic rambling rants to yourself.

          You have nothing to say that I’m interested in hearing.

        • DUDE..You have worn out your welcome. This site thrives because experienced preppers and a lot of people who are up to speed on whats going on in the world and you treat people on this site like shit. You sound like you have a severe inferiority complex. First you are a student, then you are a rich investor, then a sailor and a bush pilot. GEEZ! As the article above points out, Patriots and preppers are being vilified in the eyes of the sheep and if anyone came here and read your rantings, they could understand why. I don’t normally attack anyone but I am sure that others would agree, we have had enough of you. I am sure infowars would love to have you.

          • Well put.

            Eisen stunk up the economic collapse blog for awhile then I noticed him stinking this place up too.

            I doubt he would be welcome anywhere outside occupy wallstreet or democrat underground.

            • I’m pretty sure he’s been tossed on the Economic Collapse. Mike does’nt allow horse manure on his site for very long.

              • @Anonymous- If “Mike” doesnt allow “horse manure” on his SITES….. he should shut them down because everything on them all is HORSESHIT. These guys are in it for the click thru’s on the adverts. This is about MONEY to them…. wake the f up ya’ll.

                like CRAZY DAISY and her blog. Girl cannot even stack forwood and shes spoutin gossip on surviving..and oh….wait a minute…. she aint even a U/S CITIZEN!!! CA CHING.

                • southern boy

                • Ally meet Eisenkreuz
                  You may have a lot in common and eisenkreuz is looking for a date.

                  • @ Merree,

                    PLEASE don’t gibe them any ideas…imagine what the offspring woiuld be like… *shudder*


                • HAHAHAHAHA

                  I LOVE A GOOD LAUGH

                  SAD PATHETIC PHUCK

                • Allie, do you work? You know, actually hold down a job?

                  WHAT A FUCKING GREEDY ASS BITCH! You only do it for the money.

              • I haven’t been tossed on the Economic Collapse I just lost interest. Mike doesn’t censor anything that I’m aware of.

                • Poopentrouser,PLEASE! Even you don’t buy that.

                  • LOL. Poopy Pants!

            • If there is anything that can be said positive about “the kreuz”, as he calls himself; it is that he is a constant reminder of what caused the “moral decay” of our society. I might add also, a constant reminder of “the type person you never want your daughter to date”. Not, that he has ever dated females, except for possibly the “transgender” types.

          • @Warface- You should read your OWN rantings, and the rantings and THREATS of many others on here.
            And you all seem to have nice little nick names that you bestow upon yourselves too… ever notice? Are you a legend in your own paranoid mind?
            Roger, over and out, keep preppin, lock n load. allie out.

            • Whaaat? Just remember, when your mom is done vacuuming, she will need her computer back.

        • Now that is a great idea. I have one suggestion that may help you with your valuable work. If you would print that on toilet paper, many us will find that so useful.

          FAP out


          Molan Lobe

        • Fee Fie Foe Fum
          You are a troll
          You get a red thumb

          If 300 pages is all that you’ve got
          I assure you, you won’t make it, you’ll rot

        • Sybil (AKA) elisenkratz,

          Glad to see you are still here and pissing everybody off again.
          BTW is Allie your sister side or what? Man you know the make drugs for this problem right? And if you are taking these drugs, up the dosage brother it can’t hurt..


          • Dam it DPS! I wanted to use that line all night! Anybody else notice that they don’t comment at the same time? Mom must be making them take turns. 🙂


          • What have I done to piss everyone off? Not a single one of my posts says anything negative to anyone today.

            • Eisenkreuz
              I have noticed that you are trying hard to be more polite and careful with your words. Your ideas are coming through clearer and very few of them seem like attacks anymore.I am glad to see that.

              The problem you will have for a while is that you have lost the benefit of making a good first impression. It will take a while to convince people that you have made a change. They are still expecting you to go back to your previous demeanor.

              I have noticed that a few people have accused you of some negative posts that were actually from someone else. If you can continue to work on remaining civil these things will improve with time.

        • You are truly a legend in your own mind. A very small legend.

        • Better make it a thousand pages, whippersnapper. I’m low on TP.

      20. The Dream

        As I walked out the front door into the warm morning sunshine, I realized it wasn’t my usual house, but was a rather small brick house with a one car garage, and small lawn with neat and clean landscaping. In fact all the houses were the same, and there were hundreds. Clean streets and everyone’s mailbox had their names on them. The whole development was in the middle of a, rolling grassy plains. There was one road in and out, with nothing but rolling hills as far as one could see in any direction.

        Dingo began barking at something in the street, as I wiped the sleepies from my eyes and focused; it was a shiny red and chrome, large Peter-car (Peterbilt truck). The doors were open and no trailer. I called for the little woman. We climbed in and Dingo assumed his usual position with hind feet on a cooler in the back floor board and front paws on the center console arm rest. He likes it there, so when we make a sharp left turn he can lean on momma’s shoulder, a right turn and he’s leaning on pappa. All the while staring intently out the windows for other dogs that look like they might attack(all look that way to him). Occasionally giving momma a little lick kiss. Road trip ready as always. So, road trip it is.

        Off we go past the neighbors mailboxes, with names on the boxes like; Be Informed, God’s Creation, Paranoid, Ugly, REB, JayJay, JOG, Fiesty Old Broad, and booger. As we neared the exit I saw Durango Kid ripping open a morning paper to the stocks/commodities section and 22winmag next door, eyeing him over the top of a coffee cup. Then the big sign;”Now Leaving Mac-ville”, “Ya’ll come back now!
        Then I realized, this was home, and these were my friends and neighbors.

        As I turned out on to the big road I looked back across the low rolling hills and the homes were too numerous to count. Many folks were out on their lawns, waving and smiling. As I started up thru the gears, and the big diesel purred and the turbo charger whined and whistled with music starting to come out of the speakers, Dingo let out a happy bark as we gained speed and the little woman just smiled. She was tapping the armrest to the beat of the music, from times, before her real musical appreciation began. The tunes changed with every five miles; first it was the Box Tops, then the Four Tops, the Four Seasons, the Doors and CCR. The road was smooth and rolling and it seemed as though the big shiny red hood was twenty feet long. Dingo stared through the windshield looking for any other animal to growl at. Then came an old song by the Animals, House of the Rising Sun, that had me smiling of memories of all the girls I had loved before, and their “open” generosity of free loving with no strings attached. Well, except maybe a left hand smoke or a bottle of Strawberry Wine.

        As Sam Cooke began singing Cupid, we started down a smaller road, in the North country, winding thru a mystical forest and then a sign said “Welcome to Daisyland”.
        We parked and walked by a brook through a cool evergreen forest, past a little log cabin with the smells of fresh baked goods filling the air and mixing with the damp clean pine aroma. Little trails led off in different directions with names posted, like Meadowlark Lane and Deerborn Park. A big marionette fell out of a tree, it was Randy from PeeWee’s Playhouse. Arms flopping and big wooden head spinning around with that gruff, bully-like voice and comical look; “No littering and play nice, cause I’m watching you”.
        The whole thing was like an adult version of an outdoors PeeWee’s Funhouse. A large bunch of oversized daffodils would open their eyes and mouths and begin singing a chirpy little song as we walked slowly past. In the brook were beautiful rainbow colored trout, jumping and flopping in unison like dolphins. A meadow in the distant, with Bluebirds and Sparrows, and some deer fawns hopping around and playing with bunnies. Then by the trail was a big outcropping rock ledge with a big pot of gold and silver coins tucked underneath. As if by instinct, wifey reached in to touch and a big moray eel poked out and wagged his head as to say, “Not here”. Dingo was at the end of his leash growling and barking out, “let me at him, I’ll chew his ass up”. Come on boy, you can’t go there.

        What a thrill we had, as we got back in the truck and headed down the road. We were given so many things to ponder on, from our trip into Daisyland. Winding back down the highway, grooving on the tunes, and flying like the wind. The big diesel moaned as we hit the triple digit speeds. The music and miles clicked off as we came upon a sign which read…. “ Two Miles to GSO National Forest & Park.” A man walking near the sign was leashed with a big pit bull. Dingo lunged over my arms, attached to the steering wheel, and crashed up against the side window, snarling and digging into my legs with his hind feet. Barking and growling with that look towards me; “Let me at him Dad, let me out and I’ll chew his little ass up, let me, let me, please.” Momma said “Hell no, Dingo, get in that sleeper right now and play with “smackey” (his little Harley clothed stuffed pig toy). He just sulkily, crawled back there and began licking, his one ton Brahman bull nards that dangled from his 15 lb. terrier body; with an occasional snarl.

        Here we are, entering the Great Smokin’ Oakie’s National Forest & Park; where the trees and tales grow bigger by the day. A place where you can forget the serious bull crap of life and journey thru a more interesting part of life. The roads go out in every direction and lead to places of excitement and sometimes past the good and to the edge of fear and danger. More down to earth, are the picnic areas where you can stop at the nearest roadside park and enjoy life with family and get the truth out in the open. As we drive, I see a family having a picnic and an old man walking hand in hand with his very young granddaughter. Surely, he was taken back by her innocence of life, truth, and all it’s wonders; and she was captivated by his experience and adventures. We take a right turn and wind along to wide open spaces of hills, valleys, meadows, ponds, and forest parks with waterfalls and with a herd of elk passing thru. Off in the distance we see the dust cloud stirred up by a herd of wild horses running like the wind. Manes and tails wisping in the air. Stereo is playing the old John Denver song, “Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong….”.

        Back on the highway for sometime, we pull into the Ho-Jo, food, phone, gas and lodging. Go in for a bite, and over in the corner at a big table I see; Eisen, eeder, John Q.Public,Facebook Page, and Joe from nc. Looks like they’re in a deep conversation over burgers & fries. Looks like PO’d Patriot, slingshot, Zoltanne,Achilles Heel and shootit, are in the mix from another table. We see many others there, Kindle, McLovin, Burt the Brit, Kulafarmer,CanadaCanuk, and a legendary dude called Manos. We see folks from down under, and up yonder. People from all races, and their variations of skin color, and facial features. We wonder if any of these folks live in our neighborhood.

        Feeling a little home sick, and then pow!; we’re back on the road and an old favorite tune is playing from the early seventies; one of my all time favorites from the Ozark Mtn. Daredevils, “Quilt Album”. “Oh Country girl.. you make sunshine of the rain…;” as I look at sweetie tapping her hand to the rhythm, as I used to do on the drums playing HonkyTonk music in my youth. We see buttes rising from the rolling plains, like I remember from crossing the plains of Montana. Casting shadows on the tall waving amber fields of grain, and some, so majestic you wanted to walk up to them. Then, turning into “Mac-ville” again with American Pie coming thru the speakers . People stirring around. “Hey, there’s Walt Kowalski, ScoutMotto, Lori and kimintn. Twodogs, (down Dingo, not two of your kind,no I can’t play tug-of-war now we’re almost home), Archivist, AnonL, Mal, and Satori. There’s Obtuseangler, JRS, and Scrotus. Wow, a bunch more; looks like they are having a block party. I see mailboxes with names like; Daisy & Family, The Okies, VRF and Ya’ll Beware, My ole tarheel buddy, Highspeedloafer, and Montana mike and granny….”

        Wanting to see more, we take the long way around the development to get to our house. There’s a street with new houses and no names on the boxes yet. We see houses with pets in the yard, (calm down Dingo), and more mailboxes, some with just “Anonymous”, and others with names like, jerrytbg,Highnoon,KYmom,Norseprepper,palerider and Oddquestioner. There’s GFG,possee , and Rickinoregon on the sidewalk. More mailboxes with names like sixpack,Slavo,Oldcoach and lastmanstanding. As we turn on to our street; “Crystal Blue Persuasion” is playing, and there’s Cooking mom, Southern Gal, Roy, hillbilly sc, and Prepping Preacher, and on the corner is 230jhp and 41magman and Horse’sass. What a great bunch of neighbors.

        We pull up to the house, and get out with the closing verses of the 1822 song, “Home, Sweet Home,” in my head… ‘Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
        Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home!

        Next door, I see Piper Michael and HisArmsWide. Who’s that sharp looking fellow with the long hair and beard, wearing sandals and a white robe, walking with them? He’s walking towards the big red Peter-car. As he starts to climb in, He turns and says, “Good day, Tread” (Hey,that’s what my friends call me!!), and a very good day it is. Beginning to drive off into the sunset; speakers blaring an old Grass Roots tune, “Sooner or Later, love is gonna get cha…”; waving as he fades away into the sunset, I hear him say, “I’ll be back”!

        After waking up and thinking WTF, did I just dream that? It seemed so real and in color.
        I don’t do drugs anymore so what caused that? I remembered we had grilled steak for supper. The meat came from the ‘(d)mum-n-law’, and she buys from the “cheap” store. That’s it, South American beef from free range cattle that graze on the mountainsides; and feed on shrubby little green bushes that are cultivated and maybe some weird looking mushrooms too. It’s got to be that beef, or African Wildebeest, imported as beef. Where’s the Beef?

        Anyways, we are buying as much as we can afford and making it into jerky. Imagine the bartering possibilities with hundreds of lbs. of that stuff when the SHTF. Sales pitch: “Eat this shit & take a trip; while never leaving the farm”.

        • And you think Eisen has problems!

          • Let’s see bub,

            Eisen has referred to all us preppers as “dumbass idiots” before. He has blamed the problems we are facing; on conservatives, on the Jew’s, all gun owners (even made the comment that, thanks to us he was able to sell his gun for a profit, and didn’t need a gun for protection). He also blamed the problems with gov/economy/collapse on all the baby boomer (older folks) generation.
            Eisen has admitted he is pro-gay/gay marriage. A Soddom & Gommorah society is ok with him. i think i remember him making a pro-abortion statement. That kind of liberal mindset has got us in trouble with our Creator and ruining the minds of our children/grandchildren.

            After being critized many times, he then trys to fit in with preppers by saying he put a portable shitter in his bedroom closet. That doesn’t make him a prepper. It just proves he must like the smell of feces. Maybe his underlying message was that he is a “closet queer”, and the smell of shit is fine with him.

