The 45th President Of The United States of America: Donald J. Trump

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Headline News | 212 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Election Results Confirmed Via: Bloomberg, Google, Huffington Post

    NBC Reports: Hillary Clinton has phoned Donald Trump To Concede

    Ladies and gentlemen, The President-Elect Of The United States of America:

    (Pictured: The cover Newsweek refused to print. Millions of copies of Hillary’s cover were printed and sent to book stores.)

    Coming Soon to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. :


    And the cover that never made it (but was printed because of a “business decision” at Newsweek)



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      1. PARTY LIKE IT’S 2007!

        • you’ll remember, o’bomber was elected, and over half the country thought there was gonna be “hope and change”…they got THEIR wish, unfortunately…..but THIS time, i think we got a guy that means what he says.

          • Congratulations to president Trump and Vice President Pence and all the great people of the United States of America! May God shed His grace on thee, and crown thy good, with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea! God bless America and all the good folks here!

            Louisiana Eagle with the American Eagle flying high! EEEAAH!!!

            • Amen!!!!

              • Remember, neither Trump nor Clinton will be inaugurated as the next POTUS..72 days or less now.

                • What makes you say that?

                  • Ahh, the icing on the cake. Life is Bliss.

                • Well, you’re half right, Clinton is not going to be inaugurated as the next President.

                • YD,

                  You are right about HRC but I sure hope and pray you are wrong about President-elect Donald J. Trump.

                  I had a feeling of foreboding yesterday that got better as the night progressed and changed into a sense of cheer and renewed hope. Today though, as I go around my work in public and in private, I don’t get any feeling of cheer from the people I meet or see, both black and white! There is more animation after a Saint’s football game than in what happened yesterday. Surely, something earth-shattering, pivotal, and extremely significant happened yesterday! A ‘sea-change’ in national and world events with unexpected and unimaginable consequences and importance. Nobody is talking on the street yet in my area. I asked one person about the elections and she only expressed fear and anxiety that Trump would lead us to war (not economic progress)! Is this going to be like the ‘liberation’ of Iraq which ultimately led to the unleashing of pent-up intertribal anger and hostilities? The bearer of good news could very easily become the victim of that anger.

                  Keep praying, preparing and prepping! Do not let your guard down, be aware of your surroundings and don’t expect your fellow citizens to be happy and accepting of the chain of events. Does a leopard change its spots, or a tiger its stripes? It is still a dangerous world out there. But, hey, we have a lot to be happy about with the recent turn of events!

                  Louisiana Eagle

            • Continue to Pray that he will let the Lord lead him in his Presidency and not his own pride. Also Pray for his protection, because he still has a lot of powerful enemies in both parties and in high places. Trekker Out. Danger Will Strike When You Least Expect It!

              • Yes. This man has had the hand of God upon him. He will need our constant prayers for his protection and his family. This is just the beginning. The fight for our country has just begun. God protect all of us and help us protect our new President, Donald Trump. Give us and him the wisdom to do as you wish Lord, and lead us all. Help us and our President to collapse the corruption inside government, all of it left and right, and rebuild it with integrity, honesty, truth and God.

                • Amen and Amen! Couldn’t have said it better!

              • BCOD, MT, R, ALL,

                We have been granted a reprieve! PTL! I agree, it is a time for humbling ourselves begore the throne of God and seeking the face of God in earnest. There is a big job ahead, hopefully our lesders will be up to it, that is, draining the swamp. We will need some great engineers!

                I don’t think it is time to relax with prepping. The ‘freeloaders’ and the corrupt folks that supported the witch have not gone away. Hopefully those who promised to move out of the vountry eill move. Be on high alert! Keep prepping, the world id still a dangerous place, and the usurpers still control the ‘People’s House’ for a little while longer and the whole government, including the DOJ, FBI, DOS, TD, FED, ETC., has been deeply infiltrated and corrupted by the NWO.

                Liberty is standing tall, and the American Eagle is flying high!

                Louisiana Eagle

                • It’s nice that everyone is praying for Mr. Trump and thanking God for the results of this historic election.

                  But did anyone here notice…???

                  In that long line of thank yous Mr. Trump gave out last night at 2am NOT ONCE did he thank God. NOT ONCE.

                  Mr. Trump gave no recognition to God. None.

                  Just an observation from the trenches.

                  • grandee

                    Maybe he is not as outspoken as others.

                    Did he have to make a religious remark?

                    So now the man is NO GOOD?

                    • Man, I never said he was no good. Stop putting words in my mouth.

                      As I said, it was an observation.

                  • i’m not religeous, but that mis-step is duly noted HERE…those are his core group!

              • AMEN MT !!

            • This win is the 2nd ‘shot Heard Round the World.
              This this historic election will be heard & felt around the world.
              The Bankers & the EU had better head for their bomb shelters!

              • Wait for the Liberals to wake up today, and loose it. Go on a rampage and burn cities down and car jacking. Keep packing your heat. We now enter the economic collapse. Gold and Silver go to the moon.

                I want to see President Trump replace the Federal Reserve with a Congressional Run New Money System. Dump the Dollar.

            • Louisiana Eagle with the American Eagle flying high! EEEAAH!!!

              So is the Mexican flag!

            • We must also congratulate Presdent Elect Trump for a nationwide conservative sweep that rode his coat tails. Hundreds of people who talked down to Donald over the recent months, are now in office because of his hard work.

              Republicans now control the White House and both congressional houses in Washington, they have also scored high in states all across the US, taking state houses and adding to the number of conservative governors.

        • Well, they say that you yanks will do the right thing. After you’ve tried everything else. Well done! About fucking time Mark from NZ

        • There is Hope.

          Hopefully No World War III.
          Peace. Peace and Prosperity.
          Stop Obama-Hillary CRIMINAL activities and War Mongering.
          The Slow Down Of the Anti American, NWO-UN Communist.
          They are still there. But slowed down some.
          We the People will Stop You worthless NWO-UN Communist
          We the People are Awake.
          We IGNORE the “Main Stream Media” with their “Jedi” mind control tricks.
          The Sleeping Giant has Awaken.
          We the Deplorables have Awakened.

          People Like You and I that:
          Love America and want Peace. Not War.
          Love God. Want to do the right thing.
          Love our Children and want them to have a Better life.
          Love our Family
          Love our Friends
          Want to Work hard and Provide for, all of the Above, that we Love and Cherish.

          May God Bless and help Trump “Make America Great Again, Under God”

          Please Pray for Protection for Trump to Follow Through and Do Right, To Make Peace.
          Men are weak and screw up.
          Only a Nation under God can Stand.

