The Powers That Be Have Started Their Culling Of The Herd: “Of That You Can Be Assured”

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    There are currently tens of thousands of NATO and Russian troops facing off against one another in the Baltic.  NATO (and USAREUR, or U.S. Army in Europe) are conducting “exercises,” entitled Operation Saber Guardian 2017.  Meanwhile, RT News reported that Britain, Denmark, and the Netherlands are sending vessels to “escort” Chinese warships en route to the Baltic Sea.  The Chinese will be conducting drills and exercises with Russia.  Here’s an excerpt from that RT article:

    “A Chinese frigate, a supply ship and a destroyer are passing through Danish waters. We are escorting [them] as part of the normal surveillance we have in our territorial waters,” Klaus Thing Rasmussen, senior duty officer at the Danish military operations center, told the DR broadcaster.

    “We sent one unit out to them last night, when they were approaching Danish waters. It will take around a day in total until they leave again near Bornholm, where they entered, and we will escort them the entire way,” he said.

    “Our position is that there is free passage through the Baltic Sea, and the Danish Navy acts as a stopper in the gap. That means we accompany foreign state vessels as part of our surveillance of Danish waters,” he added.

    The Baltic phase of the Russian-Chinese exercise starts on Friday, and will involve about a dozen warships in addition to military aircraft and helicopters from both sides, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday.”

    Well, isn’t that nifty?  In the meanwhile, what exercise are we talking about here?  This is a description of Saber Guardian retrieved from the USAREUR website:

    “Exercise Saber Guardian 17 is a U.S. European Command, U.S. Army Europe-led annual exercise taking place in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria in the summer of 2017. This exercise involves more than 25,000 service members from over 20 ally and partner nations. The largest of the Black Sea Region exercises, Saber Guardian 17 is a premier training event for U.S. Army Europe and participating nations that will build readiness and improve interoperability under a unified command, executing a full range of military missions to support the security and stability of the Black Sea Region. It is deterrence in action.

    Some of the more notable aspects of SG17 include: the massing of 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division (3/4ID) from several locations across the Operation Atlantic Resolve area of operation to the exercise joint operations area (JOA) in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria; and the movement of 2nd Cavalry Regiment (2CR) from Vilseck, Germany, to numerous locations throughout the JOA.

    The Black Sea Region exercises for 2017 include numerous U.S., ally, and partner national exercises, with SG17 being the largest. Each is separate and distinct, however many of them contribute to or enable SG17 in various ways. As a whole, these exercises demonstrate the United States and NATO’s superior joint and combined capabilities and highlight our collective will to defend against regional aggression.

    This exercise is an annual multinational exercise conducted since 2013 that rotates among Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine. The exercise is part of U.S. European Command’s Joint Exercise Program designed to enhance joint combined interoperability with allied and partner nations.”

    Now, in the “fine print” of the first paragraph, the country of “Romania” was inserted quietly and without fanfare, almost in the manner that “MSG” is listed within the ingredients of Doritos.  Romania…where we have been setting up shop with our Anti-ballistic missile stations…the ones that can be converted into Ballistic missile stations in a matter of hours.

    “Exercises” being the key word in all of this.  It would not take much to run “hot” on these exercises and morph into the real deal.  The Baltic, the Black Sea, and Syria are all “key” pieces of real estate for the IMF/NATO hegemony.  The first is the gateway into Eastern Europe through the Baltic States, the second on dangerous ground with the Kiev government and Separatist standoff ready to pick up the pace with backing by the U.S. and Russia respectively.  Finally, Syria is the key to a U.S. pipeline from Qatar into Europe for natural gas, as well as the critical, key objective for U.S. conquest before an invasion of Iran, one of the last nations not tied into the World Bank and IMF.

    The last line from the USAREUR site is really great…a combination of arrogant hubris and imperialism swathed in righteousness.  Here it is again:

    As a whole, these exercises demonstrate the United States and NATO’s superior joint and combined capabilities and highlight our collective will to defend against regional aggression.”

    As long as the U.S. and NATO continue to jockey for position, relations will continue to deteriorate and a new Cold War will materialize.  The other two parts of the equation are the negation of President Trump’s effectiveness and the collapse of the United States through economic and social deterioration.  All of it is fostered, and all of it is planned.  Everybody better start making their plans to protect themselves and their families if they haven’t already started.  TPTB have started their culling of the herd: of that you can be assured.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Oh really JJ…. more bedtime stories? Nobody else knows? You’re the one! LMAO! I see the same headlines at the grocery store check out.

        • What if there were a war and nobody came?

