The Psy-Ops War on Preppers: This Has Become a Two-For-the-Price-of-One Crisis

by | Dec 17, 2012 | Headline News | 318 comments

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    This article has been generously shared with our community by long-time contributor Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper.

    First of all, where is the headquarters of this “Doomsday Preppers Movement” I’ve been reading about?  And where can I sign up? I didn’t realize there was an organized movement, one deserving of capital letters.  Who is the leader of this “movement”?  I’d like to meet him (or her) immediately!

    The propaganda machine is not only going after guns in the wake of the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School – this has become a two-for-the-price-of-one crisis, allowing the government and media to yet again, demonize preppers.

    Psychological Warfare: Various techniques are used, by any set of groups, and aimed to influence a target audience’s value systems, belief systems, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behavior. It is used to induce confessions or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator’s objectives, and are sometimes combined with black operations or false flag tactics. Target audiences can be governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

    Yesterday the mainstream media began churning out articles about Nancy Lanza, the mother of the shooter, Adam Lanza.  When you read the following quotes, ask yourself: “How many of these comments could describe ME?”

    A few descriptive quotes:

    • Nancy was a member of the Doomsday Preppers movement, which believes people should prepare for end of the world. (Riehl World View)
    • According to reports, Nancy Lanza was a so-called ‘prepper’, a part of the survivalist movement which urges individuals to prepare for the breakdown of society by training with weapons and hoarding food and other supplies.  ( The UK Independent)
    • Reports are starting to emerge of the troubled young man and his unusual upbringing.  (Yahoo)
    • Dan Holmes, owner of a landscaping firm who worked on the family’s home, said she was an avid gun collector: ‘She told me she would go target shooting with her kids.’ (UK Daily Mail)
    • Marsha Lanza described Nancy as ‘self-reliant’.( The UK Independent)
    • He was reportedly homeschooled by his mother, a school principal and gun enthusiast, who wasn’t satisfied with the education her son was receiving.. (Yahoo)
    • As America searches for answers, investigators are turning towards Nancy Lanza’s supposed identification as a survivalist.  (Yahoo)
    • Her former sister-in-law Marsha said she had turned her home ‘into a fortress’.  (UK Daily Mail)
    • Mother of Sandy Hook school gunman Adam Lanza was a ‘prepper’ survivalist preparing for economic and social collapse, say reports. ( The UK Independent)
    • Mrs Lanza is thought to have trained her sons, Adam and Ryan to shoot, even taking them to local ranges. ( The UK Independent)
    • ‘Nancy had a survivalist philosophy which is why she was stockpiling guns. She had them for defense. She was stockpiling food. She grew up on a farm in New Hampshire. She was skilled with guns. We talked about preppers and preparing for the economy collapsing.’  (UK Daily Mail)

    Gee…they say this stuff like it’s a BAD thing.

    Let’s see.

    • Stockpiles (or hoards) food….check.
    • Takes children target shooting….check.
    • Preparing for economic and/or social collapse….check.
    • Serious about home defense….check.
    • Home is well-fortified against criminals….check.
    • Skilled with weapons….check.
    • Survivalist philosophy….check.
    • Self-reliant….check.
    • Believes that we are capable of educating our children at home….check.
    Nancy Lanza’s description could apply to nearly any prepper.  Preppers have been cast in an ugly light for quite some time.  We are painted as camo-clad survivalists, clenching a knife in our teeth while unloading an automatic weapon into some real or imagined threat.  After our Rambo-esque rampage, we will crouch in the forest by a campfire, shoveling down an MRE while glaring suspiciously into the dark, a large Katana hunting knife close at hand with which to dispatch the next enemy.

    The assault on preppers through the media is becoming more and more focused.  Let’s look at some recent examples.

    We were described last month by emergency manager Valerie Lucus-MacEwen as “socially selfish” – even though the existence of prepared people makes her supplies go further to help the unprepared.  In an editorial meant for other emergency managers, Ms. Lucus-MacEwen arrogantly asserted, “You might wonder why someone like me, who has been in the business of encouraging disaster preparedness for a very long time, is so critical of people who are doing just that. It’s because they are being socially selfish – preparing themselves and the hell with everyone else.  Instead of spending time and energy making changes that would benefit the larger community, in their very narrow focus of loyalty they are more concerned about themselves.”

    The National Geographic program Doomsday Preppers also has had a lot to do with the demonization of preppers – it’s a full-court press propaganda attack against preppers.  The program finds the most outrageous examples of preparedness possible and edits to make them look foolish.  An article on the American Preppers Network explains the modus operandi:

    The show severely skews Preppers in an effort that can be summed up as “making good television”.  This is evident not only through viewing the show itself, but through the format they have built the show around.  Some highlights of that format include:

    • Featuring one Prepper for 15 minutes only, ensuring that you don’t get too comfortable with them or learn very much about them
    • Requiring each guest to pigeon-hole themselves into one thing they are preparing for – almost always a “doomsday” scenario
    • Creating conflict and drama via their “experts” who review the segment and then condemn or condone what the Prepper has done – all within the context of the “one thing” they’re preparing for

    Do you really believe that each of the families on that show only focus on one particular scenario?  No – they are portrayed in a way to marginalize the philosophy of preparedness.  We, as preppers, are a threat to the powers that be.

    One participant on the show, David Sarti, learned that his appearance could have serious ramifications.  Mr. Sarti “took one for the team” when, only days after the program aired, however, David Sarti was declared “mentally incompetent”….and his guns were seized.  All of them.  Mr. Sarti, who has no criminal record, is no longer allowed to own guns.  He tells his story here.

    Apparently, the constitution no longer applies to those who are categorized as preppers.

    The accusation of insanity came after he went to see his cardiologist for some chest pains and shortness of breath.  So far, it sounds sane and rational to me.  The cardiologist, Dr. Andre C. Olivier, whose name and contact information I am delighted to publish, had Mr. Sarti held at the hospital for psychiatric evaluation and broke doctor patient confidentiality by contacting the authorities.

    Then it really went to hell on a greased slide.  Mr. Sarti, because of his stay in the psychiatric unit, was then declared “mentally incompetent”.  His very large collection of guns was then stolen removed from his possession.  He is no longer allowed to own weapons.

    Earlier this month, Maryland resident Terry Porter had his home descended upon by 150 armed federal agents and local police officers. The raid also included helicopters, SWAT crews, armored vehicles and excavation equipment.

    His crimes?  He was known as a prepper, he was unhappy with the reelection of Barack Obama, and he owned guns. He “openly admitted being a prepper.”

    So, why all the vilification? Why are preppers the new “boogeymen”?  Why are we being pigeonholed as people who homeschool our kids and turn them into mass murderers of elementary school students?

    Simple…because we don’t NEED help.  We do not require the assistance of the government.  We don’t need to line up for 5 hours to wait for a paltry bottle of water and an MRE after a hurricane strikes. We don’t call 911 and hide in a closet waiting for the police to arrive.

    Preppers threaten the very existence of all of the social safety nets that are set up.  We can’t be easily manipulated by the offer of a free flu shot and a grocery store gift card in exchange for our weapons.  We think critically and don’t automatically accept the programming of the mainstream media, whose job it is to provide people with the opinions that they should hold.  We don’t shovel in the HFCS-laden genetically modified crap, otherwise known as “food”, killing our brain cells and dumbing us down into cattle to be easily led to slaughter.

    We are the last bastion of independent self-reliant thinkers.  And the powers that be are very afraid of those who think for themselves, rather than regurgitating the media-presented party line.

    I don’t know why Adam Lanza went on a rampage and killed 26 people last week.  But I do know that it wasn’t because his mother was a homeschooling prepper who stored up food and taught him to fire a gun at a paper target.

    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

    Contributed by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper.


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      1. Decades ago the prepper was considered the wise person that stored up for tomorrow. The country fresh out of the depression took putting away for lean times as true wisdom. People that had firearms in california and the west coast was one reason why the japanese hesitated at an invasion of the 48 states. Firearms have long provided the backbone of taming the west and providing food and protection outside of large cities. What has happened?

        People now think that they are “way too” civilized to have protection, let the law enforcement handle it. Yet time and again wide scale disasters have proven that those without protection are f’ed if some criminal scum decides to take what they want that you have, including physically in the form of rape. Many question the validity of having an assault rifle or any firearms, yet they fail to realize from these disasters that the police WILL NOT be there for you.

        Many liberal anti-self defense radicals NEVER want to address the what if, but more the what WHEN this happens. There are 3 massive faults right now that are overdue in this country, WHEN they break forget about law enforcement helping you, the fact is you are on your own, PERIOD. These faults MUST break, this is physical law, they have to. WHEN they do break if you are struck in the thousands of square miles within the fault rupturing you will be on your own for days to MONTHS. Those without protection will become VICTIMS.

        I am throughly disgusted with how the mass media has portrayed people that prepare and people that have firearms solely for protection, NOTHING MORE. Well written article Daisy, Thank you! 🙂

        • We know what this is all about and it should come as no surprise, so much misinformation. This 20 year old did attend most of his academic years at school, his Mother tried homeschooling for a short while. The Mother was not a principle at any school, her kid was mentally ill and she tried her best. The media will twist and turn this horrible situation into and even worse one when they are finished picking at the bones of this woman. Instead of figuring out how to stop law biding americans from owning guns, they should address the true issues. Our kids are being raised in a sick, pill popping country. What hope do they have, what future will they have when we never fix anything, we have let the children down and now we are paying the price, this is only the beginning. The mental health care in this country is abominable, until you actually hurt someone, you are left to your own devices. More psychos, and misfits will emerge and after they try to take our guns then they will try to take away most of our freedoms, including our children if the state thinks we are not giving them their daily medications. That is right, the government will insist on more medicating of our children even the ones who just can’t sit still, there is a pill for that. They are killing the imaginations, the kindness, the humanity and the souls of the children. Take away the guns and give more pills. That is their answer, control, control, control. From what I have read between the lines, this murderer was not living in reality and he should have been institutionalized, who knows, maybe his Mother tried to have that happen, we will never really know the truth. You can bet they will put the entire blame on the Mother and the guns.

          • Media is in full court anti gun press right now, and dragging the prepper in is like icing on the cake for the utopian nanny government that demands total control.

            In debating gun control this weekend I reminded the proponent of an AWB that governments have killed 10x as many people as common criminals, and that this was the case 300 years ago and 30 years ago. Our founders saw it, and gave us the 2nd to prevent it. The 2nd amendment isn’t for target shooting and hunting rights but for stopping a tyrannical govt.

            • This Ms. Lanza was killed in a violent criminal act. Where the hell is the National Organization of Women? Why are they not decrying this violent act against a woman? Why are they not speaking in her defense?
              Oh, Ms. Lanza doesn’t fit THEIR template.

              • Maybe this is why Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world.

                (short Swiss video)

                “The key to freedom is to be able to have the ability to defend yourself , if you don’t have the tools to do that, then you’re going to be at the mercy of whomever wants to put you away.”


                • In August 2017, when my son graduates highschool i will retire with 29 years of service from one of the largest police departments in Los Angeles county…My eyes are fully opened. I would like to retire in east Tennessee, as i believe southerners believe in self reliance. I was thinking of relocating in a town that has a population
                  of no more than 3000 persons, somewhere near
                  Roan Mountain. It must be east tennessee because I have former law enforcement friends in the Greensboro, NC area. Any suggestions of towns to look at.

            • I think it’s more like they’re casting about in a desperate attempt to do two things:

              1) come up with something novel and gripping in order to attract eyeballs.
              2) come up with some sound-bite answer to a complex and inexplicable issue.

              The media really couldn’t care less about anything else.

                • Odd Questioner-

                  I was there at Oaks on Sunday. It was packed. Nice thing was that there wasn’t much of an air of “panic buying”.
                  And yes, the article is correct. Although absolutely everyone is appalled at Sandy Hook attack, everyone I talked to there agree the same thing- you can’t blame the tool for the actions of the user.
                  And I would like to point out the fact that out of the TENS OF THOUSANDS of people who attended the show this weekend, and the THOUSANDS of guns around, there were ZERO shootings.
                  Crazy huh? The MSM and the government’s claims and new statistics would have led me to believe that a mass shooting would have been inevitable there.

                  I have been to hundreds of gun shows in the Philly-ish area over the last 20 years and surprisingly not once has there ever been a shooting incident.
                  …just sayin

                • Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) is the organization which does background checks on purchasers of firearms in CO.
                  Saturday morning, the average “wait time” for a check was 15 minutes. By the end of the day, the wait time was 15 hours, and 18 hours on Sunday.
                  CBI said Saturday was the highest EVER day for background checks for people attempting to purchase firearms in Colorado.
                  CBI said they were caught by surprise by the number of applicants, and brought in additional workers to help.

                  Seems like Coloradans:
                  1. Are worried about draconian gun restrictions in the (near) future
                  2. Are worried about self-protection
                  3. Are gun-crazy lunatics, all of whom should be prohibited from firearm ownership and sent immediately to the nearest FEMA camp for re-education

                  I choose 1 & 2.
                  I’m sure there will be at least 5 downvotes from people whose reading comprehension is approximately that of a 5-year-old.

                • When guns were recalled / confiscated in Australia, violent crime shot up in Victoria and throughout the country.


                • Don’t worry too much about Sgt. Schultz, even most liberals know he is nothing more that a screaming, fat gasbag!!!

              • Prepping is a reason many own firearms for SHTF; and that doesn’t fit with the agenda used by too many gun proponents of hunting and target shooting. Tying this woman to prepping fits the “extremist” view the lame stream media wants to sell against those who understand the 2nd amendment is about protection from govt not thieves.

                • I served this country for 23 years of my life and I love this nation with all my heart and soul. I love what it stands for and the promise that it held for many generations of people that have been born here and have come here seeking a better life. I have noticed that the majority of those railing against the second amendment are British publications and it got me to thinking why? What axe to grind do British citizens have with America’s second amendment. What business is it of theirs? Americans in general are a mind your own business people and I guess it makes me wonder why are these Brits are so anti-American second amendment. The banking Cartels in the United States have to be pawns to the banking dynasties in the United Kingdom and they cannot succeed in their scheme unless the last armed populace is disarmed. There can be no other explanations. I am not a man prone to conspiracy theories but just the number of media outlets outside the US, who have no reason to care about America’s 2nd amendment, who are protesting the 2nd amendment leaves no other explanation. We must resist them with every fiber of our being.

                • @US Centurion:

                  For some reason, the following thought popped into my head (esp. re: Piers Morgan):

                  “u still mad abt Yorktown, bro?”

