The Real Reason Why Globalists Are So Obsessed With Artificial Intelligence

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    It is nearly impossible to traverse web news or popular media today without being assaulted by vast amounts of propaganda on Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is perhaps the fad to end all fads as it supposedly encompasses almost every aspect of human existence, from economics and security to philosophy and art. According to mainstream claims, AI can do almost everything and do it better than any human being. And, the things AI can’t do, it WILL be able to do eventually.

    Whenever the establishment attempts to saturate the media with a particular narrative, it is usually with the intent to manipulate public perception in a way that produces self fulfilling prophecy. In other words, they hope to shape reality by telling a particular lie so often it becomes accepted by the masses over time as fact. They do this with the idea of globalism as inevitable, with the junk science of climate change as “undeniable” and they do it with AI as a technological necessity.

    The globalists have long held AI as a kind of holy grail in centralization technology. The United Nations has adopted numerous positions and even summits on the issue, including the “AI For Good” summit in Geneva. The UN insinuates that its primary interest in AI is in regulation or observation of how it is exploited, but the UN also has clear goals to use AI to its advantage. The use of AI as a means to monitor mass data to better institute “sustainable development” is written clearly in the UN’s agenda.

    The IMF is also in on the AI trend, holding global discussions on the uses of AI in economics as well as the effects of algorithms on economic analysis.

    The main source for the development of AI has long been DARPA. The military and globalist think tank dumps billions of dollars into the technology, making AI the underlying focus of most of DARPA’s work. AI is not only on the globalist’s radar; they are essentially spearheading the creation and promotion of it.

    The globalist desire for the technology is not as simple as some might assume, however. They have strategic reasons, but also religious reasons for placing AI on an ideological pedestal. But first I suppose we should tackle the obvious.

    In most white papers written by globalist institutions on AI, the thrust centers on mass data collection and surveillance. The elites are careful to always assert that their interests focus on the public good. This is why the UN and other agencies argue that they should be the leaders in oversight of mass data collection. That is to say, they want us to believe that they are objective and trustworthy enough to manage rules for data surveillance, or, to manage the data itself.

    For the safety of the public, the globalists want centralized management of all data collection, ostensibly to save us from those evil corporations and their invasion of data privacy. Of course, most of those corporations are also run by globalists that fill the guest books of events like the World Economic Forum to discuss the advancements and advantages of AI. The WEF has made it a mandate that AI be promoted widely and that the business world and the general public be convinced of AI’s advantages. Bias against AI must be prevented…

    So, what we have here is yet another false paradigm in which globalist institutions are opposed to corporations in terms of how AI is used. Yet, globalist corporations and globalist institutions both develop AI as well as pro-AI sentiment. The public, with its innate distrust of corporate moral compass, is supposed to be convinced to support UN regulatory reforms as a counterbalance. But in reality, corporate powers have no intention of fighting against UN control, they will ultimately welcome it.

    This was the goal all along.

    The actual effectiveness of AI as a means to help humanity is questionable. AI is primarily about “learning algorithms”, or machines that are programmed to learn from experience. The problem is that a learning algorithm is only as effective as the human beings that program it in the first place. That is to say, learning is not always a cause and effect process. Sometimes, learning is a spontaneous epiphany. Learning is creative. And, in some cases, learning is inborn.

    When a machine is pitted against a human in a system built on very simple and concrete rules, machines tend to prevail. A chess game, for example, is designed around hard rules that never change. A pawn is always a pawn and always moves like a pawn; a knight always moves like a knight. While there can be moments of creativity in chess (which is why humans to this day are still on occasion able to beat computers at the game), the existence of the rules makes AI seem smarter than it is.

    Human systems and natural systems are far more complicated than chess, and the rules tend to change, sometimes without warning. As quantum physics often discovers, the only thing that is predictable when observing the universe and nature is that all things are unpredictable. How well would an algorithm do in a chess game where a pawn could suddenly evolve to move like a knight, without any specific predictable patterns? Not very well I suspect.

    And this is where we get into the crux of how the image of AI is being inflated into a kind of half-assed electronic god; a false prophet.