            I’ve stated many times that I’m not worried about my eternal destination because i have been washed by the blood of the lamb, and I’m proud of it. I haven’t heard him say anything about his salvation.

            So I have to say, Yes! Eisen has problems.
            The only problem i have is that I have, what feels like, a 45 year old mind, in what feels like a 75 year old worn out body; and i don’t always capitalize i.

            • I never used the term “dumbass idiots”. I have not blamed everything on conservatives by a long shot.

              I have never, ever, ever, even remotely made a negative comment about gun owners. I have never sold any gun. I have never said I don’t need a gun for protection. You can FUCK YOUR MOM on that one, bud.

              I am pro-gay/gay marriage. A Soddom & Gommorah society is totally cool with me. I support every kind of sexual perversion over 18. I am pro-abortion only for the purposes of population reduction. YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE KIDS YOU CAN’T CARE FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE THEN IT WOULDN’T BE A PROBLEM.

              “tries”, not “trys”

              I’m an Eagle Scout, so you’re implication that I’m not a prepper is completely asinine. You’re not gonna tell me anything.

              My religion is a private matter.

              • Sounds like to me you were once a band member for “Twisted Sister”. They’re not around anymore so you can drop the costume.

              • @

                I’m not getting into a pissing contest with you over anything. That’s a waste of time.

                However; I guess it was your schizoid counterpart that said they had made a big profit off of their gun sale because of “people like us running the price up”. Now, if i mis-read and my memory fails me, i apologize for the mistake. Joe in NC could have made that comment. It does sound like something he would say.

                Anyways, my mom is 76 years old and living in a nursing home, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for eight years now. She knows no one by name and if she recognizes any family, she doesn’t show it. Why you stooped so low as to bring someone’s mom into the discussion, is just more proof that you have a screw loose.

                Step up the meds, and relax a bit. It will all be over soon and you get to answer to your Maker for your stance on the homosexual perversions, and the murder of innocent fetuses.

                My prayer for you “kreuz-in”: Dear God, It appears that Eisen is “kreuz-in’ for a bruisin”; so please open his eyes, ears, and heart by whatever means necessary before it is too late. I pray that your will be done, and I do sincerely thank you for all my friends and blessings. i pray these things in the name of our Lord & Saviour and your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


                • It was Joe in NC. I remember the post.

                  • Thanks John W,

                    The “Three Sick Amigos”, do post, and sound alike.

                    I stand corrected. I made a mistake.

              • I almost feel sorry for you. Dumb ass.

          • What table did you put me up.

            • No offense to you FP or JqP. I had you two at the table with the pricks, because i knew you guys could throw back anything those clowns, e & e and Jnc, can dish out.

              We can always count on you two to put up a good fight. Thumbs up.

              • OK I will admit it would be fun. But no pictures

        • @Don’t Tread. All I can say is wow. I agree with Southern Gal, really needed something to bring it all back in to perspective. I’ve been following this site for a little while now, but never commented before. I guess I didn’t think I had anything informative to contribute. I probably still don’t, but “The Dream” finally made me realize that half the reason I come back to SHTFplan is that I look forward to the comments from all the people you listed above. All of you are my unofficial support group. Helping to keep me focused and to continue to make the right decisions. So thanks.

          • @
            Ghost Rider

            You are an inspiration to all of us as well. I think I speak for most that were mentioned by name, as well as other regulars, when I say, it is gratifying to hear from someone like youself that has been a reader and shows appreciation for Mac and all the contributors.

            We strive to keep each other informed and bring new people into the “fold”. We sometimes disagree and say our piece and move on. I have no hard feelings towards anyone that i have had words with. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but I stand strong on my beliefs that are grounded in biblical truths.

            I’ve spent many years on so-called christian sites and have been treated like shit by many people that didn’t like me putting biblical truths in their face. I’ve been called a troll,a liar, and a follower of Satan(plus many words I won’t repeat) on those sites. I’ve been moderated,chastised,threatened and banned on those sites. I’ve been treated like a regular human being here, and not condemed for what i believe in.

            Like you, I was a reader of this site “only”, for a long time before i commented. What i read back then was much different “overall” than what i see now. i think most of the trouble makers and users of disgusting language have moved on. I use salty language sometimes,as a lot do, but never use the Lord’s name in vain, and had rather not hear it used.

            So, again I say, welcome; and don’t be a stranger to commenting. I’m sure Mac appreciates it. I know we appreciate him!

            • dude, christmas is a satanic pagan holiday, as is easter (Ishta)

              halloween is all saints day…… or all souls day…… clearly satanic

              and bonfire night came from BONE-FIRE night (sacrificing dead children on huge fires)

              we are living in a satanic system, with satanic days of the week, satanic names for the month, satanic ritual holidays

              everything is satanic and pagan except for the name

              i’m highly spiritual aswell but I can understand why those people may call you satanic for following the bible….. do a bit of unpleasant research and you will find that all of gods holidays have been replaced with SATANIC, MATERIALISTIC, CAPITALIST festivals of ignorance

              you know this is the truth… much respect brother

              • None of those names are Biblical

          • Posted again…

            @ Ghost Rider,

            First post?…Then “Be Welcome here” Friend! It is good to ‘see’ and be ‘seen’, to be sure. You say that you feel like you don’t have anything to contribute…I assure you, EVERYBODY has something to contribute here. Beyond the vast amount of knowledge and wisdom that this place represents – in sum – it is the case that ALL of THAT resides prediminantly in individuals, and that most here think of themselves aa just simple ordinanry people ‘with nothing to contribute’.

            INIVIDUALLY, we are weak, frail and oftimes helpless in a variety of circumstances….BUT together… TOGETHER, there is NOTHING which we can NOT accomplish…TOGETHER there is NO obstacle which cannot be overcome…NO circumstance wherein we lack for the KNOWLEDGE of how to proceed….Indeed, TOGETHER.

            If you will, let that be food for thought for a time….again, Be welcome in this place Friend, and Well-Met!!!


        • GREAT STORY DT!!

          Brother, THAT was a wotk of Puurre imagination!! 😉
          I feel right at home there already! 😉


        • Then the MRAPs rolled onto the farm and they all sang Old MACdonald before they perished.

          • PS…quit smokin that crap dont tread… your hallucinating. Maybe try Prozac. Wow.

          • Fee Fie Foe Fum
            You are a troll
            You get a red thumb

            Too bad that nice story didn’t call out your name
            But you’re angry and fighting and looking to blame

        • You have no idea what it would take to get into my silo.

          And there creams forthat smellysnatch your trying to fill.

        • You have no idea what it would take to get into my silo.

          And there creams forthat smellysnatch your trying to fill.

        • >don’t treadSouthernGal< and those who chose to share comments afterwards.
          Thank you for that story. It means much to those who care and those in need of a lift.


          • Comment edit :”Don’t tread”. Yes the comment was long, however it was the cap off to comments starting with…Southern Gal


        • So how much you sellin’ that jerky for, DT?

          • Come over with some extra 22 ammo and we’ll shoot some targets and I’ll give you some.

            Other than friends, it depends on what kind of barter items are on the table.

            • Mmmm….psychodelic jerkey….Chew it up and shoot some targets while taking a magic carpet ride in the air. Could be a fun time! 😉

              • Zoltanne, you read my mind!

                And, don’t tread- wonderful story! Welcome back to the hood. Did you remember to get me some AA batteries while you were out?

                • Howdy neighbors.

                  Oh, I guarantee there is fun. I have a skeet/clay thrower aimed off the side of the mountain, 500 12 ga shells loaded, and five cases of clays.

                  After were done shootin’, I’ll throw some marinated venison loin steaks on the grill and pull out a gallon of my best muscadine/wineberry homemade wine, and we’ll kick back and tell some stories.

                  Oak, I’ve got four recharageables coming off the solar charging unit. You’re welcome to them.

                  Tread, Peace out.

        • I don’t post as often as some, but I am among you

        • @Don’t Tread…..What a wonderful dream! I have to admit that I am hoping that it was a vision you had rather than just than a dream :). I have mentioned before that I wish for a way for all to find safe haven if the need to bug out leaves friends wondering where they can rest and refuel, so to speak, which was my idea for another underground railroad… I know what our “signs” could be….our SHTF monikers… you will be welcomed in my home if the need ever arises for you all….and your kin attempting to get to you as well…unfortuneatly I have not devised a way to post to you all how to find and recognize me…any suggestions?

        • Wonderful DT… very inspirational.
          (Sorry it took me so long to catch up, been very sick…)

      21. Who is raiding the banks in Cyprus? THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY. Who is fighting for the people? The socialist and communist parties. Truly, the party system is completely inconsequential.

        • Eisen, you young dufus. Europe has been ran by socialists for a long time. The Dems here loved Europe and clinged to their style of socialism. Where are the Talking Heads today?

          • The Republicans never waste any money. The military doesn’t figure in in the budget because..well..just because. The 1000 bases in 250 countries are an absolute priority. We have to increase the military by 8% every year. If we don’t, it’s a danger to “national security”. Why, we wouldn’t be able to heavily arm the Republican-created DHS to murder Americans without the Republicans. No Republican voted for NDAA. No, never. Republicans love civil liberties. They believe in freedom, you know. Republicans hate social programs…except the 78% of teh Tea Party that doesn’t want a penny cut from SS, Medicare, and Medicaid.

            • Yeah Eisen…. and NO REPUBLICAN voted for the PATRIOT ACT…. oh wait a minute…..

              • What are you saying? My post was sarcastic.

                • duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

                • Howdy Eiz,

                  MATBE yo should CONSIDER the use of the /sarc tag – explicitly – more often…

                  …..Sometimes we have a hard time telling the dufference between the two. THAT might be the problem with al the red thumbs you’re getting lately…just a thought.


                  • OOPS,

                    Sorry for the typo’s guy’s…long nights, lomg days…


                  • What is the sarc tag?

                • I think you may have a soul mate with allie. She seems to like you. Wow! Lucky you. You can bark at the moon together.

        • There are no conservatives in European govt. Socialist city all the way.

      22. The propaganda must be increased because even some of the mouthpieces are starting to have doubts.

        I just wish the mouthpieces could be as entertaining as Sadam Hussein’s “Iraqi Bob” because some comic relief would be good, but instead we just seem to get frothing-mouth loon’s.

      23. A banner ad for “Anger Management Therapy” in “MY CITY” is showing up at the top of this page! Come on man!

        Anger Management Therapy? For visiting SHTFPlan?

        You never know who’s in bed with whom. Scoot over, Mac!

        • You think that’s bad. I’ve had to deal with the ugly-assed picture of our idiot governor for a month, at the top of the page.

        • That’s funny…all I get are ads for Brazilian wax jobs and Thai dating sites. Better clear my cookies.

      24. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,…..?

        • Go on… the suspense is killing me!

      25. They are dumping fear on our doorstep. We will do the same

      26. A defense contractor and former U.S. Army officer has been charged with communicating national defense secrets to a 27-year-old Chinese national with whom he had a romantic relationship.

        According to a criminal complaint unsealed in federal court Monday in Hawaii, Benjamin Pierce Bishop, 59, who held a top secret clearance, transmitted “national defense information regarding existing war plans, information regarding nuclear weapons, and relations with international partners,” to an email address known to be used by the woman referred to as “Person 1.”

      27. Be Informed, good afternoon, sir, and once again, you are right on target. When the balloon goes up, all of those lost souls that still don’t “get it” will be in for the biggest shock of their lives. Whenever the feds make their move to try to disarm us, I believe they’re going to encounter far more resistance than they think. We’ve got to get organized, get some leadership, and make those bastards PAY for what they’re trying to do to us. We have no other choice but to fight. I’m not surrendering, period! Like General George Patton once said, “The only way you poor bastards can keep from dying for your country is to make the other poor bastard die for his.” Braveheart

        • @Bravehart— George Patton was such a LUNATIC, his own Generals would have nothing to do with him.
          Yes, Ole Georgie fought for the Roman Empire!

          You guys are kooks mostly.

          • Other generals were embarrassed at his effectiveness, because he showed them up time after time.

          • And you are a moron mostly. That make us even?

        • Yur killin me !

      28. Great article. Snowing like mad here in northern Michigan. Tired of snow… Looking forward to garden time.

        • Have lived that far north. Early garden coming up in TN as of yesterday. I get under conviction to plant a garden right after Christmas and start making plans. Been planting one for 61 years. Preppers should be aware that 100 years ago spring was not as happy a time as you might imagine. All the home canned goods were gone and no one had a home freezer. There was not much to eat except wild dry land cress and water cress cooked with a little left over cured side meat. Of course the chickens were beginning to lay eggs again, but the fresh cow was eating green onions and the milk tasted awful. The folks in their late 80ies with a good memory are a good source of information for preppers.

          • Chip said ” Early garden coming up in TN as of yesterday”

            Lucky bastard 🙂

            I’m still scraping my windshield every morning.

        • One of my rose bushes is leafing and it’s forecast 25 degrees tomorrow night!!!
          Out come the buckets.

      29. Eisenkreuz, we’ll be happy to listen to any advice you have on any survival-related topic. I don’t think you’re a troll. I only ask you to calm down and stop the insulting of good people. I don’t have any problem with you attacking our enemies. That is right and proper; I do plenty of that myself. The only reaqson I’m on a roll today is the nature of the article. braveheart

        • I’ve been perfectly calm today. Who did I insult today?

        • @BH……GIVIT A REST !

        • @Braveheart— (another self imposed nick name…he thinks he’s Mel Gibson….)

          Question: WHAT ENEMIES??? Are you insane???

      30. Lord , make me fast and accurate
        let my aim be true, and my hands be faster than those who seek to destroy me
        Grant me victory over my foes and those who wish to do me or mine harm.
        Let not my last thought be ..If I only had my gun.
        And Lord, if today is truely the day you call me home,let me die in a pile of brass.

        • I am not a believer, but if this be the last fight I will stand with those who do. Because while I do not believe in the good, I will stand against the evil. Perhaps I will go to hell, but I’ll have company. Besides, I know some old girl friends that are likely to be there.

          • “while I do not believe in the good, I will stand against the evil”

            How can you believe in evil and not believe in good? The existence of one demands the existence of the other.

