The Powers That Be Have Lost Control: “Everything Is Falling Apart Everywhere”

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Headline News | 109 comments

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    The entire system has been revealed for the sham it really is since the start of the New Year. Stock markets are crashing, the global economy has stalled, and the powers that be appear to have lost control.

    As Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin notes in his most recent interview with Future Money Trends, the only thing they are able to manipulate now are a few markets that include the Dow Jones and the gold and silver trade.

    2011 is when the, let’s call them, The Powers That Be realized they were losing… they were three years into their post-2008 money printing frenzy and they were failing… Europe was failing… The U.S. had been stripped of its triple-A credit rating… all the markets were falling apart… and they were worried about Greece and all this…

    They have lost control of everything… there is nothing that the Powers That Be haven’t lost control of… except the Dow Jones propaganda average and related major stock averages… and paper gold and silver.

    Watch this extremely informative interview with Andy Hoffman:

    Money printing is going off the charts… these things are really starting to get out of their control… the inventories are vanishing everywhere… and then of course you have stock markets around the world are falling… and now the stock market itself here in the United States has been falling…

    When you talk about commodities and currencies and everything else… we’re talking about the worst economy of our lifetimes… of our parents’ lifetimes… of our grandparents’ lifetimes… and it’s only going to get worse right now.

    People don’t realize that the global economy now is ground to a halt…  last week there was not a single cargo ship on the entire Atlantic Ocean… every currency in the world is at or near its all time low.

    We’re talking about everything is falling apart everywhere.

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      1. Well it hits home when there is a possibility of losing your job. That is where I am at now.
        The amount of layoffs are going to be huge this year I think.

        I wonder how close we are to the war that is going to follow?

        • i was looking at a list of store closings for 2015, and there was a lot of them i hadn’t heard of yet…and there’s another list for stores ABOUT to close….if you get a giftcard, SPEND it right away, it may be worth nothing soon….link to follow.

            • off topic, but i ran across a way to make “snow chains” with rope, and i can see it would work like a charm. for all those in the northeast that’s about to get snowden..hee hee

              • A good thick length of twine will do a good job. You still need to drive slow, though.

                You can wrap some rope around your snowshoe frames, too, that give you good traction on slopes and crusty ice. Do that with your skis, you’ve got pretty cheap climbing skins.

              • BCOD, thank you. This looks like something I can do in our occasional snow storms. I will add 10 mm nylon rope to my pickup emergency supplies.

                • 10 m might be a little small…i’m sure it will work, but why not make it work great by getting something a little bigger?

                  • Okay.

                    • google

                      15 Items That Should Be In Your Vehicle During the Winter
                      Tess Pennington
                      here’s the list, and my comment after the story

                      Some of these supplies may save your life.

                      A shovel
                      Windshield scraper and small broom
                      Battery powered radio with extra batteries
                      Food and Water for 3 days
                      Extra winter layers – hats, socks and mittens
                      First aid kit with pocket knife
                      Any necessary medications
                      blanket(s) and/or bivvy bags
                      Tow chain or paracord
                      Road salt and sand
                      Booster cables
                      Emergency flares
                      Fluorescent distress flag
                      Snow chains

                      cel phone and something to CHARGE it with…it’s useless without a charger….oh, and if you lose it or it BREAKS, you better have yer phone numbers in a BOOK,, because you probly won’t remember ALL of those numbers in it
                      and don’t forget the 3 foot long 4×6’s for crossing obstacles like a little 12 inch ditch or other rough spots in the road if you have to go off-road to get around the traffic…and an airpump and tireplug kit wouldn’t be a bad idea either….small tool kit with screwdrivers pliers kreskin wrench. toilet paper.electric tape(make a bandage with those two things….or a sling or splint) hiking boots if you gotta leave the car. poncho or plastic trash bag for raincoat. cash is a big one…atm’s mite not work. wipies. brillo pad and jumper cables makes a great firestarter(matches?) painkillers. pepper spray maps and compass. flashlight. backpack. gloves spare eyeglasses. vicegrips.One pair thermal underwear/pants and shirt..deck of cards WHEW! did I miss anything?

                    • BCOD,
                      Okay. Thank you.
                      Whew! I could live forever in my truck with all that. I do have about half of those things behind my truck seat. I will add the rest. I have driven off pavement, but no expert. I drove around my 14 acres in Texas all the time. I don’t live where I would normally go off road in the mountains, my property is too steep. Just about everywhere is too steep. If I buy another vehicle I will get a 4 wheel drive. I got in trouble with my driveway from being steep and a right angle turn on ice/water. I had a bale of hay for traction, but for the first time here, it filled with water then froze solid. When it thaws out I will use it for compost. My former boss tossed that in my truck one day and I used it a couple times. 40 inches of snow made me glad I am retired!

                    • one more thing. if you don’t know how to drive off-road, go check out your local 4 wheeel drive club, and i bet you can find someone to teach you in a couple hours the basics. i have taken on that job with my local club….MOST people live their whole lives without driving off the pavement. when that shtf moment arrives…THEY will be powerless to get anywhere.

                • I would also consider a come along (hand crank winch) from somewhere like Harbor Freight. They are usually less than $30 and come with enough cable to get you out of most situations. Get one rated in excess of the weight of your vehicle (say 10 tons) so that you have excess capacity if you get really stuck.

                  Another thing to consider is dividing your truck bed with 2×12’s. Most pickups have little pockets designed to hold a 2 in wide piece of wood to help with load management. This gives you 2 or more 4-5 foot wide boards that can be used under your tires in an emergency, as well as to help keep loads from sliding front to rear under acceleration or braking. Another benefit is that if you have a compact truck (Ranger, S-10, Tacoma, Frontier, Mighty Max, etc.), these tall boards will be higher than the wheel wells. This means that if you are trying to haul a piece of sheet stock it won’t be resting on the wheel wells, which can break things like drywall.

