The Plot to Overthrow the President and Enslave the People…by the U.S. Government

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Headline News | 64 comments

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    With everything you’ve seen thus far from the State of the Union address, the Democrat-Progressives, and Left-leaning Republicans are arraying themselves against the President. Never have so many movie stars, oligarchs, and media mouthpieces threatened the President of the United States with bodily harm (veiled, or overtly) without repercussions. Soon the FISA memorandum will be made public. The makings of a true civil war are formulating before our very eyes.

    What this means is that we have a government that is divided, but the division is not an even split. Most of the politicos (we don’t have representation in the United States Congress anymore) want to see complete control over the people with individual rights removed. They want this. For proof? It was a Republican (Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-VA) who introduced H.R. 4760, with a “harmless and patriotic” title for the public to gobble down with a smile: The Securing America’s Future Act of 2018. Wonder how much they paid “Smilin’ Bob” to introduce that one?A harmless, patriotic act in our national interests, yes?

    No. Securing the citizenry under the “lock and key” of a National ID Card with biometric data and complete storage of individual records back to the time of birth.

    The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution: it will be gone with “the stroke of a pen…. the law of the land,” to paraphrase Paul Begala. Left out are the words “kind of neat” he finished the statement with. That is because it is not neat, nor will the whole situation end neatly. The President vowed to drain the swamp, and now he (and any who support his policies) will face an attack by the Deep State: The Military Industrial Complex (MIC), the Oligarchy (yes, of the ilk of the Zuckerberg’s, Soros’s, Gates, and Buffets), the Obama holdovers (too numerous to count) currently in the administration, and Republican 5th columnists masquerading as conservatives but in reality, Marxist-Totalitarians.

    This “Deep State Army” are joining forces to topple the current administration, return the “paradigm shift” to the left at full speed, and bring the U.S. down…toward a global governance. Joining hands with them are the Democratic party entire, and all the liberal Democrat citizen-puppets, along with an army of clueless idiots who believe they are obliged to abandon conservative values for the sake of “unifying” with the liberals.

    This bill H.R. 4760 is a “backlash” of the mandatory clause of the Affordable Health Care Law being overturned: the law is now “toothless,” as it is no longer mandatory to have it. This poses a problem for these globalists. Now, here we go on the bandwagon again in another direction…another parade…this time to “Secure America’s Future,” by making sure [that means through force…all authority is enforced and maintained with the barrel of a firearm] everyone…citizen, illegal alien, or “guest” worker/visitor…has a National ID card with biometric data.

    The State cannot be beaten: Not unless the people either remove the politicians and reform the policies, or (if that isn’t possible) they must revolt. The United States (with this bill 4760) intends to hire more than 25,000 additional border patrol agents. Do you know why?

    It is to keep the taxpayer-serfs in, not to keep the illegals out.

    The State has unlimited resources, and the bureaucracy and infrastructure to deploy those resources. The State has federalized the National Guard units, the local and state law enforcement, and militarized all of them with weapons, equipment, APC’s (armored personnel carriers), and millions of rounds of ammunition. The State has multiplied itself into so many federal agencies that it is impossible to keep track of all of them. The State has armed all federal employees to the teeth, even those originally comical “Keystone Cop” organizations, such as the Social Security Administration, the Motor Vehicle Administration, and the Post Office.

    Pull up the article Police State? National ID Card Tucked in Immigration Bill to see the details.

    There is a precept that has not been mentioned. There is something the Deep State wishes, and yet is terrified of all the same. They desire a war with North Korea. It would be a simple matter afterward to round up and control all the survivors, especially as such a thing could be “timed” to appear spontaneous, yet when the Deep State had prepared with ample warning…as they will precipitate it.

    The terrifying part to them? If it is an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack, it will render the surveillance grid inoperable for at least a time. They do not wish to lose the surveillance net they have been “crafting” all these years with the help of Facebook, Verizon, Google, and the other companies of the MIC. The chipmunk-toothed, squinty-eyed sixty-pluses with soft hands and full bellies…the CEO’s and oligarchs who have sequestered armies of military and security personnel to protect them…they will be in bunkers when it begins, sipping on a 21-year-old Portwood Balvenie.

    Former Congressman Ron Paul has launched a campaign against this new House bill. Here is an excerpt from the referenced article:

    “The biometric identification information on the cards, Paul warns, which could include fingerprints, retinal scans, or scans of veins on the back of hands, could easily be used as a tracking device. Paul noted that the law would require all employers to purchase an ID scanner to verify the cards, and he fears that it would be only a matter of time that ID scans would be required for routine purchases. The national ID card, the former congressman recalls, was a key portion of the failed “comprehensive immigration reform” bills both parties tried to pass during the Obama administration.