                  Sometimes I really hate my brain…

                • I’m no longer a “Prepper”, I’ve seen the error of my ways and am now a “Good Citizen and am training my family accordingly…..

                  Standing by in SC, out

            • “Media is in full court anti gun press right now”

              Fox News is even at it! Bill O’Reilly was full anti-2nd Amendment today. Even though he is clearly confused about rifles (he kept saying “these automatic AR 47’s”…clearly he has no clue), O’Reilly has influence and is spinning gun confiscation as “reasonable”. Sean Hannity did a bit better on his show, thankfully. Everything that Fox News puts out there is calculated for political effect…So if Fox News isn’t even on the side of the Constitution, then WHO IS?


              • And that is why we should be afraid, very afraid. When Fox let go of Beck and Napolitano the writing was on the wall. O’Reilly could give a fig about the truth, he always brags about his ratings, trust me, O’Reilly is a good member in standing of the leftist scum who are destroying our nation.

              • At least Hannity is a gun owner with a CCW.

              • We, the People, ARE!

              • I stopped listening to Bill O’Reilly long ago. I came to the conclusion that most Harvard students are brainwashed. O’Reilly fits that scenario. As a conservative, I don’t like many of the things he says. I also see Fox News as demoralizing their listeners through their overemphasis of sex … some of their photos are downright pornographic. Anyone who has time on their hands to do some research, read about the Hegelian Dialectic. It has been used by the Roman Catholic Church all over the world. Division is a main part of the Hegelian diet. Fox News is quite possibly a part of this dialectic since so many of their hosts are Catholic. They definitely work at keeping our nation divided while the left works from the other side of the field keeping us divided.

                A house divided against itself cannot stand.

          • Using the msm’s rhetoric; aren’t savings accounts, retirement funds, and social security forms of prepping? How about home, life, and car insurance? The list can go on. It use to be called ” saving for a rainy-day”. If being independant is now being called a prepper, then I’m guilty as charged. What’s next? Calling gay a sexual prefernce? A liberal is no longer conservative? Constitutionalist are now terrorist? Words have also been highjacked. (sarcasm)

            • How about that spare tire in the truck or the xtra can of oil, isn’t that prepping?

              • That tire iron is a deadly weapon.

                • Need to register them and get background checks going right away… I mean, think of all the potential terrorists with free access to these dangerous weapons which have no sporting purpose!!!

          • There is reason to believe Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor drugs, antidepressants, like Prozac, lead to these kind of outbreaks. Some nurse investigated and found 2/3s of mass murderers were taking them.

            • marie,

              You are exactly right, even the drug Chantix for quitting smoking has a warning label that you could become psychotic and either kill yourself or someone else. Every drug has a little bit of poison in it and when you give these drugs to children whose brains are still forming and growing, you are disturbing the normal function of their brains permanently. Today they are actively giving children mood control drugs that were never intended for them, the pharmaceutical companies are drug lords, they are very powerful and have the government in their pocket. If your kid is hyper in school then he is probably just bored out of his mind, he doesn’t need drugs to control his natural behavior. But lets face it, many teachers and parents just want their kids to be little robots who obey orders and don’t act differently than the average kid.

              • Ever see commercials for drugs that say “____ is BELIEVED to work by…..” ? The druglords don’t even know what the drugs do, and don’t care.

                I suspect that the 2/3 number is low. Mass shootings (by other than governments) seem to have started at about the same time that Prozac was introduced. I hear that 1MM “prescriptions” for Prozac are written every MONTH.

              • I tried chantix to quit smoking, I became homicidal!! And as for the drugs they are pushing on kids, you are absolutely right!! Their little minds are toast by the time they get out of school.

            • Well The Branch Divideon in Texas had a outbreak due to a meddlesome government and the government had their ass handed to them…..until the fire. What of the children who died in the fire there. Oh wait, that got blamed on the Davideons.

              • Side note. I was out at the Davidian property last summer. It’s worth visiting.


            • Well, yes… if you overdose on Serotonin it tends to have an effect rather the opposite of that desired. The usual effect is aggression and rage…

        • @Be Informed !! What is your take on the 2, 5.1 earthquake in the central pacific rise? Looks awful close to the 6.1 off of baja the other day any significants?

          • Now who the heck would give you all those thumbs down for that (very good) question???

            • @PP Afraid of nature instead of the government i’m guessing ?? As they should be, go ahead and hide your head in the sand!


            • Not as many as I can give in the ‘Thumb’s-up’ category!

              Distraction people….this event is utterly horrifying beyond any doubt…but look at what is being made of it!!

              “Que Bono’…Who Benefits?

              Focus and persevere, NOW!!

          • @ Thinker. I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I was making Christmas gifts for people today, good way to get isolated from this SH&* in the world. Yes, these are exactly what I was looking for as a danger to the Nazca plate, and western South America. This northwest corner of the plate affects the South American plate, the Cocos plate, and the Caribbean plate. The Pacific rise is a spreading zone and whenever you have earthquakes here it means that the Nazca plate is on the move eastward.

            The polar earthquakes indicate this area is primed and ready to go, this is why I warned about the Ecuador and Peru area as dangerous until Dec.28. It was originally Dec.24 but the earthquake deep towards the north pole extended it to Dec. 28. The same areas are still in danger as mentioned on Dec.9. Still california to southern Oregon, Japan, Indonesia to Fiji and New Zealand, Central Chile to Mexico, far northeastern Russia, Aleutian Islands and Alaska, and especially the Caribbean plate.

            You are so right about the people on this site being helpful, and there are extremely fair. That character in NC, Joe, gave some decent comments and the people could have thumbs down him as punishment for all the terrible previous comments, but they were fair. Then Joe starts up again with ugly name calling because he thinks that the people here are not what he wants them to think.

            Like I said above, people need protection, and what is coming there need the most amount of protection they can get. Give these lib tards a ban on assault rifles and guaranteed these radical nut jobs will try to ban hand guns also.

            • @Be Informed!! Thanks again for the information,as we all need to be kept informed,we appreciate all of your wisdom.
              You know all of US on this sight would in no way give up our personal protection!! But you know i think it is only fair for them to give up theres if they want to,Frankly i am pretty much tired of us paying for all of the secret service and the rest of the politicians protection, while they just keep trying to take ours away. Ill bet if they were to be left vulnerable, they would change there tune quick!!


        • When it comes to psy-ops, the “prepper” has been successfully demonized by the mainstream media.

          Maybe the word should be changed. That would put THEM on their heels.

          What’s wrong with wanting to be a little self-reliant?

          Remove the shame element.

          • National Geographic already took care of the shame element, good and hard.

            It’s just too damned bad that some folks think that 15 minutes’ fame is more important to them than OPSEC and, well, post-collapse survival. Why? Because once it all does come tumbling down, everyone in their neighborhood is going to storm their place. Good luck holding the mobs off, because there are more of them that’ll come at you simultaneously than you have trigger fingers.

        • Daisy,

          I liked your commentary. Also, I hadn’t considered the effect of a well-armed citizenry upon possible Japanese invasion plans during WWII! Thanks. I would just add an idea that is sort of a cousin to yours. During the run up to the Revolutionary War, the Sons of Liberty refused to turn their weapons over to the British because they understood that doing so would undercut the ability to defend the rights of Englishmen. I think they were far wiser than we are. Common sense and an understanding of human nature strongly indicates that no leader, political party, or governmental body is wise enough or good enough to rule without checks upon their power. That’s the reason for checks and balances in our representative democracy. The collective power of the people themselves is the final check when all else fails!

        • She didn’t even manage to live long enough for society to breakdown.

          She was a failed prepper.

        • Looks like i knew what I was talking about yesterday, for the record I had some info on this awhile ago and waited untill it was confirmed and came here first to let you all know, OPSEC is going to become key!

          • Agreed – you did call it first.

            ‘fraid it isn’t much of a consolation, though.

            I feel that most folks who live in deep blue states (and esp. on the East Coast) who prep are going to be in for a whole lot of hate…

            • I’ve been reading this site for quite a while and two of the primary lessons I’ve learned are, keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut, what people don’t know won’t end up killing you. Second, this site revealed the “bug out” mentality is possibly the worst thing anyone could do, if I remember the quote, it went something like this, “why would you want to render yourself a refugee?”, said it all in a nutshell!!

          • loose lips sink ships

        • I would highly advise that everyone think first when posting on an open forum. This ain’t fun and games any more. Hard to believe that people who merely store away a few weeks of food and other things for an emergency are now considered a threat. What strange times we live in.

          • Wise words John, the rules have definitely changed!

        • Much love, be informed. Always great posts from you.

        • All these liberal gun takers are doing is dancing in the blood of children. As far as preppers go just be prepaired to shoot on sight/site any official or officials helper that says hand em over. As a matter of fact if they pass any gun taking laws be prepaired to go to the office that dispatches the takers or officers and take theirs. You will see how much they disapprove of their guns being taken. Also preppers should be aware of liberal gun hating neighbors that will turn you in for 30 ounces of Silver. Unless they ammend the Constitution to take them then it’s all about stopping them cold and I mean cold

        • I’ve got to wonder what the government thinks of Mormons who are told by their church that they should have at least a years supply of everything they need, including cash, in order to be a good Mormon. Being prepared for disasters was drilled into me and my family the 35 years I was an active member. We did manage to have 3 month’s supply for most of my family raising years and it came in handy when I was unemployed for 9 months in the 80s. Unemployment did not feed two adults and 4 kids, plus pay the bills. So, are they going to target Mormons too? I bet not!

          • “I’ve got to wonder what the government thinks of Mormons”
            Well, there was a Mormon running for President.
            I think that at least should answer the question of “what the voters think of Mormons”.

        • I think it is rather obvious as to who is taking great advantage of the ‘scare’ tactics….

        • How did Preppers do after Hurricane SANDY?

          Ask if anyone was helped by a Prepper? Ask if any Prepper with a generator, food and water helped their neighbor?

          Yah, Preppers are bad… very bad.

          It’s best to wait for FEMA next time.

        • I am often amazed at the attempts of others to ‘sell stuff’….regardless of whether or not they “need” it….my humble advice to people is….if they want to sell it, then you don’t need it….everyone has a hook and here lately it is regarding our survival….news to you all , you don’t have to “buy into” the anything ….you can prepare for anything yourself….without spending thousands of dollars on MREs and other disgusting stuff….you can do it yourself….canned goods, pasta, dried beans, and spices….and ramen noodles! there are many meals that are good that do not require anything from anyone else… self-aware and self-sufficient….and may God Bless You All…..

        • 4th Shooter Discovered, Two Not One in Woods Behind Sandy Hook Elementary

          Found this very interesting video and thought the readers here might want to give it a look. I had to replay it several times before I could force my eyes to stay focused on the upper left part of the video screen, and finally, I was able to see the figure in the woods. He seems to have camo clothing on, because it is difficult to see him without really concentrating.

          Conclusion: The evidence grows by day that this Sandy Hook tragedy was just more of the same; a government covert black op/false flag operation designed for the purposes of trying to ban private ownership of firearms.

          Remember when Obama made that comment about how he had some things working behind the scenes, when some of his gun grabbing liberal supporters were chastising him for not pushing for gun control?

          Gee whiz. First there was he and Holder’s sneaky scheme to use straw purchasers to buy weapons from US gun stores and then give them to the Mexican drug cartel assassins, which was exposed. Then, there was Aurora, Colorado and all the suspicious aspects to that tragedy. Then, the temple shooting incident.

          I saw an article yesterday that mentioned that since July 2012, when that U.N. Small Arms Treaty was first introduced – there have been 6 random acts of gun violence, resulting in multiple deaths of innocent people.

          Looks to me like someone is really trying extra hard to soften up the American public to agree with their anti-gun agenda.

          • fairly convincing video, that sure did not look like a first responder.

        • Did anyone came up with the possibility that this troubled young men that commit this hedious crime could be for some reazon a “Target Individual”? Because due to its mental health he would be the perfect victima for this government sponsored organization that has spread their particular vicious Modus Operandi worldwide… It woul be very wise someone investigate this possibility. For thos who doesn`t know what is a Target Individual and the kind of specialized resources this organisations have, just google it!

        • Never debate or argue with liberals. Reason, facts, statistics, logic are of no use to them and they will always beat you on emotions.
          They despise you but they are afraid of you, stand firm, do not yield.

      2. Fourtunately, I live in rural Wyoming and prepping is kind of a norm. Roads can be closed for quite some time so people will have a small stockpile of food. Almost everybody here hunts and even more own guns. We don’t need the government’s handouts to survive!

        God bless Wyoming!

        • Yep, I lived in WY for a time and what you say is true.

          Prepper = terrorist??? The US membership of the LDS church alone is 6,058,907
 That’s a lot of newly branded terrorists. I wonder how long it will be until the MSM and politicians start backing down from labeling preppers as terrorists? Salt Lake City calling Barrack….

          • Won’t matter too much – most of the socialist-leaning politicos don’t get many votes in Utah anyway (excepting Rocky Anderson in Salt Lake City anyway…)

        • It’s a similar story out at my place.

          I just hope that when it finally comes down, the passes leading out of PDX are snowed in good and hard.

        • Greeting Jasoncookies. A couple of years ago I had to train a new employee in Casper, WY. It was late Oct and I got quite an education from the locals who were getting ready for being isolated from the rest of the world for a few months. Those folks are some seriously prepared at home, auto, work. They just shrugged as if this Texas gal was clueless (I’m sure ‘quite dumb’ was on their minds, but they were way to polite to say so) on all my ‘really, you prepare in the event of hours stranded’… “Yup, could happen, for sure”.
          Amazing, breath-taking country you have there, sir. Best steak I ever had and I’m from beef country.

      3. i would think after hurricane sandy , everyone could accept that having some supplies was a good idea. kind of strange that sandy hook has changed any thinking of this kind among sheeple.

        • Indeed. It’s almost as if it was orchestrated…

          • Not orchestrated – just convenient.

          • I think she was murdered (and not by her son) because she was a whistleblower in the LIBOR fraud case.

            • Yeap, and Im thinking when the news was reporting 2 shooters..there probably were, one to make sure the kid was doing the job…, and to finish him off at the end so he couldnt talk
              all to send a message to the Father to STFU when called , if called on testifying in this same Libor case

              (just another twist)

              • VRF
                I been say this for the last three day. GREAT minds think alike!!! Or we have figured out what they did. Now I wish the rest of the Nation would get its head out of its BUTT and wake up!!!

              • A local station, WABC, has footage from a helicopter showing cops chasing another suspect into the woods. At the same time, another suspect was prone and guarded by a group of cops in the same woods. The video is all over Youtube. For now.