        • After the complete disintegration of the NDAA, DHS, TSA, NAFTA, FEMA Camps, etc., etc…

          All this shit and much more needs to be removed before this country can ever even begin to become what it once was.

      2. An time which we will all remember!

      3. I’m worried we are heading into a modern version of the Dark ages. US voters had choices other than Clinton or Trump and could have selected Stein or Johnson. That they couldn’t see further than the TV propaganda and plumped for Tweedle Dum doesn’t bode well, given the precarious state of the petro-dollar and the global need for a smarter way forward.

        This truly is the last call for anyone who has not yet gotten to prepping. However I’m no longer sure any amount of prepping will be enough for what’s coming.

        • that’s right! trump CAN’T save the divided states of america, but at least we will now have the rule of law again when it DOES all go down. as I look out across the LOOTED plain, I see a ray of HOPE. this election has made me realize that i DO need to keep trying to educate my “friends” and associates….maybe, just MAYBE, i(WE) DID make a difference by spreading truth…thank you to all my shtf friends that contributed SO MUCH information to the cause….THAT is why we are here, afterall.

        • Stein was an empty-headed enviro skank and Johnson had absolutely no vision other than obtaining federal funding for his party.

          • I’ll concede to your viewpoint on the two outlying candidates as I’m not resident in the US. Ron Paul a few years back caught my attention and then Sanders looked like he might something to offer for a while; but neither got to stay in the race long enough for me to really make up my mind.

            It sounds as if your choice really was between a rock and a hard place and I can’t help wondering how the hell a nation with so many skills, talent and potential ended up in such a grim position? If you spend the next four years figuring that out and ensuring it can’t happen again then we may all be in with a realistic chance?

      4. I don’t think my life could get any better, just a few minutes ago i heard that Trump won!!!! Thank our lord for looking down, and protecting our new president elect, D.J.TRUMP!!!!!

      5. We have The House, The Senate and the Presidency. There’s gonna be some tectonic movement in American.
        We the people have sent a message. The gov’t is not doing the will of the people. Let’s see how the Donald does.

        • The Donald is no wall flower. Tectonic changes indeed and long over due. More power to him. I’m lovin’ it!

        • New Supreme Court pick coming in January, then another when Ginsberg retires.

          I’m looking forward to some serious governmental bloodletting in the next four years.

          • Should be quite the show.


      6. Well, they say you yanks will do the right thing, after you’ve tried everything else. Well done! About fucking time and the best result. (Mark in New Zealand)

        • Well thanx Mark.I hope this election/brexit ignite fires world wide for all who want a better path for their country and people,a lot of work ahead of us but at least we have a chance!

          • When Trump Drains the Swamp, I want to sit on the banks and blast away at all the scoundrels poking their ugly heads up for air.

      7. Congrats, I pray you can peacefully bring us all together and truly “drain the swamp”, time will tell.


        WON LOST
        Mom & Pop Goldman Sachs
        Flyover country The vile George Soros
        Decency Corruption and Clinton cronyism
        Women Serial molesters and their bimbogate
        eruptions managers (Hilary)
        Peace Hilary’s Libya and Syria wars
        Haiti Clinton Foundation that stole millions
        from the Haitian relief fund
        Fairness Chelsea who took money for her zillion
        dollar wedding from fund above
        Email usage Trying to use Chlorox or your hard
        drives to wipe them
        Julian Assange More of those idiotic scam “October
        surprises” the left uses
        Project Veritas Vote rigging
        The internet The lying leftist media
        Entrepreneurs My neighbor on “disability” who
        regularly jogs a mile or two
        The Constitution Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who will need to
        face her Creator soon enough
        Babies Planned Parenthood & partial birth
        abortion folks, like Kermit Gosnell
        Free speech Campus thought and speech police
        Science (& polar bears) The BIG GREEN MONEY global warming scam
        America Islamofascism, Muslim Brotherhood
        Oscar Meyer Anthony Wiener
        Futures trading Hilary’s miraculous cattle futures |
        Snipers Hilary dodging sniper fire in Sarjevo
        White House silverware Did the Clintons ever bring it back
        when they left?
        No hables engles Immigrants are welcome. Just come
        Americans in Benghazi Hilary and more of her lies
        Fairness Huma Abedin
        Working hard Cronies, crony “capitalism,” and
        Washington sleazeballs
        Art Idiot has beens like Springsteen, or
        Learjet leftist hypocrites like Beyonce
        JoLo, etc.

        • some people don’t believe in the electric chair…but trump’s gonna need electric BLEACHERS to take care of THIS swamp!

          • Nebraska voted to reinstate the death penalty.

            Folks are brassed off about stuff, this is more than just Donald Trump.

      9. Congratulations to American people!

      10. I will quote America’s first negress, ” Now I’m proud of America!”

      11. YES!!!!!!!!

      12. From an Australian supporter, FUCK YEAH NO KILLARY!

        • There was a whole lot of praying going on, yesterday, no doubt. But he’s not in the White House yet. We still need to pray! Thanks for the uplifting words!

      13. These be interesting times. I’m totally HAPPY with what has transpired. I just want to SEE bureaucrats who brought TREASON on our Republic brought to book and thrown in jail — or worse!!

        Tell me, who should be the new Attorney General? Judge Napolitano or Trey Gowdy? I want to fcuking see heads roll for treason because my generation has lost hope for anything positive in this corrupt country.

        I hope my tweets were able to make a difference in at least one voter. 😉

        • Napolitano or Gowdy would be great!!!

          Will Hilary and Podesta get to be cellmates?

          • fuck NO….i want to see hillary stuck with BILL on their journey through death row…..shouldn’t take more than 3 or 4 years to git’r dun………and they gonna spend it TOGETHER, if there really IS a God.

        • Omg the thought of Gowdy as AG just made me even happier than the election results, now that would be awesome!!!!:)

        • Either Napolitano or Gowdy would work. I like Gowdy because he’s not shy about pubicly nailing some of these lying scumbags to the wall, but he’d have to give up his House seat. Judge Napolitano, having been a sitting judge earlier in his career, has the experience and definitely the wisdom and temperment for the job. Both would have no problem appointing a special prosecutor and presenting evidence to a federal grand jury about the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Better yet, Gowdy for AG and Napolitano for Supreme Court. Revenge is sweet…

        • Maybe judge Jenine ? Nepolitano is great too. Ex navy seal. We have hope now. We have a fighting chance? Keep the faith.

      14. This will be seen as a great moment in the politics of the West: the start of the restoration of a great global civilization, the Western World.