    “Now, using the momentum behind Trump’s tough talk on immigration and border security, I’m afraid the statists believe the best way to finally enact their National ID scheme is by promoting their bill on Capitol Hill as a ‘DACA fix’ while they sell it to the GOP base as a border ‘security’ measure,” he writes.”

    As you can see, this is serious. The Deep State is playing for keeps. The big question remains: “How will the President combat and defeat these forces arrayed against him, if his stance is for real, and he’s not just playing a part as a “prop” in the unfolding battle?” We must take that viewpoint as a possibility as well: that he may just be “making it look good…kicking and fighting,” although he’s really on their side. Hopefully he’s on our side. We haven’t had anyone on “our” side…the side of “We the People,” in a long time. One thing is for sure: the fight is just getting started, and it’s going to be a long one without a clear-cut victory for quite some time, if we do win.


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      1. Torches and Pitchforks

        • Millions of patriots killing the scum with our rifles.

          • Menzo, it’s coming sooner than anyone thinks.

            • That’s a big 10-4. I am a Trumpster from the word go but I think the corruption is too deep and half the population has been indoctrinated towards communism. These commie SOBs will do something crazy to derail trump.

              I just noticed something, type “trump” no capital T then type “clinton” no capital C and see what happens. The commies have infiltrated spell check.

              • Uh…that might be that ‘trump’ is a verb, noun, or adjective while ‘Clinton’ is not and the program might be smart enough to suss out proper names.

                Not everything is a conspiracy…


                • How about a “Clintonista”? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

              • Fortunately for us many of the problems are confined in cities. Hopefully they can be contained there until they perish of communism. Many of We the People can cut supply lines, much like they would cut or throats given a chance. Only the wise will survive the dumb are doomed already they just haven’t realized it.

            • Obama State Dept Secretly Distributed Its Own “Dossier” To Undermine Trump, FOIA Docs Reveal

              “These documents show the Obama State Department under John Kerry gathered and sent its own dossier of classified information on Russia to Senator Ben Cardin, a political ally in the U.S. Senate, to undermine President Trump…”

              “Watchdog group Judicial Watch released 42 pages of heavily redacted State Department documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)…”

              ht tps://

        • I’m hoping Trump will just ask patriots to show up – armed and ready – when he declares Congress and all Democrats to be traitors/enemies of the State.

          • Way ahead of you. All locked and loaded.Not afraid of the GOP The communist Dems are the clear and present danger. Civil war is coming and that right soon.

            • The 2 Million Bikers that protected Trump on innauguration day, who carry guns, knives, chains and baseball bats and sitting in the wings organized vs. 2 million milinial snow flakes armed with their cell phones, skittles and the latest ALCU Commie comic book. I think this Civil War will be swift and justified. And long over due. Time to beat these usless eaters into submission.

              • “2 million milinial snow flakes armed with their cell phones, skittles and the latest ALCU Commie comic book……”
                Ya forgot to mention Tide Pods!

                • But i saw protests on Youtube where the commie leftists did have weapons, bats with nails on the ends, chains, bricks, bags of piss and sh*t, etc. They do arm up. I would not put it past them at all.

          • Heartless, you know not what you hope for. That would be the end of our Constitutional Republic, and the beginning of a Tyrannical Dictatorship. Trekker Out

            • MT – I know you’re correct. How to say this?… Those who know me well, know I’m strongly a Constitutionalist. Equally as forceful anti-dictatorship. It is anger in me talking. But? Is there really another way? A suspension of sorts of what is correct; or, is it a matter of no compromises or exceptions allowed?

              • Heartless I know your feelings, many times I feel the same way. I think as we watch the corruption that is destroying our Country, and knowing that we are powerless to do anything about it, makes us want to strike out in some manner.I know that sometimes the anger can consume us but we have to keep our cool until the time of action comes about, and it will. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • I become a tax protester that owes no taxes when this passes. I’m done with this government and the fvcking GOP.

      2. Jesus, this country is so screwed folks. Get your rifles and ammo ready boys…tick-tock, tick-tock.

        • Hoy ! Hoy ! Hoy !

          Got my 30 year freeze dried Brats ready.

          • Popcorn machine too…

      3. Time for “We, the people” to actually BE “we, the people” relative to our Constitution…

        • agree

        • Amen!!!

