The Push For Disarmament Begins: “The Globalists Are Waiting in the Wings To Take Down America And Confiscate Firearms”

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    The headlines and news networks are awash with the shooting that occurred on Sunday in Florida – 50 dead and 53 hospitalized in the largest single mass-shooting incident in the history of the U.S.  History in the making, and as Rahm Emmanuel put it, never let a crisis go to waste.  The governor of Florida quickly declared a state of emergency, and as the FBI is labeling it as a “terrorist incident,” undoubtedly the federal presence is going to increase.

    All of the machinery is in place and has been in place for quite some time, now.  The harbinger of things to come was already outlined by Obama, on January 14, 2014 in a White House Press Conference:

    “…we are not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we’re providing Americans the kind of help they need.  I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone, and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward…”

    -Barack Hussein Obama I

    Now in case anyone hasn’t noticed, the tempo of “town hall” meetings has been picked up quite a bit, especially Obama’s push for more gun control.  In between using taxpayer dollars to campaign for Hillary Clinton and vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard, Obama has “resurrected” the push for gun control.  Coincidentally, this mass shooting occurs barely even a week after Obama met with his plants and puppets to “discuss” gun control policies.  This on the heels of the 9th Circuit Court on which on June 9, 2016 struck down the right to carry concealed as a right given under the U.S. Constitution.  Undoubtedly this one will run right up to the Supreme Court for a liberal “reinterpretation” of the Second Amendment.

    This latest incident will give him the juice to proceed with an executive order.  We knew that it was inevitable: a pretext would be created to provide “justification” for either some form of gun registration (this always leads to gun confiscation) or the emplacement of martial law.  Remember, the UN and the globalists are just waiting in the wings for the ability to take down the United States and confiscate the firearms.

    On September 25, 2013 John Kerry signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty, “On behalf of President Obama and the United States of America.”  Seems to this author that the United States of America didn’t really have much of a say-so on this issue.  There are many who will say, “Well, in order for that treaty to be exercised, it will have to have the Senate approve it.  Even then, it is onerous to the Constitution…Marbury vs. Madison, and all.”

    Let us remind ourselves that Obamacare was not able to be rammed through as commerce, so they confirmed that it is a tax.  Only trouble is…it didn’t originate in the House of Representatives, now, did it?  Yet here it is.  This next round is for the firearms, and they’re ramping up for it from every angle: domestic terrorism, and the constant global threat of terrorism. Some catch phrases here that will come into play: “In the interests of national security,” and “in the interests of public safety.”

    The bottom line: they can’t take the U.S. down without taking the guns out of the hands of its citizens.

    Don’t forget some of the other wonderful agreements, pacts, and statements of understanding Obama has drawn up with countries such as Canada, Russia, and others to bring their forces onto American soil to help “enforce order” if the President of the United States – Obama – is unable to enforce the laws under his administration.  According to the UN, only “authorized state parties” (referring to the governments and their armed forces and police apparatuses) are to have any firearms.

    Executive Order 13603 is the one that confiscates all of the resources under an emergency (men and materials, the former being forced labor).  The NDAA provides direction for the inculcation of martial law during an emergency and the indefinite detention of American citizens with neither a writ of Habeas Corpus or a trial.  We are seeing the draconian measures taken in the private sector and the banks in terms of limiting cash withdrawals from the institutions and the ATM’s.

    We are seeing the positioning of military equipment throughout the United States, the federalization of National Guard Troops, the federalization of municipal, local, and state police forces, and all of the above coming under the blanket of the federal government and activated by FEMA and the DHS.

    They need a war or a false flag to start the whole ball rolling and this shooting is just the beginning.  “Wag the Dog” never really stopped playing…only in the theaters.  The federal government picked up the movie and has been writing the sequels and following them as policy, both foreign and domestic.

    They are telegraphing the left hook: they are going to use this incident to come for the guns, starting out with “assault” weapons and high-capacity magazines.  Hillary will use her clout and get behind it, but it is Obama who will make it happen.  Why?

    Obama is the outgoing president: he’ll make the gun control happen, so that it isn’t an uphill battle for Hillary.  What can’t be obtained through Congress will be obtained by EO, and “justified” by the false flag incident where he “had to act for the public good.”

    This is just the beginning, and it may very well be that it isn’t just the firearms that come under fire with an EO.  One or two more of these type of incidents and they’ll roll out the martial law juggernaut.  They didn’t put all of these measures into place as a hobby, and with 315 million Muppets, the faster they act with a situation such as this, the easier it will be to control the public and inculcate these measures before they even realize what has happened.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Just bought a thousand more rounds and a few extra “high capacity” magazines. I can’t decide if Obama is a better salesman or pencil pusher.

        • Waiting for them to pull the shit on gun control. My ammo has a shelve life.

          • orah

        • Dear Jerry, how exactly do you think tptb are gonna confiscate 300,000,000 that’s three hundred million, or 300 million weapons from the citizens of this country? You fearporn spreading, gun grabbing, America hating communists talk that trash but I’m still wondering how yer gonna get ’em. You never do explain that part. Do you know why? Cause it ain’t gonna happen. Takin Americans guns ain’t even part of the plan. Keep spewing your porn since you have nothing better to do. I’m still waiting for that emp from N.korea too. Liar. Fraud.

          • As it looks at this moment in time, I believe you ARE going to see either an EMP, or multiple warhead dropped upon multiple targets (the key military bases, nuke silos, and our key cities with the most population-per-capita). Below my first post covers what just “appeared” on Fox News (and then was cut off “mid-sentence”).

            I do believe we failed to see something coming dead at us, and I’ve no idea what to make of it. Guess we’ll have to wait until Sunday when Putin makes his speech to the world. (For sure he is going to expose The NWO’ers and their true intentions, and for sure he is going to expose Monsanto and GMO foods for what they truly are. Beyond that, I’d be guessing and I’m not going try to 2nd guess any of these sobs….
            SURVIVAL – EVASION – RESISTANCE – ESCAPE LIVE by it and live to to see another day. Ignore it, you’ll most likely die. SERE comes from a very long line of “pros” …do not underestimate the wisdom of those who have repeatedly “lived this life” as their career and still live to tell of it, and teach it to others who will teach it to their children, and their children…..

            NEVER QUIT! (They are PRAYING that you will out of disgust or fatigue or just “nerves” …therein, NEVER QUIT (damn it all to hell).

            • “I do believe we failed to see something coming dead at us, and I’ve no idea what to make of it”

              It’s been on it’s way around for some time now… Planet X.

              • Planet-X, really?
                Do you still believe in the tooth fairy, Jesus, Santa, and the Easter bunny too?

              • You are right, it’s not just coming in, it’s ALREADY HERE.. All you have to do is look up at the sunrises, & sunset’s, & you will see your answer & the truth.. It’s here.. When you see & here martial law put into place, then you will have your 40 day warning.

            • I’ve often said that I believe going mobile will probably be necessary during shtf. SERE training is some good stuff to know. Stay quiet Be smart. (I actually thought of those 4 words there)

              • I’ve been scouting forest areas off trail with the right cover, soil, geography, fresh water, to dig in where one can stay dry, warm, and avoid detection. Close enough, so I can move a lot of supply’s to and go under ground undetected. A place where drones and black helicopters can’t see you.

                I’d rather not become a refugee on the road.

                • Nice plan, Plan. Staying in your house only makes you a target of the government or the post-SHTF gangs. The important thing to remember is that neither the government or the gangs are going to be ‘heavy’ on resources. You can bet a lot of readers here will hold their ground rather than give up their guns and be dragged into the FEMA camps. The G-Men will go after targets that they can see. Similar thing with gangs – with even fewer scrounged resources – so they won’t likely be scouting the woods. Instead they will be cleaning out stores and vacated homes. Laying low, not visible from any roads, not on any trails – probably the safest place if anyone is looking for you.

                • For what it is worth, it is most wise and to your advantage to have THREE ‘caches’ away from your BOL (with the latter ‘central’ to the caches that would ‘double as machine-gun nests’ (beautifully camo’ed sites to protect you and yours, and foods that can withstand being kept underground (just a tad is fine), or ‘hoist them up trees with “camo-cord’ (nobody ever looks UP …much). “spin” a weight (like a Monkey’s Fist) “UP AND OVER” a tree-branch, or climb up, pass as many lines as you need to ‘hoist’ your supplies over solid branches, ‘camo’ them and hoist away – – they’ll ‘disappear’ 3/4ths of the way up, using vines (grape vines,etc) wound up in the paracord or lines (even heavy fishing line) prevents seeing the lines closest to the ground. (There is nothing wrong with using the vines “as line” hint hint…) IF your local forest has such growth. (A ‘cache’ in a tree should resemble a ‘squirrels nest’ as seen from the ground). *beware of feisty squirrels if you option to use one “already built” …which is “the most expedient” way to go since all it needs is ‘interior supports for the weight’, such as a hand-made ‘cargo-netting or be creative and add more branches”. 🙂
                  It takes about 3hrs to assemble a GOOD “nest” (most of which is shoveling …and in a forest with zillions of roots some know just how hard it is to dig down). Helps to ‘sharpen’ a shovel with a bench grinder (or flat-file?), then heat it with flame (oxy-acet flame or butane torch to make her red to white hot, then QUENCH in any water, the colder the better will ‘harden’ your ‘cutting-edge’ quite a bit while not making it brittle. AMES tools seem to have the nicest steel, well, the older ones did, and of course a spade is WAY better than a flat shovel for digging unbroken ground.