        The First Hundred Days of Liberty

        – detect, decide and deport (DDD) radical Islamists not just from the US but from all countries that have open borders with the US (Canada, UK, EU). Be firm with Canada: you don’t get to make a Mecca with igloos on America’s border. Get Europe to defend its borders and to deport all illegals from the EU.
        – the Chinese take-away: a Chinese take away you won’t need chop sticks to eat: no more Chinese junk for sale in the US
        – an end to the Clinton Global Crime Syndicate: the full story of what Clinton (and Obama) have been up to and jail time for both of them if necessary.
        – peace with Russia: a Grand Alliance with Russia to hammer radical Islam. Lightening strikes across the Middle East to end all radical Islamic terrorists for ever. If necessary, nuke Saudi Arabia to put and to that nest of Satan’s vipers.
        – a new international order: no more room for fifth columnists, terrorists in international institutions. We pay for the international order so we get to say what the rules are.
        – jobs, jobs, jobs: jobs across the US to rebuild the US and the West in general. An end to taking the back seat and second best for infrastructure and jobs. An end to importing the garbage of the third world to drive wages down and wipe out middle class jobs.
        – mandatory conscription for anyone who is unable to get a job or who needs the discipline and honor of military service to pull their life together.
        – honor the military and those who served.
        – an end to political correctness: no more wearing your sex or race as a badge to justify bad behavior. No more covering up crime reporting of the behavior of various groups. Real crime reporting truthfully told.

        • Frank, great comments. I hope Hitlery goes to jail so that i dont have to worry about her escaping here to Canada, since apparently we would have elected her for prez if the election took place here, my foolish compatriots have a lot to learn.
          i feel empowered and emboldened to get the US led liberty movement going here, i have alot of work to do at a grassroots level.

        • Wonderful thoughts from Frank Thoughts.

        • Kick the UN out of this country and jail SOROS or turn him over to Putin!!!!

        • Good proposals.

        • No Frank, you don’t pay because the task is a generic “world order”, you pay because, in an imperialist economic system, the country which wins the fight for the control of main geostrategical crossways can profit more and avoid declining. In a chronical debt economy, you have to be at the center of the stage, demonstrate you can hit hard with your stick if you want to convince markets to support your valueless money and live beyond your means. Many times I read Kissinger and others say people are fool if thinking America went to WW1 and 2 to defend freedom, America went to war to take from old Europe the main slice of profits’ cake. Please give up with this sickly american idealism. Be materialist, be marxist, be Leninist as Kissinger is, please.

      15. This may be the first step to regaining our country.

        • +1

      16. Congratulations President Elect Trump and VP Elect Pence.

        I for one will be keeping my Daisy Red Ryder close.

        There are lawless factions in our government who will become increasingly desperate in the coming days. They have under Obama broken many many laws, and may become quite desperate. Every Citizen needs to be ready to defend themselves and our republic.

        We aren’t home free quite yet.

        • Plan twice, Amen and Amen! MT

        • Sorry I just read your statement and echoed you in my own way. I am sad that we are one step closer to the conflict. But our heart is our heart. I have a huge American flag that was given me because of my Father’s service in Korea. Some will HATE me for it but I want it there when I pass. This republic was flawed but it in it’s purest form was like a blessing from the Creator. The Declaration is like holy writ. It’s anointed. You must stay true to what is good.

      17. So that’s 2 months for everyone in the swamp to destroy all incriminating evidence (or try to anyway) and/or leave the country.
        It’s a pity he can’t become Prez immediately and order sweeping seizures and lockdowns on all swamp dwellers to prevent it.
        Maybe the FBI will grow a pair (Comey’s toast now so forget him) and do immediately what they should have done to start with and go after the Clinton Foundation with a vengeance. I don’t think the Clinton’s are in a position to do anything now.

      18. And the crowd screamed. Crusify him. ,! And the powers that be did. And the powers that be then. are the powers that be now. You secret service f,s protected O for 8 years . You fail now . And we got your number.

      19. Stay focused. Be alert. Something tells me that there will still be chaos. The dems have proven that they are not above orchestrating and funding these miscrient thugs to manufacture anarchy. They may try to burn it down!

        • There was already a small riot in Oakland over then night. Could be more to come as the sore losers go ape-shit and trash their own towns.

          • The street urchins in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district came out their holes for a little while last night. Blocked a public street, broke a few windows, then crawled back into their holes before dawn.

          • Hand grenades and choppers with mini guns correct this gutter trash quite nicely.

      20. Foreign nations have greatly benefited by the Clintons. Now that is threatened. Trouble is coming from them and from the Clinton/Obama supporters at home.

      21. He said he would get rid of illegals on day one. And Hilary is going to jail. And I hope these Muslem no go zones end . And he deports them . We don’t need them they contribute nothing. By by to all you Middle East rats. Muslem and Jew. There is really no difference? They are both domestic enemies. Dual citizenship people are traitors. Deport them all.

      22. Brace for impact.

      23. We are still a divided country. Now we know from which direction the enemy will come first.

        • the DIVIDED states of america…..thanks a LOT, o’bomber! you set back race relations at LEAST 50 years. at least we got trump to begin the healing, and bring U.S. back together.

      24. Just a quick memo for all the people here that don’t eat, drink, or take a crap without permission from Alex Jones first: The guy didn’t vote yesterday.

        • he don’t NEED to vote! alex educated MILLIONS of U.S. to what the clintons were up to….wonder if trump wins if there’s no alex….hmmmm. many thanks to alex jones and all his crew, too!

      25. Have we woken up in time ? Do we have the balls to get rid of the no go types? Enforce fines for hiring or renting to illegal aliens? Trump said so. Let’s see?

      26. Now the wonderful Muslem people and the wonderful Mexican people and the wonderful African people can go back home and live with each other . And the wonderfull so called native Americans can walk back to China. And be with there wonderful kind . Everyone living in perfect harmony. All together . Like family.

        • Exactly: this is a great opportunity for unhappy Africans to get ‘black to Africa’ and join their fellow folks in the homeland. Same for Muslims: they can return to build a better Islamic future for themselves in their own countries. Rather than deal drugs, flip burgers and pick grapes, Mexicans could do better jobs to build up Mexico.

          With all that international aid money floating around, there there is no shortage in resources for them to work with.

      27. I read ounce that nipolitano was an ex navy seal .? But maybe that’s not true. .?

      28. YOU want to be free? Get rid of the (((Rothschild federal reserve bank))). Once AND for ALL. Chase the ((( juden rat bastards))) ,muslims, ms13, la raza shitskins OUT. America will then begin to rebuild. AND STOP these endless wars for Israel… NO dual citizenship for anyone… English language IS the only language of America… There, THAT concludes the first week.

        • Sir (The Chauffeur), AMEN. The only way to be free indeed. We’ll witness the reality once the cabinet is formed and the names are announced.

        • I Agree, Chauffeur is a smart driver.