                If there are other suspects (or they turn out to be alleged shooters), where’s the coverage? Even a few kids who were originally interviewed on Friday spoke of another shooter in handcuffs. Seems that coverage has been scrubbed except at Youtube.

            • S.T.
              You have hit it on the head. You are too smart for the Gov. so watch your back!!!

            • What!? Do you have a link to that?

              • the guy that broke the story had his two kids murdered, the day after .. robert holmes and peter lanza are witnesses in the Libor scandal. both adam and james were under psychiatric care..on medications no doubt. in the movie dark knight comm gordon is in a scene with a map where you see Sandy Hook .displayed on it..

              • lots of links, Google is your friend.

                • Not MY friend !

                • Mine either. There are plenty of search engines — nothing Google here. Surprising to me that people are so concerned about CommSec/OpSec but use Google. ROFL.

            • It was orchestrated but not for LIBOR

          • Did you mention Conspiracy?
            The father of Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza, Peter Lanza, was the tax director for General Electric, a corporation that paid -0- taxes on 14.2 billion dollars in profits last year. According to Fabian4Liberty, Peter Lanza was scheduled to testify in the ongoing global LIBOR scandal. In what could only be described an amazing coincidence, the father of Colorado Batman shooter James Holmes, Robert Holmes, was also a LIBOR witness in his position with FICO. According to the link at FICO, Robert Holmes was a ‘Fraud Scientist’.
            From Fabain4Liberty:

            The father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial. The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO. Both men were to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal. The London Interbank Offered Rate, known as Libor, is the average interest rate at which banks can borrow from each other. 16 international banks have been implicated in this ongoing scandal, accused of rigging contracts worth trillions of dollars. HSBC has already been fined $1.9 billion and three of their low level traders arrested.

            Ladies and gentlemen, we have a motive and a link. This coincidence is impossible to overlook. Two mass shootings connected to LIBOR.

   … 47738.html

            • Nancy Lanza, received $289,800 in alimony this year. It was to continue until December 2023, with slight increases each year for cost of living.


            • Libor is not a “scandal”– it is CRIME. Calling it merely a scandal plants the idea into the minds of society that there’s nothing Joe Public needs to really be concerned about, and that those involved only need to get away with a slap on the wrist. Thanks for that programming of the masses, MSM! Let’s not downplay the seriousness of the situation. These people need to be held accountable for the crimes they have committed against the world. The more Libor is associated with the concept of “crime” in the minds of the public, the more they will realize something serious has gone on and demand accountability. A “scandal,” on the other hand, is something people gossip about around the water cooler, shake their heads with their eyes dancing wide with delighted surprise, say “I can’t believe they DID that! Tee hee!”, and then go on with the rest of their day.

        • Nancy Lanza, that is.

        • Wait until the MSM finds out she also had stacks of PM’s.

      4. “We are the last bastion of independent self-reliant thinkers. And the powers that be are very afraid of those who think for themselves, rather than regurgitating the media-presented party line.”

        Second that.

        Stories like the ones here are just the start of societal collapse that will roll downhill as the economy collapses. IMO, the US’s decades of movement away from societal structure of the nuclear family, regular church and other traditional American ideals will make things much worse when it becomes clear to everyone just how bad of shape the economy is in. IMO, during the depression; the US as a society was much more structured than it is now and things will unravel rapidly without that structure today.

        I think the media and govt will be trying to turn the people against preppers just like the did the tea party to hold them down, because those in power know they are a threat to their power.

        • Truth has been ruined in the past few years, makes me wonder how they can get away with opinionized headlines like that. My freind gave me a knife, it doesnt mean I’m “trained to kill”. You only fear the prepared when you don’t want to realize that your world isn’t perfect.

      5. Over 100 million average citizens have been murdered by their own Marxist Governments within the past 100 years.

        A person has to be crazy not to stockpile, train, improvise, overcome, and adapt.

        • Auntie Commie: Your quote seem almost group like. Any possiblity?

        • AC:

          Your quote seem almost group like, is that a possibilty!

        • That’s actually closer to 250 million.

      6. Be advised,they will vote to ban “assault weapons” We all know they are not assault weapons, but that does not matter. Notice also, they are calling semi auto pistols “assault weapons” now. This will happen as it did in Oz. We as preppers really need to watch this one closely. it will happen before we know it if we dont watch and they will be at your door. Everything we have been saying was going to happen with the gun confiscation and wondering WHEN it would happen, well when is now. They now will use guilt and fear to cram this through congress.
        Draw your line in the sand and decide if it is worth it to you.
        It is worth it to me. I will not comply!!

        • They are also referring to semi autos as automatics, as in machine guns and machinne pistols.

          • Gonna be hard to kill all those “snappers ” coming for your preps with rocks. Because the government is making sure that’s all you’ll have left.

      7. The objective here is the rise of the Nanny State. We are encouraged to become reliant upon the state to fill your needs. You don’t need guns for self protection. That is why we have police. You don’t need to prepare for disasters, that is why we have FEMA. The MSM is supporting the objective. Preppers are non-conformists. If they can be painted as strange, anti-social, mentally impared, paranoid, etc, how much easier will it be to justify disarming them?

        The more the government can give away to takers, and the more the government can convince people they should turn to the government for solutions, the more power they will have. A quote from the Movie V for Vendetta “We need to remind the people why they need us!”

        Failure to comply with this agenda is proof of anti-social tendencies


      8. I think this may be the start of a black swan event. Threatening to take citizen’s guns away will push some over the edge. I don’t plan on fighting my local authorities over a gun. Some of you who actively resist will play into the anti-gun lobby hands. Spouting off about how you will shoot anybody trying to get your gun will only make matters worse and shows the nation that maybe it isn’t a good idea for people like you to have guns. Prepare and passively resist, don’t aid the oppositon. I think that those who openly threaten or promise a fire fight should have their guns taken…

        • It may be a black swan, but when do you think is the right time to resist? many times in history people had your reasoning and guess what? They became dead or in prison or slaves. No, this is the right time to resist tyranny. If they ban them and we do nothing to stop it, they can do anything they want from that point forawrd. I am not looking for a confrontation, but they will not take my only defense.

          • Prepare, passively resist, run, and live to fight another day… To fight an overly overwhelming force is suicide and does nothing but make you dead. Think guerilla, not mad dog…

            • Nobyter does have a point. If you are dead, those guns become useless anyway. A wise man knows when he is fighting a losing battle. If he is smart, he will give up his weapons, survive and there will always be another chance to fight again. This is not to say you shouldn’t try standing your ground first, first peacefully and then possibly with a bit of force. But if a squad of armed military, swat or police officers are in front of your house demanding you give up your weapons or face execution, you better give up those weapons. The resistance will need you later on.

              • those idiots need to look up on the hill behind the house
                and to get there might be a few elephant traps inbetween and escape tunnellllllllllllsssssssssssssss hahaha
                plus the thermite i`m sorry thats suppost to read termite,,all over the place,,,ewver seen what that stuff does to a tank hatch,,,,


              • Jesus peasus …….GregorKluless and pillowbyter are you for real? Holy shit! Both of you, I hope we never meet. You both are useless as tits on a boar hog. You are the kind to wait for all the hard work to be done then swoop in and claim, “Well, we sure showed them”. Oh well, on we go.

                • “You both are useless as tits on a boar hog.” ,

                  I’ll second that!

                • they do have a good point ,maybe we should ask all the desenters in nazi germany how it worked for them ,OH! wait there all dead

                • You are not a very good judge of character(at least for me). Also, the hostility and name calling is not necessary.

              • If you can’t resist when armed what will you do when that is not the case? The answer is to elect better people but that also seems to be a dead end. Half the population does not care as long as a loaded EBT card is on hand.

            • No
              You are right you can’t stand agains a M1 Tank, If it comes to CIVIL war they only way to win is guerilla type war fare. A fight is not what we want, but it will more that likely come. (GOD FORBID)

              • sgt dale
                son you might not know how to take out a m1 ,,doesnt mean everyone doesnt,,come on down and i`ll teach ya how


                • Trying to relive the last scene of “Band of Brothers”? LOL. That was just a movie dude, and not realistic.

                • snake eater,
                  I rode a M1/M1A2 for many, many moons. I know all the right things to do to disable one. It aint as hard as some folks might think. Hell the new ones almost disable themselves. (7 million dollars of computerized junk)

        • then big boy why dont you go/come do it instead of talking about it


        • Well If they plan on disarming you, what makes you think they won”t whack you anyway and Claim you resisted..that happens all the Time with “Local) Cops Now! Get Real,,if they are at your Front door you are already Dead! May as well take a few of the Bastards with you, and leave less for the Rest of us to deal With!

          • The truth of the matter is, you “gung ho” baddies think you are all real tough, cold and hard. I am betting more than half of you have never seen any real action. I am betting half of you would shit your pants the second a loaded gun is pointed in your face or at your kids. Where there should be wisdom is arrogance and that WILL get you killed. You think sacrificing yourself to take out one or two of millions of trained law enforcement and military is going to make a difference? Not a chance in hell. If you want to gather an army and fight as a organized, unified resistance, more power to us all, I’ll be fighting right along side you if push comes to shove. Bu enough with this martyr nonsense, it isn’t helping you, me or anybody for you to end up dead. Someone asked how you can resist without weapons?…we will find a way. It is better than being dead and not able to help others.

            • GregorKlusar, I doubt when you give up your guns (as you stated) that you won’t be doing any fighting inside a fence at the FEMA camp. Unless you shove some old lady and take her scraps of bread. Your pitiful. I don’t plan on being a martyr. Martyrdom is what some assholes who don’t have any courage ( and are left alive) call you when you go down fighting for what you believe in.

              • It’s funny. I knew you would reply to this if I posted. You might need to wake up a little, you’re a bit arrogant. Did Nat Turner solve anything? Did Waco? Did Daniel Shay? Hell, Spartacus was doing terrific until his company split into two separate armies and were defeated by the more advanced force. Slavery still continued to exist despite the amazing effort. But what happened after Nat Turner? Slaves were even more controlled, beaten and murdered. Waco is remembered as an event started by extremist group…and so on.

                Talk to me when you grow up a little and want to think logically.

        • Dear pillowbyter, spit your gonads out of your mouth, put them back into your britches where they belong and then maybe you can come out from under your mother’s dress.

        • ~~~Prepare and passively resist, don’t aid the oppositon.~~
          Try telling that to the million Jews that died in Germany during the 1930s.

      9. DAISY, correct and correct… this is only the beginning, The rebel progressive’s are all ready using the word (mental health)in there mantra.A new debate will evolve as to the state of your mental health,and will be added to the gun control bill or obama care. if your a prepper you have mental health issue’s,if you believe in the right to keep and bear arms, you have a mental health issue. the list just goe’s on, and on and on.whatever the health professional consider’s unhealthy.

        • There was a prepper who had his guns taken for that reason, but he was threatening to poison some of his supplies as a trap for people and threatened to off himself.

        • and thats when healthcare professionals start disappearing in the middle of the night.

        • mental health is already part of the background check on a firearms purchase form.

          • Mordecai, No, not true.

            The irony about those FFL 4473 forms is that there is only ONE question regarding “mental health”. The 4473 form changed after the Virginia Tech murders. And although the form changed to include that question, the standard procedure is that the forms remain with the licensed business, on file, and none of them are sent to the ATF. If interested, the ATF can do a site inspection to review the documents, but only if or when the ATF finds it to be of some consequence to them.

            So there is no Federal “screening” whatsoever. And the FFL-business does no screening, either. The only screening is via the States and that process varies by the State.

        • Also, don’t forget that under 0bamacare all of your medical records will now be searchable by the FBI and ATF. If you have ever been treated for addiction, had anger/anxiety issues, depression, a wart on your left thumb, etc., or whatever affliction they deed appropriate, a sheriff will show up at your door and demand your weapons. How you respond is totally up to you, but just know this will happen. Remember that OPSEC will now have to include doctors, social workers, and anyone else that has access to updating your medical records. They are no longer just between you and your doctor.

          • MXLord327, excellent point. I wonder if many here have thought how Obamacare records can be multi-agency ‘tools’ for gun control now.

      10. Hubby and I bought a new vehicle yesterday. We empted out our trunk into our new van and the salesman saw my bug-out-bag. He asked me what it was and I sid it is my bug-out-bag.

        He then states “Oh! you must be watching that show “Doomsday Preppers”.

        Right off the bat I told him that show was a bunch of crap and that I had carried a bug-out-bag in my trunk for years before that show came on.

        He backed up and didn’t say anything else.

        I didn’t say anything else either, because you just can’t justify your actions to a certain type of person. If they haven’t experienced any type of collapse in their own life, they do not understand the need to prepare.

        But the funny thing was, he was saying that he had a life insureance policy on himself so his wife wouldn’t become destitude if he were to die.

        • A lot of good life insurance based on Fiat money will do in a few years.

        • I would have just told him it was my “Road emergency bag”.. no sense blowing Opsec..

          even if you have been on the band waggon for years, others dont need to know

          people have a tendancy to talk too much

          • whenever im asked about my bag i just say “just in case, you know what could happen” and driving truck, no-one asks anymore questions… so we all need to come up with a comment that works for each of us

            • I live in the mountains and like to hike. Where i live it is “cool” to have a hiking pack. Your an adventurer, got money to buy neat lite weight stuff, and healthy. All those things are cool in mainstream America. Not only am i not consider a crazy prepper, the sheep think i’m cool. I love this angle.

        • mona, etc.: I would have said it was my beach bag or tool bag which stays in both our cars anyway. my comments: Nancy Lanza should have kept a low key profile; not joining any groups and telling others what she was doing or stuff she stashed, etc. Even with “normal” family members living with a homeowner, you just don’t leave guns laying around for others to take. The 20 yr old gunman should have been in an institution; he was unemployed and not living on his own. There are many adults on the streets; some on rx drugs that need to be in group homes or institutions but many are the homeless as these institutions have shut down in recent decades.

          • 1) who said she told others except her sister
            2) who said she left a gun around
            3) who said someone else didn’t kill the mother and plant all the guns in her home

            Our govt/CIA/Mossad agents orchestrated 9/11…
            orchestrating this would be child’s play.

            • @jayjay The military experimented on soldiers with LSD way back in the 50s and 60s for mind control i have seen how this effects different people in different ways,why is it so hard for people to believe that it hasn’t been perfected to the point of a manchurion type candidate? That was 50 plus years ago! (sorry for the spelling)


              • Oh, I have read many witnesses’ accounts to MK-Ultra from young ages.