                • Plan, that’s just some damn good operating. Sounds like you know what your needs will be.

              • amen Jacknife I believe going mobile is the way to go.

                • It all depends on how things come down and play out. That is why it is critical to be prepared for any and all potential events and be fit and well trained out. That basic flexibility is the secret if there is one ? Your training and health/fitness will be the critical components, not just guns, gear and stores. Many of you have it almost exactly backasswards in some ways !

          • Here is how they will try and have been trying for a long while, but just one of many schemes

            and here is the real answer about Orlando, Boston, Ft. Hood, Riverside and 9/11

            All of these events have one thing in common? Your own government knew about the perps before they happened and they were all allowed to happen anyway ? so they are either creating these events or simply allowing them to occur ! Jeh Johnson is setting up the proper narrative and dialogue for the American people to buy into via PRAVDA/MSM, and they will buy it !

            A few months back I started commenting and writing about this year being a replay of 1968 and much more violence ramping up and attacks inside CONTUS. It is all happening and will continue for the sole purpose of not only disarming you, but totally controlling the populace for the possibility of martial law because it will be called a necessity for national security ! Hang on much more to come and it is all beyond obvious and completely deliberate.

          • “You fearporn spreading, gun grabbing, America hating communists” he never alluded to anything you claimed or tried to expound ? Are you so ignorant not to see that they will at least try and they do actually have a plan in motion or maybe 10 ? What you do not understand is that they are ramping up issues to create potential martial law or at a minimum something very close to that with presidential orders and fear !(see Jeh Johnson link in my other comment)

            Most Americans are afraid of their own shadow and would beg for martial law once it is all ramped up in real fear created on purpose, also they have ways to accomplish gun control that you have not considered. And out of those 300 million, how many have stood up so far ? almost ZERO ! Finicum and a few others. All else is bullshit and talk !

            Once you rethink some stuff and realize they have a plan or plans and it is in motion and that your own government is allowing or creating these events on purpose , then you may calm down and have some rational thoughts ? And yes disarming America is very much part of their plan and has been for many years ! although it is NOT their entire plan or objectives.

            • “Most Americans are afraid of there own shadow”. Does that include you? Look, if outlawing guns was part of the plan for a lot of years now, they ain’t doing a very good job of carrying the plan through. I think their “plan” is exactly what is happening now. Create an atmosphere of fear and hate, divide the masses then cut off the food supply and watch em all shoot each other from the comfort of the underground luxury bunkers they built. Times getting close but it ain’t here yet.

              • Your a smart guy Jack I agree totally…the country will factionalize and the federal government will lose control…We could see the country split into 2,3,4,5,6 different countries. This will accomplish the same thing as an EMP ..the US military out of the way and the end of the republic
                If Hillary was a better candidate I would think the planners would wait until after the election. But I am afraid that If the planners think for a second that Trump is going to get elected. They will bring it all down around us and yes the place will be the wild west for a long time. I laugh at the martial law people thinking that 900,000 federal ,state, municipal LEO’S are going to impose their will on 350,000,000 people HAHAHA…not going to happen.. The only thing stopping them is that they are trying to have control of the situation or they might not have time to get in the bunkers.
                I just have to remember These elitists in the UN The CFR and World bank are following a flawed script. It has not worked and will be a failure that’s for sure but unfortunately many will die….

                • Jack , Nope it does not include me. I am way ahead of fools like you. I am just pointing out the obvious that you are blind to ! Remember how they easily took guns completely illegally without a wimper at Katrina ? You are full of crap and have no idea what you are talking about. They will try to do this in small steps and that is already in motion. Depending on how things play out in the next few months as we get closer to the supposed election will determine how they proceed. Jeh Johnsons recent obvious statement that DHS is responsible for gun control (more like gun confiscation) is not any coincidence ? It is also all tied to the current fake attacks and fear mongering that has been ratcheted up recently about attacks inside CONTUS. It is all part of the same scheme.

                  You guys that think the number of guns means it is impossible are dreaming and in fantasy land if you think they will not try and try hard in as many was as they see fit ! Read my other comments on this thread and maybe you can learn a few things that make sense ? You are just blustering BS and likely have zero real world experience and it is obvious you have little common sense as well.

              • This is nuts! Obama’s “regime” is illegal, his EO’s are illegal, his use of our military on US territory against US citizens are illegal! The military, aided by the CIA, FBI and any other agency remotely involved with National Security should long ago have surrounded the White House, invested and brought out every traitor and mealy-mouthed false “representative” for trial and sentencing. Obama alone has written and passed (!) more illegal “laws”, regs, you name it… This WAS a country of Law… Now? I wish I knew.

            • Truth be told, I think Jerry the Johnson is a fraud. I’ve read quite a few of his articles and having a familiar perspective of the background he claims to have, I could see so many lies in his personal experiences he so generously shared with us. Logistically, I don’t see how tptb can “take” 300 million guns from a lot of angry folks.

              • I have no reference point for the guy like most prepper talkers, salesmen. But I can assure you we will all find out how they will try to do this soon enough. It will likely be with fear ? Cause enough chaos and get the masses scared enough and they will accept anything ? Then we will all be in the considerable minority and many will start folding under the pressure that will come down from many directions. Once a few skirmishes flare up then the patriots will be labeled as terrorist and game over !

                The only game plan that makes any sense to me at all is to accept your death now and fight to the end and hope enough will do the same ! Been there and done that in spades and even stronger today ! But never discount the many outlier events that can change the landscape in the drop of a hat. There are many floating around out there and some could make us the victors rather easily. Just depends on how it all plays out and when ?

                • You’re such an arrogant condescending ass. You say you know what they’re gonna do but you have no clue as to how. You should shut your mouth and listen. You might learn something

                  • Actually I have explained it all in great detail if you would simply read and listen yourself. I know exactly what I am talking about and if you had a brain that would be obvious to you for many reasons. For starters I have far more first hand experience in all of these matters than likely you and or most folks here and not from talking but doing ! I would say you are the arrogant ass ! And I give most of it away for free. You are one of the titheads here that talk a lot of shit and don’t actually know diddly squat about much of anything ? Have you ever been if a fire fight or even fist fight ? I seriously doubt it. So I speak from first hand experience in many matters on everything I comment on or write about, simple as that and i can prove it as well numnuts ! .

                    • I’ve been in a firefight or two but whats that got to do with anything? It doesn’t make you an authority on this coming collapse. I simply don’t think you know what you’re talking about. You attacked me because I stated an opinion remember? Jackass. I’ve seen some of your posts, you don’t appear to have many friends either. Go ahead and get the last word since, like a little bitch who’s always on the rag, you need to, to feel any self worth. And it doesn’t really matter what your, my, or anyone’s opinion is, whatever happens, however it happens will be where you realize your worth. As I said long ago, I ain’t looking forward to what’s coming but I ain’t afraid of it. I’ve been in some situations that gave me some experience on how to handle the kind of shit that is coming. How bout you? All you do is insult people that don’t agree with you. Johnson is a fraud. If you knew anything about what he claims he is/was you’d know that. Matter of fact, if you knew anything about anything, you’d grow up, shut up, and learn. You are a condescending ass and my hope for you isn’t failure, it’s that I hope you learn soon enough that you don’t become a failure to yourself. I sure hope you don’t have any kids that depend on you.

                    • Your rebuttal is beyond weak and far too lengthy to make any real sense. I am well past you in likely every matter and event to include knowledge of what is going down and why. And no doubt others can see that as well. But there is always a few mouthy titheads in the crowd who bluster about stuff they actually know nothing about. I did explain it all in detail but you seem to think the numbers automatically mean it can’t happen or be tried ? If you had just half a brain you would know better. Like I said they will do it incrementally and try to impose fake presidential orders or some such crap and or taxes or fees. You are quite clueless on many counts and I would advise to do the listening ! I know many are listening to what I am saying because they have contacted me and or visited my site because they know I know what I am talking about unlike you and few others who talk at and know nothing. Oh well ? And you attacked me first so fair game numskull. I am not at all impressed and I push back.

                    • You say you’ve explained it in great detail. You say I should read and listen and I’ll learn something. What makes you THE authority. You’re a joke. You think you have all the answers but you really don’t know anything. Your game is so easy to figure out. You have no friends, you’re all alone and this is your only outlet. Poor little boy. Did you ever try getting a job? It does wonders for your self esteem and gives you a little much needed dignity. That light bulb in mommy’s basement doesn’t compare to real sunlight. And the next time you wanna nurse, try drinking from a glass. Jerkoff.