            • We got BO, name me a good replacement that has a chance. See it’s easy to have bad and no good.

              • To paraphrase

                if I cover my eyes, you dont exist

          • To Paranoid….Perhaps your soul recognizes that you are a believer….If you wish to stand on the side of good in the fight against evil..and you know that this is what is coming, then you are “good” yourself….all past mistakes are swept away when “Good” is accepted….don’t worry ….GOD believes in YOU…and US

            • God doesn’t believe in athiests 🙂

              • yeah, kim…..HE actually does…..

        • …he teaches my hands to make war… 🙂

      31. I have only posted about four, five times but I am kinda hurt I was not included in the neighborhood:{
        Prep On.

        • If you’re a real sensitive person,
          This is NOT the place to be!!!

          KEEP PREPPIN’

        • @ slowpoke66

          At least you have the guts to say what you feel. i didn’t set out to make anyone feel left out or alienated.
          i had a dream that was similar and pulled an okie, and got carried away a bit. However; there is a lot of truth to “the dream” and the story leaves room for neighbors in the new section. LOL.

          I don’t really know a lot of these people, but I feel a connection and kindred spirit to most. I’m truly sorry if anyone took the story to heart and felt left out. If anyone felt left out and you want to be included in the sequel, just leave your handle under the “reply” section under the story. I’m planning on grilling some of that “cheap meat” this friday evening. Thanks.

          PS…. the little woman just informed me that she felt left out also, because i named our dog “Dingo” and not hers. So here goes… I will say her nick name that i call her most days. “Floss” was the little wifey with me. If i want her attention immediately I say “Flossy”!

          • I appreciate your stories, they make my day.

        • @Slowpoke66….I was just thinkin the same thing…but then again, I do live in Canada, and that dream was probably in the USA… sure seemed like a real nice neighborhood though!! …..and may I add, a real nice story!!! take care all, CC

          • Thanks CC. I did remember you at the restaurant. Guess we didn’t go down your street though. Daisy is in Canada and had a mailbox there too. later.

            • @don’t tread…..Sorry, I guess I started “scanning” the “Dream” at first, then it got so interesting, that I must have been looking at the mailboxes!! I DO see myself in the restaurant…..and I sure am in GOOD COMPANY!!! Thanx…this was such fun to read!! Take care, CC

      32. My hunting buddy walked up on me, while I was filling sandbags. He stood there, didn’t say a word for about 20 seconds. Then blurted out, “I’m not going to ask”.

        • He understands your crazy… there is nothing to say to a crazy person filling sandbags for “when they come to get him”……

          whew. Keeps gettin better an better.

        • ROFLMAO!!!

          (So did he pitch in and start fillin’?)

          • No. He did help me repair the shooting range with them.

            • Great little story, Slingshot….got such a chuckle out of it. 🙂

      33. 80% of the markets are held by 7 megabanks which Holder says are too big to prosecute. They’re dead weight. We desperately need to crash the banks so we can bring back the local banks. This is the creative destruction aspect of capitalism. Having big corporations is anti-capitalist.

        • You can forget the “we” part,poopentrouser. Nobody wants anything to do with your sorry ass any longer.

      34. Don’t tread, that was one helluva dream you had. It’s not me, I like that prayer you posted; i’ll definitely remember it. Braveheart

        • Thanks BH..I wish I could call it mine, It was pulled off the net..I hit enter too fast and lost my place as to where i found it, but the feeling of it, is genuine..

        • Thanks braveheart!

          I did have a similar dream, but I admit I had to embellish some to get my point across.
          And, “Its Not Me”, I enjoyed the shooters prayer.

      35. STUPID people who started the GUN grab in Washington went to far and folks came out from a lifetime of slumber. So Escape the city, Prep hard and be ready for anything!

      36. Watched all the CPAC speeches. Not a single discussion of the budget, economic theory, specific proposals, nada. Hope and change. Vote for Republicans and everything will be great. Most don’t even understand the definitions of socialism, fascism, capitalism, etc. These clowns are totally brainless. Aunt Sarah excited me greatly. That moose is so yummy.

        Most of you don’t even have your HAM license yet. You need that transceiver. By now, you should have at least 1000 rounds for every arm. Most important is your sidearm and your concealed 3A bulletproof vest.

        Do you have jackstands and tools? Do you have STA-BIL? Do you have solar panels and hand-crank systems? Do you have a Mr. Heater? Do you have a mask, handcuffs, head light, portable toilet, enzyme? Do you have drugs? Do you have jewelry to trade? Do you have cash on hand?

        I kept telling you cash is king during the collapse even if it has been devalued. Cyprus just proved my point completely. Are they going to start bartering in gold bars tomorrow? Of course not. It’s foolish. Unless you’re rich.

        Do you have a gas mask and potassium iodine in case N Korea bombs a theater near you?

        Why do we need the post office? Why do we need NASA? Why do we need NIH?

        • You got some serious issues, sunshine.

          • Such as?

            • Your mouthwash ain’t makin’it.

      37. We have time to identify all the scumbags. Document all the newies and judges and politicians who are actively trying to take away our rights. Unless you are resource heavy or ex military. Take out the soft corrupt targets, not the tough guards.

        To LEO’s reading this. Ask yourself this? Do you want to be part of a military dictatorship? Screwing over Americans whose taxes have paid for your training and equipment and lifestyle? If we go into civil war. Do you want to follow in the footsteps of NAZI’s who said they were just following orders? IMHO, you too will be disposable when they think your loyalty is in question. Why we Americans like Rule of Law.

        Maybe this is unlikely. But what IF they bring in UN or Chinese or Russians to quell violence? You are now traitor to your own country. And who will trust you then?

        • I realize many believe that ALL police are the enemy however as with all professions Most are not. As an officer this comes up more than you can know and many agenciy heads have made their “agencies” response known but regardless Most officers fall in with The Oathkeepers and have no intent of supporting a false “Constitution”. All civil wars though have persons who fall on both sides for power but the majority of officers support the real “Constitution” and our rights. I am an American first.


          • Thats great Dick, glad to have you..wanna do something worth while for your country?..get your Borthers in line than..because guilt by association is a bitch!

            • @Its Not Me
              I am assuming you are referring to the negative press officers receive in the media. While most on this site are quick to degrade the MSM they still like to latch on when the MSM portrays something they are looking for like the occasional political corruption and even more police malfeasance. Police are placed in a position of removing a persons liberties and as such is an incredibly potent power than truthfully at times is abused. But what doesn’t get portrayed is the thousands of other times what SHOULD be done is. As far as guilt by association I am proud to be associated with my brothers and sisters who face real wolves everyday, and put their lives in front of others. Cops fuck up. Who doesn’t. But by and large they are guardians of the Constitution and will be in front when it has to be defended. At the same time I do not care if others feel the same way nor will I bend to others view without reflection. Whoever would tread on me shall see my mettle first hand as will those who stand with me.


              • I’m with Dick’s assessment. Good cops don’t make good ink.
                The media needs those bad cop stories; doesn’t mean we are bound to dwell on them.

                • Agree, with both of ya

          • Dick…I like your attitude. However,let me pose a question to you. How do you conflate certain repressive statutes with Constitutionality. Some examples…Disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct when the officer himself gets to determine what the “peace” should be or when a person’s conduct is not “orderly” (whatever that means). How about being charged with resisting arrest when there is no other charge levied. Simply refusing to let an officer arrest you for no reason is a crime in itself. All these statutes interfere with my liberty. Are you “just doing my job” when you enforce these? History shows that is not a good argument.

        • Stalin eliminated his generals. Hitler liquidated the black shirts. The enforcers always die.

        • “Many men have guns…”

        • @Sierra Dave—

          your first paragraph sounds like a threat to me. Can you clarify what it means?

          • If the cap fits…

          • No, you need to be suspended for a while.

            And it’s Y’ALL NOT YA’LL – BITCH!!

            Y’all Beware! Go piss up a Troll Rope!

            • No yet i not done yet. This one is smarter didn’t use sctch tape. I it actually disconnected.

              And I need the practice.

      38. Some of the News today,

        YEP, the Cyptiots decided to blow off the EU Banksters …trouble is they’re scroowed nowa!

        Feistein DROPS the Assualt weapons ban…for NOW.

        And rounding out today’s list…the french Minister charged with fighting corruption….gets caught with a Swiiss bank account…Hhahahaaaaaa

        Now that’s “Poetic Justice”…ain’t it?


        • JustOneGuy,

          “Feistein DROPS the Assualt weapons ban…for NOW.”

          We need to keep our eyes open. Unfortunately, I believe the administration will now look for other ways to acomplish their objective.

          I read that Feinstein will be able to offer the assault weapons ban as an “amendment” on the bill. (posted on Drudge Report)

          If that doesn’t work, it wouldn’t surprise me that they bring out the “auto pen” or try to get a UN mandate.

          Stay strong!
          KY Mom

          • “other ways to acomplish their objective”

            Lack of Ammo for the public basically takes care of it

            • Guy there is NO lack of ammo! What there is, is 100 guys in line as soon as the door opens. That’s a GREAT deal of different than a lack of ammo. I saw over 400,000 rds go out the door in one store in 6 hours a month ago. Good lord, how much ammo do you think we should have? About 4 years ago I was at Camp Perry (OHIO) the Guy there said they had 28 Million 30-06 rds to sell, enough for 3-4 years. IT was all gone in less than 8 months. When this “Shortage” ends the whole country will be an ammo dump.

            • Like nobody will import it “off the books”. Think the drug gangs have any loyalty to Obummer et al?

            • @Its Not Me-

              Ammo Shortage??? LOL…. HAHAHAHA…

              ammo shortage? O boy. Ya’awl are nuts. ( thats for you, ya’ll beware…beware of WHAT? The boogeyman?)

              There is more ammo than there has been at anytime in history. Stop buying it by the truckload and watch how it all comes back!

              Funny how that works huh?

          • Howdy KY,

            More than you know…

            It appears that SOME ‘Control’ sort of Bill is STILL going forward at this point…as I ‘read’ it? %^&%^&$&

            It appears that these who are dteremined to TRY to take away our RIGHT to self-defense are some of Mo’s children…You know Mo right? Mr Ron…Mo Ron…yeah, I thought you’d like that! 😉


      39. Babakhani slammed the bathroom door and called 911. The quick response of police derailed Seevakumaran’s plans. He shot and killed himself, leaving behind an arsenal that included homemade bombs, and writings that showed how meticulously he planned his attack.

        more proof that an armed threat to their plan , ends it.

        be armed, be aware..fuck the gun grabbers and those who dont get it, they wont be there to protect you anyways..because they are cowards

        • False flag.

        • Thanks for the warning, Satori. I CANNOT STAND THAT WOMAN’S FACE!!!!

        • Satori, this is great no assault weapons ban. Seems we can now, just kick back and stop worrying. The SURGE ROLLS ON. Got any idea how many people will now give a sigh of relief, and now think everything is alright. This is the way the SURGE works. Overcome us with so many Bills,and then just get a few, not so serious ones it seems, passed. Just Universial Back Ground Checks and Magazine Bans. But they will let us keep on assaulting those Ducks and Deer, unitl they decide to come and take them.They win again!WASP. They Will Feel The Sting!

          • AWB was a head fake. They really wanted the background checks.

      40. Has anybody else noticed this? Seems like many of my neighbors lose their jobs. One neighbor lost his last year. Neighbor across street lost his a few months back. Another neghbor just lost his. Seems like companies are unstable. These are not slackers… the companies just seem to be churning middle class people.

      41. The Cyprus Parliament just rejects EU bailout proposal.
        What happens now,nobody knows.
        I think Bush is of the hook. Anything bad happens in USA, Obama will blame Cyprus

        • The only reason,the cyprus parliament rejected the deal was because of a call from putin and the russian KGB.
          Second, the fallout in europe would have been the end of the banking system in the EU,and a complete collapse of the worldwide monetary house of cards.
          This was only a test.please resume your normal viewing.

      42. Yes, the situation is as bad as it seems. So what! Do NOT be depressed or discouraged. Please read and re-read the book of Habakkuk in the OT. As hard as it is to believe, the Lord God is in total control, and all those who do evil will be punished in due time. Since I have submitted myself to the Jesus, The Messiah, my fate is what ever He wills for me. He is my Lord and I his servant; like a good soldier, He commands, I obey.

        • @ Jeff- That is a good positive way to think. Now If only I can accomplish it also.
          HIS will, NOT MINE be done.

          • No, you need to be suspended for a while.

            And it’s Y’ALL NOT YA’LL – BITCH!!

            Y’all Beware! Go piss up a Troll Rope!

            • No yet i not done yet. This one is smarter didn’t use sctch tape. I it actually disconnected.

              And I need the practice.

      43. I read in this article about political and corporate criminals using subverison to wrest freedom from our hands. Case in point. I have never liked Safeway Stores because they have this membership thing which is just away to get your information, why else would they have such a thing, when membership is free, but if your not a member, items may be 25 to 50% higher. I only stop in to get a loaf of bread, and after the purchase they say thank you Mr. WASP. Wonder how they know my name! And to make a short story long, when ever I go to a big city, and that means anything over 5000 people, I usually only go, maybe twice a month. So a couple of days ago I stopped at Maverick to get gas, which is where I always stop, when I go to the big city, I hit the button on the pump to pay inside, and it then says insert card, well I’m paying inside so what card? Anyway I try this 2 or 3 times and then try a different pump, same thing, so I go inside. He tells me I can get a Mav card, which I don’t want, so he says, well go back out and try again and wait 30 second. He says it’s a new system. So I hit pay inside, wait 30 seconds, and it says enter phone#. So I go somewhere else. Point is they are nailing us down one step at a time. What Corporate knows, Government Knows and vicea versa.WASP. Freedom At Any Cost!

        • I Told the same thing to the Safeway Guy, he said; no problem, put whatever name you like on the card. I suggest you put down: Miss Naomi Nomer, 1600 Penn AVE, DC, 20202. So anything should go To: miss nomer. Try Number 10 Downing, London, if you like. America needs people to dick with the system, just to show them they really aren’t in charge, unless we let them.