    AI is being inserted not only into chess, but into everything. Mass surveillance is impossible to manage by humans alone; the amount of sheer data is overwhelming. So, one core purpose of AI for the globalists becomes clear – AI is meant to streamline mass surveillance and automate it. AI is meant to scour social media or electronic mail for “key words” to identify potential miscreants and opposition. It is also meant to monitor public sentiment towards specific issues or governments. The goal is to gauge and eventually “predict” public behavior.

    This becomes more difficult when we start talking about individuals. While groups are more easily observed and mapped in their behavior, individuals can be abrupt, volatile and unpredictable. AI mapping of personal habits is also prominent today. It is more visible in the corporate world where marketing is tailored to individual consumer patterns and interests. That said, governments are also highly interested in tracking individual habits to the point of creating psychological profiles for every person on the planet if possible.

    This all boils down to the idea that AI will one day be able to identify criminals before they ever commit an actual crime. In other words, AI is meant to become an “all seeing eye” that not only monitors our behavior, but also reads our minds as a force for pre-crime identification.

    The question is not whether AI can actually tell us who is a future criminal. AI is obviously incapable of accurately predicting a person’s behavior to such a degree. The question is, WHO is setting the standards that AI is looking for when identifying potential “criminals”? Who gets to set the rules of the chess game? If an algorithm is programmed by a globalist, then AI will label anti-globalists as future or current criminals. AI does not truly think. AI does not enact the power of choice in its decisions. AI does as it is programmed to do.

    The globalist obsession with AI, however, goes far beyond centralization and control of populations. As noted above, there is a religious factor.

    In my recent article ‘Luciferianism: A Secular Look At A Destructive Belief System’, I outlined the root philosophy behind the globalist cult. The primary tenet of luciferianism is the idea (or delusion) that certain special people have the ability to become “gods”. But, there are some consequences of this belief that I did not explore in that article.

    First, in order to become a god, one would have to have total observational power. Meaning, you would have to be able to see all and know all. Such a goal is foolish, because observing everything does not necessarily mean a person knows everything. Total observation would require total objectivity. Bias blinds people to the truth right in front of their faces all the time, and globalists are some of the most biased and elitist people on the planet.

    Completely objective observation is impossible, at least, for humans and the algorithms they program. From physics to psychology, the observer always affects the observed and vice versa. That said, I think the globalists don’t really care about this reality. It is enough for them to pretend they are gods through mass surveillance. They aren’t actually interested in attaining godlike enlightenment or objectivity.

    Second, to become a god, in a mythological or biblical sense, one would be required to create intelligent life from nothing. I believe that in the minds of the luciferians the creation of AI is the creation of an intelligent life form, rather than software. Of course, luciferians have a disturbed notion of what constitutes “intelligent life”.

    As I examined in my article breaking down and debunking luciferian ideology, the existence of inherent psychological archetypes form the basis for the human ability to choose, or to be creative in their choices. The existence of inherent understanding of good and evil establishes the foundation of human conscience and moral compass – the “soul” if you will. Luciferians argue despite ample evidence that none of this actually exists. They argue that humans are blank slates – machines that are programmed by their environment.

    To understand this ideology or cult built on blank slate theory, we must consider the fact that globalists often exhibit the traits of narcissistic sociopaths. Full blown narcissistic sociopaths make up less than 1% of the total human population; they are people who actually lack any inherent empathy or the normal personality tools that we would associate with humanity. It would not be an exaggeration to say that such people are more like robots than people.

    I have also theorized that luciferianism is a religion designed by narcissistic sociopaths for narcissistic sociopaths. It is a kind of binding or organizing tool to gather sociopaths into an effective group for mutual benefit – A club of parasites. If this theory is true, then it represents something that is rarely if ever dealt with in mainstream psychological or anthropological observation; the existence of a cabal of narcissistic sociopaths conspiring together to hide their identities and to become more successful predators.

    To summarize, luciferianism is the perfect belief system for narcissistic sociopaths. They are, in a way, inhuman.  They are blank slates devoid of humanity, and so they adopt a religion which treats this notion as “normal”.