              • And if you haven’t read of the mind control of Afghan soldiers where an audio sensory was used and a few hundred soldiers lowered their weapons, marched forward toward the enemy with hands held high, look that one up.
                That is my worry about chemtrails. Is that why they are spraying aerosols and metals in our skies?

                • Another thought/conspiracy theory I had- perhaps chemtrails and mk ultra theories are just red herrings. It could be something as simple as a string-armed threat against an easily influenced individual.
                  This guy had possible mental/emotional issues, still lived with his mom, was partially homeschooled, friends and family members are basically saying that the mother taught the sons about firearm safety and possibly other helpful things. I haven’t seen or heard anything that may lead me to believe that this guy and his mother had a bad relationship at all or that he was ever violent towards her or that she ever abused him or anything. She even had custody of him after the divorce. In fact, from the info given one can assume that he and his mother possibly had a very good and very tight relationship.

                  So would it be that hard to believe that someone may have told this guy that he had to take part in this operation or they would kill his mother? And that they decided to kill his mother and him anyway to eliminate any witnesses?
                  I have known people who had kids with developmental disabilities and these kids were so devoted to their mothers that I wouldn’t doubt that these kids would do anything including murder to protect their mothers.

                  Again, this is just a hypothetical almost hollywood-like theory. But you never know and unfortunately with this guy and his mother both dead we’ll probably never know if this or a million other scenarios could possibly be the truth.

                  But unfortunately all the MSM and politicos are focusing on are the tools used to commit this act instead of focusing on investigating the real reasons behind this thing happening.

              • Thinker: Yep…I grew up with a guy in the projects of detroit back then, who got drafted during vietnam era.

                Was the us army. They asked him what he felt of going to nam…He said his older brother got killed there and he figured he would be too.

                He said all that prior while at initial draft callup phys and mental processes are done.

                He told the shrink dr he plans on doing alot of illeagle stuf since hed probly be dead if went to nam anyways.

                30 days later he got his official notice to be drafted. They did a 30 wait priod to determine if he was mentally fit etc.

                As soon as he was officially in they interviewed him again and asked did he rather take part in drug tests with Pure LSD, and some other non public avail dope he said was 50 times more powerfull than pure lsd!

                He agreed as it got him Out of going to nam. he says they sat him in a dental type easy chair, and used an eye dropper to drip a single small drop of that dope onto his index finger.

                Within aprox. 10-15 minits afterwards he said he got so stoned that compared to lsd he already tried it was no comparison. Way more potent, and totally scary halucinations.

                For his entire two yrs there he did testings like that.

                I seen him many times once he returned from the army drug tests and man was he a loony bin. One minit hes ok…Then all of a sudden he rambles on with nonsensenical blabber.

                Plus he had flashbacks alot after it all was done.

                And whenever he’d ask what or how this dope testing assisted soldiers or war efforts etc, they told him it was Top Secret stuf and stop asking questions or be court martialed for refusals.

                He was never again the same nice guy. I aint seen nor heard of him for 30+ yrs now. No telling what became of him. I bet he never again got back to “normal” though.

                I also bet it was associated with cia mkultra stuf we only found out of in last 15 yrs or so.

          • I have a 19-year-old son who lives at home & his only employment is work-study at the university he attends full-time. He also plays Call of Duty in his downtime.
            Should he be institutionalized?

            Why don’t we wait a little bit before deciding we know what is or isn’t, what should or shouldn’t…

            When he was in high school, some of his friends got jobs.
            We told him his “job” was to get good grades.
            He was successful at this job, and received a $60,000 scholarship as a result.
            When we asked him if any of his friends with part-time jobs managed to earn $60,000 during their high school employment, he just laughed & said “no”.

            Give it a couple weeks for the media hysteria to die down before jumping to any conclusions about the killer or his family. After a while, we might actually get some honesty from the media; once they’re no longer trying to be “first to report”.

            OK, sorry. “Honesty” and “Media”?
            There’s an oxymoron if ever there was one!

          • Turns out that he was aware that his mother was going to have him committed and she was doing the legal paper work to accomplish that. The big question is why when she knew he was quite frankly nuts she did not have all the firearms in a locked safe. I don’t leave guns out even around people I trust and that show no mental problems.

        • I would have said a travel bag for travelling during winter, if I would have said anything at all.

        • I just say i go camping on the weekends a lot as a spur of the moment kinda thing.

          • Why does so many here try to dream up fantastic explainations or scenarios to “Explain” whatever is asked of them, in order to hide as in opsec?

            What is wrong with Totally Ignoring such questions and even ignoreing the person who asks too?

            Where is it writ in stone You have to answer every question?…Best to act as if too nosey types aint there at all, even if standing beside you while asking it!

            Also a cold eye type stare at them works swell also, if they keep prying.

            What in bag?…NUNYA! or silence!

            Or use liberal tatics by change subject to avoid answering!….Whats in the bag?…YOU: Gee how much do you wear blue jeans? Or do You eat spinich or brocolli?

            Even abject idiots see you aint going to answer and will stop asking usually.

      11. I keep hearing over and over again that this is a “GUN CONTROL” and crazy prepper hoarder crisis. This was clearly a mental health crisis. Period. He could have gone into that school with a machete or blown it up. Will they decide knives and other impliments to destroy are suddenly just as bad. I’m sad about this, and it does make me mad, but not about guns, prepping, or the like. It’s a mental health thing. What about getting him care? How many mentally ill individuals are forced to be homeless or live a substandard life because of the disgusting fact that mental health care is not a profit-maker? How about the fact that they want to give the mentally ill the benefit of the doubt to the point they are usually hurting themselves. I personally have a neighbor who is a hoarder with no power or water, screaming at his house and even throwing rocks in his own windows because he suffers a mental illness, but nobody can do anything about him because he has no children. It’s time people take a good hard look at the mental health issue.

        By the way, I have also heard people compare what this guy did to what Annakin Skywalker did. Why was it okay for people to stomach that without much fuss? Kids went to see that movie. (not mine, but a lot of unsupervised kids are going to see things that are not exactly apropriate for developing minds.)

      12. In the movie Dark Knight Rises – one of the corporate buildings is named AURORA. They also use a map to set up GPS coordinates. The location that he points to is Sandy Hook. One of you brilliant mathematicians give us the odds! Maybe this lady knew something that we need to figure out ourselves.

        • And wasn’t the bad guy named Bain?

      13. Great article Daisy. Yes I’m still here.

      14. they are going to come and take most americans guns, but not just quite yet.newtown is just the first was effective, but they know it will fade fast if they dont do another false fag soon. as much as i hate it, it is going to happen and soon. they need maximum effect here and they will do 3 or 4 that get bigger and bigger until they can send in the UN to come and take the guns. they will never get all of them , but they will get alot. and alot of preppers and others too.

        • No, I don’t think that “they” will come after our guns, supplies, etc. First, the question is who “they” are. When fiat money implodes, there probably won’t be any official people who will be on the job – – they need vlid paychecks to remain on the job. Then, if “they” are your friends and neighbors, it’s doubtful that a fully loaded “prepare home” will be one of the target. If they are a mob, you may have a problem if your home is down-town buy gasoline is need to mobs to move around, so the logistics will hold mob action down.

          All in all, it just doesn’t seem that thee will be much organized activity. However, being in a metro area can be asking for trouble.

          • @Hey You, There are russian and chinese troops on american soil right now. “they” are the UN, which IS the CIA and Israel, which is the jesuit order. I know it sounds like something out of a substandard spy novel, but I believe it to be true. And YES, THEY will do this.

            • You’re playing to the stereotype, eeder.

            • Sure thing, Israel which depends on the US for survival is going to help a Israel hater like Obama to acheive his goals and hose the US. You need to get a clue.

              • If Obama hates Israel so much, why is he still signing the checks?

                • He has to honor what has been agreed upon. If setting up in power the Mulim Brotherhood all around Israel does not give you a clue as to his intentions toward the Israelis then you are just a Jew hater that cannot see past your hatred.

              • He has to honor what has been agreed upon? Seriously? Is he honoring the Bill of Rights,the Constitution or the 2nd amendment? He can do whatever he wants. Haven’t you been paying attention? And I don’t hate Jews!

          • What if this is an elaborate diversion for a real reason???
            It worked!!!

          • They can kick this economic can down the road further UNTIL further restrictions are in effect.

      15. i truely hope that they dont ban weapons, however i know that hope is false.. many time when they come up with theur stupid laws the law will backfire as it has done so many times…

        they plan on coming after us preppers and yet thay will never understand that we the prepper are the ones that have a grip on reality and are the ones who will remain after they have destroyed everything, leaving it up to us to continue life, not only here but around the world..

        we are not a bunch of rebellious, anti-counrty out to ruin the good parts of the law of the land people, as they suppose we are…

        we just want to beable to fend for ourselves, be left alone without more restrictive being forced on us, and to beable to be self sufficiant on our own as it was in our grandparents day

        • If they do ban weapons the weapons they ban would be guns. so we may need to improvise (learn archery or get a cross bow). Also black powder weapons are often overlooked. Not the same as having a modern firearm but it beats having nothing.

          • Sounds like you’re planning on giving up and giving in. Don’t do that. Hide your guns with a non gun- owning friend that you can trust if you don’t want to fight them. Get your guns back later. For God’s sake don’t comply with this. You will need those guns later. Bows and muskets don’t cut it. If you need to defend yourself with a bow or musket against police or troops, you will be committing suicide so you may as well stand and fight them in the first place. Think ambush.

          • Are you kidding? Now is not the time to comply and cower in the woods like a kid in the school yard shitting his pants because the bully wants to kick his butt! Get tough and plan, give up nothing! I was watching BO make his speach and I know I heard the 2nd being ripped from the constitution. Remember that it starts with one small rip. As it was in 1994 the weak said it would be OK to give up a little bit. ( the Britts know what I say is true). How many guns do they own?

            The 1994 ban did nothing to stop the criminals from getting guns.

        • Deano, I believe they do know our intent is to survive and that we are clear thinkers, not desiring to harm, only to protect. However, that is a threat to their agenda of control of the masses, thus we see the deamonizing of this segment of the population. This is only the beginning.

          • OTP
            you could be very right on that, they dont want anything but to have slaves any to them we fit the need

      16. reminds me of the book atlas schrugged

      17. “Sometimes paranoia’s just having all the facts.”
        — William S. Burroughs

      18. You can’t make this stuff up!…but THEY can. The New Weird Oder is blowing in the wind my friends. If we make it past 12-21-12… Merry Christmas to all of you; make this one really special with your loved ones it may be one of the memories that sustains us in the coming dark days. We are celebrating at our BOL again this year…have been holed up since ’11 and getting kind of good at the simple life. Peace be with you All ! Thanks again Mac and all who contribute to the free advance of the Truth.

      19. @Be Informed! Most of the Preppers/Suvivalist on this are or the most helpful people there are !But a lot of time is wasted trying to change the mindsets of the 99% Even though most have been indoctrinated for years in the system, and all your efforts are noble, and compassionate! However like you say time and time again when shtf we are all on our own,and if we all don;t start taking responsibility for ourselves and family and stop contributing to this broken system,we will be butting our heads against the wall its over. I for one just want for my family,kids and grandkids,to be free and to evolve into someone who will realize that all wars is caused by religion, and money is the root of all evil. Try the best we can to live by the golden rule and look for a better life and awakening in the New Year!!Thank You,Daisy N.o,Jog,Angelo Walt,possee,And smokin okie for his humor and being able to help us laugh when we need it the most,and all the other long time posters to this site,for the information that has helped me and my family be proud to be a prepper/survivalist and the individual freedom and liberty I will Protect.


      20. Does anyone remember that it was an act very much like this one that brought about the draconian firearms ban in Australia?
        Obama has stated that he will use “whatever power this office holds” to prevent more tragedies such as this one.
        He has already over-stepped the Constitutional boundaries of the office many times and the other branches of our government just turn their heads.
        Along with Feinstein’s statement, they are drawing a line in the sand for people who believe in the Constitution and it being the Supreme Law of the Land.
        DO NOT count on the Republicans to even try to stop anything! For the last four years, their silence on these
        matters has been deafening!
        Gun Control is never really about guns!
        It’s about Control!!
        Communist China has just formally declared for the U.S. to immediately ban firearm ownership.
        Gosh, I wonder why they would want that?!
        WAKE UP AMERICA !!!

        • Thank God we have a man of steel like John Boner and the rest of the Bone Head Stupid Party to protect our rights and due process.

      21. To not prepare for a really bad economic/civil day is just plain insanity in this new America.

        Endless printing is the plan out of the Federal Reserve. Does this sound like the action of one who is confident in the economy?

        48 million people on food stamps. Does this represent a healthy economy?

        Government takeover of Auto, Bank and now Healthcare sector. Does this sound like America or Europe?

        GDP without Gov’t borrowed spending would be contracting for the last 4 years. Should this worry anyone?

        People, the you know what is hitting the fan as I write this. Anyone not preparing is simply ignorant to the world around them.

        • @ eric –

          Some also say that ignorance is honestly the sweetest bliss of all. That’s exactly why so many off our fellow citizens appear to be such ‘happy-campers’. Most are completely oblivious to anything of real significance happening in the world around them. Sad ….. so very sad.

      22. A year ago I didn’t know what a prepper was. I found this site and have been learning that there’s more than one type of prepper. So far I’ve come up with about 8 types so far. Let see:

        1) The Doomsday Prepper

        2) The commando survivalist

        3) The outdoorsman survivalist

        4) The Homesteader

        5) The Regionalist – preps for Nature’s events where they live

        6) The Economist

        7) The Naturalist

        8) The Hobbyist

        My interest are in 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8. If it makes me a bad person then I’m comfortable with being bad. If it keeps me alive if I get lost while backpacking, I’m ok with that. If I can stay warm, use my toilet and have a good meal when we lose power due to a winter storm, I’m ok with that. If I learn some new methods to preserve what I grow in my garden then I’m ok with that. If I learn how to make goat cheese, I’ll let you know if I’m ok with that. If that’s a threat to some then they’re just weird.

        The press’s recognition of the prepper movement only adds legitimacy to it.

      23. I agree on the mental illness angle. My oldest son has Aspergers, low scale Autism, whatever you want to call it and It is VERY hard to rear children like that. It tests your patience on a daily basis and you live in fear that he won’t snap. These types of kids have no filters. As others, my son is off the charts brilliant and can memorize books via photographic memory, but with all that high brain nerve synapse is the inability to deal with emotions, because they literally can change from anger to sadness to happiness in minutes. So what to do, medicate? Not medicate? Homeschool? Pray that the education system will be okay for him? As a parent I have to make these crazy decisions every day for a son that just isn’t ‘normal’. In past times, he’d be a hunter, using all those instincts to know everything around him, every nuance in order to get his prey. Now, all that awareness that is performing at the highest of levels is lost in a world of bad tv, the Internet and anything to make his mind get lost.