        • At the Food Lion here, if you don’t have one of their cards, the clerk usually has one to scan. If not, you can borrow one from a neighbor in line. I do have a card, but it came from someone else, so I don’t care about it. I loan it to everyone in line that needs it. That screws up their marketing computers. They must think I have multiple personalities. I buy white bread and bologna one day, and Mexican food and religious candles the next. Even if you get a card in your own name, you can still screw with their computers by loaning to anyone who asks.

          At the gas place I go to, I just go inside and say I want to fill up, and they turn the pump on for me. No cards at all.

        • As I do at Lowes, et al; give bogus number.
          I have cashiered a few jobs–we just make one up if you say no thanks.

        • WASP,I think the point is that we may be able to use false names, on these cards today, and even pay in cash. But the day is soon coming when there will be no cash transactions, and you will have to use a card,to make any purchases. And it will be a card that you can only get with proper ID. Not a card you will want to just pass around to any Joe Blow. Yes I know one day we will have to receive the mark, but, just as we are now forced to use direct depoist, we will soon be forced to use plastic. I now see them advertising hand held credit card readers. Plastic only, is soon coming to a town near you. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • WASP:

          Cyprus shows us the who (banksters) and the what (privatize the losses). The shorthand of *The Corp* needs to go a step higher on the tier to the ones who control the corporations. The banks encourage the companies to collect all this information. The corporations need those loans at good rates. They aren’t going to risk their own assets. A look at the banks BOD probably is the truest list of the controllers.

          Basically, they want all that info to better target us with their marketing. They need to show the money guys that they are maximizing and monetizing their customer base. Every quarter point on the bottom line translates into a larger LOC and a slightly smaller rate.

          “Big fleas have little fleas/On their backs to bite ’em.”

          It isn’t so much that we are devolving into feudalism. We never left it. It is just that the process is coming into clearer focus.

      44. Dear SPLC:

        The founder of the SPLC REPRESENTED KKK members who attacked Freedom Riders and got them aquitted. He was a Democrat.

        FUCK OFF.

        P.S. The KKK and every racist and sexist group in the history of America were founded by Democrats. The NAACP was founded by white Republicans. Do you guys understand that?

        ‘Kreuz out.

      45. I am ready and have been ready for years. We need to shit or get off the pot before I am in a wheel chair. I will gladly go down fighting.In fact I am looking forward to it. 🙂

        • Easy KK, We’ll get our chance. But for now let us bust a cap on some Geritol and turn on a little “Lawrence Welk”. “And my wasn’t that-a a lovely a tune-a.

        • @King Krazy- They will accommodate you, Im sure.

          • No, you need to be suspended for a while.

            And it’s Y’ALL NOT YA’LL – BITCH!!

            Y’all Beware! Go piss up a Troll Rope!

            • No yet i not done yet. This one is smarter didn’t use sctch tape. I it actually disconnected.

              And I need the practice.

      46. Those clowns in the SPLC and their ilk don’t know how to categorize those of us who are Preppers and Bi-Racial.

        1838, Trail Of Tears. NEVER AGAIN.

        • 1838, Trail Of Tears. NEVER AGAIN. I totally agree. I think if the Cherokees had been a little less naive in their dealings with the white man, and a little less peaceful, and had been armed to the teeth with the same weapons… there would have been a trail of tears all the way back to Washington D.C. They also didn’t have a clue what they were up against so were unable to prepare for it. Today, most of us know what the odds are and have the ability to prepare, come win lose or draw. It is my understanding that a few hundred Cherokee warriors were never captured and their descendants still live in Georgia to this day.

      47. A buddy of mine got on the wrong side of these SPLC clowns and got on their list along with all us teachers and consultants in the organization…so in “real life” ole REB is on their list…all I can say is…”Im honored” 🙂

      48. I believe that the Liberty Movement is certainly a dying vestige of America’s past clinging to an antiquated philosophy. The modern world has no use for us. They think statism is better. And they have won in the court of popular opinion.

      49. I can hear the thunder…there’s a storm coming….

        • Sounds like cannon….(In To The Electric Mist).

      50. REB, I meet all the criteria of SPLC and DHS for a ‘domestic terrorist’. So I know I’m in the right place. braveheart

      51. In a way, I’ll be so glad when the whole darn thing collapses! I was standing outside, admiring the view at a friends apartment complex, when a security guard approaches. I was doing nothing wrong– just looking at the view and wishing I had a camera… he starts asking me all these questions– what am I doing there, where does my friend live, on and on, which was none of his damn business! However, since he was twice my size, a male with a gun, I answered. Needless to say, it ruined my mood, will probably not stop again to see the view. Basically, according to them, I have no rights to privacy– just keep in lock step, one two,, one two, don’t stop to pause… screw your freedom.

        • @grasshopper:

          Shoulda told him to fuck off, and call a cop if he had a problem.

          If he grabs you(assault), that’s when you shiv him in the balls, cuff him, remove his gun for safe keeping, call 911 to report a rape, then smoke em if you got em till the cavalry arrives.


          shoot,shovel,and shut up, just sayin’

          ….some time you gotta aim low to get their attention.. BA.

          • Yeah, I thought about that later…

            • Yeah…you tough guys ALWAYS think about it later….

              • @allie:

                ….wipe your chin dear…..gulp, gulp……

                Once a cock holster, always a cock holster.

                I guess lock-n-load has special meaning for you.

                …this is my rifle, this is my gun……BA.

                • Oh, there is not a DROP on my chin to wipe when I am done. Southern girls do it right. You must be thinking of your mother or sister….

                  • No, you need to be suspended for a while.

                    And it’s Y’ALL NOT YA’LL – BITCH!!

                    Y’all Beware! Go piss up a Troll Rope!

                  • No yet i not done yet. This one is smarter didn’t use sctch tape. I it actually disconnected.

                    And I need the practice.

        • No NO NO! Smile sweetly and say: “I was just admiring the view; now I’m trying to decide where to hang your nuts if you keep bothering me.”

        • Grasshopper, you are voicing my dread.
          How long till we have suicidal bombers at street cafes, on buses, and gas stations??

        • A security guard is just a hired hand and likely not armed with anything except the same cellphone everyone else has. They are not LEO.

          You should have countered by asking for _his_ name. You were a guest of his employer. Your friend could have made his life less comfortable.

          You could have called your friend to voice your own discomfort. You could have also called 911 to report harassment.

          Just sayin’.

      52. Caligula, Domitian, Andonikos Komnenos, Mary Queen of Scots, Charles I, Maximilien de Robespierre, Benito Mussolini, Park Chung-hee and Nicolai Ceausescu had three things in common. One… all of them were rulers, all of them were arrogant psychopathic tyrants and three? Well… Would it be helpful if everyone, including the ruling bureaucracy of America, along with their minions and their controlling zionist bankers, to study a little history and discover what else it was they had in common?

        • They were all foreigners?

        • At the end they all just hung around.

      53. Posse Comitatus Act out the window.

        Jacoby told the Senate panel: “In the event of a natural or manmade disaster, Northcom meets those expectations by leveraging a tremendous capability and capacity of the Defense Department to support a lead agency,” such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

        Still think the oathkeepers are gonna ride to your rescue? Still think the military would neeevvveeerrr fire on us? Still think the huge military was a great idea? You’re about to get a taste of what America has been inflicting on other counties for decades. You deserve everything that you’re about to get.

        “Fighting for our freedom” indeed. Thumbs down away, guys. I called this a decade ago. I was right.

        • @eisen(needofabath):

          Good day Sir.

          Our military is not that big.

          Just because the order is given…….

          Their families live in the battle zone too.

          ….eye tink eye god sum dookee on my shoo…..BA.

        • Eisen

          Are you ,JoeNC, and Allie all siblings from the incestuous”Deliverance” family?

          just saying..

          Your posts are almost as enjoyable to read as watching Bill Maher

          or MSNBC..

          keep posting all of you.

          We all need a good laugh once in a while.



          • @Pussee—

            The thumbs downed posts get looked at everytime!

            The newbs will ALWAYS click right on em and almost disregard all the rest and focus clealy on the ones they CANT read..

            everyone wants what they cant have…

            In your case… the would be a woman ( besides your sister or mother)

            click click red thumbs boys!

            Ya’ll know ya wanna see what Allie has to say!!

            • By the way..your Janet Napolitano poster just fell off the wall behind you..the one right under the Jamie Dimon award to Helicopter Ben’s autographed FRN.

              Enjoy the evening..

              I’ll do the same.


            • No, you need to be suspended for a while.

              And it’s Y’ALL NOT YA’LL – BITCH!!

              Y’all Beware! Go piss up a Troll Rope!

            • allie,
              I took a printout of your posts to my abnormal psycholgy class today. A couple of the grad students would really like to make you their term project. So much anger so little time.

          • I am not a troll. My posts have a lot to offer.

            • They do when you act like a human being

      54. REVOLT

        11B2V SUA SPONTE

        • I’m revolting.

          • @ jrs nawwww you’re alright… but allie is revolting!

      55. You are assuming that the Republican Party cares about winning and are concerned on our votes. Given the behavior from the Republican Party we have seen over the last decade and the response the Republican Party leadership expressed towards the nascent TEA (Taxed Enough Already)movement after the last midterm elections, I think we can safely assume we are dismissed.

        The behavior of the likes of McCain and Graham having dinner while Rand Paul stood to defend our rights in the Senate showswherethings lie. Even Mr. Paul has issues in his support for the likes of Hagel and Kerry for their offices vs voting against them.

        Anyone who wants officeor actively campaigns to win is not someone we should pick. Holding office should be like pulling guard duty. Only the qualified should be charged with it and have it assigned to them.

        • McCain is a total scumbag. This is why we need term limits. No one needs to hold any office for more than 8 years.

          • Getting desperate for some thumbs up poopentrouser? This is one of your older standby lines to get some kind of approval.

      56. AMERIKAN TRAITOR POLITICIANS GREED AND TREASON , eventually they will come home ;0p





        * Don’ these Traitors realize we know who they are , where they live , they All eventually Retire .

        * Eventually most of them will Return to their Home States .


        IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME … eventually the Traitors will come home … then … THEY WILL PAY FOR THEIR GREED AND TREASON .


        • This is Nina…..

          • @slingshot … you mean ” WAS !”

            ;0p pssszzt

          • ;0P pssszzt

      57. Ghost Rider, welcome aboard and hope to hear more from you. Eisenkreuz, would you like to explain why you think prepping is a waste of time? I’m really starting to wonder about you now. braveheart

        • What? When did I ever say prepping was a waste of time? What are you talking about?

          I said it was BUYING TIME.

      58. Satori, I’ve read “Lights Out” and even saved a copy to my computer. Very plausible scenario. but “One Second After” really got to me emotionally; an equally plausible scenario for post-SHTF. Braveheart

      59. I woke up one day when I read one Brandon’s pieces on Neithercorp, and my life hasn’t been the same since. I realized the truth of what he said then, and this article is more of the same. I’m proud to call myself a patriot and Constitutionalist and prepper. I want to thank you, Brandon, for all you’ve done and continue to do. I’ll proudly stand with you.

      60. Not surprised to discover that SPLC is funded by soros and the bilderbergs…just to name two. Have been searching for detailed info regarding the NWO ACADEMY….

        • Start with the Tide Foundation. It is the bag man for the Commies.

      61. To the poster above who asked what to do when things get to be too much.

        I have LOTS of books, and when I need to escape, I read. Or I listen to music, or go for a long walk at the beach.

        I don’t watch television anymore. It insults my intelligence on a daily basis.

        I mean, do I really want to know all there is to know about the Kardashian’s. Please!

        I am trying to not feed the beast anymore. I cut way back on my hours at work. I measured the money I would make, then thought about the hours of my children’s lives that I have already missed because of work. They are teenagers now, and if they have a game, or a track meet, I don’t want to miss it. There is the stress factor too, and my stress levels have gone way down.

        We are coming into hard times. I see that, even if my family is not particularly interested, and I have prepared for it. There are certain things that you get more or less resigned to…if a dirty bomb or a nuke goes off in NYC I know that we are toast. If you’ve ever seen the major roadways here on any given morning, bumper to bumper traffic with everyone in a hurry to go nowhere, you would know what I mean. And in my head, I have prepared myself for that too.

        I guess what I am trying to say is that YOU know yourself better than anyone else. You also know what to do to get you through.

        Ugh…sorry for the book! I get wound up sometimes!

        • Sometimes just walking around outside helps. I look at the flowers and trees. I check out the grapevines, blueberry bushes, strawberries, herbs, garlic, and all the other things I have outside that just take care of themselves. The fresh air and sunshine make me feel better. I make plans for new rainwater capture, new outbuildings, perhaps beekeeping. I listen to different types of music. I try new recipes, most of which seem to have either hamburger, chicken, or pork fat in them.

          What are Kardashians? Aren’t they on Star Trek or something? I just did a search and found out it was Cardassians on Star Trek. Are they related?

        • You nailed it. This afternoon I bailed on work and met my daughter at our range(back yard) and spent some time putting holes in paper and bottles filled with water. It was a blast.

        • SHTF ALERT!!!

          SCOUT MOTTO’S LINK! –Above–

          All the other fraud and corruption is miniscule in comparison.

      62. INCREDIBLY good advice Prepped in CT


        I’ve done the same things myself
        but it took surviving a heart attack (that I shouldn’t have survived)

        to wake me the F_CK up

        no more overtime
        turned off the damn tv
        go camping whenever I feel like it
        read tons and tons of good books
        and listen to everything from opera to country

        family is what is MOST important
        that’s one area ya don’t wanna screw up
        that’s where your investment should be

        • Cut your Sodium intake.

          • Cut your oxygen intake.

      63. 1.6 billion rounds of ammo is just a big pile of brass-n-lead without the the will to use it. DHS lackeys wouldn’t last two minutes in a fight against the American people. I’m no skerd.

        • Yes, and your going to fight with a 22 mag lever gun? HAHAHAHAHAHA….. oh boy.

          • No, you need to be suspended for a while.

            And it’s Y’ALL NOT YA’LL – BITCH!!

            Y’all Beware! Go piss up a Troll Rope!

            • No yet i not done yet. This one is smarter didn’t use sctch tape. I it actually disconnected.

              And I need the practice.