          Good to see yer still here PO;d 🙂

          • And JJ, just in case you missed my response to your denial about writing about Jade Helm, back on 18 July:

            It took me less than 2 minutes to find these articles right here on SHTFPlan. I won’t bother to look further. If you don’t even know what you’ve written…..



            In the article linked below you reference JH in the second to last paragraph:

            In the article linked below you reference Jade Helm in the opening paragraph:

            • Wilson, in all fairness jj said he didn’t write one article. He actually wrote at least 4.
              His previous article was posted on zerohedge. Many commenters flames his ass, saying the same thing I have for a. Purple years now. I do not comment on that site either.

              • A couple years now. Damn spellcheck program HICKS gave me

                • This is all about separating the Tares. Read about the ten virgins . When the groom was delayed they probably got frustrated and didn’t bother keeping their flasks full. And when he showed up all of a sudden they didn’t have time to fill them so the door was shut. On the Tares , and the Luke warms.

          • Same back to you Genius. I’m getting more crotchety in my old age though.

            • The content of the article does not match the Catchy Headline. Again JJ misses the target by a mile. JJ has been reading too many Foreign Legion magazines. Bored in a cabin with 3 cats trying to figure out how to pay off his new monthly water bill. The well water he was stealing previously from the Native Americans for years, before he got caught. No matter how many invented titles he wants to attach to his fake name. Hes still a Master Bullshitter with little credibility.

              • CSS, says you, who has lake front property yet buys his drinking water in town. And takes a shower from a pint water bottle. Good one!

                You’ve never answered my solar question.
                Do you use modified sine wave or true sine wave?

                • Ketsup in the brain. Do you use toilet paper to wipe your self or still using your shirt tail?

                  • By just attacking and not answering you have proven you are a fraud. An internet Walter Mitty.
                    You don’t even know how to address modified sine wave vs. true sine wave and you claim to sell and install solar systems.
                    You are 6′ 6″ tall and can carry 70 lbs. of silver and all your survival gear in your backpack.
                    Absolute fraud.

                    When you close on buying that adjacent land someone should research public records/county land purchases and post your name and address here.
                    How about that mr. crack head Mitty? 🙂

                    • Ketchup, I’ll bite lol. I have 4 Trina 290 watt polycrystalline panels run through a midnite solar classic 150 mppt controller to 6 US Battery 420ah l-16’s and a magnasine 2000 watt pure-sine inverter/charger. I run 2 small refrigerators and other things with it. I DO sell and install solar off grid stuff lol.

                    • I also have an outback FM-80 and xantrex 1500 watt inverter as backup and a tristar 45 and 2 Kyocera 130’s for even more backup 🙂

                    • Oh and 4 Talesun 260 watt panels and 4 enphase micro-inverters grid tied to the house that with the outback fm-80 can be converted to offgrid…

                    • Our power bill avg. 30 bux a month.

                    • Who’s attacking whom? lol. Thats now 170 Lbs of silver I carry on my back for loose change uphill for training. Yep got to check the records. I close on it next week. You sound jealous. Maybe if you had a life of your own, you could emulate a third of my accomplishments. So do you collect fast food condiments packets of katsup in your BOB? Thats a pretty snowflake kind of moniker you are using there big fella. Did your mommy help you think that up, or you all by youself tough guy? lol

                    • And BTW/ all off grid and no electric bill in 29 Mths with no power interuptions. How about you katsup on the brain? Do you know how to do math? Calculate my savings and what you spent in the last year and a half to pay your dependence on the mommy grid. Do they send you a pacifier with your monthly electrical bill? Or are you still sucking your thumb? Hoping wishing and dreaming? ??

                    • Would it be doable. To suspend lead sheets in an aquarium full of battery acid. And have a cleanable battery?

                  • More arrogant ignorance from CracksSkulls. About as regular as Old Faithful. Wonder why he is so nasty and bitter?

                    • He hasn’t had pussy since pussy had him, that’s why. All the money saved on boot-let electric, he can get those hookers he likes so much.

            • They do this every year in sum form or another. Fear Porn by the Green Beret guy. Mac…. you can do better.

            • Well, i am getting so tired of waiting for doomsday. I’ve been waiting since y2k and now i am 68, getting old, and figure i will die before the s*it hits. So hurry up will ya!

          • Hey! Herd and assured rhymes! At least that is something to get out of the article.

        • Po’d Patriot, One ‘herd’ that definitely needs to be ‘culled’ IS TPTB.