                    • I am an authority because I have already done and experienced all the things you are yapping about in spades. You have no idea what you are talking about and clueless about anything about myself. Other wise you would not be talking such utter garbage. I have built 2 corporations and been a professional trader as well as many other events. So again you make a fool of your small minded and limited self. There is no doubt in my mind you could not keep up with me in any endeavor, yet you talk endless crap as if you know me ? You are an idiot at a minimum and I am quite sure those that have taken the time to do some research and reading realize who is who in this zoo ! You are the perfect example that makes prepper types look ignorant. And I do not believe you have been in any firefight, just more talk ? I can prove everything I say in spades can you ? If you can’t then shut the eff up ! show us some proof or are you just another fat guy talking crap ? I do in spades and have for years

                    • You really are delusional. My very first comment was an opinion about the author of this crap and you attacked me for that opinion. Go back and read. You have attacked others as well, simply because they do not agree. Newsflash asshole, if you’re so damn smart, why are you here? The majority of your posts are narrow minded and angry, and lookie here boy, I have lived enough to forget more than you’ll ever know. People like you are so bitter and angry, did your girlfriend screw a lot of real men behind your back and laugh at you? Or were you a cuck? In any event, you should do some hard searching and fix whatever is broken inside you. Go back and read your comments. How would you like people to talk down to you like that? On almost everyone you are rude to someone. If we’re all that stupid, then leave. I’m sure shtf will survive without you here. It’ll be hard but we’ll make it through. Maybe people did treat you bad, could be the reason why you have no friends. Being a rude asshole is no way to go through life son. Since no women like you, maybe it’s time for you to get a boyfriend.

                    • I am not even close to bitter, about much of anything.except maybe the Obamaites ? quite the opposite in fact. But I do know what I am talking about and that is just a fact and completely verifiable to all ! You never did answer when I requested some proof ? Mine is up and has been for years now and many have benefited from it ?

                      Pretty clear you need to look in the mirror for all of your assertions that have been completely bogus and quite wrong and apply them to yourself ! But I also realize a lot of so-called prepper typess do the same kind of junk and get fatter ? That is why I do what I do to help people get past that kind of mindset ? It is called helping people !

            • The STUPIDEST thing the federal govt can do? Is to antagonize American gun owners to the point of formally organizing.
              I’m not a hothead, OR irrational, but with 125 million gun owners in America, 325 million firearms on hand, with over 10 BILLION rounds of ammo at our disposal, I don’t care WHO you are, or what kind of neat new toys one can bring to the battlefield…. NO ONE PREVAILS against odds like that.
              Remember Westmoreland in Vietnam…. He had over 1.5 million sets of boots on the ground,the best logistics and technology known to man, and even WITH THAT, he was BARELY able to secure 1/3rd of SOUTH Vietnam!! And that was against a very poor populace with few resources in the beginning.
              Dicking with us and trying to initiate ANY kind of confiscation, be it either an administrative confiscation (Australia comes to mind) or a physical confiscation, will NOT work. For that, I will reference both Connecticut and New York, 2 of the most LIBERAL states in the nation…. Even THEY would not tolerate an imposed registration OR agree to turn in ANYTHING to the authorities.
              That said, what possible chance do they have of demanding firearms be registered or turned in in the deep south? The west?
              Answer…. NADA.

              • @AKjohnny1 and a few others: You are correct in saying that taking up the guns would be virtually impossible. However the strategy is to tax you out of existence if you don’t turn them in. They did this with Obamacare and they will do it with guns. You own a gun…it’s a thousand dollars annually to keep them. You don’t pay, they confiscate your bank account. You don’t have a bank account, they garnish your wages. You don’t have a job then you go to jail or do community services. The list of possibilities goes on and on. The government has a track record of unbroken success at getting what it wants. Randy Weaver lost a wife and a son. Waco speaks for itself. It looked for awhile as if Bundy had won at his ranch. Now one is dead, many others in prison. Rest assured that if the government wants our guns, and they do, we will live underground for the rest of our lives or we will surrender the guns…there is no other alternative. thanks

                • Taxdn2poverty, if the feds were to try that, the response from many ex military gun owners would be full on 4th Generation Warfare against the government. If you don’t know what 4th Generation Warfare is, i suggest you look it up.

              • Lol a famine prevails….

            • Hey DOWN TO EARTH ….do the letters F.O. bear any significance to you? Most here would love to “lead yur head” buddy… so, go peddle your ignorance elsewhere as we are YEARS ahead of you, (and imho you are obviously a “chicken-shit” fear-monger. (Which has no effect upon any of us). You say most Americans are a’feared of their own shadows – so explain why we have “wiped out” guns from the shelves and ammo to support them?
              You say THEY HAVE WAYS to institute gun control that we have not considered. Oh really? …What part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” do you not understand? (We do not observe unconstitutional laws …not in the least).
              Lastly, you ‘spit and sputter about “all the ways” they are doing to do all these terrible things and more, yet offer NOT ONE FUCKING THING (of any use to anyone), or “tried and true” actions to take to ‘water down’ their efforts (and trust me when I say everyone here has been well aware for YEARS of what is going on. Many of us have been prepping before you were born, so how about going somewhere else, or, feel free to read&learn – -as we welcome those who are truly interested in fighting them and surviving ANYTHING they may throw at us. Fair enuff bud?

              In short, get your shit together or get to hell outta here.

              • Equorial, you are a complete fool. I am way ahead of you and many others in every event and I can prove it askhole . All you can do is talk shit like a moron and I would be willing to bet you are a fat ass ! You can kiss my ask, because I know you could not keep up with me in any endeavor. People like you are why I do not go to many so-called prepper sites. Guns alone do not make anybody prepared or king kong, not even close you dip shit. Fools like you talk shit and are not even close to being prepared. You don’t even actually know what that means. You would have your ass handed to in short order for alack of knowledge and likely training, tithead !

          • Dear jackknife . Probably only by cutting off the food supply. Who said control oil you control nations control food and you control people. How long would you last if the stores were empty tomorrow ?one month one year? So it takes a year to get you to trade your guns for food. They got plenty of time you don’t. How many guys had to sell their guns in this economy to keep a roof over their kids heads? Food is the greatest weapon. When you run out in two weeks you might be begging to trade your guns for food.. Storm the fences against the well fed guards. Don’t wait until your to weak. So many Americans have never missed a meal in their entire lives. We have no idea of what starvation does . But we might soon find out.

          • One at a time. They do it all the time. We NEVER hear of any mob of cops or their military backups or replacements being mowed down by all those “AR-15″s and such, yet, that’s supposedly why everyone wants one–to be able to defend themselves from the mob of government. So, when a cop or a gang of cops shows up at someone’s door, or busts through the door and the windows in the dead of dark night after cutting their victim’s electric power in order to “confiscate” their guns (based on some trumped-up charge) and to confiscate THEM (or their lives by killing them “for ‘resisting’ arrest”–for defending their liberty and their families) that’s when the mainstream media and their flock of believers will be all over the place denouncing the ones invaded for being what they’re told they are, instead of surrounding that government mob and demanding that the government surrender THEIR massive arsenals and weapons of mass destruction to the people.

        • Do they really think we will comply? I’m going to shoot their confiscators in the face as soon as they dismount.

          • Menzo, I’m right there with you. Obola can take his ‘pen and phone’ and shove them up his sorry ass. Anyone who comes to take mine does so at their own peril. MOLON LABE

            • Yep. I’m not going to talk to them at all. Simply going to kill them. Been preparing for their arrival for a long time. They ain’t goin home.

            • Brave. Right on. Watching Obama on news pissed at trump. Ought a b mad at the gunman? God he is the sorriest pussy I have ever seen. A chimp lawyer. Wow. And I’m pissed at republicans always saying or admonishing trump He’s got the votes u bastards and get behind him. They r so scared he mite rock their little dream world and all their perks. Trump may not b perfect but he’s got my vote. Anybody talking like common folk, not pc and sayin bring jobs back has got my Vote. Y is there not mental case that is an excellent shot not doing his job? Figured it’d happen many years ago with our chimp in command

              • TM, spot on.

            • B.H you guys talk a good game.I am willing. to go down but!
              Am I willing to take wife and kids with me?They can have my guns—I can get more,live to. fight on my terms!!

        • HEADS UP! Just saw a 3 second commercial that states PUTIN is going to “address the world” this coming Sunday. He is being threatened by “all of the countries seeking to form The NWO to “join the fold or suffer the consequences” …and so, his reaction has been to deploy 100,000 troops with nuclear weapons (have no idea where as of yet), and has stated he is going to reveal to the world the plans, in detail, of everyone who is part of the NWO and their TRUE intentions ….Putin has stated he can get by just fine without GMO or Monsanto “foods” as Russia is “purely grown/no chemicals added ever” with no additives that kill on purpose is what he means.
          Dunno about you but this one scares hell outta me (totally off-guard), and the only way it can go is DOWN DOWN DOWN with an all-out nuclear war due to the “others threatening Russia with death …and we all know how Putin would deal with that one… …but it is also said that Putin MAY TRY to appeal to the powers that be to NOT DO a NWO and “come to their senses before killing billions of people.”

          Sorry, this is all I can remember of the broadcast, and I’m unsure if it was intentionally broadcast, or “slipped out” by mistake (on foxnews TV by satellite). I only know he is to speak Sunday, and there is nothing online about it thusfar, other than Germany’s lady leader is extremely pissed off at him saying “he has always been a major pain in the ass and this is no different.”