      64. Wow! Some negative vibes tonight.

        In order to set in motion, in a peaceful manner, the triggering point of revolt, we must become silent and passive on all forms of future legislation before Congress, however detremental. We may be able to fight an army but we can not fight against a multitude who are unwilling to preserve our country and heritage.
        That is to say we do not stop preps. It is a shame that many that were born here do not realise what they have and those who have fled oppressive regimes for freedom may have to relive that same experience they escaped.

        • “negative vibes” They will be the first to go. They will find out the hard way that the CORP. does not give a crap about them and not living long enough to figure out that the FRN is not backed by gold.

        • Yes… a Moron with a 22 magnum lever gun, and his boyfriend with a slingshot will save the day!

      65. Bullshit. The real reason you are preparing to fight is you are bunch of self-absorbed, intolerant assholes who think everyone should be just like you. Well, just as you tyrant wannabees are preparing to fight, many are preparing to fight you.

        • @Joe— exactly right. They all have nothing to live for so they jump on the crazy bandwagon, and wonder why they are thought of as on the fringe.
          They are the ones who had no one….went through life alone with no friends…

          HERE, they ARE somebody………even if the “somebody” is a KOOK.

          • …careful preppers, Sybil in the room…..

            ……be safe….stay the course……BA.

            • Indeed, BA. We shall not feed the trolls.

          • No, you need to be suspended for a while.

            And it’s Y’ALL NOT YA’LL – BITCH!!

            Y’all Beware! Go piss up a Troll Rope!

      66. @prepped in CT……I worry about being in CT when shtf. I have rural property in another state, but my preps are here. I just hope I can build and GOOD beforehand. The news is not giving me a lot of ‘hope’ for that. So I guess I’ll b bugging in, surrounded by blinded democrats. I have a few friends who are prepared, but we are scattered around the state. Would be nice if there were meetups in the area just to chat about canning, etc. I’m so excited because I’m getting chickens soon. That will piss the neighbors off, but it’s within code, so screw em. Ive already “heard” that some consider ‘fire wood’ stacks BLIGHT, but they cant file a complaint because my lawn is mowed and its all neat. These are the same pokes that had no electricity (ie no heat) in the October snow storm 2011. I was warm and had hot food. One would think they’d learn!

        • I know what you mean about being surrounded by Democrats. LOL

          Here’s a funny story for you.

          A couple of years ago a family around the street from us bought chickens (they have about 10 chickens and a couple of roosters). This is a suburban residential area.

          A couple of the neighbors complained…no one really knew what to do about the problem because nowhere in the city ordinances was there anything prohibiting people from owning chickens.

          The neighbor took the initiative to build a fence around their property to fence the chickens in.

          The complainers moved, and the chickens roam free again. The funny thing is my kids and I were walking past this house the other day and we saw a couple of cars parked on the street. We were wondering what was going on, then my daughter saw one of the people from the cars taking photos of the chickens on their cell phones.

          Apparently chickens are not a part of these people’s daily experience. LOL

        • Pen..word of warning…ya can’t fix stupid…Ron White.

        • Glitch: Chase customers see bank balance reduced to zero

          The “glitch” affected millions of Chase customers and lasted several hours.

          Infowars dot com

          (also posted on Drudge Report)

      67. MRAP – Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle

        I’ve been studying these things. There is one door in the back and these are covered in HEAVY DUTY armor. The motor is as well. This is a bonus. These things can take a hell of a hit and the tires cannot be flattened…. but they do have weaknesses. These things are top heavy, so much so that the majority of deaths have been because they have rolled over. If it’s into a stream or ravine they sink like an anchor. Now the important part; these things have to BREATH the motor is buried in armor so heat is a major factor. It can be stopped with an icepick if you stick it through the grill into the radiator. Just make a hole in the radiator and she’s toast. I’ve heard from first hand experience that when the radiator goes you’ve got a mile out of it before things become unbearably hot. Couple that with roping the back door shut and you made MRAP Tatar-tots.

        • @Incognito—– Oh boy! ANOTHER “first hand” account!!!

          Yeah…Its THAT easy to take out a MRAP.

          it jus gets better an better.
          Rope the back door shut… LOL HAHAHA

          • @allie:

            Are you talking out of your ass, ‘cuz your mouth is full ?

            …………..gulp, gulp……………

            Why does your face look like a glazed doughnut ?

            ….can’t fix stupid…………….BA.

            • @BadAmerican— I dunno… are you talkin out of your mouth cause yer ASS is full?

          • HI Nina

            • Hi Nina:
              oh by the way(OBTW} is code word for “FUCKING JERK”

              • for allie not BAD AMERICAN

                • @HNoon:

                  No problem Sir.

                  Allie is not NinaO, probably “southern boy” showing us his tits.

                  We never gave his mangina enough attention.

                  ….aim small, miss small….BA.

              • @HIGH NOON ;0p

                ONCE AGAIN … DUMMY ;0p

                twasn’t me … ya’ silly rabbit .

                ;0P pssszzt

            • @HIGH NOON ;0p

              twasn’t me … ya’ silly rabbit .

              ;0P pssszzt

          • Allie you are hilarious. Why come to a site like this? You have nothing in common with the people here. Lady if you dont like what you read here move on, or better yet call authorities to complain about the bad stuff you found on the net.
            I wish this site wouldnt do the poorly rated thing, because I believe that speech, even if I dont like it, should not be suppressed.
            What you are doing is taking a piece of someones statement and attacking it with no factual data. A tactic used by one who cannot argue a point effectively.
            Then you accuse people of making threats to put them on the defensive.
            There are people here that are a couple cans short of a sixpack, just like everywhere.
            But kid in all honesty, its not hard to stop one of those vehicles, any vehicle. Do the research on your own or attack me, I dont care.

          • No, you need to be suspended for a while.

            And it’s Y’ALL NOT YA’LL – BITCH!!

            Y’all Beware! Go piss up a Troll Rope!

          • Yes first hand account. 24th STS. Colonel. Guess what got good news on Blackhawks as well. Turns out the rotor blades are run with aluminum shafts. Perfect! First hand account is that when the tail rotor goes it’s a hell of a show. Don’t know about you, but I’m a crack-shot. IT IS THAT EASY.

        • Cover the front grill. There are ways to do this from a distance.

          D5 dozer? D9 dozer! Large excavator. Tiger trap. Plug the exhaust.

          • This POS is nothing but a way for defense contractors to SUCK money out of the treasury. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on these overpriced, overweight trucks.

            Yes, it’s safer in a war zone than my f250. But it’s not invincible. If they start rolling down the street with an M1 Abrams though, I think I’ll hide!

            • First hand account on M1 Abrams too 😉

              2×4 or whatever is stout and handy to stick in the front inside of the track. Jams the guide wheels. She can still shoot, but doesn’t go far and her cargo will be exposed to repair.

              Everyone needs a hobby!

        • They are also vulnerable to high voltage, and they have low gas mileage.

          • Also when they are totally engulfed in flames… for 45 minutes.

            • I doubt the passengers have 15 minutes alive inside it fully engulfed…likely much less.

        • They are designed to be mime resistant that is why the undercarriage is sloped and the armor is the thickest there. The gun ports are for using against an ambush which is fine as long as the other guys only have small arms. Anykind of anti armor round will finish them. They were a great idea when out guys were taking heavy casualties from IEDs buried in the roads.There was a major effort to get as many dployed as possible in Dec. of 2008. IED supression technology helped to negate the IED threat.

      68. There may be more to the Cyprus story than meets the eye. While there are UN troops on a peacekeeping mission and some British bases there, Cyprus in the only EU country that refuses to become a US/NATO member. I’m thinking that the US/NATO coalition is trying to force them to join and put bases there to pressure Russia. This is angering Russia. The finance minister of Cyprus just flew off for a meeting with Russian leaders to arrange financing or some kind of deal since they refused the bailout. Things could get sticky if they get a bailout from Russia and kick the EU to the curb. But this is pure speculation on my part.

        • russia natural gas monopoly has offered to bailout cyprus in return for offshore natural gas rights. i forget how many bazillionacres it is but worth lots more thenthe bailout. funny thing if cyprus had done drill-baby-drill they might not be bankrupt. sound familiar?

        • Good observation and analysis. We need more posts like this and less silly bickering with trolls.

      69. I think it’s “give them enough rope, they will hang themselfs” LOL

      70. What are you going to do if everything falls apart next week?

        • Drink a cold beer just as I do most nights.

      71. Laws are met to be broken….look at cell phones and driving…every other ahole is on the phone while driving in CA…

      72. i posted this just so you all can see what the dhs can see … plan your patriot operations so they don’t expose you to the dhs camera’s .

        Border Surveillance | Under Siege: America’s Northern Border


          patriot cointel : when planning patriot operations – run test exercises against your local pd local dhs to see their response times and resources .

          set off burgular alarms , fire alarms , probe their defenses camera’s alarms .



      73. Make your own napalm on goole.

        • Google that is ;0)

          • @slingshou:

            Good day Sir.

            I prefer wood varnish, used motor oil, and a road flare.

            Blind it, Burn it, BAR-B-Q, nuff said.


            …best to you and yours…….BA.

          • Use StartPage and lxquick proxy for those kinds of searches.

      74. @ braveheart. I have been reading the confrontations above and there is a real danger here. If allie is not a federal agent trying to bait everyone into some type of violation of federal law, then in the future there exists the possibility of this happening. I know how infuriated everyone is about the decay of their country right in front of their eyes, but during such a decay, ANY government can and does try to find ways of “legally” taking away your right to own a firearm. Making threats could be a way of them doing this. It doesn’t have to be this character, it can be someone else.

        Those interested in having the best survival chances does not want to play into someone else’s game and lose part or all of their self defense. It doesn’t have to be the government that you have to defend your home against. Have a similar event on the New Madrid fault system like in 1811-1812, and millions of people will be defending their homes against roaming gangs. Even if the government wanted to protect you, they could not. the absolute last thing anyone wants to do is lose their rights to have the firearms they need when some natural disaster hits, war, a hard core worldwide pandemic, whatever.

        Look at all the new laws that can make a person “legally” unfit to own their firearms. If allie is not someone trying to make people comment a threat, then why would this person ask if some of the people were making threats? It could just be someone that simply believes that it is pointless to try to fight. This doesn’t matter, because they are so many grey areas of the law right now. People can express themselves, as this is what is still protected under the freedom of speech, but there is a line, and I suggest that others think about this to utmost protect themselves right now. It just is not worth it to lose your 2nd amendment rights before SHTF, or worse.

        While you can sue the government for entrapment and false accusations, it just is not worth it to go through the legal crap of it. We all are trying to prepare for all sorts of terrible events that could hit this month, this year. This is a solar maximum this year. The faults around the world are in violent flux and it has been getting more severe each year. The number of mega quakes has increased many times, the largest ever strike slip quake last year. War is almost certain in the Middle East. The financial situation is awful. The world population is begging for nature to release some killer plague.

        I am only suggesting to be careful, because there are individuals out there looking to shut down sites like this all the time because they don’t want people expressing themselves and freely thinking for themselves. Trolls just want to infuriate people to get their jollies. Actual law enforcement wants to find ways to bust anyone they can and set an example. Many survival oriented people may have to HIDE if there is some type of severe martial law. I think one of the number one rules of survival is to NOT try to take on someone that severally outguns you. Just like the Red Dawn movie, sometimes it is far better to retreat to fight another day. Individual circumstances will dictate this, and your own personal ability to adapt to various scenarioes will determine this.

        • I only come here to research ideas for a book.

          The theme will be about a bunch of wacko conspiracy theorists. They all gather online and spread fear and loathing about “___________”. (just fill in the blank, these people are touched!)

          “allie” has got most of figured out. darn. Just a bunch of armchair generals, loudmouth wannabees, past their prime warriors…looking for one last fight. you know, die with their boots on.

          Not to go off on a tangent…. heard on the news today that the Fedgov is still paying veterans benefits to relatives of Cival War (Northern Aggression, Southern Independence..that one) veterans!!! 148 years later. WTF!

          ……back to the book

          • Cival????wtf?

            back to spelling 101

            • Thanks Possee. I needed your correction. BTW, are you related to my wife? She’s perfect too, and likes to point out other’s mistakes.

              The post was sarcasm.

              I reread the above before posting. I believe, to the best of my limited mental abilities, the spellings are correct. But, I’ll await judgement.

              I will admit it was an ignorant mistake.

          • There were two people reciving benefits from the Civil War. I think they were children of veterans, but not sure.

        • Beinformed

          You are a man of great wisdom and foresight..

          Many great folks have moved on from here due to the diatribe by many fools of late..I spoke with one today and
          I will not speak his name..but he is from afar..and missed by many here..for his wisdom and words of encouragement and truth.

          We are inundated by way too many here who have nothing to offer to any of us except insults and provocation.. they trolls, agent provocateurs, or just plain fools that they are..

          This site provides so much info we all need..and there are those who are baiting us as you stated to react and over react to their blathering..

          Please..ignore not give in..they will access your IP address as it has been done before should you cross the line..

          Kudos Beinformed..

          stay the course



        • BI

          Yoo da man,bro

        • @BeInformed—-

          You are exactly right in things you say…

          so everyone better listen and be AFRAID to say what they REALLY want to say…..

          Yes, be afraid….

          to make threats out in the open….

          To talk.

          Choose your words WISELY.

          SOMEONE *IS* watching.

          • Who are you now our fucking guardian angel. Making accusations like you did and now warning against electronic ease dropping.

            Or do you want to stiffle our first admendment rights.

          • No, you need to be suspended for a while.

            And it’s Y’ALL NOT YA’LL – BITCH!!

            Y’all Beware! Go piss up a Troll Rope!

          • @ allie. One of my agendas is to learn as much about survival as possible and to protect the site, Mac, and the people here from problems. You have gone after about 25 people without understanding that there are some really good people here that are simply fed up with their country, their home deteriorating from the infrastructure to the exploding debt to regular rights being taken away to the total collapse of most everything that made the United States strong. People are upset and they do talk out of fear what could be coming from past history. People of the U.S. are human beings with the same failings that lead to military abuses all around the world throughout history.

