The Psychological Reasons Why American Soldiers Would Fire On American Citizens

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Headline News | 284 comments

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      1. They’d have done it at the Bundy Ranch too if it weren’t for armed resistance.

        • Demonizing an adversary is the mindset used to create
          hatred of the ‘other’ side to make it easier to fire
          upon them.

          The universal soldiers mind is molded to kill or be
          killed by whom ever their superiors dictate is an
          enemy of the state and a threat to the country.

          There is little guilt or remorse on the soldiers part
          as he is just following orders for ‘God and Country’.

          • The Nuremberg Defense.

            • theres more than 1 reason why these so called American soldiers would fire on American citizens. I first want to point out that not all people here in USSA are American citizens. That wasnt considered in this piece but theres at least 15 million illegals and probably more. Aint no doubt a bunch would take to the streets. Theyd shoot and theyd be shot. They have less to lose.

              It aint just a psychological reason that people who have new found authority will take advantage of it. Theres other factors involved here and one is that our society has been conditioned to respect authority and to obey. The way has been opened and paved for it to take place.
              Remember for at least a century, politicians have pushed socialism into the USSA and those beliefs take social power (what used to be individualism) and turned it into a more desired state power (the nanny state). To be a big and powerful govt, the people cant be in control or be successful. FDR did more damage as a Pres than most others because of the programs he set up. FDR doesnt have deep depth, he had help and was in on the plan.
              The American way was a set up made long ago. Poverty became recognized and then it was a tool to control people. Govt got people to believe they could do better than people could. It was easier to let authority take care of the problems. The people believed this crap and since the govt and politikers love exploiting a victim, it all fell into place. War on poverty, on drugs, on women, on terrorism, war is good, big govt knows best. Aint no different now. The masses will fall in line like they always do. Theyll obey. Wont be any different than marching to the ovens at Auschwitz. Those who wont go are the odd men out. Those men are dissenters. Thats who the govt says is the enemy. So this is when the aggressive neo-soldier gets to play w/ his gun and battlegear in his own neighborhood. Of course it can happen. It already does but some are called cops and some are called gang members. Itll get worse and worse. When they call in soldiers to do the govt dirty work, theyll herd the sheep but then theyre coming for you. They really want those who wont be herded through the gates.

              • “The evidence has been presented to you, what do you now believe?”

                I believe I’ll probably be one of the first on my block to have a blue helmet nailed to my wall.

                I’ve gone against the grain, and have been accused of having a hard head my entire life. At last, my behavioral tenaciousness may be worth something of value.

                You win by meeting the enemy head-on – political correctness be damned.

                • “The Psychological Reasons Why American Soldiers Would Fire On American Citizens”

                  What would be the psychological reasons for an American soldier to fire on a fellow American soldier who he saw fire upon and kill an innocent civilian?

                  What are the psychological reasons for mutiny and dissent among the military about obeying ungodly orders? How about shooting your own mid-level platoon officer for ordering you to shoot at unarmed civilians?

                  • Americans soldiers have been firing on other Americans since before this country was a country. It’ll happen again, in spades.

                  • Would anyone bet their life on that belief? Would we be willing to risk the lives of our loved ones on the belief that those heavily-armed goons will stand down?

                    With at least 1% of armed forces personnel having active gang membership, and with a growing number of MUSLIMS in the military, you have a standing army that would make King George envious.

                    What percentage of the armed forces and Law Enforcement communities votes DEMOCRAT?

                  • This article applies to the pigs too….ALL OF THEM!!

                  • I am convinced many will not fire, but I believe their superiors will be brainwashing most of them into thinking “we” are the enemy and “we” are looking to take down the government of which they all work for. Just like Liberals HATE those of us who believe in the US Constitution, the rule of law and a limited government (TEA Party) and will characterize us as terrorists, many soldiers will buy into that hype.

                  • Stan522:

                    They have already labeled us conservatives the enemy, as we are completely against their rule.

                    • Don’t lump us all into the “conservative” group. They are every bit as bad as “Liberals”. A more suitable name, if one must be given, would be “Free Thinkers”. On the current subject, it will never come to this situation. There’s already been plenty of reason for revolt over the past 50 years and the government and society are no worse now then they were in 1960’s. You will roll over and play submissive no matter what happens. It’s a matter of survival instinct. Only when cornered in your house facing certain harm will you fight back, by then, it’ll too late and the loss of life will be pointless. All of you are nothing but rage fantasies given voice.

              • Don’t forget to vote in the November 4th midterms!

                We’re from the US government, and our soldiers are here to protect the Establishments status quo!

                Don’t forget to vote in the November 4th midterms!

                Don’t F**CK with the Empire… or else!

                Don’t forget to vote in the November 4th midterms!

                USA… USA… USA!!!

                • Dave left out the 29 Palms Survey, and several articles written by both recent former, and currently serving military personnel.

                  If you think they won’t kill you, you’re dreaming.

                  • Each year, all members of the military are briefed on standards of conduct which apply to all folks who operate under the legal requirements of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). One of the things they are briefed is the obligation to DISOBEY an ILLEGAL order. However, they are also briefed that they are to presume ALL orders are legal and that to disobey will place you at risk of a military courts martial where you will be tried by your superior ranking service members/officers. So if you can not in good conscious obey the order to do whatever, you will open yourself up for a judgement from career military members sitting on the courts martial board. And guess which way they will tend to lean when they judge your decision not to obey…

                • YMWW: Now you’ve got the spirit!!! Everyone together now …
                  USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

                  Damn!!! I love this country!!! 🙂

                • LOL bunch of meat heads

              • When I enlisted I had a choice of either the west coast or east coast, I requested the west coast, I was stationed on the east coast on the east side of a bay. All of my off shore duty was east of there.

                The military has had thousands of year to perfect the system in which to get young men to do as a group what they wouldn’t do as an individual.

                The young men that would be firing on you will not be from your neighborhood and they will have thousands of years of proven psychology influencing their behavior.

                That’s the way it is, prep for it.

                • As an addendum, when I enlisted, I was too young and dumb to know the meaning and spirit of the constitution, if you think that todays generation has a greater understanding than I did, you need to put your bong down.

                • Correct. They will terminate protesters with EXTREME PREJUDICE, as there are enough enraged and DRUGGED anti-white and anti-Christian elements in the military (Nortenos, Surenos, Latin Kings, Bloods, Crips, Gangster Disciples, Muslims).

                  Where did all of those hollow-point rounds end up anyway 😉

                  • Vincent, if I come across those elements in US military uniforms they will become targets in my scope.

                  • Just let them try it. What needs to be done is that a few Constitutionally minded individuals need to go to protests armed. However, they should not mix with the protesters. Instead, hang back in the shadows behind the police/military. If they start to shoot protesters, shoot them instead. In the ensuing chaos the government forces will either be killed by snipers or the protesters themselves. Problem solved.

                  • Three women, a Brunette, a Red Head, and a Blonde were asked a question: “You are in a small boat. you are approached by a large boat full of sex crazed guys; What do you do? The Brunette says: I will trust to my sailing skills, The Red head says: “My knife will keep me safe; The Blonde says; “I understand the situation; But what’s the problem?
                    First if they shoot NYNY or several other of the big cities to bits I’d be happy to pay for the ammo,
                    Second if they try it out here in the boondocks they won’t last long, so what’s the problem?

              • Calgagus, what you say is true to a certain point, but it will be interesting to see what percentage of the population will obey. Yes, there has been brainwashing in the same tradition as in other tyrannical societies, but there was always a segment of the population in those countries who refused to ‘tow the mark and walk the line’. The US will be no different in this regard. It’s possible some of the US military will still follow such orders, but we can also expect Obama’s ‘civilian national-security force’, UN ‘peacekeepers’, illegal aliens, and maybe even some Muslim boys. Let them bring it on. If they harm any civilians, they become targets in my rifle scope. they’ll pay the ultimate price for their crimes.

              • Well the Patriot and Militia Groups will also display Group-Think and Shoot at the Enemy–all Uniforms Included!!

                Semper Fi

            • Talk about a bunch of cool-aid drinkers. Write a, what if article, and all you blowhearts go ballastic. What If King Kong and Godzilla had a fight, who would win?

              • Ummmm dude… Godzilla would win, everyone knows that. sheesh

                • I don’t know. In Godzilla vs. King Kong, Kong is shown to be the victor. Then again, Godzilla did continue to make more films so I guess it was a draw.

              • Blowhards.

            • Fear propoganda at it’s absolute finest. Kind of like a picture of a guy looking down on a scared guy holding a gun, right?

          • Another reason they would shoot first. This new generation has zero coping or social skills and the world or any conflict is considered just another computer game to shoot em up with out any emotional attachment.

            I would love to try a social experiment with today’s military. After a week training for martial law, take them to the Gun range. When they are shown the targets to practice on the targets are life size cardboard cut out of their own immediate family. Lets see if they shoot them or hesitate. What do you think they would do?

            • Fatigue, and burnout from long hours on duty.
              Young soldiers just being scared of the unknown could cause them to fire on fellow citizens.
              Its really a crap shoot,but i dont think that an American soldier will fire upon fellow Americans just because they are present and attainable targets.

              Sleep deprivation and fatigue will be key .
              As will propaganda in a prolonged event.
              For it to come to this it would take a nuke strike or EMP to bring us down that road.
              I got bigger things to worry about.
              Like the entitlement crowd loseing EBT benifets.

              • Absolutely! Don’t really care about their excuse “of the day” or whatever else is on the menu. I mean to do what I have to do. Can’t wait until these eisencruetz youngsters try to put their guts back into their gaping holes, screaming for momma.

                • PO,my guts spilling out and am still alive am sure I will scream for my mum also,that said,she is a Dr.

              • Hammerhead – Your last sentence hit the topic that concerns me the most. Once the freebies stop, the hordes will be On the Move.

                Just look at what a pharmacy dispenses in pain and anti anxiety drugs. A HUGE majority of that is paid for by taxpayers. Yep, the hordes will be led by the once prescriptioned & also the illegal use druggies.

                I can tell you from my Viet-Nam days that it takes a lot of ammo to drop a drugged out human wanting what you are sitting on.

                Juliet6 out.

                • A 7.62x54r will drop any druggie in the first round and 2 others behind him/her.

              • Hammerhead, I agree. The very first scum I’m worried about when TSHTF is the ‘gimme dat’ crowd. they will definitely be on the warpath. I’m still stocking up on “lead and brass nutrients” to serve to whoever.

              • When the EBT cards don’t work it’s game over. The shit has hit the fan and soldiers aren’t the problem it will be your neighbors.