          • I have a question…. What makes something “Tactical”? I see all this “tactical” crap everywhere and there seems to be nothing special about it. In fact I saw a “tactical” sniper rifle and it only had a 20 inch barrel. What kind of douche canoe thinks they are some sniper with a 20 inch barrel? What a stupid marketing ploy calling everything “tactical” …..

            • Genius. “Douche canoe”? Bwahahaha. I love it. You make a good point though, just because it’s for sale and it says “tactical”, it doesn’t mean much to me. Tactical, to me, is more like being a chameleon in that you must adapt to your surroundings. It’s also a certain way of thinking that will get you through a tough situation. Way too many people see something that says “tactical” and visions of Rambo suddenly appear.
              Stay quiet Be smart

            • Actually it is genius marketing. Take a regular camping spoon and label it “tactical” and watch the couch potato prepper sheep come flocking in.

              • Ya your right. I can take my “tactical” underwear and shove it over their head that will be sure to take them out!

                • In fact I think this deserves a poem….

                  Patriot Bob bought all the cool gear
                  From his couch he had little fear
                  He had camo this and camo that
                  He had XXXL because he’s so fat
                  He read all the fear porn and bought shit from the ads
                  The world will end soon good god and eeegads!
                  He had freeze dried water and freeze dried beer
                  For any day now the end would be here
                  With a pallet of chips and onion dip too
                  He was pretty sure he could make it through
                  His nails were chewed right down to the bone
                  What’s that I hear, I think it’s a drone
                  His pants were filled with a big mighty mess
                  He wondered how they got his address
                  A big heart attack took out the old slob
                  And so goes the story of patriot Bob…

                  • Genius, that is one of your best!
                    I see you’ve left room for a sequel. I’d work on it but I can’t get off the couch. Except to eat.

                  • Patriot=brain washed slave

                  • Good poem, it takes life experience to write that

                  • Genius, that’s one of the best poems I’ve ever read anywhere. You’re a poet and I didn’t know it, LOL!

                  • So true. I feel all of this is to simply scare people and then sell them a bunch of over-priced mess. Pretty smart from a marketing stand point, but sad from all other angles.

                    • I got fear mongered into prepping . Would like to thank the guy. Now I have much less to fear. The fifty gallons of colemans fuel calms me down , no looking for fire wood and making smoke. Enough barrels to catch a lot of rainfall. Detergent. Insecticide. 20 amps worth of solar panels and an ice machine. Enough kerosene for one winter. Then my Norwegian stove. At least I got a chance?

                  • Oh that was GREAT!!! Funny as all hell !!!

                • Genius, I’ve got a ‘tactical’ foot I can put in someone’s ass, LOL!

                  • DBH, glad you liked it lol. With a few more beers I’m sure I will come up with more 😛

                    • Genius, go ahead and have those beers. Be glad to see more.

            • My band has hit hard times, so we’ve decided to start marketing tactical tampons, pads and douches to female survivalists. So far, business has been bloody good.

            • I don’t know about now, but a lot of bench rest competition rifles used to have short, stiff, barrels.

              That said, “Tactical” is a marketing ploy. Some fools will pay more because something is “Tactical”. Anything can be called “Tactical”. Can’t believe the “Tactical” designation still reels them in.

              “Tacitcool” is more to the point.

              • Does short, stiff barrels make you a “crack” shot?

                • Women are ALL “crack” dealers.

            • Tactical , just means they can charge you more for the item
              Because they think it can do more than 1 thing effectively

              It’s just like the left using the word Assault on everything
              They think it gives the item superior powers

              Has a lot to do with the fact , they have few brain cells to generate anything of substance

              • Rebel Son, I always thought people like us ALREADY had superior powers when it comes to the left. We have brains and they DON’T!

            • Genius, good point about ‘tactical’. Everything I’ve seen labeled ‘tactical’ is way the hell overrated. I also avoid such items.

            • I just saw a Remington bolt rifle with a 16 inch bull barrel that was tactical and LEO. Been shooting 7.62 x 51 sense 1968 and if you want 1000 meters you got to have 26 to 28 inches of steal out in front of you. Sniper is not a great title to own. I see faces in my sleep.

              • I wonder if Tactical is just geared for self defense, not hunting . Hunting dangerous game with a 5.56 ? ? . Or semiauto shogun?

        • I get the latest breaking news at dollar general’s checkout line. I seen Gerri Johnson there too.

        • True patriots use their real name John Hancock? I am not a patriot because I am not a brainwashed slave.

          • No you’re just brainwashed

      2. Best sentence in the article: “and the collapse of the United States through economic and social deterioration.” Yes. Try cutting off EBT cards and welfare payments in urban areas and see how fast those cities burn.