            Many people can protect themselves by simple rephrasing something they say. For example when someone talks about blowing up a tank, they can talk about taking out a Chinese or Russian tank to protect the country from invasion. Same information, but no one can say anything against this. If they talk about shooting down a drone, talk about shooting down an Iranian drone that some terrorist group launched. Getting out self defense information to others can be legally protected by the words someone chooses with the exact same results. The main objection is to protect yourself and others from crap that doesn’t have to happen.

            It might not be the government at all to worry about, but just the planet itself ripping apart. Next year there is a decent chance, 20-40% chance Mars will get hit by that comet. The comet will be at least as close as 25,000 miles, and this is an extreme varied course because comets can heat up and speed up or slow down. If Mars gets hit, several months later thousands if not tens of thousands of pieces of Mars will come down on the planet. Sites like this one may be the ONLY way someone can improve their survival chances of such a catastrophe.

            If you are some federal agent or someone trying to bait the audience, forget about it. Your life, and everybody else’s life can be in grave danger from this event on top of about 10 others that I can think about off the top of my head. We are going through a terrible junction point in history, and the more prepared we all are the better chance we have. Straight up, do you prepare for emergencies? If so, how much?

            Instead of engaging everyone in some pointless fights, why not communicate with others out there about ideas on preparation? There are some really bright people out there that have very unique ideas. I have tried to ask others, like Joker in NC that are trying to take down the site to stop this and contribute something valuable, or ask questions that many others probably wonder about. They though are more concerned about destroying a site that could help them stay alive WHEN a disaster strikes that takes down society for days, weeks, months, or longer.

            To those that choose not to prepare, I wonder if they ever felt the conditions and symptoms of severe dehydration. I have and it is beyond hell. Everyone single person on this planet can be faced with lack of water, and without the skills to obtain it or purfiy it, they are going to suffer severe anguish or a hard death. Food, how many have felt extreme hunger pains? Malnutrition, how many understand what happens when a physical body breaks down from not getting what is necessary?

            I have been on other sites in which you have to give out all sorts of personal information to later be spammed. Or where the owner talks freedom, but if you say something they don’t like they censor or ban you. This is one of the most free sites there is. Yet there are people trying to take it down in spite that their very well being could and will depend on the pure knowledge of others on preparation.

            Everyone should be very grateful for sites like this, and that we can obtain all this information that ALL of us will someday need with the world hits fan. If anyone else doesn’t believe that we are in bad trouble, I can site scientific information that points to just how important it is that we have to have supplies stored up and the know how on ways to obtain what we need from nature and what we can get from what is left from civilization. It is that critical.

            • @BeInformed….. If everyone on this site could speak eloquently, as yourself, maybe it would serve a purpose. Post after post a bout how they will Kill Politicians, bankers, and Police, no matter how they try to “disguise” them, do no on any good. You also give a great example above by telling them exactly how to make threats and not look like they are making threats to anyone in the USA. Do you honestly think that flies?
              Read through the posts as you do, and take special notice from now on.

              I speak LIKE them because they do not understand any other. Look at the responses after you wrote what you did…

              LOTS of these people are more than “two cans short of a six pack”…… they are a anger to all we hold dear.

            • No yet i not done yet. This one is smarter didn’t use sctch tape. I it actually disconnected.

              And I need the practice.

            • Thanks BI. I live alone and get discouraged with prepping when it is just for myself. What motivates me is the belief my small rural town will be prepared enough to rebuild as they did in the pioneer days here. We need pockets of civilization to survive and preserve the values that once made America great. And that includes both production of necessities and defense. Don’t focus on hateful enemies, focus on maintaining, even if it means hiding out to fight at a more appropriate time.

        • @BI and every Patroit on this web site: A word of WARNING; There are GOOKS IN THE WIRE!

          Keep the FAITH


          • @ Watchman,

            Good call Brother,

            At THIS point, those of you out there who ARE NOT using TOR (The Onion Router) might want to spend a little time reseaching it ‘pon the web….looks like it’s just about time to start making things a little harder for those in the ‘other camp.’

            No, it’s not the same as you are used to…that may now be now beside the point…..


            • @JustOneGuy— Yes…. please… Keep trusting the proxies…..
              ever wonder who has the abilities to make them… and break them…
              although, when you make them you have no need to break them…

              use TOR and feel safe.

              Ya’ll wonder why they gave up on the firefox thingie?

        • 10-4 BI. Thanks for the reminder.

        • @BI, I saw your post about more activity around the Madrid fault line, but all those earthquakes at the Reykjanes Ridge? Am I following you that there’s going to be some significant activity at the Madrid fault line?


          • @ you don’t need to know. It seems to be that activity on the Mid Atlantic Ridge has to be fairly large at between 14 to 20 degrees north and/or between 54 to 60 degrees to cause moderate or larger earthquakes on the New Madrid. These are moderate at high 4’s to low 5 range, but they are swarming. This is aimed directly at the New Madrid, these quakes at the Reykjanes Ridge. It means that the North American plate is moving west, thus the spreading zone. If the North American plate had nothing working against it, the other plates, the New Madrid would be inactive. It is the collisions with the other plates, especially the Caribbean plate that causes this warping and twisting effect of the North American plate, and the shape of it.

            The movement of the plate at these points on the Mid Atlantic Ridge causes distant stress to build up on the New Madrid. Much the same as demolition experts bring down a building, certain points along a plate focus that stress and energy on certain areas of the plate, weak points usually such as the New Madrid. This fault is kind of like something that has been welded together rather than a solid mass, it is prone to tension, to break. These earthquakes likely indicate some action between the high 2’s to low 4 range. Start getting activity down on the Mid Atlantic Ridge between 14 and 20 degrees north, or something much larger at the Reykjanes Ridge, then everyone can start to worry more.

            • @Be informed, There are several people posting earthquake predictions on Youtube. One that I listen to is Suspicious0bservers. They can’t predict where an earthquake will occur, but they correctly predict when there will be uptics in quake activity.

            • thank you once again BI. wish there was a better way to express the gratitude for your hard work.

        • Brilliant as usual BI. I trust wholeheartedly that the authorities in which we trust will keep us safe from foreign invaders.

        • Be Informed….I agree. How does one find a secure site in order to exchange ideas privately? Does one even exist? I think time is running out and plans need to be put in place.


          • Addendum to previous post….I am very near the New Madrid and want to know what plans I can make to survive an event from that source….I have a feeling that it may not be too long. I have read much about what to do in this type of scenario, but the info I have read really does not go into something of this magnitude….
            Thanks for all your information regarding natural threats to this planet.

      75. I am gradually moving out of practicing medicine and I am down to just one or two days per week. I had a patient today who seems pertinent to the above posts. This has been seriously disguised to prevent any breach of privacy.

        I am in a rehab center. This is an inpatient facility for people who have been hospitalized and then need time and help recuperating before returning home. MY patient is a 45 year old male weighing about 400 pounds who has had multiple hospital stays due to emphysema but refuses to stop smoking.

        Patient’s wife: He’s getting sicker and he’s going to end up back in the hospital.
        Me: Yes, I’m worried about that too. He keeps taking off the breathing mask that helps get the treatment and the air he needs.
        Wife: He doesn’t want to wear it. It’s not as good as the mask he had in the hospital.
        Me: It may not be the same but it will still provide all the medication and air he needs.
        Wife: But the one in the hospital helped push the air into his lungs and then helped push it out.
        Me: Yes he needed more intensive treatment when he was in the hospital.
        Wife: Well, he just doesn’t want to work that hard. He wants the machine to do it for him. He won’t use this one.
        Me But if he doesn’t use this one he will get sicker and up back in the hospital
        Wife: Yes and it will be your fault for not getting him the breathing machine to move his breath in and out.
        (Then she turns and stomps away.)

        Did I really just deal with someone who is too lazy to breathe???

        • Just as some are too lazy to think!

        • Merree: YOUR A WACO!!!!!!!!!”BULL SHIT”

        • Your a Dr Like I’m a virgin.

        • I’ll say this much; if you really are a doctor, and you have that much patience with your patients, you are a hell of a better person than I.

          Reason: I have no tolerance for laziness. It’s different if a person is disabled and unable to do much. If that fat ass is too lazy to breathe, then I would have told him, he is too freakin’ lazy to live. If he has enough energy to lift his arm and smoke, then he can breathe on his own or go let God deal with his sorry ass.

          • This is just one of the reasons I am almost finished with practicing medicine. Professional standards require me to grit my teeth and cater to these folks. If I don’t the state board could be down on me in a flash. I am finding it increasingly hard to deal with the patients who feel that they are entitled to more and more goodies and that it is my job as a physician to hand them over. But yesterday was so blatant I just needed to vent.

            • @Merree
              Two years ago I had a bout with HBP and got the spins and had to go to the Doc’s. Before then it was almost five years since I was there. Been so long they put my records in the DEAD FILE and had to dig them out. He asked me what meds I have taken and asprin and Claritin over time, was my answer. He got bent out of shape because I did not come in for the yearly check.
              Don’t think I’m make this years run either.

            • Physicians Creed; Do No harm
              Wish we had interaction of some type here. God Bless
              It just didn’t sound right
              If i”m wrong
              (I APOLOGIZE)

        • Merree: YEP!!!!
          And they probably vote!!

        • Meree—

          Entirely beleivable. You had a patient too lazy to breathe, and that patient’s relative thinks he is entitled to have it done for him, and it’s somebody else’s fault if he dies because he is 225# overweight and can’t breathe (how do you treat people who are 100+% overweight?). Did you disguise the patient by dropping 100# off his actual weight?

          I believe this because of the time after knee surgery when I used one of the power chairs in a store and the glare I got from a fat slob waiting for me to get out of “her” power chair.

          • Yeah, I always tell my toddlers they can’t ride in “the lazy people cart”. 🙂 My Dad is a senior citizen and said he wants a bumper sticker “Not Disabled”. He still referees sports about 5-10 games a week. After reading the posting about the man who was stealing $72K/year from SS and the SS administration ignoring the provided documentation, I know there are billions of graft and lazy people fat which can be cut. Like my late uncle told me, “You’re problem is you have had a job. If you never had a job, you could get money from the government and never have to work.”

        • stupidity kills stupid people. Its good for the gene pool and we should stop interferring.

        • Merree, I know how you feel. I (and my son)went on a call last summer to repair a customer’s AC system. As it was the first time I had been to this particular home, I was suprised to find that the customer was on oxygen and still smoking while removing his mask to take a drag. After making the repairs and getting it back up and running, the customer commented, ” Sure was getting hard to breath in here without the AC”. I also saw the wife and the daughter smoking as well. Upon leaving, I noticed that there was some nice LED emergency lanterns on an end table in the living room. I commented to the man’s wife that they looked like nice lights to have if the power goes out. She replied that they were and that the grandkids had given them instead of candles because of the the danger of candle/open flame around the oxygen (as she lit her cigarette). My son and I left, got in the truck, proceeded down the road amidst laughter. A couple of months later I heard that the gentleman had passed.

        • Merree:

          What is the cost differential between the two masks? How long does the authorization take and how much of either is covered under this person’s insurance? Seems I read not long ago that home oxygen was now out-of-pocket, at least for Medicare.

          My health care experience was at the low end of the food chain and only spent a year on a pilot program as an insurance-covered provider. Truthfully, no one cared if the patient/client was compliant or what they preferred and this was 15 years ago. Must be worse now. Also, this patient at 400lbs+smoking w/COPD is either due for serious premium increases or they are on Medicaid. They are the most demanding, in my experience. I would get a monthly call from one recipient demanding to know if we “took insurance, yet”. Each time, I explained that we had no say, it was up to the insurer. The caller would hang up in a huff. Others would come in on physician referral and then refuse payment because we weren’t covered under State Medicaid. 3rd party payment meant non-compliance and then accusations of incompetence to the therapist when there was no resolution for the simplest issues. Often, a mother or a spouse was on point *advocating* to the point of speaking for the client. The client would just sit there and smirk.

          One wonderful MD went to bat for a poor person and found an obscure county program that paid for their treatment. That person was one of the most whiny, non-compliant, depressed individuals you could ever encounter. There was no gratitude or even appreciation for the physician, the program or the treatment.

          We were mandated reporters for abuse. A long time RN advised us not to do so, as the victim would usually defend the perp and even go bail them out, while blaming us. I once tried to report someone and the victim never returned. I even called to check/inform them of the missed appointment and the abuser answered, laughed, and said the victim was asleep. Found out later she actually did get him an attorney and bailed him out.

          Turf the decision to the insurance provider. Let them deal w/Mrs. Enabler. Or, order the damned mask and when he goes home, he will again have to deal with paying for it. His in-patient rehab time is usually limited. He will be out of your hair at some point. With all that weight, his diaphragm is working overtime and the longer he has an assist, the weaker it is going to get. Diaphragms go into spasm just like any other abused muscle. His intercostals are probably not even available to palpation due to the adipose. When he has another heart attack from low O2, it could be his last.

          You know how to compartmentalize and rely on your professionalism. The patient is infantile and the wife is his enabler. They will get what they get. Chances are, he bullies her, too.

          Bottom line, you are not responsible and they cannot be allowed to guilt you into playing their game, which is likely the foundation of their own relationship. Sad for everyone, yes, but you cannot fix everything.

      76. Glad to read such a good article.

        As far as the fight, I think that the military is made up of citizens and will be just as divided as the general population. When the violence comes there will be a huge amount of neighbor against neighbor killing; this is how civil conflicts work, and remember that government supporters are not anywhere as well armed or motivated as freedom “terrorists”. Guerrilla warfare pits invisible rebels against visible government functionaries. Tactics include assassinations, bombings, small raids, and sabotage. Freedom “terrorists” are disorganized and operate in very small groups until near the end of the conflict. One group really doesn’t know about the other, and new fighters will constantly be joining as the acts of some embolden others who had not yet summoned the courage to act.

        The federal government is heavily dependent on energy flowing to it, so the energy infrastructure will be a major target. I few hillbillies with chain saws or blow torches could take out transmission lines fairly easily. Pipeline supplying the liberal eastern part of the US cross huge distances. Rail lines supplying coal cross huge distances. There will be anti-government people working inside many of these industries capable of throwing in the proverbial monkey wrench.