            • Interesting you bring that up… you should go look at the pop-ups used for police training these days…

            • “When they are shown the targets to practice on the targets are life size cardboard cut out of their own immediate family. Lets see if they shoot them or hesitate. What do you think they would do?”

              They’d hesitate and ask: “Who took a picture of my family to shoot at?”

              • Ben at Kroger’s.

                • 😉

          • I can sound off on exactly who it is, in America I would be happy to fire upon. 600 or so Federal elected and appointed officials. The combined police forces of all the alphabet agencies eg. EPA, IRS, DEA, BATF, HHS, DHS et al.
            Anybody with a badge, in an MRAP.
            What superiors say and what you do depends on the nature of the threat. Frag the Fag or kill your sister? Choice is easy.

            • Rellik, welcome aboard. You sound like one of our kind. Again, welcome.

          • “It’s easier to fool people than convince them they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain.

          • Most military now live off base with their families. They will come home to some nasty situations if they fire on innocent people. People have about had enough of the stupidity that passes for government.

          • “Demonizing an adversary is the mindset used to create hatred of the ‘other side’….”

            That goes both ways.

          • I spent 38 years in service to my country and my first thought is to say “fuck you”. My second thought is to say “fuck you”. While some MAY obey orders, most will not. The Kent State issue was one of poorly trained NG troops and not knowing what they were supposed to do….i.e. poor leadership. ALL U.S. TROOPS ARE TAUGHT THE UCMJ AND THE CODE OF CONDUCT. WE are trained to understand legal and lawful orders and the difference between them and illegal and unlawful orders and this is done relative to ROEs, LOAC and the Constitution. When I first came in the military, due to the state of affairs and the times then, there was no teaching of this, although one would have thought it unnecessary to have to teach it. In any event, over the years troops were taught to DISOBEY illegal and unlawful orders. In a wholesale civil disorder scenario, the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines of the U.S. military will not, in a general assault, fire on their countrymen. I have heard this for years and have asked many troops this question from all the branches of the service (senior enlisted) and all of them expressed a significant understanding of the Constitution and the Posse Comitatus, that didn’t exist during the “Vietnam” days. Will some do it? Yes, but they will be the least trained troops, NG or Reserves, from certain places. The better trained units will not. One aspect has to do with where the troops are from. If they are from NY, NJ, etc., maybe. If they are from other places, NO. If you are used to “complying with authorities” for no particular reason then yes, but that is a state by state case. Any from any of the “people’s republics states” might, all the more reason to not live there. Most active duty people will not. That is a fact. So for my third statement, if you continue to think that in general the military will wage war on it’s own people…fuck you. Yeah, hit the red button, all you small minded bitches. I never “just obeyed orders” Be Well.

            • Thank you TripodXL. Finally a voice of reason. While I personally was not in the military, I was a military spouse for 18 years. The majority of these posts are from major idiots. First, not all individuals that join the military are mindless morons, joining only because they couldn’t do anything else and just wanted a paycheck. After all, all they have to do is go to another county where you’re hated and stand there waiting to be shot down by the enemy. Additionally, not all young people are mindless, without morales or a conscience. They put their lives on the line to protect and defend a country they love. Most military members take no joy in a kill, but they are fighting an enemy and just do what has to be done. And almost all would not consider an American citizen as an enemy. They know a lawful order from an illegal order. I know nothing about them being briefed that they would be court marshaled anyway. Is this written in some regulation or just in your narrow minded little brain. I don’t know where most of you are getting your information, but apparently you are making it up as you go along in an attempt to support your sick feelings about your own country. You are a disgrace to be putting down our US military members. if you hate this county so, don’t let the borders hit you in your ass as you’re leaving. My final closing statement – fuck you.

          • BULL SHIT !

            • This was in response to Rick in Oregon !

        • I believe that there are many variables that would come into play, and not all situations are the same. Yes there are situations where the military would fire on American citizens, but on the whole I don’t believe they would just do wholesale slaughter on the command of their superiors. It’s hard for me to believe that so many people on this site have such low opinions of our military personnel. Trekker Out. Still The Greatest Country On Earth!

          • MT, I hope you are correct but remember the tyrants in charge will use soulless para military to do the dirty jobs. These thugs only care about the money and most of them simply enjoy the act of taking lives either be on the American soil or some foreign soil.

            Some used to be called Black Water USA…….now they operate under different name.

            • Aren’t they called Akademi now, or something like that?

              • Test….They use so many names and operate in so many areas. Akademi is correct unless they changed it to something else.

                • Anonymous, I also believe there will be a lot of mercenaries out there with the Obamanites, UN boys, illegal aliens, etc. It will be a target-rich environment.

                • They can change their name, but they can’t so easily change their FACE…

            • Just what I always believed. You get these worthless Eisencruetz who can’t make it anywhere except they’re able to get through basic and fire a gun. Meanwhile they’re getting paid and sending money home. They got a salary, medical and back at home everybody else is just getting by. You don’t think they will do what their told. If that’s you, I hope you catch the first round.

              • This site has turned into a joke. All there are here now are left wing shitheads from daily KOS. Used to be a good site.

                • Only left wing nut job is you. Go away scumbag.

            • Yep Whores will do anything for money or just for the love of it.

          • I believe it’s not the Military per se but the angst is more directed at the military industrial complex jockey generals and civilian morloks in the Pentagon.

            • Talon, the Generals give the orders but it will be the soldiers in the lower ranks that will kill you. We need to own this problem of the military firing on us. Dang, do we have to buy the bullets with our own tax dollars that they use to kill us. We have no friends, do we?

              • You’re right distresses me also..I hoping for a desertion rate to tip the balance in favor of We The People. These mid level commanders will have to deal with friendly fire and fragging If theses troops are actual Americans. If they are hired help..I don’t think they will prevail in all direction sporadic sniping. If the Russian troops already here decide to go against the NWO..then they (NWO) have a major problem with well trained spetznaz and their knowledge of elite locations and how to neutralize them in their buried chambers. Being underground has an advantage of not taking direct fire..but it is also limited when they air they breathe is poisoned…gotta come out sometime..we’ll be waiting.
                Live Free or Die..hog tieing’s gonna be fun

          • Well, if you look at what happened back in the 60’s when students protested and even whats happened recently– then I guess you can only conclude that they would fire on us…

            However, you need to remember: there will be military against military and that will be our salvation… that and a lot of other things on our side.

            • You know I really hate to admit this, but sometimes I’m not really sure of what I believe on some events that took place in the past, other than my converison to Christianity. So I guess we better give it some careful thought before we make a statement on any given subject. I think back on Kent State and being a young man and in the Military at the time, I really had no sympahty for those students, and to be truthful without going back and doing some research on the incident I’m not sure what took place. I just know that I had a great dislike for Hippies and Liberal College Students. And still don’t have a great love for them. Trekker Out. God Forgive Me!

              • Well,to young to be considered a real hippie but consider myself a armed hippie.You had scared national gaurd/a country falling apart in many ways,and,a idiotic war started with once again false flag events.They shoot on unarmed protestors now,well,there will be one violent hippy soon shooting back,if even for only a short period.

              • Old man,

                Hippies made a hell of a lot better music than Laurence Welk. And the drugs and free pussy must have been fabulous. Wish I was there.

                • So do we.

                  So do we.

                • Come on now Acid, you must have been Snow Blind. How could you have not loved Laurences Champagne Music. I guess you were more of a Gomer Pyle fan. Trekker Out.

                • Here’s the Mormon Tabernacle Chior with their beautiful rendition of “Highway To Hell!”. And a 1 and a 2…. Everybody get down, get funky…

                • Sounds like you’re catching on the White Genocide…

                  Study the Frankfurt School, and you’ll know why what is called “music” today is pushed.

              • Let me be crystal clear here.

                Military’s got no right to fire on the damned Cripps, let alone merely liberal hippies. Only time you are allowed to fire on an American citizen is when, by doing so, you have a real chance of preventing the immediate death of another American citizen… yourself NOT INCLUDED if you are in Law Enforcement or the Military.

                That’s the way it is.

                • I think I get your point, TG. Allow me to reword and expand a bit?

                  Once we start separating out groups that “deserve” to die, we set ourselves up to follow in their footsteps. The choices of “WHO SHOULD die” is subjective and the list COULD get pretty inclusive:

                  I don’t like gang-bangers, so I feel justified to drop the hammer on any black kid with his ass-crack showing above his waist band.

                  Well, so-and-so don’t like hippies because he sees them all as always high and lazy, so he/she feels justified in shooting anyone with long uncombed hair who wears tie-dyed clothes.

                  WHAT’S YOUR CRITERIA? What kind of apparel makes YOU feel justified to kill a human being?

                  Remember that law enforcement has been trained since the academy, that EVERYONE IS A POTENTIAL THREAT, and we all MIGHT be armed and out to kill them…or tell on them.

                  (NO HESITATION, NO REGRET)

                  Maybe old people piss you off, or Asian, or autistic…it doesn’t matter how you categorize people, WHEN YOU START SEPARATING US FROM THEM, you create the self-justification to kill just about anyone or any thing.

                  The truth is, there is really only ONE instance where it is NOT murder…that’s in true self-defense or in defense of others in danger.

                  TPTB can work with that too.

                  To the soldier: “Those people” are threats to your home and country. It’s just point and shoot…

                  We point. You shoot.

              • Hey Trekker- Kent State wasn’t started by the Guard firing on ‘unarmed students’. I only ever saw the pictures of arms taken out of the dorms there one time, and you never saw them again after that. There were 5 or 6 tables like the churches use that were covered with guns and other weapons. Later on there was also an FBI agent that was there undercover and admitted he fired his handgun 5 times. Later on he changed his story and claimed he never fired it . The Guard opened up after there were shots fired because they thought they were being fired on.
                A friend of mine n Ohio maintains that the guard should have shot more of them !

            • At Kent State U

              National Guardsman had Rocks thrown at them.

              Then some ASSHOLE shot off some FIRE CRACKERS.

              My dad was a Police Officer at that time and, receive info. on that.

              I am not taking up for anyone.

              It is just the TRUTH.

              • And?

                You’re a LEO, by definition of becoming a LEO, your life is worth less than that of any other American citizen while on duty. If they shot at you, no immediate right to return fire. If they shot at other Americans, different story.

                Don’t like it don’t join up.

              • STRAIGHT SHOOTER,
                I lived 5 miles south of Kent State. It was my old stomping grounds growing up. Your statement is spot on and I’m glad to see someone else say that.The protesters threw bricks,molatave coctails,rocks, any thing they could find, and spat in the NGs faces. The setting off of the firecrackers was the start of the whole thing.

