The Propaganda Machine: 5 Stories The Mainstream Media Reported as Real, But They Were Fake

by | Dec 4, 2016 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    There’s a reason Secretary of State John Kerry said the Internet is making it harder to govern… because people have a lot more information at their fingertips and no longer have to rely solely on the mainstream media’s establishment propaganda machine.

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      1. What? There were only 5???

        • I bet I could think up AT LEAST a couple more…

          1….Hillarybeast emails are a “nothing-burger”…
          2….Unemployment is 4.6 percent
          3….The price of silver accurately reflects market conditions…

          I have to stop looking at the news. Too stressful.

      2. What, no CNN porn follow-ups?, someone wearing a white hat isn’t a good guy?, it’s not okay to not tip for lousy service? (or do tip and then get called homo-phobic for not expansively appreciating the tats and crew-cut hair); or, forgetting to feel sorry for some guy who self-mutilates (and NO, I don’t mean lying POS’s like NBC newsmen)?, and don’t tell me that if a person like Hussein eats too much yellow cake he might not get all gassy!!! Talk about WMD’s!!! PeeeeYeeewww! I bet you’re going to tell me that there is no Santa or an Easter Bunny too. …. No… don’t tell me… please.

        • Don’t worry, Heartless. Santa and Easter Bunny will always be there for you.

        • OK, watched the whole video, Summary of first 45 mins. We are dumb and naïve and we live in a culture of a pedophile cult, pizza-gate and run by order followers.

          From Min 45 to 1 hour… We are brainwashed by communism mainly through public education. Cities are Communist Centers, where are more rural areas are not bombarded by social commie brain washing. Like I have said Get out of the Cities and set yourselves free from the slavery.

          Min 1:10 -1:22 All Religion is a cult, including Free Masons. Group think. The Roman Police & J**ws Murdered Jesus and JFK. Christianity is evil and Fraud. I could not find an single link to anything that say or refers to Trumps daughter as “Miss Free Mason.” I think that is BS.

          1:33- 1:39 to the finish – Summary. Min 1:40 gets bizarre, saying Trump will be a mind reader and take over the world. Yeah what ever.

          @ 1:37 Video broadcast signal start fading out some.

          Min 1:46 What you can do. Basically think for yourself to find your freedom. Be a truth seeker and expose evil.
          whatishappeningonearth dot com

          This entire Video could have been reduced to about 20 Mins long.

          • Z, correct. Glad you watched and thanks for the review.
            I could only get past about 10 minutes….the man asking the questions needs a damn big mug of espresso or something. Put me into a coma waiting for him to spit it out!

      3. Ever discussed events and had someone say, “I don’t like to think about that”?

        The problem is that regardless of the overwhelming evidence that shows that the public is being intentionally lied to with the help of a compliant main stream media, the fear of coming to the conclusion that your government is massively dishonest so shakes core indoctrination that its too fearful to contemplate. The mind of the masses says, “Danger Will Robinson, Danger”, the brain goes into protective mode shutting down logical thought and focusing on the beliefs that give comfort.

        • Weapons of Mass Illusion – Add up all the costs in Blood and Treasure have been wasted on these lies. I want my money back damn it.

          • I love this Video – Donald Trump Destroying Jeb NWO Bush in the Debates. Right after this Debate Low energy Jeb dropped out of the race.

            Is Donald Trump the Illuminati’s #1 Target for 2016? Says He’ll Reveal 9/11 Conspiracy as President
            ht tps://

            Here is anther Great Video- And Why Trump Won

            President Trump Exposes The Satanic Illuminati New World Order!! 2016
            ht tps://

      4. I assume that everyone outside my immediate family is lying when it comes to anything political.
        Facts and data footnoted/proved and cross checked I’ll accept. Those facts and data stand until you cross over the 50% possibility of error line.(anyone who has taken a statistics class know what I mean).
        All the national media is biased, even this site has biases, such as the value of PMs verses those who think they won’t be as secure as a stash of ammunition for use in self defense and trading.
        We must keep the Internet open and free, so as to share information. We must educate everyone to think critically and discard those that refuse to do so. I quote a famous Cambodian, “Since he is of no use anymore, there is no gain if he lives and no loss if he dies”.
        Prep on!