      4. Politics dont matter in the big picture. the bill of rights don’t matter. Its continuation of government that’s the long term plan. And just who controls the continuation of government places like Mt weather & Cheyanne Mt.? Of course its the Military. And Who will decide who gets to enter and who will be enslaved in those places. Of Course its the military. Good grief you don’t have to be a tin foil hat weating loonied to believe something is up with the planet. The magnetic poles are Shifting. clatyclismic events of all kinds are increasing in both occurance and magnitude. So they have their underground citys. and we have our storm shelter,s and preps. And when its over are the few of us that’s left. Going to simply let those continueation of government parasites emerge and boss us around? We need to make certain that those places like Mt weather are their toombs. possibly we will not need to take such drastic measures. Maybe the planet itself will gas them or bury them? You will never know how much and what you don’t know.

        • good comment — we live in a world of change

      5. They can come and scan my face or take my DNA with their cold, dead hands.

        • They can scan my dukey chute.

        • Stormy, have you wiped your ass in the last 6 months? Ever walk into a bank? Ever drop the kids off at school tossed out a cigarette butt. Blown your nose? Then they have your DNA fingerprints and a facial scan. I see what your saying though.
          But they have ways of making us volunteer the info. Need a driver’s license registration need a dr to set a bone or your kids get sick and you have to take them to a Dr

          • Not only what you stated, BUT on TV,IGNORANT FOOLS are sending for these DNA “kits” to tell them all about their “Ancestry”.. I’ll bet you can’t guess WHO gets a “copy” of the results? No judge or warrant needed… you are NOW “registered”.

            • Yup, exactly and it’s crazy how these morons all line up to see what bloodline they’re part of. WGAS?

            • Agreed

            • Those are some of the dumbest people in the world.

            • Bingo..People are incredibly stupid. There is not adjectives enough that can accurately describe that stupidity.

      6. The real agenda is continuation of government. That’s it. We are in the middle stages of a end of an age earth change. Its a shifting of the Magnetic poles. That’s why every nation on the planet is not being fiscally responsible. They will kick the can of debt as far down the road as possible. Venezuela already came to the debt celing. The remaining countries hole to delay the end of credit until the big adjustment occurs. Russia China and The USA are positioning themselves to pick out the best locations as to climate resourse’s and proxmitimy to successful living conditions ect. There will be a new location of the equator. oceans where its dry land and new land where there was water. And that’s the thing that they aren’t telling the citizens. I could care less if they know who I am or have my DNA. Im no threat to them.. Just keep sending my social security Ponzi Check. Ill keep prepping and stocking my cave. Take the Grandkids and hide out when the time seems right.

      7. Yea right.

        • HCKS
          You should check this out if you haven’t already it’s in utube not easy to find.
          Che k it out

          • It’really (((STEAL MOUNTAIN))). . .

      8. Me and a twelve gauge shotgun against an Abrams tank;they don’t have a chance! I just hope that I feel the same way when I sober up!

      9. Johnson says that we haven’t had any on our side for a long time. Who was the last president that was truly on our side? i can’t remember any that truly were in my adult life.

      10. And just how many suicide bombers do we have? None.

        We seem to have a fair number of suicide “mass” shooters but they are sticking to schools, casinos, malls, work places. All ‘cheap shot’ (sorry for the pun), targets. Zero threat targets.

        Just how many “mass” shooters do we have that are willing to take the fight to where the real tormentors and trouble makers are?

        Zero. Zip. Nada. How many patriots is that?

      11. Can’t get to the elites of course , so the commi Marxist people that support them will be the targets I figure ! The beta males , man bun , skinny jeans wearing cucks along with the fags and dindu’s will be easy targets .

      12. i like the articles on SHTF, but the comments section is a joke. Guys hiding in the woods with Guns, fantasizing about shooting “Liberals” and “Commies”. How pathetic. No wonder the “Patriot” right is a joke. These same assholes will be watching sports and stupid TV.

      13. The global conspiracy according to conspiracy theorists and internet sources, some somewhat credible, is that, according to reliable sources, a crisis will occur (whether created or not) which will result in civil unrest leading to a civil war which globalists stir up and exacerbate to maximum passions; warranting intervention by United Nations “Peace” Keepers who will usher in peace through violence against we the people of the USA.

        Logical diabolical and terrifying future awaits.

        What to do?


      14. This is who patriotic Constitutional loven 2nd Amendment Americans will be fighting. = Antifa, snowflakes, ALCU, emotional support groups, facebook commies, poverty law center, hillary supporters, anti American, anti gun protestors, illegal aliens, transgender, rainbow coalition, free shit army of useless eaters. Go a head and feel free to add to the list..