        These kids are everywhere, not genetic defects. Just wired differently. They are the Mozarts, Van Goghs, Edison of days gone by. There is a fascinating book about Thomas Edison and his mother and how she reared him. Just like today, these famous people were chastised, bullied and thought to be nuts. Same as now, these not normal kids get harassed because they just don’t fit in. I do my best with my son and teach him how to be socially aware, control emotions, but you just never know. It breaks my heart to see what happened at Sandy Hook, but all I could think about is that there are tons of kids/young adults out there that are on the fringes of society, with brains too big to control, and sometimes they just snap. Having a gun in the house or no gun, isn’t going to matter. They’ll just search the Internet to figure out how to build Pipe bombs or Chlorine Gas dispensers. All nice and common items found at any Home Depot. Anything can be a weapon to a person who is intent on using it. The key is to eliminate the ‘intent’ which the MSM seems to be totally oblivious to.

        I’ve sat down with my family and have talked together with my son about his issues and we are all super aware that it’s okay to be different. Being different is what defines us. I don’t want him to think there is something wrong with him, just that his brain works differently and to enjoy those manic moments of brilliance. I’ve discuss with his teachers and one teacher let’s him stand in the back of the room because sitting at a desk is torture for him. He stands up when he eats dinner. You have to adjust, and I’ve got to tell you, with his absurd OCD our food storage is the most organized on the planet. He memorized all the expiration dates and just told me yesterday that it’s time to rotate out the tuna fish and cans of fruit. Use his traits for good! So we donated those items to a food pantry knowing it’ll be eaten before they expire. So my Self centered selfish ways fed a few people this week.

        • If your son ever had any vaccinations, this lengthy (2:32 hrs) documentary may provide insight into your child’s behavior:

        • Mostly they are socially awkard. They will crack a joke or make a face when there is no reason for it. many of them grow out of it as they get older. Seems like a form of Tourettes.

      24. What actually motivates the average prepper and/or gun owner?

        Preppers are people who wish to PROTECT or INSULATE themselves from societal upheavals, and gun owners are individuals who, in the main, address questions of home DEFENSE against incursions by criminal elements.

        The classic Edward Bernays technique of BRANDING — in other words, LYING in plain sight — is now being employed to portray self-protection as an act ASSAULT on the abstraction called “society.”

        The gelded eloi of Blue-State Amerika, who by and large lack the individualist inclinations of preppers, will fall for this LIE hook, line and sinker, though we saw how well their infantile trust in the state-as-parental-figure and “protector” worked out for them during Hurricane (or should I say “Post Tropical Depression?”) SANDY.

        Demonizing preppers (whose resources are INFINITESIMAL compared to those of the REGIME) as a “threat” is in reality the demonization of a) skepticism, b) individualism and c) critical thought, and is tantamount to portraying a rabbit hiding in a hole as “dangerous.” The implication is that a “dangerous animal” must be killed, drugged, confined or otherwise NEUTRALIZED, and the dehumanization of preppers is thus the prelude to officially orchestrated HATRED and, in the end, state-administered VIOLENCE.

        If the efforts of the gun-banners Feinstein, Schumer, Lieberman, etc., and those of their Bill Ayers-mentored puppet Barack Obama, were truly motivated by their shrilly-proclaimed desire to “save lives,” sober logic would dictate that they at least STATISTICALLY consider those murders, robberies, assaults and rapes that are THWARTED by armed, would-be VICTIMS. These cases of firearm use are not even remotely touched upon in their arguments, and this glaring omission indicates manipulativeness, dishonesty and the presence of another agenda ENTIRELY.

        Evil is loose, and if it succeeds, hell on earth will reign in Amerika.

        P.S. Great article, Daisy! You are truly to be counted among “those who can see,” and your level of understanding is DEEP.

        • You forgot to mention that Bernays was Jewish.

          • @HB —

            …As are the movers and shakers in the “mainstream media,” which has declared WAR on the Second Amendment with an absolute UNANIMITY. If you look at the surnames of the worst gungrabbers in the Senate, it’s hard not to conclude that they view White Amerikans as their ENEMIES and will do all in their power to make PALESTINIANS of us ALL.

            The best part is this: while pushing for COMPLETE and TOTAL disarmament of Amerikans, these dual citizens and foreign agents have been using OUR tax money to provide full-automatic M-4 carbines (from USan military stocks) to Israeli “settlers” free of charge. That’s so they can “defend” themselves from the Arabs whose homes and lands they have ROBBED.

            Honkie Amerikans, in contrast, will have to BEG for mercy from the heavily-armed BRUTHAS from the nearby hood, whose full-auto AK’s will not be TOUCHED by Feinstein’s ban.

            Can these ZIONIST domestic enemies who REALLY “hate our freedom” be ANY MORE OBVIOUS?

            • @Ahab

              Agreed that these Zionists want to treat us like Palestinians.

              At the same token, I don’t want to be lumped in with the general mass of Moby Dick, gargantuan-sized EUROTRASH that are too busy piling up their last stores of Twinkies for long hibernation periods on the couch, like some nasty Muggles or Eloi.

              Obviously, the Zionists are in bed with the Dirty Eurotrash Whales, so really BOTH groups of douchebags, along with their Saudi royal hegemonic sponsors, are the ones behind the atrocities on the taxpaying public.

              I think all of these disgusting, filthy vipers and viruses ought to be held in EQUAL CONTEMPT.

              Ever watch Boardwalk Empire? Your comment about the BRUTHAS in da hood reminded me of how Enoch “Nucky” Thompson aligns with them in order to destroy BOTH the kikes and goombahs.


              • Added any more new handles, Southern Boy? Are you still selling your body on Diezengoff Street to young Hasidim?

                Thanks for reminding me about Bernays — I almost forgot about “the rest” of his story.

                Incidentally, the Eurotrash will be ready to deal with you again, and SOON, after your Merkin sugar daddy goes BANKRUPT. I know lots of Cossacks who are ready, willing and able to help.

                • WTF?! So Diezengoff St. is in Tel Aviv. And Hasidim refers to Hasidic Judaism. How do you know these things?

                  Who the hell is Southern Boy?

        • Thank you, Ahab!

          I can’t take all the credit, though – I’ve been blessed to have brilliant and insightful friends who have taken the time to point me in the right direction.

          As well, we all learn a great deal from one another here, on SHTFplan – there are a lot of great minds in one place on this site, sharing an abundance of information!

          ~ D

          • Ahab: Too bad You aint running a huge Mega church such as Joel Osteen has…Only Twice as large(his has 60,000 members weekly I think it is).

            Reason I say this is, You have a Vast knowledge base and method to arrticulate like not many others do.

            Imagiane if you had so huge a mega church and could attract the current national crop of “jewdeo-zio-christians” who are also the main base of zio wars supporters and main neocon repub voters.

            Within one month of sundays, your ‘sermons” could awaken millions eventually to how badly they been swindled by their “Scofield” bible translations. Even those who use the KJV still usually refer the explanations etc to scofields version.

            And as You probobly know, scofields bible was published by his Pal one of the orig 5 sons of “Amstel Meyer” aka ROTHCHILD!!!

            Rothchild bought out an entire publishing co. Due to back then (1903?) Scofiled was shown the door fast when he tried to get it published himself!

            But once the famed filthy rich rothchild jewsih bankster “mentored” the former Drunken Gambler/swindler scofield…..The rest is History as they say!

            And to Date, for aprox 100+ yrs of amerikans use of his “bible” amerika is likely the most and largest brainwashed by, totally wrong interpretations of prophetic events yet to come and already Fullfiled, group of jew-firsters and zioworshipers in the world now!

            Picture the change or “Fix” to their warped ideas if You had such a mega church preaching Factual Truths as You are so adept at writing here eh!

          • Daisy, few if any, are more generous with their time and commitment in the overall scheme. Onward-through-the-fog sister…you are planting some important and well nurtured seeds in many minds. While the “field remains” (internet as it currently exist) keep on sowing those seeds. There is much potential still to recruit.

      25. I have been trying to find a connection of some sort for all these tragic mass shootings, something that the shooters may have had in common.

        What I have found, which certainly deserves more investigation is that the majority were all on a type of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, or (SSRIs) medication or coming off of that medication.

        Here is a link with additional information.

        • Both reports state at first, that there was two shooters.

          “The father of Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza, Peter Lanza, was the tax director for GE, a corporation that paid -0- taxes on 14.2 billion dollars in profits last year. According to Fabian4Liberty, Peter Lanza was scheduled to testify in the global LIBOR scandal. In what could only be described an amazing coincidence, the father of Colorado Batman shooter James Holmes, Robert Holmes, was also a LIBOR witness in his position with FICO. According to FICO, Robert Holmes was a ‘Fraud Scientist’.” They knew each other.

        • lookingfortruthreply: If this is true, these people need to be in group homes or in extreme cases, in institutions. These places need to be built to house these people and separate them from the severely mentally/physically handicapped.

        • I’ve known that for years. Anybody with common sense can see that the shootings started after Prozac and other psychotropic drugs became commonly prescribed.

          But nobody wants to hear the truth anymore.

          • The statistics going back to the 1930s don’t support that notion. Mass murders have actually decreased over the years. There is, however, a good correlation between the de-institutionalizing of mental patients in the 1970s and the overall murder rate. Since Prozac has replaced mental hospitals for the mentally ill, you may find a correlation in that sense.

      26. I am not really certain why the person no byter is getting so many negative responses. The powers to be do want an altercation and I am certain there will be many citizens to give them what they seek. No matter what you believe whether or not this incident was set up, convienent to gun control people or whatever. The first thing that comes to my mind is evil. My faith is in God and I will continue to prepare for whatever disasters that may and I am sure will come. I have stated once before do not be baited into the fight as we must be wise and trust in God and not do things on their terms.
        God Bless and ya’ll take care

      27. Oh yes everyone do have a merry Christmas and love your families as you can see there are no guarentees how long they may be on this earth for. And last but not least pray for the people who lost so much. Pray for there healing and comfort.

        God Bless

      28. The doctor you so helpfully “referred” to is no longer listed with that hospital. I hope they threw him away. I also hope that Mr. Sarti sued the pants and the skin beneath out of him for breaking doctor-patient confidentiality and related damages.

        • There is no such thing as doctor-cllient confidentiality anymore. From the moment our medical records went digital, the gov started funneling our privacy into their databases. They don’t your doctor to get your file.

      29. I don’t think I am a prepper anymore. I have become (as much as possible) a self sufficient minimalist. They would probably say “Aw, he’s just a poor hillbilly.” I don’t let what I do be known (other than a few close neighbors). It has become more of a frugal lifestyle than anything. Helpful tips and links by many posters on here are good info but stop broadcasting your firepower on public forums or you will be asking for trouble. You want to have them when the right time comes to defend yourself AFTER they attempt confiscation. Don’t stand out like a sore thumb. If you need to obtain one before the “ban” get it NOW(privately if possible). Soon even gun shows and private sales will be monitored. The time to get your ducks in a row is NOW.

      30. Frankly I am surprised more people aren’t mass killed with a few gallons of gas. It’s cheaper and all you have to do is tip over a gas can in a lobby and then throw a road flare into it.

        Try to outlaw gas and 5 gallons cans.

        • The media will only publicize things the ptb want to regulate like guns and bomb material (including fertilizer).

        • Well there are no movies or vid games, but contact Hollyweird. They can set it up…. 😉

      31. None of you are preppers anymore. That implies that you’re preparing for something.

        Well that something is here.

      32. Daisy, thank you for the article and there is nothing in it that I can dispute. It’s definitely open season on preppers now. In addition to trying to ban guns, don’t be surprised if they also pass some so-called “anti-hoarding” legislation concerning food,water, etc. It always pisses me off when the word hoarding is used in reference to individuals. As preppers and individuals, what we do with food, water, etc. is more accurately referred to as “stockpiling”; that is the correct word to use in ference to gathering supplies for yourself and your family to survive adverse situations, etc. “Hoarding” is something done by CORPORATIONS WITH A CERTAIN pRODUCT OR SERVICE; IN OTHER WORDS, SAID PRODUCT OR SERVICE WHICH IS IN HIGH DEMAND BY THE PUBLIC IS HELD BACK BY THE CORPORATIONS IN ORDER TO MAKE A WINDFALL PROFIT ON THE PRODUCT OR SERVICE! Call it what you will; NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT HAVE IN MY OWN HOME! Don’t come to my place trying to take anything unless you want your day ruined permanently. I’m all fired up on this one. BI, once again your analysis is correct. I’m so sick of the MSM and everybody else trying to hurt good people like us. When the REAL SHTF finally hits, it’s going to become a totally different world. I don’t care what any nonprepper thinks about me; I’m not accountable to them for anything. Even if an “anti-hoarding” law were passed tomorrow, I’ll still be prepping. Gun show in Memphis this next weekend, Dec. 22 and 23. I’ll go see what kind of goodies I can get for Xmas. Best wishes to all and keep prepping regardless. Braveheart

      33. ‘re not in Kansas anymore .

      34. I’M proud to say I’m a prepper!!! I can see the end of the Nation as we know it. When the foolish non-preppers come to my place for food and water I will give then one meal with water, and two meals with water when they leave. I will tell them “If you return you are now an threat, and threats will be met by DEADLY force. The Gov ernment wants people to dependent on them so you will be slaves. So folks please start prepping, because the SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN when they come for us preppers with guns. I pray it won’t, but it will because we have taken GOD out of our nation.

      35. So heres a question, perhaps a little off topic but not,
        What was a teacher doing, taking her kid with aspergers to a gun range and teaching him to shoot? Im all for 2A but really? Doesnt that seem a bit um stupid? I mean folks with autism bless their souls have a few issues, one of witch is the total lack of emotion or ability st sho empathy, wouldnt it stand to reason if you had half a brain that its most likely not a good idea to teach them to be proficient with a gun? And wouldnt you lock your guns up so nobody could access them? And shouldnt BOTH parents divorced or not be responsible?
        May be a dumb thing for me to post but it was bugging me that someone who should have a bit more smarts would do something with such poor judgement, on paralell with giving a rapist a porn mag then dropping them off by the girls club!

        • From what I read, she wasn’t a teacher. “She worked in finance in Boston.” Nancy Lanza had several guns because she was afraid someone was trying to kill her; she was probably a whistleblower in the LIBOR fraud case. Sure enough, they did kill her. As far as I know, there were no witnesses her son killed her.

        • BINGO!!!