      5. Kevin2:

        You nailed it.

        People become frightened when you unravel their pillars of reality that is the foundation of their core beliefs. We were raised in front of a television. It spoke to us. It gave us feelings of happiness. Many of us aspired to be like the people who made us laugh. These people were beautiful, smart, and informed. They could be trusted so we were safe.

        Now don’t come along and pull the rug out from under. If these people were lying than a person’s reality must be questioned. This is a terrifying thought. One’s sanity is based on confidence that one knows what is real from what is not. If one does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, one is said to be mentally ill. And at the moment one faces the reality that everything he or she believed about the world was wrong, that person suffers a mini nervous breakdown. It is an awful thing to confront.

        So let’s be honest. If you faced this yourself, it shocked you. When it hit home that you were living a life, seeing things one way, when in reality, it was the exact opposite, you were a little disoriented.

        For me, that moment came when I saw the documentary “Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told” by: Dennis Wise. Then I began listening to Dr. David Duke on the Rense Radio Archives. I watched videos of Dr. Duke on YouTube. I saw his video about “The Secret Behind Communism”, “Isreal and Organized Crime”, “CNN, Goldman Sachs, and the Matrix of Power”.


        • K2 and BfromCA, You are absolutely right. Now how in the world will anything ever change if this is the case? When I realized how things really worked I was stunned for like a week trying to digest it. But then I persue the truth no matter what, I don’t hide from it. As long as everyone is a chicken shit pacifist coward it will only continue to get worse. In fact I will bet not more than 1 person here has even watched that vid….

      6. B from CA, I’ve watched those videos except for the first one you mentioned. The juden-controlled media has misled so many people hook, line, and sinker.

        • Isn’t it obvious? What group owns the media? And Hollywood ? And the FED and most banks? John 8:44 tells it all. Rev.2:9. The children of Satan rule . Isn’t it obvious?

      7. on the WMD’s in Iraq: just because none were found, doesn’t mean there weren’t any

        • We knew Saddam had weapons of mass destruction because we still have the receipt where we sold them to him in the 1980s.

          • And so fookin what if he did have them? How is that our bizness? We killed a million plus people there, how many did he kill with wmd’s? You idiots sure showed him huh!

            • It had NOTHING to do with WMD, and had EVERYTHING to do with oil and Him selling it for gold and NOT petrodollars. That will get you killed everytime. Think Libya… Ask Hillary, she’ll tell you!!! ???

              • Yup!! you nailed it!! nice to see there are some people who do know the truth!!
                keep prepping and stay safe!!

              • Good, I like cheap oil. Saddam was an ass that tried to kill George Bush Sr.

                That alone is enough to go to war over.

      8. The same mainstream media that will break in on regularly scheduled tv programs to bring a special emergency report a celeb died. Nothing but a flawed attempt to make trivial news seem important.

      9. The Media needs to be fined for every lie, and their broadcast license suspended for days, months or years depending on the lie. The Air waves are Public Airwaves, Public Domain, not sold off to 5 persons in the world with the biggest propaganda lie machine.

      10. When will the media report on the egregious violations from the NSA violating the minds and bodies of innocent citizens. When will the media be credible and quit pretending that there is not some corrupt treasonous cult that is harming innocent citizens with military weapons right in their own homes. All the evidence, patents, and outcry from victims is there but the media is not reporting on the worst crime and torture in history violating the minds and bodies of innocent citizens with taxpayer money.

      11. Getting gassed with Sarin gas in Iraq must have just been my imagination. Oh, yeah and I’ve been trying to heal for the past 25 years.

        • Why were you over there?

          • 2016 minus 25 years equals 1991, the first Gulf War. EOD destroyed captured weapons at the end of the day, every day. My unit was unlucky enough to be nearby, downwind, on a day when they blew up artillery shells that contained Sarin. This gave rise to the myth of the mysterious “Gulf War Syndrome”. The government reluctantly admitted the truth in 2015.