          Looks to me as though he is trying to head off world-wide destruction, and if they do not listen or try a first strike …that’s it folks. Game over.

          I am not to be held responsible for anything I have stated, yet I assure you what I have typed is “as close as possible” to what was said before it was cut off.

          Again, HCKS was right and we are headed for an EMP (at least) if not multiple nuclear warheads dropped upon all of our largest bases stateside and overseas, where Obama just sent TONS of troops knowing they’d most likely end up “frying” …sorry, I have NO idea if there is any truth to that last statement.

          I am not screaming “the sky is falling” …just repeating what was said …let’s research the hell out of it and FAST!!!!

          It appears the waiting is over, and either Putin is another ‘false flag’ of deceit, or he’s sincerely seeking to prevent global catastrophic aftermaths. Either, or////we are entering into war, against our own government, and all other who are in collusion (which is why the big move to disarm us (so that we do not “hurt” them when we are rushed by NATO troops, Obama’s “private army” (NOT MY WORDS THERE …but spoken LIVE on tv) about 10 minutes ago.

          • Equorial.

            Maybe Putin is drawing a line I the sand.

            What does it matter? The American people have their heads so up their asses, who cares.

            Bring it. I said the best way to prepare is to prepare for war.

            More terrorist acts. More Gun Control. More Bullshit.

            Get your medical stuff together

          • You posted on a previous thread that you weren’t visiting/reading/commenting here anymore. What changed your mind? I’m glad you didn’t, I like some of the things you say. But I take issue about HCKS. i think I figured him out but I think he’s a loose cannon.

            • Yes, I did say “just that” didn’t I… I was pissed …pure and simple, however, with everything that I just learned is coming down I was not about to have it “DUMPED” upon everyone here (meaning You and Yours) without “fair warning” …and so I’m sounding the alarm (for whatever reason it may be)?

              None of this was foretold of, and our wonderful media has known for a very long time this was “in the works” …and right now that’s as far as we can find info as to what is going down.

              I believe you are right in that Putin is definitely going to draw a line in the sand, and expose the entire “lot of them” in collusion for The NWO. Being he has already released “nuke troops” makes my blood run cold and tells me both of our coasts and likely The Gulf of Mexico all have “presents” awaiting delivery ….but that is just “guessing”, which is nigh-near worthless.
              Things are going to escalate ‘faster than hell” from here on out to keep US (the sheeples I mean) completely ‘flustered’ and panicked and begging for defensive measures so that they do not die.
              The SOBs have really placed us in a precarious position, with few if any options imho…

              • Jackknife, I thank you for your kind words. Always appreciated, and I never expect anyone to FULLY agree with anything I may say …that would be rather boring I should think? 🙂 Cheers!

                Going offline for a while as lightning storms headed due North are striking all over this mountain and they are always “hell” on my protection circuitry and batteries as well. If you are anywhere near Knoxville, TN …it is coming dead at you if not already there, and with hail one to 2 inches (short spurts) amid very heavy rains.
                Briefly, our BOL is ‘within’ rock, a natural formation’ heavily fortified, defensible (etc) …now I know why I was interested in this property and led here to see. (And I “saw”). If not for ComSec I’d love to “show her off” to all preppers as an “astounding yet easily adapted creation” to get everyone moving! 🙂
                Cya after the storm. (Either one).

                • Sorry, meant to say OPSEC…

                  • Rquorial, I’m glad you’re still around too. always enjoy your posts.

                    • Aye-aye Braveheart – same to ya as always. Two of my idiot sisters are visiting Niagara Falls and are reporting “all they seem to see are military convoys headed in all directions” (A State Trooper in Massachusetts stopped, found and took their one, legal firearm stating it is unlawful to transport firearms across the state). That happened on ‘the outer circle’ of Boston four days ago. They said HE said it would be sent to DC for “the national meltdown program”, yeah, sure. (It’ll be planted on some poor bastard who (originally) was unarmed when shot to death)…with all numbers filed off, as usual).

          • “E”
            Good to see you back.
            We don’t always agree and that is fine. Because make me think. I like that.

            Great coming on Fathers Day. Maybe he will tell us who Obullshit’s father is and where he was born. Ha-Ha!

            I didn’t see the news blurb on this. We will see. Can you blame Putin for being PISSED? I can’t.


            • TY Sarge, yet you’d find we agree upon far more than you may think at times. What you have said at times HAS influenced several of my outlooks and thus I revamped them “to suit” (and am the better for it). And, it is always nice to know I’m on what I consider the “right side of the fence” …

              What’s your take on the up and coming Putin ‘revelation speech’? So far, we’ve gathered he is going to reveal a great many things that are going to ‘smear’ Hitlery Clinton “stem-to-stern” (as he favors Trump in the interest of a more stable world). He is “supposed” (we have found nothing to back it up yet), to reveal The NWO for what they truly are, which is why he’s deployed 100,000 troops WITH nukes, serious ones “to parts unknown” (“troops could easily mean nuke-bearing submarines …and it is my personal belief that is “a part” of what he’s unloosing) …the rest going to ‘borders’ and aimed at key cities globally.
              I have to admit that every “cell in my body is “engaged” in defense-mode and I can’t shake it off, and haven’t felt “these things” since my last fire-fight (overseas), ump-teen years ago.

              I see I have ‘motor-mouth’ this AM…. again, your take sir? (realizing you are extremely limited as to what you can say, of course). (Spit it out and we’ll read it)! lol…

        • Hope you can afford the $25 it’ll take to join the NRA….word on the news is that there’s been another shootout in a Walmart. As things stand now, we’re screwed.

          Some people may not agree with NRA on every point, but the fact is that they are the only voice with any real power on the side of gun owners. Spare me your keyboard commando bullshit about how you’ll “fight to the death” before they get your guns. We need more than that sort of popcorn fart loudmouth idiocy right now. We need signed up, dues paying members.

          It’s only $25 fucking dollars.


        • WhoCares, i spoke to a few on line firearms dealers today. They all told me that since this happened this past weekend that their sales have been through the roof! They all told me that if you need something for your M4 rifle that you had better buy it NOW.

          They said they are seeing all the same signs that they saw the last time something like this happened. Lets see, the last time this happened it took over three years before the shelf’s were full again at my local gun shop. Lets also not forget, that 22 long rifle is still hard to get, and it’s cost is stupid when you do find it.

          Now if the Republicans move in lock step with the Democrats to outlaw the M4 rifle things will dry up fast. It seems that Mitch McConnell may move against gun owners rights. Here’s a link to that story.

          • 22LR is abundant and cheap readily ! but I get your drift. Most people who are gonna be armed already are in spades so I would not worry too much about any shortages as prices have been very low and stable for a long while now. There is a glut right now on everything to include new M4s for under $500. No doubt we will see some price increases. But cheap is the word right now on ammo and firearms.

            • Not here. Over the last several months we’ve done VERY WELL to find 500 rounds (the last 250 being the new ones from Browning (FMJ).40 or 60grain). My father’s old .22LR allows 13 ‘in-the-tube’ and one-in-the-pipe and is deadly accurate with the original iron sights. This, he used to take down deer in his youth, and so they are just as deadly as bigger bore when placed correctly (and easier to ‘hush up’ a bit if you do not have silencers for the same (which I do not).

              Hint: A hollow log (rotten one) “gutted out” and then used as a pipe to fire through WILL ALL BUT DEADEN the sound of a .22 (the longer the better of course). I have them all over the place just for that usage AND “they hide the ‘flash”, preventing anyone from finding you that-a-way. Culverts lined with pink owens-corning fiberglass do the same and act as a muffler (but don’t blend with with fallen trees) …but for city use? Steel pipes lined with “soft foam” can also “eat” lots of “boom” and also hide the flash. Use it if you can as just 10 feet of pipe will “hush the hell out of gunfire” IF YOU FOAM IT (no differently than a ‘glass-pack-muffler’ for a car (in theory and usage). (Picture three, red-Thrush-mufflers all welded (or bound) together on a ‘turrent’ allowing you to ‘swing and aim’ it quickly and you’ve got the idea. *Be Smart-Be Quiet… …imho ‘grease packs’ are better (because they are portable as compared to pipes and hollowed logs (“natural mufflers”). *And old “Ranger” trick…try it before you NEED it to make sure it meets with your needs.

              • It is all online readily very cheap right now and has been for months ! Many places have 500 rounds under $50 and I recently saw 1200 rounds for $76 !

                Good luck with everything else, we are all gonna need it soon enough !

        • Whichever it is, I wouldn’t be advertising it on the internet. Now is not the time to discuss firearms related purchases using anything electronic. Now is the time to go dark and await the inevitable need for concealment. Anything else just makes you an easy target. Because of this, I will probably stop commenting on sites like this as I do not feel it is in my best interest to do so.

      2. Oh?

      3. I have a question ?

        You all remember Eric Holder and the A.T.F.E. Operation to put FULL AUTO ASSAULT WEAPONS in the hands of the MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS SO THEY CAN TRACK THEM ?

        How come Holder, and the rest of his Cronies did not go to JAIL?