        Every child in America who learns how to read neefs to be issued a pocket carry addition of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. And memorize it front to back, back to front. And never be afraid to fully exercise your rights in any place in America.

        • TharSheBlows:

          Put a copy of The Constitution in the JOHN.
          That way it gets read.


      15. I got up this morning and turned on my television to get the weather forecast. Instead, I heard a news announcer talking about a new movie written by J.R. Rowling, who wrote the Harry Potter series. He claimed that the fans were very upset that one of the characters, Professor Albus Dumbledore, was not portrayed as a homosexual. The news media truly believe that if they say a lie often enough that the public will believe it. Remind you of Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister of the Nazi government? They truly think that we’re that gullible!

      16. If civil war comes, I hope it’s sooner than later. As time goes on, fewer and fewer people will be willing to stand up for liberty because they are acclimated to constraint.

      17. Time for war. Time to take our country The United States of America away from the liberal, communists, and their ideas of enslaving the American people.”tiocfaidh Ar La”, Gallic for “Our Day Will Come”. And, our day is coming fast, be ready America.

      18. So a memo by a partisan member of the House is somehow definitive evidence of something or other?

        The government of the United States – all of it, not just Trump – is in a complete state of lunacy.

        By the way, the FBI has for its entire history been abused and biased and ineffective.

        It has always served politicians’ interests.

        Only the naive or ignorant can believe otherwise.

      19. DAMN! Here we go again! I still haven’t paid off all the stuff I had to buy because of ozone holes and freon change. Then came Y2K and I had to buy all new computers and software for a zillion bucks. Then came gore and his global warming scam, and I have to buy all new low carbon footprint stuff. Now the poles are going to change and my GPS is not going to work any more! What next!
        I’m just kidding, I didn’t fall for any of that crap. But millions did! Even now there are millions waiting to see what they now have to buy to protect themselves from the pole shift! (it will take hundreds of years so they REALLY have to worry about it!) Americans deserve what they have voted for. Hope Trump will keep it going a few more years.

      20. All governments only really care about its own survival, and historically shown when its survival could not be guaranteed it contributed bringing about destruction of its own country. The only real solution is partitioning up the US into a group of new nations, preferably in a peaceful and orderly process. Each new nation will decide what type of society they want, they can decide what type of gov’t, laws, culture, religion, traditions, and economic system they want for them and their families.
        Firstly, gov’t at all levels are grotesquely and hopelessly corrupt; it is so deep, so pervasive, so ingrained and intractable it is no longer possible to function normally. There is neither the will or the capability to solve our national problems. This is not hyperbole, and we all know it. Secondly, complicating any attempt to unify the country is the implacable ideological divide (roughly half want a heavy-handed, statist, invasive gov’t, – the other half are more independent minded and capitalist oriented). Then thirdly, throw in the god-awful public debt at the fed. state, and local levels (which we all know will not be paid-it is simply impossible). Actually, making the required serious efforts to fix our national problems at this stage will only induce social upheaval and economic turmoil on a scale we have never seen here. That is why they will keep kicking the can down the road until it is all unsustainable.
        We are approaching a threshold in a few years where conventional solutions for national problems both foreign and domestic will no longer work. Unless we can turn these things around immediately conditions will become overwhelming. Invariably, the gov’t, like all other governments in the past, will likely opt to crush dissent, strip away rights, lower the standard of living and quality of life (to allocate rapidly diminishing resources) and frankly, use brutality as a default measure to maintain some type of order.
        Today’s leftists, SJW’s, antifa bots, revolutionaries, BLM, and others welcome that, that’s okay, they will get a taste of the medicine they want to impose on the more freedom loving people in our country. In case any snowflakes are reading this, trust me, you’ll be the first they crush because the new order will see you as malcontents and troublemakers; however, please feel free to doubt me. When your heroes like Lenin, the Bolsheviks, Stalin, Mao and other genocidal maniacs achieved unassailable power, the first thing they all did was liquidate the revolutionaries who helped and supported them, by the millions. From the lowly masses up to their own inner circle at the top. The person at the top has to be sure he is holding absolute and unquestioned power. The method of course was systematic ruthlessness and mass murder, no one was safe, regardless of ideology. You will be seen as nothing more than a resource for the state; and if they want to put you in a labor camp to work the mines 20 hours a day off you go, they won’t care if you were a good little commie. My wife is from Russia, she told me all about it. My wife and I have traveled back and forth to Russia several times; I asked many people of all ages if they miss life in the old USSR, 98% who can remember said HELL NO! Oh, and by the way, it is a historical fact communism has never made care of the environment an important issue, rather the environment was treated as the people are treated – disposable.
        I am a Southerner and can assure you my traditional southern mindset is shared by tens of millions of fellow Southerners. We will be alright, as a group we are generally more freedom loving, more willing to unite, and more self sufficient and independent than the other regions of out country and will choose accordingly.