    So, it makes sense that they would consider something as simple and empty as AI to be intelligent life. As long as it is able to be programmed to act “autonomously” (which they seem to consider sentience), their definition of intelligent life is fulfilled. There is nothing intelligent about artificial intelligence when it comes to moral or creative actions, but narcissistic sociopaths have no concept of this anyway.

    I leave readers with this to consider; last year an AI program was given the task of creating its own works of art. The outcome was highly publicized and some of the art was sold for over $400,000. I invite you to look at this artwork here if you have not seen it already.

    From what I have witnessed, the common human reaction to this “art” is for people to recoil in horror. It seems like a strange parroting of human elements of art, but with none of the soul. Intuitively, we understand that AI is not life; but for globalists it is the very definition of life, probably because the soulessness of the creation is reflective of the soulessness of the creators. Just as Christians believe that mankind was made in the image of God, luciferians in their pursuit of godhood have created a “life form” that is perhaps ironically just like them.


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      1. Artificial vs natural intelligence:

        Natural intelligence is devolving quickly.

        There is the deaths of millions, not including the alleged six million j_ues who were supposed to have been genocided, but the millions of the best and brightest among young white Christians.

        The loss of so many officers has reduced the gene pool of its genetically superior. People are offended by the idea that some people are superior, which demonstrates just how stupid they are.

        The globalists think they can fill in this loss with artificial intelligence. They are wrong. Neither designer babies nor artificial intelligence makes up for natural intelligence found in the human brain of mostly males, and mostly nordic Europeans, and passed down to their progeny.

        It Sucks, but the future depends upon what intelligence we can salvage from the survivors of white Genocide.


      2. A1 is a machine, it needs humans to program it and maintain it. It can never replace the intelligence and creativity of a human person. This proves just how unintelligent and mad the PTB have become. It will never become what the PTB are hoping for.

      3. A machine cannot paint a picture, or create anything with feeling because it’s a machine. A1 is simply another means of spying on citizens, especially after their plan to chip everyone. LAL……No I did not mean LOL.

      4. It takes a determined effort to remove the inherit humanity from a citizenry demonizing a select group so effectively that empathy and remorse disappear thus allowing cruelty and indifference to be used. This method using humans to inflict inhumanity is quite inefficient. The time required warns the upcoming victims and despite these efforts everyone is not sufficiently indoctrinated to carry out nefarious actions. The set up stage may involve political / economic actions that are counter to the final objectives. AI controlled instruments of destruction have no such issues. The intended victims can change instantaneously and compliance is assured. It’s likely a requirement for global enslavement.

      5. I have natural intelligence. Nothing artificial.

        • Cuz that is questionable!

      6. True AI is NOT a Machine.
        It is way way more than that and humanity should be very concerned about AI
        The Ai I am talking about is the intelligence to built the next generation of AI.
        This Ai has the ability to self learn at an alarming rate – It has at its disposal everything written spoken or filmed. It has all the human senses (smell is the hardest) an others that human do not have- It has all human emotions.
        They are working on a chip that will give humans super intelligence as we speak.
        My vision is that there will be within 100 years – Humanoids. They will be 95% human with the following exceptions – They will have a biological AI brain but they will not be able/allowed to reproduce but they will be discernible from humans.

        • FICTION!

          • Sorry – No
            I suggest you educate yourself.
            The current “AI” is 4th gen – what is called expert systems
            This is where they take the experience of the human experts and put the code into a machine to do what is required. That is not true AI – As you say its a machine.
            True AI is around the corner – The winner in the race will have a HUGE advantage in everything in the world.
            I was in a think tank in the mid 80’s and was on the leading edge of technology at the time. AI soldiers AI drones AI workers – its coming and its coming fast – Humans will be left in the dust – You should be afraid – be very afraid

            • I suggest you educate “yourself”!It is here ,already…and has been for decades…Be afraid if you
              Want but will NOT change the future one iota…
              It will be unveiled slowly unless WW3 breaks out.Then humans are going to freak as to how
              Advanced we are.

            • Still say it’s fiction. Wishful thinking. I see how well our present technology works, only as good as the person programing it. Still malfunctioning machines. You could say I’m from Missouri, “Show me”. If it comes to that, I’m sure someone can find a way to interfere with the AI’s circuit boards and power sources. Man will not be satisfied until he destroys himself one way or another. Jeremiah 10:23 “I well know, Oh Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.” We need to follow the instruction guide, the Bible, because man is not intelligent enough to direct his own steps. I put my faith in a higher power, not in man. Man continues to create chaos and destruction. Not smart.