                  If you have a 4 wheel drive truck and take it off road or down unimproved dirt roads, you could probably benefit from a high lift jack. These are used by off roaders when they get really stuck or high centered and can also serve a winch function in a pinch if you carry tow straps and chains to rig it with.

                  • Winston,

                    I appreciate this information and wrote it down in my notebook. I will get the come along from Harbor Freight. I have a Tacoma and will go measure for 2x12s. I sometimes have trouble because of the wheel wells.

                    I do not understand the part about the high lift jack, but I wrote it down verbatim. I will look it up on the Internet to see if I can figure it out.

                    I got about 40 inches of snow and went into the Snowbank of my sharp turn in my steep driveway. Dug out of that bank 3 times! I am glad it was at home and not out someplace.

                    I appreciate your information. Sweet!

                    • A high lift jack is only really needed in extreme circumstances where the vehicle has become high centered or some other situation that a road vehicle will usually never see. I do not have one in my 4×2 truck as I would not put it in a situation that it would be necessary in. However, if you want to see one, try Youtube or Google with the term “high lift jack”. Alternately, you could also look at various 4 wheel drive oriented sites and see what they have under “recovery gear”. (I do carry a small 3 foot long shovel though, once again I got that from Harbor freight for around $10)

                      Since you have a Toyota Tacoma(great choice of vehicle, BTW), I would recommend a tool kit with wrenches and sockets in the following sizes: 10, 12, 14, and 17mm as a minimum of what you should have at all times. Probably 95% of the fasteners in all Japanese or South Korean vehicles are in these sizes. Also handy would be vise grips, a hammer and screwdrivers (Philips #1 and #2 and whatever Torx sizes are common to your truck). A final suggestion is to carry an extra drive belt or two, at least which ever one or ones drives the alternator and water pump. It doesn’t have to be new, it can be the old one from the last time you changed belts. Trust me: If it fails you are dead in the water and will wish you had one! (I know from experience) It’s a lot of stuff, but I used to carry more than that in the hatch of a 1989 Suzuki Swift back when it was my daily driver!

                    • Winston,
                      Thanks for explanation on the high lift jack. That is likely too off road for me for now. I do have a shovel already. One good thing! When I needed a truck I asked my regular mechanic in Texas to pick it, he did good! It is a 2005 and has given me no problems. Regular maintenance. I have vise grips and a hammer. Will get the wrenches and screwdrivers and belt.
                      I appreciate your thinking on this. Mechanicals are my lowest spot. I put mud and snow tires on and they mostly serve well until we had 40 inches of snow and treacherous freeze thaw cycles. I am adding rope in lieu of chains, easier.
                      I haven’t found a good shop here like I had in Texas. The first guy tried to sell me a replacement for the spare tire holder that was “broken” but I went elsewhere and they put the spare back. The second place was flakey. I will keep looking.
                      Thanks again.

          • I’m getting VERY tired about hearing how there were no ships transporting goods over the Atlantic. The statement is false, a result of someone seeing an image they didn’t understand. There were more than 100 ships on the Atlantic that day, but their positions are tracked by a satellite service people must pay for. No ships showed in the middle of the Atlantic because the person who grabbed the image wasn’t subscribing to satellite tracking.

            There’s enough true information to be concerned about. We should focus on that.

            • true information…you mean like the collapse(no other way to describe it) of the baltic dry index…or retail sales figures for crissmuss…or that everyone’s insurance went up by hundreds of dollars a month in the last two years because of obamadontcare, or that the labor participation rate is at 40 year lows, or how muslims are invading our country by the thousands, or how black lives mater, but white lives DON’T, or how chicago doesn’t allow any guns, yet they have the worst crime rate in the country, or how the gubmint lies about every damn piece of news they dissemanate. or how hillary has gotten away with MURDER(maybe LITERALY), or how there’s a massive coverup of sandy hook, or how the gubmint’s trying to steal land from the states by charging double jeopardy on sentences already served, or are you talkin’ ’bout the NSA spying on the citizens with impunity, or are you talkin’ about the DEA having sex parties on the gubmint dime, or the IRS gave employees promotions that were tax cheats, or is it snowden blowing the whistle on all the corruption in america, and obama won’t pardon him and celebrate the hero that he IS??? that kinda stuff?….or are you talkin’ ’bout….sumthin’ ELSE….don’t git me goin’ now….thankfully, that’s ALL we got to worry about…..oh, wait……i forgot….

              • Bahh!!! Conspiracy theories!

              • You are a blathering idiot. When the SHTF, it’s going to be enjoyable seeing the likes of you die a slow miserable lonely death.

              • No, he didn’t say any of those thing, he simply said that there were over 100 cargo ships operating on the Atlantic that day. Let’s deal with facts ok.

              • Lord, how true and so sad and fucking disgusting. WE are destined to fail, there is NO doubt in my mind at all. Look at the big picture people before it is too late for us all.

                • WakeupAmerica,

                  Although 62 people want us to fail for their own plans, I don’t see why 7 billion people have to cooperate. As far as the Baltic index goes, trans-planting shipping is destroying our infrastrure. It is also an indicator of potential for local economies. Use it. We allowed globalization through moving all important functions into the market economy. Shelter, food, clothing, for example. Trick is to take it back. If I build with concrete block made 15 miles from home or wood/earth from my property… we are ahead. If I grow most of my food… we are ahead. If I stash piles of imported things… they are ahead. If I raise chickens for meat and eggs… we are ahead. If I have milk goats for milk, cheese, butter… we are ahead. If I knit clothing from my neighbors alpaca yarn… we are ahead. If I plant seeds to feed wildlife that I harvest lightly… we are ahead. If I grow rabbits for angora yarn and meat… I am ahead.