        And of course, the violence will intensify from each side as revenge becomes a bigger and bigger factor.

        This is how I think some of it will play out. I just don’t know how it will end.

      77. Allie you are hilarious. Why come to a site like this? You have nothing in common with the people here. Lady if you dont like what you read here move on, or better yet call authorities to complain about the bad stuff you found on the net.
        I wish this site wouldnt do the poorly rated thing, because I believe that speech, even if I dont like it, should not be suppressed.
        What you are doing is taking a piece of someones statement and attacking it with no factual data. A tactic used by one who cannot argue a point effectively.
        Then you accuse people of making threats to put them on the defensive.
        There are people here that are a couple cans short of a sixpack, just like everywhere.
        But kid in all honesty, its not hard to stop one of those vehicles, any vehicle. Do the research on your own or attack me, I dont care.

      78. Notes to Mac

        have the forum up at some point.


        segregate the trolls from trusted commenters..

        and direct them to dhs/army websites for employment as internment specialists,tsa agents, or drone operator trainees…


        pay as you go porn sites.

        Thank you



      79. Nice piece Brandon, except for a few statements which didn’t fit in the Grand Chestboard.

        If anyone wants to save info. for , then use CONTROL & Print Screen System (holding them at the same time) to capture the screen or the article for future use if necessary. (quick and simple.)

        All their activities and their continuous frivolous laws point to, “the DESTRUCTION or the end of the internet as we know it”. 🙁

        The entire planet will be put back to the Stone Age; except for a few country and areas that the cabal & their people reside in; Sadly, most of us (2/3 of our population) will not survive the thermonuclear war. 🙁

        The GeorgiaStone’s plot indicates only 500 million vs 4,5 billion.
        (not 7 billion as the media exaggerates it.)

      80. Have you guys seen the Bitcoin?

        • @ Eisenkreuz:

          Yes… Although I didn’t buy them for investment purposes, I’m more than a little happy to report that they’re currently outperforming PM’s. (Bought some @ $9 six months at a little over $63..Woohoo!)

        • yes. I think it is being used some places. not sure how bitcoins get created. Normally, “local currencies” are tracked and trades into FRN’s. I guess there’s a market to do the same for bitcoin?

      81. When the dollar dies — gold and silver will too.

        Stocks, bonds, gold, silver…
        when there is no money, there will be nothing to purchase any of them with.

        • someone will always want money

        • Barter will be king

      82. 1. Mags are loaded- check
        2. Rifles are clean – check

        Bring it on bitches.

      83. Mac, is there anything that can be done about these foul-mouthed people on here who keep returning and getting everyone riled up for no reason? I spend more time thumbing down these government payroll trolls than reading good comments, and it’s a shame.

        • @lt ;0P … WHERE DOES IT STOP !?

          once you start censoring for foul language .

          ALSO change your name “LT” just tells me your a ex-military officer douche with a k-bar shoved up your ass .


          • I’m female and those are my initials.

      84. Two points.

        1. You can find local food, community like minded folks and heirloom seeds and more at your farmers market.

        2. WE sell heirloom packs of known seeds that grow in our area and we sold out both of the last two weeks. Trolls on this board aside. RealT people everyday get it as to what is going on. In my case talking about over 500 people at a little local farmers market. In our town of 10,000 we see at least 4,0000 of themat the market sometime throuhout the season. My friend sells at 4 markets in portland… Reports the same thing but much bigger numbers… Population in general is not stupid. Farmers markets reach 50 million people… This conversation is happening everywhere.

        • Friend of mine went to local small restaurant on a Sat and patron was in there cleaning his AR. Cashier asked to hold it to see how it felt. Yep same conversation happening everywhere.

      85. Outstanding write up!

      86. All of my previous posts of:
        “No, you need to be suspended for a while.

        And it’s Y’ALL NOT YA’LL – BITCH!!

        Y’all Beware! Go piss up a Troll Rope!”

        Were and still will be directed to the one and only …… allie.

        Y’all Beware! allie – I feel sorry for you. So, go ahead and piss up that rope anyway. A spring shower will make you feel good! LOL

        • Why, thank you. I’ve been trying to clean up my image.

      87. OK, everyone, I just came back online after watching the new “Red Dawn”. Going to become reality soon enough. RickinOregon, thank you for those kind words. not one day goes by that i don’t think about her, but i know she’s with me in spirit. I’ve noticed we have new troll named allie. She’s putting JoeinNC and finx to shame; I’ll give her credit for that. BI, your comments about avoiding comments undercover feds want us to make are well-taken by me. But the fact remains that war is coming to this land and i’m still prepping for it. There won’t be any considerations for PC on my part. Allie needs to go to infowars; she’ll be more at home there. braveheart

        • Howdy bh,


          “Allie”=”Survival Slut” (?)


          • …=rich99???

      88. Mac. This site is getting out of control to the point of being useless. I enjoyed the back and forth and sometimes outlandish posts. I have seen off topic and even over the top comments before and some were entertaining. A large number of comments regarding this article are way off base and border on mind numbing. Allie talks about oral sex, sex, calls people names, and is offensive. I am not a computer guru but all my post await moderation. Why not stop allowing them on the site.
        I had a good time here and enjoyed my short experience. This has degenerated and I refuse to subject myself to mocking, inappropriate, and blantant vulgarity. I will check back at times to see if this site serves the purpose for which it was intended. Rather than a playground for immature and inflammatory garbage.
        Good luck to the serious yet sometimes zealous people. Good luck to getting our site back to the abnormal normal.

        • Why don’t you just NOT READ the comments? Why do you guys constantly banter on about controlling people’s speech and complain about the trolls?

          • There are lots of comments and it takes a lot of time to skim through the irrelevant ones to find the ones worth reading. I also would prefer more worthwhile exchanges.

      89. SPLC One of the grate-st HATE ORGANIZATIONS I have ever seen or even heard of.

        When are people going to report them?

      90. Reposted

        Howdy dt,

        OH yeah, “Facebook”…the world’s TRUE COMSEC Nightmare.

        I realize that people are ‘social creatures’ – we ALL are – but that is just TOO much a security nightmare to ever be involved in, given the times we live in. I am sorry to say that those who cannot understand the nature of that beast are presons whom I hope I am not so unfortunate as to be associated with…this will ‘string’ itself from one to another…to another…to another. “Foolish” is the only good descriptor I can think to describe it with.



        • OOPS,

          Sorry dt, my response to you (far above) ended up here…reason unknown?


          • Got it.

      91. @ JustOneGuy. I just turned down the earthquake age to 1.0 days on the USGS site, and there sure has been a lot of shaking going on in the past 24 hours. Another one near the Indian Ocean Triple Junction, this AGAIN has lead to the same locations that have been hit like the previous 5 around the plate boundaries. Mexico to Central Chile, Japan, New Guinea to Fiji, and around the International Dateline. 6 in a row with the same locations that later got hit by large quakes in almost the same locations. This time it was 11 out of 13 times since 1973. It is interesting to note that 2 times before out of those 11 times, almost the exact point in Northern Argentina was hit many years apart.

        Maybe you could let us know of any strong magnetic disturbances as this could be what helps set it off.

        It really is too bad that anyone would ever try to take down this site or dimish its quality. I have obtained a lot of good information from it. There are so many people that spend their own free time sharing what they know and this helps all of us. IF these individuals realized just how in peril their lives were WHEN the next disaster strikes, they would be asking questions all the time on what they should do rather than causing disruptions that have no value at all. I have found that every last person is vulnerable in some way to what is coming. The more they know the better off they will be before, during, and after the manure buries the fan.

        • Evening…err, Morning BI! 😉

          “The more they know the better off they will be before, during, and after the manure buries the fan.”

          Truer words were never spoken Friend!

          Nary a day goes by that I’m not watching things… CLOSELY…even if I’m NOT up to snuff that day I fully effort myself to keep all here abreast of what is transpiring…above our heads! As ALWAYS, we DEPEND on your insight as to all that is ‘beneath our feet! For what it’s worth the mags are VERY quiet at this time.

          Ahh, between thee and me we MIGHT have it all covered then! 😉 Just a small bit O’ the humor there….

          It appears we – here – are becoming, once again a concern for those in the ‘other camp’ else why so muuch attention being paid to us lately here at the site – broadly? I note that it’s about time to – gently remind those hear that ‘troll feeding’ is strictly PROHIBITED!!
          ‘Tis easy yo forget…and so very satisfying to respond to those…VIGOROUSLY…but it serves no good purpose, Eh? Yes, I am directing this at everyone here…all those who take the time to be assets to thier fellows.

          On the seismic front, I note also – in addition to what you yourself mention – that there seems to be a new spate of activity around and to the North of Australia …in Indonesia…it looks VERY dense on the seven day map, No?

          Keep a watch on all that is below and I’ll do the same for all that is above…hopefully we’ll have it mostly covered, Eh? Anywho, tis been a LONG day and my bones are TIRED…to Lah-Lah land goeth I…till later Good Friend! 🙂


      92. @Durango Kidd,

        I am heading for Vegas Friday morning for a bachelor party / off road race and am going to run down to Bullhead City over the weekend to look at some land. Any thoughts or comments on the location?
        Thanks, BigB

        • Good water sources.

          • Thanks Blondie. Restrictions on building, septic sewer etc? How about the people? Weather appears to be hot?

            • Hot? Bullhead City is usually the hottest place in the nation during the summer. Above 110 every day easily.

        • BigB: If you are looking to spend money for a BOL, I recommend land outside of Prescott, Payson, Flagstaff, or Tucson. East of Payson along the Rim is good too, all the way over to Silver City NM. Check Williams, and Dog Town Reservoir out for food, fuel, and water. All the elements for survival are there but you could freeze your ass off in winter if you are not prepared.

          Outside of Kingman, to the East in the Peacock Mountains, there is cheap land for sale and its high ground. You will need to drill your own well there, some food, lots of sunshine for growing, some minerals.

          If you are in California, get above 5,000 feet.

          I do not recommend Lake Havasau, Bullhead City, Laughlin, or Page. Any advantages Page might have would be lost if an earthquake took out the Dam, and it would not bode well for those down river. You have to ask yourself; “Do you feel lucky? Well, do you?”

          Read SHTF Earth Changes.

      93. Repost here…

        This is up at the ‘Hedge, you MIGHT want to take a look,

        The latest ‘read’ by the Tyler(s) and Bruce Krasting is that – contrary to what the MSM and others are reporting – is that Cypress is now about to become a finacial “Black Hole” for EVERYONE…Globally. The reasoning involved is laid out in the article, CLEARLY.

        Get on IT boys and girls…we’re burnin’ daylight here and the Night is coming…soon.


      94. This simply BEGGARS belief,

        @ ALL….IMPORTANT!!!

        What if the – supposed – 8100 tons of Gold at Ft. Knox DIN’T actually exist…now?

        The ‘Hedge has article up as of last night – apparently originating with ERIC SPROTT – in which they assert STRONGLY that a pattern of selling from US sources – forensically trackable – exist which implies that at LEAST 4500 ton has – unaccountably – been sold from out of the US during a period going all the way back to 1991. With further – not verified assumptions –
        this figure could EXCEED 11,200 ton, FAR in excess of all known US governmental holdings!

        I’ve looked at the figures they have obtanied and the reasoning used and – to the best of my, admittedly, limited ability – can find no flaw in thier conclusions. Ever wondered how the bankers have been able to forcibly
        MANIPULATE the price of Gold all this time….a clear trail of sales diluting the price in the supply/demand equation…

        I have NO words to speak to this…IF true, we have been SOLD down the river by the BANKER’S and POLITICIAN’S lock, stock and barrel since it would
        IMPLY that Ft. Know is NOW EMPTY, or nearly so. If true, prepare to LOCK AND LOAD and don’t forget to bring ROPE – i inch HEMP – with you when you come.


        • Addenda,

          …THAT woulsd surely explain why the entirety of the Federal goverment has utterly refused even the notion of an audit of the Nation’s Gold….now wouldn’t it? You can’t audit what isn’t there…


          • I suppose that you could audit the gold, but why bother when you already know the answer, and that answer could start WWIII.

            Yesterday, on the radio there was someone from TX speaking about how TX is asking for their Gold. They want to store it in TX instead of NY….City. They asked were asked about being stonewalled? The gentleman politely said if we are stonewalled that TX would come and get it. Can you imagine Rick Perry leading his National Guard troops down NY City Streets headed for the FR. I want to watch….!

          • Ft. Knox was audited….one auditor; one room…ALL IS WELL!!!!

            • When I was a kid, my dad took me to Ft Knox while we were on vacation in Kentucky, to see the gold. We drove up to the gate and got out to talk through the intercom.

              As my dad explained that we were on vacation and there to see the gold, two HUGE tanks rolled out from the back of either side of the building and turned their turrents toward US.

              If the gold is not there, it was a good bluff. 🙂

              • Howdy DK!

                Yep, a good bluff indeed…but that ALSO would be a part of the scam…now wouldn’t it? 😉


                PS:” How’s it going Bro’? Been busy on my end of things lately…hoping to get a WEEKEND where I’m not ‘jumping through hoops’…maybe this one I GET to relax!! 🙂


                • The gold was probably still there in the mid 50’s. Anything is possible now, considering ….

        • lead bars with .00156″ of gold overlay, is probably what you’d find

      95. Wow I take off for a week and look what happens, troll infestation. I have been both amused and repulsed symultaniously, allie you win you are troll of the year and its only March, outstanding commitment there buddy. By the way its ok to come clean we all know your a bald fat guy sitting in your own filth trying desperatley to extract the slightest reaction from anyone about anything negative. Your obviously in pain and in need of help that prolly cant be found here. Get some help big guy theres still hope, not much but try elsewhare. This isnt helping you at all its only exaserbating your problem. Its hard being you isnt it ? We understand now go get help, quick.


        AmeriKan CIA Isreahell Mossad al-CIA-duh free syria terrorists attack Syrian Children still just Babies with Mustard and Chlorine Gas Bombs .