          • AGREED!!

        • we got LOTS of room for them here in calipornia, now that we will empty out our prisons of the people that were there for smokin’ pot….send ’em HERE!

      29. I cannot believe this happened but so happy about it.
        Satori must be spinning about now.
        I heard the dems stopped paying internet trollers last week so he had no job here. Ha!
        Guy (or ?) was obviously possessed.

        Let the cleansing begin.

        • On another site, the entire coterie of leftist trolls has disappeared this morning. One came on and hoped for the best with Trump, he/she is a decent sort. The others are pulling a Hillary, just disappeared.

          This is what happens to people who live in a vacuum.

      30. boy you people are naive……we dont have a new president till he moves into the whitehouse in january , anything can happen between now and then

        • We know what isn’t going to happen. Hillary will not be selecting a cabinet, paying off special interest groups with jobs and tax money, or nominating another Bolshevik to the Supreme Court.

          Relax, life is good.

        • I love it that Trump won…but… I do not believe that Obungler will be leaving the white house. I just can’t convince myself that they will just “lay over” and let Trump in by Jan 20. Watch and be ready for the REAL STHTF before then.
          I hope I am wrong. I love this country but not what it has become, especially in the last 8 years.

      31. Our Prayers have been answered. Period!

        Congratulations to President Elect TRUMP and Vice President Elect Pence.

      32. The People Have Spoken
        (((HILLARY YOU’RE FIRED ))) You

        • January 20, it will be “Barrack, YOU’RE FIRED!”. I can’t wait for that.

      33. shit is still going down just not as fast.

        • +1!

      34. I am glad Trump won and billary gone but we still have a huge deficit and other issues facing this country,the journey is just starting,a lot of hard work and sacrifice is needed to really get change we need,don’t stop prepping/learning but take a deserved day or two off while keeping a sharp eye out on things!

      35. The american people have spoken but

        HE CANNOT DO IT ALONE. We are going to have to help and still be vigilant. Remember the disruptions at some of his rallies. Those people are still out there…

        Hillary and Bill, Obama, Bushes all globalist. All willing to surrender US Sovereignty to international authority, The UN.

        Not the first Presidents to be so. Woodrow Wilson and his league of nations endeavor.

        Working for one government, one economy, one religion.

        We have dodged a bullet and perhaps saved our country for the time being and I thank God for it.

        • i suspect we will need to be in the streets by the hundreds of thousands, before it’s all over. peacefully demonstrating/enforcing….the reason we elected him…many republicans will resist….and how the heck do we keep donald alive with all those desperate rats leaving the sinking ship? be vigilent, donald.

      36. The People Have Spoken
        Hillary You’re Fired

        • The People will be finished speaking when we can say, “Hillary…you’re CONVICTED!”

      37. Right now the higher powers are collaborating something massive.

        • INDEED!

      38. Huge middle finger was delivered inside the Beltway…..THIS is what the stunned media still doesn’t get.

        • Pollsters (((You’re Fired)))

        • and the media was indeed stunned.

          they repeated it over and over last night.

          stunned that the polls were all wrong. what on earth happened, they opined??

          they’re gonna have to rewrite the maps, etc.

          funny to watch them. they just don’t get it.

        • oh, they “get it” alright….but they won’t go down without a FIGHT…it’s been/GOING TO BE, epic!

      39. Thank God almighty for Divine intervention.. but we must still keep our eyes open, because the cabalist rat bastards will try to stop the inaguration before February 2017..anything bad can happen between now and then.. this is when the crazy stuff will start to happen. The cabal has now bee Ln put on notice and for all you foreign soldiers in the country, you better get the hell while you can because the people, the white hats, the white hats military, and the white hat agencies will be coming for you if you don’t leave.


        • Small world. I live @ fry/ hwy 6 (westlake) Glad there are more that are preparing themselves in my area. Been going to this site for a few years and have noticed your tag in the last few months. While there are not many preppers in our community, there are LOTS of people with guns. This can make for a very serious shift if things go awry on a serious scale.

      40. Be ready people.

        This is not over by a LONG Shot! This administration is now a wounded animal. Knowing full well Obama’s Legacy
        is circling the toilet and that any continuation of an Obama policies is DONE.

        We have wiped the “smugness” off their faces and that is a bitter pill to swallow.

        Anything can happen now.

        • anon, watch obama write a ton of executive orders and no media coverage of any of them.
          Something to watch for, Mac.

        • yes, they are but very butt hurt about now.

        • Don’t leave out starting a war with Russia before Trump can get in and unite us with them as allies to defeat ISIS.

          • don’t EVER forget, o’bomber is guilty too, and he better watch HIS six…, he’s no lame duck,….he’s a fresh-FUCKED-duck!…’bomber aint gonna start NUTHIN’.

        • Anon, I agree. A lot can happen between now and Jan. 17th. There’s still a chance the hildebeast/obola supporters can make a move.

          • Braveheart1776

            No Doubt. Hillary may have been defeated but the jerk in the white house can do major damage. These people have had their faces rubbed in it and are not happy.

            I was expecting to be doing some stuff on preps that would have meant it was not good for us.

            I have felt the Tyranny pushed back. A breath of fresh air. We have a man going to Washington D.C. who is on my side. I am standing down. I feel I can still post here without future fear. Maybe concentrate on financial or natural disasters to prep for. Instead of War or killing each other. Although a necessary evil to do but am glad I do not have the urgency to perform those tasks.

          • BH,

            She is more dangerous as a zombie. I chopped off the head of a rattlesnake once and that thing was still moving 30 minutes later. The heart was still beating after I had skinned the snake and taken it out! I would hate to get bit by a rattlesnake head!

            I think everyone is stunned by the turn of events. It is just a matter of time and every critter, creepy-crawley will come crawling out of the woodworks. Soros and Company are not going to sit idly by! Me thinks.

            Louisiana Eagle.

      41. Attention Obama and that man you’re ‘married’ to:


        Trump’s first course of action: FUMIGATE everything to get rid of the stink left behind by those low-lives.

        I don’t care if Trump accomplishes nothing in the next four years, I’m so happy I don’t have to look at that filthy whore.

        The Clinton reign of terror is finally over!

      42. There were FOUR candidates to choose from and yet this monster now has control of the largest military industrial complex in the world? Anyone who now still thinks the president isn’t a pre-selected puppet chosen by psychopathy hell bent on enacting the book of revelations is a fool.

        It’s a disaster for humanity, and that the Wicked Witch of the West has been defeated doesn’t change that. It was always a rigged game & the people fell for it hook line and sinker.

        • Don’t drink your own Kool-Aid, it’s self-destructive.