                  Overall, I have a

                  • Sorry.. Trans global shipping.
                    maybe doing the things that refuse to cooperate with 62 psychopaths look hard to you. I am finding it much more entertaining than Kardashians and other stupidity provided by the 62 to make me brain dead.

            • oh, ishk, i think i can speak for EVVVERRYYYBODYYY here….we are ALL sickentired too….thanks for pointin’ that out to U.S….’cept fer the trolls….they’re on the gub-mint dime, and times are good for THEM!

              • “’cept fer the trolls….times are good for THEM”

                Not really. I hear they aren’t having much affect on public perceptions, so they govt is handing out pink slips to some of them…they couldn’t sway the Trump followers, in fact, THEY MADE IT EVEN WORSE – more people have gone over to the Trump side.

                The Putin followers are simply not buying that Putin is a “young boy-lover” or in the wrong in Syria.

                Gun owners still will not hand over their guns and they can’t make people hate Assad. Demonizing Russia just is not working AT ALL.

                They can’t make obama seem like he has balls or a brain, and no matter how hard they tried, nobody believes ISIS and Turkey are the good guys.

                Nobody believes that the refugee crisis is an exercise in “diversity” and no matter how hard they tried, hillary clinton is still a liar and crook.

                They couldn’t even sufficiently demonize Ammon Bundy and they failed to convince anyone that the BLM is our friend.



                • hope springs eternal! i suppose the simps of america ARE wakening from their stupor…i just don’t think there’s ENOUGH of ’em.

                • sixpack,
                  Good analogy, I too just get sick of all the B.S. that just keeps coming and coming! and how the MSM just keeps saying everything is peachy!! I try to look for something positive in the news and i sure don’t find anything, and from a mental point of view the continued depressing news is NOT a healthy thing. i think that in itself will add to the issues we are facing.

                  • it’s a curse, knowing what all the simps DON’T know….it’s our cross to bear.

                    • BCOD,
                      Yes i believe your correct in that statement!

                    • Better to be us than them.

            • I read that shipping from the far east via Pacific Ocean to the US, Canada, etc. is ground to a halt. the BDIY shipping index shows this. We get most our stuff from the far east, like clothing, shoes, etc.

            • Agreed. Always question people telling you things are great and always question people telling you things are terrible. Sometimes they are right, but sometimes they are trying to take power from you by focusing your mind on the emotional nature of what they are telling you and not the logical facts of it. Most of the time the reality falls somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. Always try to find the raw data and interpret it for yourself so that you do not get manipulated.

          • bcod,

            I looked at the list of retail closings for 2015 & 2016.

            Quite a few stores to close. Thank you for posting the links.

            Thank you for posting the “snow chains” with rope link. Good to know.

        • Mike,I really sympathize with you!
          I hope you,& everyone else,can hang in & keep working!

          • Retired

            Thanks. The good lord has always blessed me. If it happens then it is for a reason. I will be okay. There will have to be some lifestyle changes but I will ensure I don’t lose my house. There will still be food on the table.
            Times are about to get rough for all. I have never not worked. If this happens and I have to flip burgers, cut wood, mow grass, whatever.

            • God Bless you Mike in VA. Are you in NOVA? We have at least been more insulated here than lots of other places from the slowdown (because of the government, of course), so hopefully if you get laid off there will be alternative nearby. Best.

            • Sounds more like you had things in this life because of your own hard work, not because god decided to give it to you.

              Imagine a world where god gives some people a roof over their head in a decent neighborhood, a car, enough food and then some to feed his family, etc (which is what Mike in VA in implying). Yet at the same time another family, also god fearing lives in a terrible, crime ridden neighborhood a pay check away from being out on the street.

              Do we really have such big egos that we believe god picks and chooses whom he favors and whom he gives a shit storm to?

              • Exactly what are you trying to imply about and that’s God, not god. If you have a problem with God come out and say it. God can and will do whatever He sees fit as there is none above Him.

        • oh, and i’m going long prozak, these sons o biches been in “control” so long, they’re gonna freak the eff out when they realize there’s no way to control the system any more… wonder who’s gonna PAY for all this corruption in the end?????

          • Butt,who’s going to pay?!You actually believe the bank bailins in Cyprus and Greece a one off deal?!They are going to fdo that hear in this country(well….,they will try),so,keep minimal amounts in bank and they do do it do not pay any loans!Of course,this will kick off all sorts of fun when they do it.

            On a side note,please if not done already sign the petition to free the Hammonds,a peaceful way to try and correct a wrong in the injustice system.

            • Run on Italy’s Third Largest Bank? Capital Controls or Bail-Ins Next?

              “The CEO of Monte dei Paschi, Italy’s third largest bank, and the oldest surviving bank in the world, admits Customers Pulling Deposits as share prices sink.”

              “Italian bank shares have lost 24 percent since the beginning of 2016 as investors, already rattled about global economic growth, have sold out of a sector with low profitability and about 200 billion euros ($218 billion) of loans that are unlikely to be repaid.”

              “Share prices of Monte dei Paschi are down over 50%, the worst of any major Italian bank. Deposits are leaving, and the only statement we have is that withdrawals are “limited”.”

              “Bail-ins have already hit other Italian banks.

              In December, bail-ins at smaller Italian banks wiped out subordinate bondholders.”

              globaleconomicanalysis dot blogspot dot com

        • Turkey sending troops into Syria…could be tomorrow, but your right, war to blame the powers that shouldnt be’s evil deeds…

        • Certainly the writing is on the wall for many white tech workers who will simply be replaced by H1B Ragjeep or Ahmed from Bangalore, low paying jobs will be eliminated or lowered even more for the benevolent illegals…and what of the upper management you ask? If you are a “minority” (preferably a black woman) you get a promotion and raise, old, white dudes get the axe. –

        • Georgia guide stones want the population to be 500 000 000 and to do that you have to strip the citizens of all wealth so they do not reproduce and it will be easier to take control of them.