        Because of their actions a lot of people are dead NOW.

        • ss, same reason that Hillbutch will sleep in the Whitehouse again and never see prison. She’s in and we’re out. Holder is in and we’re out. Just another ruthless club.

        • Simple answer

          our governemnt is just a giant criminal enterprise at this juncture under BHO and crew. Fast and Furious was a scheme to try and use for gun control here in USSA and it backfired on them. This regime was continuously talking about the gun violence in Mexico coming from USA. So they congered up this political scheme. During that 5 year period after F&F the Mexcican government publicly stated that between 50K and 70K people were killed in both Mexico and USA along the border in drug related violence. And not one news outlet including Fox followed up or even put the pieces together.That is the kind of shit we live in and obviously it has only gotten worse. Of course BHO and Holder as well as Janet Napolatano at the time should have all been prosecuted ! But Americans are not exactly too keen on being called a racist or what the fuck ever these days ! Weak shit to be sure , but nothing new at all here in USSA today.

      4. One good person with a gun, could have stopped this attack.

        Never give up your guns. If the Jews would have resisted, the Holocaust may never have happened.

        Time to empty the piggy bank and buy as much ammo as you can.

        When it all goes down, Remember who the real enemy is!

        • ” If the Jews would have resisted, the Holocaust may never have happened.”

          I had that very discussion with the late Aaron Zelman (may he be known for good) of JPFO who along with Jay Simkin compiled the genocide and civilian disarmament data along with the similarities between the NAZI Weapons Law of 1938 and the US GCA 1968. Aaron said all it would have taken is for every able bodied Jew to have a Mauser and 20 rounds of ammo and it would have never happened.

          • The jew thing is quite obvious and has been for 5o years or more ? Not exactly rocket science ? They could have esily saved themselves and were brain washed by their religion and their own illusions exactly like Americans are today !

      5. Correction to article,,,
        Standard capacity for an AR/AK and most variants other than 7.62×51 and other similar calibers is 30, for 7.62×51 typically 20

      6. “This on the heels of the 9th Circuit Court on which on June 9, 2016 struck down the right to carry concealed as a right given under the U.S. Constitution.”

        Rights are not given under the Constitution. Rights under the first ten amendments are natural rights and Congress shall make no laws concerning them and in the case of the 2nd Amendment, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

        Thank you for including Marbury vs Madison where “…a law repugnant to the Constitution is null and void.”

        So, gentle reader, when are you going, as some have said, “going to hoist the Jolly Roger and start slitting throats?”

      7. This guy should know better. Lets put the fear porn down for a second and be real, or at least try to think before engaging a keyboard. There are over 300,000,000 guns in the hands of approximately 100,000,000 Americans today. Just the logistics alone make it clear that we’re never going to be disarmed. Furthermore, if just one percent of those armed Americans said no, we’re not giving up anything without a fight, that would be 1,000,000 armed patriots ready to fight and die for what they believe in. Mr. Johnson should pull his head out of his ass……….I hate those who try to dupe the dumb even more than I hate the dumbasses and that, my friends, is quite a statement. Mr. Johnson should be ashamed of himself, either that or he should shoot himself to be sure the gene pool is not contaminated any further than it already has been. What an idiot.

        • Your numbers are wrong . Telling people to pull their head out or calling people idiots when you can’t even get your numbers right isn’t a good idea . In my opinion . We have no idea of the space based lazer weapons Or ground based lazer weapons that might be a game changer. They might be pushing us like this because they don’t think we have a chance against their new weapons . I hope they are wrong. Try to think before engaging a keyboard. Your saying that 100,000,000 Americans have 3 guns each . How many gun owners do we know that only have 3 guns. Whoever came up with those facts probably works for the government . You are telling people to sit back and don’t worry . Fear porn? What kind of person tells everyone they are stupid if they are in fear of the things that are going on now on this planet. What’s to fear. Someone make a list. O to live in fear is bad. Then charge a machine gun. With a butter knife. No fear.

        • You think in error, you seem to think all 300 milllion will be all working together when a nice famine will take care of that… it will be a civil war of hunger and pestilences.

          Then they will wait a few weeks for most people to be dead and those alive wore out and then they will come….

          • I agree , many think in error about this matter. It will be done or at least tried by various schemes. With all those guns and owners, how many have stood up to anything so far and there has been plenty to stand up too here in USSA today ! There is your answer if you are honest. so yes we have a very serious problem and it is our own people !

            Most just talk shit and will do nothing when they come for you ! And they will come for you one way or another ?How m,any of you have actually pondered and committed to your own death and willingly ? Maybe 25 % here if that. Talk is cheap and action is seldom and priceless

            • TBT. You got it

      8. I sure would hate to be the person who comes for the guns! Can you imagine getting that assignment?!?

        • The problem with all of this is that incremental creep government does,
          They make it illegal for all different classes of people to own this or that and add you to a list willy nilly and voila, a whole bunch of criminal felons not elligible to own and they can do it little by little.
          Where they will run into problems is when they try and take too big a bite.

          • Kula, they’ll definitely bite off way more than they could ever chew and choke on it. MOLON LABE

        • I don’t know how you people can believe this crock and bull story! I knew it was phony as soon as I saw the “news”. How the heck can a sole gunman round up and hold hostage 300 people? If you were in a mix of 300 people and a gunman came along, and you were not armed, would you stnd there, pathetically while he rounded you’ll up and eventually shot and/or injured 100 people? How come he was never rushed by all these people? How could the cops spot him and kill him amongst all the people he “captured”. and what were his plans for all these hostages? Did he plan to take them all to his car and torture them? The whole damn story sounds fishy as heck to me! And where were the bodies? If 100 people were killed/injured, how come the media never showed us any pictures of all the carnage? they have no aversion to showing gruesome things– its good for ratings, after all. And what about the pathetic acting outside the night club, when 6 or 7 cops rushed over to a lady who had a bandage on her leg, and was being escorted by 2-3 cops… she was walking by herself. Yet a half dozen cops rushed over to her as if her head were blown off?? Give me a break!! If they (the mafia elite) are going to do this thing, they could at least hire professional actors! Pathetic!!

          • Anon,

            You make some valid points. I ask if the music stopped, were the lights turned on, what was the owner doing to help protect the patrons and why would 300 people not rush the shooter? Maybe there was more than one shooter. We cannot depend on the media to tell the truth.

        • Nobody has mentioned that these sobs have EVERY INTENTION of ‘diving down their mountain and unknown-to-us “rabbit holes” (that they are presently trucking in shit in a frenzy of activity NATIONWIDE. I should our Archivist has each and every article “at his fingertips” to back up what I am setting before you…(and more to boot)…

          There ARE MORE THAN ONE “rail-guns” sitting out there and there ARE LASERS (beyond our comprehension), not only on ships (NON-Naval ones as well as Naval), but ‘space-based’ as well (and you can bet your sweet bippies all of these are controllable from deep within their “depths of safety” in their underground facilities (including under The White House, under Seattle in the city that has never been made known to the public, etc) – – combine just those ‘horrors’ with the unknown number of superbugs that are NOW being unloosed upon us (the ZIKA for one, that mutates the instant it is hit with “new” technology intended to kill it, making it even more deadly than it already is (to our youngest and least capable of “fighting” …unless you’ve trained your children under 3 to be combatants)?
          Otherwise spoken, THERE ARE NOT GOING TO BE ANY IDIOTS RUNNING FROM DOOR-To-DOOR (knowing damned well they are running to their deaths), when there are 1,000s of alternatives that place them at absolutely NO RISK to their lives and IN PLACE RIGHT NOW as they “add to them” (cameras, microphones, various and sundry ‘eavesdropping Internet nasties’, and many, many more (NO STONE HAS BEEN LEFT UNTURNED …but I’ll bet many have been overlooked …don’t cha think? You should! Ask Sargent Dale about that one and how many SWAT TEAMS are training to kick down 300+ million doors across the country? Answer: None. WE, by command of our POTUS, have been training “blue soldiers” in “the ways of Americans (how we think, our values, ideals, beliefs, typical reactions …EVERYTHING THAT THEY HAVE SPENT BILLIONS ON LEARNING EVERYTHING ABOUT —>to be used against us in the most efficient manners possible. We have also been importing “more of the same” and distributing them evenly across the country …for what reasons do YOU think?
          If you cannot “take in and consider the missive of all these damn things” …you are horribly led astray and are in far more danger than you realize. (Like those who state when they “hear” something, they will first take cover, and THEN they’ll “cautiously” attempt to encroach upon an “assumed enemy”. That’s going to get them dead real fast. That’s is why enemies in war have things called “PERIMETERS” and is the #1 reason that after Survival, comes Evasion. (BE SMART-BE QUIET) After Evasion comes Resistance (now that you know what you are up against or are detected by any number of ways to detect you (electronic ‘ears’ —a small microphone hooked to a large ‘dish’ enables you to hear a snake ‘fart’ at 1.5 klics …so they’ll hear you long before you see them. THAT is when you’ll be engaged in a firefight (Resistance), which most often turns into RUN YOUR ASS OFF in the opposite direction or you will be either dead or find yourself at Level 4, which is Escape. Although, SERE School was not ‘constructed’ to take into account what we are now facing (as I sincerely doubt the only “prisoners” will be a few young people, for sexual deviations and the like), and most everyone else will be “harvested” for body parts and then cast into a large hole quickly filling with more of the same. Or, since so many will have died or horrible ‘ailments’, perhaps all that we’ll be good for is heat, as in burnt to ashes as an offering to The Great Allah-Ass-a-hole-Ah and his baby-fucking prophet (but I was very pleased to learn that the 70-odd virgins are actually ‘virgin grapes’ (not young women) …lol. (Grapes? Yep. They’ll all look like monkeys-humping-footballs giving Needle-Dick-The-Bug-Fucker a whole new meaning)!