          THAT is the question here. Can this be viewed as anything other than a monumental, titanic lapse in judgement?

          Has the capacity for rational, incisive and critical thought disappeared from the people of this country? What would possess someone – even a caring parent – to place the knowledge of the use DEADLY force into the hands of someone who was clinically disconnected from the ability to emote; to experince empathy, compassion?

          I’m sorry, but Ms Lanza’s judgement in this case cannot be construed as anything other than the purest, most catastrophically erroneous imaginable. Had she herself not been a victim what would have been the result? Clearly her son was incapable of being held to account for his actions inmasmuch bas he is effectively ‘of diminished capacity’…would she then have been taken to accout in this case? I wonder, given the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ mentation that passes for critical thought today.

          If your child is diagnosed with Asperger’s – or any other form of disaafective condition – please teach them CHESS, for EVERYONE ELSE’S sake, DO NOT give them instruction in the use of deadly force!

        • To Kulafarmer:
          1) can it be proven without a shadow of a doubt that this teacher’s aide took him to a gun range to shoot?
          2) who has proven those guns found were hers?

          More elaborate scenarios to entrap people have been layed out for less than this objective–to take assault weapons..first.

        • You people are such morons. Aspergers is not a big deal. Mostly they are people who say and do the wrong thing in social settings. they don’t get violent and try to kill.

      36. my suggestion is if you were gonna make a holiday donation now would be a good time to donate to your local 2nd amendment group or NRA instead of other charities. Your rights are under attack and they know the true cause of these shootings is the poor mental health system we have that just drugs the kids. So, give all you can to your local rights group and get involved in protecting your rights. Time to swtich from “prepper” to 2nd amendment activist.

      37. You know…

        At the risk of sounding like an asshole I’m going to point out the obvious here.

        He shot his Mom first.

        I’m very curious as to why.

        If some young lady shot her Dad, everyone would be real curious as to why, don’t you think?

        • 1) you don’t know he shot his Mom
          2) the media said he shot his Mom

        • She was going to have him committed and he knew about it. She should have had the guns locked up. All this could have been avoided.

      38. As I think about what has just happen to the most innocent among us. A question comes to mind, what has happen to our GREAT COUNTRY?

        Our great country was founded by some the greatest and smartest men ever to walk on this little rock. They feared GOD and love freedom to their very being. When they sat down to come up with a plan for this nation, God was first in their design and FREEDOM was next. What they came up with was truly the most wonderful document behind the scriptures ever put to paper.

        It gave Freedom to the people that absolutely no other nation had. How could anyone want more, Freedom of speech, press, religion, the right to bear arms, assembly, the right to bring our grievances to the government, the list goes on and on. So what happen?

        History shows that when the last of our Founding Fathers passed on thing started to go downhill slowly. Then we had the Civil War, so much has been said about what it was over, it was over rights of the states to govern their own affairs, not slavery (I do not condone slavery in any way what so ever, everyone must be FREE). Slavery was used as the excuse by the Federal Government to take over control from the States and the people. What did that cost in lives only God knows. The slope just got steeper.

        Then came, Income Tax, the Federal Reserve and a few more things. The slope just got steeper.

        So what did people do, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Oh we sat down with friends over a cold one and bump our gums about what the government was doing, or was going to do. We will elect someone else at the next election that will fix it. The only thing it done was change the name of the next predator. Our two party system has been broken for a long, long time. What proof do I have, NO THIRD PARTY CANADATE stands a change of being elected; it has been proven at the ballet box time and time again.

        So who is to blame for what happen Dec. 14, 2012- We ARE- all of us. We have let the government get in the shape it is, we let corporations take control, we let GOD be taken out of the schools, we have let Political Correctness dictated what is to be said. We have just flatly dropped the ball, we sat back did not get involved in our Great Country. We all have let our Country and those GREAT Men down.

        Yes I’m AM THE MOST GUILTY of ALL! (For I have sit back and taken all my FREEDOMS for GRANTED!)

        What will it take to get this GREAT COUNTRY back, a lot of PAIN and SUFFERING on our PART.

        My thoughts.

      39. Anyone else notice that Lanza and Holmes look similar?

        • Thank you CJ, the very same thing I said to the wife only minutes ago. Especially around the eyes, which appear void of any emotion, like a dead fish.

          • “Medication” We now try to employ “chemical straitjackets” and rely on the individual to buckle themselves in.

      40. It does not matter how rational you are presonally. It does not matter how law-abiding you are personally. All it takes is one event such as this last horrid disaster, and no matter what you say or do, you are now a suspect, a potential legitimate target.

        We all knew the day would come when people will a week’s worth of food would be demonized, but the latest massacre takes this to a whole new level. This latest disaster has me sick to my stomach, at what is becoming of this country.

      41. People on Yahoo who show they have no wisdom say things like how “easy it is to get guns.”

        The Oregon perpetrator stole his gun from someone he knew. Apparently that was pretty easy.

        The law-abiding citizen goes to the store, picks out a gun carefully, fills out the federal form, waits up to 30 minutes for a background check to complete, then plunks down a bunch of cash before walking out with a gun. To some this might be considered easy, others not so much.

        If people would stop and think about how a gun is purchased, all the while obeying the law, they might think twice about spouting how “easy” getting a gun is.

      42. Funny how you fuckheads claim to think for yourself but your comments are nearly identical. You are herd followers, too. You just follow a different, stupider herd. Morons.

        • Hey Joe,

          How is the weather up in N.C.? Take any pictures yet?
          ROFLMAO. Oh by the way, Mooooooooo. Moooooooooooooo.

        • For the sake of argument Joe, would you agree you sound the same. Herd motivated.

        • @ JoeinNC. Do you value your family, yourself? You saw what happened with Hurricane Sandy, what happened in Haiti. Try to imagine something so horrible that there is no law, Mad-Max type society because your government friends just don’t have the resources to protect you from the crazies. Not the good people and preppers that you protray so unfairly as the bad guys, but true real bad people that will do bad things to you and those around you. Tell me Joe, which weapon would you rather have a bolt action type World War 1 rifle, or a rifle that you could pull the trigger as fast as you can and stop a gang of attackers trying to violate you and your family?

          You people seem to feel that society will remain intact no matter what, and that the police, national guard, military will protect you from those that want everything that you have. I can tell you what will happen when the New Madrid breaks, but i can also come up with a hundred different scenarioes that can collapse this society. One that you and others never seem to think about is a smallpox type of super virus out of India. Don’t you have any respect for yourself and your family to keep the best protection you can have for them?

          I don’t understand why you continue to attack the people here, they only want to protect their families the best way they can. The people here are the furthest from the gang like mentality that will attack others for what they have. Do you think anyone on here would rape an innocent person? I can see the people here coming to the aid like “knights” to someone in need. I can see most people here trying their very best to save innocents from being shot from some maniac, with the firearms that you seem to hate that they own. If you cannot see this in the mere responses of outrage expressed by so many people here with what happened in Connecticut, then I know whom is the f’head.

        • Thanks for the Christmas Jeer, Joe. In your attempt to assert your individuality, you sound just like any of those who disdain people are who prepare.

        • Hey Joe,

      43. In Sioux City Ia Aug 31 2001 a mother and her 5 children were murdered by a nutt with a hammer and a kitchen knife.It was the crazy person that did it not the hammer or knife.

        Can anyone spell MENTAL ILLNESS ANYMORE

        Be Brave

      44. @Snake Eater – What is a Man with-out Honor ?


        @snake eater … I have been in Combat , i’m a dirt eater operator 8 years – violence pain death is a tool that I’m personally very comfortable physically mentally with … it’s my Comfort Zone .

        I’ll make this real “simple simon” for you “grunt” . If i hear by the prepper survival camp grapevine your abusing hurting raping enslaving kids women torturing anyone in your camp village even men killing hurting them unnecessarily in combat … i’m going to be the one who “tracks you” on your six 6 ” riding a “pale horse” coming to exterminate you – catch my drift poncho ?

        “NO WOMEN NO KIDS” break this rule and You Hang .




        WHICH ARE YOU snake eater ? which are you ?

        ~N.O. ;0p

        • coco
          nut case what are you talking about???


          • @snake eater Quote : ;0P

            snake eater says:
            Comment ID: 949831
            December 17, 2012 at 10:48 am

            from that i can tell you`ve never been in a fire fight,,,all you combat vets in here can you believe that shit?????ladies please excuse this,,”,but if you get them by the balls everything will fall in place”we tried that crap in viet nam didnt work then wont work now,,superior firepower,,,,,,,


            • @worm eater Quote : ;0P

              ”but if you get them by the balls everything will fall in place”

              * @worm eater ;0P it is that very psycho killer “kill em’ all let god sort em’ out … get em’ by the balls” eugenics death murder kill “complete domination control BY TERROR ” attitude and approach to American foreign policy diplomacy that AmeriKa is now in the “Failed Democratic Republic” state is now is .

              ALL BECAUSE AMERIKANS , NATO AND THEIR BANK OF ENGLAND ROYAL FREEMASON MASTERS think they have the right to rule over all the worlds resources and enslave all human beings BILLIONS OF PEOPLE TO TAX DEBT SLAVE TYRANNY BANKER CONTROL BY THE BARREL OF A RIFLE .

              Your Wrong @worm eater … destructive men like you only help destroy poison America , the U.S. CONSTITUTION , THE DREAM OF WHAT AMERICA WAS TO BE and the World for All of Humanity !

              ~N.O. ;0p

            • How did THAT work in Nam? USA will leave Afghanistan the same way, broke and demoralized, just like Britian and USSR. They can spend hundreds longer than we can spend billions. Most of them seem to be part-timers in the conflict, and to add insult to injury, use our “hearts & minds” money against us. The American people are tired of Afghanistan, even as a low-level conflict that really doesn’t affect most of us directly.

          • @worm eater … ” MR. YOU GOTTA GET EM’ BY THE BALL’S ” ;0P not to rub salt into you wounds … but I will .

            “Last I Checked” Mr. VietNam Vet …

            “YOU GOT YOUR ASS KICKED” it was a Complete REMF ClusterFuck the lowest point of the history of the u.s, military once again fighting a ILLEGAL FALSE-FAG LIE WAR for PROFIT … 60,000 AmeriKans dead , millions of Vietnamese dead maimed mutilated raped abused poisoned by AmeriKa … and YOU and your generation STILL ” LOST THE VIETNAM WAR ” to a bunch of 3rd world Commie ” ORIENTAL MIDGETS ” who were living in the stone age WEARING BLACK PA-JAMMY’S AND FLIP-FLOPS !”

            HOW’D THAT WORK OUT FOR YAH’ ??? HUH ???


            ” Sit Down and STFU !”

            ~N.O. ;0p

            • coco
              you forgot rape


        • coco
          at least i went didnt hide by saying i was gay ,,,where were you again????all you can do is baSH JEWS,,you have no balls,,most of the ladies in here have bigger ones,,,well not most of the ladys all of them,,,,


          • @worm eater ;0P … You have my Sympathy @worm … it must be sooo hard for You @worm , to go through life Truly Ignorant with such a Low I.Q. level of intelligence , you make “Forest Gump” appear as a intelligent as a Geometric Engineer .

            Your walking living Proof that Henry Kissinger’s infamous Quote was Right All Along :

            ” Military Men Are just Dumb Stupid Animals , to be used as necessary in AmeriKan Foreign Policy or killed at will !”

            My Sympathies @worm eater .

            ” Your Life must be Very Hard indeed when your just plain – Stupid as a Bucket of Rocks !”

            ~ N.O. ;0P

          • C’mon fellas, I say lets all go for a cup of joe and calm down !After all,… T’is the season GENTS !!!

            • OK, you are both the toughest and have the largest penis.

      45. the day after cnbc broke the libor scandal the reporter two children we stabbed to death by the nanny who cut her own throat. peter lanza works for GE capitol / ernst and young global – robert holmes is also involved in the Libor scandal also. cnbc pete williams has a long history with the pentagon.
        in dark knight rises , there is a scene where commissioner gordon is laying coordinates on a map and you see Sandy Hook displayed .
        both adam and james where under psychiatric care and certainly on ssri/ psychotropic meds.
        you tube – vigilant citizen – above top secret

      46. I have read over and over again on various sites with regards to the new push for gun control banning “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines that these weapons aren’t needed for hunting. A couple Democratic Senators who have had an A rating with the NRA have also now come out with the new mantra that “We need to do something”. One of them says to look at his record on guns and that he is a believer in teh 2nd Amendment, but it’s getting out of hand.

        If he was a true believer in the 2nd Amendment then he would understand that it wasn’t established to protect people’s rights to hunt. That has nothing to do with it. The 2nd Amendment is in place so that the population cannot be controlled by a dictatorship and have the means to revolt.

        To revolt against a government it would need more than just a 30-06 bolt action rifle. It would require what they are calling assault weapons. To ban these would actually be against exactly what the 2nd Amendment was put in place to for.

        I agree with the posters on the site that something has to happen with respect to getting help to people who are unstable.

        @Looking_For_Truth was looking for something that was common amongst the perpetrators of all of these crimes. I believe that most of them played first person shooter video games like Call of Duty and Modern Warfare. The graphics have become so realistic.

        When I was younger I played outside, built tree forts and snow fortresses. I had an imagination and would go out to the shelter belt near by to play Swiss Family Robinson. We rode bikes and discovered a world of whatever we made of it through playing. I’d get home and go fishing or take the BB gun out to see if there were any gophers or birds within range. It never occurred to me that guns should be pointed at people.

        Kids now spend hours killing virtual people online. I have heard what people talk about while playing these games and it is revolting.

        If America could just get their kids off of their headphones, XBox’s, Playstations, Ipods and have them read books like Where the Red Fern Grows I believe they wouldn’t contemplate committing these atrocities because they wouldn’t have violence engrained in to their minds.

        Climb trees, ride bikes, learn Tae Kwon Do…the list of things to do is endless.

        Breaking it down further, why are kids not doing these things today? It is parenting. Most people my age grew up with a mother at home. Now to make ends meet the stay at home mother is going the way of the dodo bird. Even when parents are home, they too are on thier computers and smart phones checking Facebook and all of the other media.

        How many of them sit around the table playing crazy 8’s or UNO or a game of Monopoly? How many families require everyone at the supper table to talk about how their day was? How many families go to church on Sunday?

        This is all about the break down of the family unit.

        I recommend all who read this to look at your kids, nieces, nephews, grand kids and look at what they are feeding their minds. Is it productive or is it something to lull them in to a vegetative state while a program feeds them?

        We cannot continue to let our country degrade and drift further and further away from the country that our founding fathers created for us. The 2nd Amendment was put in place for a reason.