      2. Oh… Quit complaining. Everything is Fine……

        • Acid:

          Altho I don’t agree with you over some subjects; the website you have posted is a gift.

          Everyone should look at Paul Kerseys ‘Escape from Detroit’ at that website and then read the comments section. Kersey has a website SBPDL (subjects black people don’t like) that has articles the MSM never brings to light.

          One poster on the Detroit subject stated:

          “When I look around at the effeminate, unwashed, homosexual, drug-addled eco-lunatic liberals of Seattle I don’t see civilization, enlightenment and evolution. I see a plague that leeches off of the free enterprise capitalism it so deplores and without which it cannot survive. I see the decline of our culture and civilization, not the pinnacle. Liberalism lives off of capitalism. It will either be cured, or kill the host, just like every disease.”


          Amen to that!

          • You might like RadixJournal. Not perfect, but some truth there, too.

      3. “and then of course you have stock markets around the world are falling… and now the stock market itself here in the United States has been falling…”
        probably should change that word to failing, instead of falling…it’s more accurate, in MY opinion….just sayin’.

      4. We used to make snow chains like that when I was a kid in Wyoming.

      5. And the minimum wage peons think they are going to get $15 an hour. That’s hilarious. They would get rid of the minimum wage before tht happens.

        • Start a betting pool on the date of the grand opening of the first Robo-Burger. They’ll have 3 employees per shift, and they’ll all make $15 an hour.

      6. All i keep hearing about is layoffs. It hasen’t hit me yet since i am in Texas, but i can tell you that the oil companies are laying off workers all over. Something will be helping those workers in the near future in our state, is that if the conditions are ok, if we make it to 2017, then 2017 will be here and we will make it to 2025, it’s just that people, lots of us wont be alive to live normal lives. My scientist friends has big plans and so does my oil company friend. I will give you guys a hint. New more advance tech stuff is being built and Texas is ground zero for the new manufacturing base of free energy technology. If we can secceed successfully, and remove the united nations of islam, and the federal govenment, then the future looks bright.



        • The problem with free energy, Is that it is free…. In other words, no jobs. No profits….

          Otherwise, it isnt really free.

          • Well, it IS true that the ENERGY is free. However, the devices that create the energy (from anything extant) are going to require constant maintenance to remain as efficient as possile. An emerging industry (that started at least as early as 1950 …but the concept came along eons prior to that (of course).
            What about Nicola Tesla? His “negative” energy? Some here may remember that cars had a ‘positive’ ground and ran ‘backwards’ (electrically) to what they do today). Was that a form of negative energy that “they” quickly dispensed with before someone got ‘wise’? (Could be and it may well be the answer to keeping circuitry from actually frying in an EMP strike …because ALL of the positive circuitry would be already grounded …and in no need of Faraday ‘caging’. What think?

            Have we REALLY ran into the proverbial ‘brick wall’ from where or rather, meaning that from now on it is a downhill slide and no man knoweth whence it may become WWIII …other than that there is a 100% certainty we shall experience all manner of ‘wars’ aside from a ‘full blown Global War’. Now, for me that’s a hard one to swallow as just ‘nam’ was enough to overwhelm anyone normal (between the ears). Contemplating total incivility (is that a word?) will indeed be unlike the greatest percentile of warriors (or soon to be warriors) have ever witnessed (in recorded history). One should think that these things could only be (perhaps, in several forms) ‘upon us’ already, or about to be, and it’s decidedly akin to “the snowball effect” as “it” rolls ever faster (and yet largely undetected if not invisible to those who refuse to see! We are praying for more time than what a great many are “predicting” is left before this “Super Tide” hits.
            Go With God!
            Country boy can survive

        • HCKs- I hope it’s solar film. We were supposed to get a plant around here 12 years ago and it never happened. That stuff is great on standing seam roofs, even on cloudy days.

      7. I work for a large electric company. Demand for gasoline is down and electricity as well. People are cutting back however they can. It tells you something when electric company’s lay off people. Just like Walmart.

        We are only in the beginning of this. If you are not ready for it then you better hurry. A big train is coming and we are all standing on the tracks.

        • The power company here in N. Nevada just reneged on the roof top solar power contracts and cut the payments for the power produced. I figured it was due to lower demand. If not for inside guys like yourself the truth never comes out. Sheeple that had these systems installed are screwed. This is the reason I never made a deal with the power company for my solar power. I use what I produce reducing my bill instead of the systems the roof top people use that must sell to receive a discount.

        • We’ve cut back to the point we sell to the power company !
          Built an 11kw system that produces what we use, plus excess to sell back.

          I wanted to go into retirement with as few monthly bills as possible, and this was one of them that is gone.

        • Here’s a word for you Mike. Suddenly.

        • Mike in VA, I am sorry to hear that you maybe let go at work and I wish you and you family the best. Good luck. You are not alone.

        • Mike in VA,

          Be strong! You are not alone. Many others are equally unsure about jobs, the economy, etc.

          The fact that you have taken steps to prepare, are aware and willing to work are all pluses.
          A well stocked pantry and a garden are a lifeboat in difficult economic times.

          Take care! Keep praying and prepping!

          KY Mom

      8. buttcrack ….thank you a’plenty for that one. We’re not in Maine (anymore) but in the heights of The Smokers in Western NC. These “snow-chain” alternatives just saved my butt (we got nailed here and we are hearing it’s about to bury us again). No prob. (..ain’t like we ain’t prepped for it). lol… BUT …it’s nice to know there’s an alternative (that my spouse can handle easily) 4×4 chains are surprisingly heavy (for 36″ tires that is)! lol…

        • thanks for the shoutout! glad to help y’all.

        • For once, Maine escaped the blizzard! We usually get hit the hardest, but this one came very close and slid right past… not a single flake…. of course, we still have February to get through….