          • New info as of 1135hrs (EST) stateside:

            Putin fully intends to release to the world the entire contents, condensed, of Hillary’s emails (which were supplied to him as you well know some time ago by (perhaps) ANONYMOUS). THIS, is expected to erupt into “instant war” (just add water?) and is (possibly) why Putin has placed nuclear troops such as he already has in place.

            What he will reveal may or may not be “total truths” (some meant to mislead HIS enemies too, of course), but for the greater part he has nothing to lose in being extremely honest and candid about those who have deemed him a pain in the ass, for “refusing to come into the fold of NWO security”- – as he HATES those who are insanely seeking to release destruction upon the greatest nations all “ways and means” of invoking totalitarian-controls and counter-measures against those who would actively fight and rebel against such things. (The same ones Uncle Sam is stating are ‘domestic enemies” (veterans, gun owners, Christians, et al)…

            Also, there is a rumor (more than that really), that Hillary is insisting that an “unscalable wall” (a wall that cannot be climbed) be constructed outside where she’ll be delivering her speeches in OH, as she’s scared shitless she’ll be shot (so, she KNOWS she is “doing wrong” and foolishly pushes forth anyway). She’ll get what she’s “designed for herself” over her pathetic lifetime, by someone “close to her” that she trusts ..who are few, if any?

            DO NOT EXPECT ANY PART OF THE GOVERNMENT TO REMOTELY STAY IN ADHERENCE TO THE US CONSTITUTION (they are “bound” by it, hate it, and are striving to destroy it …and that cannot be done until they kill damn near every America with a brain and a weapon.

            It seems rather obvious that at this date, next month, NOTHING will be the same as it is now, and we’ll find ourselves completely under siege against more countries and peoples than I care to think about.

            Last, as of Monday, our wonderful POTUS “signed off ICAAN, ‘the heart of the internet’, so that now it is controlled by countries who are NOT INTO FREE SPEECH (and are “loading up the web” with millions of ‘nasties’ to enable them all to watch you like a hawk.
            Might I again suggest using (at least) TOR, and please download and TRY TAILS 2.4 (both are found at torproject dot org (DO CHECK THE SUPPLIED CODE against what you download to ensure it hasn’t been “tainted” …as MOST sites aimed at windows users have already been compromised). With TAILS, you cannot be easily tracked nor ID’ed without A LOT of hard, hard work (at the time of this writing).
            Already, MANY sites (like fox news) allow NOBODY using TOR access. TRICK: Go to ixquick dot com, search for fox news (using TOR), then click on Proxy (in purple) and that will get you in without ID). Change ID’s (the TOR browser has a ‘button’ to do it with), after leaving each page. Once they determine you are using TOR, you’ll be denied access. If they were not gleaning information why would they not allow “informationless” visitors? To FORCE them into surrendering who they are …and when they do it will be used against them later down the road.

            Better yet, use TOR and access The Dark Web, as that is where ALL the information is that is being otherwise with-held from us.

            God Bless or Via con DIOS (whatever may suit you)
            *Anyone have a Howitzer they no longer need? Have cash-will travel… *Also, any pro-welders out there than can tell me if I want to ‘reverse polarity’ and use ‘gases’ for 3-inche steel plate (wire-feed) or stick with “factory” polarities and the Lincoln with ‘sticks’? The wirefeed is painfully slow, but “a pretty bead using Argon ‘reversed'”…

          • You really are an idiot ! all those worsd to say absolutely NOTHING of any value, just bluster and bullshit.

            What about when they easily took the guns at Katrina dipshit ! Does that give you a clue of how it will go down ? They won’t do it en-masse they will do it a few at a time until the have mind fucked the masses to go along with it . Are you capable of rationale thought based on what has already happened and current events in progress ? Or do you just talk junk like so many in bluster ?

        • Knowitall, thanks for the video. Let the Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter gangbangers bring it on. There’s more than enough bullets waiting for them.

          • just spreading the word.

      9. Just let them try!!!! They will get the Civil War that they have been asking for.

        The USA will be on fire and the world will pay for it. There will be things like fires, earth quakes, ECT ECT ECT. and there will be no one there to help. When the food runs out around the world there will be all out CHAOS. Welcome to the Dark Age X2.

        I to have added some more items, like 10 more 6.8 mags, and one more Saiga mag. Going to get some more AMMO tomorrow. Was going to buy some silver, but I think Mags and AMMO is a better idea.

        Taking out the M1A standard Match to make sure the scope is on. Just in case.

        Here we go. Its going to be Looney Tune time!!!!! The Purge begins in 1 hour. I think this would be better to put on the TV and Radio, and not that stupid beeping and alarm when Obullshit signs the order to take away the guns.

        1/2 black 1/2 white muslime in-chief is going to leave the Prez office with the best legacy of them all? NOT!!!!


        • Ammo—ck, food—ck, meds—ck, let the war began.

        • Sarge, I plan on getting 2 more additions to my ‘ventilation team’. More ammo, mags, gun cleaning supplies, etc. Their confiscation plan will backfire on them.

          • Watch the Trump San Diego rally fights compilation. And see the civil war starting . And what the enemy looks like.

          • You ‘may’ find that the addition of a bit of “transmission fluid” to your Gun Oil will take you down the road substantially further (especially if you are ‘ghosting’ and submerged as much as above the water’s surface). Yet I suppose those who are going to do these things already know it… (Don’t forget to file an EPA permit first)! [sarc]
            Still, even on land the tranny-fluid gives ya more mileage…like a half-pint to every gallon of oil is about right. I like Mobil-1 and GM tranny fluid. Viscosity is excellent at all temps (not talking extremes like -35 below zero). Sewing machine oil is a NOT a good additive but Silicone Spray (or Rem-Oil) is a great ‘top-off’. Damn, there is just never enough stuff to buy is there? But, you don’t want anything prematurely wearing out due to lack of lube. egads no!

            Those with Millet Scopes (electronic zooming), but work fine without a battery too, need to be checked to ensure they are ‘zeroed’. Three times in three weeks now I’ve had to adjust mine due to an unexplained ‘drift’ (as if magnetism is frigging up the works, or the air is ‘bending’? lol…) …something I’ve not seen before, and it is offsetting my ‘zero’ by over 2 inches @ 1,000 with an LR-308 inside a ‘lead-sled’. Go figure.

      10. All of this is just a distraction or a diversion, the real threat is looking up towards the sun, & then you will find out the truth. (Nibiru / Planet 7X)Everyone does not have much time left to be prepared.. It’s not coming, it’s ALREADY HERE..

          • How nice. An almost cloudless sky. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary other than the poor camera shot straight at the sun.

        • Robbie41, when my tired eyes see it I’ll believe it. Keep your blades sharp and gun within easy reach.

      11. Wouldn’t it make more sense to cause a societal collapse first and allow us peons to kill each other off and use up our ammo and supplies and then offer food shelter and medical supplies to the survivers and not allow them to have guns at the fema camp?

        • Agreed.

          November elections…. Great time to shut it down for winter. Depending on weather patterns, lets say up to 50% locked in a cold house and snowed in, freezing/starving to death ( unless you can make it through the worst winter of your area without cleared roads, food and fuel/electricity.)
          The other half of the country could be running around in the sun killing each other and getting a tan.

          • Ha! That’s a TYPICAL WINTER in Maine – – and I grew up in 17 years of it and never as much got frostbite (or cold for that matter). I guess I should say the house was built by Quakers, was over 200 years old and was nearly three feet thick, insulated with sawdust and dirt. It was normal to burn about 30 cords (face-cords) each winter. Some used as little as 8 cord, but didn’t have running water so no frozenated pipes to repair each morning.
            It is all in how you were ‘raised up’ I suppose…

        • Guy, your scenario makes sense to me. My theory is all but identical and some ass chard said I was stupid and didn’t have a clue. Down to earth thinkin I think is his handle.

          • Jacknife you know exactly what my handle is and who I am by now ? why play a BS game and beat around the bush like a girl ?

            So lets get down to the brass tacks. I have been writing and talking about this same exact scenario now for years, not something new at all. And it is definitely a very likely scenario. In fact many of my folks have been planning accordingly around this scenario a long while now for one good reason ? It covers nearly all the bases of any worse case scenario . Just like being healthy and fit does the same exact thing. There is NO negative to either event, only positives. So in a twist of fate we actually agree !