            • There was one incident of so called students being fired on at Kent State. They deserved it. The whole anti war movement was run from Moscow. Just look who is in the White house now and who his buds are. You all better start worrying about how you will survive when the regime change takes place. You will not be able to shoot your mouths off like you do now. Just wait and you will find just how non tolerant Ayers buddies in the progressive left are. Then again most of you are just loud mouths and will not make a peep when you know you will get a bullet or a vacation in a work camp. Enjoy the easy life while you can cause it is going to end soon.

              • Hope your cot is next to mine. You won’t make it when the SHTF.

          • Mountain Trekker: “on the whole I don’t believe they would just do wholesale slaughter on the command of their superiors.”

            As an ex-vet myself, it’s difficult to believe as well. But I have less faith in the younger, liberal, low-info, Obama-voting generation who are being ordered around by a joint chiefs staff who are all playing the political suck-up game to Obama.

            • @FreeSlave:

              “I have less faith in the younger, liberal, low-info, Obama-voting generation…..”

              You should. And for more than one reason. The kids that go through school these days, as a whole, have very little respect for anyone and anything. There seems to be a disconnect between reality and their actions. Shoot-’em-up games have something to do with it, but consider this:

              A lot of teachers in this day were themselves taught by people who grew up in the 60s. Now, if everyone thinks i’m going after Boomers, I’m not. It was a time of civil disobedience. The old-school teachers were stern, crotchety, and even close-minded at times. These old-schoolers, however, had enough honor to EDUCATE their students, and enough RESPECT both for the parents AND the students to let them use that education to think for themselves.

              Enter the people who grew up in the 60s and became teachers. These people do not educate, they INDOCTRINATE. Huge difference. It is insidious. Indoctrination strangles free thought and expression. It mocks what it cannot explain. It strangles dissent. It excommunicates those who disagree. Indoctrination disrespects both the parents and the its students.

              The majority of the “military-age” people have been ” indoctrinated” by these people and their students. These students have been disrespected, whether they realize it or not, almost from day one. All of this leads to the kinds of psychological test results that we see in the article above.

              Good news, many are beginning to wake up. It cannot come soon enough.

              • Stig’s American Cousin, you bring back some memories for me. I was fortunate enough to grow up in that generation and had some of those “old school” teachers. They truly EDUCATED, NOT INDOCTRINATED. We really learned how to think for ourselves. There’s no way I would “fit in” at any of today’s public schools. Nor would I want to.

                • Back in the fifties and sixties any cop that arrested a six year old, put him in cuffs and took him to jail for pointing his finger at someone and going “bang” would have had to resign because of the verbal abuse. remember when that kid in North Carolina was suspended for kissing his little girl friend on the cheek but it was OK for Clitoon to rub his dick on womens faces. Not a peep from NOW.

            • Free slave, I also believe the Obamanites will follow orders unquestioningly. All of the military’s top leadership are nothing but politicians in uniform. When I see an Obama supporter trying to harm any civilians, I’ll drop that POS, no questions asked.

        • the headline should read:
          The Psychological Reasons Why American citizens Would Fire On American soldiers.
          there fixed it for ya

        • An article from Hodges that isn’t shit?!

          Now I know it has hit the fan!

          Seriously though, these are all valid experiments and the conclusions are terrifying. You may be able to plead 1 to 1 with another person, but you run up against a squad of folks you are toast.

          • Always start with the leader.

          • Good evening, Townsaver. I normally consider Hodges’ articles to be BS myself, but damn he came up with something decent for a change. You’re right, now we need to worry about him.

        • Imagine this: S. Dakota got 8 Inches of snow.
          Headlines: Parts of South Dakota are buried under eight inches of snow
          Sep 11th 2014 1:05PM Per

          Do you have that year supply of firewood cut, split and stacked yet? Grid down, Pants down.

          • WWTI parts of Wyoming got 15 inches of snow. Preppers come on out. Trekker Out. What Water Shortage?

          • Most crops are still in the field. This could turn out to not be funny. More big rains forecast in the Southwest this next week which is great news.

        • It’s easy to brainwash an 18 year old. Years of sheeple training at public school prepare him for the basic training bonanza. I remember them playing ‘Proud to be an American’, by Lee Greenwood over and over in basic. Can still hear it in my head all these years later. The older soldiers are our hope to talk some sense into the young ones. Otherwise, we will shoot back.

          • The older guys are getting out. They can’t stand how political it has gotten. The, too, you have Obama purging officers for there political beliefs. (Officially, it is always a different reason.) Yea, I can see todays soldiers firing on unarmed civilians.

        • Agreed. I believe that many cops of varying levels–a high % of which are vets–look at the citizens as “enemy combatants.”

          In their solidarity or group think, the US populace can be mentally exchanged with innocent Iraqis or Afghanis…yes, I have no doubt we will be fired upon.

        • I know way to many military personnel who were NOt preppers before they went in and are now awake to tptb and what they are doing and are against it to believe this article.

        • You put way to much thought into this. it is a much simpler answer.

          You only need Congress to declare an incident or incidents as part of an insurrection under Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. Once that has been done then military would be free to fire on citizens because they would be following the Constitutional authority of Congress.

          So statements by Oathkeepers and other organization like them mean absolutely nothing.

          • This country was founded out of an insurrection and rebellion. Now is no different from then. The Constitution AKA THE MF’in LAW OF THIS LAND gives us the lawful and legal right/option to abolish any form of government that no longer represents the people. And it wasn’t just one event that led to the American Revolution. It was a long series of events. Just like the long series of events that’s currently playing out.

            • For people to believe they can use force to overthrow the U.S. Government would have to violate the very Constitution they claim to love and follow!!!!

      2. Maybe this is a reason for war…. Just kidding of course…
        Warning: not politically correct…

        A woman and her boyfriend are out having a few drinks. She starts talking about this really great new drink. After a while he gives in and lets her order the drink for him. The bartender brings the drink and puts the following items on the bar: A salt shaker, a shot of Baileys,
        and a shot of lime juice.

        The woman explains. First you put a bit of the salt on your tongue, next you drink the shot of Baileys and hold it in your mouth, and finally you drink the lime juice.”

        So, the boyfriend, trying to go along and please her, goes for it.

        He puts the salt on his tongue… Salty but OK. He drinks the shot of Baileys…very pleasant, holding it in his mouth. He thinks…this is OK. Finally he picks up the lime juice and drinks it.

        In one second the sharp lime taste hits. At two seconds the Baileys curdles. At three seconds the salty, curdled taste and mucous-like consistency hits. At four seconds it feels as if he has a mouth full
        of nasty snot.

        This triggers his gag reflex, but being manly, and not wanting to disappoint his girlfriend, he swallows the now foul tasting drink.

        When he finally chokes it down he turns to his girlfriend, and says,
        “Good God!!! What do you call that drink?”

        She smiles at him and says, “Blow Job Revenge.”

        • Thats mean!

        • Eppe
          No one told her, or him to swallow!!!!

        • He should drink more pineapple juice then everyone would have been happy.

        • If you eat a lot of fruit its actually not that bad.

        • Eppe, that one was really mean. And this time no fluid into my keyboard. keep them coming.

        • It’s a darn good thing I didn’t have anything in my mouth when I finished reading that! Omgoodness!

        • Politically Correct: A term for whiny pussies who need shit sugar coated.

      3. Tit for tat. What goes around comes around. Better to die on your feet a free man than to live on your knees as a slave!!!! And they better be careful prying my rifle from my cold dead hands cuz the barrel is going to be steaming hot!!!

      4. Yes we are creatures that don’t want to be different from our friends. We old folks over 55 remember Kent State, Viet Nam, The protest the riots, Doc. King the protest and the Riots, We all did what our friends did and now that we are old we see that it was wrong!
        Will the young military man do this more than likely. He will follow orders and follow what the other guy/gals are doing.
        Saying all of that. All we can do is hope and pray that there are still some old farts and or people who know history and will tell them to stand down.
        If not it will be up to the people to respond in kind and thus a Civil War /Revolution!
        I know that there are some young guys that will do what they are told about 60%. Then there is the 30% that won’t. That leaves 10% that don’t know what to do. I just hope that they have some old farts around to guide them. I will do what I can with my young LEO’s but I’m only one man.

        • Sarge,

          The consequences of taking a person on the lower end of the IQ scale and rewiring their sense of right and wrong has brought us to this point. The lower ranks do not ask why because they are not “allowed” to think. Thinking is drummed out of most of the recruits. It is as if a person who uses their brain has committed some sort of sin.

          Fortunately, experience can eventually make up for this brainwashing. All it takes is for an idiot to be in charge for a short while and the privates will start to realize that the system is broken. Once they realize that the system is broken, they are less apt to follow “suspect” orders.

          A moron in charge, at any level, is the best “wake-up call” the populace can get.


          Kinda reminds me of the present day.

          • Stigs A-hole Cousin,

            If you believe that then you don’t have a clue. Most people in the military are smarter and better educated than the general population. Most likely you have never been in and get all your anti military bias from the left wing homo sites you visit.

        • Pig,

          I knew an awful lot at a young age because I used non-academic books to study from, I was eager to gain all life experiences, and above all I was always a hateful little shit who wouldn’t listen to anyone.

          • AE I knew you had to be very smart at a young age, otherwise your intelligence wouldn’t show through in your comments, that are so highly regarded on this site. Trekker Out. Let It Shine!

        • Good evening, Sarge. Braveheart is another old fart who remembers all of those events as well. iwas caught up in the MLK assassination riot in Memphis on that night, but that’s another story for another time. Anyone I see trying t harm civilians after the balloon goes up will be a target in my scope. And I won’t care how they’re dressed, either.

          • Cuz you are so full of shit! Even Acid Etch cant compare. Were selling your supplies.

            • NGIC, my favorite idiot, how have you been? You don’t have the first clue where MY supplies are [OPSEC]. You’re not a troll, you’re just an idiot, so I can tolerate you. take care.

      5. You have to meet violence with violence, it doesnt work any other way. How many service personel will fight when it becomes clear they have a war on their hands ?. Added to which the enemy is not some muslim, but one of thier own kind. Put short, it will be bloody, but not long lived.

        • Dont think so , most will go AWOL and go home to protect their own.
          The rest will be the mexican gangbangers or muzzies that joined just to create havoc .
          They will die off fast. Dont doubt me.
          There are WAY too many well armed citizens in the US .

          • That the US citizens are well armed is the savior of your country. Foreign troops will pose a threat if not stood up to. The problem with all troop movement on foreign soil is logistics, well armed irregulars whould finsh it quickly.

          • hammerhead;
            I hope you are right


        • $.02: The Zimbardo experiment proved otherwise; they had to intervene to keep the dominant group (the prison guards) from violent abuse of the prisoners. He showed that prison guards, while acting in an authorized group, let the mission objective dominate their actions while their conscience remained suppressed. Many of the prison guard actors couldn’t explain how they were caught up in something that would normally reject by conscience. And this was corroborated by Milgram’s experiment showing that people would resign their conscience to a higher authority and carry out orders they would normally object to.