      9. This has been predicted by almost everyone “in the know” and by others who could see the patterns resolving for over a decade. The denials of D.C. were louder, and were helped by people who believed what they wanted to believe as usual. Now there’s NO denying it: America as a country has been dismantled by the so-called “elites” and those they control, and all that keeps anything going right now is inertia. When things can’t help but fall apart is when the undeniable Truth will hit. There will be no more food shipments – to anyplace! Truckers may take food as payment, gas stations might help to keep it going, but those between the starting out of truckers and their destination will make claims on the cargo and people will already be starving for lack of food – the denialists who mocked anyone trying to warn of Collapse will be the loudest. We’ll get to see Mad Max’s world in spots all over the country then. Police will be protecting themselves and their own, and many will likely turn robber themselves to keep those they love alive. Towns may have to use the last of their fuel and supplies to build the equivalent of castle walls to prevent destruction by roving crowds of starving homeless.

        Maybe THEN the chemtrails will finally cease. People trying to grow food will themselves be hit whenever ANY amount of anything edible shows, and fields will be stripped of sprouts. City people who went out into the country hoping to find food or help of some kind at least will also be ignorantly following their own training since childhood: you piss and defecate into water, right? Or near it at least. I’ve SEEN people doing this in the woods here in Central Oregon! Water supplies that aren’t protected will fouled all over, and there will be plagues of e. coli and other things; the old diseases will make a comeback, and anyone with SOME supplies will instantly be overwhelmed and destroyed. Also, WATCH anyplace you go. Someone hoping to shoot a deer for food will SEE A DEER! I’ve been shot at. The man was from Portland; he took his rifle out of the closet once a year to go bag a deer (he never had). He emptied it shooting at me, then he dry-fired, working the bolt over and over again until I bounced a few shots off a tree next to him and finally got his attention.

        Humans are not “sane” at the best of times, and this will be far from that. In times like those coming you will take your life into your own hands just trying to communicate with wandering strangers. We can thank the greedy “elites” and self-absorbed politicians and their hangers-on for this. It could have been stopped any time, but people believe what they want to believe until there is no choice. Well, the Four Horsemen are knocking at the door NOW; soon enough they won’t wait any longer. Good luck, and hopefully we’ll meet on the other side.

        • Ian,

          I grew up in the woods and it has always been that way, city slickers hit the hunting camp. Imagine what he thought when the deer shot back! I love that I grew up in the country. I wish I stayed in the backwoods when my parents moved to the city, but I have had some adventures.

          I am turning my second bedroom into an indoor greenhouse with grow lights to supplement the west window. It is a small room and 3 shelving units will add 45 linear feet of growing space. Opsec.

          I have been reading up on starvation and the worst part is someone who has bare survival rations starts to look plump and juicy. Oops. I would prefer to hide, but that isn’t practical at this time. At least I won’t have to go out often.

          • You could always set things up to make your place look derelict and abandoned. Thick black construction paper over the windows, maybe painted or marker-drawn cracks in a few windows… A bucket or a tub (with a lid) full of some seriously noxious-smelling substance under the porch you could take lid off of at sunset might help, too. Meanwhile you should be able to seal the door WELL. Just keep in mind that steady-burning lights or ANY lights showing at night, will attract predators and scavengers hoping to find a few crumbs that were left behind. You REALLY need to have at least one other person there, though! I learned the hard way here that one pair of eyes that MUST CLOSE every so often is not enough! Some sort of night vision/infrared scope would be a good idea, too; preferably something that doesn’t need an infrared light. That could attract someone who also has the right kind of scope, and some illuminators show a visible red light dot if it’s pointing exactly AT someone.

            Yeah, the first thing that turkey said when he realized what was going on was, “You SHOT AT ME!!” I told him that, no, I hadn’t. If I had, what little brain he had would mostly be in the next county over… I grew up on military bases mostly, and trips to the woods were a treat. My family were all old country folks though, so I had some good teachers. Dad was from Brooklyn, and he and Grandpa were great buddies! (Grandpa was an old moonshiner AND rum-runner, to Chicago. My first cough medicine was moonshine and honey from Grandpa’s bee hive out back; I didn’t stop coughing, but I sure slept…). When I became an adult, I’d hightail it up to the woods every chance I got! Worked awhile at a logging camp, too.
            Here, I’m in an 80 year-old house on a 1/4 acre on a corner in a housing area in a small town. Pop was 5,000 when I got here 20 years ago, went to 8,000, and is now just under 5,000 and dropping. I own the place (as much as anyone does), but I’m cheek-by-jowl with a lot of strangers; I’d like to get out to the country and somewhat away from the coast. I’ve been working on, but between health trouble, multiple junkie robberies (a real problem here), VERY low income with disproportionate outgo and other crap, I’ve been delayed a lot.

            • you need a LITTLE dog ian…they don’t eat much, they stick to you like fat sticks to a mother-in-law, and when they hear sumthin’….they will damn sure let you know it.

              • BCOD, I have a little yapper. He can hear everything and eats very little. I have to be the big dog, he’s a 10 pounder. He’s braver than he should be.

            • Ian,
              Of course I need someone else here. Doesn’t exist at the moment. My son and his family may arrive, plus his inlaws. I’ll have to garden double time. However, son’s situation upgraded and he and his BIL are looking at a family compound. In which case he will come haul me and stuff to the new location. We may have 10 to 12 people. We are taking actions and will see how it goes. For now, I am it, the advance guard. I could get stuck here alone, too. My area is low crime at the moment. I keep hearing snippets that I am surrounded by preppers. Maybe so, I keep my head down. If I am alone, most problems will have to run the gauntlet before they get to me. I do the best I can.

              • get to know your local chapter of oathkeepers…go to gunshows…lots of like-minded people there.