      43. “We the People” are truly FRELLED but the important thing is that your G-D has won. NOW where is the Wall, reduced reg and taxes and the indictment??? What the frellis he waiting for???

        • Well dark,obola still potus at moment,Trump needs to be in office first to get these things done.

          That said,folks do your part,spay or neuter a progressive liberal today!

      44. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been saved.

        • Hopefully Anon,but we still must be ready to fight to keep them!

      45. From Australia Trump has my endearing support, HILLARY, YOU’RE JAILED!

        Build the wall, kick ’em out, MAGA.

        I’m having a coke and whiskey for you guys.

      46. Congratulations to President Trump. We never gave up… even with all the lies that came out of the msm. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Rachel Madcow.

      47. Newsweek- “whoops”

      48. Keep in mind that Trump still has to actually take office before he’s President.

        That means actually getting the electoral votes due him at the Electoral College vote and surviving till he’s sworn in.

      49. to all the people , celebrities, and politicians that said they would leave this country if Trump got in

        dont let the door hit yas where the good lord split ya

        Bryan Cranston
        Samuel Jackson
        Lena Dunham
        Neve Campbell
        Nataasha Lyonne
        Miley Cyrus
        Barbara Streisand
        Amy Schumer
        Chelsea Handler
        John Stewart
        Whoopi Goldberg
        Keegan Michael Key
        George Lopez
        Ruth Bader Ginsberg
        Al Sharpton
        Rosi O’Donnald

        if i spelled any names wrong please excuse , im going off the top of my head , im sure there were more people too

        and they need to be called on it .. especially Amy Schumer..GTFO of here you vile whore

        • You and I both know that they will never leave, what country in their right mind would let them in!

        • EOTS, good to see you back. You know as well as I do those dickheads will never leave. There’s nowhere else they can go and have the standard of living they have now.

          • EOTS, BTW I noticed a few names on your list were tribal. Get rid of that whole tribe and we’ll see some problems go away.

          • Hey Brave
            Im back for a limited time only

            I lurk more .. Ive basically said all I have to say , some will listen some wont , Ive made it clear where I stand

            Trump isnt a cure.. thats up to us

            we need to force their hands on a lot of issues .. and never let up.. or he too will screw us
            1st order of Buiz..Prosecute the Clintons

            • EOTS, I understand and agree. I would treat him the same as any other politician. The first 100 days of a Trump administration will tell us all we need to know.

            • Fuckin ehhh!

              I want to see that criminal syndicate thrown behind bars. She is pure evil! I can only imagine the rage and profanity that came from the pukes mouth late last night?

              The fight has just begun!!!!

              • she said if she didnt win they would all be hung.. or something to that effect

                why disappoint her ?

        • Schumer is just filth, and a no talent. Just a creation of the crony left.

      50. A big,

        FUCK YOU, SOROS.

      51. Where the hell is OBAMA!

        • He’s probably sucking Moochelle’s cock.

      52. I have a very bad feeling about this supposed “win.” Most on here would agree that they can and do rig the votes so why let Trump in? Maybe because he will be their dancing monkey and will be used to implement even worse things than having Clinton in the Whitehouse would have done? One thing I know is, is that there are no “upsets” in the election for President. That whoever is chosen and allowed into office is put there for a reason.

        • You’re trying too hard. Don’t drink your own Kool-Aid. Enjoy the moment and look forward to the next four years as we take our country back.

      53. I prayed hard for this miracle. I’m glad it came to pass. People have had enough! It’s going to be interesting to see who Trump picks for his cabinet.

      54. I have a busy day ahead of me. I’m helping Cher move.

        More like kicking her out, really.


        • second that!

      56. Now we need to hold his feet to the fire!

      57. There has been a lot of dishonest and immoral acts going on over the last eight years by a lot of people. With the Republicans coming back into power, the Justice Department will be cleaned up and then look out! It isn’t just the Clintons. Think that will go quietly? For all the entertainers who said they would move to Canada if Trump won, we have to find a way to play the Canadian national anthem, “Oh Canada!” whereever they go if they try to stay here.

      58. What I want to see is where Obama’s ex-order deporting the loser is going to be enforced!

      59. Trump should have done what George Washington did when Cornwall “called in sick” after his defeat at Yorktown. Trump should have had his second in command accept her concession.
        And the headline on that premature news week should still run, but with a strike through “white” and a correction reading big house. and fade out the white house in the background and super impose a prison.

      60. I did not watch it last night, I was so sure the “moochers”(hattip to Neal Boortz) now were in the solid majority and it was over for the country; maybe Trump is just a stay of execution; but still it’s “A beautiful day !” – – (U2 – Beautiful Day)


        WON LOST
        Mom & Pop Goldman Sachs
        Flyover country The vile George Soros
        Decency Corruption and Clinton cronyism
        Women Serial molesters and their
        bimbogate eruptions managers
        Peace Hilary’s Libya and Syria wars
        Haiti Clinton Foundation that stole
        millions from the Haitian
        relief fund
        Fairness Chelsea who took money for her
        zillion dollar wedding from
        fund above
        Email usage Trying to use Chlorox or your
        hard drives to wipe them
        Julian Assange More of those idiotic scam
        “October surprises” the left
        Project Veritas Vote rigging
        The internet The lying leftist media
        Entrepreneurs My neighbor on “disability” who
        regularly jogs a mile or two
        The Constitution Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who will
        need to face her Creator soon
        Babies Planned Parenthood & partial
        birth abortion folks, like
        Kermit Gosnell
        Free speech Campus thought and speech
        Science (& polar bears) The BIG GREEN MONEY global
        warming scam artists
        America Islamofascism, Muslim
        Oscar Meyer Anthony Wiener
        Futures trading Hilary’s miraculous cattle
        futures trades
        Snipers Hilary dodging sniper fire in Sarjevo
        White House silverware Did the Clintons ever bring it
        back when they left?
        No hables engles Immigrants are welcome. Just
        come LEGALLY
        Americans in Benghazi Hilary and more of her lies
        Fairness Huma Abedin
        Working hard Cronies, crony “capitalism,”
        and Washington sleazeballs
        Art Has beens like Bruce
        Springsteen, or Learjet
        leftist hypocrites like
        Beyonce, JoLo, etc.

      62. MSNBC and CNN talking heads are soooo butt hurt this am.

      63. Hope that fireworks deposit is refundable-

      64. To everyone, we’re not out of the woods by a long shot. If the hildebeast supporters don’t act up, looks like I’ll be heading home soon. I still don’t know what to expect from Trump. It still remains to be seen what he’ll do on anything. His first 100 days in the Oval Office will speak volumes.