      6. American soldiers will fire on citizens
        they fired on their own

        Bonus Army

        the government will have to demonize the protesters
        make them less than human
        refer to them as animals or traitors
        when the police or military see them as less
        then they will fire

        worked great in Nazi Germany
        worked well for PolPot
        and a host of others

        • It will be the “100 minute war”. But which side will prevail?

        • TAKE A LOOK AT THE NAMES OF THE ORIFICERS WHO GAVE THE FIRE ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • There are enough agent provocateurs working the FBI and CIA to infiltrate dissident organizations. There will probably be Teamster and SEIU plants in the crowds with racist and inflammatory signs as well. And you will see Anderson Cooper, Candy Crowley, Chris Matthews, Melissa Perry and other government media stooges calling for police action to stop them Networks will point cameras at the most racist banners and the deranged nuts in the crowd (even if they represent 0.1% of the protesters). They will have their microphones on the most incoherent marchers, ignoring anyone with an IQ over 100. Even some professed conservatives and evangelical leaders will line up on CNN and POX to condemn the marchers and protesters!

          Not Glen Beck or Karl Rove. Neeeever!!

          When officers or members of the media start getting shot by just one of these plants, these juiced-up cops will start shooting into the otherwise peaceful crowds. And God help any protesters that brought their kids or elderly relatives! ABC, NBC, CBS, HLN and CNN will replay the “Tea Party terrorist” memes 24×7, with some creative splicing. Public sympathy will be with the military and LEO, and polls will show absolute hatred and contempt for those who oppose Obama and Holder. Expect the incessant bleatings of media pundits. “Raaaacists! Extreeeeemists! Biiggggots!”

          • This is why we need some clean people to insert into their organizations. They can then disseminate necessary intel from the CIA and NSA to liberty minded organizations and/or discredit US intelligence agencies.

        • Satori, I lost a relative in that incident. ANY soldier who points a weapon at Braveheart better be ready to kiss his/her own ass goodbye and I won’t care WHOSE army they belong to.

          • Cuz they should call you renegade blowheart!

            • NGIC, blow it out your ass, idiot.

        • They did that because they were lied to by McArthur. He accused them of criminal acts and they responded. Not one of the Armys better moments.

      7. All the more reason to continue the work of evangelism, as in helping people understand who Christ is. For anyone who truly has God’s Holy Spirit indwelling him, killing in the name of political conformity would be virtually impossible (yes, I understand there could be extreme cases, but this would be an infinitesimal percentage).

        Incidentally, *please* don’t bring up the issue of Nazi so-called “Christians” (which did not exist; rather, there were religious, non-Christian church-goers, just like we see today) until you read Eric Metaxes’ seminal book, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Prophet, Martyr, Spy, which spends 542 pages examining this exact topic, in what many feel to be THE definitive work on the subject. To wit: One of the Mengele-like doctors, Dr. Rascher. whose experiments on low pressure caused extreme pain on subjects (see bottom of p 510), and extremely low temps (see p 511) eliminated Christians due to repeated objections when they saw this type of stuff. Interestingly, Metaxes notes Christians objected even when it risked their lives. When some in the Luftwaffe found out, Metaxes says “they objected on religious grounds. Himmler was outraged at their objections. He decided to circumvent their objections by transferring Rascher to the SS, where Christian qualms were not a problem” (see p. 511, with Himmlers full quote on Christian objections at p 512).

        • Jesus taught: (1) Give your life, and not take a life, and (2) your conscience will reject the state mission objective which is to take by force (violence, coercion).

          Cognitive dissonance is the root cause of military suicides; depression and alcoholism are just symptoms.

          You cannot serve two masters.

      8. I have a few theories too:

        1. I call the first one the “Ferguson Chronicles”. Every time a protester loots a store you shoot him between the eyes with a rubber bullet. The purpose of this study is to see how many times a looter will steal before learning that crime has painful consequences.

        2. A variant of this study will apply the rubber bullet to a young thug playing the “Knockout Game” with the purpose of seeing how many times a young thug must be shot between the eyes with a rubber bullet before he learns to keep his hands to himself.

        3. With respect to the American Military firing upon American Citizens, there could be instances where it might be justified; like if they were hunting down the GB’s and the Traitors in the Nation who ordered and executed 911. Can you say “Dick Cheney?” I call this the “911 Study”.

        4. Then there is the “Second Amendment Theory”. In this study NWO Thugs come to your door and demand your guns. You kill them. The study is designed to determine how many dead NWO Thugs/PTB are necessary to die before Liberty is restored to America.

        Feel free to participate in the study of your choice. 🙂

        • Thats where the chips could be useful,
          An intuitive chip that issues an electric shock whenever the host attempts or entertains a violent or destructive act.
          Of course there is that fine line mark o the beast big brother issue, but hey, think of what a polite society we could create
          Be well Durango

          • Concealed carry has much the same effect.

        • DK, i’ll take part in all 4 studies you mentioned, only I’ll be using “lead and brass nutrients”.

          • RB: You are a greedy pig!!! LOL 🙂

      9. This old fart has seen enough especially in the last 6 years to not conform to group think. I’d try and set an example for the younger bunch.

      10. the way i see it

        if they fire upon us, they are , NOT American soldiers
        and should be met with like force or worse

        again , if their families live here..this would be a really bad and stupid move

        and at the point where this shit would happen
        all bets are off

        we also have an advantage in this case.. they wear uniforms

        • We aint played cowboys and grunts yet either!

        • VRF,

          I’m sure by your comment ” if their families live here..this would be a really bad and stupid move” that you’re simply stating that their families would be undefended from “bad guys” if they should happen to be killed, and not that there would be retaliation against their families, right?

          It could be taken either way, but I’d hope you’re not a proponent of harming/killing spouses and children for something the husband/father did.

          • My perception of the VRF comment is when you kill innocents…Shit happens in revenge.

          • Wasn’t advocating
            Just pointing out the realities of war

            It basically comes down to don’t fuck with me , I won’t fuck with you
            Or like they said way back when and it still holds to this day

            Don’t tread on me

            • VRF I understand your comments and I’m right there with you. I’ll only target the ones I see trying to harm civilians and the ones who try to target me. I won’t harm their families as long as they don’t try to harm me.

              • Im with you on this
                Basically the point i was making is

                Many others dont look at it the way we do, and punishment or revenge is the only way they deal with this

                and when it all goes bad, all bets are off

                they will be playing with their destiny and their families. Guarded or really wont matter.

                its all a foolish game they think they can win.. maybe so, but at what cost and I doubt they are really looking hard enough at that

          • When people get mad logic goes out the window. It will be a sad day if any of this stuff happens. We will be killing each other clueless to the reality that everyday more people are brought into the country who will be pushing us out. Before we fight among ourselves we better think about that. The decision has been made to get a more compliant population and shooting each other just helps that along.

      11. The larger a community is… the more will the individual be morally and spiritually crushed, and, as a result, the one source of moral and spiritual progress for society is choked up. …every man is, in a certain sense, unconsciously a worse man when he is in society than when acting alone;… Any large company composed of wholly admirable persons has the morality and intelligence of an unwieldy, stupid, and violent animal. The bigger the organization, the moral unavoidable is its immorality and blind stupidity….

        Jung (1938)

        • “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.”

          – Thomas Jefferson

          • “One man is a mob and mob is one man” (Seneca) AD 40ish

      12. In every country on this planet, the tyrants and dictators have used their armed forces to kill their own people when their interest was perceived to be in danger. Don’t fool yourself thinking American forces won’t fire on “Law Abiding American Citizens”. What happened in Ferguson wasn’t specific to black rioting, if they were white the same forces would open fire on them without any hesitations if the crowd was simply demonstrating a property tax increase and was perceived as enemy of the ruling class.

        I am sure there are some red blooded American armed forces to resist the ruling tyrants in the US of A but they are in minority and sadly they are being eliminated each and every day as part of the CIVILIAN ARMED KILLERS formation and completion.

        To me any one from any branches of a law enforcement / military unit who opens fire on Americans to just support their tyrant masters (aka, Zio Banks, Multi National Corps) should be perceived as the domestic enemy and to be dealt with the same as a foreign enemy.

        I just pray to God such day never comes and good prevails over the current evil. And this pray is not only for my country rather is for the mankind.

        • All enemies foreign and domestic

          • Spent some time in the Uniform did you ?

        • Hey, that’s a good post, anonymous…

          Might makes right in this country and deadly force will be used if you resist or don’t comply to the Empire’s agents. As Satori said above, they will demonize you no matter who or what you are if it threatens their power.

          The uniformed “King’s agents’ will be told you are domestic terrorists. They will have no problem seeing you as such. “Hivemind”

          • JRS, indeed correct.

      13. Soldiers rationalized firing upon their own brother veterans during the Bonus Army march. The NG did the same at Kent State. There is no doubt in my mind that most military members WILL toe the line when commanded to. Their paycheck, family, and careers are on the line. And if they refuse they are quickly canned. It often takes a man with nothing to lose to do the right thing.

        • So far they have not had We The People fire back, next time they wont be so lucky, they too are mere mortals, make your shots count!

          • Just be sure to let them draw first blood. This gives you the moral imperative and your actions can then, theoretically, be justified in the court of public opinion. Always consider how your actions will be perceived if at all possible. The last thing you want to do is give them a propaganda coup due to your actions.

        • I hope you are wrong, but the Bonus Army protest, which has a violent put down, is an important point. One point though: This occurred before the Nuremburg Trials, which form a declension in the world’s conscience and consciousness. Not sure which will win..

          Ah yes… taking a human life for money and a job. Even the Nazis might be disgusted at that equation (OK, maybe not)

          • The Hessians had no problem with it.

            • “Ah yes… taking a human life for money and a job. Even the Nazis might be disgusted at that equation (OK, maybe not)”

              Volunteer armies and security companies have been doing it for years. The French Foreign Legion was largely composed of ex German soldiers post WWII. Don’t think for a second they had any moral or political position. They did as they were told and killed who they we told to kill.

        • If things got that bad the threat of execution may accompany that loss of pay and benefits. On a large scale your talking unchartered waters in the US but across the globe such acts are common. That in itself is telling something of “human” nature.

        • Good ole Abe Lincoln had no problem having his generals execute deserters on a daily basis. The draft riots in New York City resulted in Abe’s soldiers killing a number of protesters.

          Even George Washington had no problem sending an army to kill off the Whiskey Rebellion.

          But we should not even mention Waco (started under GB Sr, ended under Janet Sterno).