                • BCOD, that may well do. I have worked so many hours until I retired in September, I have hardly seen the place. Thanks, I will check it out. I thought Oathkeepers was only for men? I need to read up on that group.

                  • there are many women attending our local group of oathkeepers.

                    • BCOD, I just went to the website and it had a list for each state. It did not appear to have a chapter in NM but had a list of interested folks. I could be an auxiliary member because I have never served. They are dedicated to our Constitition, as am I. I will check further, they may not have the website updated. I did like that all the members have served in the military.

                      No kidding, I thought Oathkeepers was a religious organization. I probably shouldn’t admit that, but when I’m mistaken, wrong it is. I work hard to use the political process to redress grievances, but is rare to get anything done. For every win we have, a hundred losses. I am not talking about differences of opinion, but real Constitutional violations like asset confiscation, 2nd Amendment violations, and on and on. Talk about justice being blind, not in this country.

                      Thank you for information.

                    • Full membership is open to currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, police, fire-fighters, other first responders (i.e. State Guard, Sheriff Posse/Auxilliary, Search & Rescue, EMT, other medical 1st responders, etc.) AND veterans/former members of those services. Those who are not current or prior service can join as an Associate Member – as a citizen who supports our mission.
                      that’s from the website…i can tell you we have guest speakers every month at ours, and we have learned sooo’s my must go to event every month…i have even given talks on prepping at these meetings myself, as with our local CERT team, another good thing to do with your time.

          • You could always set things up to make your place look derelict and abandoned. Thick black construction paper over the windows, maybe painted or marker-drawn cracks in a few windows… A bucket or a tub (with a lid) full of some seriously noxious-smelling substance under the porch you could take lid off of at sunset might help, too. Meanwhile you should be able to seal the door WELL. Just keep in mind that steady-burning lights or ANY lights showing at night, will attract predators and scavengers hoping to find a few crumbs that were left behind. You REALLY need to have at least one other person there, though! I learned the hard way here that one pair of eyes that MUST CLOSE every so often is not enough! Some sort of night vision/infrared scope would be a good idea, too; preferably something that doesn’t need an infrared light. That could attract someone who also has the right kind of scope, and some illuminators show a visible red light dot if it’s pointing exactly AT someone.

            Yeah, the first thing that turkey said when he realized what was going on was, “You SHOT AT ME!!” I told him that, no, I hadn’t. If I had, what little brain he had would mostly be in the next county over… I grew up on military bases mostly, and trips to the woods were a treat. My family were all old country folks though, so I had some good teachers. Dad was from Brooklyn, and he and Grandpa were great buddies! (Grandpa was an old moonshiner AND rum-runner, to Chicago. My first cough medicine was moonshine and honey from Grandpa’s bee hive out back; I didn’t stop coughing, but I sure slept…). When I became an adult, I’d hightail it up to the woods every chance I got! Worked awhile at a logging camp, too.
            Here, I’m in an 80 year-old house on a 1/4 acre on a corner in a housing area in a small town. Pop was 5,000 when I got here 20 years ago, went to 8,000, and is now just under 5,000 and dropping. I own the place (as much as anyone does), but I’m cheek-by-jowl with a lot of strangers; I’d like to get out to the country and somewhat away from the coast. I’ve been working on, but between health trouble, multiple junkie robberies (a real problem here), VERY low income with disproportionate outgo and other crap, I’ve been delayed a lot.

            • Ian
              LOL… it is a horrible looking old single wide trailer! I am pretty good for unattractive bait material to looters at the moment and there is a whole lot of flashier bait around me. I am prettifying it inside, no $ style, since it isn’t worth putting money in it. After I am housed, I will paint the outside. Right now they go for 5 to 10 thousand around here. I will see if I can sell it. Depends on many things outside myself, as with most things, I do my part and see how it goes. I notice that if I do my part God sometimes makes miracles.

              My take: looking unfashionable may be the better way to go. A garden, wood stove, food, water, and under the radar old trailer…

          • Frank and Mary –

            Nature abhors a vacuum, though. Where there is a need, even if filling it has to begin locally, leaders will appear. On a small scale, I tend to be a natural leader. At a work project with no leadership, at car wrecks, places where someone is injured, etc. No one seems to take charge at such places, so I usually do. I’m just handy in emergencies, it seems. (Navy Hospital Corps, and then 10 years working ambulance definitely help, but I did the same thing at age 12 when a younger friend got injured; I had zero training, but did everything right).

            The problem is that some people will take the leadership, and then have NO idea what to do but give orders – usually the wrong orders. They WANT to lead, they want POWER at any level they can grab it at, they’ll even try to FIGHT for it even at an emergency, but then they use it to help themselves. THAT is what a country has to watch out for!

          • “I am turning my second bedroom into an indoor greenhouse with grow lights to supplement the west window.”

            Not recommended unless you want a house with mold in it.

            • Carl,
              Where do you live that you get mold from having houseplants? I have had up to 100 houseplanys, plus fish tanks for water/fertilizer in Alaska, Seattle, Dallas, now New Mexico without mold. Seattle is pretty moldy overall but my indoor garden was in a 5 foot cubby in a small apartment and not a big factor. The 100 pots were in Dallas in a 4000 sf house, no mold. New Mexico is so dry I drip dry my clothes to keep my skin from wrinkling up.

              Have you had mold from houseplants? How humid was your location?

          • @Rebecca

            I am so interested in your project. Please keep us posted. This will be so helpful to everyone.

            • Cellar Spider, thank you. Yesterday and today I am painting the indoor garden room a lighter color to bounce light better. I have a tall mirror to put on the door opposite the window to bounce light back into the room. Grow lights coming up!
              Yesterday I took 2 heads of cabbage and 3 T pickling salt and started 1 gallon of sauerkraut. I need to finish painting today and bake bread using the last of the hard cider residue. Every time I have racked it, I have used the residue for wheat bread. Next I will rack my pear wine.
              I wish I had milk goats!