        • I was just thinking about you, wondering what you were going to do. You are right, we don’t know and it ain’t over, yet. We shall see. Keep up the good work, where ever you land. ?

      65. Investigate all the 50+ dead under the Clinton’s.

        Truly, I think Trump and Hilldebeast are friends and he won’t do anything to investigate/prosecute to shut them down. He will also let Obama escape prosecution for all of his crimes against the U.S.

        Time will tell.

      66. Well,seems at the moment:

        “If you like your rifle,you can keep your rifle!”

      67. I only had one issue, “the 2nd Amendment”, I had made my decision long before all the media BS, never watched any debates, I already knew who I was gona vote for when this thing started and Trump stated his stand on guns.

        NOW I want to see just how he plans to deal with it, I realize the schumerites, California babes, NY bloomers,and the rest will do what they can to stop him, however, all/any gun control executive orders best be done away with ASAP as he said he would do, and those he can do.

        I want to see a republican bill hit the floor on “Constitutional carry” “country wide”, (off shore or attached states) and any so called US Territories.

        I want to see a bill like the one that half baked anti gun Kane signed here in VA just as he was leaving the Gov seat, after crying all this gun control crap, he signs a bill to allow “retired” LEO to carry “anywhere”, “anytime” with or with out a permit, and drink and drive too I suppose, incl judges, while we retired military type that also did 20 to 30 years in a uniform are subject to being turned into instant felons or shot holding a water pistol.

        So I’m glad it turned out like it did, otherwise the usual suspects would have pasted the headlines all over “its a mandate”. I also want to see more legislation protecting people that use deadly force for self protection, ie civil suits control. I also want to see some federal bill allowing us military retirees with permits to carry on military posts, we travel and like me use the local post daily, but am not able to “legally” carry on post, which makes it pretty silly in a way, I’d be willing to lock it in the trunk when going on post if that’s acceptable.

        VA almost pulled it out too, but the voting rights act for felons made did make some difference as expected by this Gov we deal with now, he knew exactly what he was doing and why, but it didn’t help the big picture.

        So I’m glad he got in, now I want to see what he actually does on that issue. If nothing comes out of it, than I’m done with either D or R. Maybe the “D’s” will learn something and realize people value their right to self protection.

        And as far as this BS of saying owning a gun is like owning a car, the Right” to drive isn’t in the constitution, (although its pretty much at a necessity point) the right to self protection is, if the founders had wanted that, they would have at the time added an amendment for the right for all men to own a horse or what ever mode of transportation was available.

        • Hey there “Who knows who cares”: I am assuming you are a retiree “lifer” (so am I, retired SEAL). I “hear you” on every word and thought and agree. You got a license to carry then by God you should be allowed to carry inside a hospital, on a college campus and a return to “as it reads” in The Constitution. (shall not be infringed). The Donald will ensure all of our rights will be engraved in stone to prevent a future “gun grab” (though to have tried a gun grab would have resulted in “all out war”, imho).

          We are going to be witness to a zillion changes and closure of not needed government offices, maybe to include the end of Income Tax as we know it. (Like a flat fee of 1% of your annual income, something sustainable for us for a change …if your income/benefits are taxable).

          I think that as of now Democrats have learned how very wrong they were and perhaps how far they’ve been misled once they see the progression that should be coming right up. I “see” the entire nation working as one to make us great again, and putting God back into this nation, and out with the folks who find The Ten Commandments “disturbing” …now we are going to put them back up.

          Best of all, Trump and Putin will meet and form a strong union. I’d like to see both of the largest and capable nations pull it all in together and “rock the earth” with some long overdue “changes and fixes”. Lots of wars could be ended. Many misplaced folks could be resettled instead of the present mess presiding (like in England they are overwhelmed by all the lawlessness of these peoples who have just walked in).

          Ain’t gonna happen here, and the ones that have will be headed back, and there’s little doubt we’ll have a wall. But not one as you are thinking. A wall of electronic beams, perhaps lasers, the invisible spectrum ones, very high frequency that cuts about anything in half, to include steel (like a hot knife in butter). We can build a high tech fence faster and cheaper than what exists, except even higher. (The fence could detect all manner of things too, depends on how much they want to spend I suppose).

          What I want to see is what happens to “Big Brother is watching” – as in- will all these damned CCTV Cameras that are presently tracking the world’s population, with facial recognition at an astounding “correct” capability, is it better to keep them or dispense with them (now that we know that all things to do with guns are going to just “disappear” (open carry or whatever with anything, anywhere). An armed society is a polite society right?

          I expect that marijuana will be pretty much just made legal, since that is another “expected” thing to happen. Why jail people for having a plant in their home, where you are supposed to safe and in complete privacy (as in nobody’s business).

          In short, I only foresee far more good than bad coming out of this election result. Trump and We The People now have our chance so let’s not fuck it up, but rather weld it back together and make it all bombproof so that gunrights can never be challenged again. (We will ALWAYS have the right to protect ourselves from harm using whatever means we have at hand. Period).

          • I hear YA brother vet

            I was wondering if what I posted was even gona be looked at in the manner which I meant it.

            • While I agree with you guys for most part this bothers me”License to carry’,please send me your decoder ring so I can find that in the 2nd,the bill of rights are just a reaffirmation of natural born rights!

              • I hear ya 2 my friend

                I only referenced a “permit” because that’s the way it is, notice I did state “Constitutional Carry” which wold be best, but you know some form of “paper” will be required one way or another.

                As far as I’m concerned my Retired military ID should be sufficient (or active for those that are)

                • btw: Looks like California, Nevada, and Washington (state) decided to jump ahead and stick it to gun owners early.

                  Lets see how Trump can “exec order” some of this shit.

      68. One last time for your reading pleasure: THE WRECK OF THE HIL’RAY FITZGERALD To be sung by Bruce Springsucks

        The legend lives on, from the Chippewa on down, of the big fake they call Hil’ray Gumi;
        Hil’ray’s emails, it is said, were a-bound to be shred, when transparency turns tot’lly gloomy.

        With her load of BS ore, 26 thousand emails or more, the Hil’ray server was emptied;
        The public and the truth were a bone to be chewed, when the lies of November came early;

        Hil’ray’s server was the pride of the of the Communist side, coming back from fund raisers in Wisconsin;
        As big liars go, she was bigger than most, with her fibs and deceits well-seasoned.

        Including some terms shaking down firms, for money from LA to Cleveland;
        then later that night when the BS bells rang outta sight, could it be yet more lies we’d been feelin’?

        Her lies in the newswires made a tattle-tale sound, as her techs did their email a-slashin’;
        When afternoon came, Hil’ray was fibbing again, with the force of a hurricane west wind.