        What am I suggesting you do? Educate your children on the value of life. Educate them about bullying. Educate them about offering a lending hand to someone at school who is going through a rough time. Educate them about the value of reading. Educate them about how to use a gun and what it should be used for. Educate them about our founding fathers and the Constitution.

        Most importantly, educate them about God and the gift of Christ on the cross.

        This nation needs healing, not more laws. Not more regulations that dwindle the freedoms of law abiding citizens.

        Gotta go, my rose colored glasses are fogging up.

        God Bless…

        • Senator Manchin was elected from West Virginia, where dead people vote; In Logan county, they were paying people to vote; A strong Union state.

          • Since I live here, let me say that while Manchin may be a Democrat, 99% of his constituency owns more than one gun. He’s posing for the national news, to keep his creds up with the true blue staters, but he won’t vote himself out of office, in the end.

            • No, I did not vote for him.

        • Norse Prepper

          What a great testimony on your behalf of life experiences.
          Let me interject a bit..
          We raised our 3 children on the doctrines of Christs’ principles without ever stepping into any church..we follow the footsteps of His teachings..humble,thoughtful,contemplative,honesty,self awareness,respectful,question everything,and so many more virtuous principles that would guide them through life’s journey….They have turned out so well I could cry.

          We allowed them to become them selves without micromanaging and they fell many times with minor drug use and alcohol as all teenagers do..
          They played many violent video games over the years as well without any serious consequences..but have all rose to the occasion and become well adjusted young adults and 2 who are now parents on their own..

          We always challenged them to stand up for themselves..and they did..and if they defended themselves after the initial attack..we told them to take their attackers down and we would be there to defend their actions despite the consequences.,,and always stated to walk away from an attack if prudence provided..if not.. stand your ground and defend yourself!

 attack by a lone gunman is a different scenario altogether..all bets are off except survival mode..

          It is a sad commentary on today’s society..we used to carry our 22’son our shoulders to plink down the street and the local cops would drive by and think nothing of it..

          Now the swat team would be upon us in minutes..

          What have we become as a nation?

          As a society?

          God forbid!!


          • Good comments Possee. Kids will drift and hopefully eventually come back. I’m not saying I was the perfect child either, but there were a lot less dark forces acting on me as compared to kids nowadays.

            Take care

        • Sorry, not buying the “Call of Duty makes kids killers” meme.
          That’s as stupid as blaming the guns.

          How many people play that game?
          How many people do not play that game?
          How many people go on killing sprees?
          Do a little arithmetic.

          Why does there have to be a common theme to anything?
          Why anyone need to be indoctrinated into the belief of your imaginary friend?

          Amazing how many people here will bitch about kids being indoctrinated by the state schools, but have no problem with indoctrinating them in whatever religion they believe. This may come as a surprise, but religion has been at the root of a great many atrocities over the years.

      47. holmes incident in auroa colo , where officials had done extensive anti terrorist drills in locations around denver including a mall. katu in ore reported multi agency swat drills at a community college near portland preceding jacob roberts did his mission. .he seemed a regular kid until a ” sudden change ” he was an orphan. the mall had a century theater like holmes..he stated i am the shooter , holmes – i am the joker”
        jacobs ar 15 jammed ( rare) then later he shot himself with it
        theres a story with photo- katu- – 5 days earlier about a 20 year old with guns and drugs and in the photo you see a hockey mask and guitar case.
        both which 24 year old jacob had also.
        jared- jacob- james- adam.. all biblical names.
        all these incidents initially report multiple shooters , then nope- just one ..
        law enforcement says they will go after anyone that posts any other stories than theirs.

        • ar-15 jam is rare?
          using cheap, full-lead ammo can jam just about anything.
          run some FMJ through the same weapon and it’s like a hot knife through butter.

          • — so i’ve been told–or if they were blanks–so ive been told , as i dont know anything about assault weapons –no guns around here..yeah- those prepper sorts are crazy..
            well, ill be going back to my embroidery now..all this violent talk fatigues me.

      48. Friday is December 21st. What makes me think were in for something this week, even if it isnt the imminent pressence of nibiru and the end of the world! I get a more sickening feeling daily and its less and less about nibiru everyday.

      49. i don’t give a shit about what these people are trying to accomplish.

        most of you people in here, in terms of useful info, is worth their weight in gold.

        we’ve all come to a point where there is no changing sides. either you’re ready for the shit to hit the fan quickly, slowly or anything in between…. or you’re shit out of luck.

        this type of horseshit used to rile me up. now i just choose to use my time wisely. i troll these comments for any morsel of info i can use to survive and protect my family.

        keep it up all of you. we’ve all been warned.

      50. We are in the Last Days for however long they last and have been since 1948 when the Jews returned to Israel: even the PTB know that.

        The end of the Age of the Gentiles as stated in the Bible can be counted from the Day that the Jews occupied Jerusalem.

        Whether the PTB will admit it or not is another matter, but their underground bunkers around the country are obvious evidence that convict them of that understanding; as does their massive purchase of ammo, etc.

        Nappy is a Prepper! 🙂

        Do not fear the confiscation of YOUR weapons my Peeps, American Patriots will be well armed when the Day comes that WE need them. This fact is evidenced by Washington’s Vision of OUR future.

        Thank you Lord.

      51. Any NWO UN ZOG AmeriKan Law passed by the CIA Zionist Freemason Illegal Alien Puppet Prez Barry the Limp Wristed One – which does not follow the U.S. CONSTITUTION and Bill of Rights is “ILLEGAL” … It will soon come down to where the Blade Meets the Meat Preppers !

        Are You a Tax Debt Slave to the NWO or a FreeMan FreeWoman ???

        Your Actions by each of you will soon show which you are !

        ~N.O. ;0P

      52. To everyone, check this out. Direct link: The town mentioned in this article, Paragould, is only a 1.5 hour drive from my home and right inside the NMSZ. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. Sounds like Bloombeerg’s Folly being repeated in Smalltown, USA. Braveheart

        • It just one more drop of Once Free AmeriKan Blood on the U.S. Constitution caused by the ZIONist GESTAPO NAZIFICATION of AmeriKan Police across the Nation .

          ” Paper’s Please !” or you get the ” Jack-Boot Stomp !”

          It only gets worse from here … Arm Up to Protect yourself from the ZOG DHS GESTAPO POLICE !

          ~N.O. ;0p

          • coco
            how would you know about american blood krout!!!!!


        • Actually it’s a 1 hr drive from the shitty part of Frayser numb nutz !

      53. I was at a wedding this weekend when some other guests started a conversation on preppers. One guy who was a carpenter by trade said his son started prepping and he helped him build a hidden gun safe in the son’s new home. I wanted to join in the conversation so badly but have recently decided to keep my mouth shut and my head down when talking around people I don’t know. It seems much safer that way nowadays. I’d suggest everybody do the same and try to slowly get off of the radar.

        • i also have decided to keep my mouth shut about prepping…too many sneaky assholes out there…damn shame it’s come to this

      54. i’ll admit it, my name is wally and i’m a prepper…:)

      55. Doomsday Preppers is such a silly show to view. “Bonehead 1” gets injured after “bonehead 2” fires a rifle. Both are dressed in the finest tactical gear money can buy and neither, at least in my opinion, have any business playing with guns. But I feel the show is very damaging because it makes a mockery of those that seriously prepare for the unknown. It damages the credibility of those that stock up on goods and supplies and may even prevent others from doing so. “Don’t wanna be one of those crazies from that show” mentality. The show is a facade. It acts like a serious show when in reality it mocks those that want to benefit themselves, friends, and families.

      56. If they want to get rid of guns then why would some in power say that the schools need armed guards? Makes no sense, guards need guns to protect from the psychos but we decent American citizens do not? They can not and will not ever take away all of the guns, they can try but it will be futile. As for preparing for a disaster like an earth quake, a dollar collapse, a storm, etc., just try and stop us from being prepared. I will store and keep as much food and supplies in my own home that I wish to, no one is going to keep me from taking care of my Family, NO ONE! Up yours you elite rotten pieces of lying crap. I bet you have enough food in your cupboards right now to feed an army, of course it will be gourmet and very expensive but the little sheeple can just exist on no more than three days of food. How the hell do they get away with this evil mentality?

      57. National Geographic Doomsday Preppers is the new version of the Three Stooges. What a joke!

        • The Three Stooges were funny.

        • It’s hard to believe any MSM ever since Curly came clean and claimed no one really had their eyes poked on the show. NYUCK, NYUCK, NYUCK. HEY MOE!

      58. “We were described last month by emergency manager Valerie Lucus-MacEwen as “socially selfish”.

        “Instead of spending time and energy making changes that would benefit the larger community, in their very narrow focus of loyalty they are more concerned about themselves.”


        Thats good that she thinks that, since I am sure that she wont be suprised that I dont give a shit about her comment either.

        • YEAH, we had the power go out for many days.. my neighbor used to make fun of my “boy scout ways”…then he was relieved when I brought him a prepper care package.


          I should have tshirts printed up.

          Bumper sticker anyone!!!
          Thumbs up if you like it.!

          • Or how about:


          • Wherr can I buy one, I would so wear it while shopping.

      59. Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care….
        Everyone sing along..

        Continue to life your life as YOU see fit. It’s still America.
        Hey, …I have two cases of beans! ohhhhhh

        Another thought…

        And we are “HOARDING GOLD”. How dare we hoard all that gold from the poor international bankers. Why should they have all the fun.

        I’ll finish with… Hitler banned guns…
        Too bad you can’t ask the SIX MILLION dead jews how they feel about being disarmed.

        Just in case.. I keep a compound bow in the closet for self defense.

        Seriously folks.. ever watch youtube video on how to make to make a bow?
        and arrows…with pop can arrow heads.

        Let’s face it…

        The alure of prepping is just an extension of my boy scout training.


        I was and love it. I love craft and learning how to do stuff.
        Its the American spirit.

        Fuck off… UN, George Sorros, CNN, Rothchilds, Rockefellers…


        BITE ME

      60. @ All, URGENT,

        I wotked in IT for several years and maintain a presence there…in the last 24 hours I have seen over 40 router’s hit with ‘flood’ type attacks. RESET your router’s daily, once someone get’s control of your hardware everything you do online is under someone else’s control. Change your passwords as frequently as you THINK you need to. Nuff said!….JOG

        • Meh, you don’t know very much. Anybody can “flood” a router (it’s just a denial of service attack, nothing mysterious)…There’s no threat to the security of the router, its password, or the network. Resetting a router due to a flood attack is pointless. In addition routers are under constant attack, every hour, and every day of the year. The attacks you are seeing are completely ho-hum. There’s nothing “urgent” about it.


          • Try again brother,

            Typically, omce a ‘flood’ attack succeeds anyone on the other end can reset your ‘domain look-up tables’ to whatever they like…think where that one leads to….’redirection’, Eh?

      61. #1 rule of a gunfight= bring a gun
        Believe me the bad guys do play by this rule. I wish everybody else understood it.
        Two police officers shot today 1 bad guy dead the other leaking blood all over.
        I pray the officer critically hurt survives. They were able to get him to an Atlanta hospital alive but he is in bad shape. This happened across the street from the doctors office I was at today. Violence isn everywhere. Its too late to think about it when the bullets start flying

      62. This proves gun control doesn’t work to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. This crime was committed using stolen guns. The legal gun owner did not fire a shot.

      63. “We are painted as camo-clad survivalists, clenching a knife in our teeth while unloading an automatic weapon into some real or imagined threat. After our Rambo-esque rampage, we will crouch in the forest by a campfire, shoveling down an MRE while glaring suspiciously into the dark, a large Katana hunting knife close at hand with which to dispatch the next enemy.”

        Even if this was the case…Im not seeing the downfall, at least Im not in the hell hole of society we are all in now!

      64. Somebody told me she was a radical leftist, a la Billy Ayers (you know, the guy who said he was sorry he didn’t bump off more people).

        Hey, it’s worth starting a rumour! Half the “Yes we can” chanters will believe anything you tell them. Including that the US is “in recovery!”

      65. Americans.

        Brace the reality. Times have changed. I believe the 4 horseman of Revelation could be happening. The First Horse is a Rider on a White Horse, but bent for conquest. The second horse is a fiery red one and he makes men slay each other. He is given a large sword…..

        The rider of a white horse symbolizes a Peacemaker, but he is not. He has an agenda (conquest).

        This administration has done an excellent job at polarizing us Americans into democrats hating republicans. It is us v them. Spy v Spy. Dems hate anything GOP. They (dems) are definitely trying to destroy our voice.

        What is wrong with preparation?

        I have never seen such hatred. Time to prepare for the worst by getting food storage at least to 6 months, get debt down, and have cash and silver (gold) at hand, and talk to fellow neighbors willing to listen.

        Also, pray.

      66. Anyone who cares about gun freedom should look closer into the area of why there have been so many school shootings (and often suicides afterwards). This didn’t use to be a problem and in fact, my own father used to walk home from school (back in the 40’s) and plink targets alongside the road with his 22 pistol. No one worried about school shootings then. The area at fault actually has nothing to do with guns (other than the quick calls for gun control after every shooting)and everything to do with drugs. Legal drugs in almost all cases. If you look you will find evidence that in almost every case where one of these shootings went down, the shooter was on one or many mood changing drugs. In the cases where this evidence isn’t there, the reason is that the evidence was sealed since a minor was involved. In other words it is likely true in every case but only about half can be absolutely verified. When you add in the warnings on the labels of these drugs that are given out to public school kids by the millions by the guys in the white coats which state side effects on most of them like violent and suicidal thoughts, it is a wonder they get away with this. The word on this is getting out much faster now than it ever was before. If you want to look into this, a great place to start is Our legal guns have been under attack for a long time and every time some teenager goes on a rampage, we get that much closer to losing our rights. Its time we got the real reason out there big time before this goes too far (not to mention saving a whole lot of lives).

      67. Proof the US government and media are lying. They are complicit in the mass murder of US children. No mention of two men arrested in any of the coverage.

        Two shooters caught.

        One seen running from building, chased by police. Seen on this aerial video starting at 7.30 min — More Confirmation from news report.

        Another apprehended outside school, “proned out.” (Can be heard on Police radio, heard on above video)

        More eyewitness evidence man in camouflage pants arrested. Early references to other shooters disappearing.
        {I tried to tell you folks}

        • JayJay, some of the side-line information is very disturbing! The video taken by local station WABC from a helicopter shows 2 other alleged shooters behind the school as they were apprehended. So where are these people? Where is the story? Who the hell are they?