          After all, even evangelicals applauded the use of CS gas and automatic weapons to shoot and incinerate men, women and children.

          And when the bullet hits the bone, alot of the churches will side with the government. Pulpits will be proud of our men in uniform, no matter how many golden retrievers they kill. No matter how many infants are burned to death with flash grenades in the war on drugz!

          Will these churches give the police and military men standing ovations and banquets and care packages when they detain and transport their neighbors and parishioners to “summer camp”? Will they tell us to support the thin blue line and give us a Romans 13 sermon?

          • 50-Million evangelical church goers will hear pastors tell them “Those who disent are Antisemites and evil racist nazis”….Then you will see the worst possible effects of americans killing off other americans.

            And that 50 million delusional crowd is going to 100% believe that Gods gonna bless them and america because they so defended imaginary jew “victims”.

            While most jewish folks are likely to be safe and sound inside their several thousand Synagouges of Satan locations which have had the huge benifit of recieving aprox 95% of all total DHS couple Hundred Millions of us dollars to spend on beefed up security, bullet proof windows and doors etc which was paid for by Non jewish taxpayers aka them “Goyims”…Less than 2% of usda POP has recieved 95% or more of all fed dhs dollars in the hundreds of millions worth…While that Other 98% Goyims gets the remaining 5% cash dollar grants for beefed up security!

            And that 50 million deluded church membership will agree fully thats good and Fair as jews always deserve way more due to being always innocent “victims” of all other Goys.

            They are who will be the worst possible brainwashed enemys of true patriotic folks…just the idea or thought that patriot anti govnt forces are also antisemites as Pastor says is enough to send them fools into a flurry of wild abandon in order to “Save jewish Victims” even if not a single jew was harmed and none can be found that got harmed!…All Pastor needs do to convince em all is to also call the antisemites “Evil Nazis” too. That will do it for certain!…They will Kill without question to get that elusive Blessings that have so swell shaped america since 1948 when they first began to so greatly bless jews and Israel state…look how swell 65 yrs of that blessings has worked so far on america and society overall, since how it used to be back in Pre-1963 eras eh.

            If That particular group of “christians” is who feds label as potential problem folks?…I can see why.

          • Mat,any organization that supports govt./private security killing the citizens/rounding em up ect. are then also the enemy and need to be treated the same.

          • The sticky problem with the Draft Riots of 1863 is that the rioters had already started killing people before the military stepped in. It had moved way beyond a peaceful protest. In a case like that you kinda have to expect things to get chaotic and bloody. It’s a messy little piece of history that I had considered using in my comments, but upon further research decided that it just wasn’t cut and dry enough to work.

      14. One other point that I **hope** is the case, if this ever occurred. When East Germany fell, one of the key turning points was when *peaceful* protesters left a church in Leipzig. The East German communist leader, which I believe was Erich Honecker at the time (correct me if I am wrong, I didn’t check), called out **armed** troops. Remember, these were young men who only knew violent, murderous communism for the past 45 years.

        They did NOT fire.

        Why? Yes, there were multiple factors as to why they did not, and I suppose historians will debate all that went into the mix. Our job is to peacefully and non-violently ***create similar “multiple factors” that historians might cite 45 years from now. We do this through education and information dissemination – EXACTLY what this site is doing. The fascists have taken over the lamestream media, Hollywierd, most of the educational system – but we still have the internet and the First Amendment. We need to use them every day to wake people up from the fascist swamp miasma engulfing the West (and incidentally, you notice I use fascist and leftist interchangeably. If you look up the planks the National Socialists – Nazis – adopted in their very first convention, held Munich, Feb. 1920, or how Mussolini – who first came up with the term – defined the word fascism (from the word fasces, or sticks bound together) you will know why.

        • That was a truly amazing time in history because it was not only East Germany that fell to unarmed protesters. It was most of the communist block that fell. Of course, not all were successful either as the student uprising in China at Tienanmen Square ended in brutal repression. I think what we can take from it is that it all depends on the way the soldiers see things. I don’t relish the idea of seeing how such a scenario will play out as it could easily go either way. Just don’t trust that they won’t fire on you because there is a good chance they will.

          • Ceausescu and his wife who was head of Romanian secret service tried to hold on and killed civilians in power struggle when wall fell,they lost,quick trial and gunned down back of court house with AK’s,seems fair to me considering what they did.That said,a lot of former soviet republics still straight out violent dictatorships,the wall has fallen for a long time but the battle for freedom rages on.

            • Yeah, sadly a lot of those republics are still repressive dictatorships. Most of them though were from the Islamic part of the USSR (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc.) and I tend to think they would be a far greater menace to mankind if they were free. It’s sad to say it but not every people can handle freedom.

      15. Ill stick by myself. it seems to work better. besides gotta catch me to imprison me.

        • the link is gone,page has been removed…?

          • I noticed that also,my guess is if worth a damn the page mirrored all over the net with a decent search.I remember recently hearing some guy from congress who had access to 9/11 info.said at moment could not be forthright with info. but that the public will be disgusted/shocked when comes out,time will tell.

      16. Then I guess we will have to fire back then

        • Thats what all those boxes of 175g 7.62×51 are for

          • Kula,lets not forget also the old school but very effective 7.62×54!That said,a .308 man me self but amazing what folks have done with the bolt Mauser.

      17. We will not forgive, We will not forget! Soldier or not, blood on your hands will follow you till the end.

      18. I don’t think they will hesitate to fire. In the 80s we would endlessly train for urban warfare and engaging civilians. These days, most have been fighting overseas in brutal, secret and not-so-secret wars and conflicts. People are numb to killing. They are fed on the buzz of money and the task – nothing else.

      19. IED’s,long range single shots,booby traps,hell,the list is endless on what citizens need if attacked by govt.,can be done.I do believe the tech in military and govt. will be hard hit by patriotic computer/tech gadget types,that will certainly make the playing field a bit more level.I do believe some will turn on masters/just bug out for home ect.,unfortunately I do think we will see at some point.More killed by democide in 20th century then all wars combined.

        • Booby traps,
          Ive fallen for those a few times,,,

          • Heh heh..he said…boobies

            • You said “boobies” too! ÷)

      20. The armed forces are going to have a real snafu on their hands. They will be firing on civilians as well as those who break ranks and F$%K this! Turnabout IS fair play. As soon as words spreads that they have done this, their families and friends are in deep kimchee. They have NO idea.

        I will post my usual here for those who have not seen it yet:

        -KNOW your neighbors
        -KNOW where they work
        -KNOW what they do

        It will be much easier to sort out the good, the bad and the ugly later when they prove they have forsaken their oaths… military and police alike.

        Speaking of firing on civilians, it’s coming SOON to a country near you!

        Martin Armstrong Warns “Spain Is Moving Towards Civil War”
        (from ZeroHedge site)


        The Spanish government is militarizing, gearing up for violent protests against the EU that are expected to turn up before a hot autumn. Spain is now equipping the police with over one billion million euros with new combat equipment. Opposition leader Antonio Trevin called the purchase therefore “a return to the times we would rather forget.” The Interior Ministry has responded merely justifying their rearming as necessary – “because of the current social dynamics”, reports the Guardian. Simply put, Spain is moving toward civil war.

        • Was Picasso’s Guernica painted THAT long ago?

          Oh wait, I forgot! Those that forget history are doomed to… oh, forget it. Who cares! Besides, I have to dash off to get my food stamps and attend my latest “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant-in!

          • Most people don’t realize that Spain became fascist with the help of Hitler and Mussolini. To this day, they are still digging up mass graves of dissidents executed and buries all over Spain AFTER WW2.

      21. There will not be much fight at all in the soma monkeys. A few days of no food , scarce water , no high fructose treats. Plus running out of psych candies . The .mil cna circle the wagons for a few weeks , in the winter. Mop up in the spingtime cause 89 % of the sheeps will not be alive.

      22. Prof. R.J. Rummel of Univ. of Hawaii, in his book Death by Government, has painstakingly detailed that roughly 170 million people were murdered by their own governments in the last century, with about 99% of those deaths coming at the hands of socialist countries. The Soviet Union murdered about 62 million of its own people (as they themselves revealed with they opened their archives after the fall of the Berlin Wall); Mao’s people’s workers’ paradise murdered 35 million, and the National Socialists (Nazis) murdered about 21 million in total. The recently deceased Rummel’s website is at

        • The late Aaron Zelman (may he be known for good) and friends in JPFO compiled the genocide / civilian disarmament data over two decades ago. It was painstaking in detail and used as a reference thereafter.

          The Second Amendment movement misses you.

      23. Remember that Robert E Lee would not take the army into the South & fire on civilians. His family farm Arlington was seized & now is Arlington National Cemetery That is why he became a southern officer.

        • The Union didn’t fire on civilians either. Lee fought with Virginia to protect slavery. After the war, a lot of southern white terrorists formed the Ku Klux Klan to deny freedom to black people. God punished the south for slavery. Not only was it largely destroyed but southern states remain the most uneducated, backward, and poor states in the union.

          • Barn Cat…we were having very interesting comments and idea sharing until you left the barn and joined with your stupid thoughts. And please don’t use the word God with your posts since your God believes in lies and the the killing of little babies by your beloved criminal tribe and the financial crimes against humanity.

            Stay in the barn and finish the meow cat food.

            • You hate the Jews just like your father Satan does. And no, the Jews don’t murder babies. Stop getting your information from the moronic Nazi sites.

          • Horseshit! you forget about the draft riot in NY when there were those didn’t want to join and were beaten and shot. You been inhaling those fumes from Sylvester’s shit box too long.

            • And “Marse Robert” fought for Old Dominion ’cause he didn’t want to fight his neighbors in his home state. Get your facts straight you old biddy.

          • The damn Yankees did so fire on civilians. Why don’t you read about Sherman’s March to the Sea. He watched his soldiers rape and kill and didn’t order them to stop. They shelled homes and killed the people in them.

            When the KKK formed their national organization in the 1920s, blacks had been free for a long time. In the 1915 city directory for my hometown, black people owned half the grocery stores and more than half of the restaurants. That didn’t change until FDR’s crap.

            God didn’t punish the South for slavery. Most people didn’t own slaves. The Yankees punished the South because the federal government didn’t agree with us or the constitution about states’ rights.

            They publicized the war as being about slavery until most people believed it. They don’t remember that northern states used to have slaves also. Check the 1790 census for some of the northern states and you will see the column labelled slaves with numbers next to various heads of households.

            Your hero, Abraham Lincoln, didn’t care about slaves. The Emancipation Proclamation was a form of punishment to the Confederacy. If it had been about compassion for the slaves, it would have freed all of them, not just most of them. You can ask around and you won’t find one person in a thousand that knows that the Emancipation Proclamation had a number of exceptions in it. And Old Abe wasn’t even a Lincoln. His supposed father didn’t show up until little Abraham was four or older. I’ve seen a photo of his real daddy, and he looks just like him.