        • @Bill

          Good post!

        • Good post Bill. The globalists and communists that control most of the US government wouldn’t hesitate to use bio weapons against the American people to gain control as well. They’re already experimenting with spraying chemicals out of lite to heavy aircraft on certain neighborhoods at night all across the country.

      21. 1984 IS here! We are being tracked already—-by the time I get home from a trip to a store, restaurant, gas station etc my smart phone wants me to rate the place I was just at! It collects all this info just by being in its pouch on my belt! I can only wonder what other info it collects without me knowing about it.

        • Wow. I don’t own a smart phone and i never will. I have a cheap trac phone and most of the time it is sealed in a metal can with a tight lid so they can’t track me by phone. I do take it out of the can a few times a day to text someone, but i only have 2 people i text to so it doesn’t really matter if i miss a text or a call cuz hardly no one calls me anyway. I do still have a landline i use to call people. As soon as i am done with the cell i turn it off and put it back into the matal can. The lid must be tight so as not to let any cell tower frequencies get into it. When they finally stop producing cheap trac phones and flip phones i will never buy a smart phone. I will go without, and if i need help in a car breakdown i will borrow someones phone as everyone has a phone nowadays. I am going back to the 20th century. They may track me by camera when i am out, but hell no not by my phone or tv even as i don’t have cable tv. I don’t even use credit cards when i shop. I use cash so they don’t know what i buy. I don’t have my real name on those store cards. I have a fake name and fake address i got yrs ago.
          They can track me, but not totally and certainly not by my help!

          • A few yrs back oh about ten or so i remember reading in the newspaper of how they caught a man who killed someone. He killed the person, went to the store, bought a big ten or twenty lb bag of ride and tied it to the body and dumped it into the river. They found the body and the rice bag. They checked the UPC code on it and found out what store it was bought AND the mans name!!! They arrested him! So anything you buy with those “loyalty” cards has your real name and address and phone nu on it. Someday They will say you are not allowed to buy soda cuz you are too fat, or you are not allowed to buy cigarettes, or alcohol. I just looked in the phone bk, found a last name, made up a first name, turned the page and found an address, changed the numbers around and went and got my card. Sometimes at the store if i don’t have my card they say oh, what’s the ph nu on the card? I just say i change my ph nu too much as i had a Stalker, and i don’t remember the number. They let me use the store card or someone else will. Get your real name OFF those damn store cards!!!

            • So once the anonymous customer loyalty card is used in conjunction with a bank card the customer loyalty card will no longer be an anonymous customer loyalty card and will forever be sinked with the bank card holder.

        • No kidding. 1984 is right. It’s not good to have those cell phones close to your body as they emit electro magnetic pulses. Now their going to the 5g which is even stronger and even more dangerous.

      22. Why would the “deep state” want to overthrow their loyal puppet Orange Clown?

        All this “out to get Trump” nonsense is a scam. It’s psychological warfare. The more Orange Clown provokes Russia, the more Orange Clown escalates tensions everywhere, the more orange Clown does deep state dirty work, they more they pretend to want to “get him”. And that strategy is brilliant; it’s working.

        People are defending Orange Clown and making excuses for his calculated betrayals as he sets them and their country up for destruction. Paul Craig Roberts is an example. The deep state psyop has turned Roberts” “brain” to mush.

      23. Depending on anyone being on one’s “side” is to be vulnerable to traitors. Ask the red Indians about that, remembering the French and Indian War and all the betrayals by “Indian” turncoats and scouts for the enemy, and broken treaties…. Everyone has to be his or her own self-contained–and necessarily independently-capable–defense force. In the process, all those who defend themselves help to defend each other’s liberty as well.

      24. Excellent article!

      25. Illegal workforce is the bane of the White workers world. I support national ID. If you use a smart phone, you are ID’d.
        I work alongside illegal Mexicans. They make $36k, but the W-2 says $3500. This is how ((They)) plan to bring the White Man down. Bend over and take the ID. You can fight for America with your guns. Looks like you’re going to have to…

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