        When suppertime came the IT guy came on deck, sayin’ fellas there’s more lies to feed ya;
        at 7 PM Hil’ray’s main campaign caved in, he said fellas is been good to know ya.

        Hil’ray’s spin meisters wired in, they had water comin’ in, and her tissue of lies was in peril.
        And later that night, when her lights went out of sight, came the wreck of the Hil’ray Fitzgerald.

        Does anyone know where the love of truth goes, when her lies turn our faces so dour? The bloggers all say, Hil’ray’d be raking in political hay, if she’dput 15 more bald lies behind her.

        Th’server might have split up or it might have capsized; but it sure rolled deep and took water;
        And all that remains are the blank emails and the games of Hil’ray and her Wall Streeter bankers
        Old Bill Clinton rolls and Hil’ray flings, in the rooms of her ice water mansions. Harry Reid steams an old liars dreams, and Pelosi’s pronouncements ring hollow;

        And further below, the lamestream media all know, they take in what the leftists can send them.
        But as the big liars go, the public now knows, Hil’ray will LOST in November.

        In a musty old hall in DC we prayed, for the restoration of the Constitution;
        the church bell chimed, it rang 29,000 times for each email “lost” on the Hil’ray Fitzgerald

        • Test,that fine tune can now be retired.That said,we may need new songs in the future,so,keep pen and paper handy!

      69. Trump got elected so what? Its still a friggin mess. There isn’t any politicalor ballot box fix. Trump as best is a speed bump in the NWO road. I don’t expect any really tangible positive change. I rejoice that ole cankles did not win. But Loose cannon Trump is not the solution. folks wherent for Trump because he is so great. The voted against cankles because she was so horrible. Any way that why We voted for Trump. And She wasn’t the eletes choice. Her running mate Kane was the Puppett they actually wanted.

        • Old Guy

          We have to start somewhere.

          • agreed.

            next 4 years will be bad, but at least the country did not double down on how bad things could get.

            imagine a 30 trillion dollar debt and your obamcare premiums going up 300% in the next 4 years and your electricity rates going up by another 25%.

        • We now have a president who LOVES our country That is the most important thing. Love of god
          And country. Soon we and the media will be freed of Fear! Also my faith in voting has been
          Restored thanks to those who observed at the elections. Onward Forward Upward! For those
          Who will follow when we are but a memory…………….

      70. WOW so encouragd now!! I was so wrong thinking Killary would sweep the Nation with her crookedness. Thank you America for making the right decision.

      71. Congrats to all the deplorables that got off their tail ends to vote. And I agree with “retired” this win is the 2nd shot heard around the world!!!

        • Second !

          All of you that actually voted and didn’t sit it out because trump did not fit in your little box were awesome !

      72. Breaking News:
        Major fire@ Bethlehem Steel Buffalo NY

        • ATF ON SCENE
          LIVE FEED HERE: ht tp://

          • Hat tip to camera man/woman for hot mike-ing everyone.?

      73. Thank you lord for hearing our prayers for America. Everyone, please remember to say a prayer to say “thank you” to Our Lord Jesus Christ that He has allowed Trump to win this election. Many people prayed and asked for His help. So now that He has given it, it is very important that we all say “thank you” to our lord. We all need to say again everyday“…in god we trust…” and not “…our government will provide…”

        The implications of what has been saved most people will never understand. Our constitution and the Bill of Rights are safe and intact … for the moment. Our courts can be saved from those who would write the law rather than interpret the law. Our borders will soon be intact, the flow of illegal aliens stopped and non stop shipping of illegal aliens out of the country will soon start . WWIII is probably stopped. The wall will start. The first 100 days the swamp will be drained. To name a few…

        But the main point is we must all keep up the fight because the NWO, socialists and their programs are not going away any time soon.I am still preparing for the big socialist backlash. I expect the BLM will be burning American cites within days. Obama will not go down quietly. I expect more nasty last minute Obama EO’s and pardons for the crooks Obama fostered.

        • It was very noticeable that all the terrorist attacks and the BLM rioting and unrest completely stopped in the run-up to the US election because they thought Hillary would win. That is direct proof, if you ever needed it, as to where the funding and orders for those events were coming from.

          But, yes, now that Hillary has lost, expect the violence and terrorism to escalate as they try and destabilize Trump and to put the blame on him for the failures of the Obama years.

          On the plus side, Muslims are crapping themselves over the Trump win. They sense somebody might call BS on their nonsense. Trump should get the extra screening in place pronto and as a priority.

          • “It was very noticeable that all the terrorist attacks and the BLM rioting and unrest completely stopped”


            where did all that go, shouldve gotten worse regardless of how trump was doing if it was real and not bought.

          • FYI…
            Interesting geopolitical commentary by The Saker and how Hillary is creating divisions in the US military with her INSANITY.

            *** Both current president Obama and Hillary Clinton are trying to sell America on the idea that there are moderates fighting a civil war in Syria. We are arming and training them. Are there moderates in Syria worth supporting? Do we have any business there to begin with? The article goes as far as stating the US is determined to overthrow every country that is friendly to Russia.

            Right now Clinton wants to establish a no-fly-zone to protect her moderates. Who are they? US Special Forces on the ground are adamant that Clinton wants to give US military support to ISIS even if it means starting an open war with Russia.

            “Nobody believes in it. You’re like, ‘Fuck this,’” a former Green Beret says of America’s covert and clandestine programs to train and arm Syrian militias. “Everyone on the ground knows they are jihadis. No one on the ground believes in this mission or this effort, and they know they are just training the next generation of jihadis, so they are sabotaging it by saying, ‘Fuck it, who cares?’” “I don’t want to be responsible for Nusra guys saying they were trained by Americans,” the Green Beret added. ***

            source: ht tp://


            Bill Clinton Admits Hillary-Soros Connection
            ht tp://

        • Jesus is not god and god had nothing to do with Trump winning this election.

          • Jesus Christ is God Incarnate. “…they shall call his name EMMANUEL, which being interpreted is, GOD WITH US.”–MATTHEW 1:23
            I and my Father are one. John 10:30
            “And Thomas answered and said unto him [JESUS], My Lord and MY GOD.”–John 20:28
            …the Christ, the Savior of the world. John 4:42
            Jesus Christ is God

            The scriptures bear abundant testimony that Jesus Christ is God. Some liberal preacher will say to me, “You take the Bible literally. It’s just myths.” I answer, “Yes, I believe the Bible 100%. It is the word of God. If you don’t believe it, Jesus is of no effect to you, ye are yet in your sins.”