            We are not backward and uneducated. For your information, the Usenet part of the internet originated between Duke and UNC. The Research Triangle, with IBM and other big names, is in NC. NC government and education was almost completely wired before any northern states had much more than started.

            You say “largely destroyed” and then say “poor”? Well, duh. That might have something to do with why my home county didn’t have a single factory of any kind until 100 years after the Civil War. My parents and a lot of my relatives had to go to NY in the 1950s for jobs. Thank the Lord they got back to NC in time for me to be born and not be a damn Yankee.

            • Yes, but there is a big difference between the existence of an organization and the time it is formalized. The Klan was originally a covert organization made up of ex Confederate officers and was formed a short time after the war. That’s a known part of their history. Also, the worst thing to happen to the South was the death of Lincoln. Lincoln had wanted a gentle reconciliation. Instead, what happened was reconstruction under Grant who was hell bent on punishing the South. Grant also didn’t give a sh*t about the plight of the ex slaves who then wound up in the de facto slavery system of share cropping. Real normalization for blacks in the US really didn’t become possible until the 1960’s. Unfortunately though. LBJ ruined that with the Great Society that just stuck them on another plantation.

            • Archivist;
              I gave you a thumbs up, but please don’t assume that all northerners think as barn cat does.

              We need to get past the north/south bullshit if we are ever to save this country.


            • You might want to know the 13th amendment didn’t free the slaves either. The amendment states, “slavery and involuntary servitude is abolished: except as punishment for a crime”. So, in effect all the did was transplant slavery from the fields to the prisons, jails, and probation officers. This is a fact and it is extremely big business. Heck, you can by prison stock on wall street.People haven’t gotten rich on it.

          • Barn Cat.

            You are way off the mark.

          • Barncat, you’ve had way too much of the federal koolaid. The union Army DID fire on civilians. Your HERO Lincoln put thousands of people in the NORTHERN states under indefinite house arrest and into prison for no justifiable reason, just on the mere suspicion of being “unloyal to the Union”. General Lee did NOT fight to preserve slavery, HE FOUGHT FOR STATES’ RIGHTS; TO PRESERVE THE CONSTITUTION. Your beloved Abe Lincoln is NOT the saint you were led to believe. The only reason the southern states are still poor is because of FEDERAL POLICIES aimed strictly against the southern states since 1865. The reconstruction era was one of the saddest and darkest chapters in American history. We were under military rule and occupation for over a decade. It was white people who suffered terribly in the south during that period, NOT black people. Our local, county, and state elections were controlled by Northerners sent down by Washington, DC during that era and it was a combination of northern carpetbaggers, southern scalawags [southerners who sold out to the feds] and freed slaves who tortured, raped, oppressed and killed our people. there was a resistance to what these people were doing to us and rightly so. Your stupidity and ignorance shows you know nothing about the South, so go f#$% yourself!

            • Barncrat is a troll, best to ignore trolls

            • No, the south didn’t secede because of states rights. What rights did they secede over? The south seceded because Abraham Lincoln was seen as an abolitionist. Not only did the south oppose freedom for slaves but they also VIOLENTLY opposed them having the same rights as the white man.

          • Why thank you for that complement and that blanket statement about we southerners.
            Poor is such a ‘relative’ word.

            • Really? Look at per capital income by state, educational level by state, and crime by state. Mississippi is rich in crime and illegitimacy but poor by any other measurement.

              • The south didn’t Lack a huge number of Jewish Carpet Baggers who infiltrated after wars end. SEE: Jewish Monsanto family of genocidal “Morano jews” Farm seed and dna corn fame as one example. Many more such examples exist if one steps outside the realm of the synagouge of Satan and all of their many Lies.

                Why is it Never Hate to expose non jew goyims?…Yet any mention of jews other than as worlds biggest victims who never did wrong is always Hatred of jews?

                What a brainwashed mind you have Barn Cat. Exit that synagouge of satanic influense before it fully destroyes You as it has done to so many jews.

                Elsewize you too will become a Jesus hater antichrist like them jews are.

      24. They’ll just be told that whomever they’re told to kill is “the enemy”, or “terrorists”, etc.

        • Why else would they be calling us terrorist now! Never thought i would live to see the day when patriots and libertarians were considered more of a threat than islamic militants. Twilight zone!

      25. Any attack or scenario by which martial law is declared or exercised (including raids on individual houses, vehicles or persons for any reason) will be viewed by the people as an attack on them and will be counterattacked by them to the annihilation of their attackers.

      26. PRAYERS FOR THIS DAY 9-11-01 —- 9-11-14






        U.S. MILITARY









        • It serves no purpose to pray for the dead. They’re either in Heaven or Hell. Nothing will change God’s justice.


          It sure in hell will happen again because their still running our Goooberment. NO MORE DUAL CITIZONSHIP SCUMBAGS RUNNING OUR COUNTRY.

      27. Kent State was a stupid example. A bunch of brainless hippies staged a war protest and threw rocks at people with guns. They got what they deserved.

        I think soldiers would fire on unarmed civilians. If they wouldn’t it would be pretty easy to put people in with the protesters and fire first.

        • So barn,a few throw rocks and just shoot randomly into crowd?!I guess then anyone who is on this board should be judged for stupidity because they on the same forum on as you.

          • Stay

          • Warchild, don’t argue with the fool, you’ll only get Cat Sh*t on you!

        • douche bag

          • yup, with a leak in it.

          • Ponderable:

            Why do they advertise “disposable” douche? Why would anyone want to keep one?

            • Well… people do reuse dildos and vibrators and they go in the same place. Just sayin’.

        • The roots of the Vietnam War starting with the reneging of the agreement to prevent the French reoccupying Indo China for Ho Chi Min helping us fight the Japanese up through paying 95% of the French war effort culminating with the bogus Gulf of Tonkin incident puts this “hippies” on the morally correct side.

          The above is historical fact.

        • Barncat, I can see firing at anyone who’s trying to harm you but firing into a crowd that HAS NOT done any such thing? The neocons would be proud of you. You sound like Bush, Cheney, Napolitano, etc.

          • Get a grip. Learn to disagree with someone without acting like a total idiot. I used to have a lot of respect for you. But not anymore.

      28. Well, if the cops will murder unarmed Americans now why not the military? They have made it clear…it is “Us” VS “Them”. It’s sad but that is their mentality and until millions die, including their own family members they will continue following orders blindly murdering Americans.

      29. They’ve got the guns. We got the numbers.
        -Jim Morrison

        • Yes AP but we got the guns as well so add the number to it, the result would be very clear specially if we get really pissed.

          • But only if enough of us showed up to fight. As fractured as this group of people are, I doubt we could all cut it down to a common core set of things we believe and can agree on that are worth fighting and dying for. Until that happens, all you will get is small skirmishes with the government side winning every time.

            I would also add that nothing will happen until people feel they have nothing else to lose. Right now things may be kinda crappy but they aren’t awful. Most of us have cars, air conditioned and heated homes, cable TV, food, homes with running water and electricity, etc. Things aren’t really that bad (on a global scale). Thus there is no perceived, immediate need for revolt unless they push us.

      30. Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.


      31. This not the late 60’s and early 70’s it will more than likely not go down at a place like Kent State, free love’n, flower power is over. As for the psychological factor in all of this, it will be evenly distribuend; because there will be a lot of firearms on the other side of the Governments reps., this time and they know it all too well. No matter whom fires the first shot each will blame other. Ugly will not describe the outcome; the spread of this engagement will be unbelievable in speed. Look with in 48hrs the whole country will be engaged and that my friend is GAME OVER. When you see the waiter the next time oh check please. Lock and load with one in the chamber and your finger on the safety. See you on the front line.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

      32. If a group of soldiers refuse to shoot Americans, then they will be subject to a false flag attack to rile up the soldiers to “do their duty”. Dumb simpletons. Works every time.

      33. All the Psychological reasons are laid out in Dr. M. Scott Peck’s second book, “People of the Lie”, specifically in his Chapter on Group Evil, wherein he spells out those reasons by using the My Lai massacre as an example.

        Unless you possess the healing power of love, or ENOUGH raw brute force to repel ALL those soldiers (& their backups) ordered to fire on you, your BEST bet is to make sure you are nowhere around when they come to town by truck, train, subway, or helicoptor to take you on to kill you.

        Forewarned, forearmed.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “The best battles ever fought ever won were those not even begun.”
        – Sun Tzu, in “The Art of War”

        • Govt.s capable of murder,just research democide for the 20th century.

      34. there will be people that need to be killed when the rioting starts, the looters should be shot on site, the ones in ferguson should have been shot. There is always a segment of people who are just waiting to rob, rape, kill, loot, these should be shot by the police and military, they have my support.

      35. Once civilians are fire upon by the military, things will change fast. If Kent State happened today, the surrounding incidents that lead to that would not be the same. That is to say the tolerance level is very low and blowback would have more carnage involved. We now have police doing as much damage. There is a small difference that we accept between when the police do it and then the military does it.
        So it does not matter if you need a reason to fire upon the people. Police and Military will eventually do it by issued orders from command. All it needs to do is happen.

        • If they didnt kill me they will sure as HELL wish they had i dont have rules of engagement,
          And at the very least will be one pain in the ass

      36. “The prisoners and guards were allowed to behave in any manner they chose. However, the interactions were generally hostile or even dehumanizing. The guards began behaving in an aggressive and abusive manner toward the mock prisoners. Subsequently, nearly all of the prisoners became passive and depressed. Five of the prisoners began to experience such severe and acute anxiety, that they had to be released from the study early.”

        Welcome to an extreme version of the entirety of my life…

        Thus it is said… money does not buy happiness. money buys peace. Ronald Reagan taught me well on that one… just apply it to money instead of nukes.

        This comes as no news to me.

        Even if money itself is not the issue, it can be converted into resources, or into services capable of rendering defense against your typical monkey-boy.

        The one thing you never want to be is broke and powerless. If you are, people screw with you just for the sheer hell of screwing with you.

      37. Kind of explains how the establishment politicians are elected and reelected… Weak minded people who go along…

      38. Life to me is one big game of “stockpile enough financial nuclear weapons to defend yourself, while simultaneously reducing threat inputs”. Clearly, the two goals are in conflict, so it undergoes this ratchet effect. Surf up as much money as you can and jump to another board before you wipe out, repeat, then when you’ve finally got enough, go be a hermit.


        Is it just me, or is this a species-wide phenomenon? I have to believe it is at least partially species wide. Evidence: “it takes a village to f**k with your sh**”.