            Your problem is that you do not listen but too willing to talk as if you have the same experience as someone who is well ahead of you in these matters. I have already lived all of these so-called prepper scenarios and worse , in spades . And it is beyond obvious from my photos at my site that I do know exactly what I am talking about as well. It is undeniable I am doing something very right and in plain view for all to see ? Recently I just got done training a sheriff in developing his own strength and proper mindset for the battles coming at us all soon enough. And he is now training others And I have trained/helped many people do the same. get fit, strong, healthy and gain the right mindset. Some need more guidance than others and some will never get it ? I have no idea for certain where you fit in. But you are welcome to glean the many excellent tidbits of info about getting fit, strong, and the correct mindset, for free !

            I have accomplished and experienced a lot in my life, far more than most folks, to include being very successful in my prior businesses. And I do not take insults from lesser people of experience lightly. I urge you to rethink a bunch of stuff and actually ratchet up your knowledge and experiences a few more notches.

            4 years ago I was offered a job by Fluor corp to go to Afghan as a contractor. I had all the security clearances, passport and had worked for DOD and other gov related entities prior. There is a reason I was offered this job ? and I turned it down because of our president. It was a lot of money and tax free if I stayed for 2 years. with 2 R&Rs each year in Europe or SE Asia. I knew he would pull the bullshit he did and get a lot of people killed and guess what? he did exactly that ! glad I did not go. there were other reasons as well related to BHO.

      12. It’s all about control nothing more nothing less !

        • No its about your death….

      13. Then the self-armored People of every county, if not of every town or road, as the Militia thereof– self-commanded, as declared to be their inviolable right by the spirit of the Bill of Rights (which AMENDED the otherwise governmentalist “supreme law of the land” U.S. Constitution that made only the Executive the “Commander-in-Chief” of the Militia)– will have to disarm government’s military and police for the security of the People’s free states, and deal with government’s resistance to the People’s authority as government has brutally dealt with the People as isolated individuals heretofore when enforcing government’s supremacy over them. “Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.” (Revelation 18:6)


        When you watch this video, explain to me how the Nemisis/ Planet 7x system goes around the sun,in the sky in a 180 degree motion when you can clearly see a 2nd light source & the sun is in one place as it should be..

        • Of all the astronomers and hobbyists in the world and the only thing I’ve seen as proof is light coming through the clouds. A couple of welding lenses would reveal something obvious to the naked eye. As a welder, I see nothing. Better yet filter your telescope.

          • I have filtered the hell out of telescope (large one) and see nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps it is light pollution preventing a visual at night, but in morning? (nothing there even on a four hour recording). *Put your eye to a lens of a big scope and you’ll quickly feel “heat” which is Infrared Radiation that will make you blind as a bat in short order.
            The scope is a good’un! Makes Saturn appear about the size of a dime with a clear view of the rings. Mars was “a trip” on its closest pass earlier this year. (The tracking motors are no longer in sync so alignment is a constant pain in the patootie).

            Any chance you are seeing the ‘alleged ninth planet NASA is saying is beyond Pluto’? A large, gaseous ‘giant’? (or so I read)

      15. They may try but, unless our fearless leader does it by executive fiat, I doubt that the liberals will be successful in congress.

        What pisses me off is every time they try this, best case is everything gets scarce for a year and prices are inflated with all the panic buying. Sigh, wheres the wagon, time to order.

        • Everybody please go back to near the top and read my post ….I think we have a very big problem that we never saw coming …and neither did the TPTB of The World who are in collusion to create a NWO.

          READ UP^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      16. Disarming Americans is like throwing our kids to the wolves.. Unprotected and we just can not give up the guns…
        The Government have protection and so should the people..
        The government are the ones letting criminals walk among the innocent people..

      17. First they came for my guns, when i did not have to comply, but i did…..then they cam for me, and i had no choice but to comply.!!!!

        • J, you DO have a choice and the choice is YOURS.

      18. Hehehe.

        “Never let a crisis go to waste…” – Rahm

        “…even if you created it yourself!!!” – NetRanger

      19. I have not heard about Putins speech,it happens will give it a listen.I will say there are plenty of skeletons in Russia’s closet also,this though could be informative/entertaining/or the start of really”It’s Beginning”!

        Face it,by now most citizens who want firearms have bought em,though new folks who want in fantastic.By now most folks have plenty of ammo,that said,buy more but leave some boxes for others,by now most have good caches,don’t forget any other supplies you may have missed.

        Though a great item firearms just one tool in the drawer of many,so,get cooking folks and get your supplies ready.

      20. If the confiscation team shoots my little dog, Opie, just because she barks at them, then it’s “game on” .

      21. Killary took items out of the white house when rapist Willy’s term was up. On Orlando I read that Mateen did not have a AR-15 in his possession, he had a Glock 17 handgun purchased June 5th and a Sigsauer MCX assault rifle purchased June 4th, in his vehicle was a .38 caliber weapon. Crisis actors that were at Sandy Hook and the Boston marathon were present at the Pulse scene in Orlando. This event and the official story were wrapped up quickly. The “Love, Forgive and Forget” scenario plays out again. Big money donations pour in again. Major aspects of each successive false flag seem to differ little.

        • Stop saying “assault rifle” it is a ridiculous misnomer ands the more it is used the more Sheeple buy into it. A rifle cannot commit Assault, only a person can and they can use any weapon to assault someone they choose- an assault rock or an assault knife or assault fist…ETC So just stop using that term already!!

        • You are the first to have posted (anywhere) that the same damned people present at The Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook and others were also present in Orlando.

          In short, we are being duped once again in their efforts to disarm us …short and simple (and BUSTED)!

          Do NOT think there are not “teams in place” and awaiting their “missives” from above …as there are. That’s all I can say…(and being demented you can ignore it).

      22. “Ten men speaking make more noise than ten thousand who are silent.”

        • The right to bare arms shall not be infringed.??????????

      23. I will put my guns down when the Jews do first. It’s all bulshit folks they will never disarm the public. look at sales for ar15s since this happened. They want everyone to buy guns and people are answering the call. Never let a good crISIS go to waste. ?

      24. Who is paying BHO salary as he crusades for Hillary? Isn’t campaigning against the law for a sitting President? Well, your conservative money is being spent as usual- paying for more BS- it’s the American way, isn’t it.

        • Um, since when has Obama remotely complied with American, constitutional laws? He’s done nothing but the opposite, via meaningless EO’s numbering in the ???? (I lost count…due to not giving a shit anymore).

          Oh, Constitutionalists are also on the “hit list” of extremely dangerous citizens …because they believe in The Constitution and Amendments as opposed to Sharia Law or that they are ‘anti-establishment, meaning they are criminals “packing heat” and need to be removed from society. DHS-2015 (Combat veterans ‘freshly returning’ also should NOT be allowed weapons for at least two years after their return …otherwise they’ll cause thousands of needless deaths).

          The ones killing Americans are anti-Americans that have infiltrated every damn part of our Nation. And that MORE than pisses me off as it means the sob’s “were bought” to look the other way, knowing full well the possible end result of their greeds.


      25. If Hillary gets elected she may ban ammo but we can have the guns.

      26. I believe they will try to take our guns. They will bring in the U.N. and let them do the dirty work. But here is my question…how? Does anyone know how they actually succeeded in doing this in Australia? Is it purely a paperwork trail they follow? I will not hand over anything, so I need to prepare. As much as I am a prepper, this is something I honestly don’t know the answer to. Does anyone have any tips to offer? Thanks!

        • Had them in a boat with me and it tipped over and all got lost in the river.

        • Australia? Would you believe the people actually brought in their weapons, without any fuss and turned them over to be destroyed, and all were destroyed (I have pics of tanks and shit crushing them, and people with BIG circular saws cutting them in half. Beautiful ARs and AK and pistols senselessly being rendered useless (then melted to ensure no parts would be available.

          Of course, they estimate 15% did not comply with the order, so they are not COMPLETELY without defenses (and on the black market of TOR, Australia has been the biggest buyers of the black market weapons since the day they turned them in …perhaps they are outsmarting their bastard government? Yes, most definitely…

      27. Jeh Johnson and the alphabet soup agencies have admitted that muslime outreach and gun control are their main objectives. Article on drudge. They can kiss my ass on both… I’ve seen those psycho’s kill girls for being gang raped by their own family..
        I keep seeing articles and warnings on EMP.. too many coincidences for my comfort.. throw in the BLM and islamonutbags it’s getting too real of a possibility of Odouchebag and company using martial law… kicking preps in high gear… good luck and God bless

      28. http

        They can’t even enforce immigration and visas
        Over 5 million unaccounted for

        And they think they have a snow balls chance in hell of taking away our guns

        Hahahahaha endlessly

        Come n take it bitches

        • “They can’t even enforce immigration and visas
          Over 5 million unaccounted for”

          that is because they are not trying to do so , quite the opposite is what is real ! If they can figure out several schemes to take your guns they will come up with many methods to try and you will be very surprised when many weaklings go along with it ! I will not be surprised at all.

          I have already explained it all in simple detail what they are about to do.