          • Why don’t you set up the second room as a grow room for marijuana? People’s vices are always going to be there, probably more so in a SHTF. You can buy the seeds anywhere online and they ship from Canada or Europe. Perfectly legal to buy the seeds. I would have to imagine you couldn’t get a much better “cash crop” for bartering purpose in SHTF. It would be the most bang for your buck compared to other vegetables you could grow back there value wise.

            • Green Tip 4 U,

              You are in agreement with an amazing number of people over the years. Funny enough I have a bit of Sacred Datura (grows wild here). I also grow herbals for health problems even though I sure don’t or prescribe them. I would like to study herbal medicine, I have a few books, maybe after I get my little home built. I am a plant biologist, and a naturalist. I think it is bizarre to outlaw plants. I get a lot of military helicopter flyovers, they even turn unpermitted building in. This is a fairly new garden, so I don’t have as much as I will have. There are an amazing number of hallucinogens that are legal to grow if I wanted to travel that route. I love plants, for sure.

          • I am reminded of the old Crocodile Dundee movie where he hid behind a shot kangaroo and started shooting back at the hunters, hilarious, “Good on ya Skippy””

        • Ian. You had me until Chemtrails. Fema boxes yes, but Chemtrails?

      10. Just let me know when the Rule of Law is officially over in this country

        I’ll have a lot of work to do than , and you can dam sure betcha I’m gonna get paid for it

      11. Sounds like a case of ‘Buck Fever’… (but not funny)

        • Equorial – That’s EXACTLY what it was! This clown was in his late 30’s, too! Some people need babysitters. I’d say he could have a rifle – sure – but the LAST thing I’d let him have is bullets! I try to stay out of the woods in hunting season. The city slickers drive in from Portland (Oregon), sometimes just for a weekend, throw up a half-assed tent or get their 5th Wheels stuck where they haven’t the skill to back it around and need help from someone who CAN… usually they first manage to block the road in and out for a time, too. A lot of ’em talk a good survivalist line, but they’re short on hands-on ability. Mostly they just seem short on one of my least favorite oxymorons: common sense!

      12. ht tps://

      13. Excellent idea! Much appreciated! I’m disabled and I bloody well CAN’T attach ordinary chains, some of which are worse than a Chinese puzzle… THIS, however, I could do. Cool!

      14. In once peaceful and civilized Sweden a migrant man now thinks he can brutally kick and assault a woman as she grasps her child to protect it. The women was attacked because she was trying to stop the migrant from robbing an old woman at a subway station. Just a snapshot of how the powers that be have lost control, from the streets to the financial markets.

        The state’s first priority is to protect the citizen and the country’s borders and security. Yet, they have given up doing that. They now favor international law and that law says there are no borders and anyone can go anywhere, forgetting our societies work because they are a complex web of rights and obligations. Take that away and the ‘honey pot’ the migrants and the kneegrows are flooding in to feed on, will itself disappear.

      15. There are currently no powers that be as we have no leaders. We are floundering and about to sink thanks to obama and his liberal and muslim communist brothers. He plans to leave our country in shambles when he flies off to Dubai. Then he plans to be the next Secretary General of the UN. That will be the final disaster.

      16. Mary Kaiserman – “There are currently no powers that be as we have no leaders.”

        There are people (“the cabal”, the “elites”, the “super-wealthy elites”, etc.) who bought Obama’s Presidency for him, protected from the MSM, the FBI and others, and who RUN HIM. Those are people like the Rothschilds (richest people on Earth and top of the super-wealthy food chain), then Rockefellers, Bushes, Fords, Warburg family and people like that. THOSE run the country through their wealth and their corporations. They can sic the IRS, NSA or other “government” agencies on someone, or they have assassins (government or private) at need. They can bankrupt countries at a word, change rulers, whatever they need or want to do. They’ve very skilled (through experience) at starting wars. They planned for 3 world wars, and started the first two. Now, about WWIII? I’m unsure. Some say we’re in it, and it’s a cyber war. I can’t judge that. I DO know the entire planet, not just Western civilization now either, is one short step from destruction.

        Those same super-rich are also behind the poisoning of the Northern hemisphere and much of the Southern hemisphere. In the Northern, worst in the U.S. and NATO countries I think, are chemtrails, medicine especially in America (GMO’s, glyphosate poisoning, nanoaluminum, fluoride, radioactivity, and with the destruction of the ozone layer we’re getting bombarded with the most deadly frequencies of UV as well), so what remains of the food supplies is very toxic as is food and increasingly water. White flour and sugar are bleached with a bromide process that remains in the food (I don’t quite get this yet) and apparently destroys the Isles of Langerhans – cells in the pancreas that make insulin. Other “food additives” – MANY others – are also toxic. Cell phone, Smart-Meter and Cell Tower RF radiation are also highly toxic. Seafood and freshwater fish are also toxic, or much of it is, as the oceans “are dying” by all reports of radiation and chemical toxins. The U.S military deliberately choose fish nursery areas and breeding grounds for cetaceans to “practice” with very toxic sonic and chemical weapons. Together they essentially see to it that Americans are being poisoned by almost everything we eat, drink, wear (like antiperspirant and makeup) and otherwise encounter. Flicker rates on TV and in many movies also have their effects on the mind, and together with subliminals and other mind control techniques, Americans are essentially sidelined. Some of us manage to avoid much of that, but it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to avoid it ALL. Still, some are LESS sidelined than others. Those are generally younger, military or otherwise trained, and when it’s made utterly clear that the “government” has made of itself an undeclared Enemy of the people and pretty much everyone and everything else, such people will begin to emerge as leaders. They’ll be the ones whose minds still function essentially normally, that is to say, well.