        Of course given that the schools I went to up until high school bear a striking resemblance to that experiment video… I’d say I’m a bit worse than most.

      39. https ://

      40. The great difference between Kent State and the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s verses the more likely recipients of the governmental heavy hand today is that the former two could easily be marginalized to the masses. Many whites did not socially or politically side with blacks and war protesters to the WWII vets were unpatriotic at best and criminal communist dope smokers at worst. Given an economic collapse or runaway inflation or both as the catalyst the bulk of the people will identify with the citizens beaten, shot or otherwise physically abused. That tends to act as a catalyst for a Boston Massacre type of situation galvanizing public support around the protestors.

        “You can fool all of the people some of the time and sum of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

        Unleashing the force of the US Military upon the civilians when the majority can at least sympathize with their plight would carry with it political consequences far in excess of the intended fear lesson attempted to be given. Its not unlike the US mindset however to deploy a sledge hammer to kill a fly in the vain attempt of, “We will show them who is boss”.

        • oops some not sum……

        • @Kevin2;
          Good Post


          • Both Lech Walesa and Vaclav Havel harnessed the power of the masses in strikes that set the stage for the collapse of the USSR. Withholding labor cripples a nation. Force can be threatened by government but its application on mass scale is counterproductive. Using an air strike on the civilian population does not endear one to the citizens in the adjacent city. The use of massive firepower by General Westmorland in Free Fire Zones in the end created far more VC than it eliminated. That recently fired from CNN anti Second Amendment Britt empty suit with a microphone (forgot his name) stated how can “The People” defeat their government if it becomes tyrannical when the government possesses nuclear weapons. I wish I was on his show because I would ask, “and where could they be successfully used in an indigenous insurgency”?

            In the end the battle is won or lost with the “Hearts and Minds” of the civilian population. Holding the high moral ground swaying public opinion will have a greater impact than heavy firepower. I believe Carl Von Clausawitz (spelling) said, “War is politics by other means”.

            • I would also like to say the opposite is also true.

              “War is politics by other means” = “Politics is war by other means”.

              In the end both seek to obtain a political objective.

      41. I guess I’m just a misfit. I’ve always been a dissenter, always will be. We as a people will need way more dissenters to win the battle up against what presently looks like an ever growing militarized police state hellbent on shutting us down and out as free people with rights and a voice. If you have sold out your fellow brethren for money or power, then you are fair game for we the people’s wrath. I will also die as a dissenter. My WW2 veteran father did and I’m sure other ancestors did also. I legally can’t own a firearm, but I will serve the freedom fighters otherwise.

        • Aljamo,try as hard as I can still see no part of the second in the bill of rights that says firearm ownership only for the “law abiding”.That said,with all the laws passed daily there is no way unless dead that you are NOT a law breaker.As for firearms,consider black powder/private sales/build your own,the options are large just on firearms alone.We as a people attacked straight out with violence by our own govt. and their minions firearms though important will play only a part in armed resistance.

      42. Good Evening Everyone,

        A very handy link to have…for the ‘Solar inclined’ here,

        This is a link to the site that evaluates the severity of all current Solar effects. They use a ‘guage system’ to edify the reader..much like the dashboard of your car. Pay close attention to the ‘Polar Convection’ figure…it aums up the current activity’effects at a glance; the higher that is, the more effect on us here.

        Neyond what is there listed aditional gauges relating more esoteric data are avaliable on the page.

        The initial effects of yeterday’s X-flare should begin manifesting shortly and indeed the dynamic pressure is up significantly at this time. The ‘main wave’ is expected to impact us at around 17:00 UTC tomorrow last I checked.

      43. This article reminds me of the book Dr. Zhivago; the part where the hardened Strelnikov (a brainwashed Russian commissar) reveals his beliefs/motivations to Zhivago (which later drives him to madness and suicide):

        Strelnikov/Pasha: “But what does that matter? The private life, love, and so on, it’s all dead and gone now, don’t you agree? We have more important things to do. In any case, it was a way to delusion.”
        Yuri: “It’s the only thing that makes life worth living.”

      44. A better article would have been “Will American Citizens Fire On American Soldiers”

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        • River Rat; you made my day!


        • Thanks River Rat. Grandson is a Civil War buff, so will be making some of these for him on his next visit.

      47. for me its simple. We now have a vollentier military. No one was drafted. Our military consist of those who where dumb or gullible enough to willingly be cannon fodder for the UN & NWO. There is no doubt they will fire on the American citizens if ordered to do so. They where brainwashed in boot camp.

        • @Old Guy. This ALL VOLUNTEER ARMY CLAIM is BS. The word Volunteer means you volunteer and when you chose not to volunteer, you can’t just walk away. You are the Army’s Slave. And the longer you stay the longer you are a slave to their rules, even for life. If you receive any pension or benefits from the Military after you finish your obligation, if you commit fraud or make any mistakes in your private life, they can stop paying you pensions, etc, period.

          Volunteer also means you “WORK FOR FREE.” So who in the military works for FREE? Nobody. So there is no such thing as an ALL VOLUNTEER ARMY or anyone at all who Volunteered at all because they get paid. They are well paid Mercenaries wearing the uniform. The Military loves to claim that (ALL VOLUNTEER)falsehood claim for propaganda purposes, thinking everybody in the military (Volunteers) agrees with their mandate to bring hell to every corner of the planet,and to oppress 3rd world people to steal their resources for US Corporations.

          All Volunteer my A$$. Just More Military BS Lies!!

          • None in the military today where drafted. The chose to join the military. Nobody presently in the US army was forced to join up. Maybe voluntierwas the wrong choice of words. However the fact remains their nothing more than paid enforcer cannon fodder for the Un Now & agenda 21. and they will indeed fire on anyone their ordered to fire on.

      48. Folks, I didn’t read the article or the responses, why, becasue it came from Dave Hodges, that’s why. When you see his name:RUN. He is nothing more than an expert fear monger. According to him,ww3 was supposed to start no later than June 8, this year. The gulf coast was going to be evacuated because of the bp oil spill. The Cliven Bundy cattle grazing incident was going to evolve into a civil war. He has more theories than Einstein, and when they don’t happen, more excuses than Obama. His favorite guest on his radio talk show is Dr. Jim Garrow, a purported ex-cia operative who has one end of the world synopsis after another.Garrow’s latest, mass attacks on shopping malls by Isis during the Labor Day weekend or September 11. Heck, my grandmother was a cia operative. They are under every leaf in the woods. Seriously, this guy, and nothing associated with him, has any business being on any legitimate prepper website. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, after Ruby Ridge and Waco to figure out that, yes indeed, American soldiers will willingly fire upon taxpayers. Do we really need someone to tell us that!

        • Hodges is a Shabos Goyim. AKA..A gentile Goy that jews can always count on to do whatever dirty work or advance jewish propagandas that jews need doing to create their tribal JWO(Nwo)…..The only Main difference from a Shabos Goyim like him and a Jewish Sayanam operative is that ones jewish, the shabos goy wishes he was!

          Theres a good expose Book by a Former israeli Mossad agent, “Victor Ostrovsky”( I think its his name?) a high ranked Colonel in Mossad agency, called “By Deception” or something close to that. Which reveals with full proof documentation, names names etc.

          In that book the former Mossad Col. Admited that just in america the israel jews and zionists has Tens of Thousands of such jewish Sayanam “agents” ready and willing to assist all requested help from a mossad agent or jewish Spy within the usa. And the same goes for many Shabos Goyim, some who actually get Paid cash money to assist various jew causes, scams, swindles or propaganads as a Dis-Info agent or agent provocetuer for jew intrests.

          Hodges is as pro jew, jew firster as one can get! Like Alex Jonesky, he always writes of evil nazis or hitler as the epitomy of all evils bar none…Yet when has Hodges Ever wrote about the many evils done by Soviet Jewish kommies who killed more persons during Russian revolution eras, than all other eras in all recorded history?

          NEVER! He Never writes about jewish perpetrated evils such as That eh…And with jews being the deadliest and worst ever mass torturers and genocidal exterminators in all recorded history, with the largest ever total numbers of dead at jewish hands, it cannot be that hodges is lacking for any relevant material to draw from to do so right…No as a true Shabos Goy, same as all Jewish Sayamn’s he will Never do a proper article revealing such atrocities done by jews. Hes more likley to call such truth tellers an antisemitic evil nazi hater like many deluded folks here do. For some unknown reason, these fools all agree that NO MSM tv news, NO fed govnt agencies can be trusted to tell factual truths…YET, these name calling fools still abide by and rely upon every Dis-info, Every NON fact, and every jewish TV jews Fable or lies that ever got spewed in order to subvert and confuse said foolish americans with…They all seem to believe anything ever taught on jew issues is all 100% truth!…Even though it ALL came From the very Same MSM tv news shows, same fed govnt agencies, same jews voices.

          Thats their delusional bottom line…MSM and fed govnt always LIE!…except when they tell Us all how victimized jews are and how totally innocent jews are of all wrong doing in all of history since day one…Thats the ONLY time MSM tv news, fed govnt and jews tells true facts eh.

          And the clowns actually Believe that crapola! So does Hodges it appears!

      49. All the proof you need is that law enforcement carries out the criminal “war on drugs”. You have the basic human right to eat, drink, smoke, inject, or snort anything you want. It’s your body, you have the right to use it as you see fit.
        Destroying your life and locking you in a cage like an animal because you chose plant X instead of plant Y is an obvious and heinous violation of your basic human rights. Yet it happens every day. Why?
        Because “I am just following orders”. 99% of all humans are cowards. They will not stand up for what is right, they will make excuses for their bad behavior, and they will blame others for their actions. LEOs are no different than anyone else. When they do something wrong, they will blame others because it is the easy and cowardly thing to do. And it’s easier to just go along with everyone else. Do you honestly believe all 30 million Germans in WWII were psychopathic Nazi murderers? Of course not, only a tiny few were. But everyone else was afraid of the Nazis and either did nothing or was “just following orders”.

        Make no mistake, when the SHTF the LEOs will be your enemy. Not because they are inherently evil people, but because they are cowards like most everyone else. Given a choice between doing the right thing that will result in personal pain or “just following orders”, almost all will pick “just following orders” ever time.

      50. As an Oath Keeper, a veteran first and member second, our intent is to reach out and attempt to plant the seed not to stand against the Constitution rather with it.

        Around 1977 the Carter Adm. gave the litmus test to the Army and 27% said they would fire on fellow citizens, we were discussing this on the mess deck as I sat across from the Captain. At the age of 19 I stated that we are obligated to honor our oaths and side with the citizens and I would take my weapon and defend the Constitution and citizens. My Captain told me in an angered voice to keep my F%cking thoughts to myself. It was funny that all of a sudden my promotion was delayed by 6+ months.