      29. Let’s get something straight. They’re not going to get the guns. They will talk and talk and talk and then they’ll yell and yell and yell. But that’s what it is. Dogs barking. They can write anything on a piece of paper they want, it won’t happen. They’ll threaten in every which way they can and they’ll be completely serious. But no massive confiscation will occur. Why? Because the people who would actually have to do it, won’t. Period. The end.

        • They did it after Katrina? Remember the skinny red haired old lady. And they will do it again if they want their paycheck to feed their families.

          • Yes they did and without so much as a wimper !

            Some of you here are living in fantasy on this issue ? They will try to do it in small increments or small numbers at first with phony presidential directives or some bullshit of that nature as soon as they have the populace more afraid from fake attacks like Orlando and all the others I mentioned that are all tied together ! The biggest issue we all have regarding this is that we are not united and have almost no leadership to fight back. Without some form of cohesive leadership and direction they will be able to pick us off bit by bit , going forward ! And of course if actual ML is imposed it could be a whole different ball of wax as well, but we would still need to be cohesive and united. The best thing I can see to do is to get tight with your local legal militias and start forming leadership groups and get well trained out ASAP !

            We are all being setup by our own government for chaos.






            Realize this is the kind of stuff your tax dollars are being used for ? These maniacs use your tax dollars against you in a myriad of ways 24/7/365 ! So yes you are paying to get effed daily in a myriad of ways !

            This recent event of Jeh Johnson saying gun control is tied to DHS responsibilities is a very significant piece of the propaganda from PRAVDA/MSM to mind fuck the populace one more time in a very big way ! And they will lap it up like Pavlovs dog ! So the fear mongering and propaganda have only been ratcheted up another notch by the control freaks we call our government ! Do not discount their ability to mind fuck the masses so they will beg for martial law and gun control at the same time !

          • You take New Orleans post Katrina and mix with Boston post marathon and you have gun confiscation.

            These are two key events to show the temper of Americans.
            Both events had the populace roll over to overt tyranny.

            Heck, even the “extremists” in Oregon ended with putting their hands up and their guns down without a fight.

            What catalyst do you people think will change the facts as they stand?

            • Your analysis is quite correct. But many at these pepper sites think they are king kong with and AR 15 and that is all that matters ?

              They even completely discount actual events that have already happened like Katrina and Boston where the police violated every citizens rights massively and beyond egregiously. And the entire citizenry went along with out of simple FEAR ! And even cheered their rights being violated ? Many at the prepper sites are simply living in fantasy and their own echo chamber and refuse to listen to anything except what they have been spoon fed and group reinforced !

              There is a much better way to think and live and be far better prepared for any event by far.

      30. When they confiscate guns, they will take them SWAT style in the wee hours of the morning when people least expect it.

      31. Come and take it, you malfunctioning government loyalist. I have something to give you, for free.

      32. Here’s an idea, might work for some but not others.
        1.)Gather all guns that have a 4473(tied to your name).
        2.)Hide your none 4473 guns (off site of course).
        3.)Make signs [Free Guns!] – THIS IS OPTIONAL.
        4.)Go to local ghetto, barrio, trailer park etc. LEAVE GUNS.
        5.)Report guns missing.
        6.) profit ???????????

        If they wanna try ,let em work for it;better they spin there wheels dealing with ghetto goblins then messing with us. Like Vietnam, it’s all about attrition. They get tired, you pounce. Everyone seems to have forgotten the D.C. Sniper, and Dorner. Those were only a couple of dudes with rifles and they locked down entire cites. Imagine only 100, hell 50 people in every major and midsize city doing their best impression of the D.C. Sniper on the jack boot thugs and blue helmets.

      33. Talk is cheap.

      34. To many unemployed snipers I know .
        If Islamics die for their shithead leaders my friends will die for our country! Certain people are to die for!tomorrow b we gins my quest for an A10b,I really don’t care for small. Arms as I prefer a mike22,a Nike Hercules Nuke.. Am an Honors grad of
        Such,Gold patch,Seattle air defense & from central Idaho where we shoot more than rabbits or our mouths.
        Cya in the Woods.

      35. “According to the UN, only “authorized state parties” (referring to the governments and their armed forces and police apparatuses) are to have any firearms”

        Yes, that is pretty much it. The people can have no guns whatsoever but the government can have as many guns as they want(fully automatic, any caliber,cannons, machine guns, you name it). The 2nd amendment was put in place to protect the people from just such an armed government. Want to get rid of the 2nd amendment? I thought not.

      36. “War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all; but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.”

        – Faramir in The Two Towers, The Window on the West

      37. TPTB across the globe could give a shit less about our Constitution and Amendments. They are NOT going to remotely comply with any of it (and no matter what they say, none of any part of it can be rewritten nor reinterpreted from what ‘she’ says, without any room for ‘error’ (such as Hillary insists has been done – twice)! (bitch)

        So what if they do not comply? They WILL be in compliance when dangling at the end of noosed-ropes, and until then, blood, bullets and body-parts will strewn everywhere. Few of TPTB have seen such things that war brings, and so the terror shall be theirs “in short order” from whence they choose to begin …which shall be “sparked into motion” by Putin, reportedly this Sunday (IF our media is allowed to air it). If not, you’ll be able to access it on the web (because they lost in their attempts to ‘constrict and restrict’ the internet from “free speech” no matter what nation you are in (excepting N. Korea, China and Russia and ???) …all of whom restrict access to the world and replace truths with THEIR bullshit …usually propaganda against The United States and how we seek to KILL THEM!
        Just what has Kerry been TRULY up to anyway? And Holder, and (both) Bush’es, and…every sitting president since JFK was murdered so that “these times” could be brought into focus and fruition …they WISH!

        Fuck’em. I’ve been trained, I’m still in good shape especially for my age, I’ve no fear of death (as it doesn’t exist except for the biological body), and I’ve no intention of allowing The United States to go down the damned tubes due to a bunch of creeps from other nations who have pretended to be our allies since WW-II …and now we see they are ALL FOR THE NWO (like Germany, for one)….their Chancellor pisses me off to no end, and she’s the one who directly threatened Putin to “come into the fold” of The NWO ….and stated, “He has always been a pain in the ass.”
        I think he is about to prove her perfectly correct. Speech or not he’ll do what he believes needs doing as our president scatters our military machines to the point of being useless to us when we’ll need them the most.
        That leaves us, the Militia they refuse to allow us to believe exists …and yet it does despite anything you have heard to the contrary. (This ‘gets dicey’ …so I’ll say imho).

        Will return in three days…’zero’ commo until then, and all antennas will be off, dead, kaput.

        Get yourselves a 360 degree microphone (omni-directionals) so that you can hear things long before you can see them coming. We use four on a tree facing N-S-E-W. Those and earphones allow you to hear things you may not wanna hear. heheh… *They cannot detect incoming planets…

      38. Comment in General: I am not a religious nut case, but I do place the Book of Revelation in high regard. The “fight”, while appears to be man-made is actually spiritual in design. In other words, you may be fighting against God. He uses nature and the evil of men to further his plan for his people. While there is great advice for “bugging out”most if not all will starve to death within 10-15 days- or die from exposure. Revelation refers to the King of the North and King of the South- singular. God will use Russia- North – to chastise America- South. “Indignation” refers to “without dignity” – the EMP will take out America- leaving us defenseless while our enemies from all over the world plunder the country – the people, assets, anything they desire and without resistance. This is the penalty for claiming we are Godly, while becoming filthy, whore to the world, refusing to acknowledge the gifts of God and give thanks. In America, God’s last name is ‘damn’ and his sacrifice is an expletive. We are now hated by most of the world, whom he will use to destroy us. “…and after all these things, they refused to give thanks. And his fury was kindled…” Each individual is responsible for his relationship with the Creator. Know this, ‘nothing is impossible for he that ‘believes’ (gives himself totally into the care of another). I know…

        • Gosh Ron B. this is the typical christian response I’ve heard my whole life.Don’t fight,run or hide this is just all Gods plan. Lay down and die, oops I meant wait to be raptured out of all that mess . Don’t you think that the German christens also thought the same thing(never mind the jews, gypsies etc). By the way Ron B. don’t you think that if God was just itching to punish a country for wickedness that there many better options, say I don’t know … pick a random country in Africa. Slavery,female genital mutilation,honor killing, open child molestation and the list could go on. We in the USA don’t do those things at least not openly or legally.Come on Ron B , please don’t cop out with that tired old “God’s just gonna bring his judgment down on Merica” stuff. I strongly urge you to reconsider your views and get ready like the rest of us. Remember even Jesus told told someone(Peter?) to sell their robe and buy a sword. Go buy your sword Ron B.

          • I am NOT anti God per se . But if you read Sam 1&2 as well as Kings you will find extreme violence that reads like an ISIS play book. complete with many beheadings, murder, rape, incest, killing all men, women children and babies in cities to take their land and belongings by the supposed chosen people under King David. It is all there in black and white for all to see, plain as day ! So when people say Christianity is the religion of peace ? One must wonder why these things are always swept under the rug for 2000 years ? As well don’t forget the inquisition and some of the Popes later that were some evil sons of bitches by any assessment ?

            I have read the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi text and other ancient text as well because I wanted to know the truth of the Abrahamic religions and it is not at all what we have been told for the last 2000 years.

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