      12. Silver opened tonight, trading up to $17.07 an hour ago 6:30PM EST Sunday, but retreated back $16.75, which says, this is about to break out up over $17 with ease. Last chance to buy low. Fed increasing rates on Dec 14th, Dollar crashes Dec 31st, Global Economies crashing, paper currencies crashing, Money being banned, and everybody’s rushing to buy Gold and Silver. The stars are aligned, and unless they keep dumping massive daily paper shorts on the market to suppress it, they will not be able to hold back the price, with the massive global demand for physical. I think we will start seeing again, daily $1 dollar increase in Silver, where this breaks out back over $20 an OZ soon.

      13. We have/are being manipulated for years at every level of information whether its news,television comedies,sports,newspapers,schools and internet. now that the Internet has been turned over by the government we are going to be fed what the government wants us to know. I distrust everything now and if we are ever told the truth we may never know it when it happens. Gut instinct is all we have left.

      14. Spin peddlers.

      15. My favs are:

        1.) NY Slimes Pulitzer Prize winner Walter “I don’t see on stinkin’ starving Kulaks in Stalin’s Ukraine” Duranty.

        2.) Big media guy Lincoln “I have seen the future (in the USSR) and it works” Jeffers

        3.) Brian Williams

        4.) Richard Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have” Salant, pres of CBS News a while back.

        5.) The whole lot of the lamestream media fawning of later outed Nobel Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu

        6.) NY Slimes fiction writer extraordinaire Jayson Blair

        What, you don’t know any of these stories? Just google them then…

      16. I’ve said it before…
        Anyone who believes that Iraq did NOT have weapons of mass destruction is fooling themselves.
        Every nation with a military has them…
        The point is: so what?
        Was that truly enough to go to war over?

        • The Iraq war was sold on the WMD being nuclear and hence a threat here. That falsehoods credibility evaporated to Chemical and Biological. Any nation with a petroleum pet chem industry can manufacture both. Saddam was removed from power because he was trading oil in Euros thus breaking the oil peg. Libya was overthrown because of threatening to sell oil in an African gold backed currency. Non sectarian governments were overthrown and replaced with Islamic Fanatics controlling vast sections with chaos being the order of the day. In reality stable governments were replaced with no government. Zero chance of future demands upon the West for the trip of currency accepted for their oil.

          “Was that truly enough to go to war over?”

          The above was enough for the Power Elite Globalists to go to war over. None of this is over terrorism.

      17. msm putting out fake news should be tried for treason

        • charlie2dogs

          Treason has become disagreeing with those committing treason.

      18. Everyone has their own set of rose colored glasses. Through which they see the world around them. I choose to see past the smoke and mirrors. The masses do not. I have given up trying to warn people, as they do not want to hear it. I do my best on a limited budget to be ready. When this thing comes down it will wreck shop worldwide. One foot in the game, the other in reality. That’s how I roll…

        • logicrazy

          The problem that I have with myself is that with all the turmoil I do not understand why people would not prepare. Even if only a small amount. Also I have a terrible habit of gaging others to my level of preps.
          If I can do it, you should be able to do it. But it don’t work that way. I tell people to prep for war. That should about cover everything but add, some is better than none, when prepping. Even that advise is growing old.
          I’m going to say that the election has taken a toll on me. Zapped plenty of energy that could have been used elsewhere. I have lost the idea of banding together and now will go it alone. Too much trouble trying to communicate and even harder to come to a conclusion on what will we do.

          • anon, hear you loud and clear. Sometimes I wish we were neighbors.
            “We’re living in a world of fools” heard on car radio today. (BeeGees)

          • I hear you loud and clear anon, I feel about the same way. I catch myself looking at some of the folks in my area and wondering if shtf would they make it past 36 hours. Most often based on what I observe the answer is sadly NO. So I just do my own thing and let them wander blissfully into oblivion. Hmm..

          • Anon, in the story of Noah. He warned, talked till he was blue in the face trying to communicate to the masses. People grew tired of his antics, and thought he was crazy for preparing. We all know how that turned out. 🙂

      19. “Fake News” causes shooter to show up at Pizza Gate location. That didn’t take long. CNN didn’t miss a beat. The propaganda machine never sleeps.

      20. So are all the vote counting and reporting irregularities discovered in the Milwaukee recount and reported by Info wars due to Bev Harris’s BlackBoxVoting GEMS electronic voting system “”fraction magic” disclosure? This needs to be checked out!

      21. It’s probly fake news on top of a fake vote type of thing. Lol

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