        * makes me sooooo proud to be a amerikan this does ;0P

        Syria: Syria Russia Governments accuses CIA MOSSAD al-CIA-duh terrorist rebels of killing 25 defenseless civilians women children and babies in chemical weapons attack …

        Chemical weapons were suspected to have been deployed for the first time in the Syrian civil war, it was claimed of a poison gas attack that killed at least 25 near Aleppo.

      97. Is anyone else feed up with political strangle hold that the Democrats and Republicans have over our country? Every four years we have a choice, blue or red. Does anyone even know that there are other political parties? Probably not. Largely in part due to the fact that third party canidates are considered as crazy. Also the fact that third party canidates are not allowed to participate in political debates. Yes that’s right in our land of the free. Where everyone has a voice third party canidates have NO voice in national politics. I, as a tax paying American, am tired of it. If there is anyone out there who agrees with me there is an online petition to overturn the unfair treatment of third party canidates in America.

        • @Blondie….We have always had 3 parties in Canada…..Conservative, Liberal, and New Democratic Party(NDP)….the 3rd party sure keeps the other 2 on “the straight and narrow”…..

          The new leader of the NDP party, seems to be a straight shooter and looks like he will give the other 2 parties a run for their money, come the next election!! take care, CC.

        • I had to go to Russia Today News to watch third party candidate debates before the election. Very bad the regular networks didn’t show them.

      98. It’s the duty of the people to always question their government and keep it in check. If you don’t, before long there will be a law that affects you and your family.

      99. I’m not a troll, I don’t work for the Government, Russian Mob, Israel, Islam, or the Boy Scouts.

        Let’s get real, there is not going to be any Civil War. That’s not to say that there should be, because in my opinion it should have happened years ago.

        Fact is, we should have been pushing back the day Chairman Obamao took the 2008 election, pushed through Obama Care and when that traitor Roberts burned the Constitution last year on the repel of Obamacare.

        There are no training camps for us, we are scattered, we have no outside help like the Founding Father’s had from the Frogs. We have no military leaders like Washington, no safe havens like we did in 1776, where the bulk of English forces were not in North America.

        We are a bunch of pissed off men and women frightened by what we see happening to our Country, Military, Media, Christian Faith, and Savings. We have no place to turn to, except to God.

        Even our so called Conservative voices refuse to send a message that it’s time to “arm up”.

        What Clinton/Kerry is doing in Syria has got us so dam close to a war with Russia, but do read about it anywhere?

        This latest grab at Russian “black money” in Cyprus has got to have “Mad Vlad” Putin’s panties in a bunch in a big way. Are these idiots about to get us into WIII?

        I don’t know what the future will bring, but I’ve got a feeling that it ain’t going to be good.

        • Speak for yourself Homo …


        • BTF: Read Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots. The future of America is FREEDOM and the future of Americans is ARMED. The NWO represents the Third Great Peril to America as they attempt to dissolve the USA and OUR Constitution into the NAU under UN auspices.

          Not gonna happen.

          100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. make every ballot count. Then reload. Victory is assured, but it will be costly.

          Fortunately WE are are SEAL Team America and if necessary, Patriots can eliminate the NWO overnight, and at 1000 yards.

          Shoot and scoot. America belongs to US. Anyone that doesn’t want to live by and under the US Constitution is free to leave: while they can.

          America is about to experience a new burst of freedom, but it will require more personal initiative and more personal responsibility.


        • Great post. Honest and to the point.

      100. @ JustOneGuy

        I have been taking silver hydrosol for a very long time. The solution is 10 ppm of silver, teaspoonful everyday. No coughs, sore throats, ear aches or things of that sort except when pollen is heavy. No signs of my skin turning slate color, yet ;0)

        • Howdy slingshot,

          Friend…just being cautionary here…some things are NOT easily undone…you’re one my ‘favorites’…I want it to STAY that way! 🙂


          PS: Let’s see what Merree can say to this…

        • It is also toxic to vampires. Just so you know.

      101. Glitch: Millions Chase customers see bank balance reduced to zero. (Drudge Report)

        The “glitch” apparently ONLY affected customer (savings and checking account) balances. The loan amounts payable were NOT affected.

        Will “glitches” become common at banks? Conditioning? Many people will think it’s just a glitch. No need to worry. They will get it fixed soon.

        I believe there will come a day when the bank won’t fix the problem. Then, it will be too late.

        • My Bankster bought me lunch yesterday. We had a interesting conversation about the Stock Market, Inflation, and Cyprus. I politely suggested that if his bank every tried a Cyprus he might want to grab his bag of cash and head for the hills. He reminded me that we already were swindled in the bank bailout. What? He went on to say that all the little banks had to cough up extra dollars to cover the bail out, so all the little banks raised their fees, interest rates, and cut the rates they pay. Now for the dirty little secret. The big banks currently are trying to ruin the little banks by jumping into small bank’s historical/primary markets. Bottom line is that the bail out hurt everyone but Citibank.

        • they can “glitch” and lose my mortgage any time they want..

        • Glitches and cyber-robberies, KY Mom. And you’re right — people will think it’ll get fixed. “This is America….that sort of thing wouldn’t happen here…” lol

      102. “Some are born leaders, some achieve leadership, and some have leadership thrust upon them. Which of these are you, or would you rather not bother?”

        Maurice Flanagan.

      103. Please do yourselves a favor and all of you like-minded individuals go and download The Onion Router (TOR). It is free, easy to use, and will help maintain your anonymity on the web. Otherwise, your posts are all vacuumed, your IP traffic logged and categorized, and your dossier grows every day. don’t make it easy for them.

        • TOR – this is a CIA / DARPA SOFTWARE TOOL .




          • I2P ( is a good alternative to TOR.

            • Ninao, Burrow Owl,

              Thanks for the concern…

              I admit to a ‘limited’ knowledge here, please, both of you be more specific.


              PS: Yes, i’m late getting back here..the number of comments is getting VERY difficult to keep up with!

              • @jog

                here … do you homework and research online the vpn your interested in getting . also keep in mind that INTERPOL is international and now has legal authority in ameriKa to do investigations and make arrests .

                The Best VPN Service Providers, 2013
                Private Encryption to Cloak Your Online Data Activity


          • Better yet use someone elses computer and get them in trouble.

        • I like Nappy.I like her because she was a good Governor in Arizona. I think she is a bit misguided now, but no one is perfect. She already has my name, address, SSN, and military ID. I haven’t said anything here that I would not say to anyone in power; including O’Bummer.

          If their intentions are honorable and Constitutional they have NO reason to fear me or the tens of million of combat veterans just like me.

          If they try to take my vote, or my guns, or declare the NAU in force and effect dissolving the US Constitution, then they have a problem. Karma is a bitch.

          Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

      104. Cyprus crisis deepens: Bailout rejected, banks may not reopen

        worldnews dot nbcnews dot com

        (also on Drudge Report)

          • @KYMOM….just heard on MSM that banks in Cyprus will now be closed till next Tuesday… avoid a “run on the banks”….

            speaking of banks, also heard that South Korea banks had a computer glitch today as well…..blaming that on North K. What next? Guess we are all just waiting for the other shoe to drop!!! take care, CC.

            • Howdy CC,

              Yes indeed, I heard the same a bit afo. FWIW some of the errant speaculation the Hedfe now is that Cypress is effectively a permanently ‘un-done deal’….the Banks are simply not hoing to reopen…period.

              I can’t quite recall where I ran over theis but I caught this AM that the scheduled ‘News Conference’ that was to be held this AM between the Cypriot President and the Russian’s (in Moscow) was cancelled apriri by the Russians themselves….I;m thinkoing that Cypress ios simply toasted at this point…

              How’s hubby doing? Well, we hope…keep us abreast of things.


      105. Kudos to Brandon Smith for another fantastic article. SPLC has a long history of corruption and slander. They are their own worst enemy.

        And look what’s happened here! The light shining on the SPLC rats has them scurrying in a frenzy. And at this point, within 24 hours of this article being posted, there are more than 600 comments, of which about 20% are from trolls.

        Could it be that this particular article has enraged a few from the SPLC and they have ordered in the Obama trollbots? Could it be that their very own SPLC volunteers — or even paid staffers — are using those well-known tactics to detract from the actual article while causing a disturbance?


        WND compiled a list of the characteristics of professional trolls. (Do we REALLY need to compile a list here?) Have a read and see if you’ve been baited:

        Professional trolls

        WND moderators have developed criteria for helping to identify a professional troll:

        The person’s posts are usually short and snarky, with reasonably correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, suggesting both intelligence and education.
        The posts are on the edge of acceptability, with little or no profanity or vulgar language that would get the post flagged immediately.
        The person has a high ratio of posts to the number of days on the site, suggesting he’s posting comments nearly full time and is getting paid to troll.
        The person posts politely on progressive websites but nastily on conservative websites, using the same username and IP address.
        The person’s posts are consistently belittling, rather than intelligent objections and points.
        The person’s posts address a broad spectrum of topics rather than focusing on one or two subjects of particular interest. The consistency is in the support of leftist policies and positions taken by the Obama administration.

        • The person posts rules about trolls.

          • Love your screen name.

        • @zoltanne
          hit the nail right on the head…this is a perfect example that proves how hard it will be too team up and work together towards a goal that will help us all… after all just how difficult can it be for all of us to work together and thumb down these trolls and just not respond thus feeding them…


        Only the ones that probably argue with 2 year olds feed the trolls.
        Hey, folks. I had a preschool/daycare.
        Ever watch a parent argue with a two year old??
        ‘Nuff said.

        • @ JayJay,

          THANK YOU!!

          FOLKS…PLEASE, stop feeding the damn things…they’re
          WORSE than Gremlins (the movie version)…they only MULTIPLY when you do that! Just ‘blot and GO’, no comment, no NOTHING! Pretty, pretty please Y’all?

          T’anks for the wisdon here Z. 😉


          • You’re welcome.

      107. Turn off the TV and begin to think for yourself. Simply look around you, and look at the state of our economy. Look at the “clueless” people who believe that this is some conspiratorial nonsense. Then do the math for yourself. Use the real financial numbers, not the numbers that are thrown out for public consumption by the carnival barkers on the financial news networks. Study history.

        Then; Consider the real reasons our elected leaders want us disarmed, not the reasons we are told.
        Be warned the SUN IS SETTING. Prepare for the darkness!

        Keep the FAITH

      108. Folks, if ya can’t recognize a troll, how will you recognize “the enemy”??

        Consider the act of ignoring trolls a practice drill. Work at it daily. You will gain self-respect, fortitude, and resilience. Try it — you’ll have more time for the REAL tasks at hand.

        More from WND:

        Categories of Troll Abuse

        Trolls use a wide variety of strategies, some of which are unique to the Internet, including these:

        Making outrageous comments designed to distract or frustrate. This is a Saul Alinsky-style tactic employed to stir emotion and angry reactions.

        Posing as a conservative and making comments that discredit the movement. After claiming to be a member of the movement, such as a tea party organization, the troll then proceeds to post long, incoherent diatribes to appear either racist or insane. In some cases, these “Trojan Horse Trolls” have been known to make posts that advocate or incite to the use of violence in an apparent attempt to provide evidence to leftist critics and government sources that the right is comprised of “radical extremists.”

        Dominating discussions. Trolls may attempt to throw a discussion off course and frustrate participants whose purpose is to engage in a serious and respectful exchange of views.

        Posting prewritten responses. Many trolls appear to have been supplied with a list or database of pre-planned “talking points” designed as generalized and deceptive responses to honest arguments. When trolls post prewritten responses, their words typically feel strangely plastic and rehearsed.

        Making false associations. In this technique, the position of honest posters is characterized in derogatory terms. For example, a troll may call advocates of Federal Reserve reform or abolition “conspiracy theorists” or “lunatics.” Or, by suggesting certain political arguments are “racist” or otherwise outside the accepted confines of serious political discourse, trolls attempt to dissuade readers from examining the evidence objectively.

        Exhibiting false moderation. By pretending to be the “voice of reason” in an argument with obvious well-defined sides, trolls attempt to move readers to relegate the argument to a “gray area,” such that holding or seriously considering the argument is a leap away from reasoned judgment.

        Raising straw-man arguments. Here a troll will accuse his opposition of subscribing to a certain point of view, even if the argument is irrelevant and never actually raised.

      109. Pick your seven and get on with it.

      110. Truthdig dot com

      111. @ BI,

        Afternoon Friend,

        WHAT is the significance of a cluster along the Reykjanes Ridge – explicitly here – for it doth sure seem that that is starting up this morning. I’m acustomed to seeing individual events all along the Ridge regularly …this is not that.


      112. Greetings Mac!
        Several good post here so far(so were the ones that were even off topic but informative!).Perhaps we need a scoring system to moderate some of the “trolls” who visit under various names here to waste space.It’s getting WORSE.I’ve had my share of “down thumbs” and still respect the differing views.BUT SOME OF THESE TROLLS NEED A BRIDGE TO SIT UNDER!It’s part of a larger plan by TPTB to discredit any sites with REAL info no doubt.Perhaps a “comment freeze” of you get more than say,25-50 thumbs “down” on a nasty,verbally abusive comment to others.That might help to keep things a touch civil.Not a outright “ban”,just a “slap on the wrist”(as the feds did to the banking system!)to remind some folks to as my Grandfather would say:”Dis ist MINE house,mine Herr,KEEP a clean tongue in your head if you must speak your thoughts aloud !)
        It worked quite well for him,perhaps here as well…
        On topic,I suspect that as things get friable,we’ll all live to see a change from “imperialism” to local-ism for America.And after the very messy business of the Feds finally going broke,we’ll see something new emerge.It WON’T be like the U.S.S.R. debacle.Perhaps worse in the short term,but given the differences,I think it will be for the better for everyone.I can see already the faint outlines of “THE CHANGE”.And I’m just not talking some religious event either.I won’t dwell on the details so the trolls can report it to their handlers.Why give them what they need to keep the current system in place?It truly has become so Byzantine/FUBAR it’s beyond repair.Forget thinking “outside the box”.We no longer NEED the “box” or the question of what to do…
        On a lighter note,
        Spring’s here(more or less)
        The weeds need a lesson in restraint around my roses!
        Bet that applies to more than just my backyard!

      113. Ed Schultz–evil incarnate.

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