          Other coverage included one child talking about the guy that cops had in handcuffs. Where is this other guy? Where is the story? Who the hell is he?

          And that is just one of them. The video showed 2 people in the woods. The police scanner has been recorded and explicitly mentions that one person was “proned out” — where is that story? Who the hell is this person?

          There is a sinister depth to this event and it’s being covered up. I don’t want to know that 20 young children were senselessly murdered in school because of a political agenda. We need to demand the truth, even in the face of this tragedy.

          • ~~~The video taken by local station WABC from a helicopter shows 2 other alleged shooters behind the school as they were apprehended.~~
            Yes, the one I saw had 3 officers in brown uniforms standing over something.
            Yes, children don’t lie like adults for their 15 minutes of fame. He told the truth.
            My theory is here…Comment ID: 951182 (at the end)
            on the topic of congress to move against guns.

          • the reports are saying the parents don’t have their children…just as reports said all the victims listed didn’t make it to the hospital at the theater murders.
            We will NEVER know the truth.
            But, I’d like to meet these 20 parents and get their view and see if they saw their children dead.
            Insensitive?? Not when I read EVERY day about a satanic cabal that sacrifices children.
            Hell, this republic still doesn’t know where the passengers are from KAL 007…
            {{{No body parts were recovered by the Russians from the surface of the sea in their territorial waters, though they would later turn over clothes and shoes to a joint U.S.–Japanese delegation}}}

            • Osama is buried at sea.

              Now hush up woman, and swallow…..

        • Obamas Reichstag event, I made comment to this effect on a different thread to be watchful for when an event like this would play out, and here it is

          • Eeeewww that smell! Caan’t you smeel that smell!

            Something stinks to high Heaven when people who question the official party line are threatened with prosecution.

      68. Am I the only one wondering what the new American Dream is? It used to be that you grew up, got a good job to provide for your wife and 2.3 children, living in a quiet neighborhood in a nice house. Then it shifted to be getting the most stuff. Bigger house, faster car, biggest screen TV on the block, etc. The cost of that was that both parents had to work, but that was what the dream was. Children were optional (DINKS) or were bumped off the top of the priority ladder. What is it today? I view prepping as a throw-back to the good old days. One of the tenets of the first American dream was that you saved your money, did things more economically, viewed your family’s health and happiness as a top priority. So if that meant storing food for a rainy day or finding some way to cut your power bill, so be it.
        So what is the current American dream and why is it so threatened by people that want the old one?

        • My husband had open-heart surgery in 2002; carotid surgery with an aneurysm and the worst blockage the surgeons had seen in their careers in 2012..
          Why would I NOT prepare for not having an income in the future???

      69. I just love it when evil teams up with stupid to defeat an enemy that they know they can’t defeat.

        Like our entire society is insanely ignorant about guns, they are at least as much insanely ignorant about self reliance.

        Daisy, I read your article and now I see it. There is a grand plan that has opened up here.

        The goal is to stop the prepper movement. Preppers are dangerous to government because they don’t just herd like sheep. They stray off and don’t care if you find them or not.

        1. Run shows like “Doomsday Preppers” that is 80% BS and nutcases. (There are a few segments where the people are good and wise. Mostly, though, they’re portrayed as nutcases.) Do this for a while, then…

        2. Start sensitizing people about many of the guns they see on Doomsday Preppers. (Aurora Theatre, Clackamas Mall, Connecticut School),

        3. Drop the hammer: portray one of your programmed, manipulated killers to kill and then portray mom as a prepper.

        4. Prepper movement stops cold. Existing preppers can now be seen as DANGEROUS.

        Excellent plan! Trouble is, only dumbass FEMA Cattle listen to the LamesStream. Doh! Plan foiled by common sense. Distortion fault. Plain failure.

        It is the end of the age for TPTB. They are, as I was typing a year ago TPTW. The Powers That Were. They’ve lost control. Society is much smarter and any attempt to take our guns or our stored food will be met with stiff resistance if not plain old violence that they can’t handle.

        Pucker up TPTW. …and kiss our butts!

        Thats a good write, Daisy! Salute to you!


      70. Get ready boys and girls, this is when it starts to get really interesting. This is going to be a full fledged in your face assault on preppers and gun owners, and it is going to happen very soon, while people are still shocked by the shooting. The liberals will not waste this crisis, they will milk it dry, hell the bodies weren’t even cold when Herr Bloomberg began his rants. The media is always on board, this time out in front, msnbc, “confiscate” the weapons, cnn, tough anti gun laws. This is not going to end well for anybody.

      71. If people want you to give up your gun for their opinion of their ‘safety’

        They should also be equally willing to accept additional ‘safety’ such as, but not limited to:

        Vehicles: They surely don’t need any vehicle that can exceed the speed limit and surely will be willing to trade it in for one that can not, or have a device installed on their current car that prohibits it from exceeding posted speed limits and immediately reports any attempts to do so. If they have an emergency and need to get to a hospital or police station, they can just dial 911 and wait for an ambulance or the police.

        No tobacco at all. Sorry, since people have to pay for other peoples insurance through taxes because of ‘free healthcare’. Then they have to make a few little good modifications to their behavior.

        Tax all soft drinks and junk food at 100%, see above.

        Ladders in the home, expressively forbidden, unless the owner is a licensed union contractor.
        Thousands of innocent people are killed every year due to falling off of ladders. Besides, any thing that requires a ladder should be completed by licensed union contractors in accordance with all local, state, and federal ordinances. Since all lighting will be required to be replaced with energy efficient LED’s, there will be no need to change light bulbs.

        All gated communities are prohibited. Everyone should be equal, including equally vulnerable.
        In the same token, all locks, alarm systems, and fences will be taxed at 100% to subsidize those that do not have them.

        All sales, production, importation and transfers of surgical instruments used for abortions clearly illegal, for the safety of the children.

        A 10,000% tax on any media, songs, videos, video games that has violence. People aren’t giving up a right to free speech, just putting reasonable limitations on it.

        The complete elimination of the Military. Costa Rica doesn’t have any military at all and doesn’t need it, just as most of europe, canada, australia, and mexico don’t have citizen rights to firearms and don’t need them. How many innocent children have died at the order and discretion of president obama via the military?

        The institutionalization of all mentally ill individuals paid for with the money saved from the military.

        What else do you think could be added to improve safety?

        • drugs for men to deter rape…I tried to say this in a family friendly way!!

          • @jayjay No more drugs! Just a penalty,castration do it again death, simple. Same for child molesters.


            • I concur. Death. However, if a woman (or man, I guess) makes a false accusation and the defendant is found not guilty, the accuser gets death along with the plaintiff’s lawyer. It death is tooharsh, how about 20 years in the grey bar hotel?

              Surefire way to stop “he said, she said” baseless accusations.

              Now with pedophiles? That’s another story…

          • It’s called “chemical castration”.
            There are convicted rapists that are currently residing in group homes that are prescribed this medication.

            • they used to treat homosexuals in uk with chemical castaration not that long ago

      72. its this simple people..this simple

        Mass punishment for the actions of one individual is tyrannical.

        do you get it yet?,,..oh you will!

      73. There is no such thing as “Liberal” or “Conservative” massmedia, only “Globalist”. The media will show left or right according to the best interrests of the Globalists, period. One day it’s gun control and social programs for all, the next it’s Imperial war at infinitum. Don’t you see? Depart from those ridiculous stand liberal vs conservative stand points, they exist only to divide and conquer.

      74. Can anyone substantiate this stuff? The article is posted at Drudge right now, from Infowars, “Facebook Suspends Account For Questioning Official Narrative on Shooting.”

        So Facebook is involved in Gestapo tactics (again) on Sandy Hook now. I’m not a fan of Infowars but there is plenty of links to follow. (If I post the article link this comment will be delayed for moderation.)

        This is getting curiouser and curiouser….Why am I feeling an overwhelming sense that the time is now?

        • that your spidey senses. i’d go with em

      75. What I find truly odd is in the following video there isn’t one tear. The daddy doesn’t even blink! If my children were shot I would still be sick in mind and spirit. This video was shot 2 days after the shootings. Why did they run drills from this school prior to the tragedy? They did the same prior to 911. Is what we saw and read in the news the drill?

      76. This article has been picked up at Lew and from there,

      77. It is always prudent to have backup food and other goods, at least a 3 month supply of basics at minimum.

        To some degree, please do not forget that over the last few years, many web sites have cleverly used fear and other tactics that appear to have accomplished 2 things: 1) Revenues! It is always about the money.
        2) It has created a fringe that lives in paranoia and fear, and THIS is the part about ‘preppers’ that causes alarm that few want to admit to. Some folks have been filled with so much speculatory fear and dread it has harmed them. Constantly filling oneself with all the daily alarmist tactics from *some* sources, certainly will contribute to some folks becoming potentially unstable, and this is the part that is wrong, and shows the greed of those that promote in this manner.

        What we face needs NO drama, unless of course one sees fear and paranoia makes sales, which it does. We have a lot of things to deal with coming over the next few years without all the hype and tactics. Somehow it always gets to this point where too many go a bit overboard, and instead of developing thoughtful and prudent prepping habits, some can become consumed by the whole matter. Y2K I recall quite well, and at the time being a computer tech, I was often asked about it. I advised not to become consumed by it, as it was much hype, and MANY at the time made millions on selling that hype. Y2K came and went, while many had stocked up year worth of goods, and other items, many also felt they had been taken advantage of…once again, many have been taken advantage of, and once again, follow the money and it will become evident how the game has been played.

        Take steps to prep, please do not allow others to push you into a state of daily dear and dread. it is not worth it, but prepping for difficult times over the next 3 years or so IS prudent. just do not get caught up in the ‘marketing’ of the game, THIS is the problem. Look at those who are selling gold/silver…same tactics being used because there is a conflict of interest…they WILL state things in order to lead as many as possible into buying their pitch and enriching themselves by much manipulation. We do not need any more drama. We need level heads trying to understand the details and then making prudent decisions based upon ones own due diligence.

      78. I don’t give a flying rat’s ass about what other people think of me as a prepper. I’m not stupid or boastful of my prepping techniques. I do sometimes say more than i should on this site, but only as in relating to things i have done and learned to pass on helpful information.
        I learned a long time ago about telling so-called friends about my prepping. 99% of the time those “friends” will try to take advantage of our hardwork, if we let them. We won’t. The lines are drawn in the sand and we ain’t budging except for little children or defenseless elderly.
        Call us “hardcore” or “selfish”, we don’t care. We just prefer to not be called. Keep the f*** off our cloud.

        • you seem upset , better up his dosage

      79. I like this headline better:

        Anti-Gun obcessed politicians deprive citizens of protected rights: 20 children dead.

      80. dont know what everyone previous has brought up, what i got so far-
        via: above top secret, vigilant citizen , some you tube vids, the coming
        many commonalities, oddity, coincident , seemingly unrelated , and topped off
        with really out there sprinkles.
        OK .. ( derived from wwll, the report in for 0 Killed) circle K your day.wink
        LIBOR SCANDAL- james holmes father robert,involved in banking scandal>
        adam lanzs father peter. works for ge capitol? ernst young global , involved in a banking scandal> cnbc reporter that broke the story , his two kids had their throats cut by their nanny who the cut her own as well> cnbc pete williams has a background with the pentagon top levels> james holmes , under psychiatric care , almost certainly on on ssri meds, in aurora colorado- translates to red dawn in spanish> goes back to columbine, in the denver area, new home of the cia, > there were anti terror drills held at the aurora mall in august.> there were swat team drills previous to the clackamas mall shooting where jacob roberts stated ” i am the shooter” in a mall with a century theater, james holmes stated ” i am the joker” in a century theater> 5 days prior to jacob’s incident , jacob is an orphan btw, a photo on katu news display the items seized in the arrest of a young man, a hockey mask , guns , a guitar case. both items jacob used > jacobs stolen ar15 jammed – rare- but later he shot himself with it> jacobs roomate said he was a cool guy but suddenly changed>..
        Sandy Hook:
        adam lanzas father involved in a scandal right, his mother now is a survivlist who had weapons and took her troubled autistic son shooting, he was most certainly on medication, he had beaucoup rescoures for care.. yet he kills his mother and the school victims> sandy hook can be seen on a map in a scene with comm gordon in the dark knight rises> paul vance has stated anyone posting any contrary stories on the social media could be prosecuted.> three of the incidents initially said multiple shooter but the story change >suzzane collins author of hunger games is from sandy hook ? jared, jacob, james , adam, all biblical names.,>
        so there are those these a mk ultra mind control victims , the events are staged,there are actors in the mix,well consider this-
        neo’s passport in the matrix expired 9/11> the overpass in the canal scene in terminator ll was stamped 9’11” although clearly taller than that>
        in gremlins 1990 , you see actor eric shaw in a scene as a reporter where the mikes read 9 and 11. .then he shows up on fox as an eyewitness to 9-11 ..>
        sunday a theater shooter showed up in san antonio at the Mayan theater , but a cop shot him. > 3 people have been arrested for threatening to shoot up a school since newtown usa – kid in okla/ old guy in indiana/ young man in cali..>
        australians gave up their guns after the newtown mass school shooting .
        end of transmission

      81. Just saw news flash and now it’s gone. Lanza left the AR in the car, and he only used the pistols in the school. Has anyone else seen this?

        • Yea, I was wondering why there was an initial video of a cop “supposedly” unloading the Bushmaster at the trunk area of the Lanza’s car? If some of the victims had been shot with the rifle, how did it get back to the vehicle? If Lanza had it with him initially, wouldn’t it have remained in the school? Who were the two people that were detained in the woods?
          Some of this stuff just doesn’t add up.

      82. they now say adam was on fanapt- played call of duty hours on end- and worshipped the devil. there – flash the crazy eye photo and case closed

      83. is a group that provides actors for emergency event drills based in denver. HSEEP is homeland security emergency evaluation program.
        there were terrorist drills at aurora mall in aug..there were joint swat team at the mall in ore same week .. there were drills at sandy hook in 2010

      84. the dc sniper, holmes, roberts, lanza and william spengler (the fireman shooter) all used the bushmaster..not just the style – the brand..
        the designer director for dark knight rises is Nathan Crowley related to allister crowley founder of the church of satan.

      85. One thing I missed until now—why does the tabloids picture Adam Lanza as a 10 or 12 year old? No more recent photos?

      86. _______=//”””””&.
        |…._____ II —- |=i (((((((((((((((((((( 4 ==::: >>>>>>>>
        |_–.-””””‘/- /((_).|. |

      87. _______=//”””””&.
        |…._____ II —- |=i (((((((((((((((((((( 4 ==:::
        |_–.-””””‘/- /((_).|. |

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