      17. I do not believe TPTB have lost control at all. They know how to exploit any situation for gain and stick it to us.

      18. they are intentionally destroying the fiat money system, get out of the way, and get ready

      19. I can tell you folks that here in Alberta British Columbia and Saskatchewan are all but shut down over half million people have lost their jobs in the last 2 months I’m lucky I still have some work I’m a truck driver in oil/gas. And for the last 2 weeks I’ve been sweeping the shop washing trucks fixing on shit my boss is great were bringing in money for the company. There are only 5 people that work here the owner the truck push myself and 2 other drivers out of 50 employees just last month. what our boss is doing is very generous indeed but I fear he can’t be charitable much longer. People here are starting to make open death threats to notley and her crew of anti oil idiots. I’m all for clean energy but you can’t shut one down before another is up and at least functioning the NDP government shut western Canada down over night literally. It was the gimme generation that voted them in with promises of $15 min wage free schooling government jobs easy to get benefits and wants to make Alberta green for the world yo see and trudouch-bag just wants to fly around the world telling everyone how much he loves his refugees and were getting ten thousand here in Alberta a place that has 40% unemployment. But its been on the local news they were promised jobs and housing
        FUCK SAKES JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK. our own people are being put on the street standing in soup and bread lines food bank won’t look at you if you don’t have a referral from social services that takes 5 business days because they ate processing
        FUCKIN SAND NIGGERS first.
        Sorry folks but I had to spout off.
        I’m going to do something I would never normally consider but I’m going to make a prediction:
        I honestly feel that 6 months from now our province will be under martial law in limited spots Edmonton Calgary and possibly medicine hat look up the geographic locations of these cities. Things are very bad here now it gets noticeably worse every day more layoffs more restrictions on oil and gas investing
        FUCKING BITCH rachael notley

        • Canadians were living in a dreamland brought about by the commodities boom. They were too stupid to notice it was just a bubble and now the bubble has popped. It looks like Notely is following Klein’s theories, so it will get worse, much worse. Ask Argentina and Venezuela.

          I agree, it makes no sense to transition to the non-oil economy without a plan for jobs and wealth. They could have done this sensibly and with a plan; but it looks like they will first detonate the global oil economy, then use the chaos, poverty and unemployment to create enough desperation people will be clamoring for the ‘green’ jobs. But the ‘green’ jobs will be advertised universally and go to the cheapest workers. Right now, those people are in Africa and the Middle East.

          Obama saved this one up for his last year in office because he could just use executive orders to get it through and then take Marine One out of DC and off to Dubai to chill and Netflix.

        • Spout off all you want. But just leave the name of Jesus out of the cuss word mix.

        • The gimme generation was taught by the me-me’s once known as the hippie’s and later known as the yuppie’s.

        • Beaver, I live in Edmonton. Yes it’s slowing down but we are far from anything serious. Maybe get a refill on that Prozac while we still have free health care. And don’t blame GLOBAL economic oil prices on one lousy provincial premier. Like really.

      20. Suicides up 30%
        Forced gender equality in ALL our schools from grade 1 – 12.
        Unemployment up 40%
        All our investors pulled out
        Ottawa still wants equalisation payments
        carbon tax $30 a ton
        The farm bill all in 8 short months
        And this bitch ain’t done yet she’s stalling in releasing our budget driving investors away all shell say is there will be further increases but won’t say how much or when these new policies will take affect
        Everything you can do to finish off a people and it economy the NPD has done.
        And it was done fast. Of course none of this shit was brought up while she was running. She just got the vote and did it and over night boom
        You folks wanted to see how it will unfold this is it
        This is how they killed Albertans pride.

        • Alberta relied for too long on one thing and it was a dirty thing and losing public support in the US (thus the Keystone Pipeline was cancelled). Harper pumped up the highly polluting and wasteful oil/gas economy in Canada and then used this as the basis for a massive property bubble. Canada became no better than Russia for relying on one or two things to prop up the economy. The tar sand oil was even being sold to the Americans at a massive loss and subsidized by the tax payer. It was a joke.

          Canada will now need to adjust and develop a more diverse, green and design-savvy economy. Poisoning the land and water will no longer be the easy way out. It will mean the dumb-as-dirt hosers will have a hard time getting work. They will have to get better educated, learn how to do things smarter. Canada should be learning from other Northern nations who use design and smart resource use to have a high living standard. Canadians became very lazy and just chugged down cheap gas, debt, sugar and fat (junk food): and now look at the state they are in!!:)

          • Sadly, as an Edmontonian and Albertan,I agree with some of those points Frank…

            Oil was big big money for a while, drawing every red neck kid with a pick up truck into the oilpatch, and at a 6 figure wage who wouldn’t go? We took in all the Newfies and Easterners and even imported thousands of foreign workers because nobody could fill all the positions we had. Even the friends I have who ate off the oil patch abused their positions – worked when they felt like it at the cherry jobs, then took summers off collecting Workers Welfare ( oops I mean Workers Compensation )so they could spend all summer at the lake. Today, people are heading out of Alberta like rats on a sinking ship because it’s OVER.

            Time to wake up folks – Oil is DONE. Unfortunately, we live in a global oil economy and before there is any real change to help our planet and maybe save this cannibalistic virus we call humanity – we will have to hit bottom and work our way up with sustainable energy practices that we are just not ready to embrace. God Help Us All.

      21. Robbers, snake bites, and rats everywhere.

        What I wonder is: do you think The Bill of Rights applies to you, and do you think it’s iron clad, without a doubt? …Or, is it flexible, like a rubber band, subject to the whims of those in power?

        Also, is it iron clad for that jerk neighbor of yours, too?

      22. Every day the Baltic Dry Index goes lower. New lows every day. Friday 355. How low can it go? Limbo knows.

        • Since I am not in the shipping business, I’m not too concerned. All it means is that the supply of cargos isn’t growing as quickly as the supply of ships.

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