          • Sorry, you don’t understand this at all. Machine Learning is much more advanced than what most people know.

        • Is here ,ALREADY….

      7. Funny that you are arguing the very same talking points of ‘Satan’ himself, when arguing with Creator ‘god’ about caring about or servong the needs of the ‘needful things’. Pure energy ‘Angels’ were ordered to help humans, but Satan believed they were artificial non-life ‘things’… and thus, the ‘war in Heaven’ with 1/3rd of all Angels agreeing with Satan and rebelling against god, while 2/3rd agreed with god and chose to Serve him and his little human things. For the interest of generalization, we may think of Heaven as all outside of The visible universe and God’s children as ALL Living things created out of matter and sustained by consuming energy.
        The only thing we can philisophically be certain of is the feeling that we believe we exist. All externalities may or may not be ‘real’.
        If AI bio-cyber tech could copy your mind and actually improve upon it, you have a new life form, but is it alive? Are We alive ?
        If a cybertronic ‘brain’ was a prostectic enhancement replacing a stroke damaged brain – have you healed the patient or killed them with a software simulated mind ?
        I would think based off of direct evidence our minds are our own and can not be ‘removed’ from they very brain tissue and structures that give rise to our personality.

        Humans indeed can create new AI Life, but how to be certain it is self aware, self developing, learning & growing. Not human and not a simulated copy of human but actually imparted with the full spiritual, mental, and emotional creative capacity of humans… perhaps upgraded and far better than humans ? Thus the first species to engineer it’s own replacement and obsolete extinction.

      8. The elite desire a reliable and pliable slave workforce. AI is their holy grail in this direction. They also wish a vastly reduced populace……less troubles for them and cleaner playgrounds….Dumbing down, sterilizing, and dividing the populace is a game to them. I have no doubt but that they are betting on outcomes all the time. The only way to win is not to play….to remove yourself from the game. Even the elite winners will lose, but they haven’t figured that out yet. Nobody gets out alve….Barring the Rapture, or course.

      9. The ultra wealthy, can have everything except their youth? Emperor Chin ordered every ship to go and not return without water from the fountain of youth. So none did?

      10. Regarding intelligence, I’ve always thought that people have different levels, of ,capacity, retention,and recall. And if Darwin is correct, why do we have bigger brains then we use. We are like fish in your tank, and you feed us and filter us, and put a bubbler in there too.

      11. Remember “Person of Interest”, the show they took off the air because it told too much?

        Those who follow Satan I assume believe that Total Intelligence = Total Control in order to subjugate and then kill all human beings. But that’s a lie.

        Humans have free will, machines do not. Humans will always be able to outthink machines. Steve Quayle is saying that AI can become infested or possessed by demons, and from what I’ve read elsewhere, I’m inclined to agree.

        One more thing: Almighty God is not only Infinitely Intelligent and “bigger” than any machine but also Infinitely more Powerful.

        Put your faith in Almighty God, rely not on machines. And under NO circumstances accept/take the Mark of the Beast, even if it means your death.

        Follow the Ten Commandments, therein lie your Salvation. When you sin or stray, get right with God.

        Resist the lures and snares of Satan. Call upon your Guardian Angel and trust God. To have faith is to have trust, and it is such faith or trust that can move mountains.

        President Trump’s election cannot be explained any other way. Think about it.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      12. The AI units would eliminate the human factor. They would follow orders without pity or mercy. Human soldiers identify with the humans being killed.

      13. 2 Thessalonians 2:9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
        Revelation 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
        This is why they are so obsessed with AI they want it to be able to create lying wonders and false miracles, to brain wash the masses. Do not be deceived by these false miracles. Catch up with me on YouTube.
        Prophecy page

      14. “But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that readeth understand,) then let them that be in Judaea flee to the mountains:” (Mark 13:14)

        “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.” (Revelation 13:3)

        “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast,
        that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” (Revelation 13:15)

        “Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” (Revelation 13:18)

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