            But as for me I believe…


        The media, the Fourth Estate, was meant to be a another check on our government. Instead, it has become a corrupt and filthy as Harry Reid and the Clintons. The Fourth Estate has become nothing more than Goebbel’s Der Sturmer and a leftist Ministry of Propaganda. This election proved that these vile, lying fascist media types – with all their tools – cannot co-opt reality or truth. The USSR found out the same thing. Sadly, our leftist media is too arrogant, too elitist, and yes, too utterly ignorant, to get any of this.

        It is, as one German woman explained her support of the Nazis after the war, “One of the townpeople on how Hitler got them to buy into his lies: ‘It was the radio! Hitler was constantly in our living room… because we could hear his voice, we believed everything he said.’” Cited from Dachau, p.290. Or as Kierkegaard once said, “Suppose someone invented an instrument, a convenient little talking tube which, say, could be heard over the whole land…I wonder if the police would not forbid it, fearing that the whole country would become mentally deranged if it were used.” Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855). Well, that is precisely what happened here. Gee, I dunno, Soren. Maybe we could ask the Kartashians, Miley Cysleaze, Lady Kaka, or Mahdoona, who actually said she would give “bl*wj*bs for Hilary votes (sorry to be crude, but she really did say this – see

        Breitbart sites. Drudge., there’s a million good sites. Find them. Starve the fascist left(recall: Nazi stood for National SOCIALIST, and adopted explicitly socialist planks at their very first meeting, Feb.1930, in Munich) media beast. We no longer have to put up with the garbage articulated by Former CBS News president Richard Salant., who said “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” Andrea, Mitchell, George Stephanopoulos, Katie Couric – time for to pay back all the damage you have done to this country with your lies and obfuscations. Breaking rocks at Leavenworth might be a good start at payback.

        • @TEST – + 1

      75. If your illegal and you know it pack your bags
        If your illegal and you know it pack your bags
        For the Trump trains a rollin, and the flag of freedoms blowing
        If your illegal and you know it pack your bags.

        • Genesis – Illegal Alien(It’s no fun being) –

          “So don’t tell anybody what I wanna do
          If they find out you know that they’ll never let me through.

          It’s no fun being an illegal alien,
          It’s no fun being an illegal alien,
          It’s no fun being an illegal alien,
          It’s no fun being an illegal alien.”

      76. I hope that, when looking for the reasons why, once again, no one saw this coming, they settle on the one that’s been on my mind for a while: Arrogance.

        Clinton, her staff, and her supporters were arrogant from day one. Only THEY know what is good for you, and if you dare speak against them you were ridiculed. I think the “basket of deplorables” comment really brought that to light for a lot of people. They were bullies, and the sad thing is that they still don’t get it.

        LOL…just remembered my old nickname, Prepped in CT

        • that’s exactly what happened with the Brexit vote in Britain. It was assumed the little people would simply do as they were told. When they didn’t it created a helluva mess.

      77. I’m Cautiously optimistic- My GUESS though- Is that the FIRST campaign promise he breaks is to “appoint a special prosecutor” and Put Clinton in jail. My guess is he does nothing about it!!!!!

      78. same people that voted for Obama just voted for Trump. bunch of douchebags.

        • WAAAAH! Crybaby alert.

      79. Was watching the breakdown of demographics in the election results. The dems way overestimated the surge of Latino, Black and female voters. 8% fewer black voters than turned out for Obama. Extrapolate that into real numbers and it’s YUGE.

      80. If Hillary and Bill are to be pardoned by Obama they must get criminally charged prior to him leaving office. If it doesn’t happen by then it carries over to the Trump administration and the investigation takes on a life of its own. Only the most naive would think that criminal charges like conspiracy end with just the Clintons.

        • I can imagine they are running around and destroying documents and evidence. The bid for president was a last hail Mary move to avoid criminal investigation and prosecution. Now that has failed, the can of worms can be opened up again. It is effectively a global pay-for-play scam that had warped US foreign policy and corrupted international institutions while also damaging and poisoning people’s goodwill by taking charity money away from legitimate causes to fund their corrupted causes (think Haiti etc.). The scale of this scam is unprecedented in US history and has no equal in any other country.

          • The shredders are going full-bore at the Clinton Foundation right now.

            • They are the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s of global politics and development. Always crying for more money because they “gots to build their legacy and ‘elp the poor people”.

              What has all this fundraising at the Foundation really achieved? The biggest lifting of people out of poverty was not done by charity: it was done by China trading with the US. And they knew this but it was a great way to get rich and fund their political campaigns.

              The Wiccan Witch of the West will just have to hop on her broom and fly off to Dubai.

      81. Clinton about to take the stage at the Wyndham. Blitzer says *clearly Hillary Clinton is running a few minutes late*. Yeah, she’s being stabilized. This will be interesting.

        • New Yorker… not Wyndham

      82. Don’t celebrate too fast. We’ve elected a great general. But remember, this is just the end of the beginning. The war has just begin, and it’s going to get Ugly.!!!!

      83. To – President Trump – Please demote the FBI director. Please. – Thank you for running, thank God you became the 45th President of the United States. BLESS you and your family, I prayed for you and ypur every day, and will continue to do so. Thank you.

      84. Your family

      85. It diddent go her way with the Latino vote cus like roaches they all ran to hide and diddent want recorded as existing now trump can get the roach traps out. And the market drop is just these countries that have been sucking off us and the gravey train is over for them. LIfe just got 1000% better for all of us

        • Agree.

      86. And don’t forget…..the inauguration ain’t till January. You essentially have psychopathic children that just got their toys taken away. Their temper tandrems can destroy the world with the power that they never should have been given. PRAY.!!!!

      87. Pretty classy speech- give her that. Except for the quoting scripture part at the end. Both she and Kaine quoted from the New Testament… no Bible quotations the other night at the *shake your booty* pep rally given by J Zzz and Sasha Fierce.

      88. Here’s an upside of a Trump victory that’s not mentioned much…at last, a classy first lady in the White House.

      89. hey MSM..suck on that!

        your irrelevant ASS! IS SHOWING

      90. I wish he didn’t mention Hilary’s job. And I bet the dems. could only rig ten or twenty percent. Trump probably won buy a bigger percentage.

      91. Hillary was a babe up to the 1990s: really hot. But she just did not have that quality anymore. So people focused fully on her character and achievements and found them wanting. While feminists will flip out, being good looking helps in such a high profile role (it helped Bill: ladies loved Bill). Having sex appeal is important in getting people on your side. It is part of the charm of human character. Somebody who looks like Andrea Dworkin would never be a leader of anything.

      92. As an Interested Australian.I congratulate the people of The United States for showing discernment in selecting President Trump. The world now has hope to throw off the yoke of oppression of the left.With America great again the rest of the free world will follow.

      93. I love it and all of those communist democrats crying like little girls! BOO HOO HOO!

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