        This was 1977,a time when even the average Joe was taught the Constitution and BOR and a since of Patriotism was instilled in most. Now take today’s new soldier and citizen for that matter, they are missing the above stated, they are not taught the Constitution, BOR and Patriotism as generations past. Even now as we speak soldiers of 12 years+ of seniority are being forced out or pushed to clerical work because they hold close to their hearts the Constitution and the values their Oaths hold.

        The new Military does not hold this commitment or values held by the recent past military. Patriotic officers are being replaced by liberal NCO’s and officers. Oath Keepers I feel understand this, I do, but we still need to reach out and attempt to remind these soldiers of their Oaths, we all need to.

        Yes I expect the military to fire upon us, at the same time we will never know the actual percentage until that time comes.

        From my own experiences reaching out to both the Military and LEO’s, the military still has a sense of loyalty to the people while when the LEO’s were approached they became defensive that I, Oath Keepers, were threatening their authority.

        I expect the LEO and Mr. Federal Agent (especially the agent)to protect Government and infrastructure over God and Country. LEO’s operate as a click having each others back vs the backs of the people were as the military still has that eternal instinct to defend the country. What percentage? We’ll soon find out!

        • Name one time in history, just once, any military showed mercy upon civilians including those of their own country.The japs killed 300,000 civilians in Nanking, China. The British and American airmen bombed Germany into the stone age killing 2.5 million civilians, mostly women and children because the men were on the front lines. German soldiers killed at least 25 million Russian civilians. Turkey killed over 1,000,000 Armenian civilians. The Russians murdered and raped millions upon millions of civilians when they entered Eastern Europe in 1944/45. Funny, anytime we mention Holocaust all we think about are the JEWS. Has anyone stopped to think that if you love your national debt, then thank a you love the drug epedemic then thank a veteran…do you love crime, thank a veteran…do you love this country getting its ass kicked in every war for the last 70 years…thank a veteran. If you refuse to believe these facts then you get what you deserve because Cujo is right..they will fire on you..and they will enjoy every minute of it..that’s what they do!

      51. What We’re Afraid to Say About Ebola…temail0=y&_r=2

        “The second possibility is one that virologists are loath to discuss openly but are definitely considering in private: that an Ebola virus could mutate to become transmissible through the air. You can now get Ebola only through direct contact with bodily fluids. But viruses like Ebola are notoriously sloppy in replicating, meaning the virus entering one person may be genetically different from the virus entering the next. The current Ebola virus’s hyper-evolution is unprecedented; there has been more human-to-human transmission in the past four months than most likely occurred in the last 500 to 1,000 years. Each new infection represents trillions of throws of the genetic dice.

        If certain mutations occurred, it would mean that just breathing would put one at risk of contracting Ebola. Infections could spread quickly to every part of the globe, as the H1N1 influenza virus did in 2009, after its birth in Mexico.

        Why are public officials afraid to discuss this? They don’t want to be accused of screaming “Fire!” in a crowded theater — as I’m sure some will accuse me of doing. But the risk is real, and until we consider it, the world will not be prepared to do what is necessary to end the epidemic.

      52. on Drudge Report…


      53. Right now we have hot spots all across the globe..

        Brics and other nations are moving rapidly away from the petrodollar..

        If US airstrikes in Syria over their proxy freedom fighters ISIL..Iran has an agreement to defend Syria as they are close allies..

        It’s all a shitstorm usual…and if these asshats here decide to further collapse our economy in any way, then, the masses just might riot in the major cities..and yes troops most likely would be called in.

        And yes, fire upon the useless eaters as they refer to us.

        Enjoy the day


      54. Solar Report,

        SaolarHam reports that the ACE satellite has just monittored the passge of the leading edge of the oncoming second wave. Solar wind speed jumped form near 400 Km/s to over 700 very rapidly. As ACE is at the L1 Lagrage point the terrestrial effects shoulf be seen here within the hour.

      55. Sad news from Kansas. 5 elderly white people slaughtered by black parolee. Somehow the non-news from Ferguson, Mo. blocked this out. Don’t expect Eric Holder to hold a news conference anytime soon.

        • Yep, your right. Checked it out and it’s all there. Make my blood boil. This isn’t just a head honcho conspiracy among the corporate tv elites. This is a conspiracy against white people that reaches to the local levels of all tv, radio, newspaper, and magazine outlets. I for one refuse to become collatoral damage. As the baby chick said,”I refuse to become a McNugget”. This happened in Kansas and it’s probably happening all over the country. Want to see another sickening one type in “the Knoxville four”. This was in 2008 when a young white couple were butchered, dismembered, and thrown in the dumpsters by four black guys, but the media never touched it because Obama was just beginning his run/golfing for the whitehouse and no one wanted to hurt his chances. Are you feeling secure?

      56. This may be one of the most important articles SHTF has ever posted. You’ve convinced me!

      57. Police and soldiers very rarely carry out atrocities out of malice. It is more commonly the exact opposite. They carry out these orders because they see the order givers as legitimate authority.

        What is legitimate authority? It is authority that is consented to and seen to act in the interest of the majority supporting them. While many believe that only voting republics could be seen this way, few totalitarian powers were established against the will of their subjects.

        They often turn against those who put them in power, but only after riding a wave of popular sentiment. This sentiment can either be genuine or deceived, but tyranny only happens when one group of sees the slavery of another group as necessary to the security of the state, and by extension their personal security. Alternatively, egalitarian tyrannies arise from the belief that everyone including those supporting it have to sacrifice for a greater good, usually equal economic outcomes.

        The irony about collectivism is that it is supported only when there is personal gain. Financial security for one’s family usually, or more rarely, physical security (rarely because totalitarian regimes always purge their enablers once they are no longer useful). Those tasked with stomping on the serfs do so because it benefits them either financially, gets them a more politically secure position in the new order (purges of police and soldiers always happen in totalitarian regimes), or because they have been duped into believing that attacking one group benefits everyone, and by extension, themselves and their own families.

        Still, that does not change the fact that those who follow orders bear greater responsibility than those giving them. Prevention by attacking the government’s legitimacy (or in our case the legitimacy of the corp-gov financial oligarchy and policies that wreck everyone but those who have political favor) should be the first priority, but if that fails, then breaking the will of those following orders will have greater impact than attacking leaders.

      58. I look at it this way, regarding this subject.

        Should someone approach my property and be armed, ANY MOVEMENT by that person other than his/her mouth to speak will be met with a monumental barrage of gunfire. We’ll sort out the rhetoric later….

        There was a day when the subject of firing on a US citizen would have been met with raucus laughter. No more. Because the academics (liberal sonsofbitches) have brainwashed our youth to hate this country, and their elders in general….

      59. Let me chime in here one more time. You got a belt feed M60 in your hands, three extra barrels, and all the ammo a soccer mom could ever want. Teotwawki just hit and to your left and right you see single mothers [whores] with kids you have been feeding through taxation for years. Yesterday you paid $5000.00 in tuition for your daughter’s college, while the single mother in front of her registered free. The deadbeat sperm gun operators the whore’s kids call dads are grumbling because their ebt car is out of medical marijuana money. Behind them are 40 million underworked, overpaid, worthless government employees. After that about 2,000,000 veterans calling themselves heroes that are as able to work as you are but they get their diaper corp ptsd money at taxpayer’s expense so they can walk around and tell you how much you owe them for defending the country. Add to that farmers and ranchers that can’t drive a pickup or tractor without government subsidies, unionized labor that has robbed you blind thorugh inferior products at exorbant prices, illegal aliens, drug addicts that stole your lawn mower and tool box, your neighbor’s sorry ass kids that grafittied your lawn fence, the mechanic that charged you shop rate labor for a half-ass job on your car, and last but not least lest we forget the unholy maggot that put the smart meter on your house.Your finger is on the trigger, law enforcement is nonexistent…go figure..your lying if you say you aren’t smiling!

      60. Dave Hodges never mentions the Jesuits.

      61. All I want to add is this” There are around 23 MILLION American military Veterans living in the U.S. Most are able bodied and willing to uphold their Oath’s. What do you think is going to happen when a million or even two million of Barry’s troops attack Americans? Do you think the Veterans will just sit idly by? I don’t. I think the Veterans will go out and take out the trash, one bullet at a time. Just my two cents.

        • Joe Smack, if we have all these able bodied veterans why are they on disability. Did you know once a veteran is diagnoised with any disability whatsoever they can never be re-evaluated, never. It is there’s for life. Life!, at taxpayer expense. Some that lost limbs,eyes, so forth, deserve help, most don’t. They just cry and act stupid until they get their ptsd. If you believe they will help in teotwawki you are drastically fooling yourself. And by the way, I am a veteran. I just got my concealed weapons permit and it cost me nothing just because I’m a veteran. You, you get to pay a lot for yours. While you were busy qualifying for a home loan, I got mine for $19.00 total move in cost, for a $120,000 loan, at an interest rate a civilian could only dream of. Veterans should be earning their own keep, not spunging off the taxpayers. Think about America’s most deadly soldier, the Navy Seal that returned with 150 kills, the same one Jesse Ventura sued for liable. I watched an interview with him on tv. He got out of the Navy with full retirement and a host of other benenfits after only ten years service. He sat there on National tv and admitted he got our of the service because his wife was going to divorce him. America’s most deadly killer, and he can’t even stand up to hometime. What a farce, if you want to put your hope of rescue in a veteran, call their wife first and make sure she will let him. What an absolute fracking mess!

          • What state are you in? I had to pay dearly for my ccw take classes and get fingerprinted twice. I even had a top secret clearance with the gov’t. Am a 4 year veteran with a year in Viet-Nam. And I have to pay over 100.00 every 5 years to renew. WHATS UP WITH THAT?

      62. Any one enlisting under the bozo we have in office must think this commander in chief has it all right. He is the supreme commander and orders come from him to his commanders, then to the soldiers. It is much like Hitler was to the Nazi troops, as Russian soldiers were to Stalin, as the Chinese army was to Mao where millions of civilians were brutally murdered.

        Although these monsters were in foreign countries, our own country has it’s own turnoils, and with the division this leader and his ilk has created in our population with lies, false accusations, and making wrong decisions, the police and military can be put at odds with the public to attack them, depending on what commander makes the decisions.

      63. Can’t you see where this country is headed? The Muslim brotherhood has been appointed to quite a few offices in this country where they have no business being!You can thank the present regime for that.Just be ready for SHTF because it’s coming a lot faster that you think.

      64. Most of you rambotards will not do crap. A contractor with a drone and big ole box of micro jdamms will exterminate you. You will never hear or see it coming till you are a puddle of shredded meat.

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