        • PD,
          Who cares if those cities burn?
          For example, what would the loss of
          Seattle, Portland, San Francisco,
          Oakland, and Los Angeles, be for America?
          The cities mean nothing. The ports
          rail service, and roads mean something.
          the thugs mostly ripoff their local sewers,
          so let them! The really important stuff will
          go untouched. We don’t need the people on EBT
          and welfare. We don’t. I certainly don’t.
          Let them burn.


            • Gen,
              If you are trying to infect my computer,
              it didn’t and won’t work. If you are trying to
              locate me you already have, somewhere on a hot
              rock in the middle of the Pacific.
              I don’t own AR platforms. I prefer
              pre 60’s platforms, so it won’t work for me.
              Thanks for the thought.


              • relik, Ummm I don’t know enough about computers to do shit lol. They make those for a 10/22 which I have and it’s cool. Don’t be so paranoid man. Probably North K. messin with ya cause it aint me….

          • I read that EBT user numbers are going way down nationwide, back to the 2008 numbers. The Trump work for food program is a success. Just shows the lazy slobs still dont want to work. Even for bananas. ?

            • That comment made me laugh out loud inappropriately…lol too true.

          • We have way too many “takers”, they produce nothing and all they do is take and drain what little resources there are in society. WTF are those fools going to do when Uncle Sammy isn’t there to pander to them and their nonsense EBT and fake SSI and Medical Assistance and all of that complete b.s. I have needed help in life and you know what, I never got jack do dah!

        China has been there in the Czech Republic!

        US troops have been there since Bill Clinton (Bosnia/Hertz)
        Bush sent in troops to Georgia.
        On top of the ARAB SPRING, Obama/Clinton and McCaine have been in the Ukraine and conducted a down right bloody Coup! They also sent in troops on the Eastern Front and created a front going all the way down to the black sea on Russia’s western front.

        • Congrats, you win the booby prize!

          • I liked Ivanka’s boobs better before she had a boob job. Little boobies rock!

      4. Excellent article, I keep wondering how long will the Russians hold back, watching us literally invade there sphere of influence and destabilize there allies countries sooner or later all these things will go real bad real fast.

        • Poland, et al will ditch USA and NATO if they have any sense.

      5. One Brigade and one Armored Cav Regt is hardly “massing”. We had four Divisions there permanently during the cold war plus numerous Regiments. So about 1/16th of cold war levels. War would only break out if Russia attacked first.

        • USA doesn’t have the conventional forces to put 4 divisions back there. Even if we did, we’d do most of our fighting over which bathroom people got to use.
          Men pretending to be women surely scare the shit out of the Russians.
          USA’s best defense against a conventional invasion is the fact that nobody wants to be anywhere near the fat, ugly, bad attitude-totin’ American women.

          • That was kind of my point. A two Brigade exercise does not indicate a preperation on our part to force Russia into a war. In fact all it does is give eastern europeans a false sense of security that we would stand up for them as in the republic of Georgia. The only two nations in Europe worth fighting for are Poland and Czyech republic since both have contributed heavily to Afghanistan and have earned a place in NATO. In fact the only European country that did mote than Poland in Iraq and Afghanistan was England which is expected. The French and Germans are all talk no action.

            • And that’s why the bitch ass Germans and French have all of the radical, violent muslim scum blowing up their cities and terrorizing the masses. Those liberal fools just don’t seem to get it. Why do they want their nice, decent countries turned upside down and trashed with those monkeys.

              • Exactly!

      6. Article by JJ. Alert! Cue the JJ haters, like non-Einstein Cracksumskulls (would that he crack some BOOKS, rather that his incessant bloviation).

        If you don’t like JJ, ***just don’t read him****

        • OK JJ!

        • Now JJ puts Anonymous Title in front of his fake name to defend his own BS. The US Military has like 10,000 fake twitter accounts to try to influence public opinion. Brilliant!! But no Cigar!! Most here can smell BS when we read it.

          • And almost everything is BS these days,,, is more entertainment than informative, read this crap long enough and you either nod like another zombie or you just get sick o reading it,,,
            Honestly, there aint much interesting or informative reading these days

      7. Eventually there will be a culling. And from the physical appearance of most americans. I don’t think very many will last very long. They cant live without their hormone laced fast foods. Central heat & air cond. Big lot of fat obese enabled crybabies. Who cares if they are culled? Go ahead cut off the Social Security Ponzi Checks. Get rid of food stamps and all of the welfare. See how fast the population becomes smaller. There will never be any armed rebellion. Jeffersons tree died of thirst long ago. There is such a small percentage that preps. And of those who prep the percentage of them who are healthy and have what it takes is very small. My point is there aint enough of us Ready willing & able so called Patroits for the Government -UN &NWO to even bother to worry about.

        • But what if they all have “TACTICOOL” gear? Bwahahaha 😛

          • I already bought my “tactical” textiles for the windows in my BOL treehouse in the backyard. Now all I need is my “real tree” camo welcome mat. 😉

            • Maybe you could get some tactical binoculars too!

          • I’d buy a mule before I’d buy tactical gear. I did, and at least I can eat the mule.

            • More loyal and patriotic than most Americans too…..

            • My Pop used to buy and sell mules from a couple guys in Puna, think he used to ship them over to Kauai

            • A few dozen cases of spam would be more useful than the tactical gear,,,
              Or a pallet of rice,,,

              • Don’t forget the beans!

        • SS is welfare for old people. How did the whole western world get the idea that retirement is a 25-30 year paid vacation? What makes people think that they should only have to work for 1/2 of their adult lives?

          Until fairly recently in human history, one “retired” when they were no longer physically able to work.

          • One retired when one was tired of the old tires.

          • The problem is this liberal mindset and the majority of the damn country became beyond “soft” and weak and pussy-fied. I don’t know the exact percentages, but we as individual employed people do pay into SS and our employer also pays into SS. Does that Gov’t actually “kick-in” per say or do they just steal the money and waste and spend it on everything except what it is really meant for? I think people should be able to retire around 65-68 years old if, IF they can afford it. If not, sorry charlie, keep on a working – you should of saved more money and or made better investments. We should not have to pay, so you can just sit home and chill and be taken care of on others dime.

      8. When they built the pyramids, they used human labor to create something that did those humans no good? Delusions of grandeur? And king tut got remembered. But what a price in human labor for their fame. We should be use to it by now? King of the world? Just do something big , good or bad, Recognize Me. We’ll be here, here and gone, like a song.

      9. All sides are getting positioned ahead of THE EVENT.
        A gallactic event, that is.
        Anyone who thinks that they are just “playing military games’, is in for a DEADLY shock!
        Most think it’s financial and the reset is next, no it’s not… fools!
        First comes the great culling…
        Here (line 11) are number of suvivors

      10. War between the West and Russia? Just another way for the NWO to kill off another 20 million White people. Refuse to help them. Resist.

      11. The current situation means ‘culling” is coming;no conspiracy is needed. Humanity’s inability to resolve our major problems is something to be feared than any conspiracy.

      12. the numbers of troops are a droop in the bucket compared to WWII in Russia. The battle of Kursk involved millions of men, tens of thousands of guns and tanks etc a vast gigantic smash on a scale so huge most people cant really comprehend it Russia lost one aircraft shot down per minute the first day. That was one battle in Russia Pipedreams of military might involving 25,000 men are wishful thinking. That would not total the US Nato loses on the first day of such a conflict. Wake up and smell the bodies war with Russia is Chinas dream it would leave her the super power in the world. Hillary is a raving lunatic talking about war like it is sat afternoon football on TV Such a war would destroy the white race and set back civilization a thousand years

        • Yeah, but we gots nukes now.

        • The next major war will look nothing like the last one, just as the last one looked nothing likr the one before it.

      13. YawwwWWNnn
        Wake me up when the bullets start flying

      14. Absolutely NO actionable information in this thread. Just a bunch of guys measuring their stuff.

      15. 69 million

      16. We have the worlds largest military, the Chinese are2 and the Russians 3. Military’s hold exercises all the time, what would you have them do sit in their barracks pulling their puds. Just because they practice and try to justify there excessive existence doesn’t necessarily mean they are actually prepping for a fight. I think there WILL be a war but this bogus article will not be the reason it starts.

        • North Korea 4. But why should we care. Look how these Asians treat their own people . Japan ,South Korea , police states? As long as 99% of them stay out of our country. Trying to save the 1% that aren’t garbage, at what cost? Can’t we develope a genetically selective bio weapon that can solve all these problems? At low cost?

      17. They are talking about neutron bombs. Ounce made illegal? They call them dial a nuke because you can adjust the kill radius. Small radius goes deep, large radius can just slightly fry brains . Zombie bomb? Makes them easier to herd to disposal area? Doesn’t destroy buildings , bridges, factories, dams , farmland , kills all livestock, deer ,rabbits ,squirrels, birds, But just in its controlled radius. The kill radius is classified. How many we have ? They will be considered the most humane way of getting what we want. Burnig the Tares.

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